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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  December 31, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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welcome. good night and happy new year. welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the show, millennials are creating a permanent protest base near the white house based on the "hunger games" books. and bryant gumbel says that technology is ruining sports. and stick around if your hashtag made the show.
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4 million, tom. let's welcome our guest. she is a help fattal without all the killing, host of the forbes podcast uncommon ground. the perfect name for a new suburban development, michael somerville. bald and beautiful, louis j. gomez. and his friends call him ant because he ruins picnics. let's start the show. a group of anti-trump millennials are opening a per meant protest space near the white house to make sure the president-elect doesn't succeed. the house has been dubbed district 13. and organizers say it will be ready by inauguration day.
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perfect timing. they call it a space for the best kinds of troublemakers from around the country. but will their protests make a difference? you may recall liberals tried to persuade electors to vote for anyone but trump. they made death threats and sent lots and lots of letters. let see what one elector did with all the mail. >> got a lot of letters to burn. going to be burning letters all night. >> anything else to add, sir? >> no more letters today. we've got our electoral votes and we've got a new president. we have our trump sign here and our cows over here. they're supporting trump also. >> are they? we asked one of the cows. [ mooing ].
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>> anyway, the gentleman burning letters was richard jones, sheriff of butler county, ohio. he is a trump supporter but doesn't look like one. oh, wait, i guess he does a little bit. got that trump quality. louis j. gomez welcome to the show. what do you think of what is going on? >> i'm going to be honest with you, i'm surprised the sheriff had time to get on periscope when he was hunting those pesky rabbits. >> was it periscope? >> good with the new technology. he is the sheriff. >> what do you think of this space? they want to try to get in trump's space and be near the white house. but -- it seems the protest everything they try to do it just makes trump stronger, will this happen again with trump? >> i hope it makes his stronger.
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why do they want him to fail? we might be nuked or homeless or in the streets. let's cross our fingers and hope to god he succeeds. >> that's it. ali. this happened when obama was president. rush limbaugh said i hope he fails and everyone comes down on rush limbaugh. but there is a swath of the country that feels the same way about trump. >> and there is a permanent protest base. it's called brooklyn. and why are they sending letters to yosemite sam? he's going to burn them. >> they should have targeted their electors a little bit. there was no hope. >> and half of the letters were death threats to him. that is evidence. how are they not getting prosecutes for sending death threats to an elector.
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>> these people weren't nice. >> going to bend his gun in his own face. >> perfect. >> and put their finger in the barrel. >> that would resonate. >> you varmint. >> he turned it into a global warming pit. >> send this to the never burn was a kid. >> i'm pretty sure you are not supposed to. but it doesn't look like he is following the rules. >> he is a sheriff. no one tells them what to do. >> he's the law. >> and the real law. if you are the head of the cops, the chief, the chief has a chief and it keeps going up. no one above a sheriff. >> he had the cows vote. >> he has the tin star on the -- you know, he's just used to
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burning crosses i'm sure, anyway. >> he got that job by killing the sheriff before him. >> probably. >> walk into town. >> that's the way it is done. a new sheriff in town. and that house, the worst episode of "real world" ever. i imagine the whining going on in that house, where is the safe space? who took my sign? i need my sign that said trump is hitler. stop it, you lost, get over it. it's over. >> barack obama -- >> who is that? >> i forget so quickly. >> it's amazing, isn't it? he started as a community organizer. he was in spaces like this. who knows, maybe in this space of young millennials is our future president. >> great. i can't -- just whining, cry babies. that's what the left has -- that's all they do.
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it's cry, try to figure out some way to keep him from becoming president. >> the model has been protesting. that doesn't seem to be working. so what should they do? they don't like trump what should they do? >> it's good practice for these kids to have 50 roommates for their future. i think -- >> you got to get used to it. >> training for the future. this is the kind of thing that trump will love it. he will wind up renting them the house and turn it all into the reality show. the world's worst criminals versus -- this could be watchable television. >> if i had trump's money i would buy the property and evict them all. i bought the building, beat it. >> the landlord's here. >> i'm here for the rent. >> just like oh, no. >> that would be great. >> protesting their landlord. it's about getting heat in the house. >> hammer and a little thing.
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i'm here to fix the plumbing. >> like the schneider. >> like the schneider of the house. >> greatest protest ever. merriam webster announced the word of the year. it is surreal. marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream, unbelievable, fantastic. 2016 was a surreal year remember this? secretary of state. the publishing company picked surreal because of the number of lookups. liberals were hoping they were living in an episode of st. elsewhere. for oxford it was post-truth.
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for xenophobia. my word of the year, bumfuzzle. you know what it means? to confuse? you confuse them. you bumfuzzled them. >> do you notice a pat western the dictionary picks? they all seem to be picking what? >> things that are -- give me some clues. i thought this was a game show. >> exactly. >> you got the post-truth. that's a dig, right? >> they're all digs. >> they are all orwellian digs at trump or trump supporters. >> why do you think the world of lexicon is against trump. >> anything in charge of giving you information is against trump. >> what is it? >> he is an evil person in their eyes. i love him. >> i was surprised, literally
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wasn't the word. everyone talk about overusing literally. i see people say it three times in one sentence. >> they literally say it literally. >> he literally went into space. >> it's the opposite of what they mean. >> it's -- that's why it's not the word. people are not looking it up. this is words that people don't know what it means. >> literally. >> it makes -- surreal is the top word that was looked up. there's no way it's true. it has to be something filthy. this is like number eight. yeah, like some -- >> i don't know what that is. >> i'm not going to look that up, though. >> i won't look that up, either. >> the real word has to be something you could not say and number eight might be surreal. who doesn't know what surreal means? it's so sad. >> but i think that the word
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surreal is the literally of this year. it doesn't mean anything anymore. this is surreal. it wasn't surreal. it was not surreal. >> it was tuesday. >> last time i was on the show i revealed my website just so everyone knows on "red eye" >> from this show. how did that come together? >> this story choice made you -- >> go to my website. >> that's brilliant. you are the zeitgeist. >> is it an ecommerce or what -- what are you going to do it. >> can you look up what zeitgeist means? and phone it into my ear. >> what are your plans? >> going to hang out with xenophobia and get some drinks. it's a solid word. how do they define the word people were typing it into
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search engines. i don't think they are looking up the definition. >> using it completely wrong. >> they said after someone explains something on -- in a news story, this was surreal, people went and looked it up. >> why does everything have to do with the election? everything word of the year, everything is trump these days, isn't it? >> speaking of, one of my favorite things on the list was bigly was one of the top ten. and turns out it's a real word from the 1400s. we were all laughing at trump but he was just speaking old english. >> is it like -- >> it means big. it is a little bumfuzzling. >> i thought he was saying big league. >> he will take bigly. if people are saying it. >> i love bigly chew, it's my favorite.
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>> pretty good. the my friend -- >> is it -- >> my friend kayla the doll looks innocent but is she a secret spy? the head of a privacy advocacy group says these dolls are spying on your kids. the doll has normal conversations with your children. ask her can i tell you a secret and she'll say go ahead. be very quiet. i promise not to tell anyone it's between you and me because we are friends. what it should say i am recording it and transmitting it back to my parent company. without consent the doll maker could be in violation of federal law. federal law. they got trouble on their hands, don't they? >> that's what we want the feds doing. keeping tabs on talking dolls. i blame the parents for not being informed enough.
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now that they have gotten more futuristic, they transmit these things. they are little rats. you know, family rats. you would have been a rat -- a rat thing, you take them out on the boat, take them out on the stugats and throw them off the back. >> it's the kid's voice going back to the parent company. >> she's wearing a wire. the doll's wearing a wire. it's terrible. you got to pat down your doll before you play with it? >> you could say, louis that the parents need to teach their kids not to narc on themselves. >> why do we care what toddlers are saying. i have a 4-year-old, the [ bleep ] that comes out of this kids mouth never anything slightly intriguing. paw patrol opinions? he'll call his 'cause an poopoo
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head. he doesn't -- he loves bananas. that's what he has been saying today. why do we care? what information are they giving? >> it's interesting. most people love to listen to their kids talk but you demand intrigue? nothing intriguing from him. >> the kid can't tell a story, tom? i'm a professional comedian. i don't know if it's really my kid to be honest. >> they learn later on. they can't -- they don't have beginning, middle and end. >> no ability to keep people's interest in a story. >> he will, in a year or two he'll start. maybe -- maybe you think it's nothing but he is planning a coup or something. >> the problem is the question the doll is asking. the question is tell me your deepest secret but it's a way to weed out anyone who is molesting your kids.
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if someone gets really uncomfortable and an uncle is worried about whatman might say that's great. >> he is going to be on the stand and the doll in the witness stand. >> what did he say? >> my name's talking tina. >> you know what, that's -- >> that doll ratted me out. >> i think that parents would love having this doll. it protects the kids. >> you would think so. the adults just grow up and tweet all their secrets. i just feel bad for women named kayla. and now it's synonymous with being a snitch. >> it's unrealistic. i get the white doll snitching. >> as far as protecting the kids i don't think there are people at mattel that are listening to these dolls. i don't think it will help at all. >> it is china -- >> a company that it's their job
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or the company they give the voice recognition to the fbi because they have voice recognition software. so if there is someone who is wanted and their voice is picked up that information would be sent to that company. >> we have these alexa devices and mark zuckerberg has a device. the computers are on, the camera is on, start them early. >> i'm surprised when you plug something into the world wide web someone is tracking your information. that is always happening. this doll is plugged into a smartphone someone is getting that information. >> imagine how in trouble we would be if someone could hear us right now. >> coming up should sports get rid of instant replay? our panel discusses in slow motion next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a manhunt is underway for the suspect in the shooting of a state trooper. the trooper was shot while answering a domestic dispute call. he joined the state police just one year ago. a 32-year-old man is being taught sau sought in connection with the shooting. donald trump offers praise for vladimir putin for his decision not to retaliate for new penalties imposed by the obama administration. mr. trump calling putin very smart and says he will not kick american diplomats out of the country despite president obama's announcement that 35 russian operatives will be expelled from the u.s. putin inviting diplomats to the
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kremlin to celebrate new year's. a four alarm fire destroying 14 businesses in a borough of new york city it 175 firefighters were called to the scene. border patrol arrest are up 20% this year. roughly 416,000 arrests were made nationwide. riders getting more of a thrill than they bargained for. a sky ride became stuck with 18 people on board at knots berry farm in southern california. fire crews were called in to launch a rescue operation. stocks capping 2016 with growth for the year. the u.s. equity markets coming a long way from their worst ever start to the new year. for all your headlines, log on to
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did we rethink instant replay? bryant gumbel says he thinks that technology is ruining sports viewing. >> technology is rung sports viewing. >> yes, when refs go under the hood it gets under his skin. >> they stop every two seconds for a replay. they go under the hood for a review. it's insane. what's next? do we put a chip in your cleat so we can tell they reach the bag before a tag. >> it's a game. that's what it is. it's not a technological experiment. it's a game. >> wow. >> their panel is bigger than ours. i'm jealous. they go around in a whole circle. a lot of guys talking sports there. michael what do you think of
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this? is technology ruining sports? >> technology made sports what it is. before technology you had to buy a ticket and go to the polo grounds. and it made bryant gumbel a millionaire. so he's out of his mind. >> he is technology. >> he is a result of technology in sports. he has a career based on it. you notice no one else chimed in. >> they depend on technology. >> ali, what is he talking about? >> it's funny he stumbled on to a good idea by being sarcastic? everyone on the panel is like that solves all the problems. >> not one person thought it was a bad idea. that's brilliant. >> you wouldn't have to replay. that's perfect. and i would argue that it's helping in a way. you see things you would never see. they had that guy that was
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masturbating on the charger's field and he -- i watched it like four times. i would never watch a charger's game otherwise. that's amazing. >> that's what we have to do, more masturbation in sports? >> that's my stand, more masturbation in sports. >> it's true, it's everywhere. sometimes i wonder why you need the refs. everything is done with the computers. the first down is a laser beam. >> there is no judgment call in football for the most part. they could computerize the whole thing. you don't want to completely take the human element out of it. then you might as well have robots and some futuristic game. but i -- they have that -- what do they have in hockey that tracked the puck for a while and it was distracting and annoying. >> the spotlight on the puck. >> the chip in the shoe is
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brilliant. >> there's no downside to that idea. >> but he sounds like, get off my lawn! >> he stumbled upon it. >> new technology. >> and let's be honest is it slowing the game down? because they have, you know, they -- i feel the technology can help speed up the game in some way. >> yeah, i mean, look, the thing that everyone is ignoring is that we are grown men and we're watching other men play games and that is kind of ridiculous. it's crazy to me as an adult i'm going the watch some dude run down a field with a ball and throw it to another man. am i the only one who finds that concept to be very, very silly. >> people live and die by sports. >> do you watch any? >> just mma. there's no question. there's two men. they get in there and fistfight. that's it. >> it's not confusing. >> we don't bowls and this
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aggressive sweaty men activity. >> michael you are a sports guy, right? >> huge sports guy. >> well, sorry. >> i'm a little troubled with it. what am i going to do? you are convincing and now sunday is screwed. the american male is -- most of their life is sports. they spend it at work, et cetera. but do you think it's been too technologized? >> i don't. i understand the four minutes on an instant replay. but i want my team to get the call. show me the technology. the masturbating i'm not so -- but otherwise -- >> that guy was the most unsettle guy in the world. >> that was amazing. >> he loves sports. >> he wasn't looking at the defensive line. right? >> that's something where he should have been using the newest technology. it's available on computers and he is using old school real
12:28 am
chief leaders. -- cheerleaders. >> he's just old fashioned. >> he's a romantic. >> yes. >> they tried to use sensors in the uniforms to see how tired they were when they were on the field. they would pull them out if they were more fatigued. if you had the technology available to you, you know, it just helps the game. >> if you have it, use it. coming up, halftime, and a "red eye" podcast is available.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> this is our last show of the year, isn't it? >> it is. unbelievable, isn't it? >> yeah. let's go on holiday. >> can't believe we made it. >> the millennial protest base. you showed the video of the elector who said that cows voted for trump too. >> sometimes a cow wants to be made into a steak. some animal spokespeople. there are two kinds of people the ones who want you to eat them and those who don't. charlie the tuna wanted to be put in a can. >> he was dumb. louis, you said why would they want trump to fail?
12:33 am
i guess in their minds all those things would happen if he succeeds. >> yeah, we're screwed. you're right. thanks. >> you said it sounds like the worst episode of "real world" ever. imagine the smell. >> terrible. awful. >> chewy everywhere. >> tom you said nobody tells a sheriff what to do. obviously you have never seen "smokey and the bandit." >> okay. >> michael you said it will be good for these kids to learn what it is like to have 50 roommates. >> also probably the first time they haven't lived with their parents. >> the plan was concocted in their parents' basements. >> all of their parents' basements. how can we get them out of the house. >> a terrible plan. surreal is the word of the
12:34 am
year. the interest spiked after the election when the liberals hoped they were living in st. elsewhere. >> the kids at home going yeah, man, st. elsewhere. >> did you write the story? >> i didn't. >> okay. andy does that. he'll write a story and criticize what came out of my mouth. >> perfect. >> this is not one of those times. >> no charlie the tuna. al, you said the real words should be further down on the little like after reverse -- >> but the thing is things like that, they would be urban dictionary's word of the year. >> do they have one? >> they don't. they should. >> that's the only one that would be interesting. >> i was really upset. >> it will be okay. >> anthony you said the word of the year should have been
12:35 am
literally. i thought normalized would be -- it came on kind of late but right after the election all we were hearing is don't normalize trump's behavior. >> i never heard that. maybe your friends. >> you haven't heard it? >> no, normalize. >> it should be word of the year. >> that or -- huck. >> see what i did there. ? very clever. you asked how they picked the words? it's based on how many people look up a particular word on their website. >> oh, okay. >> that's it. >> well. >> there you go. >> the spying doll. anthony blames the parents. >> i think it needs to be made clear to the parents that if you buy this doll the things your kids say are stored on the company's server and that's up to the parents.
12:36 am
>> maybe they won't sell many dolls if that warning is on there. >> also you mocked the idea of the feds getting involved in this. but the doll is basically wearing a wire. >> that's true. so i don't know. >> well. >> one or the other. i don't like feds. >> ali you said the doll asks kids to tell them their secrets. >> it does. >> i don't think it does. the example was a kid to the doll can i tell you a secret? >> i thought it was the doll saying -- >> that would be really creepy. >> it would be really creepy. >> louis you said why do we care what they're saying. maybe the doll does say ask your mommy what her atm p.i.n. is.
12:37 am
>> i would be finding out the major family secrets. very smart. >> tom you said the parents would love this doll. it protects the kids. as long as the parents know what they're getting into it would be fine. you just have to be able to make sure. >> and you should be able to access it. and you can go on the website and see what your kid says in secret. >> don't they just set up baby monitors? >> iphones are great too, just slip them under the door. >> you said technology made gumbel a millionaire. i agree with that. it's a game. it's not just a game at the professional level. ask anyone who gambles. >> or even at the college level any more. >> the first down in football is not done by a laser beam. >> the line is not real. >> but it is real.
12:38 am
it's based on real information on the field. >> you don't use it to judge a first down. the announcers will say that yellow line is not 100% accurate. don't judge it by the yellow line. >> they should remind me more often. >> pay attention and do this less. >> what was that? >> what i do. >> could have been a variety of things. >> anthony you said that gumbel sounds like get off my lawn. i sort of agree with him to some extent. i think replay is killing football. the games are too slow and too much time spent not playing the game. use the replay if you can find out in five seconds if a call is blown. if a ref thinks it was a catch and you see the ball hit the ground first and you can overturn it, do that. but if you have to check eight
12:39 am
angles in slo-mo for 20 minutes, forget it. >> what does anyone do if you are home, you're home, you're not doing anything, you're watching the game. you can go to the bathroom. and if you're at the game i'm in a rush to get to the parking lot and sit for 30 hours to drive home? >> you're freezing your ass off. >> who cares. take an extra five minutes to get a legit call. >> i care. >> you do. i don't have to pee that much. when i'm at home i don't take that many bathroom breaks. >> maybe stop doing this. >> i'm done. >> thank you, andy. you know your state bird and flower. now learn your state christmas movie, after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a manhunt is under way in pennsylvania for suspect in the fatal shooting of a state trooper. the trooper was shot during an a domestic dispute call. a 32-year-old man is sought in connection with the shooting. he is armed and should be considered dangerous. new york city times square preparing to welcome in the new year. stepping up patrols in the area.
12:44 am
more than 1 million people are expected in the area. 7,000 police officers will join garbage trucks weighed down with sand to prevent terrorist attacks similar to those in paris and germany. the coast guard spotting their search for a plane that went down near cleveland. it was piloted by the ceo of a beverage company with his wife and children on board. the group just left a cleveland cavaliers game. carrie fisher and debby reynoldss will be remembered at a joint funeral. todd fisher says there will be a public service and one for close family and friends. the dates have not been announced. new york's carnegie deli has closed its doors. the owners say they are closing
12:45 am
up shop to retire from the business. now back to the show. for all your headlines, log on to when it comes to beloved christmas movies, one classic is at the the of the list, santa buddies, the legend of santa paws. what are some other favorites? take a look. households in the south like national lampoon's christmas vacation, home alone and how the grinch stole christmas. new england likes classics. the great lake states enjoy home alone and elf and the west like
12:46 am
the nightmare before christmas. weirdos. that is strange, isn't it? amazing thing about these maps is the different parts of the country are really different. >> they really are. we are a united states. they are very different. but i didn't see something on that list. one of my favorites, "die hard" you forget that is a christmas time movie. >> where have you been? >> it's a christmas time movie and one of my favorites. i'm throwing it in there. come on, work them to the party, pal. it's a christmas party. now i have a machine gun. ho-ho-ho. >> it takes a little to make a christmas movie. >> you think it is a christmas film? >> 100%. there is christmas music, christmas lights. love and redemption. there is a little fighting.
12:47 am
>> a little fighting. >> holiday at the irish house. it's more accurate of a depiction of any of the other. >> on christmas morning, andy in his underwear, drunk, yippy chiay [ bleep ]. >> potty mouth tonight. >> i know. >> it's been in the news this week and it is proved that die hard isn't a christmas movie. but we don't want to beat that horse. >> he carries a gun. it's a christmas movie. whatever you want. >> but the -- i like the classics, it's a wonderful life. i'm right in there. but miracle -- or the nightmare before christmas. >> a little bit much. >> a little scary for the kids. >> it's a halloween movie. >> it's a hybrid. i forgot about scrooged. look at washington doing
12:48 am
something for the country and reminding me about scrooged. >> it really is a good one. >> i like all versions of a christmas carole. >> the muppets is amazing. >> mr. ma goo istastic. >> i have another one. planes trains and automobiles. >> because there is a snowflake in it? >> that's enough for me. >> i think it's meant to be thanksgiving but you can carry it over. it's a holiday close to christmas enough and gives you that spirit. >> you have some criteria for christmas. very strict. is that like deadly night, a horror movie that "w" a serial killer that killed the family. >> you are driving him nuts. >> have you ever heard a christmas in connecticut. >> yeah. but -- >> we're killing tom's
12:49 am
christmas. >> you mix it with miracle in 34th street. they get the house in connecticut. >> the ghost of christmas past is going to come and bring tom back to this episode. >> it's a wonderful life. it's a classic. >> a classic. as a kid i loved all those rank and bass animated things. >> i want to be a dentist. >> you used to have to wait. you have to wait one night. >> if you missed it, you missed it. >> your year was ruined. >> i think we're done with the show. >> coming up -- i mean done with that -- we'll be back. with that. we'll be right back. as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from.
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♪ >> every new year people mak resolutions and promptly break them. i say this year don't bother. you're perfect just the way you are. we asked what habits you are resolved to keep doing using the #sorrynotstopping.
12:54 am
won't stop drawing "red eye" every night. keep it up. michael writes, not stopping living with my parents even if trump finds me a job. let basement cleaner be the job. not stopping argue with liberals on twitter. not stopping that one thing i do that no one else knows about. believe me she knows. dabble won't stop wasting my children's inheritance own my frivolous hobby. kent writes although it is horrible i will continue to watch "red eye" with tom shillue. good for him. cigars are essential to manliness and -- and dr. nerdly, not stopping the writing of my "red eye" fan-fic.
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what do you think? what are you not going to stop doing? >> video gaming. i am -- not married or in a serious relationship because of my video game. i need to be able to play whenever i want till whenever i want. atomic addictive. >> it's a bad habit. >> battlefield one is all i do with my life. i love it and will not stop. >> not stopping? >> it's a whole thing. your boy has been on this no wink campaign. you are not supposed to masturbate or watch important. i'm doubling down. twice in the morning and twice at night. no one makes good decisions when they're [ bleep ]. >> what are we doing here? >> are we going to pretend you are pent up and walking around. you need to wank and live life clear headed. >> i don't know about that.
12:56 am
>> i wanted the sorry not stopping and i got it. michael? >> he doesn't watch sports so he has the time. maybe if he watched a game once in a while. >> what are you not going to stop? setting the bar too high in setting myself up for failure. i try to change my life every january, run a marathon, write a book and then i'm like i'm going to take a nap. i'm going to open keep doing that. >> you're going to set the bar. >> that's good. you know where you're going to end up. >> i'm consistent. >> ali? >> i'm piggy back michael's. i can't decide not to stop. i think our friends should make our resolutions for us. i'm going to give up chocolate and my friend would be like maybe you should stop texting your ex-boyfriend. >> before noon.
12:57 am
>> we have ideas that are better. >> that would not cause any fights between friends would it? >> special thanks to my guests. that does it for me, tom shillue. i have to go to 2017. , eight, s
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donald trump plays nice with vladimir putin a day after president obama slaps russia with sanctions. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. what a difference a day makes. just a day after president obama's unprecedented move to punish russia for trying to interfere with the u.s. election, vladimir putin says he will not retaliate. donald trump sings putin's praises for that. peter doocy is in florida. we begin with kefb kevin cork i honolulu wh


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