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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hopefully, very, very soon. dow up 13% overall for the year of 2016. russell up nearly 20%. that's going do it. i will see you back on 2:00 p.m. where i am every day. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." new responses today from russia after obamapu punished them. it imposed sanctions, closed two russian facilities and ordered nearly 3 dozen diplomats to leave by the weekend. >> what russia has been engaged in over the last few months and years is unacceptable. the president is sending a message to tell them to cut it out. that's why he ordered aggressive
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action in order to curb -- to deter them from doing this again. >> russia's embassy responded to the sanctions with this lame duck tweet. president vladimir putin condemned the actions but said russia won't retaliate. putin says, nyet. >> yeah. this was not a winning diplomatic moment really for the united states. because instead of coming back with an iron first, he said, kind of a head fake. that wasn't any kind of sanctions they should be worried about. then you have the president-elect donald trump coming back saying that putin in fact -- he knew he was very smart. so this isn't great optics for president obama right now. there's always been this kind of thinly veiled contempt that vladimir putin has shown for our president barack obama. this is just another example of that. >> what did they, in fact, do?
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they sent 35 diplomats hope who may have been spying and they closed down two compounds. >> a degrei agree. this was not close to far enough. i will quote bolton. we need to get past the polly pick politics of this. it's unacceptable. it's an attack on our constitutional system. whether you agree it was done with an intention to throw the election, if it's even true, it's a real big problem. we have to be swift and strong and completely aggressive. i agree with kg, this wasn't close to aggressive enough. >> probably too late. he should have done something before. versus this time-out. he tried to give the kremlin a time-out. >> you know what he may have accomplished, president obama by this? he got lynn lindsey graham and olympic cane sayi ining we need do more. >> it's another example of president obama who has been all
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bark and no bite. we have seen this throughout his presidency. putin has been the beneficiary of that. what we have seen from president obama is that our enemies have become emboldened under him. with russia, we are talking the temporary cease-fire in syria. that is an example of where president obama has allowed putin to assert its power and authority in the middle east. the first time in decades to be a power player right now in both syria and iraq as we where we allow a breeding for isis. you look at russia set up a new air base in syria. has announced in october that a naval facility he will make permanent as well. russian and iranian troops in syria that are set up shop. you look at sort of this weakness of president obama and putin has been a huge beneficiary of that. >> what do you think?
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what was this really about? was this at putin or trump? >> this is about obama. his foreign policy is done. his presidency is done. russia has made a joke of him over the last few months. syria, we're on the wrong end of that. they look great on that. the hacking, when it was going down, we didn't do anything. the arrogance of the democratic party was, hillary will win. if there was hacking or whatever, nothing was going to take away from the landslide victo victory. we have to blame somebody. we have to blame the russians. if you want to look at it for what it was, in my opinion, it was an act of war to mess with our election. we didn't do that. we weren't worried about it. it's over. all the stuff will come out. your diplomats have to go home. putin is saying, that's it? that's all you got? while you are doing that, he is getting a dm saying, don't worry
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about t. aftit. >> is it bad for our -- i agree with everyone here that if they did in fact hack and affect the election, there needs to be sanctions and they need to be reprimanded and severely. however, we don't have proof of that. in light of -- if we don't have that proof, is it a bad thing for president donald trump to be in good favor with vladimir putin? >> i don't think it's in bad -- i don't think it's a bad mood to be in good favor. you want to sit down and talk to the other side, get to the bottom of things and have that healthy amount of fear and respect so that you can actually sit across from somebody and say, listen, i know what you are up. actually, have some kind of amount of respect so that he knows that if president donald trump says something he is going to do, he is going to follow through. the problem i have is, of course, if russia is trying to interfere, has that intention to influence u.s. elections, bad luck for them. then we need to respond in kind.
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the situation here is we didn't have a thorough investigation. the time line is all off. why is he engaging in this -- he is acting now. he is upset. he is stomping his foot at the russians. he thought that hillary was going to win the presidency. she didn't. it looks like they're only bringing it up now despite having evidence about it. he should have done a full and thorough investigation at the time that he first sniffed it out. >> not only that, before the election, the e-mails that wikileaks leaked, it wasn't that big a deal. that's why podesta's macaroni casserole -- she loses. >> that's why i say if it's good for the goose, it's good for the gander. you can never have this attitude if it only affects you. the relationship between
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vladimir putin and president-elect trump and what that looks like. having a relationship as two leaders of powerful countries, that's important. that could serve to be our favor. for those of us who don't know as much about president-elect trump and what that will look like, i think there are concerns around how far that kind of flattery thing goes, what that's going to look like down the road. i won't presume what it will look like. i have concerns around it. >> look, i think some of the things that donald trump tweets out, i don't understand, because he is throwing fire on gasoline. i think especially that tweet today to vladimir putin. but there are actions that he has taken that make me feel a little better in the sense of people he has surrounded himself with in the cabinet like mattis or flynn. the fact he is bringing on tom bossert, department of homeland security, who did sicyber secury under george w. bush.
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we have been getting hacked left and right from the iranians, russia hacked into the joint chiefs of staff. shut down that system, unclassified system for two weeks. china with opm, obtaining social security numbers, i think for 22 million people. >> hacked all over the place. >> hollywood. >> we will send everyone out? you pick russia because allegedly that's the reason why hillary lost. if these other countries are hacking us too. >> russia has been punching us in the mouth over foreign policy. they have made big moves. the whoele thing with donald trump and putin -- sometimes my enemies are my friend. the biggest issue with american -- they want isis, the middle east situation settles. to be honest with you, i would rather be riding with russia than france. no offense. keep it real. put back, we're not going to the cold war. right now, russia is handling
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stuff. we're working together. >> i think we have to be careful. i personally believe that putin and russia, they really want the p power that the united states has. if they are helpful and all this, that's all good. let's be mindful of what that relationship needs to look like. >> quick though, if you remember putin not too long ago was tweeting out about the fact that they're going to strengthen their nuclear arsenal and shortly thereafter trump tweeted america -- i don't think he will allow himself to be bullied by the way president obama has seen. the aggression with china and the south china sea, the iranians, russia. you name it. you let america be bullied. i don't think we will see that from donald trump. >> it feels like he is set manyimany i -- settling a lot of scores.
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>> it should be about the american people. america shouldn't be embarrassed to be a superpower. russia is not. you will see a different approach to international foreign policy and to u.s. national security come january 20th. it's long overdue. the respect has gone out the door. >> there you go. ahead, politics. what were the politics behind the obama administration sanctions against russia? team trump's response when "the five" returns.
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back now with more on the obamae ed administration's hack punishment for russia. were they intended to restrict
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mr. trump's russian policy? >> i was really disappointed to read in "the new york times" piece this evening the allegation or the supposition that perhaps one reason that the sanctions are taking place is to, quote, box in president-elect trump forcing him to take a position or otherwise once he takes office. i hope that this isn't motivated by politics even a little bit. >> vladimir putin says russia has the right to retaliate but won't resort to, quote, irresponsible kitchen diplomacy. that won his praise from the president-elect in a tweet this afternoon saying he knew president putin was very smart. we talked about this, touched on it in the last block a little bit. you see a little bit of this counter punch. but you see the president-elect lining up more with the response. i think for a reason. meaning, he doesn't want to create a whole international situation prior to him taking office. he has his administration, his people coming in. they will then decide how we continue and go forward with
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russia. >> remember when he was running, everyone said, donald trump with his finger on the button. he will make spontaneous decisions, he will overreact. he will be too reactive. here he is where president obama slapped sanctions and trump says, let's wait. january 20th comes in. we will deal with israel, russia, the oil and gas bant. i think it's measure and smart. he can still not only embrace sank sanctions, but he can increase them. >> that's his call. >> have a longer thought process. >> i think it is a plus. >> i'm not mad at president-elect trump by saying that january 20th it will be different. we have been hearing this. one president in this country at a time. that works both ways. until january 20th, president
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obama shall lead as he sees fit. come january 20th, donald trump gets that same opportunity. i think any effort to box him in as kellyanne was talking about would be moot. i don't think that would be played well at all. >> or appropriate. >> obviously. very inappropriate. i think it would be failed if that was some intention. i think this is important. we have to get beyond the partisanness of this issue. it's very important, because we can't be so anti-obama that we become pro-russia. i'm seeing shades of that in some instances. the connection to vladimir putin and all of that is seeming in the face of obama. i think we need to be very clear about that. >> i agree. looking at this, i feel like we have been talking about russia. i think what donald trump is doing -- i'm looking at it with israel, with russia, i feel like he is putting a super team together. i think isis and the middle east should be a little nervous. those are three of the best
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militaries in the universe, in the galaxy. strong leadership. strong presence. i just -- looking at it from a strategic point, i like to play chess, played football and stuff like that, looks to me like he is putting a squad together that -- maybe they don't agree on everything. but one or two things are straightened out. i think the middle east is in for a big punch in the mouth. >> that sounds like it hurts. >> i think he is saying -- >> especially from him. >> your arm is bigger than -- >> hit him with your necklace. >> if you look on the computer -- don't do it again. we go over there and israel is like, let's go. i think big changes are going to happen. old things that happened in past will be left in the past for the future. he keeps saying america first. make american great again. and having partners or dialogue with russia and be on the same page with israel and the middle east is going to do well for our country. i think that's the real story.
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>> that's the direction. >> i think, the first frustration or reason why there's political connotations to this is because it feels very political that president obama is doing this on his way out when we have seen him really engage with russia in a weak manner and what we saw with -- >> this is still weak. >> exactly. i'm saying, it feels very political. the timing of it, the fact he sat on this. it seems an effort by the president to box the incoming president on foreign policy to set him up for this fight, to set him up for the left to attack him depending what he decide dozen wis to do. it feels political in the sense that we have seen russia do different things whether it's hacking, the joint chiefs of staff, shutting down the unclassified system for two weeks. somehow this is what elicited a response knowing he sat on the information. >> let me respond quickly. to both the points, even if that's the intention, i think we
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do ourselves as a country a disservice by focusing only on that aspect. it's so inappropriate if a bitls true. >> it's dangerous for the president to potentially be setting up the incoming president -- >> that's speculation. >> from a foreign policy standpoint. it feels like. i don't disagree in the sense of cyber security is real. we have seen threats from iranians, china, russia. this is something we should take seriously. which is why the positive sign that trump has identified that as an issue during the general election, is bringing people in that has an expertise. >> 100%. >> there's a problem though. lindsey graham and john mccain bit on obama for whatever reason. it may have been -- there's a deep seeded long anti-trump vein that runs through them. they are -- as trump is non-inventionist, they are
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interventionist. >> they have a hate for bad acting by russia. >> absolutely. >> they don't have a love for obama either. >> the left is trying to say, if you even give donald trump a chance to make his own decisions, you must be pro-russia. that's not the case. my problem is that lindsey graham and mccain saying, we need to do more. i'm going to lead the fight before we know what's going on. they boxed donald trump in a corner. >> they are privy to all the intelligence briefings and national security issues. they have been very solid and consistent on this issue. it looks like vladimir putin is not going to allow president obama to force him to take the bait on this. >> donald trump is getting the same briefings and more that the senators are. >> the briefings next week, he announced he will meet with intelligence officials to talk to them about what we're talking about right now in russia. >> you know what? 22 days left for obama, mccain and graham could have done the same thing, wait 22 days.
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>> could that be them saying that they're not doing that for obama. certainly not. so maybe it's just them saying that for them -- this is a pre-existing thing that they have. >> my concern is was it was to -- they certainly made donald trump's decision january 20th a lot more difficult if the two of them are out in front saying, we're going to push sanctions harder. that would be hard for him not to go hard. they have been against fighting against trump internally publically. mckand a i have respect for john mccain. he would have been a good president. never got respect or votes. he seemed to be the last guy to, fine, who is not going to run. mccain, you are in. he was passed over. it's not your turn. he has that bitter old man attitude. where donald trump walked in and he is getting all the -- he has the whole thing. he has the keys to the country. the keys to the world. mccain is just -- >> we would have been lucky to have him. >> something is wrong. i don't like it. he has been punched in the mouth
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a lot. >> guess what? he gets keeping up and fighting. the bottom line is the intelligence community is concerned and with good reason about russia. if you think that russia wants to kiss you on the mouth, they don't. they want to thank you in the -- >> watch out for that. >> that's what they want. >> listen, i agree on all fronts with the exception of the timing on it. let's find out what actually happened and go hard on them if they were wrong. >> i will speak to your favorite person, ambassador bolton. tonight on hannity, he will be there. check it out. ahead, we all know mr. trump likes to use twitter to get his message across. will he forego talk together press and speak with twitter instead in his incoming press secretary next.
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welcome back. president-elect trump made it very clear how he feels about the press. >> i will tell you honestly, i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm running against. these very dishonest people back there, the media, they're getting a little worried. they're getting a little bit worried. this wasn't supposed to happen. hey, press, turn the cameras. show them, please. show them. world's most dishonest people. these are dishonest people. are any camera -- they're not turning. they never turn. >> when you are president of the united states, it's the job of the press to hold you accountable. it's unclear whether the trump white house will grant the media the same access they have been accustom to. sean spicer hints the new administration may turn to
2:27 pm
social media instead of reporters. >> i think the things that you have seen with donald trump is that he doesn't look to the past and say i have to conform. he figures out what's the best way. maybe we do a series of press conferences. maybe we do town hall facebook town halls. maybe we solicit input from twitter. while we have to do these press conferences because they're part of the fabric of our country, if you will, there are also new opportunities that we can be utilizing to bring more people into the process and have a conversation with the american p people and not limit it. >> this doesn't surprise me one bit. we saw roosevelt come in with rad radio. we saw kennedy come in with television. we saw donald trump be the master of social media. >> it speaks to the transparency he wants. no filter between himself and the american people, the hard working men and women that he said were left behind in the country that put him into the oval. this just in from the
2:28 pm
president-elect who tweeted just now, because social media and twitter essentially is his forum, russians are playing at cnn and at nbc news for such fools many funny to watch. they don't have a clue. at fox news totally gets it. someone is watching "the five." >> maybe he is checking it out. look, i love the idea that he is taking his time. he is saying wait a minute and you make a good point that just because he is not saying, we're going to slap massive sanctions on russia doesn't mean he wouldn't after he becomes president. he is wisely waiting until january 20th to get all the evidence, put it all together and again, my biggest problem here is we have a couple of republicans -- senators. >> with me? >> no. mccain and graham and others, congressmen who said, we need to do more. let's wait. let the man take the office before he makes -- before we make any massive decisions on such a global scale.
2:29 pm
>> number one, he didn't start the job yet. if i'm working at mcdonald's, i'm not flipping burgers until i get there and clock in. >> exactly. >> good point. >> it's not his team. he's not on the clock yet. i'm going to this and that. everyone can second guess him. the twitter thing is great. what you -- >> so true. >> it's instant. >> johnny smith inned in theed in in north dakota can send a tweet to the president and might get hit back. >> that's something we haven't seen before. >> he is taking out the spin. he is taking out the career media guys who -- i'm not going to call it news anymore. it's not nutthe news. he will say the sky is blue. they will say it's five shades of green. >> it's unsurprising. president-elect trump, hi. he is quite literally the most unconventional politician i think we have maybe ever have seen in american history. the fact that he is going to run
2:30 pm
an unconventional white house, the fact he is going to do things differently, and that he is continuing the things that he did on the campaign trail taking it to the people, whether it's facebook live, twitter, doing these town halls, speaking directly with the american people. really should not be surprising to anyone. >> he has no choice. the mainstream media has been so dishonest. they tried to shape shift any messaging statements that he made. they didn't show the rallies. any of the thousands of people showing up. they didn't want to show the truth. then everybody woke up on election day and said, something was happening across this country. they didn't predict, that they all got wrong. now he says, i'm going to speak to you directly and to all of you have across the country. there's no misunderstanding. there's an immediacy of it versus a delayed reaction. >> be followed by president-elect. it could happen. to the average american, they will be like, wow, this guy gets it. i have a voice.
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>> can i just throw one thing at you? there's 21 days left. 21 days left in the last week and week and a half president obama has -- they said we are working with them and the transition is smooth. it he would be folk fusmooth hey focus on making the life easier. valerie jarrod, josh earnest work with spicer. they say they are. instead of the -- these are major policy initiatives, domestic with the oil and gas drilling, foreign policy, israel, russia. enough already. he has squeezed more foreign policy in two weeks than eight years. it's insane. relax. >> isn't it true that anything trump dislikes he can roll back? >> of course. it makes it harder. >> i want to get this out. spicer did say it will be true they will hold some press conferences, president trump.
2:32 pm
what do you think that's going to be like? i think that's going to be different than anything we have seen thus far. >> mr. trump, sir, may i ask a question? >> who knows? the beauty and the reason why donald trump won the election is because he is different. he was the outside. he has done everything differently. it will be interesting. i will guarantee that. as 2016 winds down, we will look back at some of the biggest news stories that made headlines over past year. there were certainly plenty of them. stay tuned. more "five" up next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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which is serious and may lead to death. i'm in this for my family. i'm in this for me. ask your doctor about farxiga and learn how you can get it for free. kimberly was dancing. 2016 comes to an end tomorrow. it was a big year in the news from our election to brexit. here is a look back at some of the year's biggest headlines. >> the associated press is
2:36 pm
reporting now that prince's publicist confirmed the singer has died. >> we stand with the people of orlando who have endured a terrible attack on their city. >> the british people have voted to leave the european union. >> i'm here to give you an update on the fbi's investigation of secretary clinton's use of a personal e-mail system. we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. >> we are watching here is a situation in dallas, texas, that appears very grave. >> all i know is that this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens. >> there's breaking news now on fox news channel. it appears there has been an attack in france. star spangled backlash. colin kaepernick refusing to rise for the national anthem because he says our country is racist. >> angelina jolie filed for
2:37 pm
divorce from brad pitt. >> this means that donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> as everyone can see there, this has been a crazy year, a lot of chaos has happened, a lot of exciting things, heart wrenching things with the taur terrorist attack, dallas shooting, the slcelebrities. what's the story that's been the -- what's the most impact for you? >> donald trump's victory. the deplorables won. what he realized was that people were listening. he was a brand. he was different. they were ready for it. the timing was perfect. it also exposed the pundit class and the pollster class. the pundits were wrong. they were befuddled by this.
2:38 pm
then the polls were showing hillary clinton wins. right up until last minute. i kept saying, the polls aren't right. i got bloodiy yiied for saying. donald trump is a man of the people. he made it happen. >> it wasn't easy. >> what's been the most impactful story for you? >> the election. the great movement across the country. president-elect trump will pick at least two, possibly three united states supreme court justices. because with the passing of one of the greatest justices of all time, scalia, there will be an opportunity to put in the court someone who is very similar, conservative jurist, that will be basically -- walk in the footsteps of scalia. that will be exciting. what this means is the liberal progressive agenda is doa. justice stevens will not be able to hold any kind of majority
2:39 pm
going forward. so i'm looking forward to that pick. it will come soon in the administration. >> not to mention, there's i think three justices that are over the age of 70. there could be possibility for donald trump to pick another justice. what's your story? >> what is my story? >> when you were born, i just want to know everything. viewers want to know everything. >> this year, eric hit the nail on the head. trump's election was huge. the other story was this very troubled and heartbreaking relationship i see with my community and commune tiities o color and law enforcement. nothing hit home harder than what we saw happen in dallas. the gunning down of those five dallas officers, coming on the heels of two black men being killed, baton rouge and
2:40 pm
missouri. >> minnesota. >> thank you. you see these law enforcement officers being gunned down in the streets. that was no kind of answer. we saw that from pretty much all across the board. you saw -- i'm glad we showed the chief of police in dallas really heartbroken. but both vulnerable but also so strong. >> so strong. >> in his positioning. i think that was a wake-up call for myself and everybody to tap into a better space. we have to do better by our people. we have to do better by our law enforcement. we need each other. >>his country. strong message of unification and working with law enforcement and the men and women who put it on the line every day in the communities to make them safe. >> they're there couldn't have better leader to take the country through that time. he had wise words, calming words and a presence that i think people so december brsperately . i'm not going to ask you what your story is.
2:41 pm
some of the highlights we saw and what would you pick? >> man, for me, probably the man of the year is the grim reaper, death. he cleaned up the celebrities this year. it was crazy. prince, david bowe, alen thick, goo gene wilder, carrie fisher. he is working his last days. he is working a couple days left before. hopefully, he is done. death really did some work this year. >> no doubt. >> mine is weird. this has been a chaotic year. there's been such chaos. huge election upsets. all this political correctness and so much stuff going on. i saw this on the internet. it said, americans, at least 2016 couldn't get weirder. then god says, send in the clowns. the reason i said that is
2:42 pm
because, we have had this crazy, chaotic year. there was an insane story. i saw this of some of the craziest things that have happened this year with all the clown citings. probably should have said that first. >> we all hate clowns. >> people are saying this year can't get weirder. >> yeah. believe me i covered it. the clown situation got so big. >> i will have to watch it. don't move. coming up next, kimberly and eric will tell us what's on tap for the big night tomorrow. they are hosting all american new year. you will not want to miss it. stay tuned.
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welcome back to "the five". the countdown is on. new year's eve is on tomorrow. of course, it's always a lot more fun when you have a date to
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kiss at midnight. there's a hash tag trending called the new year's eve date requirements. here are some of my favorites. your mom can't pick us up or drop us off. my date must be willing to get wine drunk with me and my cat. >> my gosh. >> must have a pulse and, of course, smell good. bring me a pizza, two, leave. >> that's really -- >> setting the bar high there. >> i would never bring the pizza and leave. you want to eat the pizza. >> eat it by yourself. >> the idea is to eat the pizza, watch some murder she wrote -- >> murder she wrote? or cat videos. >> go lohome because i have bib study in the morning some people do. >> what would your requirements be? >> for a date? >> no, tax returns. yes, a date. >> you have to really actually be seriously dating someone to spend new year's eve with them.
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>> what about a first date? would you agree to that? >> it's too much. >> it's like taking someone to a wedding. >> this is why -- >> oh, my. >> this is why this is a trending topic. you can't ask women what they want. help us out. >> i'm married for 18 years. >> back in the day. what went down? >> back in the day, you do not do a first date new year's eve. it's all weird. too emotional. >> a lot of pressure. you don't want go in and she does this. you look like -- watch that. >> the eyeball. >> camera four. >> i was -- >> oh, my. >> bad date. you have to be there at least until midnight. >> that's too awkward. it's the mistletoe. christmas and that -- the mistletoe, new year's eve the kiss. remember what happened to me? >> can i make -- >> what?
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i don't know. >> i advised you against that. >> can you tell us? >> the people wanted it. i had no choice. it was like 76%. >> you are a woman of the people. >> i will give you the story. kimberly texted me. they want me to kiss my co-host. it wasn't me. it was someone else. what do i do? i recommend you not kiss your co-host. it was bob. the numbers came back 76% kiss bob. 24% don't kiss bob. she kissed bob. >> what happened? the people -- >> the problem is the camera didn't catch it. kg, do it again. >> was that intentional? >> you know, good thing i took a z pack before that. >> this is why dating is so tough. because of this. >> right. >> you don't know what you want. >> i know what i want. >> show up. be open to suggestions. >> no. >> don't hang around.
2:50 pm
>> men have low standards. >> we have standard standards. we are room temperature. >> we're all way too old for a mom or dad to drop us off. >> i want to hear a woman with one rule. this is amazing. >> take me somewhere that will warrant my beautiful new year's eve dress. i like to dress up. especially on new year's eve. >> gold digger. >> i don't know if you could be a gold digger when you got your own. >> you expect him to spend. when the check comes, you do this. >> pretty successful on her own. >> i could pay a couple bills. >> this year, come on. new overyear's eve -- >> hand me the shovel. >> as trump would say, you are very smart. >> this new year's eve, because last year was so fantastic and awesome to be with you, so we're going to blow it up again. >> you doing it? >> absolutely. this is going to be fantastic. we're going to be taking it down.
2:51 pm
>> here is what -- >> we will be down with everybody. >> at midnight, my wife will be there. she kill come on stage and i will kiss her. we will have a group hug. we will hug it out. >> you, me and adrian? >> yeah. whoever is in the area. we will give them a hug. >> no hall passes given to -- >> i producers find someone for me. last year, i had two very sweet, god bless them, police officers brothers. >> that's sweet. >> the producers are telling me it was four. there was so many. yes, it was very nice. family, the whole deal. that was -- they probably have a surprise in store for me. unless you know and you are not telling me. >> i don't. i actually don't know a lot. >> see what the people want. >> i know. it's going to be fun. gavin mcgraw, he will be is there. that's going to be cool.
2:52 pm
>> do we have -- >> there's a whole u.n. interrogation situation. >> this is amazing. i feel happy for people dating out there. one more thing is up next.
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
time for one more thing. i will kick it off quickly tonight. o'reil o'reilly, i will host it tonight. had a great time. my friends at ijr review sent this to me. yesterday, we found out that 138 cops had been killed in action through this year. a massive jump. today, i jr said check this out. do you know what's hanging in the u.s. capitol? this painting. two cops, both animals, one a pig, aiming a gun at an african-american guy, whatever. i think this is absolutely
2:56 pm
disgusting that this would be hanging in the u.s. capitol. a democrat from missouri is the congressman who had some sort of art contest. the winner was this painter who pointed this picture. lacy clay was contacted by our producers today. he said, we're not taking it down because it was a contest. here is what i say to you, take it down. i'm saying this to 3 million people watching right now. call your congressman or call his office and say, get that picture down. cops do not need to be depicted in this way. blue lives matter. >> agreed. >> if would you hayou would hav it switched, i would be furious. >> on a lighter, delicious note, time now for kimberly's food court. celebrating national bacon day today. it started out with fox and
2:57 pm
friends. we have very special bacon here from our very good friends at the unofficial fox news diner evergreen. evergreen is closing tomorrow at 25 amazing years. their food, speed of service and staff are unmatched. total winners. we would like to give a shoutout to the owners. another name, john, thank you so much for seating so many of us at fox news for so many years. you really, truly will be missed. god bless you and your families. this bacon is delicious. i ate two pieces of it. i'm on hannity tonight. we have amazing guests. we have ambassador john bolton. we have eric bolling. tune in. it's fantastic. we're excited. >> they are moving me along. it will be great. lisa. >> i don't know how you follow bacon. i saw this story. thought it was hilarious. basically, what it is is a high
2:58 pm
school student is texting both of his parents to see if he can go to a high school football game. look at the message to his mother. i saw this and i thought it was hilarious. this is my exchanges with my parents. look at the mother. he asked her, can i go to the football game? what time? 7:00 to 9:00. how early? probably 6:00 or later. after 6:00, home by 9:00. a series of responses. mom, i love you so very much. when i text you, there's a lot of questions that are responded back to me. it's never quick. i wanted to show you the response from the dad. yes. >> there you go. >> that's my parents. >> you are up. >> one of the big internet things we saw, all of the mannequin challenges. this was an awesome one. talk about taking the challenge to another level. four astronauts. they are given mannequin challenge realness here.
2:59 pm
one of them tweets out, we have the crew together and took this mannequin challenge to new heights. that's so awesome. i just am fascinated. can you imagine how much work they do? this was on their one day off. >> we should do that here. >> what do you got? >> he is eating my bacon. >> for the record. >> the police don't get a lot of feel good stories. they get bad press. this was an awesome thing. this is something we need more of. a texas police officer gave a teenager a second chance. avoid a trip to the police station. and a marijuana citation on his permanent record. he gave him a chance to do 200 push-ups or go to jail. it took him a while but he did it. want to settle out of court? i'm down with that. >> police officers doing the community. that leaves a lasting impression. i love it. push it up. >> we leave it right there. that's it for us. happy new year.
3:00 pm
please don't forget to join kimberly and i tomorrow night as we countdown coverage. "special report" coming up in ten, nine, eight, seven -- donald trump plays nice with vladimir putin a day after president obama slaps russia with sanctions. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. what a difference a day makes. just a day after president obama's unprecedented move to punish russia for trying to interfere with the u.s. election, vladimir putin says he will not retaliate. donald trump sings putin's praises for that. peter doocy is in florida. we begin with kefb kevin cork in


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