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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 5, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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administration who has put in place as the proposed national security advisor, someone who traffics in these fake news stories and retweets them and shares them, who betrays a sense of either gullibility or malice that would -- these are stories that most fourth-graders would find incredible. that a national security advisor would find them believable enough to share them causes me great concern. second, go back to joe don for a minute. he talked about russia as a potential adversary because they had capacity and intent. with respect to our cyber, i think we have capacity. but i think what we've shown is we haven't yet developed and intent about how, when, why, whether we are going to use the capacity we have. so if we are going to shore up our cyber defense, if i could just one word, do you think what we really need to shore up as our capacity? or do we need to shore up content intent?
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>> as we look at foreign adversaries, that is always the issue is capability and intent. and certainly in the case of the russians, they do pose an existential threat to the united states, and i agree with the chairman on that. it is probably not our place, or at least my place in the intelligence community, to do an assessment of our intent. that is someone else's place, not mine. >> thank you, mr. chairman, and senator reid for holding this. hearing, and thank you all for testifying and for your service to the country. dr. robert kagan testified before this committee last december with respect to russia, and at that time there was less information known to the public about what had happened in their
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interference in the elections. but one of the things he pointed out was that russia is looking at interference in elections, whether that be cyber or otherwise, the whole messaging piece that you discussed with senator heinrich. as another strategy along with their military action and economic and other diplomatic methods, to undermine western values, our euro-atlantic alliance, and the very democracies that make up that alliance. is that something that you agree with, director clapper? director clapper? >> yes, that is clearly a theme and certainly something that the russians are pushing in messaging in europe. they would very much like to drive wedges between us and western europe, the alliance is there, and between and among the
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countries in europe. >> and i assume there is agreement among the panel, does anybody agree disagree with tha that. one of the things that has emerged as i have listened to this discussion is that we don't have a strategy to respond to that kind of an effort. we don't have a strategy that's been testified with respect to cyber, but a broader strategy around messaging, around how to respond to that kind of activity. do you agree with that? >> i'm speaking personally. as i commented earlier to senator mccain, i do think we need a u.s. information agency on steroids that deals with the totality of the information realm. and to mount in all forms, to include social media.
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>> i'm sorry to interrupt, but can i just ask, why do you believe that hasn't happened? director clapper, admiral rogers? >> for my part, i don't know why it hasn't. i can't answer that. >> admiral rogers? >> from my perspective, in part because i don't think we've come you have to a full recognition of the idea that we are going to have to try to do something fundamentally different. i think we still continue to try to do some of the same traditional things we've done, and expecting to do the same thing over and over again and achieve a different result, i don't necessarily -- >> that is the definition of crazy, i think we've determined that. >> i would just add that in this area, the capability and intent framework is useful to think about. i think it is only in the last few years that we have seen adversaries with true intent to
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use propaganda and the ability to reach out as terrorists are doing and try to incite, and match that up with the tremendous power that social media tools allow to make that easy and simple and effective and broadly applicable. >> so, given that this is a strategy, and given that it's aimed not just at the united states, particularly with respect to interference in our elections, but at western europe and eastern europe, for that matter, is there an effort underway to work with our allies through nato or otherwise? i've been to the cybersecurity center in estonia, but there didn't seem to be a nato agreement that this is something we should be working on together to respond to. so is this an effort that is underway?
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>> speaking from my lens on things, there is a lot of interest in doing that and doing it more effectively and more comprehensively, but we have not cracked the code on doing it effectively yet. and so we need to keep the pressure on ourselves and our nato allies, who are like-minded in this regard, to keep improving our approach. >> and it's also got to be much broader than just cyber. >> thank you. director clapper, my time is almost up. but before you go, since this is the last opportunity we will have to hear from you, can i just ask you, do you think the dni needs reform? >> there is always room for improvement. i would never say that this is the ultimate. i do think it would be useful, though, if we are going to reform or change the dni or change cia that some attention
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be given to, in our case, the legislative underpinnings that established the dni in the first place, and then have added additional functions and responsibilities over the years, that congress has added, two hour kit bag of duties. to say that there's not room for improvement, i would never suggest that. >> i appreciate that, and i certainly agree with you, i think that if there is going to be this major reform, hopefully both legislators and others who have been engaged in the intelligence community will be part of that effort. >> i certainly agree the congress, no pun intended, gets a vote here, i think. >> thank you. >> i know that our time has expired, and i apologize to our new members that we won't have time because you have to go.
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but director clapper, since this may be, hopefully, your last appearance, do you have any reflections that you'd like to provide us with, particularly the role of congress or the lack of role of congress in your years of experience? >> i have to be careful here. >> i don't think you have to be. >> i was around in the intelligence community when the oversight committees were first established, and have watched them and have experienced them ever since. congress does have, clearly, an extremely important role to play when it comes to oversight of intelligence activities. and unlike many other endeavors of the government, much of what we do, virtually all of what we do, is done in secrecy. so the congress has a very
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important and crucial responsibility on behalf of the american people for overseeing what we do, particularly in terms of legality and protection of civil liberties and privacy. at risk of delving into a sensitive area, though, i do think there is a difference between oversight and micromanagement. >> well, we thank you. we think the witnesses, and this has been a very helpful -- and director clapper, we will be calling you again. >> really? [laughter] >> this meeting is adjourned. >> and with that, capitol hill they are getting ready to get up from the table there, that is the director of the national intelligence, and james clapper has been sitting in that seat for the better part of two and a half, almost three hours,
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answering questions bread we have been watching the intel chief standing behind claiming that russia did indeed metal with our elections. so what exactly is the hard evidence? that was the central issue at this hearing on capitol hill, and we watched them leave now. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris hock wagner. kennedy, national security council staff member, right on time, under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner, and today's #oneluckyguy, cohost of "america's newsroom" ," bill hemmer. glad to have you. >> bill: happy new year, happy to be with you. >> harris: 2017, all right, let's get to the news. the director of national intelligence and the head of the national security agency testified about russia's meddling in the presidential election. all of this as president-elect donald trump, who will be sworn in 15 days from now, continues to express doubts about russia's interference. and amid a report which the trump transition team denies, the president-elect is looking to revamp the intel community
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once he takes office. a short while ago, armed services chair senator john mccain asked chief james clapper if he stood by the previous assessment that senior russian officials were behind the hacking. >> based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts not only that only russia's seniormost officials could have authorized in these activities, general klapper, clapper, is that something you stand behind? >> actually we stand more resolutely on the strength of that statement and we made on the seventh of october. >> harris: chief intel correspondent joins us now live from capitol hill, good to see you, catherine. >> thank you, harris. witnesses testified this morning that the u.s. intelligence community is more confident today than it was back in october that the interference was directed by senior russian
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authorities. and they also testified that it was part of a multi-faceted campaign that included the theft of emails, as well as disinformation and the use of state news. they also emphasized that they never found any evidence that any of the vote tallies were changed, but other issues were harder to measure. >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort, and we have no way of gauging the impact that certainly the intelligence community can't gauge, the impact that it had on the choice of the electorate made. there is no way for us to gauge that. >> witnesses consistently testified to the senate armed services committee that the campaign was directed by senior russian authorities. there was only a single mention of vladimir putin by name, and that came within the last hour, and it was given by dni james clapper, who said something of
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this political sensitivity, the interference and meddling in the american election, could only have happened with his blessing. in time, three transition sources have confirmed to fox news that the trump team is considering a restructuring of the u.s. intelligence community, a kind of streamlining, in an effort to deal with what is described as the bloat in leadership and a politicization of the intelligence itself, as described to us as something that is very preliminary. though this morning the incoming white house press secretary said the report that was carried in "the wall street journal" was false. in effect, though, this did come up at the hearing a short time ago. >> yesterday "the wall street journal" indicated that the president-elect is considering changes to the intelligence community. have you at all as the experts in this field and engaged in any of these discussions? >> no, we have not. >> based on our reporting, we
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understand that the intelligence report that exceeds about 50 pages, the classified version, has been dropped off at the white house, and that if the president wishes to be brief, that will be happening today. then the president-elect will get his brief tomorrow, friday. a key question to really be following though in the next few days is that if this intelligence report was just finished this week, on what basis did the obama white house make the decision to impose sanctions on russia and then to expel 35 diplomats? >> all right, thank you very much, catherine, for setting us straight on many of the fact that we will talk about right now. so bill hemmer, i want to start with you. just basically with this hearing, i think we were all perched thinking that we would learn lots of new details. it might be contentious. this was friendly. >> bill: i thought the biggest headline was from john mccain when he said, we have no strategy. here's a guy who just came from eastern europe, and they feel a threat on behalf of moscow all the time. what senator mccain said was,
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our nation has no strategy to deter cyber attacks bid we have no strategy. talk about radio free europe, and lindsey graham almost made fun of it, suggesting it was outdated. >> harris: he did make fun of it. >> lindsay was in a mood. >> bill: answer this, russia and china present the greatest cyber security threat to the u.s., but iran is trying to increase and spend more on its capabilities. one was that written? april, 2016. that was nine months ago. what are we doing as a government if they have already recognized that this is an issue, what are we doing to catch up? i thought that last part was very well taken. are we going after capacity or intent? probably should go after both, because if they are doing a toss, we should return favor. >> harris: you know what's interesting, senator lindsey graham was in a mood. and he was, and he brought up the point of hitting russia back with what he called the rock. he said that he feels like president obama has just thrown a pebble. but that is not to stay the same as to label what is going on as espionage.
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he went back and forth with clapper about that. >> i understand, and i understand that senators graham and mccain are hardliners when it comes to these issues, and i said it before and i will state again, my worry is that if we keep focusing on russia, we are not going to focus on what is most important, which is our vulnerabilities and our cyber security, because if we are only looking in one place that means we are not looking everywhere else. >> harris: or anywhere else. >> kennedy: i thank this is a very valid time to have the conversations about our national security apparatuses and while hillary clinton bragged about 17 security agencies and intelligence agencies agreeing that russia was interfering with the u.s. electoral system, my question is, why do we have 17 intelligence agencies? >> harris: okay, so i understand what you're saying about not necessarily just focusing on russia, but it's interesting that there are reports i may be some in the transition team, particularly the top national security picks that are getting ready to be deposed on capitol hill next week, for lack of a better word, defense secretary nominee, general james mattis, said
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russia could be the most dangerous rival that we have. so is it true or not? mitt romney said so. >> gillian: i was just going to bring that up. remember when mitt romney said that in 2012 and he got laughed out of the room. well, he was right. a couple of things on the cyber front. one is the united states is much better on offense than on defense when it comes to cyber. we've got some of the best folks who are able to penetrate systems around the globe, but for whatever reason, the government has been lagging behind for many, many years now. and in spite of all these efforts, in spite of millions, maybe billions of dollars spread across all these different intelligence agencies over the last decade, we haven't made a lot of progress. there was a cyber czar appointed that was supposed to help manage all of that, dear member at the beginning of the administration? >> sometimes it's not adding another layer of bureaucracy that cures the problem, and we do it with all of these problems. we've seen it with the va. >> harris: how do we square this with the idea of what the
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president-elect has said about russia? he has a healthy skepticism, we learn today that the fbi -- >> i would welcome some more skepticism from the president-elect on russia. >> because james clapper, here's what he said. i think there is an important distention here between healthy skepticism, which policymakers should have, but i think there is a difference between skepticism and disparagement. which i think was a really key thing. >> bill: i think two major points on this, watch to see what the president-elect says tomorrow. watch his words after he gets his own briefing at trump tower. the second thing, am i the only one that thinks this hearing today may not be the best idea? where the foremost democratic government and the entire world. we have a new administration coming in in 15 days. and you allow in open public hearing to be the center of a partisan debate. perhaps not in the witnesses, but may be in the questions that were asked. is this the time to be doing that? can't you take some of this, if not a lot of it, behind closed
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doors and achieve the same end? >> and why are we speaking in absolutes? why is the director of national intelligence saying things like it can only be members at the highest level of the russian government. why? >> bill: he said it did not change vote tallies. he said there is no way to gauge the choice that voters made. okay. as an american -- >> but it has to be at the highest level! >> bill: let me just make the point. show me some evidence. i haven't seen it. it hasn't been made public. at what point will we -- >> harris: the very public nature that we are always talking about is coming back to the very first thought that i was expressing, it was decidedly friendly. you really can't tear into each other right now, we are talking about the same thing that we agree on being safe. we'll move on. republicans win the first battle in their effort to repeal obamacare. what their replacement plan may look like, and whether the repeal effort could backfire. and just two weeks from tomorrow, president-elect donald trump will be inaugurate
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first battle over obamacare. it came in the form of a vote to fast-track procedures allowing lawmakers to kill the 2010 health care law. without having to face a democratic filibuster in the senate. here's reaction from senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again. you can't keep the good parts of the aca and remove the rest of the law and still have it work. >> sandra: president-elect donald trump tweeting that it's time for republicans and democrats to get together and come up with a health care plan that really works, much less expensive, and far better. meantime, president obama reportedly told federal fellow democrats during a closed-door meeting yesterday not to rescue republicans by helping them pass replacement measures. tough to keep track of all that is going on here, and of course timing is going to be everythin everything. >> bill: there is a lot to say on this. do you want to start going? i think the incoming president
9:25 am
has a pretty good handle on the gravity of the change in this law. you watch his reaction so far, in mid-december when he was on his think you two are, we are going to repeal and replace obamacare, but we've got to be careful, we've got to do with the right way. he repeated that again yesterday. he knows that if an american patient, let's say, is harmed by the changes in this law, the they are going to be on the front page of every newspaper in america. they are going to be on every web site across america, and they are going to point the finger and blame republicans. so you break that thing, you bought it, and that is what they really have to be thinking about. >> so we are hearing these warnings from democrats, chuck schumer, repealing isn't going to make america great again, it will make them sick again. obvious he from nancy pelosi as well. >> kennedy: then why don't you help out republicans? charles schumer also said that you can't take the good parts and leave the bad parts, while there are so many bad parts. that means you have to leave the
9:26 am
whole thing by his logic. there are a lot of republicans, including the president-elect, who want to keep parts of it. i happen to disagree, i think you should scrap and replace. all at the same time so you don't have that giant leg. where people really could be hurt if they don't have coverage and they are left out in the cold. you really can't do that to people at this point. i think both sides realize this. but i'm sorry, the president-elect has, his head and heart are in the right place when he saying the republicans and democrats have to come together to find something that helps people that is far less expensive and far better. that is the message that resonates. when he had the president behind closed doors saying don't help republicans, don't rescue them, that is partisan politics. you are screwing around with people's health care, their health, and their lives, and that is unexceptional. >> no easy answer here, harris, but we would hope as all these politicians stand up there with her partisan politics that they would put the country first. >> harris: you know what is interesting, too, put businesses first as well pray to have a business person who was about to
9:27 am
take the presidency. and you talk about the salience of understanding how deep this issue is, do it right, but remember where he spent some time where hillary clinton didn't, and that was the rust belt. he has not just the understanding of the depth and the seriousness for individuals, but also for businesses in this country. he's got to get it right for them as well. >> kennedy talks about a lag, and my big worry here is you can't avoid a leg. remember when obamacare was finally passed, it took something like two years before even round one of implementation started. that was the fastest that they could legally get some of these programs implement it. >> it became a tax in the supreme court, basically. >> but the point is there is no way to avoid that, and we could argue about how many millions of people have health insurance today who didn't a few years ago, but it's millions. and what are you going to tell those people who are now looking at you as the new president and promising that things are going to be better and cheaper and
9:28 am
faster? he's not going to be able to get it done. he's not. >> bill: the democratic senator from west virginia said why is president obama coming up here and only talking to democrats and why is mike pence only talking to republicans? the wild card is the incoming president. we don't know what he's going to do in terms of selling this to democrats. no republican voted for obamacare. zero. can he make a plan that's palatable to some of these moderate democrats? >> i don't know after obamacare, though. >> just how to protect from a filibuster into go along with the rules, every democrat voted against it, and g.o.p. senator rand paul. >> that would be true if we were starting from scratch it would be different. but remember for democrats this is now a platform issue. >> we know what doesn't work, if we are starting from scratch we are starting from a completely different place, and i think they're a pointy of people who have been analyzing this who know what not to do now. >> bill: "the wall street journal" says voters tend to punish politicians you can but don't
9:29 am
solve problems, even if they did not cause them. i'm telling you, there is a wild card. >> last word there, a lot of praise for president obama from the pentagon, calling him a leader who decisively fought terror, kept our country safe, and neutralize the iran nuclear deal. but did he really do all of these things? tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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9:34 am
sustainable i'm a principled partnerships. that's how we brought most of our troops home. that's how, even as we suffered terrible things at home from boston to orlando, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years. >> kennedy: other achievements, the pentagon saluted president obama for include neutralizing iran's nuclear threat, decimating al-qaeda's terrorist network, putting us on a path to defeating isis, strengthening israel's military, and improving our country's military ability. bill hemmer, there is a lot of back patting going on here, and it seems that we are dismissing quite a few important facts. >> bill: i hope all those things that you just said are correct. and accurate and stay that way. i think for this administration
9:35 am
the legacy of the war overseas and here at home will be judged not today, but for years to com come. >> absolutely, this is certainly something that will take historical perspective, but you look at what is happening in the middle east, and it certainly doesn't look like a rosier place than it did eight years ago. >> bill: not just the middle east, i think it has branched out, gillian, you know how many countries where isis has bred and operating in northern africa and southeast asia. this is something that will take a generation, and again, i hope the mayor it is there. for all of us, and for the rest of the world, but i think the answer is inconclusive. >> maybe even a multi-generational answer. it might take decades, because i don't think the threat of radical islam, whether in the form of al-qaeda or isis, is something that is on the wane around the world. the opposite, i think it is on the rise. not by way of justification, but rather explanation, i think where the pentagon gets this logic from, and this is something i've heard a lot of the military top brass touting
9:36 am
lately, is that isis is on the wane in iraq and syria, meaning where they formed the caliphate is shrinking, which is great. the problem is that of the same time, and i have said this before on the show, at the same time they are enjoying a massive expansion across the rest of the globe. so how you actually calculate their foothold versus their global footprint is a couple of different calculations. >> isn't it also true because that is where they are facing the most opposition, particularly from us and our allied forces in iraq and syria? that makes a lot of sense. and just real quickly, and i nodded and agreed wholeheartedly based upon the facts here, generalization lay, how long that will take. we just were learned that the state apartment has declared osama bin laden's son a terrorist, and has added him to the terror watch lit watch list. that is a whole new generation of hate. >> you also have, what happens in syria if isis truly is
9:37 am
defeated there? and don't tell that to turkey, who has undergone a series of terrorist attacks, including the one that killed dozens on new year's day. >> but when you praise president obama for keeping our nation safe, and you kind of look back to the election, bill, you can probably cite the polls, american people don't feel safer than they did eight years ago or ten years ago. i just look back at some of the polling back in june, 2016, and it clearly showed that people are more concerned now than they were when president obama took office. >> bill: it's a real threat, and i understand the reason why they have that fear and concern. i thought it was a little sad on new year's eve that you had the country of turkey, where all these young people have been gunned down during a new year's eve party, and how little attention we seem to give it now. i think the idea there, or the thought, is that we are moving into a new phase where we accept it, and that's bad and that's wrong, and that's dangerous.
9:38 am
whether it's here or somewhere else. i just thought we almost did not justify, perhaps, the loss of life. the way that we would have even a year ago. this new normal here is something that bothers me. >> but you also try to find a balance of not letting it affect your life so much that you are paralyzed by fear, and i think that is what people are trying to find that very fine line. >> absolutely. >> california bracing for a trump presidency. listen to this, by hiring former attorney general eric holder. the role he will play in fighting the incoming administration, and what that could mean for the entire country. that's next. a heart attack doesn't care what you eat
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♪ >> california but democrats tapping president obama's former
9:43 am
attorney general eric holder as an ally for potential battles against the incoming trump administration. lawmakers announcing they have hired holder, along with numbers of his private firm, as an outside counsel for the state. california's assembly speaker with this statement. "while we don't next yet know the harmful proposals in x-men administration will pull forward, thanks to donald trump's campaign, cabinet appointment, and twitter feed, we do have an idea what we will be dealing with. this team will be an important resource as we work with the governor and attorney general to protect californians." and protection might include illegal immigrants. many sanctuary cities and counties in california vowing not to cooperate with possible deportation plans under a trump presidency. they have been gearing up for this, we have been hearing this type of talk from leaders in california since donald trump was elected president, bill hemmer. >> bill: boy, talk about partisan with a capital p. we are really coming to an era where it's going to get more
9:44 am
intense. the dnc has hired john nothing or come a long time operative, who is now now "the washington post" writes about the spirit he will be joined by two clinton veterans and outspent the campaign focused on trump, researching his background, monitoring his statements, and trying to drive negative media coverage of his candidacy. already this is happening. and we are 15 days away from the inauguration. buckle up. >> they are gearing up for a fight, kennedy. >> kennedy: having lived in california for the better part of 25 years, i will tell you it's not just democrats that live there. there are a lot of independence in that state, and they are certainly underserviced by the state legislature. and by the governor and attorney general. and what they are doing, this is completely politicized. what about looking out for the good things that might happen as a result of a more competitive business environment? what about the companies who fight the good fight not just with federal regulations, but with high stake, corporate taxes?
9:45 am
a lot of state regulations in california, as well. and they still slog it out. and god bless them for doing that could work. and you know, why not talk about some of the good things that might happen as a result of this? >> bill: i think the bigger point is that the dnc is setting up a war room to take on donald trump. i don't know when the last time that happened. ever? >> let me push back on that, bill. because i would say that is the reason that the dnc and any of these political fundraising organizations exist. in a way i want to push back against all of you and say, this is not news. this is the way the political system works. if you don't like it, that is understandable. >> bill: this is how it's written in "the washington post." trying to drive negative media coverage of his candidacy. [cross talk] >> from a p.r. perspective, did you not see the ads during the campaign? of course there is a worm of people thinking about how to describe the opponent in the negative way. >> let's talk about some of the areas that will be areas of concern. >> this is the state of
9:46 am
california! >> immigration is going to be a key, and climate change is going to be a key, because a look at this as a man who, during his campaign, called climate change and some other words a hoax. i guess, didn't we learn from the democratic party that they knew that they had friendly people in the media who they could put messaging out? to me, this is just an extension of that, that they are going to now from a position of legality with an attorney in eric holder, go after those topics and those people that they don't like. >> doesn't trump have friendly voices on the media that he can call on the side and have interviews with? >> bill: every morning of this week around 7:30 a.m. there is a stream of twitter feeds that comes from the president-elect. and those twitter feeds are driving the news content of the day across the cable landscape, across -- >> is a good? >> it's different. >> so you feel the democrats feel left out and they have to raise their game?
9:47 am
>> i think that's all the democrats have at this point and they are not doing a thorough self-examination. we hear about all these issues because it is politicized here, is politicized with obamacare, when you hear about the people? and doing what is best for the people of california. >> bill: for now you are correct, that might be the only power they have. >> by the way, you have a governor there that is concerned about his legacy, because he is concerned about climate change being part of his legacy. >> if they are so concerned about climate change, one of the utilities in california says that they are going to switch as much as they can to solar because it's clean. and your utility bills are going to go up 56% bridwell, that is really looking out for the little guy. >> we've got the scientists, we got the lawyers, and we are ready to fight. >> that is a bottom line. >> moved to texas. >> two weeks from tomorrow, donald trump will become the country's 45th president, but some big-name liberals liberties are having a hard time letting go. so much so they are putting on a big shindig at the exact same time as the inauguration.
9:48 am
grapes at their sour wrist? sour grapes, we debate that. ♪
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♪ >> in exactly two weeks from tomorrow, president-elect donald trump will be inaugurated and at that very moment competing for attention will be a celebrity-filled loveathon. that's going to air on facebook live. think of it as a jerry lewis-style telethon for the digital age. celebrities participating include jamie lee curtis, and her husband, christopher guest. along with jane fonda, tim robbins, patricia arquette, and john abbott out. it is part of an effort to raise at least $500,000 for the aclu of southern california, planned parenthood, and earth justice. >> can i say something about the guy who created this? he's 23 years old, alex godin, and he did this he says the day after election day. "i woke up like a lot of americans feeling pretty crabby. on november 10th. i looked for an opportunity to do something. "he is an entrepreneur who sold
9:53 am
his company, dispatch, to the election was november 8th, he woke up november 10th. [laughter] >> where does he live? what state? is marijuana legalized in that state? >> now, now. >> may be live here in new york city. i don't know. but it took them two days to get up from election night. and he woke up feeling " "pretty crappy" ." >> bill: owner home to people watch that facebook live. >> i'm going to watch to see chris for guest, i love him. he's so hilarious, he's the best. >> bill: i plan on being there, and i love them, they are great. you never forget them. these are wonderful and historical american moments that i cherish. and i can't wait. >> but how can you pass up a lovefest? >> bill: i remember after the george bush-al gore deal in
9:54 am
2000, it was a long, rainy weekend here in washington, d.c. i remember the democracy speech four years later at the start of the second term, a cold, cold day in washington, d.c. i remember standing next to an african-american man from louisiana with a paperthin purple jacket on window barack obama was sworn in, and tears streaming down his face to see an african-american president be sworn in. it was a moment. i remember watching joe biden run up pennsylvania avenue in 2013. so who knows what will happen this time around, but it will be something we will never forget. >> that was lsu purple, you know. >> bill: you are exactly right, go tigers. >> they are going to have to do better than jamie lee curtis, aren't they? >> they've got jane fonda going as well. >> is she wearing her helmet, is she bringing that, to? from the good old days. >> it appears to be a little tone-deaf after the story we did yesterday, the commercial advertisement that they put out
9:55 am
speaking out against donald trump. >> i just wonder what else they have to be doing. beagle rather than watch the lovefest, people should just rent "best in show" on netflix, that is one of christopher guest's movies but he is so funny. >> "a mighty wind" is also funn funny. >> and try to think of all the titles now. and that was a free promo. >> bill: or you can just wait for two days, right harris? >> harris: i think that the dude who created this, i just laugh. i woke up the next day and it's two days later. who gives up their career to sign on to this? >> i don't know, but they should all just shut their pie holes and focus their energy and creative pursuits that many people can enjoy. because when you make good movies and when you make funny shows and great music, it doesn't matter your political stripe, you can enjoy that. but when you do this you alienate at least half of the country. just write a check and get a buddy to shut up. >> you think of any people will
9:56 am
watch on facebook live? >> >> no, but it's love. how can you question love? >> we are very close, we are tight like that. more "outnumbered" in just a moment, please stick around. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> all right, here's something i did not know. bill hemmer can sing whitney houston. you can sing whitney houston. are you going to do this in "outnumbered" overtime?
10:00 am
are you warming up? >> i'm trying to get him to go. we are going to wrap up the tv version of us can pop up online, tap the overtime tab and for right now here on tv, "happening now." >> we start with this fox news alert, state department announcing the son of osama bin laden, al-qaeda leader behind the 9/11 attacks has been designated a terrorist himself. >> jenna: he is considered a threat to national security and is now subject to a wide range of sanctions, covering all of the news "happening now." a cyber hacking during the election under the spotlight on capitol hill. >> the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact it had on choices in the electorate has made, no wait for us to do that. >> jenna: nation's top intelligence officials sharing what they know as president obama learns more about the hacking. plus a winter storm making its way toward the southeast where


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