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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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georgia, had broken away. the uss rahr came to an -- ussr kim -- came to and end. thank you for watching. >> the closing bell on wall street, closing out a banner year for stocks in 2016. and as we get read glory ball to drop in times square, what will the new year bring? welcome. i'm trish regan. some hefty gains across the board in 2016. much gapes coming since the election. because has the trump rally run its course or will 2017 be another banner year for stock? we're asking stock traders. good to see you. allen, -- >> good afternoon. >> hasn't happened yet. any estimate for us on when and if it will?
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>> i'm looking for the catalyst to be oil. the oil stocks, chevron and exxon could be ticked -- kicked up. you had the election and oil has had a big surge since the beginning of november, coinciding with the election results and reyed from $42 up to $53. >> i want to talk about the consumer. people have indicated they're feeling better. you at the recent consumer confidence index numbers. better numbers than in years. have to go back more than a decade to get numbers like we're seeing. so, it there is something to this in that trump is talking about better economic policy and people breathing a sigh of relief. >> two things need to happen. one is we need to have a massive tax cut and this consumer spending generated. so it's correct. when you talk about consumer
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spending. $650 billion was generated for the holiday season. almost a trillion. and 57% of the people spending online, so, basically what indianas to help is this taken situation of this spending and we're all these consumer stocks. example, amazon, 89% growing and pepsi, and travel stocks like delta, that hat been issuing dividends as well -- >> the -- >> part of the. >> the deto this is consumers have to have a job, feel confident in that job, and then maybe eave also more money in their pockets and one that market watchers are hope can for we attack taxes. >> i think it's realistic to see
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another love objection. president-elect trump promised to kind inauguration short and have fewer galas so he can get busy and we know based on the initial transition period, going to focus on corporate spent, make sure we're taking care of the american taxpayer and consumers and the workers. he's can go to look at tax reform and see movement at the corporate side and the individual side. and then healthcare reform that takes car of needs of individuals with pre-existing conditions as well allege -- as well as people -- >> we have been dealing with monetary policy out of the federal reserve but we haven't had anything from d.c. a broken washington with no fiscal policy. we want both fiscal and monetary policy working together. my question to allen, go bag to market and think -- going back know birth 2017. how much is this an toes pacing of all this economic policy that will be generated from donald trump log baked?
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in. >> right. that's the question. by the fact and then -- by the rumor and then sell the fact? we have to wait and see elm let's look at the bigger overall picture. we have been moving trailing up for six years so this an extension of at the trending. the football foundation for the stock market mass been well built here and it's' earnings and earnings concerns the corner. earnings growth, that happened last quarter, and double-digit earnings growth so from a corporate standpoint that's how they agree. nothing has changed. dirks idisdry. >> i'm concerned we -- i want to add, to do, would i diagraph, and all right, all right, all right, everybody can't talk at once. >> already some jury -- some of this is baked in. asking about the u.s. dollar. were seeing the u.s. dollar get minute stronger relative to every other currency. we like that we can all go on vacation and feel beater.
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however, there's fear right now that it may be getting too strong and going to start to affect earnings down the road because, hey, it's going to be that much more expensive for companies sell goods oversaturday. >> you think about companies like walmart, the reporting -- the international reporting that going to be going on. when you have a strong dollar that has massive impact on the international markets and the earnings that those sections, those departments of walmart are going to be reporting. we one we see weaker earnings from areas of the world like china, mexico, because of this strong dollar, that's going to have a massive impact. we're talking about corporate tax rates. the certainly the opium people are happening for but the corporate tax rate, going from 30% to 15% that go egg to add in -- going toed a $300 billion into the economy
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but we have a long was to go before that actually stimulates the economy in positive way. >> mike, i say, lower corporate taxes should sort of start to release some of these nil spirits as they call them -- animal spirits in the economy. if you're think about starting a business and realize you have to pay less to uncle sam. you kind of like that idea. mary a little more willing to start the business. >> absolutely, or come back to the united states. so we know that -- you already suggested, the policies have begun to sink in. congress is looking at ways to do what trump said and finding ways they can build democratic support. so this is going to have an impact on individuals and it's going to be shockingly, a very main stream economic populist approach that liberals and conatives can get around and that wick maim a difference in the lives of many people. they might want to support trump, on economics, he is
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strong and it's already made a difference and going to get bitter in 2017. >> i hope so. i hope so. i hope we see lots of good things ahead in 2017. good to see all of you. >> happy new year. >> remember all the doom day head licenses around the time of the brexit vote and the economy knows who tank and world would fall into recession and europe will be destined for bad things if the uk left the eu? didn't have. didn't happen at all. you get uk stocked a -- stocks at a record high. colin. the pundits got it wrong on everything. didn't even think brexit was going to happen. >> and you're right to compare it to donald trump, they got it wrong there, too. the futures were down and then our market is off to races, the dauphin issued up 13 -- the
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dauphin -- dow fin ired en13 fors. this may not be the end of the world the idea that the uk is voting to leave the european union. won't take effect for a couple years, once it is put in place may not be the end of the world. number two you've hate on it whenyear you hit on it. currencies, the vol uof current sis, the uk's currency has fallen. that's not a vote of confidence for their economy but if the british pound sterling has gone course, the big energy companies and mining companies, they're doing better business outside of the uk. so that's a big reason their stocks are up. but it's been a great year. >> it's been a funny year, i guess, fanning on she sidelines as we do reporting on the thus. given that everyone has just
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been so darn wrong on all of it. >> everything. >> they didn't think that brexit would have and we be a disaster, and so far, the sun is still rising every morning. >> it's -- you're point about staying on see sidelines, maybe we should do more of that next year. one thing to to -- taken into account a vote that is controversial and election here in u unpredictable. then we say that's going to be bard bad for markets. we do touch of -- not us, not us. in general, the media -- >> reporters pundits, everybody. >> they've like to be vary negative. of course. part of their m.o., but they were a little too negative perhaps in this case. >> you know, we'll see -- and now we could get too positive. that's part of the point about the uk, you look at and everybody says, doesn't matter, and their stock market did
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great, no problem. we don't know that either. they have not started to leave the european union. >> an interesting year all around the world. thank you very much. >> americans getting hit with higher oil and gas prices in 2016. crude surging 45% this year. jeff flock is at a gas station in illinois. oil trader phil flynn is at the cme for what to expect in the new year. jeff, gas prices have gone up. is it having an effect on consumers? >> reporter: we talk some to people today that are noticing it. one guy mentioned even -- electric cars again. haven't heard anything about electric cars but has been a pretty slow rise thus far. gas buddy told us today they think a 20 to 40 centsmer of -- cents more of a gas rise in the coming year. >> what do you think about that,
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phil flynn? in the oil -- at the cme? is the expectation that energy prices will keep moving up? >> the you're of low oil and gasoline prices is over but it's not all bad. don't get people so sad about it because it's really reflective of an economy that is coming back. really even with gasoline prices they've gone up pro-probably 29 out of the last 30 days. and -- but consumer confidence with these rising gasoline prices are at the highest level we have seen since the september 11th attack. that's an incredible number. and it is only about the price of gasoline that gets consumers down. it's about their job prospects, how they feel about the economy. most consumers will be happy to pay higher gasoline prices as long that's have a great job and have the expectation their wages will go up. >> what is the -- i present --
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-- appreciate you saying energy prices going up but there's an overall better economy in the world if -- that stayed she -- that said the expectation that trump will encourage drilling in the u.s. that cuckoo actually have a -- could actually have the opposite effect on energy. >> it but also -- >> how -- [overlapping speakers] >> well, what it means instepped of becoming more dependent on foreign oil, when prices go up -- the last year, if you go back to a year ago inc. it walk doom and gloom in the energy industry. they stopped investing and laid people off and opec flooded the mark with oil. under trump trump we honest allow that to happen. we'll have a growing economy, an energy industry and be one of to biggest emperorrers, exporters and create a lot of high-paying
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jobs. >> yeah and higher energy prices with more jobs, we hope sew. >> jeff, what are you seeing in terms consumer pending numbers. we have seen improvement in confidence in the month of december, is that translating enough to spending yet? it seemed like people have been hanging on. >> that's what people say. i mean, those in the ash did anecdotal but but prim was much -- christmas was much better. aaa says we saved last year at the pump, 27 billion with a b -- billion dollars. money not spent at the pump but spent on shoes and ceilings and restaurants restaurants and everything else and that -- i we start to get a bumpup in prices again, we don't get that dividend that we had before. phil's pound -- point is well tear. a rising economy lifts all boats but don't underestimate the
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impact low gas prices had. >> good city you both. from russia with disrespect. look how they're responding to republican's sanctions. call -- president obama's sanctions calling him a lame duck. it's time for to get tough and are these new -- an effort to tie trump's hand in russia? israel? now wait until you hear that the president is cooking up on obamacare.
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get started for free at president-elect donald trump just calling russian president putin very smart. his response as vladimir putins off retaliation against us for sanctions. instead russian feels feel more than happy to mock our current administration. this one they basically call obama a lame duck. ant want to go to john bolton who is not laughing. you say this is preponderances a again an example of russia effectively mocking the u.s.? >> well, certainly the lame duck tweet. we're deeply into high school here. and that is not how you make policy one way or the other. i would say that on putin's decision not to expel american diplomats in retaliation for obama residents declaring 35 of
1:19 pm
theirs out of here, this has all the ear marks of a ploy. the way this was set up, russian foreign minister lavrov is reported publicly to have proposed to putin that russia expel 35 american diplomats so they report the hemmings of the foreign men stir and then vladimir putin says, no, no, we wind do that. what a sweetheart. really. and then, it's reported in the russian press that they've invited the children of families of american diplomats in moscow to the christmas party. eastern orthodox christmas. invited the christian to christmas party. this guy has got a heart of gold, right? so, this -- >> something like that. >> this could be entirely intended for the effect that they want to create, which is vladimir putin is a man you can do business with. >> all right. so, how do you respond to donald trump's tweet?
1:20 pm
saying he is very smart? >> he is smart. that's what worries me. >> so that worries you, but in many ways -- this what -- look, obama has been cowed of all along, eek playing checkers when he needs to play chess -- putin is thinking of things on a different level than we have. its donald trump up to the task? it takes two to tango. can he play this diplomacy quote-unquote game with putin? >> sure. bit a more than just diplomacy. this is a combination of politics and espionage and military that are all part of a spectrum. they're not separate things. so, if the evidence that people have talked about, referring to russian efforts to met until our election- -- meddle in our election, unsuccessful but an
1:21 pm
attack of our constitutional process, if they turns out to be right and president-elect will meet with intelligence people next week -- then we have a serious problem and to prevent future attacks you have to create in the feeling in the kremlin and moscow and other foreign capitals of the dearns. if they do. >> a sense of fear. do you -- >> a higher pressure. >> ex-excelling diplomats or -- >> no -- >> can -- lawnening your own cyber attack. >> i've been saying this ever since obama's announcement yesterday. he made a big mistake in lumping together his response to cyber attack on the dnc and elsewhere and the response to the harassment of american diplomatic personnel in moscow. he has confused the. >> it's gotten pit contractual and critics may say this and they this may be a motive, just trying to rally his base. this was done to publicly make
1:22 pm
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you're looking live there at times square where tomorrow at this time an estimated 1 million people will be gathering to watch the historic ball drop. after the terror attack inside berlin and nice, france, what i security going to look like? i want to go to former fbi agent, manny gomez in times square. give us a sense of the preparations for tomorrow? >> reporter: hi. >> can you give us a since of the preparations that are going into the big night tomorrow
1:26 pm
there? >> absolutely. everything here is rocking and rolling, in preparation for tomorrow night. going to be hundreds to police officers and undercover police officers here as we speak. they have dogs walking around, sniffing for potential explosive devices, and there's helicopters in the air, trying to detect if there's any nefarious activities. >> isis has proven they continue continue motivate and one of their late is tactics is the truck move we saw in berlin and nice, france. how will times square be protected against any vehicles like that? will they be barricaded off? people that attending festivities? >> fortunately, trish, the nypd are subject experts is in event and been dying year in in and year out for decades and adapt and overcome to any intelligence they receive.
1:27 pm
so, this year obviously we had recently the truck terrorist attack in france and now the nypd just engaged dozens of more trucks fill with sand that are improgress national to any and all vehicles trying to branch -- breach the perimeter -- >> a lot 0 folks said to me that new york city is going to be one of the safest places around because we have the manpower to really be able to combat something like this. however, how worried should people be about quote-unquote soft targets? >> just it. the nypd, the, in office the nib and law enforcement in general will have times square covered but new york city is a huge city and the country as a whole had many other softer targets still potentially vulnerable. law enforcement throwing the
1:28 pm
country, including the national guard, have been called to action are and going to be out as a visible deconcern to any and all potential lone-wolf activity or terrorist active. it's a being city, big country and many other places that are soft targetters targetters are l vulnerable to attack. >> the we are seek a picture of security all over the world. thank you very much. is president obama trying to box trump in ahead of the swearing in? we're on it right after this.
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mother nature has parts of the northeast under massive amounts of snow? we're back in 60 seconds. excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do,
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first israel and then russia now. someone here says president obama is trying to box donald trump in on obamacare when he meets with democrats last week. let's go to young american foundation, and democratic strategist. sayre what is he plannings next week. >> prell, president obama is set to meet with congressional democrats to get them ready to do bad battle over obamacare. roarkable that a sitting -- remarkable that a sitting president is giving marching orders to the congress where some members won't be there in the next congress but telling minority maybes how to fight back against the majority and president obama is bent on undermining trump's policies before trump takees organize of office. >> could this be beau he has no idea and no expectation that donald trump would really wayne
1:33 pm
and hillary clinton would be going into the oval office and his policies would tip and now he has to do anything can to stop donald trump from end acting the policies he wants to see? >> i agree with. that the administration is left scrambling to leave president obama's so-called legacy in tact. it's remarkable. a president who has presided over a necessaryless does loss of a thousand or more seats for the dem contracts. the republicans have both both chambers. it's a disastrous time for the democrats and now trying to ram down hissing his agenda. he aid he would have won a third term. it's insulated.
1:34 pm
>> a number of democrats are frustrated by all the activity that is come ago out mar-a-lago you. say obama is the president until january 20thment one president a time. yeah, but what is wrong with a guy who wanted to get started? >> i have no problem with the guy won wade to get standard. should be having meet about what he has plans for in the future but when hi talking about manufacturing deals and talking and tweeting about u.s. china foreign poll su and setting things into motion below the bests into office and this has been against tradition. in the past ex-when innings -- nixon came in after johnson he said ewouldn't interfere. one president atta time. clinton did the same thing for bush. why can't he do that here. >> he should stay quiet, stop tweeting, stay out of things? a guy who is not exactly conventional. and that's why americans elected. , right?
1:35 pm
they want one who has a businesssonsibility in there and anyone that starts a company and turns it into multibaseballs of dollars probablysen going to be so conventional and, sarah doesn't want to sit back and twiddle their thumbs. there's an opportunity to get stuff done. >> right. a little ironic that there were so many people who bagged donald trump to start acting presidential and now that he is starting to act presidential as president-elect people are asking the pump the brakes. the challenge for donald trump will be to avoid the traps that obama is laying for him right now. in a lot of ways obama is trying to dictate what issues donald trump has to deal with first. whether he hikes it or not trump has to come into office and be in a position where he either has to repeal sanctions against russia or renege on a campaign promise to normalize relations with the kremlin. >> hadn't the actually already confronted that by, from, pinning to the top of his twitter feed today, putin, i
1:36 pm
always knew he was a smart guy. his not engaging in hostility, at least not yet, that obama is bringing on. >> right. he is using new ways to do it. i think if the american people were so disgusted at the liberal elite media is by donald trump's method of communication, if the american people were as disgusted at the elite media is they would have rejected him. they didn't. they elected him president. >> as i think both on the panelists point it out and it's common knowledge the demratic party is finding itself in a tough spot. you lost a lot of seats, and you're being seen as a party that can't get anything done. how does that change going forward? >> well, think it's a couple of things. one go back to the popular vote win, the fact we actually gained seeds in and -- seats in the
1:37 pm
house. so we have gained -- have mad some gains. we obviously have to work with the new administration and those priorities but i think the key thing here is one president at a time. >> all right. well, thank you so much. good to see all you guys. we have a winter storm right now pumping part -- pummeling part of the northeast. ♪
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a winter storm slamming thing, dropping over a foot of snow and leaving thousands of people without power. let's go to rick reithmuth who is in times square with the latest forecast. how is it looking? >> it is chilly behind the storm but not as chilly as it is across maine where over 100 happy to -- 100,000 people don't have power and some areas over two feet of snow. that storm is gone but in its wake is the cold air and the winds whipping across the great lakes. look at the weather map. the cold air in place now, going to warm up a little bit for tomorrow and tomorrow evening. the forecast not looking that bad in general for times square. all the revelers will be dealing
1:42 pm
with temperatures in at the lower 40s and some cloudy skies. overall not that bad, above average this time of year. that is new york city. but we do have some other storms that we'll be dealing with, this front has moved through. the same storm but now bringing the lake-effect snow. then hip that, we'll start watching the next system develop across the gulf. so, the potential for some severe weather by saturday evening, and sunday, across texas and that going to brew across the southeast, making it a very up set -- unsettled weekend. you can see what we'll be dealing with the south. rough conditions torn night for people heading out in atlanta to watch the peach drop. a wet night, want to stay inside. but overall for new year's eve,
1:43 pm
long the coast looking pretty good and the northern plains, looking fine as well. southern california, where normally you want to see sunshine, we have a storm there, so you want to bundle up if you're headed outside, and new year's day, just wearing off the hangover on the couch, things not looking that bad for sunday. get ready, next week we have colder air coming in. sunday not that bad. but monday we have the beginning of the next batch of cold air. going stick around for a while for the country. so there's monday and there is tuesday, high temperatures in the northern rockies below zero, that cold air settles across the south for the coming week and then maybe some snow across eastern seaboard again for next weekend. >> is it going hit new york? i'm a little disappointed. was kind of hoping for a nice snowstorm here in new york city. >> i'm oopposite. i was thinking maybe we could
1:44 pm
get through the winter without a big snowstorm. won't happen. we'll get it. >> i guess it's just the kid in me. the. >> with the inauguration ahead a look back at the election battle we are leaving behind and neil has been the every step of the way. stay tuned.
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
the presidential lace dominating much of 2016. pretty much all of 2016. and neil and the gang were all over it. take a look back. >> i am incredibly honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be
1:48 pm
president for all americans. and this is so important to me. >> welcome to the republican presidential debate here on the fox business network. >> did a really elegant john. >> been getting a top of e-mails but one i got a kick from is maria bartiromo is so much prettier than you are knowledge riley? >> welcome to ex-republican presidential debate. >> how do you attack a network that does not respect national borders? >> well, i am very happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came. >> the u.s. constitution says only natural born citizens are eligible for the office of president of the united states. stop me if have you're heard me, you any friend donald said he
1:49 pm
has his lawyers look at this and there was no issue there. since september the constitution has that channeling it but the poll numbers have. >> i hate to interrupt this for some real important tv. >> -- >> really is put up or shutdown time here in -- shutup time in iowament i have a problem with adele she has a song that mike huckabee par pair roted. her people got back to him quickly and said, stop it. >> legal low. >> hello, its mow. >> going to announce he is backing donald trump. >> backing him in in traffic. >> my strongest candidate for vice president, feel neil
1:50 pm
cavuto. >> live from new hampshire, "your world" with neil cavuto. >> we had our call on this. we could have been inside where it's worm and codey or the staff said, neil, let's go outside. only 20 degrees. what the heck. >> extremely extremely handsome. great posture. >> on the phone with us right now, marco rubio. >> >> no matter how offensive you find donald trump, you have no right to prevent him from speaking. >> bernie sanders with us now. do you worry that maybe without intending to do so, debby wasserman schultz tipped her bias that she's now some sort of distant observer of this race? her candidate is hillary clinton. >> i know you want to start a fight in the democratic party.
1:51 pm
but i'm not going to play. >> i would never do that. >> no, never. >> okay. >> gop convention is on. kneel is out recovering from heart surgery. he is doing well. we want trump, i think that's what i'm hearing from those delegates right there. >> it's a political theater. this is what people used to look at conventions for. giuliani speaks today. he is an italian american. that speech is -- >> to your heart. >> it's operetic. >> i heard you are a great singer. >> donald trump is the agent of change. and he will be the leader of the change we need. >> cleveland is buzzing over last night's fireworks. >> note your convention. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom. >> we will make america proud again. and we will make america great again.
1:52 pm
>> you are looking live at the dnc in philadelphia where the gavel is about to slam down. it will not be outdoing dnc debby wasserman schultz doing it. >> we will continue to work hard for the vote. >> let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. and when we do, america will be greater than ever. >> i said in an interview with neil cavuto, to whom i offer my best wishes for a speedy recovery. >> i am very happy to be back. >> neil cavuto is a gentleman's name. >> welcome back, my friend. >> i have had a lot of democrats over the years said, you know, that neil cavuto, he doesn't have a heart. after this surgery, i've got
1:53 pm
proof now. >> gary johnson is here to answer for this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> if it's kissing my chances good bye, so be it. i have always been served really well by telling the truth. >> you didn't hear it from me but there's apparently a presidential debate tonight. he came into the spin room. >> he made his way around the geometric scrum. we were pinned off like veal. >> what are they saying? >> he showed a very good understanding and depth of all the issues. i think donald trump crushed this debate. >> okay. >> with prior republican nominees for president, i disagreed with them. but i never questioned their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. >> donald trump today on how he handled himself versus the last debate. >> when msnbc says it was a
1:54 pm
draw, we won by a knock skroout >> jeff is supporting donald trump. i have to get my notes up to date. it's all eyes on vegas. ♪ neil cavuto >> do you like cirque du soleil? i notice they have 58 different shows here. is that by design? >> this is the one city that there is room for everybody. >> i want to go to steve wynn. he has overseen or construction for golden nugget, treasurer island. i could go on and on. >> go on. >> keep it going. >> no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am not quoting myself. i am quoting -- >> you have no idea. >> that went well. governor rick perry with me. back from dancing with the stars. >> my knees and afrnkles surviv
1:55 pm
it. >> it's nice to touch you. >> i get that all the time. >> she's become president. >> i think the american people saw tonight the kind of strength in donald trump's leadership that i think will continue to drive the momentum in this campaign. >> i think he gave the measured answered that he gave and just didn't say i'm going to agree. >> that's a very good donald trump impression a. all the debates are over. it's up to you to decide. >> it's anyone's guess how this night is going to turn out. it's safe to say it's not unfolding like most people thought it would. whatever he is pulling off tonight he is doing largely on his own. >> give him credit for that. he has done fighting with the world. >> whatever happens tonight,
1:56 pm
whether it trump wins or loses, republican party is a different party. >> dr. carson has been so patient. he is a doctor. that's what doctors -- they're very patient. >> no doctors with no patients. >> he seems to have a better path to 70 right now ironically than she does. if that surprise esurprises, yo go out looking at the mashrkets it surprises me. they are panicking. >> they are cheering the nikkei. >> that does seem like a crazy -- >> it sounded like usa. you are right, it was nikkei. >> donald trump has won florida. >> the people excited. they think we are in history. >> maybe hillary clinton is worried. she tweeted out, this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything. >> they cannot fathom what they are witnessing. the front runner for the
1:57 pm
presidency is on the verge of losing it. donald trump is shocking the world right now. >> he has made enormous inroot s -- inroads. >> we will wait for this map to reset. i may have to do it manually. the map is tired because it didn't anticipate staying up this late. >> he staggered and cursed his way to the represent nomination over much more qualified candidates. through it all, donald trump was his own man. she had all the surrogates. she had the president of the united states. she had michelle obama. she had everyone going for her. >> how the media has portrayed this -- they had a cover of new york magazine that said loser across the front of it. >> just obnoxious. >> it's incredible. you are living through history and watching it on fox business network. i'm assured rival business channels have you covered in skillet commercials. reports that john podesta might
1:58 pm
address the troops after all. >> she has done an amazing job. and she is not done yet. >> donald trump has won pennsylvania. it's a moot point. donald trump is the next president of the united states. >> the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. >> usa. usa. >> thank you. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump does have to unite the country. he does have that on his plate. >> you will be happy to know mark cuban has tweeted out we need to give president-elect trump a chance. support the good. lobby against what we disagree on. no one is bigger than us all. >> i think donald disqualified himself tonight. you can not question american democracy. >> mark cuban -- >> everyone, hug, hug. you are a hugger. >> there's one thing. it's time for mark to grow up a
1:59 pm
little. >> i do hope i never cross you. >> i'm speaking to the reality. >> we told you we would be here every step of the way. we told you if it was consequential we would be here. we meant it. >> wow. what an amazing election. for all of those people that were so worried and you saw neil showed you the futures board, we were down at one point significa significantly, 700 or so points. look at this. we are up 7.8% since donald trump was elected, which is the best we have seen since 1952, post an election. you gotta go back a ways. it is hopeful. everybody is hoping for some kind of change, for economic prosperity, for changes out of washington when it comes to regulation, when it comes to taxes. and now for the first chance in quite a while, we may just get it. we didn't hit 20 k yet. but there's a chance we will.
2:00 pm
hopefully, very, very soon. dow up 13% overall for the year of 2016. russell up nearly 20%. that's going do it. i will see you back on 2:00 p.m. where i am every day. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." new responses today from russia after obamapu punished them. it imposed sanctions, closed two russian facilities and ordered nearly 3 dozen diplomats to leave by the weekend. >> what russia has been engaged in over the last few months and years is unacceptable. the president is sending a message to tell them to cut it out. that's why he orded


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