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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 30, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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please don't forget to join kimberly and i tomorrow night as we countdown coverage. "special report" coming up in ten, nine, eight, seven -- donald trump plays nice with vladimir putin a day after president obama slaps russia with sanctions. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. what a difference a day makes. just a day after president obama's unprecedented move to punish russia for trying to interfere with the u.s. election, vladimir putin says he will not retaliate. donald trump sings putin's praises for that. peter doocy is in florida. we begin with kefb kevin cork i honolulu with a reaction to the
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crackdown on russia. >> reporter: you are right. yesterday was the kremlin and the white house going back and forth about those accusations of cyber intrusions, trying to influence the u.s. election. today it was the russians pulling punches. it was a scene that unfolded from coast to coast. from washington to san francisco. nearly three dozen russian operatives working to leave the united states ahead of a deadline imposed by president obama in retaliation for what the white house called russian cyber intrusion during the runup to the 2016 election. >> it's all together 11 people, including three kids. they have to pack and leave within hours. >> reporter: even as the administration closed russian facilities in new york and maryland, russian president vladimir putin fired off what could best be described as his own when they go low, we go high statement. saying although we have the right to retaliate, we will not
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resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy but will plan further steps to restore relations based on the policies of the trump administration. the kremlin's decision comes a day after the fbi and department of homeland security released a joint report detailing how federal investigators linked the russians to hacking involving the democratic party. the 13 page report describing tools used by the russians to, quote, compromise and exploit networks and end points associated with the u.s. election as well as a range of u.s. government, political and private sector entities. while the document provided little in the way of proof to confirm the government's attribution, it did lay the oba. they worry it could have ramifications on america's standing in the world sg. >> the world looks at our country to have a peaceful and smooth transfer of power. this type of nonsense is what i would expect from a dictatorship that just became a democracy and
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can't make the democratic system work. america demands better. >> it's clear it cannot be business as usual. this was a serious attack against our country. against our democratic system. i think the president has taken steps. we're still trying to evaluate it to see exactly what impact it will have on russia. we could do more. >> reporter: how the trump administration handles the russians and sanctions imposed by the whut housite house remaie seen. officials are warning against straying too far from convention. >> if the next administration wants to lift sanctions against senior russian intelligence units to make it easier for them to interfere in our election, he can do that. we don't think that makes much sense. >> reporter: the pr battle continues into tonight. vladimir putin saying it was regrettable that the obama administration would end in this manner. but he nevertheless sends his new year's greetings to the obama and trump families. >> kevin, we heard a bit of news
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on the domestic front. the president it seems has a meeting planned with house democrats next week. what's that about? >> reporter: there's a number of reasons that the house democrats want to get together with the president. most notably, they want to continue the conversation about sanctions. in addition to that, keep in mind you have heard a great deal about obamacare. the so-called repeal and replacement. house democrats are not going to let that go without a bit of a fight. so they're going to get together with the president and discuss not just those two issues but a number of other major issues as they look forward to life without the democrat in the white house. >> big changes coming. kevin cork in hiawaii thank you. today, donald trump showed there could be a major shift in policy towards russia. just three week fws from now wh he takes the oath of office. peter doocy reports from florida about what could be a reset with russia in the new year. >> reporter: the current president is punishing putin.
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the next president is praising him. tweeting about the russian leader's pledge not to retaliate against the u.s. until he sees how the trump administration treats him. that public message to putin came hours after transitn officials said the two had no plans to speak privately until the president received an intelligence briefing. a briefing scheduled for next week. as to the question about whether or not the sanctions levied by the obama administration will be here to stay once mr. trump takes over, the incoming white house chief of staff said, nothing is set in stone. >> it's going to be up to him and he is going to sit down and talk to his leadership and the defense department and state and in the white house and make those decisions. >> reporter: the transition team's wait and seed at attitud different but it fits with talk from mr. trump. >> i would treat vladimir putin
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firmly but there's nothing i can think of that i would rather do than have russia friendly. >> reporter: prom nenlt republic republicans are pleased the russian government is facing some sort of consequence for cyber meddling. even though they think it's long overdue. that sets up a potential party split. the head of the party, the soon to be sworn in 45th president said last night about the talk of hacking, quote, it's time for our country to move ton bon to r and better things. >> we need to get on with our lives without having elections being affected by outside influence, especially vladimir putin. >> reporter: despite the past statements about putin, experts expect him to keep an open mind. >> this is going to be a part of
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the a conversation that the president-elect sets with the congressional leadership. i think they will give him the opportunity to establish the priority when it comes to creating a ustronger relationshp between the u.s. and russia. they will make their case for stronger sanctions. >> reporter: the incoming counselor to the president said it would be unfortunate if the obama white house is punishing russia to make it harder for the next president to shape his foreign policy as some reports have suggested, because she said that it's not the way peaceful transitions of power are supposed to work. >> we will talk about the panel about that potential theory. peter, what does the president-elect have planned for new year's eve? >> reporter: from russia today to rocky tomorrow. sylvester stalone will be a guest. so is quincy jones and fabio who
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met with the president-elect this afternoon and stopped by our live shot location to say hello. said he had a nice meeting. >> did you say fabio? maybe it's a hair summit. thank you very much. it's nearly as long as the empire state building is tall. in 2014, it was the launch deck for the first air strikes against isis. soon the uss george h.w. bush will head out to sea to face the enemy again. lucas thompsomlinson went on thp to see how they are preparing for the fight. >> reporter: on august 8, 2014, a pair of f-18s launched the first air strikes against isis in northern iraq. now nearly 2 1/2 years later, that same aircraft carrier is gearing up for a return to the fight after being delayed in the shipyard leaving america without an aircraft carrier until early next year.
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>> this is a military equivalent of spring training. once we complete this at the end of december, then we will go forward and it will be real forces that will be going tli ig with and against. >> reporter: much has changed. russia has deployed dozens of fighter jets and thousands of troops to syria, joining syrian and iranian backed forced. china has moved missiled to the south china sea. the ships commanding officer said his crew will be ready to deal with china or russia if necessary. >> while we don't have any emergent or pending conflicts with them, it's fair to say that we have diverge enter interests in many cases. we need to be prepared to understand how we will react to that if necessary. >> reporter: here aboard uss
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george h.w. bush -- they are taking part in the final exam before taking off and future strikes against isis. the u.s. and its allies have conducted over 17,000 air strikes against isis but will do without the services of an aircraft carrier for now after the uss eisenhower returned home. while the focus of the u.s. military is on isis -- >> that doesn't mean three months or six months from now that that will be the priority for our country. we have to be ready to execute anywhere, any time, any mission. >> reporter: aboard the ship, 18 to 22-year-old men and women are working 14 hours a day with very little rest. all this is training before deploying in the coming weeks. >> thanks to them and their families. thank you so much. a country wide cease-fire that went into affect in syria seems to be holding despite minor violations. kitty logan looks at what this
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could mean for a possible peace deal. >> reporter: on the front lines, opposition fighters watch and wait. these free syria army rebels welcomed the cease-fire. the reality for them is that this war isn't likely to be over yet. >> translator: we are committed to this the cease-fire to keep civilian people safe. but we are here on the front line ready in case the regime tries to break the cease-fire. >> reporter: the cease-fire is largely holding. observers report a few minor violations. clashes just north of damascus. it's reported the government carried out limited air strikes in response there. agencies are hoping a pause in the violence will mean a chance to move badly needed supplies. >> we hope that this cease-fire will finally allow unrestricted access to the civilians in the cross fire in the be a seenl be areas.
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>> reporter: isis isn't included in the deal. in areas it controls, the fighting goes on. the political passion which stoked this conflict for so many years is still strong. people again protested against president assad just as they have been doing since 2011. a peace plan involving russia, turkey and iran will most likely allow assad to stay in power, at least in the short term. it's something his opponents are unlikely to accept. >> i would be personally rather skeptical if assad will survive the way through into the period when there's a united syrian government. >> reporter: the first test is to see if the new cease-fire holds. if it does, there is set to be further talks involving all key players in kazakhstan. russia is asking the u.n. security council to adopt the resolution to formally recognize the cease-fire. that could happen on saturday. >> kitty logan, thank you so much.
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a north carolina judge is temporarily blocking a republican backed law that limits the powers of the incoming democratic governor. the judge ruled that the free election warranted the block on the law that stripped the governor elect over control of election boards. cooper called it unconstitutional. the markets fell on the final day of trading in 2016. the dow drops 57. the s&p was down 10. nasdaq lost 49. despite the last few days, the markets had a big year. the dow rose more than 13%. s&p jumped 9.5%. nasdaq was up 7.5%. if you filled up your car lately, you noticed higher gas prices. it isn't just because of the holiday travel season. fox business correspondent jeff flock is in chicago tonight with what's driving up prices and whether the new year will bring us some relief. good evening, jeff. >> reporter: good evening to you. that mobile station back there behind me and americans across
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the country saved $27 billion last year on gasoline comb compe previous year. the good type times seem to be. in the last month, gas prices on average, u.s., up almost 8%. if you look this time compared to this time last year, we're up about 16%. we were at $2 for the national average last year at this time. we're about $2.32 today. it's a new reality. a new reali drivers seemed resigned to. >> there's nothing we can do about it. we can complain. it's not going to make no difference. this is something that we need regardless. >> reporter: not so good if you are pumping gas. if you are pumping oil, maybe better news. those who have invested in the
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oil patch or who work there, good news. take a look at a couple of companies that do business in the dakotas. where do we go from here? we talked to our friends at who tell us 20% to 40% or 40 cents more in the coming year in terms of a rise in gas prices. not a dramatic increase, but a little bit of the dividend we got this year, maybe not so much next year. >> jeff flock, thank you for updating us. the head of an agency supports say is designed to protect syou is under scrutiny. they are looking into the leadership as they look for openings to push him out of the consumer financial protection bureau. as carl cameron reports, removing him isn't going to be
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easy. >> reporter: donald trump and republicans are planning big changes for the consumer financial protection bureau. created after the 2008 financial collapse to protect borrowers, arguing it has stifled growth with overzealous government relation. >> this is an agency that is taking a very wide stance on its power. really trying to expand its authority. you have this one person at the head of it who is running all of it. >> reporter: president obama named richard cordre. republicans want to dump him. a possible replacement is a staunch critic. some republicans want to replace the director position with a fairer bipartisan governing commission. in more than 60 appearances before congress, he argued lending is growing, not slowing. consumers are better off because of it. >> the mortgage market has been expanding briskly for two years now since our major rules took affect. the credit cardarket is
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improved with strong consumer protection, better industry performance and increasing customer satisfaction. >> reporter: republicans have an opposing view. >> there's a concern that despite the bureau's mission, its rules abnd regulations restrict access to credit, increase costs and deny financial products to the consumers who need them. >> reporter: the gop chairman of the house finances committee has drafted legislation to restructure the cfpb. they accuse them of trying to court wall street by lifting regulations. lisa gilbert works for public citizens. >> i expect attacks, a huge part of that is the huge power of wall street and the money they pour into the political system. there's a reason why they don't want to be regulated. they want free reign. it's not a reason that's good for main street americans. it's good for the bottom line. >> reporter: as part of the plan to make america great again, the president-elect promised to improve everyone's bottom line.
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doing it simultaneously for lenders and borrowers is a big part of next year's reform battles. >> thank you very much. up next, horrific 2016 statistics for chicago. here is what some of our affiliates are covering tonight. in phoenix, residents had to steer clear for a while. three bulls got loose in a neighborhood. one of them you can see there tried to tussle with a truck. the bulls were free for an hour until the owner was able to wrangle them. in cleveland, a plane disappeared over lake erie thursday night. the three adults and three children on board the plane had just attended a cleveland cavaliers game. no word on what might have led to the disappearance. this is a live look at new york. all of the big apple is preparing for the biggest party in the nation. the ball is up. the countdown is set. extra security will be on hand
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as they expect 2 million revellers to ring in 2017 in times square. fox news will also be there. our all american new year airs saturday night starting at 11:00 p.m. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. dy's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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chicago had more murders this year than new york and los angeles combined. the city has some of its worst violence in nearly 20 years. while murders are up, arrests are down. mike tobin reports tonight. >> reporter: with bloodshed not seen in decades, they anticipate
3:23 pm
violence will increase in weekend when booze is poured over the cycle of gang land vendettas. this follows a bloody christmas in which a dozen people were murdered. >> we know the majority of these shootings and homicides were targeted attacks by gangs against potential rival gang members and groups who were at holiday gatherings. >> reporter: 756 people were killed in the city, up 56% from last year. 3,525 were shot, up 47% from 2,400 last year. shooters and victims are prodominantly black, most targets are gang members. >> they shoot each our because they are on other teams. probably 20% to 30% of our shootings, we can tie to narcotics. >> reporter: with the heads of the big gangs in prison, the street gangs have splintered. one section will battle another. the dispute is often petty. social media puts gas on the fire.
3:24 pm
garry mccarthy says following the outrage over police involved shootings, policing has become politicized. cops are backing off. >> proactive policing is the problem. across the country, it has come under fire. the anti-police political environment that we're in has it that we're emboldening criminals and we're hamstringing police. >> reporter: demonstrators intend to take to the streets against gun violence this year. 756 crosses, each with the name of a 2016 murder victim will be carried through chicago's downtown shopping district. >> i'm hoping that we will be shamed by it and say, this can't happen anymore. then we will be shaken to do something. >> reporter: for causes people point from everything from family structure to economic opportunity. one thing in the short-term is clear, police are making fewer stops and they are less likely to get involved when something looks suspicious. >> mike, thank you.
3:25 pm
ambushes on police officers fuelled a sharp increase in the number of officers killed in the line of duty this year. since the beginning of the year, 135 officers have lost their lives. some died in traffic accidents, nearly half were shot to death. both texas and georgia lost seven officers. for texas, it came in one day with an ambush on officers in july. california lost six officers, louisiana mourned four, including three from an ambush attack. shootings let led to the death of four officers in michigan. eight states have legalized recreational marijuana. despite easing the law, it's a growing problem for law enforcement. we have the report from denver. >> reporter: colorado attorney general cynthia coffman has a warning. >> what we are seeing unfortunately is an influx of organized crime. >> reporter: in 2012, colorado and washington state were the
3:26 pm
first to legalize recreational pot. since then, voters in other places have passed similar laws bringing the total number of states with legal recreational marijuana to eight. she says one consequence is colorado became the new source for smugglers. >> we aren't popular with our neighbors when it comes to sending marijuana and therefore crime into neighboring states. >> reporter: nebraska and oklahoma sued the them for not preventing the product from leaving. a case ultimately dismissed by the u.s. supreme court. according to a federal report, the number of seizures of colorado marijuana heading out of state skyrocketed from 58 in 2008 to 394 in 2015. there is no sign of a slowdown. this professor, an expert in the drug trade, says the pot coming out of colorado is far more poe
3:27 pm
tnt than what potent than what's grown in mexico. >> we're effectively seeing legal pot producers put mexican drug cartels out of the marijuana business. >> reporter: in a recent interview, president obama said while he is not advocating for a marijuana policy change, it's, quote, untenable over the long term for the justice department or the dea to be enforcing a patch work of laws or something that's legal in one state could get you a 20-year prison sentence in another. where the incoming administration comes into the picture is somewhat unclear. on the campaign trail, president trump said he thoughted medici was case. he also supports states rights. 2016 was a big year for news. some biggest headlines were not only about the stories but also about the pictures captured along with them. tonight, a look back at the year
3:28 pm
in video that went viral. >> surveillance video, dashboard cams and cell phones catching some of the most dramatic, amusing and downright bizarre moments on tape. look at this. an officer stops to inspect a fallen tree limb and narrowly escapes being crushed by another giant branch. getting away with bumps and bruises. how about this surveillance video from georgia where a convenience store clerk took on an armed robber, fighting back by hitting him in the face with her hands and part of the cash register? in san diego, another thief is caught on camera. he wasn't after money. he needed a board or two to catch some surf. it's not just criminals caught on tape. look at these people creating a human chain to save the driver of a car in flames. or these heros in alaska coming to the aid of a driver whose car flipped over and caught fire. heroism wasn't in short supply.
3:29 pm
rescuers banding together again in maryland to reach a motorist whose car was becoming submerged in floodwater. this woman rescues from her sinking car in louisiana, her dog trapped inside until moments later -- >> i got the dog. >> the rescuer pulled him to the surface. a lot of surprised in the land of surveillance and dash cam vi and video this year. this woman realizes the cop has her military son waiting in the back seat to surprise her. home from deployment overseas. [ screaming ] . in houston, a car going the wrong way on a normally busy highway. fortunately, it was late at night and there weren't many people on the road. in phoenix, these lovebirds d during a traffic report making for an awkward moment, when police got them down.
3:30 pm
2016 has been a tough year for cops. this dash cam video shows a police officer. community relations. the officer was responding to a noise complaint in a florida neighborhood. instead of approaching the basketball team with negativity, he joined in the game and shot a few hoops. up north, a strange sight. a officer saw a car hit a deer. then the deer jumped into the back seat at the driver stepped out to make sure everything was okay. it eventually gave up and ran off into the woods. not like this deer which came right up to a cop in texas for a good sniff. animals can be a bit strange. who could forget this video that went viral. getting a kick out of a chewbacca mask she bought to surprise her kids. [ laughter ] >> that racked up millions of
3:31 pm
views online. 2016 was quite a year. as we use technology more, what we capture will only get more interestin in interesting. forget fireworks or the ball in times square. we have something out of this world to help you ring in the new year. nasa says a comet may be visible saturday night near the moon. if you miss it because you are too busy ringing in the new year, don't worry. i will get another clahance to e it in five years. in 24 hours, punishment and praise for vladimir putin. coming up, the panel weighs in on the battle between the incoming and outgoing administration over how to handle russia. my heart beats
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we can see the sanctions completely unsubstantive, unreasonable and very detrimental to the bilateral relations between two neighbors, between the united states of america and the russian federation. they are bitter because they have to leave before their term expired. what happened is they have to leave within hours. and it's just not human, frankly, not human.
3:36 pm
>> reaction from a top russian diplomat on the sanctions that president obama unveiled yesterday. let's talk about it with our panel. tom rogan, leslie marshal and charles kruathammer. welcome to all of you. there were people who thought president putin would unleash something nasty in return. here is a statement today. he said, russia has reasons to respond in kind. we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy. by the way, he went on to tweet, donald trump, great move on delay by putin. i always knew he was very smart. >> look, i mean, the russians -- i thought they might overretaliate and get the u.s. ambassador out of moscow. i think what they're doing is simple. they think they can manipulate
3:37 pm
trump. they will play this game until there comes a push back point which they have not seen under president obama. why didn't he show a serious message? i find it amusing that -- the foreign ministry statement, that's russian humor. nothing else. that's a sign of profanity to president obama. they were tweeting out a photo of a duck. >> lame duck. >> the russians do -- any western diplomats or journalists, they do far worse, far more inhuman things going into their apartment and leaving gifts of every -- >> special packages. >> exactly. and read between the lines. >> it was interesting because the statement from president putin went on to a say, any diplomatic kids in moscow, we invite you to the new year's eve party at the kremlin. what is this ?
3:38 pm
>> if president obama were in his first term going into second or if hillary clinton were coming in as president next year, i done think we would have seen the same reaction and response from putin and from russia as we are. i agree. he looks at, i have my buddy, president-elect trump coming in. i have to say, i think this is great that the president did this. honestly, as a democrat, he should have done it a long time ago. i was looking at history with russia today. i was looking at not only hacking but spying. we executed a man and a woman in this country for spying. this is a serious offense, even when republicans and democrats agree on something, we know there's a level of seriousness and severity. i'm not surprised by putin's response by, you know, next month it's a different ball game for him. >> it is. there are questions tonight about the timing of what the obama administration has done. kellyanne conway who will be a senior adviser to president
3:39 pm
trump, here is what she had to say about why now. >> even those who are sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying that part of the reason he did this today was to, quote, box in president-elect trump. that would be very unfortunate if that were -- if politics were the motivating factor here. we can't help but think that's often true. even "the new york times" characterized it as such, that this may be an attempt to box him in to see what he will do as president. that's not the way that peaceful transitions of administrations work in our great democracy. >> how much do you think what president obama did is about putin versus being about trump? >> i think it's both. it was a to for for him. it's become farce cal. putin is showing contempt for obama. he laughs it off. he decides this is so trivial, he isn't going to retaliate. which is the normal thing you do.
3:40 pm
i love the way he invites american diplomatic kids to the kremlin. what kid doesn't dream of a new year's party at the kremlin? what american kid doesn't? trump i think has sort of played into it. by congratulating putin. it's a smart move on the part of the russians. you put no pressure on trump. you give him the option to drop the sanctions. this is a complete distraction. the sanctions are meaningless. the only ones that matter -- even those sanctions are not that severe, are the ones that were imposed on russia because of ukraine. the two leading candidates for the french presidency next year are both opposed to those sanctions. those sanctions are on their last legs. if you worry about sanctions and russian aggression, that's where the focus ought to be. these are going to be temporary
3:41 pm
sanctions on russia for a few weeks, maybe trump will keep them. as soon as there's an agreement on anything, some trivial nuclear deal or something, the dropping of the sanctions will be a part of that. this will be a distant memory. >> tom, what kind of situation does this create for incoming president trump with as leslie noted, there's bipartisan support for taking more serious action for potential select investigations into what they did or didn't do with are respect to the election? now he walks in with praises putin with saying it's time to move on with our lives and he will have opposition on the hill from both parties. >> he will have opposition on the hill. there's real anger on the hill. there's real anger in the intelligence community. there's concern on the part of the western allies. if you link back to some of the things candidate trump said about nato, the european are concerned. potentially the u.k. is offering
3:42 pm
this to trump saying, we will try to get nato to increase defense spending. if he plays putin's game -- that's what it is. it's standard manipulation. if he ignores the intelligence briefings, the russians think he is a joke. they think he is pliable. you will see degrades american -- the same as the red line collapse. american power is subject to the kremlin and more specifically subject to a kgb counterintelligence guy who never left the kgb. >> we have a late tweet. russians are playing cnn and nbc news for such fools. funny to watch. they don't have a clue. he goes on to add, fox news totally gets it. if they think he is a foolish puppet, is he also playing the game back at them? reverse psychology? what's going on here? >> i don't think that president-elect trump is dumb. certainly, he made very good business decisions that have
3:43 pm
certainly bode well for him. but i don't think he is as clever as putin and his people in russia, unfortunately. so no, i don't think in the sense he is bright enough to be pulling that back, if you will. i think it's terrible that regardless of who won that anybody isn't concerned about this. i think one of the reasons the president waited was there wasn't enough information. i think as president-elect donald trump should care more about this country. it's our election today, god forbid it's our nuclear codes tomorrow. >> that's it on this. we have a lot to cover in the friday lightning round. including some of your new year's resolutions. stick around. your insurance company
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you agreements are fragile and need special attention and a companiment for them to be preserved and developed. it's a notable result of our joint work. >> translator: i would like to express the hope that when donald trump's administration comes on duty, they would also be able to join these efforts. >> chatter about the syrian cease-fire. we're back with our panel. charles, i will start with you. the u.s. had nothing to do with the talks that led to the cease-fire. russian officials are talking about bringing trump into the fold once he is sworn in. >> continuing story of russians showing their contempt for the obama administration. we are not even invited to the talks that will be in kazakhstan. in the past when there was a dispute in the middle east, the conferences were held in washington or under the auspice of the u.s. we aren't even there. most important thing here is that this cease-fire, to the extent it holds, is not a result
3:48 pm
of clever diplomacy. what the romans call the peace of the grave. the rebels were dealt such a huge defeat in aleppo, they are in no position to carry on the fight in the same way as before. this is a russian victory. the mantra out of this administration was, you can't solve a civil war militarily. the answer is, you can. >> there are some notable terror factions that are nopart of the cease-fire as well. >> yes. isis and al qaeda, or the al qaeda branch in syria. as you know, that's part of the problem. if you look at the map of syria, that's almost a third of the problem geographically. it plays into this almost six-year civil war which has led to the millions of refugees that have left syria. we had 16 air strikes that came from assad's military today. i don't call that much of a cease-fire. i'm not trying to be a pessimist. even putin said this is fragile at best. the united states says this is a
3:49 pm
move in the right direction. i'm not sure how much of a positive move that is. because even though you have some islamic organizations that are sitting at this table that caused a lot of problems and murder among the syrian people are not there and are going to continue to wreak havoc. >> how does the trump administration address syria? >> we talk about credibility. the cease-fire is a joke. it place ed -- beware russians with gifts. if the moderate rebellion collapses, that goes to isis. the russians know that. how does it work with president trump coming in? he has two options. pushes back against the russians or accepts it and gets it done. that's better than doing what we're doing now. the problem becomes for trump, you are talking about credibility. if you acquiesce syria, the traditional american allies will
3:50 pm
gravitate towards extremists. they will never accept assad and the notion it's assad or isis. it's going to get very s messy very quickly. >> i want to get to economy. here is what steve moore had to say. he has been an adviser -- economic adviser to the trump campaign about why the markets have been responding so well to his election. >> people are saying this say president who takes growth and business seriously. i think that's why you have seen this dramatic increase in the dow jones. >> we can put up a look at the dow, how it has done this year and since the election. tom, quickly, your thoughts on whether trump can take credit for this or if it's just part of the natural cycle. >> regulation is a big thing.
3:51 pm
the business community is very excited about that. the reduction of regulation. other things at the productivity collapse, the skills gap that we have. labor participation rates, those are things that are more difficult, more structural and things that brought 8,000 jobs back, that ain't enough. we shall see. the devil will be in the details. >> a lot of work on capitol hill as far as addressing the economic issues. >> yeah. some that donald trump has thousands of jobs overseas which he personally could bring to the united states if he closed his production plants in mexico and china bangladesh and india as an example. president obama has brought and created 9.3 million jobs. somebody who is touting 8,000 jobs which we haven't seen yet and on december 6th, the company says 50,000 jobs and now we are talking about 5,000 out of that 50,000. again, i just think these are tweets. and, again, i have to see the creation to believe it. i as an american want our country to succeed.
3:52 pm
i want jobs to, you know, come back to the united states. but the president-elect could do that right now with a phone call. >> well, some pessimists had predicted a plunge of the markets. that's definitely not what we have seen so far. that appears to be some optimism. all right. we have got to get through. this i want to start with your winners and losers for 2016. >> my loser, obviously that was hillary. that's too obvious. i go with chris christie. he went for the brass ring. he not only didn't get it, he not only was boxed out. he was humiliated. this is a very bad ending for a guy who at one point was the only one who stepped over the line to embrace trump. the winner, of course, other than trump, vladimir putin, crimea in his pocket, eastern ukraine, sanctions are collapsing. we were supposed to have isolated him. he has isolated us. and now he is king of the middle east. that's a pretty good record for a guy who started out with a very weak hand. >> all right.
3:53 pm
leslie, yours? >> my winner is, unfortunately, fake news. i mean, when you have pizza gate trending and people actually believing that, it's a sad statement that fake news is winning over truth and real news. losers, maybe those of us who, you know, were subject to believing the fake news and pollsters. they had it wrong, across the board. every which way, and that's it. >> tough year for them. tom, yours? >> my winner is -- kin group and started to show as rancorous shouting match. as it came to the end ratings very strong. quite a traditional. i was the younger element. but there was a great passion from across the political spectrum because i think we debated and respected each other. and that perhaps, is something that hopefully could be taken forward. my losers are millennials. millennials have a great problem because entitlement reform is off the radar. that effects us very deeply in terms of perspective interest rate increases. the net interest repayments on the debt.
3:54 pm
but, also, another will be obama care, obama care has dramatically driven up healthcare costs for young people. because this is not on the agenda, deficit spending track, what are we to think? i think the future is looks likely bleak for us. >> all right. eve of us has about five seconds to tell me about a new year's resolution. charles? >> i'm staying out of the candidate casino for two and a half years because the vow doesn't take effect until midnight i will put 20 bucks on cuomo in 2020. >> you heard it here. >> personally. spend more time with my kids and be a better mom. and as an american, hoping to work for unity. i would like some unity in this country. >> i think that would be. i would like to get mcglock lynn group going again. expansion that says good, polite, but firm debate in the country. bar room you could do that there would be a fight. >> seen a few fight this
3:55 pm
year. all hope for consume by yaw in 2017. the year in gaffes right here on "special report." ♪ ♪ we live in a pick and choose world. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99
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>> finally tonight, live television can be a rough business and even when we try to tape things, sometimes that doesn't go well either. throughout the year we collected some of our outtakes from our own bret baier and it better be bret baier for our own bloorp reel, enjoy. >> the national guard is boosting its presence in flint, michigan as part of it -- p, p,. [blowing raspberries] >> you can see it reports by ed -- and, and, and, and -- that's a take. woo hooh. >> and a story by air and amy kellogg blah blah blah blah blah. that's a long one. >> he blah. reptilian i don'reptilian.
3:59 pm
>> meanwhile istanbul turkey identified bomb his or her killed 10 tourists this week as a -- >> looks like this is going to take six years. [ laughter ] >> take 6. registered refugee. say that scroll down a little bit. the other way. sorry, up. we will have all things politics tonight on the panel. there is no panel. so that's thumbs up. join me for "special report" tonight at 6:00 -- an update on the little sisters -- sisers. little sisers. little sisses. >> um-huh. >> he is not even here to defend himself. the truth is all of us who
4:00 pm
have been on tv for longer than five seconds we have all own bloopers of our own. so you won't be seeing those tonight. thanks for inviting us in your home. that's it for the final report of 2016. good night from washington. "tucker carlson tonight" with guest host ed henry starts now. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm ed henry in again for tucker. the white house keeps saying there is only one president at a time. the question tonight is who is that president? since world leaders from moscow to london are now saying for the first time they are already looking past president obama. so where is that one president? hawaii or florida? after all, it certainly seems like american diplomacy is being conducted at least in part from palm beach where a short time ago president-elect donald trump used twitter to congratulate vladimir putin for dismissing those u.s. sanctions imposed by mr. obama. the russian president said he is not really going it bother to respond until he sees how mr. trump handles all of t


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