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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 3, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we will see you back here in an hour, be 19 starts right now. >> fox news alert, new year, new congress taking power right now, straight up at noon eastern, the 115th congress set to convene for the very first time. republicans say they will make quick work of dismantling eight years of president obama's democratic policies, including his signature health care law. but democrats say they will fight. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner, here is sandra smith, cohost of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, democrat extended just, julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, veteran broadcaster and super bowl winning quarterback, joe theismann is here. always glad to have you, glad you're back. >> joe: good to be back, thank you very much. merry christmas, hope everybody
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had their dreams come true. new year's, i watched it here in new york city, it was unbelievable this year. the weather was so cooperative, the entertainment was unbelievable, and it's exciting to get onto 2017, and in about three weeks it's going to even be a little more exciting. >> i feel like i'm in a locker major giving us a little pepto. let's get started. on capitol hill, lawmakers set to be sworn in and members expected to reelect paul ryan as speaker of the house prayed once that is done, republicans who will be soon in charge of both the white house and congress for the first time in a decade say they have an order of business to be able to who repeal and replace obamacare. lawmakers will also take a look at overhauling taxes and reversing obama era regulations. and the senate will start vetting president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks, who many democrats say they plan to target. chief congressional corresponded, our friend mike emanuel, joins us from the hill. busy guy. hey, mike. >> harris, good afternoon to you, and the festivities are
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just now getting underway here at capitol hill with a 115 congress being sworn in this afternoon, looking ahead to a packed agenda. in the senate, republican mitch mcconnell is due to return as majority leader with a little smaller majority than he had in the last congress. it will be 52 republicans to 48 who caucus with democrats. a change on the democratic side, with new york's chuck schumer taking over as the senate democratic leader replacing the retiring harry reid. over in the house, gambling in this hour, paul ryan is excited to return as speaker with 241 republican members. nancy pelosi is back as a democratic leader with 194 house democrats read early on, big focus here will be on repealing the health care law known obamacare. >> you have to have something that is affordable. you have to have something that actually provides good health. is obamacare 100% broken? i don't take anybody says that, but it's an easy campaign sloga
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slogan. >> because there is no question that the rollout of the aca that occurred was not what was intended. the problem you have is that it's much more complicated when you try to withdraw the benefit. >> many democrats in this new congress or try to figure out where they will be able to work with a newly elected republican president, who is new to elected office. some say perhaps on reforming, fixing the nation's infrastructure, they may be able to work with him. other democrats say they would be with him on the issue of trade, and potentially withdrawing from the north american free trade agreement, known as nafta. >> i invite president trump to ohio. and i invite him to any state that has lost jobs because of nafta. we would like to help him and his administration to craft a new trade agreement that would result in rising wages and the possibility for people on all
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sides of borders. >> up early is the election of speaker paul ryan. he is excited to win with the support of the president-elect, mr. trump. it'll be interesting to see how many democrats look for someone other than nancy pelosi. >> harris: i'm kind of a nerd, i love days like this when things kick off and it's all the circumstance and pomp and all that kind kind of stuff. thank you. republicans get set to take aim at obamacare, democrats planning a counter attack to save it. they are encouraging members to share enrollment statistics had to tell stories about american saved by the health care law. today, president-elect donald trump tweeted this. "people must remember that obamacare just doesn't work and it is not affordable. 116% increases." he gives the example of arizona, bill clinton called it crazy. antsy anti-policy had this morn. >> meets the old thing of going in to a china shop, you break it, you own it. they are dealing with something that is very complex.
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it's sophisticated, in terms of it being meticulous attention to the detail of the provision, so they have the impact that they wanted. they have shown nothing on their ranting and raving that shows any level of knowledge of where they would go or where they would take this. >> harris: house majority leader kevin mccarthy countered that earlier on "america's newsroom." >> the president said if you liked your health care, you can keep it. you can't. he said premiums would go down, but they are up on average over $4300. of the 23 co-ops that were created under obamacare, 18 of them have already failed. insurance has pulled out of the marketplace. we have more than 1,000 counties that only have one choice. they have no competition, they have no options in those 1,000 counties across america. so if we do nothing, obamacare collapses on its own. and we can. we will repeal obamacare, and we've already reached out on both sides of the aisle come across the country, to create a health care system that is much
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different. >> harris: meanwhile, president obama and vice president-elect mike pence will both be on capitol hill tomorrow to talk about health care. each with their own party members. so, my first question, joe, has to do with just the timing of all this. months ago we learned about the double digit to triple digit increases. why didn't democrats come up with a counter plan then? >> joe: because it wasn't close enough to president-elect trump being able to take over. i think if you look at the timing from the democratic party at this stage with some of the things that president obama is doing, as well as the democratic party, you talk about an easy transition from one president to another. i don't think they are making it easy in any way. when he think about obamacare and the effects that it has had, i listen to nancy pelosi talk about the china shop and breaking pieces of china. many pieces of china have been broken. i think what the house is going to try to do right now is try and put the plates back together to a degree. it is a very complex, from what i understand, situation to deal with. but at least somebody is going to move forward, because i know
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it's affected us in the world of small business. we still don't understand totally what the impact it would have. >> harris: and it's coming through and metered out by the irs, that is the big huge agency that oversees it all, so that is, look at it, right melissa? also 20 million people right now are on it. that is, look at it. they have to have a good replacement. do we have any idea what that looks like? >> melissa: without question they have to have a good replacement. but when she talks about broken china i'm a what is been broken is the prop promises. she said it would go down $1250 per family or $2500 per family but depending on what quote you looked at, that hasn't happened at all in any instance. people i know who have it, who were thrilled to get it in the first place because they didn't have insurance, now find that no doctor they ever had will take it. but i have to say this, i want them to focus on tax reform. that is my number one issue. why not give all americans are raised today on day one? come into the new year with a lower tax rate for everybody. talk about an instant stimulus. reform the tax code, that is
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what they want. >> and they're going to have to, they will have to do something fast because the stock market has been heavily pricing in that tax cut as we see it sitting near 20,000. it is hoped, but anticipation as well. so the bar has been set. but going back to obamacare, you just said something that was key. when you hear democratic leadership like nancy pelosi saying repeal and delay, it doesn't even have alliteration. she is basically taunting republicans as we await president-elect trump to enter office. you are a small business guy, you have been for many years, you have owned many restaurants. you have been in the thick of it. this is because a lot of uncertainty for millions of americans and many small businesses across this country. what do they need to hear, the republicans, as they get together? what did they need to hear from people like you? >> joe: they need to come up with a plan, certainly we understand that people need to be insured. that is a given. what we need to be able to see in the world of business is an affordable program that we can implement that involves our
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people, or workforce. i don't like to column our employees come about our associates and partners in the business. make something affordable, make something that we can understand prayed we still haven't seen the final repercussions. we see a lot of insurance comedies pulling out. give people an option and opportunity to be able to keep their doctors, to get health care, to be able to take care of their families. to be able to get the young involved, that is one of the biggest things. young people out there saying hey, look, i'm going to be around a while, i'm not going to finance something for the older people on the program. i'm not going to do it. plus, they had a fine system set up in such a way that if you didn't take obamacare, it will cost you more money to take the program then it would to be fined. well, that doesn't make any sense, there is no incentive out there to be able to get involved in the program. >> harris: what melissa was talking about is the idea of bronze level of obamacare. if you have never had it and that is your option, nobody will take it. but julie, i want to talk to you about just where we are with democrats, and you heard me and asked before, this is previous to the election that we knew
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about these increases. so now you see president obama going to the hill and caucusing with democrats, trying to come up with what, exactly? >> julie: i suspect is to preserve his legacy on obamacare. but look, are they going democrats had their plan, they had passed airplane with no republican votes. it is now up to republicans to figure out what their plan is paid to the public and for republicans today as it is very easy to slogan near against obamacare, and it does have a lot of plug, but now you are in charge with the khakis, and you of the person in the white house that will sign whatever legislation you want to pass. revolt against could have passed replacements and proposed and passed a replacement to obamacare in any number of times over the past number of years. even if president obama hadn't signed it, they would have put their market on and what exactly they stood for, but they failed to do that. now, the proof is in the pudding, they are going to have to pass something, because they promise to their constituents o pass something. >> i don't tickets as hard as you make it out to be. and i'm volunteering to help, it's like we've already test
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driven the car, and that is not even that fair. because they put their plan out, you can see the flaws and you can fix them quickly. for exam will, i know a lot of people who would love to have catastrophic care only. people who have families, they are paying these huge premiums. >> harris: or they are young and single. >> melissa: but they go to the doctor, nobody takes it anyway, the deluxe deductibles are huge, but they are paying huge premiums. what happened to what it was post to be about in the first place? where you are just ensuring for the car crash, the big event, and it's cheaper. you have been told by the government that is not good enough, you can't have that. well, some people want that. >> julie: i will expand why you can't have that. if you like the parts of obamacare that everybody likes, specifically the pre-existing conditions part of it, you have to have a mandate. you know who came up with a? the conservative heritage foundation. that is not a liberal theme. the math doesn't add up. you can't just you have to make people pay for the mandate. >> people who were denied before had to pay higher premiums.
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>> when you are talking about a single-payer situation, which many democrats like bernie sanders said like obama didn't lean far enough left on this. >> julie: i agree with that. >> we have some breaking news, and i don't know how money people have been keeping up with this, but it means a lot. are you ready for this? so there has been a back and forth with donald trump, our president-elect, and members of the g.o.p., because they wanted to wipe away an independent committee that looks at ethics within their own party. republicans, and handed over to a bipartisan, less-transparent unit, if you will. what that means is the dts, drain the swamp, becomes much more collocated. seconds ago we have learned that they have pulled that measure that would do that. maybe a tweet from the president-elect might have knowledge of them. but now they are holding an emergency meeting to talk about actually not doing that, taking back the helm of looking into their own ethics, republicans, and not handing it over to
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someone else. now we know the president-elect donald trump has been tweeting about this. oh, you are grinning. >> joe: i just think, president-elect donald trump, he's not in office yet. i don't think a lot of people do. you look at the stock market, and the way things have gone. but his influence, now, on what has transpired, and remember, he did something so unprecedented in the history of politics. he not only defeated the democratic party, but he didn't have a whole lot of support from the republican party party on e other side. so we have a president-elect that is taking over the country and will have to work with both sides of the aisle. normally you have one side that sort of agrees with what you are doing. he has, what he is doing right now, i think is so wonderful. he is, first of all, living up to the promises that he has made. he has gone out and tried to do some of the things even before he is in office, and people are excited. but the other part of it is, he is doing something where he is saying, look, there are certain things that aren't going to be acceptable.
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now, in the political world, they are acceptable, police our own, but he says that is not going to work that way. this is not going to be like any presidency we have ever seen, this is not going to be like any political structure that has existed in washington, d.c. it isn't a question of just draining the swamp. it's taking over and looking at the policies and problems that have been built up over years. >> it sounds to me like you are happy with what you are saying. >> joe: i am happy with it. i like seeing the tree being shaken. i like to see the apples fall. >> from what i was reading, most of the people that wanted this in the house were, dealt with investigations in their past. so the office of congressional ethics was probably not one of their favorite venues to go before. so wiping it away and giving that power to somebody else might have looked elicited them. here's what donald trump tweeted, so let's look. just a few minutes ago, with all that congress, if we can roll this up, has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent
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ethics watchdog as unfair as it is" and in previous to that, me they're number one act and priority, focus on tax reform, health care, and so many other things of far greater important. that was from earlier today. so, clearly, he got in on the game. kevin mccarthy had said this about obamacare, but i wonder if he would say this about the ethics conversation, too. his tweet matter, and they can change the game. i didn't think the way the whole ethics panel breakdown, all of it felt like it didn't quite get you there. it all seemed like the hand guarded, the fox guarding the hen house. there is no doubt that we need some kind of ethical oversight in d.c., but to me none of these options seem clean. and i would like them to focus on the tax code, not that this doesn't need to be done. but julie, what kind of reform make sense? >> julie: if you remember that, that office was set up in the wake of jack abram off, and
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they have done some very good work on both sides of the aisle. to me, the house cannot police its own, you can't, anymore than any of us can police each other, because we are colleagues, we like each other, we have to work with each other. it it you need an outsider to do it. listen, i don't complement donald trump a lot, but i will today. i think what he did was incredibly effective, because when you have people like paul ryan and kevin mccarthy, who have been in the swamp of d.c. for a very long time, who supposedly did not agree with his abolishment of the congressional ethics office, but nevertheless went along with it, and then you have donald trump coming in and saying, what are you doing? and he was right to do that, good for him. >> by the way, one of the things he would lose if you got rid of the oce is the fact that whenever they would come up with evidence against a member, they would disseminate that. well then you wouldn't be getting that information, not only to the american people, but other lawmakers. >> i thicket highlights two things, i think it highlights the ambitious agenda that we are
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seeing, and as we do see this transfer. and two, i think it continues to show, as you are pointing out, joe, donald trump is showing all those americans that backed him, supported him all the way, voted for him, it showed them that i've still got your back. i'm not going to just fall in line with whatever is expected here in washington. i'm going to be the man you put in office to stand up for you. >> joe: he stays away from the political rhetoric. president-elect trump is always going to be president-elect from. he's going to say something that we are going to step back and say, wow. but then he will also have an impact on what is going on, but it opens people eyes. take this into consideration, take that into consideration. what happened with ford today, a very interesting situation. all of a sudden now they are not going to build cars in mexico, they're going to build them online in detroit, which means or jobs. >> 700 jobs. speak >> joe: people say it's only 700 jobs, but at 700 that weren't in this country. beco yeah, and you have to talk
9:18 am
to the people in families that might be effective. so, i just want to put a fine point on this, because i think people will hear us talk about ethics and wonder why that is such a big deal. the fact that people don't want you to know what they're doing on capitol hill and they happen to be in your own party, that is what donald trump stood up to today. >> julie: there is one more thing that isaac is interesting. shortly before he put up that tweet, kellyanne conway sent out a tweet siding with the republicans who try to abolish this office, and then trump came out and a few minutes later said no, no, -- what is unclear to me about what trump did is whether he opposes abolishing of the office or just abolishing the timing of the office. the timing of the act to abolish. >> joe: time will tell on that. >> julie: right, but i hope, i hope that it's the former, i hope he really understands how important it is to reestablish confidence that the american public needs to have on both sides of the aisle in what goes on on the hill. this office is crucial, and if people understood, if people
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working on the hill understood exactly how toxic the environment there is, when one hand washes the other, i think they can imagine how important this office is that understands why abolishing it is the wrong thing. >> without that office, would we know much of what we know about members on the hill? we will move on. president obama's closest advisor claims more than the last, or over the past eight years, her boss has not have any scandals. but what about benghazi? the irs targeting of conservative groups? and the payment to iran for american hostages clutch mark we will get into that. after the show, when the tv version of us goes to sleep, we wake up alive online at fox, "outnumbered overtime." or you can go to facebook, and we will pop up there, or handled is our handle is @outnumberedfnc. tweet us anytime you want, i think even joe will tweet. will you tweet? >> joe: sure i will, absolutely. [ crowd noise ]
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administration hasn't had a scandal, and that he hasn't done anything to embarrass himself. but that is not because he's being someone other than who he is, that is because that is who he is, that is who they are, and i think that is what really resonates with the american people. >> it does feel like she is forgetting a few things, like operation "fast and furious," benghazi, the irs targeting of conservative groups. there is also the justice department seizing journalist records, the nsa's mass surveillance program. those alleged ransom payments for hostages held in iran, who could forget bo bergdahl? multiple issues with the secret service. and, of course, there was hillary clinton's private server. joe, what do you think? >> joe: i just think that if once again president obama has always looked at the world a certain way. but i don't think he has looked at it in a realistic way, somewhat of a dream world, and to think that there hasn't been some type of "scandal" that have occurred under his watch, you just went through the litany of
9:25 am
them, and that is not all of them. there are some of the things that have occurred and happened under his watch, and they are basically going to say that there weren't any scandals bridwell, what would you call them? >> julie, is the stack smaller than other ministrations? >> julie: what you listed right now, and i will take the email scandal out of that, because that's really more eat hillary clinton then him. but the stuff that you listen, the ransom payments, those are policy differences that people may have. i'm not sure they were scandals. >> when he stood in the rose garden with bo bergdahl's parents and said that he was a hero and they're not going to leave them there and they are going to bring it back? >> julie: wait a second, but you are actually confusing the fact that the president of the united states and the commander-in-chief said he is not going to leave a american soldier regardless of what he set on the battlefield as of regarding in as opposed to leaving them with the taliban. we may not agree with it, but it's not necessarily a scandal, it is something that brings out a lot of passion and people. to me, a scandal is when somebody trades their name for money.
9:26 am
to me, a scandal is somebody that appoints u.s. attorneys that might only want to do something at the president wants them to do and goes after people politically. that is a scandal to me. >> that sound like the irs scandal. >> a scandal to me is not bergdahl, for example. >> if you look at what valerie jarrett said, she said not only hasn't he had a scandal, he hasn't done anything or anything to embarrass himself, and i am reminded right away of him referencing isis as the jv team, only to see it grow and grow and grow. >> julie: i agree he embarrassed himself with that. >> joe: how are they defining the term scandal? is it a lack of judgment, is it a misinformation? how do you qualify? >> what about the irs targeting conservative groups? >> i think i would check every box in terms of a scandal. you've got americans being targeted by an american institution overseen by an american government. in the president knows about it. the president can act. i think that is the definition of a scandal. i think the veterans affairs of
9:27 am
administration was a scandal. and how many of our veterans who served were taken advantage of and left on those long hospitalists to die and the president knew about it? and where was the accountability for it then and now? and julie, every time somebody jumps a white house fence i wish you would stand up and scream "scandal" could because if somebody would have happened to the man in the white house, we would be screaming "scandal!" look, did they hold the people who let them down accountable? if he didn't, and it doesn't like you did the way we excited them too, that is a scandal. >> doesn't have to take summer sponsor bill before the email scandal? that is something that happened on his watch to his secretary of state, somebody reporting directly to him. they had said you can't be secretary of state unless you distance yourself from the foundation. so many emails were related to that, and that relationship rid of that was a lot of scandal that he had a hand in. >> julie: i don't know that he had a hand in it. >> but she broke rules and was
9:28 am
sending nuts emails to that server himself. >> julie: first of all, i think when the president of the united states sends an immobile somebody i'm not sure he knows what the server is. so i believe it at that. but let's be very careful here. we have a new administration coming in. i just want to be very clear that if we are talking about things like bowe bergdahl as a scandal, the iranian deal is a scandal, which again, it's a policy difference but i'm not sure it's a scandal. >> what word would you choose for it? >> julie: i would use controversial, i would not say scandal. a scandal is huge for his >> joe: i say it's than controversial. the iranian deal is more than controversial. >> julie: on the va i agree with you. i'm not suggesting she's right, but the list that we came up with, to me there is a differentiation between a controversial policy. and by the way, what bowe bergdahl did is awful and put a lot of people in danger. and it may be particular responsible for the people being killed. but the scandal would be to leave an american on the
9:29 am
battlefield. me, a record year in chicago. as harris just mentioned, for all the wrong reasons. the city has in its most homicides in decades. and now the message president electron paths for chicago's democratic mayor, and just what can be done about the violence.
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9:34 am
>> chicago's soaring violence reaching a grim new milestone, and grabbing the attention of the incoming president. the nation's third biggest city expensing it's lobbyist year in nearly two decades in 2016. averaging more than two killings a day, and far surpassing other american cities over the past 12 months. chicago recording 762 homicides. that is more than new york and los angeles combined. which are far bigger cities, by the way. president-elect donald trump going off about this on twitter. as he takes a jab at chicago's democratic mayor rahm emanuel. search i'm tweeting, "chicago murder raked is record-setting, 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can do it, he must ask for federal help." this is a huge problem, joe. i was born and raised in chicago, this news is just disturbing, and it's getting
9:35 am
worse. >> joe: in 2017, i believe, there have already been four deaths and 35 shootings. so it's not stopping. but why hasn't something been done sooner? why hasn't someone stepped in? >> a lot of people look to president obama, why he hasn't? >> joe: rahm emanuel was part of his entourage. i mean he was -- >> chief of staff. >> joe: so why wouldn't you go there and try to help? i think if it requires the federal government to do something, president-elect trump will do that. something has to be done. you just can't continue to allow this type of activity to continue in a city like chicago, or any city in the united states. >> while they try to figure out what to do, whether it's the local or federal level, they are looking for blaine. one of the former superintendents, fired in 2015, as you will remember, one of the former superintendents of the chicago police department is looking for blame. he is actually blaming black lives matter, listen. >> what is happening is, and this is ironic. that a movement with the goal of
9:36 am
saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken. because 80% of our murder victims here in chicago are male blacks. less than half of 1% of all the shootings in the city involved police officer's shooting civilians. and the political environment that exists in this city, and across this country, is country bidding to a sense of lawlessness. >> he is blaming the black lives matter movement, julie, and crating a political atmosphere of antipolice sentiment. >> julie: he may be. he got pushed out largely because of that. that police sentiment. if your memo there was an awful shooting in chicago, i believe gary mccarthy got thrown under the bus by rahm emanuel and i said that on the couch when the first happen. there is no excuse for what goes on in chicago bred when you look at new york and los angeles, cities with larger populations
9:37 am
both then chicago, having a combined murder rate, gun violence rate that is lower than chicago's. the problem lies with chicago. and rahm emanuel is the mayor of chicago and ultimately the buck stops with him. and i think this should not be democratic or republican issue. and people shouldn't defend his behavior. furthermore, my understanding is he did go and meet with the president-elect and ask for help from the president-elect, so i would think that he would know that before tweeting what he tweeted. but another for the less, there is a role for washington to play. there is a role for the administration to play, and i hope they play it. speak of the same mayor, which by the way very recently said, you are safe here in this sanctuary city. it supported to point out that this is a mayor who is really not acknowledging the problems at that city has. >> melissa: no, he doesn't seem to acknowledge them at all. and i don't think he knows what the solution is. but to be fair, i don't think a lot of people do. i'm not sure if federal help is the right help. it strikes me as a situation, when you see numbers like that that have escalated so far beyond comparable cities, he feels like it is a neighborhood or a city that is on police a
9:38 am
bowl. there is a big, systemic problem that needs to be attacked from the outside. whatever it is, they need more help, they need big change. and it systemic. there is something very wrong. >> joe: but you have to look to leadership. >> melissa: yes, without question. >> joe: you can't get away from leadership in a situation like this. put a group together. put some groups together, do what you need to do. the police need to be back in these situations. >> may i just say something about this real quickly? i was living in the bronx in the 1980s when the bronx was burning and people thought this was unbelievable and people thought it was absolutely the worst place on earth to live. and ultimately new york city not only became police will, but also became the safest largest city in the country. so with the right policies and the right leadership and you are so right, it is police of all, it is doable, i just wish they would do that in chicago because mothers are losing their sons and daughters over there. >> we are no waiting an announcement from president-elect trump about the russian hacking of the election.
9:39 am
he says he knows something the american people don't. what that could be, and what it could mean for our relationship with russia.
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>> we continue to await an announcement from president-elect donald trump on what he knows about the russian election hacking that the american people don't know. on new year's eve, mr. trump said he would reveal that information today or tomorrow. his team has said, we can't jump to conclusions about the hacking until the intelligence report is finalized. meantime, wikileaks founder julian assange spoke exclusively with hannity. >> can you say to the american people unequivocally that you did not get this information about this dnc, john podesta's emails, can you tell the american people 1000% you did not get them from russia or anybody associated with russia?
9:44 am
>> we can see, and we have said repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the russian government, and it does not save parties. >> former u.n. ambassador john bolton telling fox earlier that what he said there does not rule out that russia engaged in election hacking. he could be saying the information wikileaks obtained was not delivered by the russian government, and the intelligence community believes all signs to point to russia. julie? >> julie: i mean, look. julian assange, first of all, i don't know when he became a member of polite society. you don't have to hand julian assange a packet from vladimir putin to prove that it came from the russian government. the russian government could hand it to point person x who could hand it to julian assange, and whether julian assange knows where the origination came from is irrelevant. every intelligence agency in the country said it came from the
9:45 am
russians prayed we now apparently have computer markings that said that it came from the russians. both sides of the aisle in washington agree that it came from the russians paid only two people believe it may not have come from the russians, donald trump and julian assange, and it suggests that donald trump has his head in the air. >> but leading into the commercial break, you said he is a master at teases, which is a phrase we using tv to key people stood in. and we are tuned in, because he says he knows something the american people don't. what does he know? >> joe: you notice when he says he knows some thing, it's not like i will inform you of something. president-elect trump speaks in very specific terms. he makes very specific statements. he will enlighten the american people at some point in time. but as he has done with the media, he sort of sets his own agenda. he decides he's going to go play golf. he's not going to let the media know it. if he wants to do something. he will let us know in time. and he has been privy to the meetings with the intelligence community to be able to try and understand what is going on when it comes to the hacking.
9:46 am
it isn't just a russians bear concerned with when it comes to hacking. the chinese come up all the time. this just happened to involve "the election." so what we are trying to do, and ethic what he is going to try to do is put it behind him, because you do have to have relationships around the world with them. >> my question has to do with this. how is it possible, or why would it be that president-elect donald trump would defy all of the 17 agencies within the government that say this was russia? is there some political expediency that maybe we don't see? because if it was them, and he's making excuses or somehow stepping into the gap between the country's national security and russia, that is a problem if we don't know why. >> joe: that is what we are waiting to find out. does he disagree with everybody? maybe he will try, the way i look at it is, you just have to wait to hear what is said instead of trying to look at it and say we will wait two or three days. i don't think is going to wait very long. >> if you look we are getting
9:47 am
lost in the weeds of what is important. is how dangerous hacking is. >> and by that country. >> and how many governments by national security have been compromised across the board? we spend spent so much time tag about was it putin, was it somebody in russia? it is bad people no matter what on every side. and i am a sick americans don't take it seri enough. to the kind of damage that can e done hacking into a nuclear plant. this is a huge problem and we are kind of focusing on the wrong thing. >> the energy. >> it's hard to track because so many of those hackers are on the black market. >> joe: your right. he also said, don't trust the computers, don't trust this type of communication. if you want to communicate with him to, it down. >> julie: you know how they tracked was osama bin laden because work is through a career. >> also we should take a look at donald trump's tax returns to find out what we might know about russia. >> i think all paper is edible
9:48 am
edible, -- >> for more on this, you want to make sure you tune into "hannity" tonight, you can catch his entire exclusive interview with julian assange in london. that is this evening at 10:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. the 49ers giving quarterback colin kaepernick a prestigious award for courage and inspiration? that is drawing big criticism, after kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthe anthem. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
9:49 am
that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> the exact moment we have been watching for this hour, and underway right now, the vote for house speaker paul ryan is expected to win, and as we watch as we are also hearing shouts of nancy pelosi's name, certain of them are voting for her as well. but there should be no surprise for republicans today, this is smooth sailing, we are told to expect, for paul ryan, and they are doing the roll call of folate voting right now, and we have been watching and listening for just a few minutes. when this becomes official in the next few moments, as we anticipate it will, we will let you know. >> this emphasis go 49ers raising some eyebrows after awarding colin kaepernick with a highly prestigious award for his inspirational and courageous play for it but you might remember, kaepernick is the quarterback who gained national attention for taking a knee during the national anthem. he says it's his way of
9:53 am
protesting police brutality. one reader commenting, "the 49ers should visit the vietnam memorial, world war ii memorial, or arlington cemetery before they go giving an award to a real loser like kaepernick. it's no wonder nfl ratings are down, the league sucks." it's important to note that the players vote for the award winner each year, not team officials or the league. joe theismann, conveniently you are here to respond to this. >> joe: yes, isn't that convenient? i wouldn't use the same terminology that one person used, but i just find it hard to believe. you are a 2-14 football team, he has won one football game, what has he inspired? and the players voted for it. you question players at times. they just sort of move along on masse. i don't agree with what he is done. as a matter of fact, the american flag, and i wear one on my lapel very proudly no matter where i go, it stands for the right to be able to do the things that you want to do. to be able to stand up and have
9:54 am
a difference of opinion. and i agree with that part of it. but not when you are on the job. i would like to see the national football league finally stand up and take a stance say, as a part of our new policy going forward we are going to adopt the same policy that the nba has. that you will stand for the national anthem. beagle how do you think roger goodell has handled this? >> joe: well, i think he's been wishy-washy on it. i think you have to stand up and present it to the owners. clark hunt, who owns a kansas city chiefs, made it clear. you will stand. if you're in the organization, if you are on the team, if you are on the coaching staff, and if you don't, you will be gone. nice, simple statement. and i also think the national football league has to take a stance. it's about the veterans, it's about the veterans memorial. it's about those that have fought and served and died. it's about the police officers that defend our lives. it's more than just an individual. this award doesn't mean anything to me. courageous, inspired and courageous clutch mark you are
9:55 am
2-14. what did he inspire? he is 1-11 as a quarterback. what did he possibly inspired? >> he has a lot of free time at 1-11. first string might just be a suggestion for him. but he is taking a knee and he had said, i'm praying for our veterans. if he had supplanted whatever action it was with something more positive, woodhead avenue mattered? >> joe: probably not as it has. one of the issues i had a problem with was the socks that he is worn. depicting a pig's head within the officers had on. i have a real problem with that as well. like its head, everybody has the right to express their opinion. but not in the workplace. >> the way that you paint a picture, and i totally agree with a lot of these ideas, the responsibility kind of goes back to the owners, because this is a business after all, and is it diminishing ratings? or are ratings down for another reason? >> joe: i think it's part of it. i think there are different reasons.
9:56 am
i think saturation of the product is one. i don't necessarily believe that thursday night is a night that has been what everybody has expected it to be. i think colin kaepernick situation is another. i think people see an awful lot of football. look at this weekend, my goodness. >> joe theismann, you are nothing but class, and we are happy you are here with us. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. per roll
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bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper >> and continuing to watch what is happening on capitol hill right now, incoming senate democratic leader chuck schumer of new york is
10:00 am
talking about protecting obama's legacy particularly obamacare right now as we continue with traditionally what is happening on the 115 congress opening today. joe theismann, you, julie roginsky and myself, we are going to have to hand off to "happening now." >> starting next weekend, the playoffs start. >> see you. >> you do have to give the jewelry back when you're on the air but it is nice to get a trial run peered once again, here is told us a little bit about this but the news of the hour, senate minority leader chuck schumer talking about the democrats plans for this congressional session, and he is speaking directly to president-elect donald trump, let's listen in. >> drain the swamp, pay attention to working families, but my friends, since the election, he seems to have forgotn that. looking at the


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