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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 4, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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heather: must be carolina panthers' fan. cam newton. clayton: fox & friends starts right now. have a good day. heather: see you later. ♪ >> the gang is back together. we are so excited. hope you had a great any years, good morning, it's wednesday january 4th, ainsley earhardt. house republicans trying to pull a fast one. the president elect sends them running for the hills. is this just a preview of the trump administration, we are going to talk about it? steve: somebody help the rich celebrities take the country back before it's too late. >> to the extent that trump pursuits sexist, antienvironmental policies, we demand that you vigorously oppose him. steve: who are these people? ainsley: i don't recognize them. steve: didn't say they were
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a-listers. hollywood thinks it's going to work. >> look at this. not really working. [laughter] >> the holiday parties, everyone's uncle trying to kiss somebody. your mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> he's live out automaurine kitchen in smith town long island. ainsley: here we are, 6:00 in the morning. peter: i'm home, we have bacon, county that went for donald
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trump. it's january 2017. we want to know how he is doing. the twitter account, the transition, the focus in the future, we are here at maureen's kitchen. this is the owner of it kristin, tell us about the maureen's. >> family-owned business, me and my brothers are partners. peter: i would love to eat, what's the best food? >> i like the pumpkin walnut chocolate chip pancakes. >> two years since you actually paid for a coffee. [laughter]
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peter: i eat for free. >> we will check with pete throughout the show. new york city did not get close to donald trump, 70% but smithtown did. i said -- ainsley: okay. >> wait in traffic. you keep drawing. an hour and a half. steve: do you guys not have mapquest? >> that's his neck of the woods. steve: new york as blue as it gets but new york state and out in long island is much redder. thanks for joining us on a tuesday -- a wednesday that actually feels like a tuesday but kind of feels like a monday
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for a lot of people. we are for the first time back together after family holidays. i was able to spend with the doocey family. >> we were on vacation because my daughter was in a soccer torn mint. we went to the parks, that's me in the back and my family growing up. >> my favorite thing about disney is -- now it's my biggest surprise, while working out i looked over who that guy was, it was admiral kirby, celebrating 30th anniversary and afterwards he said, before i go out, where are you saying, we are staying right next door. he goes, i will come by. he came by and talked for about
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an hour. ainsley: can we put that up again? let's put up that picture. this is a casual ryan. >> this is me. ainsley: is that snake skin? your wife looks gorgeous. [laughter] ainsley: that's cool. >> now we are ready to start the show. ainsley: can we show one picture of hayden, my little girl. she was fascinated with the tree. she was fascinated with the ornaments may my had on the tree. hopefully she got herskills fro.
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that's yet to be determined. how did your daughter get in the tournament? >> well, we have to get right into the news. they played hard. steve: anyway, we are back together. donald trump had two wins yesterday. ford decided to stay in the united states and the second is the republicans have caved on ethics rules. yesterday we told you about how monday night the house republicans were plan to go gut the chambers ethics office which was kind of tone-deaf, should not be the first move made in the people-powered american government and donald trump agreed and went out on twitter yesterday morning to take the republicans to task. >> this is his tweet. with all the congress has to work on, do they have to make the weakening unfair as it is maybe, their number one act in
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priority, focus on tax reform, health care and so many other thicks that are far greater important. #drain the swamp. >> next thing you know they had a meeting in the basement, let's just reverse this. i don't know who brought this up. speaker of the house and mac -- mccarthy. if you look at at the ethics yok at what is wrong. ainsley: every business has someone you go to. a complaint about an employee. steve: hey, the republicans in power and now they're making it harder for them to get into trouble. so anyway, he sent that stuff out. donald trump was using those tweets very effectively.
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listen to this. >> the tweets are working, if they weren't, they wouldn't be using them. what trump is doing is wielding a two by four. these guys are mules. that was about the dumbest first take you could ever make. you don't do it in the middle of the night and you don't do it without democratic support. just plain stupid. ainsley: i agree with him. you're probably like all of us, you're glued to fox news on, yesterday even after cooking, i was watching the whole time. we were watching the swearing in, the s this the first order of business. >> i had some coworkers, heather and her kids. we were off -- steve: we were suppose today get heather's kids gifts.
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ainsley: she gives hayden a gift every month. it's time for me to shower her with some gifts. >> let's again switch gears a little bit. the president elect of the united states has been doubtful about whether the russians did or did not hack into john podesta's emails as well as the dnc's emails and revealed what was going on behind the scene making them look terrible. at the end of the week, i'm going to be getting a briefing this week about what the facts actually are for the intelligence community then i will let you know what's going on and where i stand. well, it turns out the briefing according to donald trump was delayed until friday. he tweeted this out, the intelligence briefing on the so-called russian hacking was delayed into friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case, very strange exclamation point. keep in mind nbc is reporting to anonymous intelligent source that it was always scheduled for
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friday but that's what they're saying. ainsley: donald trump is saying, implying that do they not have enough evidence. we have yet to see any evidence and that's what he's insinuating there. steve: you saw sean hannity for in-person interview with julian assange who made it very, very clear. ecuadoran embassy in london. wikileaks did not get the stuff from russia or a state actor and interestingly enough regarding john podesta's emails which was the mother load of information that made the democrats look terrible, a 14-year-old could have hacked into his account. listen. >> a number of hacks at the dnc and podesta based on the public-available information, it's not something coming from our sources, we published as part of our policy a full disclosure not interfering with
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material, we published the -- several podesta emails which shows podesta responding to fishing e-mail. now, how did they respond? podesta gave out password was the word password. his own staff said, this e-mail that you received, this is totally legitimate. so this is something a 14-year-old kid, a 14-year-old kid could have hacked. >> you have hillary clinton setting a server in her house which is definitely irresponsible and john podesta using a password named password and telling staff to go into e-mail and monitor along with him and you wonder, sophisticated nation led by vladimir putin is the one who exposed it. they were sitting there naked
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for anyone to take is what he's saying. steve: a 14-year-old could do it. ainsley: you can catch the show at 10:00 o'clock at night and we will be talking about it every morning. the guy has been there, for four years he hasn't seen his children and he believes in what he is doing. steve: i got your kids some gifts. [laughter] >> good morning, good morning to all of you and ufo's, good morning, serious story from overseas now and it's a fox news alert. breaking developments in intensifying international manhunt for the turkey nightclub killer, police arresting five isis members overnight in turkey in connection to the new year's ' ve massacre which 39 people
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left. authorities using surveillance video, brand-new video showing them at a turkish bus terminal last month. president obama rush to go empty guantanamo bay before he leaves office in just a few weeks. that news coming hours of mr. trump tweeted, quote, there should be no further releases from gitmo, these are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back on to the battlefield. according to the white house the president elect's opinion doesn't matter, that's because 178 detainees have been released so far under president obama. a familiar face on capitol hill, former vice president, liz elected to wyoming congressional seat that her dad held. if she wants my advice, she will ask for it. congratulations, liz. >> there you go.
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>> got some presents. >> this is my favorite one.t >> we willan show you later. you wouldn't believe what's in this kiester. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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>> house republicans to gut the ethics watchdog unit less than two hours after being called out by president-elect trump on twitter. reform it and joins us right now.
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congressman, momentum went the other direction. do you think for the right reason? >> yeah, i think definitely for the right reason because the roll-out was done all wrong. anybody like president trump that has a feeling of fairness would immediate i will say, you don't want dilute the watchdog. we didn't educate people on how grossly unfair the doc is. they have no one accountable. you can blast somebody with ethics and you overwhelm them. we have people who had that happen but we didn't educate the public. that has to be done before we take that kind of action and i think that's what's you're going to see happen.
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>> i sense that democrats probably want to reform it too. >> yeah, definitely. >> they could be targeted anonymously and they have to lawyer up and people think they are corrupt. >> that's right. >> meanwhile all the leadership to speak yesterday and the majority -- the minority leader of the senate chuck schumer taking over for harry reid ripped into donald trump over use of twitter, listen. >> making america great again requires more than a 140 characters per issue. with all due respect u america cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> nice sound bite but that's really -- it's not accurate depiction of what's happening with twitter, is it? >> well, of course, chuck schumer is a smart man. we have to give him that. he is. like a broken clock he's right a couple of times a day, but look at the other things he's been
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saying. of course, he wants trump to get off twitter because he wants the public to hear nothing but "the new york times" and trump is not going to let that happen. he's going to get the final word and straighten them out when they lie about it but schumer also told us, if we didn't get on board with obamacare, our party would be gone because it was going to be so great, wrong on that, we needed to get on board with cap and trade because the country was going to be behind it and that was not only a tax, big tax that hurt poor people in america. we need to get behind president obama, our party was over, he said we needed embrace amnesty or our party was over. i'm grateful for his great help -- he represents the fringe party. you look at the areas hillary won, the fringes all the way -- >> but perhaps senator schumer,
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somebody who wants to get things done and might be more to working with a guy he's known for 20 years. are you optimistic? >> yes, i'm optimistic because i think trump is not going to let "the new york times" have the last word and not going to let chuck schumer have the last word and we will be competitive in trying to fix what's wrong with america. >> we have to go to break. thanks so much for joining us. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> straight ahead democrats celebrating hike of minimum wage but you won't be because restaurants across the country raised prices. a business owner forced to raise prices on kid's menu. new york voted overwhelming for hillary clinton but not where pete hegseth is this morning, people can't get enough of pete, he keeps talking, i know he plays basketball at princeton
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steve: all right, time for quick political headlines on the wednesday morning. first up upcoming inauguration, bitter pill to swallow for hillary clinton following the crushing lost. the democratic nominee will attend. hillary is going along with her husband bill. the announcement coming right after george w. bush bush and wife laura also said will be coming but george herbert bush will not be because of his health. jill stein, practically nobody showed up for her count my vote rally in wisconsin. she's still convinced something
3:25 am
went wrong with wisconsin's voting machines. she likes some answers. all right. ainsley. ainsley: all right, thanks so much. minimum wage increasing in 19 different states in the new years but restaurants are being forced to pass along the cost to you, consumer. wage costs will cost six different restaurants $150,000 this year. that's a lot of money. mr. rex bryce, thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. how are you doing this morning? ainsley: i'm great. minimum wage going up. i'm learning by reading this article, you have to pass the cost onto customers which is actually hurting the customers? >> it's hurting the customers but maybe more importantly it's
3:26 am
importanting the people who really need the increase the most, the entry-level worker is who is going to end up getting hurt by this. >> like the poll incomes the back of the house, dish washers, people not getting a pay raise because the cost of the food is going up as well? >> yeah, that's exactly correct. so weave got, we have a situation where in our restaurants in particular our employees are entry-level jobs are, they earn more than minimum wage. tipped employees make minimum wage and those are the employees who will see the increase, taking money directly out of the pockets of the -- of the nontipped employees, dishwasher or the cook that could really see small income. ainsley: dishwasher, the guys that do all the hard labor, that's the tough work.
3:27 am
they're affected by this. the customers, the prices are going to go up. have you increased prices on the menu and what's the reaction from your customers? >> we have increased our prices, in december we overall increased prices about 5% which is about 3% more than we typically would. reaction at this point has -- we haven't had a lot of pushback. i am concerned over the next four years as minimum wage hike rolls out that it is not something that's sustainable and price increases may have to be greater than 5%. we will evaluate after first quarter and see where we are and see if we need to make any immediate adjustments, but for 2017, i have budgeted for 5% increase in sales, but i've budgeted for 9% increase in
3:28 am
labor expense. that's not a pretty picture. it's not good math and it doesn't help you sleep at night and if you roll that out over four years, it gets ugly fast. ainsley: they are working this out in a four-year process. rex, thank you so much. we wish you all the best. >> thanks for having me on. ainsley: please, somebody help the c-list celebrities take their country. >> to the extent that trump pursuits racist, antiimmigrant, antiworker, antienvironmental policies, we demand that you vigorously oppose him. ainsley: do you think the political ad is going to work? pete is having breakfast in long island, good morning to you, pete. peter: pumpkin chocolate
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pancakes which i'm now consumer. we are going to talk politics, we are going to talk trump, we are going to talk the transition, we will get the pulse of the people here in pulse of the people here in 2017, stick around. and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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you are our last line of defense. >> here is what we ask of our elected officials. >> we need you. >> we expect you to have our backs. >> particular civil liberties and use your congressional power. >> to obstruct. >> defeat. >> anything. >> anything that violates our core values. >> the majority. >> the majority. >> the majority of the american people. pete: a bunch of celebrities, some more famous than others, sally field is in their. she would say this is a great ad. the question is whether it will be effective, reach out to
3:33 am
congress, stop trump. >> if you build a wall you don't -- not showing tolerance? if you enforce immigration laws? abby: we don't know half these people, three fourth of the people. they know how to do that in hollywood. do you care what hollywood thinks? let us know. pete: i think we just found out. we know how celebrities feel. how do regular folks feel? let's go to maureen's kitchen. i have a question. you said you just have pumpkin almond chocolate chip pancakes. do you put syrup on their whipped cream? >> both. it is fantastic. you can never have enough. i tell you. short and sweet. they are fantastic people. you are a small business owner.
3:34 am
you two eat breakfast here almost every morning. and you probably talk about politics. did you vote for donald trump? >> yes i did. >> reporter: he is not president yet but what is your sense? >> i am excited. >> reporter: why? >> a lot of stuff going on potentially we could see stuff. any change is better than how we have been. >> reporter: tweeting too much, what do you think of that? >> my opinion is that pisses off all the other news agencies other than you all. >> reporter: he can get his message out. regulations you are hoping he will take on. >> yes. you never know when someone will
3:35 am
whack you like the number 4 epa. a lot of rules and regulations on small businesses that i feel some of them, that would help letting loose. >> reporter: a priority for the donald trump. what is your biggest expectation or hope from president-elect trump? >> he act like a real businessman. running the united states of america. reaches looking for something different than a status quo politician. >> yes. >> reporter: their we go. a lot of folks interested to see what he is going to do but excited about what he has done before he becomes president. a theme we are hearing a lot of which are you doing? what is your name? >> rich cruz. >> reporter: what you do? >> real estate. >> reporter: and you? >> john. >> reporter: you have a son in the navy. he is graduating. >> graduating this friday from
3:36 am
naval boot camp in great lakes, illinois, going to nuclear engineering and flying out this afternoon. >> reporter: you both supported mister trump. you met him when he was campaigning. what do you think of him as commander in chief? >> he will do a great job because he has done a great job in the business world. a great businessman, great professional, we can't waste to get him in there, he will move this economy along. >> reporter: what is the biggest thing you hope he does? >> move the economy within our state real estate, get everything better again and looking forward to it. >> reporter: are you worried about the tweets? >> not at all. >> find him interesting, right out of his mouth. twitter is great. i have been tweeting a long time. a picture i tweet did theed of john and i with mister trump
3:37 am
right here. >> reporter: mixing it up as a businessman. expectations not just what he ran on but what he will exercise as commander-in-chief. a lot of great stuff here. >> tell him to tell his son thank you for all of us. >> reporter: thank you for your son's service. >> thank you very much. >> we need nuclear engineers in the military refurbishing that arsenal, probably makes these diner diners happy. chief executive of ward says one reason we are putting the plant back and starting electric cars is i am convinced the president-elect wants to grow the economy and reduce taxes. that is exactly what they are saying at the highest level. >> hoping he changes the country, better for all of them. >> we don't need to go to mexico if trump is going to make it
3:38 am
better here. >> 700 jobs, $700 million plant. 22 before the top of the hour. abby: responders hope things will be better in the future. brand-new - cam video showing terrifying moment a gunman opens fire on one of our police officers. you can see the officer get out of his car on and oklahoma highway, walks into a hail of bullets. another officer nearby helping his colleague and rushing him to the hospital, he is expected to be okay. the suspect caught the next day. college could be free in new york but guess who is footing the bill? taxpayers. it is not free at all. governor andrew cuomo proposing the excelsior scholarship granting price to students and families earning less than $125,000, and hard-working taxpayers, $163 million, the
3:39 am
plan is headed to state legislature for approval. the legendary pitcher curt schilling has been shut out of baseball hall of fame for his conservative views. >> they are not hiding the fact they stopped voting for me because of things i said in social media. if i -- i would be getting 90% of the vote this year. >> reporter: the 1-time world series mvp tweeting overnight, quote, for the most part their beliefs, not views, far more important to me than anything in my life ever will be. a proper veteran sendoff. a group of teenagers stepped forward to serve as pallbearers after a former petty officer dies without family or friends. gerri's body lay in claimed in a mississippi home for weeks until one of the workers decided to do something. she asked her son together boys from long beach high school to help and within minutes they volunteered to help at the
3:40 am
service to give him a wonderful sendoff. done in mississippi. >> there is a lot about life early on. thank you. pete: janice d knows a lot about life. >> and the weather. >> happy new year to all of you. we are together. the gang is back. i am excited about that. not about the fact it is cold and we could see southern snow, a lot to talk about on the maps. the arctic is on its way again from canada. temperatures below 0 with chills in the-20-30 ° range dipping as far south as texas and that he set up for some snow in the wintery mess friday and saturday for the deep south, something to watch out for the coldest air is across northern plains, northern
3:41 am
rockies-20-30 °, you want to take care of the elderly, make sure kids are bundled up and indoors as well. this cold air taking on the map is below 0. the blue is below freezing. we get into friday, the deep south, that is the setup if you get some moisture in their. we can see icy conditions and snow. the other big tory we are watching is we have a lot of moisture into california. and atmospheric river is what we call it in meteorology meaning this moisture turning into tropical moisture meaning the potential for a lot of heavy rain, feet of snow in the sierra and that could lead to flash flooding with as you head into the weekend a lot of heavy rain, a lot of snow. good news, the bad news is we could the flooding in california. back to you. steve: it is not a polar vortex,
3:42 am
just winter. >> not the whole polar vortex taking over the us. steve: thanks. it is not -- don't panic. >> we learned a lot about life. ainsley: mark zuckerberg laying groundwork to run for office. brian: president-elect punishing building cars in mexico, investing in the united states of america. what does that mean? stuart varney is here. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit.
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weight gain. research shows no evidence shows drinks can combat obesity or ward off health problems like diabetes. i will go somewhere else with my new organ. president-elect donald trump putting pressure on companies that want to move jobs overseas, threatening general motors for making a car in mexico and ford announcing it is canceling a $1 billion factory in mexico. >> one of the factors we are looking at is more positive us manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump, progrowth policies he said he is going to pursue. this is a vote of confidence. brian: they have a better idea. what about the other businesses? let's talk to stuart varney. during the campaign donald trump took aim at two companies. carrier, and ford, which said we
3:47 am
won't build that factory down there. obviously trump's a big stick with the twitter and whatnot has worked. >> you are team development of a brand-new relationship between business and government. it is not a cozy snuggle up relationship at all. trump is saying watch out because i am watching you. you play ball or else. of classic carrot and stick approach. the carrot is i will give you tax cuts, i will deregulate industry and you get cheap energy, you don't play ball with me and i will stick a great big tax on anything you do and i will mess with your business. brian: he says i can get things done. and the keys to air force one. the president says you can't do this or this. is there anything they will get in return? >> mister trump is picking them off individually.
3:48 am
he has to move to a new trade policy which he is going to do, renegotiate under nafta. look at the timeframe from yesterday. first thing in the morning as he reported writing on "fox and friends," he tweets about general motors, you can't bring stuff out without a big tax which hours later, you see the result of what he is doing to general motors with ford. ford canceled the $1.6 billion plant they were going to build in mexico saying use some of the money to build -- encourage manufacturing of electric cars and autonomous cars in michigan. that was the timeframe. it produces a result a matter of hours later. >> it is just good business. if you have the president of the united states bad mouthing you as a company, americans won't by your stuff. >> business has its head down at this point.
3:49 am
they are worried. they don't want to get knocked down with a hammer. they want to play ball quietly in the background and hope mister trump doesn't pick on them. >> before barack obama was elected president a lot of people said in criticism of clinton the guy has never read -- never run anything. the federal government is going to be a tough sled. fast forward eight years there was something to that. >> look what he has done so far. he pressured carrier, they caved. he pressured boeing on the new air force one plane, they caved or trimmed their sales. lockheed martin on the f 35 fighter, they came to terms on the cost of that and general motors, ford, don't know who is next. it is early in the morning. have a go at somebody else. he is picking off companies one by one and it is working at that level.
3:50 am
steve: all the companies know if i'm out of line -- >> the writing is on the wall. it is a new relationship, carrot and stick. different from anything we have seen. steve: president-elect donald trump says they are too dangerous to let go but that is not stopping president obama from rushing to empty gitmo of the bad guys. oliver north in about we 10 minutes. this kid is in big trouble. the son of a new kansas congressman stealing his father's under, right beside paul ryan, didn't like it. carly shimkus here with the kid's punishment. what happened to him? stick around.
3:51 am
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>> from facebook to the free world. mike berg after new year's resolution sperry rumors about his next big move. steve: here is carly shimkus. mark zuckerberg is going to all 50 states. >> and the post he wrote. and every state in the us by the end of the year, we are at a turning point in history. we have to change the game. it works for everyone.
3:55 am
>> the guy who majored in the virtual trend and virtual relationships is dying to see real people. >> of that is evidence enough in unsealed court filings that he had a discussion with board members on how to maintain control of facebook or running for political office, he has considered it. >> a great personality where you meet great personalities. >> other new year's resolutions have been he wants to learn to speak mandarin and run a mile every single day. is back sound like something donald trump would want to do. steve: wants to change for a mile. if you get into politics, sworn in by paul ryan.
3:56 am
doctor roger marshall -- ainsley: a little dabbing going on. made famous by cam newton. this is congressman roger marshall and his son and this funny video, paul ryan says are you sneezing? he later tweet did the did the about this, swearing-in 300 members, countless kids, still don't know what dabbing is. congressman marshall tweet dided just so you know@speaker ryan. brian: made it seem like he was being yelled at. >> important moment for his father. it was worth being grounded. joe biden that that moment tries -- that is senator richard burr's daughter, so cute but she
3:57 am
gives him the ultimate rejection. come on. i thought it was like a ladies man. trying to be friendly. >> thank you very much. a mile. running a mile? brian: in a couple hours president obama will make a rare visit to capitol hill to try to save obamacare but is anything worth that? doctor oz will love that topic, taking aim at the intelligence community. how do they feel about that? he is with us. ha... i want something that delivers. (woman) ♪ tresiba ready... (avo) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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♪ ainsley: good morning to you. if you're just waking up it is wednesday, it is january 4th. i'm ainsley earhardt. president-elect donald trump calling out u.s. intel community over a delay in the russian hacking report. steve: that's right. president obama hitting capitol hill to huddle with democrats in legacy. but is there anything worth saving there? dr. oz weighs in. plus he has a new diet plan. brian: we'll squeeze that in. supposed to be a moment to heal the country after tragic election of donald trump. >> put these monitors on please. all right, just the lift.
4:01 am
ooh. brian: backup dancers would not quit. this morning the interview we've been waiting for. mariah carey explains why she forgot how to sing and dance. it is everybody else's fault. your morning is better because you're dressing with friends. ♪ ♪ steve: delicious. pete hegseth live in maureen's kitchen in smithtown, long island. ainsley: when we go to heaven, do you think there is buffet of food? steve: i hope so. >> a buffet like shrimp. specials are fantastic.
4:02 am
i recommend the holy cannoli french toast. new specials every day at maureen's. what is more fun the comradery. it fills up almost immediately. suffolk county that went for donald trump. talking to everybody, including t-minus, frank, tommy, here for brake fast. i'm asking them what do you want donald trump to tackle first. >> our vets need help. fix the va. >> fix the va. >> economy. >> the economy. >> refugee crisis. >> issues in washington and hot topics for donald trump. to tackle at day one. brian: pete at the diner. president looks ready to reform tax, excuse me, trade packages. to build a wall on north and southern border. steve: that is your headline? what about the holy cannoli? brian: a lot of news get.
4:03 am
ainsley: nouget is like candy bar. you put a whipped cream. heather, we should do some headlines. >> i suppose so. a smorgasbord. ainsley: what is it called? brian: filling. chris, stay out of this. >> what happened to the italians around here? brian: the italians are yelling out. >> hope you're off to a great day. a couple big headlines to bring you. showdown of presidential proportions hours from now on capitol hill. president obama and vice president-elect mike pence making dueling pitch lists in the battle over obamacare, but the white insists this has nothing to do with preserving the president's legacy. >> the stakes are high. some people might think, well the president's very concerned about the political tap tall that he invested in this and doesn't want to see it go away.
4:04 am
that is certainly true. the president's priority and president's motivation is rooted looking out for the interests of 22 million americans whose health care would be taken away if republicans repeal the affordable care act. >> there you go. republicans could repeal and replace obamacare with 50 votes in the senate and majority in the house. democrats used the same method to pass much of the law back in 2009. president-elect donald trump hard at work behind the scenes laying groundwork for that border wall. >> along the southern border. >> the trump transition team sending wide-ranging requests to department of homeland security. they want to know where the barrier can go and how much money is available to build it. whether or not the obama administration altered immigrant records to protect them from deportation. we'll keep watching that. $6 million new year's eve jewel heist in new york city we told you about may have been an inside job. according to the "new york post," a worker for
4:05 am
the safe company may have given the crooks combinations to break into the jewelry store's vault. the thieves are on the run after the midnight heist. police have a clear picture. look at this guy, he looks straight at camera. mariah carey breaking her silence on the dissasstries new year's eve performance. >> we can't hear but i will go you there the motions okay? >> the singer going on to tell entertainment weekly, i'm of the opinion dick clark would not let a artist go through that. and he was mortified as i was in real time. carrie's camp slammed production company for what they call sabotage that they set her up to fail after a slew of technical issues. they fired back, she was defamatory, outrageous and. imagine that. doesn't always work. brian: keep in mind i was more
4:06 am
prepared to sing mariah carey's song than she was that night. here is the request, i'm begging you to do this. america needs this moment after donald trump. so mariah carey is supposed to heal the nation single-handedly. she forgot how to sing and dance. with more knew, music critic lieutenant colonel oliver north. how are you? >> happy new year. steve: ollie, let's talk about real news of the day, soon to be president of the united states put out a tweet yesterday. intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange. do you think there is something fishy about the russian hacking thing? >> if this administration, incumbent should do anything about russia should be about the bombing, carnage in syria, ukraine, georgia, all the things they have done to threaten the baltic states. when you look what russia has
4:07 am
done the most egregious is not hacking into somebody's email to show what the democrats are saying to each other. brian: as you close the door and send diplomats hard what are you doing? we never seen a lame duck president act like this as they're leafing the scene. >> everything you see in the world scene is worse because of seven 1/2, eight years of the administration. that is what this special is about. this is a warning call on the new administration, what we have coming up on fox news channel, is that shameless? steve: yes. it is great. >> i remembered when my show was. if you look what they're doing, today, the consequence of this administration and its hands off approach, definition of leading from behind, it has created a catastrophe. a refugee flood unlike any other. over half million dead between syria and iraq. there is no good way out of this. so the warning call for the administration, what are you going to do after mosul is eventually liberated?
4:08 am
that is not going to happen anytime soon. ainsley: what is your advice to donald trump? are you saying there is nothing we can do? >> no, there is a lot of things we can do and the options are significant. one of the things very important deciding after mosul. mosul will eventually fall. isis can not hold on to it forever. casualties to civilians and to iraqi military and kurdish military have been significant. what is going to happen is, somebody will decide, either we'll have a new country over here or not. and when i was -- brian: in iraq? >> what is currently iraq. remember the borders were drawn by a french cartographer and music specialist from great britain steve teach tell us what the map is? >> president barzani gave me the map perhaps what a kurdistan might look like. this goes from syrian border. steve: this up here. >> this would be kurdistan. steve: where it is now? >> it is kurdish autonomous
4:09 am
region. he is the president of that region. steve: this is how he would like to see it? >> politically he would like to see it a little different. what this is like a berm. like world war i, a deep trench and a berm built up along the red line. eventually they would like to see the red line drop down a little bit and a province. the idea however, is that the trump administration is going to have to make some decisions that this administration, obama administration was totally unwilling to make. in the aftermath of this catastrophe in syria, you have got literally millions of human beings who have fled. population of mosul is about million. and they're hostages. brian: when you talk to barzani, the commander, not father. >> both of them. brian: one sound bite you have for us? >> i'm not sure -- that is me sitting down with president barzani and we're looking at this map. ainsley: that is the son. that is the dad. steve: we have two clips from
4:10 am
this weekend's "war stories." this is fire fight and involves an ied. >> it does. actually a suicide bomber. go ahead and watch this. as iraqi forces engage isis fighters in close combat on the streets of mosul, a million people are still trapped in the city, driving on the outskirts of sound we see signs of explosive devices planted by isis just waiting to kill. a little taste of what things are like. >> you saw signs? >> some have been posted. they will say this area is secured but not cleared. secured, means there is no isis fighters left they know of. they have not cleared ieds which there are tens of thousands. civilians and people are killed every day there. brian: iraq has a sea of government running it. mosul mostly sunni. they plan on taking back mosul with mostly shia, and when they get it back they have no plans that you know of that say that
4:11 am
the sunni will be allowed to police it like the way petraeus left it? >> what is even worse, you have got shiite militias dominated by iranians with hezbollah troops and officers. we have footage, sunday, a little tease, on sunday you will see one of these militias pull up to a check point behind me and see iranian flags, mahdi army is run bit iranians. brian: are we turning mosul over to the iranians? >> wait a second. you have to understand the obama administration turned over syria and iraq to the iranians. they are the dominant force in the region. steve: ollie, what about the fact that obama administration is trying to get as many guys out of gitmo as possible before closing time. >> one of the jokes are they getting us out of here before they close gitmo. my hope and pray we'll not close get me. we'll need it. the trump admin operation says there are bad people that will walk around and just like those
4:12 am
released from gitmo already have. this administration can't get out of town soon enough. ainsley: they're saying over there, good people say we're in danger, he cares more about the people that are the terrorists in gitmo than he does us. >> because he can control that. he let the situation go so badly in the middle east, that you've got a catastrophe going on in syria, nearly that in iraq. we have abandoned our only democratic ally. that is israel. brian: think about the scenario, american soldiers captured the worse of the worse, put them into prison. we're letting them out. at minute mum 30% going out fighting us and killing americans again. >> yes. brian: americans got killed capturing them and now they're getting killed letting them back out. >> we elected him device. god help us. ainsley: this is such a great tease. i will watch on sunday. what time? >> 8:00 p.m., fox announce challenge nell. that is eastern time. we'll be back. brian: always a pleasure.
4:13 am
happy new year. ainsley: thank you for everything. how many grand kids later? >> 17. there you go. hi, kids. steve: they're watching grandpa. 7:12 in new york city. meanwhile city of chicago. worst shape they have been in decades. can president-elect donald trump do what president obama could not. a pastor from the windy city, and how the next commander-in-chief can fix chicago. brian: plus somebody help these b-list exhibits take their country back. >> anthony immigrant, ant my muslim, ant my semitic. >> anti-environmental policies. >> we demand you vigorously oppose him. brian: do you think that will work? debate that on the kitchen table. ainsley: president obama make as rare visit to capitol hill to save obamacare, but are there any parts worth saving?
4:14 am
dr. oz is in the green room. brian: he does not love this topic. ♪ medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you.
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♪ ainsley: chaos in chicago. the city ending 2016 with 762
4:17 am
homicides. compare that to 459 when president obama took office in 2009. the president now set to give his farewell address from chicago next week, but are the clergy leaders in that city, are they hopeful the new administration can make some changes and what advice do they have for donald trump? cory brooks, a pastor at new begins church in chicago. he joins us to weigh in. thanks, pastor for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having me on the show. ainsley: you're city is in the news. we've been reporting it, staggering numbers. that is the big difference almost doubled since president obama took office. set the scene for those folks that don't live in chicago. what is it like with us? >> what we're dealing with chicago is very toxic environment. young men on the streets of chicago, unemployed, uneducated, coming from broken homes and a lot of gang issues which are
4:18 am
causing a lot of violence in our neighborhoods. a tough neighborhood to live in, south side, west side of chicago. kids have a very difficult time trying to live life in the way they should be able to in america but that's not being done. ainsley: when i learned that president obama was going to be there to give his farewell address to his city, helped elect him, get him in office, i thought that is great. he is going home to support the city where he grew up and raised his children. but i thought are you guys disappointed with him because numbers have increased with murders and homicides in your city? what are your thoughts when you think about president obama? >> we're grateful he is coming back to the city to give a farewell speech but i believe all of us believe he could have done more to help with violence in the city of chicago. a lot that could have been done and should have been done. we're hopeful in the future that president-elect donald trump will do more to help our city to get out of the violence and chaos that we find ourselves in. ainsley: so you are hopeful. what is your message for donald trump as he is watching
4:19 am
this morning? >> well, my message for donald trump if he is watching this morning, just keep his word. it is all about jobs. we believe jobs trump violence, especially gun violence in the city of chicago. if we provide young african-american males on the streets of chicago with jobs and opportunities and give them alternatives to turn their lives around we believe that can be done. if donald trump keeps his word and creates job through infrastructure dwindle down to our community i believe things can get a lot better. >> pastor, how do we come together as a country? >> we got to come together. one of the things we have about our country, we have the greatest country in the world. no way living in america we should not be able to come together as people, black, white, hispanic, all of us, republican, democrats, to make america better for everyone. people in the city and suburbs
4:20 am
and make america the top country in the world and make it the place where everybody has a chance and everybody has opportunity regardless if you're on the south sides or west sides of chicago you should have the opportunity to live the american dream. that is what it is really all about. ainsley: thank you so much. god bless you. we praying for city of chicago, we wish you all the best. >> thank you. we need it. thank you. ainsley: they agreed to go back to war with a promise of a bonus in return. then the pentagon told them to give back the bonuses. the controversy back in the headlines this morning. we have a major update. the one and only dr. oz is here. there he is with steve. come on in, dr. oz. ♪ ♪ ♪ after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home.
4:21 am
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♪ brian: some news by the numbers now. i feel like dr. oz is staring at me. steve: he is. brian: 11,500. how many california national guardsmen were originally ordered to pay back enlistment bonuses. pentagon says now only a few hundred will have to pay back money they deserve. free, it could cost students to go to college in new york because we have so much money. guess who is footing the bill? taxpayers. governor cuomo's. they are handing out free joints during mr. trump's gnawing rigs. they're planning for cannabis to be legalized at a federal level. we'll see how that works. steve: good luck with that. first week of january, a lot of people thinking about losing weight, getting healthier. dr. oz joins us every week through the years.
4:25 am
first week of january, and today you're going to tell us about a 21-day diet, where the headline is what? >> the headline, based on three major studies came out last year. looking at how you can lose weight most effortless, turns out cutting out meat and daily products correlated with live wait loss. cancer and heart disease we're now noticing, but the idea you make it seem easier to lose weight for average american. oprah is on my show. oprah winfrey. looks unbelievable. she automate ad program for herself. that is the key message. how do you make it easy to do right things. do it for three weeks. 21-daybreak through program. a million people sign up. go to the app. simple, easy to do, all free. the foods we're about to talk about. the ultimate goal, to make it simple without trying hard and go back to your playing pounds.
4:26 am
steve: show us. >> two days a week you can have meat. other five days you please don't. replace it with hearty foods. veggies. avocado with whole green bread. you can have bread but whole grain. steve: two piece as day. ainsley: whole grain not wheat. >> whole grain. not all whole wheat is snacks. you get fruits. i don't want you ever to be hungry. please feed the boys. but when you're done the program and each day you should feel satiated. high protein, plant protein is key to success. we have plant proteins, beans, legumes, there are all kinds of sources. tofu, many seeds. you mentioned pot earlier, hemp seed which don't have natural thc won't get you high as well. without relying on high-fat
4:27 am
meat. ainsley: people go to fast-food restaurants. they taste the stuff. don't like the way it tastes. do you get used to it after a while? >> that is probably biggest issue, talking with oprah, as well. taste buds get rebooted and reset. you treat them like five-year-old taste buds. we have sophisticated taste buds with adults. we're supposed to eat foods with a little bit bitterness like vegetables will often have. you can eat as many as you want. take advantage of the opportunity. fast-food junk or processed food or soft drinks you never keep your diet. your brain is smart. steve, you gave me calories you about no nutrients get more. ainsley says i have got nutrients in my body, i don't need more calories. ainsley: what are starchy vegetables we should avoid. >> potatoes, grown under the ground, storing their carbs a little differently.
4:28 am
for losing weight, under the program we have women lose on average 10 pounds a few weeks. it is empactful. you have to restrict some of those things. ainsley: can you eat, sorry. i know i asked so many questions. i'm so fascinated. can you eat butter nut squash? >> you can eat butter nut squash. cut it up, roast it with oil and peppers. we fight in our family, fight over the butter nut square. brian: if that is the biggest fight you have you will be okay. can't begin counseling with that explanation. dr. oz i want to talk to you about one of the hottest things in washington, repeal, replace or don't obamacare. doctors for the most part are split 50/50, love it, hate it. what would you like to see stick? what would you like to see go? >> the reason doctors are split we know how we will win the battle for health care. people in washington battle how we pay the bills but we have to reduce the overall bill. you do that losing weight, if you lose weight all programs work.
4:29 am
if we don't get thinner, it doesn't matter. nothing is affordable. i'm heading out to las vegas for the big ces conference and big technology conference i believe the solution is here. we'll watch around -- steve: an app. >> not just an app. ecosystem, like a phone with good friend with artificial intelligence breakthroughs, steve, do this, or brian, run this way, don't run that way. ainsley, you need butter nut squash. are you going to make it. it is not just food. we can tell the stresses in our voice. technologies to sleep better. brian: you think technology will be the key? >> eight years ago when president obama came to power we didn't have the technology currently exists to help people stay healthier. we're in break through moment. this moment in our nation's history. this will take over the country next year to two. up easier easy for us to stay healthier. the battle for better health is not won on capitol hill but in
4:30 am
our kitchens and bedrooms. steve: we haven't seen you since the election what do you think president-elect donald trump coming soon to capitol near you. >> opportunity for change. pressure on a lot of folks. people need to step up and do their best. steve: you always do. we'll see you later with oprah. oprah winfrey. >> oprah winfrey. steve: is there another one? brian: she looks fabulous, not just in other body. tell you how much weight she lost, energetic. great place. would like to see her in person. oprah, if you're watching, after you see dr. oz come sew us tomorrow. ainsley: we would love her on the set. brian: somebody help the c-list celebrities take their country back. >> to the extent that trump pursues, racist. >> sexist. >> anti-immigrant. anti-worker anti-muslim,
4:31 am
anti-semetic. >> anthony environmental policies. >> we demand that you vigorously oppose him. brian: that will work. pete health seth have breakfast with friends in smithtown, long island. >> pancakes and politics. at maureen's kitchen this is special place. kevin, you're one of the owners. what makings it special? >> great food. our customers around consistency. this is what we're all about. >> consistency what we want in our country too. we'll talk even more about it when we come back. ♪ is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress. it's a no brainer. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque
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ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. ♪ >> dear members of congress. >> dear members of congress. >> dear members of congress. >> i'm mad,. >> flabbergasted. >> furious. >> concerned for my children. >> worried worried about everyo. >> you represent us in congress. >> you are our last line of defense. >> here is what we ask of our elected officials. >> no, here is what we demand. >> we need you. >> we expect you to have our backs,. >> to protect our civil liberties. >> to use your congressional powers. >> to on truck. >> to obstruct,. >> to obstruct. >> defeat anything. >> anything,. >> anything that violates our core values as diverse americans. >> signed the majority. >> the majority.
4:35 am
>> the majority. >> the majority. >> of the american people. brian: those are "the view" earlier today. steve: hollywood couldn't stop the american people from electing donald trump fairly and squarely as president of the united states. they are putting out public service announcement so to speak, okay, couldn't stop trump. he is now president of the united states. congress, stop trump. ainsley: we asked you guys what you thought. do you care what hollywood thinks? these are some of your responses. brian: goes like this, charles does this. says all these crybabies need to grow up. the people, those of those who are, those of us who are the actual majority have spoken. steve: yep. meanwhile shane is tweeting, hollywood is not general public. they make way too much money to understand how regular americans feel. keep comments coming. we'll read them all morning long. ainsley: pete is with a bunch of regular americans out in your neck of the woods in smithtown, long island.
4:36 am
hey, pete. reporter: we're here at pete's pete's -- maureen's kitchen. people are regular here. bob you were not sitting alone before. your friend kevin who work notice auto industry but he had to go to work. >> unfortunately had to go to work. reporter: like trump supporters they go to work. >> where i am in a few minutes. reporter: what do you do? >> i work for the long island railroad. reporter: what do you hope to see from mr. trump? >> putting people to work. bringing people together again. stronger economy is going to make everybody happy and up lift everybody and -- reporter: kevin sitting here look what he already done for auto industry. do you feel like he made an impact already? >> i feel he has. he is reaching out to these companies and just kind of warning them build your stuff in other places we'll tax you on the way back in. a great idea. should have been doing this all along.
4:37 am
reporter: sorry to have you eating by yourself again. talking to more folks. have a great morning. hi, guys. victor and victor, jr. how are you doing. victor is marine corps veteran. we were talking in the break. you talked about an experience you had at the va, fainted, tried to call your doctor, couldn't get in and your son finally said i take to you private hospital. what has been your experience like at the va what are you hoping mr. trump can do? >> i'm praying that he gets elected and fixes it. like i said, i had 95% blockage. still hadn't heard from my doctor. reporter: how long? >> second week. haven't heard. got one message. he wasn't there. reporter: got message he wasn't there. >> nobody is at the hospital? i thought it was 24/7? first of all got nothing but recordings for a week. because i wanted to tell them what they did to me and fixed me. reporter: you sprung into action. >> got with my doctor.
4:38 am
told them to go to the directly to the hospital, st. catherine's. they found there was 95% blockage and put a stent in immediately. made him stay the night. >> difference between life and death. >> basically. reporter: in addition to the va what you do you hope mr. trump does? >> i hope he fixes regulations on businesses. i know he will. that is why i voted for him. get rid of obamacare. help small businesses. i'm a small business owner. reporter: you're a small business owner? >> yeah. reporter: absolutely. thank you both for being here. >> president-elect donald trump i don't need a dictionary talking to him. i want to thank you for your service. reporter: appreciate that. thank you for yours, sir. i have another table that i'm supposed to get too. to we have a tease, saw them at 8:00 hour. suffolk county hasn't gone this much for a republican, 1992, 24 years ago. went overwhelmingly for trump,
4:39 am
smithtown, 28%. they came out in droves, republicans and democrats hopeful he turns around the economy. what we're hearing here. a lot of fans with the twitter account. they can go over the mainstream media to tell the truth to his people and america. brian: considering suffolk county is made up of the hamptons, traditionally a lot of celebrities a lot of people go left, they overcompensated in place like smithtown. steve: pete, thank you very much. speaking of twitter, donald trump tweeted seconds ago, julian assange says a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta. he continues, why were the dnc so careless? russians did not give him the info. obviously donald trump reiterating what julian assange told sean hannity on his program last night. brian: john podesta's password was password. that is unbelievable. even, alan luden would have not permitted that. steve: always something.
4:40 am
anyway, we'll keep you posted on that. looks as if the commander-in-chief, soon to be, is tweeting this morning. >> watching fox news. watched sean's interview. brian: if he is watching, call in, give him the number. if he is not business i. steve: 888-tell-fox. heather with the news. >> great to see you today. dash-cam video shows terrifying moment as gunman opened fire on a police officer. you can see the officer as he gets out of his car on oklahoma highway. he walks to the stopped truck into a hail of bullets. another officer helping his nearby colleague, getting him to the hospital. the suspect was caught the very next day. draining the swamp, senator ted cruz and juan desantis putting term limits on members of congress. house members serve three-two year terms and senators would serve two six-year terms. president-elect trump backs term limits.
4:41 am
but the measure could face uphill battle in congress. wonder why? amazon's "alexa" has really expensive tastes of the listen to this. a 6-year-old girl standing next to her new $170 dollhouse, and holding four pounds of cookies. she ordered it with the robot of that like device of the listen to this. >> what is it? >> you'll see. >> sometimes echo helps out when you least expect it. >> amazon echo, go by different names. you ask it for something, stops to deliver it. she heard the girl say she wanted high-end items. treated her of course on mom's dime. brian: that is incredible, that is what i got my wife. >> "alexa"? brian: yeah. >> "alexa," i want dinner. "alexa," i want a new husband. [busker] steve: joel showed up. >> you know yes hegseth is in long island.
4:42 am
brian: what is going on with that. >> i'm in trouble. brian: 30 minutes away. steve: i didn't buy one of those. if i want the tv on, i turn it on. i want the radio on -- >> "alexa," play classical music. "alexa" play toddler music. it is great. i love it. steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama desperate to save obamacare. president-elect donald trump desperate to replace it but with what? congressman pete sessions behind the alternative. so-called world's great health care bill ever. he is live next. brian: this kid is in big trouble. son of a new congressman stealing dad's thunder, dabbing in front of speaker paul ryan. public punishment from the speaker. he didn't know what was happening. ♪
4:43 am
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♪ brian: quick headlines right now. they're going viral, viral headlines. trumps and obamas about to be neighbors. ivanka trump is moving two blocks away from the outgoing president in washington, d.c. that should be a nice block party. this is look at $5.5 million house. they don't know we're watching.
4:46 am
we don't know if they have the down payment. our colleague megyn kelly moving on. >> after more than a dozen years at fox news i have decided to pursue a new challenge. brian: well, megyn will host a day time show on nbc, a sunday news magazine show on daily program on nbc. her last show on friday will be this friday night. she will also have a sunday night show going against "60 minutes." good luck to megyn. steve: good luck, megyn. meanwhile the 115th congress was just sworn in. one of the top priorities for republican lawmakers, repealing obamacare. did you hear that? how will they get it done? let's talk to texas senator pete sessions chairman of the house rules committee. he joins us right now. so congressman, the bill to replace it was originally called the help act. but now it is called the world's greatest health care plan. tell us what's in it. >> well, essentially what we're trying to push is an answer that
4:47 am
my conference would need to be behind. steve: yep. >> the plan is that we would repeal and replace at the same time. you see, what people want is health care that works and so we, what we do is we in essence repeal obamacare. we use the money in the system. and we make sure it works. and we do away with the system that is unfair and that is that the pretax contributions, all americans would get the same amount. till with be a great bill. steve: chairman, there are parts of the current obamacare people do find attractive. for instance, if you have a preexisting condition you can't be denied. >> that would stay. steve: lifetime, no lifetime cap on benefits. >> you're right, but the three most onerous parts of the obamacare plan, the individual and business mandate and the cadillac tax all need to go. it's a disincentive to hire full-time employees.
4:48 am
and our republican congress well understands that we will take charge of health care in this country with whatever we do, so we've got to do it correctly. i believe the plan that this congress can accomplish is going to be great and i believe president trump can sign it. steve: okay, you're saying you will replace it. repeal it first, and then replace it, there won't be a long gap between it. you just mentioned president trump. president trump on the stump running for president said, you know, some folks in my own party might not like this, everybody is going to get coverage. under your plan, does everybody wind up being covered? >> in fact they do, and that's the whole point. it is a replace in the place at the same moment. it is amending the bill and allowing every single individual an opportunity to have the same tax advantages. and of course it will mean that large team sizes, immediately are formed. bottom line is, we should not
4:49 am
allow it to be part of reconciliation where we give away the money. steve: right. >> then have a trillion dollar tax plan we've got to support and use the next three years and we can effectively do that. steve: good to hear you're going to get rid of it. my daughter is on obamacare. it is terrible. >> i am too. steve: all last year she never got a single dollar's worth of health benefits because she had such a high deductible everything came out of her pocket. >> every member of congress understands that obamacare is twice as expensive from a premium perspective and $3600 for a deductible. it is unusable plan. steve: they will fix it with the world's greatest health care plan. chairman pete sessions from texas. sir, thank you very much. happy new year. good luck to you. you have got a big job. >> you bet. steve: you bet. all right, ten minutes from the top of the hour on this wednesday. straight ahead a vermont mayor is welcoming refugees from syria in his town because they need
4:50 am
more diversity he says. well the man behind the movement to stop the influx of refugees in that town will join us live to react coming up next. first up on this date in 1973 carly simon had the number one song in america, "you're so vain." suddenly celebrities wondered, is she talking about me? ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
♪ brian: mayor the rutland, vermont, making a pitch to the people of his city, let's open our doors to the syrian refugees for the good of the local economy. but not everybody is happy about it, for example, dr. timothy
4:54 am
cook, army reserve colonel, who lived in rutland his entire life. dr. cook, this will bring revenue and diversity to your community. that is what the mayor says. do you feel differently? >> yes i do, brian, thanks for having me on. the problem is that, to take a community as poor as rutland, and we are probably second poorest community in the state, and to bring poor people into our community and expect some kind of economic boom out of it, and, i'm trying to be polite about this, seems delusional to me. and, we have situation in our city right now fully 1/3 of the average household income comes from public assistance. we have a welfare rate that is five points higher than the rest of the state. we have a real problems. we have a drug issue. there was an article just a few weeks ago, three weeks ago, that "wall street journal" published an article, look it up, google,
4:55 am
heroin, rutland, vermont, "wall street journal." tell you about the drug issue we have here. makes no sense to us. brian: you don't like the fact it is happening almost covertly. email from refugee program to the mayor, showing some type of secrecy. i want to share with you concern headquarters has about holding public forum open it up to anybody and everybody, all sorts of people will come out of the woodwork, anti-immigrant, anti-anything. from the director program knowing people like you would step up and push back. >> yeah. you have to understand that this is a city, this a new england community, 2 1/2 centuries of tradition of having accountability and transparency. this is a city that you can't put a bicycle path in, can't put a park bench up without months and months of open public dialogue. typically resulting in a vote. this is a situation as i have described it of being future taxation. because our taxes are definitely
4:56 am
going be going up without current representation. brian: does your city get a stipend from the federal government taking in these refugees? >> i'm sorry, brian? brian: do you get a stipend from the government taking in refugees. >> there is a stipend but it will not last indefinitely. some of the money will last indefinitely. but a lot of money runs out in four to five months. then it is up to us to foot the bill. wendy wilton, our very capable city treasure, did a study extrapolating from city of burlington, our property taxes could go up 75%, 75% over course of four or five years. brian: when people watching, you're not open to the arab community coming into muslims coming into your area, that is not what you're worried about? >> no. this is not a question of morality or culture. this is a question of mathematics. brian: gotcha. >> question of the economy. and you know, it has been unfortunate that those of us who
4:57 am
have pushed back against this idea have almost from day one been characterized being racists and bigots. that is the not case. brian: going behind closed doors. dr. timothy cook, thank you for your service. thank you for speaking up this morning. >> happy new year. thanks, brian. brian: coming up straight ahead in our final hour, we showed you spine-chilling video, todd letter saving his twin brother being crushed by fallen dresser. can you believe this? can this happen to in your house to your kids? what every paint needs to know next hour. for everyone who didn't take president-elect's trump as wall seriously. moves making sure the southern border and northern border. >> we will build a great wall and we'll stop illegal immigration for once and for all. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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>> good morning to you, the gang is back together, it is wednesday, january 4th i'm ainsley earhardt. it only took two tweets, president trump starts making good on his promise to drain the swamp. that is dtf, steve. steve: hashtag indeed. and think he wasn't serious about this campaign promise? >> we're going to build the wall. okay? believe me. we will build a great wall, and we will stop illegally immigration for once and on for all. steve: so he said he'll build a wall, critics say he'll never build a wall. guess what? it's already happening behind
5:01 am
the scenes. we'll have details in ten minutes. >> they built it already? and who wouldn't want a kiss from the vice president? how about that kid. your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. ainsley: her daddy trained her young. no kissing boys. ♪ ♪ ainsley: pete, i interrupted brian before he told you to get dressed. >> and he is dressed. he's fully dressed. pete is out in long island. >> i was dressed before any of you because i came from the city out to long island earlier this morning. it's a fantastic place. we're talking about politics, eating, talking with viewers who love trump. what fires you up about donald trump?
5:02 am
>> the optimism. he's optimistic, we're excited, i haven't felt this way in eight years. >> and cruz. >> he's going to make america great again. >> so the slogan is going to come true when donald trump gets the chance, these two are fired up. also their 15-year wedding anniversary, and they're sharing it with us on fox and friends. i've been enjoying having breakfast with them all morning. >> very good. pete, thanks. that's live out at marines kitchen. thank you very much. also earlier pete showed us that they have the holy canoli on the menu board up there. some italian you are. nugget. clayton: it' ainsley: it's stuffed filling, many people have e-mailed and said the main filling is. ainsley: what? steve: take a guess.
5:03 am
a lot of people sa say ricotta. right off camera, she's going like this. ainsley: here's the thing, though. >> my husband's half italian. steve: that doesn't count. ainsley: you're, like, not fully italian. >> i'm half italian. ainsley: that doesn't count. steve: my mom looking at the television right now. >> obviously the half you are is the eats the food. steve: exactly. and we put it in it melts. >> we'll ask them and find out what bill o'reilly's favorite italian dish is. it's here. because it's national spaghetti day. ainsley: brian tries to get out of a cooking segment but you have to be because you're so funny.
5:04 am
>> the owner is cousins with the contractor that built half my house. ainsley: oh. ainsley: so yesterday we were on fox news, it's like tv at my house all the time. i was running around my apartment, and i see what's happening there at capitol hill. steve: it actually happened monday night where the house republicans voted to gut the chambers ethics office, which is tone death because that's the first thing they did, and that's the headline on all the shows yesterday. we talked about it as well. paul ryan came out, and he made a statement don't worry. i was against it. it will still be independent, kind of. and the house conference voted to have a meeting yesterday a little before noon, and they with drew the ethics changes after donald trump made it clear that he thought that it was a dumb idea.
5:05 am
ainsley: he tweeted out what, brian? brian: well, i'll take it from here. as unfair as it may be, their number one act of authority, health care. far greater importance #drained the swamp, which was kind of last week when nuke gingrich brought up. so recently for the ethics reform said this when he thought about it. >> anybody like president trump that has a feeling of fairness would immediately say you don't want to dilute the watch dog. the problem is we didn't educate how unfair the oc is. you can blast somebody with enough anonymous ethics complaints, and you overwhelm them. but we didn't educate the
5:06 am
public. that has to be done before we take that kind of action. brian: and probably that first. ainsley: people out there at the diner, and i remember one of his this morning. he asked people what's most important. no one said the ethics committee. this is what they said. the va, the economy, the refugee problem. build the wall. steve: yeah, you know, it's just optics. the first thing the republicans do is they make it harder to get in trouble. and you know after donald trump tweeted that out, and they said you know what? let's postpone it. man i we'll talk about it in august. last night if you were watching the legacy media, pinch me. but they actually said night things about donald trump. you probably missed it, so here's a montage. >> the best late plans of republicans are the head of steam and ambitious to-do list went off the rails this opening day of the new congress after a tweet from donald trump. the president-elect's tweet sent gop lawmakers in full retreat and damage repair mode today. >> president-elect donald trump sending a message to
5:07 am
congress after a late-night effort to get rid of an independent ethics board. >> the 115 congress open for business by abrupt under pressure by president-elect the plans to abandon a weak ethics panel. >> you should get used to that because there are going to be few times when republicans are ticked off at donald trump when it comes to free trade deals. and the other will be the infrastructure bill, democrats have a view and republicans have another. he might split the baby for lack of a better term and the nightly news might lead with a compliment. ainsley: that's why they report the facts. brian: which also makes mainstream media delicious. also tweeted this out. the intelligence briefing was delayed until friday happens more time needed to build a case.
5:08 am
very strange. brian: well, the thing is there's another network reporting that the briefing was supposed to be on friday anyway. steve: yeah. brian: donald trump obviously -- steve: well, because he was out towards last week with his celebration for new year's, and he said i'm going to tell you more on tuesday or wednesday. now it turns out it's friday. but also, let's see. 40 minutes ago, he also tweeted this. jewel an said a 14-year-old could have hacked padestta. why was the dnc so careless? also he said russians did not give the info. sean had last night. ainsley: and the reason he said a 14-year-old could hack the e-mail because his password was password. so we never got the memo. that should never be your password.
5:09 am
>> he's a cold war warrior, he's somebody that doesn't really think the russians are always on the straight and narrow said this. >> this administration the incumbent is going to do anything about russia, it should have been the bombing in syria, ukraine, all the things they've done to threaten the baltic states. when you look at what russia has done, the most egregious aren't hacking into somebody's e-mail and showing what the democrats are saying to each other. >> and it's donald trump's overwhelming belief that this whole investigation and fever for the russians on this situation is about shooting and blowing -- steve: the politics. brian: blowing up the credibility of his election. ainsley: right. steve: absolutely. ainsley: well, and he brings up a good point. here we are two months later after the election and where's the evidence. brian: so it will be interesting to see what happens.
5:10 am
john brennon said wait and see the intel before jumping to conclusions. ainsley: okay. steve: how much will they be able to divulge in public? state? ainsley: that's easy to say. we should just wait. but, listen, it's been two months. give us the information already. steve: it's been longer than that we've known. ainsley: the democrats come out and say he won because of hacking. steve: right and that's the story they want to push because there's no evidence. >> happy wednesday to you. breaking news coming in from overseas right now. the the turkey nightclub killer. police now arresting five isis members overnight in turkey in connection with the new year's eve massacre that led 39 people dead. the total arrest now at least 21, including the alleged
5:11 am
gunman's wife. retrace the suspect's steps leading up to the attack. brand-new video showing him at a turkish bus terminal just last month. a showdown taking place of presidential proportions just a few months from now. mike pence making dueling pitches in their battle over obamacare. dr. oz stopped by fox and friends earlier with his take on how to fix health care in america. >> think about how they're going to pay the bills, we actually have to reduce the overall bill. we do that by losing weight -- if you lose weight, all programs help. it's not won on capitol hill. it's won in our bedrooms living rooms and kitchens. ainsley: they could win with 50 votes in the senate. democrats used the same law to pass in 2009.
5:12 am
guantanamo planning to release more. these are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield. according to the white house, the president-elect's opinion doesn't matter. 30 of these detainees are confirmed or suspected of rejoining terror networks. and these young kids gave a veteran a proper sendoff. a group of teenagers stepping forward to serve as paul bears after former officer dies without friends. his body was unclaimed for weeks and weeks until one of the workers decided to do something about it. so he asked her son to gather some boys from long beach high school, mississippi within a minute, six boys volunteered for the service. he was 70 years old. what a nice group of men. >> teenagers get this bad rap and then here we are these
5:13 am
nice high school students doing the right thing. steve: thank you. >> a convicted cop killer, you know that, and he has serious health issues. but should you be fitting the bill for his drugs? what if we told you that they're costing $54,000. steve: and think president-elect donald trump wasn't serious about his campaign promise. >> build a great wall, and we will stop illegal immigration for once and for all. brian: turns out he's already working on it. what's already happening that story next
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> we're going to build the wall. okay? believe me. we will build a great wall, and we will stop illegal immigration for once and for all. steve: i thought he wasn't serious about building that wall. think again. according to reports from, the president-elect's team is already working to make that promise. fox new contributor and founder of the resurgence,
5:17 am
eri eric erickson. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we have a kid in here, they're not squeaking about your appearance today. he made it very clear he was build the wall and then after elected, people said he's not building the wall. turns out his people are talking to the department of homeland security to build the wall right now. >> yeah. they've asked for all the valuable assets and what's on the border. remember, there was a section on the border that was covered by national guard troops and other personnel by president bush and when he left and president obama came in, he removed all of those people, and it looks like based on the request, the trump administration, at least they want to put those people back. remember, congress still has to appropriate the funds to build the wall, but they definitely want to secure the border again. steve: some of the things that the team asked for is how much federal resources available to build the wall. how much was available.
5:18 am
also they want a list of executive orders that president obama issued regarding immigration. and that's critical because they were asking did they pass any -- did they write any regulations, for instance, for the dreamers to change their status or to hide information based on various things. >> right. you know, daca, the deferred program for children is actually here in children, we had a state judge yesterday ruled that illegal aliens can get in with television. states are running to this issue already, it looks like the trump administration wants to reverse that very quickly because it's driving up cost to states, particularly along the border. steve: uh-huh. now, eric, i know you were critic at times of donald trump before he was elected president of the united states. but the border wall is something that has united a lot of people because they feel like unless we can secure our own border, we will never be a sovereign nation. so what they're doing right now, you like; right?
5:19 am
>> yeah. very much so. listen, i never believed in immigration reform. how can you have a comprehensive plan when you still have people coming across the border? steve: sure. >> secure the border and all of a sudden the discussion changes. it seems like sovereignty 101. secure your border as a nation. steve: absolutely. in the meantime, we've got the news today that it looks as if the republicans on capitol hill caved after essentially gutting the house chambers ethics office after donald trump did some tweeting. that was the right thing for republicans to do. because it was the dumb thing to do first out of the gate. >> it was really dumb. they completed distracted from the first day. the headlines could have been about the obamacare repeal and instead it became about ethics. steve: and you have a win about ford. not going to build that factory in mexico. going to keep jobs here. eric, i have a feeling you like what donald trump's doing right now. >> so far, some of the russian
5:20 am
stuff is troublesome to me but the domestic stuff. listen, he's more product right now than george w. bush was when he came into office in 2001. but i do have a concerned about a strong man in washington essentially bullying american businesses. i have a free market guy. they should go where they want. but it's good they're forcing ford to reconsider their options rather than saying goodbye like the obama administration didn't seem to care. but ford said we like the idea of lower taxes, america is a good place to do business. eric erickson joining us today from georgia. eric, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile we show you this fine chilling video. toddler saving his twin brother who was trapped under a fallen dresser. this story ended particularly well. the brother picked up the dresser. but it could have been prevented. what every parent needs to know about securing a dresser in your kid's bedroom coming
5:21 am
up. and jill steyn holding a rally for recount. the problem? not many people showing up. wouldn't a deal on car insurance
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steve: all right. we've got some quick wednesday morning headlines for you. first up, overnight the naacp president under arrest after staging a sitin at the office of alabama, u.s. senator jeff sessions. a group of protesters taken to jail after protesting the nominee for six hours. they claim he has an anticivil rights record. that's what they say. and jill stein just won't quit. practically nobody showing up for her count my vote green rally in wisconsin. the former candidate for
5:25 am
president is still convinced something went wrong with the state's voting machines in that state. all right. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, steve. when we showed you this video yesterday, it's going to take your breath today if you haven't seen it yet. especially if you're a parent. the moment a dresser topples on top of a 2-year-old boy. brian: yeah, you see this happening. incredibly the twin brother doesn't look much bigger than him pushing the dresser off of him. and they found this on their surveillance camera. ainsley: right the good news here is both of the children are okay. the parents posting that video, being very brave to do that, posting it online to warn you as a parent. but that is not an isolated incident. 71 children per day are actually injured by falling furniture or tvs and sadly the consequences can be deadly. so here with some life-saving good advice is thomas trainer, an advanced certified professorial child proofer with his own 2-year-old twins. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: my brother has twins,
5:26 am
his wife watched it. she said she cried. >> it's horrifying. a horrifying video to watch whether you're one child or two children or ten children. it's horrifying putting your children in that position. brian: they're at an age that you can leave them alone. ainsley: right. brian: it's not like an infant that you have to be around 24 hours a day. >> there's a toddler bed in the room, which appears they just transitioned from cribs. they're not in cribs anymore, they're out walking around and apparently in this video the furniture was not anchored to the wall. brian: how do we do that? >> thank you for having us on. it's so simple. thank you for promoting this. ainsley: can i hold you so he can show? >> i don't think so. ainsley: i feel like joe biden right now. [laughter] >> so these are simple
5:27 am
furniture straw backs. you can pick these up at any hardware store. ainsley: sometimes furniture comes with these, but you say they're not good. >> this is what you're going to get from typical furniture. this is what you're going to use as a professional. the furniture must be sold with these straps. but this is what they give you. a professional grade furniture strap, an l bracket, you can attach this to the wall, screw that in top if you don't have knowledge or time. you can buy these in any home store. but screw this into the back of furniture. brian: uh-huh. ainsley: right? >> screw this into a stud wall, you're going to need a stud finder, unless you have knowledge. ainsley: what if you can't find a stud. >> it's imperative. you don't want to go into sheetrock with it. >> this will find it; right?
5:28 am
>> you can get a handyman to come find a stud for you. ainsley: there's always a stud. i know this is a stupid question. is there always a stud? >> concrete walls or brick walls aren't going to have studs all the time. so you're going to go with cement crews, concrete screws. ainsley: there's always a way. brian: it goes in one side; right? and where does the other side go? >> you screw into the stud in the back. put them on a angle so that it holds the furniture down. brian: right? >> rather than pulls it out. ainsley: now, thomas, do we need to secure everything. like, if you're walking around my apartment or his house, what do we secure? >> i would recommend anything that is taller than it is deep. this is height. this is depth. so we definitely want to secure this piece. as you saw in the video, it doesn't take much. these drawers out, i'm only putting about 20 pounds on this. it's going to come right over. ainsley: a lot of dressers have a tv top of it.
5:29 am
so it's added weight. >> statistically you're looking at one child a week i believe now dies from furniture. i know we did the injuries. but the deaths. really, does it matter how many kids got hurt before your? if your child gets hurt, it's your child. i don't think the parents in this video really are concerned about how many kids got hurt before theirs. brian: and people say they build furniture so cheap today, it's so light. >> with the last ikea recalls, they sold the furniture straps with that piece, and they didn't use the furniture straps. you have to use the furniture straps. it doesn't matter about the wood. it doesn't matter about anything. you have to use the furniture straps. ainsley: what's the name of your company if people want to call you. >> all-star baby safety. brian: and what's the name of the car that makes such a great noise. >> than daniel's car, getting the word out, this video has saved thousands of lives in the future to come. ainsley: would be embarrassing but, yeah.
5:30 am
>> people online are talking about them. but they really did such a great service to this to children. ainsley: it could happen to anyone. >> saved thousands of lives by releasing this. nobody knows it's the low dressers. everybody assumes it's the tall stuff. but the low stuff, they don't think about. ainsley: and the grace of god that child is okay. not a scratch, parents said. >> and so am i. brian: you have kids that are healthy. >> so am i. ainsley: a convicted cop killer has serious health issues. so should you be fitting the bill for his drugs? what if we told you they're costing you the taxpayer, $54,000. brian: right and today is national spaghetti day. and that got me thinking how will bill o'reilly celebrate? favorite spaghetti to join us next. when cold and flu hold you back
5:31 am
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we'll even throw in free shipping. life hurts. feel better. justice is spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪ dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. . >> here's your shot of the morning. vice president joe biden and annual reelected speaker of the house paul ryan.
5:34 am
awkward moments while taking pictures with congress yesterday. ainsley: we'll start with paul ryan on the left. putting kid to shame after stun in the background with the maroon shirt on. he dabs during his father's swearing in during the photo op. all right. so you can't hear it there but paul ryan. are you okay? he wasn't really sure what the kid was doing. and then as it turns out the father, the new congressman from the great state of kansas said, hey, speaker ryan, he's grounded. meanwhile a baby, joe biden gets dissed by an infant posing with richard's family, biden leans in for a kiss, but she ducks away. ainsley: that's because babies know. brian: she did lean back as if she was going to. meanwhile somebody who is very busy this morning is our president-elect, donald trump,
5:35 am
he's been tweeting up a storm. the latest tweet came out about ten minutes ago. ainsley: his tweet says thank you to ford for scrapping a new plant in mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the u.s. this is just the beginning. much more to follow. brian: a lot of it is the promise of a new corporate tax structure and growing the economy here at home. that's a lot of the reason. it isn't just, hey, please stay. he's saying look at the plans we have in the works, and we do have republicans in the house and the senate to get it done. ainsley: carrier said they're going to stay, lincoln, ford, maybe the cruise will be made here. >> well, boeing said they're going to deal on the air force one and lockheed martin said we're going to do our best to keep costs down. steve: you're saying it would be cheaper to send her 2,000 miles than have her --
5:36 am
steve: in mexico, she gets paid $10 an hour. here we pay her 29. that's the way it works. >> thanks a lot, brian. good morning to all of you. we start out with a serious story right now. there is a convicted cop killer at a former black panther who is about to receive a new insanely expensive medication behind bars all on your dime. a federal judge in pennsylvania ruling that he must be treated for hepatitis c. the 62-year-old is serving life without payroll for the 1981 murder of police officer daniel faulkner. the modern drug cost is anywhere from 50 to $75,000 a person each year. wow. what do you think of that? well, murder charges against former wwe wrestler jimmy now dropped. a judge ruling he's incompetent on trial for the 1983 death of his girlfriend.
5:37 am
after the 73-year-old is suffering from dementia, and has six months to live. more than 30 years after her body was found in a hotel room that they were sharing. and college could soon be free in new york but guess who's footing the bill. taxpayers. governor andrew cuomo granting full ride scholarships to students for families he didn't less than $125,000 each year. now, if it passes, it would cost taxpayers $163 million a year. the plan now headed to the state legislature for its possible approval. and we can't make this one up. police sea cease a man's tiger after it goes for a stroll in mexico. someone called 9-1-1 after spotting a 4 month old cat walking ironically down lion street. it had been living at a home with children.
5:38 am
that tiger now in a zoo. those are your headlines. national spaghetti day. brian: let's talk carbs. >> we are celebrating with one of bill o'reilly's restaurants. it is out on long island. brian: owner and chef are here with the best spaghetti recipes they claim. steve: but if you don't trust us, bill o'reilly joins us by phone. good morning, king of cable. >> yeah, i have spaghetti right now for breakfast. brian: a lot of people don't realize that pop tarts now comes in a marinara. bill, what is it that you like so much about them? >> the guys go out, and they prepare stuff every day that is not sitting around. it's, you know, right there, the ingredients are genuine. and they take -- they take pride. and that's the important word in their presentation and their food.
5:39 am
>> what is it like when bill o'reilly walks in knowing you're going to be put to the test? >> well, i first let him know where he is. so we take good care of him, as we do with everybody. with our 30 years, original cofounder and owner opened the restaurant in 1978. brian: when bill o'reilly comes in, is he a good tipper? >> he's very generous. he's wonderful to serve. ainsley: i know you order spaghetti on national spaghetti day but what else do you recommend? >> i like the fish because it's healthy. and eddie and anglo-,they cook it up any way you want it. so they have fresh fish every day, and i'll go with the fish every now and then. steve: let's segue a little bit. so when he says they make things fresh. what do you mean?
5:40 am
do people have old spaghetti laying around? >> yeah. they do. what are you? 6 years old? you go to some restaurants, and they kind of fake it. they have stiff in the refrigerator, and they kind of whip it out. not these guys. it's from scratch. so, you know, my favorite spaghetti thing is clam sauce. and they make it very well. brian: so tell us the different spaghetti. what is steve eating? >> we're having spaghetti with broccoli, garlic, and olive oil. ainsley: did you say spaghetti with broccoli? brian: you're not done there. you have more options. >> yeah, we have spaghetti with onions. a lot of carbohydrates there. steve: and this right here. >> this is our vegetable.
5:41 am
brian: what makes a good vegetable? because a lot of times falls on its face. >> it settles. and then the next day, it's ready to be sliced. ainsley: now, when bill o'reilly comes in your restaurant, does he sign autographs? does he go around the table? or people in long island know this is his neighborhood, we're not going to bother him. >> being he's very short and he could hide in the corner somewhere. he has said hello of people that made a point of wanting to meet him. >> when you make your cas, what do you put in it? >> we do make our own fresh. ainsley: how do you make cheese. >> powdered sugar and vanilla
5:42 am
extract. ainsley: how tall are you, bill? >> i'm 6'4". i could not say that three months ago, but i went to a class, so now i can order. brian: people say you're hard to shop for, no longer that can be an excuse. a gift certificate is now what we get you; correct? >> absolutely. i have breakfast there every day. ainsley: you know what's going to happen, bill, you have so many people that watch your show, and we all love you. you have so many people that make a trip just to see if you're going to be there. >> and they have great pizza too, by the way. really good pizza. ainsley: we have the table. steve: so happy national spaghetti day, everybody. >> bye. ainsley: thanks for coming on, bill.
5:43 am
steve: all right. meanwhile president-elect donald trump tweeting that ford decided to stay in the united states. then the white house took credit for that. really? >> this is only the latest step in a long running significant and positive trends of u.s. economy that those jobs are being protected. >> oh, you're joshing me. james sterling live from the white house coming up next. ainsley: and we're having spaghetti with friends this morning in smithtown. >> every day national pancake day here every day at the diner. pancakes, politics, and i'm even kind of serving and dining at the same time. more in smithtown americans - 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d.
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5:46 am
steve: president-elect donald trump making good on his promise to keep jobs in america this morning. ford has scrapped its plans for that big factory down in mexico. brian: but the white house pumping the breaks on that news. in fact, fox news chief washington correspondent james at the white house with the latest. hey, james, make sense of this. >> good morning, brian, steve, and ainsley, the fact that few president-elect maintain quite a prominent profile as donald trump has. and with every tweet carrying large implications for policy and standing around the world.
5:47 am
the obama administration has gun to chafe a bit at the activism and his successor to claim positive developments in the economy that have occurred since election day. to that end, mr. obama's spokesman argued that ford's announcement yesterday that it was scrapping its plan to build a $1.6 billion small car factory in mexico and instead will divert 700 million-dollar of that money to one of its electric car actions in michigan was not necessarily mr. trump but rather the work of president obama to rescue the american auto industry. >> and i know that over the last five years or so that ford has actually increased the number of workers at their company by about 28,000. so this is only the latest step in a long running significant and positive trends of u.s. economy that those jobs are being protected. so that's obviously good news. >> yet the ceo of ford explicitly describes his
5:48 am
company's decision as quote a vote of confidence for president-elect trump and just about 20 minutes ago donald trump responded thank you, ford, for scrapping the factory in mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the u.s. this is just the beginning. much more to follow, end quote. but even supported mr. trump saying he's going to go to go beyond dealing with companies on a one by one basis and create broader conditions for u.s. job growth. steve: thank you very much. it's not even 9:00 in the morning, donald trump has just tweeted two more things about the hacking at the dnc. you will see complete coverage at the top of the hour. i've got a feeling a very tall blond kid is going to be reporting from outside of trump tower with this. i wonder who. anyway, stay tuned. ainsley: and when we take a commercial break, then you go go to twitter and read what he wrote. this morning, he is live
5:49 am
having breakfast with the people who voted against the crowd out on long island next. brian: but first, let's check in with bill hammer. i haven't seen him in a while. >> where rub, man? >> i know we're going to see him on radio in two hours. >> obamacare today is the day the ball gets rolling. fascinating moves on the hill. his password was the word password. and donald trump is all over this intel spat tonight. great center andy car, carl grove, we'll see you in 11 minutes.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
steve: while hillary clinton won in the northeast, donald trump still refunded in large pockets, including new york where he won by 51,000 votes. the first republican victory since 1992. ainsley: so what are those voters thinking almost two months later? let's check in with steve, he is talking to them in smithtown out on long island. good morning, pete. >> good morning. it has been such a fun morning out here and subpoena of a reminder when you come out here when overwhelmingly for donald trump and here in smithtown, 28% victory for donald trump. folks who really want to see america made great again and committed to that. rather than listen to pundits as fox and friends has done, we want to see what the people think. in this case they chose donald trump. in 2017 keeping our finger on
5:54 am
that pulse, and i've had a wonderful group of people to chat with this morning. we have nancy, carol, and jim. what would you like to see mr. trump do? and what do you hope he emphasizes going forward? >> soutch rampant deception in politics. it's such a breath of air to see how straight forward he is, and you know exactly what he's thinking and how he feels and how he believes. and you can believe it. it's truth in politics. >> you want to see him keep to it? >> absolutely. i think twitter is outstanding. not monitored. he's right out there. what he's thinking when he's thinking and it's out there. >> absolutely. jerry. >> i care very much about our veterans and men in the armed services. i also care very much about our police officers who are being killed at a wholesale rate and firefighters. >> you're a firefighter yourself.
5:55 am
thank you very much for your service. certainly mr. trump has made that a priority also. ma'am. >> hi, i would like donald trump to address the common core. i am now doing homework with my 5-year-old granddaughter, and i can't believe the amount of work that she has. and i just feel that, you know, it could be improved. >> certainly. sir, thank you for your service in the marine core. >> thank you for your service as well. i want to thank president-elect trump for hanging in there and winning this election, first of all. i would like to say to mr. trump if he could possibly have his new head of department of education implement a program getting back to teaching our children and in colleges, true american history so that they fully understand why they have the freedom that they have in this country today. and more respect for our flag and what it represents and the people who serve that flag and gave the ultimate sacrifice. that would be wonderful.
5:56 am
and i want to thank fox for what they do, being there, and doing everything they do. being out here with we, the people and you especially. >> well, it's an honor to be here. and you can't make america great again if you don't know why america is great. what a fantastic point. you can see why we love being in these diners. these are wonderful people and hoping donald trump can turn it around. i'm going to keep eating pancakes as i always do and keep talking to folks. thank you for sending us out. steve: you're fitting in way too well with the long islanders there. thank you so much, mr. minnesota. >> we're going to step aside. we have breaking news coming back in two minutes g oxygen to . again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. knows how it feels to seees your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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5:59 am
>> we've got a fox news alert. as you look at first responders in brooklyn, new york, a long island railroad train has derailed. looks like it ran into the atlantic terminal station in brooklyn. at least 18 are hurt according to local news accounts. >> this happened about 8:30 a.m. near the roads of atlantic and flash brook avenues. 15 minutes old. this is reminiscent of what happened back in september as we look at the live images of the first responders going into the atlantic terminal. remember we showed you in september what happened over in hoboken where one of the new jersey trains ran into the
6:00 am
platform. it looks as if that's exactly what happened at the atlantic terminal in brooklyn. >> amazing to see the first responders out there saving lives and making sure people are safe and getting to the hospital. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you for joining us. >> bill: more on the breaking news in a morning. it begins today, the beginning of the end for obamacare as we have come to know it. on the hill at this hour are the big hitters. vice president elect mike pence and president obama had to huddle with their respective parties. pence trying to start anew with the healthcare law and president obama trying to save it. i'm bill hemmer on wednesday. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will get the wheels in motion. sets up a boat that would be procedural. mike pence saying it is just wh


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