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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 6, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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in regarding the hacking of democratic national committee computer systems, especially john podesta's and a run on 20,000 for the markets. i'm shepard smith in new york. local stations, local programming. fox news, neil cavuto. >> everybody outside. let's go! let's go. let's go. let's go. come on. >> this all going down about three hours ago when much of the world was fixated on a dow that was within inches of 20,000. the certification of donald trump to be the next president of the united states in washington and an fbi intelligence report before that man that will claim the presidency all taking a back seat to these developments in ft. lauderdale, florida. five dead, eight wounded in a shooting. officials say that the suspect was a passenger on a canadian
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flight coming into ft. lauderdale. he had a checked gun in a bag. then loaded it in a bathroom in the airport. he came out shooting in baggage area terminal two. the gunman has since been identified as 26-year-old esteban santiago. he had a military i.d. the sheriff on the scene say he's being grilled by the fbi and homicide detectives. no motive if he acted on his own or other accomplices. the ripple effect is clear and why. 2,200 flights already delayed. extra security at airports across the country including those in the new york metropolitan area and miami. phil keating right now in ft. lauderdale with more. what have you learned? >> broward county sheriff, scott israel, saying the latest here is that he doesn't know, can't say definitively whether or not this shooting of five people
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dead an an additional eight wounded, taken to the hospital, 13 people shot in total was an act of terror or not. regardless, without that decision or conclusion, it was absolute panic and terror here for at least 2, 2 1/2 hours this afternoon. the initial shooting happened at 1:00 in the baggage claim area. terminal two, behind me. we have a second camera on the upper deck here at terminal two. multiple police cars on the scene. the crime scene itself is below me down in the lower deck. that's where baggage claim is. and no one is allowed down there currently. in fact, terminal one is also still totally evacuated. there's hundreds upon hundreds of suitcases inside abandoned because there were two waves of panic and terror as passengers trying to check in to depart ft. lauderdale and return home or go to a vacation. suddenly came running full speed
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outside because somebody had thought they had heard additional shots. nobody knows exactly what those sounds were. but the sheriff and the atf and the fbi definitively said about 45 minutes ago at a news conference, there was no second additional shooting. there is no second additional suspect. everything happened right around 1:00 p.m. a lone gunman shoots 13 people. many right there point blank in the head. five people die. blood everywhere. people just running for their lives. i saw multiple waves throughout the 2, 2 1/2 hour period of panic in people's eyes and terror on their faces. running here, running behind that trailer, coming down and cowering over a car. this railing here, people were lying on their floors, lying on
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their stomachs and backs. just not knowing what to do, where to go and how safe the place was. so many law enforcement officers are here. all of them heavily armed. with the state of the airport currently, it remains closed. there's no planes taking off, no planes landing until every square inch of this airport is cleared. there's four terminals, plus three or four parking garages full of cars. everything is being looked at and checked out and determined to be not a threat before this airport is going to reopen. and the sheriff and the airport spokesman cannot say when that is. there are hundreds upon hundreds of passengers here who are stuck outside on the same sidewalk area i am, which is basically curbside as you go inside to check in, who have in idea when they will be able to go back
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inside and even try to find their suitcase. the people that came to pick up the passengers that were arriving on terminal two, which serves primarily air canada and delta airlines, there are still passengers that got to ft. lauderdale to begin their vacations when the shooting happened at 1:00 p.m. they're still stuck. they can't leave until the airport is secured by law enforcement. that could be hours upon hours from now. it's certainly expected that at some point this evening the ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport will eventually reopen. but there's going to be one very long backlog of flights and under the advice of somebody giving passengers here today. if you're still here and your flight should have taken off, you might want to just get out of here somehow and try to find a hotel if possible. traffic all in and around the
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airport is very difficult. you can see across the tarmac, the north side of the airport. remember, there were hundreds and hundreds of people fleeing in panic. not only terminal two through the jetways of the gates where there wasn't a plane, but on the tarmac. same has happened in terminal one when people were believing they heard a second wave of shots fired, which the sheriff said did not happen. they all ran across the runways. the major east-west runways, towing their suitcases with them. they fled all the way across. you can see the three ambulances. they're heading in the direction -- i don't know if that's where they're going yet. it appears they are. because there are other ambulances over there. the beige hanger over there, those are for private aircraft carriers, companies. there's numerous passengers that made their way all the way over
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there. they're still waiting some sort of transportation to get out of there and either come back to the airport or go somewhere else. this fleet of ambulances, there's people to the west of us as well. i think these ambulances are either to treat people who are having medical conditions because they have been stuck on this hot tarmac for several hours, high temperature in ft. lauderdale 80 degrees. not a cold day here in miami and a hot day to be out there on this concrete of an airport of this size. neil? >> it sounds like a lockdown. maybe even if you're being told your plane isn't going anywhere, if you want to be picked up or leave the airport altogether, you're going to have to walk. >> absolutely. i can say it's on lockdown. the faces, the altitude and the demeanor amongst all of these thousands of passengers and even
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the teams of law enforcement that will come by in numbers of eight or nine, the faces, the expressions, more relief, more calm. a lot less panic and certainly no more terror on the people's faces. there's certainly a calmness. a sense that, okay, there was one shooting. happened at 1:00. it was horrific without a doubt. it appears to be no further threats to this point. just to make absolutely critically sure, the sheriff, the fbi, atf, all law enforcement will finish securing, making sure everything checks out, no more threats, no more suspicious activities. i'm seeing smiles on peoples' faces now, which you didn't see in the hours of 1:00 and 3:00. >> thanks phil keating in
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ft. lauderdale. what we know, it's esteban santiago. he was on an air canada flight. he checked a gun. what is remarkable, upon landing, going to the baggage claim, he got the gun inside, took the gun in a rest room, came out and started shooting at the baggage terminal. the terminal is outside the security area, so that's raising a lot of talk as to whether that is something that had to be addressed going forward. david katz with the global security group. what do you think of this? >> a horrible situation obviously. a couple questions. you say he was on an air canada flight. i'd like to know the point of origin. if there's canada, a lot of questions there. they don't have the same gun laws as we do. when you travel armed, you take your firearm, you check it, you can take ammunition as well as long as it's not in the same container and you travel with it.
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so there is a very common circumstance that people travel with firearms, but it's just remarkable that this individual was able to get access to that weapon off the baggage claim, go to the bathroom, arm self and start shooting people. most of these are outside of the screened areas where security is lacking. so i think at this point, maybe it's a little rethinking process, get more security outside the screened areas. once they're in the screened areas, the likelihood of something happening is far, far less. >> so what are the rules in the united states when you have a weapon, obviously can't be armed, but you can put it in luggage. are the same requirements there when you arrive, you leave it alone or in this case he had to have packed it with the ammunition. >> right. >> along with it, right? >> it depends where you're going. different airports have different regulations.
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for example -- by the way, the only people that can carry armed are federal agents. when i was with the dea, you travel armed. >> he had active military i.d. would that have -- >> not enough. for example, if you -- say you go from new york city or a local airport here or elsewhere. when you check your weapon in, you have two layers of screening. you have the port authority police department. they look at the weapon, see whether you're licensed to have the weapon and then you go through the usual tsa screening. in other airports, there's no police involvement. tsa does it. they don't verify whether you have a legal firearm. so for example, if you're traveling in a different airport without that police involvement, all you do is say to the ticket agent, you're carrying a weapon armed. they examine it. make sure it's unloaded. sign off on it, put it in your suitcase and bring it to tsa. tsa's sole focus is to make sure it's not loaded. the weapon and ammunition, you can carry them in the same
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container or same bag as long as they're not in the same physical container. maybe -- >> they can be in the same suitcase? >> yeah. even if you weren't, you travel with two suitcases. this happens thoughts and thousands and times of aday. but there's some method in place where someone like this should have been a hard look. when we unravel this, he probably had that weapon illegally. that's probably where we could have stopped this before it happened. >> we don't know. thanks, david. global security group. again, the latest is 13 people were shot today in this mayhem. five have been killed. another eight injured. i don't know the status of their injuries or conditions. on the phone is john. he was there in the tarmac. how are you doing now, john? >> i'm doing occasion now. a little shaken still. trying to recover.
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>> i'm sure. if you don't mind, or are able to, tell us what you saw, what went down. >> sure. i was sitting in the departure's area when the incident took place and looking on the tarmac. we heard some pops behind us. security personnel and passengers started rushing towards our area screaming, take cover, take cover, get down. i was about 15 feet from a flight attendant's kiosk. just ran there and took cover underneath it. and then about 30 seconds to a minute later, the door to the tarmac was opened and people were yelling at us to go on to the tarmac. so we crawled as quickly as we could to the tarmac door and then evacuated out on the tarmac. >> john, what -- did you see the
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gunman? >> i did not see the gunman. i was in the departures area. the shots were in the baggage claim. >> how quickly did it sink in that there was an active shooter on scene? >> you know, at first, it felt like i was living in a movie. like is this real, is this happening. once i was on the ground, i was not sure what was going on. i pulled out my phone and texted my family to tell them that i loved them in case something happened to me. >> now, in the baggage area itself outside of security, so did anyone know or how quickly the word passed that there was a shooter there? there were records that there might have been an additional incident that has since been
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dismissed. what did you hear afterwards? >> so it passed the information that someone was down there shooting instantaneously because we could hear the shots from up here. that's when people were telling us to take cover. and then after we were on the tarmac, we were brought back in to the terminal. about 15 to 20 minutes later one of the security personnel started running. at that point a lot of the people in the terminal starting running for the doors again because panic had sunk in. that's when the alleged incident was going on. we didn't know what was going on. >> john, where are you now? >> i'm still in terminal two, uncertain of what will happen next. >> people are stuck on site then. you can't get off --
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>> correct. we can't leave either way. i have a friend who is actually in a plane that landed in ft. lauderdale on the tarmac still. >> so he is not even able to get off that plane? >> yeah. she can't get off the plane. >> so i'm sorry, she. is that what authorities are saying, that no one leaves the scene and no one can come up and pick up anybody from the scene? >> correct. the airport is on lockdown. >> okay. how are you holding up? >> i'm doing as best as could be expected, i think. there's kind of a spirit of comradery in here around the passengers talking to people that we don't know. making sure others are okay. there were children while we were on the tarmac that were
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separated from their families. we ensured that they got with the families, contacted them. made sure they were safe. >> you since might have heard, john, there's an early i.d. on this gunman, a 26-year-old man by the name of esteban santiago that he had a military i.d. and that he checked the gun on an air canada flight. later when he retrieved his luggage in ft. lauderdale where you are was able to arm it and then start shooting afterwards. what do you think about that? >> correct. i am a big proponent of stricter gun laws. so i'd like to see stricter regulations on that in general. we've had a lot of shootings around the u.s. and around the world. so i'd like to see that somehow taken care of. >> john, in the meantime, has anyone given you word when you
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might be able to leave there? >> no, there's still no word. >> amazing. john, thanks very much. we're monitoring this situation. monitoring other developments as well. for those that just tuned in, one of the things raised here how we go about security at airport. we'll talk about who is allowed to carry a gun and why and whether that gun should be in the same case or cases as other ammunition. i would be hastening to adhere, this occurred at a firm in ft. lauderdale, a big vacation destination in and of itself a big cruise destination and returning point as well to those that cruise around the caribbean and what have you, many that were and here at the airport, maybe taking off or returning from cruises, again, the -- esteban santiago who came in from an air canada flight, he hails from anchorage, alaska.
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a big military town as well. unclear which branch of the military he was in. spotty reports of a criminal record. some of the scenes later on in the day, inside an airport garage. i do want to point out while this is scary stuff, there was other stuff going on including house intelligence report on the russian's role in the latest election. the u.s. house of intelligence report can confirm that vladimir putin played an active role in the campaign and this has been conveyed to donald trump, although mr. trump in getting this information was not and is not convinced that russia was acting alone or that this was exclusively russia but was told that the country had a big part, maybe bigger than he first surmised. all of this of course occurring on the same day we had mr. trump officially certified as the next
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president of the united states. garnering the 304 electoral votes that we expected. there was some dust-up in the vice president in the odd position of trying to quell what was a protest in the floor of the house confirming all of this as well as a number of democratic representatives that were doing their best on this to stop it. but donald trump was gone ahead and certified and it was no less than joe biden that said it's over. donald trump is the next president of the united states. on this development, as you saw that tweet, if we can show it again, donald trump responding to the developments that he had an opportunity to speak with the florida governor, rick scott. a terrible situation. thoughts and prayers for all. stay safe. that of course from the president-elect that two weeks from now will be the president of the united states. so much going on. not the least of which the quest for the dow, 20,000. that was going on today. three hours ago, we were getting very, very close. word of this hit and whether it
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had an effect on anyone, i'm not going to hazard a guess. the dow fell well shy by about 37 points of 20,000. so the psychological effect of everything going down in florida here as flights can't get in and out of there, we've seen it at the new york metropolitan area, a slow down in flights and heightened alert in the miami metropolitan area and spilling over across the country. chances are if you're flying anywhere tonight or expecting to pick up anyone that is, even outside the ft. lauderdale area, you're going to be looking at some delays. it will effect where you go and when. so the psychological impact right now with former fbi agent, manny gomez. so much to ask. a lot of people still hunkered
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down and not getting any information when they can leave. a scary environment right now. play it out of what they can do. how they proceed here. >> well, the good news appears that the threat is over and they can somewhat relax. they need to just bear in mind that this is a process. law enforcement has to absolutely unequivocally have to clear everybody in the airport, to ensure there's no bad players involved within. >> how do they do that? there's thousands there. what do they do? >> they go person by person and they check them systematically. they ask who -- where they're going, where they're coming from, what business they're doing in ft. lauderdale. they might run name checks until they feel comfortable there's no other active players or conspirators to this act. in the interim, people need to
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relax and try to understand that this is a very severe thing that happened, people have died and they're safe and they need to understand the process and just be patient. >> we don't know much about the gunman, the 26-year-old, esteban santiago. we do know he had a military i.d. but you've heard -- what can you tell us? >> having a military i.d. could mean that he was active or former military. could mean that he just a family member of someone that is in the military. we don't know much now. what i do know is that the fbi and local law enforcement will be actively interviewing, seeking out his family members, friends, employees, past employers, things of that nature. everybody associated with this individual and quoting his social media, texts, phone calls, e-mail to see if he was
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acting alone, if he had co-conspirators and to a-number 1 know the motive of why this person committed this horrible crime. also to figure out if there is another potential plot that could be happening. that's why the entire country's airports are on lockdown right now in anticipation of a potential copycat. >> we're seeing new video coming in. obviously anyone and every within even if you work at the airport, they want to know exactly what you're doing there and what flight you were on and what capacity at the airport you work. we're getting a few more details on the shooter. show that santio had minor brushes with the law, coming from the "miami herald," when he lived in alaska including $1,000 fine for driving without insurance and another infraction for driving with broken taillights.
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an anchorage landlord evicted him last year for failure to pay rent. he was carrying some fort of military i.d. we don't know if it was legitimate i.d. or exactly his i.d. he is a former u.s. army soldier from the new york metropolitan area. we'll get more on that. senator marco rubio from florida. senator, thanks for taking the time. have you learned anything, senator? >> well, as has been happening, the information flows into the press about as fast as government officials. the fbi at this time has no reason to believe that it's an act of terrorism. they haven't ruled anything out yet. they'll treat it as such until that's been ruled out. basically the information that i've asked and confirmed that he was a passenger on an inbound flight. conflicts reports. one agency told me it was a domestic but not continental united states flight.
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another agency, local agency, said it was a flight coming in from canada. he was a passenger that flew in, went to the baggage claim, loaded a weapon and came out firing. they're trying to figure out two fold, one is there anybody else involved and anything else going on at the airport. there's one fear that one tactic is designed to draw in law enforcement and a secondary attacker can target law enforcement, first responders. they want to rule that out and then try to figure out what was behind this. so that will be more forthcoming. we have to understand the facts about that. >> what little we do know, senator and you know this as well is that he came out of the rest room once he got his gun out of the case, armed it and started shooting at this baggage
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terminal. it's outside the security perimeter. already we heard calls for baggage terminals should be within the security perimeter. way too soon to jump to those type of conclusions. what do you make of that? >> first of all, if you talk to law enforcement, the agencies i've talked to, the bottom line he didn't have to get on a plane and fly to ft. lauderdale to carry this out. he could have driven up in a car, parked, walked in and done the same thing perhaps within even deadlier results. so again, it's -- the reason why we prevent handguns on aviation is to prevent hijackings and commandeering of airplanes and the like. no matter where you set the perimeter, somebody will be outside that perimeter and there will be people there. that's why this is not -- they're going to spend time trying to figure this out. you don't have to -- if you wanted to shoot up the
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ft. lauderdale terminal, you didn't have to put it in a bag and fly here. you could have driven up or what have you. so he could have done it where he came from. so there's a lot here to figure out yet still. i think it will take some time. people shouldn't reserve judgment in front of the facts before we propose legislation. >> that is true. you bring up a good point what his interests might have been in florida. do we know that, if he hails from alaska or once lived in alaska. very little that we know about him. have you heard of any florida connections yet? >> i haven't up to this point. one of the things about it, his name is not necessarily rare. esteban is very common in spanish. so his last name, santiago, is common, too. so if you did a public search, it would take time to narrow it down. he is on the passenger manifest and be quicker for law
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enforcement. at that point, the work is ongoing. i want to be cautious. i don't want to go further than what they've gone in term of making revelations. i have not heard anything in the media other than what they told me so far. >> senator, i'd be remiss if i didn't mention the intel report that came out now being shared with the media today and with americans that vladimir putin did indeed have a role and aspired to influence the election. whether that tipped it to donald trump, there's no way of knowing. what do you make of that and mr. trump who had a chance to be briefed on the same matter confirmed that russia certainly tried to influence the election. but obviously he did not share the belief that he did. but what do you make of these latest reports coming out? >> i say three things. i recalled back in october when i was on the ballot and the revelations came out, i refused
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to discuss wikileaks. i do not believe donald trump was elected because of this. i don't believe it tipped it one way 0 or the other. number 2, they did not hack the election voting system. number 3, there's no doubt in my mind and never has been a doubt in my mind that it was the russian government under the putin government and undertook active measures to influence and/or manipulate american public opinion and to sow chaos in our electoral question. now you look at today, there's some democrats questioning the president-elect and the president-elect questioning the intelligence. that sounds what russia was trying to do, interfering with the process there and that is part of their aim here. i've never had any doubt about that. >> do you think that vladimir putin wanted donald trump to be
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president more than he did it hillary clinton? >> well, it's difficult to describe his motive. i don't know vladimir putin. i'd say to you that i'm not sure they were interested in the ultimate outcome. i think the number 1 goal was to create doubt about our electoral system and it's credibility. the secondary goal was to create chaos and animosity. the more of that exists in the united states, the weaker they believe we are made by it. so having people out to say that trump's goal of the election is part of his goal and having people questioning hillary clinton if she won would have been part of his goal. so again, the overriding goal was to sow chaos and undermine the credibility of our electoral system. how he feels about the actual outcome is something i can't answer. >> i know you have to go. this was the formality today of donald trump being certified in washington as the next president of the united states.
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but it was a little business of a dust that joe biden apparently had to make it official and just say it's over despite protests from both elected members and protesters that snuck into the well of congress to stop this from happening. how do you think this settles the matter now? a lot of people that are still going to be kicking and screaming on this thing two weeks ahead of donald trump getting sworn in. >> i remind people about 2000 when it happens. there were three or four house members that decided to make a show of it and a couple that went in the gallery and started screaming. but the process was run the way it was supposed to be run and donald trump had sufficient votes in the electoral college and will be sworn in as the president. that's why elizabeth warren and
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a number of them signed on to any petitions to disqualify him. the election is over. the time has come to govern and run the country. in about two weeks, donald trump will be sworn in as president of the united states. i hope we'll have a period of time where everybody can work together to get things right in our country. we'll have another election in two years for congress. until then, we should focus on fixing the problems that are in front of our country. i hope that's what will happen. this there be a handful of people that want to be on the news to get their name out there but i hope the rest of us focus on our job. >> senator marco rubio. thanks for taking the time. >> thank you. >> back with david katz on this. as the good senator and i were speaking, we talked about the incident today in ft. lauderdale airport where five people lost their lives to a shooter with a military i.d. and a gun in his bag, retrieved the gun once he landed, armed it and started
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shooting. one of the things that david raised is the idea that why would he take a long flight on an air canada flight to do what he could have done from his destination, from where he left. i apologize. why go to the trouble? it is a good point. what do you think? >> i mean, still -- absolutely no doubt had he been already to florida and armed, he could have gone back to the airport and perpetrated the same incident. based on what i'm hearing now, his connection with alaska was an air canada flight from alaska. that explains how he could check a weapon. it's domestic to domestic. >> i'm getting separate points that he left out of anchorage. i don't have the confirmation. >> the point -- i've had experienced checking weapons that would curl your hair. >> why couldn't he do that in anchorage? why take a long flight --
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>> good question. either he's deranged -- doesn't seem that as a terror nexus. an alaska flight, as you said, with a long flight in between, why? this is probably going to be -- someone is going -- you'll find out he's a deranged individual most likely. when you have a compromised cognitive ability, it's hard to make rationale sense of a crazy person's thoughts. that's where i'm leaning right now. doesn't seem to be an act of terrorism -- >> and you're the expect. that's what i want to pick your brain. seems like an enormous effort to go through where you can do it from the point which you left unless you had connections or people you were hooking up with in florida. i don't want to infer or imply anything from that. but what do you make of that? >> yeah, certainly true. you have to find out number 1 were any of the victims targeted or was it random. it appears random.
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you don't know. again, as you said, why get on a plane, why go through that very, very long flight and perpetrate the act? unless there was some -- either in reality he had some sort of beef against the airport employees, that's unlikely. could be the work of someone that was absolutely psychotic. >> yeah, we don't know. we don't know the breakdown of the people shot. of the 13 shot, five fatally. eight in area hospitals. david, stick around. i want to bring into the south florida fbe counter terrorism task force agent, chad evans. here's a guy that leaves the scene, goes through enormous trouble to pack a gun with i.d., we're told military i.d. that would allow him to do that and then assemble the ammunition in a men's room at the destination when he could have easily done that back in anchorage?
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>> that's absolutely correct. i think the mental stability or unstability of this perpetrator, the subject of this horrendous attack definitely be on the forefront of the investigators that are currently conducting the interview and the additional agents who are scouring the backgrounds and scouring all kinds of information on this subject to determine what that motive could be. once again, we have an active shooter situation. unfortunately as good as we are at federal law enforcement and local law enforcement, you can't prevent the unpredictable. the only thing you can do is prepare. this goes again to show that not only from a law enforcement standpoint, but from a private citizen standpoint unfortunately 13 casualties is a high number of casualties, five being killed, when, you know, there
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are law enforcement. i've flown in and out of ft. lauderdale quite often. in the luggage area and the ticketing area there are armed broward sheriff office deputy sheriffs. it's one of those things that we need to have citizens to prepare themselves in the event of this unfortunately. >> we don't know whether esteban santiago was wearing military fatigues test that he was captured. the reason why i mention it, according to the army criminal investigation unit, he was a combat engineer, honorably discharged from the army national guard last year. what do you make of that? >> real quickly with that new information, if you look at the individual, the army veteran out of the dallas police shootings, that horrific event, i believe that individual also was a combat engineer.
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not that that had any connection to this shooting today, but once again, it's unfortunate. i wear a former -- i'm a veteran myself of the u.s. army second range battalion. so any time a individual, a veteran is perpetrating these crimes crushes all veterans out there. >> and sets up a new stage who you look out for, i'm thinking. world apart and two very different incidences, but the assassination of the russian ambassador in turkey was done by a top turkish security official that since lost his job but was allowed access to the room with a current i.d. and he killed the ambassador. it does start to raise questions as to whether we have to, to your point, closely scrutinize, even though this is by far the exception to the rule i but it
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does make you think, right? >> oh, it definitely does. i think it also brings into account we don't know, we're still a little bit in the evaluation stage. the mental health capacity of this. that is an area that no one, not law enforcement, not politicians, nobody has a good grasp how to get our armed wraps around this mental health crisis that we have because of the events that take place. >> you know, again, we're getting very different reports on whether the shooter was wearing those military fatigues. if he was, there's a trust associated with that just as the trust with the shooter in turkey. i don't want to make any leaps here. i'm just saying that it's changing our psychology of people will feel nervous now period no matter who they see. >> right. i think once again from the
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on-scene reporting right now and any type of event that takes place like this on the active shooter front, all too often when the reporters get out there and they get the microphones in front of the witnesses, one of the first things that witnesses will say is i never thought it would happen here, never thought it would happen to me. unfortunately we have to prepare ourselves mentally for these catastrophic events. even if it gives us a split second time to prepare and make a decision that is life saving, i hate to say it but it's the world we live in now. >> very sad. chad, thank you, and for taking the time. by the way, we're getting a little more information. it's coming in from various wires services, on the mindset of the shooter. that is always a crab shoot to put it mildly. senator bill nelson said that we don't know the motive at this point. could be someone mentally deranged or someone with a more
1:42 pm
sinister motive, and that is terrorism. we can't conclude this. nor should authorities on the scene conclude that. they have nothing that links this to any terrorism group or nor is anyone thinking responsibility or bragging rights to that, perverse as that sounds. but heightens security in an around the nation's airports, including in the world's busiest, the new york metropolitan area. the port authority says liberty airport, john f. kennedy, j.f.k. and la guardia airport, those three collectively the busiest on the planet. david lee miller joins us at la guardia. what can you tell us, david. >> indeed we're at la guardia airport. there's a much higher visibility when it comes to security. the security is maintained as you point out by the port .uthority of new york and
1:43 pm
over my shoulder you can see for yourself two officers. they are around with heavy tactical weapons. as we approach the airport, neil, we saw a number of law enforcement vehicles, at least two from the state police and at least one vehicle from the port authority itself. as part of this heightened response, we're told that the port authority has brought out armored vehicles and also k-9 y units to check for possible explosives. you can see what's going on here with security. not a great deal. that is a good thing. but this is not, we are told, the rush hour here at la guardia. that will happen later tonight. we are told that there is going to be an increase checking randomly of bags. so the bottom line here is if you're going to be traveling in the new york city area today or virtually anywhere in the country today would be a good
1:44 pm
idea to get to the airport a little early because the heightened security that you see here at la guardia and j.f.k. and newark, that will be taking place throughout the system, a good way to think of it, the heightened security now taking place will be similar to what authorities did over the holidays. but for now, relatively quiet here at la guardia airport. more police and security on hand than usual. neil? >> thank you, david lee. david lee miller. we're getting word shortly from the governor of florida and he is already put out a couple of statements. but one from governor rick scott is that he's being briefed by law enforcement at the ft. lauderdale airport. he will be speaking and making himself available to the media shortly thereafter. all of this going down almost four hours ago when a guy gets off a flight from air canada,
1:45 pm
has a checked gun in luggage. retrieves his luggage at the baggage terminal. goes to the men's room, arms it and starts shooting at the baggage terminal. five are dead, eighth are injured. dan bungino is now with us on the form from the secret service. we're told that you used to guard the president, president obama has been updated on this. no comments on that from i don't the white house. what do you make of this? >> neil, this is a really tough story to unpack as you've covered here a couple times. the big question hanging out there now is why go through all of this to do this horrible deed at an airport? why get on a flight, why go through the hassle of checking a weapon? a lot of it is speculation, but you have to ask yourself, this doesn't seem like some rapid emotional break. he clearly went into the baggage, had the weapon, went
1:46 pm
into the bathroom, reloaded the weapon. did something happen on the plane? did something happen before he left? necessary are all questions. but this is a very perplexing attack that doesn't seem to fit any m.o. we've seen before. >> you know the only reason why there wasn't more horror on the scene or horror enough is that the sun sentinel is reporting in florida that he ran out of bullets. he laid on the ground and was captured without incident. i say without incident on his part. he already killed five and injured eight others. the question i come back to and maybe you can help me, if he left anchorage with the intent of going to florida in this case to kill people, he could have just done the same thing in
1:47 pm
anchorage. so it raises the question, what was in ft. lauderdale or what could have transpired on the flight to trigger this reaction? right? >> yeah. yeah. you're going to have to interview everybody on the flight. my guess is you're probably not going to find anything at this point. i've been tossing around all kinds of alternate scenarios in my head if i was a federal agent trying to come up with a motive. was it that he went to an airport in anchorage and the security -- decided to check a weapon? you don't know. you go through these different scenarios or was he trying to get some media attention in this particular area for some reason, to do the attack here. you can chalk talk this all they and come up -- >> and i should stress here that this is coming from the canadian embassy reporting that this ft. lauderdale shorter did not fly from canada. was not on a canadian flight.
1:48 pm
this again coming from the canadian embassy in washington. i don't know if air canada services anchorage or points in the u.s. it does serve a number of other cities. might have originated from an american city. air canada is a canadian airline. but they're saying, no, no, he didn't original from canada. having said that, a lot of people will track his whereabouts, where he was coming from, flying from and what his connection to florida would be. would you be looking at that, the florida connection because if it was and deranged individual acting on his own, he wanted to act on his own at this particular airport for specific reasons, right? >> yeah, absolutely. as i said when we opened the conversation, neil, this doesn't seem like some emotional break, you know, psych pathological moment here.
1:49 pm
sounds very deliberate. think about the information that we have that has been confirmed at this point that the gun was in the baggage. we know that. he went into the bathroom to load the weapon because you're not allowed to carry a loaded weapon in baggage. has to bun loaded. these are all volitional acts. they're not quick outbursts. apparently he reloaded apparently because of the casualty count and there's eye witness reports that he reloaded multiple times. this seems to be again volitional acts, intentional acts that had some degree of preplanning. that doesn't answer the why question. why here? why in ft. lauderdale? why not in anchorage? why here? why go through the trouble? him being alive still according to the reports will obviously be a big help in getting to the bottom of that. >> as i'm speaking to you, more details from the canadian embassy. as we mentioned earlier, flight
1:50 pm
did originate in anchorage, alaska. so not in canada. flew to ft. lauderdale. could have done so with a stop in minneapolis. but the anchorage airport of course is serviced by virtually everybody in the region. air canada, american, frontier, iceland air, jet blue, sun country, virgin atlantic and on and on. so air canada among them. so seemingly trace today an air canada flight. as we stressed and clear from the outset, that doesn't mean he was originating from canada. could have been anchorage on route via minneapolis to florida but with his sights set on florida. best you could tell and hazard in a guess and i grant that, but for authorities to say that right now they cannot tie anyone else into this, we don't know his florida connections.
1:51 pm
you would be looking for whatever florida ties he might have. that might not necessarily mean hooking up with people in florida. just what ties he has, right? >> you there? >> can you hear me? >> yeah, i can. i would be looking for florida ties, i would be looking for military ties, looking for any ties at all. i'd be looking to talk to family members. they're reporting that he had a military common access cart, a cac card. i'd wanted to know what's in this person's history that brought him to ft. lauderdale today and had him take over at civilian targets with such deadly results. i'm sure my former colleagues
1:52 pm
are looking at their former records to see if they had reports on him and scouring over that now. what pushes someone to this sort of madness, there has to be some prior independeicatorindicators. >> thanks very much. so much we don't know about esteban santiago. he did have a military i.d. a lot of people are asking questions as to whether he was dressed in military garb. that obviously could make a difference to folks whether there was no questioning him or certainly suspicions about him. retired four-star general jack cane on all of that. what are the requirements, general, for military active or retired when traveling with a weapon? >> well, if they're active duty, they certainly have a
1:53 pm
authorization to carry that weapon. the tsa will be notified they're carrying weapon just like a law enforcement officer is doing. weapon wouldn't be loaded unless there's a reason for them to have it on his side. i don't think that -- usually for the military, that's not the case. usually for someone no longer an active duty like this person applies, he's a normal citizen and has the same restrictions that everybody else has while traveling on an airplane. not allowed to bring a weapon on board. you can only carry one in checked baggage. has to be unloaded when it's moving. it's not going to be a machine gun or something like that obviously. so those are just normal for the military. the fact that this is a military person who appeared to have committed this crime, i can tell you how the military reacts to
1:54 pm
something like this with absolute revulsion and disgust that someone that took an oath to protect the american people would use this special training that person has received to kill the american people. that's the sense of revulsion that we have about something like this. we feel the same way when any citizen kills a fellow citizen in senseless fashion as this is. but if you spent your life devoted to the military like i have and been associated with olympic level like people my entire life, my prouder part of my life is my association with these wonderful human beings that chose to serve their country and do so bravely. so when something like this happens, it is just so profoundly disappointing. i know that's how -- i normally try to speak for the military as i'm not in it anymore.
1:55 pm
but i can tell you were some degree of authority i can speak how they feel about this. >> i'm sure, general and this is by far the exception of the rule. it happens at a time with a very different incident in turkey. a russian ambassador was shot. the guyed that expired military i.d. there was a trust and not a lack of suspicion in his care. there must have been trust with this guy given the fact that if he were wearing military fatigues that he was instantly trusted. now we have the situation that everybody is being screened at the ft. lauderdale airport and checking their connections, what they're doing, why they're there, who they work for, who they know. anyone and everyone. what do you look for? >> i think they're just making sure of themselves there's nobody else participating in this horrible incident.
1:56 pm
making certain there's no other people out there that are harmed. taking normal law enforcement precautions. >> do you worry, general? with a development like all of a sudden now, as is the case in turkey, we're going to look at the people that presumably protect us? >> certainly some of them can be radicalized as we painfully are aware of in the united states army. we had major hassan. he was an officer and a psychiatrist. he was in the medical profession. a profession that we hold in very high esteem and regard in this country. inside, he's in the culture of the united states military. he goes out and kills 13 of fellow soldiers and wounds 30-plus others. he was in an enormous position of trust. that kind of despicable behavior would never be expected to someone who holds the kind of positions that he has and has the educational background that
1:57 pm
he had. he was radicalized. that unfortunately is one of the things we're dealing with and will continue to deal with it until we come up with the proper strategy, proper alliances to go after this thing in a coherent way. to date we have not. >> we referred here -- >> no, no it looks like it's probably not but we don't know for sure. >> we're getting word of via abc news he was honor i belieably discharged. he was a combat engineer, honorably discharged from the national guard. so nothing that at least at a quick glance would indicate anything suspicious. the only thing that looked suspicious or odd is that he would have a weapon in a bag, maybe ammunition in the same bag or another bag, fly all the way presumably from anchorage
1:58 pm
alaska, via minneapolis, to florida where he would go there if rest room were the baggage, take out his gun, arm it, come back out and started shooting. he could have done that in anchorage. >> yeah, sure. it's inexplicable. how many times have we shaken our heads in school houses, other public polices, where people are not stable, others that are radical idizes and -- don't think we'll quite get used to them. it's sad how often they are breaking news on fox. >> yeah. breaking news everywhere. thanks, general. on the phone real quickly is matt. he pulled up to the airport at the same time police arrived. where are you now, matt? >> we're literally just -- they had us held us in the parking
1:59 pm
lot. they're letting everybody leave the airport premises now. we're walking away. >> you have to walk away. >> they're having everybody sign out on note pads with their name, identification, phone numbers. walking out in a single-file >> neil: were you going there to pick up somebody? >> i was flying out. i was supposed to go to reno, nevada, like everybody else, traveling out on friday after a week of business and this all happened. >> neil: you doing okay now? >> yes. >> neil: thanks very much. so much we don't know. these things are senseless, trying to connect and motive, rationale, to the flight aboard anchorage, alaska, moves on to
2:00 pm
fort lauderdale, florida, why he did it in either of those locations, what was the significance of fort lauderdale. so much we don't know, but eight are five are dead. senseless. "the five" is on. >> i am eric bolling, this is a fox news alert. following two breaking news stories, five dead and eight injured in florida after a shooting at a fort lauderdale airport. plus just in this hour, u.s. intelligence agencies have released an unclassified version of the russia hack report. we'll have all the details on that in a moment. back to the tragic story out of florida. a shooting suspect is in custody after a lone gunman opened fire in a baggage claim area in florida's fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport, shooting people in the head without saying a word, witnesses say. describe seeing the gunmen opened fire. >> i got my first bag off, hurt


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