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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 3, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> 2016 is in the bag. and 2017 lies ahead of us, so we want to thank you, our viewers, it was a huge year in news, a big year for us, "america's newsroom" seventh overall and cable, really great. better than all of our primetime competitors, so way to go, bill hemmer. have a great day, everybody. ♪ >> jenna: congratulations to bill and martha, great numbers, in the meantime we will go to the top story today, new follow from a total meltdown at across the country on one of the busiest travel days across the year. timing is everything, that is what they say. hello everybody, i'm jenna lee. >> and i'm in for jon scott this morning. it was a travel nightmare, and it unfolded when a processing system went down for about four hours last night, untold travelers were trying to get home to try to get ready for the beginning of the work week.
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that snafu forced customs officials to manually process passengers who were returning from international trips, and that sparked massive delays for thousands of folks heading home after the holiday we can. >> a very long wait, longer than our actual flight, over two hours in line once we got here. >> well, we found long, long lines. very long lines, and they weren't letting the kids, families with kids go through, none of that. very, very long. and the worst was international travelers, because they were sitting down, there was no hope for them. at least we were moving. >> jenna: at jfk in new york city, more with laura. >> hi, jenna, right now they are calling this simply a computer glitch. but it felt a lot worse than that for thousands of travelers, who had to not only endure those long lines we been showing, but also some areas that are really
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boxed in. not a lot of airflow, you have all those people. and this made some people hyperventilate. we heard reports of people vomiting, and people needing medical attention. that's how bad it got. let's take a look at more of this video, these long lines that travelers had to go through. it seems like this played out here at jfk, newark, atlanta, boston, d.c., l.a., packed like sardines, that is what people were saying on twitter. they were on their feet for hours in some cases, very long international flights. one of the chief complaints from travelers is that no one knew what was going on. travelers say there wasn't a lot of information being shared and there seemed to be a lack of organization. now the u.s. customs and border protection processing system, as you mentioned, went down for about four hours between 5:00 and 9:00 eastern last night. they said there is no indication of malice and they are looking at a cause of all this. they had to resort to processing folks manually. john phillips, we spoke to him. he sent us pictures from miami and video, too. this is at miami international,
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as he was stuck in line with his wife. he witnessed some passengers hyperventilating, others needing medical assistance. people were getting nervous with the lack of communication. tensions were very high. all systems throughout the country are back up and running now, but let's just say there is a lot of unhappy passengers about how all of this would net down my site, as agents work to get people manually cleared, they also wanted to ensure the public that every person was being appropriately screened, issuing a statement which reads, in part, "during the technology instruction, cdc had access to national security, related databases, and all travelers were screened according to security standards. at this time, no indications of service disruption being malicious in nature." here at jfk, things went back in to normal around 11:00 p.m. eastern, which is a really good thing, because jfk is one of the biggest airports in our region with an annual average of over
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56 million people, 30 million of those, international travelers. >> we are looking for some more answers on that, laura, thank you so much. quite a headache. for more on this big story, tom johnson, senior fellow at the foundation for defense of democracy, we are going to talk about a few different stories, time, but starting back with your background, expertise and terrorism and national security systems, what are your concerns when you hear the story question rick >> obviously it this story is something that is unknown might get through when you have a lapse. what's more disturbing with me, in the what europe and u.s. is that you have multiple cases where federal law enforcement know that jihad as pose a threat and they go on to commit a terrorist attack anyway. we saw that in paris last year, where known guys got through the system in brussels, and we've also seen here in u.s. where we have had several attacks by terrorists who were known to law enforcement officials beforehand, but because there are so many threats and so many
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portfolios that have to be managed, it is very difficult to figure out which one is going to pop off. >> jenna: that is so important for us, again, according to customs they were able to screen people, they were able to use their databases, it was just lower. but you say that a lot of the folks that have committed bad acts are actually known entities, so even if they did pop up in the database, it may not tell us when things or the other. >> a lot of times it isn't about the database turning back a threat. you think back to year 2001, the 20th hijacker for 9/11, he got to customs in orlando airport, and it was a suspicious and it was a customs official that look at us looked at him and wouldn't let him in. that wasn't a database, that was a human intelligence looking at him and turned him away for it a lot of it requires more than just data crunching. >> jenna: that is some really important context, thank you for that. i want to ask you a little bit about what is going on in the investigation in turkey, because here is a big terror attack that we have been looking at, new year's eve, the prime suspect is still very much at large. turkish state media is airing
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new footage, though, of the alleged gunman, through showing a grim selfie video of the man walking through istanbul's most famous square. isis claimed response ability for that attack that left 39 people dead, some 14 people have been detained in connection with the massacre, including two foreign nationals picked up this morning at the international airport. and that ties the story together, because it's not about where the attacks is happening, it's about how easy the people committing those attacks can come here as well. so let's take this bit by bit. what we know so far from turkish state media, and it's limited at this time, is that they believe that this individual came from central asia. why is that significant? >> well, unfortunately isis has a large recruiting full from a lot of areas, but they have been using central asia in turkey. remember going back to june of last year there was a big attack at ataturk airport, which was not named by isis, but was suspected to be. this attack on is symbol in the nightclub, it's the second that
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they have claimed in turkey. the first was in early november when they claimed a car bombing which they may or may not have committed. but what is happening here is that ices now is claiming these attacks because they feel threatened by turkeys operation. this is taking territory away from north syria. so for a long time isis wanted to commit attacks in turkey but not claim them, and now they are claiming them. they are going out there and forcefully saying we threaten the turkish government. >> jenna: max abrams, northeastern university political scientist, told the associated press today that there is no question that the islamic state is suffering in an irreversible way. his point is that they are committing these acts because they are losing territory, and they do feel threatened. do you see it in the same way? >> well, the threat was there whether they are losing territory or not. i think one of the reasons why they are claiming it now is because they're losing territory because of turkeys operation. but it's very, get it, isis still maintains the ability to strike in the west, they are still going to be a prolific
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insurgency, even if they lose more of a territory going forward, and the threats are multiple now. it's not just isis, but also al-qaeda. this is very interesting, al-qaeda does not call off their threats in turkey, why? al-qaeda probably, the fact that people don't know, al-qaeda probably has more people in syria right now than isis does, and al-qaeda does not threaten turkey. why? because al-qaeda thinks that turkey is the appropriate gateway for jihad in syria and they don't want to upset relations with the turkish government. so this attack occurred in his temple. one of the guys i follow on social media every day is one of the most senior members of al-qaeda on the planet, and he has a facebook page that geo locates him on his temple, and he is not calling for attacks there because he is accountable lifestyle. isis is loud, multiple attacks, in-your-face, meanwhile al-qaeda has been growing there syria and her military army elsewhere. isis is saying that daddy is going out there and striking where you can. the senior al-qaeda cleric in syria is saying don't hit turkey, because they're too much of a threat in syria.
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>> wait a minute, you're saying one of the highest numbers of al-qaeda is potentially operating inside another nato country? >> it is right on his country on his facebook page. remember last year, 2015, fox -- some of those files identify him, the brother of the assassin of anwar sadat. in those files, they say they need to protect this guy, he is so important. that guy is now in his temple turkey. >> let me ask you a big picture question as we look forward to 2017, this year in national security and our country, do we have to be more concerned about operatives out of central asia working on behalf of isis, attacking us here at home, or is it al-qaeda, yet again, that is reemerging as a real threat? >> they are both threats. isis is the one that wants to slit your throat, al-qaeda wants to stab you in the back, they do want to see you coming. it is two different strategies, two different portfolios of threats, but the bottom line is that it's eight years of president obama, all those times he went out there and said
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al-qaeda is decimated, what i want everybody to understand is that was all nonsense. they are not anywhere close to being defeated, and al-qaeda still remains a threats to americans today. they have made a tactical decision not to hit us, but that threat is there. >> jenna: wow, that gives us a lot to think about. tom, think is a much. >> eric: jenna, we have a fox weather alert, deadly storms have been slamming the deep south. so far, sadly, killing at least five. those storms spanning several apparent tornadoes and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. jenna stevens live in our fox weather steve center. janice, really a tragic start. >> absolutely, we have over a dell that does and reports of tornadoes, and the storms proved deadly for several people, unfortunately, as we start the new year. the good news is the system is already out of the way, it is starting to weaken as it moves up toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast. you can also see the potential for flooding here. 4-8 inches of heavy rain as the
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system continues to move eastward. now let's take a look look at e mid-atlantic and the northeast, certainly you are going to feel gusty winds, heavy rainfall is possible, and new england could see the potential for heavy snow as well as icing here over the next couple of hours, so freezing rain advisory for upstate new york in toward vermont and new hampshire, so keep alert if you live in that area. and we are to have airport delays across the northeast corridor here, so keep ahead of it. if you are traveling along with the west, where we also have two hour delays in san francisco, so future radar shows that system departing, and then our next one moves in from the west, bringing a lot of heavy rain along the coast here. and heavy mountain snow, upward of maybe two or 3 feet, which is great for skiers, but they are into a big drought situation, but that travel concerns could be epic across the west coast across the next couple of days. eric, we could see snow, a wintry mix across the deep south, friday into saturday. it if cold air is in play, so we
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will have to watch for that. winter is here. >> eric: winter is here almost all around the country, especially snow in the deep, hope it gets better. >> jenna: a fox news alert out of michigan right now, ford ceo mark fields holding a news conference right now in flat rock, michigan, and there are a few headlines coming out at this time. he is announcing that ford will create 700 new jobs right here in the united states, and these new jobs are focused around electric vehicles. that is what they are looking at, specifically. by the year 2020, that is the major push they a saying, that they are investing millions of dollars, they are adding 700 direct to new jobs in flat rock, michigan, at the assembly plant there. also, they look further down into the press release, this is another headline, ford is canceling plans for a new $1.6 billion plant in mexico. investing $700 million in flat rock, michigan. now, one has to ask is that a
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direct move? you are taking money from an investor makes going putting it in the united states, we probably don't have all the information, but this is the headline today. 700 new jobs, and we have come again, cancellation of a plant in mexico. guys, am i hearing you correctly because mark mark fields is going to join fox news and answer some question of's about this shortly. will have more information shortly. police searching for three thieves who pulled off a massive jewel heist in new york city. they struck on new year's eve, just blocks from times square, where new york city's finest was out in force. we'll tell you more about that. and house republicans voting to weaken the power of an independent office of congressional ethics, but president-elect trump is saying about that decision next. ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the
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>> eric: president-elect donald trump slamming members of
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his own party this morning, criticizing house republicans for the decision to water down the power of the independent nonpartisan congressional ethics office, you know the folks who investigate allegations of wrongdoing against lawmakers. while the house republican conference taking a closed-door vote, deciding instead to give the lawmakers control of the house ethics committee oversight of a new entity, the office of complaint review, a new entity. the whip move still had to win approval on the floor tomorrow, and critics say it is a move to loosen ethical guidelines on capitol hill. is it? the congressional editor for the "wall street journal," susan crabtree, welcome to you both. let me share with you, aaron, is this the fox now guarding the hen house, on an independent office of congressional ethics used to, or could now throw members of conference, make findings, make them public, can we now trust to really we now trust to really complaint against themselves? >> well this is a reverse, if it goes through, and we are still getting details about what the
8:18 am
new settable b. it'll be a reversion to before 2008. you might remember before donald trump adopted the phrase "drained drain the swamp," the democrats picked it up and they were trying to defeat george's bush. you might river names like check every month, duke cunningham, bob, these are all the schedules of about ten years ago, and as a result in about 2008, the democrats created this new independent entity to augment the work of the house ethics committee, but unlike the house ethics committee, it would be separate from lawmakers, run by an independent board, have its own investigators that could investigate wrongdoing, and it came up with more than 100 cases. >> eric: now is that all of the window with this new complaint review office? >> that is what it looks like, this does look like a weakening of ethics oversight. donald trump, who tweeted about an hour ago, criticizing this move, used the word "weakening." to some of the members, both democratic and republican,
8:19 am
thought that this office was unfair and allowed anonymous complaints to go forward, started investigations on flimsy evidence. but it was stronger than having the members police themselves. >> eric: that's a great point, under the old rules, or what could be the old rules, they could basically investigate anything, they had to make the findings public, they had to report within 90 days, and they could take anonymous tips. now this new complaint office apparel he doesn't do any of that. >> usually sunlight is the best disinfectant here, and we have now this entity being underneath the house ethics committee is just back to the same old, same old. the ethics committee on both the house and senate is peer reviewed, they have an even number on both sides, four and four, they often deadlock, meaning no action gets taken against lawmakers. but this entity, the fact that democrats are complaining so badly that republicans are doing this right now, i understand speaker paul ryan and kevin
8:20 am
mccarthy, the leaders, advised against us, but their rank and file went ahead anyway, because this entity is reviled on both sides of the aisle. i covered the creation of it, it was very controversial to take power out of lawmakers hands and put it at an outside entity. >> eric: but isn't that the best way, susan, to have account ability and make sure that they are not having their hands in the cookie jar question mexico absolutely, the oce is because of the i-independent, because both the minority leader and the speaker can appoint a board on it, so they have oversight on it already. it's had a rocky history over the last eight years. >> eric: puppet despite that rocky history, we are running out of time, but not just democrats are criticizing this. let me show you an hour ago what that president-elect tweeted. he said "with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog as unfair as it may be?"
8:21 am
does or does he not have a point? >> you've got to believe that this is not what the republican leadership wants us to be talking about right now. this is a big moment, for the first time since 2006, republicans have the house, the senate, they are about to be sworn into the white house. we are not talking about health care, as donald trump points out. we are not talking about tax reform, the things that the republican leadership wants to move forward on. instead, paul ryan is at odds with his own troops over this ethics issue. they don't look like they're on the same page, donald trump is criticizing the house republicans. they are not on the same page. >> eric: quickly, susan, will this go through or be a done deal question mike >> it's already a done deal, the house rule change went into effect. we are still learning the details, but certainly, like i said before, this is something at the rank and file on both sides of the aisle -- >> eric: we are up against the clock and we will see how they vote tomorrow.
8:22 am
thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> jenna: another big story, president-elect trump has a message for a chicago leader, as homicides in that city skyrocketed in 2016, a live report ahead. you do all this research
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>> jenna: we've been saying it time and time again, because the dow is so close to that 20,000 mark, and this is what is calling a rally, boosting stock some of the value of your 401(k) right along with it, you can see that the dow is also trading higher today. the highest so far this session, and some analysts a 20,000 is just another number. that it's no real big deal. we wanted to ask our guests about that, gene marks is joining us, as he is with the stock market, jean, before i get to the big picture, i want to ask you about one specific
8:26 am
stock, and that is ford. ford stuck his railing, we just told our viewer we have some breaking news this hour. 700 new jobs that are going to be added to michigan, $1.6 billion plant canceled in mexico. why? why do you think this is happening question mexico it reminds me of when president obama back in 2014 in the state of the union address said that we need more paid time off, not enough employees in america have paid time off, and wouldn't you know it, jenna, within the next year or two after that, all sorts of companies are coming out of the woodwork with their generous paid time off programs, and why were they doing that? well, to attract more employees as one, but to get really great p.r. is another reason. so many that the president elected united states talking about keeping american jobs and making sure that america is first and we are going to make that priority, you've got now companies coming out of the woodwork to say hey, mr. president, here is what we are doing to play our part. so yes, it is going to be an
8:27 am
image, p.r. >> jenna: but the question is, is it sustainable? that is why so many companies did go overseas, create value for their shareholders, and in a lot of ways air tried to keep the jobs that they had here in the united states to just make sure their portfolios are diverse. what about that side of it, whether some of these decisions are sustainable given the state of our economy question mexico based on a balance, whether or not making those decisions are going to add to long-term returns for the company. in the end, if you are a ceo of ford or any public company, your job is all about trying to increase stockholder value and stock price. so right now, the vp of public relations are hard at work to make sure they are doing just that. two years from now, that will that still be the same story to back that up with real numbers and real profits from these decisions question right that will be some thing we can talk about then. >> jenna: let masculine bid about this milestone, i know we were on just a short time ago, do you agree with the analyst at say 20,000 is a psychological number but not really that big of a deal? >> first of all, all morning your reporting on bad news, so can we first of all enjoy that
8:28 am
the stock market is up? the dow had its best year since 2013, the snp is up 10% in 2016, it is really good stuff. 20,000 is just a number that people are making up, it's kind of a psychological thing. of the secret of the stock market right now is it is not all about donald trump. the yes there is a trump rally because people are expecting good things to happen in the future, but corporate earnings were really good this past quarter. they were about 3% increase, so there biggest increase since early 2015. most analysts are predicting an increase in corporate earnings in this order, the fourth quarter that just ended, some analysts are producing anywhere from 8-10% earnings for a lot of corporations. >> jenna: why is that happening question mexico companies are managing better, but more importantly companies are growing. gdp has been strong over the past few months, so unemployed it is down, as well. the economy is not doing so well. lower energy prices is also helping. it doesn't mean that there
8:29 am
aren't challenges in the future, a strong dollar, customer base, anything that happens in china or overseas, anything like that could be a problem. but think about that, if you are an investor, if you're running a company, you come off a good year, the economy is going strong, and know you have an administration in a congress coming into play and sing, we are going to cut your taxes almost in half from what it was in the previous years. that really bodes well for corporate earnings. so part of it is a trump effect, but part of it is actual real nice numbers. >> jenna: we will take both, right, for a little optimism. great to see you as always. >> eric: thank you, i predict a trump tweet on ford pretty soon. we will see about that in the next hour of "happening now." we know she was held captive for days back in 2015. her kidnapping was called a hoax, even after her captor pled guilty. now she is speaking out about the harassment she says continues to this day. my friends think doing this at my age is scary.
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8:34 am
more harm than good. we will go in-depth on that. plus, a kidnap victim victimized again, this time by the public. and now she is sharing her story, you don't want to miss that. plus, there were more murders in chicago last year than in los angeles and new york city combined. now president-elect trump says that if the mayor can't stop the violence, the feds will step in paid we are live with that stor story. >> eric: right now weaiting sens first speech on the senate floor as democratic minority leader, that should have been about an hour and a half from now. he has artie given us a glance at his strategy when it comes to dealing with president-elect trump. he and the senate democrats plan to really zero in on at least eight of mr. trump's cabinet picks, extensive hearings are promised, we are told, at least two days on each nominee. that could stretch those confirmation votes into march. will any of these picks you see there be bounced? a former 2008 clinton campaign advisor and fox news contributo
8:35 am
contributor. israel, let me start with you. how much of a hard time do you think chuck schumer and the democrat's are going to give the nominees? >> well, they are going to give him a tremendous amount of difficulty. we are already seeing how democrats don't want to give president trump any leeway. i think they are stuck in a permanent campaign, and i feel like they sort of ignored the presidential election that took place paid where i think a majority of the people rebuked the obama administration, so i think it is clueless for the democrats to oppose these nominees. >> eric: back in 2009 the democrats let president obama nominees right through, seven and one day on inauguration day, and they are saying this a double standard. >> to israel's point, actually the majority of people voted against donald trump. but here's the reality, eric, democrats in congress have a constitutional responsibility to be the check and balance on the
8:36 am
executive branch, especially when you have these nominees who are failing to disclose their financial documents. just looking in the face of precedents and saying they are not going to do that. >> eric: who do you think is the most vulnerable? rex tillerson, for example, he said he is going to get give three years of tax returns, but not all of them. >> yes, and the precedent is at the nominees are supposed to close disclose complete tax returns, and he says he is only gonna do three years, incomplete. you also have jeff sessions, who, when he was not a nominee, he actually attacked other nominees for not filling out the senate judiciary form. and he now has not filled it out completely. >> eric: but is that enough to disqualify them? in your view? >> it is certainly enough to ask tough questions and make sure they go through a fair hearing process. on top of it, eric, you have a number of these nominees who have made enormous sums of money
8:37 am
off of the industries that they are now supposed to be regulating, and donald trump has in a sense nominated dogs to be dog catchers. >> eric: israel, what you think the democrats will do if that customer do think that disqualifies any of the candidates, and who do you expect may not make the grade? >> look, there is something to be said about the senate doing its due diligence in asking tough questions, but a reminder, democrats will find themselves in the very unfavorable landscape next year during midterm elections. a number of democrats are going to be in republican states, and if they are just seen as opposing donald trump every step of the way, some of these democrats will be in trouble. >> eric: but would it help some of them if they are seen that way? wouldn't it help them? >> not democrats like claire mccaskill from missouri and joe donnelly from indiana, states have voted in large numbers for president-elect trump, so those of the folks you have to watch for.
8:38 am
>> eric: we talk about those people and we may have a different day, they say, a cavity capitol hill when you compare harry reid stewardship of the senate to what we can expect from senator schumer, it's really a new day. they say the most glaring display of the shift so far as the sprawling leadership team schumer has appointed and promised to consult before making any key decisions. in contrast to harry reid's smaller, close knit group of lieutenants, schumer has made it clear he is not interested in blanket obstruction and signals he will play ball with trump when it can help the working class. do you think that some of the gridlock that we have seen in the past few years will be broken? >> well, if it is, it's going to be because of senator schumer, unlike his colleague, mitch mcconnell, who on day one of president obama's administration made it clear to all of his republican senate colleagues that they would not work with president obama on any issue on
8:39 am
any nomination. they blocked merrick garland as nominee for the supreme court, who come up for the first time, is not going to even get a hearing. this is the precedent they have set, so it is somewhat hypocritical, eric, to hear them expecting democrats not to play their constitutional role of being a check and balance on the executive branch. >> eric: finally, is that hypocritical? do we have a new day with harry reid back in nevada and senator mcconnell? >> possibly. i do think, depending on what republicans put forward, say its infrastructure senate, tax or form, i could see some democrats working alongside republicans. again, remember we just had an election, i think people want a different course of action, and i think that does mean both parties working together. >> eric: donald trump reportedly says he likes charles hsu schumer better than the two republican leaders, so we are going to see if that is a change, so we will see what happens to happen.
8:40 am
thank you. >> jenna: in other news, a desperate search in colorado for a 6-year-old boy missing since new year's day. police say they don't suspect foul play in his disappearance, but it is still a race against time to find him. plus, early supporters of a 401(k) plan speaking out again about the same tool, why they say it may actually hurt american workers in the long run. we explained ahead.
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8:43 am
>> jenna: now the story out of colorado, more than 150 people joining the search for a missing 6-year-old boy. police say david puckett walked out walked away from home on new year's eve. authorities issuing an amber alert and saying they don't think david was abducted, but his mother says he was only wearing a light jacket when he disappeared. it was very cold weather expected in the area. police say david has wandered off before. if you see him, call the aurora police tip line or 911. >> eric: some early supporters of 401(k) plans, they are now
8:44 am
questioning whether the savings tool has actually helped or hurt american workers. champions of the idea originally held that 401k's would supplement employee pensions at companies, but now 35 years later, it turns out that 401k's have often, instead, replaced pensions, and that has exposed workers to big swings in the stock market. joining us now to talk more is fox business network cheryl casone. you have a 401(k), and companies are actually going to use this to jettison. >> this all started back in 1981, herbert whitehouse, johnson & johnson, one of the first hr folks said we should offer a different plan, they meant it to supplement the pension and american companies prayed well, the 401(k) really took off, in particular because you had stockmarket bones in the vestry 80s in '90s, but the problem is many people decided to ditch the pensions and only offer 401k's. now those that originally created them were saying we are wrong. our projections were wrong, we
8:45 am
didn't realize that it was going to actually hurt the retirement overall of all americans, and that is truly what happened because of 401(k). >> eric: it sound like the brainiacs, there is always an opposite thing, whether it's nafta and creating more jobs that, that they would actually say that instead of helping us, it actually hurts us, because some corporations put the pensions because they say you have a 401(k). >> if you look at the private sector, only 13% of private-sector workers now have a pension. back in 1981, that was 38%. you also have to look at the fact that about one-third of americans, when they go to a new job at a company, refuse the 401(k). bad idea, i want to tell you that right now, because if you are offered a 401(k), take it. >> eric: why is it so back? >> unfortunately because of the wall street fees, these are actively managed funds, meaning there is some team that is managing these funds. well, they promised to beat the stock market, keep up, a lot of times they do not. with all the volatility that we have had, in particular since the year 2000 up until now with
8:46 am
the great recession, they couldn't keep up. so now you are paying higher fees, you've got stock market volatility, and then a lot of the companies are now realizing because of their own profit problems they are trying to pull back on what they are offering to employees. it's kind of a perfect storm, unfortunately, that these experts say we never could have predicted this was going to happen. >> eric: what does that mean for our retirement? put it in a mattress, a cookie jar? >> i still like a 401(k). but also if you could have a side account, maybe open it up at td ameritrade, charles schwab, i'm not endorsing anybody, but all sorts of online companies. also make sure that you know the amount that you need. if you look at surveys of most americans, they have no clue what they need for retirement. take your annual salary times eight, that is what you need to retire. >> eric: while, say that again? >> your annual salary times eight. >> eric: your annual salary times eight, you are not going to be able to get that unless you are a zillion air. >> 45% of homes in this country right now have no retirement
8:47 am
savings, so for me to sit there and say you need a times or annual salary, that is going to throw a lot of people off their couches right now, if they are watching the segment. to be when you hear about those type of predictions and what we need, and what if you can't put it away? you got expenses, you've got schools, you've got the car in the mortgage, and he just cannot save enough for those, in some cases, not that many years coming up when you are going to be retired. >> the bad news is you are going to be working past the age of 65, even one of the original creators of the 401(k) plans to work until he is 77. he was at the johnson companies back in the 80s. so the new reality is, are we able to magically retire at 65 at this point? no, in particular because of what happened with the financial crisis. but you are going to have to keep working, and i hate to say it, and this is cliche, but you have to start cutting back and cutting down. it's cutting down your monthly expenses, cutting down your mortgage, your rent, living simply. especially for those that are in their 50s and 60s right now, because we are living longer. that is the other thing that no
8:48 am
one predicted. you've got people going into their 80s, 90s, health care is always advancing. that is problem. they used to say you could riptide air at six to five, but i don't think that's true anymore. >> eric: on that note, we will be in these chairs for a long time, i hope. thank you so much. >> jenna: president-elect trump has a message for chicago leader after murders in the city skyrocketed in 2016. mr. trump is now proposing, we will get in-depth on that. plus, a california kidnap victim, once accused of faking her abduction, what she is saying now to her critics. drin. drin. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. >> eric: in 9 minutes, "outnumbered" shows up at the top of the hour, sandra and harris are standing by. >> is it too late to say happy
8:52 am
new year? i don't think so. to the 115th congress convenes at noon eastern today with republicans controlling both the house and the senate, vowing to repeal and replace obamacare as soon as possible, so how easy will that be? and by the way, where is the replacement plan? >> plus, the nfl quarterback who outrage so many by taking a knee during the national anthem gets his team's award for courage and inspiration. does that send the right message? >> you know we are going to ask? our #oneluckyguy, super bowl champion qb joe theismann is here, to be 19 at the top of the hour. >> eric: sounds good, and yes you can say happy new year. so happy new year. >> jenna: here's a look at other headlines, police are searching for three men wanted in a multimillion dollar jewelry heist here in new york city, it happened on new year's eve, just blocks from times square. the suspect taking six main dollars worth of jewelry from two safes before leaving the scene. in the meantime, federal agents are looking for an ma to escape
8:53 am
from a rhode island prison on saturday night. officials say james mireles cut through wires to escape, he is accused of stealing guns from an armory, also wanted on child rape charges. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous, anybody with information should call 911. police questioning a man after eight pittsburgh area woman was found murdered in her own. 63-year-old linda mcginnis died from wounds to her head and neck, officers say 25 year old justin bartlett was her neighbor and was found with her car. >> eric: a california woman is at the center of a kidnapping that was once called a hoax. she is not responding to the backlash. she said she was held captive after a home invasion back in 2015 that lasted for two days. the police, though, later called her kidnap kidnapping claim a . but then her accused captor, who happens to be a harvard educated lawyer, pled guilty to kidnapping her last september and demanding a $15,000 ransom. she says despite that guilty
8:54 am
plea, the public harassment continues. she is now writing on facebook saying that she is being criminalized online for surviving. also saying her past continues to haunt her. those that sentencing has been moved to march. >> jenna: president-elect donald trump responding to chicago's record number of homicides last year. mr. trump tweeting that mayor rahm emanuel should ask for federal help, after the police department recorded 762 homicides and more than 4,000 shooting victims last year. matt joins us live from chicago. >> jenna, donald trump launching another one of his signature direct hits on twitter, this time against chicago mayor rahm emanuel, trump tweeting out chicago murder rate is record-setting. 4,331 shooting victims, with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do it, he must ask for federal help. the spokesperson for chicago's mayor responded with a statement, in part, saying, as the president-elect knows from
8:55 am
his conversation with the mayor, we agreed that the federal government has a strong role to play in public safety. taking a quick look at chicago's shocking crime numbers in 2016, 762 people murmured in the city of chicago lester, that is more than l.a. and new york combined. an average of two people killed in the city per day. the number of people shot in chicago, 4,331 people shot in 2016, a major increase in homicides and shootings since just two years ago. now, since the start of 2017, four people have already been shot and killed in the city. the solution to all of this is a very complex. the flow of guns is one of the biggest challenges. all from the crime-ridden west side has joined the core of people begging for help, she says a simple place to start is looking for smuggled guns on the city's heavily used trains. >> security at those stops, where those trains stop and these guns are being unloaded and the kids are being able to
8:56 am
get their hands on it, that is one precaution that we need to look at. >> on the other side of all this, there have been numerous incidents of alleged chicago police brutality and racism. one officer even awaiting trial on merger site charges. cpd also under investigation by the department of justice, chicago mayor rahm emanuel, who has been heavily criticized, recently cleared the funding to add 1,000 new officers to the streets here in chicago. >> jenna: a story we will watching this new year's. thank you. >> eric: jenna, next in the new hour of "happening now," he is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of his wife. now there is a new twist in this bizarre case, with word that he owed his wife 350 grand at the time of her death. how this will impact the case against him. it now says it now knows what caused the rocket to explode last september, the changes space x will make, and why it plans a new launch just days from now.
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>> we will see you back here in an hour, be 19 starts right now. >> fox news alert, new year, new congress taking power right now, straight up at noon eastern, the 115th congress set to convene for the very first time. republicans say they will make quick work of dismantling eight years of president obama's democratic policies, including his signature health care law. but democrats say they will fight. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner, here is sandra smith, cohost of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, democrat extended just, julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, veteran broadcaster and super bowl winning quarterback, joe theismann is here. always glad to have you, glad you're back. >> joe: good to be back, thank you very much.


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