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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i remember that. >> all right, set your your dvo you never miss an episode of "the five" ." "special report" is up next. >> a multifaceted campaign, hacking, propaganda, and fakeness. intelligence leaders double down on russia's efforts before the election while the president elect pushes back on reporting plans for a major intel revamp. this is "special report" ." good evening, welcome to washington, i am bret baier. the top leaders in the intelligence community stand behind the assessment that russia was behind the acts leading up to the 2016 election. during testimony today on capitol hill, intel leaders told lawmakers the highest levels of the russian government directed or were aware of the campaign.
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the intel leaders also made clear they found no evidence that a single vote was altered by the hacks. there is much we don't know about the intel community's ultimate conclusions. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris joins us live from capitol hill with a look at today's testimony. >> witnesses testified that they had never seen a cyber attack like this before. >> i don't think that we have ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our process. >> saying they are more certain now about russia's meddling than they were before the election. >> we stand more resolutely on the strength of that statement that we made on the seventh of october. >> witnesses said russian interference was multifaceted, including the theft of emails and fakeness. but no evidence was found that
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ballots were tampered with. >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort, certainly the intelligence community can't impact a gauge it had on the choices the electorate made. >> the witnesses seemed to avoid identifying vladimir putin by name but emphasized it came from the top. >> the same conclusion with the respect to high-level russian authorities is shared by all of these agencies? >> yes. >> do you think a lot happens in russia, big, that he doesn't know about. >> not many. not that are politically sensitive in another country. >> the credibility of wikileaks founder julian assange who said russia was not his source was attacked. >> the notion that the soon-elected leader of this country would put julian assange on a pedestal compared to the men and women of the intelligence community, i think it should bring about a cry no
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matter whether you are republican or democrat. >> president obama received a final report today briefed by the intelligence community leadership. the report monday we'll discuss who was behind the meddling and their goal. >> do you think in the report next week that you all will ascribe a motivation to putin for the election attempt? >> yes, we will ascribe a motivation. >> in your 53 years of intelligence, is assessing that among the hardest tasks that ask our intelligence services to do? >> it always has been. >> it says the obama administration shares some of the plan after failing to forcefully retaliate after the china stole information from the office security management database. >> our office has no policy and the snow strategy for cyber deterrence. this appearance of weakness has
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been provocative to our adversaries who have attacked us again and again with growing severity. >> after hearing, the white house responded to mccain's statement that russia crossed the line. >> it fits the definition of an act of war, but it doesn't mean that all of a sudden you start shooting. >> i don't have a new label to apply to it today. >> it is worth noting that president obama got the final report today yet last week his administration imposed sanctions and expelled 35 russian diplomats. a white house spokesman said they wanted a forceful response and they had enough to go on. >> >> bret: catherine herridge. thank you. several sources say the president elect has named the man he wants to be his next director of national intelligence, this as mr. trump is said to be briefed by the very leaders that he has openly questioned about reports of russian acts leading up to the election.
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senior national correspondent john roberts joins us live from new york outside trump tower trr with the president-elect's pick to head up the agency. good evening, john. >> good evening to you. sources tell fox news that donald trump has chosen the retiring indiana senator dan coats to be his next director. coats served three terms in the senate, sat on the select committee on intelligence as well as armed services and also during the bush administration was the ambassador to germany. the choice of coats comes just as donald trump repairs for what is probably the significant intelligence briefing so far. >> i know there is a great interest in the issue of russian interference. >> it could be a rather uncomfortable meeting tomorrow with the current director of national intelligence, james clapper, who has made no attempt to hide his disdain for donald trump, personally briefing the president-elect on russian hacking. speak what you're going to be challenged tomorrow by the president-elect. are you okay with being
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challenged? >> absolutely. >> you both weldment? >> we do. >> do you think it is appropriate. >> we do. >> pushing back hard against report and "the wall street journal" that trump wants to make significant changes to the office because the agency has become bloated and politicized and that he wants to cut staff at cia headquarters in favor of putting more agents in the field. incoming press secretary at sean spicer saying, not true. >> i want to reiterate, there is no truth to this idea of restructuring the intelligence community infrastructure. it is 100% pulse. >> the outgoing press secretary deferred when asked if president obama is worried his successor might dismantle parts of the intelligence apparatus. >> i think it is difficult to tell exactly what the incoming president's plans actually are. that being said, the president asked his administration and
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agencies all across this administration to be concentrated on ensuring a smooth transition and that includes the intelligence community. >> while they deny any large-scale restructuring, transition officials tell fox news trump is losing to streamline and depoliticize the intelligence community. and trump is clarifying his public posture towards wikileaks founder julian assange. earlier this week, trump tweeted, quote, julian assange said a 14 year old could have hacked podesta. why bywhy was dmc so careless? also said russians did not give him the info"! trump today tweeted, "the dishonest immediate like saying i am in agreement with julian assange. wrong. i simply state which he states. it is for the people to make up their own minds as to the truth. the media lies to make it look like i am against "intelligence" when in fact i am a big fan."
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with two weeks to go, donald trump said for more than an hour to get a videotaped deposition, a case involving a washington, d.c., chef who was supposed to open a spanish the end restaurant at the new trump international tell. he claims after trump made his comments about mexican immigrants 18 months ago he couldn't work with him anymore. trump insists that he is owed damages big league. >> thank you. horrifying and heartbreaking. those are just some of the words being used to describe a sickening video of four blast suspects who held a mentally disabled man hostage and broadcast themselves live on facebook torturing him and even yelling racist expletives at the white man. president obama called it despicable and a visual of the racial tensions in america pitch chicago police say, no one should ever have to see such failure. today, as corresponded and vent
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reports, the alleged assailants were charged with hate crimes. >> the captured scene in this video, beating handicapped man and forcing him to drink from a toilet, now behind bars. these four suspects charged with hate crime, and aggravated assault with a weapon. the two males and two females gagged and tortured the 18-year-old helpless man, holding a dagger to his throat, cutting his scalp, screaming antiwhite comments and forcing him to curse donald trump. >> [bleep] donald trump. [bleep] white people, boy. >> the abusers broadcast the torture live on facebook live and they drank and smoked. they say he was held for up to 48 hours. police say they think the victim was directly targeted, perhaps for his race or mental impairments. >> the actions in that video are
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reprehensible. that, along with racism, have absolutely no place in the city of chicago. >> white house press secretary josh ernst calling it a depravity. >> i haven't spoken to the president about it, but i am confident that he would be angered by the images that are depicted on that video. >> the video sparking upper online, people furious over what they consider a gruesome, charge attack, also calling out police for resisting to calling it a hate crime, one detective likening it to kids horsing around. this coming days after donald trump making headlines for tweeting that chicago mayor needs help in fighting the record crime. >> i can't connect that with what they did. >> chicago's mayor weighing in. >> seeing it both sickening and get sickened by it. there is more to our city than that.
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>> the fbi and department of justice is aware of and assessing this video. all four suspects set to appear in court tomorrow. bret? >> bret: thank you. we are learning more about how democrats and republicans plan to move forward on obamacare. for republicans, a timeline, democrats, a person who could be a key player. mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill tonight. >> with repealing and replacing obamacare the dominant topic the first week of the new congress, speaker paul ryan set this deadline. >> our deadline, repealing and replacing is for this year. >> ryan also fired back at what he called scare tactics from democrats. >> they are trying to make americans think, some day this february or march, you will wake up" have an insurance plan. that ain't happening. that's not true. >> and when it is time to replace, a key white house
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spokesperson -- >> their constituents are disenfranchised. if they are committed to the goal of access to affordable health care for all americans, they are going to work with us. >> president trump ripped the opposition identity on twitter. democrats, led by head clown chuck schumer knows what a mess they are in. instead of working to fix it, they do the typical political thing and plain. the fact is, obamacare was a lie from the beginning. keep your doctor, keep your plan. it is time for republicans and democrats to get together and come up with a health care plan that really works, much less expensive and far better." schumer was asked about being labeled a clown by mr. trump. >> i say to the president-elect and the republicans that this is not a time for calling names. it is time for them to step up to the plate if they want to
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repeal and show us what they would replace it with. >> schumer and other democrats attacked mr. trump's pick to lead health and human services, dr. tom price. they are calling for an ethics probe into reports price made hundreds of thousands of dollars in health related stocks during his years in congress. republicans are countering, noting that price would be the first position to lead hhs in more than 20 years. and groups like the medical association of georgia are calling price, quote, "a strong and credible advocate for patients and physicians." >> price is an obvious target, he is also seen as a key player during a possible transition to a new system. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. ryan gave a impassioned speech just in the last hour. start of a debate on the resolution condemning the obama obama administrations decision.
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>> i am stunned. i am stunned at what happened last month. this government, our government, abandoned our ally, israel, when she needed us the most. >> bret: we expect a vote tally from the house in the next hour. president obama penned a farewell letter to the american people today, and with it, he is sending a message that some critics is not completely accurate. correspondent kevin corke reports from the white house on how president obama's memory of the last eight years looks a lot different from the other side of the aisle. >> president obama's letter to the american people and to spotlight his legacy and achievement, it may have missed the mark in several key areas. >> no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years. >> the president's comments from
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wednesday were reflected in his letter today, but didn't talk about the isis-inspired attacks that struck fort hood, orlando, and san bernardino. he wrote, if you lose your job, change your job, or start that new business, you will finally be able to purchase quality affordable care and the security and peace of mind that comes with it. but nowhere did he mention this. >> if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor. >> on jobs, he wrote that wages have grown faster over the past few years than at any time in the past 40 pretty left out the part about the work force participation rate being at historic lows. on iraq, the president said, we have drawn down from nearly 180,000 troops to just 80,000. the present didn't mention the fact that just last summer twicy authorized hundreds more american forces to deploy, nor his field goal to enact the war there or afghanistan.
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the president's letter was one brick and a virtual wall of reflections designed to build upon the administration story in full view of the american peopl people. including the state department, where secretary john kerry hails the administration's progress in the fight against putin, writing, and iraq, they have lost over 28% of the territory it once held. but as in the president's letter, it left out important details, like the fact that isis has now spread far. some experts question the wisdom of creating the memos because political virtual reality has little to do with political history. >> i think it is a mistake to play with your legacy at this point. he has got it, whatever it is, and it is better now to leave with his dignity intact. >> meanwhile, bret, they saying
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american interests and security would be greatly damaged where the united states to back away from its leadership role at the united nations. while there is no clear indication that will happen under the trump administration, the president-elect certainly has been critical of the world body before. bret? >> bret: that is clear. kevin corke on the north line. john kerry delivered his own farewell remarks today, over his four years at states, kerry has traveled more than a million miles, details or acknowledge today that one particular episode in which he figured centrally wound up hurting american prestige in a critical region. james rosen reports from the state department. >> in his final news conference at the state department, secretary of state john kerry admitted that president obama's failure to enforce his own redline against syrian dictator bashar al-assad damaged his standing with allies across the
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middle east. >> i will acknowledge to you, absolutely, i heard it all over the place. the perception hurt, yes. the perception hurt. >> yet kerry rejected the idea that syria would be better off if president obama had launched air strikes against the regime in damascus as promised in exchange for assad's use of chemical weapons. they hastily launched a plan to evacuate the stockpile of weapons. since then, close to 200,000 lives have been lost and isis declared a caliphate in raqqa. declaring that the outcome achieved at the time was preferable. >> we actually got far better results of getting all the weapons of mass destruction out of syria without dropping a bomb. and if we had dropped a bomb, there is no guarantee we would have gotten any of them out. >> is syria today a better result, sir? >> no.
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syria has nothing to do with that. >> in a 30 minute recapitulation of his accomplishments, kerry cited the paris climate courts and the iran nuclear deal. and he touted successes and rolling back isis from several cities in iraq, all captured by the terrorist group during kerry's tenure in state even as he conceded the group remains a threat. >> we did not let the worst happen. we turned it around. >> kerry also defended his department's decision to allow that -- kerry himself worked hard on the israeli-palestinian issue, obviously without success, but he thanked president obama forgiving him, quote, along wish to try. bret? >> bret: james rosen at the state department. after an engine falls off an air force plane midflight, fox 24 in charleston where the sentencing phase continued for a second day for the man convicted
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of killing nine black church members, friends and family testified about some of the victims today, despite shooter dylan dylann roof arguing that the emotional testimony is prejudicing the case against him. jurors are weighing whether to sentence roof to life in prison or to death. fox 25 in boston, where the bristol county sheriff's offering to send inmates to the border to help build a wall. an announcement today, an initiative suggesting that inmates could volunteer to build the wall or cleanup disaster sites. american civil liberties union calls the proposal inhumane and promised to fight and a plan that the sheriff puts forward. and this is a live look at chicago from fox 32, a day after macy's announces its plans to close 68 stores and cut more than 10,000 jobs across the u.s., sears and kmart followed suit with the announcement of even more closures then were
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originally announced last month. in total, kmart will shut down just more than 100 kmart stores and sears will close more than 40 locations. sears holdings based outside chicago says it is, quote, "difficulty but necessary step to strengthen its operations." effects donates live look for outside the beltway. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> bret: the united states air force is investigating after one of its b-52s lost an engine midflight. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins a us lie from the pentagon.
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jennifer? >> good evening, bret. we have learned of another alarming sign that u.s. bomber aircraft are wearing out. this latest incident occurred during a routine training mission at minot air force base. the pilot declared an in-flight emergency after the engine of a b-52 literally fell off the aircraft while it was flying. fortunately, a b-52 bomber has eight engines. the aircraft was not armed at the time. there were no injuries. the five air force personnel on board and the pilot were able to land safely. the engine landed in an unpopulated area 25 miles northeast of minot according to an air force statement. >> we have seen a disturbing increase in accidents of all kinds, and i do think you see the effects of wear and tear grow over time just like your car or your house. if you don't take care of something, the problems grow, and then when you do have to fix
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it, it costs more money. >> last year, fox news broke the story about this, traveling to ellsworth air force base in south dakota not far from minot, there we found only 9 out of 20 to 20 -- of the beat 21 bombers were sky where the. they told us how hard they had to work to keep these plans airborne. >> the first jet i worked on 20 years ago had a thousand flight hours on it. never looking at them pushing over 10,000 hours. not just the personnel, the aircraft as well. >> it saying the wing commander stood up and a national safety investigation board to investigate this unusual incident. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. how should president-elect shift america's military priorities? let us know your thoughts on twitter, @bretbaier.
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in baghdad today, 27 people were killed, including 11 from a suicide bomber who targeted shops and food stands near a bus station, several attacks led to a particularly deadly day in and around the iraq he capitol. no one has immediately claimed responsibility, but they are similar to other isis-linked attacks in iraq. turkish authorities say they are closing in on a suspect. as correspondent john huddy reports, they believe he may not be connected to isis at all. >> turkish authorities say the circle is closing in on the gun man who killed 29 people early sunday morning at a nightclub in his temple. the prime minister says police know who he is and his, quote, "probable whereabouts," describing him as a specially trained attacker. >> when we watch all of the
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videos, it seems this is a specific incident. it is understood that his plan was well studied. >> sophisticated enough that other turkish officials have suggested that if foreign intelligence service, another country, may have orchestrated the attack. isis claimed credit, but the connection remains unclear. conspiracy theories aside, turkish officials say he is likely from the ethnic group of chinese muslims living in central and eastern asia. turkish police detained several people from that community during a raid this morning outside istanbul. authorities also believe he was the sole shooter, though someone inside the club, possibly a lookout, may have helped him. police are also not ruling out the possibility of the gun man may have already left the country. >> translator: we don't disregard that possibility, but i surmise we will get results from corporation around the
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company. -- cooperation around the country. >> saying they have arrested 20 suspected isis agents in the turkish city where a car bomb exploded outside the city's courthouse today killing two people. officials say it may have been the work of kurdish militants. yet more violence in a country already dealing with paddles on several fronts. turkish prime minister also added that these attacks will not stop his country from being active in the wars in iraq and syria. bret? >> bret: john huddy in our middle east newsroom. back here in the u.s., a fight is underway in new york city to preserve the records of about a million city residents who used a municipal program to get an i.d. card. those fighting to preserve the records say it is a matter of national security. other state has the potential to get the trump administration and opening to deport people living in the city illegally.
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correspondent david lee miller takes a look at both sides of this. >> one, two, three. >> this is one of nearly a million new york city residents who have applied for a municipal i.d. card. >> i just think as someone living in the u.s., it is good to have a form of of i.d. >> critics say obtaining a card is too easy, except all documents needed by applicants can include an expired foreign passport and proof of a 15 day homeless shelter residents. the program was created under the administration of democratic mayor bill de blasio to help people who have no other recognized form of identification. a provision of the 2-year-old law permits the city to purge all i.d. cards data and documents at the start of this year. the delete option was designed to prevent a future republican administration from using the information to deport
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undocumented immigrants. two republican state lawmakers have gone to court demands the city not to destroy the i.d. cards documentation. they say the issue has nothing to do with immigration but criminal activity. >> you can't allow people with a scantily vetted i.d. card to open up bank accounts where they could perhaps finance terrorism, engage in all types of fraud. >> according to city records, since the i.d. program got underway, there have been 100 cases of likely fraud related to getting the cards. mayor de blasio is optimistic. the city's right to delete this documentation will be upheld. >> we are very confident. our city law was very unclear. it went unchallenged for two years. it is quite clear about the timelines, the methodology, and the need to protect people's confidentiality. >> testifying today that the city's municipal ideas are of little use to those who want to commit acts of terror.
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he told the court that terrorists recently arrested have more widely accepted forms of identification. bret? >> bret: thank you. president trump called out another automaker on twitter today for building its products in mexico, but so far the company is standing his ground. he tweeted, quote, toyota motor instead will build a new plant in baja, mexico, to build corolla cars for u.s. no way. build plant in u.s. or pay big part attacks." same toyota has been part of the cultural fabric in the u.s. for nearly 60 years. production volume or employment in the u.s. will not decrease as a result of our new plant in guanajauto, mexico. a mixed day on wall street with two industries retreating. the dow industry felt 43 points. the s&p 500 fell nearly 42, while the nasdaq closed up 11.
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electronics show back in las vegas, like all of the years, some of the things you will see is incredible. adam housley gets gives us a sk pete mcpeak at some of the new technology. >> the world converges, 3500 exhibits pitching new products trying to wow a worldwide audience of tech savvy buyers from paperthin tvs to internet-connected cars, virtually everything here gives us a glimpse of what will be every day technology in the years to come. >> it is a glimpse of the future, bigger and fatter, always the case, voice control is huge, ai, all of these things coming together. >> bigger, stronger, one a tad larger charges your laptop, and this is the drive i.d. which makes smartphones inoperable in the car.
3:34 pm
>> they can't stop snapchat, twitter, we can prevent access to these apps. >> the greatest thing about vr, it allows people to connect with each other in ways that have never been possible. >> when it comes to music, innovations putting a recording studio in your hand, even going hi high death with a jukebox straight out of "happy days." >> everything looks cool, sounds cool, you've then got -- get your phone off chemistry and whatever you want. what else do you want? >> and drones are everywhere, including this one, the hover camera passport. when you want to go, you walk up, grab it, fold it up. bret, in this case, on my scooter, i am writing off in the sunset. back to you. >> bret: [laughs] does he look like he is having fun or what?
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i'm going to have to get one of those hovercraft things. thank you, adam. a major plan of attack that did nothing to change the actual vote tally. the intel community is more confident about russia's actions before the u.s. election. the all-star panel weighs in on all of this and what we learned from today's hearing. so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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♪ >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. certainly the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on the choices the electorate made. there is no way for us to gauge that. this was a multifaceted campaign, so the hacking was only one part of it. it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news. >> does not continue?
3:39 pm
>> yes. >> bret: national national inte director in front of the committee, that intel report is complete, briefed to president obama, it will be briefed to president-elect trump tomorrow. an unclassified version will be released next week. there was some pushback on the president-elect tweets about one certain person, julian assange. >> the notion that the soon-elected leader of this country would put julian assange on a pedestal, no matter what you are a republican or a democrat, there should be howells. mark my word, if the roles were reversed, there would be howls. >> thank you for that nonpartisan comment. >> that got some laughs. the president-elect was not laughing on tweeter. "the dishonest media likes
3:40 pm
saying that i am in agreement with julian assange. wrong. i simply state what he states, it is for the people to make up their minds as to the truth. the media lies to make it look like i am against "intelligence closed weight " when, in fact, i am a big fan. our all-star panel, mollie hemingway, ab started coming charles krauthammer. charles? >> the big mistake he made was to quote hijab team, but it is a big mistake to quote somebody who clearly is a enemy of the united states, who now has endangered the lives of people, particularly in afghanistan and abroad, who have worked with us and risked their lives, their lives are now at risk as a result of what assange has done. i'm not sure bring him in is a good idea. there is no doubt that the obama administration has trumped up this issue that it ignored for e last year and a half, as a way
3:41 pm
to introduce some doubt in the minds of the electorate as to the legitimacy of the trump victory. but that may be true, but i think it is a mistake for trump to play into this. he should let it play out, republicans and democrats want to know the extent of this as a way to prevent it in the future. i don't think, in the end, it really harms trump. but the attention he has given it has put in the focus on it to the extent that people are going to ask why is he so defensive about it. >> bret: mollie, what was so striking, the republicans on this committee, what they were saying about russia, the threat from russia, the perception about that. clearly there is some difference in the approach between the president-elect and sr. republicans on capitol hill. >> in one sense. in another sense, a lot of agreements. they are going to try to meddle in the way we do things.
3:42 pm
>> bret: we want to make clear every time i say it, it is not affecting the vote tally in the election, but the lead up to the election and hacking around it. >> it is good to point that out, a new poll showed that over half of democrats believe that russians did hack into the voting totals and affected the vote totals, which is not true. but russians want to undermine our confidence in our institution, and that's why this whole debate is so interesting. you have people on both sides playing into that. one of the worst things you can do is decrease confidence in how our elections are being done, so president obama, who has had eight years of failure, or failed at the reset, who mocked mitt romney and other critics for seeing syria was serious threat, now he wants to ring the hammer down on russia, and we're worried about president-elect trump being too political in his posture towards russia? looks very much also like the other side. >> bret: ab, when president-elect gets this briefing tomorrow, listening to
3:43 pm
those officials today and their confidence and they are sticking by that assessment. how do you think this place? >> that is really the problem for the republicans on capitol hill. what you heard in the final days of this break, they don't want to be critical know of the this trump says, he has picked no official fight with them, started two weeks ago, sort of the day before he nominated rex tillerson for secretary of state. he has really put them in an untenable situation. while they are upset with him on several issues that they are staying silent about, his refusal to do best, his crony capitalism deal of the day where he picks on a company and makes them keep jobs here or whatever. this is one thing where he is push them into a corner. what you heard today, both on the record and background, tomorrow he has got to come out and say something that is judicious and measured and presidential after this meeting. you can be skeptical of the
3:44 pm
intelligence, but the antagonism with which he has treated this community on this issue is over-the-top, and they are expecting some kind of response that is a change tomorrow. >> bret: you think the nuance which we obviously don't get in 140 characters, charles, that he has a problem with the leadership of intelligence. the john brennans, the clappers who have been caught in several instances over the years of not essentially being forthright about different things and looking, at least, like they are political. and that the problems at the leadership level and not the men and women of the intelligence community. >> that is a perfectly legitimate distinction, and we have been in the panel and elsewhere critical of a lot of the leaders who have been critical. we know about that. as a matter of fact. but nonetheless, the way it has been interpreted, if you are
3:45 pm
going to use twitter, you have to be aware that you can't be settled, and your message can be misunderstood. but i do think on one issue, which is the idea he is going to reorganize or cut back their powers or get his revenge by looking again at how the dni, the director of national intelligence, how the office -- it's a critic of this issue. the dni was and invention of the 9/11 commission. it has been 15 years. it is worth a look. it is his job to question every agency, and intelligence is no exception. >> bret: sean spicer, very specific about restructuring the intelligence community. listen. okay. >> these results reports are false.
3:46 pm
it is for intelligence gathering purposes and, but i want to reiterate, there is no truth to this idea of restructuring the intelligence community infrastructure. it is 100% false. >> bret: mollie? >> it seems the trump administration wanted to walk back that we're hearing that they might revamp these agencies. that is disappointing because i think we do need to revamp, we do have a problem with a highly political intelligence mechanism in our government, and it needs major reform. this is a problem that goes back. not just this administration. it goes back decades. look at how foreign policy magazine said in 2013 that therh politicization of these intelligence organizations. every other country knew that syria was using chemical weapons, and our people didn't put it out there because they were worried because they know president obama had made that one of his redlines and they
3:47 pm
didn't want to publicly go against him. listening to it dni clapper said today, in 2013, he lied in front of congress when he asked if we were collecting data on hundreds of millions of americans. that was false. and senator biden, to whom he told us, knew it was false. we are listening to perjurer's, we have problems with politicization. i hope the administration does look at the problems we have and think about what we need to do to reform this so we can trust what our intelligence agencies are saying. >> bret: i want to go to the other panel after the break. quickly, the dni coming in who donald trump wants is the former senator from indiana dan coats. interesting, a.b., that the current senator, who has obviously been no big fan of the president-elect and the campaign, tweeted this. "there are many reasons to love the choice of dan coats for dni including that he is steely eyed about the fact that putin is no friend." >> this is a very comforting
3:48 pm
picked for republicans at the end of a long couple of days, and dan coats has everyone's respectable sides of the aisle. >> bret: next up, we will discuss how president obama is using the legacy he is leaving behind. tor. he told us about pseudobulbar affect, or pba. it's frequent, uncontrollable crying or laughing that doesn't match how you feel. it can happen with certain neurologic conditions like stroke, dementia, or ms. he prescribed nuedexta, the only fda-approved treatment for pba. tell your doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta. nuedexta is not for people with certain heart conditions. serious side effects may occur. life-threatening allergic reactions to quinidine can happen. tell your doctor right away if you have bleeding or bruising. stop nuedexta if muscle twitching, confusion, fever, or shivering occurs with antidepressants. side effects may include diarrhea, dizziness, cough,
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♪ >> even as we have suffered terrible attacks here at home, from boston to orlando, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years. what i can say with confidence is that we have done works. that i can prove. spit on the president putting out a memo today and talking yesterday
3:52 pm
about success, he says on the terror front, on the economic front, a lot of fronts. what about this? >> obama is absolutely delusional about what his own legacy is. his legacy can be summed up in three words, which is president donald trump. americans did not vote for donald trump because they thought obama's presidency was a success. they voted for him because they thought it has been a tremendous failure. this farewell tour, everything from their actual body trails from benghazi, lying about the iran deal, the irs targeting political enemies. this is delusional. >> bret: a.b. >> i think the victory tour is lengthy and no one is listening. i think that democrats who really love obama personally are going to miss him. i don't know they are going to be hanging onto every word of his speech in chicago next week or reading these memos. the one thing i do here in his
3:53 pm
comments -- hear and his comments, coming out of this economic free fall, were not venezuela, comes up and says, hey, we came out of a hole. when he says i have proof, that is not true. but he feels defensive about the recession. the rest, about terrorism when americans are afraid and we fed attacks on our soil is not convincing. the health care law is a complete mess, and he knows it, and contribute it to hillary's loss. i think it is going to fall on a lot of deaf ears. >> bret: led by head con chuck schumer know how bad obamacare is, what a mess they're in, they do the typical political thing and blame. the fact is, obamacare was a live from the beginning. keep your doctor, keep your plan. here is vice president obama responding essentially to that on pbs. >> grow
3:54 pm
up, donald. grow up rich time to be an adult, your president. you got to do something. show us what you have. >> joe biden unleashed. a pity he will be gone. be interesting and fun to watch. i think the republicans are taking on a big task. the minute they do anything on obamacare, that will be within a few weeks, they own it. they are going to own the entire health care system. people are not going to distinguish as stated in the obama years between what did he change and what was unchanged in the health care system. it is a gestalt. the idea of how it is working. it is working terribly. obamacare is collapsing and it would on its own, and it would continue to, but now will be attributed to the republicans. they better have something ready to go to substitute or at least a patchwork to get them between l for a and b, otherwise, they will suffer politically the way
3:55 pm
that obama and democrats have for eight years. spit on mollie, the stairwell address on tuesday, what do you think it will be? >> i think it will be much of what we have seen for the last eight years with president obama being one of his best years, also a time for everybody to close out and think about what they like about president obama and be looking for to the next era. >> bret: a.b.? >> it like i said, if you'd devoted democrats will watch this probably. >> bret: something tells me we will get more from you at some point. a note about this particular day when we come back.
3:56 pm
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♪ >> bret: finally, tonight, we usually take a moment on this day to say thank you for viewing
3:59 pm
"special report." on this day, eight years ago, i took over the anchor chair on this show for my mentor and friend, brit hume. here was a look at that day. eight years goes fast. i looked a little different. i think that might be the same tie, i'm not sure, i do not plan that tonight. but it is the same tie. yeah. what has not changed is the commitment of >> bret: staff and the correspondent who makes this show but it is. they are the people who make "special report" special. thank you for watching, thank you for making is number one in every one of those eight years. as a start year nine, i promise you, 2017 will be one to watch. thank you for inviting us into your home every night. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "tucker carlson tonight" starts right now. tucker is moving to 9:00 p.m. congratulations, tucker. and martha maccallum headed to 7:00 p.m. see, 2017 is already one to
4:00 pm
watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for people in chicago face felony hate crime charges, in addition too many charges come after they allegedly kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled man and broadcasted on facebook. video shows the attackers, who were black, yelling f donald trump and f white people. he joins us for an update. greg. what can you tell us? >> the superintendent today called at this video reprehensible and prosecutors called it a crime, filing those charges against the four suspect, they included height crime,


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