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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 30, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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thought this was the city that never sleeps. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i am gillian turner. >> always a lovely day on a friday morning. >> thank you for starting your day and ending yaur week with us. we are talking about the obama administration delivering swift retribution to russia for allegedly tampering with the 2016 election. >> a furious vladimir putin promising he's going to retaliate. he we are live in washington, d.c. with all of the breaking details. >> good morning to you. this parting shot at russia by the obama administration with a long list of sanctions that comes along with a joint report from the fbi and department of homeland security showing evidence of russian siesh interference surrounding our elections. the new sanctions include naming two russian tinl against
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agencies largely behind the effort and two companies in support of the espionage efforts. they have declared 35 russian intelligence efforts and giving them 72-hours to leave the country. shutting down two russian compounds use bide russian personnel. it also stated it will take additional action that will not be publicized. those are likely on the cyber front. the agencies responded president obama expelled 35 diplomats in cold war déjà vu everybody including american people will be glad to see the last of this hapless administration. lame duck. russian interference saying it is tame for our country to move on to bigger and better things.
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never in the interest of our country and great people i will meet with leaders of the intelligence committee next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. lawmakers in both parties are questioning the timing of the sanctions and others are questioning how much force they actually carry. >> the allegation of the sub significance to fox in president elect trump forcing him to take position otherwise where he takes office. i hope this isn't motivated tol politics even a little bit. the concern is if the sanctions are in place what will president elect trump do once he takes office? will he repeal them or leave them? >> great info. thank you, garrett. these saipgss are a good start but they don't go far enough
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john bolt den says. we need to shame russia into never crossing america again. >> these sanctions are pitifully inadequate. we have froenz the assets of named individuals and organizations in the united states. how many russian intelligence officials do you think have assets to begin with and won't be able to shop on 5th avenue. as for the statement by president obama that other unspecified actions will be taken in the future, this president has no credibility when it comes to that. one critical component of that kind of strategy is not just to harm them but to shame them. to say this is what we have done and we have the capability to do more. they have suffered and tells everybody else in the world specifically china and others that they better not think about it either. >> do the russians go for
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enough? e-mail us at fox & friends first and we will share them later in the show. now unprecedented security as the world prepares to usher in the new year. a live look at time's square to protect the nearly 28 million people planning to ring in the new year here. al li patricia stark is here wi more. >> final preparations are underway in time's square ahead of tomorrow night's massive gathering. they are keeping those in at no time crowd safe. >> we will have the most safest venues in the entire world given all of the assets employed hear
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p. laughing containers and umbrellas are not allowed. 7,000 officers including newly graduated recruits will control the streets. following the isis truck attacks the city will barricade streets with sand filled trucks and other vehicles to drop off roads and keep people safe. police in new orleans also blocking off bourbon street and setting up patrols as crowds gather for new years and the sugar bowl sunday. in vegas extras are heading to the strep to help secure celebrations there. they will test the times square ball today. they have tested the confetti and with the heightened security
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the entire night should go off without a hitch. we are hoping for a very happy new year's celebration here. >> with all of the protection there seems like times square will be the safest place to be. >> i am more excited actually. we should all get out there. >> now to extreme weather. snow slamming parts of the northeast. it is making for a dangerous morning commute. >> in maine a car rolling on to its side. much of this mess is moving out just in time for your new year's celebration. >> janice dean is ready regardless. >> janice is always ready. >> the friday before new year's eve. i have got some hats. i didn't know if you wanted the haru ined with the hats. >> mine will be shaped like a cone later today. 36 in new york. 19 minneapolis.
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the good news is temperatures are relatively close to where they should be this time of year. a quieter weather pattern is ahead. you mentioned the big another easter still bringing snow across new england as well as gusty winds. we are going to see the lake-effect snow machine cranked up over the next day or so. maybe upwards of 6 inches and then the pulls eye across northern new england. the wind gusts will be ongoing throughout the day today and then as the storm moves in toward eastern canada, things get better. the great news is forecast looks fantastic. 40 degrees. that's pretty good when you think about we are into winter and we could be dealing with freezing temperatures. that's pretty good. cloudy skies, happy new year. >> love that. i think you should have that every day, though.
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>> if i could, i would. >> i know you would. >> helps people get up in the morning, too. perfect. >> thank you, janice. >> you got it. happy new year. >> a police officer shot during a traffic stop the officer was trying to arrest someone. he is out of surgery and in stable condition. the navy veteran was just voted the way rookie of the year last week. >> investigators trying to figure out how a mother plunged to her death from a ski lift. this texas woman and her two daughters riding the lift at the ranch in colorado when they suddenly dropped 25 feet down into the snow. her 12-year-old daughter has been released from the hospital but the condition of the 9-year-old not known. the resort insists the ski lift was working just fine at the time. this is the first fatal ski lift
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incident in colorado. the killer has just been pushed back. it needs time to investigate new information. that information reportedly involves allegations that patricia kernwinkle was abused by charles manson. she was accused of killing with manson. >> bail denied for convicted killer and podcast serial a judge refusing to release saeed. he has been in jail for 17 years serving a life sentence for a murder he claims he didn't commit. earlier this year judge ordered a retrial after finding he didn't get a fair one back in
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2000. adn >> thousands recalled because their seats are a safety hazard. >> cheryl, what can you tell us? >> this is the honda odyssey. the recall is affecting 64,000 vehicles. i want too start with there are no injuries reported but the second row of seats in the vehicle can shift unexpectedly. that can be a problem if there's an accident. this is out of abundance of caution. no injuries reported. 2011 to 2015 models affected. up next, amazon, they have unveiled this drone delivery. >> they filed a patent. a analyst discovered it. take a look at this. you see the flip.
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it is a blip. it will contain all of the drones and they would be delivering things down to the ground. the thing is they are going to have it for the supporting events i need the cowboys hat it can be delivered to you right then and there. there's a lot of skepticism about this. i would never be skeptical about this. >> you don't want that falling on your head. >> i agree with you, cheryl. coming from amazon they are getting stuff 12-hours later coming by truck or something. >> all of those kids that were so crazy about the hatch imals. some of these are cursing in their sleep. >> they look so sweet. >> they sleep? >> i guess they sleep.
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there have been reports that the hatchables -- they have videos where they might be saying a cursed phrase that i obviously cannot say on television. i didn't bring my hat or my glasses. janice dean put me to shame this morning. >> she might have one for you. too. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. already rocky relations with russia about to get worse with gra brand new saipgss for ladies and gentlemened election hacking. why now? >> what's the impact for president elect trump? our next guest offering insight soon. hollywood 50's to the message to the stars snubbing our next president. >> demands they stop playing christmas music. that is not the line of a joke. wait until you hear how it all
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>> presidented obama slapping sanctions on russia for interfering with our presidential election. >> what happened to the rushing russian reset. former u.s. army intelligence officer andrew. let's take a lack at the sanctions amongst other things as two russian compounds have been shut down 35 intel sfers have been basically kicked out. how significant do you think these sanctions are? we are hearing two different things where they are significant or not. >> i come from the school that you can always sanction russia more. russia started three major wars against its neighbors and is harboring the most wanted intelligence fugitive in snowden
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and dir bee during the cold war. this creates such a chilling effect for any one particularly in western europe who wants to do business like rent an apartment rent a car to any one they suspect might be a russian intelligence officer. like the sanctions levied against the iranian revolutionary guard core in response to the work in the nuclear program this latest sanction could add an effect on russia's ability to operate in highly developed areas like western europe. >> a lot of folks are saying this isn't enough that these sanctions are a slap on the wrist. what -- can you layout for us what you think are the other options other additional steps you can take to try to push back against russia. we know they could use something covertly, cyberhacking of our own perhaps. but is that the only other option? >> well, the problem with russia is they have never been satisfied with the frontier to
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the west, to the south or even in the east where it disputes a frontier with japan. through out its history it presses on before it feels a weakened part of that border is at any given time. the catch is that there is no history found russia. pushing back on russian borders anywhere not militarily but ngo's and local governments it can send a powerful signal to the kremlin that they should stop reaching outward and go inwa inward. >> when you think about sending a signal i want to look at the time line of this. is this a signal from donald trump from the obama administration. is that what this is about more so than this alleged hacking which by the way they admitted that this specifically involves the hacking into the dnc and there is no proof that it is
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motor home fact connected to the election outcome itself. >> there are two things going on here. one is the russians should obviously not be trying to effect our election period. number two i don't think any one thinks if hillary clinton had won the national election there would be this much attention played toward russia's role in the process. >> sthooivengs, andrew. great insight for us today. we will have you back soon. >> the illegal immigrants now being paid to stay in their on countries. >> it is safe to say this was a bad year for anthony weiner. he is not the only ones. the scandals of 2016 up next. with the xfinity tv app,
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download the xfinity tv app today. >> donald trump drawing inspiration from john f. kennedy and ronald reagan as he writes his own inaugural address. the "washington post" says he is writing the first draft of the speech. the paper also says he would be working closely with his speech writers. >> outraged the list of celebrities snubbing our president elect. it is time for the 60's of hollywood not going with the hill. she is conservative in the public eye writing on her blog saying hollywood is that far off base or we have so many sissies in the spotlight too scared to
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stand up for what they actually believe in. >> anthony weiner's sexting to ryan lock tee's lying. 2016 has been a year filled with unforgettable headlines. >> marsha mccal lynn takes a look at the most salacious scandals this past year. >> 2016 was a year full of scandals and unbelievable headlines. ryan lock tee said he was held up but he president elect donald trump went through a whirlwind of controversies including more than a dozen sexual harassment allegations. he got caught saying lewd comments about women on a it 005 "access hollywood" hot mike. he denied them all and apologized for them on tape. debbie wasserman schultz denied
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after leaked e-mails. they were inspiring to sabotage the campaign as wikileaks released an avalanche of e-mails related to hillary clinton many say cost her the election. >> team usa goalie hope solo rips into the swimming team criticizing their defensive women's play. a few days later solo parted ways with her national women's soccer league team. congressman anthony weiner in trouble again this year it started when abedin said she was leaving him after finding out he was sex thing with another woman. he sent a lewd photo to the woman with his 4-year-old son in the picture. uncovered new e-mails related to the presidential candidate hillary clinton putting a jolt into her presidential campaign.
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wells fargo ceo john stump stepped down after the bank came under fire for their sales practices. in september 2016 the company aagreed to pay $185 million to settle allegations that accounts were opened without customer's permission to reach an aggressive sales targets. the maker of epi pen agreeing to pay $465 million to settle allegations it over billed medicaid for the life saving drug. the house drill grilled the pharmaceutical company ceo about the controversial hike after he allegedly received a raise 670 percent over nine years. >> wow, 670 percent. amazing. >> that is huge. >> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. the ball isn't the only thing dropping on new year's eve. prices are, too. especially if you are looking
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fto book newer yeks numberly vacation. am the five things you can do big for 2017. >> eagles quarterback wench showing his softer side but not for very long. wait until you see what he gave his teammates for christmas. hei don't want one that's hadch a bunch of ownersd car? just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at
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more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper >> the united states slapping sanctions on the russians for hacking. the move leaving the trump team in an awkward position to say the least. >> we are nod interested in going to war all over the world either. having relationships, building relationships making things better for americans is something president elect trump believes in. >> but do you think the new round of sanctions goes far enough? e-mails are pouring in online.
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>> americans are ready to ring in 2017 but not without fear of a terror attack. what is being done in times square this year to prevent attacks like the berlin christmas massacre. >> this incredible moment, a marine veteran screams with joy oo as he wiggles his brand new fingers at the same time. fox & friends first continues right now. >> that's a story i want to see. good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> i am julianne turner. >> russia has new sanctions for allege he had election hacking.
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>> this going to expel 35 u.s. diplomats and pulling access to two buildings used by americans in moscow. let's get to garrett tenney with the breaking details. >> a lot of folks have been asking for months what proof is there that russia is behind the cyber hacks surrounding our election? yesterday the intelligence community went public with some of the details. the fbi and department of home land has detailed reports of how they had the government hack the democratic party including some of the tools russian intelligence agents used as part of the campaign investigators are referring to as grizzly theft. with that evidence they are
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targeting russian agencies. including two largely behind the effort and companies that he pro vieded support to the cyber espionage efforts and 35 operatives giving 72-hours to leave the country. as you mentioned just minutes ago russia announced it was going to be taking the -- responding with the same retaliations saying they were going to be expelling 35 u.s. diplomats as well as closing down two u.s. compounds there in russia. immediately following the sanctions russian officials responded including the u.k. embassy saying president obama expels cold war déjà vu as everybody including the american people will be glad to see the last of the administration. lame duck. president elect donald trump who has openly questioned the intelligence community's findings of russian interfere wednesday went in as well saying
2:34 am
in a at the same tistatement it the country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless i will meet with the leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of the situation. >> kelly ann conway isn't sure how well the sanctions will work. >> at the same time, the gru operatives they don't tral here or keep their operatives here. one wonders what the sanctions really are. >> the wig question remaining is what will president donald trump do once he takes office regarding the sanctions. they will need to look at all of the evidence from the intelligence community before they make a determination of what they will do going forward.
2:35 am
new info since we last checked in with you. >> law americas on both sides of the aisle are saying these sanctions are a good start but don't go nearly far enough. fox news contributor charles krauthammer last night calling them almost laughable. >> this is sort of magna verses spy and not much more. the timing is ridiculous. if you are going to do this, you do it when it happens. you don't say to vladimir putin during an election, cut it out. that is adolescent. you take the consequences and make them stick. i think it is a fairly trivial thing. the russians they stole our mail. they read our mail. they published our mail. that is called espionage. you are not supposed to do that. you do it, we punish you. that should have been done 18 months ago. you send a signal to the chinese and iranians and others we will punish you. this is a slap on the wrist.
2:36 am
>> do you think the russian sanctions go far enough? >> dallas says they should be sanctioned for meddling but it should have been done a long time ago. >> obama has ignored russia and laughed at romney who was concerned about them. remember that? since when has obamacared about american security until the policies and poor legacies lost an election. wayne rights it is a last ditch effort to blame someone else>> unprecedented security for new year's eve as isis warns of brand new attacks. trucks are blocking streets to protect nearly 2 billion people are planning to ring in the new year there. let's get right to patricia stark with new security measures in place. final preparations are underway
2:37 am
in times square ahead of tomorrow neat's massive gathering. they are deploying extraordinary assets to keep crowds in the world safe. >> we monitor and assess the threat 24-hours a day. at this time we have no direct concerns related to terrorism to times square specifically or new year's eve in general. >> any one looking to get into time's square will be screened twice. large containers and umbrellas not allowed. 7,000 officers including newly graduated recruits will patrol the streets. helicopters will keep watch above the crowds while police boats will control the waters over the hudson rivers and following the ice attacks the city will barricade streets with sand filled trucks and other vehicles to block off roads and keep people safe. police in germany will block roads and bridges to stop another potential attack.
2:38 am
they are also stepping up patrols and installing extra security cameras. in london additional 30,000 officers will be deployed around the city for new year's eve. lack pehear in new york officia will test the times square ball today. they have successfully tested the confetti. with the heightened security the entire night should go off without a hitch. we are wishing everyone a happy, safe new year's eve hopefully. >> happy new years to you. >> and you as well. >> will the weather cooperate for your new year's eve celebrations? janice dean is in the weather center with the latest. >> it is all up to you. >> i know. only good news. >> i actually have good news in this department which i am very thankful for. let's take a look at the temperatures. 36 in new york, 34 in cincinnati. 19 minneapolis. the temperatures are seasonal right now. not too bad. we don't have a big arctic cold front move offing in. our storm system, our nor'
2:39 am
easter is exiting the coast. we are still going to see leftover snow over new ng he land and the lake-effect snow belt as well. we are also going to deal with a little bit of unsettled weather for the northwest and the gulf coast. otherwise not a big winter storm threat more than average here. seasonal temperatures is a little bit above average. midnight here's what it looks like. we have showers for atlanta along the coast we are in the clear. 40 degrees cloudy skies that's my forecast for midnight. after that we could get a little bit of rainfall. otherwise pretty good. it is going to be cold across the northern rockies but no big storm systems which is great news. as i mentioned it could be a lot worse. it could be warmer. 58 was the record high on new year's eve and 65 and 72 the coldest windchills of minus 21. we will take 40 degrees with
2:40 am
cloud k cloudy skies. happy new year. >> happy new year to you, janice. >> thank you. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. supported on your dime and still cashing in. the illegal immigrants now being paid to stay in their country. >> it is getting worse. >> the movies already getting huge award buzz they are yao. committee vin mccarthy is counting down the top five best flicks. definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> the obama administration is giving thousands of your tax dollars to deported illegals just so they stay home. kentucky senator rand paul highlighting the tax payer funded program in the annual wasteful spending report. ensures 50,000 of your hard earned dollars went to criminals in el salvador. the money used to start businesses after the illegals get kicked out of the u.s.
2:44 am
>> major retailers learning the hard way trademark law can be quite tricky. >> run dmc founder filing a $50 million lawsuit against wal-mart and amazon and other retailers accusing them on taking the trademark group including the glasses the t-shirts. >> there is good news for your wallet coming in 2017. cheryl casone from our sister network is here right now with all of the items that are going to cost a lot less this year. >> good morning. americans are pretty used to seeing prices rise every year for most things. according to verses some items
2:45 am
are going to be cheaper in 2017. if you are looking to buy a new mac book or place an older one the second half of the year will see a major price drop that includes the mac book pro and maybe some of the ipad models. prices will go below 1,000. great for the netflix binge you are planning. at the grocery store expect low prices for things like avocados, eggs, beef, pork, veggies even peanut butter. no word on jelly prices. united and delta announcing lower priced seats available next year. car models will be less expensive including the audi base 4 base model and hyundai elan trau. the new year's resolution is to
2:46 am
save money. >> let's check in with ed henry to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." a lot of things you are going to talk about including recent refugees. >> they are rushing to resettle refugees in his last days in office. we will get into this with lou gomer the republican from texas. we have gene simmons and rudy giuliani a key member of the trump transition. happy new year. >> i want to see gwen simmons and rudy giuliani together. >> they always go together. >> thank you so much. good to see you. we will be right back. stay with us. take one.
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♪ ♪ tune back in tomorrow and that square block is going to look a whole lot different for new year's eve celebrations. the philadelphia eagles giving new meaning to shotgun formations. carson wentz apparently buying each of his offensive linemen a ber et a, a shotgun for them. it costs about $2,000 apiece. each one engraved with the linemen's numbers. wentz is known for being an avid hunter. the world famous mural. the artwork on the side of mama ayesha's features the founder of the restaurant standing next to 11 presidents, including
2:51 am
eisenhower to obama. one of the owners of the restaurants saying that their official position is that it is not in the budget. it's almost time to say goodbye to 2016. what were some of the best films of this past year? >> i didn't see a lot this year. kevin mccarthy is founder of nerd i bet he saw a lot. he has the top five films of 2016. good morning. >> good morning, jillian and heather. i saw well over a hundred films, no question. i did put together an official top ten video of all the movies that i did see and today we'll go through 5 to 1. some i want to give honorable mention like hack saw ridge, batman, superman, captain america civil war and come hell or high water. number 5, one of the best films of the year, moonlight. at the oscar this year, i guarantee you, it will be this
2:52 am
movie versus la-la land. the idea behind the film is about a young man growing up in miami. directed by a guy named barry jenkins. i think it will take home the best supporting actor and competing heavily for best picture at the academy. i gave it a 4.5 out of 5. >> awesome. what about la-la land. we were talking during the break, not to be too girl i, but we want to see it for new year's. >> that's my number 3. i got to go to number 4. >> sorry. we're not trying to jump ahead. >> this is a movie about a young teenager who is trying to create a band to impress a girl. here's the cool thing about this movie. it will put a smile on your face and some of the best songs. from a director named john carney. who brought you the movie once.
2:53 am
it's on netflix. you don't have to leave your house. it's called sing street. number three, la-la land. no question, this moch i is phenomenal. abby saw it last week yepd. she loved it. i think it's brilliant. i think everything about it, it blows my mind. he's 31 years old. he's directing films that i think a director doesn't do until 10, 11, 12 films into their career. ryan gosling really playing the piano in the film. everything about the acting, emma stone, the singing, the song, this was a great year for music in movies. you saw that in hidden figures, also sing street and now la-la land. i think it will take home the best picture award. seven golden globe nominations compared to the six for moonlight. number 2, arrival. i love this film. i've been mentioning it a lot. but the ending still is blowing my mind weeks later. jeremy renner as well as amy adams starring in the movie.
2:54 am
the director of this film is doing the new blade runner. he also directed films like zaccario, enemy and a film called prisoners. phenomenal, the best film score of 2016. and then my number one. no question. i've seen it nine times. dead pool. i don't care what anyone says. i loved it so much. it was ryan reynolds passion project. it was funny, action-packed, dramatic. my number one of the year. worst movie of the year, zoo lander 2. i hated that movie beyond belief. hated it. >> disappointing. the first one was awesome. >> i agree with your number one. >> i loved zoolander 1. hated the sequel. >> i'm bummed by your suit. it's almost new year's. i thought you would be wearing something crazy. just your tie. >> today i did star wars tie in remembrance of carrie fisher. it's been a bad week in losing a
2:55 am
lot of actors and debbie rein old and carrie fisher passing away. i wanted to wear it in her memory. >> happy new year. >> thanks, guys. happy new year to you too. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. a veteran getting a new grip on life. get them figures moving. >> the incredible journey to get him a new set of arms. >> amazing. new exercise video. why this teenager is ordered to do pushups by law. taking a holiday in britain, are ya doll? well, the only place you need go... london's got the best of everything.
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. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. an injured vet makes major progress after a double arm transplant. unreal. sergeant john peck moving his fingers four months after surgery. the hero marine lost all four limbs after stepping on an ied in afghanistan. next the bad. go to jail or do 200 pushups. your choice. the officer gave an teenager. he chose pushups. the officer wanted to teach him a lesson. finally, the ugly.
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a -- demanding he stop playing christmas music. he walked into the restaurant in largo, florida. threatened workers. he heard the festive tunes, demanded they play muslim and hindu music instead. happy new year. "fox and friends" is next. i'm abby huntsman. this is a fox news alert. it happened again. an officer is shot in the line of duty. we have the latest on his condition at this hour. and what prompted that shooting. just breaking overnight as well. russia responds taking aim at the u.s. after the obama administration issues a series of sanctions for alleged election interference. so was the president's play another shot at donald trump? we're live in washington with the latest breaking details. in the good old days, you used to have to wine and dine them to win a lady


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