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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 2, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ clayton: live look at new york city, still recovering from mariah carey's outfit and melt down on new year's eve. you're watching fox and friends first on this monday morning. i'm clayton morris. heather: good morning to you. i'm heather childers. hope you have a save and happy new year. the holidays are over and president-elect trump is back to work at trump tower. topping the agenda, russian hacking and whether to retaliate. clayton: doug mckelway live in washington, d.c., with the latest as mr. trump promises new information on the cyberattack. good morning, doug. good morning, clayton. reporter: after the holiday
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donald trump is back at mara large bow as crisis will ring in the new year. he will get a intelligence briefing tuesday or wednesday on the russian hacking. he promises a big reveal this week and is not yet convinced russia is behind it. >> i think it is unfairthey don't know. i know a lot about hacking and hack something a very hard thing to prove. it could be, i know things other people don't know. they can not be sure of the situation. reporter: the president-elect's staff is pushing back against the obama administration after the delayed reaction with the attacking when it stood idly by with other attacks broad. china took other data, classified information, where we live, things we written down on the applications and white house statement wasn't even issued. no action publicly was taken.
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there is question about whether there is political retribution versus a dip low malt tick response. reporter: the senate will conduct hearings on the hacks this coming thursday. those 35 russian diplomats ordered expelled by the obama administration have now left the country with their families. clayton, back to you. heather: thank you, doug. democrats targeting eight of president-elect trump's cabinet picks. "washington post" reporting that incoming minority leader chuck schumer planning aggressive hearings will delay confirmations past inauguration day. leaders are set for wednesday morning in a last-ditch effort to save obamacare. republican leaders threatening to repeal the health care law as their first order of business when the new congress convenience tomorrow. clayton: president's closest advisor accused of trying to rewrite history saying the obama
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administration has been scandal-free. >> the president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done anything to embarass himself. but that is not because he is being someone other than who he is. that is who he is, that is who they are. that is what really resonates with the american people. clayton: so no scandals. the executive director of "judicial watch," calling foul, saying the obama administration has a scandal rap sheet longer than my arm. benghazi, hillary clinton scandals. this administration was even more corrupt than nixon's. ouch. heather: now to a fox news alert that is breaking overnight. isis just claiming responsibility for the nightclub bloodbath in istanbul that left dozens dead. clayton: the desperate manhunt for that man wearing a santa hat now intensifying by the hour. let's get to kelly wright for the very latest in washington. reporter: good morning, to you and heather as well.
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isis spewing propaganda in the aftermath after another atrocity. a soldier for the caliphate where christians were celebrating their pagan feast. that is a quote from isis. businessman william jake was there, sole american injured in a deadly night of tear tore. [gunfire] that is the rapid gunfire you're listening to as surveillance video captured the calculating actions of a gunman with a long barrel rifle, opening fire on police. some reports that he used an ak-47. cars passing by and scores of people inside the popular nightclub on new year's eve packed with 500 revelers. he killed 39 people and wounded 70 others. rake was there with friends for his 35 birthday to ring the new year. when the shooting broke out he was shot this leg. the bullet hit his cell phone
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first, doctors say that phone likely saved his life, deflecting the bullet from hitting a major artery. while being wheeled to an ambulance he described the attack. >> crazy people shooting everywhere. i don't know i saw one person there shooting. reporter: that man right are lucky to come back home to america. the shooter who was dressed in black and described wearing a santa hat, fled, blending in with those running away from the clubby lead. turkish investigators say finding the gunman may be hard. the shooter may be from uzbekistan or kurd gist stan. the attack that occurred at the airport in 2016 and latest in the early hours of the new year. in both attack the target seems to be foreigners. turkish police release the grainy images of the suspect. they're hoping it will help them make an arrest.
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heather: kelly wright live for us. here at home americans on high alert amid terrorist attack overseas. police in california beefing up security for the annual rose bowl parade, both at the football stadium and the five-mile parade route in pasadena. more than a thousand officers descending on the city, in an effort to keep a million people around the world safe. they are deploying bomb-sniffing dogs trained to edeck body worn explosives. clayton: a manhunt underway for a shooter accused of opening fire on a oklahoma city officer. they are releasing dash-cam. the shooter's car was found abandoned at a nearby mall. heather: families of two fort bliss soldiers demanding answers after both men vanished nearly two weeks ago. 20-year-old jake owe bad mathis
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and 20-year-old melvin jones were last seen leaving the texas base in jones' camaro on december 19th. the families fearing the pair could be in dank, urging el paso police to step in. the department says this is military matter and the army women not initiate a search until a solder is awol more than 30 days. clayton: the frantic search for a missing plane set to resume hours from now after it was suspended overnight. new clues washing ashore after the plane vanished just afteroff over lake erie in cleveland, ohio. john fleming, i.d. was found with his bag, and his wife was on board the doomed flight along with two neighbors. heather: take a look at this a small plane neatly crashing upside down on top of a house. look at that. this pilot in texas making an emergency landing aiming for a field behind the home.
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instead the 67-year-old clipped power lines, flipping upside down and landing on the home's carport there. the crash knocking out power to some of the neighbors. luckily the pilot and four people inside the home were not injured. clayton: look at this horrifying video, showing fireworks exploding on the ground sending sparks flying in a massive crowd sending people running for their lives. watch. [explosions] [screaming] clayton: the terrifying new year's celebration in malaysia goes wrong when the rockets start shooting at spectators instead of firing off into the sky. four people hurt, three seriously burned, but expected to be okay. the town didn't have a permit to put on the show to begin with. heather: speaking of shows, dick
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clark productions firing back at mariah carey claiming they sabotaged her new year's eve performance disaster. >> we can't hear, but, i will just get through the motions, okay? ♪ we didn't have a -- of this song. we'll say it was another one, that is what it is. okay. heather: that is what it is, right, clayton. clayton: this was a total disaster, carey on twitter says stuff happens. have a happy and healthy new year, everybody. that's right. here is what i get. have a happy and healthy new year, everybody. here is to making more headlines in 2017. stuff happens. heather: like that. carey's camp warned dick clark productions several times about technical issues they say were ignored and that sabotaged the performance and they did it to get ratings. clayton: so the production company is calling the accusations defamatory now and absurd. had nothing to do with the
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challenges of the performance. we want to know what you think about the blame game. she can't blame them for the outfit. heather: that was interesting. it was chilly. send us your comments on facebook, twitter, fox friends first at i like challenges. clayton: she was lip syncing. she knows her own song. lip syncing the other song. heather: it was number one, so that is all that matters, right? ten minutes after the top of the hour. a wild scene caught on dash-cam. a warning from police after a man runs full speed ahead and body slams the cruisers. what? clayton: new york city's mayor slammed for protecting illegal immigrants who is now accusing mayor de blasio making it easy for criminals to steal i.d.s. heather: ignoring email while not at work is now a new law? it this good idea but does it disgorge hard work? you reply.
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clayton: responses have been pouring in all weekend. heather: janeey says their family is getting four new babies this year. congratulations. clayton: wow. janeey will be busy. aaron says the obama administration being gone and u.s. petting back to business. no more ignoring all the people or our allies. ♪
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go to and never go to the post office again. ♪ heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first." chicago's former top cop tearing into "black lives matter," blaming them for one of the most violent years in decades. >> a movement with the goal of saving black lives, at this point, is getting black lives taken. because 80% of our murder victims here in chicago are male blacks. heather: chicago's homicide rate skyrocketing a staggering 57% in
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the last year, to 762 murders in the city. more than l.a. and new york combined. clayton: well new york city's former top cop slamming mayor bill de blasio for plans to destroy city records to hide illegal immigrants from the feds. the city provides i.d. cards to illegal immigrants giving them access to public assistance. former nypd commissioner howard safir saying scrubbing city records would be a crime. >> that is obstruction of justice. we have federal laws that don't just apply to small cities. they apply to all cities and all citizens in this country. and when mayors of cities flaunt that, i believe that they are committing crimes. clayton: a judge is expected to rule soon whether the american destroy records associated with that i.d. program. heather: activists taking their pipeline protests to new heights. two protesters climbing up to the roof of u.s. bank stadium
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during a minnesota vikings game. the protesters dangling from ropes next to a banner that said divest, #no dakota access pipeline. both men taken into custody after several hours along with a woman accused of helping them pull off their stunt. clayton: nfl playoff picture is set after wild last day of the season. another magical performance by rare ron rogers helped clinch nfc north for the green bay packers. playoffs hopes shattered for the washington redskins. kirk cousins throwing two interceptions and falling short of the new york giants 19-10. kansas city chiefs locking up the afc west and a first round buy bleat beating the san diego chargers. black monday when two coaches get canned, two coaches out of a job.
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chargers firing mike mccoy and 49 years firing chip kelly after sunday's game. denver broncos coach gary kubiak is stepping down. that has nothing to do with his performance. he has health concerns. heather: football was definitely exciting. ufc superstar ronda rousey might be physically hurting after her loss to but her bank account isn't. clayton: rousey limping away from the octagon for $3 million for a fight lasting 47 seconds. >> nunez might have won the match. that didn't make her the big money winner. the bantamweight champion earning $100,000 for beating one of the sport's biggest stars. clayton: time, 17 minutes after the hour. the new year means new laws. get out your pitchforks. they're legal for hunting catfish f you think that is crazy hear the rest of the new
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law's list. heather: you won't believe who caught the bouquet. are we in for another nascar wedding next year? hmmm. clayton: first, more of what you're looking forward to in 2017. mary says the end of pc divisiveness, a better health scare and peace in the world. heather: gary is already looking forward to the notre dame football season. ♪ seeing is believing, and that's why
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ clayton: well, with the new year comes new laws on the books. everything from catfish hunting to sky lanterns to six-packs. so what do you need to know? here to cause is daily caller
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reporter. happy new year. >> happy new year. clayton: you've been trolling around youtube recently. you found there is a whole practice of people hunting with pitchforks going after fish. is that right? >> that is true. clayton: now it is legal? >> only been legal but depended on the type of fish you were going after. in this case over in illinois they decided it was okay to spear gun or pitchfork a catfish. clayton: people have pitchforks, they go out to hunt for catfish, but now totally legal, you can do this? >> on water is skis as well. clayton: people wear helmets and wakeboards go out with pitchforks? >> they have nets. kind of like a "star trek" thing, with costumes and have little spears on their hands and slicing at them, amazing. clayton: like klingons. i'm glad the illinois legislature is hard at work to make this legal.
2:23 am
what about lanterns and fly up high and catch people's houses on fire? >> fire marshals hate these thing. banned in 29 states and banned in probably every other state. called damage over in london. caused, generally places also here in the states. also in north carolina. it is causing air traffic problems. expect to see it banned all over the place. clayton: talk about six-packs. i grew up in the state of pennsylvania, i my parents throw a christmas party to go to three different stores to buy alcohol for the party. go to the state store and and they couldn't sell the beer. what is happening to the pennsylvania. >> what you go to the beer distributorship in pennsylvania you can only get a case of beer. now when you go to the beer distributorship, you can get beer in any quantity. at the grocery store you could not get beer. you can now get beer in the stores.
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back in august they allowed supermarkets to sell wine. that is now allowed but it is not allowed. clayton: we're not getting rid of state stores. >> they're not going away. clayton: now six-packs. there you go, pennsylvania. california, autograph memorabilia, this is problem getting verification, the autograph you're getting is true. luke skywalker, markham medical is behind the legislation or championing it? >> absolutely. certificate of authenticity must be given to the buyer if the item is over $5. this has good intentions to make sure there is actual real thing coming from the person who actually signed it, however it caused problems with booksellers who say, hey, there is lots of signatures here that come from people who may not be alive anymore. these certificate of authenticity requires the person's name, address, and information that we may not be able to provide. they're sort of still tweaks may be done to the law. clayton: new laws on the books.
2:25 am
i'm glad legislatures are hard at work taking care of americans. happy new year to you. >> to you. clayton: heather, over to you. heather: brand new laws, there is time to brew on this that means work email while you're at home and calls like this are now outlawed. [ringing] >> yeah, hi, it is bill again. i just waned to make sure that we did start at the usual time this morning. heather: it was a great movie. the law taking effect in france. gives employees right to ignore work emails from home. it is meant to end so-called, hidden hours, for employees who keep working off the clock without getting paid overtime. what do you think? is this a good idea? does this discourage hard work? send us your comments on facebook, twitter, or send an email to fox friends first the time is 25 minutes after the
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clayton: it is monday january 2nd, 2017, and this is a fox news alert. isis now claiming responsibility for the deadly nightclub massacre in turkey, as the manhunt for the gunman wearing a santa hat now intensifies.
2:30 am
[gunfire] the only american wounded in the bloodbath now speaking out about how his cell phone saved his life. heather: and president-elect trump back home in new york trying to calm american's fears about russian hacks with a major revelation. >> there is a question about whether there is a retribution here, whether it is versus a diplomatic response. heather: will the president-elect strip all those sanctions or slap on even more? we'll have full analysis. clayton: moment of impact. a wild scene caught on dash-cam as a man runs full speed ahead and body slams a cruiser. warning from police. "fox & friends first" continues right now. heather: ouch. ♪ ♪
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heather: i love the m and m billboard in the background. lovely shot of times square. clayton: i like the victoria secret billboard. >> i bet you do. thank you for joining us this morning. brand new year, you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm heather childers. clayton: i'm clayton morris. 31 minutes after the hour. begin with fox news alert. terror unleashed inside of a istanbul nightclub that lost dozens dead. heather: desperate manhunt for a santa hat-wearing killer intensifying by the hour. let's get live to kelly wright live in washington with the latest this morning. good morning, kelly. reporter: heather and clayton good morning to you as well. isis spewing -- christians they said were celebrating their pagan feast. american businessman william
2:32 am
jacob rake, better known as jake, a sole american there in a deadly night of terror. [gunfire] >> you can see and hear the gunfire. the rapid gunfire. surveillance video capturing the calculating actions of a gunman with a long barrel rifle opening fire on police, cars passing by and scores of people inside of the popular rena nightclub on new year's eve packed with 500 revelers. he killed 39 people and killed 70 others. rake was there with friends for his 35th birthday to ring in the new year. when the shooting broke out he was shot in the leg. the bullet hitting his cell phone first. doctors saying the phone likely saved his life deflecting the you bullet hitting a major artery. while being wheeled to an ambulance he described the attack. >> crazy people shooting up everything. i don't know. they're shooting.
2:33 am
reporter: the shooter who was dressed in black and described as wearing a santa hat fled blending in with those running away from the club. turkish investigators admit finding the gunman will be hard. security officials believe the shooter may be from uzbekistan or kyrgyzstan. they think it is similar to attack at the airport in 2016 and latest in the early hours of the new year. both attacks the target seems to be foreigners. turkish police released grainy closed-circuit images of the suspect you're looking at. they hope it will help them make an arrest. clayton. clayton: kelly wright live for us this morning. thanks, kelly. americans high alert because of latest terror attacks overseas. police beefing up security at the annual rose bowl parade at the stadium and the five mile route for the pa in pasadena. trying to keep million people
2:34 am
around the world safe there. bomb-sniffing dogs trained to detect body-worn explosives on a moving target. heather: new yorkers thought this day would ever come, 98 years after began to be planned, 98th subway. they can take the train from 36th street to 96th street in manhattan and connect the ride all the way to coney island and brooklyn. business enowners say years of construction has taken its toll. they hope it will bring a new wave of fresh business. full service set to begin january 9th. clayton: the holidays -- president-elect trump is back at work at trump tower. topping the agenda, russian hacking, whether or not to retaliate. heather: doug mckelway is live in washington, d.c., with the latest as mr. trump promises brand new information on the cyberattack. good morning doug. reporter: good morning, heather. after the holiday in mar-a-lago trump is back in new york where the new year promise as full
2:35 am
plate of international crises for the president-elect. he will get intelligence briefing tuesday or wednesday on the alleged russian hacking. promise as big reveal this week and not yet convinced russia is behind it. >> you don't accept russia was behind it? >> he has to have a briefing from the intelligence community. >> he is still not there yet? >> not a question of not there yet, jonathan. question of getting information. everyone in the media wants to jump forward based on other sourced information, anonymous sources coming out of the intelligence community. owe will do this right. reporter: meantime senators john mccain and lindsey graham are in georgia for a tour of countries bordering russia. they have a hearing this tuesday on russia and hacking. they are sending a message distinctly different than trump's. >> they attacked the united states of america. the hacking was an attack and should be treated as such and we think their financial institutions and other aspects
2:36 am
of the russian economy should be addressed and we will strongly urge our colleagues to enact more meaningful and stronger sanctions again russia. clayton: trump's team has hinted in the past that u.s. intelligence agencies have been politicized. based on that and difficulty of pinpointing the origin of sophisticated hacks he is treading very carefully around the subject saying only with to entirely prevent hack something use paper and courier. back to you guys in new york. clayton: old-fashioned way. thanks, doug. queen elizabeth ii feeling much better after that cold despite missing traditional new year's day church services according to her daughter, prince sense ann. according to buckingham palace, the 93-year-old missed church because of a health concern. first time she missed church in decades. heather: these arizona boys were born in two different years. sawyer che came into the world
2:37 am
at 11:50 at night on new year's eve while his brother everett was born 11 minutes later at 12:01 on new year's day. the boy es arrival shock the parents but they weren't do for a couple weeks. clayton: they don't get the tax break on the one kid. heather: that's all right. clayton: president-elect set to meet with top intel leaders as he hints with surprise revelations over russian hacking. so should democrats be worried? we have a fair and balanced debate. >> that's okay, baby. put these monitors on, please. ♪ just don't get any better. heather: and the blame game. it is escalates over mariah carey's new year's eve meltdown. was there sabotage? emails are pouring in. clayton: time to get the finances in order for 2017. how checking one box on your 401(k) can save you some bucks. >> more of what you're looking
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heather: president-elect making sure not to jump the gun on those russian hacks. >> hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know and, so, they can not be sure of the situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you will find out on tuesday or wednesday. heather: do democrats have something to worry about in his revelations? here to weigh in, democratic strategists and dinnen borelli
2:42 am
more news about the russian hacking. evangeline, do you think president trump is correct in hold back and see stance. do you think current president obama is correct in imposing sanctions? >> i think we'll all keep an open mind on this one, if he is correct what do the democrats have to lose. 17 intelligence agencies said something different. who knows, we'll see. what is important here, the cia, the fbi, other government intelligence agencies and private companies who have worked on hacking know that it is not so difficult to prove. for example, they look at malware that has been installed. they look for certain signatures. they look at other methods of compromise, such how they try to track themselves. how they try to enter, how they try to get out. so there is actual science involved here. this isn't someone speaking from the cuff. this is not a situation of first impression. you have experts who have been tracking these foreign hackers
2:43 am
for decades now. heather: hackers, foreign, being plural there are a lot. >> exactly. heather: china, amongst others, so why take action now along with the fact this is has been known? the first time it was brought to light in terms of election was way back in october. the president admitted in his initial statement regarding the sanctions forth coming that they have known at least the past year how our foreign diplomats have been treated while in russia. so why now, why after the results of the election, so joe? >> i think you're right, heather. that is sort of the fundamental problem here, this was a thing but really wasn't that much of a thing until november 8th the only thing different between now and november 8th is that hillary clinton is not the president. barack obama was hoping hillary would win the election and this would go by the wayside. i think democrats maybe have something to worry about, this is such a fundamental part of their postelection narrative. remember these are people who can not do the self-valuation,
2:44 am
figure out why they weren't able to get 270 electoral votes. instead they blamed it on thinks like in this case the russian hacking. if there is anything less than damning evidence coming out over the next week, month or next year. it's a problem for democrats going forward. this is a party that has now relied on excuses rather than a real postmortem on why they were unable to win. heather: evangeline, i was wondering myself, you point to the fbi as proof that this russian hacking was legit but also point to the fbi in james comey specifically when you're giving out excuses as to why hillary clinton did not win. >> i think this is moved beyond domestic politics. you have republicans who are also concerned about this issue. so this just isn't a democrat issue. what is important is, you had president-elect trump, let's rely on courier service as opposed to email. now, you want someone to row project very strong, sort of protection of consumers such as you and i and also businesses
2:45 am
and companies and someone, who is going to take a position that this is not going to happen in our country, you wouldn't have said in watergate, guess what, dnc, you shouldn't have written anything down, you shouldn't have written down because white house -- will come and invade it. we need to make sure we're looking at it and giving seriousness it requires. heather: that is true, but evangeline, i did ask joe, why do you think president obama waited until after the election? >> that is the thing. no one is trying to downplay the potential problems with russians interfering with our election or people surrounding our election, but let's not forget the democratic party is trying to conflate two things. they're trying to conflate the idea that russians hacked our election system which there is zero evidence for and with the fact they hacked some people's accounts involved in the race. we have the right to question political motives of someone who waited until after the person from his party has lost to make this a serious issue. heather: i want evan fell lien
2:46 am
to answer that as well then we have to wrap up. quickly. >> you want to do intelligence gathering but don't want to appear as biased. we can go back and debate for hours the calculation that was made here. that's irrelevant at this point. we have a new president who is coming in. we have certain information that's now made available to the public. a report coming out and you have our intelligence agencies which we shouldn't undercut. i mean we're getting foreign enemies in when we sit here when we question intelligence agencies. the data that they have provided us. if we have questions, it is important for president-elect to discuss this. not to go out in public and to undercut them. we have something many nations are envious of and no way should do that. >> we'll see what the president-elect has to say tuesday or wednesday of this week. thanks you both for joining us. clayton? clayton: dick clark productions firing back at mariah carey for
2:47 am
claiming that they sabotaged her disasterous new year's eve performance. watch this. >> just the last with the lips. this is -- ♪ and, i want a who did i too. can i have one? clayton: she wore a swimsuit. think claimed they warned dick clark productions several times about technical issues and her concerns were ignored because they were hoping a disaster would boost ratings. the production company calls the accusations absurd. who do you think is to blame here? majority on social media blaming the singer. jamie said she couldn't perform and instead of blaming her fault or flaws, she blames herself. nice to seal people taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions. i agree.
2:48 am
mara admit a bad night or voice up to par and forgot words to my own song. she handled the situation just fine. give her a break. thank you for the comments. keep your comments coming. pete hegseth on "fox & friends." we can't get enough of that performance. >> mariah gate is consuming me. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer will be here live on what we can expect coming days and weeks from the president-elect. we also have ambassador johnere. he will talk about the future of our country's foreign policy, in wake of what is happening with russia, israel and beyond. clayton we can't get enough mariah-gate. we'll talk a bit about that. we'll see you soon on "fox & friends.
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♪ clayton: welcome back. he already won the election but rosie o'donnell refuses to stop bashing mr. trump, unleashing a twitter tirade. writing this, donald trump is mentally unstable. less than three weeks to stop him, america. o'donnell and president-elect have been publicly feuding for years. heather: put politics aside and stick to performing, that is the message one veteran rockette has for anti-trump dancers protesting the organization. former rockette patty grantham writes, quote, only thing the rockettes should be focusing on perform for our nation and helping unite us all with joy, love, beauty and strength for which they are famous. one dancer said she was
2:53 am
embarrassed to perform for the president-elect. clayton: are you looking for more ways to save money 2017? heather: you should always, cheryl casone from fox business is here with financial resolutions to help boost our bank account. cheryl. reporter: good morning. happy new year. it's a new year, a fresh start with popular new year's resolutions you're making right now. losing weight, exercising more, sleeping more, how about financial resolutions? consider setting aside one dollar each week to save money for a rainy day. every time you get a one or $5 bill in your pocket, put it in a piggybank or folger's can. have cash on hand for small emergencies. maybe you lose something valuable like your ipad. car repairs and broken appliances can require cash on hand at the last minute. check another one box on 401. increasing amount of money you put into the account every month, especially with a match from your company. of course watch fox business network to see where interest
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rates go in 2017. janet yellen and company likely going to raise rates three times this year. that affects credit cards and mortgages and car loans among other things. finally rewarded yourself. allow yourself some fun money for the neon pink golf clubs or go on dream trip. you work hard. heather: neon pink golf clubs. that sounds like a good idea. the right to refuse emails. france passing a new law that lets people disconnect from work when they get home. good idea? we'll share your thoughts. clayton: high in the hills. the iconic hollywood sign vandalized. new evidence as police close in on the pranksters. heather: what you're looking forward to this year. betsy says for everyone i know to be content and peaceful and happy. clayton: thomas says finding a way for both sides of the political spectrum. working together to find some commonalty.
2:55 am
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heather: time now for the good, the bad, ugly. first the good. nascar racer dale earnhardt, jr., crossing the finish line with his long-time girlfriend. they were wed on knew years eve. she caught the bouquet. clayton: next the bad. new year's eve celebration with a drunk man charging into the windshield. we have to worry about this. giving himself a running start launching himself into the glass. worning people to drink responsibly. heather: a prankster changing the iconic "hollywood" sign to "hollyweed" instead. he used a few tarps to change the letters.
2:59 am
clayton: they didn't break them. they just tarped them. the right to disconnect law in france gives employees to ignore work emails while at home. heather: we could never do this. clayton: i would love to. heather: meant to end so-called hidden hours for employees to keep working off the clock without getting paid overtime. you might be one of them. we wanted to know if you thought this was a good idea or if it discourages hard work. clayton: your reactions flooding social media. steve says he thinks americans would check the email no matter what time of day. we seem to have a huge problem with unplugging. he is right. heather: i agree. bob says type of business or career. not everyone will ignore them. those that don't will have better advancement. clayton: shane on twitter encourages lost idea of time off. even on your time off from work, you're working online and it is expected now. heather: and john just wants to get rid of email all together, saying email will be thedown fall of civilization. they should refrain all together.
3:00 am
clayton: email is great. just designate a time of day to do it. every day after lunch, i'm sleepy. heather: you respond to emails while you're sleeping? clayton: yes, because it is boring. heather: get a shorter response. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone, first monday in 2017. it is january 2nd. i'm abby huntsman in for ainsley earhardt. we begin a with fox news alert. [gunfire] >> isis is now taking credit for that terror attack in turkey that killed dozens of people. the gunman in a santa hat and this morning we're learning how that one american victim survived. how he was saved by his cell phone. >> plus the president-elect is back home in new york where he is preparing to share a major revelation about those russian hacks. >> what do you know that o


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