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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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haven't already. "the o'reilly factor" is next, and then, the "hannity" interview is live at 10:00 with julianna assange. ♪ >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. ♪ that was ricky martin performing at the 2001 inauguration of president bush the younger. but this year, many performers are afraid to attend the trump inauguration. we will tell you exactly what is going on. >> and the phrase make america great again, there is one word, if you are a person of color, you sort of a stumble over, it is the word "again." >> bill: new year, same old story. the far left branding donald trump and his supporters racist. will this ever stop? >> what was the biggest mistake you made in 2016? >> following other people's
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opinions. >> like when everyone said heather was going to win? >> that was a big one. [laughs] >> bill: jesse watters in times square asking people about the new year. >> is going to be a beautiful year filled with love and acceptance. i am sure of it. >> did you read that on a hallmark card? [laughs] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. things were watching us tonight. first edition of 2017. happy new year, hope it is a good one for you and your family. donald trump's inauguration, that is a subject of this evening's talking points memo. many entertainers are frightened to perform and the inaugural festivities on january 20th. hard to pin down, but the roster of performers today is scant. some of the rockettes, from radio city music hall in new york city will be there.
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the mormon tabernacle choir out of utah is scheduled to perform. and jackie ivancho of "america's got talent" has had to perform. we hear the beach beach boys ie country of alabama is not confirmed. also, not confirmed are some entertainers reportedly believe if they show up at the inauguration, it will hurt their careers. the tenor andrea bocelli has been mentioned. along with garth brooks, i should say. again, we cannot confer the dell might confirm the fear element. it is obvious there is a problem, there should not be one. the inauguration of a president, celebrates a peaceful transition of power engineered by the american voters. that is what the ceremony is, not a political gesture. so, all americans should respect the process. even if you don't like the incoming president. it should never be intimidation
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about attending or performing at at inauguration. that is on american. the election of george w. bush in 2000 was perhaps the most controversial vote of the nation's history. decided by the supreme court. yet, a variety of entertainers showed up at the inauguration, including ricky martin, wayne nguyen, jessica simpson, andrew lloyd webber, and the rockettes. even beyonce showed up, performing with destiny's child as her inaugural concert for america's youth. so, even though there was bitterness over the bush-gore race, they came together at the inauguration. but now, that cohesive spirit seems to have changed. the harsh truth is that there is reverse mccarthyism going off in the entertainment industry. room over that and 1950s, joseph mccarthy started calling people communist, that led to a black list were people
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were not hired because mccarthy smeared them. it seems anti-trump zealots may be doing the same thing. if you are a trump supporter, you are a bad person. a number of entertainers believe their careers will be harmed should they associate with the new trump administration. again, that is terrible and awful state of affairs. "talking points" believes enough is enough of the anti-trump movement. the man won the election, give him a chance. respect the process! stop the nonsense. that is the memo. the top story tonight, reaction of washington, the new year's guy, charles krauthammer. a series short questions for you. first of all, do you believe that to some, may be many entertainers, are frightened to go to washington because they think their careers may be harmed? >> i have no idea. that's why you presented no evidence to that effect.
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>> bill: well, thus far, there are very few booked, and we know that a number of people were asked to appear. but very few said yes. >> that doesn't prove fear. hollywood is overwhelmingly, more than 100% liberal. it can very well be that these people come up for their own pol reasons, don't want to perform at a republican or a trump inauguration. >> bill: why did the george w. bush inauguration have a good cross-section of entertainers and not the donald trump so far? >> wayne newton? is that your a game? >> bill: ricky martin? andrew lloyd webber? pretty big names. >> you know, i find it hard to get exercise over the fact that we may be short a rockette at the inaugural celebration. to be when you are dodging the question. you don't believe there is pressure being put on entertainers, not to show up?
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you don't believe that? >> there is a group called friends of a book, do you know them, i know them. a bunch of hollywood conservatives. they meet every once in a while, semiclandestinely, they won't even publish their member ship list because they know that if the word gets out, that they are conservatives it could hurt their careers. but has been true for decades. >> bill: isn't that reverse mccarthyism? >> it is deplorable but it is nothing new. in fact, it is not only in hollywood. why do you have all of these conservative think tanks in washington? the reason is that intellectuals, conservative intellectuals, have not been able to get jobs in elite universities for decades. so, they had to establish their own counter institutions, things like the american enterprise institute, heritage foundation,
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et cetera, as an alternative venue. it >> bill: okay. >> liberals get control of cultural institutions and conservatives are -- >> bill: i think that is far beyond that. that is far beyond the general philosophical -- okay. you basically have, do you agree with me, that in inauguration is a celebration of the peaceful transition of power in the united states? you agree with that? >> yes. >> bill: do you agree that anyone, anyone, who would hold it against someone who performed at inauguration as un-american? that's an un-american act? would you agree? >> no, of course not. >> bill: you wouldn't? >> no, look. >> bill: it's okay to deny someone a job in charles krauthammer's world if they show up at the trump inauguration? that's okay? to deny someone a job? >> no. >> bill: that is a cloak of fear that we are dealing with now.
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>> but you have shown no evidence that that is a -- >> bill: oh, god. that is the evidence. there is nobody booked, two weeks away. >> they don't want to play for donald trump. this is a republic. you are not summoned to perform for the king or for the dictator. in some places, if if they call you to sing, you better show up. >> bill: you don't know anything about the hollywood industries. they will perform for joseph stalin, okay, if they think it is going to help their career. okay? they are afraid, these groups, rock groups, pop groups, even the country people, are afraid that if they do it, that they are going to lose bookings, they are going to be attacked on the internet, they are going to be smeared all over the place, and so, they are not. i can't believe you are denying this. it is so obvious. >> i -- -- i find it extremely hard to get exercised about
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something which is, that some people will perform for people for whom they have a political affinity. if i were asked to perform at a clinton inauguration, i could very easily say yes, i respect the process, and i will do it, that is perfectly fine. or i could say, no, i think she is a crook. i think she was -- she would not be the right choice. therefore, i exercise my right to simply say no. >> bill: that's fine but you are not in fear of losing your job or a book contract or a speaking engagement. see? i don't mind people exercising their freedom to do what they want to do. i am telling you that there is very ranked fear in the entertainment industry to be associated with president aligned trump. last word. >> there has been ranked fear in hollywood for decades to be even known as a conservative.
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you are about 20 years late to the party, bill. i don't think the inauguration is sort of this is scandalous exception. this has been true forever. there are many places where liberals will not welcome conservatives. hollywood, the university, those are just a couple of examples. and you live with it, the way you live with the weather. >> bill: not to me. [laughs] i think the process should be respected and anyone invited show to show up just to help their country. anyway, great debate. really good way to kick off the new year, charles. we appreciate it. next on the rundown, already, the democrats are threatening to delay confirmation of some trump cabinet appointees. we will tell you about it. later, watters and times square new year's eve. not a good recipe. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: to the political stories today, first, donald trump continues putting pressure on companies who want to move jobs overseas. in fact, he threatened general motors for making a car in mexico. also, ford announced it is canceling, canceling, $1.6 billion factory it was going to build in mexico. the other big story, politicall politically, is senate minority leader chuck schumer threatening president-elect trump. >> we will hold president-elect trump accountable to the values that truly make america great. but we'll fight him tooth and nail when he appeals to the baser instincts that diminish america and its greatness. >> bill: joining us now, senator schumer wants to hold up, delay a bunch of trump's cabinet appointees. is that correct? >> this is pretty much a boilerplate speech today, where
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he said, we will define with the values are by which we will judge donald trump. if we agree with him, we will help them come if we disagree, we will oppose him. this was a standard stuff. what is more dangerous is, that the democrats have announced that there are eight appointees, aid to nominees of president-elect trump to the cabinet that they are going to oppose and to delay them as long as until march. now, this is just obstructionism, pure and simple. this is an attempt to make it difficult for him to put together a government, make it difficult for him to take early actions and critical department departments. it is an obstructionism that is a jaw-dropping. particularly, if you look back at the historic record, here is what happened with president obama. did the republicans obstruct? did they ask tough questions? yes. think about this, within two days of being sworn into office, seven of his cabinet members have been approved, six of them on voice votes. one of them was approved,
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secretary of state hillary clinton, 94-2. a couple of days later, they proved it by voice vote on the 23rd, the transportation secretary, on the 26th, tim gaertner, who had not paid his a rough confirmation fight, he was approved on 60-34. basically, within one week of the president being sworn in. hud secretary, within eight days. ten of the 15, excuse me, ten of the 14th that had to go through confirmation were approved within basically eight days of the president being sworn in. two more were approved in february, one more was delayed until late february because the labor secretary, her husband had not paid taxes. then, we had two of them that were completely president obama's fault. the commerce secretary in march because he went through two cabinet secretary nominations and had to be withdrawn before he finally got to the third run. finally, the hhs secretary, remember, tom daschle had to
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withdraw himself for not having paid taxes on the third of february. she is nominated and approved basically five weeks. >> bill: look, the point is, when president obama took office, the republicans didn't try to sabotage him. >> right. >> bill: it looks like schumer and his crew are going to try to sabotage trump. the question is, they can't stop these appointments, sessions as attorney general. so, they just try to embarrass the president and the individual appointees. try to embarrass them, right? >> right, exactly. and draw it out. look, they don't want the white house to be coming out of the lot of initiatives, moving forward. they want -- this is like a holding action while trump is trying to undo a lot of what obama did in trying to repeal obamacare, replace it, trying to get a tax cut through, and tax reform. they want him tied down. that is why they are going people like the secretary of treasury nominee, mnuchin, that
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is why they are going after jeff sessions, rex tillerson. the couple that are payback, they're going after betsy devos, the equitation secretary because the democratic party's lock, stock, and barrel by the teacher union. and she is a fighter for school choice. they are going after -- >> bill: politics. >> absolutely. >> bill: it looks like trump is going to be the strong man and he is calling out gm for making a car in mexico and trying to embarrass them. but, you know, all of a sudden, ford says, we are not going to build a $1.6 billion plant in mexico, we are going to build it in the usa, and all the jobs that come along with it. so, looks like being a strong man is working for trump. at least in the beginning. >> well, maybe. look, i accept the ford ceo today in his statement saying, we made this decision because it in the best interest of our company. the facility in mexico is
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unneeded, we will keep the small car production there. but we aren't selling enough of those cars, so, we want to expand it. we need to expand production in the u.s. of the kinds of cars that americans are buying. but we got to be careful about this. gm, let's think about this. the implication is, you're building a bunch of cars in mexico and shipping them to the united states. that is fundamentally not true. in bardstown, ohio, there is a facility that since 2010, since being up and then, has made 1.3 million chevy cruisers. and of the united states, 1.1 million roughly have been bought. the other 200,000 were sold elsewhere, primarily in canada. the facility in mexico supplies the foreign markets. we have had about a million blonde u.s. purchases of chevy cruisers. they have an 8,000,003 -- >> bill: why can't they be supplied to michigan? why? >> may be. look, a couple of things. >> bill: i don't have a lot of time. wrap it up. >> mexico has better trade agreements with other countries than we do. we can make the product in mexico and sell it and bring the
5:19 pm
profits back to the u.s. we couldn't make that product. >> bill: putting the tires on a car, mr. rove. as long as the strongman stuff doesn't get out of control, i think it's a good thing. >> i think it is getting very close to it. >> bill: directly ahead, while the far left ever stop demonizing trump supporters as racist? later, a survey says more conservatives in america than liberals, but the gap is closin closing. "the factor" is coming right back. my day doesn't start until i put my tommie copper on.
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we're opening more xfinity stores closer to you. visit us today and learn how to get the most out of all your services, like xfinity x1. we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> bill: personal story segment tonight, from the beginning of the donald trump's
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campaign for presidency, the far left has this been demonizing him and his supporters as racist. >> and the phrase make america great again, there is one more that if you are a person of color that you sort of stumble over, it is the word "again,," you are talking about going back to a time that was not very comfortable for people of color. >> bill: joining us from washington. i don't think their racism play, want, will ever stop them what you think? >> i think you are right. i think you are right on target. to me, it is almost like, why am i arguing here about make america great again. this is a small potatoes. it's like evidence of sort of liberal or left-wing oversensitivity to my mind. but if you want to make the case, i guess you could say trump has a history, you know, discrimination in the housing that he built, saying blacks are responsible for most of the white murders in the country, crazy stuff. but again, to me, it is just evidence of people -- >> bill: look, what do you think, juan, the phrase "make america great again" refers to? what? >> well, i think, what struck me when i first heard it, make america great again, but i guess he is talking about obama. i was thinking about the
5:24 pm
politics of it that he doesn't like obama policy. >> bill: no. make america great again -- >> bill clinton said it was a way of a bank and a nod, a dog whistle, two white southerners. >> well, guess what, -- >> bill: he is campaigning for his wife. what do you think make america great again, the first nomadic refers to, lisa? >> i think it refers to it reagan had said when he was the slogan, restoring the american dream. >> bill: very good. >> bought, bill -- >> bill: the reagan years. when america was dominant in foreign policy, exercised at superpower status, that was not an racist era -- >> how to tell you this, though. juan mention the fact that bill clinton was saying that the slogan was a racist dog whistle. guess to use the slogan repeatedly when he ran for president in 1992 to? president bill clinton. so, that is just how ridiculous the left is, the fact that
5:25 pm
president bill clinton as using this slogan to malign donald trump when he used it himself. you are right, the left -- >> bill: hypocrisy. >> here is my argument with lisa. i think you have to realize when bill clinton set it, he didn't say again and again and again. >> bill: oh, please. oh, my gosh. juan, get out of here. >> hold on. i think america is a great country right now. oak of the stock market, gas prices, the unemployment, the opportunities for blacks, latinos, immigrants, women, lisa, more than ever in our history. >> bill: all right, this lady -- wait, wait. this lady from npr said the sound bite on cbs. basically saying, look, america is a racist nation. yes, we may have made some improvements, as you just pointed out. if you say, "make america great again," anything that happened in america, anything, defeating the axis powers, japan, you can't say that was great because
5:26 pm
people of color were getting hammered. which is partially true, by the way. >> wait, wait, wait. how is that true? how was that true? >> this is absolutely, utterly ridiculous. juan, to your earlier point, the reality is when donald trump was running for president, you have the majority of americans who felt that this country was on the wrong track, even the majority of americans who felt that their children or grandchildren were going to inherit a nation that was less good off than the one that they have enjoyed. that was what donald trump meant by make america great again. let's make america great, strong, let's rebuild the country economically. >> lease, you go back to win george w. bush won in 2004, a majority of people thought that it was going in the wrong direction. that is not the measure. i thought that america is great when it can beat the nazis, the access is bill o'reilly says. i don't think that also means that you can't. lead to finding what the civil rights movement said, a double beat, victory
5:27 pm
abroad and victory at home against racism and discrimination. >> bill: as that woman implied, juan, you can't say that america, if you say make america great again, again, goes back to the '80s, that is a vision of the trump people, you can't do it because it was inequality in certain times. america was great. in freeing the world from hitler. however, back home, things weren't that great for minorities. but you have to put everything into perspective. and that woman doesn't. she condemns her country and i didn't like it. >> good debate. i just ask you to realize that people who are blacks, latinos, given what you said about immigrants, -- >> come on, juan. >> bill: you guys continue among ourselves. we have to take a break. plenty more ahead. "the factor" moves along the seasoning. racial politics are hurting the usa.
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later, watters in times square on new year's eve. speak about is the biggest mistake you made in 2016? >> not watching you on tv enough. >> that's the best answer i heard all day. >> bill: we hope you stay tuned for those reports. for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that.
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>> bill: as you just heard, there is no let up and playing a race card by the far left. of course, and our americans growing dumb to it or will they get worse in 2017? here they are, new year's guys. i am so tired of this, greg gutfeld, i really am. i take it personally, not a trump supporter, per se, never endorsed him, or anything like that, i think i gave him a fair shot and a program. the interviews were tough, as many people pointed out. however, i know a lot of people who supported donald trump. and i am supposed to sit here and allow them to be called a racist? >> because they are. you know what it is? liking donald trump is not
5:32 pm
liking obama of 2016. remember, if you did like obama come out you were racist. now, if you like trumka but you. >> come asked me when you are double racist. >> you are racist cubed. it is called a race man power it has is to throw accusations of bigotry out you play the great thing about 2016, 2016 is the kryptonite, took away the power from race man. that is why they are imploding everywhere because of the more the boy cried wolf -- >> bill: do you really think they are imploding, though? >> every time you employ mockery again someone calling you a racist, they fail, and do create three new trump supporters. >> bill: what do you say? >> he is actually right about that. the accusation, leveling that accusation is so overused. look, they had alan did generous with a racist in 2016. i mean, -- >> bill: the bolt thing, she did a cartoon. >> the last refuge of a skunk with no argument. they want to leverage it against out donald trump, they won, they
5:33 pm
are frustrated. i don't think it is going to stick by it >> bill: that they are not going to stop. >> they are not going to stop but he can chip away at it slowly. look, you had jim brown over at trump tower talking nice about donald trump. i understand bill and hillary clinton will go to the inauguration. >> bill: that is what i hear. >> slowly, if he improves the economy and the inner cities, they can chip away at it. they will always use it. they use it against bush, a compassionate conservative. they had george bush 43 drinking black people behind in chains behind a pickup truck come if you are a member that created as a playbook that they always go back to. but when the people are seeing and are sick and tired of. >> bill: per se, to our interview with charles krauthammer at the top of interview, this plays into the difficulty of bucking inaugural talent. because these entertainers, not the brightest people, many of them, and the world, the blacks aren't going to like me if i show up or the hispanics are going to like me. so, i got to sit this one out because there are all that. >> it's about to their peers.
5:34 pm
they are actually being punished by the people that they compete against. if a musician says they're going to go on, then, commuting goes on twitter and says, you're a r. so, it is more about their being intimidated by the people and their own profession. most people -- >> bill: look, i guy like andrea andre about charlie and the trump campaign says it didn't invite him, meanwhile, a disabled immigrant, anyway, it looks like there is some truth to the fact that mr. bo charlie is frightened. frightened because he is a friend of trent. why wouldn't he go sing a couple songs? >> nobody wants to be accused of that. you are right about that, it is such an onerous accusation to have slapped against you. but again, the reason why they hate trump so much is that he is not cowed by, he actually just fights back. he doubles down. that is why they really hate donald trump. >> bill: it's not working. i will see that point. >> i'm happy to perform there, by the way. >> bill: what would you exactly do? >> i'm a plate spinner. it is amazing. i can spend place with every
5:35 pm
part of my body. >> bill: i heard. we really don't want that image ingrained. i heard that you will bring back -- >> i will. the little italian mouse. he is quite adorable. i hide him. >> this is how trump can curb the hate come if he can transition to a woman. i think that would solve everything. >> bill: you mean, he could become a woman? >> donald trump. great class. he would look damn good in a dress. i mean, use the stairmaster. >> bill: i don't think that is going to happen. >> it is possible. >> another way to chip away, stupid, frivolous charges of racism. >> bill: less and on that note. it is not possible. when we come back of a new survey says they there more conservatives in america than liberals, but the trends are changing. watters going wild on new year's eve.
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>> bill: thank you for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. ideology. according to a gallup survey, 36% of the american adult population now describe themselves as conservative. 25% as neoliberal. 34%, moderate. five years ago, the number was 40% conservative, 21% liberal, 35% moderate. so, the left is gaining. the question is, why? joining us now from seattle, conservative radio talk show host michael medvedev, author of the new book, the american miracle. michael, are you surprised that the liberal trend is on the rise and why do you think it is going on? >> i don't think it is going up very much. mostly, does on the rise among democrats. in other words, what is
5:40 pm
happening, people who are moderate have left the democratic party and have gone over to the republican party or to to no identification. what you really are seeing is more and more democrats who are now okay with gay marriage are now okay with legalized marijuana, are now okay with transgendered issues, now, okay with abortion on demand. so, all of a sudden, the word "liberal" doesn't have that stigma that it once did. but let's be clear. 75% of the american electorate, even according to the new gallup poll, are not deliverable. they are moderate. >> bill: but if for point rise in the liberal identification, a four-point drop in conservative, tells me, this is why i think it is happening, the media, which is more unrelentingly liberal today than it was five years ago, it is really everywhere, entertainment, news, even sports, even sports.
5:41 pm
the media moving left and promoting the left point of view, that's why this, the dial is moving, i think. >>ays been that way. >> bill: not as overt as it is now. >> i would suggest it is every bit as overt as it is now. the media, for instance, in terms of the gay rights agenda, has been very, very energetic on that issue for very many years. the point about this is that the solid base of conservatism has not been dented or damage. in the last two elections, the exit polls show that 34% and 35% of americans describe themselves as conservative, still, an 11-point game on liberals. here is the thing. liberals cannot win without winning overwhelming percentages of moderates. and more and more of the democratic party coming over to the extreme left, but you are talking about come with a tougher time they are going to have winning those moderates tht they need to win, conservatives
5:42 pm
can win win might come as trump said, without winning moderates. trump came closer among moderates. >> bill: it's a good point that in order to regain power, because you know that senator from massachusetts, elizabeth warren, is going to run for president. she has already billed the days. bernie, i don't think bernie sanders, i don't think he will do it again. but she well. all right, there is no outreach to moderates from elizabeth warren. it's like, wall street is evil, everybody exploits -- trump is a racist, as we just talked about, there is no outreach. you are right, to be very hard for her to get traction. i do believe there is a sensibility. you see it in the marijuana thing. in your state. you see it.
5:43 pm
>> sure. >> bill: 15 years ago, most americans were against marijuana. now, it has been glorified by the media and accepted by the media, so, the kids, the younger people go, there is nothing wrong with marijuana. we have a study out of colorado that says that if you spoke marijuana every day that you will be in serial serious physical trouble. that just came off. go ahead. >> that is absolutely true. the point is, donald trump cuts beyond all of this. you may notice, he does not wrap himself in the term "conservative." donald trump is about winning. he is about pragmatism. it is about results. in all of this is going to matter how many people in gallup say i am liberal, whatever that means, however navy will say conservative, moderate. not what is going to matter as if trump convinces americans of the country is moving in the right direction. >> bill: that is all economics. you have to see that his appointments, cabinet appointments, have been conservative and he will appoint a conservative supreme court justice nominee. so, -- >> absolutely. >> bill: he does doesn't descre himself that way, all of his actions are tailored to the right. now, i want you to tell everybody why they should buy your book, "american miracle." what is the miracle? >> the miracle is the mere
5:44 pm
existence of this country and the fact that a group of very struggling, straggling colonies ended up being the dominant nation in the world. it is no accident. the subtitle of the book is "divine providence on the rise of the republic." america is the product not of random evolution or a series of accidents or a series of happy accidents. america is the product of a plan. all our founders, all of our leaders, including jackson and lincoln, reagan, and even barack obama, have conceded there is some kind of higher power guiding american destiny. i love the quote by bismarck, he says, "i know that god grants special protection for imbeciles, lost children, drunkards, and the united states of american." made that continue. >> bill: identified is good company, but it's a good quote. michael, thank you very much. watters on deck. he's roaming around times square on new year's eve. you can watch what happens next.
5:45 pm
thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck.
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>> bill: back to the book segment, "watters' world," jesse watters is working on new year's eve. not exactly sure what he is doing in times square, but he was there. and he did double duty for us. ♪ >> where are you from? >> whales in the uk. >> you are welsh? >> so am i. >> brother from another mother. what was the biggest mistake you made in 2016? >> following other people's opinions. >> like, whatever once it how the roof is going to win?
5:49 pm
>> [laughs] >> what was the biggest mistake you made in 2016? >> not watching you want to be enough. >> best answer i heard all day. >> who are you going to kiss at midnight? >> it might be you, so, watch out. >> so, you are telling me there is a chance? [laughs] >> who are you going to kiss when the ball drops? >> got any suggestions? ♪ >> i never felt so alive. ♪ >> so, what do you think is going to happen in 2017? >> i would say -- >> against the iranians? >> i don't know, can it? what is that? i don't even know what it is? >> alien invasion, for sure. >> we already had the alien invasion, have you ever seen james carville? >> an x-ray of my skeleton looks just like me. >> wanted do you think is going to happen in 2017? >> world peace. [laughs]
5:50 pm
>> it is going to be a beautiful year filled with love and acceptance, i'm sure of it. >> did you read that on a hallmark card? >> i am looking forward to traveling more and may be having a baby. >> named the baby jesse, it's a good name. >> he kind of looks like a baby. >> good vibes, happiness. good blessings in 2017. >> wait, wait. is that french? we don't speak french in "watters' world" ." >> what do you think is going to happen in 2017? >> i'm going to meet the love of my life. >> may be he is here tonight. >> may be he could be, you never know. >> not necessarily. ♪ >> which celebrity is going to melt down next year? >> probably zac efron. >> why do you say that? >> i think it's his time. >> bought? >> which celebrity do you think is going to have a major meltdown in 2017? >> mariah carey.
5:51 pm
>> how do you think donald trump is going to handle 2017? >> i'm hopeful that he is able to bring people together in the end. >> hopefully, he gets impeached and the democrats don't have the house. >> we have to support our president whether or not we voted for him. >> what do you think is going to happen to bill o'reilly in 2017? >> let's all hope bill is okay. >> have you read any bill o'reilly's books? >> "killing lincoln,," i read part of it. >> what happens at the end? >> i didn't read the end. >> anything you want to tell bill o'reilly for the new year? >> who is bill o'reilly? >> bill o'reilly. >> exactly. >> check, please. >> bill: watters, the lady predicted the mariah carey melt on. what, eight hours before the fact? >> pretty much. >> praise figure where you they, did you see her? >> i was home at that point. i was off at ten. i had to get out of here for the
5:52 pm
ball to drop. >> bill: you had a curfew. >> had a curfew after what happened last year. >> bill: most people seemed optimistic, that is good. >> some of them seemed optimistic and a lot of them were upset because they had been standing in the freezing cold since 9:00 a.m. with no food and no restrooms. but i think they perked up when they saw me, obviously. >> number one, it wasn't freezing, took 45 degrees at midnight. >> you know what i mean by cold, though. >> don't ask me when i know. number two, you are in times square. there are restaurants around. you can get some food. >> they were ordering pizza delivery, domino's. once you are in, you are in. you never go to times square? >> bill: i am afraid. it frightens me. when i saw mariah carey, i was terrified. i didn't know what was going to happen. >> i think she was just as terrified. >> bill: i don't know whether she knew where she was. i mean, did you see it? >> she was part of the alien invasion. >> bill: that's right come a couple people feel there is going to be an alien invasion. that's what makes america a great place. watters, i want to remind everybody that watters, and ten days, will make his debut in
5:53 pm
this bin stops your live show with dennis miller and myself. that will be in tulsa, oklahoma, how lucky can you get to be there, january 13th. also, a few tickets remain for their shows in omaha, nebraska, tacoma, washington, later on in march. check it all out on back to the "tip of the day," a resolution that you have to hear. "tip" moments away as a "the factor" continues all across the usa and all around the world. only new alka-seltzer plus free of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels delivers the powerful cold symptom relief you need without the unnecessary additives you don't. loudspeaker: clean up, aisle 4. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels.
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>> a new year's resolution that should be important to you. we see some very good news on january 1st. a dominant number one across the board in 2016, we thank you all for that. the number one adult hardback book of the year by a wide
5:56 pm
margin. we are very pleased, we understand it's all because of you guys. bloomfield hills, michigan. i'm tired of both the meaningless news from both the far left and the far right. where do you suggest we get our news, bill? the economist magazine is left editorially, but it's news coverage is pretty accurate. it tells the truth but the 60 minutes 6060 minutes crew works hard. not an easy thing to find fair and balanced news. that's our slogan here, i think fox news tries hard to provide that. mark campbell of mason, ohio. you support global warning, two
5:57 pm
of my least favorite subjects. an educational issue, one i cannot possibly define with any accuracy. global warming is real but no one knows whether it's a natural cycle situation, man-made, or a combination of both. i always say that clean climate is best, we should all work towards that and stop the political garbage. greg russell, someone needs to tell donald trump to stop being a battle largest. a person who repeats words. i've never used that because i can barely say that. a person who over uses certain words. his message got through. from bellevue, washington, is a retired military officer. he thought he was impressed by the accuracy of the book.
5:58 pm
i appreciate that. being a new bill o'reilly reader, i do not want to end. o'reilly, nice pickup by you, warner. when i said it i corrected it later. but i am sorry about that. finally tonight, a new year's resolution that you should hear. social security payments are going to have to change in the next few years, the government is out of a lot of money and needs to pay its obligations. that means that many of us will get less money from the government even though we paid into this thematic the social security fund for decades.
5:59 pm
it will not be met by the feds in the future. here's the resolution. starting today, save as much money as he possibly can. you have to do it methodically. start off with putting 5% of your net income every month in the bank. i know you are not getting a lot of interest but just put it there. then get it up to 10%. i know it's but if you will be much better off in the future. protect yourself. put money away. the social security thing is coming. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site. also, we would like you to be able to watch the factor from anywhere in the world. tomorrow, we are going to get into chicago and san francisco. murder rate in chicago. nobody doing anything about it.
6:00 pm
san francisco's property crime. crazy. we are going to tell you why it is happening. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly, as always remember, the spin stops here. >> breaking tonight with just over two weeks until president-elect donald trump is sworn in and before he takes in a single act of president, democrats are mobilizing to block delay and obstruct his agenda. welcome to the demonic "the kelly file" everybody, i am megyn kelly convening for the first time. and after mr. thompson inauguration, the republicans will control the white house and congress since 2007. for their part, democrats are trying to ensure that this new unified government gets off to a slow start. as that party senate


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