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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 2, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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well, i won't tell. [ laughing ] no, she's a lawyer, i don't go to court for her, she doesn't do this for me. >> patti ann, great to be with you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, everyone. "outnumbered" starts right now. thanks for being with us. >> fox news alert, isis claiming responsibility for the horrific new year shooting at an istanbul nightclub, packed with foreign terse that left 39 dead and dozens wounded including one american. this as the kill rear mains at large. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith, here today, host of kennedy on fox business, republican strategist lisa booth, cath lynn temts and the. of sky bridge capital and member of the committee for donald trump's transition team anthony scaramucci. >> happy new year. >> and i'm not going to tell anyone you said this is your favorite show to do on fox.
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[ laughing ] more than anyone. >> shawn hannity is on vacation. don't pay attention, shawn, i say that to all of the girls. >> lucky us. isis praising the shooter as one of its own. the terror group saying the istanbul attack was carried without a heroic soldier of the calif. phate who attacked where christians were celebrating their pagan feast. they have detained 8 people but the gunman who escaped after the shooting not among them. among the survivors, a delaware man is shot in the leg. perhaps fortunate to be alive. turkish authorities saying the cell phone he was carrying might have prevented a bullet from piercing a major artery. benjamin joins us live from london with the lateest. >> hi, sandra. istanbul remains on highest alert as the desperate manhunt
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to capture the man who killed 39 on new year's eve continues. his identity still unknown but police believe they may be slowly closing in. the funerals of some of the dead dpan taking place today as the identities of more victims released. among the 39, 27 were foreign, including victims from israel, germany, russia, france, india, belgium. more details are emerging. the gunman who fired up to 180 bullets stopped to change his magazine five times. he then waited for 13 minutes inside the kich-in where he changed boths before leaving in a taxi. police are trying to maintain his identity but he might be part of the same cell that attacked the istanbul airport in june killing 41. officials believe he may be from the central asian countries of uzebekistan or krygyzstan. victims began talking about what happened inside the club that night including as you mentioned american businessman william rock. >> all i can say is, it's
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massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. >> i don't want to talk about what happened inside the club. but i want to say, this is a very good country and it's so unfortunate that this is happening to you guys. i really feel for everybody here. >> president obama has also reached out to the turkish people offering his condolences. he says that the u.s. stands ready to help do whatever it takes to bring this man to justice. sandra? >> benjamin, thank you. you want to open it up to the couch, horrific thing to witness. >> you know, it's just a terrible tragedy, my heart goes out to all of the people involved with this one and all of the other terrorist attacks. what i will say is that we've got to put metal detectors in these areas. unfortunately we have to fortify these areas with more security.
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it's something we don't want to do, places like turkey, the united states, we love our freedom. we don't want to block it up like. that but i think we have to go in that direction. >> based on your knowledge of the president elect's plan, heading into his first term, how do you think he is going to respond to attacks like this? >> well, listen, i know mr. trump very well, the president-elect, i know he's super upset about this stuff. i think what people don't know that don't know him personally is how empathetic he is, feels for people. you can feel it in the campaign rallies. events like, this i think he is going to give swift reagan-like justice in situations like this. i also think the department of homeland security, general kelley, in coordination with the white house, you're going to see what mr. trump is calling the extreme vetting take place so that we can really more carefully screen people that are entering the country that may
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not have our interest at heart. >> isis claiming responsibility for the attack. kennedy, it's been made very clear by many who have criticized president obama's terms in office that isis has grown under the current administration. here we have to pit yet another attack. >> and they've also grown under the urduwon administration in turkey. turkey basically threw the door open for terrorists to move through that country and in to syria. it's no surprise to see the coordinated cells in a place like turkey, because they have got the proximity. they also have a lot of people concentrated there. now that turkey is so closely aligned with russia, that you know, they bombed that convoy going in to alep owe and this is just rationalization for isis to seek revenge on turkey since they're aligned with putin. >> you ask that anthony how donald trump might differ, president-elect trump might differ, outside of tap something strong leaders to surround him
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like general mattis who fought on the front lines or general mike flynn along with general mcchris toll turned jasox into the terrorist hunting entity. we've seen him not afraid to call it what it is, radical islamic extremists. that's something we haven't seen from president obama. we've seen the downplaying of the threat, whether it's saying that bathtubs are more dangerous than terrorists. or saying, al qaeda is on the run when they weren't, because the ben zaggie atact happened. or calling isis. the j.v. squad. he isn't the president yet, but we're seeing the different hittoric. >> leadership under president-elect trump, president trump will be much different with the fight against isis. >> absolutely, i think donald trump isn't afraid to name the problem, say what the problem is, and i think that that won't just be for his administration but that will also be open things up to help people feel
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confident. san bernardino, they said they looked suspicious to me but i didn't want to seem like a racist. even in orlando, people were trying so hard to blame it on anything. radical is lambists, mass cue limpity. i think president trump will be more comfortable talking that way and to see something say something is more possible when you're able to say something without being concerned you will be called is lambophobic. >> flash point to u.s. and russia, 35 diplomats and their families expelled from the u.s. as punishment for moscow's interference with the election. president elect trump is once again appearing to downplay the hacking. by saying he knows things about it that other people don't know. that he'll reveal that information tomorrow or wednesday. asked about mr. trump's comments this morning incoming press secretary sean spicer say being
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should not jump to conclusions before the final intelligence report comes out. watch. >> the president-elect is briefed by his security team, by the current security team, intelligence community. i think he does know things. that's why he's the president-elect, he's informed of things that americans that aren't clear to get that information know. what he's trying to get at, there's a degree of certainty to which this happens. this report that everyone sees as taken as gospel truth isn't final, it's not supposed to be finalized until later this week. there are questions why we're taking the actions that we're taking in the proportion we are without the report being finalized. >> what does the president-elect know? >> well, we'll let him tell what you he knows. but this is unexcusable stuff if there's a foreign entity or a hacker hacking into our systems, corporate or political or otherwise. the president-elect and his mu administration will take a hard time against that.
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we don't want that to happen. as it relates to this specific issue, i think with president elect trump, when he's trying to say to people, he will have a very deliberate and thoughtful analysis of things before he overreacts. >> some don't see that it way. he was providing information from the cia and f.b.i., that said there was evidence and proof of this hacking. but yet still the president-elect wanted to move -- >> youle ee hear later in the week that it's very, very hard to prove specifically who did what. >> but that appears that he's questioning our intelligence. >> not to get into the super details of this stuff, but, like, you could be in north korea and you could be hacking and sending out russian style fingerprints to make other people think it's the russians hacking something. now, some one will obviously react to what i'm saying. i don't have the date, a i don't have the information at my disposal. here's what i do know, the president-elect, his administration, the people that are descending upon washington january 20, are going to take a
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hard line on this. they do not want foreign entities hacking our institutions or our political -- >> if they are we should know how they're doing it and beat it. >> we can't assume it's one country or one government or one set of hackers from a certain country. we have vulnerabilities that have yet to be addressed. and president elect trump rudimentary way, said that no computer is safe. and in a sense he's absolutely right, certainly the computers at the federal government. there was a "washington post" headline that screamed that russians had infiltrated vermont utility grid. but they hacked inside, and that was actually false. that was not a true story. we have to be very careful with this alarmism. we have to be careful resetting the relationship with russia. because every administration tries to do it. and fails. and saying that putin has been falsely demonized, i think is
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very, very naive and we have to be careful. >> it bother meese in general all sides of the aisle, know, how people are discussing this in such a political way. particularly democrats seem to want russia to be involved, so they can make people more afraid of trump. people on the conserv side were the ones more concerned about russia and mocked for being concerned about russia. the switching around, so political and we're talking about our safety. so many things, everything is one by a computer. >> if russia had hacked the rnc, would president obama have issued these sanctions? the entire situation were reversed, if hillary clinton had woun the electoral vote, would president obama have been pushing for these sanction. >> i don't think as much. >> and also to that point, that's part of the reason for a lot of people this feels political from the president and effort to box donald trump in, politically, and from a foreign policy standpoint as well with putin giving the timing of it,
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the fact he sat on it when it looked like hillary clinton was going to win or that's what everyone was saying. we do see so many threats, we get hacked all the time. russia hacked into what was it, hacked into -- china also hacked into opm, 2. million social -- 22 million social security numbers exposed. russia has hacked our military operations as well. these are things that we know, that these threats are constant and happening all the time. >> what will the president elect -- >> he won't be boxed in. i'm sorry. >> what will his relationship with vladimir putin? >> it's very early, they have had a couple of conversations, at least one conversation that i'm aware of. i think he thinks he's very smart, i think he's a capable leader inside of russia. and i think he wants to have a good relationship with him. if you talk to henry kissinger about it, there's enough common interests, we may bed a ver saris on certain things but enough common interests that we probably should start working closely together on the defeat
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of terrorism, on the rollingback of crimes against humanity if i think the russian people and american people have in common. it's early, sandra. the message from president-elect trump is a very broad, disruptive entrepreneurial message, i'll take a look at these things and analyze them the way a business person who analyze them. i will have geopolitical help and diplomats but at the end of the day i'll make a lot of decisions based on my personal assessment of the situation. you have to admire him for that. he would say, if he was sitting on this couch, you know what, we have made a lot of blunders over the past 20 years. let's try something a little bit different. and by the way, it's not to say that if things are going in an adversarial way with any country, not the russians but any country, he will take a very strong pro-american people stance in that situation. >> we know he will be revealing much more either tomorrow or wednesday as far as all of this
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is concerned. we will be watching it. 2017 will bring a new administration and new congress. washington could still be set for more of the same partisan gridlock. there's word that democrats plan to slow down confirmation for a bunch of president elect trump's cabinet picks. why? and is this being irresponsible? plus, less than three weeks to go until president obama leaves office but he's hinting he may not go riding off into the sunset. is that what americans want? per roll
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>> happy new year, welcome to the couch of glory. years of tradition, about to go out the window for more partisan gridlock. oh, lord. democrats preparing to throw up road blocks in an attempt to slow down the confirmation process for president-elect trump's cabinet picks. charles schumer telling the "washington post," quote, president-elect trump is attempting to fill his rigged cabinet with nominees that would break key campaign promises and have made billions off the stwris they would be tainged with regulating. if republicans think they can quickly jam through a slate of nominees without a fair hearing
9:19 am
process they're sorely mistaken. the post reporting that senator schumer targeting several nominees in particular, including secretary of state no know rex tillerson and jeff sessions. this could get exhausting and annoying very quickly, anthony. it's very important to vet the people who are coming in to these powerful roles. >> there's no disputing that. but i think that's a lot belicocity. these people are going to be confirmed fairly quickly, they're phenomenal americans. if you look at the c.v.s, i have had an opportunity on go through them as being on the executive committee, this is a world class group of people about to enter the american cabinet. so, my guess is there will be posturing, there will be some eggs and tomato throwing but everyone of those people up there, especially secretary of state designee rex tillerson will get approved. >> it'll make it more difficult but won't change the outcome.
9:20 am
>> it takes 51 votes. it will tap. they just need to do the posturing for their base. i respect and understand that. i hope it doesn't become more than that. >> you still think there's denial, if you ask some one to a dance and they go with some one else, you can follow her and her date around all night making it complicated for them. >> really creepy. >> at the end of the night she's going home with that guy. >> where did you come up with that analogy? >> she lays in bed at night and thinks about these things. [ laughing ] >> personal life experience. >> they're both right. to anthony's point, i think this a lot of noise from the democratic party. there isn't much, they can try and slow down the process. >> do we really want to wait until march to get a secretary of state? >> considering how the world appears to be melting down -- >> absolutely not. ultimately as anthony pointed out, ball games of the rule changes under harry reid three years ago, they need a simple majority as opposed to a full
9:21 am
group. they will be able to move forward any of the cabinet choice thegs want. unless the democratic party can get some republicans to play ball. which potentially on rex tillerson might be the only area where they pick off mccain or graham or some one like that. >> i would not worry about it. >> or senator rand paul. >> i wouldn't underestimate rex's connections on capitol hill. and he's likable and very, very thoughtful. >> that accent wins people. >> he's charming, likable, and he knows the world. you know what, he's going to put america's interests first. and the democrats and republicans are going confirm him. i suspect he'll get votes on the democratic side. >> a lot of people going to start naming their babies rex. >> little tiny arms? >> there are ten senate
9:22 am
democrats running in states where donald trump won by double digits. you will have people that are potentially having tough elections in 2018, especially what trump is able to, do likability, what he is doing heading into 2018. states that might be willing to play ball because they recognize they have little political capital. >> 2018, 2020, 2024 when you have perhaps an incoming democratic administration. payback can be very tough, i hear. there is a phrase that i'm not going to repeat. this is a family friendly show. >> the timing, though, to chuck schumer saying they want a minimum of two days of hearings per cabinet pick, no more than two choices to face hearings in the same week. rewind to 2009, which chuck schumer went along with unanimously confirming seven of president obama's cabinet picks on inauguration day and five
9:23 am
later. that's the thing. if this is what they're serving up, what they have to eat -- >> okay, enough with the analogies. [ laughing ] >> people are tired of it. >> i'm hearing you. >> we'll see. >> people, regardless fl party, who you voted for, it's exhausting. politics for the sake of politics no, longer of use to 95% of you, yeah. the democrats may be slowing things down, but the president-elect is not. mr. trump plans to do away with many of president obama's executive actions on his first day in office. which ones will he target? and how will this play with the american public? plus, president obama, is going to be out of the white house soon but he's hinting that he may break tradition and not fade into the background. yay. will his voice be heard without the bully pulpit and will people
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>> less than three weeks until donald trump takes office, lots of questions about what we will see in the early days. incoming press secretary sean spicer says a lot is going to change from the get-go. >> it will be not one big thing, it will be many big things o day one he'll sign a series of executive orders to do two things. one is repeal a lot of the regulations and actions taken by this administration over the last eight years and hampered economic growth and job creation. and dot same on a forward thinking thing, he will implement things, bring a new brand to washington, institute a lobbying ban, five years, forward thinking. what we had in the past people look in the rear view mirror. this time we're thinking forward f you want to serve in the trump
9:29 am
administration ulcer have the country not yourself. >> so, the president elect has voiced displeasure with a lot of president obama's recent actions, involving israel and russia. what do they do first? >> i'll give you an example of some of the thought process. we're looking through the different regulatory agencies. we sent landing teams into these departments and trying to figure out which regulations are the worst ones. we've asked people to rank the regulations from what are making the american people -- >> what are you finding out? >> what is helping. >> what is at the top? >> let's eliminate the worst 10%. what is at the top for me, i'll speak about the financial sflss industry, the franked managers has crushed lending ability. you understand the economy, where do we get our job growth and wage growth, from small businesses. small businesses need a very vibrant community banking system. what we have done, in order to
9:30 am
make the world so safe, sandra, we've stopped them from lending. we have to give them a little bit of room there, to start lending again. >> absolutely right. >> some community bank, equity holders may lose their money. but the systemic side of the banking business will be intact. we need to make the world safer, what the government's responsibility is, but not so safe that we get no growth, no wage growth, no economic opportunity for the middle and working class. >> continue of compliance for 2k0-frank for the small banks, so prohibitive on dodd-frank. lots of times they have to sell themselves to these big banks. who are emboldened by dodd-fraverng. there's a great piece of legislation, i hope that through the president-elect he's encouraged to take it as far as he can. it doesn't repeal dodd-frank completely but targets what you are talking about, those small banks, how much capital they have to have on hand, and how they have to comply with that
9:31 am
behemoth bill we don't understand, hasn't been fully implemented, it's so massive and confusing and it is killing things. >> one can make the argument this conversation alone and the fact are you looking at regulations like that has been boosting the stock market. >> exactly. >> what that being said there is a lot of focus that could be on immigration, energy regulation, what do you expect the first few weeks of trump's presidency? >> energy regulation, i think a lot of those will go quick. he's been open with that. rick perry nomination, as a libertarian it's a great idea to dominate to people to head things they think should be e. eliminated. xwralt way to keep the government under control. people love it. the head of the epa suing the epa, another great pick. >> i can feel the twitter maters coming out of the woodwork. >> donald trump keeping jobs
9:32 am
here rather than getting too involved in private business and i can see him keeping regulations down and cost of doing business here lower so people won't want to go other place. >> the irony, for president obama some one who has been so concerned about his legacy and done so much in the name of legacy, whether it's trying to release prisoners from guantanamo bay, withdrawal of troops from iraq, all of the things he has done. a lot is going to be eradicated and refused, so much was done for executive fiat, things a can be done by incoming fet. president-elect trump. that's what he ran on, trying to roll back president obama's legacy. >> which may be why he's thinking about, as a private citizen, speaking out more. which i think would be a mistake. >> staying in d.c. like a fifth year senior. >> in fairness, one of his children is finishing school there. i do get that. >> he's saying he will stick around. >> hang on to that fifth grade
9:33 am
senior. it appears the president may not be exiting the big stage on january 20. mr. obama using his last weekly address to signal he won't be going quietly into the night when he vacates the white house. as he spoke on the need to stand up four america's ideals after he leaves office. >> it has been the privilege of my life to serve as your president. as i prepare to take on the even more important role of citizen, know that i will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise have our founding. that all of us are created equal. and all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams. >> well, okay, anthony clearly the president obama plans on sticking around. that's very much what this seems like. he's huddling with cincinnati democrats on obamacare. is this about his legacy more than anything? >> well, i think it's also, he still sees himself as one of the
9:34 am
leaders if not the leader of the democrat party. he's going to want to help them in 2018 as well. all of that makes sense. what doesn't make sense is the notion that he's going to bring himself back into the presidential critiquing process. which his predecessor, george w. bush i think, was real gentleman to him. he stepped out of the process. allowed him to run the office of the presidency and said to many people it's a tough enough job without your predecessor in there critiquing. i hope he stays to that, and honors that tradition. it's sacrosanct for the presidency. if he's worried about his legacy, which apparently he might be, that would be a better way of going about things as it relates to presidential legacy. >> kennedy, so president obama, the party has seen losses under him but he wants to be involved in the recruiting of future generations of candidates. is that a good thing? >> no. he's got a horrible track record. he really does.
9:35 am
and there's been something so wonderful about george w. bush really retreating into his own. >> painting. >> he's painting, he's doing, he's living. very lee expectful of president obama. >> that's the way it should be. we have enough people like chuck schumer, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders holding this president accountable from the cincinnati floor. you don't need some one else from the side lines. i understand why bill clinton went out and crafted this foundation, it was laying the foundation for his wife to run for president. and i really think that president obama needs to take at least a couple of years to look inward, write some books. >> he's looking backwards and bragging about his track record, particularly on the economy. anthony, almost in that same breath, he said eight years later we have a completely different story, we have turned recession into recovery. our businesses have created 15.6
9:36 am
billion jobs and put more people back to work than any other advanced major economies combined. he's looking back -- >> to be fair some of that is true whamplt isn't true, there's no wage growth, slight uptick last quarter, but no wage growth for ten years. disposable income is down 9% for middle class and working class families. 8 million people dropped below the poverty line during his administration. he has no quarter, he will be the first president in modern history where he has no quarter where he got to 3% gdp growth in any of the quarters. no print at that level. it's mixed record. i understand that he would say, we came of the of a bad recession and global financial crisis. >> which we did. >> the regulations, the dodd-frank issue, the lack of public offerings as a result of the tightening of the regulations, all of those things have showed down growth and made it harder for middle class families and working class families to get aidid. we're talking about $15 an hour for wages, we should be trying
9:37 am
to get to $50 an hour, not $15. you can do it through the free market. >> what's your take on this? >> he can -- president obama can stick around, he can talk, he can try and influence things as much as he wants. he has no official point of power. a lot of people are excited. he's popular with a lot of people, a lot of people love the obamas. they will be listening. how much is it going to impact the way things are run? not at all. if it makes people feel better, that's great. if he thinks it's good time that,'s great. the reason that trump was elected is because a lot of people, they're over that. and i think the people who are going to be listening to obama would be listening anyway, same ones in denial about the future. >> first it was the ditch and dine. now president elect trump bailing on his press corps, again, to play gol 67. his team saying it won't happen again but what is his relationship with the press, what will it look like when he's president. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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time, since he was elected the president-elect took a side trip with no media in toe. fun. that happened on saturday. mr. trump went golfing at one of his florida courses without notifying the press pool. the reporters were none too happy a trump aid said it was last minute trip that even his staff was unaware of and would not happen again. this raises new questions about what president trump's relationship with the press will look like when he takes over office. his team is talking about making changes including the daily briefing. top former white house communications aids weighing in. >> i think that there's always antagonism and there's always particularly with the president, there's no president-elect who woke up in the morning and call
9:43 am
their press secretary and said you're doing a great job, i love the way i'm being covered, everything is fair, even the criticism is helping me grow. never happen. >> we are in a new place. i don't think it's good and i don't think it has any parallels to the past. i don't think trump needs to press, but he wants them like an addict crazed person. >> there's two parts to it. the double barrel of hostility. this press corps can't stand donald trump and he is happy to return the favor. he can use it to his advantage, confidence in the press, who report the news fairly and rack rattly, have never been lower. they have lost the trust of their leaders and viewers. >> it is a new era. let's discuss, where will the president-elect put himself on that short leash, that the press is demanding of him? >> listen, he's an interesting business entrepreneur. he's not going to probably follow the rules of the past
9:44 am
three or four presidents. having said that, i think when he gets to washington, some one was talking about redecorating the white house, nonsense hike that. he's going to work. he will be at work religiously on behalf of the american people. they'll keep the press notified and they'll do the right things from a protocol perspective. what i didn't like about that interview yesterday is the body language is horrific f you watch these people, they dislike the guy. he's your president, too. >> i didn't get that from nicole wallace. i felt she was warm. >> nicole, if you're listening here, you're saying trump, trump, trump, he's the president-elect. use the right language. be respectful of the office f you don't like him personally, and it's very obvious in listening to the interview that you don't, that's fine. but he's the president. i always say president obama, i always say president clinton, you should say president-elect trump when you address the president. >> even apart from that, the fact she has an attitude, really
9:45 am
makes him look so sympathetic when he doesn't want to talk to the press. they aren't doing him any favors. he should, you know, be following -- if this were reversed i'm sure all of the kaefs would be saying obama is playing golf again. when the press goes after him the way they go after him, they make it so it's a little different and makes it a little wit bit easier to get away w it's obvious why he may not talk to them. >> what do we demand of this president in terms of tradition and the press. >> social media plays a part, too. sean spicer, i chatted with him, the moment it was announceed he would be the press secretary, he said that's not going away. and in fact, the white house press briefings might involve some sort of use of facebook, he alluded to. it's not going to look traditional. >> twitter is not problematic, facebook isn't problematic. the problem will be if he completely freezes out the press.
9:46 am
we have to know -- >> why is there an expectation he'll freeze out the press this. >> he went to the 21 club for steak, didn't notify them. >> and he went golfing, i got it. >> and he's not president yet. >> let's let january 20 take effect. he will be in washington working super hard. i'm pretty confident he will be as disciplined as any president you've seen. so, the press will probably be unhappy with that as well, because they're looking for a fight with the president-elect. i think they should dial it back and give him a chance to govern. >> you have to have spawn spicer has alluded to the fact you were talking about earlier, utilizing facebook live, reaching people directly. but that shouldn't be that surprising. that helped him win in both the primary and general election. with sort of by passing the press, not using traditional means like paid media. we know that the clinton campaign spent more than double than that of trump.
9:47 am
but he was able to use twitter, town halls, facebook live to reach people directly. that's how he won. it's unsurprising, that's what he chooses to continue to do in the white house. >> on election day, 3:00 p.m. we did a nice book live "get out the vote" live chat. 1.9 million viewers. i want you to think about the magnitude of that. >> that's, i don't have a problem with the social media, it's great. people want to ask him questions directly and he wants to address them that's fantastic. you have to have a challenge in there. you have to have people who are challenging your decisions, and your beliefs, and your appointments. and i don't think there's anything wrong with that. >> but i don't think there will be shortage of that. they're angling for a fight right re absolutely, no question about about that. >> dial it back, give him a chance to put his legislative agenda. >> they're already on him for his next press conference. it's been a while. >> letting personal hatred of the guy get the best of you. be dispassionate as journalist.
9:48 am
>> there's nothing but love on this couch as a former obama advisor says the clinton days are over and the democratic party moving to the left. is he right? and what would that mean for the future of the democratic party. we will debate and discuss next. picking up for kyle.
9:49 am
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>> former obama advisor writing the political obituary of bill and hillary clinton. akoshding to van jones they're from the pass, no longer reflect the direction of the democrat party which is moving left. >> the clinton days are over. the idea we'll be a moderate party move in this direction, is going to throw them under the bus for prison expansion, going to throw work, under the bus for nafta, those days are over. you can't run and hide. you have to be authentic from the person, going to be judged based on your authentic commitment to the party f you don't do that you can't win. >> lisa booth, is he right? >> yeah, i think the party -- the clinton days are over. i don't know how they recover from this previous loss. and do i agree with him in the
9:53 am
sense that the party is going left. look at the leaders this they nominated, some one like keith ellison to lead the dnc who has sno chuck schumer's endorsement. he's a radical progressive and said racist things as well. you look at some one like nancy pelosi, seen historic losses under her watch the fact she's still going to be in leadership. senator chuck schumer. the par tir is going left but that will be a problem for them. >> secretary clinton run again? >> she's addicted. >> it's really embarrassing if she does. people don't know. >> they don't know that chelsea won't run. they can't tell. >> she is just a charismatic dynamo. but the democratic party is in
9:54 am
more trouble. >> the clinton era is dead, i don't think the clintons got the memo on that. >> if you look at hillary clinton's depressed face, it's the most authentic. utter shock and sadness. it's tough to see. but i team like this is, like you're seeing the real her. she's devastated. there's no political phony baloney smile. >> really? >> you're seeing a real person. >> i think she'll run again. >> the party, what's happening with it, is it moving farther left? >> absolutely. and i think that if hillary clinton poses a run she'll have enough people no longer a part of her establishment, who refuse to have her boot on their neck. and one of them is going to be elizabeth warren. she will set herself up for the next few years. if you want progressive she's one. >> one name we haven't mentioned is bernie sanders and his impact. >> a huge impact. people were excited about bernie, then they weren't excited about hillary, and what we saw, the wiki leaks, the steps the dnc took to try to stop bernie from being a big threat.
9:55 am
if you need on play dirty to ensure that your candidate will win a primary maybe that candidate isn't the best for the general and maybe isn't somebody that represents where the party would organically be going. it's very clear based on the popularity. >> he called himself a democratic socialist, people were excited for him. obviously it's moving to the left. if you aren't moving left you lose. >> i hope they move as far left as panel. 66 of the 99 state legislature is republican, 34 of the governorships republican. we control the house and the senate and the american presidency. keep moving to the left. as far left as can you go. >> that's working for you. >> being in the minority, will likely embolden those most progressive, left leaning. like elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. that could help push things further to the left. >> what does 2020 look like? >> 2020? it's going to be crazy. oh, baby.
9:56 am
hunker down, in four years. >> we'll get you some lunch, i think your tummy is growling. >> we're outnumbered. happy new year, we will be right back. ♪ getting older shouldn't mean giving up all the things she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. so beautiful. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok?
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10:00 am
"happening now" starts right now! >> a fox news alert. an update in the deadly new year's attack in istanbul, turkey. hello. welcome to "happening now." i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. >> a lot of news. i'm leyland vittert in for john scott. isis claiming responsibility. eight people have been arrested, but the gunman is still at large. he's struck at a popular nightclub on new year's eve. the attack killed 39 and injured dozens more in istanbul. an american says he was inside when the gunman opened fire. here's how he survived. >> all i can say is it's massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. i don't want to talk about what happened inside the club, but you know, i want to say this is a very good country. it's so


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