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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 5, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> jenna: he was captured behind the burger joint. and no word on where he came from, hopefully safe and sound. >> thank you for joining us. >> mellisa: p senator john mccain calling russian hacking a act of war. they are grilling the top intel officials on whether russian hackers tried to interfere with the national election. they are standing by those claim and adding it was part of a wider russian cyber effort. john mccain well left the hearing more sure than ever that russian president vladimar putin
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played a key role in all of it. >> is there any evidence that vladimar putin directed this. >> clapper just testified. >> he said high level. >> he said the highest level. >> the highest level. and you are confident that putin was directing the operation. >> no one believes that anything happens in russian behavior without vladimar putin involved. >> mellisa: leland vitter is standing by. and catherine herridge is following the hearing and senator mccain. that's that, we know what happened? >> reporter: the witnesses testified they were more confident than they were in october that it was directed interferrance and came from the highest levels of the russian
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government. they testified it was a multifacetted campaign and there was disinformation and the use of fake news. but it is worth knowing that in the hearing some of the blame was laid to rest in the seat of the obama administration for not taking tougher action against foreign governments that hacked america in the past. >> our nation has no policy or deterrence. this weakness is provocative to our adversaries that attacked us again and again. >> russia assumed aggressive hacking by leaking data and targeting crit cannical infrastructure systems. >> reporter: the witnesses testified they have found no hard evidence that voter talleys were affected in any way.
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but there was no way for the intelligence community to calibrate or assess what it was on public opinion, melissa. >> mellisa: when will the public get to see the report. >> reporter: there was a classified report delivered to the president today and an unclassified report available to the public. and that is early as monday next week. >> dew think in the report next week that you will ascribe a motivation to putin for the election attempt. >> yes, we will ascribe a motivation and i will rather not preexempt the report. >> hi level russian authorities shared by all of these agencys?
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>> yes. >> reporter: we had had 14 members of the u.s. intelligence community including the director of national intelligence and the fbi director and are the homeland security and others go to the white house to brief the president. we also expect that on friday, president-elect donald trump will be briefed on the classified findings. one of the questions that need to be answered today if the report was not finalized until this week, on what basis did the obama administration decide to level sanctions on russia and expel the 35 russian diplomats. >> mellisa: that praise is act of war. and the bottom line the u.s. government like every other government.
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their singleullar focus to get inside of the networks so they can understand their plans and foreign policy p initiatives. that is gentlemen's espionage. and that is not an act of war. on the table today is whether this crossed a threshold. it is not a government system but not a civilian system either, melissa. >> mellisa: catherine herridge, great reporting. we appreciate it. the nation's top intelligence officials are briefing president obama on the long- awaited report on the russian election interferrance. we are going to li land vitter. >> reporter: the president wantses to make it clear in the last days in office, he's taking
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the issue of russian hacking very seriously and in full agreement with the intelligence chief that the russians are behind it. it was no accident that we got video of them showing up. the vice-president and director of national intelligence and fbi director and homeland security and head of cia, all coming to brief the president. we will not call it anything different but continues to underscore the point that all of these men agree. >> it was evident from the extraordinary statement they issued back in october, a month before the election, indicating that they had had concluded with high confidence that russia had had undertaken this effort and this effort could only have been directed from the highest levels of the russian government. >> reporter: we have no idea
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exactly how long the briefing today will last. we do know that president-elect trump is offered the same briefing of the highly classified intelligence and including sources and methods tomorrow. mr. trump is skeptical of the assessment regarding the russian hacking. josh earnest will probably get questions to the point that catherine herridge is making between the report and the sanctions coming from last week in terms of taking the russian diplomats out. >> mellisa: i know you will bring it to us when it happens. >> joining me is theressa paton who is president and ceo at ford llc and jamie reardon former
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chief of the public safety and partner and chair of telecommunications in cyber security practice venable. that is a mouthful. we'll hope to the questions. and listening to everything that came before you. the next question and one of the next questions is about motive. this is what senator tom cotton had to say in reaction to that. >> director, in response to senator nelson, you said the report will discuss the motive. would you care to give a preview today? >> i rather not. there is actually more than one motive, that will be described in the report. >> mellisa: that is a preview. what could those be? >> i think there is a couple of motives. hackers hack because it is lucrative. if well there is something
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financially to be gained they will have the information. and there could be a financial mot and i have political espionage is old as the sands of time and i am not surprised, it would be a golden trough just like going after the german election and eu. and political and financial are two top motives. the devil will be in the details when we see the report. >> mellisa: was it electing donald trump or embarrassing america and showing they could disrupt our election and embarrass whom the russians thought would win. >> i think it is bolstering the russian presence in the world and showing they can affect america. russia for sometime is acting with an inferioritty complex following the fall of the soviet
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union. they would to bolster their image and more we talk and debate, the better that vladimar putin likes it. >> mellisa: the next question is what to do now, lindsay graham wants to take further action against russia. listen to this. >> i think what obama did was throw a pebble. i am ready to throw a rock. would i be justified as a united states senator taking your information about russia's involvement and be more aggressive than president obama if i chose to? >> that is your choice, senator. >> do you think he was justified imposing sanctions based on what russia did. >> i do. >> mellisa: do you think that president obama's response was too late. >> i think that it is great we discuss this topic. but when i look at the epic
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attacks and election and sonny and target. none of the discussions on the hill are going to stop hackers. it is just too lucrative. i would like to see us take the lessons learned out of this situation and epic hacks that we experienced and start talking about how to get on offense and make it less lucrative for are cyber crim nam and state activist to come after u.s. sanctions are great because it sends a message. >> mellisa: jamie, part of making it less lu canative. what is the response later. doesn't that make what we do in response significant? >> very significant. deterrence is the major theme. there is a difference between private criminal hacker and state sponsors. we were concern body chinese
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hack nothing private enterprise. what happened? two private firms that came out with with a report and we had had stiff sanctions and brought chinese to it the table and what we see now is significant reduction reported by the intelligence community and american businesses saying it is down. sanctions work. and obama, hit them hard. >> mellisa: we have to work on the deterrent. thank you both of you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> mellisa: a fox news alert on the alleged kidnapping and torteur of a teenager with special needs streamed live on facebook. new charges against the teens behind it who had had racist and
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>> melissa: chicago police charging four teens for a sickening hate crime. we warn you the video is disturbing. the suspects are seen beating and torturing a man with mental health challenges. the attacker which is are african-american shouting profanities about white people and president trump. mat, what is the latest? >> reporter: melissa, four
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attackers in this grewsome video charged with a hate crime and up to thurt years in prison and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. he was targeted with his race or mental impairment. he was beaten and gagged and forced to curse donald trump. here is a look at that video. >> what, trump. >> go. [inaudible] >> my mother said it is. >> reporter: he was held captive 48 hours until the police found him wander nothing the streets. the fbi is aware of the video and looking into it.
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>> melissa: the video is causing a fire storm on line. tell us about that. >> reporter: first, people are offended that a chicago detective said it could be the caterized as a childish prank. one tweet tweet blm is linked to blm kidnapping because so many people experienced violence and hatred at hand fz blm. what happened to the teenager is terrible and tragic and nothing to do with the blm. the chicago police department is holding a press conference in 45 minute and we'll be there and update you on this terribly story. >> melissa: how is the poor victim doing now?
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are they keeping his wheres about private? >> reporter: the whether abouts are private. he was destraut and took hours for are him to come and speak to them. >> melissa: poor thing. thank you for that report. a powerful explosion rocks a government stronghold in syria. state tv reporting that ten people were in the blast. the attack was in rush hour and a major blow to the week old ceasefire brokered by russia and turkey. and a car bomb going off in turkey. police shooting two suspects after the explosion. a third suspect is on the run. the president-elect back on twitter just a few minutes agoing and calling out another company, and this time not an american one. who he singled out and what it is doing to the stocking it
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>> melissa: toyota is the latest big corporation to feel the wrath of president-elect twitter account. mr. trump said they will feel a hefty free building cars in mexico and shipping to u.s.
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no way. build plant in u.s. or pay big board tax. wall street taking it in stride. stocks for toyota dipping. mr. trump targeting gm and ford this week. in another tweet trump blasting defense contractors for over priced military weapons. the f35 program is out of control in costs. billions can and will be saved on i military and other purchauses after january 20th. general mattis backed the stealth fighter are jet. we'll talk to retired general jack grazer and jack fellow with with the strauss military reform. sir, thank you for joining us.
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>> thank you for having me. >> melissa: is the f35 overpriced for the money and is he right? >> it is definitely overpriced. it is going to cost 188 million per copy baseded on the price of the aircraft and engine and support equipment that goes along with it. it is an expensive upon weapon system and we'll not be able to purchase enough to be operational useful. it is encouraging to see any political leader to question the overpriced systems. and we are now interesting to see if the tweets get turned into action. >> melissa: expensive is in the eye of the beholder. he tweeted based on the cost and cost overruns of lock heed mart pin f- 35. i asked boeing to price out
11:26 am
a comcomparable. is that how it works, it is like coke and pepsi? is it that comparable? >> it could work potentially that way. i will be interested to see what comparable means to donald trump. the f- 18 super hornet is used by the navy. and the marine corps fries them for decades and it is it a proven concept and it will be interesting to see in the future what kind of upgrades they will make to the super hornest. >> melissa: this speaks to the larger problem of the department of defense. back in 1990, a law was passed that all federal agencies had to be audited and the books looked through. and everybody else has complied
11:27 am
except for the department of defense; is that right? >> that's correct. the pentagon is the federal agency that has not passed an audit yet. we really don't know where all of of our money is spent by the pentagon. and it is frankly difficult to know what to cut. >> melissa: you can't even tell how many contractors and personnel and outside people that are not directly employed and you can't tell how many are working for the department of defense at one time? is that true? >> they have a difficult time getting their hands around that. they had a study in the pentagon and reported in many new's outlets that the pentagon was wasting 125 billion on overhead. there are plenty of places to cut funds for the pentagon but
11:28 am
we need to know where. >> melissa: at the same time they are going to museum to get parts for airplanes because they don't have them any longer and places where we need the stuff and other places where we are wasting money. how do they coexist. >> pulling the parts off of the museum pieces is the consequence of the f35. the marine corps was expecting to have it in 2010, but we are in 2016 and still don't have the f- 35. and they have to keep the legacy systems flying because they have missions to accomplish. and we don't expect the f- 35 to be in full service until 2022 until after the combat process testing is complete. >> melissa: thank you, dan for coming on and straightening us
11:29 am
out. senate minority lead weller schumer responding to the head clone. and a shootout in the middle of walmart. how the brazen gun battle between the police and suspect ended. oa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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tweeting the democrats led by head clown chuck schumer and know how bad obamacare and mess they are in. instead of working to fix it, they do the typical political thing and blame. it was bad from the beginning. keep your doctor and your plan. it is time for democrat and republicans to come up with a health care plan that is less expensive and way better gingrich weed in. >> it is it a terrible position. shumer and trump have known each other and the president wants to shrink him. and senator schumer look at what happened to jeb bush or hillary clinton, you should be very worried if donald trump decided to focus on you. he can define you better than
11:34 am
you can define him. >> melissa: oh, burn. joining me is we bep nard whitman former bill clinton pollster. and benard, should chuck schumer be careful? when trump turns his anger. >> newt gingrich does not know what he's talking about. old a daj you break it you buy it. the republicans are breaking obamacare and they will own it and the real problem. they have a economic problem be and political problem. they will try to up end a 3 trillion part of the economy and throw 20 million people off health care. there will be hell to pay. >> melissa: got you and i like all of the quotes. it is broke, my friend. at the same time you don'ts
11:35 am
inially want to own the solution until you know it is going to work. no one has made it close to work. not the democrats and the republicans want to own next. >> we have no choice. you have to fix and replace what is collapsing on to it itself. they socialized one fifth of our economy health care and it is collapsing. in 15 states, you have 2 or 1 choice in the obamacare marketplace. you have triple digit increases in premium. chuck schumer's problem he's defending a policy people don't like and taking on a political and marketing jugger arenaught. > melissa: chuck schumer is great at talking smack. instead of calling nameses, the
11:36 am
president-elect should roll up his sleeve and show us the replacement plan that cover 20 million american and cover college students who want to stay on their parenty's plans and show people how to cover people with preexisting condition. >> they have had seven years to come up with an alternative. there is not a single alternative on the table. it is two weeks from inauguration day and there is no plan. there is no fix. >> melissa: let tony tell us. >> potential incoming health and human serviceses authored a plan and there are multiple plans on the table and there have been 30 amendments made to obamacare. there are ideas that need to be a part of the replacement package. there is no doubt. and i love when democrats champion more people are
11:37 am
covered. it is man dated. you break the law if you are not covered. >> melissa: one at a time. >> this is sort of like taking the dinner off of the table and don't worry, we'll give you something else better. people will be starving and kicked off. >> that dinner is pull of poison and that's why the entire system is collapsing. >> melissa: we have given away a ton of stuff and that's why it is collapsing. it is hard to take away the dinner and things that we have given away. there is no way to pay for it. >> actually when you look at obamacare and look at nonpartis an analysis that is done, repealing obamacare will cost 350 billion. >> because obama care is one giant tax increase.
11:38 am
and according to a lot of the analysis. this is money government took from people in the first place. there are many free markets solutions to the problem. for many years republican and democrats refused to allow the health care industry to compete across state lines. and there are ways to keep part and compettive atmosphere. you know that. >> melissa: i am confident we will solve it next time. thank you. winter weather blows through the west and bringing high winds and heavy now. and blowing on to a house in oregon's coast. killing an eight year old girl. snow and rain and leading to flash flood watches and a storm system moving south expected to dump freezing rain and snow in the south and in to the carolinas through this weekend. a shootout inside of an
11:39 am
arizona walmart. dramatic video being made public of the encounter between police and an armed suspect. trace has more on that. >> reporter: hey melissa. the video laid out how even the most routine police call can be lethal. there was a man trespassing at a walmart. the suspect was cited for trespassing there before. when the two police officers arrived. they were interviewing him in the store and running a background check. that's when the suspect mitchell oakley pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots at the officers. both officers immediately fell to the ground. officer pubely shot in the face and arm and back took cover. and the other officer took only two seconds to begin returning
11:40 am
fire and hit the suspect once in the gun hand and causing him to drop the weapon. and the suspect was struck five times in the back and killed. we are showing you different angles of the surveillance tape. and the time he pulled out the gun and fired at the officers. it took only ten seconds and soon as the suspect was down, the officers had a chance to radio for back up. the suspect was an ex-con and homeless that he could not find work. officer coldwell is returned to duty and the other is returned to light duty and apparently recoverying. >> melissa: pushing back against wikileaks' founder julian assange and president-elect
11:41 am
trump's doubts about who is behind the hacking. we'll talk to corey. >> we'll take you to what has people buzzing in las vegas.
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11:45 am
a deadly car bomb nothing baghdad. nine people were killed, another 15 injured in an explosion near a market. investigators in istanbul say they are closing in on the gunman who kill canned 39 people on new year's eve. they have found his contact and hide out. >> and team of investigators to philadelphia. one day after a trolley collision left 46 people hurt. none of the injuries were serious. the nation's top intelligence officials taking a swipe at president-elect trump and julian assange. >> the name mr. assange popped up and i believe that he is one who is responsible for publishing names of individuals that work for us that put their
11:46 am
lives in danger; is that correct? >> yes, he has. >> do you think there is any credibility attached to this individual. >> not in my view. >> not in your view. >> admir areal -- admiral rogers. >> i agree with that. >> melissa: i simply state what he states tis for the people to make up their own minds. the media lies to make it look like i am against intelligence and i in fact a fan. coreyy lewandowski is a former trump manager. one of the problems, when he puts intelligence in quotes, it is implying it is an insult.
11:47 am
>> no, that is not the case, you have president-elect getting the presidential daily briefing three times a week and he's meeting with the intelligence officer and people around him on a daily basis to make sure that he has the full understanding of what he is taking place in the intelligence community and also important and the president's job to question information that he's receiving and the american public is receiving. you have a public elect coming to washington and said what is done in the past will not be done in the same way in the future. hoo's questioning to make sure it is the right information. >> melissa: he tweets intelligence briefing on so- called russian hacking delayed to friday. perhaps to build a case? very strange. he's without question calling in
11:48 am
to question, you know the report and what they are saying. >> you know, what has happened since hillary clinton was badly defeated, everyone wants to take the blame and push it to hillary clinton or a foreign government for the e-mail and hacking. no one is condoning hacking. but what he's talking about specifically, the so- called hacking had had nothing to do with the outcome of the election. hillary clinton lost the election. people focus on one component. but the bottom line she lost. >> melissa: you turned it back to the election. you are conflating it here. that's what the public wants to separate it. we are worried about russian hacking and not by being worried. it doesn't mean that you are saying that caused her to lose or him to win. we are worried about the russians hacking our system. >> i think it is fair to say
11:49 am
donald trump doesn't want the russians to hack our system or the chinese to do that. until he receives a full briefing between the dni and president-elect, he will wait until all of that information is presented to him. >> melissa: i don't want to it run out of time before playing this exchange. >> there is a misconception or implication that he is randomly tweeting. >> you think he is talking to it people. >> of course, he is. he knows where he wants to end up on a particular subject or outcome. >> melissa: are they organized tweets or tweets what he is thinking and no one knows what is coming out before it happens? i mentioned administration because that is where we are headed. >> mr. trump has the ability to tweet any time he wants. my experience is been that
11:50 am
before he putses out a tweet, he talks to make sure information is what he conveys and everyone is on the same page. this is not new from him. john spicer is right. he knows where he wants to go. but unfortunately the media is 2 or 3 days behind where donald trump is. and then boy, he is right. but he is usually forward thinking and has had his pulse on the american people. >> melissa: you are right about about that. cory lewandowski thank you for joining us. what is the next big tech. we are at the consumer electronic's show with really, really cool stuff. canned can
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>> melissa: it's the most wonderful time of year for techies. theronic show under way in sin city and as always, there is a lot of cool toys to check out. adam houseley is the lucky dog with with the best reporting assignment of the day. adam, what is on your face? >> reporter: bright lights and cool glasses. $300 and brain sensing. and regular sunglasses that are brain sensing and can help with mental training before and after the events. try hundred dollars from smith. i am from california and i need brain help so it is perfect. you have all kinds of stuff for are your cell phone. those lens and the phones, new one for the iphone 7. and people hold the cell phone at political rallies. it solds up and clicks on any
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phone. and llol. pretty colstuff. and pretty cool stuff. here is a wallet. it is empty with money. and this is an charger from an israeli company. it plugs in the wall and charges your phone and the size of the credit card, 50 bucks. >> melissa: brain sensing glasses. are we seeing an over all products pitched there? usually there is a big theme. what is it? >> reporter: thingses to make your life better. these 300 bucks help with mental prepation. and personal drones. and fits in your back pocket and taking picture. it is 0 tech. i am going to run off in the sunset. this is a scooter for 1900 bucks
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that basically goes 20 miles per hour. and in new york you wouldn't have to go anywhere. >> melissa: send that back for me and don't get hurt, my friend. all right. here is something you don't see every day. >> a cat on the high. we'll show you exactly what happened next. cleared
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>> the police in tennessee posting some video showing a man lassoing a wayward calf from the hood of a police car. look at that. the calf is strolling along the highway. when the man manages to rope the animal in one try -- very nice -- before tying it to the cop car and safely removing it from the road. well-done, a llama on the loose. the wayward critter tying up traffic near the start of rush
12:00 pm
hour. the critter trotting along a highway near athens, georgia. the owner came to take it away in a van. there's a lesson about fences in there somewhere. i don't know. just saying. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> the russians committed an act of war against the united states of mark. that from the republican chairman of the armed services committee, john mccain. the incoming president says he doesn't believe the be russians did it. let's get to it. in case you missed it, there's a thing happening in the republican party. the question is this: is president-elect donald trump saying the russians didn't meddle with the election because the hacking helped him? this is a thank you to the


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