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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 5, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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go to, @seanhannity on twitter. unfortunately, that is all the time we have. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight... >> i don't think that we have ever encountered a more aggressive campaign to interfere in our election process then we have seen in this case. >> bill: again, today, american intelligence leaders say that russia interfered inrs the presidential election. do you believe that? "talking points" will analyze the evidence tonight. >> [bleep] trump! [bleep] white people. >> bill: one of the most horrific crimes ever in chicagol a mentally disabled young man tortured. now, the four individuals involved have been charged with hate crimes. we will have the inside story. >> are those processed meats? >> yes. >> do you want diabetes? >> you have to die of something.
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[laughter] >> bill: also ahead, americans love their snacks. but are they hurting us? >> do you know how much sodium is in something like that? >> i don't know, i don't care. i'm hungry. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. putin, trump, and the election. that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. today in washington, the senate armed services committee held hearings about russia allegedly subverting the presidentialat election. front and center was director of national intelligence, james clapper. >> the russians have a long history of interfering in elections, theirs and other peoples'. but i don't think that we have ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to
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interfere in our election process than we have seen in this case.e. >> bill: of course, it is all about hacking into the democratic national committee and some of the democratic leaders. "talking points" believes mr. clapper, however, because there is no reason to doubt him. there is no reason to doubt the man. now, there has been no definitive proof put forth that the russian leader, vladimir putin, did try to interfere with our votes. >> we have invested billions and we put people's lives at risk to glean such information. and so if we were to fulsomely expose it in such a way that would be completely persuasive to everyone, then we could just kiss that off. because we will lose it. >> bill: mr. clapper saying hela
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cannot expose his sources or explain how he got -- the usa, how the usa got the information about the russian hacking. so this becomes a very complicated matter because some democrats are charging that the hack of democratic stalwarts like john podesta influenced the voting. republicans say, nonsense, that the exposed emails simplypo pointed out political intrigue and press corruption. it is impossible to say if any votes were influenced by podesta's rantings, but it seems far-fetched to me. despite the intel consensus, president-elect trump is not accepting of the verdict against putin. now, mr. trump will be briefed tomorrow by intelligence leaders. and maybe that will change. but for you and me, americans who sincerely want fair elections and justice, theg hacking should be a serious matter. again, "talking points" believes the russians were involved with the intent to create as much chaos as possible for america. and nothing happens in russia at that level unless putin approves.n but putin is not holding a
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smoking gun because u.s. intelligence has to protect its sources of information. coming up, the russians did it. putin knew about it. and president-elect trump has to decide if further action against russia is necessary. that is the "memo." now for the top story reaction, joining us from washington, morgan wright, a cybersecurity analyst. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, strategic analyst at fox news. am i making any mistakes, colonel? >> no, bill, we are on the same sheet of music overall on this.. i think what is really important here is not to argue in a partisan manner. this was an attack upon the fundamental tool of our democracy, free elections. the response has to be bipartisan, not democrat, not republican, not about throwing the election one way or the other, but about an attack on our nation. >> bill: but some people don't believe it. some people don't believe that putin and the russians did it, you heard assange tell sean hannity this week that that didn't happen. and there were some in congress who don't believe it.
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that is what muddies the waters. i believe it, you believe it, i think, mr. wright, you believe it, correct? >> the world is not flat.u >> bill: no, i got it. but when you have so much confusion, it is very hard to get a consensus or to get people mobilized. what do you say, mr. wright? >> you know, bill, this isd. an ongoing discussion we have been having for a long time. and one of the big things that came out of this hearing, it is pretty clear, we are very bad on defense. we got a good offense, we've got the nsa, we've got a lot of the capability. but until we raise the price of an attack to where it becomes so high in time, logistics, money, expense on their part, bill, we will keep having the same conversations. there is no deterrent effect. that was very clear in the hearing today. russia is doing it, china is doing it, but they're not paying a high enough price. until we raise the bar on that, you and i and ralph peters and i, we will keep having the same discussions. >> bill: what would you say, mr. wright, to americans who are not convinced that russia and putin interfered and hacked into
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the election process? what would you say to them? >> you know, you are notle to ce everybody. but i think at this point, when the director, james clapper, said there is high confidence, the same things james comey said about north korea, we definitively proved north korea was involved in the sony hack, at some point, you have to trust the intelligence professionals. i think the problem, bill, a lot of this has become politicized. you politicize it to where it serves political objectives. >> bill: people are suspicious of clapper and comey and think they are trying to help the democrats, because the democratic mantra right now, colonel peters, is that this russian hack threw the election to trump. that is what you are hearinget from a lot of democrats. and republicans are furious about that. >> i don't want to hear about democrats and republicans. i want to hear about the united states of america. we were attacked, cynically and viciously.
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you know, bill, look at it in terms of cost-benefit analysis, this was really cheap. it was a dirt cheap way for putin to wage war upon our system.. >> bill: i made this point on my talk today to the premium people in the "no spin" news, why would putin want trump over clinton? the democrats are much less confrontational, colonel, thann the republicans are. now you have mattis as secretary of defense. that can't make putin happy. it can't. >> let me ask you and everyone a question. why does donald trump continue to defend vladimir putin no matter what putin does? >> bill: i can answer that question -- >> let me answer the question. >> bill: you ask me but you want to answer it. go. a >> look, hillary clinton was onh to putin. they didn't want her in. now, whether or not it influenced the election, i'm not interested in that. what i am interested in are two
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questions. how are we going to respond, two, will the president-elect finally wise up and realize that in fact, putin is not our friend, he is our enemy, he is bent upon doing as much damage as possible? >> bill: what trump wants to do is neutralize putin as an enemy. but we will find out tomorrow, because tomorrow, mr. wright, the intel people come here to new york, they talk to trump face to face, they will tell him the evidence because itte is top-secret and all that. we can't see it. certainly president-elect trump will see it. so his reaction after that briefing will probably mean everything. but to answer the colonel's question, trump wants to start on a neutral basis with putinr o try to deemphasize that tension. now, i'm going to say one more thing. how bad is -- mr. wright, you are an expert in this. how bad is our defense system against hackers in china and
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russia and anywhere else? how bad is our defense system right now? >> we are getting blown outen of the game 100-0 right now. when you have the opm hacks, 22 million files, of which mine was one of them, colonel peters was one of them, there is no accountability for that. i understand we want to retaliate based on traditional espionage. but we could have prevented that through solid defense. there was a standing order from 2007 that said all data at rest must be encrypted. bill, those systems were so old -- >> bill: explain that to people, opm is what? >> the office of personnel up until just recently, they s were responsible for processing and holding all of the applications for security clearances, which contained a lot of information of the chinese -- >> bill: who hacked them? >> china. china did. >> bill: they got all the information, we didn't do anything, president obama didn't do anything to china. was it proven beyond a reasonable doubt that china did it? >> absolutely. director clapper, the same way he talked about russia, it is n> doubt that china did it. but, bill, we could have stop a lot of us with a modern infrastructure. donald trump wants to spendn
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money on roads and bridges, a trillion dollars, we should take 100 billion of that and improve our aging i.t. infrastructure. everything is at risk now. this is a new type of warfare. we are not ready. >> bill: i think that is the crux of this whole story. we are not ready for this. and we got to get ready for it. gentlemen, thank you very much.r next on the rundown, a split in the democratic party. some want to give donald trump a chance. others want to destroy him immediately. we'll have a special report. and later, watters talks snacking with the folks. >> do you know how many trans fats are in that thing? >> eh, i don't really care. >> bill: those reports after these messages. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well.
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♪ >> bill: tonight, a split in the democratic party, some are setting themselves up as loyal opposition. >> i fought really hard for donald trump not to be president. but i think you got to sit and listen to what he says and hears what he has to say and read his plans.
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we owe it to the american people who voted for this man to become president to at least look at those. and if they are not what they want, then we fight like hell. >> bill: congressman ryan representing the moderate wing of his party. but the radical wing wants to destroy donald trump before he even gets into office. yesterday, a full-page t ad in "the new york times" called the country a potential fascist state and urged resistance toti president-elect trump. some of those signing the ad, m michael shannon, debra messing. ed asner, also, rosie o'donnell. joining us in new york city, two other men who signed the ad,in carl dix, founding member of the revolutionary communist party usa, and dr. cornel west, professor at harvard university. dr. west, i've known you a long time. you're not willing to give trump a chance? you don't want to see him maybe for six months? see what he does? you are not willing to do that? >> i'm just afraid of the danger and the damage that he has already talked about.
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when we talk about facism, we are not talking about an isolated individual as president. we're talking about a strong man, a narcissistic personality, tied to big business, tied to big military, possibility of war, and slices of big media, because we know money itselfel plays a fundamental role in corporate media, that allows him to often get away with not enough accountability. >> bill: all right, that is your point of view.en you are worried about it. >> not my point of view. i think it is a matter of truth -- >> bill: if it were true, he wouldn't have been elected. there's a lot of people -- >> the populous will vote for a fascist. hitler was elected. >> why not give him a chance to see what he will do? for a few months, anyway. why not do that? m >> people gave hitler a chance, and we saw what that meant for humanity. and with donald trump, look at what we are talking about. muslim registry, wall on the border with mexico. law and order, which is code word for unleashing harsher repression against black and latino people.
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also, a disregard forpl dissent and civil liberties. i mean, people who burned the flag, which is a protected political speech, going to jail and s losing their citizenship. his opponent in the election being threatened with jail.hi reporters who were critical of him having to hire security. this is not only a program that's fascist, but an approach that will suffocate the society to oppose those. >> bill: again, all of those things -- wait. you had a chance. you had a chance to stop it on election day. it didn't work out in your way. to me, i want everyone to be fair. fair. i don't think you have any historical context to compare donald trump to hitler. i mean, hitler had a record from 1927 on of violence. >> so does donald trump. >> no, he has no record of violence.19
8:16 pm
>> what about the full-page ad calling for the execution of the central park five that he did in 1990? five young men who were framed. who they still think -- >> bill: that is rhetoric. this man is not violent. you have to go on what happens, not on what is being said. look, you are a communist, right? you are a communist. >> yes, i am a representative of the revolutionary communist party. >> bill: right. i don't condemn you because you are a communist. i don't do that. i wait and see what you, mr. dix, do. what do you do? now, you are a philosopher. stalin was a communist. >> what i'm doing right now is calling on people -- >> bill: you are calling on people to do what? >> to come out into the streets, to manifest their anguish, fear, and outrage. speed on what are they going to do on the streets what you want them to do? >> protest. nonviolent disobedience. >> bill: with signs and stuff?ob >> church congregations can do vigils with candles. >> bill: that's what you both want?
8:17 pm
you want a mass display? >> we want a moral, spiritual awakening that focuses on poor and working people, on women, mexicans, non-muslims, those who have been alienated by trump -- undocumented immigrants, we will defend them. we will defend the women when it comes to closing down -- we will defend --ll >> bill: if your version does not materialize, which i don't think it is going to. >> we will see if it materializes. >> bill: if it doesn't, what is the next step? >> we continue to struggle. >> bill: to struggle for what? >> for truth and justice. >> bill: you come on programs like this, and you give your opinion. that's fine. is there any other --- >> there are people suffering, working people are suffering, poor people are suffering, women are suffering, black people are suffering -- >> bill: trump promised more jobs. >> he already betrayed working people by bringing in wall street. >> bill: that is just rhetoric.
8:18 pm
>> a promise of jobs that has not materialized yet. >> bill: he is not president yet. >> a promise of jobs does not excuse embracing a block muslim registry. >> bill: let's see that muslim registry. oh, stop. bringing up a lynch mob atmosphere. >> he said, we should lay outsp these protesters. >> bill: i think you are both being unfair. you got to see what he does in office. what he does! >> he has already talked about it. >> bill: eight doesn't matter what he said, what he does. >> you do history, bill. what about germany? what about his personality? >> bill: don't give me germany. i give you just as many in the soviet union.. >> that is not correct. >> we don't need to get into -- >> i gotta get out of here. >> bill: you guys aren't beingg fair. >> let's talk about the reality. and the reality is -- >> bill: you aren't being fair.
8:19 pm
watche you -- you got to and see what he does. we'll see. >> and you don't -- >> when we return, three months from now, rights and liberties curtailed, we'll see. >> bill: directly ahead, one of the worst crimes we have ever seen. mentally challenged individual tortured. the inside story on that. later, republican house panel proposes cutting off all funding for planned parenthood, partially because of the selling baby parts situation. "the factor" is coming right back.e once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. i think we could finally get youra bigger place. yeah, let me check my score too.
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>> bill: very disturbing situation of chicago, a warning here. police have charged four young
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people, two men, two women, with torturing a mentally challenged individual. also, the four will face hate crime charges. >> at one point, the victim is held at knife point and told to curse president-elect donald trump. the men can be heard saying theu want this to go viral. another video shows the group forcing the victim to drink water from a toilet. throughout these videos, the victim is kicked, hit, and cut.e >> bill: with us now, our truth serum correspondent here in new york. shannon bream in washington. give us the timeline on this story. how did it develop and how did it end? d >> it started on new year's eve, apparently, the victim's parents took him to meet the main guy, jordan hill, the main suspect, at a mcdonald's. they were going to spend timege together for new year's eve. apparently gone to school today, and police say they were acquaintances, they didn't hang out a lot. they did spend some time jordan hill then takes this kid in a van that is stolen, the kid apparently doesn't know that itl is stolen, they spent a couple
8:24 pm
of days, riding around, sleeping in the van, seeing people. it took a really bad turn when they decided to go visit some friends on the west side of chicago. r there were these two sisters, another guy so now two guys, two girls. at one point, they are play fighting. it escalates. police said that they think that these people who were involved here were possibly smoking marijuana, looks like they may have been in the video. but it really escalates and gets violent. it winds up with his kid who has some type of special needs, some mental challenge, being tied up, in a corner. they are facebooking this, the video is out there. they are tauntingnt him, you hed about the things that they are forcing him to do, the things they are saying to him. they are beating him, they arefo cutting him at one point. he is bleeding. what happens is, somebody down stairs hears this and goes up and says, if you guys don't knock off all the noise, i'm calling the police. well, the two girls got, so incensed by that, they ran downstairs, they kicked in thatc neighbor's door. the police showed up, and that gave that kid a chance to run off.
8:25 pm
so he is then discovered on the side of the road, his parents had reported him missing, not initially because they thought he was going to spend the night with his kid, after a couple of days, they did. then a police officer sees him, beaten up, walking aroundrs in shorts and the freezing cold, takes him in for some help. they put two and two together. >> bill: how old was the victim? >> 18 years old. >> bill: he's 18, okay. w but they have a press conference, and the four are charged with all kinds of stuff, they are going to do hard time. the question is, why would you put this on facebook, you know you're going to get caught if you do that. the answer, the authorities say they don't know. i guess they haven't questioned them.ey >> you can hear one of the guys in the video saying, we want this to go viral. one of the police officials said, when he was asked why they would do this, he said, i don't understand why someone would post this on facebook. he seemed baffled too. we are talking about multiple felony counts for all these kids
8:26 pm
ranging anywhere from 40 to 60 years behind bars. if convicted. >> bill: they will be convicted. president of the united states labeled this act despicable. and it is. it is a disgrace that this would happen in america. they should get the most severe sentences that the system has. >> we'll track it. >> bill: thank you. now, we have another story, this one is in far away kazakstan. eric shawn, there was a guy in a former part of the soviet union, still, close ties, who criticized putin. what did he do? >> he is 46 years old. and according to the reports, he went on facebook and shared articles that called putin a fascist, terrorist, ruining russia, called him the enemy. also there is a meme that he had reportedly shared that had putin's face with stalin and lenin, and in kazakhstan, it is against the law to, quote, incite social disorder or national hatred.
8:27 pm
so he gets charged withh that. he pleads, they are appealing, he gets three years in the slammer. t >> bill: he gets three years. a facebook again, he puts all of the stuff, anti-putin stuff on the facebook page, it goes out, and the law in kazakhstan says you can't do what again? >> you can't incite social or national generic racial class or religious hatred. you can't insult national honor and the dignity of religious feelings based on class or national -- >> bill: this isn't even in his own country. >> it doesn't matter, they are close to russia. guess what, the media in kazakhstan, they can't report, this because under the law, you can't report politically sensitive topics. you would get life. >> bill: i would be executed. not only there, in many other countries as well. this guy is going up for three for saying this stuff about putin. not even in russia. imagine if he did it in russia. he wouldn't be doing three, he
8:28 pm
would be doing -- he would be out in siberia for 30. it is very interesting. if these countries, the former soviet union and satellites, there is no freedom of speech. a basically takes away all your freedom of speech. >> they have one of the lowest levels of freedom of the press in kazakhstan in the world. 161 out of 180. >> bill: so we won't be going there anytime soon. there will not be a kazakhstan "factor." eric, thank you. as "the factor" moves along this evening, bernie goldberg says there is a trump derangement syndrome sweeping the country. he'll explain. "watters' world," the snack addition. >> you had a philly cheese steak and those fries smothered with that stuff? >> yeah, it's my cheat day today, so... >> that's a big day. i have a feeling every day is your cheat day. >> bill: stay tuned for those reports. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica.
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investigated the undercover video that showed planned parenthood admitting to selling the body parts of aborted babies. the conclusion of the panel, in a 471-page report, said that planned parenthood should lose funding for a variety of reasons. that is no surprise, as most republicans abhor that organization. for the record, planned parenthood receives about $450 million in taxpayer money each year. joining us now from los angeles, leslie marshall. i am not sure whether president-elect trump will pursue this. if he does, planned parenthood may be in big trouble financially, leslie, right? >> oh, absolutely. without question. it goes beyond that, bill. first of all, i would agree, i'm not sure that president-elect donald trump would pursue this because he has been on different sides of the issues regarding planned parenthood and the campaign. but as you have pointed out, it's not always what he says, it is what he is going to do. you have said in the past. look, when we look at planned parenthood, i think there is a huge misconception by many on the right. i think they have the ideat. tht if you defund planned parenthood, the number of abortions will be reduced or
8:33 pm
abortion is going to be gone altogether. planned parenthood is not -- >> bill: i don't think so. the beef is, leslie, the beef is that by funding planned parenthood to the tune of $450 million, people who don't believe in abortion, who believe it is taking a human life, are then forced to participate in abortion becausea that money goes to planned parenthood, which performs or makes possible about 350,000 abortions each year. so it is more of a -- look, abortion is legal in the usa, but i don't want to pay for it. and i shouldn't be forced to pay for it. that is the beef. >> but we also know, bill, that they cannot use that money for the abortions. >> bill: it doesn't matter, though. >> we also know that they have performed 9 million services, of which 300,000 are abortions. >> bill: that doesn't matter. >> but it does, bill.
8:34 pm
it does. >> bill: they can't use the money directly, but there are referrals.s. look, i mean, the stats are unbelievable.or for every 20 abortions planned parenthood sets up, there is one adoption. i mean, it is 20 to 1. so everybody knows this is an abortion -- if you are looking for an abortion, planned parenthood is a primary place to go. and so that is the beef. but why don't you make a prediction? is donald trump going to get into this brawl? because if he doesn't get into it, it is not going to go anywhere. does, then legislation to defund will absolutely come up. is he going to do it? >> i think yes. because, as you know, the republicans are saying they are going to defund obamacare, by the way, we are going to defund planned parenthood on the heels of that. >> bill: he would be demonized as antiwoman, you know it is going to happen if he does. you think he still will?
8:35 pm
>> bill, let's be honest. the president-elect, by many, on my side of the aisle, hass already been demonized by women. that is the problem, bill. if you're taking away health care and then you're taking awaa this clinic, where do women go for those other services? >> bill: let me answer that question. number one. >> where did they go for ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, prenatal care, education? >> bill: let me answer that question. number one, if obamacare is rescinded, the republicans are going to have to put something in its place. okay, that has to happen. number two, private donations can fund planned parenthood. okay? private donations. the organization doesn't have to have federal money. if all the true believers likeat yourself, all the democrats, all the liberals who believe in abortion, if they want planned parenthood around, certainly their donations will make it possible. wouldn't they? >> well, first of all, i believe in choice, not abortion. that is not a choice that>> i would make. but i believe you have the choice to do what you want with
8:36 pm
your body whether you are a man or a woman.oi but i do want -- >> bill: with your tax deduction, you can fund planned parenthood. that is what it is about. nobody is saying close it down. >> but it's not about that. i feel like tax dollars should go toward helping for the 9 million services of which of the overwhelming majority were not abortion services that women need, especially lower income women in america. >> bill: leslie, thank you. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on trump derangement syndrome. then watters on snacking america. look at that. i hope he paid for that. upcoming.te phillips' fiber gogummies , a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmm...these are great! my work here is done. phillips', the tasty side of fiber.
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i'm bill o'reilly. tonight, trump derangement syndrome. bernie says it is an epidemic right now.w. he joins us from miami. we had bush derangement syndrome, we had obama derangement syndrome too. is this worse, the trump deal? >> it is. it is. and i will document this in just a moment. but it's even worse then cancer. i'll document that. trump derangement syndrome has people believing thatt donald trump is hitler. just a few minutes ago on this program, you had several people who thought he was hitler. you have intellectuals with trump derangement syndrome writing and important newspapers and other publications that donald trump will jeopardize american democracy and actually jeopardize american civilization. on college campuses, you have snowflakes with trump derangement syndrome, who, after he won, held a cry-in at one university and they had therapeutic puppies to get over
8:41 pm
their trauma at other universities. here's where the cancer comes from. there is a letter to the editor published in the "miami herald," by a woman whose 90-year-oldd mother whose name was ruth is a holocaust survivor and is currently battling cancer. i am going to read you a very, very short segment. she said, today her beloved america, ruth sees a warning sign that she saw in germany. anti-semitism, criticism of the free press, curtailed freedom of expression, religious slurs, overt racism, talk of punishing people for who they are and not what they believe. okay. the thought of a president who foments and legitimizes that these dangerous trends is more terrifying to her than the cancer she is battling. so to people with trump derangement syndrome, donald trump is more terrifying than cancer. >> bill: how does this happen? i don't know anybody that irrational. i mean, i have guests that are.
8:42 pm
but i don't know them in my personal life. i really don't tend to deal with hysterical people. i just don't have time to deal with it. but how do you think individuals like brother west and the communist guy, i mean, they are convinced that the ss is going to be formed in the next two months. when rational people know that's not going to happen. >> but there are rational people who know that, bill, you are absolutely right. but there ar are otherwise intelligent -- we are not talking about, like, crazy people here. there are people who haveik advanced college degrees who really believe this crazy stuff. i mean, donald trump has gottenl into their head in a way -- well, george bush did too, as you mentioned, george bush got
8:43 pm
in their heads too. the mere mention of his name, they would start to foam at their mouth in some places. their eyes would roll around in theiro heads. it is sort of the same except it's worse.he donald trump drives them crazy. and for the record, you know this, but for the two or three peoplei they don't know this, i am no fan of donald trump. i think he's unpresidential. there are way, way too many examples. we would need several hours.ou >> bill: you're willing to give him a chance? >> not only am i willing to give him a chance -- absolutely. but people with trump derangement syndrome, they are ironically bringing me closer to donald trump because they are far more -- i know -- if they are far more annoying than he is. >> bill: i don't know if the word "annoying" is strong enough. i think they are dangerous. if you are not going to respect the electoral process in our country, and i don't mind them demonstrating that they don't like this policy or that policy or even trump, the guy, i don'tr mind that. but if you are going to say, we are not going to accept the vote
8:44 pm
of the american people, we are not going to accept the g electoral college, that is dangerous. all right, that leads to anarchy. >> it is.. and it is sort of legitimizing that crazy thinking because articles that say that are published, you know, not in "mad" magazine" or some crazy web site, i have read articles like this in "the new york times." you know, columns in "the new york times" where scholars from major, elite universities write what i consider really crazy stuff about what is going to happen to america under donald trump. so they legitimize it. they legitimize the craziness. >> bill: there's a lot of hysteria, no doubt about it. bernie goldberg, everybody. watters on deck. we americans love our snacks, but are they harming us? "watters' world," moments away. .
8:45 pm
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♪ >> bill: back in the book segment tonight, "watters' world," it is estimated that americans spend nearly $300 billion every year on fast foods and snacks. and some of that stuff is really bad for us. so we sent watters to a food court in west nyack, new york, to sample opinion. ♪ >> what did you have for lunch here? >> louisiana chicken. >> how do you feel now? >> not good. >> what have you already eaten? >> a burger. >> you smoked that burger likee
8:49 pm
it was your last meal on earth. you want to know why? there is additives in there that make it addictive. this is where i'm going to get the cheeseburger from, how do you like it, medium?is >> it was cheap, it was like a dollar.yo >> is your life cheap? >> that's terrible. >> this looks like world war iii right here. >> the war is over. >> anything that is bad for you tastes good. and you know that. >> tell me what you had to eat. >> i had a general tso chicken, shrimp fried rice. >> sodium is attacking your heart. about as fast as tso's army. >> not as fast as my ex-wife. >> what is this? >> i am not eating that. >> this would survive a nuclear holocaust right there. >> i was the only one left on the planet after the holocaust. >> there is a salad bar right over yonder. >> i think it was a cute girl behind the counter. >> talking about that fox that just walked in. >> what did you come here for? cell deterioration? i can see the salt on the fries. i can hear the trans fat. i can hear it. >> i don't want to know!s. i don't want to hear it! >> what did you order? >> the philly cheese steak. i need my fix sometimes.
8:50 pm
>> like heroin, right?? >> what the [bleep] is happening right now? >> looking at those fries covered with cheese and bacon. >> and ranch. >> what are trying to do to yourself, my man? >> to be honest, i didn't think it would be that bad. >> i'm in deep. >> do you know how many trans fats are in that thing? >> eh, i don't really care. >> you should because you're going to die soon. >> oh, my god.g >> i see what happened here. you went to wendy's and you are saying to yourself, you know what, i'm gonna eaty' healthy, m going to get the wendy's salad. but the wendy's salad is just as unhealthy as the cheeseburger. what do you have to say for yourself? >> well, i will say, we are all going to die. >> i am eating the peanut butter lava cupcake. it's delicious. >> so like a volcano of sugar?va >> exactly. >> that's a heart attack waiting to happen. you okay with that? >> every once in a while. >> i'm coming to join you, honey. >> how are you going to burn all
8:51 pm
of this off? >> i was going to take the elevator but instead i'm going to take the escalator. >> i can take the escalator. >> how are you going to burn this off?ut >> i usually work out. this is just because i was in the mall.. >> what are you going to do? thighmaster? >> i'm sorry? >> i can smell the heart disease. >> can you taste the heart disease too? >> i'm a big fan of bill o'reilly.ig and a fan of yours too. >> you have great taste. in tv. not food. >> if i give you ten bucks, would you go wait in your car? >> as soon as you find out, it is going to be a definite that we will d >> eat all the food you want, you have great taste. oh, let me get a bite of this. mmm. >> that boy is a p-i-g, pig! ♪ >> bill: watters is here. boy, you are the mr. bright guy. can't the folks have a little snack?
8:52 pm
>> i was not fat shaming, i was snack shaming. i was looking out for them. i wanted them to be healthy. >> bill: you do that. >> what do i eat, bill? >> bill: yes, i do. i see you eating corn dogs. >> i've never eaten a corn dog in my life. >> bill: sure you have. now, watters, in some mysterious universal screwup, now has a weekly show on fnc every saturday night. >> saturday night, 8:00. >> bill: every week? >> you have a problem with that? >> bill: i am just stunned. >> i am stunned, too. >> bill: now, the first show is this coming saturday. s you got an ambush of the people that annoyed ivanka trump. >> we caught up with one of the guys, and we have a clip here if you take a look.f >> you harassed a woman with her baby on a flight. are you proud of that? real class act, aren't you? now you're afraid to show your face? >> bill: where was that? >> in brooklyn.
8:53 pm
>> bill: brooklyn. and the guy -- >> they are all the same. such cowards. >> bill: they do this stuff and then they want to explain why they did it or whatever they got. all right, so everybody's going to watch watters on saturday night, 8:00 p.m.m.ry all right, we will see you.u. back with the tip of the day, why some people who used to want to come on the "the factor" no longer do. "the tip" moments away. what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. ♪
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the search for relief often leads here.s, today there's drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. >> back to the tip of the day,e ta eiglarsh. >> back to tip of the day, some guests are threeing us at the moment. stock up, the prices are amazing on the website and become a premium member, it is worth it. governor rauner is mia on the
8:56 pm
murder deal and the most powerful politician in the state. come on. no one in america deserves to be gunned down on the street. come on. redondo is in california. unfortunately, the people who run that city want to make it all about gun control. yep. i'm outraged, i have never heard of the new law that legalizes children to commit prostitution. does it seem logical that a former theology student like jerry brown would support child
8:57 pm
prostitution? that's false. the cases are going to be much more difficult to make without the child's testimony. can't haul the kids in to be prostitutes, so who is going to testify against the fed file? -- pedestrian file? move to texas. there is no way that you can stop the madness that the california legislator has decided to pay the attorney general and his law firm 300,000 tax dollars per year. has the book been translated into japanese? they need to know the truth? i don't know if my publisher is
8:58 pm
going to take the book into the japanese market, bill. it is not easy reading for those guys over there. my father passed away after our wedding anniversary and i bought tickets to see you this tulsa because we watch you all of the time. what a nice thing to do. i'm going to make sure that the show in tulsa tomorrow afternoon is excellent. get tickets on bill o'reil o' my grandmother ate that fast food and died at 97 and it was like twinkie heaven.
8:59 pm
here's an example. yesterday, the factor invited republican senator lindsey graham on because he's an expert and usually, he's polite and appears, but yesterday he ignored us and appeared on cnn. it is all because of donald trump. he goes to the networks that he can control. we are going to see one of the most political landscapes in our nation's history out fold.
9:00 pm
billin billingsgate, sounds like a place in london. thank you for watching tonight. ♪ >> meg >> megyn:yn breaking tonight, president obama has decided to file hate crime charges against the suspects, but we are may be only seeing the beginning of the mentally young man beingor -- tortured. we brought you this last night. four sisters are now being charged with their part in a despicable attack and they decided to


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