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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 5, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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74-year-old who turned the tables on an armed robber. fox & friends first start now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that is washington, d.c. this lovely morning. i was there last night and here i am in new york city. good morning, you're watching fox & friends first on thursday. heather: nice to have you as well. >> thank you, heather. heather: video sickening as a group of teenagers accused of torturing a disabled man. >> the vicious attack in chicago was streaming live on facebook as the thugs screamed racist antitrust remarks.
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[inaudible] heather: jackie ibañez with new information. jackie, this is beyond disturbing. >> sickening it is. four black teenagers including two women all 148 -- 18 years old all in custody. the suspect drove the victim who was white to a house, tied him up, taped his mouth and started torturing him for up to 48 hours. 30 minutes of the attack all streamed live on facebook. throughout disgusting video you hear four suspects go after donald trump and white people. [inaudible] >> it's not funny, y'all.
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>> it's hard to watch. police stopping short of calling it a hate crime. >> kids make -- i shouldn't call them kids, legally adults, they're young adults and make stupid decisions. >> it's sickening. it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that. so i've been a cop for 28 years and i have seen things that you have seen in a lifetime but still amazes me that you see things that you just shouldn't. >> seemed to be beyond stupid decision. they went to school together. heather, julian. >> live for us, thank you, jackie. attorney david wall is slamming the chicago police department for even questioning it. >> he says the new trump administration wouldn't tolerate this and it's time for the pc police to step aside. >> what i found disturbing is
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the cops in a press conference saying they're not quite sure if it was a hate crime, it's being investigated after being video. so what's going to happen here is they only prosecute it regarding the state crimes and they leave the hate crime out. don't forget who is going to be the attorney general of the united states in a couple of months jeff sessions, i guaranty you he takes this very seriously, this could easily turn into a federal civil rights prosecution as long as with other piggy-backing federal crimes and the hate crime would definitely be included. they need to take this very seriously. they can't allow political correctness to dictate the prosecution here. heather: another news, a clash on capitol hill as democrats and republicans hold dueling closed-door meetings of obamacare. threatening executive action on day one to repeal and replace the controversial law.
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live for us in washington, d.c. with the more of president obama's signature legislation. garrett. >> heather, good morning, to you, there's a lot that president-elect trump is hope to go accomplish once he takes office but tackling obamacare will be his administration's first order of business. that's the message incoming vice president mike pence shared with republicans lawmakers yesterday on capitol hill. following that meeting, pence said, there will be a two-track approach to repealing the affordable care act with president-elect trump using executive powers while lawmakers work on creating and passing a replacement. house speaker paul ryan says that work is already underway. >> we are starting today on the work to deliver relief to americans struggling under obamacare. we must remember this, this law has failed, americans are struggling, the law is failing while we speak, we need to reverse the damage that's been
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done and once we repeal this law, we need to make sure that there's a stable transition to a truly patient-centered system. >> on the other side of the aisle, president obama held a closed-door meeting with democrats urging them to fight for his signature health law and not to help republicans in the efforts to replace it. following that meeting, democratic lawmakers criticized the repeal effort saying it will make america sick again. >> you want grandma living in the guest room, you repeal the affordable care act. this has a tremendous assault on the health and health security and the financial security that goes with what the affordable care act has done. make america sick again, is that what the republicans want to do? i certainly hope not. >> as for the timeline of when republicans are hope to go repeal obamacare, sources who are inside mr. pence's meeting
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with republicans tell us the goal is to have a bill on president-elect trump's desk by february 20th, one month after he takes office. heather: going to work very quickly. >> not a lot of wiggle room there. biggest challenge is what to provide by way of replacement. >> they had lots of plans but finding a plan that they can agree on and have enough support to actually pass has been the problem thus far. >> thanks, garrett, thanks for that reporting. >> you have it. >> one democrat wanted nothing to do with what he calls a counterproductive and partisan meeting saying it will only further divide the count rhode island west virginia senator joe, productive meeting with mike pence on twitter, just finished meeting with mike pence, i look forward to finding ways to work with him in the future.
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heather: four terror suspects preparing to transfer to saudi arabia, first of 20 detainees set to be released from now until inauguration day. the obama administration blatantly ignoring call from president-elect trump to keep, quote, extremely dangers detainees off the battlefield. a national intelligence report from july shows a staggering 30% are suspected or confirmed to have returned to terror. >> accused of supporting murder mission. german police stormed a refugee home in berlin to arrest the 26-year-old, they believe he aided terrorist and drove truck in berlin killing 12 people, the pair had dinner just the night before. anís was shot four days after
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the attack. heather: mass murder, no apology, convicted mass murderer dylann roof telling jurors that he's not mentally ill while acting as his own attorney at sentencing. prosecutors reading chilling dairy from roof that he hasn't shed a tear. the self-proclaimed white supremacist saying that the rampage was worth it as he attempted to start a rake war and more witnesses are expected to be called today, jurors must decide between the death penalty and life in prison. >> a desperate search for a michigan woman as police fear she could be in serious danger. vanishing without a trace on december 2nd setting a massive search, her car was found parked outside her apartment but cell phone and keys nowhere to be found. her family has released photos
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of the key chain and coat she was wearing offering a merely 30,000-dollar reward in hopes that this might help. heather: extreme weather, a deep freeze setting in as heavy snow slams western states. california getting buried causing multiple spin-outs and another 10 to 15 feet of snow in sierra nevada. >> senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the studio tracking the storm. janice, what can you tell us? janice: a lot of weather across the country. let's look at the current temperatures. you have to have the cold air in place to see the snow, right? minus 3 in minneapolis, memphis is 28 in new york. that's a 30-degree drop from this time yesterday. the windchill feeling really cold across the northern plains.
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the central plains as well as great lakes, minus teens and minus 20. we could see snow and ice in areas that don't typically see it. you see the streaming moisture in california, that's ongoing throughout the weekend, so flash flooding is going to be a concern, we are going to have travel problems in the mountains and the set up where we could see some southern snow and ice into the southeast heading into the weekend and a couple of storm systems that could impact the northeast as well. winter weather advisories for millions here. you can see we have winter storm advisories for parts of the deep south in anticipation for this next storm system. if you live in the southeast and deep south, could see ice, snow, it's coming friday and saturday. we will keep you posted. back to you, heather and julian. >> thanks for the update.
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gopro has it all. heather: electronic show kicks off. >> fox business channel liz claman is on the floor with a glimpse into our digital future. >> good morning, we are here at the las vegas convention center where in just a few hours the hours -- doors are going to fly open for electronic show. gopro , boy, they are going to get a run for their money when 3900 exhibitors, 77,000 different innovators and 177,000 analysts and buyers, retailers are looking for the next big thing in consumer electronic. if you look around they are still putting everything together. trends are already developing even though the doors haven't opened. virtually reality is going to be huge, the most massive show case reality gadgets ever.
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48% increase over last year. as you can see, we still have a lot of people that are setting things up, guess what, as soon as the doors open, you will see autonomous vehicles, virtuual reality situation and so much more. we have your front-row seat. it's not open to the public. make sure to stay tune to fox business all day long from the consumer electronic show here in las vegas, have a great morning. >> that's always fun. time now 12 after top of the hour. video that you have to see to believe. >> soon to be president, the blue state with high hopes that eric holder will lead the charge against our president elect. heather: would you buy a car from a vending machine? >> nope. heather: the dealership is
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trying to make it as easy as buying a can of coke. >> but not as affordable
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>> president obama's former top is making a comeback. eric holder to legal battle against presidency. top adviser to california law make whoars are bracing for an epic battle. holder is expect today butt heads with mr. trump over immigration, voting rights, climate change, pretty much everything else. heather: liberal celebrities trying to steal the president-elect trump's spotlight. three-hour love-athon. some of the stars raising money for organizations including planned parenthood. the president elect is planning
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a big new york city bash to celebrate his inauguration, that's according to tmz, mr. trump will be hosting the big apple ball. >> resisting, organizing in the age of donald trump. public event will feature lectures from nearly a dozen professors and a black lives matter organizer, many people giving the school georgetown an f outage sponsored by the school's philosophy department. heather: douglas high school is forced to ditch stallion mascot after online petition, the school releasing a logo design and uniform. it will keep the horse theme but will let the students pick a new
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name. >> thousands of employees soon to be out of a job as two major retailers shut down stores across the country. heather: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business, here with the details. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: unfortunately this is not a big surprise to many of us, in particular when it comes the macy's, they will be letting go about 10,000 employees, 7% of the workforce. shutting down about 68 stores. the macy's is one of those stores that it's always relied on foot traffic specifically the deals, door buster deals, thursday, wednesday deals, that's not really been enough to fight the online shopping, so that's the story at macy's. sears, 150 stores. 42 sears stores. both of the stores have a lot of very expensive real estate in portfolios, both of them plan to sell real estate. macy's in particular says they
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are going to focus on digital, digital which means online shopping. >> interesting, i feel like macy's is one of those stores where there's a million people around and no one wants to help you, maybe this is a good thing for us shoppers. what about the disney recall? cheryl: yeah, big recall at base any. this is for all parents out there, they are recalling 15,000 minny and mickey choking hazard. they were sold in disney world in florida, disneyland in california and also online as well. if this looks familiar to you, if you saw under the christmas tree, it's being recalled, time to return it. heather: so cute. it's too bad. finally, you can order or buy a new car like you can buy a coca-cola? cheryl: yeah, a vending machine for cars. ceo was on fox business talking about this yesterday.
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you buy the car online and you go to either the vending machine, you're seeing pictures, a very large vending machine in atlanta or nashville. 7-day return policy but this is certainly, again, a different way to do it without having to do with the sleazy car salesman. [laughter] heather: i remember when they were 50 cents. cheryl: you bet. >> it's now 20 minutes after the hour and this is the video that everyone is talking about this morning. the hero toddler who saved his twin after a dresser fell on top of him, but was it a hoax, skeptics are now claiming that video is fake. >> try to rope him right here. heather: and going viral this morning, the man who last sued a cap while driving in a sheriff's
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car. hard to believe it.
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heather: welcome back to fox & friends first, shocking video of a police ambush caught on tape. these two chandler, arizona officers were respon to go a trespasser, he opens fire. one officer shot in the face and the other twice in the chest. both officers survived. >> don't mess with the pistol-toting granny. grabbing her own fire power. what an awesome name, she was
2:25 am
about to watch tv when the creep broke into her home and she grabbed a gun and chased him down. >> i tried to kill him. anybody breaking in on me, i'm going to kill him. he's going to kill me or i'm going to kill him. >> that would be the robber who is still on the run. heather: don't mess with her. trolling president-elect trump with this giant version of one of his tweets on the senate floor. the self-proclaimed socialist reminding lawmakers that mr. trump promised not to cut medicaid, medicare and social security. the internet is trolling sanders right back. and then another scene from the classic, day live, the very awkward paul ryan dab dilemma. [laughter]
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>> and next a gap employee gives a full refund to a customer for a 17-year-old shirt. the store manager posting this note reading, this item is from the 2000, our return policy is 45 days. [laughter] heather: let him return it. cowboy in action helping, yes, a rogue calf. >> a calf in the middle of lake highway. we are trying to rope him right here. we just roped him. we just got him. >> that cowboy perfectly lassoes it. heather: that is awesome. >> some people are just cowboys. heather: 26 minutes after the top of the hour. >> some of the intelligence failures of the recent years that the president elect has
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made it clear to people and skeptical about conclusions. >> the bombshell report revealing the feds never looked at the dnc servers in the first place e microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> thursday january fifth, tied up and tortured, a disturbing individual mow emerges of teens attacking a special needs man screaming racist and antitrump remarks all while streaming live on facebook. >> it's sickening. it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that. >> out rage now boiling over, understandably as police refuse to call it a hate crime. heather: battle over obamacare, democrats and republicans going head to head on capitol hill. >> the first order of business
2:31 am
is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the republican plan to cut health care would make america sick again. heather: the action president-elect trump plans to take on day one as he doubles down on democrats. >> more than one hundred people reported injured in a horrific crash during rush hour in the train but where was new york city major de blasio, he was a no-show at the scene. fox & friends first right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you are watching fox & friends first. nice to have you here. i'm heather childers. >> and i'm julian turner. half past the hour. we begin with fox & friends first news. heather: disabled man tied up and to -- tortured all screaming racist remarks.
2:32 am
>> jackie i bañ ease is here in the studio with all the latest, jackie, who -- what can you tell us? >> now in custody following brutal attack of a mentally disabled man. the suspect drove the victim who is white to a house and tied him up and taped his mouth and started torturing him for up to 48 hours. at least 30 minutes of the horror attack streaming live on face-to-face book. that's what you're seeing right here. >> my sister said it's not funny, y'all. >> later hay asked the victim to say how much he loves black people.
2:33 am
police stop start of calling it a hate crime. >> kids make -- i shouldn't call them kids, legally adults. >> it's sickening. you know, i've been a cop for 28 years and i've seen things that you shouldn't see in lifetime but it still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn't. >> so inhumane. heather: i don't know how they can say it's not racist or racism. >> stupid mistake. that's more than a stupid mistake. >> that's not a mistake, that's very deliberate. now to this. dueling closed door meetings over obamacare. heather: president-elect trump threatening executive action on
2:34 am
day one to repeal and replace signature health care law. >> good morning, garrett. >> heather and julian, good morning to you. one of the big challenges for republicans is that simply repealing the affordable care act could cause millions of americans to lose health care. one of the biggest questions is how will the gop go about repealing and replacing the affordable care act? after meeting with republicans in capitol hill to discuss efforts, incoming vice president mike pence said that there would be a two-track approach to repealing the affordable care act. in the short run, president trump's team is looking at a number of executive actions he can take and in the long run republican lawmakers are working on creating an passing a replacement plan. the goal according to sources who were inside the meeting is to have legislation on president trump's desk by february 20th just one month after he takes office. >> first order of business is to
2:35 am
repeal and replace obamacare. it needs to be done. not just as a promise kept, but because in the course of this election, the american people had a choice and the american people voted decisively for a better future for health care in this country. >> president obama meanwhile is doing everything he can to protect his signature domestic achievement. in a closed-door meeting with democrats in capitol hill yesterday, mr. obama reportedly urged him to fight for the affordable care act and not help republicans in their efforts to replace it. following that meeting, democratic lawmakers criticized the repeal effort saying it will simply make america sick again. >> you want grandma living in the guest room? you repeal the affordable care act. this has a tremendous assault on the health and health security and the financial security that goes with what the affordable care act has done.
2:36 am
make america sick again. is that what the republicans want to do? i certainly hope not. >> yesterday mr. trump weighed in on the looming fight over obamacare and warned republicans not to let democrats off the hook for its failure. julian and heather. >> wow, it affects so many people, 15,000,020,000,000 folks with health care. republicans are going to have to take care of them with whatever they put forward. heather: 20 million people are not going to lose health care immediately. >> the obamacare showdown shall republicans repeal and replace it, log onto fox & friends first facebook page. #keeptalking. heather: other stories, federal investigators never actually examined the hacked dnc servers, instead relying on findings from a third-party security firm
2:37 am
before pointing the finger at russia. the trump administration doubling down on a challenge to those claims as they're set to hear those findings tomorrow. >> i think given some of the intelligence failures of the recent years, president elect has made it clear that he's skeptical about conclusions, from the bureaucracy and the american people hear him loud and clear. heather: president elect now has plans to restructure the department of national intelligence and scale back staff at the cia headquarters in virginia. >> more than one hundred people injured in a new york city train derailment, but the mayor didn't show up because nobody died, the injuries were very minor so instead he attended an nypd crime briefing a mile from the scene, maybe he should have stopped by. >> we look at the situation specifically and this is a different kind of situation than
2:38 am
we were talking about years ago. >> a 2013 derailment in the bronx and criticized major bloomberg for not responding immediately. two more homes now condemned after a massive sink hole opens up, 250-long sink ole discovered on christmas eve. other families in the neighborhood should be able to return to their homes thankfully by monday. heather: and now to extreme weather, deep freeze setting in as heavy snow slams the western state, check out this video from lake superior, temperatures so cold that there's steam coming right off the water. in utah a school bus slid right off the road there. senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking the latest. good morning, janice. janice: good morning, more of the same unfortunately as we get through towards the weekend, heather and julian. let's look at the current temperatures, it's cold and it's going to get colder as far south
2:39 am
as the gulf coast and a set-up underway for possibility of snow and ice as we head for friday and saturday. we are dealing with windchills in minus teens and minus 20. more cold air on the way. good illustration of below zero in the pinks, below in the south. the cold and unsettled pattern remains in place for the next couple of days setting up for wintery weather across the south and a train of storm, a train of moisture into the west which could mean flash flooding and we are going to see some tough travel conditions in the days to come. we will be busy in weather center and bring you the latest back to you. heather: important to continue to watch this. >> thank you, the time is now 40 minutes past the hour and this
2:40 am
is the video that everyone the is talking about. the hero toddler who saved his twin, was it all a hoax? comments have been pouring in all morning. >> one of the covenant campaign promises. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> the sheriff now offering up his inmates to help. >> a lama on the land, where the animal was running rogue stopping traffic on a busy highway. heather: not the first time we have seen lamas. thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, baked-on alfredo? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. cascade platinum powers through... your toughest stuck-on food.
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nice. cascade.
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i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. heather: speculation over the story that everyone is talking about. >> a 2-year-old boy who saved his brother. heather: cheryl casone with our
2:44 am
sister network fox business, why they think it was staged. i watched that and i don't see how it would have been, cheryl. cheryl: the big question across the web. a lot of internet skeptics are dissecting every second which show it is dresser following on the toddler as the brother watches. his brother after several attempts lift it is dresser up and saves twin from possible suffocation or worst. listen. >> it was terrifying and it was heartbreaking. honestly, i don't watch it that much because it hurts and it makes me sad. cheryl: skeptics say, if you go through the tape frame by frame you will see it was stage among theories there was an empty dresser, no close in it at all, the nanny cam was pointed straight at the dresser and not the boy's bed and some find it suspicion that they didn't hear
2:45 am
kids yelling and the father works for vivid smart home, sells nanny cam that caught the whole incident and responded now, obviously there's no editing in the video and to put my sons in a position where the dresser to fall on them on purpose is a horrible thought. we report you to side, back to you. heather: the dad is correct f he did that that's just unacceptable. >> remember the balloon baby? it made me think of that. heather: what do you think, is it real or a hoax? >> denise on twitter says it have totally real. thank god it wasn't loaded with a tv on it. heather: neither parent responded when the dresser fell on top of them saying there had to be some sound from the crash from the dresser, that's a good point. >> yeah, it is. very shady and unethical, this is a major red flag.
2:46 am
heather: i don't think that you can get 2-year-olds to act that out but sends a good message to all parents, get educated, be informed. who needs great outdoors when you can ride a fake bike with tablet inside. fisher-price with a new version of smart cycle at the consumer electronic show, allows parents to attach tablet to bike so kids can play four different games while peddling. the company calling a physical learning arcade system and not a replacement for lifestyle, it $150. >> nra is bragging on twitter on massive gun sales, #boom, 27 million guns bought in 2017, according to the fbi, the sales hit record levels for 19 months in a row.
2:47 am
heather: we are oh going to our show. briankilmeade. what else we have, the showdown on obamacare. did you see what happened yesterday? joe skipped the meeting and did meet with vice president elect mike pence, what's going on there? he will be joining us live. remember the congressman young man, his kid who dabbed during the ceremony, right before the speaker of the house, the congressman here to set the record straight. was he, indeed, growned as rumored, is there chores to do on the side? will you just sit in your room
2:48 am
on i don't know, facebook, we will find out over the next three hours. >> that would never happen. heather: we will be right back. so stay tune hures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen. sorry, just getting a quote on motorcycle insurance from progressive. yeah? yeah, they have safe rider discounts, and with total loss coverage, i get a new bike if mine's totaled. but how's their customer service? great. 24/7. just like here.
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>> local sheriff is coming up with a unique to build president-elect trump's trump border wall for free. who could argue with that? >> we are going build a wall. we will build a great wall. >> massachusetts sheriff thomas suggests having his inmates build it, mr. trump has previously vow today make méxico pay for it but using inmates from massive infrastructure projects would be beneficial for everyone. new battle over gun rights
2:52 am
heading for showdown in the state of texas. proposing a new law that would give everyone to openly carry handgun without a permit calling it con constituent -- constitutional carry. heather: untold story of three african american women who served behind the brains of one of the biggest operations of american history. launch of astronaut glenn to orbit. >> because we wear glasses. >> so let's step in the spotlight with michael tamara. you got to sit with the cast? >> i did.
2:53 am
all told me what it was like to bring the incredible story to the big screen. >> you have to see what she becomes. >> when i saw the trailer i was like, wow, i didn't know the story and nasa was progressive for the day and the movie and you're like, no, not so much. >> it's amaze to go me that the story wasn't told. it's amazing that these women are heros like they are heros, you see capes behind them but they are not there. >> they are doing things in space and thinking about the future but they are humans too and for such societal boundaries to be up is breath-taking things when i first read it. >> you have identification on. >> we are on our way to work. >> at nasa.
2:54 am
>> quite a few women working in the space program. >> we hope that they are able to see as an opportunity and consider them -- >> these women have a broader world view. i hope that other young women when they see this, they're inspired and they realize that when we are united, we can achieve the extraordinary. >> when people watch it and i think they are going to suspend who they are. >> no protocol for women attending. >> there's a real fire ball outside. it's getting hot in here. >> the fight of our lives, people. >> so good. hits theaters tomorrow. such a great story. so many movies depressing right now. this is uplifting story. heather: i love movies that are true, it's a true story and to kind of take that message home with you after you watch it is going to be great. >> very inspiring. octavia nominated for golden
2:55 am
globe. heather: tell us all about it. for more interviews -- >> heather: all right, we will do that. the time now six minutes until the top of the hour. president-elect trump planning a makeover in the intelligence department as president gets big briefing today. the clinch-worthy moment, a driverless demo goes wrong after big reveal. [laughter] heather: wow ugh, see, you need , you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win.
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okay! ...awkward.
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heather: two minutes until the top of the hour. president-elect trump meeting with leaders from u.s. spy agencies. they will present evidence tieing russia to dnc and john podesta hack. the president ordered a full report after sanctioning moscow for election interference. a private memorial is being held for actresses debbie raynolds
2:59 am
and carrie fisher. macy's is cutting more than 10,000 jobs and closing 68 stores. rough holiday season and more people shopping online. >> and now it's time for the good, bad and the ugly. first the good. the proud uncle say, first impressions matter and now for the bad, the debut of a self-driving car not going quite as planned at cef the car made by chinese auto maker refuse to go activate and lastly the ugly, this lama, rogue animal running wild in a georgia highway right past starbucks.
3:00 am
the lama, handsome lama. heather: that wraps it up for us. hope you have a great day and fox & friends start now. >> thanks for joining us. heather: bye. >> it's already a short week. we just came back yesterday. it's thursday. you only have one more alarm clock. january 5th, my name is ainsley ainsley earhardt, have you seen video yet. a special needs man being tortured an being beaten. the attackers screaming racist and antitrump remarks, watch. ainsley: that video right there streamed live on facebook. steve: man, oh, man, we are going to talk about.


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