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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 2, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> this isn't supposed to happen. ultra light landing on house. turns out, new year's miracle. everybody walked away without injury. >> good thing. >> good way to start off 2017. on that note -- >> some of the dead could be americans in a terror massacre overseas. that's the latest word from istanbul. investigators found new clues as they search for a cold-blooded killer who isis claims is one of its own. donald trump knows more about hacking than you do. that's what the president-elect says about the hack attack. the obama administration is blaming squarely russia. today trump's incoming press secretary facing questions. >> was russia behind it yes or no? >> his response, plus the debate inside the intel community and later, mariah's meltdown. >> that was amazing!
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>> was it really? the singer's team says she was sabotaged by a new year's plot. we'll get kennedy's takes. that should be a good time. time to fire up the fox news desk. >> hello. i'm greg jarrett in for shep. happy new year. president-elect trump is saying he's not sure that russian hackers interfered with the election. the president-elect is set to meet with leaders of the intel community and question the white house decision to punish russia for those attacks. the obama administration announced they were kicking out 35 russian diplomats and closing down compounds in maryland and new york and the diplomats left yesterday.
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the president-elect said it's time to move on and he praised vladimir putin for not retaliating right away. president-elect trump says he wants to be absolutely certain about the hacking because he says it's hard to prove. he also says he knows things about this specific situation that you don't and other people don't. he'll tell us more about it sometime this week. allegedly. today his incoming press secretary tried to clarify what those things may be. >> the president-elect is referring to that he gets briefed daily on different threats facing this nation by his national security team and by other members of the intelligence community. his privy to information that nobody else is. what he's driving at, there's not conclusive in evidence the intelligence community. there's people that believe certain things but what we're waiting for is this final report to whether it is conclusive or whether or not there's general
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belief that that's the direction that think this is heading. >> translation, we may not learn from mr. trump later this week to what he meant that he knows things that you don't. he also said the obama administration punished russia for political reasons because hillary clinton lost the election. that's sean spicer. we also have team fox coverage. peter doocy at trump tower here in manhattan. first, kathericatherine herridg washington. >> there's a healthy debate over whether more intelligence should be declassified and made in the final report to the president. there's more in the community about foreign governments that work with the u.s. government. meantime, the hacker's intent and motivation were not fully addressed in last week's release and proving who was behind the operation really is a higher
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threshold to cross. the house intelligence committee senior democrat said sunday the evidence is fair and undeniable. >> how solid is the evidence it was the russians? >> it's solid. overwhelming. the president-elect as you know said he knows things that other people don't know. he needs to stop talking this way. if he will have any credibility as president, he needs to stop talking this way and step denigrating the intelligence community. >> for some context, the russian government has a history of denying major events. in one case force the u.s. government declassify documents to make its case to the public. >> and trump's team seemed to brush-off a report from the fbi and homeland security department. tell us about that. >> the future press secretary urged caution on the issue. >> it's not a question of what i believe. it's a question of what happened. there's an intelligence report that is due out later this week.
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>> with the expulsion of those russian diplomats that left washington over the weekend, a senior republican on foreign policy told fox news sunday the russians won't stop until they know the consequences are real. >> what vladimir putin needs is a new sense of boundaries. he's had a free reign for eight years. he needs boundaries and to know that costs will be imposed if he crosses those boundaries. the administration has not drawn the boundaries. >> the final report which was requested by the president should be released to the public in a declassified form or at least portions of it sometime in the next two weeks. we think about ten days from now, that last week before the inauguration. >> katherine, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> team fox coverage continues. peter doocy live in new york city. are transition officials saying anything more about that why mr. trump is skeptical that the russians interfered?
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>> they are, greg. this morning transition officials are talking about what their boss, the president-elect, said, over the long holiday weekend. they think it's hard to tell who hacked what. >> there's a lot of probing is the actual word, when you go to various sites. whether or not they were hacked and they did anything is a completely different story. the way that mainstream media is playing this up, they had an influence in the election. there's zero evidence that they influenced the election. >> the president-elect also explained over the weekend that he is skeptical, one of the reasons he's skeptical of what u.s. intelligence officials are telling him about russian involvement and election interference, he remembers u.s. intelligence officials being wrong about weapons of mass destruction in iraq, greg. >> peter, is the president-elect back at trump tower there today? >> he is. he will be joined a little later on by the vice president-elect mike pence. in the lobby a few minutes as,
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the treasury secretary nominee was there. otherwise, it's a slow day. the president-elect has spent some of it looking at crime statistics. he tweeted this. chicago murder rate is record-setting. 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do it, he must ask for federal help. regular, chicago's mayor, rahm emanuel came by for a cordial enough meeting where he drew on his experience as the first obama chief of staff to help chart out a course. >> chicago needs something. the murder rate is horrific. peter doocy live. thanks. >> this is one of the few issues where president obama and most republicans in congress say they agree. russia is not our friend. so how is this going to work if
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the incoming president continues to praise vladimir putin? our next guest says there's a lot that congress can do to push back against the president-elect. we'll break down the opinions live from a gloomy d.c. today.
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. >> more now on donald trump's response to hacking during the election while our sitting. says russia is a national
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security threat. our next president says he's not so sure. let's bring in emily gooden who is managing editor of real clear politics. quite a contrast between the two. >> yes. >> is mr. trump simply trying to engage russia in a new and better relationship or is there something else? maybe more nefarious. a lot of stories that he's beholden to putin by business ties >> that's a great question. we've seen mixed messages from trump on this. he's shown that he gets upset because he's told he won because of hacking. but then he goes out of his way to praise putin and to have a betterlation -- better relationship with him. >> he says he knows about hacking. he says "i know things other
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people don't know." >> right. >> it's reminiscent of the boost when trump said, oh, i know more about isis than the generals do. so what was this latest remark an off-the-cuff boast or does he feel that this russian hacking thing impugns the integrity of his election? >> yeah, i think that's something that we have to wait and see. we've seen from donald trump a tendency to tweet first and give more thoughtful answers later. i'm thinking back to how when president obama said he could have beat trump in the election, that trump treated immediately that he couldn't believe the president said that. said the transition wasn't going well. later when he was asked about it and spoke to president obama, he said oh, no, things are great. the transition is going great. so as he gets more intelligence briefings, which they said he's getting this week, we'll see a
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different point of view from here. russia has gone from foe to friend. we're all over the place here. >> president obama waited until the very end of his term to do anything about the russian hacking and even democrats are calling it weak and insufficient. does that give president trump room to maneuver with the russians for a better relationship? >> absolutely. i think the fact that you haven't really seen a response from putin was a smart move on his part. he knows there's 18 days left, a new leader coming in. he just has to sit and wait it out. that was a smart move by him. he's seen these indications from trump that trump is open to a better relationship between the two countries, this might be a little bit too late on the part of president obama. >> yeah. what does this mean for rex tillerson, who is mr. trump's nominee to be the next secretary of state and who of course has close ties to putin and to
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russians? will this make his confirmation hearing even more serious an contentious? >> yeah, i think you're absolutely right on that. he's going to go possibly before the senate armed services committee, led by senator john mccain who is quite the hawk on russia and said that president obama hasn't gone far enough. senator mccain plans to hold hearings this week on the hacking. i think you'll see tough questions not just from the democrats but from republicans of this nominee, asking him what he's going to do and questioning his company's ties to russia. >> absolutely. of course trump doesn't release his tax reports which could link him to the russian government as well and business practices. but you'd admit that trump is out of sync with most republicans that blame the russians for the hacking, right? >> absolutely. we've seen senator john mccain,
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senator lindsey graham has questions. these are two republicans that are very respected on foreign policy issues and intelligent on these issues. even speaker ryan said russia needs to be punished over this. these republicans are also thinking we don't want the rnc hacked next. >> right. in the absence of trump's cooperation, could republicans somehow retaliate against the russians? >> oh, that's a good question. that's a hard one to answer. while congress does have power, they have limited power. don't underestimate the power of the congressional subpoena. when trump and his staff are in office, they can question them before hearings. their biggest weapon is making a fuss in the media. >> emily goodin, manager of real clear thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> isis claiming responsibility for an attack in istanbul. one on the run after killing 40
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people at a nightclub new year's eve. we'll have the latest on the man hunt and hear from the american that took a bullet, but made it out alive next!
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>> we still don't know if any americans died in istanbul when a gunman suddenly opened fire in a crowded nightclub as people rang in the new year. officials say most of the victims were not from turkey. a man hunt is underway for the attacker that killed dozens of people and injured many more. the turkish deputy prime minister says they have the gunman's fingerprints and close to identifying him. the islamic state claiming responsibility for the massacre today.
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police say they have taken in eight people for questioning about the attack. we now also have surveillance video from the deadly night in istanbul. you can see people ducking for cover as the gunman walked up to the club. he fires a shot from off camera. it appears to ricochet off of a railing. here's another angle. he shoots at a car and a bullet bounced off. this is inside the club. the killer walking around. bodies on the floor all around him. nbc's "today show" spoke with an american that survived the attack. he said he tried not to flinch as a bullet ripped through his legs so the gunman wouldn't shoot him again. no word on any other americans were hurt. benjamin hall has the latest. benjamin? >> hi, greg. yes, tonight istanbul remains on its highest alert. that's because the gunman is still at large. a massive man hunt going on at the moment, but still don't know his identity.
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as you say, they do have his fingerprints. isis released a statement saying that the attack had been carried out by a soldier of theirs. they also said it was retaliation for turkish air strikes in syria and the istanbul club had been chosen because it's where "christians were celebrating their pagan feast." more details have been emerging. the gunman that fired up to 80 bullets and threw grenades stopped to reload. he waited for 30 minutes in the kitchen and changed clothes before leaving in a taxi amid the chaos. investigators say he was well-trained and had his compute route scoped out. >> benjamin, do we know anything more about this attacker? >> not his identity yet. as you say, the fingerprints have been gotten by the authorities. they said they believe he's from the same isis cell that carried out an attack last june that killed 41 people.
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as a result, turkish officials believe he's from a country like uzbekistan. >> it's a massive tragedy. very unfortunate. i was with nine people. seven of us were shot. seven of us were shot. >> today the funerals of some of the dead began taking place as the identities of more victims were released. among the 39 killed, 27 were foreigners just seeing in the new year as a club popular with tourists. president obama reached out to the turkish peach and offered his condolences and say the u.s. would help turkey in any way it can. gregg? >> thanks, benjamin. north korea's dictator says his country about to launch their first test of a missile that could possibly reach the united states. kim jong-un announced the test
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of an intercontinental ballistic missile in his annual new year's address. a claim he has never made before. he also warned the u.s. to stop meddling in asia. in the announcement on government-run team, lil' kim appears with his wife and other leaders. they bowed before what appeared to be wax statues of little kim's father and grandfather, north korea's founder. lawmakers making their way back to washington before congress begins again tomorrow. already president obama is using his final days in office trying to thwart the gop's number 1 priority. so can the democrats save obama care or is it too late? that's next.
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>> president obama heading to capitol hill this week to try to protect a key part of his legacy. the white house says he will
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meet with house and senate democrats, dems only, on wednesday to talk about saving obama care. republican leaders say repealing the affordable care act is one of their top priorities when they get back to work tomorrow. president-elect trump says he might want to keep certain parts of the law. mike emanuel live in washington with more. hi, mike. >> democrats say keeping the popular parts, helping those with pre-existing conditions and allowing those up to age 26 to stay on their parent's plan isn't possible without some of the less popular components. this afternoon a head of the upcoming meeting with president obama, the top house democrat issued this warning to republicans. >> the fact is, it's the old thing of going into a china shop. you break it, you own it. this is -- they're dealing with something that is very -- when i say complex, it's sophisticated.
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>> democrats are warning about the risk of scrapping the healthcare law without a defined replacement suggesting it would throw the health system in chaos, greg. >> yeah, that from the person who said we'll know what's in it when we pass it or something like that. any indication that those warnings will get republicans to think twice? >> no. trying to scrap obama care has been a high priority since the law was passed by democrats and signed into law by president obama. president-elect trump over the weekend talked about how premiums have skyrocketed for so many americans. he noted it as part of mr. obama's legacy, but said this law is unaffordable and doesn't work. the senate's top republican signals lawmakers will move quickly. >> we will move right after the first of the year on an obama care replacement resolution. then we will work expeditiously to come up with a better proposal than current law. current law is unacceptable and
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not sustainable. >> the heavier lift will be passing a replacement, a variety of gop ideas and soon they'll have to pick one and go with it. greg? >> mike emanuel live in washington. thanks. let's bring in our panel here. morgan ortegas, hillary raginski, democratic strategist. good to see you both. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> president obama was warned, don't pass this along party lines because the pendulum always swings in politics. if you don't have any republican support for obama care, you're going to eventually lose it. it will ruin your legacy. he refused to heed the warning. is now he -- you reap what you sow. >> and he hasn't learned a lesson because he's going to capitol hill to meet only with democrats as you pointed out. a lot of decrying the partisanship over the past eight
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years but there's partisanship over the nation's founding. what we missed is leadership. people doing what bill clinton did in the 90s when he left the white house, he went down to the hill and negotiated with republicans. whether it's the executive orders that the president has issued more than any president in history or whether it's obama care or the iran deal, you name it. he's done it all through a partisan lens. that's why you see the last-minute scrambling to save a legacy which he could have done it on the hill. >> is this an acts of desperation on the part of president obama? republicans can get rid ofof it >> and then they have to do that and explain to kentucky, many of them that signed up for ky-net, which is successful, why they're being tossed. >> if they phase it over three years -- >> they can do whatever they
12:32 pm
want. the problem as nancy pelosi said, i don't always agree with her, but it's the colon powell rule, you own it, you break it. repeal it and do what? i suggest they'll repeal it and understand quickly the ramifications of this -- >> they'll buy time to craft together a replacement. >> they've had time. >> which you'll need 60 votes for. >> what does the replacement look like? >> i don't think that president-elect trump has said what it's going to be. he said he's going to repeal it, which is easy to do through reconciliation. much harder to get the 60 votes. this is where trump can shine. he's not be holden to either party. he's willing to talk to ceos about a thousand jobs. if he wants to be a successful president, he will have to go in and negotiate with senate democrats to get a new obama care, whatever he wants to replace it with. the key is to get republicans and the freedom caucus and the house and senate to support him. they have to support whatever negotiations he makes. >> you raise a good point.
12:33 pm
why do democrats have to bail out donald trump and the republicans that are about to throw their own constituents off the exchanges? democrats did their job. they passed the law. republicans are repealing it. morgan is saying that donald trump will have to go to chuck schumer and say help us with your caucus because mine can't get it done. >> i suggest to the democrats, again, they did their jobs, republicans rejected it. it's yours now. roll with it. >> let me move forward. it's not just obama care and its repeal. but economic tax reform is also part of the trump agenda on capitol hill. it's supposed to be a top priority. lowering individual corporate taxes as well as capitol dividends taxes. can they do it quickly? >> we have not seen a president since president bush do it
12:34 pm
successfully. president-elect trump is going to do something that republicans and democrats have not been successful at for the past, you know, 10 to 12 years, which is negotiating a major package. when you like at sequestration, the tax spending cuts on the hill. nobody has come to an agreement. you need someone to be a teddy roosevelt-like figure and stand above and say we're going to make a deal. >> how about the compromise as trump has proposed? all right democrats, how about a $1 trillion infrastructure program that they would like? >> you're talking about the devil in the details. tax breaks for existing projects -- >> he wants to rely on private financing, although that may be a stretch. >> that's a stretch. the problem here, again, the republicans who have for years rallied against infrastructure spending -- >> but democrats love it. >> yes. >> you saw infrastructure and they salivate. >> the devil is what in the details. what i would love to see is paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, others that have been completely
12:35 pm
against any kind of infrastructure spending or stimulus package now saying we want to do this because a republican president wants to do it. business as usual in washington. >> nothing is shovel ready, right? okay. morgan, julie, thanks. >> happy new year. >> more immigrants tried to illegally come in to the u.s. the past year compared to a year ago according to the department of homeland security. officials say the feds picked up more than 500,000 immigrants from october 2015 through september of 16. the government reports it sent most of them back to their home countries. adam housley live in los angeles with more on that. hi, adam. >> hi, gregg. yeah, we've seen this before in 2014. surges have happened over the last few decades. but in 2014 is similar to now. this surge according to the dhs specifically coming from three central american countries which is honduras, guatemala and
12:36 pm
el salvador. the latest numbers they came out over fiscal year 2016 and they released them friday. those numbers according to the feds show that 462 -- they jumped by 67,000 to 530,000, illegal immigrants, and sent 451,000 back to their home countries. again, over 12 months that ended in september. the majority of those came from the central american countries that included 137,000 families and border patrol arrests alone were up nearly 23% this year, gregg. as you can see, that spike that we saw a couple years ago, three years ago really, that we covered here at fox extensively has come back. at least in 2016, greg. >> and what do officials say is causing the increase, adam? >> well, that's where the debate comes down. the administration on a lot of immigrants rights groups say it's a push that there's a lot
12:37 pm
of crime and there's a lot of corruption and a lot of poverty in the three central american countries and forcing the people north. on the other side, the border patrol says they talk to a lot of my grants. they say poverty has always been there, crime is always there and more of a poll situation from the u.s. the report acknowledges that sanctuary cities have a bit of a play here because people are allowed to stay. also, the border patrol says when they talk to these migrants, they're coming now because they know when president-elect trump goes into office if he followed through on the pledges about a border wall and stricter policy, it will be tougher to cross. so really depends who you talk to, greg. might be a bit of all three. definitely there's some talk here that it has to do with the election of donald trump. >> we'll wait and see. adam housley in los angeles. thanks. >> the man convicted of killing nine people at a black church in south carolina is going back to court with his own life on the line. dylann roof acting as his own lawyer.
12:38 pm
he says he does not plan to put up much of a case to avoid the death penalty. but he is fighting to keep some evidence out of court. we'll talk to a lawyer who has worked as prosecutor as a defense attorney next. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes. same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude. that's why i asked his doctor about once-a-day namzaric. (avo) namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions including heart, lung, bladder,
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. >> dylann roof will represent himself tomorrow as a jury decides if he should live or die. the self-proclaimed wife supremacist shot and killed nine people in the summer of 2015. last month, a jury took less than three hours to convict him in the guilt phase. roof is representing himself against the advice of his lawyers. he told a judge he won't call any witnesses, won't present any evidence in the hearing. prosecutors in the meantime say they'll bring as many as three dozen family members of the victims to the courtroom to go face-to-face with the killer. let's bring in keisha, a former defense attorney and prosecutor.
12:42 pm
if he represents himself and he has a sixth amendment right to do so, he could on cross examination confront the survivors as well as the family members of the people he murdered. >> right. that won't be good before the jurors deciding whether he gets the death penalty. >> that will alienate the jury. >> they will have no sympathy for him whatsoever. >> behind closed doors right now, the judge is holding a competency hearing. you may recall before the guilt phase he did the same thing, determined that dylann roof is competent to stand trial. is the judge doing it again before the penalty phase just to make sure that some fancy defense attorney in the future doesn't claim this isn't an appealable issue? >> yes, absolutely. oftentimes when appealed, a defendant will claim that i represented myself but i wasn't competent. the judge should have never allowed me. therefore, this needs to be
12:43 pm
remanneded back to the trial legal. that's what will happen in this case. the judge is probably trying to protect himself. >> sociopaths and psychopaths often try to represent themselves in murder cases. and they use the opportunity to deliver an opening statement, a closing argument and it's a rant. >> and narcissism, which is usually with those mental disorder. when you see someone doing this, they believe that they can better represent themselves than an attorney that went to law school and has experience as a litigator. >> there's some strange things going on here. apparently dylann roof thinks there's some evidence that is embarrassing to his family. the judge said something dramatic before he shut the doors. he said if you only knew what i know now. >> the fact that he doesn't want any mental health or psychological evidence coming in shows us something is wrong with him. that's his only chance of not
12:44 pm
getting the death penalty. why would he be concerned about embarrassing his family as opposed to being sentenced to death? that shows that he's making a big mistake. >> not calling any witnesses is a lost opportunity to try to gain any sympathy with the injury. you can recall in the boston marathon bomber case. somebody said that it's a more severe punishment to spend the rest of your life in the equivalent of a cage than a quick painless death by lethal injection. someone that can say this guy has mental problems. it's not insanity, but intellectual deficiencies. >> right. what the jurors will hear is only him. that's a problem where they already probably see him as this murderer, evil person and now he's going to be the only witness, if he decides to say anything at the sentencing. he's leaving them with the whole notion that he deserves to die. >> and we saw the taped confession. he's no genius.
12:45 pm
he has trouble articulating a subject with a predicate and a single sentence. >> i believe he dropped out of high school. >> this is not going to go well. >> right. not at all. >> one of the mitigating factors is remorse. in his confession, absolutely no remorse. what if he gets up in a closing argument and said i'm really sorry for what i did? i'm terribly sorry for killing the people that you love so much. >> the thing is, gregg, the jurors are the same ones that decided his guilt. so they already heard the evidence. they saw the evidence presented by the prosecutor. so his credibility is already shot. oftentimes when defendants get up on the trial and say, you know what? i'm innocent. i didn't do it. in the sentencing, i'm sorry for what i did, it doesn't go well with the jurors. >> aggravating factor as peer to outweigh any mitigating factors meriting death. multiple killing, substantial planning and acts that were atrocious and cruel. >> right. that is what you have here,
12:46 pm
absolutely. >> all right. kisha, good to see you. >> thanks, greg. >> moriah carey wrapped up 2016 with a rough performance. did you see it? >> happy new year! ♪ i'll just go through the motions, okay? >> so did she make it through that moment? the critics say no, not exactly. what was going on? a technical glitch or as she claims, sabotage? kennedy is here next.
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>> folks in los angeles got new year's surprise after somebody changed the world
12:50 pm
famous hollywood sign to read, you got it, "hollyweed." as in hooch, cannabis. comes say a man climbed the mountain overnight, through tarps over the last two 0s to make them look like es. the guy could face trespassing charges. cops say it's not common. somebody tries to vandalize the so i once a year. less than two months ago, california voted to legalize pot for recreational use. maybe that has something to do with our next story. no. mariah carey tried to end 2016 on a high note but couldn't hit them. she took to the stage draped in feathers. so far so good. 20 minutes to go and when it came time to sing her hit song
12:51 pm
"emotions", this happened. ♪ >> we're missing something. ♪ i'm going to let the audience sing >> oops! she spent the last of the time talking about technical problems. her next song, "we belong together" might have been better because she wasn't actually singing live. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> just don't get any better. >> okay. don't touch the controls. it wasn't your tv set.
12:52 pm
when she moved the mic down, her vocals keep playing. after that, she walks off the stage. she said dick clark productions set her up to stage. kennedy is here. you have your own little promo thing there. >> i know. >> host of "kennedy." monday through thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. says for me to read that. >> glad you did. >> what happened? >> i got a chance to look into mariah carey's eyes before she took to the stage. i have to say there was a bit of a vacancy. >> like what was going on? >> a lot of nothing. that's the problem. i don't know if mariah had taken something for the nerves, but it really didn't help her stage presence and the execution of songs that she's been performing for decades. now, we all know that mariah has a reality show called "mariah's world" maybe bumbling through a
12:53 pm
performance would get a great way to get people talking about her. more people are talking about mariah carey now than if she had a flawless performance. we would have gone, that's wonderful. still singing if she had just executing it properly. the fact that she botched it, complained and walked off leaves our tongues wagging like so many dogs in the pound. >> dogs in the pound. >> she says she was sabotaged and dick clark productions says that's defamation. the story has not gone anywhere. >> they're just beginning. it took four people to put on her stilettos. >> only four? >> only four. >> it took four people to took on her stilettos, can you imagine how many it took to put on that body suit? >> how terrific she looks. >> she does. >> you know what she is? kelsey our producer said she's a hot mess.
12:54 pm
now, i didn't know what that meant. so i looked it up in the urban dictionary. >> never do that. >> a person in total disarray while undeniably attractive. that is mariah carey. >> well-said. >> she looks fantastic. >> she does. >> i do find her incredibly entertaini entertaining. >> there's a reason she has the staying power. >> she has an incredible voice. her dog has been used -- >> her dog? where did that come from? >> her voice is world renown. with so many great singers who have fallen in the past, it's nice that we have someone to mariah carey to look up to if we could have watched an actual performance. >> she's had a tough year, 2016. she broke up with her rich boyfriend. >> james packer. australian billionaire. >> she wants a $50 million inconvenience fee. >> which i love.
12:55 pm
i hope he pays it, because an inconvenience fee is so broad that you can really charge anyone for that. it doesn't matter if you leave a job or leave a relationship. if you can get a massive amount of money that you're not entitled to, it's going to change capitalism. >> i'm not a lawyer but i never knew anything about a convenience fee. i would have been rich and retired by now having inconvenienced many occasions. >> the alters you've been left at? >> yeah. >> i worry about her. she's a mom. she's had troubles in the past. do you remember when she went on trl with an ice cream cart? it preceded her visit -- >> i don't know what trl is. >> that's okay, gregg. >> some of the young people know. >> they're giggling at me. laughing, mocking. kennedy with her own promo in a fuchia dress.
12:56 pm
>> thank you, gregg. >> we'll be right back. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house? what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic.
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>> someone's new years resolution may be to keep their car on dry land after this. take a look. >> whoa! don't you hate it when that happens? somebody's car slides back into the water off a ferry. happened in australia. a group was headed out to and island to celebrate. a passer isg gege geger -- passd wallets and cell phones were in the cars. the ferry company reports its investigating what went wrong. you think? folks across the country watching and waiting for a second baby eagle to break out of its shell. the first of two eggs hatched this weekend in fort myers, florida. folks watching it on the eagle
1:00 pm
cam. the camera owner said 60 million folks tuned in to the feed. today we got a glimpse of the chick moving around. no cracked egg on the second one. i'm gregg in for shep. "your world" is next! >> will the new year bring all americans a new round of tax cuts? would be nice. hello. happy new year! i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto, this is a special edition of "your world." president-elect trump in less than three weeks from now will be taking the oath of office. he's gearing up for a push for a tax cutting agenda. some in the republican party are signalling cuts won't be coming right away. does the president-elect and the congress need to go big and get the most bang for their buck? going to stephen moore, advisor to the president-elect. good to see you. i know you want tax cuts. you've wanted them forever. let's be


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