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tv   All American New Year  FOX News  December 31, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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♪ >> happy new year and welcome to fox news channel's all-american new year. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. >> and i'm eric and welcome to the party and the party is here, kg. >> it's just getting started. we're just warming up a bit, and we're so glad that you are joining us to ring in the new year. thank you for choosing us and you are in the middle of it all, as you can see. in the heart of times square, in new york city, where everybody
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wants to be. >> having a party. >> 2 million people here tonight. >> correct. and all of the people out here are having the best time. and i'll tell you, we've been blessed with amazing weather, great enthusiasm. unbelievable performers, and more to come. and the crowd has been fantastic. we've talked to people from all over the world. it's really unbelievable. they really put it on their list. they plan years in advance to be able to come here to new york city. and we're happy to bring it here to you. >> and the goons is, last year, we were way up top one of those hotels. >> we finally made it. this is the fox news varsity new year's eve special. >> prime-time. >> prime-time! >> all right. if you can't be in times square for new year's, then one of the best cities in the united states to celebrate in style is miami. and it just wouldn't be right unless we had, who? >> phil keating on the scene!
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we love you, phil. and you know what? there he is. >> love you as well. >> so what's going on? >> welcome to south beach. we are life in w. hotel south beach. and robin schultz is the german dj who will be taking the decks at 12:05. right now there's resident wall nightclub dj keiko spinning, the very dope beats. and all of the beautiful people have started to show up. let's talk to a couple of people who flew in from germany, just for new year's eve in miami. you know, guys, you could have been in berlin or munich. why'd you come to miami? >> well, it's our first time in the united states and the weather, $26 degrees, why not? >> and what's your new year's res lauolution for 2017? >> stop smoking. >> yes. >> sorry, didn't really want to be on tv. >> let's walk around to the
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other side of the pool. this is it, 1,200 people. tables go for 1,000 to $15,000. hey, say hello to fox news. >> hello, fox news. >> what's your new year's resolution. >> what? >> what is your new year's resolution? >> uh, i wish all the best for everybody. >> come on! that's so sweet! thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so, the dj starts at midnight, and then after that is club wall, which is also here on property. hey, everybody, new year's eve! happy neiers! >> sorry, i'm not -- >> happy new year! >> what's your new year's resolution? >> what's your resolution? >> yeah? >> oh my gosh, people can't even hear my questions. it's a travesty. but it's still one of the hottest tickets here in south beach. a great party. robin schultz is coming up later. and just look at the setup. you've got the pool, you've got the lights, the video screens.
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that's keiko up there on the decks. beck was wrong when he said two turntables and a microphone. that guy's got four decks. not a bad, 72 degrees, clear skies, on the beach. >> oh, my god! >> phil, you never know what you're going to get when you go to phil keating. poolside. poolside! >> that looked like a bikini or something. >> always a good time down there. >> maybe we have to do a new year's eve swap with hill. >> beefed up security, right here in times square, protecting a million, maybe 2 million people here to celebrate. fox news, senior correspondent, rick leventhal with the latest. rick? >> i've had the privilege of interviewing a lot of commissioners of the nypd and joining us is the newest commissioner of the nypd, jimmy o'neil. thank you for being with us.
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i might have to shout at you. i have serious news tonight in istanbul, turkey, with a terrorist attack. how has that changed the way you're handling security here at times square? >> first of all, happy new year. we have to look at not only what goes on in new york or the united states, we have to take a look at what's beginning on in the world. and as soon as we heard about what's happening in turkey, we redeployed assets all over the city. some of our critical response command. some of our task force people, our srg people. just to make sure that we have as much confidence as possible. >> you're talking about the heavily armed teams. some of those guys, you moved them to nightclubs and areas that might be at risk. but you have no direct threats, right, on new york city? >> no, we have no direct concerns a it has to this event or anything that's going on in new york city. again, as we heard what transpired in turkey, immediately, we deployed assets. >> it's pretty incredible, and you guys do this every year so well. and i know it's your first year as commissioner, but you've been with the nypd for three decades.
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how do you have 1 to 2 million people in a an area this small and not have people misbehave? >> new yorkers are great. a lot of people from out of town here. it's a festive event. and it's something that we actually look forward to every year. i know it's a couple million people. we have thousands of cops here. and as i said before, we take a look at what goes on around the world and changed a few things up this year to make sure that everybody came here and number one, had a great time, and number two, do what we get paid to do, and that's to keep the great people of this city safe. >> the news commissioner had a news conference earlier this week and you told us there were 15 arrests last year on new year's eve in times square. most were for vendors who were illegally selling goods. so for the most part, you're not busting anybody out here? >> we're not. everybody's here to have a good time. we want to make sure they have a good time. but we also want to make sure they do it safely. and this is my first year as commissioner. i did it two years as chief of department. and next week i'll have 34 years in the police department. so win really look forward to a
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night like tonight. >> but when you have something like what happened in istanbul, you must be more on edge and your guys have to be more on edge. >> you know what, we could be worried, but it's more about being prepared. and we have tremendous capacity, the nypd, to handle anything that comes at us. >> so, so far, so good? in general? city wide? >> everything looks great. i did a tour of the city. i was just up at the second avenue subway and everything looks great. we have things going on in central park. we have things going on in coney island, and of course this is the main event here. >> commissioner, it's a pleasure. >> happy new year. >> same to you, sir. keep up the good work. >> so they're doing it out here eric and kimberly. it's an incredible team, you made your way through the barricades and saw the checkpoints and the heavily armed officers. >> so one of the coolest things, rick, about being here -- >> in times square! >> is we're doing our thing here while we're doing your interview and look who we found.
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silento was walking by. ♪ now watch me whip ♪ now watch meae ♪ now watch me whip ♪ nae nae ♪ now watch me whip ♪ nae nae yeah! >> do you love it? >> do you love it? >> i love it! >> so what are you doing, man? what's going on? >> well, today i performed at times square. it's actually a dream come true. when i was in high school, i had a dream of performing in front of millions of people, so this is a phenomenal dream. >> you're the superstar here. everyone was very excited about you performing, you killed it u on the stage. i was doing the little nae nae here and everybody loved it. >> you look like you got it down pat. >> i'm a puerto rican girl from way back. >> well, i'm from atlanta. that's the culture. >> hotlanta! >> dab, dab, dab, dab. >> i can get some knees into it. >> you're going to break your
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leg. break 'em, break 'em, break 'em, break 'em. yeah! >> all right, brother. thank you so much! >> you're welcome! >> we love it! >> always good to hang out. >> @silento. 2017, my ep, everything is dropping. let's go. >> all right, thank you, brother. thank you so much. >> thank! still to come, the man who will launch the ball, the press -- press the button on the ball, u.n. general secretary bankban ko bank bank bankey moon joins us. >> can you feel it! >> happy new year, everybody. it's going to be a great time, 2017. i can hardly wait. freedom. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours.
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award-winning recording artist rachel platen in times square with several of her hit songs.
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check this out. ♪ ♪ ♪ we threw words like they were sharp knives ♪ ♪ like we tripped over a land mine ♪ ♪ you see we lost love ♪ you made your mind up ♪ and i just got quiet ♪ my body went numb ♪ an awkward silence i can handle it ♪ ♪ if you hold my head up, i won't drawn ♪ ♪ i can't let go ♪ you're like a camera ♪ my heart pounds, pounds,
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pounds ♪ ♪ it's getting louder, louder ♪ without you, i wish my heart was still beating me up ♪ ♪ beating me up ♪ beating me up ♪ you've moved on, i know i should too ♪ ♪ my cuts are all gone, my pain feels brand new ♪ ♪ who turned the lights down? who took my flashlight ♪ ♪ why does my heart sound like it might burst tonight ♪ ♪ it's getting louder and louder ♪ ♪ every time i think about you about you ♪ ♪ i'll be better off without you, without you ♪ ♪ i wish my heart would stop, wish my heart would stop ♪ ♪ beating me up
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♪ whoa, oh, whoa ♪ beating me up ♪ beating me up ♪ whoa, oh, whoa ♪ i wish my heart would stop, i wish my heart would stop ♪ ♪ beating me up ♪ i won't let you get the best of me ♪ ♪ how'd my heart become my enemy? ♪ ♪ i won't let you get the best of me ♪ ♪ how'd my heart become my en y enemy ♪ ♪ it's getting louder ♪ every time i think about you ♪ but i'll be better off without you ♪ ♪ without you ♪ i wish my heart would stop ♪ i wish my heart would stop
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♪ beating me up ♪ beating me up ♪ i wish my heart, i wish my heart would stop ♪ ♪ beating me up ♪ bump, bump, bump, bump, bump ♪ beating me up >> what's up, everybody? how you guys doing? my name is rachel platen. i'm so, so excited to be up here right now i grew up in new york city. it's incredible to be back on the stage. this next song is about being there for somebody, no matter what. and being the hands to catch them if they need to fall. this is called "stand by you."
8:18 pm
♪ hands, put your empty hands in mine ♪ ♪ and scars -- show me all the scars you hide ♪ ♪ and hey, if your wings are broken ♪ ♪ please take mine so yours can open, too ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ oh, tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes ♪ ♪ and hurt, i know you're hurting, but so am i ♪ ♪ and, love, if your wings are broken ♪ ♪ borrow mine 'til yours can open, too ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ even if we're breaking down, we can find a way to break through ♪ ♪ even if we can't find evan, i'll walk through hell with you ♪ ♪ love, you're not alone, 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ even if we can't find heaven, i'll i'm gonna stand by you ♪
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♪ even if we can't find heaven ♪ i'll walk through hell with you ♪ ♪ love, you're not alone, 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ yeah, you're all i never knew i needed ♪ ♪ and the heart -- sometimes it's unclear why it's beating ♪ ♪ and, love, if you're wings are broken ♪ ♪ we can brave through those emotions, too ♪ ♪ why? ♪ and truth, i guess truth is what you believe in ♪ ♪ and faith -- i think faith is having a reason ♪ ♪ and i know now, love, if your wings are broken ♪ ♪ borrow mine 'til yours can open, too ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm gonna stand by you, even if we we're breaking down, we can find a way to break through ♪ ♪ even if we can't find heaven, i'll walk through hell with you ♪
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♪ love, you're not alone, 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ even if we can't find heaven, i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ even if we can't find heaven, i'll walk through hell with you ♪ ♪ love, you're not alone, 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ and i'll be your eyes when yours can't shine ♪ ♪ and i'll be your arms, i'll be your steady satellite ♪ ♪ and when you can't rise, well, i'll crawl with you on hands and knees ♪ ♪ 'cause i, i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ even if we're breaking down, we can find a way to break through ♪ ♪ even if we can't find heaven ♪ i'll walk through hell with you ♪ ♪ love, you're not alone, 'cause i'm gonna stand by y ♪ ♪ even if we can't find heaven, i'm ghana stand by you ♪
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♪ even if we can't find heaven, i'll walk through hell with you ♪ ♪ love, you're not alone, 'cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ love, you're not alone, cause i'm gonna stand by you ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm going to stand by you ♪ >> and we are less than an hour away from the big highlight of the night, the descent of the crystal ball. now we're joined with a man who will press the button that begins that annual transition, the united nations secretary general, ban ki-moon. secretary general, breaking news just crossed the wire that north korean leader kim jong-un said he's very close to testing an intercontinental ballistic missile. can we get your response to
8:22 pm
that? >> i'm very deeply concerned about that news and north korea is continuing to provoke the international community by testing ballistic missiles to secure the council most recently had adopted by consensus most comprehensive sanction measures. i urge again most strongly that north korea should abide by all relevance to the resolutions and they should do much more for the well-being of their own people. i'm urging them to heed to the course of the international community, to become a responsible member of the international community. >> what steps will you take, sir, to be able to ensure that the united nations, in fact, plays a very active role in making sure that kim jong-un is not able to carry these measures out? >> the united nations has
8:23 pm
already taken five sctioned measures. it is important that all international committee members should fully cooperate, so that these sanction measures will be fully implemented. it is important that neighbors countries, that china and all other countries should fully cooperate with this. >> have you felt that china has been supportive and cooperative in trying to deter kim jong-un from taking such measures? >> yeah, they have been full y cooperating. and i'm grateful and count on chinese leadership's continuing support to, first of all, reduce the tension on the korean peninsula. and advise strongly to north korean leaders, so that they heed and abide by international security council resolution. >> mr. secretary general, this week, we're talking a lot about a u.n. security council resolution that passed that sanctioned israel.
8:24 pm
now, there are a lot of people who say the timing of of it was very interesting. these sanctions against israel that passed, i believe, 14-0 or unanimously, the u.s. did not block that sanction, that resolution. your thoughts on whether that will help peace in the region or create more strife in the region. >> or be destructive? >> it is significant that the security council has taken a resolution, saying that settlement is illegal. the international court of justice has also made it clear that settlement is illegal, and i have been urge israeli authorities to abide by international norms and regulations. they must sit down together with the leaders to discuss and to realize a two-state solution. there is another alternative to this two-state solutions. >> but doesn't this embolden the
8:25 pm
palestinians to say, look, i have this u.n. resolution. i have political currency to push back against israel. >> does it create an unfair advantage? >> it is important that support, palestinians and israelis, in accordance with all resolutions, sit down together. they have identified all the problems. they are sitting on the table. it's a matter of choice, with a firm commitment to make sure that palestinians and israelis live together, side by side, in peace and security. that's the main, main course of two-state solutions. >> let's also ask you about -- we're about to have a new president sworn in, president-elect donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. he has made some very public comments, very consistent the
8:26 pm
whole time saying that he feels that the united nations has not been strong enough in terms of its role in the world and said he would like to see them, in fact, do more. what are your thoughts about his opinion? >> the united nations, who is responsible, most responsible i of the world and also make sure that everybody's human rights are expected and nobody is left behind. that's very important. i count on the president-elect, donald trump, when he's sworn in, will work closely with the united nations for international peace and security. >> so very interestingly, just now, president-elect donald trump tweeted, he said, the u.n. is a place where a bunch of people get together and have a good time. so sad. your comment? >> the united nations is very
8:27 pm
committed to work together with all international community members, particularly with the united states. u.s., u.n. share same goals and ideas. and united states can play crucially important role in this time of turbulence, i count on, okay, on new president of the united states to lead by example and lead this role with strong commitment to international peace. >> but, you know, in the u.s. puts up about 20 to 22% of the u.n. budget and substantially more on some of the other u.n. initiatives. you know -- >> what about other countries paying their fair share? >> some would say that the united states is paying too much of the u.n. budget? >> well, we appreciate the united states being the largest donor, supporter of the regular
8:28 pm
budget. 28% of peacekeeping operations. therefore, u.s. role is crucially important. that is why everybody in the world is looking to the united states leadership. and i'm sure of that the president donald trump will work closely with my successor. >> very good. sir, thank you so much. >> thank you so much and a pleasure having you ear on the fox news channel. >> ban ki-moon, thank you. >> secretary general of the u.n., he'll be doing ball toss today. next up, we'll take a moment to honor our vets. the people that serve this country day in and day out. a veteran and her family get the surprise of their lives. >> and the countdown to midnight continues. we're just over 30 minutes. right around 30 minutes away. stay with us. >> hi, everybody. 2016 was quite something, wasn't it? from our debate in january to the iowa caucuses to the conventions to the debates to election night. 2017, we have inauguration and
8:29 pm
who knows what else. happy new year from all of us here in washington. my resolution? to push back on panel predictions more. freedom. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪
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earlier, we shared a very special moment with the brave veteran and her family. watch this. >> we want to take a moment to thank our military. they are one of the biggest, if not the biggest reasons that all of us are currently having the privilege to celebrate right now. >> and here with us is diana vazquez and her family. diana is a sergeant in the u.s. army. she served four years, three deployments, afghanistan, iraq,
8:33 pm
and kuwait. with her is her husband, marco and their 9-year-old son, caleb. hey, guys, congratulations. you help out military families, people who have ptsd and such, right? >> yes, sir, i try to do whatever i can to help out. i've been there -- i try not to get emotional, but it's something that means a lot to me. >> and you were injured as well? >> yes, i was medevaced from iraq in 2004 and just, i've suffered so many setbacks. i've had almost 30 surgeries altogether. just the most recent one is this one and i wish i had a cool story to go with this, but this is just a slip and fall accident. but there's just so many vets out there that need help. and i need to be a voice, you know? >> yep. >> and it's really incredible, just the strength through adversity that you show.
8:34 pm
it's inspirational to all the veterans out there. you've already given so much to the country, and yet you continue to give more. and also, people need to focus on the families. because the sacrifice is coming from the whole family, right, marco? >> it's a drain. it takes a toll on the family, emotionally, physically, and hurts the pocketbook, too. >> caleb, you're proud of your mom and dad, right? >> yes, sir. >> guess what, we have a big surprise for you guys. this isn't only about how amazing your mom is and your family is. check this out. these guys have a surprise for you. >> dan wallrhett is the founder of finally home. welcome here to new year's eve in new york city. what would you like to say tonight? >> well, diana, diana, we are so pleased to be here tonight and thank you for your service.
8:35 pm
and back in september, when you called me and you asked me if i could help you get water into your home for caleb and your family, to be able to take caleb to school and get him ready for school, and we have something a little bit better than that for you tonight. operation finally home and anthony custom homes is now going to build you a brand-new custom built home. >> and you built that, sir, right? can you tell them about the home you're building? >> diana, we're excited to build a brand-new home for you in granbury, texas, just southwest of ft. worth. we look forward to you guys moving in and breaking ground very soon. and you being a brand-new home come early part of the summer. congratulations and we're very excited for you. thank you for your service. and happy new year to you. >> and we want to say thank you to you guys and thank you to you, family.
8:36 pm
you happy? >> so cool, right? >> yes, sir. >> a new home! >> yes, sir! >> a new house all for you guys. >> and guess what, you're going to get to have all your buddies over for play dates. it will be so cool. thanks to your mom and dad. >> this means everything. >> so exciting! >> i know, isn't it? >> it is so exciting. >> yes, it is. and thank you so much to y'all and for what y'all do for my brothers and sisters in arms. it's a blessing, it's inspirational. and i want to do more. i want to do more and i want to get to where i'm in a position where i can do more. >> and marco, how do you feel? >> i'm overwhelmed. ecstatic. this is a blessing, you know. >> it is. >> tenn >> all right. >> well, god certainly does provide. >> can we say thank you to the builder and the founder. he tells us you've done 200 homes or so already? >> right, right. right now we're building homes in about 34 states. we have 98 homes under
8:37 pm
construction in different phases of construction. >> for the military. thank you, sir. thank you both. thank you guys so much. >> and people can check out the website. tell them where to look. >> >> and anthony homes. god bless you for what you do, and diana, for your service to our country. you're great patriots. both of you, as well. >> i'm taking pictures of mariah carey. >> i love it! >> she's got a lot of flowers. >> bully for us, we're on tv. and we want to say thank you to sergeant vazquez and john anthony for making this family's dream come true. we would love for you to stay right there, because fox news channel's all-american new year rolls on from times square. >> kimberly and eric, happy new year! happy new year to you and everybody that's watching right now. my resolution, to be as energetic and optimistic as the president-elect. the guy's got a buzz. we should all have that buzz. go forward, onward and upward. freedom.
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get started for free at ♪ all right. we're back. this is fox news channel, "all-american new year." this past year, we saw plenty scandals, amazing moments caught on video, and k.g., i even think we had a presidential election, if i'm not mistaken. >> as i recall, we did, indeed. and through the primariies withn conventions, and debates not to be mentioned, there were also some memorable moments with celebrities, specifically a few meltdowns. let's take a look back to the best celebrity meltdowns of 2016. >> i let my team down and, you know, i wanted to be there like,
8:42 pm
i don't want them to think that i left and left them dry. >> i've got to get the face right. i love my husband, president barack obama. >> singer chris brown is out on bail after a woman told police he threatened her with a gun. officers took the grammy winner into custody yesterday, following an hours-long standoff at his home. brown was posting on social media. >> not going to stop on me like i'm the villain out here, like i'm going crazy. you get the warrant whatever you need to do, and you can walk right up in here and you're going to see nothing, you idiots. >> it's been a rough week for kanye west. hours after canceling the remainder of his san pablo tour, the rapper was apparently rushed to an l.a. hospital for a, quote, psychiatric emergency. according to tmz, west was acting erratically and attempted
8:43 pm
to assault a gym staff member. >> all righty. and kat and tyrus also here somewhere in times square, and new york city. and they're going crazy with the crowd. hi, guys! >> hey, how's it going? >> looks good. >> how many hours now? >> about 14 hours. >> 14 hours. you still have not gone to the bathroom at all? >> no. nothing. >> i know, your kidneys, are they okay? >> breaking news, for an expert in the field in peeing on yourself, we can go over there. >> how long have you been here, big guy? >> one year. >> what do you do when you have to pee? amazing! is there a restroom here? where? >> where is it? where? >> i suspect foul play and possible peeing in the pants.
8:44 pm
back to you guys. >> i love it! little kids. when they got to go, they got to go. but guess what, that big moment is just moments away. can you believe it? the ball getting ready to drop as we say good-bye to 2016 and hello to 2017. >> and we have plenty more to come from times square, miami, nashville, and don't forget, mar-a-lago, where president-elect donald trump is celebrating with his family. this is fox news channel's all-american new year. we'll be right back. freedom. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours.
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freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ do you think i'm gonna crack under pressure or conquer the field? defy expectations any day with always infinity. made with flexfoam. absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always.
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♪ >> welcome back to the fox news channel. this all-american new year. we're having a great time in times square. k.g., i just saw something happen over here with one mariah carey. i think she -- i think she flipped out. >> yeah, there was something -- >> there was a meltdown going on. >> -- went terribly wrong. >> we may be reading about this tomorrow. >> with her live performance. it seems she got very upset and
8:49 pm
walked off the stage. >> all right, k.g.. >> we're not sure, but you're probably going to hear about it pretty soon. we're witnessing here. that's why you have to be in times square to catch all the news. we're going to take a quick look here in miami to phil keating. >> hello, kimberly. my goodness gracious. check out the pool, the palm trees, the lights, the sounds. it's new year's eve in south beach! and lo and behold, look, oh, my gosh, cecelia from sweden. >> how are you? >> what's your new year's resolution? >> sorry? >> what is your new year's resolution? >> it was an amazing year and i'm so excited for 2017. >> how did you end up here in south beach miami family. >> friends, love, happiness. >> oh, my gosh. and you have the dancing spirit. what a great dress. >> thank you! happy new year! >> so this year, this is one of
8:50 pm
the best ones as far as people watching goes. look at all of these beautiful people. happy new year, everybody! whoo! oh, my gosh, it's happiness, everywhere! so here we go, we're going to have robin schultz, he's got two big-time number one hits, in case you're not familiar. and he's coming on stage at 12:05. so in the meantime, we've got resident dj, keiko. oh, my god, look? check it out! these models are on fire! crazy! that is wild. >> happy new year! >> happy new year! >> are you excited? >> i'm so excited! >> it is going to be magical? >> the best! >> is it going to be electric? >> yes, it is! >> miami, we love you. happy new year 2017, baby!
8:51 pm
>> would you rather be in new york city right now? >> i'm from new york. that's why i'm here, baby. >> where you guys from? >> new york city! >> new york city, baby? >> where you from? >> listen, i'm from new york, and we all say we're going to have a good new year, let's actually put some action into place and stop saying words. let's actually do it and move it and groove it! >> live television! oh, my gosh. we're on live television. >> okay, well, we apologize for that. >> live tv. >> yeah, he did. okay, phil. anyway. it's getting a little crazy in miami. we apologize to the viewers for that spontaneous combustion of sorts. but anyway, as you see, there's a lot of revelers there and
8:52 pm
including here, in new york city, and the heart of it all in times square, where it's very exciting, because guess what, in about eight minutes, 12 seconds, we are, in fact, going to ring in 2017. we're going to say good-bye to 2016, and fit's going to be a brand-new year here. >> look at the crowd. everybody's getting excited. 7 1/2 minutes to go, we're going to ring in 2017. we have ban ki-moon now who's going to press the button over there. >> who is going to press the button. he's ready to go. >> he's from south korea. and he's going to -- the head of the u.n. he's going to press the button and ring in the new year, which is very exciting. so look at this here, seven minutes and 35 seconds. minutes away. >> okay. let's take a look again, rachel platten.
8:53 pm
♪ i'll tell the world i'll sing a song ♪ ♪ it's a better place since you came along ♪ ♪ since you came along ♪ your touch is sunlight through the trees ♪ ♪ your kisses are the ocean breeze ♪ ♪ everything's all right when you're with me ♪ ♪ and i hold my favorite thing ♪ i hold the love that you bring ♪ ♪ but it feels like i've opened my eyes again ♪ ♪ and the colors are golden and bright again ♪ ♪ there's a song in my heart, i feel like i belong ♪ ♪ it's a better place since you came along ♪ ♪ it's a better place since you came along ♪
8:54 pm
♪ i see the whole world in your eyes ♪ ♪ it's like i've known you all my life ♪ ♪ we just feel so right ♪ so i pour my heart into your hands ♪ ♪ it's like you really understand ♪ ♪ you love the way i am ♪ and i hold my favorite thing ♪ all the happiness you bring ♪ but it feels like i've opened my eyes again ♪ ♪ and the colors are golden and bright again ♪ ♪ and the sun paints the skies and the wind sings our song ♪ ♪ it's a better place sing you came along ♪ ♪ it's a better place since you came along ♪
8:55 pm
♪ oh, ♪ now i'm all right ♪ now i'm all right ♪ everything's all right ♪ 'cause it feels like i've opened my eyes again ♪ ♪ and the colors are golden and bright again ♪ ♪ there's a song in my heart, i feel like i belong ♪ ♪ it's a better place since you came along ♪ new york city. ♪ it's a better place since you came along ♪ thank you so much. hi, everybody! how you guys doing? my name is rachel platten. i'm so excited to be here. this next song is sung every
8:56 pm
year on new year's eve. it's a beautiful traditional. i think more than ever right now, we need to hear these words. we need to sing this song together. so if you know the words, please join me. this is how we change the world. ♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ it's easy if you try ♪ no hell below us ♪ above us only sky ♪ imagine all the people living
8:57 pm
for today ♪ ♪ imagine there's no countries ♪ it isn't hard to do ♪ nothing to kill or die for ♪ and no religions, too ♪ oh, oh, oh, imagine all the people living life in peace, you ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ and i hope some day you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one
8:58 pm
♪ imagine no possessions ♪ i wonder if you can ♪ no need for greed or hunger ♪ no, a brotherhood of man ♪ imagine all the people sharing all the world, you ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but aisle not the only one ♪ i hope some day you'll join us ♪
8:59 pm
♪ and the world will lives a one ♪ i love you guys so much! happy new year, everybody! >> all right! that's it. that was fantastic. we have a minute and three seconds left. >> another great performance by rachel platten. >> yeah! so we're super excited to be here. you can hear everyone starting to scream here in times square. we want to do a couple little shout-outs. ronan, i want to say i love you. mommy love yous. and happy new year, buddy, to you and to grandma and to papa. >> and eric chase bowling, we say happy new year to you in colombia, south america, tina, niece, family, friends, happy new year to you. >> we have about 30 seconds left, k.g.. >> you can hear the crowd and all the excitement. >> just listen. just listen. wow.
9:00 pm
wow. 2 million people. that's 2 million people. >> new york strong. >> ready? >> you can feel the crowd shaking. >> ten, nine -- >> eight, seven, six, five, one. happy new year america! ♪


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