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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 6, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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show. log in now for"fox & friends." >> we know you as deacon, charles. >> have a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you back on the couch monday morning. >> bill: good morning, everybody. we have a possible showdown about to take place at trump tower. america's top intel officials going behind closed doors to give donald trump the information. biggest names including the head of the agencies charged with keeping america safe. it's a big friday as we say good morning to everybody at home, at work, on your device, wherever you are. i'll bill hemmer, welcome here. >> martha: happy friday. i'm martha maccallum. this private setting comes after the public testimony we all watched yesterday here on capitol hill. so in which james clapper as we all witnessed, the director of national intelligence held pretty firm asked about their findings on russia's hacking.
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he told senator lindy graham he was ready for the next president to hold his feet to the fire on this. >> you'll be challenged tomorrow with the president-elect, do you welcome it? >> we do. >> do you think it's appropriate? >> we do. >> martha: newt gingrich is standing by. we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts live at trump tower this morning. a big day for the president-elect on this issue. >> good morning to you, a big day for the president-elect on a number of different fronts. half an hour from now he will be leaving to go to the "vanity fair" building for a meeting with "vanity fair"'s editor. the two haven't necessarily seen eye-to-eye over the years. the big meeting this afternoon 1:00 here at trump tower when james clapper, the director of national intelligence, john brennan the cia director and
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f.b.i. director and director of nsa will be here to report on alleged russian hacking. he was not happy that a news organization tweeted it before he did. how did they get a look into the top secret report? politics. trump also expressing skepticism last night about russia's potential involvement tweeting the democratic national committee would not allow the f.b.i. to study or see computer info after it was supposedly hacked by russia. how and why are they so sure about hacking if they never requested an examination of the computer servers, what is going on? the incoming press secretary on "good morning america" today says that skepticism is appropriate. here he is. >> what we need to see is how those conclusions based on the evidence were made. and was there a direct link? what degree of competence?
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probability or certainty? the president-elect has a healthy skepsytism of everything. that's important. people need to know when decisions are made and we've seen this in the past that a rush to judgment is not in the did you know -- country's best interest. >> james clapper believes that donald trump has crossed the line from skepticism. spicer said trump will keep an open mind on what he hears this afternoon. >> martha: what is mr. trump saying this morning about building a wall with mexico as one of the first things he said in that tower when he decided to run? >> he is on a twitter tirade this morning against one news organization that did not do its research claiming that donald trump is breaking his campaign promise to have mexico pay for the big border wall because his people are going to congress to say we want the congressional appropriations to pay for the wall.
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this is what he tweeted this morning. the media does not report that any money spefnt on building the great wall forsake of speed will be paid back my mexico later. if you had done your research you would know october 27 in pennsylvania donald trump said the end illegal immigration act would fully fund a border wall with the understanding that mexico would reimburse the united states for that wall down the road, martha. >> martha: thank you. >> bill: plenty to talk about with newt gingrich. good fried to you. not knowing what they'll talk about today. i'm curious to know from you how should mr. trump treat or react or respond to this today? >> well, i think first of all he ought to be both skeptical and frankly pretty angry. the president applied sanctions to russia a week before the
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report. the report gets to nbc before it gets to donald trump? what the hell is going on here? to what degree is this a political schar aid to allow democrats to blame the russians rather than hillary for her defeat. when did you begin to know there was russian hacking, a year ago? what did you do to stop it? this idea at the very last minute at the end of the obama administration his political appointees suddenly show up daout i havely giving the party line version, just like benghazi. one more example you have to say to yourself there are profoundly wrong things going on and the political appointees. i've known james clapper for a long time. he is a great patriot, a decent human being. i think this is an abuse of the system the way it's handled. i would really drill down.
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the president didn't have this report before he applied sanctions to russia? what was the basis of his sanctions? he had a bad morning? it was a hunch? what's going on here? >> bill: there is a report about a russian celebration as a result of the announcement of trump's victory. if that is even true, what does that prove? >> first of all they despised hillary, they despised president obama. they feel deeply insulted by obama over and over again. there is no love lost there. so they may have been happy that people who they regard as their deep opponents are going to be out of the white house. but again, you have in president-elect trump somebody who has talked about strengthening our nuclear arsenal, talked about building up our military capabilities, he has talked about taking a series of steps, putin has acknowledged publicly recently we'll be the most powerful
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nation in the world. so i think it's not exactly like they think trump will be good for them but they were so angry at obama and they were so disgusted with clinton that i think they regard this as a better outcome for a rational relationship. >> bill: did you have a problem with that hearing yesterday in public or something that should have been kept in private or something that could have been moved until after the inauguration? what did you think of that? >> i think -- i think this whole thing is a total mess and people should be embarrassed about it. it's a sign of how far our understanding of intelligence operations has deklaid. we used to run intelligence operations that were truly secret and used to have operations in world war ii where only eight members of congress knew about it. i was one of the eight people when i was speaker. now the whole thing is a circus. out in public, it's all part of wikileaks and all part of whatever the latest news media thing is. as i said there ought to be a
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scandal about how did nbc get this secret report? and who is leaking it? and why would you trust an agency which is giving a news organization the report before the president-elect? >> bill: one last thing and you touched on this. do you buy the argument that president obama called into question the legitimacy of vladimir putin return to power and as a result of that, that led the direction of the russian government or someone else to go ahead and mess with our own process? >> first of all remember that the obama administration actively tried to defeat netanyahu in his reelection in israel. spent $350,000 trying to defeat him. united states government has been active in many countries around the world and i think there is a certain amount of silliness in suddenly being shocked that somebody else might do the same thing. i don't believe that putin was trying to change the american election. i believe that the russians may
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well be hacking because we hack, the chinese hack, the romanians and israelis hack. the most deeply putin has felt the united states under obama both with clinton and with kerry, have been active adversaries in ukraine, active adversaries in syria and have actively shown contempt for putin himself and for his operation. very deep bad blood between the two sides. >> bill: we wait for the reaction this afternoon when it comes. mr. speaker, thank you for your time. newt gingrich. thank you. >> martha: a lot ahead. senator tom cotton a member of the armed services committee who was there yesterday questioning james clapper will be with us and what needs to be done now. and then the battle over obamacare. with house speaker paul ryan saying it will repealed and replaced this year during the
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course of 2017. as democrats come up with a new slogan, quote, make american sick again. that came from nancy pelosi making it clear that the president-elect says he will work with republicans and we'll see how all of that goes. joe manchin has indicated that he is going the try to cross the aisle. he will join us in a few minutes on what he has on his mind. he made a fascinating move the other day when everybody was gathering with president obama. he decided not to go there and went to the mike pence meeting to demonstrate he is willing to reach across the aisle. a pretty powerful statement. >> bill: vice president joe biden has a message for donald trump. >> grow up, donald, grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you have to do something. show us what you have. >> bill: talking about his frequent use of twitter. that's not all he says. he says knock it off and more. so our panel will debate that in a moment here.
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day. he credits the advancements to an unprecedented level of activity in north korea on this front during the course of the year 2016. it comes as north korean leader says preparations for test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile have reached the final stage. he says the country learns from every test they do of which we have seen many. whether they succeed or fail, they are learning all along. >> our repealing of obamacare. the legislation will occur this year. they're trying to make americans think someday this february or someday this march you'll wake up and won't have a health insurance plan. that ain't happening. that's not true. >> bill: house speaker paul ryan trying to put to rest fears about the future of healthcare in america saying he is confident republicans will draft a bill, get it passed quickly. can republicans strike a deal
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with some democrats? it didn't happen when the law was first passed. joe manchin could be a deal maker in all this live with us from his home state in west virginia. sir, good day to you and thank you for coming back to our program. >> good morning. >> bill: you said keep it, just fix the problems. might be some big problems there. you've got the floor so go ahead and give us your solution, senator. >> first of all i wasn't there in 2009. would that have been the bill i voted for? probably not. you couldn't force people to buy a product they didn't want. with that being said, i understand where everybody got and where we are in that position. you have to realize that basically it was passed with 60 democrats. no republicans and we see how divisive it has been from day one. i caution my republican friends if you repeal it with 51 or 52 republicans and no democrats. it doesn't solve the problem. there are people like me. i'm willing to sit down and work through this and take out the parts that we don't think works.
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we think are too expensive and extravagant from the standpoint and keep the good parts that even president-elect trump has talked about. the pre-existing conditions, caps on illness, 26-year-old staying on, many things that both democrats and republicans like. bill, what happens is you repeal this thing without a replacement and replacing each part as you repeal it you throw the baby out with the bath water. what paul ryan said we won't do that. we'll keep everything for at least two years. that politicized things to the point they want to get past the 2018 election. here is what really happens. they'll repeal all the -- >> bill: maybe it's not about politics but doing it the right way and giving millions of people the opportunity to have a net of safety perhaps if you call it that. >> i'm just saying the perception and appearance and timing. we made -- the democrats made many mistakes but their intention was honorable because
6:18 am
you couldn't continue a healthcare system the way we had it before. one illness away from bankruptcy. with that being said they didn't work hard enough to bring the republicans in to get their point of view so we had a bipartisan bill. we shouldn't go down that road again and repeal. the money, this is the thing no one is talking about. that bill with all the taxes whether you like them or not, there had to be a pay for. the democrats in 2009 put different taxes in place that raised about $2.3 trillion over 10 years. you throw everything out, take all the repeels away from the taxes you lose that cash flow. just for the two-year period if you keep the plan in place but don't have the money to pay for it is another $350 billion that somebody has to come up with or either we end up in a deficit. >> bill: what is not being considered in the equation is you'll get a new president in 14 days from today. two weeks. and you don't know what sort of
6:19 am
olive branch he may stretch to you, what sort of deal he may strike with you. you've thought about that, right? >> bill: i have a good -- really, i have good rapport with donald trump coming in. i have had a good rapport with vice president-elect mike pence. we'll be able to work together. let me tell you what happened. i heard about the president coming up speaking to congress. i said that will be great. we'll come in and listen. then i found out only democrats invited. them i found out on the other side my good friends on the republican side are saying we'll have mike pence come up and talk to the republicans. i thought it is so counts producttive. we're already divided. i said i'm not going to go and not participate in this kind of thing any longer. so i said why be a hypocrite? i called the same day that mike pence was there and i said is it possible i can meet with him sometime. and they said how about 2:15.
6:20 am
he will be in the capitol. come on over. i'm very appreciative of that. he accepted me. we sat down and talked trying to find a pathway forward. i said mike, whatever happens i'll try to work with you and find that middle ground so we can move forward. this is all about our country, not about our democrats or republicans. we have to start acting that way. i think they can set the tone from day one when they hit the ground running 14 days from now. >> bill: sounds like a good start. senator, thank you for coming on today. hope you come back real soon. >> always good to be with you. any time you want me, you call. >> bill: thank you very much, sir. thank you. >> martha: a crime that has shocked the nation and now four suspects have been charged with a hate crime. in the torture of a special needs teenager. it was all streamed live on facebook. the latest that we have on the cases for these four individuals we'll tell you coming up next. >> bill: by not holding the red sign in syria did president
6:21 am
obama hurt u.s. credibility over seas. now is the administration admitting that very fact? >> i will acknowledge to you absolutely i heard it all over the place, the perception hurt, yes. the perception hurts. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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>> martha: in the troubled city of chicago four suspects are facing hate crime charges. accused of torturing a special needs teenager and streaming it live on facebook. it is a horrifying video. it shows the attackers brutally punching and kicking and mutilating this poor young man all the while raining down racist statements on him and
6:25 am
forcing him to say things. >> the actions in that video are reprehensible. that alone with racism have absolutely no place in the city of chicago or anywhere else for that matter against anyone regardless of their race, gender, state of mental health or any other identifying factor. >> martha: let's bring in gary mccarthy, a former chicago police superintendent. gary, good to have you back on the program this morning. we want to get your reflections on this. it is so horrible to watch what inflicting on this poor young man. you have to wonder where the hate of that brand comes from. but i know you feel like it is sort of one in many in terms of the violent acts out there. >> martha, this plays to what i've been talking about. these are obviously emboldened
6:26 am
criminals. i talk about reaching a state of lawlessness not just in chicago but nationally because of the political landscape in this country. this is the new normal. the more outrageous the incident. the 6-month-old getting shot in a crib is a new normal. that's terrible, okay. what will i have for lunch? i'm still really concerned about the fact that the more outlandish the incident. we're horrified but there is no reaction to it. an element of race here certainly exists. i think it's an opportunity to kind of change the dialogue or at least start a dialogue about race in this country that doesn't really exist. what we have is inflammatory rhetoric and people pointing fingers and quite honestly, we need to kind of come together, the political leadership and the faith-based leaders, get out in front and start opening this dialogue because i don't
6:27 am
think that we've identified the issue. i think that we've misdiagnosed it and all fingers are being pointed at the police in this country, not just here in this city. the police are not the problem. the criminals are the problem. this is an extreme example it. it presents and opportunity moving forward and it looks like it's passing. >> martha: we saw the meetings that happened in malls over christmas and these group actions, social media has given us a window into what happened here and i guess in a bizarre awful way it is good that this video exists because it does show the brutality that some people are capable of. it is just -- i guess the big question is where does the leadership come from on this issue? if you're claiming this is the new normal in america. that's not an america any of us want to live in. uncivil and unacceptable. where do we start? where does the leadership come from here? >> martha, the way to solve any problem is to first identify what the issue is.
6:28 am
and in my book we have not identified the social and economic class issue that exists in this country. the anger that exists in disenfranchised community which are predominantly african-american. that anger exists because of the conditions people are living under. and the most forward element of a failed government system is going to be the police which is where you see all the anger focused on. >> martha: i want to show you something president obama said and i want to have time to get your reaction to it. let's play that. >> the fact that crime overall is much lower around the country than it was when i took office, and that chicago is the one big city where you've seen this huge spike means that there is something specifically that is happening there and that means we can fix it if we work together. >> martha: an isolated in chicago, he says. >> not true in my book. i was the vice president of the
6:29 am
major city chiefs association and if you look at baltimore, if you look at cleveland, various cities around the country, these issues exist in the disenfranchised communities and here in chicago i can tell you this, we've walked away from performance-based policeing which is what i learned in new york and why new york is still succeeding. we've slipped back to political-based policing and it won't succeed. what's different about new york and chicago? that's the difference right there. it makes an impact absolutely on what is happening on the street and this is the results we're seeing. >> martha: an unacceptable situation and as i said not an america that people want to live in. we have to get to the bottom of it. i know you're trying to do that. gary, thank you so much. >> bill: 9:30 in mork. it could get very interesting this afternoon. top intel officials getting ready to brief the
6:30 am
president-elect after questioning the intelligence community. we'll talk to tom cotton about that in a moment. paul ryan on fire over what he calls a lack of support for israel and lawmakers like ted cruz rally around the u.s. ally. >> for decades the united states has stood as an ally of israel against anti-semitism in the united nations. i think barack obama did this to secure his legacy. history will record barack obama and john kerry as relentless enemies of israel. it's not an anti-aging face cream. it's realizing beauty doesn't stop at my chin. roc®'s formula adapts to delicate skin areas. my fine lines here? visibly reduced in 4 weeks. chest, neck, and face cream from roc®.
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6:34 am
>> i am stunned at what happened last month. this government, our government, abandoned our ally israel when she needed us the most. these types of one-sided efforts are designed to isolate and delegitimize israel. they do not advance peace, they make it more elusive. >> bill: strong delivery there. welcoming the house vote from yesterday. condemning the u.n. vote that occurred over the holidays saying it shows the strength of the u.s./israeli alliance. >> martha: thinking is it could get a little awkward at the meeting that will happen at trump tower later this afternoon. america's top intelligence officials getting ready to give president-elect donald trump their report on russian interference as they see it during the united states presidential election. donald trump has been skeptical
6:35 am
openly of whether or not russia's involvement truly happened or whether it had any impact on the actual outcome of the election. officials told the senate armed services committee that russia and its advanced cyber-warfare program is they believe a threat to america. >> i don't think we've ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our election process. >> do you think in the report next week that you all will ascribe a motivation to putin for the election attempt? >> yes, we will ascribe a motivation. >> in your 53 years of intelligence is ascertaining the motives, plans and intentions of foreign leaders among the hardest tasks we ask our intelligence services to perform? >> it always has been. >> martha: tom cotton a member
6:36 am
of the committee. senator, welcome. good to have you here this morning. there is a lot of broad conclusions that have been drawn from all of this. and i think in that question you were trying to get at the heart of it because the discussion that has bubbled up subsequently from yesterday's hearing is that vladimir putin really doesn't like hillary clinton so he wanted to do everything in his power to make sure she was not elected. do you buy that? >> i have my doubts about that, martha. in part i don't think vladimir putin or any russian diplomat or spy understood the american elections better than most american pundits did themselves. i think when we talk about what happened in the election, it's important to break it down and be specific as i tried to be yesterday with director clapper. you hear loose talk about attacking our democracy and hacking. hacking into the dnc and
6:37 am
podesta's email. the motives might be hard to ascertain. as you heard, as describing motives to foreign leaders is among the hardest tasks we ask an intelligence service to do on anything and if you have good evidence of that it's often evidence that simply cannot reveal because of the highly sensitive source and method of it. what the motive was for what happened is the impact it happened. the director said intelligence service is not an election pundit and can't assess the impact. i'm elected office. i can't. i don't think many people in michigan and wisconsin were paying to the gossip of a bunch of political operatives. unless they cancelled the rallies for clinton in wisconsin and michigan i don't think it had an effect. >> martha: the heart of what we're talking about here primarily are the embarrassing emails that talked about groups of people in the country and in the disparaging way. religion in a way some people
6:38 am
thought was disparaging but did it really matter to voters up there? a poll we took right after the election, this is december 11-13. russia's attempts to influence the election helped? 53% said it had no effect on their vote. i think that's an important piece of information. >> it is, martha. if any email controversy impacted the election it wasn't russia or affiliates, it was hillary clinton's decision to create her own private email server and the subsequent investigation by the f.b.i. into that server which raised the same question hillary clinton has justifiably faced for decades about her trustworthiness and forthrightness. the democrats need to look in the mirror and think about why they lost the election and stop blaming it on comey, electoral college, fake news. we need to take seriously the
6:39 am
threat russia poses to the united states. they ought not to have hacked into the emails and they need to pay a price for that. that's a small example that russia has taken against you the nighted states in the last eight years. barack obama is bombing a little late to the conclusion that russia is a geopolitical add ver versary. >> martha: we have to address the problem. we do need to be specific about what the influence was. one more question about he said it was the most aggressive action he had ever seen, james clapper. he said not only is it about the emails. it is also about classic propaganda, disinformation and fake news. did you get any more details on specifically what he meant by that and how that grouped with the emails made this so egregious? >> i have not seen the report that president obama received yesterday and trump will receive today. i'll be interested in seeing
6:40 am
all of the conclusions, but also the evidence supporting those claims. again, i think all the claims like fake news and vladimir putin and jim comey are mostly crying over spilled milk. this election was decided in key states based on issues that mattered to americans like job growth and wages, crime, law and order on our streets and immigration. it is not based on inside gossip or so-called fake news. >> martha: fascinating. we'll see how that meeting goes today. good to see you this morning. >> bill: talking about the home brewed server. the state department released emails talked about how freely they were swapping around schedules and passwords for ipads and devices and all of it ran through there. i don't think we've heard the end of it even with the election behind us. donald trump meantime working with republicans on the hill to keep one of his biggest campaign promises, remember this. >> we will build a wall and
6:41 am
what? mexico will pay for the wall. >> bill: he is insisting our neighbor to the south will foot the bill. will it happen? what is his plan as we understand it today. >> martha: and vice president joe biden calling out the president-elect for what he considers to be immature behavior. will mr. trump turn or become more presidential once he is in office or should he stick with what is working for him so far?
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> grow up, grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you have to do something. show us what you have. you're gonna propose the legislation, we'll get to debate it. let the public decide and let them vote in congress. let's see what happens. >> bill: there was a lot there in that interview. vice president calling out
6:45 am
donald trump saying knock off the tweets. want to bring in juan williams and mercedes schlapp. how are you guys doing? mercy, mercy, me. i don't know, biden was talking about taking him out in the backyard as a grade school kid and getting in a fight. all this whacky stuff. do either of you have a problem with the stream of tweets that seem to be coming out regularly starting at 7:00 in the morning? mercy, start with you. >> i don't, bill. i think we have to understand that presidents in history have used the latest technology to be able to send a direct message to the american people. as well as to go around the filter of the media. and so i think for donald trump, twitter has worked. you look back in 1933 when it was fdr and the fireside chats when he was able to talk about the crisis that was happening with the american banks and it was a sense of reassuring the
6:46 am
american public. i think for donald trump not only did the twitter work for the campaign but it is where he feels comfortable and able to make announcements, the talk about the work he is doing every single day. i think that it's a transparent effort by the president to ensure that the american public hear directly from him. >> bill: i understand every point you made there. and juan, i think it's a remarkable thing to see how he drives the news cycle every morning. is there a down side to this? or is the idea about going around the media, communicating directly to tens of millions of people, is that actually a modern way of saying this is the way we are going to be the most effective with our message? >> it's effective. there is no argument it was effective during the campaign and as you point out it controls the news cycle. it has the media chasing donald trump at every moment. just this week "wall street journal" had a story about his
6:47 am
effort to restore the intelligence agencies. he came out and said lying press and undercut that story. my feeling about this is it's bigger than what joe biden has to say because you have to think about it. it is only 140 characters. can you really make policy as the american president in 140 characters? are you going to be at times misunderstood and taken as bullying and acting childish? donald trump has accused me in terms of my criticism of being childish about him. i don't know if i can come on and say anything about that. he is a guy that will be president of the united states. he is not going through a press secretary or communications director. he is issuing a blast. shouting at somebody on a street corner through a bull horn is what a tweet is. >> bill: you don't have to wait for a press conference or anything. >> you don't know what the full policy is. >> you don't have to wait for
6:48 am
an army of people to edit things. do you know whether he is still writing these tweets? he hired people. that's the process happening every day. has he now channeled his voice to people like bannon or others? >> i couldn't tell you that. i could tell you that it is his words. i think at the end of the day what you do see is you see kellyian conway and spicer coming out and being able to defend, talk about what donald trump is thinking. i think that clearly there is a very strong sense this is coming directly from donald trump and i have to tell you, i think for the american people it's reassuring and lets people know exactly what he is thinking at the moment that he is tweeting this out. and i do believe that it's a very much top down approach. with that being said i think his team is very much involved in the process of ensuring that they are able to further discuss or explain beyond the
6:49 am
140 characters. >> bill: juan. sounds like you have a lot of agreement. >> here is the problem. i don't like the bullying part when he calls the leader of the democrats chuck schumer the helped clown. oh my gosh. i agree with mercedes. i think it's coming directly from donald trump. when he goes after president obama says and obama's inflammatory rhetoric, schumer as head clown or spicer go on tv. hang on, when you see spicer go on tv and try to explain away something and trump comes back and contradicts his own spokesman, it's coming from donald trump. >> i think the democrats have called donald trump so many different names. the list goes on and on and on. for donald trump to make this comment about schumer, let's be real. the name calling has been going both ways. it's gotten ugly. i don't like it.
6:50 am
>> bill: joe biden -- i'll get this in. i wish we were in high school. i could take him behind the gym. that's what i wish. >> come on, come on. >> oh, man. >> bill: have a great weekend bye. >> martha: so there is a group of high schoolers looking to take a small part in the inauguration but they may not be able to afford the bill. how they're raising the money for a memory that will last a lifetime.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> martha: dozens of marching bands will be on hand to celebrate inauguration day. including one in florida. they need some help to get
6:54 am
there. being invited to march for the president-elect is not the hardest part of the equation, right? >> so true. while some bands, singers and dancers are refusing to participate in the inauguration parade for partisan political reasons others are excited to go. in florida they're drumming for dollars. otherwise they won't be going. the palmetto ridge marching band in naples is doing all it can to raise cash from anyone. the talented kids are from working class families and don't have enough money to make the trip to d.c. more than half these kids are in the free lunch program. they set up a go fund me account as they practice their hearts out every day hoping the funds arrive in time. the kids, the marching band and school hopes to send 230 of
6:55 am
these boys and girls for the inaugural parade. they think it will cost about $135,000 for meals, travel and hotels and so far they've only raised about $30,000 of that. >> martha: they have a long way to go. i hope this helps. they are so adorable these kids and so excited about the experience and being part of it. it is pretty cool. hopefully they'll get what they need after this story. we'll keep an eye on it. >> bill: good stuff there. after the inauguration comes president trump's first 100 days. to meet that demand martha is launching a new program 7:00 eastern time focused on just that. first 100 days will premier with her on monday, january 16th. congratulations. >> martha: it is such a fascinating moment in history. this has been the most incredible election that you and i have ever covered to be sure. quite interesting to watch what they do. a special moment in time before
6:56 am
they start running again for the next office. they have a window. we'll cover for those 100 days exactly what it means to try to get done what they want to get done and they'll have a lot of opposition. >> bill: they made a fantastic decision. congratulations. don't go far. some of those changes mean some changes around here in the morning too, here, right? shannon bream will be here for martha during that time. we want to welcome shannon today and all down in d.c. for the inauguration. we'll host coverage across from the white house and martha will join brett on the national mall for the fox coverage. a big and important time for the country and a big important time here at the fox news channel and a big and important time for viewers at home. we think we've worked this out in a really good way. congratulations again. >> martha: i will miss being here with you for the next three months. i love shannon bream. you'll have a great time together. don't get too cozy. it is only 100 days. we'll see what happens after that.
6:57 am
something to look forward to there. >> bill: secret intel report, our election has been leaked and what we're learning from that report at the top of the hour an "america's newsroom." don't go anywhere. ight at home,. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals - and most of all, staying engaged - in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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7:00 am
>> martha: brand-new information on russian hacking as president-elect donald trump gets ready to meet face the face with a very big, important group today. he will sit down with the directors of national intelligence, f.b.i., c.i.a. and nsa to grill them behind closed doors on what they have on this whole story. welcome. i'm martha maccallum. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. details from the top secret intelligence report on russian hacking. some has been leaked to the media even before mr. trump received his briefing later today. he has expressed his displeasure and he continues to question the evidence not yet made public. the trump team blasting the leak earlier today.
7:01 am
>> what's disappointing is having leaks in the media before we actually have a report on the alleged hacking. it has been very confounding to us and certainly to the president-elect why this report, if it wasn't prepared until yesterday, why operatives were expelled and why punishment preceded actual conclusions. >> bill: catherine herridge has been working the story. what is the bombshell from the leaked report. what have you found? >> fox news confirming the classified intelligence report does identify who provided wikileaks with the information. the director said yesterday russian adopt fake online per sonias to hide their trail. he will be briefed by comey who oversees the 16 agencies james clapper and cia director john
7:02 am
brennan and others, yesterday no one testified on the record that the russian president vladimir putin was pulling the strings. no one said publicly the intent was to help donald trump win and make sure hillary clinton lost. the nation's spy chief did confirm russia wants to expand its influence. >> the russians are bent on establishing both a presence in the western hemisphere and they are looking for opportunities to expand military cooperation. >> the unclassified version is expected monday and he was forward leaning and to include information who was pulling the strings and their motive. >> bill: what are we learning about the controversy with the dnc server? >> in this statement to fox news a dnc spokesman confirmed they cooperated with the f.b.i. investigation but the bureau did not do its own forensic
7:03 am
review of the hacked server. they relied on a security firm for that information. the statement reads in part the dnc had several meetings with representatives of the fbi cyber division and field office but f.b.i. never requested access to the dnc computer servers. in a tweet mr. trump questioned how and why they're so sure about the attacking if they didn't examine the computer servers. what's going on? the white house yesterday had no answers. >> i can speak to the investigative methods that were used by the f.b.i. and the wisdom of the approach they pursued. i can't -- i would refer you to them for comment on that. >> it's not unaushl to rely on a highly reputable firm for forensic analysis. this is not a run of the mill investigation. we'll get with the f.b.i. this morning to see if they have the same version of events as the dnc, bill. >> bill: when you get it, bring
7:04 am
it back. catherine herridge in washington >> martha: donald trump arrived this morning with a busy day of meetings. he will be with the "vanity fair" publisher, carter, who he has had harsh words for over the past few months and said he was speaking with anna wintor, the publisher of vogue. perhaps mending some fences. some are old friends. you can imagine what those meetings will be like and what future stories might look like in knows publications as they want to have access to the future president no doubt and first lady and family and all of that. perhaps some conciliatory discussions that may try to rebuild some of those bridges. there is donald trump as he enters the building this morning. for some meetings downtown. we'll see what comes out of that and see if he tweets about
7:05 am
that. everybody has been talking about the issue we covered here in great depth, russian interference and how it may have impacted the united states election. here is what donald trump said about that this morning. hillary and the dems were never going to beat the passion of my voters, he said. saw what was happening in the last two weeks before the election and knew they were in big trouble. this should be in front of you but part of a tweet he put out. knew they were in big trouble. cancelled fireworks at the last minute. saw a movement like never before. the words of donald trump as he talked about what he believes is a non-issue with the russian interference. he says he was going to win regardless and talked about that in the tweets. chris wallace joins us now. chris, good to see you this morning. >> thank you, martha. let me say at the beginning i'm relieved that the president-elect is going to end his feud with vogue magazine and "vanity fair." i've been worried about that. i know a lot of other americans have as well. >> martha: top of mind, no
7:06 am
doubt. all these folks run in the new york circles and reached out to him and they'll be cozy by the end of the meeting. as we move onto the russian hacking issue which may not be solved so easily. what are your thoughts on what we've seen in the past 24 hours? >> i would love to be in that meeting today between the intelligence chiefs and donald trump because there seems to be real bad blood on both sides. i understand the trump campaign is concerned, as kellyanne conway said is why so much information is getting leaked. a front page story in the "washington post" today that the intel chiefs picked up signal intelligence. top kremlin officials celebrating after trump won. that makes it look like the russians wanted trump to be the president. and the trump people not unreasonably feel that
7:07 am
delegitimizes him as the president. you know, on the one hand the trump people are upset with that. the intel community is upset that trump continues to bash them and every time he writes a tweet about the intel community he puts the word intelligence in quotes and the fascinating moment yesterday whether james clapper said there is a difference between skepticism which is healthy and disparagement which he thinks trump is doing. much more important is working things out with the intelligence community. after all, he is the primary as president the primary consumer of intelligence and they have to find a way that he trusts the information they are giving him and doesn't feel they are going behind his back trying to hurt him by leaking information to other people. >> martha: there are so many different kind of silos for this story. as you point out that relationship is important, the intelligence relationship. he will put his own people in
7:08 am
there, mike flynn and others who will be running those organizations and doing that liaison work. then you have this kicking around issue that won't go away. how did he win? that's the democrats' biggest thing. how did they happen and one of their justifications for it is thinking that, you know, well, there was all this interference and gossipy emails that turned people off. joe biden reflected on this and got to what may be perhaps more the heart of the matter. let's play that and get chris's thoughts. >> i don't think -- i've been the odd man out here. you know, i didn't hear anybody talk about the plight of that guy who works in the assembly line and his wife as a hostess that make $90,000 bucks a year, hurting and scared. we don't show enough respect. >> martha: what do you think about that? >> this is the bottom lynn. -- line. let's assume there was russian
7:09 am
hacking and tried to leak the access hollywood and the theft and the publication of trump's tax returns. all kinds of things that went on but i think joe biden there put his finger on the key issue, which is that working class americans in the rust belt traditionally democratic states and rural communities that voted for barack obama in 2012 felt that they had more of a champion in donald trump than they did in hillary clinton. that he was the one who was going to try to protect their jobs, try to get the economy going again, to try to stop what they see and trump sees as unfair trade. that was the big issue. i just don't think that, you know, that john podesta's emails, while it was a factor as long as i say with access hollywood tapes and all kinds of other things. that put hillary clinton's emails in there and she was the one that set up the private email server. the big issue who would
7:10 am
aprotect middle class americans feeling like they are losing out and they felt like donald trump would do it and not hillary clinton. >> martha: a reflection of the eight years of the prior presidency. the things joe biden outlines is things that any president would have been working on the last two terms and let the people decide whether or not those needs were met. we look forward to seeing you and working with you down there for the inauguration. >> good i quickly say i'm delighted and congratulations for the first 100 days show. i'll be watching it. you'll be the co-anchor with brett and i'll be there too in the inauguration covering. it will be fun with you, martha. >> martha: we look forward to a fascinating few months of coverage of the 100 days and beyond in this administration. thank you, chris. we watch on fox news sunday. joining chris as he sits down
7:11 am
this weekend with reince priebus the incoming chief of staff and congressman nunez and at 2 and 10 you can find fox news sunday. i never miss it. >> bill: we'll never take a day off work. the news doesn't stop. with regard to the report that was leaked that they've got some sort of evidence that indicates that russian officials were celebrating after the election, if there is not more than that, then you have to ask yourself what does that prove anyway? and if they have a lot more cards that they'll throw on the table today we'll probably a good indication this afternoon certainly. if that's all they have, what does that prove? we'll ponder that, too, coming up. top republicans moving to kill obamacare. can they get away with repealing all of it? say the parts that millions of voters like. is there a compromise in the
7:12 am
works? >> martha: the intelligence leaders speak out forcefully about the russian interference in the u.s. election. a hot issue today and it continues as the meeting gets underway this afternoon with donald trump and these top leaders. how did all of this come down? we'll go through the thoughts of all of this with congressman peter king. here is speaker paul ryan first. >> russia clearly tried to immediate el in our political system. let me say a couple of things. first of all, i think this is what the president-elect is legitimately upset about. there are attempts on the left to try to delegitimize this election. that's bogus. he won fair and square. got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> martha: fox news alert on the intelligence report that apparently shows evidence of russian meddling in the u.s. election and details of who exactly delivered those stolen democratic emails by john podesta and others abds handed them over to wikileaks. no one said if vladimir putin had a direct tie. the director of national intelligence say it's hard to note if the russians may have swayed the vote. >> they did not change any vote tallies. the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on choices the electorate made. no way for us to gauge that. >> martha: let's bring in peter
7:17 am
king, a member of the house intelligence committee. good to have you with us today. there are all kinds of leaks about what was in that report and have you been able to see it as a member of the intel committee? >> that's what's really disgraceful about this. going back almost a month ago when it was being leaked out from the intelligence community that the russians were favoring donald trump over hillary clinton and nunez the chairman of our intelligence committee invited them all in. all the members to show us what they had and they refused to come in. the reason i say that is i'm one of those, i do believe the russians were involved in hacking the dnc and believe they were involved with john podesta. without the campaign. we were hearing this over a year. it is old news. at every stage of the way they were saying there was no indication that the russians were favoring one candidate over another. suddenly after the election, a month after the election we start reading in the "washington post" and "new york
7:18 am
times" that the intelligence community decided the russians were favoring donald trump. never gave us any explanation for that at all and we're still waiting. hopefully we'll get it. i know the story in the "washington post" today which this is not a trivial matter. this is supposed to be top secret classified information that they won't give to the intelligence committee but leaking to the press. i think there should be a federal investigation how it was leaked out. >> martha: the report about the russians cheering with the results of the election, a lot is being drawn and surmiseed from that and what it means. what does it mean to you? >> if that's all they have it doesn't mean much at all. the russians did want to disrupt the election. that we knew all along. this was before donald trump was even a serious contender. certainly before he was the nominee. and i would think that anything they showed on election day that was different from what people expected the russians would have been happy about. if there was a much higher turnout or lower turnout they would have tried to pat themselves on the back and claim a victory. that to me means absolutely
7:19 am
nothing other than the fact that they feel that they contributed to disrupting an election and they were going to claim a victory no matter what. i just find that -- if that's all they have to go on, that's a terrible way for the intelligence community or anyone in there to try to disparage the victory of donald trump. >> martha: i go back to the central issue. is it the emails or more than that? every american is concerned about russians or any other foreign entity shouldn't be influencing our elections. but then you go to the next level which is was there some sort of connection in the outcome of what happened? and we just showed a poll 60% of people said the emails didn't mean anything to them in the end. but james clapper suggested it was the largest propaganda campaign that he had ever seen suggesting that it's not just to emails, americans, wait until you find out all the other stuff they were doing. what is he talking about, do you think? >> i really don't know. fake news. the e russians, the soviets hav
7:20 am
been doing this since the 1940s. this is what goes on unfortunately when you're dealing with the soviet union or now dealing with the russians. again, i have not seen the report. there are also indicators it was done in 2008 and we shouldn't be kidding people here. there are thousands and thousands of times day the russians, chinese, iranians are hacking into various parts of american society. >> martha: we're trying to do the same thing to them. >> the one difference is we play by the rules we don't go after the commercial targets the way they do at ours. >> martha: meaning sony and the like. >> exactly. republicans have been demanding for the last several years that the president take action against the russians for what they were doing. separate and apart from the elections and also including the election. the fact is the president was going out of his way to curry favor with the russians and why he killed mitt romney in 2012. suddenly now they're acting like it's tend s -- the end of
7:21 am
the rule. to say it influenced the election is chris wallace pointed out. donald trump's tax returns were released. that's illegal and the main problems that hillary clinton was self-inflicted wounds. >> martha: not to mention access hollywood tape that was sat on for some time and released at an interesting point in the process as well. peter king, thank you very much. >> good luck to you. >> the deep freeze bringing heavy snow. where will the snow and storm fall next? mercy for a getaway driver in a brutal bank robbery that left three dead including two officers? should she be allowed to go free? despite the protests on behalf of the victim's family. >> if it was my father i would say let them rot in jail forever. i get it. and i'm not releasing her.
7:22 am
let her make her case to the parole board. hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> bill: if you look outside the american west is getting dumped on right now and the southeast officials in alabama and georgia in emergency mode. winter weather system has affected millions. you have snowy conditions already blamed for a death in kentucky. several southern states now bracing for this storm. freezing rain and snow and sleet in the forecast. that could be trouble. we're live in northern mississippi, tom, how is it going? >> bill, right now heading northbound on i-55 out of mississippi, been driving this road for the last 5 1/2 hours on and off. the roadway absolutely terrible. state of mississippi m dot
7:26 am
don't actually salt the roadways until after the snowfall starts. you are looking at a live shot of 55 northbound traffic here in north mississippi doing about 7 miles per hour in this one single stretch of roadway in about 30 minutes we had 12 wrecks, 12 people ran off the road and other folks couldn't get onto the interstate. no preparations made, nothing put out on the road to help the snow melt off. a lot of the road crews just now getting out and getting that salt and other mix put on the roads to help melt. fortunately, we haven't had any injuries here in north mississippi. talked to the sheriff a while ago and he is urging people to stay home and not to get out if they don't have to. reporting live in north mississippi, fox news. >> bill: thanks for that. our affiliate whbq working that
7:27 am
storm system down there in the south. they don't get a lot of snow. when it happens it can paralyze a lot of towns and states to get the ice layer that comes in. they don't have the equipment you find in the north and also in the great american west. our best to everybody down there. be well. >> martha: snow out in new jersey this morning. a couple of delayed school openings. kind of a first. >> bill: did dan get off and brush the snow off your car this morning? was he is good husband? >> martha: i left first but yes, i'm sure he will. here is what we have coming up. president-elect donald trump said he would build that wall and that mexico would pay for it. those words ringing in everybody's ears from the campaign. how he and republicans are planning to execute on that promise. >> bill: watch this story. obamacare on the chopping block, you know that. republicans want to take action immediately. are they playing with too much fire too soon? louisiana republican is on the inside track here in a moment to talk about everything that
7:28 am
they're talking about and some describe this as a window of opportunity for the american people. that's next. >> it is vital republicans act on what they said they would do and repeal it. they have to replace it. >> what's critical is we deliver. we do what we promised. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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7:31 am
>> martha: the president-elect trump and republicans in congress working on a plan to carry out one of his biggest campaign promises, that was to build the wall. a big beautiful wall with a big, beautiful door in it. how will it happen without breaking the bank?
7:32 am
mr. trump insists that mexico will foot the bill eventually. tweeting this. the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall forsake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. mike emanuel live in capitol hill with more on this. >> what congress is looking to do is potentially authorize the money for the southern border wall in the coming months and essentially what the president-elect and his team are objecting to is any suggestion that they would be breaking a campaign promise. >> a centerpiece of donald trump's successful campaign was i'm going to build the wall and have mexico pay for it. that hasn't changed. congress is examining ways to have the wall paid for through their auspices and then mr. trump is making the point the president-elect is making the point he will have mexico pay it back. >> the initial thing is fees
7:33 am
could pay the american taxpayers back. a lot of sources say it's early in the process. the new administration hasn't even been sworn in. >> martha: we'll watch that one. what are democrats saying now that republicans are looking to carry out this campaign promise? >> a 2006 law authorized building a 700 plus mile physical barrier at the southern border and it has been noted that some high profile democrats including then senator barack obama and chuck schumer voted for that bipartisan measure but southern border democrats don't sound as enthusiastic 11 years later. >> newer technology that will help our agents on the ground do the job they are supposed to do. let me be very clear that i'm not in any way suggesting that we shouldn't secure our borders. i think we have to do that. although i just think that doing it with a wall is not the way to do it. >> a number of hill sources say they would like to see an
7:34 am
actual bill first. one possible scenario i'm told is trying to force democrats to vote to build the border wall and if they vote no they would be voting for a government shutdown. >> martha: stay tuned. mike, thank you very much. >> sure. >> bill: republican-led congress moving on the obamacare repeal. one many in many of the meetings if not all is with me now. out of louisiana congressman the majority whip. good morning to you today. >> good to be back with you. >> bill: thanks for coming back. i have very specific questions here. you are in these meetings. among your members, when do they tell you they have concerns that we break this thing, we bought it. they'll hang it around our necks. have you heard that? >> the real consensus i've heard is obamacare failed the american people. we want to get rid of it. we campaigned to repeal
7:35 am
obamacare and replace it with reforms at lower cost and put patients in charge of these decisions. >> bill: question number two. rick snyder from michigan, republican, he has already expressioned even yesterday talking about defending his state expansion of medicaid. is that something that can live on and if it will, what are the other aspects of the bill that you believe today will survive? >> we were clear from the very beginning after obamacare passed as governors were thinking about expanding medicaid, we want to get rid of this entire law. if you think there will be free money coming from washington, there is no free money. our country is going broke. we need to reverse it and get back to balanced budgets and get our economy moving in part of getting the economy moving again is going to be undoing and repealing obamacare. it will help the marketplace. help getting people hire people. obamacare has made it harder to hire employees. let's fix the things that are broke in obamacare is one of the biggest things that's broke.
7:36 am
>> bill: we'll move forward. to be specific can you give me two or three things from the law now that will survive? >> one of the things we want to do is make sure people with pre-existing conditions aren't discriminated against in healthcare. we have a different way of approaching it. obamacare made it more expensive for everybody including those people. let's focus on lowering cost, making sure that somebody with a pre-existing condition can't be discriminated against but at the sa time don't punish everybody by raising up their costs. look, bill, premiums right now in louisiana and my state over 25% increase. deductibles in most states, most families are seeing a $10,000 deductible or higher. it's unaffordable. we have to start over and start by repealing it and replacing it reforms that lower the cost. >> bill: the democrat from west virginia was with us last hour. he could be a player. he said the following that goes along the lines of our previous question.
7:37 am
listen to the end of his comment right here. >> i caution my republican friends if you repeal it now with 51 or 52 republicans and no democrats, that doesn't solve the problem. there is people like me, i am willing to sit down and work through this and take out the parts that we don't think works, we think are too expensive and extravagant from the standpoint and also keep the good parts that even president-elect trump has talked about. >> bill: is there a middle ground there where as -- aspects of the law could stay in fact and you work on the things that are the drivers of the costs? could you see that as a resolution to get people like joe manchin in vote for it? >> the basic premise you have to acknowledge is obamacare doesn't work. that vote will be coming up just in the next few days in the senate and over in the house. i hope he would agree with us that obamacare doesn't work. you can't try to dance around both sides of the issue and you can't say it's broken but let's keep some of obamacare. you have to start over.
7:38 am
and then there is a better way to do this. let's let associations pull together, small businesses ought to be pulling together and have that ability. if a family wants to buy insurance across state lines, rather than some unelect edinburgh owe congratulate in washington telling them what they have to buy that's too expensive for their family they ought to be able to buy the best plan for their family no matter where it's offered. those are the changes we'll bring forward. i hope senator manchin and others vote with us. if they aren't willing to be part of that solution we're moving fore the american people know this law doesn't work. you can't put lipstick on the pig. you have to first repeal the law. >> bill: you have a big campaign promise to follow up on, too. >> we're excited about the opportunity. >> bill: the people who voted for you and the president-elect. that was part of their vote. >> there are a lot of families hurting out there because of obamacare. for them to try to think that they can shift the blame away and say hey, this is republican's fault, president obama is the one who broke promises to people.
7:39 am
if you like what you have, you can keep it. if you like your doctor, costs will be lower. every one of those promises was broken to the american people. we want to go and actually get it back on track by gutting this law and then going and putting new reforms in place that put patience in charge of these decisions and lower costs. >> bill: thank you, steve. >> martha: so brinks security guard and two police officers shot in cold blood during an infamous robbery that happened in 1981. after three decades behind bars, should the getaway driver be free? we'll talk to the son of one of those victims next. but first, here is the county d.a. >> let's set the record straight. judith clark is a cold blooded killer. judith clark is a domestic terrorist.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> bill: word from florida
7:43 am
today. an orka that killed a trainer died. he was thought to be 36 years old. critics were keeping them captive. in those voices grew after the whale grabbed the trainer and pulled her into the water and she was killed that day. >> 60 minutes. when the governor of your own state calls the woman who murdered your family member impressive, it's like pulling the scab off a wound that never really healed. shame on you, governor cuomo. >> martha: a lot of people unhappy after he commuted the sentence of a getaway driver in the 1981 brinks armored truck
7:44 am
heist. judith clark has served 35 years of a 75 year to life sentence for her role in the 1.6 million robbery that left two police officers and a brinks security guard dead. two officers killed as they tried to stop those getaway cars. brinks security guard peter page was shot dead during the robbery itself. his son, michael page, was just 16 years old when this moment devastated him and he still thinks about it every day. michael page is the son of peter page. michael, thank you for being here today. you hear about these sorts of stories but for you this is obviously -- it couldn't be more personal. what do you remember about that day and about learning what happened to your dad? >> that day is by far the worst day of my entire life. i will never forget the events of that day and that day
7:45 am
changed our lives forever. >> martha: how did you find out? what happened? >> i was your typical teenager. i was at football practice. had a great practice, was starting defensive halfback, couldn't wait to get home to tell my dad what had happened that day. my neighbors' father drove me home, stopped at the corner, though. my neighbor was also on the football team and that's when he told me to get out of the car and then he came over to me and told me my father had been killed. so immediately i ran from the corner back home to find my mother with our family members, friends, police officers. it was devastating. >> martha: so when you learned that governor cuomo wanted to give the opportunity for her to be released, that he feels she has been rehabilitated and a different person now. let's play some of what governor cuomo said about this.
7:46 am
>> she was a getaway driver as a young person. she didn't pull a trigger or have anything to do with the actual killing but she was the accessory in the conviction. people who were involved in the shooting have actually been released already. and she is the car driver and has still been in prison. >> martha: what do you think? >> i think governor has totally forgotten about the three men that were killed that day. for the governor to sit here and say that she was just an accessory, just a getaway driver, i don't think he knows the true facts of the case. this woman was a principle part of a terrorist organization. she was principally involved in the planning and execution of these three men. they had a plan. she was part of that plan. and without going into all the details of this, the governor
7:47 am
knows and the governor should know that she is just as guilty and equally as culpable of everybody that participated in that murder. if she was not there, if this part of the crime isn't there, if that part of the crime isn't there, the crime never gets committed. so -- >> martha: when you think about the larger picture, you call her a terrorist. what were they doing? why did they want to steal that money? >> they were part of -- i don't know and i don't particularly care. from what i hear it's part of some -- they call themselves revolutionaries. they were cold-blooded murders. she was and is a murderer. for the governor to turn around and to grant somebody who murdered three men clemency. what gives him the right to do that? this woman was tried and convicted and sentenced to 75 years to life from a judge who heard all the evidence in the case.
7:48 am
for the governor now to step in and say he met with her and, you know, she has done this or that and so we'll let her -- >> martha: has he met with you guys? >> no. >> martha: do you believe in rehabilitation. they are saying she is a changed woman and deserves to live out the rest of her life. >> what we have to look at here is we're forgetting, everybody is saying she is a changed woman. what about what she did? she killed three men. murdered three men. what is justice? the judge issued a sentence 75 years. that's not even enough. 75 years to life. that was the sentence. she should have served her sentence. governor cuomo had no right to come in and basically just say well, i think it's enough time. i've met with her. she seems impressive was his
7:49 am
word. she seems to have done a, b, c in prison. what about all the things that my father and officer o'grady and brown didn't get to do? what about all the things they didn't get to do for 35 years. she is doing good things now? if she did good things back then these three men would still be alive. >> martha: she was part of an organization similar to the weather underground. they were obviously against the vietnam war, against the united states of america looking to pull off acts of this sort and it's obviously a deep tragedy for your family and do you believe she needs to continue to serve her time? is there any chance she'll stay in? >> the only thing we can do, we have a tremendous amount of support. hopefully the parole board is -- we go before the parole board now. unfortunately the parole board members are appointed by the governor of the state of new york. hopefully the parole board will have more sense than the governor does and keep this
7:50 am
woman in prison where she belongs. >> martha: thank you very much for telling your story today. we appreciate it. >> bill: a powerful case indeed. 10 minutes before the hour. jon scott is coming up next on "happening now." >> republicans are set to dismantle obamacare. a leading republican said the law can't be replaced all at once. a texas senator joins us with his thoughts. president obama writes a letter to americans days before he leaves the white house but are the claims he makes all true? and are the mainstream media ignoring some glaring errors? we've heard about the dangers of overprescribing pain medication. now the reserves problem arises. why many doctors say under prescribing oepiads is hurting some patients.
7:51 am
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>> bill: going to be a big weekend for the nfl revvinging up the engines for the wild card game. four this weekend. fox will broadcast super bowl 51 from houston, texas, first sunday in february. we're pumped for that. so who will it be? sportscaster jim gray here to talk about football. jim, how are you doing? happy new year to you. i think we've got some great match-ups this weekend. oakland and houston, giants and green bay, late sunday. you've got miami and pittsburgh on saturday, detroit and seattle as well. these are the wild card games and you got the big dogs coming in next week. which teams do you see right now with the best shot of playing in houston on fox prime time in february? >> dallas and new england, the
7:55 am
top two seeds. there has only been six wild card teams to win in the super bowl era. last one in 2010. a tough road but this weekend i think the two teams that would have a chance to be pittsburgh from the afc and green bay possibly out of the nfc. i don't see them getting all the way through. >> you get new england and dallas. the ratings would be enormous. earlier in the year we talked about the ratings down for the nfl and some had thought it lost its edge. i still believe it's america's premier sport and entertainment value. do you see that way as well? have the ratings come back? is there a suggestion it's off? >> the ratings came back. after the election the ratings were down about 1%. prime time packages they're down 7 and 8% on the years and that's a problem because head injuries going forward and some of the issues that the nfl has and,
7:56 am
you know, officiating, pace of play, things of this nature have to be addressed. too many commercials. they're looking at it all. it doesn't have quite a cache it has. the presidential election took a lot of attention from everything. >> bill: they'll figure it out. i'm going up to green bay later today. minus 2. what is my lambeau field experience going to be like in 15 seconds, jim? >> it will be one of the great experiences of your life. you should go to august national, wimbledon and lambeau field. three things every sports fan should do. you love it. i hope it's cold. you'll have a good time. remember, the packers probably will win this game. detroit has never won a wild card game. they are 0-3 outside on the season and you'll have a great experience. >> bill: it feels like minus 18
7:57 am
in green bay. we have that going for us. thank you, jim. jim gray. me... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. involve two parties discussing something? why not give you some say? or let your driving do the talking. liberty mutual righttrack® finally puts you in control. with savings of up to 30%, with an initial discount just for signing up. take control of your rates. visit a local office or call liberty mutual today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> so, that's a friday, you're going to have an awesome weekend. i hope you have a great time at lambeau field. so we will get the report on that come monday, have a great weekend, everybody. "happening now" starts right no now. >> jenna: dress warm indeed, i heard it's going to be 0 degrees at lambeau field, so we have to worry about ill hammer. in the meantime, we talk today when it comes the news, as a nation's top intelligence officials getting set to brief president-elect trump on russian election meddling that we have heard so much about over the last week, welcome to "happening now" no, i'm jenna lee. >> jon: and i'm jon scott, the meeting comes after president obama received the same highly classified report accusing russia of waging a broad espionage campaign, including hacking, disinformation, and fake news named at least, in part, at helping mr. trump when the


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