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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 1, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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>> hundreds gathering to hear the pontiff give his year-end message at st. peters ba cill b. calling on people to embrace tnd derness and urging leaders to do more about youth employment. those are some of the headlines waking touch 2017. paris is so frightening. >> you want a lot of hope for the new year and a lot of us do. there's new leadership in this country, but you can't undo the damage that has been done and they manifest them right away. >> it's a brutal year. hopefully we can turn the page on 2017. that's what donald trump was trying to do in mar go lag go. wanted to give clarification on the russian hacking scandal, what's going on there.
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he revealed something interesting that we're going to learn about something on tuesday or wednesday of this week, saying i know something, sort of a big reveal. listen to what he had to say. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure, finance you look at the weapons of massive destruction, that was a disaster and they were wrong. so i want them to be sure. i think it's unfair if they don't know and i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove, so it could be somebody else, and i also know things that other people don't know, and so you cannot be sure of the situation. >> you know what other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> it's so interesting and so president elect donald trump. he always kind of leaves us for us wanting more. he said tuesday or wednesday of next week, but hard to know what he's referring to here. is it something to do with the
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russians, something separate from that? >> third party? the report we saw last week was vague. it anything, it happened the door for third parties to have done the hacking. the open source code in the report is openly available, not just owned by the russian government, anybody can use it. >> evidence has been very, very thin and absent evidence, you get speculation and finger pointing and so far, it feels like a lot has been politically motivated, not saying our intelligence communities is politically motivated. there's something who do great work, but when this white house is looking for a reason to discredit donald trump and they can point to the russians easily, then you have a press willing to regurgitate it no matter what, then it leads to frustration and donald trump saying, wait, let's see, let me gather facts and i'll reveal them. we don't know what he knows but he knows something. >> i think it's something both sides can respect, to say we don't want to happen with the
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wmd, so you don't know as much as the american people and you leave their hanging with questions after that i want to it's good the facts, know what i'm dealing with, i want to communicate with the american people e do know. it's something you can respect. >> we have a lot of facts on mariah carey. >> i didn't know you were going there. >> the new york post laid out yesterday, i was stunned by this, we know that she has this big entourage. she's a bit of a train wreck, can't show up on time. her staff had to call dick clark production to find out what time the ball drops. we helped her with that. with and drops at midnight much last night, this amazing performance, she's in times square on abc doing this amazing performance, and it's an appropriate end to 2016. watch this. ♪ music
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>> happy new year! we can't hear, but i'll just get through it. ♪ music we didn't have a set for song, so we'll say it's another one and that's what it is. i'll let the audience sing, okay. put these monitors on, please. okay to the left.
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>> josh, great singer, tweeted last night. he tweeted last night, said when one of your favorite pop singers lip syncs, an angel loses its wings. >> that's spot on. she said i'm trying to be a good sport here and i think everyone watching that was a good sport because that was, as you could say, an epic fail. that was rough. >> you were out there. rick, what do you think? were you out there? did you watch it live? >> no, i was sleeping. are you crazy? of course i was sleeping. >> >>: did you watch it live? >> no, because you can watch a highlight reel. >> you saw it now for the first time? >> yeah. i feel bad for her. if it's going bad, it's a bad part. >> monitors don't work. it's like for you with the weather computer. >> yeah. >> you know what you don't do, rick, you don't hand us the mic and say dot weather for me. >> and the high notes she's
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known for, she would stand there while the notes were played. >> they were playing her track. >> it was lift. >> that was rough, rick, that was rough. >> didn't we know this for a while? >> yes. >> she said just do the flip, just do the flip anyway, and lift her leg up. >> just for fun. >> at least she showed up. >> she did, she was on time, giving people what they want. >> actually, think about how much more memorable it is and how much more we enjoyed it, right? than we would have. here's your temps waking up right now. nothing bad to start the year. big changes coming this week though. we have one storm across parts of the south with rain and flooding threat here. we'll continue to see that across the central gulf. then out across the west, there's a new storm in parts of the southwest, that's going to bring rain and mound take snow but later today, it will move in across the southern plains and we have a severe weather threat with hail and strong winds. tomorrow, however, a better
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chance for tornadoes. we could watch a tornado outbreak for monday here across parts of the south, so get ready, especially in throughout mississippi, could see a large tornado or two. that's one thing. the other thing about to happen is the temperatures are about to change a lot. you see a little bit of pink returning tomorrow and by tuesday, minus three in billings, miep news four in fargo, then cooler temps to the south by wednesday t will feel like winter, it's january. >> it makes sense. >> it's appropriate. >> it's time that time of year. >> you looked so cold yesterday. >> i was slivering. i was maybe a ten degree windchill up there. >> nice. >> you're a trooper, rick. >> you showed. >> and i wore my fancy coat instead of my warm coat, which was the wrong choice. >> to honor you being in the studio, we'll show you mariah carey clips all morning. >> >>: critics never thought it would happen. is the mainstream media turning
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on president obama? and she thinks she's black, but she's white and now she's back in the headlines. is that rachel 2017 sighting? should she be allowed to speak at another one? ♪ music thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, baked-on alfredo? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food. nice. cascade. you could spend the next few days weeding through w2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home.
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good 15 minutes after the hour. welcome back. president obama under fire for a unlikely credit, the mainstream media, even rolling stone casting doubts about his claims that russia hacked the election. they wrote this, like the wmd story, there's a deal of salesmanship that is pushing the purpose s it fair? adviser to george w. bush, brad blakeman and jessica. good morning. >> good morning. happy new year. >> going into 2017. brad, is this a fair comparison? >> it is not. it's not a comparison at all but rolling stone is a left publication. if they're going to bash obama, you have to throw a bush in there, captain be obama all my himself. obama played russian roulette and pew tip was claying chess and got check mated because he expected putin to take advantage
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of the fact that we expelled diplomats and created sanctions, and putin didn't take the bait. this has nothing to do with wmd. as a matter of fact, if we go back to that story, it wasn't about wmd at all, it was the sanctions on the war. the fact is we didn't find it. it doesn't mean he didn't have it. we knew he had it because he userred it on the kurds. this is a false acquisition. >> jesse, your thoughts? >> i would like proof it's important to see that if we have 127 intelligence agencies that says that the russians interfered with the elections, you have john mccain saying it's april act of war and want the investigation going in congress before donald trump is sworn in which is important on a bipartisan level. this is about our national security and it's concerning. we're not at a wmd level at this point, but 17 agencies show us something, i think it's
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important at this point then could haunt obama going forward that this is one of the final things that he's doing when he's leaving office. >> that's exactly what some in the mainstream media are saying, including the rolling stone magazine. they said if the american security agencies did have a smoking gun evidence that the russians had a organized campaign to derail the u.s., but president obama expelling a few dozen diplomats after the elections, seems like an oddly, weak, ill timed response. >> it is. if anything, it shows the enepness of the president. obama's job is a smooth and orderly transition of power. it's up to donald trump as the incoming president to establish a relationship with russia and do whatever is in the best interest of the united states with regard to what they had done or not done during the national election. it's not up to obama because obama is gone in a few days. >> what information do you think protect trump has? he says he's going to reveal it
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next week. >> maybe he'll tell us who the 400-pound man is hacking everything. >> donald trump knows a heck of a lot more than he did before he was president, and i believe donald trump is going to act in the best interest of the united states when he is the president, not now. he doesn't have the power to do it, but certainly what obama did to putin does not hurt putin. >> taking a step back for president elect trump to say, look, we have to figure out what's going on here, but that's what he says about the muslims and everything, so yes, he's picked up in tidbits of information since the election. >> not tidbits, he picked up a lot. >> we don't know what's going on with the computers. we have a president elect who doesn't use the computer. he talked about his son and the cyber security and passwords. that's not how i want a president talking. >> >>: i trust donald trump's judgment and i believe he listens to the experts he's brought to government or will bring to government who are the best of the best. it's clear his point so far have been that people who have been
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very successful -- >> in business. >> they're bottom line people, they're doers, they get things done in a town that is dysfunctional. i think the chaos that will be brought on washington is good, it's healthy and what the american people want. >> we have to leave it there going into 2017. thanks s so much. happy new year. >> happy new year to all of you. >> one of donald trump's greatest enemies in the media is hot water this morning. the story that just blew up in the washington post, that's straight ahead. and new year and new movies. we have wrapped up 2016 and now kevin mccarthy is joining us to say hello to 2017's most anticipated films. there he is. we'll see you soon. ♪ music as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again?
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ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you.
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>> welcome back. we have headlines for you. two small planes crash in midair, plunge into the ground and bursting into flames. unfortunately, killing at least three. terrifying video shows fiery record near dallas, texas. one of the planes falling straight down into a storage unit. the other into a home depot parking lot. thankfully, the parking lot. brand new concerns over the health of queen elizabeth
3:23 am
growing at this hour. buckingham palace says she's too sick to attend the annual gnaw year's day service this morning, she also missed cerebral palsy mass due to a cold. we wish her the best. >> lynn, it's a new year and another blockbuster year is about to get underway with highly anticipated films slated to hit the big screen, including favorite characters returning for some super sequels. >> the nerd in me, i'm super excited about this. it's a huge year. fox news contributor kevin mccarthy is here with his five most anticipated films for 2017. good morning, kevin, happy new year. >> happy new year to you as well. clayton, this segment was done for you. by the way, yesterday i saw you all, when i was on the air, i was in bret's studio in d.c., i just slept here last night and now i'm back. >> i've been waiting for the press release, kevin, that you're now heading owp special report, but i haven't seen it. >> i'm waiting for bret to bet
3:24 am
back to me, but i'm able to fill in whenever he needs me. >> tie looks good on you. >> thank you very much. >> i disagree with you on batman versus superman. i thought it was a mess of a movie, i know you liked the big set pieces, but what came out of that was wonder woman and it's number five on your list. >> it is. i love her as wonder woman. batman and superman was a decent movie. ben affleck was the best batman since michael cet man keating. we'll see the beginning of wonder woman set in the world war ii era. i'm excited to see how the movie plays out. it looks amazing. patty jenkins, is a fantastic director, loi love her work with monster, and the action looks epic. chris hines is in the movie as well. >> we have super girl in the
3:25 am
theaters. my little girl has a wonder woman figurine for christmas, so yeah. >> love women. >> yes. >> number four, guardians of the galaxy volume two. >> first of all, the pisser one was a huge surprise hit, one of the best soundtracks i've ever heard in a movie and it put chris pratt on the map and it's a phenomenal action movie. i'm excited to see what the secretary one does. i love dave baptiste in this movie. bradat raccoon, which is so -- it doesn't sound anything like him, but it actually is him, and then baby bruce this time, it's still his voice by vin diesel. vin.dise diesel is still doing e baby voice. >> you have the justice league. can't beat that. >> first off, clayton, when i saw the footage, when batman and the flash are on screen, he throws it and the flash goes into slow mo, i was geeking out beyond believ belief because li-
3:26 am
>> i'm excited about it, too. here's my problem. i love the c.w.s flash, you have grant who plays the flash and he's fantastic. why d.c. decided to pick a different guy to play the flash in the movies yorks get t i hope it's good though. >> it's a great question. i think miller is a great choice. he's very, very excited about the role. he's a fan boy, loves this type of movie and eng he's so funny in the moments we've seen so far, but i love zach schneider, one of the best filmmakers working today and i'm excited about aqua man, i'm excited about that. >> i love you two geeking out together at 6:30 in the morning. >> >>: tough questions. i love watching this segment. star wars episode eight, carry fisher just passed away, i understand -- we're excited that if this is the next saga film. >> we're seeing footage of episode seven. there's been no footage released
3:27 am
of episode eight. ryan johnson directed this movie, which i'm very excited ed about. the last one was j.j. abrams, but this is johnson who did a film with bruce willis which was amazing. this will continue the star wars sag ga. i love this cast, i love daisy and john, and carrie fisher did finish her scene, so we'll get the full character of general leia in episode eight. i'm waiting for the title as well much the last one was the force awakens. i wonder what this will be called. we'll see. >> i know you're into the nerd stuff. did you like christopher nolan, did you like the batman movies? >> yes. >> i'm geeking out about the number one because christopher nolan is back with a war movie. >> first of all, christopher nolan has never done a bad film, from the inception to dark knight trilogy. this is a world war ii film with tom hardy.
3:28 am
guess who is in this? centerry stiles from one direction. >> i didn't know he was an actor. >> apparently he s it looks entirely unfilmed and he'll release, it reportedly, two days early in massive 70 million mighter imax, so very, very excited about it. christopher nolan to me, one of the most consistent filmmakers working today. i'll watch anything, even if it's somebody reading a newspaper for two hours, i'll watch nolan dhoog. >> that looks awesome. >> kevin, happy new year, great to see you. i know you and i will be geeking out. there was a whole list that we couldn't get to. >> you can talk during the commercial break. >> logan. logan. >> thank you, kevin. >> love you, man, happy new year, brother. >> that's a bromance right there. >> i love it, i love it. >> a grandfather was killed in a traffic crash and the driver allegedly speeding off without stopping to help. what we know about the suspect's citizenship is next. >> waking up groggy from the new
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>> happy new year. happy 2017. we're also celebrating a big day today. yes, and yesterday. >> yesterday. >> happy birthday to clayton morris office 40 years old as of yesterday. >> thank you. >> we were talking on the couch on the commercial break, were talking about our favorite birthday cake. i asked clayton and he said his favorite of all times is a carrot cake with cream cheese with frosting. what do we do at "fox & friends", we find the best carrot cake in the city. >> thank you, peter. >> it's the best in the city. >> we say it is. >> you make it up. >> we say it is. >> if we say it is, it is so. >> you say you don't like cake, you like ice cream cake. >> i'm not a big cake guy. i like ice cream. >> come on in. >> everybody want some, come on, get on in. dig your fingers into my birthday cake. >> what do you think, good iceing? >> really good. >> where is that pro? >> the best in the city. >> it's the best, anywhere she knows. cbs around the corner. looks like an elf when he says
3:33 am
world's best cup of coffee. congratulations, you did it. >> happy birthday, clayton. >> how was your first day in the 40s? >> i feel good morning i feel wiser than i did yesterday, rick. i don't feel like-ditch know you're close to 50 now. >> oh! >> it's true. you are, too. >> it's a new year, we're supposed to be kind. >> not on this show. >> all right, talk a little bit of weather here. you're waking up this morning, i'm sure you're not woken up. there's probably nobody watching us at this point. we're probably dhog all alone because everybody is hungover, sleeping, doing something else. temperature-wise, it's not that bad right now. look at today across the northeast. we'll be dealing with nice conditions, temperatures above average. we'll remain above average. i've got frosting going ob in my mouth. [laughter] >> hold it together. >> i know. yeah, it's hard to talk.
3:34 am
warm temperatures all the way through wednesday or so before the cold gets in towards the east coast. across the southeast, we have a lot of rain causing flooding concerns, especially around the central gulf, later today severe sweafort across texas, then tomorrow for the south. towards the northern plains, not that bad overall. a few snow flurries across parts of far northern north dakota and you have another storm coming that will bring you another foot of snow for tomorrow. across the west, the rape, mountain snow across arizona, that moves in across the four corners through today. the pacific northwest, more moisture moving including snow. guys? >> how is that frosting? >> i thought we would have to go to the track and cut away. >> i know, i know. you don't know what that did to my glands. >> thank you, rick. we have other heads-up lyons, starting with the washington post is under fire for jumping the gun, falsely accusing russian hackers of tapping into
3:35 am
power plants. they said there's no proof that it got into the electric grid to begin w instead, a burlington electric computer was infected by malware by russia. it was motivated connected to the power system. this is a sad story. a great-grandfather killed in a hit and run crash still able life this morning? that question front and center as the suspected killer could be in the u.s. illegally. seventy-three-year-old was riding his motorcycle when he was hit from behind. police in stuart, florida, arresting that driver, antonio rubio sanchez, he doesn't have a driver's license. you remember rachel dolezal, the former naacp leader made national headlines after it was revealed she was a white woman posing as an african-american. she was disinvited from a martin luther king, jr. festival in
3:36 am
north carolina. the town removing her from a panel discussion on race relations after community backlash. she was forced to resign from her naacp in spokane, washington last year. and new year's eve is a time for celebration, but did one news anchor take it too far? the debate is going on social media. take a look. >> new orleans is awesome. people saying i'm lit. >> yeah, lit. >> this is one of my favorite cities on the planet. >> someone said you save immediate from getting a nipple piercing. should i get one? >> you're welcome. john's mom, you're welcome. >> i'm not sure what's going on there. lemon? maybe a few extra drinks happen there'd. >> we'll report that story. you can figure out what happened there. clayton, what's going on? >> i was going to get my belly pierced. i got a butterfly tattoo instead. >> that's what happen.
3:37 am
>> above his behind. >> right. >> there you go, clayton. >> after celebrating the start of 2017 all night, you may being waking up feeling less than your best this morning, but have no fear. we have the cure for the hang over to start your year off on the right foot. >> with what should be on the menu is chef and nutritionist, diane hendrix. >> not only new years, my birthday, i had a lot of delicious scotch last night. i need your help. rick needs your help, too. >> we'll start with the hair of the dog. a lot of people are doing it. i recommend a bloody mary or mimosa because the juices that you mix them with have a lot of vitamins in them. >> doctors say it's not the right thing to do, but i think it works. >> i think it works and it's celebration day and people will be doing it anyway. you want a good quality vodka. this is organic, unfulterred and it's ah. some you mix it with your favorite bloody mary mix, or buy it or make it at home and you
3:38 am
have a nice little cocktail. >> the idea is you continue to drink. >> one. >> throw in fruits or veggies in there. >> that's right, that's what's so great about the mimosa. this is from my friend's in new york city, you add a little bit of your favorite fruit and a favorite juice, and you have a nice mimosa. >> those help with potassium? >> this helps. this helps you get started. >> okay. >> this is what you need after. this wref powe have potassium fa bread, that's delicious. then you can move on to -- we have a yogurt parfait and oatmeal, so he have oat oats tht really will give you a ton of nutrients and vitamins and minerals which will help to make you feel better. you can't go wrong with eggs. we have a fra sta at that at t , eggs, toast, a lot of amen no
3:39 am
acids and will help liver function and headache. >> if you have a headache, massive headache, and you want quiet, you're thinking i can sustain listening to a blender going right now, churning up the smoothie machine, what kind of smoothies can we make? >> the point of the smoothie and the soup is if you don't feel like chewing. that's what i was thinking. you didn't feel like eating. >> if you're that bad. >> if you're that bad and you need something. >> lay me down on a couch, stick a straw in my face. >> there you go, that's it. it's a creamsicle smoothie with orange, yogurt, and it's an autumn soup with pumpkin, carrot and good stuff. >> you can have it made ahead of time. >> yeah, you can shake it up. i had it made earlier and shake it up. >> you have a basket of bacon. >> you're not supposed to eat greasy foods if you have a hangover, but you're back on it. that's why i'm missing so many. this is a chipotle chocolate bacon which is really delicious. this is cinnamon brown sugar
3:40 am
bacon and then plain bacon. bacon cures everything. >> did you say you're not supposed to eat fatty foods? >> yeah, they tend to not help. they tend not to help a hangover. >> like a big mac or something. >> they help for ten minutes. >> then you feel probably worse than when you started theesms are great ways and great breakfast for any time, not just new year's day. >> thank you so much. >> happy new year. >> happy nehappy new year. happy birthday. >> thank you. for these recipes and more and on her you tube channel, we'll link it up at happy new year. president obama is rushing hundreds of syrian refugees in 2017 and now we know where they're going. we'll show you where on the map next. >> for all of those people who said 2016 was awful, they obviously haven't seen this. >> it's national farm awareness dade. >> it's national pizza day. >> we celebrate everything on the show. >> every food related holiday.
3:41 am
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>> we're back. quick headlines all caught on
3:44 am
camera. video showing kids crushing in an escalator. don't worry, they're all okay this morning but the terrifying ordeal unfolding in russia. one of the students stumbled at the bottom, starting a chain reaction as classmates pile on top of each other. a major fail for a group of backpackers. whoa. as you can see, a suv rolling off of the back of a barge, plunging into the sea off of the coast of australia. helpless onlookers standing tbhi total shock. luckily, no one was inside that car at the time, but the tourists phones, passports and debit cards are long gone. that's terrible. >> what happens when you forget to put it in park. the u.s. is all ready on track to surpass the white house goal for refugees omitted in 2017 and
3:45 am
now we know where they're ending up. look at this map. right there's it's clear, they're being pushed into the heartland with nebraska of all places receiving the most refugees per capita. but why nebraska? joining us to help answer that question is the staff write wetter federalist. good morning, brie. break it down for us. >> good morning. >> we're surpassing the goal of the white house for the number of refugees and they're headed not to washington, d.c. of new york, but nebraska. why? >> right. well, i think our leaders have insulated themselves from the consequences of their actions. i think people who live in washington, d.c. and make the laws and decide how many refugees come in are sending them to neighborhoods where they don't have to deal with them, right, and this isn't anything new. in 2016, washington, d.c. took in exactly zero refugees. and when they did come to the neighboring state of virginia, they didn't come to the suburbs like arlington or alexandria or neighbors fairfax county, they got sent off to areas like
3:46 am
roanoke, where the medium income is much lower than the national average. so i think it's clear that they're quarantining themselves from the consequences of this. they're separated and far removed. >> so a distant capitol are telling us what was good for us, but not willing to impose it on themselves. i don't know if we can, i don't know if we can put the map up or not. why nebraska, north dakota, idaho? is there something about these states or places, governors or reasons why these are chosen, or is this the federal government saying hey, you're taking them? >> well, the correlation between those states specifically is that they all overwhelmingly voted for donald trump and you know, obviously, there's a difference between correlation and causation. i'm not saying that the fact that those states voted for donald trump means that now the federal government is retaliating or anything like that, but i think it's interesting that we're seeing this kind of trend and this kind
3:47 am
of phenomena happen. >> and these refugees, where are they coming from for the most part? are they middle eastern countries, syrian refugees and if so, do you have concerns all ready of a integration of what needs to happen? >> right, exactly n those states in particular, the ratio of refugees per citizens that are all ready living there is rather high. like in nebraska, i believe it's somewhere 26 refugees per a hundred thousand american citizens, and i think that our legislatures need to understand the risk associated with bringing in refugees from syria, which is that map that you were specifically talking about, specifically deals with syrian refugees and our country is the only country on the planet where our national identity is not define bid our -- but by our thoughts and our ideas. so i think it's important to make sure that people that are coming into this country, whether they're refugee or immigrant, really do love
3:48 am
america and want to be full americans in every sense of the word. >> brie, such a great point. america is a social contract and we need everyone investing in that. if so, we'll be successful, if not, we'll be like europe and elsewhere. brie payton, thanks for your insight. >> thank you. >> the german chancellor, angela merkel, had an epiphany, islamic terrorism is a real threat. her answer is we need more compassion to end it. for all of those people who said 2016 was a terrible year, they obviously been watching this show. [singing] >> more abby singing, we promise. the best "fox & friends sundays" moments of 2016 ahead. she's still singing. ♪ music
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
>> we look back at the year of "fox & friends sundays". there's a lot of crazy moments on this show. we put together one nice little,
3:52 am
tight little package for you. >> that's a tough job for someone to do. >> a lot of work. >> they have to go through the archives and look at the bad moments. >> you didn't have to go through the whole year, but this clip. >> and you're wearing a bad tie in every clip. >> let's see. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. the most interesting year of our lives. i'm totally convinced, 2015. >> we've all ready had a big two hours. we still have two more to go. >> "fox & friends" four. can you believe we've done three hours? >> whew! >> there we go. >> america's mayor wearing america's, so. >> i love you guys. >> good morning, "fox & friends". >> hey, "fox & friends". >> "fox & friends" rocks. >> the only debate i ever have about libertarian policy is with you, tucker. >> that's what he submitted and that's what you, my friend,
3:53 am
blossomed. i think you could be credible if you would admit the obvious. >> we'll have geraldo on the show and he's talking down the hallway. >> there's no telling who he will run into. >> i have to private size. >> trump got up, i looked at him and we were all covered with dog hair. >> from the dog segment before. >> we had a dog segment before. that's what happened on this show. >> it's "fox & friends" on this show. ♪ music >> celebrating once again is national farm awareness day. >> it's also national pizza day. >> yeah, we celebrate everything on the show. >> every food related show. ice cream, national cotton candy day. we're celebrating may which is national barbecue month. >> you don't stick around and watch the show, no soup for you! [laughter] >> right around 1:20 tomorrow,
3:54 am
another hot day. >> rick, who was that walking around behind you back there? >> the frog mascot that popped up. >> did you see? >> no, i missed it. >> we suspect it was janice dean in a frog outfit. ♪ music >> just when you thought it couldn't get any more crazy, we were instructed that we have a 30-second segment outside this morning. ♪ music >> i'm going to go get on the slide now. ♪ music >> i walked all the way back from my place yesterday, two blocks barefoot or in my socks and not one person noticed that how weird it is. >> how does it compare to wearing body armor in iraq? >> more safer but hotter. >> an above ground pool on sixth avenue with synchronized
3:55 am
swimmers, you have to tune into "fox & friends sundays" to see that. >> makes you want to get up and dance. ♪ music [singing] ♪ music >> can you send us to break? >> yeah. >> do you mind singing us a few bars? >> sing to you break. [singing] >> guys, it's too early to sing. we're done. we're done no. more singing. no more singing. >> >>: i'm misty, this is tucker's last day sitting on the curvy couch with us on "fox & friends". i'm miss you. >> i've worked in it was for 20
3:56 am
years. this is the nicest place i've ever worked. [cheers] >> we love you all. >> you got in trouble for the snowball? >> i got in trouble because i hit the camera. >> i got a good shot on you on that one, too. >> yes, totally. >> we said good-bye to tucker, we said good-bye to anna. >> we said hello. >> we said hello. >> to family. >> you think about how much food we eat on this show, it's amazing every year. >> tucker said the one thing he was looking forward to was losing in weight after getting on the show. >> he said the one thing he knew is he would never eat on tv. >> no. just that one day. >> be prepared to human mate yourself. >> it makes you excited for 2017.
3:57 am
coming up, president elect donald trump has a solution to international hacking just unplugged. >> we have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashion way because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. >> that's right. battle star style. >> leave it to the mainstream mead yankee ya to leave it at a jab to the future president. >> plus, president obama making claims in the final of 2016. >> we've made progress in recovery and put more people back to work than all major advances economies combine inside. combined. >> really? we fact check those claims next.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> good morning. today is sunday, january 1, 2017. happy new year, everyone. i'm abby huntsman. we begin with a fox news alert. terror strikes at a nightclub, slaughtering dozens of people celebrating new year's eve. [gunfire] >> this is horrific and the killer dressed as santa claus. the disturbing new details breaking at this hour. >> meanwhile, major breaking news at marrow lag go. the president elect promising a major revelation about the russian hacks. >> the story that keeps moving on takes another bizarre turn.
4:01 am
>> i'm not going to say i told you so, but i kind of did. watch this. >> yeah, it does get a lot better. we'll show you more of those amazing meltdown moments from mariah carey last night. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ music >> in times square new york, it all went down last night. clayton was mentioning it's amazing how a couple of hours, how clean it gets. >> get these giant vacuums, they have like confetti vacuum cleaners. i would like to know the company who makes those. it's made for one thing.
4:02 am
>> a zamboni. >> they suck it all up with a big bag of confetti and it's all clean now. >> we always get ago and it are view of the city because we're coming in and everyone else is reveling. >> >>: everybody is still out partying. >> you ne know what you'll get. >> they got so much from mariah carey, they're still motivated. >> how did you celebrate the new year? send us pictures from your new year's eve celebration, if you're awake, it's sunday, new year's day, you're probably maybe waking up. email us if you're make waking. >> just call in, we want to hear from. >> we'll send you a tote bag. tell us what your new year's resolutions are. >> do we have a tote bag? >> a claim? we'll get that figured out. we want to start with serious news. that fox news alert, we begin at this hour, new year's day terror. >> a manhunt for a terrorist dressed as santa claus who gunned down hundreds of people
4:03 am
at a new year's celebration inside a packed turkish nightclub. >> jackie ibrahim live with this story. >> a tragic start to the new year in istanbul, turkey. a terrorist believed to be seen on security cameras shooting his way inside the nightclub, bullets ricocheting off of cars, the policeman outside the gate shot and killed. once inside, the attack opening fire on an estimated 600 people inside. the chilling gunfire caught on video. [gunfire] thirty-nine dead, -69d injured with several fighting for their lives. cameras inside appearing to show the attacker wearing a santa claus hat, walking through debris. it's believed he used a long barrel weapon and a smoke grenade to carry out the ms. scer. it's unclear if the shooter
4:04 am
acted alone and so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack which both the u.s. and turkey are calling terror that shooter is still on the loose, but we'll keep you updated on that manhunt all morning long. back to you guys. >> thank you, jackie. >> a sad reminder of the world we live in as we turn to a new year, believing to turn a page, there's still radical islamicest who want to kill people. >> we've seen it play out. >> angela merkel and her new year's eve address last night, unfolding on christmas day in berlin with the shootings that unfolded here, and she said, look, i still believe in this open door policy of allowing these refugees to come in she was basically disheartened that someone took advantage of the system she said. she said we took advantage of the safe haven that we provided for them, the services to help these people and they turnaround and fire back at glus yeah, it's part of my new year's tradition
4:05 am
that i always listen to angela merkel's new year's address. >> thank you for dhoog. >> she talked about defeating radical islam with compassion, and more openness and boarders, which to voters around the country and around the world, it seems delusional. you can recognize if it's islamic terrorism, but your solution is not to make sure that people that come to your country want to be there or invest in your country. instead, we have to be more compassion for people who invade us. >> and trump gets slammed for tests to study who these people are who are coming into the country. taking them through a procedure about who these people are who we are letting in. this is one of president obama's closest allies. we know in the next weeks, a segment we did on the show, about where these refugees will be coming in the united states. >> this is a challenge, at same time that we're dealing with russia and the hacking that will continue to be a serious problem in 2017, and president elect donald trump spoke about this
4:06 am
yesterday. he came out not iming to talk and he did. he said he knows things that no one else knows and only the way that mr. trump can do. he said he'll reveal it maybe mid next week about the hacking. who knows what he's talking about here. let's take a little bit of that sound. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure, fun look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster and they were wrong soirks want them to b, so iwant. it's unfair if they don't know. i know a lot about hacking and hacking very hard to prove so it could be very hard to prove. i also know thing that other people don't know, so they cannot be hur of the situation. >> you know what other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> no one here thinks that russians and vladimir putin are our friend or are downplaying this. what you want is evidence. clayton, you very strongly pointed out over the last couple of days, what's been release sod far is almost laughable.
4:07 am
we need to see evidence if we're going to understand what russians may have done to try to inter fay with the process, finance the president elect has new information, he's getting briefings that none of us have access to, it would be interesting to see that. >> he gave us a little bit of a lesson on hacking and if you don't want your e-mails to be hacked, don't use the computer. also interesting, you know president bill clinton has never read an e-mail in his life or something like that. >> he wrote one. i think he was the first president, maybe i'm wrong about this. maybe bill clinton was the first president to write one e-mail. >> i wrote the first one, i'm done. >> i'm ahead. that's a great point. this, you know, the digital tracks that are out there. so he's sort of being made fun of, president elect trump force talking about if you don't want things to be hacked, just write them down, hand them to a courier to deliver to the person. >> just like the old days. >> just like the old days. take a listen to what he has to say. >> if you have something really important, write it out vn it delivered by courier, the old
4:08 am
fashioned way because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say. no computer is safe. i have a boy who is ten years old, can he do anything with the computer. if you want something to really go without detection, write it out and have it sent by courier. >> i do think this is smart advice. when you see both sides of the political isles, republicans and democrats, agree hag hacking a serious issue moving into the new year, you know it's real. >> court youcourier companies ay because their business ent with up. it makes us more vulnerable, but as they always do, the mainstream media takes him litly and goes bonkers over it. a couple of headlineses. donald trump wants couriers to replace e-mail. donald trump says no e-mail is safe, wants couriers to replace e-mails. he's saying when it's sensitive, maybe you want to be careful of how you transmit.
4:09 am
>> not to put words in his mouth but i think what he's also saying is when you're connected to a network, you have problems. when you're connected to the net, you have issues, just like the intelligence agencies, they're not connected to the worldwide web. they're barricaded, protected, so they only communicate with the servers in those computers. >> even the former head of cia, petraeus, how e-mails end up ruining careers. it's something that everybody needs to be aware of and focused on. it's good advice as we move into a new year in 2017. we have other headlines to get to, starting with this. we've been talking about russia. in just hours from now, a plane is taking off from virginia to moscow with 35 russian diplomats and their families onboard. the diplomatic showdown intensifying by the hour between the white house and moscow. the president imposing sanctions and ordering them out of the u.s. for cyber tack hacking. vladimir putin choosing not to
4:10 am
respond. instead, seeing how russian relations develop under the trump administration. a suspect wanted for killing a police officer is now dead after an hour's long manhunt. police in pennsylvania shot and killed this man, jason robison, he was armed and barricaded inside a house in pittsburgh. he's accused of killing 23-year-old officer landon weaver. twisms was a fui lent year for police officers, 63 killed in the line of duty by gunfire, i highest in five years. trump administration search for the v.a. secretary is getting more intense as two top contenders drop out. a white house report ert said that dr. toby cosgrove could not take the jop because i could bt get out of his duties of the cleveland clinic. a businessman has withdrawn his name due to health concerns. our own pete hegseth and former senator, scott brown, are still up for that job. cities around the world lighting up the light sky with fireworks
4:11 am
displays, ringing in the new year. more than 1 million people packed into ne new york city's dimes square to watch the ball drop. dazzling fireworks across the word to ring in the new year from sydney to berlin with sparkling burst of color. beautiful. meantime, other cities in thes taking an interesting twist on their ball group. in georgia, they welcomed 2017 with a peach, and in indiana, of course, and indy car. that's america. >> we were trying to find the opossum drop. rick, do you know where the opossum drop is? >> the opossum drop? >> i don't know if they drop the opossum. de blasio, didn't he drop a groundhog? >> that's groundhog day. >> was it north carolina? >> i don't know. they must have canceled it. if anybody knows where the opossum drop is, if they went to
4:12 am
it last night, send us pictures. >> people are awake and watching us. >> they are? >> yes. >> how do you know? >> twitter. i've gotten tons of messages, we're awake, we're watching so acting like it. >> start doing television. >> he'll start giving an effort to this show. here's the temps. chilly across the far northern plains, it will get colder. show you that in a second. we have one big storm across the south with flooding, aparts the central gulf coast, get ready because business storms are coming that way. that's apart of this system across areas of the southwest. later today and tonight, that moves in across texas and we have a severe weather threat. this is going to be during the late night hours into the morning, mostly a very strong wind and hail threat, but we can't rule out a tornado or two, especially towards the morning. and get ready tomorrow, a much more significant tornado threat. january 2nd not usually when we see severe weather, but we have a to enthreat across parts of the south, so folks need to be
4:13 am
watching. >> >>: thank you, rick. >> president obama making big claims in his final address of 2016. >> we turned recession into recovery and put more people back to work than all other major advanced economies combine. >> really? okay. millions of americans though beg to differ. we're going to fact check these claims from that video next. >> once again, my favorite story of the morning, mariah carey made sure to end 2016 with a bang and a bit of a leg dip. >> wow. >> just flip me where put these monitors on. it keeps getting better. we'll breakdown this horrible performance when we come back. i love it.
4:14 am
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>> president obama touted his legacy yesterday in his weekly address. saying that he's not going anywhere and that he's going to, quote, work to add van the policies of the last eight years, but do the american people want more of the same? here to discuss is president of the media group junior cell fel
4:17 am
low at the kings college in new york city, scott. thank you for joining us. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too, sir. we'll jump into this. before looking into the new year, we're looking backward to what president obama is talking about his legacy. the first thing he talked about was economic recovery. here's what he had to say. >> we turned recession into recovery, our businesses have created 15.6 million new jobs since early 2010, and we've put more people back to work than all other major advanced economies combined. poverty is falling. incomes are rising. 20 million more americans know the financial security of health insurance. >> all right, scott, sounds pretty good. >> it sounds great. this is a president who came in promising hope and change, i believe he thinks he delivered it, but the voters don't agree. his party lost 958 seats in state legislatures tur during his tenure, more than any other president in history, three types as many as george w. bush. this is a situation where voters
4:18 am
consistently rejected his economic policies and especially obamacare. by the way force a real point of comparison, the best president in my lifetime, ronald reagan gained six seats in the state less late sure. >> those graphics we saw, this he were lost of seats. >> lost of seats. >> but he gained a few. >> that's right. we're talking about the policies and tenure of the obama administration have put the republican party in their strongest political situation since the 1920s. that is not an endorsement of the policies. >> especially economic. >> right. >> speaking of strong positions or not strong positions, this is what president obama had to say about america's role in the world. >> we brought 165,000 troops from iraq and afghanistan, and took out osama bin lad defense. through diplomacy, we shut down iran he's nuclear war program, opened up a new chapter with cuba. almost every country on earth sees america stronger and more
4:19 am
respected than eight years ago. >> i don't know where he gets that claim, but the american people don't agree, they say we're in a weaker position than a year ago. >> 66 percent say less respected, #% less respected, that's bipartisan right there. the third promise he made was to continue his own policies. take a look. >> as i prepare to take on the more important role of citizen, know that i will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding. >> >>: other presidents have faded off and left the folks behind them to do the job. he's sticking around. >> it's a big mistake for president obama and his own legacy to stick around. the best way to have your legacy to improve is to disappear for a while and hope that history looks at it differently. however, the american people are looking for a change. this doe not want to continue his policies and i think the reason, the challenge, is the reason that 47% more
4:20 am
conservative policies going forward is the ideas he talked about. the incredible prop misses. what most americans thinks thate should have a right to live our own lives as we see fit, so long we don't interfere with anybody's right to go the same and that's very difficult to accept for progressive politicians who thinks that the government should run our lives. >> that's a great point. we think about the economic aspect of the elections and jobs there's a cultural undercurrent about this. they want to love the country and believe in the freedom. >> we were founded on freedom, liberty, and self-governance. we use our freedom to work in the community and have a better world. >> happy 2017. >> happy 2017. >> all right. coming up, president elect donald trump making new year's eve great again. we'll explain. some inspiration. do you need some for 2017? while you were sleeping, the pope delivered his mass for the new year. our own father john is here. there he is with abby with a message directly at young people around the world.
4:21 am
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>> welcome back. quick headlines for you. a band on banning plastic bags.
4:24 am
michigan signing a brand new law that doesn't allow cities to ban or charge extra for plastic bags any longer. >> and the department of defense hoping u.s. service men and women will stop chugging energy drinks as new year's resolution. a new worth from walter reid army institute of research finds that 45% drinks one a day. >> one a day? try 15 a day. >> they said the high amount of caffeine, sugar, all kind of problems leads to increased blood pressure and insomnia. >> we can't take away energy drinks, clayton. >> pope francis delivering the new year's mass, marking the church's world day of peace and the focus of embracing humility. >> also talking about the younger generation to tackle problems such as employment. >> here's fox news religion contributor, our good friend
4:25 am
father jonathan morris. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> when you look at 2017, what do you think the message young people need to hear? >> hope in 2017. >> you know, i'll be preaching at my church today and one of the things i'm going to talk about is inviting people to do a little bit different type of resolution. very often it's self-centered, it's i'm going to lose weight or start exercising. all good things. but how about doing a new year's resolution that is others focused? not only serving other people, about you saying what is it in my own life, the way i act, my habits, et cetera, that perhaps are boresome to the moment that i work with, the people that i work with? what can i do in order to be a better person for others? and i think that's really the message of christmas, which by the way, we're still celebrating. imagine a family bringing home a child to their house and saying, okay, christmas is over or baby is born, no need to celebrate. that's just the beginning and when you see all of the stores
4:26 am
here, for example on sixth avenue, fifth avenue, and the day after christmas, everything is done. we're celebrating salvation and that's worth veb braiting all year. >> part of the resolution is how do you follow through on the resolutions you make, faith or others wii? how do you make sure it continues into the into you year? >> start by telling people what you have done, the resolutions you have made. i may as well tell you what i made. one of the things that i find bothersome to other is i'm always in a hurry. instead of spending time listening, i'm always going on to the next thing and people get it. >> not just being present. >> exactly. people say, father, i know you're bus zee, but do you mind if. how do you know if i'm busy? i know you're on to something else. how? that come as cross. >> that's my same resolution this year as well, especially with technology. there's all a reason not to be
4:27 am
present and just focus on the here and now, and the people that are around you, and the scene around you. my mom says stop and smell the roses every once in a while. >> for young people to be out there and be present, go outside, play pokemon go. just get outside, enjoy technology. >> i think we got into an argument about that once. i think pope francis said something about pokemon go or using video games. listen. i think the main thing is we focus on each other and technology isn't a bad thing. >> we'll hold you to that and talk to you next year. >> i've got to go. [laughter] >> exactly. i'm going to work out in 2017. let's stick around for a little while. >> love t happy new year. you brought your dog here. >> i did. >> let blow the break and keep talking. >> >>: i don't need to arrive on time to mass today. >> just chilling out now. >> relax. we'll do this if you want to do the next segment. >> i'll do whatever. i'm good. >> donald trump is making a new year's eve great again.
4:28 am
we'll explain why he's doing that. >> mariah carey made sure to end 2016 with a big bang. >> you've got to watch this. >> oh yeah. guess what? it gets better from here. you want to stick around. >> do you have flat, leftover champagne in your fridge on on your set right now? don't throw it out. we're using it in ways that you've never thought of. like cheese dips. it's going to be yummy. come cakes and cheese dip. >> oh, cupcakes. ♪ music
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
>> a live lock at times square where the waterford crystal ball dropped last night. millions of people were there. i'm always fascinated by the other random drops around the country. we thought that they had canceled that opossum drop. we couldn't find it, didn't know where it was. >> it did happen last night. apparently, it didn't. okay, so edward e-mailed us. the opossum drop is in brass town, north carolina, but they have suspended that because peta finds it harmful to the opossum. >> it's a live opossum?
4:32 am
>> yes. >> i thought it was stuffed. >> it depends how far you're dropping it. if it's from here to the floor, it's like cats. >> you remember de blasio dropping the groundhog on groundhogs day. he's 7'2, he dropped it. it died. >> it did? >> like the next day or two days later. >> i want to remind america about, you know brkts groundhog. >> there's a pickle drop as well? >> well, yeah. i think there is a pickle drop. >> in pennsylvania somewhere there's a pickle drop. >> let us know where other drops out are there. rick said earlier on the show, maybe no welcom nobody is up wae show. dave e-mailed and said i'm up because oreo is up. >> michael said i've been watching fox for the last couple of hours. i would like for abby to sing that would make my day. >> it would make ours, too. >> that's sweet. >> shall we?
4:33 am
>> no. >> somebody tried this thing last night and it was mariah carey. we were looking forward to mariah carey's big performance last night. we wanted to make sure she was there on time. >> we helped her yesterday morning, reminding her that the ball dropped at midnight because she wasn't sure. >> it was a total disaster. i did more research on this, guys, and what i found out is this that they rolled the wrong tape, the wrong sound. she was supposed to lip sync, she said we don't have a air check for that, we didn't plan for this, so they rolled the wrong tape and she's singing to the wrong song, trying to laugh it off and saying can i have some monitors. listen to this.
4:34 am
>> what. you know what i thought the best part was? the dancer are going the entire time. they're still doing it. >> clayton, what i'm reading from the new information is you're basically blaming the producers. >> how is it her fault? it's the music guys. >> how do you drop the ball? >> you're planning on this, it's like planning for the super bowl halftime show. you're working for months to
4:35 am
plan it. how do you roll the wrong tape? >> here's what happened, apparently as we reported yesterday, she struggles getting any where on time so i guess the rehearsal didn't go as well, she didn't give it the time needed to figure all of this out. >> you watched all day. >> if they played a different song, don't you think she would know that song? oh, you pressed play on another one of my song, i remember that one. it was a number one hit. >> here's the thing, if bruce springsteen were up there and they rolled another one of his songs, woe pick up the guitar gone into that song. it doesn't matter. >> we didn't have a check for this one. we didn't get to do our sound check for this song so i can't sing it right now. >> in good conscious, as a professional, i can't conduct myself. >> in the end, just flip me. give people what they want at home which is lift up my leg. >> lift up my leg. >> she's in her 40s. >> she looks good. >> i can't imagine the conversation that happened after she walked off of the stage.
4:36 am
>> she took to instagram later and she wrote, stuff happens. you know, that's it. >> fair enough. >> a number of people were fired after that one. >> i think it was quite entertaining. >> it was actually. young people -- you like watching a train wreck. >> people give time for her to give it up. shoo he is had a few rough years. >> don't you think when somebody -- she's been big. he's a huge icon. >> next to the beatles. you can ride this into your 70s and 80s doing stuff like that. >> in vegas. >> and people will still go and watch. it becomes part of the fun. >> the beatles had the most number wuf hits and mariah carey is second to the beatles. >> i'll fact check that on the break. >> you know a lot about mariah carey. >> i'm all over it. can do you some weather? >> i can. even if my weather map started on the wrong map, i can make it happen. >> you can? >> yes. sunday, we'll talk about that. not that bad today if you're staying home, nursing a hangover or watching tv, not a bad day.
4:37 am
the cold air starts to come in tomorrow. you see the pink, that's the cold air that we had at the earlier of december. now that is going to move back in for this week. that cold air will settle in for almost everybody and maybe snow across the deep south later in the week. tonight, severe weather across parts ox texas and tomorrow, a tornado threat across the deep south to start january. >> you didn't have to rehearse that. >> i didn't. she can do it. >> i want to try to watch you some day. not right now, not in this show, but we should try it. >> i think we should do it today. >> i don't think we should. >> it's a new year. 2017. >> get the feathers out. >> where are my feathers? >> don't do the lift, please. >> no. >> we did the weather headline. starting with this one, the washington post is under fire for jumping the gun, fallly accusing russian hackers of tapping into vermont's power plant. the feds saying there's no proof cyber thieves got into the electric grid to begin with, but instead, a burlington electric
4:38 am
utility compute was infected with malware that originated from russia. the affected laptop was not connected to the power system. then there's this. two small planes crash in midair, plunging to the ground and bursting into flames, killing at least three people. terrifying video showing fiery e falling into a storage unit, the other into the middle of the road near a home depot parking lot. no word on what caused that crash. and president elect donald trump teeing off the new year with his annual bash at his estate in palm beach, florida. serving up a four course meal, starting with a warks salad, second court wild mushroom and ravioli, the sliced tenderloin and sea bass, then baked alaska. to keep the party going, they had a breakfast buffet. sounds awesome. speaking of a breakfast buffet, i'm going to hand it over to the
4:39 am
boys. >> the party is over, but the bubbly remains. what to do with the half bottles of champagne. >> dina with dish it girl with how you can use leftover champagne in new year's meals. thing is practical. >> if you have any leftover. >> you shouldn't have any. we all have a floater or two in the house. >> you don't want to throw it out, even if it's flat because there's a lot of great things you can do with that. >> we'll start with the cheese dip. >> the first thing we're going to make is a rieu for you rue r. it's taking burter and garlic, melting that down rks mixing in flour and that makes the base for the cheese sauce. even making macaroni and cheese, it will thicken it up. you'll let that cook.
4:40 am
>> i'll participate. >> what do we do now? >> then we'll take milk, but you want to take it oust heat when you put the milk in because you don't want that to bubble up too much. okay. there you go. then you can keep whisking for me. with your leftover bubbly because everything is better with bubbly, you can make a soup. right here i have a brie and truffle beef soup with pear in t the champagne acts as your acid. if you splash that into a french onion soup or a potato soup, it works really well. same with -- >> budget the champ pang in here? >> right now. does it work like putting wine in because you lose the bubbles? >> yes, the bubbles you lose them. the thing with flat champagne, you can put them in ice cube trays as well. >> give them to the kids. >> oh yeah, in their fruit juice. i would say use that with your adults with adult popsicles which is really, really cool.
4:41 am
you have your chap pain in there, a little bit of dijon mustard you'll butt nut there, salt and pepper. you want to sprinkle some in? yes. then you have your champagne cupcakes. >> i've been eyeing these things. >> you take chocolate cupcakes and you'll take a little bit -- take sweeter campaign, like the mospink bubbly, and you mix that into the icing and it makes more of an adult treat. a little bit of sparkle going into the new year. >> can you taste it in the from frosting? >> a little bit. it's not like drinking a glass, but a undertone. >> and you can drink it. >> yes, for you, for me. >> and pomegranate. >> you can also poach salmon. it's really great for fish. you can poach salmon in it, scallops in there, mussels and you would want to use more of a dry champagne when you're going to that.
4:42 am
your proseccos, deaf it for desserts, maybe poaching fruit as well, and drier champagne you save for the more savory dishes. >> i like how you started off the segment, if you have any champagne left. >> if you have any. it depends on how hard you rang in the new year. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> it will be on our website. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> hundreds marching on the streets to protest the violence in chicago. the mayor wants to solve it by spending taxpayer money by protecting illegal immigrants. is that the solution? those two will debate it coming up. >> new laws with sky lanterns, to six packs like i have, what you need to know for 2017 straight ahead when we come back. if a denture were to be
4:43 am
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humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. what's your body of proof? >> welcome back and happy 2017. we have quick headlines for you. liberal lawmakers in cities across the country want to set up million dollar slush funds to protect illegal immigrants. guess who footing the bill? taxpayers, you. mayor's in louisiana, san francisco and california are looking to provide aid to illegal immigrants who could be
4:46 am
kicked out the country once mr. trump moves into the white house. these balls are contraband from inmates in oklahoma. recovering 29 cell phones and chargers, and nine pounds of tobacco amongst other things. security footage reveals that the balls were thrown over prison fences to inmates. that's a clever tactic, i've got to say. abby, over to you. >> thank you. 2016 was a deadly record breaking year of violence in the city of chicago. in just tbefl months, more than 750 people were murdered, that's a 20-year high. mayor emmanuel's response is asking for growing fund for immigrants. he joins mayor's to descrengtd en sanctuary cities before president trump takes office. join us to debate is trump supporter and strategist john rally. happy new year. >> good morning. god bless you. god bless america and happy new year. >> to you as well.
4:47 am
this is an important conversation to have as we good into year 2017. the big question here; this the answer? is this going to solve it? >> you know what, what i would say is that ramh emmanuel, the mayor of chicago and the new york mayor and all of them, they have american citizens who can use those funds. last year, we spent $113 billion on illegal aliens, that money could have gone to homeless veterans torque our inner cities, rural areas. it could have gone to our youth, and so my thing is this. i believe that they should be more concerned about what's going on in their cities with as far as americans are concerned, and you know, make sure that our americans are safe and have sanctuaries. >> here's the request by the mayor, some of the mayor's and city leaders. they satin support for deferred action for child arrival recipients, continued support for temporary protected status
4:48 am
immigrants as well. john, what is the answer here? what needs to be done? >> i think there's a tremendous opportunity for the republicans on this issue. i mean, 2016 as we turn the page on it was a year of racially charged politics and if they truly want to turn the page on, it i think it would be to embrace what these mayors who are close to the people in some very concentrated areas are asking. i think there's an opportunity for president elect trump to make the transition from tweeting on policies to lead on major policy initiatives. frankly, i don't know what the connection is between the crime rate and the immigration issue. i think we're conflating two very different things. >> what's your response to that? >> i would say this. i believe the protect donald trump has stated he'll deal with i will yuns cialg people illegally here committing crimes. interesting enough, the fact that we're talking about illegal aliens lets you know that they
4:49 am
have broken the law. interestingly enough, the parents broke the law and the children unfortunately are suffering behind it, but that is not america's fault and it is not america's burden. we have americans who are suffering that need those funds, and i think that the president elect, donald j trump, has made it clear, he'll put americans first. >> we're not talking -- we're not talking about just criminals. we're talked about undocumented in general. are the republicans, is president trump going to be rounded up undocumented people, their children and babies and deporting them? [overlapping speakers] >> he's been very clear. if you commit a crime, you're an illegal, you're getting out of here. >> absolutely. that should be how it is. why are we afraid to say that? >> it's very different. >> how is that different, john? >> the sanctuary city is not just about anybody committing a crime and so i think -- i mean, true. if you look over the course of
4:50 am
the 240 years of the united states, what has truly made america great frkts president is committed to that, has been the diversity of immigrants that have come in from all over the world, so i think this is a great opportunity for the president and republicans to re-brand a way from a lot of the racially oriented messages that got us sidetracked in twix. >> last word here. >> i think it has zero to do with racially charged. what it has to do, as americans, we have a right to know who was in our country and i believe the president elect is very correct in making sure that we are going to vet and make sure we know who is in our nation, and this is the issue. americans are footing the bill for illegal aliens like i said, when we have americans who need that 113 billion. this is not about illegals. this is about america first. >> all right, we have to leave it there. >> that's what's important. >> we have to leave it there. happy new year to both of you. >> happy new year to you, god bless you. coming up, president elect
4:51 am
donald trump proving he does not do business as usual. who he just invited to his inauguration. president obama is not going to like this one. i'm 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> with the new year comes new laws on the books on everything from cat fish to sky land trerns to six packs so what do you need to know? here to discuss is gear carey. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we've been having fun with the new laws. let's start with illinois and the pism fork hunting. what in the world is going on here? >> let me explain. pitchfork hunting interesting. i don't know if you've seen it on you tube, but you have people who are in football helmets and water skis, and they're going around -- >> really? >> yeah, yeah, it's amazing smsm have spikes on their football helmets and they're spearing fish while they're water skiing. it's absolutely amazing. >> now you can do it? >> they've always been able to do it but in this case, they can spear cat fish. catfish have been added to the list. couldn't do it before, but now they can. >> that's amazing. thank you to teaching me so
4:55 am
much. let's for oregon. oregon banning the sky land lan. abby said she had one blow up in her face. there's a problem with them? >> around 29 states have banned them. fire marshals hate them. they've caused problems in alaska, an airport had to reroute traffic because it went into air space and caused problems. >> what do they do? you light them and throw them up in the air and they fly for miles? >> same concept assist a hot air balloon and causing problems in england. they set fire to a tent there. they set fire to roofs, so expect other states to do the same. >> i think a lot of people mistake them for ufos, so getting rid of them, we'll have better identification of ufos, that's my goal. number three, pennsylvania allowing the sale of six packs. i grew up in pennsylvania. they've got whatever the state alcohol board, you got to go to
4:56 am
the main state controlled stores. what's going on with this? >> well, thanks to the quakers back in the day, they had a lot of strict laws to alcohol, then prohibition came along. you mentioned the state alcohol board went in to make it more difficult to buy alcohol, but now, the beer distributors in the past, you were only allowed to buy beer by the case. now you can go to the beer distributors in pennsylvania and buy beer in any quantity. supermarkets back in august, they're now allowed to sell beer, wine. gas stations or rather storesaso them can also sell beer as well, so they've really opened up a lot of the alcohol laws over in pennsylvania, and i would expect probably they're going to start loosening them up as well. >> finally, mark hamil behind the new california law about autographed memorabilia, luke skywalker, mark hamil. what's going on here? >> you have a situation with mark hamil or someone like him
4:57 am
who are had trade items like star wars, people have had fake autographs of him like kind of circulate around and he was concerned about that. the problem though that some people who are sellers of old books, they say, yeah, but we need to make sure that you have a certificate of authenticity attached to it, but book sellers say, well, we can't always provide that. >> right. >> that's a little difficult. >> well there's you go, new laws. kerry, great to see thu morning. happy new year. we'll be back with more mariah carey courage right after this. >> and this. just in. peta won't like t the opossum drop is real and you've been e-mailing us, letting us know. look at this video. ♪ music i laugh, i sneeze...
4:58 am
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5:00 am
good morning. happy new year. i'm abby huntsman, we start with a fox news alert, terrorists strike at nightclub,. >> and the kimlers dressed as santa claus. >> major newsbreaking at mara lag go,. >> you know. you'll find out tuesday or wednesday. >> this is as story with many
5:01 am
twists and turns. and it's about to take another one. >> , and, should we call off the possum drop. "fox news "fox & friends sundays right now. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> here in new york city. greatest city in the world and it's all cleaned you mean. they got up all the big vacuum machines. that's amazing. over a million people. some that started waiting, wearing diapers, you can't leave. >> it's the only way to roll. >> diapers into a new year. it's like an operation. the cops were coming out and very secure, people had a great
5:02 am
time. >> anyone figured out your new year's resolutions. >> i went to bed at 8:30. sleep more. >> it's sleep in the new year. >> i said i wanted to be more present. don't pick up the phone. focus on what you're doing. why do anything? >> what about you? >> both of yours combined. sleep more, and be more present. >> let's know what your new year's resolutions are. >> photos of your tradition. some american eve ball drop traditions. >> we'll show you some. all the different ball drops, the unique ones. we got to the bottom of it. >> it is a thing. >> first, we have some overhead lines. "fox news alert" a manhunt
5:03 am
intensiguying for a gunman dressed as santa claus. the chilling gunfire all caught on camera. >> gun shots fired also capturing the attacker shooting his way inside. 39 people are dead, including a police officers. 69 others are injured. cameras showing the attacker wearing a santa claus hat. still unclear if he worked alone. so far we know of no americans involved in that attack. >> just moments from now, a plane is taking off with 35 russian diplomats to leave the u.s. for moscow. >> the showdown intensifying, and the president ordering them
5:04 am
out. russian president putin choosing not respond, and waiting to see how u.s.-russian relations develop. >> , the pope delivering his mass. hundreds gathered to hear the year end message. calling on the faithful to embrace humility and leaders to do mortar tackle youth unemployment. >> helping a true american hero and her family. >> operation finally home and, now, going to build you a new custom built home. >> i love. >> that's diana, and, served four years, and, she was injured in iraq and has been through 30 surgeries since then and now back in the states she is
5:05 am
helping other veterans suffering from ptsd. >> very cool. >> great reviews coming from eric and, kimberly. >> let's talk about donald trump, he was down in florida celebrating new years, when reporters, he didn't think he was going to answer any questions. unpredictable. >> in the face of some flashing lights and some reporters asking him some questions, and he said, this coming week, i'm going to tell you something, i know something about the rush be shan hacking that others don't know. >> i just want them to be sure. it's a pretty serious charge. if you look at the weapons of mass destruction that was as disaster and they were wrong. i think it's unfair if they don't know. and i know a lot about hacking and it is very hard thing to prove t. could be somebody else.
5:06 am
and i know things that other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> what you know. >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> funny how he can do it. >> that's a tease, stick around or tuesday and wednesday. >> evidence matters and they feel like there's been somethings, what's been released about russian hacking is incomplete at best, and so, let's get at sense of what russia is trying to do, we know they're trying to hack us. what really happened and, what's that going to mean. >> remember he's getting intelligence briefings for the president-elect, he has information that other people don't have. >> we'll twight hear in the next few days and also he was and that phonecall he with president barak obama, we don't know what was said the on that call and --
5:07 am
i would love to ab fly on the wall. he didn't divulge much and he did double down for his support of israel and netanyahu. possibly, he could be at the inauguration. >> take a listen. >> do you feel like president barak obama is trying undermine. >> we have a very good relationship. look, with we have to protect israel. i real is very important. we have to protect israel. and i disagree, i listened to secretary kerry's speech, i think it's very unfair to israel what happened. >> , but regardless, to say, what's happened to netanyahu is wrong. it won't happen under mine. i'm going to ask him to be at the enall raising.
5:08 am
>> inviting the israeli prime minister. >> more symbolic than anything else. >> this is what they deal in. >> it would be a strong sign. >> well across this great country we have a lot of fantastic traditions and everyone all of the ways in which americans celebrate new year's eve. one of my favorite is the oh possum drop, and we thought it was canceled and no we got an e-mail. no, it was xan snelled north carolina and other viewers were really angry and people said it is occurring in their state. >> we have been getting so many e-mails. my city used to drop a real live possum, and then they changed to a stuffed possum and that was a real live possum. >> when it drops, it's at soft landing.
5:09 am
that was my theory. they live on. >> so there are different possum drops. stuffed and live. >> our possum is dropped, in north carolina in a cage. it's lengthly lowered. the possum is never harmed, and is treated like a king. >> can we show this video. >> this is not the real possum. >> if it's not real. >> does it look like that possum is enjoying it. >> it's a tradition. >> maybe he's like this is so dollar a. >> you never know. >> if they scream. >> no, that's terrible. >> i have mixed feelings on this one. >> i'm with you. >> if it was a live possum. >> it's wrapped. >> but it.
5:10 am
have all the festivities. q.a blanket. >> my hometown, we have one. it's at book drop in arizona, i should know, at the pass last bar. >> and, that goes down at midnight. 37 degrees, with a little bit of rain, and snow. some of your pictures, twitter or instagram. down across the south we have the very heavy rain, and this will cause flooding and there's a lot of moisture and severe weather later today, in texas and mississippi. that's all going to come from this storm, bringing rain and that snow. more snow across pacific northwest, getting snow in seattle. 37 degrees. this is the temperature outlook the next few days. we warm up in the south. and this cold air makes its way
5:11 am
down to the 10u9d, and, by the time we get to to the next week. >> but take a look at that. minus 2 in fargo. >> i don't want the possum screaming. one said it lost its appeal. >> if it expreems then it makes it screaming. >> no love for animals. >> no i love. >> i'm mix showed one. >> we're got a a lot of e-mails. >> tech experts say the russian hacking report is down to flaws. he is a tech expert who says that president-elect trump has been right. >> imagine if you could have your it arrested for sending
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
>> the f.b.i. released its joint report, on russian's hacking.
5:15 am
but is the evidence ironclad? >> i haven't seen the evidence, and that's been one of our problems. the chair of our intelligence committee asked for a briefing and i was back in congress, and i have seen no evidence. >> no evidence. now tech experts have gone through the report and have found major flaws. here to weigh in, who read the 13 page report. morgan, do you find this report compelling or not. >> i find pa blog post more com ple than i did this report, about mariah carey. >> 13 pages, and you boil it's down. i did this, it's 398 words. it's not a blog post and we're kicking 35 diplomats out of the country based on this. i have seen more evidence in, with he was a detective in a parking ticket. >> the getfy's berg address is
5:16 am
longer. why is it flawed? there's just not the evidence here and you heard one of the guests say he hasn't seen any evidence. why? >> well basics. when i was as detective, a burglary was different than a robbery. >> here are the intelligence services and the groups that are involved. they put black energy, along with atp 28 and 29. this is the russian gr u. and, to put that with a malware package, and one attach particular like power shell is like confusing the girl scouts with window's ten, and i. for mailings. it made no sense because they didn't understand the basics, and what was used to do it and the particular tactics. that one page, told me these folks didn't super a good basis
5:17 am
for arriving at the concompleutions they did. >> one of the things, it stood out to me this grat anything it opens the door for third party. it makes more compelling case for third party hackers that had nothing to do with the russian government. even the type of software, it is readily available. >> this was as ga nair rick report. this could have described one of the thousands of things. finds 1,000 that they refer to the f.b.i. it's almost the same thing to take a leap of lodge beginning that they have done to say based on this report, i'm not saying that the russians are not involved, we have to be very clear about that. to make that conclusion, i -- this validates president-elect trump he's, intelligence, and
5:18 am
it's driving politics. >> mr. trump, talked about this. and he said, no computer is safe. >> i want to play this. >> you have something really important, write it out and the have 2 delivered by courier. because, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say. no computer is safe. i have a boy who is ten-years-old, he can do anything with a computer. if you want something to go without detection. write it out and the have it sent by exowr reer. >> but i agree with him. the idea that had any computer is always hackable. >> look, i just got through reading a good book, and one of the ways he avoided the detection, and, stayed off the
5:19 am
telephone, and used courier. we're at at point where we can't trust everything, everything can be hackable. about the only thing, is a brick. but give it time. >> just like battle star ga lack take ka. >> it wasn't connected to the internet. >> commander had it all figured out. >> happy new year. >> coming up here she thinks she's black and she's white and now she's back in the headlines. should she be allowed to speak at diversity conference. >> now, kevin joins us to say hello to 2017 most anticipated films. there he is ♪ ♪ seeing is believing, and that's why
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> back with some quick headlines. two small planes crashing mid-air and bursting into flames, killing three people. terrifying video, showering fire, one of the planes falling
5:23 am
straight down into a storage unit and the other one into a home depot parking lot. >> a dashcam showing a hero cop putting his own life in danger. >> you can see the head lights coming straight towards the officer. the brave officers, stopping the car. the driver was drunk. >> good for him. >> well done. >> it's at new year and that means another blockbuster year with some highly anticipated films, including some favorite characters returning to some super sequels. >> let's ask fox news contributor, kevin, i'm excited. this may be the most jampacked. >> i feel like we were born to do this segment. this is -- [laughter] >> so many films and by the way,
5:24 am
last year, 2016 but dead pool, and i do have my five most anticipated and, fast eight, and, beauty and the beast looks good. >> number 5, you say "wonder woman." >> i'm excited about this. i love the director. set in world war i and this is way before the "justice league" and, i was a big batman versus superman fan. and i think ben after black is -- bruce wayne is still the best batman. this does look awesome. i like the action scenes. chris pine is in the film. >> you're getting some blow back. >> i think he did a good job. >> i don't know. >> i'm ap george clooney fan. >> michael keaton. >> keaton is the best. and, aflac is the best, and,
5:25 am
best bryce wayne. >> there's a lot going on. >> guardians of the galaxy. and, wow! you're taking this people and it was better than the avenge jersey. and now the second volume coming out. >> i love that they're continuing with same filmmaker. and, what made the first so great was the sound track. everything about the music was fantastic. and it was a leading character. and bradley cooper. and you didn't recognize his voice. they're bringing back vin de self, and, when he did it, they gave him full actual meaning to every line, with actual words of what it meant. it had different meaning every time he said it. >> very cool.
5:26 am
>> number 3 you have laid out the "justice league." >> i can't wait. the scene alone, when bruce wayne throws and flash, and slow motion going back, that shot is amazing, and we were talking about it, how grant plays the flash and i'm really interested in the element. he is a fantastic actor. but the movie looks incredible. i think he's visionary filmmaker. and, i think -- we were talking about this earlier. >> i don't get it. i love flash, and, why dc decided to pick a different actor. i don't get it. we'll see. >> what do you think? >> no comment. >> not that. >> i love it. >> i'm sure you guys saw "star wars." >> so you saw the force awakens and carrie fisher passed.
5:27 am
we understand. >> i want to see luke on the cliff. >> it's at huge cliff hangar and i think 2017, i'm going to die of crying, because there's so many films coming out. ryan johnson and did a movie called looper and i love that he did 7 and 8 and, bringing back john williams for the score. i'm very excited and last year, with rogue one: a "star wars" story the ending sequence -- i don't want for say what it was, but that last two minutes was the best scenes ever in "star wars." >> number one, dum -- >> i can geek out with you on "star wars". >> very cool. >> i'm very excited about this.
5:28 am
>> and, still shooting on film to this day, and in as world war ii film. has some of the greatest range ever. insettle. the dark night. think about everything he has done. and this has harry styles. and, looks interesting. tom hardy, and, it looks amazing and it's shot on 65 millimeter film. a massive epic movie and the score, by zimmer. >> yeah, kelly our producer, disagrees us with on ben affleck. >> i have just phoned management and said i could no longer talk to kelly because ben after tblek is an awesome batman. >> great to see you. happy new year. [laughter] >> happy new year. >> good to see you.
5:29 am
>> she thinks she's black but she's white and now she's back. >> rachael -- >> it's been too long. >> she's going to be allowed to speak at diversity conference. >> waking up a little groggy, all morning long we are curing your hang over. it does not stop. >> amazing ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we have been doing some very important work, to confirm o possum gate. >> and, people said they were not canceled and some saying that there's taxidermied and peta and everyone sometimes it's alive. but, that, we're told a tax a determinemy, because, it turns out they like to hang upside-down.
5:33 am
>> by the tail. for it. and if that's what they do. >> has anyone asked the possum. >> you'll be up there. >> and lower you. >> get a possum for the show. >> this is what the brain room here, they're strong but not allege gill climbers, their tails are able to grafnlg, and, support they're full waiting. >> they enjoy it and they're the center of attention. and it's new years, and then they get a lot of perks. >> so, i change the my opinion. >> so you're now against peta. >> i think -- how often do we get to celebrate a dropped possum. >> they drop a lebanon bologna. >> i still like to know if they land like a cat.
5:34 am
>> , let's have bill de blasio, drop one. it died after. >> i'm going to call the local zoo. >> we'll do that. >> great start. >> but what i do love, all these traditions, but they're traditions for a reason. no one is being cruel. >> we do have some overhead lines. starting with this. "the washington post" is the under fire for jumping the gun, falsely accusing russian hackers of tapping into the power plant. there's no proof that they got in, instead, a computer was infected with malware na originated in russia and it was not connected to power system. >> it could, a great granted father still be alive this morning? >> that is the question that's front-and-center and we learn the suspected killer could be in
5:35 am
the u.s. illegally. >> , you see him was riding his motorcycle when he was hit from behind. arrests the driver, and sanchez, he doesn't even have a driver's license. >> remember racial, the former n.a.a. y.p. leader, after it was revealed as a white woman posing as a african, she's been disinvited, from a martin luther king and they removed her on race relations of a community backlash. she was forced to resign in washington, last year. and that story just -- >> a major fail for a group of backpack kers. >> watch this. >> oh, my god. >> as you can see, that's an
5:36 am
suv. rolling off the back of the barge, and, helpters, helpless on lookers, standing by, no one was inside the car. and, they are now gone. >> why didn't you pull the parking brake. >> this car was in the ocean. >> it will turn into a coral reef. >> new habitat. >> guess what? >> four rich season is over. [laughter] >> wow! >> maybe it's the five barricades. >> either everybody is sleeping or unk over. >> i think mariah carey scared everyone out of the city. >> enough. >> let's talk weather out there. take a look at the map. around the world right now. show you what's going on, i
5:37 am
bring this up because all of that dark pink, that's where the coldest air is, that's in canada, and, it will come back down here, so get ready. fees like minus 10. europe looking nice, 50 degrees and, the real cold air, is across much of russia. >> 31 in mongoal area, and, down across the southeast and flooding concerns are going to be with us, and into tomorrow as well. more rain across parts of arizona. that's the system that drops down, in texas and late tonight, severe weather, withins and hail, maybe a tornado or two, that threat becomes much more sitting across parts of the deep south. mississippi.
5:38 am
>> send it back to you inside. >> if you are nursing a hang over, never fear we have some tips. with some food and drink recipes s kyle, the owner of the we range. >> coffee and we love the french press, and gets them strong. >> dark. >> you can't go back to the regular stuff. >> it is like flying first class os an airplane, but i have been told. >> you don't want to sit in the coach, but i can't start any day without a hot cup cup of coffeei always do the french press. so one of the cool things i like to do, because sometimes when you're feeling sluggish, do a little mimmo a with some fresh berries and you can just press
5:39 am
that down and you get a good little make minimum a. >> we got it. >> without the pulp. >> it didn't ruin it. >> you did a frozen mimmo a. >> leftover champagne, i never have leftover, but if you do, pour it in some ice-cube trays and freeze it, and, dump it in the next morning into the blender with some pineapple and oranges and you have frozen mimmo a. >> it looks good. >> so really great way to use your leftover champagne, just freeze it, and we're making eggs in hell. >> so, i really like to do something greasy and naughty in the morning when i am --
5:40 am
>> so -- >> hot pan, onions, and, some peppers, that's the hell part. >> give them hell. >> i like it spicy. >> even the seeds and everything. >> does this fight off a hang over. >> and seeds, and spice, down in texas. >> a little bit of oil, and then, tomato saws. and you can do it. >> you can do it yourself or i just like to buy the can and all you do, just let that get shot and once it is hot you end up with a dish like this. >> and -- >> there's a lot -- >> wow! >> i can crack an egg. >> i don't know, i have had bad luck.
5:41 am
>> crack to make an omelet. >> you drop it into the heated -- >> it pooches it, and, it looks so beautiful. >> all you do is a little salt and pepper and this is the finished product, and you put it in a bowl, and, lay del it in the bowl with some crusty bread. >> get after that. >> how is it? >> it's hot. [laughter] >> i never thought of eggs with tomato saws you sauce. >> this is n. >> it's hot enough. >> in the morning i just really like easy recipes and, you got dip some bread in this thing. >> so where can we learn more about these recipes. go onto our website.
5:42 am
free praij recipes. we have 7 restaurants. q.we learned something. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> we'll be eating this. eggs from hell. >> is the mainstream turning on president barak obama. howie is here next. howie has been tracking the story, if you thought the opossum had a bad new year's eve. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ well, the lift. >> more mariah carey. [laughter] >> we didn't have a --
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back. brand new concerns over the health of queen elizabeth beth, she's still too sick to attend the annual church and was she missed christmas mass due to a heavy cold. the truth disconnect. people in france can ignore work e-mails when they're not at work. the new law meant to end so-called hidden hours of work
5:46 am
without getting paid over time. >> pete. >> we'll see about that. >> president barak obama under fire from an unlikely critic. even rolling stone doubting his claims, that russia hacked the election. like the w.m.d., in iraq, here's an element of salesman ship, to push the hacking narrative that should make reporters nervous. >> howie, thank you very much. so in the article it goes onto say that this individual was talking to other reporters, who are starting to feel comfortable, that they are taking it, without being able to verify it. >> what do you make of this? >> it is as disturbing echo of what we went through, in 2002 when the c.i.a., the slamdunk said that he had weapons of mass destruction. it's fascinating he used that had phrase and then last night,
5:47 am
president-elect trump brought it up, so i do think that episode would suggest we should have some more media skepticism about who was behind the hacking. >> do you think in this instance, they're more deaf rent shal to how he articulates the intelligence than george w. bush because they are left of center. >> there might be see of that. but the press loves these unnamed sources stories, and they told us, we have no way of verifying that russia was behind this hacking. they may well have been but, everybody is accepting that as fact. it is striking though, rolling stone, loves president barak obama, and has done glowing interviews, and say what he
5:48 am
thinks, about, throwing cold water not just on the c.i. a claims but on the way the press. >> the rolling stone went onto write this, they said and i think we have a full screen for it, if they had a smoking gun evidence, that russians had organized a campaign and deliver the white house to trump then expelling a few dozen seems like a weak response. >> is that evidence, it would be much more proportional if they truly hacked our election. >> maybe president barak obama was being consprained by the enact he's out of office in three weeks and go beyond na relative slap on the wrist. but i do have to say, it makes you wonder, why it is, that everybody is now reporting this as fact. intelligence is mercury, and
5:49 am
relying on human surfses. it's often difficult to know, and too many are treating this as if it were an established fact. >> do you see that changing, and the narrative is, this election was hacked or is something that president-elect trump, could that change their narrative. >> if could. look, there is no question, that there was a lot of hacking, done in a way that did have some impact. it didn't change the outcome. was the russians, i think there's a good possibility. but what i think, and proving something, not just to the point of taking action, but proving it in the court of public opinion, that's a very different thing and i think the press has to be more cautious. >> the headlines of election hacking, and, like it was
5:50 am
changed. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> happy new year. >> hillary clinton was the greatest candidate of all time according to the mainstream media. >> seeing you in the spotlight. you get do go back, 18th century with a more packed -- >> how does it feel to be so awesome. were they wrong. the worst media bias of the year and forget your password, and, use your face, look at the top tech trends of 2017.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> welcome back, virtual reality, which will color to the world of tech, in 2017. what will trends and how will they reshape how we live, work and play. >> here to break it down, anthony -- happy new year. >> welcome back.
5:54 am
>> so cord cutters, we saw this. young kids are not getting cable package. so what sort of trends can we see. >> so here's the trend, all these devices, they're now t.v.'s. the biggest trend, everything you're seeing, the problem was, you could not afford the bill. when you download it. at&t said use you're directing t.v. app, and, absolutely free. so now streaming t.v. is going to be a reality to cut the cord. >> stream netflix, it sucks down a lot of band width. >> free. >> that leads noos apps on demand. >> on demand. and you need ride out front, and what i have seen, there's new app called mainstream.
5:55 am
it's personal beauty to your home. you need your nails done, and they come truth your house. why doesn't someone invent a snow blue app. it's the year of on demand. no one waits for anything. i saw two apps one for massages for demand, and haircuts on the demand, never have to leave the house. >> making us really lazy, too. >> now, in this case, lazy is good, security, all the hacks and passwords, and, we're using passwords. it says hello it's me. >> it literally tries to need to figure if the it is your face. it said no. >> after you tried so many times, it actually asked for my
5:56 am
pin. these cameras, so you can't go to my facebook and put it in front. it's actually using different things. >> we saw samsung, click in a a lot of ads, and for virtual reality, putting a phone, and playing games, and sony out with their headset. is this going to be a big deal. >> i can tell you, i love it. i have that device and i have the five at home where you can set up cameras and you can interact and talk to people in real-time. i've had friends come over and they are scared, they are sweating. so i can tell you. >> you can put this the on and ride a roller coaster. >> you could fall over. >> you can play "star wars" battle front and you think you are fighting. >> that's it.
5:57 am
>> now watch this. this is a neat little one. augmented reality. it looks like a picture, but now it's not a picture. this is for those folks, that can't stomach it. and, the smart watches, doing ekgs, fracking people. amazing technology. >> great to see you. happy new year. >> coming up on the show, hillary clinton was the greatest candidate of all time accord to get mainstream media. >> seeing you in the spotlight you have been fighting for others. >> to the 18th century. >> do you get your feelings hurt sometimes. >> we'll be right back
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning. to you, january 1st, happy new year. i'm abby huntsman. we do begin with a "fox news alert." terror strike killing dozens of innocent people celebrating new year's eve at nightclub. >> gun shots fired. >> the killer dressed as santa claus. the breaking details. >> the president-elect promising big revelations about those so-called russian hacks. i know things that other people don't know. >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday.
6:01 am
>> a story that has had many twists and turns. takes another one day. >> i told you so, watch this. >> put these monitors on. all right the lift. >> i predict eddies asker yesterday, and it happened. maybe the worst new year's eve performance ever. mariah carey. >> "fox & friends sundays" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, the sun is up in new york city, the first day of 2017. we rang it in, in times square, it was full of over 1 million people.
6:02 am
like it never happened. they get the big vacuum cleaners out. >> next year we should get you on one of those, on tape. >> you talk about them, they clean it up. >> the company that makes them. they probably only make three. what else, bow times square in new york city. and show you a lot of the other drops that took place across the country we had some controversy about the possum drop, there's as must rat drop, and they dress it up, in a different hat and we'll show you that and i got a update. >> on the possum drop. >> it will continue. >> also spo political news that happened yesterday. president-elect trump, unpredictionable. and i heard about it, the menu looked fabulous and, breakfast
6:03 am
buffet and he spoke to reporters, and he talked about hacking and what we're dealing with, with russia. and gave spo good advice on how we deal with it. >> i don't use a computer, i don't send e-mails, he has learned from his son. he got information that we're not privy too to. >> but, his comments on some of the russian hacking. >> i just want them to be sure. because it's at pretty serious charge, and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was disaster and they were wrong. i think it's unfair if they don't know. i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i know things that other people don't know. so, they cannot be sure of the situation. >> what you know -- >> you'll find out on the
6:04 am
tuesday or wednesday. >> but he also said, look, i have concerns about this. this report, there's a lot of problems, it's a big thing to say that russians hacked our elections and we had morgan on, and we talked to him about this report. listen. >> this was as ga nair rick report, this could have described one of the think sands, things going on. >> we're kicking 35 diplomats out of the compound trix you got to be kidding. i have seen more evidence in, when i was a detective in a parking ticket. >> that's the larger point. let's get the facts and evidence and, find out because so much of it is politicized and we have seen that already, in light of losing the election. let's take a deep breath and find out what happened and if
6:05 am
they have more envelopes. >> you have a lot of democrats, what was this punishment. this was a slap on the wrist. you new about this, 18 months ago. if you want to do so long, hit their economy. hit his inner circle. >> when all the violations, whether it is ukraine, and, syria. they never did champ down on his ambitions and now they decide to. it looks and feels hasty. >> we don't know if there's a real smoking gun there, that's the problem, we don't have evidence. >> the report is 13 pages long, it's flakey at best. comparing, when they make these -- when they make girl scouts, to windows ten. >> it doesn't make the russians the good guys. they have attempted to hack us.
6:06 am
but if you tie that to election outcomes, you better have proof. we know they try to hack us and we hack back. >> but they're making claims. >> the story will continue on. >> "fox news alert," new development in the manhunt for the killer, who fired in a nightclub. they may know who the cold-blooded killer is, but are not releasing his name. the chilling gunfire it was all caught on camera, watch this. >> gun shots fired. >> na attack left 39 people dead including a police officer. 69 others were hurt and the killer seen in this video dressed as santa claus. it's still unclear if he worked
6:07 am
alone. >> also happening right now, you're looking live at the plane that is carrying, 35 russian diplomats on board, returning back to moscow. it is intensifying by the hour. the president ordering them out of the u.s. for their cyber-attacks. russian president putin choosing not to respond and waiting to see how they develop. >> well the new trump administration for the va secretary getting more intense. at white house reporter for bloomberg saying, doctor toby cannot get out of his duties and, businessman, has formally with drawn his name due to health concerns. pete and scott brown are among
6:08 am
those still up for that job. >> cities around the world, lighting up the night sky, ringing in the new year. ♪ more than 1 monday people packing into new york's times square, and, exploding across skylines, beautiful, to ring in the new year from sydney to berlin. >> now we're here. we're in 2017. you know who helped us ring it in. >> mariah carey. >> well, she attempted to help us ring in the new year and it went wrong. it was as disaster. first of all, we learned that her team was working with a.b.c. productions to find out what time the ball of the to drop.
6:09 am
>> and then we helped her with that. maybe it's 11:59 or midnight. >> she was prepared, we gave her the heads up. but, the rehearsal did not, she didn't have enough time to prepare. >> she did get up at noon, and she was ready to go. >> they played the wrong track, she couldn't hear anything, and, watch this days sister unfold ♪. happy new year ♪ ♪ >> we can't hear but, i'll just go through the motions ♪ ♪ we didn't have a set for this song, so we'll say, it was another one and that's what it is. >> ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to say let the audience say. >> get these monitors on please. >> just the last for the lift.
6:10 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> and, i want a holiday too. can i not have the one. i'm trying to be a good sport here. >> whatever. >> that was bring the feathers on. yes. just don't get any better. >> that was amazing, it doesn't get any better, they played the wrong track, but you would think she would be able to roll with it. >> she was (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. getting older shouldn't mean ♪ giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. ... ... ... ...
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6:17 am
>> to the discuss how the affordable act is. >> january 20th. after that, it's our turn. he has to protect what he wants to do, and perhaps, save his legacy, it's unaffordable. and, it is crazy. >> the democrats plan to meet him as a last-ditch effort to safe obamacare. are they putting political legacies, ahead of patients. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> good to see you, let's talk about that, when it comes to obamacare that's the thing that president barak obama is hoping will carry on. >> let's not let a little thing after election get in the way of our agenda good if i could sit across the couch from president
6:18 am
barak obama, which is the truth, is that your agenda, were on the ballot as you said they were on the ballot before we went to vote this year. or is that you should continue to push through something that the american people clearly rejected in november. because he can't talk out of both sides of his mouth, and the american people didn't buy it and that's why they voted against obamacare and his agenda, in november. they need to swallow this bitter pill. >> you make that great point, i froofl diners, across the country, i got to stay so many small-business owners say, we cannot survive. we can't go forward with obamacare it is a stanes today, there has to be changes. that's the reason they were voting or democrats change irtheir vote to a republican. we can't do this any more. >> we're going for have to be
6:19 am
very prepared, and, president barak obama trump and his entire administration are going to be very prepared. this meeting that president barak obama health is a marketing meeting. it was all about, i know that they were talking about how to play the republicans the way they played them in the past. they don't care about the elderly and young. we have heard this. they don't care about women. these are the arguments that they are going to make. and, the establishment is used to, falling for it. lindsay graham is going to fall for that. but, there is a new sheriff in town, and they'll be very prepared for the kinds of attacks along with the media, who we know loves to co lewd with them and they'll be coming at them, and the american people need to be ready to stand up, as do the congress and the president-elect. >> as we heard, often talking
6:20 am
about repealing obamacare, we heard a bit of a tweak. he has as task ahead. you think about our healthcare system, one of the most challenging things that we are going to face, he's going for have to need to figure how to get this the right and make sure that people are left with nothing. >> it's going to be tough. >> let's not forget the states can handle this will well. this isn't the but e purview of the federal government. i think we forgot that. but my husband is a former state senator, and i love in california, but in missouri, they reformed health care and gave it affordability. and people didn't have to worry about a preexisting condition, and, somethings can be handled better. good to see you this morning. >> good to see you.
6:21 am
happy new year. >> , has president barak obama lost the vote from the mainstream media -- his report, on the hacking. saw
6:22 am
6:23 am
♪ ♪
6:24 am
♪ a ban on banning plastic bags, michigan signing a brand new law that doesn't allow cities to ban or charge extra for plastic bags. the department of defense hoping u.s. servicemen and women will stop chulging energy drinks, nearly 45% drank at least one a day. researchers say high amounts of caffeine can lead to high blood pressure and, without energy drinks we probably wouldn't have stayed awake. >> well the president-elect promising a major reveal. >> hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else, and i know things that other people don't know, and so, they
6:25 am
cannot be sure of the situation. >> what you know that. >> you'll final out on tuesday or wednesday. >> we'll debate this. former campaign adviser and hard hah lynn hill, and, tammy bruce is a radio talk-show host. >> so, what does president-elect trump know that we don't know, that he will reveal. any insight. >> well, what does someone who doesn't do intelligence briefings, and, who doesn't read the documents. who knows what he knows. this is the person who said prior to the election, russia didn't do this, it could be a 400 pound person in new jersey. he has a clear agentoday for discount wag the intelligence community believes. his agenda is to make sure that people don't undermine his election. he is now the president-elect of
6:26 am
all of the american people. and this is not something that should be accepted. >> but we saw this report, last week and it seemed, it lacked any teeth at all and there were huge mistakes. >> to this day, u.s. intelligence community has provided zero evidence. zero and i was on another network, and i predicted that democrats were talking beg russian hacking to plant seeds of doubt, and what has happened. and i was ridiculed, and, trying to undermine the president of the united states, this is so transparent. it is. >> no it is unamerican. >> no, it is not. >> to think, zero evidence. >> show me a shred of evidence. >> anyone who sits here, go back and check the transcripts of people talking about the ben
6:27 am
georgia si hearings, and investigating president clinch tofnlt we need have an independent investigation into this effort and anyone who fights that, is -- >> i want to get this. >> well look, i think as we know with president-elect trump, he is getting briefed. he knows what's going on, and i think that ham answers, with the history of what we have had with arguments about reasons to go to war, we have seen it, whether it is nixon or johnson, or george w. bush, things have been problematic. so i there is a lack of trust. what donald trump is saying, it's just, let's be sure. i don't think that's unreasonable. i think what is problematic, and, in the 'new york times' has noted, these are efforts to say box in donald trump. these are efforts to undermine his election and this is what is so strange.
6:28 am
shouldn't it be about the individuals who are trying to effect our national security. we know china is doing more and yet, there's no arguments from even john mccain about china, this exposes the actual agenda today, which is frankly, john mccain, he brings up tillerson. this is internal politics. we deserve better. there's a reason why the establishment lost. because they care about national security. >> i have interviewed a number of n.y.p.d. detectives who have told us, if you want to look, we're getting some cyber threats and security problems, that they tracked, the cybersecurity team from the n.y.p.d., right out of moscow, right out of that area, in russia. shouldn't we be concern sned. >> absolutely. i many part of the camp that
6:29 am
things there should be a full investigation. all the evidence na comes out of that investigation, that can be exposed to the american people. i want tom push back, its not unamerican to demand evidence from our government, that's making a grave accusation as was evidenced by the, we cannot just blindly trust what's coming out of the government. so i -- >> whatever, because -- >> your true colors are showing. >> anyone who is trying to deny. >> did you support the iraq war. >> it is so hard as someone who is able to put being an american, above party first, that's what we all should be doing. >> and, argument. oh, my god. >> with everything that we have all experienced, we all can agree na we have problems now
6:30 am
because we simply accepted blindly what we were being told, with those days are over. there's a reason donald trump won, because now it was going to be a country where the american people were going to be fancier reusly. >> our loved ones who go out to the fight at war. >> is because putin picked him. >> oh, my god. >> just a minute. the reality is, that the american people want the country to be safe. we want some clear information, this is the kind of back-and-forth that obscures things, that the administration wants, but it is about china and russia and the fact we have known this has been going on, the president barak obama administration has done nothing, that is the lead, that's "the real story" and that's what they don't want you discussing. >> we have to end it here. >> happy new year. >> friends.
6:31 am
>> coming up here, veterans turning to the va for help and ending up worse off addicted to painkillers, the agency failed him all over again. >> 2016 the fairest year of them all. >> after attending, after more than a year of relentless campaigning, the the clinton fell ill, when it comes to over qualified women, having to fry 100 times harder to get a break, well we know that story. >> well, we'll have a look at the media in the history books when we come back
6:32 am
6:33 am
>> ...
6:34 am
>>. [singing] baby love, maybe belong. >> you are looking there, this is live right here right now of the eclipse. there are two of them, the one she had yesterday on our show, we are still waiting forthe second and to hatch . clayton: it's literally feeding the little one right now. pete: i'm interested to see
6:35 am
what kind of food she grabbed, possibly a fish? abby: said this is kind of cute, this might be the cutest thing of all time. pete: the other one is still waiting, hanging out. she's been sitting back on top of both of them. you know what she could be feeding them, it could be a possum. it could be a muskrat . abby: i could watch this all morning long. clayton: he admitted that he could sit and watch this owl, there was an owl camera that fred would sitfor hours and watch, mr right ? the owl camera, the baby owls . pete: i was sick for a week on the couch once and i flicked on thecomputer and watched it the entire time . abby: its nature, it's real life and how often do you get to see thisclose-up. it's pretty special .
6:36 am
clayton: this is one of the few times that i think modern technologyhas completely made our lives better . abby: that's a great point. pete: when you were watching the owl camera it was some brainy camera, now we got this beautiful hd camera. >> have you watched the grizzly bears in alaska eating salmon? there's live cameras for the grizzlies sitting in the river eating salmon and it's amazing. you can watch them feeding the entire time. pete would think that's kind of cute. abby: now i really want to seethat video . clayton: on sundays he likes to watch that. pete: you watched the you'll log for 24 hours during christmas . clayton: all the crowd, the people that came to see you today.
6:37 am
pete: i'm feeling the love right now.a big weekend weather. temperature wise, as you are starting off, nothing looking all that dramatic right now. we have whether that's going to bring flooding across parts of the southeast. a drought in the southeast so we need it but it's going to be too much too quickly and along with that, some severe weather to be had. you see that rain across parts of arizona? that becomes a storm tomorrow morning across texas,bringing a threat for severe weather.
6:38 am
tomorrow a legitimate threat for tornadoes across parts of the south. the other story will be the cold air coming in, along with that cold air a massive amount of moisture coming through california. get ready for rain and mountain snow that's going to be significant as well. abby: i hope that crowd is not indicative of our audience. thank you rick. we do want to get to other headlines starting with this one. william christopher, known for his or trail of father mulcahy on the beloved tv show máaásáh has passed away. >> this just isn't my day . would you excuse me, i have to run? abby: appearing in more than 200 episodes, he passed away yesterday in his california home with his wife by his side. he was 84 years old. and the washington post under fire for jumping the gun, falsely accusing russian ckers of tapping into vermont's powerplant, the fed saying there is noproof cyber thieves got into the election. to begin with, instead a berlin utility computer was infected with small where
6:39 am
that originated in russia. the most important detail, the affected laptop was not connected to the power system. imagine watching live as thieves break into your home and steal all your stuff. this happened to one firefighter who was on duty, watch. could you imagine? the cell phone security at alerting the firefighter and his wife . as you can imagine, horrified as they watched the thieves take their tv and other electronics. >> i saw them kick in the door and i literally just started shaking. >> it makes you stick to your stomach. abby: one of the thieves still on the run at this hour. and dropping a possum instead of a ball for new year's eve? brace ourselves for this one. in princess and marilyn, a stuffed muskrat is lowered at midnight and in north carolina, the town rings in the new year with a three foot pickle. and in fernandina beach, florida, a wind is used for that drop. in boise idaho, a massive potato, of course, is lowered as fireworks blastoff.pete: my sister in law and
6:40 am
brother-in-law were right there to see the potato drop. it was freezing last night in idaho. it's giant, it's massive, it's the size of a car. you could drive that potato. clayton: we've unleashed a debate about possums, stuffed or not stuffed, humaneor not humane and we confirmed it's a pretty humane thing to do. it's a tradition . pete: hanging in a ball for 10 hours above the city, highly humane. abby: i want to know who came up with that idea to begin with. clayton: this is not possums thatare dropped in a ball but possums are also good to eat. best honeybaked apparently in carolina. if you can get past the greediness, apparently it's pretty good. i've never tried possum but of you are in north carolina says they are tasty abby: we will take your word for it .
6:41 am
pete: while 2016 will go down as one of the most divisive election years in history, the media takes sides early . >> as a woman, it feels so sexist and i guess the message that i want to spread out to other women is exactly what you are saying, not to giveup . >> it's easy to say throw in the towel and that we are going to leave.i want to move to spain, i really want to move to spain right now and everyone is like, it's your responsibility. it's your voice and you need to use it.pete: a look back at the media bias in 2016, what's next? [music] >> the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
6:42 am
i wanti did my ancestrydna and where i came from. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at the va failing our nations
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6:44 am
heroes again, acknowledging a scheme to create a population of opium addicted veterans. in 2016 the va treated more than 66,000 veterans for opioid abuse disorders while lacking sufficient rehab programs. andrew mckenna was a marine and doj prosecutor with whose life was upended by heroine spurred by opiates but he's come back strongly and he shares his book sure madness: from federal prosecutors to federal prison and joins us now to react. thank you for being here this morning.
6:45 am
tell me about this crisis that our veterans face against opiates? >> we have this epidemic of opioid use disorder. people are not getting the adequate treatment they need, especially veterans. they're coming from a unique position, coming back with a lot of trauma from the wars and we find in the treatment that trauma and addiction go hand-in-hand and what's happening is the va has created and they acknowledge this, they've created this massive group of people who are opioid addicted and they drew back. they didn't wean off the opioids. these are very powerful drugs. so what is somebody to do? go through withdrawals, they're dealing with trauma, they can't get treatment so they go to the street for bills. dollars.ree
6:46 am
>> tell me about your own story. how did it happen for you and what's that lesson for veterans? >> it happened at the same way for me. i hurt my back in the marine corps, it was a training mission. i was alawyer for the marine corps, a noncombatant but i hurt my back and i couldn't do anything about it. i went to the justice department and went to a civilian doctor and he said how many percocets do you think you need? pain have to be treated. doctorshave to have the freedom to treat pain but it has to be done responsible . i fell into depression as so many veterans do for other reasons and ultimately i turned to heroin and it's a house of cards . >> take us inside your head. you get these drugs, you're dealing with all these difficulties, where does that read? >> it leadsto absolute destruction. it's a house of cards. you cannot maintain consistent opioid use and here's the point for the public. nobody wants to be a heroin addict.
6:47 am
it's an absolute life of misery. >> no one deserves that and we have failed once again the most important segment of our society other than children . >> i've heard this time and again, guys i served with in afghanistan, they come home, the va can't help them so they handed them a bag of pills. the va has tried to dial that back but as you pointed out the facilities are not sufficient to see them so now they are waiting 50, 30, 45 days for an appointment let alone a prescription or proper mental health care. what is the solution at this point? >> they reduced the weight for acute care from 29 days to four days so for days for an opiate addict is
6:48 am
essentially four days of playing russian roulette you don't have that time. what we have to do is open it up to the private sector and this is something president-elect trump has talked about. open it up to the private sector. have tried care which is military benefits or va benefits, bring us into the private sector. iwork with addiction campuses. i spend 90 percent of my day getting people placed into quality treatment programs, not where they have to spend $100,000 a month but let's give our veterans what they deserve, access to the private sector. >> you're talking about giving them a choice. if you go to the va facility, great but then go to a private provider in real-time . >> why can't we do that? i don't know. is it bureaucracy? >> is it something about mental health care or opiates? there is some things the va does very very well at but at the same time if somebody is addicted to opiates, on the
6:49 am
civilian side they are also professionals who deal with that . >> exactly but what we deal with day in and day out is a mental health issue: occurring with an addiction issue. we focus on trauma because there's such a relationship between trauma and addiction . >>it's not that difficult to get our minds around the solution. it's just that congress and the administration have to step up and say look, if the va cannot handle it which is proven they can't handle it, it's a massive organization. but if they can't handle it, we have to turn to the private sector and give these guys a chance. >> healthcare, addiction, the va. why have they not stepped up so far? >> i can't figure that out. it can't be a monetary issue. it's not . >> there's billions more every year. >> right, so now we are have veterans dying day in and day out, becoming heroin or opioid addicted. somebodyneeds to step up and say enough is enough. we've already seen certain people that are contenders for the top seat for the va
6:50 am
have withdrawn their names. i would withdraw my name too. >> its government run healthcare run by a bureaucracy protected by special interest groups, it can be a tough code to crack. only aveteran of choice can change that complex. >> don't we have to give them a choice? we're sending them overseas, they are suffering. we can fix this problem . >> andrew mckenna, thanks for your expertise. hillary clinton was the greatest candidate of all time according to the mainstream media . >> seeing you in the spotlight, you have been fighting for hours. >> you have to go back literally to the 18th century to find somebody with the packed resume of hillary clinton.>> boy, were they wrong. we're counting down the worst media bias of the year coming up.>>
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> you'd have to go back literally to the 18th century to find somebody with a packed resume like hillary clinton. >> in all sorts of ways, it's conspiracy thinking and racism, all sorts of things that are outside the norm. >> 2016 will likely be going down as one of the worst times in our history country's history coming to media bias. dan from theresearch media bias center to break it all down, thanks for joining us . abby: happy new year. >> it's good to see all of you as well. pete: show some trump coverage up front and give your reaction, this is coverage of donald trump this year. >> donald trump is the scum of the earth . >> this was a white lash. this was a white lash against a changing country.>> she campaigned. >> mister trump, i want to
6:54 am
get to audience questions and online questions. >> she's allowed to do that but i'm not allowed to do that area and she went over a minute over and you don't stop her. when i go one second over ... it's really very interesting. pete: what you make of that? >> 2016 was the yearit became impossible to deny media bias. we've got dan jones who has the stupidest comment of the year. martha rattus climbing on stage to tagteam donald trump. the media hates donaldtrump so bad , it couldn't be any worse if he hoarded a hit on they. abby: they seem toreally like hillary clinton, let's take a look back at some of those moments . >> as long as we can remember seeing you in the spotlight you've been fighting for others . >> if you look at hillary clinton's qualifications,
6:55 am
since the founding fathers you'd have less on their resume. >> i've heard from a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> when he said that, i winced. i said you've obviously been in political battles but do you get your feelings hurt sometimes? pete: these are a few clips but overall, the coverage of hillary clinton? >> they downplayed her scandals, they promoted trumps scandals by 4 to 1 and they went negative to trump 91 percent of the time and now that the election is over, they are trying to come up with every excuse they have from russia to computers and what's amazing is you look at this and we've been entering this from hillary for 25 years. >> when you talk about hollywood, that was all over trump this year and a little joy they are to start off your 2017, watchthis . >> how do you explain the millions and millions of people who do not watch this show who actually like what they hear from donald trump, how do you explain that? >> there are a lot of people
6:56 am
who are racist if the republican party was dumbo, the modern republican party, the rule of that gumbo was white supremacy. >> yes we are for losers because a lot of the reason he won was based onracism, the russian hacking, lies, continuous lying that went on . >> so many promised to move away if they were to win, they're still here, i haven't seen any moving trucks. >> only george lopez says he is moving, the rest are going to stay. we saw 30 tv shows attacking donald trump, tons of tv shows and movies geared toward hillary clinton including madame secretary divine facebook. i would raise millions with the these calling videos. this election was for a rejection of hillary clinton, a rejection of allmedia and entertainment . pete: he labeled the new york times the failing new york times. will they learn their lesson stand?
6:57 am
>> there doubling down. there's so much worse now. it's the same failed new york times, they've launched an investigative operation in dc because suddenly now government is scary against republicans. >> thanks very much. more "fox & friends", have a new year. >> . ..
6:58 am
. . . .. . . .. . . .. . . .
6:59 am
all right just -- ooh. >> we haven't been able to -- >> ooh.
7:00 am
>> what was everything -- >> we do the entire lead. >> mariah. >> amazing, happy new year everyone. >> have a good sunday. . >> we begin with fox news alert on new year's massacre as he terror reigns in 2017, welcome to "sunday morning futures" on new year's day i am gregg jarrett for maria bartiromo a deadly attack at nightclub in istanbul turk 39 dead dozens wounded 6 00 people jammed inside in a nightclub with a loan gunman allegedly in santa costume killed a police officer standing guard burst inside, opening fire, the gunman, instinctual at any the loose this hour, raising fears me


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