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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 5, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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hour. the critter trotting along a highway near athens, georgia. the owner came to take it away in a van. there's a lesson about fences in there somewhere. i don't know. just saying. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> the russians committed an act of war against the united states of mark. that from the republican chairman of the armed services committee, john mccain. the incoming president says he doesn't believe the be russians did it. let's get to it. in case you missed it, there's a thing happening in the republican party. the question is this: is president-elect donald trump saying the russians didn't meddle with the election because the hacking helped him? this is a thank you to the
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russians? or does the president-elect not trust the intelligence community? it's one of those. we don't know which. the evidence is clear, crystal clear. unless everyone we pay billions and billions of dollars to every year is lying to us, the russians hacked the democratic e-mails and attempted to affect the outcome of the presidential electi election. that's it. john mccain, war hero, senator, said the russian action was an act of war. by definition an act of war. spying? act of war. that's it. now mccain is not saying we go to war for it, something short of that, but the fact remains and that the future president is dismissive of the matter for now is a thing, a real thing. listen to what senator said to reporters for cnn and others two hours ago after his own committee meeting on this matter.
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>> do you believe what happened was an act of war? >> in the broadest context it's an act of war. we respond differently to different acts of war. spying is an act of war. you don't go over war over it. it fits the definition of an act of war, but it doesn't mean you can all of a sudden start shooting. >> an act of war. that's a very serious thing to say. the chairman of the armed services committee and a war hero himself, a noted hawk, no doubt. but his assessment is accurate, period. spying is an act of war. that's it. but hearing him say it, that's the thing. you know who he was telling? he was telling donald trump. mccain made that perfectly clear. because mccain says he has not spoken with donald trump at all about anything. is the chairman of the armed
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services committee, a policy man, has not been contacted by the incoming president of his own president about matters of policy. serious matters. has mccain talked to trump about it? no. president obama received a high level intelligence briefing on the meddling. president-elect trump will receive the same briefing tonight. james clapper said there's no doubt, none that russia interfered with american election. he didn't say it's an act of war. it's not his place. it's the committee's job to say that, to hear the intelligence, give it's context and perspective and give its assessment and be straight with the american people about what has happened. john mccain did that. but john mccain was without
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denial speaking to the incoming president because the incoming president hasn't approached him. he called a hearing and spoke to the president-elect. the only way he has access, through the television cameras. that's exactly what happened tod today. director clapper said it was multifaceted. there was much more. lots of ways the russians tried to sway our vote. he testified that russia used cyber attacks to target officials. he said they used propaganda and disinformation, including fake news, fake news that the kremlin commissioned and generated. in other words, a pack of lies, packaged up as news of the day, newsy reports of inaccuracy in an effort to sway the minds of the american electorate. in an effort to get what the russians wanted to happen in the united states. he stopped short of saying
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vladimir putin was personally involved. >> you say that's what's approved at the highest level of government in russia generally speaking. is that right? >> that's what we said. >> who is the highest level of government? >> the highest is president putin. >> you think a lot happens in russia big that he doesn't know about? >> not very many. >> i don't think so either. >> certainly none politically sensitive in another country. >> as we go forward and deter this behavior, we're going to need your support now and in the future. so i want to let the president-elect know that it's okay to challenge the intel. you're absolutely right to want to do so. what i don't want you to do is undermine those who are serving our nation in this arena until they need to be reminded. they need to be uplifted, not undermined. >> he was speaking to the incoming president, too.
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lindsey graham, another hawk of the committee. you heard clapper. he said does anything happen in russia without vladimir putin knowing it? certainly not something sensitive in another country. certainly not. we don't node a dictionary. he said putin directed this. this was about putin. lindsey graham spoke to the president-elect and said don't do this. republican and republican and intelligence agencies versus the incoming president of the united states. that's where we are. director clapper took a swipe at president-elect trump for repeatedly questioning the american intelligence community and its finding and the russians were behind the election hacks. >> there's an important distinction here between healthy skepticism, which policy makers to include policy maker number 1 should always have for intelligence, but i think there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement.
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>> policy maker number 1. he was spoking to donald trump, too. a difference between skepticism and disparagement. he said, mr. president, you've disparaged us, which he has. so it's the intelligence community and its leaders and all 17 agencies and the fbi against the president-elect. donald trump has suggested the united states intelligence officials are not certain that russia carried out the attacks and they have been trying to build a case against russia ahead of his briefing tomorrow. clapper mixes no words. he's certain, positive. back in 2010, donald trump said julian assange is a disgrace and there should be the death penalty or something for him. he said that to fox news. a lot has changed since then. the president-elect quoted assange on twitter and his claim that the stolen democratic e-mails didn't come from the russians. donald trump took sides.
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the president-elect is with julian assange who if he walked out the door would be arrested over the $62 billion a year american intelligence agencies and their leaders. trump said he's a big fan of intelligence. that's what he said. apparently not this intelligence. he's made that clear. this intelligence says that vladimir putin and the russians tried meddling with him get elected. why? does donald trump not trust the intelligence agencies or is this a thank you to the russians for all their help? we don't know. but it's one of those. we have team fox coverage. john roberts at trump tower, catherine herridge live in washington. what did clapper have to say about assange? >> throughout the day they dumped on assange. you wouldn't have expected nothing less. they have longstanding grudges against him. they say previous leaks of classified cables through
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wikileaks compromised sources and methods and put lives at risk. >> mr. clapper, how would you describe mr. assange? >> i don't think us in the intelligence community have a lot of respect for him. >> the intelligence officials testified that they never found any evidence in their entire review that the voting tallies were changed. they say it's not the position to assess the impact of the multifaceted campaign from e-mails to disinformation and the use of state news on voters and if it changed their mind. >> when will we see the reports, catherine? >> the review was completed last night and given to the president today and then he was briefed. the president-elect gets it tomorrow. the public version, which is the unclassified version, which will be thinner and not as much detail because they don't want to compromise sources and mets
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will be next week. the testimony today indicated they wanted to be forward-leaning about the details of who was behind it and the motive. >> do you think in the report next week that you all will ascribe a motivation to putin for the election attempt? >> yes, we will ascribe a motivation. i'd rather not, again, bring up the report. >> the same conclusion with respect to the involvement of level russian authorities is shared by the -- all these agencies? >> yes. >> on this question of an act of war, what they also testified is the u.s. government, like every other government on the planet, engages in spying to get inside other governments' systems so that they can get information that informs their understanding of their policy initiatives. the witnesses testified today that whatever happens in the future, the u.s. has to be very
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careful about the policy that it sets. >> this was spying. it was not an attack per se. i always am a bit redescent that people live in glass houses shouldn't throw publicly too many rocks. >> while it's a gentleman's spying to target other governments systems, when you cross the line is when you get into civilian systems. the question for months has been whether the electoral process is a civilian system or whether it needs to be part of the government, what they call critical infrastructure, shep. >> catherine herridge, thanks. let's turn to josh letterman. what is this? >> a great question. it's an extraordinary display that we really don't have a great parallel to in recent years. we're seeing the leaders of the intelligence community openly
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disputing and rebutting the president-elect just as he's preparing to take office and inhabit the building behind me. what we don't know, shep, how that will impact his relationship with the intelligence community once he takes office. he's going to be reliant on them for information. not only about russia but about tate and iraq and syria, about north korea, other conflicts that donald trump has identified our priorities for him. we know that donald trump and his team are considering making changes to the way the u.s. intelligence apparatus operates, potentially streamlining part of the odni. we're not sure where trump will end up, but he will come into office with a bristly relationship with the intelligence leaders that he will need. >> this is one of two things. one, he doesn't trust the intelligence community or two, he's sending a thank you to russia. will this question be posed? >> we know that trump has in the past bristled at the suggestion that he didn't win this election
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fair and square. some of his initial reaction to the intelligence assessments and russian hacking were based on his feelings that the democrats denied his victory, saying i wasn't the president. but democrats have put that argument aside. they say no, he's going to be the president, we understand that but we have to focus on how to protect the elections in the future. >> unless they're all lying to us, the heads of the intelligence agencies, the c.i.a., the national intelligence, unless they're lying to us, tomorrow we'll get a report showing russians did this. to hear the head of intelligence say i'm 100% sure, that's rare. they see we're pretty sure or -- this time he says i'm positive. so if tomorrow it is clear to everyone in the world this is what happened is there room for donald trump to back this up? i've never heard him say, i was wrong. it's going to have to be
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something less than that, right? >> very little room based on the intelligence being presented. we heard the white house press secretary saying the high level of confidence, which is essentially the highest that you get for the intelligence community saying this is what we know and this is what we think happened here. not a lot of room for trump to question that unless he has his own facts that he wants to bring to bear. >> josh letterman from the white house, associated easy. thank you. >> thanks. >> ahead we're going to donald trump where the president-elect has a it is-down for a sworn deposition. part of one of the legal cases he could face as president. we leave unanswered the question of the day. it's one of these two things. he doesn't trust the assessment of the intelligence agencies and they're not happy about that, or this is a thank you to the russians. it's one of those. so were he to submit himself to questions, we would ask the president-elect of the united states which of it is it? do you not trust them or is this a thank you to the russians? that's the question.
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>> a live look in chicago where we're expecting a news conference after four black people were charged with hate crimes in connection with a video broadcast live on facebook live. it showed a mentally disabled white man being beaten and
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taunted, threatened with a knife and forced to drink from a toilet. it's horrifying. so horrifying that it's the kinds of thing we would normally leave out of an afternoon news cast. but seriously, now there are very serious hate crime charges and those will be detailed in a news conference from chicago. the news conference we'll cover live here. more now on our top story. donald trump at odds with the intelligence community. as i mentioned, the director of national intelligence took a shot at president-elect trump today suggesting he's disparaging our nation's intelligence communities, which he is. donald trump has been critical of the intelligence community. he says they're the same people that falsely said iraq's government had weapons of mass destruction. still, the president-elect today said he is a big fan of the intelligence community.
12:19 pm
just not of this intelligence. team fox coverage continues. john roberts outside the trump to ywer in manhattan. is it a thank you to the russians or he doesn't trust the intelligence apparatus? >> it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall tomorrow here at trump tower. the director of national intelligence, james clapper, will be here in person to brief donald trump on the intelligence regarded the suspected russian hacking. clapper has made no effort to hide the distaken for donald trump. senator dan coates is trump's pick to head the office of intelligence. at the same time, the trump transition team is pushing back against a report that donald trump is considering significant changes to the intelligence agencies, the c.i.a. and the odni. he said the office of the
12:20 pm
director of national intelligence is bloated, politicized, wants to pair it back. when it comes to the c.i.a., he wants to cut back the number of staff in langley and put more agents in the field. this morning a senior transition source told me that that report was overblown. by mid morning, it was outright false. here's what sean spicer said about it all. >> the president-elect's top priority is to ensure the safety of the american people and the security of the nation and he's committed to finding the best ways to do it. i want to reiterate, there's no truth to this idea of restructuring the intelligence community infrastructure. it's 100% false. >> transition officials in washington d.c. do tell fox news that donald trump is looking at streamlining and de-politicizing
12:21 pm
the intelligence community. maybe we'll have to wait till he gets in office to see if it works or not. >> and the president-elect is set for a deposition for a lawsuit involving his washington d.c. hotel. right? what happened there? >> he sat for a deposition for a little more than an hour this morning, this involves the trump international hotel at the old post office. washington d.c. chef andre was supposed to put a spanish restaurant in there. but after the comments about the mexicans, he said he couldn't do anything with trump. the deposition was said to be straightforward. chef andres is seeking damages. we'll see how it plays out. >> donald trump is the president-elect, but that does not change the fact that he has millions and millions in debt. there's a new report from our corporate cousins at the "wall street journal" that shows why it could create problems once he
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>> donald trump is worth billions but he owes millions. the "wall street journal" analyzed the numbers. the journal says there could be potential conflicts of interest once the president-elect becomes president. trace gallagher has more. what institutions are these? >> we're talking about wall street banks to mutual funds. wells fargo runs five mutual funds that own portions of trump's businesses. wells fargo is linked to hundreds of millions of loans
12:26 pm
connected to donald trump and his portfolio of properties. here's the issue. the "wall street journal" reports some of the debts are backed by mr. trump's personal guarantee. wells fargo is facing scrutiny from the feds for fraudulent sales practices among other things. once he becomes president, he will appoint some of the heads of those banks to his team. that poses big concerns. next week we should learn how trump plans to distance himself from his businesses before he actually move into the white house. shep? >> the suggestion of the journal, this puts these businesses a powerful position. >> sure. trump has declared that his businesses owe at least $315 million to ten companies. the "wall street journal"s says trump's businesses are held by more than 150 companies. those financial institutions are
12:27 pm
in a potentially powerful position over the incoming president because if something goes wrong, they can either foreclose on his marquee properties or seek tens of millions that trump has personally guaranteed. experts say the last thing you want is for the president to be personally beholden on vulnerable to threats from various lenders. shep? >> trace, thanks. not long ago, donald trump said he had a nice relationship with chuck schumer of new york. times have changed. so what has donald trump calling schumer a clown, the head clown? a response from schumer. another llama on the loose. thank goodness for llamas.
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>> i'm leah gabriel with the fox report. two people are dead after a
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shooting and a car bombing and a police checkpoint in turkey. that's according to officials that they believe kurdish militants carried out the attack. this happened south and west of istanbul. it comes after isis took credit for a new year's attack in istanbul. new video shows a kid dangling from a ski lift in utah after his backpack got caught. ski patrol used a ladder to get himsafely. and a llama on the loose in georgia. it was roaming a busy highway yesterday in athens, east of atlanta. the sheriff caught the animal and returned to its owner. in 2016, we watched another llama drama live in sun city, arizona. the news continues with shepard smith after this. show that tomse the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see?
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don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, >> breaking news on fox news channel. the police chief in chicago talking about the beating of a disabled white man by a group of black people. he's explaining the charges and the investigation. let's listen. >> reprehensible. that along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of chicago or anywhere else for that matter against anyone regardless of their race, gender, state of mental health or any other identifying factor. there was never a question whether or not this incident qualified to be investigated as a hate crime, but as i said yesterday, we need to base the investigation based on facts and
12:33 pm
not emotion. i'm pleased to announce that the investigation has concluded and charges have been approved by the cook county state's attorney for hate crimes, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon against all four of the offenders in custody. three of the offenders have also been charged with residential burglary and one of the offender has been charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. as police officers, we took an oath to be guardians of the peace, here to protect every citizen. because of it, the offenders were apprehended due to the good police work by 11 district officers you can see standing behind me and thankfully the victim in this incident will recover from his injuries.
12:34 pm
i'm going to ask detective commander detective duffin to provide a time line of the case. kevin? >> good afternoon. our victim in this case was dropped off on december 31 by his parents at a mcdonald's in streamwood, illinois. he was to meet his friend there, jordan hill, who actually ends up being one of the offenders in this case. when he was dropped off, it was under the premise that he would be spending the night with his friend. so his parents didn't look for him till the next day. they subsequently reported him missing in streamwood. he comes to chicago. he's at the mcdonald's and jordan hill steals a van in streamwood. he picks up our victim who has no knowledge that the van is stolen. he assumes it's jordan's.
12:35 pm
they drive to the west side of chicago where they basically are driving around and visiting friends the next two days. the victim sleeps in the van. on the morning of january 3, they go to the address in lexington which is where two of the three offenders reside, the two sisters. and then about several hours later, that's when they bind him and start the assault on him. he is able to escape when a downstairs neighbor called the police, complaining that -- of all the noise upstairs. the police respond, and the two female offenders now go down stairs. they're angry that the police were called. they kick in the door of the apartment. hence they are both charged with a burglary. that gives our victim an opportunity to get out. then he's observed walking down the street by our 11th district
12:36 pm
officers. officer michael donnelly will explain how they happened upon him. >> thank you. donnelly. we observed our victim. he was walking with jordan. at which time i observed him wearing a tank top, inside out backwards, with jean shorts and sandals on. he was bloodied and battered. due to the cold weather conditions, i approached him for a field interview at which time after talking to him, he didn't seem like he was very discombobulated. he was injured, he was confused. at which time i called an ambulance. i left him with two other officers, to continue my
12:37 pm
investigation. i left then. he was missing and endangered out of streamwood, illinois. they contacted the police and conducted an investigation and put the pieces of the puzzle together for what we have right now. >> we'll take questions now if you have any questions. >> what do you understand the reason why he was there? >> it appears the fight on -- prior to him being bound, tied up and assaulted, the victim tells us he got into a play fight with jordan. it escalated from there. the two female offenders then -- who are obviously -- i mean, you can see on video, they're smoking cigars, which we presume to be blunts.
12:38 pm
they then getting a investigated at him and that's when they tie him up. that's the racial slurs and the -- you know, the deference to his mental capacity starts coming out. that's primarily one of the reasons they were charged with the hate crime. >> [inaudible question]. >> i believe it escalated. certainly no premeditation between jordan and him when the initial fight broke out. >> [inaudible question]. >> no. >> what is the relation of the girls? >> they are sisters. >> what is the connection to jordan hill? >> they are acquaintances. they attended a school together
12:39 pm
in aurora at some point. i don't know if recently, but at some point. >> hanging out often? had they went out before or -- >> they have hung out occasionally before. not frequently. >> when was the last time he was with him? >> i can't answer that. i'm not sure. >> the victim's family says that when the place came, he was able to -- >> the police are called. the two female offenders know -- apparently the downstairs neighbor said if you don't knock off the noise, i'm going to call the police. so they go down stairs. they're mad at her. they kick the door in. that's when the police arrive. i believe the call was criminal damage to property. that's when he has an
12:40 pm
opportunity to get out. >> 5:15 tuesday evening. >> what was the relation of the four? >> well, the two girls are sisters. they're just acquaintances of the other two. >> [inaudible question]. >> well, again, i mean his diminished mental capacity, the fact that they tied him up. the obvious racial quotes on -- that they posted live on facebook. i mean in the totality of the circumstances, the state's attorney agreed with us. they sought hate charges and they agreed. >> just to be clear, the mental
12:41 pm
capacity is that the strong point of the hate crime or is was the racial comments? >> half a dozen one, six of the other. >> do you have any idea why they streamed this live on facebook live? >> i can't understand why anybody puts anything on facebook. >> [inaudible question]. >> no. >> [inaudible question]. >> i'm not exactly positive on that. two detectives have worked this case solid since tuesday night, they passed out this morning they were so tired. i didn't want to wake them up to ask them that question before i walked in here. >> [inaudible question]. >> i don't know the exact circumstances behind it. i can't --
12:42 pm
>> [inaudible question]. >> when the downstairs neighbor told them i'm going to call the police if you don't knock off the noise, the two females came down and booted her door in. they grabbed something as they walked out. hence, it's a forcible entry where a theft is concerned, it's a burglary. >> was anybody hospitalized? >> the victim is in his parent's custody, presumably at his residence. >> do you know where? >> crystal lake. >> [inaudible question]. >> it appears that he was in that physical position, tied up in the corner for about four or five hours. >> anything else that was happening to him in that small
12:43 pm
window of time? what else happened? >> we have no other video, but we have the statements of the four of them. they admit that they beat him, kicking him. they made him drink toilet water. then obviously the video where they're cutting a piece of his scalp. >> yesterday he said he might have been held hostage 24 to 48 hours. can you give us a better time frame? >> he was mr. jordan from last friday. the actual -- i mean, you have to realize the first two days he's with him voluntarily. he's riding around in a van that he thinks is jordan's. it's not until they get to the apartment on lexington and even then, it's several hours later before the fight breaks out and they tie him up. so he was with them -- at least with jordan since friday. the actual assault and
12:44 pm
kidnapping, the crimes took place over a six-hour period on the third. >> his parents said they hadn't seen him since saturday. >> what was new year's eve? saturday. i'm sorry. i misspoke. saturday. >> [inaudible question]. >> the two females lived there, yes. >> so when did it happen? >> january 3. >> there you have it. matt finn out of chicago has been following this. matt, this video created a firestorm online. >> yes, uproar on line. first that a comment that a chicago detective made earlier that this could be categorized as child's play. people very upset over that. many people online all day demanding that this be categorized as a hate crime and
12:45 pm
this these four suspects be charged with hate crimes. these four black suspects -- >> matt, matt, matt. the police chief made clear what it was. he said it was the taunting and the racial slurs. let's leave the politics of this alone. do we know anything more about the suspects? >> sure. the four suspects under the age of 25. three under the age of 18. we watched the video. you can see the horror on this young man's face. he was bound, gagged. his scalp was sliced. he was forced to kiss the ground. you can see they placed a dagger against his neck. just the horror in his face. what is so disturbing, this was all broadcast live on facebook for the world to see. so it's possible that these four attackers wanted this to be seen. the captors had smiles on their faces. they were giggling, laughing and
12:46 pm
they were smoking throughout all of this, shepard. >> kimberly atkins will be with us next to talk about this brewing fight between the senator from new york, schumer, chuck schumer, with whom donald trump said he had good relations. new day, new relations. stay with us.
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12:49 pm
>> president-elect trump calling on democrats in the battle over obama care now. trump tweeting the democrats led by head clown chuck schumer know how bad obama care and what a mess they're in. instead of working to fix it, they do the typical political thing and blame. the fact is, obama care was a lie from the beginning. keep your doctor, keep your plan. it is time for republicans and democrats to get together and come up with a healthcare plan
12:50 pm
that really works. much less expensive and far better. there's a big difference from november when trump tweeted about the minority leader. i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer. he's smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done. good news! the president-elect apparently is not happy about schumer putting a new twist on trump's campaign slogan during a news conference yesterday. senator schumer said the gop's plan is to dismantle obama care would make america sick again. see what he did there? tomorrow schumer responded to trump calling him the head clown. >> i say to the president-elect, this is serious, serious stuff. people's health is at stake and people's lives are at stake. this is not a time for calling names. >> let's bring in kimberly atkins. she's the chief washington correspondent for "the boston herald." trump campaigned on getting rid
12:51 pm
of it. they had a new plan. there's more than one plan. there's no agreement on the republican side. there's the right that doesn't want to find anything. the middle ground where they, including trump, that they want to allow people under 26 to stay on parent's plans and go ahead with any previous conditions and all the rest. there's a difference in there and schumer is hammering it and hammering it. that's politics. >> it is. it seems that the democrats who are in the minority in congress really don't have a lot of power to stop whatever it is republicans are going to do with obama care. they're focusing on a message. we're seeing #makeamericasickagain and hammer home to the america people the problem as they see it with what republicans are doing, all of course with an eye on 2018 which they will face some tough elections, tougher than what they faced in 2016. >> the problem is, there's so many millions of trump voters with concept and a little while
12:52 pm
ago, you know, stop funding everything, stop it, obama care is the big takeover of health care. they convinced him. soon here, if they dismantle this thing, then there's no health insurance for those millions of people. you know what they'll be? not happy. that's schumer's point. that's the point he's making. let him do it. it's going to collapse on him. that's the point. >> they're absolutely right. a colleague said something that is perfect. americans hate obama care, but they like the affordable care act. there's many aspects of this law that are very popular. allowing young people to stay on their parent's healthcare until 26. coverage of pre-existing conditions. no cost coverage for preventative care. people don't want to lose that. the medicaid expansion. democrats want to hold the republicans responsible if they strip this law altogether without a replacement in place. it could destabilize the marshals, we could see health costs shoot up even more or
12:53 pm
access become even more scarce. >> i don't know about that. but i know the republicans have an issue internally right now. that is there's a crowd that says i don't want to fund what you republicans want to do. so they're going to have to work that out. pushing them along that way will be apparently donald trump who says that he believes for existing conditions, people under 26 and all those things that help people that need help, that all of those ought to stay there but he has to get them funded. he doesn't have a rubber stamp on the funding. >> that's the point. a lot of democrats that i've talked to on the hill today, they're making that very point. you may not like tax increases and fees may not be popular but a system won't work without them if you want to keep the good stuff and eliminate the bad stuff. that's not a policy that can last. that's something that donald trump wants. as you said, there's some republicans that are antsy about this idea of repealing without something in place. like senator rand paul are not on board with that. the republicans have to figure out what they're going to do.
12:54 pm
they have to get a plan together, which as speaker ryan said, they have ideas. they don't have a plan. that plan actually has to work. otherwise, the democrats will really hit them with a messaging that they're making things worse instead of better. >> millions of people have healthcare for the first time, they're not saying it's perfect, but they're saying they want coverage and they need leaders to figure it out. we'll watch them. thank you. >> good to talk to you, shep. >> happy new year. the president-elect targeting another car company. this time over plans to build a factory in mexico. toyota motors say they will build a new plant in baja, mexico to build corolla cars for the united states. no way, build it in the u.s. or pay big border taxes. the spokesman for toyota said jobs won't be impacted. the president-elect has used social media sites to go against companies and other countries. shannon bream in d.c.
12:55 pm
some critics say they want the tweets to just stop. >> yeah, friends, critics, allies. all kinds of people are worried about it, including chuck schumer. here's what he said. >> making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> so that's the message. guess what? internationally china's state news agency says an obsession with twitter foreign policy is undesirable. it's not child's play when you're dealing with these issues in 140 characters or less. he made history by the way he used social media in the elections. here's what we were told about trump's use of twitter. >> so as most campaigns have teams of people that are designing tweets and testing tweets and rolling them out over
12:56 pm
time, if donald trump feels something today, he tells you that. that's what his supports are looking for. >> there's no focus grouping of the trump whetweets. there's no focus group. there's no filter. so he uses them as president, he accepts real donald trump versus the official account that he gets or whether it's going to matter at all. i don't think he's going to shut it down, shep. we'll find out in a few days. >> we will. interesting to watch. shannon, great to see you. >> you too. >> take a look at the dow. off a little bit. not a huge number, but it's a note of significance. here's what we found interesting today. department stores stocks are getting hammered. kohl's and macy's came out of the holiday season with lower than expected sales. the dow jones sank 42 on the day. macy's and kohl's reported declines in key measures.
12:57 pm
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>> all right. you think it's going to be easy recalling the health care law? think again. republicans have a grand old potential -- i say potential -- when it comes to junking once and for all the so-called affordable care act. rand paul isn't keen on how they're going about it. the kentucky republican senator meeting with the freedom caucus, conservative republicans that are supposed be leery about budget deficits. trump said about the way we're looking to torpedo the healthcare law, it's going to make the deficit worse. so you know


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