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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 4, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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platform. it looks as if that's exactly what happened at the atlantic terminal in brooklyn. >> amazing to see the first responders out there saving lives and making sure people are safe and getting to the hospital. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you for joining us. >> bill: more on the breaking news in a morning. it begins today, the beginning of the end for obamacare as we have come to know it. on the hill at this hour are the big hitters. vice president elect mike pence and president obama had to huddle with their respective parties. pence trying to start anew with the healthcare law and president obama trying to save it. i'm bill hemmer on wednesday. welcome to "america's newsroom." >> martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will get the wheels in motion. sets up a boat that would be procedural. mike pence saying it is just where they'll start.
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>> we'll focus on repealing and replacing obamacare. we'll look forward to legislation that will give us the tools to roll back the avalanche of red tape and regulation that have been stifling american jobs and growth but president-elect has a clear message to capitol hill. time to get to work and it's time to keep our word to the american people. >> martha: mike pence on his way to the hill this morning. mike emanuel there already for us today. mike, what are the expectations for this visit today from the vice president-elect. >> he is expected to rally house republicans on repealing obamacare, something many of these republicans ran on during the campaign. the vice president-elect will have a variety of meetings on capitol hill starting on the house side first and join republican senators today with their weekly luncheon. it's getting rid of the
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president's healthcare law. mike pence is well-known here on capitol hill after serving 12 years as a house republican. still has many relationships. the difference this time with the visit he has a lot of newly elected republican members of congress who campaigned on getting rid of the healthcare law. bottom line, he will get them ready. these folks getting ready to get cracking on the republican agenda, martha. >> martha: he is playing his role in a big way as somebody who spent a lot of time there, mike. as for repealing obamacare, republicans pulling this in some ways from the democratic playbook, right? >> no question about that when democrats passed obamacare back in 2010 they did it just with democrat support. republicans are looking to scrap it the very same way. there were complaints back in 2010 when you are reworking something as massive as the nation's healthcare system there should have been some efforts to get republican buy-in to get republican input into doing such a massive thing.
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it did not happen. when you are looking at republicans taking all the levers of power here in washington from the white house to the senate to the house, they're looking to do it the same way with a budget resolution that will only need a simple majority in the senate and the house to pass and so republicans are looking to get rid of obamacare in a hurry in the next week or so. and they are going to take that right out of the democratic playbook from 2010 >> martha: what a difference an election make. >> bill: the showdown begins as promised. we're watching it closely. senator john morraso joins us to talk about the push to repeal and replace. the beginning of where that story starts today. >> martha: house republicans going back on the vote to gut an independent ethics panel after sparking a national backlash yesterday. this one was a quick 360. they quietly voted on monday
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night to strip the office of congressional ethics of its independence. but by noon yesterday republicans had dropped that measure. the move coming after tumble called republicans out on twitter writing with all that congress has to work on do they have to make the weakening of an independent ethics watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one priority? focus on tax reform, healthcare, and so many other things of far greater importance, #dts which is drain the swamp. the power of a tweet was on display from donald trump. >> bill: you had a lot of support from republicans and democrats to get rid of this aspect of government and let's say they went too soon. on the obamacare thing, i think it's very fascinating to see what democrats are doing. they'll branch out and try to put pressure on republicans not to go along with that. how will it work out?
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will they have success at all? >> martha: that charge will be led by president obama when he goes to capitol hill to try to rally democrats to hold onto his signature legislation. a battle is clearly underway. >> bill: a lot of moving there. also today president-elect trump speaking out on alleged russian hacking. pushing back a scheduled meeting until later this week and friday he tweeted this. the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. very strange exclamation point. fox news digital policy editor. good morning to you. the administration says friday was always the date. part of the numerous fascinating elements to this story is this. in 16 days the 45th president is the boss of the intel community. agencies he has called into question many times in the past 18 months.
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>> the implicit allegations are really strong. when you're intimateing that julian assange, the guy behind one of the most sentence leaks in recent history, a guy who was basicly seen as an enemy of the state when you're saying maybe this guy is right and the cia is wrong and f.b.i. is wrong, when you're doing that, you are opening up a big can of worms here. his implicit accusation is that they are corrupt because of barack obama. they are corrupt because they wanted hillary clinton to win and trying to hurt and delegitimize trump so he is doing what trump always does, attacks anybody who perceives as threat to him. >> bill: let's talk about obamacare. this is the day republicans have been waiting six years for. now, democrats would say you break that thing, you bought it. and you own it. and republicans would argue
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hey, it's broken already. mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader is set to release the schedule for the repeal and eventually replace. where does this stand today when you've got mike pence on one side making his arguments and president obama set to fight vigorously to defend his law? >> the repeal is the easy part. those are all goodies, a big tax cut because of the way the law was structured. jam it through the senate on budget reconciliation. that's the way the senate democrats passed it in the first place in 2010. this is all good. this is the cash back when you buy the new car. however, the larger issue here and this is what the republicans will grapple with is what to put in its place. democrats will be looking to torch you every step of the way because even if there is mild disruption, remember what republicans did when all the people got thrown off health insurance when obamacare went into place?
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the democrats are waiting to roast the republicans on this. today is fun for republicans. they get to start a process that gives them a tax cut, that gives them a chance to tell their base that they've done what they promised. the next two years promise to be quite a haul. >> bill: right on cue, chris. republicans must be careful that the dems own the obamacare disaster with poor coverage and massive premium increases, the 116% hike in arizona and deductibles are so high it's practically useless. don't let the schumer clowns out of this web. i will take you back pre-christmas. a thank you rally in north carolina when trump said we'll repeal and replace it but we have to be smart about it. it is clear now and again from this year that he understands the pitfalls of moving too quickly without a safety net in place. >> there is that part. but what he is -- so if you
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have these 20 million people with coverage and have people thrown off koefrj and can't get care they have a catastrophe politically. on the other hand a trump points out if you let it hang on too long, now the republicans are culpable because they messed around with the wiring and their fault whatever is going on. and some conservatives are very concerned, in fact, very concerned that what happens is you repeal it but then you let the guts of it. the exchanges hang on and hang on and hang on and punt it down the road and never make the full change. people like rand paul and others say we have to replace it now. if we repeal it now we have to replace it now or otherwise we'll end up with washington being washington >> bill: thank you, sir. pretty well done, there. thank you, reverend. talk to you real soon. wait for the next tweet. don't go anywhere. >> standing by. >> martha: washington has been washington a long time. old habits diehard.
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in the meantime one of the top democrats in washington says it's time for the president-elect to get serious. >> making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> martha: but he has gotten plenty of bang for his buck out of that twitter account. can he govern through twitter, though? we'll talk to former white house chief of staff andy card about that. >> bill: the former attorney general eric holder has been hired for a new role. hired to take on donald trump. we'll explain. >> martha: who is really to blame for the hacked podesta emails that racked the presidential election? julian assange telling democrats to look in the mirror. >> this is something a
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14-year-old kid could have hacked.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> martha: breaking news, new information about a commuter train derailment that happened a little while ago in new york city. these are the live pictures from the scene in brooklyn, new york. a long island railroad train derailing in the last hour. reports at least 18 people have minor injuries. the accident stalling train traffic in the area and causing a bit of commuter chaos. it seems the injuries are not
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life threatening. good news this morning. we're keeping a close eye on this as it develops and we'll get you back there as necessary. >> we published that the podesta emails which shows him responding to a phishing email. how did they respond? podesta gave out his password was the word password. his own staff said this email that you've received, this is totally legitimate. so this is something a 14-year-old kid could have hacked based that way. >> bill: they're arguing the clinton team has only itself to blame for the hack. assange said he wouldn't have hesitated to public information on donald trump if he was able to get his hands on it.
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former dnc official and former assistant to bush. password is password. 14-year-old kid could have done it. blame yourself, no one else, start. >> this is the chicken and the egg. are we more outraged it was hacked or the fact that it uncovered corruption within the dnc? both are unacceptable. but the fact that julian assange said the dnc had absolutely no security is really a shame on them. but we got a benefit by looking into the dnc and finding out that there was corruption there and trying to fix the primaries and other things they were up to to try to skew the election. the blame is solely on the dnc. if they had the proper security like the rnc they wouldn't have been hacked. >> bill: let me show our viewers what wikileaks produced. within the dnc and the staff of
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imagines take. he needs to change his password and immediately he did just that. >> the password password can become like its own meme. if we take a step back the most important thing for any party establishment and campaign is to make the proper training and protocols are in place for incoming campaign staffers. so for example i actually, when the dnc leaks were going on we got a lot of phishing emails. definitely suspicious. it wasn't until google emailed me and said that my emails had been compromised by a third party government that i started taking it seriously and went to the digital team and what is this. their first question was do you have two factor authentication? you log in with your password and they send you a text.
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how to pick a password and set up the factors could have prevented a lot of the heartache we have now. but again these things need things to be set in stone because i think that a lot of people -- >> bill: we're side stepping the point here. assange saying you have no one to blame but yourself because you fell for it. it happens to people. mike pence is about to arrive on capitol hill and the obamacare thing is rolling forward full steam. republicans say they'll set the schedule to repeal and replace starting today. president obama will be there as well we believe this hour. he will argue the other side. now, how is this going to go, brad? you start, then pablo. >> the democrats are hunkering down. that's a mistake. president obama should get out of the way. there is a new sheriff going to be in town. they're laying the ground work for that. there is nothing to save with obama in the room. what they should be doing is talking to republicans. they shouldn't be talking to
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obama. the art of the deal is the democrats coming together with the republicans and trying to establish a new order to healthcare. if they are smart, they should be meeting with republicans. guess what? they'll get something out of the deal. donald trump is transactional. he will make a deal that's in the best interests of the country. and by the way, democrats are going to get some of the bargain if they'll come to the table. >> bill: brad, when trump said you have to be careful about how you go about this, there must be an enormous amount of sensitivity on behalf of republicans to be just that, careful to do it right. >> absolutely. we have to learn from the mistakes of 2009 when we had a president come in and jam us because he controlled all branches of government. we have to be smarter than that. offer the democrats the opportunity to come to the table. if our bill passes without democratic support we'll be in just as bad a shape as when
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obama passed it without republican support. >> >> bill: pablo. would you like to see the democrats come to the table? >> i would like to see them do just that. the purpose, the goal at the end game here is to make sure people have insurance. one thing obama can claim on his accomplishments is that millions of people are now insured that weren't insured when he came into office. the question is especially with an aging population of seniors who require more care, are these changes that republicans say are coming going to take away healthcare which will be impalatable. they'll try to take obamacare, slap a trump care sticker and move forward. the most important thing will be to make sure democrats that everyone is insured. >> bill: will any democrats join republicans now? >> i could see the democrats
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joining republicans, yes. the republicans have a tendency to move forward with more -- unity on sort of issues of obstruction like they did during president obama than democrats do. democrats have a wider tent. a lot more perspectives that fit under their umbrella. but at the end of the day everybody needs to be keeping the am people's interests at heart and the people who have insurance now who didn't have it when obama came into office. if we came their interests and health top of the mind we'll keep our economy top of mind, too. >> bill: today is the day. thank you both. gentlemen, forward, thanks. >> martha: we've watched a number of people make their way down the hallway but waiting for mike pence and also president obama arriving on capitol hill to start duking it out and hunkering down over obamacare and the battle which is about to begin when we come back. to the open road.
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>> bill: as expected big hitters on the hill today. mike pence arriving moments ago. he will meet first with house republicans before he moves to the senate side. today is the day that mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader, says they will set a schedule for repealing and replacing obamacare. at the same time we do expect to see president obama at this hour. he will go to the hill and meet with democrats as well. so watch this movement throughout the morning here on "america's newsroom." >> when you look at -- there is nothing wrong, i think, with a president who is looking to make sure that there is a strong and vibrant u.s. economy. i think we all share that
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vision and that hope and that reality going forward. >> martha: that is ford ceo mark fields talking about president-elect donald trump and his economic plans and the tweets that seem to be rolling them into motion. ford yesterday scrapping plans for a mexico plant, 1.6 million small car factory they were building there after mr. trump slammed general motors in the morning for a tweet for importing compact cars from mexico to the united states. a short time ago mr. trump responded to ford with this tweet. thank you to ford for scrapping a new plant in mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the united states. this is just the beginning. much more to follow. charles payne, host of making money on the fox business network. charles, yesterday amazed me with a couple of tweets we saw some major motion. what do you think? >> you're right. what i thought was interesting in the ford situation. throughout the entire campaign
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mark fields was adamant -- adamant we'll build this plant in mexico. over and over again every time it was brought up, every time a reporter said listen, donald trump on the campaign stump said x. he says i don't care. we'll build this almost $2 billion plant in mexico and all of a sudden remember we started yesterday donald trump tweets against general motors. you don't know where the ford board was. it might have been the tipping point. >> martha: that was the tweet that came first. it is just remarkable. he said general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax free across the border. make it in the usa or pay a bigger border tax. the chilling effect of these tweets. you are suggesting that the board may have been pressuring this ceo all along and it may have tipped the balance? >> obviously. it's something you have to think of. when you think of a company like ford or general motors and you have the american public
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buying your product you don't want the president of the united states pointing out putting a harsh spotlight saying these guys are doing some unamerican things. why buy from them? it's hard to calculate how much that intangible is. goodwill means a lot. having said that donald trump's tweet also revealed on general motors the many advantages that mexico has over america. they have a ton of them. the cheap labor, the peso 20 to 1 to a dollar. a bunch of free trade agreements making it easier and cheaper to ship cars from there and the value-added tax there. they essentially allow their carmakers or even american companies that build things over there to get a rebate on taxes. so that's his point about shipping in duty-free or tax-free. it's a mountain of obstacles to level the playing field. in the meantime donald trump is coming out swinging, which is huge.
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>> martha: here is president obama as he arrives on capitol hill. he is there to try to hold onto obamacare. another huge issue for american corporations. many of whom and many small businesses have just simply stopped hiring because they can't bear the burden of obamacare. >> for the month of november the national federation of independent businesses, the largest small business organization out there put out their confidence rating. interesting. on the surface it was higher but when you examined it from november 8 to after november 8 it went through the roof. small businesses are praying please, undo some of these things. the impact of obamacare particularly changing a full week of work from 40 to 30 hours. some of the overtime rules that are associated with some of the other things. the idea is that small businesses were hurt so bad under president obama that entrepreneurship dropped to an
6:30 am
all-time low over the last two years. if you want to talk about where the real jobs have come from in this country in the last 25 years. small businesses and entrepreneurs. why would we shackle them? it's nuts. >> martha: when you think of the impact of a few words and sentiment. how strong sentiment is to business psychology. it's remarkable what we're seeing happen. how it bears out may be another story but we'll be watching it. thank you for being with us today. you have your eye on it at the business channel. >> all the time. >> bill: today we get to look under the hood of obamacare and see what republicans have in mind. repeal and replace schedule set to be announced today. we know moments ago president obama arrived. mike pence is there as well. each side setting up their arguments to go forward. we also know democrats will fan out across the country on president obama's order to try to defend obamacare. how will republicans react to that?
6:31 am
we know what donald trump is saying. moments ago he completed his thought on his tweets by sending the following one. massive increase in obamacare will take place this year and dems are to blame for the mess. it will fall of its own weight. be careful. in a moment back to the hill and more on this on "america's newsroom." >> if we don't act the damage will be irreversible. we're going to act. that's why we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice. we have no choice. we have absolutely no choice.
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>> bill: back to the breaking news. a train derailment in brooklyn, new york. new information about the commuter train that apparently was coming into the station. reports suggesting 37 people have been treated for injuries. most of them if not all said to be minor injuries. we don't believe it is a life
6:35 am
threatening situation. the accident stalling train traffic causing a lot of commuter chaos. it was about a month ago in hoboken, new jersey, where you had that train coming into the station in the early morning hours which was -- it proved fatal at that point. this, however, is a little different and as we look at the live images for those on board it looks to be as good a scenario as you could expect with a train coming into the station early in the morning. back to that in brooklyn, new york, when we get new information here. >> martha: the republicans delivering on their promise to go after obamacare on day one as they get back to work after the long holiday period. there is mike pence on the right as he arrived on capitol hill about a half hour ago or so. president obama also arrived on the hill fighting to salvage his signature legislation, to talk to democrats and convince them to hold firm.
6:36 am
president-elect donald trump weighing in on the matter on twitter saying this. republicans must be careful in that the dems own the failed obamacare disaster with its poor coverage and massive premium increases. like the 116% hike in arizona. also, deductibles are so high it's practically useless. don't let the schumer clowns out of this web, he says. massive increases of obamacare will take place this year and dems are to blame for the mess. it will fall on its own weight. be careful. he used a lot more than 144 characters there. he figured out how to tweet in consecutive order and get that message across. the senator from wyoming is chairman of the republican policy committee and member of the foreign relations committee and a doctor. you're in a busy place this morning. how will this battle go? >> we're battling for patients. that's who i am focused on my fight. the patients, the families
6:37 am
around the country who have been hurt by the obama healthcare law by six years of obamacare malpractice that has resulted in raising costs, raising complications, people having possibly insurance under obamacare but the premiums are so high and deductibles are so high they can't use it. the president focuses on coverage. ifm owe focused on healthcare and we introduced yesterday the resolution to repeal obamacare. >> martha: the resolution, if it passes. you expect it will, will allow you to repeal obamacare with anything over 50 votes, right? >> it will put it on donald trump's desk. we did it last time but obama vetoed it. we want to get the power and decisions back to the people, to the families, to the doctors. let states decide. get the decisions out of washington and immediately repeal the most harmful parts of the healthcare law which is this mandate that everybody has
6:38 am
to buy government approved insurance as opposed to the insurance best for them and their family and what's best for the folks in local communities. that's the problem. when washington comes out with a one size fits all which is what obamacare is, it hurts people back home. that's what i hear in wyoming every weekend. >> martha: for republicans politically 2018 is now just around the corner and we've seen many times over the course of history where there is a sweep into office for one party and they lose the majority very quickly. if you guys mess this up, if you leave people feeling like they lost something, they lost something they had under obamacare, you may be in trouble. >> there are americans all around the country and in wyoming who feel they've lost a lot because of obamacare. the ability to choose the insurance that works for them that was affordable beforehand
6:39 am
and now unforwardable because of all the mandates. let's face it. restent gallup poll, eight out of 10 americans feel they need the healthcare law needs to be fund mentally changed or repealed and replaced. for them it's not a good deal, it's not working for them. and president obama is here on capitol hill desperately trying to save his healthcare law rather than fighting for patients who need healthcare. and he always focused on the word coverage and ignored the word care. >> martha: one of the big questions is how you provide a transition that people can go through and understand it as they get from point a to point b. frankly, the messaging that has come from republicans on this hasn't really been that coherent. if you ask most people out there what will you get? repeal and replace with what? i don't think they can give you a clear message on that. donald trump is putting forth clear message on twitter every day. is he way ahead of you guys on
6:40 am
messaging? >> he is certainly right on healthcare. i was with him at an earlier healthcare speech that he gave. he is right. the healthcare law has raised costs, raised co-pays and deductibles, made it harder for people to get care. the majority of people covered are under the medicaid expansion, under medicaid, a program of the government's that doesn't work right now. so mike pence as vice president is the right person to deal with that because as governor of indiana, he did medicaid expansion in a way that allowed the state to have much more control. we tried to do that in wyoming but were rejected by the federal government. states need to make those decisions. they can get better care for people than when washington takes control. >> martha: the teams are there. we just saw mike pence and many from the top echelons of the trump team walking into the hill. so we'll see how this goes. senator, always good to talk to you.
6:41 am
thank you very much. >> bill: we also know more gitmo detainees will leave within days. how will a president trump use gitmo in the war on terror? >> martha: mr. trump continuing his communication through social media. can he use twitter to govern as president? former white house chief of staff for president george w. bush, andy card, joins us with his thoughts on new presidency next. >> these issues are too important for mere words. our challenge is too entrenched more fear tweeting. killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. you have dinner on the table at 6:00 every night. hey guys, i'm home! of course no one said it had to be cooked.
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6:45 am
and criminal justice reform. one state lawmaker says having holder will help safeguard the values of the people of california. the president-elect has promised to crack down on sanctuary cities, several of which are in california. >> making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. we have real challenges and we have real needs to get things done. and many americans are afraid, mr. president-elect, that instead of rolling up your sleeves and forging serious policies, for you twitter suffices. >> bill: we were told they were on good terms. we have know what senator schumer thinks about twitter now. president-elect donald trump has made the most of his
6:46 am
twitter account and gotten results. is it a clue as to how he will communicate as president? if so, what does it mean for so many? andy card, former white house chief of staff for president george w. bush in studio. great to see you. happy new year. my sense is twitter feed is going nowhere despite all the protests you hear from so many within the media. what do you think? >> he tweets to the people of america, many of whom supported him, many more who are rallying for him. and i think he will continue to reach out to the people that helped him get to the white house and he is going the try to make things change. what he cannot do is abuse the time and responsibility that he needs to spend in the oval office doing his job. i don't want the tweeting to become more important than the decisions that have to be made in the oval office. >> bill: there is a balance there. >> there are a lot of things that you cannot tweet about that you will learn as president. and so -- >> bill: give me an example.
6:47 am
>> he talks about getting intelligence briefings. the value of getting an intelligence briefing you can challenge it. don't tweet about it, challenge it privately, cause the intelligence community to do more work to make you feel more comfortable. you don't have to tweet every time the government burps. >> bill: this is, as you would argue, a direct line to his supporters. what are the challenges to his staff as they are going throughout their day and trying to stay on message with him? because even yesterday when he came out and criticized his republicans in congress. kellyanne conway was on morning tv and she was defending the ethics move and then he came out around 12 noon and went in a 180* direction. what is your feeling on that?
6:48 am
>> it's a challenge for the staff and a particular challenge -- the president is blind-siding people who work for him right now. that will be a challenge. you want him to understand how he doesn't like to be blind-sided and the people who work for him shouldn't be. if it's a policy decision he shouldn't tweet it unless it's been fully vetted by the policy experts that he has leaned on to advise him. once a policy decision is made, talk about it. >> bill: it is clear from yesterday that lawmakers are going to have to figure out how to react to this. and we saw the pivot immediately yesterday. that's a whole new world, andy. >> i believe he was causing a pivot that the speaker wanted. so i think paul ryan recognized that it was a flawed move by the republican caucus to do
6:49 am
what they did. >> bill: if there is a vote on infrastructure or you name it, pick your poison, he can bring pressure to bear. >> that's important. every president has tried to do that. not with tweets but tried to do it with radio talk shows and tried to do it giving speeches around the country. what i don't want the president to do is think he is a member of congress. he is not. they're separate but equal. he can try to guide them. he should motivate them and lead them and govern them, but he can't be them. so allow congress to be congress. >> bill: these are all fascinating ideas here. broad question. what is your expectation starting on the 20th of january for president number 45? >> president number 45. presidents call themselves by the numbers. i worked with 41 and 43. i worked with number 40 as well. but the first day he is going
6:50 am
to realize the job is bigger than he thought it was even the day before. >> bill: you believe that. >> the decisions are so tough. he has the ability to make relatively easy decisions right now. when he gets in the oval ofls he should never make an easy decision. he doesn't have time to make an easy decision. use your time to make the tough decisions. that's the chief of staff's job is to make sure he is never wasting his time by making an easy decision. they are tough decisions. he has to demonstrate the ability to lead bureaucracies that need to be inspired. most of people in bureaucracy in washington, d.c. didn't vote for him. they need them to be inspired. >> bill: andy card knows the job better than anyone. >> martha: american cities like chicago have seen a huge jump in crime in 2016. but it's a different story in new york where brand-new statistics are showing the city
6:51 am
here is safer. so what is the secret of the nypds success?
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6:54 am
>> martha: is nypd released its annual crime statistics for 2016 showing murder and other crimes are down from the year before. it comes as we watched the troubling crisis that has been occurring in chicago. where they've seen a huge increase in murder. so what is the nypd doing correctly in this case, rick leventhal live in brooklyn with more this morning. what are you learning about all this? >> first of all many would argue that one shooting is too many. any murder and every murder is a tragedy. in a city of nearly nine million people there will be crimes committed. releasing its year end
6:55 am
statistics the nypd is referred to as the safest big city. there were 998 shootings in new york city the first time ever below 1,000 and down 12% from last year. there were 335 homicides. one of the lowest in modern times here. by comparison in chicago a smaller city than new york, there were more than twice as many murders and close to four times as many shootings. >> i was a young cop in 1991 and you would walk your beat and you wouldn't see somebody for an hour or two because it's burned out building after shell of a car after burned out building. you can't afford to live in those areas now whether it's brooklyn or the bronx. >> a photo exhibit of then and now in new york city. >> martha: what's the nypd doing right? >> the lower numbers are due to precision policing with
6:56 am
investigators and officers focusing on known people to them. repeat offenders likely to commit more crimes instead of the random stop and frisk widely criticized. cops from targeting gangs and known criminals who often wind up committing strings of robberies or worse. they also credit neighborhood policing why cops get to know the people on their beat and hand out cell phone numbers and work with residents to weed out the bad guys. >> we arrested over 1,000 high value targets just since march since the merger. and we've taken a lot of shooters off the street. >> the nypd says what's its doing is working and could be a model for other cities across america. >> martha: hope chicago is listening. rick, thank you very much. >> bill: republican leaders on the hill set to hold a news conference. mike pence is on the hill. he arrived 30 minutes ago and so did president obama. each meeting with their separate sides. that's where the action is this
6:57 am
morning and that's where we will go next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> martha: we're waiting for a news conference fra house republican leaders set to get underway any moments. there is a lot of activity today on capitol hill. vice president-elect mike pence back to business speaking with people on the hill to try to repeal and replace obamacare. they're trying to organize that effort. we saw him coming in with the incoming chief of staff. kellyanne conway. everybody huddling there. you have the democrats doing the same thing. they're talking with president obama who very much does not want to see the winnowing down of his legacy by a repeal of obamacare, which looks to be within the grasp of the gop as they push through the budget resolution that would allow them to do that with a simple majority to overturn the work he spent so much time on.
7:01 am
first this morning president-elect donald trump challenging the intelligence community claiming that they delayed a briefing on russian hacking. appearing to take the side of wikileaks founder julian assange who released the tens of thousands of hacked emails that are in question. as we welcome you to "america's newsroom" on this wednesday. i'm martha maccallum. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. we're cooking with gas. mr. trump questioning the evidence to prove intelligence claims that russia interfered in the election. he tweeted this yesterday. the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange. now this morning peter doocy live outside trump tower in manhattan. good morning, peter. >> good morning, bill. the president-elect is seeing if the dnc got hacked it's
7:02 am
their fault. he said he doesn't think any computer in the world is safe. write it down and send it by courier if you have anything important. why didn't the dnc have hacking defense and why haven't they responded to the terrible things they did and said, a total double standard. media, as usual, gave them a pass. last night the president-elect seemed to put a lot of stock in what julian assange has been saying in public about this. he wrote julian assange said a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta. why was dnc so careless? also russians did not give him the info. that trio of tweets show he doesn't want the dnc playing a sympathy card. he is talking about the things written in private made public by hackers. >> bill: more to come.
7:03 am
leading our coverage outside trump tower. thank you, sir. >> martha: back to the live pictures now as we wait for the house speaker paul ryan and republican leaders to give their weekly briefing. everybody is back after the break as we wait for this to get underway what's the first topic. they have to get right to obamacare. >> absolutely. both sides are dealing with that. you said president obama desperate to preserve as much of the law as possible. republicans trying to deal with the strategy. they know they want to repeal and want to replace. the repeal part is easy. replace part is tougher. they have to work on timing and scheduling. whether they are happening at the same time and they have to figure out a lot on their side. >> martha: in many ways when you look back at the election, it may be the increases in cost
7:04 am
with obamacare that had a bigger impact on the outcome of the election than it gets credit for. given that it's highly possible that democrats may pull away from the president on this issue and try to find something that will save their own skins in the end. >> two interesting things about that. donald trump yesterday sent out a tweet about the minnesota governor, a democrat, who is complaining about rising costs in his state. look, the number is somewhere between a quarter and a third of the country has one or two options only under obamacare. on the obamacare exchanges. not a lot of options for buying plans under basically the benchmark plan. there aren't a lot of choices. a spike in cost and average premiums at the end of last year. there is a lot of pain out there on that. democrats have been in a weird situation for the last six years they've had to defend president obama and so their position was there are no changes we will make or very
7:05 am
small changes. they dealt with financing here and there but no substantive changes even though all sides said there are problems that need to be rewritten. now in some ways they have more freedom to actually engage republicans. the question is whether republicans go for a full repeal and replacement or if democrats will come in with half appeal and hope to get enough republicans to join them on rather than a full repeal. >> martha: any kind of compromise between republicans and democrats might be good for house democrats because they'll be seen as being part of a fix on obamacare but any diminution of obamacare will be bad for the obama legacy, right? >> that's right. on the other hand you have republicans who made a full repeal the only thing that's acceptable to them. you have president obama on one extreme. the house republicans and senate republicans on the other side and as you said is it possible that congressional democrats come in in the middle ground. >> martha: what did you think
7:06 am
about what happened with this independent ethics committee established by democrats because they were angry about corruption in the republican ranks. an effort to move it inside the house and under the gop that got scuttled quickly with a couple of tweets. >> first there is not a single voter who went to the polls whether a trump, clinton supporters. saying we need to give members of congress more due process rights in ethics hearing. trump's tweet was right. the first thing republicans were going off on was off kilter. donald trump sent out a tweet and had members of congress jumping to him. we've seen in the first day of congress a shift in the political gravity up here. trump, elected with less than a majority of votes and two months ago was seen as an iffy
7:07 am
president, now you have both democrats and republicans shaking after the trump mystique on capitol hill. donald trump is the dominant figure up here as of this week. >> martha: such a great point. one last question for you as we wait for them to walk into this room. did paul ryan and kevin mccarthy lose some of their leadership ground by kind of trying to split the difference? they voted against this ethics committee move and then they sort of tried to scramble on the side of it because it went against them. >> a good question. we won't know until this plays out. i think -- i think what they'll be seen as good team players. they didn't want to go along with this when the conference voted that they were going to do it. mccarthy and ryan made a defense of it. when trump yanked the leash back great, now we can go back to where we wanted to go. i think they'll be seen as good team players who tried to play along while they needed to but
7:08 am
eager to get it behind them. >> martha: they also could have tried to pull the rest of their party over to their side and said look, guys, this isn't what we want to focus on. the anti-drain the swamp action you're trying to take right out of the gate. >> i would say this. the real test of their leadership will come on the next subject like this ear marks which ryan promised there was almost a vote last year ot ear marks. he said we'll revisit it early next year. when they revisit ear marks will be a test of ryan pulls it in his direction or basically a follower. >> bill: for more on all this dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine with us now in studio. good day to you. doctor/patient relationship now. there seems to be two questions that keep coming back. number one, how do you keep those insured who acquired insurance under the affordable care act, how do you keep them insured? is it possible?
7:09 am
>> all of america's patients want to know the answer to that. let's keep in mind the 170 million people are getting their insurance through their employer and we're talking about 20 million new ones under obamacare. 12 million have medicaid expansion. they'll keep it for sure. the medicaid expansion will stay in my opinion and it's been said by others. second point, what about those eight million? kellyanne conway said president-elect trump has every intention of giving them insurance. not taking away insurance from someone who has it. how do you do that? you know what? the exchanges offer pseudocomprehensive insurance. what do i mean by that? you pay $350 a month, the government pays $250 a month. you get bells and whistles. you get to the doctor's office and you get squat. you can't get what you need. let's offer those eight million the kind of insurance that actually works in the doctor's office that is scaled back, that isn't so regulated that has more choice involved and you will have lower premiums,
7:10 am
which is what we need. that's the first point. >> bill: the second question that keeps coming back, republicans, democrats. is there any doubt that those with pre-existing conditions would be covered? >> not at all. i predict dr. siegel's prescription i think it will be better. i think you'll see high-risk pools in the states like you had before obamacare was officially in place. if i have a patient that has diabetes currently under obamacare they may not get the medicine they need. they may not get things they need. i may not be able to give them the specialist i want. with a high risk cool. heavily subsidized insurance to help people with chronic conditions. that will be an improvement over the obamacare. less regulated. high risk pools. >> bill: one another thing. i feel like i'm in 2009 and
7:11 am
2010 talking to you about this. are you concerned with replacing it with something that is effective as a doctor speaking to a physician? >> i think it has to be the focus is, bill. i'm not concerned about it. as i've said already here, the current insurance isn't working. it is too expensive. there is too many regulations. you can't get the doctor you want. you can't get the care you need. you can't get the tests you want. we have to replace it with an insurance easier to work with and have doctors that participating in it. most doctors are opting out of obamacare and you'll see malpractice reform where doctors and patients are happier. i think we'll keep the pre-existing conditions as you said and keep people to stay on their parents' policy up to the age of 26. those are going to stay. the parts that aren't working are the state exchanges and the individual and other mandates. those have to go. what you'll see in congress now is those will go.
7:12 am
you'll see the mandates go and the exchanges go. exchanges will be in place for another couple years and then they will go. >> bill: thank you, dr. marc siegel trying to develop the next great healthcare system. >> more choice, more competition. >> bill: nice to see you. as we wait that press conference coming up shortly. >> martha: the room is filling up as we wait for house gop members to address the press. we'll watch it closely. a tough day for them yesterday when they came out of the gate with a move by some republicans to move an ethics committee away from independence and put it back under house purview which many saw as the opposite of why it was put in place to be sort of an outside arbiter of ethics within the whole congress for democrats and republicans. the people pushing it claim it was mischaracterized and it would have remained independent. however the headline of it didn't go over all that well and looked like they were trying to cover themselves and
7:13 am
donald trump admonished them to stick to what he sees as the priorities. obamacare, tax reform and draining the swamp. that was read as the opposite of that. that quickly went buy -- bye-bye. >> bill: democrats have a plan to counter this. they'll be defending it in places like ohio and pennsylvania and west virginia. they want to crank up pressure on republicans in states like alaska, arizona, maine, nevada, tennessee. maybe flip some of them. the lines are being drawn as of today on the hill when it comes to healthcare. >> martha: all this goes under the umbrella as president obama scrambling to keep obamacare intact to preserve his legacy. karl rove is on deck to talk about the president's final push. >> bill: democrats are bidding a war room to go to battle with a new trump administration. what is their strategy? tell you about that in a moment and then there is this.
7:14 am
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. >> bill: here it is the moment we've been waiting for. kevin mccarthy out of california. to his right is the vice president-elect mike pence. here we go on the hill. >> when you watch on the floor today we'll start with that courage. we've watched what has happened to the jobs across this country. the regulation that has been impounded for the last eight years. you'll see this week that we will bring up the rains act. many of you know about that
7:17 am
rethlation. it simply says give the people a voice when it comes to regulation in america. the act only deals with those bills of regulation that get imposed upon that cost more than $100 million on business. you think there would have a few of those. if you look in just the last six years, there was 82 of those presented and put into place every single year in this administration. we have to get that burden off and start working. so the act will say no new major rulings will be imposed without a vote of the house and the senate where the people have a voice. we'll also be dealing with obamacare. so many of you know of what these failed policies have done to americans. if you look at those families that have employer-based insurance, their premiums have increased by more than $4300. of the 23 company ops created, 18 have already failed.
7:18 am
what is most concern to so many, more than 1022 counties across america, more than one-third. have only one choice inside the exchanges. everything president obama promised about healthcare has failed. we are so thankful that we have a new administration coming that had the wisdom to listen and the courage to lead. >> it was an exciting day yesterday to see all the new members get sworn in. to see this new majority excited about getting to work for the american people. there is a lot we want to do and a lot we're going to do working in tandem with our new president and vice president. it is great to welcome our friend and former colleague mike pence back not as a member of congress, but as the soon to be vice president of the united states and a great partner working to get our country back
7:19 am
on track. there is a lot we need to do and are going to do. there is somebody else here at the capitol today. barack obama. i think when the president comes back here today maybe for the last time as president, it is important to remember the first time that barack obama came here as president. barack obama came here and made very specific promises to the american people about obamacare. he came here and said if you like what you have, you can keep it. how did that work out? today millions of americans lost the good healthcare plans that they liked and expected to keep and are not able to today because of the broken promises of this law. barack obama came here to this capitol and said if his bill passes health insurance costs will drop dramatically for families. instead, what have we seen? the reverse. dramatic increases in healthcare costs. my state of louisiana over 25% increases that families are paying in higher costs for
7:20 am
healthcare because of those broken promises of his law. i hope he comes here to apologize for those broken promises. i don't think that's what's going to be the case. i think he will be here more concerned about preserving his legacy than about fulfilling those promises. the good news is, we are here to fulfill those promises to the american people. we told the american people if you give us this great opportunity we'll work hard every day not just to repeal obamacare but to replace it with reforms that actually put patients back in charge of their healthcare decisions. that actually focus on lowering costs and increasing access to healthcare. and to bringing doctors back into the practice of medicine who are getting out of the practice because they don't want unelect bureaucrats how to deliver the healthcare. we're really excited about getting to work to restoring those promises made to the american people and get our economy back on track and make
7:21 am
america great again. >> happy new year. i'm energized by the new year e. this is really a moment we've been given by the people. the moment to think big, a moment to reimagine the federal government and put people back at the center of it. just down the road is the washington monument. right now it's closed to visitors. you think about families, individuals that travel from all around the country, from eastern washington it's a long trip. maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the washington monument. they will be met with a closed sign because the federal government is going to take more than two years to fix an elevator. now this is just one example, but people are dealing with these kind of roadblocks every day at the v.a., at the doctor's office, when they are just trying to do the right things, provide for their families, get a job.
7:22 am
this is how the government has come to operate. one person, one agency at the top deciding for everyone. it's why it's our responsibility as the people's voice and the people's representatives in their government to protect the constitution and the balance of power. representative government. the rule of law, equal opportunity for all is protected here in the house by the people and for the people. i want to thank vice president-elect mike pence for joining us today. it is so exciting for us as we start this unified republican government 2017 and all that it has in store for the people of this country creating opportunities for everyone. >> happy new year, everybody. throughout this transition we have been working hand in hand with the vice president-elect with one goal in mind. that is to make sure that president-elect trump can hit
7:23 am
the ground running when he takes office on the 20th. so we're getting right down to business. we're starting today on our work to deliver relief to americans struggling under obamacare. we must remember this. this law has failed. americans are struggling. the law is failing while we speak. we need to reverse the damage that has been done. then once we repeal this law, we need to make sure there is a stable transition to a truly patient-centered system. we want every american to have access to quality, affordable health coverage. all of the things that obamacare has kept from the american people. more choices, more control, more freedom. we want to put them back in their hands. we know that things are only getting worse under obamacare. this is about people paying higher premiums every year and feeling powerless to stop it. it's about families paying deductibles so high it doesn't feel like you have health insurance in the first place. in so many parts of the country
7:24 am
as you've always heard, even if you want to look for better coverage you're stuck with one option. one choice is not a choice. it is a monopoly. the healthcare system has been ruined, dismantled under obamacare. the answer is not to ignore the problem or ignore the problem to keep some failed legacy. the answer is bold action, solve problems. bring relief to americans. we will help americans crying out for relief from obamacare and we will keep our promise to the people. as you can see, we'll be working with the new administration on every step of this law, every step of the way, even before day one. with that i want to hand it over to somebody that we all know very well because he served here with us. we're so proud of him and we're so pleased about this new working relationship with our new vice president-elect mike pence.
7:25 am
>> thank you, mr. speaker. thank you to the speaker and the leadership for the warm welcome today at the house republican conference. i'll be meeting later today with members of the senate at their weekly luncheon and this is a day that our message is very simple on behalf of the president-elect and on behalf of all the leadership that we are 16 days away from the end of business as usual in washington, d.c. today our message is very simple. working with the leadership here in the house and in the senate. we're going to be in the promise-keeping business. president-elect campaigned all across this country. he gave voice to the frustrations and the aspirations of the american people. he laid out an agenda to make america great again.
7:26 am
my message on his behalf today before this congress and members of the senate we intend to keep those promises. that begins with assembling a government and the effort through the course of this transition to build a cabinet that will be able to implement that agenda. it speaks for itself. it will begin on day one before the end of the day we do anticipate that the president-elect will be in the oval office taking action to both repeal executive orders and also set into motion through executive action policies to implement, promises that were made on the campaign trail. working with the congress, we're going to have that classic three-part agenda the president-elect talked about so often on the campaign trail. jobs, jobs, jobs. the focus will be from day one. to work with the congress and you heard about the efforts this week to begin to roll back
7:27 am
the regulations that have been stifling growth in the american economy and stifling job and opportunities. we'll be working with the congress over the course of the first several months to construct the kind of tax reform for businesses and individuals that will unleash the bound-up energy in the american economy. we'll keep our promises to end illegal immigration. to build a wall. we'll invest in rebuilding our military as our commander-in-chief talks about strategies with our commanders to hunt down and destroy isis. the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. that was our message today and will be our message on capitol hill. and it needs to be done. not just as a promise kept, but because in the course of this election, the american people had a choice. and what appeared to many as
7:28 am
against all odds, oftentimes with overwhelming opposition, our president-elect took his case to the american people to repeal and replace obamacare and the american people voted decisively for better healthcare and we are going to try to give them that. i was here in march 2010 when obamacare was signed into law. i remember all those promises of we were told if you like your doctor, you can keep him. not true. we were told if you like your health insurance you can keep it, not true. we were told the cost of health insurance was going to go down. not true. the reality is today premiums this year are increasing by an average of 25% in some states. in arizona premiums went up 116%. 63% in tennessee, 53% in pennsylvania, 40% in north carolina.
7:29 am
obamacare has worked a hardship on american families, on american businesses and in a very simple conclusion, the american people have sent new leadership here because obamacare has failed. and it has been rejected by the american people. but now is the time for us to keep our promises. step one will be to repeal obamacare. as the president-elect said today, and i admonished members of the house republican conference today, it's important that we remind the american people what they already know about obamacare. the promises that were made were all broken. and i expect you will see an effort in the days ahead to talk about the facts around obamacare. and secondly, of course, is to begin that orderly transition to something better. the truth is that the commitment that the president-elect made was to repeal and replace obamacare. and as he said this morning, in
7:30 am
a tweet, it will be important that we be careful as we do that. that we do that in a way that doesn't work a hardship on american families who have gained insurance through this program. doesn't work a hardship on our economy. as i told the house republican conference today, we're working on a strategy in concert with the leadership of the house and the senate for a legislative and executive action agenda that a transition to a market-based healthcare reform system is achieved. the speaker of the house used the word stable and we will do that. in his famous speech in philadelphia the president-elect spoke about an orderly transition and it will be that. make no mistake about it, we're going to keep our promise to the american people and we're going to repeal obamacare and replace it with solutions that lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. now there is a broad range of
7:31 am
ideas about how we do this and republicans have been offering those ideas again and again literally every year since obamacare was first signed into law. we'll be working with dr. price both before and after his confirmation when he steps into the role at hhs. working with republican leadership in the house and senate to take the case for those solutions to the american people. with that being said, i couldn't be more humbled and excited to be back in the capitol today. i'm -- i was encouraged by the president-elect to come here to capitol hill. the first full day of work for members of congress because it's time to get back to work. and while others are visiting the capitol today talking about defending the failed policies of the past, we are here today speaking to republican majorities in the house and senate to advance policies that
7:32 am
will make america great again and have a more prosperous future for all the people of this nation. questions. >> a question for vice president-elect pence. earlier today the speaker called julian assange -- compromises national security. president-elect trump is citing him as a source of intelligence. where do you come down with the speaker or president-elect trump? >> the president-elect and i will receive a briefing from the leadership of our intelligence agencies this coming friday and we'll be listening in. look, i think that the president-elect has expressed his very sincere and healthy american skepticism about
7:33 am
intelligence conclusions. we're going to sit down later this week. the president and i have been receiving since the election regular intelligence briefings. receive a presidential daily brief with the president yesterday and we'll be looking at the facts and the information. but i think given some of the intelligence failures of recent years, president-elect has made it clear to the american people that he is skeptical about conclusions from the bureaucracy and i think the american people hear him loud and clear. >> as mentioned the president-elect is warning you to be careful here. is there a danger here, why move forward with a repeal of obamacare when you don't have a clear plan to replace it? >> making an important point we're trying to emphasize. so much damage has already been done to the country. obamacare is a story of broken promise after broken promise after broken promise followed by failing program, higher
7:34 am
premiums, hire deductibles. as we give relief we don't want to pull the rug out from anybody. that's the point we're all trying to make. this law has failed. it is getting worse. families are hurting. no one has choices. we've got to fix this by replacing it with something better. in that transition we want to make sure we don't pull the rug out from anybody during that transition. that's the point we're all trying to make. >> why still no plan to replace it? >> we have plenty of ideas to replace it. you'll see as the weeks and months unfold what we're talking about replacing it. how we can get better choices with lower prices by not having a cost of government take over of healthcare which is causing all this problem in the first place. sherman. >> for the vice president-elect or both you guys. we're talking about a transition that will happen relatively quickly if he takes action in the first day. is it possible you extend some of these provisions which the president-elect and you all have said are popular for a
7:35 am
temporary period of time? people want to know what this is going to look like. people across the country want to know. not just us in the room. >> jake, i want to be very clear and i would commend you and anyone looking on to look into -- i was commending you to do something, not yet. [laughter] good to be back, it really is. i would commend all of your attention to the president-elect's speech in philadelphia during the waning weeks of the he laid out the principle of harnessing the power of savings accounts but his commitment was clear in that, that we will insist upon and implement working with the congress but also using executive authority to ensure
7:36 am
that is an orderly transition. and we're working right now, the white house staff is, on a series of executive orders that will enable that orderly transition to take place even as the congress appropriately debates alternatives to and replacement of obamacare. >> you sound like some provisions might stay in place until there is a new plan. >> we don't want to pull the rug out from people while we replace this law. we don't want people to be caught with nothing. we don't want the rug pulled out from families while we bring relief. >> on the aca repeal and replace can you give detail on the executive actions that are planned and how does that square with the complex budgetary process that's also involved? >> hand in glove.
7:37 am
we're working on the legislative process now. the senate will act first this week and congress will follow. the budget resolution we need to bring the legislation through while the administration works on the executive orders they're talking about to deliver the kind of transition relief we're talking about. the problem is -- obamacare has failed. families are hurting. it is a string of broken promises. we'll make sure to have an orderly transition to a better system so we can get back to what we all want. lower cost healthcare, more choices so families if can get affordable healthcare with decent choices and not a costly government takeover that has bankrupt the healthcare system and left families struggling. >> if i can respond to that i'd be happy to. we're working out right with the white house staff and in concert with legislative
7:38 am
leadership a two-track approach to ensuring that it is an orderly transition as the president directed. you read his tweet this morning that he has admonished the congress to be careful. i reiterated that before the republican conference today. we're talking about people's lives. we're talking about families. but we are also talking about a policy that has been a failure virtually since its inception. and we intend over the course of the coming days and weeks to be speaking directly to the american people about that failure, but about a better future we can have in healthcare, a future that is built not on growing government, not on mandates or taxes, but also -- but rather a future that's built on giving the american people more choices in healthcare. allowing the power of the free marketplace to flow in.
7:39 am
but the transition to that, we will work out in a way that reflects the compassion of the president-elect and the compassion of every member of congress to see to it we do it in a way that serves the best interest of the american people. look, i think what's clear here is the american people have spoken. they want to see us repeal replace obamacare. and today my message to members of congress is that we are going to be in the promise-keeping business and the first order of business is to keep our promise to repeal obamacare and replace it with the kind of healthcare reform that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. thanks, everybody. >> how do you prevent private insurance from pulling out once you repeal? >> bill: the first order of business is the repeal obamacare. that's the message from mike pence on the hill. he says we're 16 days away from
7:40 am
ending business as usual in washington, d.c. and asked about the intelligence on russian election suggesting donald trump was skeptical. there is a briefing on friday with pence and trump with intel officials. paul ryan saying obamacare has failed and must be fixed emphasizing no one will have the rug pulled from them. his words a moment ago. he said that a couple of times and those are the headlines from the hill that we've been waiting on all day and now democrats respond. >> martha: as they respond let's go back to the hill. >> i think the -- again, the question that has to be asked of the republican party is are you making things worse for the american people or better? and do you have a replacement? they want to keep the provisions with regard to pre-existing conditions. they want to keep the young
7:41 am
people on their parents' policies until they're 26 years old. but at the same time, they don't have a decent replacement. so that's going to be the question. the politics are deaf -- the president made it clear the politics are on our side and that when you look at most surveys, it shows that the american people do not want it repealed. they don't mind it being improved but they do not want it repealed. the other thing that he pointed out is that it brings quite a bit of -- the actions of the republicans bring quite a bit of uncertainty to the healthcare system. and a lot of rural hospitals will be in trouble and there will be quite a bit of problems.
7:42 am
so he is a fight that we made it clear we would do anyway, that's it. >> martha: he is talking about the fact that he believes the most important thing is that the american people are left with more and not less when it comes to healthcare. let's bring in karl rove for his thoughts on this this morning. former white house deputy chief of staff to president bush and i'm curious off the top what you think about the bushes will be attending the inaugural ceremony which is surprising given their history with donald trump. >> president bush made it clear in his statement that he and laura are coming to honor the peaceful transition of power and to support the new president. he is like every american of good heart. he wants our new president to succeed. >> martha: so many people watching the way donald trump has handled things over the past month and since the
7:43 am
election. and some of them changing their minds a little bit and perhaps they may be among them in the future. we'll see. in terms of healthcare and the debate that is beginning today on capitol hill, how will it go politically? >> look, both sides face a big challenge. the republican challenge is that they need to reassure those people who have private insurance on obamacare that they will be taken care of and reassure them that they aren't going to lose their coverage. that they'll get something better. and they need to reassure the people -- most of the people covered under the affordable care act are covered under the medicaid expansion. no change for them. hopefully improvements in medicaid but they'll still have coverage. they have to reassure people. the best way to do that is by laying out a comprehensive plan. doesn't have to happen overnight but over the next couple of months they need to lay out step-by-step what people can expect at the end of the process. the democrats have a problem.
7:44 am
we saw a challenge -- in elijah cummings remarks. they're defending something that is clearly broken. i couldn't believe it when he said the polls show they don't want it replaced. if you give people a choice do you want to keep it owe repeal it, they want to repeal it. that has been consistent. if you say you want to keep it as is or make it better or repeal it. he is right. the repeal doesn't do as well in some polls as make it better. that's what the republicans will say. we'll make your healthcare better. the democrats are living in lala land. pelosi say it has been successful in increasing access and improving policy of care. none of those things have happened. vice president-elect pence was right. every single promise used to sell this to the american people has turned out not to be true and if you've covered by affordable care act policy you
7:45 am
know your deductible is significantly higher than it was and your premiums are skyrocketing and the amount of access you have is diminishing as companies pull out of providing coverage under the affordable care act. democrats are defending a broken system. and they are torn between saying we admit there have to be improvements but we have to keep the system as is. there are a lot more democrats who are stuck at we like the system as it is. the only thing you need to do is spend more money on it. >> martha: you know, president obama is on the hill now karl and he is trying to protect his legacy and this is one of the signature achievements. it is the largest domestic policy he passed and takes pride in. what do you think those conversations are like right now? >> look, he is a cheerleader right now. going up there. the democrats -- i think some of them expected they would get back into power in the house.
7:46 am
he is going up there to stiffen their spines and say stand with me. it's a ra-ra moment. my sense what will happen is democrats will find themselves in a place where they won't want to defend the premiums and they won't want to defend the high deductibles and defend people finding fault with the affordable care act. they'll want to find a place where they can say here are the changes we're for and that's going to be hard for them to get from status quo to oh no, we really need changes. >> martha: my guess is they will be more concerned with preserving their own legacy an preserving the president's legacy. if they're in a district that could go either way they may want to be part of the solution. >> a good point. particularly true in the senate. in 2018 you have a bunch of red
7:47 am
state senators in montana, indiana. the affordable care act is unique. the only major social legislation in the modern era that is less popular after it passed than it was at the time of its passing. it wasn't popular when it passed. it's gotten less so over time. the reality of the law has been so harmful to so many families and so many individuals. >> martha: karl. thank you very much. good to see you. >> bill: now a man who built a political career on obamacare. scott brown now a fox news contributor among other things. you took the seat of senator kennedy and you know this topic as well as anyone. when we were listening to paul ryan, at least twice he said we want to make sure no one gets the rug pulled out from under them. when you hear that message, how critical is that for them to communicate that through this
7:48 am
process? >> i think it's very important bill. happy new year to you and all your viewers. you have a situation right now where you listen, i heard secretary sebelius with talking points it's great. full-time people. they didn't have to cut. premiums are wonderful. they're in a different world as karl referenced. they're out of touch with the average american worker. employer. so yes, it's very important. keeping catastrophic care and coverages. allowing your kids to stay on your plan to 26. allowing for coverage of pre-existing conditions. those are the big three. if you can implement a plan that allows for a cross-border competition allowing the free market to take hold and go in there and knock down pricing and allow kids to have catastrophic plans, i think you'll be in good shape. >> bill: democrats are building a war room to counter donald trump. did you hear about this story?
7:49 am
>> of course, nothing new. >> bill: "washington post" reported this earlier today. they refer to a long-time operate rative for the democrats. this is a paragraph from the article. he will be joined by two clinton veterans who spent the campaign focused on trump. monitoring his statements and trying to drive negative media coverage of his candidacy. written by phil rucker in the "washington post". what do you make of that? >> i think it's business as usual for the democratic party. they're going to try to really hurt the president-elect through death of a thousand cuts. always zinging and nipping and poking and prodding and trying to push the agenda and narrative with the mainstream media 80 to 85% in their back pocket to allow him to basically dwarf his message and important he continue to use twitter, social media, hold the rallies and go right to the people to undercut that effort. >> bill: senator, thank you for
7:50 am
your time. eric holder was hired by the state of california, too. in case there are any legal battles. we'll pick that up next time. scott brown with us today. >> martha: we're waiting nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they will respond to all that we have been watching unfold this morning and no doubt they will speak up for obamacare. we heard yesterday from the senate minority leader schumer talking about the trump tweeting presidency and that it wasn't going to work. we'll get you more on that as soon as we come back live on capitol hill. gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
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>> martha: keeping an eye on this all morning. breaking news on a commuter train derailment in brooklyn, new york. the train went off the tracks about 2 1/2 hours ago causing
7:54 am
commuter chaos in prime rush hour traffic. no word yet on the exact cause of this. they're investigating. laura engel is live at the scene with new information for us today. good morning, laura. >> good morning, martha. i just heard from a battalion chief that the number of injuries has gone up. when we got here about an hour ago it was 70. now it has gone up to 103. most of those injuries are minor, although we have been hearing that there is a woman with a possible broken leg. so we're waiting to get more information as the minutes roll on. as anybody knows, this is a very busy time for this commuting train. it happened at 8:20 this morning. that's when first responders got the call. and you know once they got here it was actually a report of a train derailment. things changed once they got inside the terminal to see what exactly happened. it was certainly a mess. it was dusty. lots of broken glass.
7:55 am
but apparently what happened is that the train came in at a low rate of speed and actually the train hit a bumping block and that it went off kilter. not it derailed and then had the accident. that's the information we have so far. there were an estimated 600 passengers on board the train when it crashed into the atlantic terminal station here in brooklyn. again the number of injuries up to 103. that certainly could grow. the governor who was here on scene a short while ago they don't know what happened with the train operator and why he or she didn't stop in time. that's something investigators will try to get to right away. as anyone who rides the train knows when you approach the station many people stand up and get in position to walk off. so there were a lot of people standing who were caught offguard with this and were knocked down and over and into the seats and walls and glass windows. passengers here describe the crash as a loud bang and then there was a bolt that sent some
7:56 am
people flying. some passengers were taken away on stretchers. others were able to walk away. some were seen holding ice packs to their head. there is a go-team to investigate. the federal railroad administration will assist in this with the mta. that's the agency which runs the long island railroad. we have a lot of teams here. many drawing the comparison to what happened in hoboken, new jersey, last september. that of course was a much difference and worse situation with one person dead, 114 injured. many people wanting to know if this is mechanical or human error. we'll let you know when we hear more at the scene. >> martha: sounds like it was in the process of stopping this time. and hit that bumper. laura, thank you very much. >> bill: the headline of the morning is the beginning of the end of obamacare. vice president-elect mike pence doubling down moments ago on the promise to repeal and replace. we're awaiting reaction from leading democrats. you'll hear that after the meeting with president obama coming up in minutes.
7:57 am
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>> we thought we had to wait for the 20th of january for things to get rolling. >> looks like it's already rocking and rolling at capitol hill after a nice long break their back to work. good to have you with us today, everybody. we will see later. ♪ >> high activity on capitol hill today, as house republicans meet with a very high-profile visitor. have a great day, i'm jenna lee, i'm jon scott, one day after vice president-elect pentz issue to direct challenge to lawmakers, he says it's hide arctic to work. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill right now. mike. >> good morning to you, vice president-elect mike pence's first meeting here on capitol hill as with the house republican conference, it wrapped a short time ago, and he talked about essentially this new administration hitting the ground running, taking action swiftly. he


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