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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> i wouldn't subscribe to any of the individuals making comments that it's providing the truth, again, this report is going to include what it is that we know about what happened. >> president-elect donald trump continues to push back on assessments and calling for more actual evidence to back it up. he previously stated that he was to receive intelligence briefing regarding hacking campaign but where he had he tweeted the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case, very strange. others reporting that the intelligence briefing was always, in fact, scheduled for friday, though, mr. trump announced yesterday a date for his first long-awaited press conference since winning the election and that will take place one week from today. heather and clayton. heather: a lot of people have been waiting that one for sure.
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clayton: no, press conference next week. heather: thank you. presidential proportion just hours from now in capitol hill. making dueling pitches in the battle over obamacare, but the white house insists that this has nothing to do with preserving the president's legacy. >> the stakes are high. some people might think the president is concerned about the political capital that he has invested in, that's certainly true, but the president's priority and the president's motivation is rooted in looking out for the interest of 22 million americans whose health care will be taken away if republicans repeal the affordable care act. heather: republicans could repeal obamacare with 50 votes in the senate and majority in the house and democrats use the same message to pass much of the law back in 2009. clayton: senate democrats taking aim at president elect cabinet picks, minority leader chuck
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schumer threatening slow-confirmation hearings. >> too many cabinet picks with same hard-right doctrine position that is many in the republican party have held for years the attempt to adopt policies is presidency will not succeed. >> democrats are pushing for a minimum of two days of hearings per cabinet member. that brings us to fox morning karl rove slamming democrats for trying to delay nominations saying that their actions are outrageous, listen. >> there are eight appointees. it's obstructionism, pure and simple. it's an attempt to make it difficult for him to put together a government, make it difficult for him to take early
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actions in critical departments and it is an obstructionism that's jaw dropping. heather: breaking development in the intensifying international manhunt for the turkey nightclub killer. police arresting five isis members overnight in connection with the new year's eve massacre that left 39 people dead. authorities using surveillance video to retrace the suspect's steps leading to the attack and brand-new video showing him at a bus terminal last week. clayton: charles manson hospitalized at this hour, the 82-year-old who orchestrated rampage that sent shock waves through 1960's los angeles to be seriously ill. manson is serving nine life sentences for ordering members of his so-called family to commit a series of gruesome
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murderers. >> i never told anybody to do anything other than what they wanted to do. clayton: high-profile victims, of course, pregnant actress sharon. heather: search for missing 6-year-old colorado body, the body of david has been discovered in an icy pond half a mile away in aurora home. the area around the pond was searched initially but the water itself was not and authorities say that's because there was no bean ice, divers after search dogs led authorities there. a positive id could take a few days. clayton: third fume incident in three months. auditory sock smell filled the cabin, that's like every flight
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and again five days later. eight flight attendants were checked by paramedics after another odor, aircraft out of service pending an investigation. dirty sox' smell. heather: somebody takes their shoes off the flight. clayton: when you're sitting next to that person. heather: that has happened to me, awful. rain snow and dangers cold to talk about. clayton: janice dean with the forecast, good morning, janice. janice: you look comfortable. clayton: absolutely. lisa: janice: oh, my gosh, it's cold. polar express has returned to the lower 48, 12 in chicago, 42 in new york, the cold is on its way but it's going the take its time. the coldest air right now is across the northern rockies, northern plains. upper midwest. the windchill is dangerous,
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minus 240's, minus 30's, that's the danger here and that could air is going to continue to sic southward in the pink there that's below zero and that's going to cover a lot of the country as we go through the next couple of days reaching as far south as the deep south, now, the blue on your screen is below freezing and that's going to hit, you know, areas across the gulf coast, perhaps and that could be a set-up for some southern snow as we get into friday and sat, maybe icing as well. keeping an eye on that. this is going problematic for california. the good news they need the rainfall and snow pack, this is an atmospheric river and it's going to bring the potential for a lot of rainfall and flooding across southern california, even though they need the rain, it might be too much of a good thing. that's an area that we will be watch.
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clayton: atmospheric river. that's the first time i had heard of. janice: meterrology term. that's where they typically get their rainfall of the season, but too much of a good thing can lead to flooding. heather: who needs google when we have janice. >> we can't hear. heather: singer telling entertainment weekly, i'm of the opinion that dick clark would not have let an artist go through that and he oh would have been mortified as i was in realtime. slammed the production company for sabotaged, they set her up to fail after technical issues, they fired back calling the claim, defamatory, outrageous and absurd. clayton: it's a boy for janet jackson, grammy-winner singer
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and husband are thrill today welcome new son esa into the world. first name means jesus in arabic. this50-year-old's jackson first child. heather: good for her. good luck. clayton: absolutely. coming on the show, ten minutes after the hour, one governor taking a page out of bernie sanders' book and asking for free tuition. heather: donald trump unleashing feary on president obama after he released more criminals from guantanamo bay. >> that they're going to have to capture. heather: new warning from our president elect. clayton: awkward paul ryan learns what dabbing is in the middle of his swearing in
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clayton: welcome back, brand-new dash cam shows open fire on a police officer, a traffic stop on a highway in oklahoma. walking into a hail of gunfire, another officer nearby helping colleague who was hit in the leg, he was rushed into the hospital and is okay. the suspect was caught the next day. 6 million-dollar new year's eve jewel heist may have been an inside job, worker might have given the crooks to break into jewelry stores vaults, a police have a clear picture of this guy who looked straight at the camera, smile. heather: well, another parting shot, president obama rush to go empty guantanamo bay releasing
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just days before leaving office. there's nothing the president elect can do about it. live with that and controversy that it has sparked, good morning, jackie. >> good morning, heather, two weeks left in the white house, the president is wasting no time getting dangerous terrorists out of their cells out of guantanamo , mr. trump writing this, quote, there should be no further releases from gitmo, these are extremely dangerous part-time and should not be allowed back to the battle house. president obama will continue to empty house. >> he will have an opportunity to implement the policy that he believes is most effective when he takes office on january 20th. i would expect at this point additional transfers to be announced before january 20th. >> pentagon also standing by
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president obama's to release more detainees. >> the department will carry out obligations under law, all the legal requirements involved and would carry out those as the secretary of defense deems appropriate between now and the end of his term. >> president obama promised to close guantanamo bay before leaving office and unlikely goal at this point, over the past eight years he's release 178 detainees. mr. trump has vow today keep the camp open and fill it with, quote, bad dudes. back to you, guys. heather: thank you, jackie. the closure of guantanamo bay is the hot issue in 2016 election or was and former michigan congressman saying that the american people sided with president-elect donald trump because the threat is real. >> the democrats have announced
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that there are eight appointees, eight nominees to the cabinet that they're going to oppose and delay them as long as till march. this is -- clayton: upcoming inauguration a bitter pill to swallow for two families. just minutes after president george w. bush said they would be attending. clinton decided to show up after a crushing loss bush's attending after not endorsing trump. heather: the first family is set to live just two blocks away in the upscale neighborhood and we have your look inside the multimillion dollar home, the 6-bedroom house is unclear if they're renting or if they bought the 5 and a half million
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dollar home. clayton: pretty easy to figure out. first carrier then boeing and lockheed martin and now ford, a company canceling plans to move a billion dollar plant to méxico, is gm next? heather: one of the most popular gifts at christmas but you better be careful with amazon alexa around your kids, how the disvice mistook a 6-year-old conversation for an order. >> guess who is coming to the inauguration, bill and hillary clinton will be, first inauguration where the former president and first lady are patted down for weapons as they enter.
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heather: welcome back, fox & friends first, president-elect donald trump delivering on his promise to bring more jobs to america after ford cancels plans to move plant to méxico. cheryl casone with the very latest, good morning. cheryl: good morning, heather, ford motor company would cancel for 1.6 production plant deal in méxico instead creating 700 jobs in michigan. vow to invest $700 million in that michigan assembly plant. another victory for president elect. now, ford ceo told fox news' niel cavuto the president elect did influence the decision. >> one of the factors we are looking at is a more positive
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u.s. manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump and so this is a vote of confidence. cheryl: well, on the other side, the president elect has squared a general motors for making one of its vehicles in méxico and shipping it back to the u.s. quote, general motors is sending mexican-made model of chevy cruise to u.s., making usa or pay big border tax mr. trump tweeted. general motors pushed back, actually at the claim, it builds for globe markets in méxico with a small number of those vehicles sold in the united states. other companies have changed their plans, indiana carrier agreed to keeps 1100 jobs. guys, back to you. heather: thank you, cheryl. clayton: guess who is footing
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the bill? taxpayers. scholarship program granting full rides to students of family earnings less than $125,000. it would cost $163 million a year, the plan is now heading to the state legislature for approval. heather: police are back at it again, a university program is now aimed to shame men for their masculinity, applications for a six-week program, the men's project. all-male program begins with a retreat that has groups talking about how masculinity can negatively affect society. the purpose of the program is that men feel more represented. clayton: amazon's echo has expensive taste, this 6-year-old standing by her 170 doll householding cookies and ordered
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it all with the help of robot-like device. >> sometimes echo helps when you least expect it. clayton: mom says she was stunned when she saw the invoice for the high-end items, it turns out echo mistook the little girl's questions about the items for a request to order them. i'm sure amazon will correct that pretty quickly. heather: she looks very happy. now she figured out how to do that. clayton: running around constantly changing the song every five second, playing the song over and over again. heather: time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. cease fire on gutting the ethics committee after tweets from our president elect. >> the tweets are working. i mean, if they weren't, they wouldn't be using them. clayton: should he just get off of social media and stick to tradition?
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dulcolax, designed for dependable relief clayton: wednesday january 4th, one of donald trump's covenant campaign promises. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. clayton: how the president elect is already making good on the building the wall as he hunkers until 16 days until inauguration. heather: with twitter >> america cannot afford a twitter presidency. we have real challenges an we have real needs to get things done. heather: if that's the case, are tweets really what we need to be worried about? clayton: mark zuckerberg 2020, what the facebook ceo is doing that has rumors flying about a presidential run. fox & friends first continues right now.
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning, everybody, you're watching fox & friends first, i'm heather childers. clayton: good morning, i'm clayton morris. 29 minutes after the hour. president-elect donald trump into intelligence community accusing feds of stalling in the russian hack allegations in order to make a case. heather: julian assange is once again slamming the obama administration calling it a sneaky maneuver. life in washington, d.c. with the latest this good morning. good morning, garrett. >> good morning to y'all. in that exclusive interview wikileaks founder told sean hannity that a 14-year-old could have hacked in john podesta's e-mail given how many times he clicked on fishing emails. his source of the emails was in any way related to russian government and said he believes the obama administration is attempting to delegitimize
2:31 am
president-elect trump but making those claims. >> this is the sneaky behavior of this administration. the obama administration is maintaining a massive case against us. a giant dam for all of the material involved in the case saying that the reason that no journalist can have access to this is because we are bringing a pending prosecution. >> don't believe everything you hear, that's what cia director john brenon said in an interview with pbs in which he questioned credibility of assange. >> and so therefore i wouldn't, you know, ascribe to any of these individuals who are making comments thats is providing the whole and vanish truth. again, this report is going to include what it is that we know about what happened.
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>> that report refers to a forthcoming analysis by the intelligence community of president obama on russian hacking efforts. last week president-elect trump said he had also requested a briefing for today on that investigation but then yesterday he tweeted, the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange. later this week incoming vice president mike pence indicate that had the transition team is expected to announce at least one more nominee for mr. trump's cabinet and the president elect himself has announced one week from today and new york city will be his first long-awaited press conference since winning the election. heather and clayton. clayton: looking forward to that. first hard-ball move, the u.s. -- the house gop approving then dropping an attempt to weaken the ethics office. coming after president-elect
2:33 am
trump flex muscle on twitter, saying this, with all that congress has to work on, do they have to make the weakening of independent watchdog, focus on tax reform, health care and so many other things of far greater importance. heather: chuck schumer, official line of attack telling president-elect trump to get off twitter or his presidency is doomed. >> america cannot afford a twitter presidency. we have real challenges and we have real needs to get things done. heather: schumer blasting mr. trump for making 140-character announcements instead of rolling up sleeves and forging serious policy. and that brings us fox news contributor charles defends the tweets. >> the tweets are working, i mean, if they weren't, they
2:34 am
wouldn't be using them. as chuck indicated, trump has used it on north korea, he's used on ford general motors, on this issue in which he won within hours and it works and has a lot of effect and he's not even in office. i think when he's in office it'll be problematic because people will be presuming policy out of this and it's hard to be -- it's hard to be either detailed or specific enough in a tweet to actually make coherent policies. heather: he could start with videos, that's what we are going to talk about. mr. trump's use of twitter, is it a good idea for the president or should he stick with tradition in log on for live debate. #, keeptalking. clayton: releasing yet another video demanding that congress block the president-elect
2:35 am
trump's inauguration. >> to the extent that trump pursues racist, antiworker, antimuslim, antienvironmental policies, we demand that you vigorously oppose him. clayton: actors included sally field, rosie pérez, the video produced by an organization called humanity for progress, the same group that used to call themselves humanity for hillary. heather: well, from facebook to leader of the free world, mark zuckerberg new york's resolution with rumors that he's maybe considering possible move into politics. clayton: social media ceo said in 2017 he wants to meet people of every state. we need to find a way to change the game so it works for everyone. people reacting to that. rain, snow and dangerous cold
2:36 am
facing us right now. heather: janice dean tracking the forecast in the weather center for us. good morning. janice: good morning, look at the temperature change from this time yesterday, 43-degree drop in minneapolis. you get the picture, the cold air is here. here are your current temperatures below zero in areas, teens and 20's and when you factor in the winds the windchill makes it dangerous, that cold core is right across the northern plains, so when you're getting minus 30 range things are not looking good. you want to make sure you're protecting the elderly and the kids and bringing pets inside. the northeast storm is pretty much out of the way although we still could see some left-over snow. the big story over the weekend is going to be the west, very unsettled as we have a lot of
2:37 am
moisture streaming in to portions of southern and central california. ultimately, a good news situation because they've been into a five-year drought here, however, too much of a good thing could mean feet of snow and inches of rain and flood watches and warnings are posted so this could be a concern with mud slides and mud flows so this is a good-news, bad-news situation. people need to be prepared. back to you clayton and heather. heather: time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and president obama is heading to capitol hill today to try and save part of his legacy. [inaudible] >> it's unaffordable and doesn't work. heather: last-ditch effort to save obamacare and why our next guest says it's too little too late. clayton: invading inauguration, the not to smoke out our next president's swearing in ceremony
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>> president obama is visiting capitol hill. >> he's approximately until january 20th. after that it's our turn. perhaps you could say his legacy is unaffordable and it doesn't work. heather: president obama heading
2:42 am
to cap toil hill today rallying democrats. clayton: conservative talk show host gena, nice to see you. >> good to see you both. clayton: let's play and i will get you to respond, take a listen. >> a lot of discussion about the president's legacy. the president's motivation is the 22 million americans whose health care will be taken away if republicans repeal the affordable care act. clayton: it's not about legacy, it's about the 22 million americans who lose their health care. >> well, that's a fraudulent claim because as you know, more than -- almost half of the money involved in the so-called affordable care act is actually
2:43 am
towards the bureaucracy and the overhead of that act rather than to the health care of the american people and so if you were to take that money and give it back to the people freeing them to, you know, compete in the free market as they did for many years, it would not only give people that freedom of choice, freedom to have their own doctor as obama promised in all of the rest of it but also would provide for all of the needy in america and also would provide for each american family to have a retirement, it's $2 trillion that's projected to be saved if it were to free market and competitive side of it. i also think the transparency that gop is discussing is important. the cosmetic procedures, lazik procedures, we know the costs going into those things. the costs have lowered for the consumer while the profits for
2:44 am
the providers have increased so this is our model and president-elect trump knows these free market concepts, i believe he will gravitate toward them. >> republicans are stressing that, you know, this has become the new lie where we had -- we heard before previously with obamacare, if you like your health care coverage you can keep your coverage. that's really not the case because they are lowing transition period. i want to ask about tom price specifically who has been nominated as hhs secretary. there's been a lot of talk about republicans not having some sort of plan to go to, do you think he in that role will allow for more of a plan to be put in place because he himself had one back in 2009? >> i do think. ic that dr. price is an excellent choice and he will put a great team behind him and he
2:45 am
will put the best economists with some of the best medical professionals and together american wills have a lot more freedom and a lot more choice in health care. let's remember that this is not really the purview of the federal government about the best thick the federal government could do for america's healthiness, so to speak, is to get out of the way, this is something that states have traditionally handled just fine, that the free market and competition have handled just fine and this is something that when president-elect trump and his team take a look at, this he's going to air on the side of what works. there are models all over the country in different state that is have worked really, really well and i know that they're looking at some of those and i'm really excited to see americans have a much healthier future to be honest. clayton: doc, we have a few seconds, is there anything that president obama can do the save this? >> i don't think so.
2:46 am
he's going to resort to what he knows what to do best is call a lot of names. every time they accuse of president-elect trump of being a racist or whatever he gets a lot more support for whatever he's doing. we will just hope that's how it goes. heather: they had the last-minute push for more americans to sign up. they can use that as well. >> thanks, my pleasure, absolutely. heather: time 15 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up next we have pete hegseth. peter: that's right. heather: breakfast with friends, we love it. peter: just because the election is over doesn't mean we are done taking the pulse of the people, all morning we are here at marines kitchen in smith town in
2:47 am
long island, new york state went for hillary clinton, this area specifically smith town overwhelming for donald trump, we will be talking to diners all morning, getting their sense of how donald trump and his transition is going, how he is using twitter stances on israel, the transition, the incoming cabinet, legislation, the pulse of the people here on long island. come out to marines kitchen if you're watching, as you can see we are prepping pancakes. that's a little quick, we will be good to go by the time fox & friends comes along. clayton: get those, man. peter: i know. i'm going to figure that out. i'm a rooky. clayton: fox & friends first will be back.
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clayton: welcome back, president-elect trump hard at work behind the scenes laying for wall. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. clayton: trump transition team sending wide-ranging requests to the department of homeland security. they want to know where the barrier could go, how much money is available to build it and whether the obama administration altered immigrant records to protect from deportation. heather: do you want to get high for free, we will head to dc on january 20th, weed advocates to hand out joints during trump inauguration for the dc cannabis coalition pushing for marijuana to be legal at the federal level. 4200 joints and four minutes into the president elect's speech, protestors to line up,
2:52 am
420 is the known code for weed in case you didn't know. clayton: never heard of that before. explosive problem with e-greats. heather: cheryl casone with the danger, good morning, cheryl. cheryl: fda has just announced they'll have 2-day hearing over e-cigarettes, it's not about inhaling but it's about the batteries. they have gotten reports, 66 of them that show that the e-cigarettes can either overheat, catch fire or potentially in other ways injury those that are using them so they're going to open to see what the deal is, the companies in front of them and respond to the potential problems with e-cigarettes. >> over the years people said that there's companies that could knock out mcdonalds, subway, burger king. cheryl: starbucks, sound
2:53 am
familiar? a report that has a lot of people buzzing in the investment community because they are saying that starbucks could be the most valuable company and that would be by market capitalization, but on the other side by 2017 in his opinion have more locations worldwide than mcdonalds does. right now mcdonald has 36,615, by the end of the year you'll have 37,000 starbucks everywhere. that's his big bet. heather: on every corner. cheryl: yeah. heather: even better with concierge technology? cheryl: we will get more details from the consumer electronic show in las vegas when carnival unveils new technology but it's interesting, a couple of disney executives went over the carnival cruises to design them because they have been using at park, you have the fitbit in your arm, this medallion will
2:54 am
play for food, drinks, even plan vacations, probably an app on your phone that will go with it but will be tied to your credit card, go all over the ship and swipe, swipe, swipe. heather: big brother. clayton: people that can monitor traffic, they can know if this bar is too busy or -- cheryl: i haven't tried it. heather: i dent want to be monitored 24 hours a day. clayton: thanks, cheryl. heather: you won't believe what the nfl star did for a super fan injured in a car crash. [inaudible conversations] clayton: awkward moment paul
2:55 am
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business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen. heather: two minutes till the top of the hour. charles manson is in the hospital. 82-year-old said to be seriously ill after being rushed with unknown medical condition. charleston church rooter dylann roof to make opening statements in the sentencing phase of his trial but not expect today offer a defense. roof faces the death penalty for gunning down nine people in a charleston church and president obama and mike pence making pitches in a battle over obamacare, republicans could repeal and replace it with 50 votes in the senate and a majority in the house. clayton: j.j.watts delivering
2:59 am
more than big plays, rushing to the hospital to deliver to fan who was in a car crash, the 8-year-old was badly injured but most upset about losing his number 99 jersey. she's still convinced something went wrong with voting machines in that state. not in my house, newly reelected house speaker paul ryan put it is congressman's son to shame after he dabs during his father's photo op. [inaudible conversations] >> still don't get what dabbing
3:00 am
is. he's grounded. heather: must be carolina panthers' fan. cam newton. clayton: fox & friends starts right now. have a good day. heather: see you later. ♪ >> the gang is back together. we are so excited. hope you had a great any years, good morning, it's wednesday january 4th, ainsley earhardt. house republicans trying to pull a fast one. the president elect sends them running for the hills. is this just a preview of the trump administration, we are going to talk about it? steve: somebody help the rich celebrities take the country back before it's too late. >> to the extent that trump pursuits sexist, antienvironmental policies, we demand that you vigorously oppose him. steve: who are these people? ainsley: i don't rec


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