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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 4, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> iraqi start of the new congress and a possible preview of what's to come with the new administration as house republicans crackdown -- this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. it was anything but regular order at the start of the 115th session of congress. today the house majority scrapped plans to got an independent ethics panel after president-elect donald trump sent out a couple tweets aimed at his own party. the about-face by house republicans came less than 24 hours after a closed-door meeting to adopt the measure.
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mike emanuel is on capitol hill where it was more than just pomp and circumstance today on the first day of the new congress. >> good evening. the 115th congress is up and running but there was some drama after president-elect trump criticized an early move by house republicans. last night behind closed doors, republican lawmakers voted to reform the outside office of congressional ethics as it considered its rules for the new congress. this morning majority leader kevin mccarthy was forced to defend a move he opposed. >> it doesn't get dissolved. i am not in favor of dissolving it. i was not in favor of moving forward in the rules package with it because i thought we should take it by itself and a bipartisan manner because there are people on both sides of the aisle that would support these reforms. the ethics committee will still be there. >> the trouble came this morning when president-elect trump flexed muscle on twitter. "with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the
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independent ethics watchdog? as unfair as it may be, focus on so many other things of far greater importance" shortly before gambling in at noon, house republicans reversed themselves, dropping plans for now on modifying the independent ethics panel. the office of congressional ethics investigated maxine waters, who was ultimately cleared by the house ethics committee after a three-year investigation and a $1 million legal bill for taxpayers. some g.o.p. members called it an unforced error in terms of timing, especially since democrats have complaints about the group. >> there are members who believe they needed revisions. there need to be some changes. i voted against this particular amendment because of the oversight language that i thought was a bit ambiguous and needed further clarification. >> nancy pelosi pounds saying "reversing their plans to destroy the office of
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congressional ethics will not obscure their contempt for ethics and the people's house. once again the american people have seen the toxic dysfunction of a republican house that will do anything to further their special interest agenda for transparency and undermine the public trust." there was no drama on the vote for house speaker with paul ryan being reelected as expected. he told members this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> the people have given us unified government, and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they want result results. >> in terms of delivering results, republicans are getting started on repealing obamacare. vice president-elect mike pence is due here tomorrow at the same time president obama will be meeting with democrats about trying to save it. >> bret: mike emanuel live on capitol hill. the president-elect spent the day new york, putting the finishing touches on his cabinet and once again calling out big business with 140 characters.
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correspondent peter doocy reports on trump's latest moves. >> the president-elect showed today he has no problem making an example out of an american company he thinks he is trying to make money here on products made elsewhere. he tweeted "general motors is sending model tax-free or cross-border, making usa or pay big border tax." tweets like that have moved markets in the past. just ask boeing and lockheed martin. gm quickly responded like this. "general motors manufacturers this chevrolet cruze sedan in ohio. all chevrolet cruze sedans in the u.s. are built in ohio. gm builds the chevrolet cruze hatchback for global markets in mexico with a small number sold in the u.s.." gm didn't mention the lordstown ohio plant they are touting is
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about to lose about a thousand jobs. because gas is cheap, people aren't clamoring for fuel-efficient cars. one american car company was being criticized, another was being praised. ford announced it's not going forward with the new plant in mexico. it has instead chosen to invest $700 million in the michigan facility. >> you look at what ford is doing. they are building billions of dollars worth of plants in mexico. i want them to build the plants in the united states. >> the move saved about 700 jobs. the ceo says executives in the boardroom have been paying attention to what is true trump has set on the trail. >> when we look at some of the tax and regulatory reforms that he's been talking about, that gives us a lot of confidence. this is a vote of confidence that he can deliver on those things. >> the promise of better trade deals helped trump gain steam during the primaries. u.s. trade rep, a cabinet level
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job in an administration looking to stimulate economic growth in a way no president has before. >> i've never seen a president in the modern era go after specific companies like donald trump has and trying to embarrass them into getting some changes which he has been able to do. i -- i think this is without precedent. >> news is breaking that someone mr. trump has fired before on "the apprentice" may be hired for a job at his white house. being considered for a position in the trump administration. she was one of his earliest and most enthusiastic endorsers. >> bret: u.s. manufacturing activity hit a two year high in december, showing a positive sign for economic growth. the institute for supply management says the manufacturing index came in at
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54.7 last month, the highest ratings in sand of 2014. any reading over 50 signals growth. the markets ended the day in the green. the dow was up 119, just shy of the elusive 20,000 mark. s&p 500 rose 19. nasdaq finished ahead, 46. will the dow hit the 20,000 mar mark? this claimant joins me now with a look at the numbers. good evening, liz. >> it gave us a scare, actually. at one point we were up 176 points. then we lost nearly all of the gains and then as you saw, we ended with a pretty sizable move to the upside of about 119 points. in between, 11 people were saying wait a minutes. as january goes, so goes the rest of the year. that's an old saying i want your viewers to forget. it used to be that you could divine how the entire stock market would perform over the
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entire year by looking at the first five days of january. last year, it's completely blew the theory to smithereens. january endured a 5.5% loss and then what did we see? had you sold on that, thinking that that would color the rest of the year, you would've missed out on major gains. dow ended up adding about 13%. even the small and mid caps saw a 20% gain which was a great performance. you really have to look at the moment with what we've got. that is serious optimism coming from a trump presidency. 17 days away from the inauguration. we have seen incredible returns on the markets on the belief that donald trump will be business-positive by cutting taxes. he was sliced regulations. this is what he said he will do and instituting a pretty big infrastructure spending plan. all those things together give people optimism and it tends to
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have a decent velocity effect. perhaps that's what we go on in the moment. you look at the wilshire 5000, which is a bigger index than the s&p 500. since donald trump was elected, the day after, it added $1.7 trillion to the index. you go without, looks pretty good. >> quickly, liz, you look at the progrowth focus that the markets are looking at with the trump administration. you might -- might not be great for all stocks. he took on general motors, hast taken on other companies. what does this say about the power of the president-elect's tweets? >> major power. you saw it today. he took on general motors. he wants any cars made south of the border that are coming back into the u.s. from american companies, he says too bad, folks. you don't get a free ride. you've got to pay a border tax. initially general motors started
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to fall and then it managed to eke out just under 1% gain. we have seen other stocks like united technologies, the parent of carrier, before it found the trump religion and promised to bring these jobs back to the u.s. we saw bostock start to falter. there is huge power and what donald trump is able to do when he takes on those companies. you can bet other companies are ducking and covering. florida said we are not going to open that plant in mexico but there are many companies that have operations elsewhere that are based in the u.s. can you take on each one? it's going to be hard. >> bret: liz, thank you. another forceful response from the controversial head of wikileaks who said the obama administration is connecting dots where there aren't any. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports on a new round of finger-pointing. >> in an exclusive interview,
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the head of wikileaks said russia was not his source. >> can you tell the american people 1000% you did not get it from russia or anybody associated with russia? >> we can say, we have said repeatedly over the last few months, that our source is not the russian government. and it it is not states parties. >> assange sought refuge in the ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition on sexual assault allegations said president obama is not being straight with the american people. >> he is acting like a lawyer. if you look at his statements, he doesn't say that. he doesn't say wikileaks obtained its information from russia, worked with russia. >> on the recent analysis released by the bureau and homeland security, limning the russian civilian and military intelligence services, assange said the evidence is weak. >> what was missing from those statements, the word of
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wikileaks. very strange. >> i am still waiting to be briefed by the fbi and dhs. >> he has no doubts about moscow's aggressive activities in cyberspace. homeland security declassified this map showing infrastructure. >> we suspect that russia might potentially have malware in different systems. >> on friday, "the washington post" reported that a vermont power grid was breached by russian hackers. over the weekend the story was corrected. a laptop that was not attached contain malicious code. in a telephone interview, the hacker who first exposed hillary clinton's use of a private email for government business at the allegations are overblown because of cold war sensitivities. >> americans are crazy about the russians.
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it's like, i don't know. it's a hysteria. >> cei director john brennan cast doubts on the claims made by julian assange saying that the report requested by the president president will it's plain what happened. >> the intelligence report could be ready as early as this week. there is a desire to make parts of the report public. >> bret: thank you. the white house continues to stand by the intelligence community and blaming russia over the election-related hacks and the punishment of the administration told out. critics wonder what made the obama administration finally move on sanctions when it barely reacted to a hack on more than 20 million government employees that was linked directly to china. kevin corke has some answers tonight from the white house. >> materially different, that is how white house officials described allegations of hacking conducted by the chinese and russian governments, a distinction that guided the
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obama administration's public rebuke of russia for its alleged meddling in the run-up to the 26 election and it's almost muted response to the chinese opium hack that compromise their private information of tens of millions of americans. >> i'm not suggesting that somehow that's not a barn. what i am saying is that it is materially different than the kind of hack and leak strategy we saw the russians engage in to try to influence our democracy. >> to suggest the u.s. response wasn't was in contrast would be an understatement. >> what we can do is warn other countries against these kinds of attacks. we have done that in the past. >> experts suggest the strategy for china was a year's worth long series of diplomatic and legal efforts, and far cry from the decision to humiliate moscow.
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>> their optics that are critically important to be able to back up their assertions about the russian cyber operations against american political entities. >> there have been conflicting reports about russia's involvement, analysts believe the white house had little choice but to make an example out of the kremlin. >> the notion that you have to wait for absolute proof about something before you act is a bad formula to use in international relations. you never have absolute proof. if you are simply waiting for more information, more intelligence, you are letting events dictate your policy rather than you dictating it. >> senior administration officials say the crux of their argument is this. the russians tried to weaponize the use of the data to influence the u.s. election. they add that the u.s. response is not over yet. >> >> bret: kevin, thank you. the false reporting by "the washington post" mentioned
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in catherine heritage's story, the possibility that russia hacked into the electrical grid raises questions. fox news media analyst howard kurtz is here with whether the story was founded for a case of media hysteria. how did it all come to pass? >> "the washington post" ran a dramatic headline. u.s. officials say the paper said the discovery of the computer code associated with russian hackers reflected a potentially serious vulnerability for america's electric grid. pat lahey called a threat to vermont. the story began short-circuiting. >> the post acknowledge problems with the story? >> slowly. 90 minutes after the piece was posted online the utility said, as we heard, only a single line of malware was found that one laptop not connected to the burlington grid.
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the post should have waited for the response and they softened the headline. the next day the newspaper acknowledged that the original story incorrectly said russian hackers had penetrated the u.s. electric grid which brings us to the story today that essentially amounts to a complete retractio retraction. >> bret: how much of the original story? >> here's the headline. russian government hackers do not appear to have targeted vermont utility say people close to the investigation. the paper said that line of suspicion code may have been benign. every key element of the first story was wrong. some media outlets have pounced on the post. "forbes" magazine calling the story fake news. >> bret: thank you. donald trump's former presidential rival will be in attendance at his inauguration later this month. aides to hillary and bill clinton confirmed the couple will be there on january 20th. also attending will be former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush,
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former president jimmy carter will be there too but we are told george h.w. bush will not attend due to health reasons. up next, they fight for utah land and the steep climb facing critics of what they say was a land grab by the obama administration. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. salt lake city, a security captured a 2-year-old boy rescuing his twin brother after a dresser fell over. the twins parents say they were upstairs when the incident happened and did not discover that one of the boys had been trapped until reviewing the camera footage. despite their son being okay, the parents say they have posted the video online to remind others of the dangers of not securing furniture to the wall. fox six in burlington birmingh, a possible tornado caused 4 out of 5 weather-related deaths. severe storms swept across the south in the panhandle. this is alive look from our
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affiliate in atlanta. the the big story there, they bn of adults smoking in the car when children are present. the ban could be taken up as early as next week. representative scott says she knows such a law would be difficult to enforce but said the goal is about education. that's two nights live look outside the beltway from "special report."
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with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> utah's attorney general's promising a fight over land
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designated a national monument last week by president obama. the ag says a lawsuit is in the works over the 1.3 million acres in the southeastern part of the state. william la jeunesse reports on the controversy over bayer's ears. >> this canyon is an indian ruins site. >> president obama recently set aside more than a million acres in utah as the bears ears national monuments. as a designation under attack. hundreds of utah residents rallied against the monument calling it a land grab to satisfy presidents environmental allies while restricting access, grazing, and development. >> we will have a comment when we file the lawsuit. utah's newest attorney general faces a challenge. >> i think to be fair the case would have to go to the supreme court of the united states. >> previous attempts to unwind
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national monument declarations have have failed. bears ears is smaller but contains unique artifacts. >> he's in a class all of his own if you compare to other art. >> they admit the petroglyphs deserve protection. >> hoping trump can repeal this. >> the utah claim is unusual. comes with the governor support in the new president not beholden to tradition. >> we are in a new day. if the attorney general suze or the nevada attorney general suze, i think they're going to get a different response from the president of the united states. >> it removes the land from oil and gas development. they >> bret: the president-elect's
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challenge to rahm emanuel to ask for help put another spotlight on the city plagued with violence. the new year got off to a violent start with more than 40 people shot over the holiday weekend. tonight we report from chicago on the problems facing the city's police department. >> president-elect donald trump is taking on chicago mayor rahm emanuel over the cities violence. trump tweeting "chicago murder rate is record-setting." if mayor can't do it, he must ask for federal help. this week's after the mayor emmanuelle met with the president-elect. his spokesperson replying to the tweet saying "as the president-elect knows from his conversation with the mayor, we agreed that the federal government has a strong role to play in public safety.
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in 2016 more people were killed in chicago then new york and l.a. combined. >> this is a chicago problem. >> he had led the african-american community. >> were going to continue to see carnage. >> he says he reached out to trump during the campaign but didn't hear back. he agrees chicago needs federal funding. >> and there is a fire, hurricane, tornado, they call a state of emergency. federal funds come in and help rebuild the town. we have a state of emergency in chicago. >> in the crowd, the reverend jesse jackson calling for a white house conference on violence. chicago's crime problem is complex. a illegal guns, gang battles, te city's exclusive agreement with the aclu that ended stop and frisk.
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low police morale. the city's top cop says it's time to get tough. >> if you pick up a gun and use it, you will be held accountable. right now we don't do that. >> rahm emanuel recently cleared the funding to add 1,000 new officers to the streets. cpd is under investigation by the department of justice for misconduct in this city awaits its ruling. >> bret: president-elect donald trump is called the united nations a waste of time and money and nothing more than a clever people to hang out. today the un's new secretary-general says he isn't concerned about the president-elect remarks. antonio gutierrez said today he is focused on getting countries to come together to solve the problems the world is facing, including terrorism, human rights violations, poverty, and inequality. one of the many challenges the president-elect will confront as soon as he is sworn in on january 20th, and by many accounts the most dangerous, is
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north korea's accelerating drive towards a nuclear weapon and nuclear weapons capability. on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile. as chief washington correspondent james rosen reports, the president-elect is hardly waiting until january 20th to let pyongyang knows where he stands on the issue. >> and his new year's day address on state run tv, north korean dictator kim jong-un delivered the usual broadsides at america. >> we should terminate meddling of the united states and other foreign powers who aim for an asian-pacific invasion by controlling south korea. >> worse was kim's claim to have reached the final stages of testing for an intercontinental ballistic missile. if true, it would mean the stalinist regime in pyongyang which conducted two underground nuclear test last year would soon be able to strike the mainland u.s. with a rocket capable of carrying a miniaturized nuclear warhead.
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>> i believe north korea could fire a missile that could hit the united states today, and i mean at least the west coast of the united states, with a rocket that qualifies as an icbm. north korea probably has not perfected the technology for a reentry vehicle for the warhead and the technology for a guidance system. >> at the state department, officials declined to say whether kim was bluffing about long-range missiles but did assess his progress on warheads. >> we do not believe that he at this point in time has the capability to tip one of these with a nuclear warhead. >> at the pentagon, officials acknowledge that america's own missile defense system designed to shoot down an icbm carrying a nuclear weapon last tested successfully in 2014. >> given the aspects of our broader missile defense system, our layered system, we feel confident in our ability to deter this threat and protect
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american citizens. >> president-elect trump greeted kim's claims with one of his tweets, writing "north korea just stated it's in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen." mr. trump followed up that tweet with another in which he criticized china for refusing to rein in the nuclear ambitions of its client state in pyongyang. the chinese foreign ministry denied doing nothing on the north korean account and called on all sides to avoid aggravating the issue. >> bret: james rosen live at the state department. there is frightening new video tonight showing the face of the suspected killer of 39 people at a turkish nightclub over the new year. at least 14 people have been detained so far in connection with the attack, but the killer remains at large. john huddy reports on the hunt for an assassin. >> in a 44-second recording what appears to be a selfie video, the suspected gunman responsible for the new year's day massacre in turkey is seen circling the
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square and stumble with a menacing look. turkish police have not confirmed the authenticity of the video. tonight we are learning more details about the attack and the ongoing investigation. police reportedly know who the killer is, having used his fingerprints, pictures, and video to i.d. him, including the surveillance video from the entrance of the nightclub where the new year's party turned into a nightmare. the cheers and celebration became screams and cries for help early sunday morning when the killer stormed the nightclub. according to turkish police, unloaded 180 rounds into the crowd. isis claimed responsibility for the attack, calling the gunman a soldier of the caliphate. turkish officials described him as a highly professional assassin. his name is still unknown. hundreds of people marched
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outside the nightclub today condemning the violence and, like this man, saying they will not surrender to isis. of the 39 people killed, 27 were foreign nationals. >> we are very sad about the 27 foreign nationals who, despite the warnings of their government, believed turkey was a safe place. >> tonight, the train and bus stations, airports, border crossings remain on high alert. the hope is that this new year's day killer is still in turkey and has not already slipped across the border into syria. >> bret: john huddy, thank you thank you. more detainees will be transferred from the detention center at guantanamo bay. the white house said today to expect additional transfers to be announced before president obama leaves office. the news comes on the heels of a tweet from president-elect trump this morning in which he wrote "there should be no further releases from gitmos. these are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed
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back onto the battlefield." they expect a transfer of nearly 20 more detainees before inauguration day. customs and border patrol officials say all systems are up and running after a four hour outage at airports monday across the country. travelers waited in long lines after a problem with the processing system for international passengers monday. customs and border patrol say there is an initial investigation showing that a problem with the changes to software used to process travelers, and now that issue has been resolved. during that outage, border agents processed travelers using alternative procedures until the system came back online. president-elect donald trump gets congress to change his course of action even before he gets into the oval office. we'll explain. the all-star panel weighs in on the power play
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>> i want to say to the american people we hear you. we will do right by you, and we will deliver. to the minority, i want to say this. we've never shied away from our disagreements, and i do not expect anyone to do so now. but however bright of a contrast that we draw between us, it must never lined us to the common ground that we share. >> house democrats pledged to seek common ground wherever we can. to forge a bipartisan path forward on jobs creating infrastructure, to make taxes and foreign trade fair to american workers. >> bret: without, the 115th congress went into session but not before some drama. today you had a situation where the house republicans reversed themselves. last night they went into closed session and they decided to abandon this ethics, independent
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ethics group outside of the congressional ethics committee. the office of congressional ethics. then donald trump on twitter said this. "with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog, as unfair as it is, may be their number one acton priority. focus on tax reform, health care, and so many other things of far greater importance." from the president-elect twitter feed. house republicans abandon it. everybody -- not everybody was happy about it. >> this decision that was made by the house conference last night was an objective decision made on the activities of the oce that unjustly target members of congress, and they should not be subjected to anonymous complaints that are acted upon by a body that leaks that information out to the public and they have to defend themselves in the public. that's unjust. i think we should have gone
1:39 am
forward and i'm going to push for the full disbandment and abolishment of the oce. >> bret: it was a rocky start. let's bring it in our panel. laura ingraham, charles lane, and charles krauthammer. what about this rollout, abolishment of this office and what it looked like? >> it was disastrous timing and messaging. for the first moment out of the gate, they have the story out there. when i saw this this morning, i thought to myself, you've got to be kidding me. donald trump just won this startling victory based on draining the swamp. once again, i think the substance on this side, which i think steve king has that point about out this anonymous complaint and so forth. just in the storytelling aspect, the story you are telling to the american people after donald trump wins, this upset victory, is that we are going to
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change the ethics office so that it's fairer to congress. he was absolutely right to come out as he did. i had marsha blackburn on today at 10:30. she had a hard time defending it on timing and messaging. she agreed that the republicans bungled these things time and again. trump reads the pulse of the people again better than the rank-and-file republican on capitol hill. paul ryan voted against this, we understand. but he wasn't able to turn enough votes. >> the leadership paul ryan and. the house must have a rules package, ultimately accepting the amendment from mccarthy was the only way to assure the passage. i understand the need to do so, i'm wholly disappointed that these important reforms to strengthen due process rights and the mission of the oce did not move forward. gross misrepresentation by opponents of my amendment and
1:41 am
the media willing to go along with this agenda resulted in a flurry of misconceptions and unfounded claims about the true purpose of the amendment. he's trying to get to defending it for but the bottom-line is t the president-elect's twitter account changed the outcome. >> he seems to change quite a few things with tweets. there's a plant in indiana that's going to have more people working at it because of some tweets. this is a really interesting unforced error because the history of this office goes back to the last time the democrats took over the congress back when george w. bush was still president. nancy pelosi had the slogan "drain the swamp." and proceeded the movement by the democrats. they put in the office. as it develops, quite a few democrats ran afoul of this. >> there was bipartisan opposition to this. >> precisely my point.
1:42 am
my point being that i don't understand how the republicans couldn't find a way to maybe wait a little while and work with the democrats on something in common because there are quite a few democrats who privately agree with what they've done, even while they are publicly making a lot of hay out of it. >> on the senate side, the top democrat there, chuck schumer, talking about the president-elect's communication. >> these issues are too important for mere words. our challenge is to entrenched for mere tweeting. making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> bret: charles. >> sore loser. the tweets are working. if they weren't, they wouldn't
1:43 am
be using them. as chuck indicated, trump has used it on north north korea, general motors, ford. it works. it has a lot of effect. he's not even in office. i think when he is in office, it will be a little more problematic because people will be presuming policy out of this, and it's hard to be -- it's hard to be detailed or specific enough in a tweet to actually make coherent policy periods >> bret: nuances top in 140 characters. >> what trump is doing is wielding a two-by-four. he had to do it in the case of the house because these guys are mules. that was about the dumbest first step you could make. this is an issue on which democrats agree there are real problems with this office they wanted to abolish.
1:44 am
the idea of sort of procedure giving people a chance to defend themselves openly. it should be reformed. you don't do it in the middle of the night. you don't do it as a first act, and you don't do it without democratic support. it's just plain stupid. >> bret: i want to get to the tweets on gm. today the president-elect, general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruze of cross-border. make in usa. pay big border tax. gm released a statement saying general motors manufactures the chevy cruze sedan in lordstown ohio, all chevy cruze sedan sold in the u.s. are built in gm's assembly plant. built hatchback for global markets in mexico. the last line confirms that some of those cars are made in mexico. what about the specific company, kind of going after specific
1:45 am
issues on twitter? >> ultimately the better policy will be corporate tax reform, real regulatory reform that makes the environment here in the united states a lot more hospitable to innovation, job creation. right now he's in this interesting period, 17 days before inauguration. he already has at least symbolically some of these wins on the board. p.r.wise, i think they are good for what he wants to do with a more populist approach to republican policy and also for these companies. they are feeling huge pressure from the public at large. go on message boards, facebook. they were getting hammered on carrier, and the car company. the ceo today said they are doing what's best for their company. i think he was trying to distance the trump tweets as having much of an influence. >> ford watches the tweets and they made the announcement. you saw lockheed, boeing, they
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took a hit in stocks. >> it astonishes me that people are -- the future president is threatening free enterprises with punishment for what is doing -- what is in their best interest in the interest of their stockholders. the only thing more shocking is this mindlessness of the companies who knuckle under. >> it can't go on. you are getting small gains here and there. it obviously is working and portraying the image of trump as a guy who delivers on promises, who wants to protect the working people. in the end, you can't govern this way. these are small pebbles in the pond, and it's got to be larger policy. it worked as president-elect. i don't think it's something he can do as president. >> bret: next up, more on the tweets. this time a look at how foreign
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nations are reacting and specifically north korea. and how dangerous that
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>> the reason we have more than 28,000 troops in south korea right now ready to fight tonight, this is a country that's clearly shown a willingness to threaten the united states, threaten our allies in the region, and we are going to continue to do everything we need you to protect ourselves from that threat. >> he, as president of the united states, wants to stand between them and the missile capabilities which experts say could be deployed to reach seattle. >> bret: they are talking about more tweets, this time on foreign policy. the president-elect thing north korea stated it's in the final stages of developing a
1:51 am
nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen.c . . . e u.s. a one-sided trade, want to help with korea. nice. let's be clear. at the end of that last panel, where we were saying, charles was saying it might not work policy wise long-term but it is working now as far as moving the needle as president-elect. >> well, here's the stark reality. this is going to be, i believe, his first major challenge as commander-in-chief. north korea doesn't get the attention it deserves as a major geopolitical struggle for the united states. since 1953, we've had an armistice with north korea. they were never really ended. we had an armistice. china doesn't want that regime to collapse. if it does, there will be a massive spill over in china. they really haven't done much of anything to help. they don't want the cabbage
1:52 am
patch doll president of north korea, sorry, that's what he looks like. they don't want him to go nuclear but they don't want the ridging to disintegrate. do we want a preemptive war? preemptive strike? obama tried, we want six party talks. that never happened. >> bush tried it too prayed >> madeleine albright was clinking champagne glasses with kim jong il. none of it worked. we are on the brink of perhaps nuclear capability. it's not an easy situation but again, it's not going to be handled necessarily by a tweet. >> here's what the white house said. josh earnest on north korea. >> the intelligence community has previously said that the united states has not seen north korea test or demonstrate the ability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and put it on an icbm. i'm not aware that that assessment has changed. and some of the administration,
1:53 am
the intelligence community officials i have spoken to were not aware that assessment has changed. if it has changed, it w intelli. with regard to the president-elect's tweets, i will let his team explained. >> bret: truck, so far they are not seeing it developed yet but it seems like they're heading that way. they had a lot of tests and failures, north korea has. and they do rattle the saber a lot to try to get deals on food. >> the key question, i guess strategically and militarily, is whether they can load a working nuclear device onto the icbm. that's the threshold they haven't gotten past yet. we have time in that sense but the question is, can we find out that they have that capability before they actually test it and before it's actually kind of out there and ready to go? >> bret: the intel out of north korea is bad. >> very tough. i couldn't really improve on the summary laura gave you of
1:54 am
exactly how difficult this choice is going to be. it's worth remembering that at the very beginning of bill clinton's administration, they came about that close, the clinton administration, to getting into a preemptive war with north korea based on what they perceived the progress to have been at that time, which led to the 20 haven't plus years of failed negotiations we've had since. and if it did come to a conflict with north korea over this, you couldn't say that the united states hasn't given diplomacy a chance. it's been tried and hasn't worked for over 20 years. >> bret: both parties administrations running the white house. if you look around the world, syria, or iran, what's happening all over the middle east, do you see north korea as the biggest threat x neck >> it's a threat to the actual existence of san francisco. syria is an issue but it's not a threat to the lives of a million americans. this regime is completely
1:55 am
unpredictable. our inability to predict nuclear stuff is terrible. we did not predict the russians in '49, the chinese in '64. india or pakistan. we were caught by surprise. there are only three options. one is a preemptive strike on the missile launchers which will inevitably immediately precipitate a land war. they're going to invade south korea. the other is to shoot down the missile using our defensive systems, which we probably can do, although who knows. the democrats have a tendency to go easy on testing the defensive missiles. the third is not what trump thinks, which is economic. it's not going to work on the chinese. we have tried that. there is one thing i believe that will deter them. we announce that we look favorably on japan and south korea acquiring defensive nukes. that will scare the hill out of
1:56 am
the chinese commanded might move them to do something. >> china is the key. >> it always has been. i think charles is right to throw out that option. the old do it with sanctions hasn't worked. the unpredictability might be in his favor. >> bret: next uppppp
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> bret: finally, tonight, there are usually some funny moments as families gather for their ceremonial pictures of loved ones getting it sworn in and the senate and the house. this new congress delivered, as well. >> there you go. >> can you get this? can you get this? >> i used to have and irish catholic grandfather, every time he would walk out the door, he would yell, keep the faith. and my grandmother would yell no, it is spreading. [laughter] >> spread the faith. >> aren't you glad there are not 435 senators? >> bret: that is it for this special report.
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