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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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last word, kat? >> little marco would actually be a great name for a goldfish. >> can't argue with that. thanks to charles hurt, guy benson, katherine, tyrus and our studio audience. time greg gutfeld and i love you, america. i do. i do. and a live look at times square, where nearly 2 million people will soon say good-bye to 2016. hello, 2017. this year, a massive security presence in midtown, manhattan. hello, everybody. happy new year. i'm gregg jarrett. >> hi, everyone. i'm arthel neville. happy new year's eve to everyone. while there's no credible threat of any kind, police and officials in new york city are taking tonight's celebration very seriously, though. this comes after recent terror attacks in germany and france. right now, dozens of 20-ton trucks blocking the streets of midtown manhattan, with 7,000
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officers patrolling the area, and brian llenas is smack dab in the middle of it all, where all of the action kicks off in a few hours. so brian, tell us what else is nypd doing to secure times square? >> reporter: well, happy new year to you, arthel. and you know what, this is unprecedented security in 112 years that new year's eve has been celebrated here in times square. we're talking about some 7,000 uniformed and plainclothesed police officers here throughout times square. some 2 million people here, if you remember. we're also talking about some critical response command counterterrorism units. these units were created after those paris attacks. they have heavy weapons and are available 24/7 hours a day to respond at any moment. vapor wake dogs that are highly trained k-9s that can smell any kind of bomb-making chemicals on any person to prevent suicide attacks or suicide bombings. and we're also talking about those dump trucks. 65 sanitation trucks put in
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strategically placed intersections in and around times square to prevent any kind of vehicle attack, that kind that we saw in nice, france, that killed 86 people over the summer, as well as the one we saw in berlin, germany, which killed 12 people. these trucks are meant to be unmovable. some are filled with 15 tons of sand, and they're there to protect and make sure nobody can drive a vehicle into a crowd. but the nypd has helicopters and boats, you name it. they want people to know, there's nothing specific in terms of any kind of credible threat to new york city tonight, which is good news. and they also say, this is going to be one of the safest places you can be to celebrate the new year. arthel? >> yeah, this is good news. and we have lots of confidence in nypd. let's talk about the revelers out there, all your fans standing out there to see you, mr. llenas. how are they holding up, dealing with security, the long hours of standing? >> look, we talk to people, some people got here at 10:00 a.m. other people got here at 8:00 a.m. to make sure they can
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secure their spot from all over the world. mexico, canada, some places, people from ohio, nebraska, first time in the city. they really want to do this, but there is no alcohol allowed. it is cold out here, in the 30s. and they have to sit out here and they get through two security checkpoints. it's a lot, but when we spoke to people, they said, it's all worth it. >> like 6:00 in the morning. got here and the gate probably like 11:00. been standing here for like five hours. >> we've been celebrating every hour so every hour feels like a milestone. >> new year's resolution? >> last year's resolution was to read more books and this area's resolution is to use the words i read in those books. >> she wants me to read books. >> reporter: do you think it's going to be worth the wait? >> yeah, this is going to be a great memory. obviously excited for that. go home and brag to my friends. >> reporter: we are just six hours away and this is some of the stuff that people are wearing. the 2017 glasses that i know gr gregg loves so much.
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and there's also this thing, the horn. we're all ready. this is a great time. people say, the bottom line is, it's really the one -- you've got to do it once in your life, right? people are here to have a good time. >> got to do it once in your life. all right, real talk, brian, if you weren't working tonight, would you be out there? >> reporter: no. and i think most new yorkers would tell you that. it's just not one of those things you do, it's cold, it's -- but people love it. no bathrooms, no alcohol is stuff. on new year's eve! >> two strikes. but it's all good! happy new year to you and i think i'll see you later at a party. undisclosed location. >> yeah, that's right. happy new year's, guys. >> that's going to be with him forever. as we count down the final five plus hours until the ball drops, they're already celebrating in europe. a live look at the brandenberg gate in berlin, germany, where people are ringing in 2017. the city, of course, rising above the terrorists. they're holding a large-scale event, notwithstanding the
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terrorist attack on christmas market just ten days ago. and the last hour, take a look. ♪ how about that? fireworks lit the sky over the acropilis in beautiful athens, greece, and over the pyramids in cairo, egypt. be sure to stick with fox news throughout the evening for coverage of twaimes square. the five-hour extravaganza kicks off at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and kim and eric hosting all of new year live all evening. and we'll be checking in with them a little bit later on this hour. just days after the u.s. cleared out two russian compounds in the u.s., 35 russian diplomats are getting ready to head back home to their country. it comes after president obama hit russia with sanctions in retaliation for meddling in the
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u.s. election. caroline shively is live in washington. so caroline, do we know when the russian diplomats will be heading back home? >> well, arthel, they officially are kicked out tomorrow. that's when the 72-hour clock runs out. take a look at their plane parked at dulles international airport in virginia. russia's news agency says almost 100 people have been told to go. that's 35 diplomats and their dependents. russian officials say it's part of the roseya special flight squadron. they locked up two of their luxury compounds yesterday at noon in new york in new york and maryland when the u.s. blocked access to them as punishment for the larger hacking scandal. the obama administration says the gorgeous buildings were used for much more than vacations, specifically for intelligence gathering against the u.s. putin says u.s. diplomats can stay there, even inviting their kids to a new year's party. arthel? >> so here's the other question, what's the latest, caroline, on russia's apparent attempt to hack a vermont power grid?
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>> that infected laptop we've been talking about wasn't connected to the power grid system, that's the good news. the burlington electric company in vermont found mallware on a company laptop yesterday after the department of homeland security shared the malware code with them. company officials say they scanned all of the computers in their system and then called the feds. here's the response from senator patrick leahy. quote, this is beyond hackers having electronic joyrides. this is now about trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in the middle of winter. that is a direct threat to vermont and we do not take it lightly. the federal government shared those malware code identifiers with utility, financial, and transportation companies all across the country. arthel? >> caroline shively, thanks, caroline. and the president-elect is spending new year's in florida. earlier today, played a round of golf at his club in jupiter, florida. he also left the press pool far behind. peter doocy is the with the president-elect live in florida. so peter, what's been going on?
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>> reporter: gregg, as you know and everybody out there watching knows, 2016 was a really good year for the trump family. and now the president-elect has a special holiday message for anybody that tried to slow him down on his way to the white house. he tweeted this today. "happy new year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love!" this morning, some of mr. trump's allies in congress were coming to his defense, explaining that just because the president-elect posted on social media that he thinks vladimir putin is a smart person for waiting to respond to u.s. sanctions until president obama leaves office doesn't mean his foreign policy is going to favor putin for no reason. republican congressman sean duffy says, president-elect trump has a plan. >> what we understand from mr. trump, he puts, whether it's his business or his campaign or now america first. so when you have the left saying, oh, my gosh, this relationship is going to be a partnership between america and russia, i don't think that is actually going to be the case.
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i think mr. trump doesn't want to be boxed in by these lame sanctions that have come from barack obama. he wants to start a fresh relationship with mr. putin. >> earlier today, the president-elect did sneak out of mar-a-lago to play golf, which has been relatively rare, as far as we know, while he's been in florida. and a helicopter later flew by our cameras and landed on the lawn at mar-a-lago, which is something we've never seen before in the last couple of weeks. so far, no word from the transition team about who may have been getting dropped off or picked up and taken somewhere later. and some time in the next hour, we do expect to see the 800 guests for tonight's mar-a-lago new year's eve party rolling by in tuxedos and sequinned dresses. they're going to head for a secret service checkpoint down the road where they will be swept alongside stars like fabio and sylvester stallone. gregg? >> sounds like a lot of fun! all right. we'll check back with you, peter doocy, in palm beach. and in 20 days, donald trump
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will become the 45th president of the united states, and what a transition period this has been. for more on this, vince collinais is here, the editor in chief for "the daily caller." good to see you. happy new year's eve. >> happy new year's eve. >> so did president obama's sanctions against russia pretty much derail any possibility of a smooth transition? >> well, it's one of many factors, i think, that's thrown obstacles in the way of donald trump's taking office in a smooth way. so, yeah, both men have attempted this high-wire act. they met immediately after the election and promised that a smooth transition would take place. president obama was very clear about that. and since then, we know that both men have been speaking somewhat regularly in an effort to make that transition work, including having many people within the administration reach out to the trump transition team, to create a smooth conditions. but these foreign policy acts that the president has taken, the current president, president obama, have thrown some obstacles in the way of trump taking office. for instance, sanctioning russia
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the way he has, now leads it up to president-elect trump, and then president trump, to decide how he's going to handle russia. is he going to welcome these russian diplomats back into the united states? is he going to revert these sanctions, or is he going to say, look, obama made that decision, but from here, we're going to change the way we interact with russia. >> how much of that do you think will depend on how much information president-elect trump will get next week during his intelligence briefing, regarding the russian hacking? >> well, you would presume a lot. i mean, i think anybody would be influenced by the intelligence gathered by our intelligence agencies. so, we'll see to what extent. i mean, president-elect trump has made clear over and over that he intends to have a much different posture than president obama when it comes to a lot of things in international relations, but particularly russia. so i think the tone is probably going to be much more collegial than adversarial with russia going forward. but that's definitely a wait-and-see topic. >> definitely, there is a high-stakes, high-tightrope act
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going on here. with the relationships between u.s. and russia on the front burner, how much heat is on the trump transition team? >> well, the trump transition team has -- there's a lot of heat. certainly, people who support president obama and his agenda are constantly criticizing president-elect trump and his team for speaking out against anything that president obama does, whether it's on russia or blocking new oil drilling in the atlantic, or the administration's recent announcement that it would tacitly approve a condemnation of israeli settlements in the united nations. all of these things, every time president-elect trump has attempted to come out and say, w whoa, whoa, whoa, i don't agree with that. and that's actually created an interesting dynamic. whereas trump -- i'm sorry, obama is throwing obstacles in front of trump. trump is actually neutering president obama's policy agenda. >> but isn't that unusual, as with everything goes the president-elect has done, isn't that unusual? because you have the one u.s.
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president at a time. and clearly, mr. trump has been publicly inserting himself in foreign policy and, you know, there's that. and, you know, people just want to know, is that the road to go? what are you hearing? is that the right road to take? >> well, think about it this way. whether or not you're a shareholder or an employee of a company, and you're finding out that there's a new boss coming in three weeks. if the current boss says, hey, this is the company plan from now on and you're the new guys already chattering, you're kind of rolling your eyes going, the new guys has a different plan, f no big deal. that's what's happening with president-elect trump. he's consistently saying he has a plan. so the american people know that the next president is coming in with a very different posture. so no matter what president obama says, as long as trump is being vocal about his displeasure, the reality is no one is going to take obama too seriously in the waning day of his administration. and obama is doing everything he can to preserve his legacy on the way out, but trump wants to make sure he has a clear runway.
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>> as you know, president obama is planning to make final remarks, give a final address to the nation a week before the inauguration and where he wants to put forth his policy agenda. but let's talk about, before we go, vince, the trump transition team. excuse me, the administration, not the transition. will the new administration be ready to rock on day one? and what's tops on the agenda? >> well, with one of the things that's crystal clear that's tops is this look at changing, repealing, replacing obamacare. and this is a critical moment to be looking at this, because president obama this very week is scheduled to meet on wednesday with top democrats to figure out a way to preserve obamacare in its current form. what that looks like? unclear right now. but the president thinks that there must be some plan involved that could preclude president-elect trump from gutting what has been a very mixed review on a health care policy. and we'll see what president-elect trump does. but on day one, in terms of actual transitions, historically, the trump transition team seems to be
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ahead of schedule. they've got a lot of people in place and a lot of people scheduled for hearings already. and that's a good pace, i think, for president-elect trump. >> we leave it there. vince coglianese, happy new year. >> to you, too. a scary situation at a theme park. riders trapped in the air for hours. how rescue workers were finally able to get them down. >> plus, new numbers show a dramatic surge in tleemillegal immigration from countries other than mexico. what u.s. officials are saying about that increase. new developments in the murder case against kennedy cousin, michael skagel. why a court reinstated his conviction after he's been free for three years. our legal team is here to dibt. ♪
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more than a dozen people now safe after a very frightening ride malfunction at a california theme park. riders finding themselves
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trapped. about 130 feet up in the air for several hours yesterday. rescue workers had to use emergency access routes to reach the top of the ride, after ladders failed to do the trick. crews were able to harness each and every person and finally lower them to the ground. they were all safe. a new report from the department of homeland security revealing disturbing statistics about our nation's borders. dhs reporting a 15% surge in illegal immigration into the u.s., but the increase is not coming from mexico. will karr is live from our west coast bureau to tell us where. will? >> arthel, the surge is coming from countries once again in central america, just like we saw back in 2014. and according to the numbers that were released by the department of homeland security on friday, total apprehensions across the country jumped by 67,000 compared to 2015. border patrol arrests alone were up 23% this year. homeland security points out the
3:21 pm
numbers are lower than they were routinely from the '80s to 2008 when most immigrants were coming from mexico. in a statement, dhs secretary jeh johnson says, we continue to better focus our interior resources on removing individual who is may pose threats to public safety. he goes on to say, significantly, an increasing perjury of those deported from the interior were convicted of serious crimes, over 90% in 2016 as compared to 51% in 2009. but the number of families and children sneaking across the border is higher than 2015 and 2014, when we saw the last surge linked to gang violence and misinformation coming out of central america. it comes as there have been reports as well that this year's surge could be linked with president-elect trump's tough stance on border security. >> we will build a great wall. and we will stop illegal
3:22 pm
immigration for once and for all. >> the report also indicates that sanctuary cities are significantly impacting the removal of illegal immigrants across the country. arthel? >> will carr, thanks, will. well, a high-court decision bringing michael skakel, kennedy cousin, squarely back into the spotlight. the connecticut supreme court reinstating his conviction yesterday for the 1975 murder of 15-year-old martha moxley. moxley was found violently murdered after a night of partying with skakel and other teenagers. skakel serving 11 years in prison before a judge ordered a new trial three years ago in 2013. he's been out of jail now for the better part of three years, so was the high court's ruling correct? what's next for michael skakel? let's bring in doug burns, a defense attorney, former federal prosecutor. jennifer brant joins us, a defense attorney. doug, let me start with you. >> sure. >> the state supreme court said
3:23 pm
that skakel did have effective council. apparently, his new defense attorneys produced almost no evidence to the contrary. so, i mean, technically speaking, right decision to reinstate the conviction? >> look, it was close, it's 4-3, which is interesting. i've been involved in umpteen ineffective counsel claims as a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer. and the point is, it's a two-part test, as you well know, gregg, you're a lawyer. one, the performance was below the reasonable standard. and -- not or -- and the outcome would have been different. the main claim is that they didn't pursue that tommy skakel was the real perpetrator. >> but the problem is, and i talked to mickey sherman, the defense attorney about this, and michael skakel didn't want him to pursue that avenue. when your client says, don't do it, as a defense attorney, you can't do it. >> and the court picked up on that, by the way, and said, that wasn't the only reasonable approach.
3:24 pm
and there's a presumption not to second guess. trying a case is like being a football coach. easy to second guess later. it was a close decision, 4-3, but at the same time, they say he was not ineffective. >> you know, jennifer, it looks like the sbeintermediate court, which originally tossed out the conviction three years ago, used ineffective council as really just a pretext. they seem to think skakel was innocent, but, you know, that's not good enough on appeal, absent new evidence, right? >> that's right. and he was tried and convicted. so, now to go back and say, oh, you know, he should be let out of prison, because of ineffective counsel, well, the supreme court doesn't think that is what should happen. and they're sending it back to say that his counsel was effective. it so seems to me that he's headed back to prison. i think he still didn't finish his sentence. and he still has a lot more time to serve. >> we'll talk about that in a second. doug, you know, i covered this trial, admittedly, i wasn't there every day. but i saw enough to get a feel for it.
3:25 pm
and i've got to tell you, i was stunned at the conviction, because the evidence appeared to be incredibly weak, most of the prosecution witnesses were these nefarious people who had no credibility. they testified that skakel had made some vague, incriminating statements. it was really absurd. at one point, there was a witness who admitted on the stand he was high on heroin during his testimony! i mean, does this have the makings of a travesty of justice? >> the big part of it you highlighted, this is key, the prep school classmates. it really was a little bit unfair, in a sense. there's also, you know, in his cousin's book, "framed," which, by the way, necessarily such a hot idea to write that book and publish it while the case is pending. but in that book, there was fairly compelling information, i've got to be clear on this, that they took a car ride and michael skakel was in that car
3:26 pm
that left the property. so that was pretty compelling. so back to the original observation, it wasn't an open/shut, slam dunk case, forensically. >> and speaking of forensics, there wasn't a shred of forensic evidence or any physical evidence that tied the murder to michael skakel. and beyond that, the defendant seemed to have an alibi, although it was a bit controversial, that he was watching a movie 20 minutes away with a bunch of friends, who were eyewitnesss to his presence there. so, it doesn't -- does any of that count when you're trying to get a conviction tossed? >> well, at this point, i think we're beyond that. because he already has been convicted. and i think we're losing sight of that. because the ineffective counsel, this is some of the things that were brought up as part of that argument, that they didn't present alibis -- >> but mickey did present that. mickey sherman did present the alibi? >> right, but they're saying
3:27 pm
that part of being ineffective, that he didn't do everything he could possibly do for michael skakel. and the supreme court disagreed with that. i think now we're stuck with the fact that there was a conviction. they're not going to re-try him on the merits of the case. it's just a question now of this ineffective counsel issue. >> so doug, what does skakel do? he can appeal to the supreme court. not likely they're going to take this case. >> he's got two options, gregg. first, hubert santos, apparently, will move for a rehearing in front of the supreme court. normally everybody would laugh that out of the box and say that's very, very long odds. however, this is interesting. the judge who wrote the majority opinion is retiring as we speak. >> ahh. >> yeah, yeah, so it's hard to handicap. >> that's interesting. >> but the more logical avenue is that once you've exhausted your state court remedies, once you've gone to the highest court in connecticut, you can go to the federal court with a federal habeas corpus -- >> yeah, jennifer, real fast, i'm out of time. are they really going to revoke his bond and put him back in
3:28 pm
prison? he served 11 years. 20 was the minimum. he's been out for 3 years, kept his nose clean, never committed any other crimes? >> i think that's what it's going to come down to. what has he done in these three years? has he been able to show his remorse, that he's made a new life for himself, that he's improving hills and it would be wrong to send him back to prison. i think that's what it's going to turn on and given all these other facts that we've talked about, we'll see what the court does with all of that. >> jennifer brandt and doug burns, good to see you both. thank you. >> sure, gregg. >> thank you. well, dramatic video of an avalanche near juneau, alaska. why the footage makes it look even bigger than it actually was. and tense times between the united states and russia after reports surface that the russians did interfere with our election. will there be more action taken against them? that's next. >> he really has played this brilliantly and he's frankly outmaneuvered obama time and again. and this is one of those moves
3:29 pm
where he's basically said to obama, okay, fine, you're irrelevant. you're here three weeks. we're not worried about it. good-bye. have a nice life. and there's nothing that is more insulting than for someone to be treated with contempt and irrelevance and just basically written off as, we don't care. eg by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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we have breaking news coming out of turkey at 1:35 local time there. reports of a gunman reportedly opening fire inside of a nightclub in istanbul. this happening at the reyna nightclub there. and reports that there may have been two attackers involved. we're not sure about that. we're waiting to get confirmation. there are casualties reported. and as you can imagine, this happening again, we're reporting this at 1:32 a.m. there in istanbul, where revelers are fully engaged in partying for
3:33 pm
the new year's eve celebration there. we'll keep you posted as we get more details here in the fox news channel. lawmakers, members of the obama administration responding to american sanctions against russia. in the meantime, russian president vladimir putin deciding not to ask american diplomats to leave his country. all of this raising questions about how relations between the two nations might change in the incoming administration. kevin corke is live in honolulu, hawaii, with the latest. kevin? >> hey, my friend. good to talk to you. you're right. a lot of people, frankly, greg, in the international community were a little bit surprised by the lack of immediate response by vladimir putin, but senior administration officials tell me, listen, they weren't surprised at all. they say the move wasn't novel in any way. at best, it was nuanced. and frankly, a lot of them were telling me, they felt this was fairly predictable, because putin likes to weaken the image
3:34 pm
of the united states, so that's why he decided against immediately retaliating by sending u.s. diplomats out of the u.s. country. and that's also why president obama shut down a pair of russian facilities in maryland and new york and expelled nearly three dozen russian operatives, giving them 72 hours to leave the country. now those moves in retaliation, of course, with the alleged cyberattacks during the run-up to the 2016 election, and this is important, my friend, the continued harassment of u.s. diplomats in russia. but critics still wonder if mr. putin has pulled a fast one on mr. obama by refusing to retaliate. >> i think that his response has outsmarted president obama over the course of the last couple of days. you know, unfortunately, president obama, when he engages in a step, a next move with regard to relations witrussia, it seems like he's thinking one step ahead, and vladimir putin is thinking five, ten, twelve steps ahead.
3:35 pm
and what's going to be important for the incoming administration is there needs to be more of a long game. >> chess compared to checkers, as some might argue. but as for the incoming trump administration, there are those who are suggesting, gregg, that a diplomatic thaw may be in the offing with the kremlin. but white house officials are still warning it's in america's best interests, no matter who's in the white house, to keep moscow at arm's length. >> the president is leaving office in a couple weeks, but he's the president from now until then. president obama's our president. and he's vowed to keep our country safe and advance our national security interests from now until then. and that's what he's doing today. if the next administration wants to lift sanctions against senior russian intelligence units to make it easier for them to interfere in our elections, they can go ahead and do that. we just don't think that makes much sense. >> reporter: as you know, a big week ahead in washington as the president returns from here in hawaii. he's going to have a huge confab with democratic leaders on the hill. he's trying to figure out a way to preserve his legacy and the affordable care act in particular, obamacare, that and
3:36 pm
the new reality for democratic leaders, that's dealing with the gop in control of congress and the white house. gregg? >> kevin corke live in honolulu. kevin, thank you. and for more on this now, let's brick in captain ben collins, a u.s. army special forces veteran and a green beret, who served three tours of duty in afghanistan. captain collins, thank you for being here. i want to start with president putin's decision to wait until president trump is in office to decide how he will react to the recent expulsion of the russian diplomats. how much of a power play is that on the part of putin? >> well, i think it's probably in putin's best interests to do so. somebody, i think it was right before the break, governor huckabee had said, look, this has essentially just been a slap in the face to obama. and you know, the russian embassy actually tweeted out a pretty snarky picture of a lame
3:37 pm
duck. so i think there's really no reason up-to-that this point sie only 21 days until president trump is sworn in. so really, there's the reality he'll have to be dealing with president trump as opposed to president obama. and there have been signals that they're willing to thaw that relationship, so it's probably in his best interests to do so. >> so, then, how do you think president trump should respond? he's wedged between the republican party. you've got congressional leaders closely watching this unfold, as well as you have trump's voters, those who supported him, who subscribe to the notion that donald trump proposed during the campaign, that better relations with russia could produce better results. >> well, look, the first, i think we should have better relations with russia, if it's possible. i think that trump had stated this week that he's going to meet next week with heads of the u.s. intelligence agencies, and he's going to get brought up to speed as to the evidence and
3:38 pm
what's there. but, you know, you touched on it. you know, this wasn't really a hit from president obama against president putin. this wasn't really a target on russia. this was a target on donald trump. this was a political maneuvering done by obama to essentially box him in. you know, the sanctions weren't economic sanctions, they were very specifically political sanctions. and as the white house spokesman said, you know, he's put him in a position where, you know, again, if trump rolls back these sanctions, of course, we're not going to let 35 intelligence officers back into this country. but, again, suddenly, obama has his backbone. that backbone wasn't there when russian-backed rebels shot down an airliners. it wasn't there when syria was gassing its own people. but suddenly now we're going to get a backbone and go after russia. this wasn't a hit against putin. >> you feel like it was a hit against donald trump, president-elect trump. >> without a doubt. >> so with that in mind, then, you just mentioned how president-elect trump is going to get that briefing next week,
3:39 pm
where we'll get more detailed information about russia's hacking and interference in the presidential election, something that donald trump has, you know, disavowed, basically, and questioned those intelligence reports. so he's going to get the real deal. he's going to get detailed information. also, now, there is information cominge ining out that the same fingerprints of those russian hackers are involved in possibly trying to tap into and hack into a vermont electric grid. so with all of those items at play, how do you think or do you think president-elect trump's response to russia, to putin might change? >> well, first of all, i think that the advisers he's named, his national security advisers, these are people that grew up in the cold war era. they certainly understand that game. first, i think trump and his advisers, president trump will have to receive the briefings and get the insight and analysis and advice from his national
3:40 pm
security team and he'll proceed. i don't think you'll see a rollback again of these sanctions. when we threaten sanctions against china, because it's a big deal, when you actually call out a state, right -- >> but it's also a big deal -- hang on, captain. it's also a big deal, and we have to wrap, but it is also a big deal if a foreign country did interfere with the presidential election and the democracy of the united states. so i ask you, how do you think president-elect trump will react when he finds out more detailed information? will it be this kind of bromance with putin? >> no, i think president trump and husband advisers, if they look at the evidence and say there was clear, concise evidence pointing to the intent of disrupting the elections, that they'll take a measured response. but, look, let's all stop pretending that this great game doesn't exist, right? if we had the ability to influence who the next president of russia would be, would we do so? of course we would. have we tried in the past? i'm sure we have. that's just the great game. so let's all, you know, pretend that suddenly it's like, oh, well, we're not going to
3:41 pm
interfere with other country's elections. you know, they got caught this time. so, no, i don't think that president trump is going to ignore all the evidence. i think he'll have a measured response, based on the evidence that he's presented, the advice that he gets from his advisers. >> i will let you have the last word, captain collins. and do me a favor and tell your wife i said happy new year. >> happy new year. >> you got it. take care. updating breaking news out of istanbul, turkey, a nightclub attack apparently by one or more armed gunman who entered the nightclub as revelers were celebrating the new year and opened fire with guns. we don't know what kind of guns. at least one of the attackers is still inside the nightclub. we're getting most of these reports from reuters news service, so we haven't independently confirmed them, but they are saying that police and special forces are preparing an operation now to enter that
3:42 pm
nightclub and try to rescue the remaining people who are there, who may be survivors. we'll continue to update this story as we get more information. we'll be right back. named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details.
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test. test. test. test. test. test. test.
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3:45 pm
president obama talking about progress for the u.s. economy in his final weekly address for 2016. mr. obama says more jobs have been created under his watch and incomes, he claims, are on the rise. but the u.s. economy is far from healthy. so what do we need to do to get it growing again? ed butowski is managing partner. and obama never in three years delivered 3% economic growth. i think the average would be
3:46 pm
1.5%, which is historically abysmal. is that because of the path he chose? >> yeah, and gregg, you bring up a great point. in his address, he claimed all these wonderful things. and the reality is very different than what he said. i mean, 1.5, 1.7% growth in the economy coming off of a terrible time really is almost hideous. i mean, we should be growing at 4 to 5%, gross domestic product. and the reason it's important to everybody, because after a while people have number numbness, gregg, but the reason it's so important, we need economic activity to create tax revenue to pay our bills. so instead of being a spectator and saying, wow, 1.5%, that sounds pretty good, understand that it's damaging the country if we're not growing at 4 to 5%. and the reason this happened is he made a decision, early on, to follow monetary policy versus fiscal policy. monetary policy, printing money, and you know what, it didn't do
3:47 pm
anything to grow the economy. didn't do it for japan, and it isn't going to do it here. and that's why trump coming in is going to go down the fiscal policy route, which is the right way to go. >> and a $1 trillion stimulus shovel-ready plan, in which he grudgingly admitted was never shovel-ready. all right, we also need more jobs, right? >> yeah. we sure do. and gregg, here's the real key to that. that 80% of the jobs that were created under president obama were part-time jobs. 80%. we need about 1.7 to 1.8 million full-time jobs a month. this is what we need, in terms of getting revenue, to pay our bills. and we didn't get anywhere close. we averaged about 180,000 a month. and 80% of them were part-time. those are the facts that people need to understand. not just that we had a series of months where we created new jobs. that's wonderful. but we've got to get the right jobs. >> president-elect trump is saying that his tax cut plan and
3:48 pm
reduction of regulations will produce 4% gdp. is that doable? is it realistic? >> without any question, it's realistic. you know, right now, people have a hard time understanding it, because we've had eight years of rigor rigor mo rigormoretist in the economy. we're in something right now called stagflation and it's modern day stagflation. and the only way we're going to get out of this is to cut regulars and cut taxes and leave more money in people's poxes. the key right now that people also have to understand, it's going to take a little while. so don't expect it to happen overnight, but it will work, gregg. >> who gets credit for the incredible rise over the last six weeks for the stock market and what do you foresee for 2017? >> yeah, i mean, look, stocks discount going forward economic news. so there's no question that the second that president obama -- or that trump was elected, that
3:49 pm
the world saw deregulations coming, which was good for the health care industry, getting ready of obamacare, and also, you know, noticing that a lot of the dodd/frank overregulation is going to be cut, and banking stocks moved. so the entire move in the market since the election has been with the expectations of a better day when president-elect trump take office. >> all right. ed butowski, great to see you and happy new year. thanks for the forecast. >> you too. happy new area. well, they are ready to bid farewell to 2016 in the big apple. look at that live shot of times square. and coming up next, eric bowling and kimberly gillfoil with a preview of tonight's new year's special that's happening right here on fnc. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto...
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a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible.
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3:53 pm
. >> for real, it's packed! did you see the nypd just roll by? that was amazing. on cycles. 2 million people are going to be here tonight, arthel. >> it feels like it already, if you take a look, arthel, this place is unbelievably packed. and the best news is the weather is fantastic! >> amazing! 41 degrees so far. keep our fingers crossed. >> i think the weather is going to hold up, for sure. eric, i've got to tell you that you're looking dapper. i'll give that up to you. but you're miss gilfoil.
3:54 pm
i am upon not sure who they will be watching. i have my eyes on kimberly. >> you are the best. we love you back in the the studio. fox news, 2017. >> and have you had a chance to talk to anybody out there? >> we just literally walked out for this hit and start working the crowd in a bit with. >> we talked to the police officers who love fox news and we give them a lot of love, giving it up to the new york city men and women in bluchlt new york city's finest. >> i know it is a block from our studio. and you had to have seen sights so far. anything jumped out at you. >> fights? >> no. >> no fights. >> just a lot of love. come over here and nothing but love, right, everybody? >> yeah. >> happy new year.
3:55 pm
>> all of these signs, forgive and forget. >> absolutely. >> the new beginning and unification. and buildinged new bridges. >> you have a new year's resolution. >> yes, hon? >> you have a new year's resolution. >> to make more friends and to make life easier and i will try to stream line my operation for 2017. how about you? >> i want to do what we did in 2016. donald trump had a great year and keep it going in '17. >> all right guys, have fun out there and you are feeling safe and nypd has it covered. >> they got it locked down. >> have a great time. >> happy new year. >> lots of love to our viewers staying with us throughout the night. you will have an amazing night and we'll see you back here many times. >> we are going to stay until
3:56 pm
1:00 in the morning or the last person who leaves here, which ever is first. >> i like that spirit and be sure to tune in to our new year's coverage. kicking off with jesse watters' and that is live from times square and saw kimberly and eric hosting all- american new year live until 1:00 eastern or until the last person goes home. >> look at that crowd out there? god bless them. to be out there since 8:00 or 12:00, wow. we have talked about it. there are not facilities out there to use and good luck. they are hearty folk and dressed up and looks like they are having a great, great time. >> very peaceful as it happens here in times square usually and glad to see that. mr. jared.
3:57 pm
i tell you happy new year. >> my new year's rez are lugz. i bought an exercise video and i will go home and watch it. >> but not doing it. >> julie banderas next with with the fox report. >> happy new year, everybody. cleared
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
4:00 pm
>> hello, everyone. i am gile banderas. we have five years to g. but in london it is happy new years. fireworks boost river tymes. and it is a heavy police presence there. roughly 7000 officers on duty in and around the times square and protecting estimated 1 million people packed in tight for per the party of a lifetime. brian is out in the thick of it and joins us now. brian, what else is the


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