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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 30, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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we put it right there. better late than never. we made it. what a great day. thank you for sharing this day for us here in new york city. okay, "fox & friends," happy new year? happy families, 72 hours to leave the country as well as targeting russian intelligence agencies, one of
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the biggest diplomatic confrontations between the united states and russia since the cold war and all of this three weeks before president-elect trump takes office. >> what russia has been engaged in is unacceptable. it is outside the bounds of diplomatic behavior. >> caroline fountain live at the state department. any retaliation from the resin so far? >> apparently not. we heard threat yesterday from russian spokesman, vladimir putin came out and said they will not be sending our diplomats home. here is the statement, we will not create problems for us diplomats, we will not expel anybody. that is unusual because in past cases when we kicked the russians out they did a tit-for-tat expulsion of our diplomats they have the right to retaliate, they are waiting for the trump administration to get
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into office before they make any decisions. this is just an executive order by president obama. he will walk out the door on january 2, '02, he can change it anyway he wants and that is what the russians are hoping for. here is his spokesman saying, quote, we think such steps by the us administration that has three weeks to work, to further harm russian-american ties, we are at a low point as it is and deal a blow to the foreign-policy plans of the incoming administration of the president-elect. >> the foreign ministry recommended they expel us diplomats from russia so going the opposite direction. what is the next step? >> the state department told russia there are two compounds off-limits for them. there was a compound in long
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island and one in maryland. us officials believe that was used for intelligencegathering, the trump administration does not see a problem with the actions. >> unprecedented for us to expel that many operatives over such a short time but at the same time, operatives don't travel here or keep their assets here. one wonders what the key to the sanctions really are. >> us intelligence officials about this topic next week. >> what a way to begin the year. >> more on this, editor of breaking news at the washington examiner. this is breaking news, just getting statements from the russians. we will get to that in a minute. the russians are not doing
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anything in retaliation. what do you make of this, russians say our hands was in the cookie jar, we will take our punishment or trying to embarrass president obama on the way out and gives president-elect trump a leg up? >> they are waiting to see what donald trump actually says. in a statement last night he said he wants to move on to bigger and better rings, he did not say he will meet with intelligence officials so everyone in the united states and russia, what exactly is trump going to do? would he reverse these sanctions? what is he going to say? trump is in a pretty tough spot. he expressed no appetite for these sorts of things in recent weeks and it is not just obama. john mccain, lindsey graham say they want stronger sanctions, lindsey graham suggested the upcoming investigation would be
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a big issue for someone like rex tillerson, if he doesn't acknowledge russia's role in cyberattacks he may not vote for him, and would actually go out and say something different in a different position from donald trump and these confirmation hearings. >> the position mister trump was put in by president obama, did the president of the united states suddenly decide after eight years that russia is a clear and present danger, they hacked us all the time and in the last couple weeks we should retaliate because i will be the commander in chief and i have seen the light or is it a political move against donald trump in a parting shot? >> a little bit of both. also interesting because donald trump has criticized president obama saying he is putting of roadblocks making things more difficult for the transition and
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imagine this is the sort of thing donald trump is talking about. >> a distraction in the first hundred days, russians putting out a statement in the past couple minutes furthering what caroline shively reported this from, vladimir putin saying we regret the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing administration is provocative and aimed at further weakening the future us relationships. and russian and american people considering global security responsibilities, russia and the united states damaging international relations as a poll. the russian embassy in the united kingdom, president obama expels 35 diplomats in cold war déjà vu, you will be glad to see the last of this hapless administration and lame-duck. you can't imagine that was an
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accident. >> the russians are saying they will see what donald trump will do, president obama -- it is interesting, reticent, based on an attack on his legitimate when as president of the united states, he thinks if you acknowledge russia was doing cyberattacks to help him, trump can come out and make an argument saying i condemn cyberattacks, point to something that comes out of the emails, but heard hillary clinton, made someone not vote for hillary clinton, i have a hard time pointing to one specific thing called chaos, it hurt debbie wasserman schultz. what did it do to change the election. >> it seems president obama is
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acknowledging that the russians succeeded in doing what they have long been in other countries, undermine the democratic process. >> yes. that is why you have a bunch of democrats upset about this saying they have been putting pressure on obama, intelligence agencies say the russians tried to influence the election, there is retaliatory action. >> exactly what those intelligence agencies find out, more on that later after the break. in the meantime appreciate it, good to see you. happy new year to you and yours. >> developing news from syria where the cease-fire, russia and turkey negotiating, it took effect at midnight. kitty logan is live in london. what is the situation like in syria right now? >> reporter: that the fire came
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into force that midnight local time. there have been isolated reports about classes overnight. what we are hearing is reports almost immediately after it started last night, and 12 hours later, north of damascus, not clear how that works but they carried out several airstrikes in response and helicopter gunships were deployed elsewhere. it is relatively calm. the syrian president himself announced a cease-fire yesterday, by turkey and russia. in this long-running conflict, doesn't include isis but several syrian opposition groups, they say they need to be optimistic because these clashes illustrate how the cease-fire may be. >> what about plans future q >> we are hearing from russia there is a further round of
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talks in keswick stand in the future. no date set for that was a key role in brokering the cease-fire, the us was included in these talks, the russian government said that may change as the new president takes office but this current cease-fire will have to hold firm next talks can take place. heather: thank you. bill: it is that time of year, we are taking a live look at time square, preparations underway for a new year's eve party at the crossroads of the world as we look down the street that will soon be filled with tens of thousands of revelers. we will look at what new york's finest are doing to keep 1 million people safe as they ring in 2017. >> not a lot of traffic. president obama won two terms candidate approval ratings above
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50% but will his legacy be the downfall of the democratic party? we have a fair and balanced debate. >> reporter: are the sanctions against russia for election hacking tough enough, adam kinsey joins us live but here is kellyanne conway. >> great political fanfare largely symbolic but will have impact you it is unprecedented for us to expel as a nation that many operatives over such a short time. the height of the cold war we didn't even do that. i was working in the yard, my chest started hurting
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>> million people expected in times square to watch the big ball drop and ring in 2017 in new york city police beefing up security following the truck attack in germany and france. officials say they plan to surround times square with 20 ton sanitation trucks and 100 patrol cars, 7000 officers on the scene with counterterror units and bomb sniffing dogs. >> john mccain, chairman of the armed services committee saying he will push even stronger for sanctions on russia where the new congress convenes next week, some critics charge the obama administration response to russian interference in the us election as too little too late. here is ambassador john bolton on special report. >> what the president announced
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today was incoherent and inadequate which is typical of his foreign-policy. as for the statement by president obama that other unspecified actions will be taken in the future this president has no credibility when it comes to that. bill: adam kinsey of illinois, pilot of the air national guard joins us now. nice to see you. as we go forward on this, earlier in the show with a soundbite from eric schultz, deputy press secretary at the white house who gave interviews yesterday and said, quote, the reason we are doing this is outside the norms of diplomatic behavior by the russians. i heard stronger words from teachers who were not happy with second graders. >> typical of this administration, russia is behind the bombing of the un aid convoy in syria. not a people out of the administration, they use
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precision guided musician the munitions the bomb innocence in a leper and syria and this is a good beginning to the sanctions, it is done in a way outside diplomatic norms. there are some that say donald trump is president because of the russian hacking. that is not true. some say the russian hacking never happened. that is not true either. the fact is congress and americans need to find out what happened to defend the constitution which we are sworn to defend and protect as a military pilot, how to maintain the integrity of our elections. and attempt or anything like that there needs to be swift punishment. bill: is it bigger than messing with the election system? it is a systematic threat by the russians against the united states, our prestige around the world saying we can't
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participate in peace talks in syria say we will bomb whoever we want in syria, bombing people we trained in syria. >> they are in eastern ukraine and you don't give offensive weapons to the ukrainians. this is russia advancing until they hit a real red line at not a fake red line and they haven't hit that yet. big thing to keep in mind -- bill: we know president obama has drawn a lot of redlines, they haven't met very much, president-elect trump is not interested in drying a red line with the russians but more interested in making friends with them. is that going to work? >> it is one thing to say -- >> you hope -- you hope mister trump's policies change? >> i do. it is one to say we want re-engagement, that is fine. george w. bush did it, barack obama did integrate failure. one thing to say we want a fresh look at this, another to say we have to maintain america's role
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in the world and the russians have been advancing rather than retreating, the good thing to keep in mind, not an attempt to make trump president by the russians but to undermine the faith in the constitution. the constitution is just a paper document until people agree like we all do that we will abide by those principles. if you undermine the idea that we can elect the people we want to elect you he wrote the faith in the constitution so that is why defending our election system is important. not the us litigating the election but in the constitution. >> do you have faith in president-elect trump to restore faith in the constitution and do what is necessary with russia, the chinese as well to make it clear this is not acceptable behavior and there are consequences? >> bringing the faith back, china is aggressive, the question mark is russia. i hope want to get involved.
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>> he tells us he has all the briefings the president does, very smart, doesn't need to get them every day, he understands everything and still seems to say we should make friends with vladimir putin. >> i have hope. i am trying to be optimistic about it. if he continues on what he is saying there will be trouble with fighting congress in that, i have been in this job six years and we see the russians advance and push america out of areas, hoping that changes again. it is okay we want to reengage the russians and have talks but another thing to say they are really our friends, that is not the case. i hope some of this changes but he will be a transaction president on a lot of fronts. >> we will talk about not only that but the intelligence briefing we are going to get in terms of what this
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administration has, happy new year, thanks for joining us, good to see you. heather: turning tragic for one family. the accident that left a mother dead and her two young daughters injured. >> republicans valley a fast repeal of obamacare in the new year but what happens if there is nothing ready to replace it? >> if we don't get rid of obamacare it will destroy healthcare in north carolina and all over the united states. it will be the end. i am asking for your vote so we can replace obamacare and save healthcare. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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bill: a holiday key ski trip turning to everett -- tragic when a 40y woman and two daughters far from a chairlift in a small colorado ski resort. the mother died, her daughters, 9 and 12, were injured. it is not clear what caused them to fall off of the lift. investigators are investigating. >> we will repeal the disaster known as obamacare and create new healthcare, all sorts of reforms that work for you and your family and we will be doing
6:24 am
it properly. we will not spend $5 billion for a website. >> president-elect trump and the republican congress promising a quick repeal of obamacare and haven't announced any detailed plans for how they will replace it leading to questions about how easy it will be to unravel a complex system that has been for several years. a cpa with a marks group and the washington post, thank you for joining us. we heard president-elect say we are not going to spend $5 billion on a website but they know much beyond that as to what they are going to do? >> yes and no. it is tough to talk about because we have different ideas in the republican party. we know on the democratic side chuck schumer's minority leader,
6:25 am
no matter what republicans want to do democrats have 48 votes in the senate, you need three to block any big time legislation. it has to be bipartisan. one for sure, they are going to repeal obamacare, that is without a doubt going to happen, too many promises have been made. the issue is whether they will repeal it without a plan in place or if they will have a repeal with a plan in place for implementation. my bet is they will do that, they will repeal it but they will have a plan in place for implementation. >> the republicans are like a dog that caught the bus, now they don't know what to do with it. you have 6.4 million people who are now under obamacare, white house announced an additional
6:26 am
100,000 people signed up with 400,000 newly enrolled americans at the same period last year so now that the numbers are increasing will that give republicans pause when it comes to replacement? >> not only that. the kaiser family foundation following all things healthcare had a poll after the election showing 60% of americans favor the repeal of obamacare. all these factors coming into play gave a pause to figure out what. you are things they have consensus on. you and i, health insurance for people trying to figure out how it will affect them. next year whatever happens, got bipartisan support which conditions continuing to get coverage, kids, very bipartisan support. after that it really is a question whether block grants will be given to medicaid or
6:27 am
health savings accounts open our own individual healthcare. heather: the timing of when this would be implemented. and these folks won't have health insurance but that is not the case. >> it is not. we are telling our clients for 2017, we will not see a lot of change in healthcare coverage, rates are long dead. they are locked in. the big changes we will see our 2018 and you are right about the timing. what is going to happen not this year in 2017 but the effects of any changes the year after and we have to keep a close eye on it. >> you mentioned 26% of people who want to repeal it, 70% want to scale it back. a lot of people want to see changes and we will see if a new
6:28 am
administration does that smoothly. thank you so much. got to wrap you up. happy new year. >> just in time for new year's a powerful nor'easter slamming new england dumping two feet of snow in some places, making a giant mess on the roads. here is the latest on the storm path. >> cold war level tension between the us and russia. we will hear from the trump team about the president-elect's response to the new sanctions. first a memorable moment from the presidential debates. >> from everything i see, has no respect for this person. >> that is because he would rather have a puppet as president. it is pretty clear you won't admit --
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heather: president-elect donald trump about to inherit a giant foreign policy issue, new sanctions left on russia, the obama ad ministration retaliates. and turning the page. bigger and better things in the interest of our country and it's great people. i will speak with leaders of the intelligence community to be updated on the fact of this situation.
6:32 am
the director of communications for the presidential inaugural committee to talk about this first of all. there have been some changes today. earlier this morning a recommendation that russia impose sanctions on the us but vladimir putin said they are not going to do that but hold off until the president-elect takes office. has he spoken about any new development yet? >> the president-elect was clear yesterday that it is time to move on to key issues but the intelligence community injectable facts and information and we go from there. >> do you know if he has spoken with vladimir putin or any effort to reach out? >> information out there, the president-elect is focused on
6:33 am
making america stronger and united and the leader of the world once again and leads from the front, not behind and boxing information next time. >> there is no information that directly ties, but there is proof put forward. and the trump campaign. what do they think about moving forward in future elections. >> that is all we are doing here, planning or uniting an exciting thing. was looking forward to future campaigns, safety and security, physical safety and security and
6:34 am
cybersecurity. >> are you worried about this happening in future campaigns? are you worried about the reaction of the united states and what it tells other countries about how we will handle situations like this, countries like china. >> it is post politics, not any political moves, it is all about working together for greater america. >> let's talk about the obama administration and as they are leaving, weeks to go, some of these moves they are making are an effort to put roadblocks up for the president-elect and his incoming administration including sanctions that were just put on russia? >> it is up to them to have a few weeks ago, we are focused on what will happen january 20th at noon, swearing in of a new
6:35 am
president, domestically and abroad. >> since you mentioned that a time or two let's talk about what will be happening. what is the latest from the inaugural committee? what can you share with us? >> we will be putting out information, over 8000, 40 organizations, marching in and out of the parade on january 20th representing folks all over the country to new york city and pipes and drums representing the police force in indiana so home states and home cities of president-elect donald j trump and vice president-elect mike pence represented during the inaugural parade and the military -- we make the
6:36 am
announcement to you too. heather: a huge part of the election of campaign of donald trump. how long will the parade itself the? >> great question. this will not be a parade as we had in the past. the dwight eisenhower parade lasted six hours, the parade, donald trump -- this parade will be an hour or an hour and a half, somewhere in that range. the first parade goes with messaging, donald trump has shown the discussion on jobs going back to america. the discussions of boeing, we are not overpaying in vital instances like the f 35. getting to work as president of
6:37 am
this country. >> thank you, appreciate you joining us and happy new year to you. >> shootings and file in crime skyrocketed in chicago. 750 murders in the city over the course of 2016, that is more than new york city and los angeles combined. police bracing for what could be a bloodied new year's weekend. mike tobin live from chicago with more. nice to see you. how much worse is it this year than last? >> the rate of shootings and murders in the city of chicago absolutely dramatic and chicago police do anticipate an uptick of violence in the holiday weekend. a spokesman said because you pour booze on is in the cycle of gang -- as of thursday, chicago police reported 756 murders in the city of chicago compared to 484 last year, an increase of
6:38 am
56%, 3525 shootings versus 2400 last year, an increase of 37%, an overwhelming number of victims are black, most of the shooting targets are documented gang members. the former police superintendent gary mccarthy who lost the job in the mcdonnell videotape shootings at the increase in bloodshed is policing has become politicized. >> the politicizing of policing is killing more black lives. the number of police related shootings in the city is less than half of 1% of the shootings in chicago so what does that mean? 99.6% of the shootings are civilian on civilian, generally black on black, african americans are dying, 90% increase from two years ago. >> christmas weekend alone a dozen people were killed, 11 of
6:39 am
the shooting targets were vendettas and the reason for the timing is the gang rivals knew the targets would be here. >> where are the demonstrators? we see them at police involved shootings, they never come out when 11 or 12 people are shot over christmas weekend. >> they will be out this weekend. one loan activist from the bad areas of chicago, once you get out of the troubled areas and take it to the glitz of chicago's magnificent mile, supposed to fall 700 caskets representing people who were killed in chicago. >> i hope we will be shamed by it and say this can't happen anymore but we will be shaken to do something. >> in the organizational stage this demonstration is not supposed to be anti-cop, but there's always the chance when you get a bunch of people that the message can get diluted.
6:40 am
>> we have seen that happen before. thanks, stay safe this weekend. heather: president obama taking criticism in the final weeks at the white house. he did more harm than good to the democratic party. the political panel joins us for a fair and balanced debate. >> out of this world addition to the 2016 mannequin phrase, challenge accepted. jaw-dropping audio. this is tough to do in 0 gravity. you need astronauts to do that. or smack afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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heather: the mannequin challenge is a highlight of 2016. this one might top them all. astronauts on the international space station are weightless, floating, no gravity. can you do this? they are all standing and staying perfectly still. astronaut thomas has quit tweeting sci-fi spooky. i call it amazing. solidify his legacy with three weeks left in office. critics say he is leading the democratic party in far worse condition than he found it eight
6:45 am
years ago. >> look at the destruction of the democratic party under barack obama's leadership and you have to wonder, what was the political, what were the electoral benefits he gave to the party? to leave them in a worse position. they lost control of the house and senate and the governorship. he is a gifted candidate, he won election twice by a substantial margin, but his legacy as a politician is muddied by all that. >> that was sam stein of the huffington post. here to talk about it is a columnist for the washington examiner, author of the sexy vote. the former dnc official, nice to see both of you. remarkable in a sense this was said by the editor of post, a
6:46 am
clearly liberal organization willing to take this kind of stand against president obama who they championed so long. that novel or insightful? >> sam is absolutely right that president obama was very good at winning elections for himself. the power has been transferred. in 2008 when republicans lost, their in mind, they lost badly in 2006 when nancy pelosi became speaker. took a look and said how can we win again? ed gillespie, former rnc chairman, said go to the states, that is where the low hanging fruit is where we can make an impact. let's try to win there, so many decisions affect people's lives are not just made by the president or made in washington or in the state by governors, state legislators the republicans made for this smart strategic decision to focus on winning races out there. on the democratic side, you have
6:47 am
the organizing for america organization. the obama campaign's offshoot, sort of drew energy away from other democratic groups so you have a case where republicans don't just have the white house and congress but have state governments across the country making a difference and putting in place policies giving democrats a lot of heartburn. >> you got a lot of heartburn? >> the old-timers tell you barack obama during the eight years of his presidency, the first -- >> did a huge amount of fundraising. >> the command center of the electoral war machine, a large use of it, studio in the basement, he did fill the promotional package.
6:48 am
overall the studio, when we were there, being held together by duct tape by a single technician very dedicated and what he did but it fill into disrepair during the last democratic office in 2000, the question democrats need to ask is what sam stein asks, what were the benefits of barack obama's presidency? >> what were, are there any and how do democrats put their house together again? >> there are not many besides his win, there are ways to put the house back together, the new sort of fresh blood that will raise the money, and to the infrastructure across 50 states, for the democratic party.
6:49 am
right now we are seeing an uninspiring -- innovative ideas. i'm surprised more places like silicon valley where we have democratic party support our putting out executives, a new way of thinking to the way the democratic party does business. obviously hasn't worked under obama, and if it continues this will be a generational decline for us. >> how to republicans -- whatever the metaphor may be, the facts remain the same which the majority of statehouses, majority of governorships, house and senate and white house, republicans don't have anybody to blame for the past eight years, they had president obama. how do they make the shift?
6:50 am
>> they had to show results. bear in mind president obama has been in the white house for eight years and that has not stopped democrats from beating george w. bush and what have you. i don't doubt there will be plenty of opportunities, things were going wrong to point to the other side and say that. republicans need to make sure given this incredible opportunity they have to advance conservative ideals as they take the opportunity, they show results. they are less ideological than most political pundits and policymakers, people want to see their lives get better, republicans are responsible for creating that outcome or they will suffer in the next midterm. >> james carville said it's the economy, stupid. appreciate your time, happy new year. >> republicans controlling all that was a major storm battery parts of the northeast with mounds of snow, what is in store
6:51 am
for new year's weekend. is running through the streets of what us city, all this chaos went with a big guys broke free. make s they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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>> neighborhood in phoenix looking like a cattle ranch. >> they are going to ram you for real. >> where is a cowboy when you need one? cell phone video capturing three pools running free on the streets after they escaped from nearby ranch, nobody was hurt. the bulls walking around for a bit before the family rounded them up. it is unclear how bulls broke out in the first place. heather: a powerful nor'easter slamming new england, falling in some places, this is the scene in maine where travel conditions are treacherous. the storm knocking out power for 100,000 people. from the fox extreme weather center, a nor'easter or not. >> it is my last, almost my last
6:55 am
official weather hit for 2016, we have to dress the part. the nor'easter is almost away and temperatures are not that bad. when dealing with subzero temperatures a couple weeks ago for parts of the northern plains, that is a little cold. 38 in new york. nor'easter dump two feet of snow across new england. we are getting some snow in parts of new england and we have the great lakes getting lake effect snow, 6 to 10 inches more on top of what we already received from the system. heading into sunday and monday, a little more snow in the forecast. not too bad for a big celebration. 40 ° is pretty good when it comes down to it. a front will move across the southeast which atlanta could have a you showers, midwest
6:56 am
looks good, northern plains look good, central us pretty good. into the four corners, boston, new york, dc, miami, atlanta, may see scattered showers in atlanta, georgia, chicago, st. louis, phoenix, houston, los angeles could get a few showers as well as seattle but again, pretty good. new year's day looks even better than that. much of the country is quiet. we could see thunderstorms in texas and the east coast looks good. more showers for the southeast. otherwise not a bad forecast for the last official friday of 2016. a sign of things to come in the new year. more winter to come, happy new year to you both. >> the old wives tale, what you do on new year's you do for the rest of the year.
6:57 am
if the weather is good it should be good. >> i always like to be working because you will have a job the rest of the year. >> we both will be. coming up the white house thing sanctions on russia for interfering in our presidential election but do they go far enough? live from hawaii with the president and from florida with the president-elect, stay with us. guaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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heather: the kremlin holding its fire after the white house punishes russia for cyber hacking. president vladimir putin ignoring recommendations for retaliation after the u.s. expels 35 russian diplomats. welcome to a brand new hour of america ease newsroom, i'm heather childers. leland: and a lot of news for a christmas week, i'm leland vittert. president obama taking action against russia, but putin refusing to even, instead he claims he's waiting to get a fresh start at restoring relations when president-elect donald trump takes office. heather: fox team coverage for you, peter doocy in palm beach, florida, and white house correspondent kevin corke live in honolulu, lucky guy there. kevin, you asked the white house why not let the incoming trump administration deal with the russians? good question, did they have a good answer? >> reporter: well, the answer was sort of what i expected
7:01 am
which is, listen, kevin, the clock's not at zero, it's still running, and we're going to run through the tape, right? that's sort of boilerplate stuff inside washington, but i must say this, they did have an opportunity to sort of weigh whether or not they wanted to do something now or simply leave it, but they felt like given what happened in the run-up to the 2016 election, they wanted to make the russians pay. now, we have been talking at length, frankly, heather, over the last 24 hours about what the russians might do in retaliation, but we do know at least from this perspective the president has already ordered that a couple facilities be shuttered including one in new york and one in the state of maryland, making sure that was part and parcel to this sort of retaliation for what was perceived as cyber intrusion in the lead-up to the 2016 election. i want to share just part of what the president has been saying about this. of course, the russian operatives, nearly three dozen of them, have less than 72 hours to leave the country. the president saying these actions are not the sum total of
7:02 am
our response, we will continue to take a variety of actions at a time and place of our choosing, some of which will not be publicized. and that's an important aspect of all this, heather, because keep in mind the cyber response is probably where the majority of the meat will be. the white house, of course, placing the blame on vladimir putin for the supposed hacking of the dnc e-mails including the clinton campaign chair, john podesta, and eric schultz says that's why they chose to act now. >> what russia's been engaged in over the last few months and years is unacceptable. it's outside the norms of diplomatic behavior, and the president is sending a message to tell them to cut it out. if next administration wants to lift sanctions to make it easier for them to interfere in our election, he can go ahead and do that, we just don't think that makes much sense. >> reporter: well, there you go. cut it out, knock it off, and that's why they're making the decisions they're making right now, heather. heather: so any indication of what the russians will do to react to these moves by the
7:03 am
obama administration? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting, i've been covering politics for a long time and very, obviously, well aware of what the russians generally do in situations like this, they react very quickly, right? yesterday you saw closing schools, making declarative statements, but very interesting today, vladimir putin seems to be taking a wait and see attitude figuring he'll wait until the trump administration takes over to see exactly how they might respond. let me share part of his statement as they continue to sort of unpack what the white house has done and what their response may, in fact, be. again, this is from vladimir putin, russia has reasons to respond in kind, although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy, but will plan our further steps to restore russian/u.s. relations based on the policies of the trump administration. a thaw? we'll all have to wait and see. heather, back to you.
7:04 am
heather: and opposite of what the russian foreign ministry had suggested this morning, that they do, in fact, expel those diplomats from the u.s., from russia. finish thank you very much for joining us, ken. leland: president-elect trump responding to all this after saying it was time to move on, he's changing his tune a little bit. peter doocy following the president-elect from his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach. peter, give us a sense of the evolution here now in terms of where mr. trump's policy is on exactly what the white house did with russia. >> reporter: well, leland, the president-elect now says he is going to hear out intelligence agencies that have been insisting russia must have been responsible for election interference. but the president-elect also says enough is enough. the election's over. so in a statement we got this from mr. trump last night: it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with leadery
7:05 am
next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation. something we do not get from that statement is an explanation one way or the other about whether or not the next president supports these sanctions and plans to keep them in place or if he plans to lift them as fast as possible once he is sworn in. it's also not clear how this may affect the warm sentiments mr. trump and president putin expressed to each other last week as they spoke publicly about improving relations. but the soon to be white house chief of staff reince priebus doesn't want there to be any confusion about whether or not president-elect trump is concerned about what happened. >> we agree that foreign governments shouldn't be hacking american institutions period. it's wrong, and it's something that we don't agree with. however, it would be nice if we could get to a place where the intelligence community as a, in unison can tell us what it is that has been going on and what the investigation was.
7:06 am
>> reporter: and the incoming counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, is now wondering out loud if the obama administration, with these sanctions, is trying to box in the trump administration, basically tie their hands as the trump administration tries to figure out how it is that they want to deal with russia come january. lelandsome. leland: they're got about 21 days to do that. any idea what the president-elect's going to be doing at mar-a-lago today? we know there's a party tomorrow night. a little bit of work today or relaxation? sphwhr it's a lot of work today, leland. the transition officials are telling us that they are trying the put some plans in place to make quick, big changes on the president-elect's first day in office. before that happens, though, the president-elect does have four cabinet-level positions that still need to be filled, so there are going to be some meetings about that here on the last friday of 2016. back to you. leland: back to you as the news breaks from beautiful palm beach. thanks, peter.
7:07 am
heather: for more on in this, let's bring in steve hayes, editor-in-chief of the weekly standard and a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us, first of all. >> morning, heather. heather: so let's start where peter doocy just left off, and that is the president-elect's response to russia. what is your opinion on what he had to say which is, you know, move on, but he is going to meet with some of the intelligence leaders to get a full view of everything that's happened. >> well, i think it was important that reince priebus, the chief of staff, said what he said last night on "the o'reilly factor," to make it clear that the incoming trump administration won't abide any attempts, foreign attempts particularly by hostile powers to interfere with our elections or the parties who are participating in those elections. it's important to clarify that nobody here, not even the white house, is claiming that the russians attempted to actually hack or successfully hacked our electoral systems. that is not what -- heather: yeah. they're saying they hacked the dnc and podesta's e-mails. >> correct. right, exactly. there have been some in the media who have conflated those
7:08 am
two things. it's important to separate them. but, look, donald trump's statement yesterday was troubling, honestly. he said it's time to move on, and then he said he'll sit down with the intelligence community and learn the facts. well, it seems to me you need to learn the facts before you declare it's time to move on, and donald trump throughout this entire process -- for reasons that might be understandable, by the way -- has suggested that russia wasn't involved, that there wasn't really any hacking at all, that it might have been a 400-pound guy in a basement. it seems to me that he's not taking this as seriously as it needs to be taken. russia is a hostile power. they've been bent on reconstituting the former soviet empire. we've seen aggressive expansionism both in the former soviet empire and in, throughout the middle east. and they've been harassing and attacking our diplomats now going on several years. so it's time to take this seriously, to treat russia and vladimir putin as the kgb thug that he is. heather: so let's talk more
7:09 am
about that, the things that russia has been doing up until now and the current administration and the timing of this, why they are responding harshly right now. we have a couple things that i wanted to pull up for you. one was the secretary of state at the time pushing the reset button, hillary clinton under or president obama. we had this happen, right? okay, fresh start. let's begin anew. and then we had that open mic incident that happened with president obama in 2012 where he says, you know, after my election i have some more flexibility. so he's let a lot of things go by in the interim, and now we have this. so why is he being harsh now? >> well, this is far too convenient. i mean, he's not outraged by any of those things or by the russians basically accommodating edward snowden after the leaks
7:10 am
that snowden was responsible for. he's given russia a free hand in syria, in effect. he allowed russia to invade crimea, to invade ukraine. this new hawkishness from president obama is very unconvincing, hard to believe, and i think he's doing it out of convenience, frankly. you know, i was on the special report panel last night, and a very fine reporter with "the washington post" suggested that president obama is really just trying to box in and isolate donald trump. and my response to that is, incredible after seven and a half years of president obama not trying to isolate vladimir putin that he's now trying to isolate his successor. i think it's rather outrageous. heather: yeah. well, and that goes back to your previous point about the president-elect's response to all this. it really puts him in a difficult position because throughout the campaign people accused him of being soft on russia, being friends with putin. so if he reverses the sanctions, they'll say, ah, we were right.
7:11 am
but then if he doesn't, then that impacts, i should say, the relationship with russia moving forward. >> well, it does. but, look, i mean, there's no question that donald trump was friendly towards russia and vladimir putin throughout his campaign. he had numerous advisers who were friendly towards the russians. he sought a number of different intervals to excuse russian bad behavior. there was that one famous exchange where he was presented with information that vladimir putin was killing journalists and others, and he said, well, america kills people too. you know, there are reasons to be concerned about donald trump's closeness with vladimir putin and russia, his willingness to embrace a thug, rogue regime like the one that vladimir putin operate toes. he shouldn't -- operates. he shouldn't be responding to barack obama and his petulance in this last minute move. he should, donald trump should chart his own course, and i hope that congressional republicans who have been much more aggressive in pushing the obama administration to take seriously the threat from russia and its
7:12 am
proxies, i hope that they will exert their influence on donald trump to make him take this very seriously. it's an important thing for our country. heather: well, he has surrounded himself with some very knowledgeable people, so we'll see what happens. steve, thank you so much for joining us, and have a happy new year. >> you bet. thanks, heather, you too. heather: bye-bye. leland: for the past few days we've been talking about israel, and the trump team is now promising to repair relations with israel, but has too much damage already been done? trump supporter, former arkansas governor mike huckabee standing by live to weigh in. hello, governor. and as some democrats call for even tougher sanctions against russia, the next white house press secretary suggests the party should spend more time looking inward. >> to be clear, any attempt to hack or to do anything nefarious is wrong and illegal. but at some point, the question hasn't even been asked of the dnc did you take basic measures to protect the data that was on
7:13 am
there? you're here to buy a car.
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. leland: a fox news alert as the u.s. coast guard is searching the frigid waters of lake erie for a small jet that disappeared shortly after takeoff from a cleveland airport late last night. the plane was on its way to ohio state university south of cleveland in columbus, just about 140 miles away. at some point air traffic control lost connection with the
7:16 am
cessna. officials say three children and three adults were onboard the small jet. ♪ ♪ heather: well, the u.n. resolution on israeli settlements drawing fierce criticism from president-elect trump. incoming counselor to the president kellyanne conway promising that the next administration will take a different approach. >> you will see president trump having much stronger relationship with israel. we will -- you can't put daylight between the u.s. and israel diplomatically, militarily, technically when you're talking about president trump's administration. our greatest friend, our best friend in that region and, you know, stabilization of the middle east is a goal for president-elect trump overall. but we want our friends in israel to know that they, that help is on the way. heather: here to talk about it is governor mike huckabee, former arkansas governor and a fox news contributor. thank you for joining us, first of all.
7:17 am
how would you describe relations with israel right now? >> terrible. and i think that between barack obama and john kerry, they have just stunk up the place. it's unbelievable what the u.s. did at the u.n. by not vetoing that ridiculous resolution. and john kerry's speech was just almost immeasurably not only too long, but it was too inaccurate. and what he did, he failed to point out that these are not two equal sides. one side is a free democracy that has full rights for everybody and has made hundreds, hundreds of overtures to try to bring peace. the other one has never acknowledged the other one's right to existence, and the palestinians continue to sponsor terrorism, celebrate it, pay for it and name streets after those who commit it and pay salaries to those who kill jews. this is not equivalency. heather: so then how would he
7:18 am
answer that question, do you think that he just doesn't know that there's that huge difference, or if it was intentionally left out and the goal is actually something else here? >> well, i think the goal that the obama administration put forth was kind of like a person who's been evicted from a home, and before they leave, they break every window, they trash the place, they write on the walls, and they break the plumbing. they just want to make sure there's a huge mess for the next representer to have to come -- renter to have to come in and fix. there's no other rationale for this. this was an irrational action especially to take three weeks before they're leaving office. john kerry's had four years to try to bring peace to the middle east. let me just give you a news flash. john kerry was never going to bring peace to the middle east between palestinians and israelis because palestinians don't want peace. they want the eradication of israel. and that's the only thing that they're after -- heather: so that's why i asked
7:19 am
you, you know, does he know the difference between the two? i mean, he's had four years to be over there so, obviously, he would know the difference. >> well, he still continues to believe that there can be a two-state solution. but keep in mind in his mind, this irrational mind of his, two states mean two governments trying to live on top of each other on the same piece of real estate. i mean, that's not, that's not going to happen. and for israel to give up jerusalem, heather, one of the things that never has made sense is that there's only one group of people who have ever had jerusalem as a capital, and it wasn't the jordanians, it wasn't the egyptians, it wasn't the ottomans, it wasn't the turks, it wasn't the brits, the babylonians, it was the jews. jerusalem is not even mentioned in the quran. there is a couple of holy, there are a couple of holy sites in jerusalem, the mosque and the dome of the rock, but it's never
7:20 am
mentioned in the quran. it's not a holy site like mecca or medina would be. and here's one of the other things. the israelis have always protected those muslim sites as well as the christian and jewish sites so that anyone could go and experience them. heather: do you think that -- >> we don't have that. heather: i'm sorry. do you think that president obama pushed for this resolution? you know, the israelis say they have proof that is what happened. do you believe that is what happened, and do you think this is personal, a personal move against benjamin netanyahu and a perm move to kind of put -- the personal move to put donald trump behind the 8 ball when it comes to relations with israel? >> yes. i think it's personal and petty, and secondly, i think he not only knew about it, i think he helped draft it. and i think the evidence continues to come forth to show phone calls that have been made with the egyptians and the jordanians and others who indicate that there was heavy
7:21 am
pressure put on by the u.s. for people to support this including the ukrainians. so, yeah, i think it was something that the obama administration not just stood by and say said, oh, my you know, we can't stop it, i think they did everything to start it. i think it's shameful and disgusting. it's slap in the face to our one true ally in the middle east, and it's a betrayal of the trust we should be having with israel x i think the next administration will fix it. heather: yep, moving forward. all right, thank you so much for joining us. hope that you have a great weekend. happy new year. >> thank you. by the way, i'll be in israel next week. i hope to let them know this is not representative of all americans. heather: all right. let us know how that goes. we'll have you back. leland: a flurry of action in the final days for the outgoing obama administration. we just heard about what happened at the u.n. vis-a-vis israel, but critics say president obama is busy building hurdles for his successor. is president-elect donald trump being set up to fail by the man currently in the white house?
7:22 am
our panel with that next. sticks. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. heather: an armed robbery suspect leading police on a wild chase in a u-haul. take a look at, the suspect driving the truck through the streets of phoenix after police got a call about a robbery at a convenience store.
7:25 am
the suspect finally stopping at an intersection, that's where he got out and tried to carjack an suv. police shooting the suspect when he appeared to point a weapon at a woman behind the wheel, with a child in the backseat, by the way. the suspect is hospitalized in stable condition. leland: states across the west say legal pot in colorado is causing them big problems at home. authorities say smugglers are buying legal pot in colorado and then taking it across state lines to sell on the black market. alicia acuna is following this story from denver. wow. >> reporter: yes, i know. listen to this, leland. a law enforcement source tells us a majority of the marijuana that's grown in colorado for both recreational and medicinal use is actually smuggled out to other states. we were also told the plants grow here which are babied, essentially, grow to between 6
7:26 am
and 8 feet tall. they produce far more than that grown by the mexican drug cartels and are much more to to tent. between colorado's laws, the amount available here and the quality, federal and state authorities say it's become prime real estate to set up an illegal export business. >> what we are seeing, unfortunately, is an influx of organized crime. there is an opportunity to hide behind what is a legal system now and grow, essentially, in plain sight. >> reporter: the number of seizures with by law enforcement of colorado pot heading to other states has jumped dramatically since legalized in 2012 according to the colorado department of revenue. in the first nine months of this year, sales for medical and recreational marijuana were totaled nearly $975 million. eight states plus the district of columbia have legalized recreational pot but, leland, as you know, at the federal level
7:27 am
it's still illegal. leland: obviously, the dea is charged with stopping it, you've got cuts toms at the border -- customs at the border. any indication that things are going to change at the federal level to deal with this problem? >> reporter: well, president-elect trump was asked about this on the campaign trail, and he says when it comes to medicinal, it's okay. recreational, no. president obama in an interview with "rolling stone" said, quote, it is untenable over the long term for the justice department or the dea to be enforcing a patchwork of laws where something that's legal in one state could get you a 20-year prison sentence in another. however, i should note the president said he is not advocating for a policy change. leland? leland: all right. we'll see what happens over the next eight years. it will be interesting, for sure. alicia acuna in denver, see you soon. heather: well, some democrats say not enough is being done to punish russia for cyber meddling in the 2016 election, but now there's some new questions about the dnc. should they take some of the
7:28 am
blame? leland: and amazon looking for new ways to get your packages to you even faster. check this out. we got the amazon drone, but what about a flying warehouse? ♪ ♪
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leland: a fox news alert as new concerns about the cyber hacking which exposed thousands of sensitive e-mails written by democratic officials. the interim chair of the dnc saying the white house needs to do more to punish the russians, but incoming white house press secretary sean spicer saying why hasn't the dnc taken blame for
7:32 am
allowing it to happen in the first place? >> to be clear, any attempt to hack or to do anything nefarious is wrong and illegal. but at some point, the question hasn't even been asked of the dnc, did you take basic measures to protect the data that was on there? no one wrote those e-mails, no to one put a private server on there, and no one seems to have done the due diligence at the dnc to protect their own system. leland: susan crabtree with the washington examiner, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. leland: sean spicer sort of has a point, especially considering we learned back in december that the fbi called the dnc, said you're being hacked, and the dnc didn't do anything. >> i think this is a little bit of blaming the victim here. we have all the u.s. intelligence agencies finding that russia was responsible for this hack. it's time to move forward. i'm sure the political committees now will beef up their security now that they know they might be targeted, and russia and other entities might
7:33 am
be meddling in our elections. but it is really time to move forward and change the protocols. what i thought was interesting was the fbi just kept phone calling the low-level i.t. staffer. they never made the one-mile trek over physically to tell the dnc, at least early on, that there was a severity of the problem here. leland: okay, but at some level here, is this the dnc crying over spilled milk and say, oh, no, it's not that the voters rejected our policies, it's not that people found hillary clinton to be a lying, untrustworthy candidate, it was that we were hacked, it was the russians, therefore, president obama needs to do something about this, we don't have to clean our own house. >> well, of course, you had the russians antagonizing, harassing diplomats overseas back in june, there were reportses about this. this is a little too late from, for president obama. his policy on cybersecurity has been too little, too late for a long time. we've had -- he was holding up the cybersecurity bill for many,
7:34 am
many years with a veto threat. the lawmakers involved in that were very upset about that, and we haven't had severe repercussions against the victims or perpetrators in the china breach. you know, we had 21 million perm, people with private citizens, u.s. citizens, and where was the democrats fury on that? it looks, obviously, political at this point. leland: so to that end, what percentage of this in the outrage we hear from president obama and the dnc, what percentage of the outrage and these retaliatory or matters are genuine concern for a clear and present danger against the united states? what percentage are an attempt to either sort of undermine trump's victory or in some way box him in come january 20th? >> i think it's a little bit of everything that you mentioned, you know? trump has kind of put himself in a bad position here, i think, because he's saying he wants to be friends with russia. yes, we had a russia reset with george w. bush and, again, that hot mic moment with president
7:35 am
obama, but we saw that that is not working and that they're antagonizing our elections right now. this is very serious meddling in our elections, very serious stuff that deserves an appropriate response. and what we've seen here, the president on his way out the door, he's finally doing something. he had, you know, months and years to do something, and he hasn't done any deterrence on cybersecurity. so, yeah, i think that he's taking his chance, it's certainly his right to do it on the way out the door but, again, too little too late here. leland: as we listen to the trump talking points on the other side, pivot towards the dnc, pivot towards the democrats, pivot towards the point you just made about president obama. but at the same time, up until the statement we got late last night, the president-elect has basically flatly rejected anything in terms of the russians being involved, and now he's saying, well, i'll take a briefing on it, but i'm not really sure. is this because he doesn't want anything that could possibly undermine his victory, so this
7:36 am
is sort of a way of building a wall around his victory, or is there something else going on we may not quite understand in terms of his relationship with russia? >> well, i think that's the $65,000 question right now. i mean, honestly, he is, he has the right as a new president coming in to have a new engagement with russia. that is his right, he's obviously trying that. he's made no credit of that -- leland: president obama tried it, president bush tried it. didn't end very well, but they both did it. >> he's not working, but he's going to give it another stab. we have members of congress who are going to be leading this investigation. obviously, trump and several members, key members of congress -- mccain, lindsey graham, others -- he's on a collision course with them over russia. and we'll see how it comes out. with but this is not a very good way to start the administration, and president obama's capitalizing on that. leland: yeah. big questions especially when it comes to the confirmation hearings for rex tillerson, secretary of state.
7:37 am
he's very close to vladimir putin. susan crabtree, thank you, ma'am. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. leland: heather? ♪ ♪ heather: the u.s. navy aircraft carrier that helped deliver the first airstrikes against isis is now heading back into the fight. fox news paid a visit to the uss george h.w. bush ahead of its deployment. lucas tomlinson is live for us from the pentagon with more. hi, lucas. >> reporter: hi, heather. good morning. right now there are no -- not to only are there no u.s. aircraft carriers in the persian gulf and the middle east, but there's no aircraft carriers deployed anywhere else in the world following the return today to norfolk following a seven-month deployment striking isis as well as iranian-backed forces in yemen. uss george h.w. bush is up next. fox news recently flew out 40 miles off the coast of north carolina to visit the warship and watched jets land every 60
7:38 am
seconds, the crew working to get that down to 40 seconds. and in addition to fighting isis, the ship's commanding officer says his crew will be ready to deal with a resurgent russia or china if necessary. >> while we don't have any emergent or pending conflicts with them certainly, it is fair to say that we have divergent interests in many cases, so we need to be prepared to understand how we will react to that if necessary. >> reporter: officials tell me they do have other jets available to make up for this carrier gap. you mentioned some of the history with this ship. uss george h.w. bush launched the first airstrikes against isis on august 8, 2014. now, two and a half years later, that warship is getting ready to return to the fight. >> this is the military equivalent of spring training because our, once we complete this at the end of december, then we'll be going forward, and it'll be, it'll be real forces that had we'll be flying with ad against. >> reporter: aboard the flight
7:39 am
deck the average age of the sailors is between 18 and 22 years old. they're working 14 hours a day on very little sleep, and that's just training. heather? heather: all right. lucas tomlinson joining us live. thank you and have a happy new year. >> reporter: you too. leland: a senior trump adviser is sounding off about the russian sanctions we've been talking about. >> disappointed to read in david sanger's new york times piece this evening the allegation or the supposition that perhaps one reason that these sanctions are taking place is to, quote, box in president-elect trump, forcing him to take a position or otherwise once he takes office. leland: so is president obama really setting up roadblocks to hobble the new administration? heather: plus, a family pet in danger of drowning in a frozen lake, but stay tuned. we'll tell you how this all turned out. of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best.
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protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: "oh hi baby" so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers leland: collective awe right now. firefighters put their water rescue skills to work saving the family dog from a certain and icy death. here he comes back in. the dog fell through the ice and was doing what it could to pull itself up. obviously, very difficult. firefighters then rushed in to get the pup just in time. >> other time he started to become a little bit more lethargic just due to the conditions in the water and hypothermia setting in. >> the dog was probably about ready to give up. >> yes. so we knew that we had to get out there.
7:43 am
looking at an ice rescue situation involving animals, if it's a deer, we're probably not going to end danger our staff and put them on the ice, but for family pet like a dog, we'll do our best to rescue them. leland: wow. they certainly did their best, risking their own lives quite literal aas it happened. you can see the tether that firefighter had on him. near white lake, michigan, the dog's dealing with serious health issues because of the incident, but all the best for the new year, little guy. heather: yeah, hang in there. leland: icy is his new nickname. [laughter] heather: well, president obama is taking a series of major actions during his final weeks in office. no doubt about that. such as new sanctions against russia, leading some trump supporters to wonder if the president, the current president, is trying to box in the president-elect, donald trump. >> we see some roadblocks sometimes from president obama, and we do wonder about the rush to do all of these things the
7:44 am
next couple of weeks by the obama administration, how that may upend longstanding u.s. policy as it seems to be or how it may be, and as "the new york times" put it, quote, trying to box in the president-elect. we hope that's not true. heather: rachel campos duffy and a fox news contributor or, and we have the author of latino wisdom and co-host of red mom/blue mom. thank you both for joining us today as we potentially move into a new year with a lot going on. i mean, not potentially, we are moving into a new year. we do have a lot going on, right? >> yeah. heather: okay. so we mentioned the russian sanctionings. that's just one of the potential roadblocks that president obama has put into place as president-elect donald trump moves into office. you say all of this is intentional, rachel. >> i think it's intentional. they're roadblocks, but i don't think that they're going to put a halt or even slow down the trump administration.
7:45 am
look at who he's put into his cabinet. these are people who are can-do people. i don't think this is going to stop the trump agenda. for example, the case with the u.n., that one is a little bit difficult. you can't undo that resolution unless you convince all those other countries to undo it. not likely to happen. but, look, the united states pays 25% of the u.n.'s budget, so there are other things that trump could do such as pare back the amount we pay or maybe even stop paying for all these u.n. budget. heather: but will any of that disrupt the timeline that he, you know, had discussed being in place in terms of things that they want to tackle, first and foremost being obamacare? will all of these other issues be put, you know, in his way so that it delays some of the things he wants to get done? >> i don't see they're in his way. obama did his job. they don't have to be turned over. there's no reason trump should come in and do away with the sanctions -- heather: we have the russia sanctions, the israel --
7:46 am
>> which obama simply followed international law. health health the offshore drilling ban out west -- >> the land grab, he put three million acres of land aside for environmental reasons. this is wonderful. and -- heather: well, a lot of people would disagree with that, the governor of utah being among them. >> i would just say a lot of obama's legacy was built really on executive orders that can be overturned, so there are a lot of things that can happen. look, donald trump's under a lot of pressure to repeal obamacare. he ran on that, he's got a base that's just itching for him to do it, so i think he's going to move forward on those things. what in the really is about, it's about sour grapes on the part of obama. right now he has -- >> i disagree. >> right now his own party is turning on him. look at loyalists like sam stein, really laying at the feet of obama the decimation of the entire party. not just the loss of this election -- >> he has the highest approval rating of any outgoing president. so we're not turning on him at all -- heather: but he's had two
7:47 am
terms -- >> and we're very proud of them, and he's done wonderful things. we approve of what he's done. heather: why wait until the very end -- >> he's not, he's not a lame duck. he's doing a great job, he's doing things that need to be done. congress wasn't going to move at all, helping out environmentalists, they were not moving. the u.n. was simply what needed to be done, was following international law. israel should not be settling in those lands, everyone knows that. and for trump to say he's going to come in and overturn that is ridiculous. that's against -- heather: yeah, but the question is why did he wait until the very last minute for these things? >> waiting for congress to get around and do it -- heather: well, the russian sanctions because we've known russia has been causing issues for a long time, but he waits until the last minute -- >> finally had the information he needs. >> he's become a reagan cold war warrior in the last 20 day, it's very questionable. i think this has been a graceless and tacky exit not
7:48 am
just for barack obama, but also the first lady who had that interview with oprah. i think it's sad and flies in the face of what they promised before the election which was to have a very peaceful and civil transfer of power -- heather: a smooth transition. would you consider this a smooth transition? >> i think very smooth. trump should be thrilled he's doing this work for him and thank him, actually, for laying out such beautiful policy. he did four great things, and trump should come on in and say thank you -- [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> less i have to do, less on my plate. heather: well, but we have the president-elect being donald trump and the president-elect is not hillary clinton. >> right. heather: so, clearly, he was elected to make some changes. people did not want more of the same. >> but more people voted for hillary, so people did want more of the same. hillary, as far as i'm concerned, did win. i think the electoral college -- >> well, barack obama himself said that hillary wasn't just on the ballot, that he and his
7:49 am
legacy and his policies were on the ballot, and the american people spoke on november 6th. >> and they all voted for hillary. [laughter] heather: and the president -- >> she's still in denial. she's still in des moines. [laughter] heather: that's a whole other story. thank you for joining us, happy new year. >> happy new year to you too. leland: wow. all right, first it was drone delivery, now amazon is floating a new idea that could change the game and how you get packages. are you ready for a flying warehouse? we'll explain coming up. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?!
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you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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♪ ♪ leland: that was heather's christmas present, it's on us way, i promise. [laughter] amazon is now winning big on a patent for giant, flying warehouses. yes. they claim they can have a flying warehouse. or as they're calling it, an airborne fulfillment center. the plan would be for a blimp to deploy drones that could deliver a package in just minutes to your doorstep. all right. morgan wright, senior fellow at the center for digital
7:53 am
government, to talk about it. [laughter] you're shaking your head. it seems like amazon's got some writers for the jetsons working for them. >> you always want to end up the year -- and, thank you for allowing me to be your last segment this year. leland: we didn't have a choice, you never know. [laughter] >> i mean, look, blimps in the sky, packages, these things have got to be maintained, fueled, you got drones flying from the sky, what could possibly go wrong in the future? leland: it brings up an important point here in the sense that you've got companies that come up with this, quite literally, warehouse in the sky idea, run out and get a patent for it. does that at some level stifle innovation from other folks who say, well, maybe i don't want to get involved with getting in a fight with amazon, so i give up, amazon puts the patent on the shelf, and we're all worse off? >> you know, this is actually a valid theory behind that, you
7:54 am
patent something and sit on it, you go after people who infringe your patent. however, though, there are some neat ideas coming out of this, leland, if they say they -- if y have the ability to do what they say they can, make sure the drones don't crash into each other, report weather and stuff, that's very much the same kind of technology we're going to need for driverless car. not that i would get into one, but if there's going to be them out there, you're going to need that kind of intelligence. look, if 2016 has taught us anything, it's that anything can be hacked, so this thing is nothing more than one huge, flying network that is only two commands away from crashing to the ground. leland: well, and they're talking about putting these blimps aboard sporting event, above major american cities and those kinds of things. it seem like a couple of thousand drones calling to deliver a with beer at a sporting event, to your point, what could possibly go wrong? there's another patent that involves how to protect their drones -- >> bows and arrows, shooting.
7:55 am
leland: it seems a little out there. >> well, it is. but, you know, that's part of the patent. however, though, the fact that they're thinking that far out, how do you protect these things, here's my fear. they're going to take so many countermeasures, they're going to build these things up to where they start looking more like an apache gunship helicopter than a drone, and now we've got blue thunder and roy snyder, am i going to be seeing an attack helicopter i mistake for an amazon drone. it's kind of fun to talk about this stuff, but look, there's some very real, serious things to discuss. one of them is security, one of them is privacy. how do we know that, you know, as you're delivering these things they're not going to land on somebody? and at a sporting event? i can't see dhs or the secret service allowing a blimp like that anywhere near the super bowl or a national special security event. leland: you bring up a really great point in terms of the regulation around all this, and amazon put out that video which is a great video, and how cool is it that whatever you order from amazon can be there in 30 minutes or less like domino's
7:56 am
pizza, but where are we on regulation? sometimes technology outpaces regulation. >> absolutely. leland: are we at that point when it comes to drones? >> no. the technology is far outstripping the law being able to catch up, just like we've seen with the internet and all of this technology. the law's just not ready for it. so, you know, if you think -- think about how much time it took them just to get one drone to deliver one package that they had to go to the u.k. to do. think about the massive amount of work they're going to have to do to get through the faa. you've got planes, helicopters, there's already issues with drones at airports interfering with the aircraft and the flight path. leland: big issues. morgan, great way to end the year. happy new year, and i wish you a droneless new year as well. [laughter] >> but i want drivers in my car though. leland: i'll double down on that. heather? heather: i want a coke and a hot dog dropped from a blimp -- leland: and you'd think that coke would come down and be kind of fizzy. heather: yeah. messy there. well, president obama takes
7:57 am
action against president putin, punishing russian diplomats for hacking our election. will there be further retaliation? and when might russia hit back? and what's president-elect trump saying and doing about it? the it he's on this -- the latest on this developing story ahead. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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7:59 am
>> foody saying goodbye to an institution, closing for good tonight after 80 years in
8:00 am
midtown manhattan. people are lining up to get their hands on one last pastrami sandwich. the deli will change locations in las vegas and pennsylvania. happy new year. have a great safe weekend. goodbye. >> fox news alert, get out, that is what the obama administration is saying to 35 russian operatives as well as their families in retaliation for moscow's interference with the presidential election was welcome to "happening now". >> sanctions include the closing of two russian compounds implemented on words of the white house as part of a coordinated response involving at least 5 federal agencies. president obama saying there is more to come. joining us live from the state


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