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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> that is it for us tonight. i want to thank you for watching the special edition of "factor." i am bill o'reilly. please come always or member, that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> a revolution is underway. it stands at the crossroads and the question tonight, how will this historic events of 2016 affect the next 12 months of our american story? good evening. welcome to this "the kelly file." i am sandra smith emperor megyn kelly. weighing the impact of the new hollywood film on benghazi and still reeling from the terror attack that left 14 dead and 22 injured in san bernardino, california. we had no way to know that domestic terror would remain a constant for the coming year. that protest against police turn deadly for some of those
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officers, or that the republican primary would turn out quite the way it did. in fact, from the moment donald trump ascended the escalator at the now very familiar trump tower, true to the stunning wind that you saw coming in the final stretch of the campaign. few could argue there was any bigger story in 2016 than this election. how hillary clinton sure thing failed to happen, and how a new york businessman succeeded after what seemed at times impossible odds. our look back starts with trace gallagher and some of the biggest moments of the republican primary. >> the year and politics began with a slew of geo presidential candidates, but by late january, one of them was building big momentum. in poll after poll, donald trump supporter said that almost nothing could make them change their mind about voting for him, and trump himself acknowledged he could do no wrong. >> i could stand in the middle
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of fifth avenue n shoot somebody, and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> but the g.o.p. front runner made it clear he was not about to back away from his support of the second amendment or his criticism of what he called president obama's attack on the second amendment. he went on for field and a stronger chance of terrorism. after a week of making his controversial comments, donald trump's road to the white house hit an iowa speedbump when the first state to vote went for ted cruz. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee in the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> on the democratic side, by a razor-thin margin, hillary clinton took the iowa caucuses, but he also took a hit when the state department had top-secret material in her personal email account.
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the clinton campaign called over classification run amok. while liquid the clinton dynasl appear strong, the bush dynasty was fading. after a series of setbacks and a crushing defeat in the south carolina primary, estate his brother and father both won, in late february, jeb bush called it quits, saying there was nothing more he could do. >> people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i really respecter decision. tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> meantime, donald trump continued to press the flesh and the limits accusing district court judge of being hostile to him because of his mexican heritage. he was presiding over lawsuits against trump university by students who claimed they got fleeced. judge curiel was born in indiana. trump's comments, notwithstanding, by super tuesday it appeared that he and hillary clinton were well under way to the general election.
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both carving out dominant positions in their party's nominating races, but other candidates were not about to throw in the towel. with trump being reminded by marco rubio that votes and size matter. >> he referred to my hands that they are small, something else must be fall. i guarantee you there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> by early may, marco rubio, ted cruz, and a john kasich would all be out of the race, leaving trump with his party official but on easy embrace. >> thank you. >> eight for the democrats, despite bernie stamper's comments together a string of victories, in early june, hillary clinton have the necessary number of delegates. >> thanks to you, we have reached a milestone. first time in our nations history that a woman will be a major party nomination.
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>> the nominees are set and it was off to the conventions, which turned out to be as interesting as the election itself. sandra. >> trace gallagher, thank you. joining us now is our panel of four tonight, guy benson is a fox news contributor, chris stirewalt is fox news editor, richard fowler, and senior fellow at rachel campos-duffy is a fox news contributor. good to have you all here. >> happy new year. >> let's go back to the escalator ride because wow. everybody said this was a joke. this was no way this was going to happen. this was where it all began. >> it is where it began, and it was also the first episode of a dynamic that would eventually lead to trump's victory because it's the underestimation, it's the attack, it's the rejection that hardened his support. what donald trump and we saw
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that candidates there, failed candidates they are, what he did, what other people could not do was he gathered intense support around him. he said it was only a third. you know what, if you have a firm at one-third of the electorate and you are dividing it 16 with, guess what, that is pretty good. >> we were reminded how many special moments there were during the primary season. >> very special. >> [laughter] >> the audience didn't have the luxury of hearing your giggles throughout, but the moment when marco rubio stood on the stage and crystallizes status of his hands. >> i think we went back and look at that time line, i i was feeling like a seminal event in this process because it was -- he was leaving basically everywhere, including the polls and i would. then he came out, lost those caucuses, it may be the loss of political gravity to apply to the sky. then he comes out has a
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resounding victory in new hampshire, goes down and has that while debate in south carolina where he's got food and he's slamming the bushes, and he wins handily and south carolina. at that point, i think he was in the driver's seat and there was no turning back. >> that was the big moment for you. richard, when did you say this guy might have a chance? or did you ever say? >> i thought he had a chance of being a nominee. i think the chance, the moment i had the realization was when all of these other republican candidates started falling on themselves. i think the moment for me was when ted cruz was like i am going to make a special announcement, i am going to pick a vice presidential candidate. he picked carla for fearing apd that that just happen? are you supposed to do that? is that part of the rules of politics? i think what donald trump shows us is for the primary season you can play it by ear to be president of the united states. >> there was always a conversation about dollars that were being spent, obviously. eventually, we saw so much more spent with hillary clinton versus donald trump, but even the other republicans he was up
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against. donald trump had the free media. he was on the tv all the time. >> it was free media, but if you really look at it, what i find really heartening about the whole process was that at least on the republican side, money didn't determine who would win. he spent the least amount of money. again, the escalator moment for me, i thought that was brillian brilliant. it was what defined them as different. i am not playing by the playbook of all these politicians. i thought he could win very early on. i was in rural wisconsin. i could feel it, they liked it, they wanted somebody that didn't seem like a politician, and boy, this guy really fit the bill. >> sandra, when you go back to the escalator moment -- >> [laughter] >> this is going to be good. >> i remember watching it. i was watching it live as a happen, and he came down, there were reports that he actually hired actors and supporters. he was kind of going on this sort of --
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>> association. >> consciousness of speech. he had the spittle on the side of his mouth. at one point they brought the music out. he cut the music and went on for 20 more minutes. i was like, okay, this is ridiculous. this is not a real campaign. about a month later, once he made a few comments like that mccain comment, i prefer people that are captured and at that kind of thing, once he wasn't really taking a dent in his primary point out, i was like, all right, underestimating the sky is a real mistake. i think it took the other campaigns way too long to figure that out. >> also, remember, the republicans believe when you said earlier that the laws of political gravity would apply come up when you look at how donald trump ended up, he ended up as a pretty conventional republican nominee. he ended up with about 40% of the vote which john mccain did. he ended up winning with about the same amount of time that they did. we looked for reasons why it wasn't so. we looked for reasons why aren't these polls predicted. they are not predicted because this 15 other guys are going to
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coalesce at some point. >> you fess up that you did that. >> i did exactly that. i look for ways to explain what why isn't this poultry because donald trump was such a nonorthodox candidate. he was violating all the norms of politics. why is this true? in fact, the polls were right. at the polls are predictive, and that is exactly what happened. >> you learn something. >> he wasn't speaking to -- he wasn't speaking to the political class. i think that's what was really interesting. he went right over the heads in it to the people. there somebody i wish i could give them credit for it, but he said, the media and the consultants took him literally but not seriously. and the people on the ground, the people on wisconsin and michigan took him seriously but not literally, and i think that really kind of sums it up for me. >> there is something to be said about donald trump's sort of rise, and i think the media played a part in this. he had a little game going on between him in the media. we hate you. we you hate us. we are still going to talk to each other. i think that was part of a
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magic. the media covered him incessantly more than the other candidates. >> you go back to the words of ted cruz there that he had in his peace. iowa has sent notice that the next republican nominee will not be chosen by the media. >> wrong. >> wrong. >> that was a thing, there was a lot of complaining, and i think it is a fair criticism to release some introspective and is in order for the media. covering wall-to-wall rallies, constantly for trump, but -- >> if you are entertaining them -- >> is like the symbiotic relationship that he took advantage of. at these rallies that the media were covering for free for him on prime time, frequently. he would have the crowd turned around and blue the media. it was a fascinating dynamic. >> if you had the best rally, then you get the most immediate attention. i think it is fair. it >> don't give away who won, because we will get to that next. while millions of trump supporters felt the sense of victory when he did win the nomination, they couldn't know what was about to happen next. or how the fallout would
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>> friends, delegates, and fellow americans, i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> the critics found a lot not to like about the republican national convention in cleveland, but that moment, right there, was an undeniably powerful event in the course of
6:16 pm
an improbable candidacy. the joy, however, it would be short-lived. in less than two weeks, donald trump would find himself at the heart of a new firestorm. after a gold star family attacked trump's policies on stage at the democratic national convention and trump unleased a fierce response on twitter, then came the real drama. someone leaked a videotape from access hollywood chute that featured an unguarded donald trump talking with billy bush and making very loose comments about women. when trump tried to defend the remark, a series of women then came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. an incident that stretched back decades. his poll numbers dropped sharply, and a number of republicans started to move away. then a new political story started to an merge. wikileaks began dumping an increasing number of embarrassing emails hacked from the dnc. the emails featured prominent democrats talk about
6:17 pm
mrs. clinton, her political judgment, and the multimillion dollar workings of her organization. now she was on the fence. then the bombshell. friday, october 20th, the fbi director james comey announced the borough was reopening the investigation into mrs. clinton's emails. because of those emails of courage of our pertinent investigation. i agreed we should take appropriate steps to obtain and review them. less than two weeks later, still down in the polls and counted out by most political observers, donald jay trump one working class boat by huge margins. becoming our president-elect of the most stunning story in a long time. back with us now. you watch this so closely, every single day, chris stirewalt, and then we look at so many who got it so wrong. donald trump made it through all those controvers unbelievable wk
6:18 pm
back at it. >> he learned. he learned something really important, and it didn't click for him until the end. the way that he run the republican nomination was by recording controversy and kicking his way through firestorm after firestorm. never apologize, never backed down. yes, john mccain, i am not going to apologize to john mccain. we will just fight, fight, fight. it worked. it kept the attention on him. those differ in in the general direction. the fight that he gave with the family. the fight that he had with a lease of a child who was universe that he was involved. it didn't work. it hurt him, but then he figured it out. make yourself like a hole in the water, man. lay down. you be quiet, give teleprompter speeches, act in a more restrained way, he did no press conferences. he had no controversies for the final three weeks of the election, and he just watched hillary clinton twist and the wind around the fbi stuff and have that attention. with a cane the negative
6:19 pm
footage. >> you have to remind everybody he is not a politician. he is a new york businessman. how did he know that? 's because there are two words, kellyanne conway. no matter to hide of the aisle you are in, kellyanne conway is one of the best operatives, i would argue. she tops the list. and how to win an election. there is something to be said that the cleansing campaigns would've dropped the ball here. we said from the beginning of this, i do believe they mishandled the email, but i am beyond mishandling the email, which i think in the grand scheme of things sort of proved a lot of americans that she thought she might not be trustworthy, maybe we are not trustworthy. we should not vote for her. she had a problem communicating with the american people. i think they depended on just talking, we are going to go after our democratic basis. you never visited the state of wisconsin once. their campaign was overconfident, and they didn't have a real conversation with the american people, whether you like barack obama or not. both and 202008 and 2012, he
6:20 pm
really honed and about having the american people. >> he always struggled with lemon throughout. apparently, everybody thought he was struggling with women throughout, and you look at back at that "access hollywood" moment. those who warmed up to them said we saw that from some republicans who started to support. they step back. that seemed like the breaking moment for donald trump, but it didn't. >> i think chris hit on a moment. he kind of apologize, but ultimately, he is still a fighter. that is what people liked about him. even women who are sort of disgusted by the video.remember, this is all in the context of terrorism that is still going on, the orlando incident, so i think that looking like you are a fighter, looking like you are not the greatest i'm not good with women, i said these things and i am kind of sorry about them, but he looked like he is going to fight for you and protect your family. again, he came to wisconsin. i was in that state six times. that was a #trumpstate.
6:21 pm
nonetheless, he came. and she didn't. i think he fought through this, never apologize, i do think all of those things made a big difference. >> all the while, he always had his family standing by him, who even if they didn't like him, they like them. >> his wife, his daughter helped him get through some of those issues with women, and one thing that the media talked about incessantly throughout this process was the gender gap problem that he had. he did have one with women, and they ignored the fact that hillary clinton had a big gender gap problem herself. half the electorate to you guys. the other thing i thought was entry, i was my did this when you are talking, richard, it seemed to your point at the very beginning of the segment, it seems like whichever candidate was in the spotlight, the world would fall in the polls. the fact that it was hillary clinton at the very end with the corruption of the foundation, the emails, that whole scandal, she was the last sort of thought that people had come up with the last impression
6:22 pm
is that the campaign is all about her, and she is not a popular figure. >> you mentioned john mccain, that was a big moment. he is not a war here. i don't like guys who get caugh caught. there was the connecticut famil family. which stood out to you as perhaps the judge? >> the judge was very bad. the thing about trump, i think what rachel is quite right, his supporters like his refusal to apologize, to never back down. that part is good. but until he learned to take instruction, and the failure with the judge, that was a debacle. that was actually won the republican party had to make a triage decision. that was the moment where they had to say can we fix them or do we have to abandon him? the fact that trump, that was the moment that he took on, as you'll recall, more washington s organization, more political professors came on board, that is when you start to see a shift towards his original team into a more seasoned group of operatives that took charge.
6:23 pm
that's when he normalized his campaign, and that's actually, ironically, his debacle with the mexican judge which may have staged a chance appears to go that is another name we should bring appeared during the firestorm, and there were several of them actually. one of the guy said that this is my job to support the nominee and did so vociferously and religiously was reince priebus. he sat with him the whole time. now reince priebus is going to be the chief of staff. >> meanwhile i'm at the media looked on and didn't quite get it. >> no, i think, like i said, the clinton campaign, they were overconfident. all the pollsters were wrong. evermore targets of the day before the election, i think there some white guys amongst him. no, it is not there. it was all the loopholes leading up to alexei. >> no, no, no. >> the state polling in wisconsin was hot garbage. it was a debacle. national polls, i say this as a person that i have some interest
6:24 pm
in this, that the national polls were quite right. >> but there was -- to be fair, there was an underreported trump about. >> yes, there was. >> in wisconsin. >> i would say, in wisconsin, i know people are going to um furaisers who wouldn't put a trump sign in front of their house. there was a significant amount of people, i think nationwide, who were afraid to say that they were for trump because with that came the stigma of all these other things. >> the leading group among them were white women. we all exacted hillary clinton to get her own demographic of people, which he managed to lose. >> the conversation at dinner tables across the country. >> is the election of fulda, america was reminded several times of the states. as a route dealt with the series of domestic terror a territorym orlando, to florida, to the big apple. up next, the challenge of stopping the next one before it happens. >> this was an act of violence
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ask about nuedexta and go to ♪ >> live from american news had courted, good evening, here is what happening. president-elect donald trump's latest week reads "it won't happen." he is referring to north korea's claim that the rogue nation is in the final stage of testing a missile. it is unclear if mr. trump's twitter means he would stop him from launching that weapon or if he simply denying his capabilities. he has yet to explain. >> this might be the last time you see this. obama family departing air force one. they are back at the white house after a christmas vacation in
6:29 pm
hawaii. the president will largely spent his last three weeks in office trying to protect his health care law, which republicans vowed to abolish. mr. obama is planning to deliver a major farewell speech next week in chicago. i am kelly wright, back down to a special kelly file roundtable, the year in review. >> right now, he said what he said that we are going to bomb the country and we need to bomb with that. >> as he was shooting? >> yes, as you shoot people in fact we need to deal with that far is revenge and insecurity. what are we doing as americans as far as administration that we are venting on our soil? what are we doing? if you met this man or you interviewed this person multiple times before this even happened, how did he get access to guns? >> that was patient's color, one of the survivors of the hours long tears attack at an orlando
6:30 pm
nightclub, joining a special group on "the kelly file" early there this year. ms. carter was raising a question that we heard time and time again. as we witness a variety of violent attacks on u.s. soil being perpetrated in the name of islam. in january, a philadelphia police officer is ambushed in his patrol car by a man who later pledged allegiance to isis. in february, machete wielding man shouting "god is great" in arabic started slashing customers at a columbus, ohio, restaurant. we later learned that the fbi had reportedly investigated him years earlier for alleged threats, but abandoned the investigation. that of course brings us to orlando where omar pledged allegiance to isis and phone calls with glee after killing nearly 50 people and routing more than 50 others. in new york, the man allegedly behind a bombing in new york's chelsea neighborhood also pledged allegiance to radical groups. just last month, and ohio state
6:31 pm
university students seem to be following in isis playbook when he plowed his car into a group of people on campus before lunging at others with a knife. back now. guy, chris, richard, and rachel. guy, it does appear that in the year of 2016, that this has become the new normal. >> yes, and it was really something that scared a lot of americans. i think, you know, previously in the show, we've been talking so much about the politics of the year, and had an effect. you had donald trump, whether you thought he was responsible or knowledgeable enough about these national security issues, he was somebody who at least seem to cut through the clutter and say let's face it, this is the problem, let's call it by name. a lot of other setback and contracted what he was saying with the administration. loretta lynch, the attorney general, after the attack in orlando, which was particularly heartbreaking. she said, despite having heard those 911 calls where he was
6:32 pm
very explicit, the killer, saying he was doing this for isis on behalf of isis. he was an islamist. we may never really know exactly what his motives are. voters voter setback and essay,s b.s., he is at least not spouting complete b.s. he is calling this biasing, radical islamic terrorism. he was by the elites. why is he obsessing about this rhetorical question? i think he knows why. i think it hit home with a lot of people who were scared because of these horrible attacks. >> it was part shock for americans to hear him use those words when our own president was it. richer, he would take to twitter even, and use the words writers like islamic terror. defined such as by the president united states. >> there something to be sick, and i've debated this into sort of wrestled with this the way that we use the term radical islam. i think what you use it you create stereotypes. whether we like what happened or what it was most touching with
6:33 pm
me was that when that happened at the polls nightclub in orlando. the thing that made it so touching is beyond the fact that this guy who made a pledge to isis or so have you, he committed a hate crime and killed 50 people and what is deemed by the lgbt community we can freely express yourself, he took that away. you have to understand that. we have to work with moving on in the country and finding out how we all come together, whether -- the only way were going to get stand up and say that we don't agree with this, we are not a part of this. when you say radical islam and you make up like a salmon, and to have a -- sticker that is not like it statement. >> it is perceived as blanket when you out getting any of the facts. for example, in the new york city bombing, he took weeks before he called it radical islam. >> when you say, i don't care how you all do it, we would say that the motives of killers matter in understanding how to stop them. >> i agree. to go deliver, for example, in
6:34 pm
south carolina was a white nationalist antiterrorist. >> quite so. >> his motives to properly understand that from happening we have a sickness in our culture. it spreads on social media, and of the interconnectedness of everything is great for sharing chocolate chip cookies recipes and videos of cute dogs, but is also really effective as spreading discussing ideologies. one of those happens to be, it is this is a word i use, "islamism." it is about islam, it is about islamism. you can't bring by force the political philosophy -- >> i think this is my problem with it. what we saw take place, omar machin, what we saw in the new york city bombing. that is people who are radicalized. i would argue eyes they are not islamic. >> you say they are islam appears to go out when you use words like radical islam and you route a whole group of people that people believe in as being radical, which is what ends up
6:35 pm
happening. >> rachel, i want to get you in here because the political point then is are we safer now than we were eight years ago? >> exactly. you know, when donald trump would have us arise, he doesn't want to say america will make a great again, he would state america makes it again. including ms. les moms and at rest that there were so important when just seeing a stabbing, by the way, and st. cloud minnesota mall. some things you never thought you would see on an isis is inspired stabbing. we have to go back to the root of this. there was a point when isis -- the president called isis that jbt. under president obama's watch, isis group and cast his eyes and became a name that these lone wolves could catch themselves with because they were succeeding in their efforts in the middle east in iran and in syria. truthfully, all of this -- voters are not stupid. if they do not have to know all
6:36 pm
the intricacies of middle east policy to know isis is to blame here, isis grew under this guy's watch. isis grew -- our president called it a team and dismissed it. even hadts that for an order to release a narrative that there is -- >> isis created a power vacuum in iraq that created isis. >> they are power vacuum. >> we'll be on first that isis first started under george w. bush. that is beyond the point. the president, no matter what, cannot stop people from radicalizing on the internet. if we carpet bomb barack and a syria we would still be allowed to radicalize on the internet, which is why i found the word radical islam problematic. >> last were guys. to go i don't know how that follows. >> being should not make you a radical. >> this is a heated discussion. we have so much more. 2016 also saw a dramatic turn of
6:37 pm
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6:41 pm
unthinkable ambush style assault against police, and the death of five officers. >> we are looking back in dallas, texas. this is disturbing. i'm not sure what we are seeing, but it looks from this vantage point like an officer down. we are not sure. we are not sure. this is my speculation as i look at the screen, standby, and that i don't know what i am seeing. this is the control room trying to tell me that they have a better vantage point. i am sorry for the speculation. the police -- we are all seeing this together. this is not clear. >> the process that and i were in reaction to two officers involved shootings occurring just one day apart. the first on july 5th, when alton sterling is shot and killed by police outside of a baton rouge convenience store. the following day, another black man, philando castile a shot and killed in minnesota during a traffic stop. a couple months later, tensions
6:42 pm
further escalate when terrence crutcher is fatally shot in oklahoma by a white police officer after his car breaks down. in the same way, people scott is killed and charlotte after police say he exited his vehicle with a weapon. all these accidents contribute to a state of height and hostility against law enforcement. that manifest through a series of violent targeting of police in baton rouge, three officers are killed after a missouri man goes on a suiting rampage in the city where alton sterling is killed. in iowa, two officers in separate locations are gunned down to sitting in their patrol vehicles. and less than three weeks later, four police officers are shot in separate incidences around the country in targeted attacks in florida, texas, and misery. overall, 16 officers are killed in ambush style tax in 2016. tying 2014 for the highest number on record in two decades. i enjoyed to get by news
6:43 pm
politics editor chris stirewalt, fox news contributor richard fowler, rachel campos-duffy, and guy benson. unbelievable look that at this year, richard pierce picked do next. >> this all starts in one place. there needs to be more trust between community of color and law enforcement departments. that is where we start this conversation. we are starting to have real conversations with each other. how do we work together? how do we get rid of the unconcealed bias on both sides? >> there is it confirmed that we don't have an answer for that because we do hear from police officers in this country that feel like they can't carry out their jobs. >> absolutely. >> remember, dallas was supposed to be the shining example of community-based police. it happened there. >> but isn't it? doesn't it? didn't dallas -- these officers did the most noble thing. they gave their lives to protect people who were protesting them.
6:44 pm
not an abstract, there was not a bank robbery. this was not a hold of. these officers put their lives on the line and ultimately sacrifice them to protect the rights of individuals to protest the police. they did that. the police chief of dallas gave a eulogy, gave a speech, at that memorial service, it was attended by the way, but a fantastic patriotic grace by the previous republican president, a white man, and at the current democratic president, a black man. that was at the moment, i think, that brought america back from the brink. i think dallas, the tragedy of dallas, as heartrending as it was, but that police chief's impassioned plea sincere and a passion play to do what, get in the game. if you don't like the way this works, get in the game. go become a police officer. join us. helpless. do this. i was so proud of my country that day. >> it makes you wonder where we are as we start a new year. >> sometimes we seem to be talking past each other on some
6:45 pm
of these issues, and people say black lives matter, what about all these other people's lives? other people say blue eyes matter. you were born a police officer. i think we can try and embrace these terms and of the sentiments on their own terms and respect it. i think, sometimes some people on the right tend to in a reflexive weight assume always that the police are correct. obviously, and some of the cases, every case should be taking on its own merit of what actually happened. and some cases, the police are wrong and there should be consequences. a lot of conservatives and liberals can come together on the criminal justice reform. i saw this video mtv put out a few weeks ago, it was pretty widely ridiculed online. it was scolding white men about how to think and talk about everything. one of the ones with blue lives matter was a thing. excuse me, after 2016 and what we just saw play out in this country, to try and scolding they tell people that blue lives matter -- >> that was that frustration
6:46 pm
with black lives matter. i think there are people who have legitimate feelings about certain incidents, whether they were fair or not, but i feel like black lives matter have this blanket -- like there is this undercurrent of racism that runs throughout law enforcement, and that was offensive. i think what people saw -- let me finish -- what people sought with barack obama and hillary clinton, that frustrated them was that they gave credibility to that movement by inviting them to the white house, four panels, hillary clinton meeting with them, as opposed to -- i feel like they were a very radical group. >> i don't think that is part of the problem. they are not radical. >> come on. because they are not only black people. they are latinos, they are white. i have been at black lives matter protest with women in strollers because it's not about -- that is the one sound bite that can serve display. truth be told, black lives matter movement is a question.
6:47 pm
it is a question. do black lives really matter? we saw all the states, if you can kill alton sterling just by the end not be charged until they are protesting the streets, then you have a problem. there is no due process. >> 2016 was a question. 2016 itself is a question to whom does america belong? to whom does america -- whose country is this anyway? it is not me, and it is not you. it is all of us. >> it should be. >> thank you, chris terrill. the aunts messick tear and stacks on police, there was one other story that managed to break through all the election coverage in a very big way, and that is next. our heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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♪ >> beyond domestic terror or
6:51 pm
attacks on police, there was one other story that managed to break through all the election coverage in a very big way, and it came at the olympics games in rio this summer. the olympic games. across a competition, americans were a shining example of athletic excellence, earning 121 metals, 46 of which were gold. but at the end, that became overshadowed by a bizarre incident. at a real gas station that involves four u.s. farmers, including ryan markey, who first explained the event like this. >> they pulled out their guns. they pulled us to get down on the ground. we got down on the ground. i was like, we didn't do anything wrong. so i am not getting down on the ground. this guy pulled out his gun. he put it to my forehead, and he said get down. i put my hands up. i said whatever.
6:52 pm
he took our money, he took my wallet. >> [laughs] >> police and in brazil didn'td evidence to support ryan lock the story. he eventually apologized and admitted to over exaggerating events. he was suspended from swimming for ten co-months, lost several sponsors, and was charged by brazil police for filing a false report. >> you know, it was still hours after the incident happened -- i was still intoxicated. i was still under the influence, and i am not making me being intoxicated like an excuse. i am not doing that at all. it was my fault, and i shouldn't have said it. i shouldn't -- i should not have said anything. i over exaggerated that part. the gun was drawn but not at my
6:53 pm
forehead. it wasn't cocked at my forehead. it was towards my general direction. >> and our panel is back with us now to discuss that. at times, it was difficult to watch that story. >> for sure. >> it will get on you man. it will get after you. when you get after it. i think that as a meditation on celebrity and all of that jazz, it was a perfect -- it was a perfect moment for 2016. perfect instructional moment for 2016. ryan lochte got more famous and famous and famous her. "dancing with the stars" out of all this. his agent probably said, on the whole you're arrested in brazil was bad, but maybe not too terrible. i got my check and it was great. >> i hated the story so much. >> i never want to let this one clown overshadow what team usa accomplished. >> thank you. >> the women's gymnastics team, in particular, was incredible.
6:54 pm
i already get a little goose monthly one to see the fly go up and the anthem playing. we are talking about sports very quickly, 2016, you have to mention for my friends in chicago, the cubs. >> go cubs! >> years of misery come at the end for them. >> there will never be a greater sorcery than the chicago cubs. >> bou! >> i think it sad about the lochte story is that it really overshadow the athleticism of the olympics, beyond just the americans. you sample set another world record. >> if you let it, it does. >> some interesting lessons, one it all came cannot because he o his mom. as a lesson to everyone, do not lie to your mom. says that the mother of eight children. do not lie to your mom. >> also again, i really think it speaks to how america really is the land of second chances. >> come on! >> come on! >> if you go on "dancing with
6:55 pm
the stars" you get to start all over. >> you can do the cha-cha and all goes away. >> it is a new year. >> [laughter] >> come on, be positive. >> i didn't overshadow if you didn't let it. there were so many fantastic stories that came out of the olympics. >> if you say so. >> oh! >> there were. >> the lochte thing, when you go to the bizarre details of that story. it was crazy. >> it sounded like me at 17 like to my parents. >> you should always have a designated driver. make sure you have a designated friends and make sure everybody gets back to where you are. do do that for your friends? >> no >> [laughter] >> i said friends. somebody else to it. it all ends and in the cha-chat "dancing with the stars" ." >> a look back at 2016 and what a year that was to live and experience that moment in history for america, whether it was a 2016 olympics or the
6:56 pm
unbelievably crazy election. >> the cubs win. >> sometimes there is not a billy goat curse, write to mexico thanks to all of you for joining us tonight. we have so much more. we will be right back. >> a foot and lighthearted i take to the open road the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. imy moderate to severeng crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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tell your doctor if you take other medicines and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo®, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. toujeo® helps me stay on track with my blood sugar. ask your doctor about toujeo®. >> i want to thank all my guess because this was so much fun. fun to start a new year with you. does anybody have any resolutions they want to share? you have five seconds. >> just to be more awesome and excellent in any way on the 21. >> sycamore is a word there bece
7:00 pm
you already are. anybody else to mexico i don't do new year's resolutions. >> guy's, i just a baby. i am sandra smith with "the kelly file" ." >> hello, and welcome to the special diction of "hannity." resident trump salinity of the american people, the voters what he would do if elected. tonight, for the full hour, we will examine some of donald trump's promises like these. let's take a look. >> we will build a great wall and stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning ourr youth. every day, the law known as obamacare is it destabilizing our health care. that is why we


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