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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 30, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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tucker is back soon. i promise ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show a man is thrown off a jetblue flight after harassing ivanka trump. we will find out what ivanka trump was doing on jetblue. and will trump keep his promise to drain the swamp or sell it to gullible investors looking to build in florida. and did ambassador bolton's mustache disqualify him for being secretary of state? we will have an interview with the stache. >> let's welcome our guest. she can turn the world on with a smile. you're welcome, world.
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hot dog, look who it is. comedian and author of "bad dad" tom codder. i know his name, but i like to call him the man. guy benson. and his style is known as harrow and sheik, minus the sheik. sitting next to me, dave smith. let's start the show. show nigh. what a week for people being jerks on planes. on thursday a passenger was kicked off a jetblue flight for huh is aing ivanka trump in front of her kids. tmz says as the plane was getting ready to take off from jfk the man approached the daughter elect and be rated her saying your father is ruining the country. and why is she on our flight? she should be flying private. in a series of deleted tweets the man's husband wrote ivanka
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and jerrod flying commercial. my husband chasing them down to harass them. and later, my husband expressed displeasure in a calm tone. jetblue staff overheard and they kicked us off the plane. yeah because jetblue hates calm tone. jetblue issued a statement saying if a crew determined a customer is causing conflict on the aircraft the customer will be asked to deplane, especially if the crew feels the situation runs the risk of escalation during flight. here is footage of the man being asked to deplane. >> get off my plane. >> i think he said please get off my plane. that's the proper way to deplane. guy benson, what do you think of these two guys here? they admitted harassing. he said my husband is harassing them.
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and then the next thing he said was they are being polite. does that match up to you? >> no, it is a lie. and i was thinking about this when i read the story. so background, my least favorite member of congress is harry reid. i think he is an awful guy. i saw him at a movie theater in dc. he was there with his wife and popcorn and shabby sweater. i thought about saying something because i loathe him. i thought you know what, the guy is here with his wife and no. it would be totally inappropriate. these people may have been drinking which may have changed the equation. what do they hope to accomplish? he is not even president yet. sit in your seat. she should have bought him a drink. >> do you think the flight attendants could have been more forceful? they are always trying to be nice and de escalate, but why not say sit down and shut up. >> they did escalate it by throwing them off the plane.
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that's decisive action and i support that. >> yes. a lot of people are wondering what ivanka was doing on jetblue. they said it and i asked myself. jetblue is a good airline. >> it is even better now that they threw these two clowns off. people ask why isn't she on a corporate jet. she is done thald trump's -- donald trump's daughter and her husband makes boat loads of money. imagine if somebody did that to sasha and malea and the press would have gone ballistic on this. i am be fud delled that the press is not all over these people as they should be for being the ass clowns they are. >> and it was nice we didn't put their pictures up. we could have humiliated them. i didn't say their names. i am nice. i am a nice guy. carly, what do you think of these jerks? >> the guy who yelled at
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ivanka broke the golden rule of flying. that is don't talk to anybody on the plane let alone get in a fight with a passenger. put your head down and sit in your seat. nobody cares what you have to say. also he was angry at ivanka trump for delaying the flight because she had to take a different entrance when this genius delayed the flight even further by yelling at her. >> how did she do that? >> politics aside he should have got off the flight for breaking that golden rule. >> the central theme to all of this is that we don't punch people in the face enough anymore. like there just -- government can't do everything for us. if you are harassing a woman and her children somebody should ask you to stop once and if you don't immediately you should get punched in the face and then dragged off the hate liberals -- he said we are just exercising our free speech. they have no understanding of what free speech is. you don't -- property rights
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come first. you don't just have the right to start making a declaration on a plane and tom hit the biggest point. what happened on the left that families are protected? the daughters and the kids you never go after them. if it is somebody whose politics you don't like you can harass their daughters. >> and all jokes aside ivanka trump is not getting enough positive attention for how she handled the situation. the passenger in front of her wrote a post and he overheard her saying i don't want to make this a thing. she wanted to de escalate the situation and jetblue handled it the way they deemed appropriate. >> had she come back at this guy which i would have given her credit for, but it is a gay couple. the press would say now the trumps are attacking gays. >> what about jerrod? he was there. >> it is like the left is trying to help donald trump. could there be a more helpful thing to the trump family brand than ivanka and her kids
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and husband flying coach on jetblue and getting harassed by deranged leftists? and then she responds politely. this is create 234ed a petri dish for the trump brand. it is bizarre thinking i'm gonna get them. no you're not. >> could it be a conspiracy? >> a campaign truther. thinks they planned it all. there was another airplane disturbance this week. >> are you saying this to facebook and fit twitter? we spoke a different language on the plane and we are getting kicked out. we are getting kicked out because we spoke a different language. this is 2016. it is 2016. look, delta airlines are kicking us out because we spoke a different language. we spoke a different language. you guys are racist. i cannot believe my eyes. i cannot believe this. i spoke a different language and you feel uncomfortable
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because i spoke a different language? i can't believe it. i am about to cry right now, seriously. because we said a word in a different language. it is six white people against us bearded men? >> that was adam and he said they were i can ked off the plane. it was all a hoax. he is a youtube star known for playing pranks and others on the flight dispute his event. one passenger said it was planned. they were shouting in arabic with their fists in the air. thisy were removed for being loud and disruptive. delta said he was trying to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior. he said it was no prank and his friend complained that people keep using the fact we are pranksters against us. i feel like this is the boy who cried wolf. one thing is for sure. the saga may give youtube pranksters a bad name. they have a pretty solid rep.
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dave, you were laughing at his quote, the boy who cried wolf. you know the story he is talking about. >> yes, i think the story was -- the idea is that you are supposed to learn a lesson. i don't know what the moral he thought. yes, you jerks. i am the boy who cried wolf. it is outrageous in 2016 in america this can fake happen. look, all of these things, there is a string of these supposed hate crimes and for some reason people on the left -- i think we all have our leaves -- beliefs beliefs and when a story lines up it proves you right. on the left there is a kneejerk reaction that no questions asked. if it is hands up don't shoot, hate crime or anything like this, but no matter how easily they are proven wrong they'll run with them. i saw a lot of people on the facebook feed sharing this. >> you know who else shared it? mr. triple confirm himself on cnn over there. what is his name?
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>> did he? >> he stuck it out with no confirmation. >> go figure. >> they said just because we are prank -- pranksters, they were making it believe like this is normal behavior. there are such things as real hate crimes and to fake this -- not just with them, but people claim their -- remember the gay guy who said whole foods wrote an anti-gay comment on his cake? there is no chance it is true. it was completely fake. when you have all of these examples coming out when a real hate crime occurs a lot of people their first reaction they say that is prb -- [bleep] and that is a disservice to real victims and to what? prove a point with fake, but
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accurate victimizations? they should be shamed. >> the make ones end up on the the -- the fake ones end up on the front page because they adhere to the exact narrative. they are perfect. >> too perfect. >> the cake was all over the front page, but it was bizarre. it was an actual gay slur written in frosting and he tried to make it seem as if whole foods wrote it. tom, your suit looks like a gay slur. >> that's a hate crime. i'm out of here. >> tell me what you think of this story. >> i think these guys should be banned from air travel forever first of of all. you don't mess with people -- >> because they are muslims? >> because the shoe bomber was with them? all 19 hijackers were bombers and they are going to play this game? i like pranks and no one was laughing. there is no laughter. and then he said they are
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using the fact we are pranksters against us. no, you douche bags is being used against you. they pissed people off and it was a mockery and fraud too. >> no one was laughing. could he have added a prop like a round cartoon-like bomb? >> a whoopie cushion. >> maybe that's why he is sticking to the story that is happened because he is embarrassed. there are things people should have to do before they are passengers on a public airline. the correct answer could be, and like i said don't talk on the plane. when you are thousands of fight in the air what are these people thinking? and this has happened before. there was another guy and it was a trump supporter who was shouting about politics on an airplane and then the pilot had to come on board and say
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we are not talking about politics on this plane. >> the airline did the right thing. both times they kicked off -- they were the right people to get i can ked off. the response was good. >> delta almost backed off immediately. they said we are looking into it this. then within 12 hours they are like, jerk on the plane. >> who is the pop star who threw the korean guy off the plane? >> richard marx, awesome dude. it wasn't an asian thing. he was a psycho. >> if you are wondering donald trump still wants to drain the swamp. i keep saying the swamp isn't going to drain itself. he tweeted somebody incorrectly stated that drain the swamp was no longer being used by me. we will always be trying to dts. wonder who trump was talking about. >> i want to report that i made a big boo-boo.
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i talked with president-elect donald trump and he reminded me that he likes draining the swamp. i mischaracterizes it. he intends to drain the swamp and he called it dts. i goofed. the alligators should be worried. >> trump is so serious about it. he appointed a head of draining the swamp seen here. he will be the chairman of dts. trump is not just about dts. he is committed to making america great again and building that wall and selling trump steaks and destroying "vanity fair" and locking her up. that's rosy. do you think it will happen? >> i don't know if there is a cell big enough to hold her. >> what is the swamp? it sounded cool.
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i am not sure exactly what it is. is it lobby gists? >> i am -- is it lobbyists? >> they have a lot of insiders. they have bankers coming in. i can't get over how humiliating it is. it is cringe worthy from newt. i have no problem saying it is wrong, but he looked like a school child being like i made a boo-boo. the former speaker of the house is talking about the boo-boo he>made. it is like the camera is off to the side here a little bit and he is sort of smirking and there is something about that video that is weird. >> it looks like a hostage tape. >> he put him in his place. what do you think? why did he back off in the first place? somebody gave gingrich the go ahead. >> maybe they didn't. maybe he just assumed. i just think -- i have never seen a guy like a catch phrase more than donald trump.
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i guess if you come between donald trump and his catch phrases you can get the public dressing down on twitter which makes a lot of sense for donald trump to handle a situation like that. >> should he hit him with a chair or something? >> he was off to the side giving him the mean face. >> what do you think dine the swamp means? >> it is throw the buns out. it is the same thing. we want to change the course of the country which is what they did. they want to get rid of the players that have been there for a longtime, hillary and her cronies. that's what i took into account. i think that's what he wanted to do and i think when he said he wasn't going to do it or newt said it, people freaked out, myself included because that is another campaign promise he might be getting wishy washy on. >> it is already a wishy washy phrase. >> we are debating whether trump is going to drain the swamp. >> we have to figure out what
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it means before you do it. >> i think i said this on the show before, but i think he does that very little. what he does a lot is dog whistles conspiracy. he does this all the time. he always says these things like there will be no world currency when i get in there. drain the swamp was more like a dog whistle to alex jones supporters. we are going to expose all of this stuff. drain the swamp doesn't mean you will do anything. you will see the monsters. >> drain the swamp is the same thing as make america great again. it is putting the stamp on the country. he used boeing as an example. >> when you drain the swamp -- it is opaque. when it drains then you see the monsters. it is monsters. good one. coming up, does the stache i
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can ma the man?
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. the verbal barrage between moscow and washington intensities. it was triggered by president obama's decision to impose sanctions on russia for interfering with our presidential election last month. the state department is also ordering 35 russian diplomats to lead the u.s. republican senator john mccain says that's not enough. he wants stronger sanctions while president-elect donald trump says it is time for the nation to move on. he has agreed to meet with u.s. intelligence officials to get an update on the facts. the kremlin meantime says they hillary tall crate. a cease-fire ending syria's
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civil war is holding. the tries that was brokered by russia and turkey went into effect yesterday. peace plans failed within days. if this new one holds it will be followed by peace talks next month in kahzakstan. here at home, preparations are underway to ensure gotham's time square is a safe place to ring in the new year on saturday night. 65, 20-ton garbage trucks will be brought in to protect against attacks like germany and france. they will be weighed down with 15 tons of sand. 7,000 police officers including armed counter terrorism units and bomb-sniffing dogs will also be in place. and 2 swr 16 will likely be remembered as a deadly year for america's finest. the number of police killed in the line of duty rose sharply driven by shootings of police around the country. most notably ambushes in dallas and bat ton reuz. 135 officers have lost their
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lives. half of them were shot to death. that's a 56% increase over the previous year. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to yahoo! news heas did bolton's mustache disqualify him for secretary of state? it is the most speculative assertion about how trump is basing his cabinet appointments on things like looks. trump is seeking, quote, the look, and in the interview process it has a feel of a casting call. where did they get that idea? trump said looks and presentation are important to him, and as usual trump talks openly about what everybody thinks, but won't say. let's face it. the whole political game is theater. a four-year presidential term is as stage managed as a
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cirque de soleil show. the democrats do it more than republicans and until this year did ithe campaign hillary clinton had pre-fabricated rallies and scripted emotional moments and people saw right through it. america hired barack obama when he walked in the door without glancing at his resume. they liked his look and the way he spoke and the whole idea of him. they were chalk full of hope before the ink on the hope poster was dry. and as for the ambassador's stache it was on some of the most influential world leaders like tedly roosevelt and rufo rufous-t. fire fly. what do you think, dave? that was a brilliant monologue, right? barack obama, the most stage managed of all of the presidents.
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>> i always said this show does not have enough monologues. john bolton should not be disqualified because of his mustache. his foreign policy should take care of that. >> nobody should make a pick based on the mustache. but it it is trump's world now. >> if you are talking about differences with trump and ambassador bolton, you may be talking about things like russia where they seem to not be on the same page. >> this is in hindsight, but the war in iraq. bolton to this day said this is the right decision and defends it. donald trump said be were lied into the war in iraq to implicate people in war crimes. that doesn't seem to jive very well. >> what do you think, guy benson, about this article with the stuff about the look et cetera? what about my point that that's what politics is. as if hillary clinton didn't
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have the image consult at the present time working working -- consultants working with her. >> home of the free and the brave is how the anthem goes. i don't know how i know that, but it is in here somewhere. this idea that trump would have been like this close on bolton and said no it is the mustache is just dumb enough to be true. i will just believe it. it is too good to check, but i think you are right that there were probably some idealogical issues that separated them. trump values what he watches on tv and bolton is a main stay and deeply informed. he is a smart guy. >> and a great communicator. >> he is sharp and forceful and a pro-america stance. i can see why he is in the mix. to your question, yes. ultimately politics -- they call dc broadway for hollywood people. but you need to present something publicly and if you are a complete slob or that reflects badly sometimes.
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trump is saying yes i am super official, but so are you. >> so are we. >> he tweeted out a response. he said i appreciate the grooming advice from the mainstream media, but i will not be shaving my # mustache. >> nor should he. i like a mustache. i like john bolton and i like geraldo rivera and i like colonel sanders. we saw him diving into a bucket of kfc. it is complete bias media. >> wrap it up for me. >> i like his mustache. he looks like captain kangaroo. you can't be hitsing i had heads of -- kissing heads of state with a tickling mustache. i broke up with a girl in high school because she had a mustache. >> you did? so you have your standards
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too. coming up, half time with tv's andy levey and a new episode of the "red eye" pod cast is available now. subscribe on itunes
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from a man named andy levey. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> ivanka trump harassed on a plane. guy, you said your least favorite member of congress is
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harry reid who is an awful guy. i feel like you shouldn't say things like -- i am kidding. you are 100% correct. let me wish you the holiest and most blessed of chirstmases to you, andy levey. >> thank you. and happy holidays to you. codder you said if somebody did that to sasha and malea and dave you said something similar. what the guy did on the plane was completely wrong and he was a jerk. ivanka is not the same as sasha and malea. she was heavily involved in the campaign and she will be in the office. >> so chelsea clinton would be a better idea? >> while bill clinton was president chelsea was off limits because she was a kids. now she is not off limits. >> i felt that for ivanka. the movie on the flight was "hamilton." >> i am fairly certain that is a musical stage.
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>> i am dressed like a clown, andy. >> we'll get to that later. carly, you noted the facebook post from the person on the front of the plane and this guy said -- she said she didn't want to make it a big deal. the guy who wrote that post said he hates trump. he said my assessment was she was happy to let him take his seat and she handled it calmly and with class. security dadeed to remove the man. the man's calm husband tweeted earlier that his husband was chasing them down to harass them. this is a guy who hates trump. >> a guy who hates trump, exactly. and he praised ivanka trump for how she handled the situation. >> absolutely. you said this shows wea don't punch people in the face enough. what gets me is the people who do things like this think they are such good people. the guy's husband tweeted out that this was happening because he thought everyone would think, good for you. good for you. you are such a good person.
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>> there is something on the left where they are so convinced that they are on the right side that their tactics or any of that is out the window because they know i am on the good team and you are on the bad team. they almost have to test it out on other people. it is like you are happy with us, right? no, you are harassing children. >> meanwhile, the guy who tweeted all of that stuff, the husband deleted the tweets and he has deleted his entire twitter account. >> i did see that. >> flight etiquette to me is easy. you don't talk to strangers and you don't recline your seat. >> what about when they say it is okay to recline the seats. >> you don't recline the seat. >> you should never do it. >> it is an -- it is when there was enough room you don't crumple the person behind you. >> i imagine the plane where everybody is reclined and andy is holding strong. >> i am a good person and
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tweet about it. >> i don't think it is anymore comfortable being like that. i don't know what good this is. it is not comfortable. >> you have to go profile. i can't see you when you are straight on. >> we have smart viewers, dave. >> he said he was kicked off a plane for speaking arabic. you said no matter the hoax people will accept it. it is the same people who rally against fake news. it is literally the same people. >> fake news is anything that is pro trump that is inaccurate. >> shillue the guy is steltler and not steler. >> he not related to craig stetler? >> probably not you.
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and you said codder's suit looks like a gay slur. >> where is your christmas spirit? >> it fits you nicely. >> codder, you said you love pranks and everyone loves pranks. no, everyone doesn't love pranks. >> he does love pranks. >> you will never get that from his suit, but now that you say it. >> you should see what he does at the restaurant. you can do a lot with a bagette. >> trump said he will drain the swamp. he said he didn't mean drain the swamp and he made a boo-boo. the second boo-boo is being a grown man and saying boo-boo. it is clear you drain the
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swamp to keep the mosquito population low to combat malaria. >> and zika. >> do you know who used the phrase? >> no. >> ronald reagan. he was talking about getting rid of the dc bureaucracy. i am fairly certain that's what trump means by it too. a source tells the "washington post" his mustache is why he doesn't get a cabinet position. and he values what he watches on tv and probably saw bolton on tv and said he will be a great secretary of state and then he saw somebody else on tv and moved on. >> that could be it. somebody made this point to me recently like who do you know in the trump administration? if you have a really important thing you want to get on the president's radar who can you talk to? i'm like, go on fox news and say something. that is the best way you might be able to directly speak to the president.
12:38 am
he is probably watching right now. she probably live tweeting the program at 3:00 a.m. >> i speak directly to him every night. >> you are very influential. >> i am. he values my advice. i do think the real reason ambassador bolton didn't get a cabinet position is he refused to give up his "red eye" presidency. >> he did. >> and i pointed this out a couple weeks ago. the "red eye" constitution clearly says and i am quoting, the president of" red eye" shall not hold office at the federal, state or local level. should he or she accept is up a position. they must immediately vacate the role as president. >> he mentioned something about an executive order. >> obviously he went home and studied the document and realized he couldn't do it. i am done. >> thank you. coming up, gavin mcinnes joins me for a special gavin ain't having it. stay tuned.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. snow is dumping along the corridor. by the time it stops as much as eight inches of snow will have fallen. coastal areas of maine were seeing heavier snow earlier. the maine turnpike dropping their speed limit to 45 miles
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an hour. it is dropping to freezing rain making driving even more hazardous. forces launched a new offense against isis fighters. the elite special forces are pushing into several neighborhoods in iraq's second largest city. explosions are shake the city and columns of dark smoke are in the air and the machine gunfire is echoing through the streets of the they are putting up stiff resistance to keep control of a city they held for more than two years. a manson follower will have to wait awhile longer to see if she is granted parole. a two-member panel postponed it on thursday saying they heard information that requires more investigation. the 69-year-old has served 47 years in prison for her role in the murder of actress sharon tate and others in 1972. honda is recalling more than 600,000 odysseys because second row seats could move unexpectedly. they have a lever that moves
12:44 am
the seat forward to allow access to the third row seat, and if left in an unlocked position could allow the second row seats to move on their own. the recall involves model years from 2011 to 2016. the nikkei index inched lower on the final trading day of the year, but managed to finish the year with a small gain. .40 of one percent. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines log on to >> with me now is the gavin mcinnes show. gavin, we have some stories. they want teenagers to stop having illegal sleep overs in their stores.
12:45 am
there have been 10 incidents across the globe of what they call nonsponsorred sleepovers. two girls hid in a wardrobe until the store closed and then filmed themselves jumping on beds and other shennanigans. an ikea spokesman said the fun is over rated. they risk getting into trouble with the law. do you think it is over rated to hide? >> no. it is hilarious fun. remember breaking into the lockers in the school and the gym? we used to break into the gym and set up the trampolines and the mats and jump off the basketball hoops. we clinton smashed a school stereo. >> look what happened to him. >> i know. it is not good. he is in prison actually. >> this was in canada. did you ever get arrested? >> no, that's what i don't like about the story. stop calling the cops. it is hijinx.
12:46 am
these are shinannigans. they are called if men receive atomic wedgies. every school event has to be documented. let's stop. >> stop. but from ikea's point of view, they can't have people in their stores. >> i get it. make a statement. i don't want to hear about it. handle your business. did you hear about my son has been coming in every night and kicking me in the head while i am trying to sleep. do i make a statement? no. handle your biz. you talk about it a lot. >> i am not going to say it on fox news. >> nearly 40% of young adults are still living with their parents. this is the highest percentage since the great depression. several factors contributed to the trend including recession, daying marriage -- delaying marriage and student loan
12:47 am
debt. does this worry you? >> in a big way. is it porn? is it video games? where is the libido? where is the economic libido? it may have been illegal immigrants doing the jobs so they never cleaned pools and worked at a gas station, but everyone up until right now every teenager has always had a job. even upper middle class teenagers in the 50s had to make money for their hot rods and american graffiti and get their leather jacket. don't you want money? don't you want to have fun? don't you want to get laid? >> i started with a paper route. if you were like me i lied when i got my first job because you had to be 16. >> me too. i said, chef, how did you get a job cooking frozen fries in a pub? he said i lied. then i said i am a lyin. i was 17 and my dad said i can't wait until you move out. i said i can't wait to move out. then 18kaboosh. who wants to sit in the
12:48 am
basement of a suburban home and eat mango slices? >> a lot of people are saying it is economics and they have no other choice. >> we were 15 people to a room. aidan was in the dining room and steven was in the kitchen. you pile up dudes. it is not like you go i need my duvet. you are 17. you drink yourself to near death. >> 50% of kids have a chance of earning more than their parents. it is the first generation kids are earning less. is it all economics or does it have to do with motivation? >> both. i think they are linked. this is the first generation that might have a lower life span than their parents. >> wait, no. >> yes. >> problem be because obesity. this may be the first generation ever that lives less long. when i say ever i mean ever.
12:49 am
like caveman. >> since lucy. let's get this last story. here is another study that will surprise you. rich people think life is fair. poor people don't. 50% of those making over 80k believe life is fair and 33% of those making less than 40k feel the same. republicans are more likely to say than democrats to say life is fair. does that surprise you, gavin? >> i mean, lazy people tend not to think that lazy is a bad thing. sorry, but for the most part in a free market if you are lazy and fat it is because you are lazy and fat. sorry, poor people. you screwed up. >> so you are saying they are not willing to admit they are doing something wrong? >> exactly. the problem with our culture is we layout this red carpet for avoiding kul tau built. even successful people who have an excuse, i am an albino and have to work twice as hard because i can't go in the
12:50 am
sun. it is three points for everything you earned. there is a lack of culpability and it is a sad part of america. this country was founded on the pleasure you derive from hard work and evolution has sprung from that. we have take ep that away -- taken that away and now you have a bunch of lazy fat people dyeing and complaining all the time. >> maybe things will change. thank you so much for coming. coming up, former nfl coach runs a trick play on the
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" -- >> this week politico did what it takes to get a meeting with trump. i enjoyed one anecdote. the former dallas cowboy coach was spotted into the lobby of trump tower. here is what he told reporters. >> i was invited to interview with the office. i know a lot about russian football so that's why i am here. >> he then sent out this tweet with the caption had a great
12:55 am
interview with donald trump and being his secretary of offense he plans to run the ball. said i'm his guy. the meeting was reported everywhere. the thing is he never met with trump. he just happened to be shopping on pitt avenue with his wife and daughter and followed the naked cowboy into trump tower. he bought a coffee and left. he said i went back to my hotel and laughed my ass off. everyone believed it. i had all of these calls and i was just jerking people around. wow, i think this guy is fantastic. >> he won't be laughing when he is surprise appointed secretary. >> is it telling that trump -- trump nor anyone at the trump organization -- >> if the whole thing is famous people walking in the trump tower to meet with the guy from kanye and everyone else, fine, this is a sports
12:56 am
someone. maybe he was invited. it is plausible. >> he was talking about being the secretary of offense. >> he was joking. >> but the media took him seriously. >> it is his world and we are living in it. he clearly doesn't care what anybody thinks about him. i think we have a match made in heaven. >> something could happen here. >> why would you need the offense when you are the most offensive guy in the world? trump offends everybody. no one can follow the naked cowboy. he said he followed him and nobody follows the naked cowboy. the naked cowboy can stroll in to where the president is living right now? >> he did. >> there are stores and everything and then you have to get way in. >> there are layers. >> trump has unlike any president in history is a troll.
12:57 am
of course he is not going to correct them. >> he loves it. that's why i think there may be a future for barry pita jungle.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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>> that's it for us. "special report" is next. will see you later. this is a fox news alert. the obama administration takes aim at russia. announcing economic sanctions and more over interference in the u.s. election. good evening. welcome to promis didn't hold back naming names and slapping several individuals with punishment. it's a bold step and not unlike some other big foreign policy moves we have seen from this administration in the waning days of the obama presidency. we have team coverage. rich edson with the continued fallout from the surprise move not to back israel at the u.n. senior foreign affairs correspond


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