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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 6, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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sharks before releasing them. thank you for joining us today, "fox and friends" starts right now. have a good friday. ainsley: good morning, it is friday. january 6th. president-elect trump will meet with intelligence officials about the russians hacking the election. here is the sneak preview. >> they did not change vote tallies or anything of that sort. ainsley: why are liberals still convinced of the opposite, that it affected the election. steve: the suspect who tied up and tortured a special needs man, racial and anti-trump slurs. >> they have been charged with a hate crime. reprehensible.
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steve: chicago police explaining why they waited to call it a hate crime. the big story yesterday, hillary clinton, done with politics? think again. we have details about another run. think about that for a second. ♪ steve: it is january 6, 2017. light snow and rain, it will clear up a little later on and be a good day. we did not discuss this before the show. >> thank you very much.
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>> we come from different parts of the building, running to the couch. $24. >> you pride yourself on a $10 haircut? steve: that was 24 years ago. gradually got up the price. ainsley: that is not fair, right, women? steve: more than 25 even with obamacare. what is going on? ainsley: i was able to keep my hairdresser. steve: the number one topic on all the channels yesterday was the top us intel chiefs met in front of the senate armed services amity the day before congress is going to certify donald trump's electoral college when but they were having a wide range on foreign cyberthreats,
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beyond leaked emails and the dnc, went into a lot of things. ainsley: it did not affect the votes. that is from james clapper, director of national intelligence. he said russia was involved in cyberattacks, releasing fake news or propaganda or misinformation, did not affect the votes, they didn't hack in to the voting paul to change people's votes. >> they got some reports that donald trump won. and the national intelligence director. >> they did not change vote tallies or anything of that sort. the impact the intelligence community can gauge the impact
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it had on the choices of the electorate made, no way to gauge that. steve: the exposed things about the inner workings of the dnc and inner workings of john podesta and exposed voters -- it was specific. yesterday i thought something else, the big story was the fbi are so incompetent they didn't look at the server on the dnc. yesterday it comes out the dnc would not give them the server. this is happening in the summer and exposed and nobody was curious to go forward. no public pressure on the dnc to expose how they were hacked. we have an election, i don't know. the hacking is responsible. ainsley: it is stealing and that is a different war. the information that was
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released, emails from hillary clinton, john podesta, you at home, we talked about emails. in my opinion hillary clinton and her team have no one to blame but themselves and what was in this email many of you at home voted against her. >> ultimately it didn't help her any but you can at what they have done, they thought she was going to win, that didn't work so they pinned their hopes on the recount and this whole russia thing, today is the day congress will certify donald trump's electoral -- ainsley: the electoral vote. steve: there is a move on the far left, no momentum, trying to say it is her last chance. paul ryan said it is serious but despite the blogs, it did not
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impact the election when it comes to the actual votes. watch. >> this is what the president-elect is upset about. there are attempt on the left to delegitimize this election. that is bogus. russia didn't tell hillary clinton not to go to wisconsin and michigan, didn't put the server in the basement for the stuff on the laptop. he won the election fair and square clearly and convincingly, okay? having said that do we ever condone any for an actor, any outside interference? of course not. we are saying this all along. let's deny those trying to delegitimize the presidency while doing what we need to do to make sure going forward outside actors don't interfere in the political system. >> would love to hear these hearings in three weeks, politics out of it.
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people focus on uping cybersecurity which is variable. put them in and examine what happened. what you're trying to do is take down a president-elect before he gets in office. that is what it seems like. >> apparently the hacking according to an nbc report, hacking of institutions including what they tried to do starting in 2008. why is obama waiting until the end? he started punishing the russians before he was briefed but here is something else that is crazy. yesterday the story of the wall street journal said there is a move afoot with the new president that he will revamp the intel agencies. that is not entirely true but right after that nbc got some
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leakage from somebody inside the intel community, and what they said was it identified the russian actors behind this and the cyberattacks back to 2008, the white house, the parliament of state, joint chiefs, number of us corporations. steve: the only way that happened is they to so turned into in bc the day before the president-elect gets it, all of a sudden nbc gets it which got donald trump's attention, nbc gets an exclusive look at the top-secret report president obama was presented, giving this report, politics, exclamation point. ainsley: national intelligence top-secret information, given to the media at all.
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that information is top-secret. >> going forward. donald trump will get his breathing today. in bc got their briefing, from the white house or third-party or cia or intel community. while we do that let me change gears. don't know if you had a chance to watch. everyone else is feeling sick, more on that later. i am fine. brian: everyone is sick at your house? steve: you could say for in sickly that ainsley started this. we are going to revamp the whole thing. yesterday on bill o'reilly, two people moving to delegitimize and mischaracterize who donald trump is, what he ran on and why
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he was elected. calling cornell west left-wing activists. communist too, a bit of a throwback. very interesting exchange on the reality of donald trump rallies and how they view donald trump. watch. >> stalin was a communist. >> calling on people. >> calling on people to do what? >> come into the streets, manifest their anguish, fear and outrage. >> what are they going to do? >> protest, nonviolent. >> with signs and stuff? >> church congregations can do vigils. >> that is what you both want. a mass display. >> a spiritual awakening on poor and working people, women, mexicans, muslims.
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>> if that does not materialize? >> we will defend them, defend the women, defend gays. >> you come on programs like this and give your opinion, that is fine but is there any other -- >> there are people suffering, working people suffering, working people suffering, women suffering. >> he promised to bring more jobs. >> betrayed working people by bringing in wall street. >> donald trump won fair and square, newsflash. >> people don't have jobs, don't even have the job yet. >> had there been this kind of commotion eight years ago, all those people with the commotion were racist. ainsley: people are suffering and that is why donald trump won, something different, people are hoping he changes it. brian: i am going to toss to you because i don't want you to
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catch it from ainsley. ainsley: your family is not feeling well. it is going around. why am i being -- why is ainsley patient 0? >> you were talking a moment ago how donald trump will change things once he becomes president. this is another thing folks are looking to change, four black people who kidnapped and tortured a disabled man, disabled white man for days is set to face a judge for the first time today on hate crime charges. police say those teenagers behind that horrific attack, live on facebook, are not showing any remorse. offices delaying the decision to delay calling it hate crime.
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>> racial slurs, difference to his mental capacity starts coming out, primarily one of the reasons they were charged with a hate crime. >> he is recovering with his family and we are praying for him and all of them. doctors say david spade is lucky to be alive when she was rushed to the hospital after a horrific car crash in los angeles, his range rover completely destroyed. this happened on sunset boulevard, on his way to dinner and sources say the car tried to beat a yellow light and slammed into his suv, his car spun into another crowd, he is recovering at home. those are your headlines. in the news. did you know -- >> no idea who kate spade is. every person in new york -- joe biden calling out president-elect over obamacare. i will trump replace it?
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>> the incoming administration will follow through on promises to repeal and replace obamacare, taking executive action if
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necessary. let's bring in texas attorney general morrison, great to have you. you are in florida but generally you are in texas. you are watching what is going on in washington dc where democrats are going these republicans are going to get stuck holding the bag because they are going to get rid of this thing and millions of people will lose health insurance. right now 30 million americans don't have health insurance anyway. >> there is no upside to obamacare. it has gotten worse, promise that it would be more affordable, cost has been driven a. i can't think of a person in this country who benefited from obamacare. i'm looking forward to the replacement and repeal of obamacare. >> democrats trying to make it sound like they are going to get
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rid of it and there will be a period you are in limbo and won't have anything. they also say that is not true but it is all part of the pr campaign to scare people. >> we have been talking about this for years is a plan in place providing free market approaches that actually work and provide more choice, more accessibility, believe healthcare savings accounts and reforms across state lines allow more access rather than s. >> your state won a preliminary injunction this past week to prevent health and human services department from forcing taxpayers to pay for gender reassignment surgery. how is that going to work you >> another big win for the constitution. the president doesn't have the authority to make those changes. going to put a huge burden on employers, a huge burden on
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healthcare workers. asked to do things not in the best interest of patients which we are grateful for the injunction and we think we will win. brian: under this injunction it will not do what was intended, to go into a doctor and say i need a sex change in the government will pay for it. >> the government would pay for it, the doctor would have no choice but to provide service even if they didn't think it was in the best interest of the patient. there is a huge cost to this and forcing people to do things they don't believe are right. >> in addition to sex changes it would impact abortion too. >> that is correct, it would put doctors in the same position on a abortions, providing a service they didn't think was in the best interest of the patient and an objection to their own conscience or religious beliefs. brian: since there is an injunction that will go through the transition period with the
3:20 am
trump administration with the incoming administration are things going to change? be change the new president trump will get rid of these executive actions we know are illegal so we are confident the conversations, the transition team, confident of this. brian: you are down there for what purpose? >> running a half marathon with my daughter. brian: she is going to the you. >> probably true. brian: thank you, happy new year. 20 minutes after the top of the hour, coming up, the white man coming at the same time chicago dealing with a surge of murders, what is going on? many are blaming it on bad parenting, bo deitl reporting
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for duty. president obama, we have pictures. yeah, so mom's got this cold.
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>> we will build a great while on the southern border. >> quick headlines, the president-elect might ask congress to pay for the wall due to a 2006 lawgiving the president-elect the power to start construction without a new bill. the president-elect tweeting
3:25 am
moment ago this. anyone's plan on building the great wall for the sake of speed will be paid back later by mexico. president obama taking a cue from mister trump building a wall, workers stacking up outside his soon-to-be washington dc rental home, thousands on recall renovation. the obamas a they will live there until sasha graduates high school. let's talk about the deal. ainsley: a fox news alert, four suspects in custody charged with a hate crime after torturing that special needs man in a streaming live video. >> donald trump] >> it is not for you all.
3:26 am
it ainsley: this is a crime obviously come as the city of chicago deals with a surgeon murders, far homicides up to 70% in 2016. what can be done to save the city of chicago? joining us as a former nypd detective, bo deitl, running for mayor of new york city. september is the primary. thanks for joining us. i want to talk about the hate crime issue. yesterday we were playing a video of people from the police department, they were not calling it a hate crime. they have a lot of criticism from that. >> with what was being used, the words being used, the person first of all was two days, kidnap, assault is the verb. used during this time they cut the scalp. there is no doubt about. the chicago police department
3:27 am
take their time. we have 762 murders in chicago. we have a feckless mayor in new york. by the grace of god new york city's police department doing a great job. it is not the mayor doing it but the police department. as far as chicago goes kim of these rolling in and the environment is there. community leaders like jesse jackson live there, president obama comes from chicago, nobody is outraged about these murders going on. kids 5 years old sitting on their porches shot dead this last year. ainsley: look at the number of tumors in 2016 in the city of chicago, what was your reaction when you saw that video? >> that video like anything was disgusting. as far as i am concerned,
3:28 am
immediately, the slaying being used, started as hate crime classification but the crimes that are there are serious felonies with kidnapping and assault, looking at serious time. as far as i am concerned everyone acting in concert with whatever you do, cutting the scalp, even copout lower charges, charged with a hate crime. and let them look at 20 years and let that be an example. ainsley: a hate crime can be a heavier sentence for these teenagers. what is the solution here? is a family breakdown problem? a gang problem? >> take chicago's high murder rate. there is a solution but no one is dealing with it. the mayor is not taking charge. you have something called a federal recall, sending undercovers in their. involved with the criminal
3:29 am
enterprise, murders, and rest hundreds of people, get those guns off the street, you need the federal government to go in there. the mayor over there is doing nothing about it. these people are victims in chicago. no one cares about it, jesse jackson doesn't care, obama doesn't care. i am outraged about little kids being shot but these games are the motivation behind it. the majority of those murders are gang-related, people get shot, little children going to school being killed. we have 2 deal with, the federal government has to go in there. donald trump is involved in this. that is one of the reasons he is going to do something about chicago because the mayor is doing nothing and everyone points fingers but we have to have a solution. these little kids, 762 people dead in chicago.
3:30 am
more than afghanistan. ainsley: what an amazing city. >> investigate the game, lock them up and take those guns off read. the strictest gun controls. ainsley: will you run for mayor of new york? >> got to take the bird out, bill diblasio. >> president obama said to be more suspects from gitmo. is he just returning them to terror? the interrogation program developed that thing. knows the answer to that for ted and joins us live next. did you think hillary clinton was done with politics? think again. this morning details about another possible run. is there an elk in your bed?
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>> elementary students stranded at school in upstate new york because of heavy snow and hazardous roads. not making at home -- snow expected all the way through the mid-atlantic. does he do do you often. >> yes. that is why i got alexa. let's take a look at the maps. here's the big deal, we have cold temperatures-20s-30s, minus teens, single digit, cold air is in place. the big deal is they get snow and ice in areas that don't
3:35 am
typically see winter weather including atlanta, georgia, be prepared. you could be stranded in your home for a couple days. have supplies for three days in atlanta, georgia because you could receive several inches of snow, we could the ice on the roads, power lines, across dixie, the deep south, winter storm warnings in effect for alabama, georgia, carolina toward the mid-atlantic. it is a huge deal was a couple years ago they were not prepared for a winter storm. it was not forecast properly by us forecasters, really hard to forecast in the south but this time they are telling people to be prepared. snow and ice for several days. the other big story is below freezing temperatures through monday. if we get a melting period overnight it will ice over again. i cannot stress if you live across the southeast, the dixie area, we need to be prepared.
3:36 am
steve: it is significant here but flurries. joining us to bring us up to date is james mitchell, st. james enhanced interrogation program, served as one of their interrogators and offer of enhanced interrogation, spent more time talking about philosophy and islamic extremist behavior than anyone else in the country. welcome back. when we found out 22 more gitmo detainees will be released to saudi arabia and others, is there a danger that america should be aware of? >> we are in danger. the belief in people who want to let those folks go to other countries make us safer, but in 2005 we had a conversation about gitmo come what he told me was if it wasn't gitmo it would be
3:37 am
something else, they use that as a rallying cry, then they would use the presence of fidel's in the arabian peninsula or something else. they would find something. the difficulty now in letting people go with what is left is the worst of the worst. what you are returning to the battlefield, he is not transferring prisoners but letting terrorists go. but returning to the battlefield, people are well fed, rested and had the best medical care on the planet. ainsley: according to navy seals, there should be no further release from gitmo. these are extremely dangerous people who should not be allowed back onto the battlefield. what are the chances that of these guys are released, they will be back on the battlefield? >> there was a study done recently, they set a third of the folks who had been released from gitmo returned and some have killed americans. if what you have left is the
3:38 am
worst of the worst why take the risk? maybe let a third of those go back. they move into more senior positions then they were before. ainsley: usama bin laden put on the terror list. >> usama bin laden why did this take so long? >> hard to know why it took so long. he has been groomed to be a member of al qaeda since he was an adolescent. he started in august 2015 with his boys showing up on these videos calling for attacks in washington dc, in israel and increase in lone wolf attacks and threatening vengeance for his father after death. he is rising in ranks because he
3:39 am
has been groomed to rise in the ranks of al qaeda. what we are concerned is right now he is not as famous as he will be later. he is the kind of person we should be capturing and interrogating because he is going to know who, what, when, where and how that will allow us to figure out their intentions, whose financing them and how they are moving people. >> we have not questions anyone for eight years, no idea about the surface. the other big story yesterday, our intelligence directors did hack into elections as well as john podesta. they had some influence but not in the actual voting. what is your reaction to this? >> i don't think anybody in america is surprised the russians are interested in how our elections go.
3:40 am
their task is to create descriptions rather than get a person elected. the fact that today we are discussing this as if it was a shock. to keep people from being elected. that is why we are surprised someone else would do it. eighth ainsley: were you nervous when interrogating the worst of the worst? >> the only one that made me nervous, and excellent karate guy, the emotional response, guys like ksm. ainsley: they will be up for parole, moved to new york, we don't know what will happen. the chances of them happening
3:41 am
with that mindset. you have spoken to them. >> absolutely ridiculous. and to rehabilitate these guys by having them review, the path of the to muslim men like you do in some arab countries, like khalid sheikh mohammed. brian: thanks for giving us your analysis. coming straight ahead the president-elect wants to build a wall so you are about to meet the sheriff who has good ideas. ainsley: you have heard of smartcards but how about a smart bike? the hottest gadgets. where is the bike?
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ainsley: 44 minutes after the hour. a heart stopping moment at a colorado ski lift as a mandate goals from his backpack, unconscious. nikki wilson jumped into action using his tight rope skill to walk across the line is rescue
3:45 am
the man. mickey is in that red circle, he quickly drops to the chairlift and cuts the man lose, send him falling 10 feet below into the snow. his backpack got stuck on the chair and wrapped around his neck, he is expected to be just fine. all that happening in a snowstorm. hillary clinton coming out of the woods to run for mayor of new york city just weeks after losing her second presidential election. sources say she is considering running for the mayor of the big apple, news apps reported her inner circle urging her to go head to head in a current matchup against new york city mayor bill diblasio. what a debate that would be and those are your headlines. steve: the super bowl of the technology world and the consumer electronics show is exceeding expectations. what are the most innovative gadgets that got everybody
3:46 am
talking? ainsley: the top tech items of 2017. >> you go to the show this year. usually it is the future, nothing we -- that $8 million dress. the deal is, very practical things that are less gimmicky and more real life. we in the past, alexa will turn on your lights and how does this apply? you are seeing a lot of this technology. people say what is the latest tv? the ones you will never buy and those you want to buy. this is what wired magazine -- it is a sony tv that stands for optical light emitting diode. it is a higher resolution, this
3:47 am
one in particular is a 4 k tv, the new word you want to look for. that is the standard, the next tv you want to buy. >> when you go -- they have a 4 k television at costco in the image is unbelievable. when you hook up to the cable box it is not 4 k so if you are early with that you are the pool. this year you want to be early, this is the year to do that. when you see a tv you previously but supercheap, let that be a signal that marco marco i better look at what is next. the foil moon this is called, you take this head set and put it on and you can go anywhere with it. it has beautiful noise canceling head sets. what it does when you put it on, let's you see 3-d and re-creates as if watching an 800 injured tv
3:48 am
around you. great on board a plane or when you want to get away from it all. steve: close your eyes. >> it is very comfortable. there is no price on that or the tv, no price on this. this is an amazing chinese company that just hit the us and they have a smart bike called echo and they have two bikes coming and take a look at how this gets smart. >> the second quarter. and has 5 or less in it. >> the custom system, great speeches. >> my bike is stolen, what
3:49 am
happens? >> get it back. >> where your bicycle is, do you get it? >> they are making this car that is fully electric and automated. they have invested in that other one, faraday. keep an eye on them and we have a new phone as soon as they come out but you never do that at home with your wi-fi network but think about doing that. probably not the best one, the router at home. that has come out with the tribe and system for home, they plug it in. it has never been used. you plug this in and it is superfast and will covered 4000 mi. , plug it in and plug another one in. i don't have a price on it yet. this -- maybe not the bikes yet.
3:50 am
you will certainly know what you keep your eye on is things that don't you spend a lot of money like aftermarket product that might avoid a collision, looking at that technology next, two by three inches on your dashboard warning you of an intended collision instead of buying a fancy car that is $8000 more to have that feature. you love your car you have this off to the races, more online and i will post stuff on facebook and answer questions, i covered a lot of territory there. steve: coming up tucker carlson is here to talk about that and so much more and the stories of the day. the president-elect wants to build a wall. who is going to build a? you are about to meet a sheriff who has an idea. build that wall, build that wall.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> one of president-elect trump's most prominent campaign promises with building a wall on the southern border. steve: he tweet the did the do about it moment ago, the great wall for the sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. when massachusetts sheriff has a different idea, make his inmates do it instead. steve: thomas hodgkins, thanks for joining us. this card our attention. is this something you thought of?
3:55 am
>> this could be implemented. sheriffs across this country do work programs in their communities to build infrastructure and support government agencies. the save taxpayers money, a chance to learn a skill and work on rehabilitation and start working the community and reintegrating at that point. steve: have you talked to trump about it? >> we have not talked information has been sent to his team. this is something sheriffs across the country are interested in. it makes sense. whether it is the wall or a hurricane or other disasters we should be using inmates in different communities across the country to rebuild communities, clean up the debris and save taxpayers money. steve: you are way up in massachusetts and mexico is way down there. there is a logistical thing but at the same time you have
3:56 am
another problem. the aclu or civil rights groups saying that is a cockamamie idea. he can't force people to build that wall. what is your answer to them? >> they told me i couldn't refurbish historic churches in my town and i not only fixed the church but i work on more churches. they said i couldn't start seeing work crews and we have more inmates working the community on restraint. these are people looking for causes to justify their existence was the truth is i don't work for the aclu, working for people in this country and other sheriff's and we won't be bleed around the idea that we shouldn't be holding laws are every resource we have. >> do you have a dollar figure? >> millions.
3:57 am
not only an opportunity to keep from coming in to commit crimes in our neighborhoods but preserve jobs for people getting out of jail and others by not having them through the border. >> when they get out of prison. >> wall building business. thank you very much, happy new year. >> thank you very much. coming up straight ahead a great weekend, tucker carlson getting a promotion in five days. here to talk about it at the top of the hour. ainsley: janice dean is on a mechanical blue. coming up on "look! famous people!"
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♪ ainsley: good friday morning to you and your family. it is january the 6th, i'm ainsley earhardt. in a few hours president-elect donald trump will meet with intelligence officials about russia's attempt to hack the election. here is a sneak preview. >> they did not change vote tallies or anything of that sort. ainsley: so why are liberals still convinced of opposite? steve: good question. the liberal left refuse towing accept the election are blaming trump for their problems. >> working people are suffering, poor people are suffering, women are suffering. steve: couldn't that be president obama's fault?
4:01 am
he has been president for eight years. host of the 9:00 p.m. show on "fox news sunday." tucker carlson will react to that, coming up live. brian: 7:00 tucker carlson would have reacted. we don't know what the 9:00 tucker carlson would do. look at this picture? what did "washington post" get wrong here. we'll tell you in a little bit. because your mornings are better because you're dressed and you're with friends. ♪ ♪ slow ride." steve: ever since the movie urban cowboy, debra winger riding that bull in gilley's, people have been hopping in decades. janice dean the very latest.
4:02 am
professional bull riders are here in new york city. brian: it is not bucking. ainsley: oh. did she mean to do that? janice: it is inflatable. i'm all good. steve: takes a licking, keeps on ticking. ainsley: another energizer buddy, tucker carlson you have gone from the weekend from 7:00 to 9:00 in a martie after week. >> i'm a journeyman anchor. i'm hapless participant. ainsley: my email is blowing up. they're excited for him, wish him the best. >> everybody loves you, apes sy. brian: some were against this. they were against the whole move. steve: saw the person who cut my hair. she doesn't watch television. ainsley: if she did, she would be watching you, tucker.
4:03 am
>> if she did. steve: top u.s. intel chiefs up on capitol hill day before congress certifies the election for donald trump before the election and electoral college. they came in, absolutely russia did hack in. they were trying to influence our election. what do you make of the fact that it seems like the intel community has become more political over the last couple of weeks, couple of months? >> that's for sure. nobody hacked into anything. something out there convinced john podesta's assistant to give up his email password. mayhem inside. we got a lot of information we wouldn't have otherwise. i don't think it is a good thing. i don't want my email broken into. that is not the same as hacking the election. nobody got into the voting machines. that is the basis of charges and it is wrong and destablizes the country and undermines people confidence in the elections process.
4:04 am
two things are going on. we're under assault from foreign countries including our allies for a long sometime. not just government secrets but our industrial secrets. we've been spied upon since the existence internet. you haven't heard anything from the left or frankly the right until now, this is handy way to explain the unexpected loss in the election. i would love to have a serious conversation about the damage has been done by russia, and china and north korea and iran and a bunch of other countries to our national are interests by their cyber activities. that is not what having. we're having distraction from the real conversation. brian: in the report dates back to 2008, submitted to the president yesterday and donald trump will get today. it is under 100 pages and over 50. it just doesn't talk about this election. doesn't talk about debbie wasserman schultz although i never can get enough or john podesta. here is james clapper yesterday.
4:05 am
>> we can not say -- they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. >> i'm talking about -- >> we have no way of gauging the impact, certainly the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it has on choices electorate made. there is no way for to us gauge that. brian: they celebrated reportedly, according to nbc who evidently got the story before the president-elect got the briefing, nbc got it. they celebrated after donald trump won. can you make sense of that, tucker? why would russia want donald trump to win, if they were running roughshod over the president and former secretary of state? >> i don't know. why would putin be in favor of a guy pledging to rebuild the united states military and take assertive posture internationally? no one explains why that is the case. as for the veracity of intel people said i think they're very smart and decent, patriotic and
4:06 am
i know them, and they do good work. the nature of intelligence is muddy and not always clear what things mean. the nature is always deception. you will not not get entirely straightforward non-politics answer. i'm not casting aspersions. let's be real. that we have to sit back and accept subjective community our intelligence community reaches is insane. no one would ask the public to do that. where were the people before 9/11, you know what, intel community suspects there are weapons of mass destruction in iraq. be quiet and accept that. i think we have right and obligation to say that is exactly what that means. i'm not calling a you liar, what are you telling me? how did they hack the election? why is russia doing that? this is -- ainsley: why is nbc getting top secret information before donald trump getting information. he tweeted out. how did nbc get exclusive look into the top secret report, he,
4:07 am
obama was presented? who gave them this report and why? politics exclamation point. what is your reaction? >> by the way in. bc leaked the "access hollywood" tape to the "washington post" rather than run it self. no one followed up on the story. i'm for all information coming out so i can assess candidates based on facts. that is factual, fine with me. that is true. they looked that to "the washington post." ainsley: why would they do that? >> why didn't they run it themselves? clearly because they had a political -- steve: they don't like trump. >> obviously. no one else in the press. ainsley: why wouldn't they run it themselves? >> to my knowledge no one asked them directly. why didn't they run it. brian: billy bush paid ultimate price for a tape 10 years ago. steve: you were talking about how the left is trying to delegitimatize donald trump's presidency. there are some people, tucker,
4:08 am
who just can't get their heads around the fact that donald trump will be president at least for next four years. bill o'reilly had two fellows, cornel west, the professor, carl nix, the communist. they had all sorts of interesting things to say. watch this. >> stalin was a communist. >> what i'm doing right now is calling on people -- >> you're calling on people to do what? >> to come out into the streets. to manifest their anguish, fear and outrage. >> what are they going to do in the streets? what do you want them to do in the street? >> protest. non-violent. >> non-violent disobedience? >> with signs. church congregations to do vigils with candles. >> that is what you both want -- a mass display. >> we want a moral, spiritual awakening that focuses on poor and working people, on women, on mexicans, on muslims. those who have been -- >> if that -- >> undocumented immigrants. we will defend them. we will defend the women when it
4:09 am
comes to closing down plants. we will defend those who are poor. >> okay. you come on programs like this an you give your opinion, that's fine. is there any other element here? >> not opinion. there are people suffering. working people are suffering poor people are suffering. >> trump promised to bring more jobs to alleviate -- >> already betrayed working people bringing in wall street and goldman -- steve: tucker, searing indictment actually against barack obama because look at all these people who are suffering after eight years of his administration. >> by the way, you described carl dixon as communist, thaw meant that literally. cpusa defending soviet atrocities a literally economist. you devalue your credibility being a communist. i guess not. i'm for protest. you don't have to like trump or any government policy and you have to right to say you don't like it. but it is helpful when you're specific what you don't like. what i have noticed covering this for the past year, most of
4:10 am
the protests are along these lines. he is a bad person. he is bigot. i don't like his soul. he is not going to heaven and i'm protesting his badness. might be more useful -- when the march on washington happened in 1963, there was specific ask. we want a specific piece of legislation. that is not what you're hearing now. it is moral vanity. i'm a better person than donald trump. steve: they want chaos. >> this is chaotic moment in this nation and history of the world. do we need more? i don't think we do. we need answers and constructive solutions. not just yelling and overturning cars. steve: we'll get it 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> brian wanted to know if you will change your style. brian: use some same promow clips at 7:00, can you use them at 9:00? >> we'll reduce, reuse, recycle. if nothing else this is the green show. we waste nothing. use the whole buffalo. brian: use the whole buffalo. tucker carlson, we eat the whole buffalo.
4:11 am
steve: eight the buffalo if it is wrapped in bacon. i've seen your act, pal. brian: you can't hold down a job. weekends didn't work. 7:00 didn't work. 9:00. >> don't panic. >> should talk to my wife. what are you doing? i'm excited. ainsley: you get to stay in washington. brian: everyone is happy, especially ainsley's friends. thanks, tucker. ainsley: only thing have a problem, you are not here anymore. you are the best. >> ainsley, i mean it sincerely. you are the best. ainsley: all about you, tucker. we have to do some news now. we'll be watching the we're so excited for you. steve: 7:11 here in new york city. time for some news. with that is heather. >> tucker is so fantastic. stop, brian. he is great. important news coming out of chicago this morning. the four black men and women who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man for days set
4:12 am
to face a judge are to the first time today on hate crime charges >> i love black people. ainsley: forcing the victim to say that, among other things. teenagers behind the horrific attack, streaming live are not showing any remorse. disturbing crime as violence in chicago deals with a surge in murders. former nypd detective bo dietl joined fox and friends earlier. something needs to change and president-elect donald trump is the change. >> donald trump will get involved. i talk with the people all the time with donald trump. that is one of the reasons i feel he will do something about chicago. that mayor is doing nothing. everyone point fingers. but we have to have a solution. ainsley: we have to have a solution. the young man, the victim is now at home, recovering with his family. we're thinking of him this morning. what a horrific attack.
4:13 am
speaker of the house paul ryan pledging to defund planned parenthood as part of a republican effort to repeal obamacare. >> can you tell me how and when you're going to pass legislation to defund planned parenthood? >> planned parenthood legislation would be in our reconciliation bill. ainsley: there you go. ryan making announcement day after special house panel issued a report criticizing that organization. the speaker says defunding could happen as soon as next month. planned parenthood gets 40% of its finances, 40% would be at risk if that bill passes. we'll keep you posted. front page flop for "the washington post." this is the cover of the thursday's express section about anti-trump women's march but can you see what is wrong here? they used the male symbol instead of the female symbol. well the express later deleting the tweet publicizing the cover, showing how it was supposed to look with the female symbol. the correct cover in today's print edition. those are your headlines.
4:14 am
steve: it happens. >> certainly does. thank you. steve: coming up more on our top story of russia's attempt to change the election. our next guest says they're losing sight of the real problem and the real problem is terrifying. brian: you had two seconds. do you know how your laxative works? you might be surprised. stimulant laxatives... make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften... unblocking your system naturally. miralax. i will nevi wnevereverair again. wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every...
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...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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4:17 am
♪ brian: congress seeing red after america's top intel chief tells senators even more resolute that his belief that russia interfered with the 2016 election. he is more sure than ever. a man in the room asking the question, south dakota republican senator mike rounds from the armed services committee. senator, you've seen a lot of coverage in the headlines. what did you glean from the conference that stuck with you, and after reading the material that really bothers you the most? >> admiral rogers made a very specific point several times that we need to be able to respond more quickly than what we canada to an attack, a cyberattack. we don't have the policies in place that allow them to plan in advance and to be ready for an attack on a civilian target. today if the military is attacked in cyberspace, they can not only defend themselves but retaliate. the challenge comes what if it
4:18 am
is a civilian target and they want to defend it, can we do that right now? we don't think the policies are there to allow them to be in a position to respond real time. that is a problem because the damage can be done immediately. brian: we know if we're hit militarily we know how to hit back, we have options. maybe we should get people fearful of cyber retaliation. we're not even clear what that would look like. >> that's correct and the question then is, at what point is it just playing defense and at what point does it become an offensive weapon. and where does that change? you know if we have incoming missile and shoot it down we understand that is defense but what if it's a software package being delivered to the united states, at what point can we simply step in to destroy the software package? at what point do we go back after servers delivering it? how do you lay that out so you do it in advance?
4:19 am
if you get, damage being done it is too late. this is, this is a brand new area. it is one in which we've proposed what we call a sigh biract of war which the administration would have to define the parameters which we could respond. brian: senator, with so many hacks coming against sensitive things in our system from the pentagon to the personnel at the white house over the last eight years, can you blame some americans for seeing politics in the hearings that we saw yesterday behind it even though it seems so urgent? >> this particular case is something you have in the public's eye. the fact is we have systems out there that are vulnerable and have to do more to protect the systems in place today on the civilian side and the defense side. as long as we bring attention to the fact that this is going on and we need to pay attention to the cyber activity that's going on, we have peer competitors in cyberspace. russia is one of them. they're capable of doing a lot of damage. we can do defense and we're very
4:20 am
good as well, but once we show them how we defend then they go out next time around they figure out a way around our defenses. we're very careful how we respond and when we respond. it is entirely different kind of warfare. it is something that the american public has got to be aware of. we've got to be on top of it because with cyber war you can do a lot of damage and not expensive to do the damage. brian: senator, people, our enemies need to know there will be hell to pay if you do this again and so far they're getting away with murder. hopefully you guys at armed services will make sure that stops. senator mike round, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, donald trump sent out four tweets. can we expect the same when donald trump becomes president trump? we'll ask kellyanne conway. look outside. janice dean usually does the weather but she insists on riding the bull.
4:21 am
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♪ ainsley: we have quick military headlines for you. rules about to be relaxed for religious minorities in the army. the army revising uniform policy for soldiers that want headwear and beards. commanders can approve accomodations when needed. used to be up to the army secretary but that all changed. making history. first time ever the marine corps is places three enlisted female marines in a ground combat unit. the women yet to be identified
4:25 am
will be serving as riflemen, but i think it is rifle women, machine gunner at camp lejeune in north carolina. that is wonderful. steve: change gears. it is america's extreme sport. today the professional bull riders launch the 2017 season in new york city. it is kicking off a new celebrate america campaign, aimed at honoring our veterans of our great nation. for example -- >> to america, our great nation. >> one nation under god. >> indivisible. >> with liberty and justice for all. ♪ >> land of the free and home of the brave. >> america,. [cheering] steve: one of the faces from that joins us right now, professional bullfighter shorty gorn, way on the right. 2016 world professional bull
4:26 am
riding champion, cooper davis. good morning, guys. shorty, obviously question, you're not so short. >> nickname i couldn't shake. called me that in school. steve: tell me something about the campaign. >> we're proud to be americans and we're all behind it. that is something this past year we all came together and instead of other sports we wanted to unite to show america is great. ainsley: you were in the very beginning? that is wonderful. why is it so important to you? >> you know, i think it is an american heritage. we're proud of america. we're out here performing in front of an american crowd and they're spending their hard-earned dollars for us to make a living and so, we're proud of that and what america affords us and we want to celebrate. steve: you know what? you're kicking off here? new york city. a lot of "city slickers" turns out like bullfighting. >> you know, it is extreme sport.
4:27 am
a sport if you ever seen it you're addicted to it. we have never people come to the events and not be impressed by it. brian: we like to be champions. how do you do? it janice dean, our body double on the mechanical bull. what should she keep in mind. >> learn to have balance. steve: learn to have some balance is one tip. janice: i don't have pants on. it is very lippered it might go better. oh, my gosh, ainsley. this is not bad. like a rhinestone cowboy. >> right now, sit up and ride. lean to the left. brian: lean to the left. steve: is she the best ever? >> a little bit. like you have done it before.
4:28 am
janice: started off well but ended badly. ainsley: how do you get on it? janice: whoa. ainsley: how do you hold on, shorty. >> one hand and the other hand is up, bend your elbow down and use it for the balance. ainsley: if i fall on you, janice, sorry. i just see you guys do this. leaning the opposite way. janice: good job. legs straight. >> try to keep equal weight going on both legs. ainsley: turning the wrong way. i see how you fall off. steve: cooper do you use mechanical bulls to train on? >> no best way to get on real bull. this is lot different than anything we do. janice: that's awesome. brian: does that ever happen to a real bull? >> no. steve: need a reprieve from the
4:29 am
governor at midnight. >> thank you. come and see us. brian: madison square garden. thanks so much. >> thank you, guys. brian: should have brought batteries. last hour donald trump sent out four tweets. so what can we expect as president of the united states? the same thing? we'll ask the white house chief counsel kellyanne conway. how does my hat look? ♪ when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula
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♪ ainsley: time for your shot of the morning. internet is wondering why mr. trump's team is wearing pins that look like a slice of pizza. steve: his name is spicer not a slice of pizza. close aides like sean spicer and kellyanne conway sitting next to it, sport a gold-rimmed triangle
4:33 am
about. we've solvedded what the triangle is. brian: pizza-looking pips so the secret service can identify the president-elect's aides at trump tower. now everybody knows. steve: not wearing your pizza. >> not at the moment. i ruined many dresses. it is necessary, absolutely. ainsley: everyone knows who you are. >> everyone should be around the president-elect with the proper safety and protocols, i agree. steve: lots to talk about because your boss has been the two. in the last hour sent out four tweets. one of them was this one. hillary and the dems were never going to petition beat passion of my voters. saw what was happening last two weeks of the election and knew they were in big trouble, why they canceled the fireworks at last minute. they saw a movement like never before. >> does anybody fit more into 140 characters than this man? he really does, makes it work. he has a point, many people on
4:34 am
tv trying to confuse the voters and viewers by conflating any alleged russian hacking with the election results, and you simply can't show the nexus. vladmir putin did not tell hillary clinton to ignore mccomb county, michigan and wisconsin and rest on her in pennsylvania. he is absolutely right about the passionate voters. i came on sets like this constantly, look at rallies. we own the momentum, enthusiasm. she can't bust through 41% barrier in the swing states that president obama carried twice over 50%. and on and on it went. 72% of americans wanted change. and now i think retroactively folks are still looking for an excuse that isn't named hillary clinton or her disasterous campaign and messenger, people are watching why is she still talking about the election because you are still talking about the election. we want to move on to form the government. he put together his security and intelligence team to help him as the president and commander-in-chief. brian: he will get briefedded today. >> he will get briefed today.
4:35 am
brian: bothers him clearly by one of his tweets nbc got information. >> before he did. that is the whole problem here. people have been leaking to the media. cia officials were invited to a house intelligence committee, closed-door meeting a few weeks ago and didn't go. some of them are leaking to the media instead. let's be fair, president obama himself received the final report yesterday or this week. he did the punishment before he got the report. he expelled 35 or so russian operatives last week. he told vladmir putin this summer, knock it off. when i tell my kids arguing in the minivan. what is knock it off. people look back at president obama's legacy vis-a-vis vladmir putin they will not actually say, there was a tough guy. vladmir putin had his way with us many times. let me ask a question too. why would russia want donald trump to win the presidency? donald trump is going to increase the defense budget. he he is going to modernize our nuclear capability. he wants to explore oil and gas. all of that hurts russia and
4:36 am
emboldens america first. ainsley: another tweet he wrote this morning to share with you, get your reaction. he says dishonest media does not report any money building great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. >> this is an important tweet, obviously a centerpiece of donald trump's successful campaign i will build the wall and have mexico pay for it. but that hasn't changed. congress is exam inning ways the wall paid for through their auspice, president-elect is making point he will have mexico pay it back. brian: there is method to what he is saying. there is huge story, 2006 put forward a construction by george w. bush ofhundred miles. they never did it. it will cost between a few billion and $14 billion, depending on the type of wall that's built. so there is program there to get done to go into action within 100 days. >> congress dusts that off,
4:37 am
because president exercising will and making good on his commitments. i think the tweet was engendered by people in the media, that this dishonest media as donald trump calls them. brian, making suggestion that he's going back on campaign promise. that is not true. he is going to build the wall and mexico is going to pay for it. that hasn't changed. steve: let me ask you a little bit about the process because in the last one hour donald trump has tweeted four times. so far today. when you came in, you looked at my twitter machine and said, let me see what the boss is saying. do you guys know the day before what he is going to tweet out? >> sometimes. or sometimes we know the moment of. i mean this, people are always gaming which device -- doesn't matter which device it is. just know these tweets come directly from him, whether he is the one typing them out usually the case or one of us doing on his behalf because he is the president. this is way he communicates and connects directly with the american people.
4:38 am
steve: seems like sometimes we'll talk about things, somebody on the other channel, next ten minutes there is tweet you out. >> changes coverage. steve: is he reacting to things, watching mainstream media, and we're talking about on tv? >> sometimes but often steve, he is trying to correct the record. trying to add his personal opinion and presidential opinion, because things are said that aren't true. >> will it continue once he puts his hand on the bible and takes oath of office? >> i would expect it would. him communicating directly with the american people to try to cut through the noise or silence on a particular issue however the case may be will continue. i don't know what the secret service and other protocol officers tell him about devices, but this is an amazing platform for somebody who has close to 45 million combined -- steve: never done before. >> on facebook, twitter, instagram. none of this has everybody been done before. we never had a president who is not typical politician. somebody able to go around the mainstream media when he wants
4:39 am
to connect with the people. brian: see him doing this in the white house too. >> if he is allowed, why not? ainsley: they love it. they can go on twitter -- >> when rest of us do, ainsley. democratization of presidential information and we should be happy in that regard. you don't have to be some fat cat donor or some, well-compensated, properly compensated anchor on a major cable network to get the information. we all get it at same time. that is democracy. ainsley: i want to may play you this clip or we want to play you this clip on bill o'reilly's show last night. two gentlemen, both activists. you probably saw this. in case folks are waking up. carl dix, a communist and cornel west. they're talking about what they want to do next, because they're still not happy with the election results, listen. >> stalin was communist. >> what i'm doing right now is calling on people -- >> calling on people to do what? >> to come out into the streets. to manifest their anguish be fear and outwage.
4:40 am
>> what will they do in the streets? what do you want them to do in the street? >> protest, nonviolent. >> non-violent. >> disobedience. >> with signs and stuff. >> church congregations to do vigils with candles. >> that's what you boat want, a mass display -- >> want a moral, spiritual awakening that focuses on poor and working people on women, on mexicans, on muslims, those who have been -- >> if that does not materialize. >> undocumented immigrants we'll again them. we'll defend women closing down the plants. we'll defend those who are poor. >> so you come on programs like this, you give your opinion, that's fine but is there any other element? >> this is not opinion. there are people suffering, working people are suffering, poor people are suffering. trump's people are suffering. >> trump promised to bring more jobs to alleviate -- >> he already betrayed working people bringing in wall street and goldman sachs. brian: your answer. >> this is so remarkable to me,
4:41 am
anytime someone, those two gentlemen and people who support president obama at some level talk about how people are suffering, there are problems, hello. he has been the president for eight years. and donald trump got elected eight weeks ago. isn't even inaugurated yet, making a difference. has these domestic employers, these u.s. companies promising more jobs. changing their decisions to bring their jobs to mexico. so that is number one. number two, i think this kind of rhetoric is dangerous after a while. because, we need a government that functions. you know president obama had seven of his cabinet secretaries and agency heads confirmed on inauguration day, january 272, 2009. five in the same week. 13 more by voice vote. 25 in total. chuck schumer promised to do one per week, hold up supreme court nominees. not help improving on the affordable care act which has been a disaster for many americans. they're already promising to
4:42 am
obstruct, obstruct progress. we need a government that functions and secretaries of state and commerce and secretary seated an confirmed. brian: do you think is helps the situation working together when you call chuck schumer a clown? >> chuck schumer should, chuck schumer, unless concerned about that then chuck schumer as leader of the democratic party saying publicly, brian, that he wants to obstruct the supreme court nominees, that maybe the person won't even get a vote or a hearing, that he, that they're going to slow-walk all of the cabinet agency heads, for what? for petty partisan political purposes. chuck schumer is majority of the leader of senate right now. he is minority leader. that has to feel real embarrassing. saying you will obstruct what we all -- brian: response to that he wrote -- ainsley: he had spreading a message not true. if we repeal and replace obama care -- >> make america sick again. ainsley: that people will be without insurance. >> ainsley, president obama was
4:43 am
elected in 2008. after that we had four elections. 2010, 12, 14, 16. president obama and democratic party lost in 2010, 14, and 11, in large part because of obamacare and people's frustrations with it. steve: look at this. boss just tweeted again. wow, ratings are in, arnold schwarzenegger got swamped compared to the ratings machine, donald j. trump. so much for -- >> typing. good for him. steve: who needs variety when you have a twitter machine. >> you see the president-elect tweets, expresses himself on any range of issues. some like building the wall and who is going to pay for it, ultimately keeping his promise. some like that. we're talking about it. i have literally walked on the tv set this week where they change what is in the teleprompter, change what is on the chiron, the graphics all change. this is his way of communicating. people need to get accustomed it.
4:44 am
brian: brushback pitch on schwarzenegger. >> he supported many other candidates. also "the apprentice," mark brunette, donald trump property. steve: he has been on the show. kellyanne, thank you very much. her ruled dough will join us and so is judge janine. stick around. then you can get comfortable using preparation h. for any sort of discomfort in yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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mone hundredts thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. steve: disturbing video setting
4:47 am
social media on fire showing a special needs man being tortured on facebook live. ainsley: abby huntsman is here with what is trending. >> good to see you guys. everyone is talking about this since it came out couple days ago. horrifying to watch the video. as you saw took a while to identify whether it was hate crime or not. that has been trending a lot. this debate on social media. for the most part everyone is saying, no question here this was a hate crime, this was torture. here is shot from chicago. see the video. i don't think i saw this on cnn he got into a lot of trouble saying this wasn't a evil act. this is bad parenting. do we have the. >> bleep, bleep, bleep. [bleep] [bleep]. [bleep] >> i don't think it is evil. i don't think this is evil.
4:48 am
think is young people and they have bad home training. >> as you can imagine twitter is up in arms for two days since that happened. don lemon can't seem to grasp something can be evil and result in bad parenting. steve: good point. >> maybe lemon was making point parents are not doing their jobs. it is a serious issue. brian: everyone knows a good stiff talking to would solve the hostage-taking for 48 hours of a mentally ill person. that is most ridiculous comment you can imagine. one of the original comment from one of the law enforcement officials yesterday had to be walked back, i'm not sure it's a hate crime. bunch of 18-year-olds we all do crazy things. ainsley: if don lemon doesn't think that is evil, i would like to hear what his definition of evil is. hillary clinton running for mayor of new york city. >> top democratic donors are pushing hillary to run for mayor of new york city. she took the city by 79%.
4:49 am
people are not happy on twitter. this is from stephen. hillary clinton running for nyc mayor, would be a stepping stone on her way to losing the presidency again. can't run for mayor from prison. chris tweeted this one, i'm pour likely to star as shortstop for yankees than hillary clinton to run for mayor. brian: longer she is out there, the longer other democrats can't emerge. anybody in the party has to be able to strong arm her to push aside for the next generation. >> they're wanting other options than mayor de blasio. steve: "washington post" made a big boo-boo. >> if you thought you had a bad day yesterday not as bad as the graphics department of "washington post." they put male symbol on about a anti-trump women's march supposed to have the day after the inauguration. they since corrected the cover. they say this is how the cover should have looked. we apologize for the mistake. pretty bad mistake. steve: it is bad but it does happen. >> it does happen. we know that.
4:50 am
steve: abby, thank you very much. everyone is happy to have you guys back now. >> 11 days in a row. >> it was fun to be here. steve: donald trump finished earlier tweet. we'll give it to you at the top of the hour. ainsley: that is good tease. one of hollywood's biggest night because the stars align for the golden globes that is happening this sunday. who do you think will go home this sunday? kevin mccarthy will share his picks. there he is. hey, kevin! ♪ i accept i'm not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding
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4:53 am
♪ steve: lights, camera, awards. sunday night hollywood's biggest
4:54 am
names under the same roof and same ballroom. but before the golden globes start, who can we expect to go home with some hardware? brian: we have real expert, fox news contributor. kevin mccarthy. kevin, you ran down all the best predictions for us and who likely should win. can we begin with golden globes look at the best picture? >> yeah. by the way i'm very excited to be here. happy new year to you guys. this is my playoff because the oscars are the super bowl for me. i'm really excited about this on sunday with jimmy fallon hosting. bets picture c up into drama and musical comedy which i like. drama, no question, "moonlight" will win and will win. phenomenal film by barry jenkins. phenomenal movie. in musical comedy category, i think la-la land will take it. but i'm hoping for a ""deadpool"" or swing street surprise. two of my favorite films. director ended up going to
4:55 am
damion shizell who brilliantly directed "la la land." brian: i thought "hacksaw ridge" would be in there. steve: "deadpool" i thought would be there. >> i love "hacksaw ridge." "deadpool" is my number one of 2016. steve: was on airplane and it was playing. best actor in a drama? you like casey affleck, ben's brother, for "manchester by the sea," right? >> this performance is incredible. "manchester by the sea." devastatingly beautiful performance by casey affleck. will take home golden globe for drama and oscar. i think denzel washington's was best in "fences." i think casey will win the award. ainsley: what about best actor for musical or comedy? >> this category i think ryan gosling takes it for "la la land." he is phenomenal. learned to play the piano.
4:56 am
that is really him. i'm hoping for a ryan reynolds surprise. "deadpool" was a 11-year project. it has oscar nomination. writers guild award. i'm exciting to see where it goes. i think ryan gosling ends up taking award home. steve: best actor for a drama. >> this is no-brainer, that will definitely happen, natalie portman for "jackie." she is one of the best actors working today. this performance shows the range she has. i think she takes home the award on sunday night. actress for the musical comedy, this is emma stone's award. the beauty of these being separated i think emma stone will lose ons car night but will win golden globe night because she is in separate category. ainsley: are they normally doing that or did they do it to have more awards? >> no, in the golden globes they're always separated and in the oscars they're combined.
4:57 am
in the oscars they have 10 possible nomination. i tweet the entire night at kevin mccarthy tv if you want to see what i'm saying. steve: we love to watch the golden globes and everybody is drinking big bottles of champagne and they get up there to give crazy speeches. >> women have beautiful dress. >> i'm coming to new york. we're watching "deadpool" together sometime. ainsley: are we chopped liver. brian: saw it already. can't watch it again. ainsley: have to watch it by myself. brian: guy who won best actor in reality show, geraldo rivera for "dancing with the stars" and judge janine who hasn't been on the show, they will both be out together. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
ainsley: good friday morning to you and your family. it's january 6th, i'm ainsley earhardt. well, in just a few hours, donald trump will talk about russia allegedly hacking the election. here's a sneak peek. >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. ainsley: so why are democrats still convinced of the opposite? has an idea. he's sitting over there. he's going to come join us in just a minute. steve: meanwhile, have you seen president-elect donald trump's twitter feed this morning? he's busy. >> he communicates and connects directly to the american people. steve: he does. so why does mainstream media
5:01 am
keep hammering him on twitter, and then he just jumps right over them? we're going to talk about that. brian: in the meantime president-elect building his team. he just picked a few more people. and you might be one of them. you never know. your morning is better with friends. ♪ ♪ steve: all right. we're just two hours into the program. donald trump has already sent out six tweets. two of them involve the apprentice. brian: right. steve: and the last one is very biting. you're going to want to hear it. it's hilarious. brian: and kim kardashian's back on instagram. has he touched on that yet? steve: no. shocking. ainsley: will she be the first lady in eight more years because kanye is still says he's running. steve: that's true. brian: let's talk these eight years. ainsley: that's true. we want to talk reality show. you're the news wiz.
5:02 am
>> i'll fill people what's happening in chicago. and i wouldn't be surprised if president-elect donald trump called the family of this victim and here is what is happening today. the four black men and women who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man for days in chicago are set to face a judge for the first time today on hate crime charges. forcing him to say that among many other things. police in that city now say that the teenagers behind that horrific attack and streamed it live on facebook are not showing any remorse. well, that disturbing crime comes as violence in that city, well, is a surge in murders. former nypd detective joined fox and friends earlier and said something needs to change in chicago and around the country and president-elect donald trump is that change.
5:03 am
>> donald trump will get involved with this, and i talk to the people over there all the time with donald trump. and that's one of the reasons that i feel as though he's going to do something about chicago. because may is doing nothing and everybody is pointing fingers, but we have to have a solution. >> the victim is now at home and recovering with his family, and we're wishing him the very, very best. the obama administration planning to release up to 20 more detainees including would be 9/11 hijackers before the president leaves office. former cia swear the joining us on the show earlier today to explain the dangers of releasing these guys. >> the difficulty now with letting people go is what's left is the worst of the worst. so essentially what you're returning to the battlefield -- because he's not letting -- he's not transferring prisoners. he's letting terrorists go. what you're doing is returning to the battlefield people who are well if he had, rested, and have had some of the best
5:04 am
medical carrot planet. >> and as we're learning some of them would be 9/11 hijackers now would be released. well, this news comes the same day four men from yemen were released to saudi arabia. we heard donald trump time and time again. you know this. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> now new reports saying that mr. trump is going to have congress and taxpayers pay for that wall. not mexico. but listen to this. here's the hitch. the president-elect clarifying that, tweeting this morning in part any money spent on building the great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. so taxpayers will get it started but then mexico will pay it back. and president obama taking a cue from mr. trump by building a wall from his own. take a look at this. workers are stacking bricks outside his soon to be rental home in washington d.c.
5:05 am
that house is under renovation in part for the secret service. while the president awaits his white house eviction notice, they'll be in this house. it's going to be interesting having the president be close to the new president. steve: joins us every friday today. what is going on? >> my daughter. what do you think? ainsley: what made you do it? >> i was in vacation as you know. south africa on safari with my three daughters and then visited my son in europe. he lives in amsterdam. steve: i just got a tweet from willie robertson. >> sure. steve: donald trump had been tweeting this morning. he sent out six. this is the last one. "wow -- and it's about the
5:06 am
apprentice which you know all about. wow the rains are in and arnold schwarzenegger got swamped compared to donald trump. so much for being a movie star. and that was season one compared to season 14. now compare him to my season one but who cares. arnold supported kasich and hillary. >> that's putting a dig in. donald trump was brilliant as a host of apprentice. and it was his business ack meant and business and the part that he was a brash billionaire. and he was so atese. he knew every location of new york. he used the city as his set. i really like arnold schwarzenegger as a person, but it's not -- brian: are you surprised he's tweeting about the apprentice? he's the executive producer? >> well, in that sense, it is. but he can't resist the temptation to tell people remember how well i did? it's just the way he is. it's a big part of his life. i'm sort of like that also.
5:07 am
brian: reminds me of ainsley more than you. >> ainsley so humble compared to me and the president-elect. ainsley: all right. yesterday we were watching as james was talking about the election. many people were accusing russia of hacking this election. he says russia never touched the votes. listen to what he said yesterday. >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort. we had no way of gauging the impact that certainly intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on choices the electorate made. there's no way for us to gauge that. steve: okay. so they didn't hack into the voting machines or any of that stuff that some had suggested. >> why can't we have both things? why can't we embrace the
5:08 am
legitimacy of the presidency? god bless him. we want him to do a great job. all americans should rally behind him. but if russia is hacking our election system even by these e-mails and leaks, why can't we condemn that leak? i mean, julian is a low down dirty spy who put our americans at risk. i detest him. he's an alleged raper who's hiding out in the basement in london. i detest him, and i embrace donald trump. i love donald trump. why can't you be both? steve: one thing that came out yesterday is russians have been doing this since 2008. so it's a possibility they impacted the mitt romney election. >> it is absolutely possible. that's my point. my point is that this time we like what the leak said. we like what the leaks might have done.
5:09 am
next time, it could be general trump supporters like what the leaks -- they helped him. >> so what next time as marco rubio says it's going to make the republicans look bad. it's going to take down the gop. it's going to manipulate the system, and it's going to -- it is unfair to our intelligence professionals to be so malignantly skeptical that you don't brace what 17 professional agencies have said. that's bad for the president-elect or the people around him. we support the legitimacy of the election, but we condemn -- brian: if you don't want politics involved, you look at it after the election. he didn't win the popular vote, and this seems to be the last chapter of trying to delegitimatize. >> what do you get? brian: it's not to me. but that's the method. that's why there's protests around trump tower. to split the electorates. that's why people aren't focusing on the fact that the
5:10 am
dnc was hacked. they wouldn't even turn over the server to the fbi in july. >> julian is the dog crap on the bottom of my shoe. and to embrace him in any way -- give him credibility is wrong because the next time he's going to screw you. >> i didn't say that. ainsley: no one -- continual said julian shouldn't be hacking. he always says that. >> this beard has done something to you. ainsley: listen, everyone would say it's wrong to hack e-mails. but the information he released to all of us john podesta's e-mails. >> why are we so defensive about the legitimacy of donald trump's election? there is -- this is a divided country. it's as mitt romney said, 47% of america would never vote for him. that's true. and 47% on the other side would never vote for the other guy. we are a divided nation. people would react in a
5:11 am
partisan way to any election. some elections are more than others. remember 2000? remember 1968 the country was almost at civil war in those days? we'll get over it. but the one thing we can't do is undermine the confidence of our agents who risk everything. steve: sure. >> and to be skeptical of their finding just because you -- you know, you like the result of what the hacker has done is bad. steve: but you know in the intel community, there are political appointees. >> of course. but 17 of these agencies? you saw the admiral clapper, and now the indiana senator going to move into that job? brian: let's talk about the role mike is going to be doing. he's going to be taking over the cia. and one thing disturbing, nbc got the intel report. a look at it before he did. he looked at it today. kellyanne conway responded to
5:12 am
that. >> cia officials were invited to a house intelligence community closed-door meeting a few weeks ago and didn't go. and some of them are leaking to the media instead. and let's be fair. president obama himself received the final report yesterday or this week. he did the punishment before he got the report. he expelled 35 or so russian operatives last week. let me ask a question too. why would russia want donald trump to win the presidency? donald trump is going to increase the defense budget. he's going to modernize our nuclear capability, he wants to explore oil and gas. all of that hurts russia and emboldens america first. >> that's a fascinating request he. why would russia want donald trump? i think that it's possible. it's just possible. than i've ever been to anyone in a big job like that. i mean, i was sort of close to bill clinton. not nearly as close to donald trump. knew for four decades, and he told me he missed me on tuesday.
5:13 am
but he's going to tough on russia. but what you know? people react in a very personal way. hillary clinton and vladimir putin, barack obama and vladimir putin, they hate each other. ainsley: uh-huh. >> and that affects in the same way it did with royalty and the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th century. personal relationships affect big things, national relationships. steve: absolutely. >> vladimir putin just feels he can do business with donald trump in a way that he aboard dealing with the democrats. that's the way it is. whether or not they do, we'll see. but i think they would be hangout buddies. they both take their shirts off. steve: i put my hand out, you shake it, that means it's time for you to go. we have 31 seconds left. >> let's do another selfie. steve: get out of here. all right. see you next week. i'll see you on radio. >> see you on radio. steve: you'll hear him on
5:14 am
radio. all right. coming up president obama won't be going quietly. the proof he just passed a whole bunch new regulations. great. and some of them are going to affect everyone. watch. brian: and his lips weren't even moving. donald trump just picked newl people. food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's complete with key nutrients we may need. plus heart-health support with b vitamins. one a day men's in gummies and tablets.
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5:17 am
ainsley: we are just two weeks away exactly from president-elect's trump inauguration and the final pieces of his teammate are coming together. brian: you know we have now former indiana senator dan coats who's very close to mike pence said to be the director of national intelligence. steve: meanwhile gary kenny in washington d.c. with a preview of who else they just hired. good morning to you, garrett. >> good morning y'all. sources close to the transition do tell us that former indiana senator dan coats has been selected to be mr. trump's director of national intelligence. this makes for a quick turn around and a short vacation who just wrapped up his final term in the senate. the 73-year-old served on the senate intelligence community and has been an outspoken critic of russia's aggressive behavior. so much so that in 2014 after pushing the obama administration to levy tougher penalties against russia for annexing crimea, banned him and a handful of lawmakers from entering the country.
5:18 am
at the time, he tweeted while i am disappointed that i won't be able to go on vacation with my family in siberia this summer, i am honored to be on this list. with the nomination of coats, the president-elect has now filled all of his top national security post. and yesterday, the transition team announced mr. trump's white house policy team as well. all whom have agreed to a five-year ban on lobbying once they leave the administration and a lifetime ban for lobbying on foreign governments. another announcement that could be coming soon is that florida attorney general pam bondy. bloomberg is now reporting that bondy will be names to a post on the trump white house and that mr. trump's aids are in the process of finalizing exactly what her role will be. steve, brian, ainsley. steve: well, it looks like florida will be in the market for a new attorney general. brian: not a surprise. they always hit it off, those two. ainsley: he likes her. and have you seen the painting on capitol hill? it shows law enforcement
5:19 am
depicted as pigs and this is a big update on that story. brian: and he called it a big risk to support donald trump for president. so what does he think now? jerry junior. next as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard... it was her french name. then she came to louisiana as a slave. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. the ancestry dna results were really specific. they told me all of these places in west africa. i feel really proud of my lineage, and i feel really proud of my ancestry. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story, get started for free at
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5:22 am
. ainsley: here are some quick headlines for you. president obama passing a shocking 145 midnight regulation sent president-elect trump won the election. that's the most by any president in a generation. the tab of all of those new rules adding up to more than $21 billion in taxpayer money.
5:23 am
the moves include a rule that doubles the salary limit for overtime pay and rules on methane and business loan debt. and a florida high school band is thrilled to play at president-elect donald trump's inauguration. ♪ the palm meadow ridge marching pride in naples says it is an honor to perform for the president. no matter the politics. there are schools like talladega and alabama getting backlash after they accepted mr. trump invitation to perform at the inauguration as well. steve: the president-elect continuing to work hard to fulfill his many campaign promises. brian: our next best has been a prominent supporter of donald trump before he was president-elect. actually from the start. what does he think so far? ainsley: joining us now is the president from university. jerry junior. good morning to you. >> good morning.
5:24 am
great to be with you. ainsley: great to have you here always. so what do you think? how is he doing so far? >> you know, i'm just so impressed with the dream team. that's what i call them of cabinet picks that he has chosen. and it's going to be such a refreshing change to see business people who have been accomplished in the private sector actually running the government for the first time in decades instead of professional politicians and lawyers like me. and it's -- i just -- it reminds me of the 1992 basketball team that won all the -- that killed everybody in the barcelona olympics by about 44 points average because they let pros come in. and i think that's what has happened. and i think the pros are replacing the amateurs. steve: the dream team. what was your reaction of ryan coming out talking about planned parenthood. says it's going to be the top of his agenda? >> well, i think. i just hope the president and speaker ryan and the house republicans will work closely
5:25 am
together. i think the president-elect has said his top issues are going to be repealing and replacing obamacare, immigration, bringing jobs back. and i just hope they follow his lead. because it has got to be first things first. steve: absolutely. and he, you know, exactly two weeks from today, he's going to put his hand on the bible and swear to be the president of the united states. and we will be covering it live, obviously, and we will be down there. jerry, i've got to ask you, though. what do you make of the fact -- we all know that the country is polarized. but there just seems to be so many people who just can't wrap their heads around the fact that he is the president-elect in the united states. going to be president for the next four years. he won fair and square. >> yeah. i think all of these efforts to delegitimatize his presidency and his win are just -- they're all bogus. i think the whole thing about russia. we don't know who hacked into
5:26 am
the dnc. my opinion is whoever did hack in probably hacked into the republican e-mails as well but there was nothing shady going on, so it didn't get reported. steve: or else they're holding onto blackmail. have you gotten criticism for supporting donald trump? >> have i? steve: yep. >> throughout the campaign, yeah. a lot of conservatives thought i lost my mind and a lot of liberals, same thing. i got attacked from both sides. but i just felt like, you know, the way we made liberty university successful is by developing a business model that no other college has done, and our vision was to make it for evangelicals, a world class university. we spent a billion dollars on campus, brian, you've been here. and i see that same -- i see that same attribute with donald trump. his -- bringing that same business approach to the government is what is so
5:27 am
sorely needed. it was needed at liberty back in the '90s when we were struggling. and that's why i supported him. so much was at stake in this election if hillary had gotten elected, i don't know if we ever would have recovered. ainsley: you're right. you have to spend a lot of money on that campus. and most recently you're planning to build a shooting range on the campus. i understand campbell county the supervisors have okayed that. >> that's right. just this week -- in fact, my father grew up right there on that same track of land. his twin brother who's 83 now still lives in the house where they were born. over the of years, the university bought all of that -- mostly mountain property. but it's a 7,000-acre campus. about 1,000 acres of it is what you saw, brian, when you came here to speak. but the undeveloped portion, we're in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, so it's the perfect place. we have the only snowless ski slope in north america.
5:28 am
there are about 30 in europe and some in south africa. only one here. but we had a mountain on campus, and we thought we would use it for recreation. and we have been able to avoid a lot of the sexual assault problems that you see at a lot of universities by giving students positive alternatives to keep them busy and keep them entertained and the shooting range will be part of that. steve: the firing range, the gun range was one of the reasons, you know, going forward, that's why you wanted to have that; right? >> yeah. we have 20 ncaa division i athletic teams, 32 club sport teams, thousands of students who participate in intermurals and 30 miles of hiking and biking trails. but this is a separate 500-acre track that's completely protected from the surrounding residential areas, and it's a perfect spot for a shooting range, so we're going to start some shooting competition teams like many universities have. and it's going to have rifle
5:29 am
ranges, shotgun ranges, and local law enforcement is going to use it for training, so we're very excited about it. brian: and maybe get the biathlon going, which has shooting and skiing; correct? >> right. i want to get you on that ski slope, brian. ainsley: you're inviting him back? did he do a good job, jerry? how was his speech? >> he did a great job. the students loved him. if he ever get fired at fox, he has a place to come. brian: thanks. i hope you don't know anything i don't. but thank you very much, jerry. appreciate it. great students. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile 29 minutes after the hour. coming up straight ahead, democrats and others are blaming donald trump for their economic problems. >> there are people suffering, working people are suffering, poor people are suffering, black people are suffering. steve: really? judge is going to tell us exactly what she thinks about that for a change. we really get an opinion.
5:30 am
steve: and men banned from the office. ainsley: so get out of here, steve. brian and steve are leaving. we need women-only work spaces. move over for us. >> women power. i need to promote my new business and do it on budget. i can make that happen. business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen.
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5:33 am
steve: fox news alert. the final jobs report of 2016 just coming into our newsroom and according to the bureau of labor statistics, 156,000 jobs were created in december. that is less than what was expected. and down from the 178,000 that were added to the economy in november. brian: all right. so a little bit off. and the u.s. unemployment number is now 4.7%. that's up from 4.6% in november. steve: so not a great picture of the employment system in the country. brian: but barack obama would
5:34 am
say look what i had. look what i'm leaving you with. steve: uh-huh. brian: now it's time to have what ainsley calls one of his best friends in the world. ainsley: she's so tweet and has great opinions, and she's a tough cookie. she's a judge. joins us here on the couch. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. we've been talking about these two men that were on the bill o'reilly show last night. they're activities. just in case folks at home have not seen the clip. one is a communist. they're both activist. listen to what they say about donald trump. >> so you come on programs like this, and you give your opinion. that's fine. >> there are people are suffering. working people are suffering, poor people are suffering. >> but trump has promised to bring more jobs to -- >> already betrayed working people by bringing in wall street. >> that's just rhetoric. come on. steve: if there's so many people suffering, isn't barack obama to blame?
5:35 am
he's been question for eight years. >> there's no question about it. and the facts are clear. when barack obama was president, he did virtually nothing to improve the living standards, the jobs for african-americans in this country. steve: so how is it donald trump's fault? >> well, clearly these are people that are anarchists, communists, they are people who don't believe in capitalism, and they don't believe in donald trump. and i think the sad part about all of this is that donald trump is coming into office as president. this should be a happy time. we as americans should be saying what you know? he's our benefit. let's give him the benefit of the doubt. i personally love the guy. but to do this as americans. what does it say to the rest of the world who are looking at us and say what are with the americans? the guy hasn't done anything other than help carrier, ford. he's worked 24/7. we've seen a work earthquake that we have never seen in a president before. and here we go. let's trash the guy. ainsley: is it a time to give him a chance?
5:36 am
they're, like, you need to go to the streets. and bill's, like, what should we do on the streets? and he said go on the streets and protest and light canals with your churches and let's have vigils. but the election was two months ago. >> well, the election was two months ago and why there they having vigils for eight years while barack obama was in office? why there they having village i'll see to make sure these people have jobs, which is what donald trump has promised. look, we have to look forward. these people want to look back. this is about anarchy that i think the american people understand. and it was a counter revolution when the american people stood up to, you know, the media and everyone else and said you know what? we're not listening to you. we in our gut know what's going on. you're out, and we're taking charge. and that's what donald will d do. brian: and the best thing to do is get to work quick, start accomplishing things, and get the election in the past and start making this story about
5:37 am
accomplishments and work and bills. >> accomplishments, jobs, the future. not the past. if you want to focus on the past, you can focus on the failures of barack obama. we're done with him. steve: something has gone haywire in chicago. the murder rate is through the roof and then the video broadcast live on facebook extraordinarily. and now yesterday after they have reviewed and investigated the chicago police have charged those four african-americans with hate crimes against the special needs white man right there. what do you think? >> breaks my heart. breaks my heart. this is a victim of the hate crime of a kidnapping, of brutality. you've got facebook that is airing this thing live. no one -- and right now for the chicago police to call them kids or teenagers, they are not 16. they are responsible. they're 18 and 20. this victim is being tortured because he is white. he's being forced to say, you
5:38 am
know, i love black people. f white people. and making him drink from the toilet. scalping him. this is brutality. they have no remorse. what you know? you keep that no remorse because the judge that is going to sentence them will consider that. steve: what punishment are you talking about with these four? >> well, it depends obviously on the judge, and it depends -- and, by the way, if they plea bargain this case, then shame on them. that is proof positive to me that chicago doesn't know what the heck they're doing. we know they've got a crime problem there. they've got a gun problem there. they've got a murder problem there. >> and they have a problem with their police department. >> police and everything else. ainsley: what would you sentence them if you're the judge? >> what i would do is i would sentence them to close to the maximum, depending on their background. very hard to say. but make no mistake, ainsley. this is on video. what is a defense? i'm a prosecutor, and i say ladies and gentlemen of the
5:39 am
jury look like this. i rest my case. >> the president did speak out, and he condemned this and was horrified by it. and he says it killed him because he's from chicago. >> it kills him? what has he been doing the last eight years? on playgrounds, kids don't even run from the sound of a gun in chicago. it's that bad. sharon: and police are so disspirited, they haven't been taking action because they're made to be the enemy. >> exactly. and that's the difference donald trump is going to make. it's a new america. and you know what? west and nixon and the rest of them, americans in their gut know what needs to be done. we've got the president to do it. let's all stick together. steve: check out her show tomorrow night on the fox news channel. >> always a pleasure. >> happy new year. ainsley: let's head turnover heather who has more headlines for us. >> i know how much of a big advocate you are for police forces, police unions are outraged this morning.
5:40 am
they are demanding -- take a look at this painting. that this painting. depicting officers, police officers as pigs be removed from the u.s. capitol immediately. the officers are calling it disgusting and offensive. the high school student who painted it says it depicts racial tension. well, the democratic missouri congressman lacey clay now praising it as a colorful landscape of symbolic characters. at least five police unions are now asking how speaker of the house paul ryan to step in and take this down. what do you think of that? we'll keep following the story and bring you the latest as it develops. president-elect donald trump making good on his campaign promises to keep jobs in america. now going after another car company tweeting this. toyota motors said it will build a new plant in baja, mexico to build contro corolla car in the u.s. no way.
5:41 am
build plant in u.s. and then there's this. black & decker they make tools and all of that. the manufacturing company now announcing a new 35 million-dollar plant in the u.s. to quote deamericannize their brand. not clear where that plant will be yet. a transgender man is suing a catholic hospital for reducing to perform an operation that was part of a sex change. johnny filing a discrimination lawsuit against saint joseph's medical center in new jersey for reducing to perform a hysterectomy. the hospital citing religious reasons, even though he had the procedure done at a different hospital, still suing. he says he doesn't want anyone to go through what he did. and here is the newest push by feminists. get rid of the men? female-only coworking spaces are now on the rise across the united states. women now offer an environment where they can work with just other women. well, one of the
5:42 am
work spaces here in new york city is called the wing. and it's leading the charge. it offers amenities including a library, hair blowouts. if you don't like working next to steve and brian, ainsley, we'll get you an all female cast. ainsley: i'm glad they found a solution. love you guys. steve: by the way. thank you very much, heather. i mentioned that unemployment rate has gone up. fewer jobs than expected. but i just was reading in the associated press wages have posted the biggest rise in seven years. so that is something good. ainsley: you know what i get from that? you weren't listening to heather. reading the associated press. steve: i was reading with my eyes. i'm multitasking. ainsley: very good, steve. 3.2million people are living with multiple sclerosis. and that includes our own family member.
5:43 am
says ther there is a brand-new drug that can slow down the disease. so why isn't the fda approving this? brian: and you know him as deacon on the hit show nashville. here to perform. he can just sing. ainsley: i better call my mom. favorite show ever. steve: he was on in my house yesterday. [ cough ] shh. i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. better take something. dayquil liquid gels doesn't treat a runny nose. it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is!
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ainsley: the statistics are staggering. 2.3million people worldwide are living with multiple sclerosis and that includes our family member janice dean. >> i was diagnosed in 2005, and i went public with the diagnosis in 2008 with you on fox and friends. and there's so much hope right now. there's a brand-new drug being hailed as a major medical break through, which is incredible. but the fda has delayed its approval, so we're going to talk about that. ainsley: so great. all right. our next guest is at the forefront of it through her organization. her name is nancy davis. she's the chairwoman of the race to e race ms. and she was diagnosed with the disease 25 years ago? >> 25 years ago. ainsley: thank you for joining us. >> so happy to be here. ainsley: y'all have been friends for a long time. >> yes. i did your event a couple of years ago.
5:47 am
and thank you on behalf of all of us that live with this for taking charge and doing something really important by getting doctors together and being on the -- you know about the cutting edge research that's being done. >> you know, you have to when you're diagnosed something like this and your life is supposed to be over, you have to be proactive, and i was so lucky that i could go get second opinions. i learned all the best of the best doctors in our country were doing identical research but knew they were the only ones doing it. we have an event called race against ms every year and here we are 25 years later we have an event on may 5th and on the horizon of getting approval on the 15th drug for ms, which we're talking about. >> so the fda is giving you a hard time about approving this. why? >> they're not giving me a hard time. but i think this drug is going to completely change the landscape of ms. it suppresses your b cells.
5:48 am
and they feel the b cells activity the c cells. their whole purpose of reversing the t cells, this is stopping it before it starts. and it has some strange element of helping. nothing has ever done that. ainsley: is the fda preventing this from being on the market? >> they said in -- it was supposed to come out in december. soothing fda approval. they it has nothing to the with the efficacy of the drug. nothing has ever been able to specifically help people with that. ainsley: well, i think we're almost there. it's not a cure right now, a stop in the progression of the disease. and thank you for putting a face on that. because i think there's a stigma attached to ms, and i think we need to be strong and get out there. we're good. we're going to be strong. we're going to beat this.
5:49 am
you're out of your mind, this is a disease nobody can find a cure for. it's young people who are just starting their lives and be able to help all those people live a good quality of life. >> i hope this drug is approved soon, and it's on the market for you, my friend. >> absolutely. >> and we need to go on the event on may 5th. >> may 5th. ainsley: www.erase all right. nashville. you know the show. it's back on tv and one of the stars charles is performing live. but first, we're going to check in with bill to find out what's come on at the top of the hour. >> ainsley, good morning to you now. intel leaders sitting down with donald trump. how is trump going to respond? newt again gingrich is going to analyze that. a democrat is trying to find the way forward. he's live on that.
5:50 am
donald trump saying knock it off. we will see you ten minutes away. top of the hour
5:51 am
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5:53 am
ainsley: nashville is back on tv. my mom is the biggest fan. the show's fifth season. i thought that was my mom at first. steve: right. that's what i was going to say. ainsley: fifth season now on c mt. brian: actor plays singer songwriter charles deacon. but it's not just an act. steve: that's right and here to perform one of the songs on the show. got steve and look at this. in just case you forget. deacon right there. >> well, he lets me borrow his guitar now. steve: what are you going to do for us? >> we're going to play a song i played last night it's a new
5:54 am
old show because now we're on cmt. steve: released a song every friday for the last 26 years. >> yeah. for the last 26 weeks, i've been releasing my own music. instead of an album, it's a single. i couldn't do this without my producer, guitar player, songwriter. steve. ainsley: what are you going to be singing. >> which one is this called? >> which one is that. >> thank you very much. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> all right, well, charles and steve will be performing another number in the afternoon
6:00 am
show. log in now for"fox & friends." >> we know you as deacon, charles. >> have a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you back on the couch monday morning. >> bill: good morning, everybody. we have a possible showdown about to take place at trump tower. america's top intel officials going behind closed doors to give donald trump the information. biggest names including the head of the agencies charged with keeping america safe. it's a big friday as we say good morning to everybody at home, at work, on your device, wherever you are. i'll bill hemmer, welcome here. >> martha: happy friday. i'm martha maccallum. this private setting comes after the public testimony we all watched yesterday here on capitol hill. so in which james clapper as we all witnessed, the director of national intelligence held pretty firm asked


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