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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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doing it in the dead of night. >> bret: that is it for the report. fair, balanced, and unafraid. tucker is next. >> tucker: we have the fox news alert, a gunman is shot and leaving others shot. we begin our show with a fox national correspondent he was live on the scene in florida. >> we receive on lockdown from the broward county sheriff's department. going through grudges, checking every single vehicle as well as every square inch of the property that includes all four terminals as well as the tarmac's. there helicopters with spotlights tonight fighting over the runway is making sure there is nothing suspicious out there.
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essentially they are making sure this airport is entirely at 100% safe and secure before they resume airport operations which may not now happen, i am hearing, until possibly tomorrow. no one is allowed to enter the airport property by car, no one is allowed to leave airport property which means there are hundreds and hundreds of people out on the curb outside of terminal 1 was evacuated around 2:00 this afternoon, five hours ago. there are a bunch of people inside terminal to two who madt through security prior to the 1:00 shooting, where at the gate areas waiting for their plane to pull up and get on the jetway's and fly off to their destinations. they have not been allowed to leave. for most of the people, everyone outside, they have had no access to bathrooms or food for five hours. i've seen paramedics taking structures inside terminal 2 behind me, probably to deal with some sort of medical situations regarding some of these
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passengers. the deck below me here at terminal 2 is where the baggage claim area is and around 1:00, that is when about 4 minutes of carnage were released when witnesses say they named it shooter suspect in this case, esteban santiago, and to baggage claim, got his luggage, and then went into the bathroom, took his gun out of the luggage out of the lockbox, which he had packed and checked in anchorage, alaska, to fly via minneapolis to fort lauderdale, they loaded the gun, and went out into the baggage claim area and started shooting people. 13 people shot, blood everywhere, five people dead, and eight people wounded and currently being treated at broward county hospitals. then it seemed like the airport was kind of starting to settle down, but then, 45 minutes later was absolute panic and terror again as there were reports of shots in the garage, fought the mecca s.w.a.t. teams running in
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with heavily armed. across the runways with their luggage, running as far away from airport property as possible because there were other reports that others heard gunshots and terminal 1. the sheriff says none of that was actually gunfire. there is only one shooting instance today and that was the 1:00 according to witnesses which lasted about 4 minutes, 13 people were shot, eight wounded, five brutally murdered, and of e law enforcement that responded fired no weapons. they order the government onto the ground, he surrendered, was handcuffed, and insulin custody since shortly after 1:00. at the latest on his personal background, his brother and mother to the new york daily news, he is being treated for mental health recently. law enforcement sources are telling fox news that in november of last year, so two months ago, he went into the anchorage, alaska fbi field office saying that u.s.
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intelligence was planting devices in his brain. it may check to mel, put him on their list, said they found no connection to terror. it was an absolute terrorizing two hours for these hundreds of thousands of travelers here today. tucker? >> tucker: thank you so much. what a sad story. we are joined by fox news national security correspondent who has more on the gunmen tonight. jennifer? >> i just got off the phone with law enforcement sources here in washington who tell me that the gunmen flied demonic flu first class. not only by the fbi, but also the army cid, that's the criminal investigative division. we know that he served and alaska and in alaska narration demonic national guard in august of 2016 pure 2016 fod
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serve one tour in iraq, that was from 2010-2011, february 2011. i would know that that was not a very active time in iraq. that was just before they pulled out at the end of that year. he was a combat engineer, he was separated from the national guard from the alaska national guard for performance we are told by the spokesman out in alaska. he joined the national guard, the puerto rican national guard and 2007 and that is when he deployed to iraq. his family says, has told reporters, he did suffer some mental problems after returning from iraq and what we do know and met dean our producer asked the justice department has talked to law enforcement sources who have confirmed that in november, he did go into an fbi field office in anchorage, not far from where he was livin living, and he did say that he
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was having, he believed the u.s. intelligent had infiltrated his mind trying to convince them to join isis and forcing him to watch isis videos as bill keating just reported. that's when fbi turned him over to law enforcement and law enforcement had him taken to be mentally checked out at a hospital and at that point, the fbi and department of homeland security opened and enter agency review, they looked into his background, they began talking to his family members, but they did not find any connection to foreign terrors overseas at that time. back to you tucker. >> tucker: jennifer, things a lot for that. congress confirmed president trump's by accepting his electoral votes. at that did not stop a group of democrats in congress from setting up a taxpayer
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the protecting our democracy act will give a full 18 months to look into the matter. congressman, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you for having me back. >> tucker: we talked to you last month and you made it case for this commission and your point was look, there's a lot we don't know. there is a lot we do know with the delivery of this report. why do we need your commission? >> the public report that the white house put out made clearer than ever that russia attacked our democracy. it was ordered by vladimir putin and they intend, and other countries likely, want to attack again. we joined this effort to say let's find an infant dependent way to find out why this happened, why are we so vulnerable, and let's make sure we don't let this happen again. >> tucker: the report said that the russians planned to harm hillary clinton.
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and the russians were gathering information to use against her should she win. i assume use except that findin finding, shouldn't we find how they penetrated her server, which seems to be the least protected piece of electronic in the united states, that was not mentioned in the report. i haven't heard any democrats mention that, if you get this panel, should she be subpoenaed on that question? >> is a bipartisan effort. republicans and democrats want to get the bottom of the truth. this is about making sure our elections belong to us. the committee should have a wide scope and looking at what russia did to try and undermined our election. i'm not going to prejudge the results. >> tucker: two points. you say replicants have signed on to this? >> i continue to reach out to republicans. the commission would be a bipartisan appointed. it would be republican and
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democrat appointed. i still believe that republicans accept that we were hacked. john mccain held a hearing yesterday accepting that. i would like to take this out of congress, have members fully devote themselves to finding out once and for what happened because after all, the president-elect doesn't even accept that russia attacked our elections. this gun can i you there? there's something very disingenuous about you continuing to say you want to take this out of the political world. with a russian friendly president taking office january, it's important to make we are strong. that is suggesting that he is pro-russian. obama was president. >> you are very busy. if you -- >> tucker: it's not honest of
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you to say they're not partisan. it's apparent in what you say. >> it's apparent and what donald trump says that he admires vladimir putin. >> tucker: what does that have to do with any of this? sure, he says nice things about put in. i'm not here to defend it. i don't like putin personally. what is i have to with the penetration of john podesta's server? do you think that trumpet was somehow involved in that question mike what is russia have to do with this story? >> we are less safe as a country because we have a president-elect to visit if you have something ticking out of congress and have experts look at that, hopefully once and for all, we can sign off on what happened and move on. >> tucker: you said the purposes of this was to restore faith and our electoral system and americans are nervous about
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what's on the level and you want to reassure them that it is. if that's true, why have you suggested that our voting machines were hacked, and you said it right here on december 7th, you said hacking included "scanning in arizona, illinois, and florida" ." do you know that they had any effect on our voting? >> tucker, he should be the part that came out today. no tallies were changed. three election systems were hacked. that should concern us, but they intended to go into election systems. i don't want to relitigate their it is a gmac results in order for us to be a safer country and secure our democracy, we need to know what happened and assure people in a bipartisan way that it will not happen again. >> tucker: you can see that barack obama was president when this happened, right? it was president obama who
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presided over this and presumably left our defense is wide open enough that russia could explore it. >> i wish would have done more to stop russia while they were doing this. i support the sanctions that are being put on russia and are incumbent upon it donald trump to make sure those same sanctions are in place. i hope he does keep in them place. >> tucker: you probably haven't seen this, but it's my favorite part. the russian government was running a disk campaign. environmental groups in this country were taking their cues from russia propaganda masters. would they be subpoena too? >> this is looking at russia's intentions to influence our election. i'm like you, tucker on this one.
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>> tucker: soon it going sort or maybe they got that from the russian spy masters who are controlling them >> if they got that from russia, they should disavow them now. >> tucker: it fair enough. it congressman, good to see you. >> you too, thank you tucker. >> tucker: donald trump was given a 90 minute intelligence briefing today. they were saying the country had "no effect on this countries outcome" ." we are joined by our expert on that, katherine harris. >> okay, so it's my five pages, is unclassified and i don't think i've ever read a document that's more strongly worded and very definite about its findings. the findings are this was ordered by vladimir putin, the goal is to damage hillary clinton, it was to reduce the likelihood she would be elected and over time, they developed a preference for
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donald trump. they also say that their job is not to measure the impact on public opinion. that's something they can't measure. certainly the propaganda was a campaign on a level they had a not seen before. you really have to take a document at face value and you have to take a lot of faith in the underlying data. if you're looking at this for a review of evidence, there is no evidence here because of exposing sources and exposing methods. >> tucker: it isn't usual for a document like this to make claims this concrete about a leaders motives? >> this is a great question because i was really taken aback by his high confidence on so many other of the conclusions. high confidence is likening an a or an a- on on high school paper. it means there are high quality intelligence and multiple data points if they put together. i've never really seen a
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document quite like this before. but i would also say i'm nursing intelligence community come out with something that really has the effect of creating a big paper puts a lot of separation between the president-elect and the leader of a foreign country just about ten days before the new president comes into office. >> tucker: it you hate to think their policy goals behind some of this because i instantly incessantly believe everything the government says. >> the reason i mention this is the guidance i had very early on, the end of november when this really came to a head, there was a an effort to create a big division between the president-elect and the russian president and also to satisfy a lot of internal anger and the democratic party because the president did not act. the bottom line is, we can't see the underlying data, but the vice president-elect spoke to reporter within the last hour
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and he says they're going to take action almost immediately when they come into office. that says to me that they felt satisfied by what they read, but it's more complex than just that 25 pages that you can read publicly. >> tucker: thanks a lot. the post has been cut publishing its own fake news once again. they published a bogus story. the story is totally discredited, and musket of journalists has been speaking the post like the battle paper it is. glenn, thank you so much for coming on. what exactly did they publish that was untrue? >> essentially the entire article from start to finish. they have the same blockbuster announcement on friday. it would have a huge impact if it were true that russia and vladimir putin has actually invaded the u.s. electric
4:17 pm
current by entering the utility system in vermont. they made these really bombastic statements about how vladimir putin was trying to steal the heat to make vermont suffered during the winter. then it turned out that the russians actually had nothing to do with this end of an it turned out that this one was on the laptop it probably wasn't her at all. the story collapsed one step after the next and the grandest humiliation possible. >> tucker: boy, that's really embarrassing. i bet they must've run a front-page correction in the editor must've been on tv to apologize. is that what happened? >> the amazing thing is, this was a one-time case, you could say well, sometimes media outlets make mistakes. this is the second huge debacle they've had in the last six weeks. at six weeks ago, they ran a huge story that russia through
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this fake news operation had exposed 200 people to russian propaganda, a huge story that went everywhere. as it turned out, it was based on a list compiled by a secret group, a new group, that was accomplished only by putting huge sites, mainstream sites and various clinton critical sites on the left, labeling russian propaganda outlets. that story clapped after two weeks. there's a huge editor's note at the top of the story. the editor announced or nonstad it on twitter. twitter. when the story collapsed and had to discount their own source, he said nothing, the paper said nothing. the story went everywhere, the retraction was heard by a tiny fraction of the people. we see this over and over throughout the last year when it comes to russian reports. >> tucker: interesting. we've also seen anybody who raises questions about it denounced as a tool of the kremlin. just be clear for our viewers, i
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think you're totally honest i don't think of any other motives. you're not taking up money from the government of vladimir putin, correct? >> notwithstanding the fact i've been accused of people like that like howard dean. you heard the report today was just another set of repackaged conclusions from the intelligence committee which may or may not be true that again we are completely unaccompanied by evidence. if you simply point that out, that the intelligence keeps repeating itself over and over again without providing evidence i can be evaluated whether or not it's true, that subjects your claim that you must love vladimir putin, you must be working for the kremlin, when in fact it's just the basic kind of skepticism all journalists should be exercising. >> tucker: as is that what animates you? there are a couple of other people in the traditional left to said hold on a second. this is not straight reporting and we got to ask real questions before we accept the conclusions
4:20 pm
government hands us. tell me, are you interested in the story because you think someone's not telling the truth and as a journalist you need to find out why? >> i think, a lot of us came of age. i started being a journalist and writing about politics in 2004, 2005 and the aftermath of the debacle of the iraq war. people were discredited by judy miller in the front page of "the new york times" because they were just disbelieving whr the government was telling them without getting evidence. that led to the war that killed hundreds of thousands of people. i learned lessons from that and there's lots of examples like that. that's most memorable one. i thought the examples we are all supposed to learn from that, we shouldn't accept government claims unless we see evidence. vertically when the consequent as are so great. we have john mccain saying russia has engaged in an act of war. nancy pelosi is accusing journalists of the encompasses of russia who are reporting the story. which is basely every media outlet in the country including yours and mine.
4:21 pm
these are really furious charges, we should see evidence of that. >> tucker: exactly. that's my perspective precisely. thanks a lot for joining us. >> great to be with you, talker. it's the oncoming outcome of the republican party is hoping to repeal obamacare as it soon as president trump is sworn in. that's what they told you, but it might not happen thanks in part to senator rand paul who is also an opponent of obamacare. he joins us and asked to expend what exactly is going on. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy.
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>> tucker: some republicans have vowed that their first act on their president trump will be repealing obamacare, but they met a potential roadblock with senator rand paul of kentucky. how is the only senator to vote against the vote to repeal obamacare. he says it adds to national deb debt. senator paul joins us now. it senator, it's great to see you. >> it's great to be here. >> tucker: you said "my first act would be to repeal the abomination which is obamacare" now it appears you're preventing that. >> >> actually, not quite.
4:25 pm
no one is offended by obamacare more than myself. i've seen it up close, i've seen it firsthand, i'll do anything to get rid of it. however, i don't want to have to vote for a budget that never balances and a budget that adds $9.7 trillion in debt in order to get to it. what i told my colleagues is, why don't we introduce a good budget? when the balances and then repeal obamacare? the rules and congress are you can't repeal it until you pass a budget. but what is and be a bad budget? we are not getting any democrats to vote for the budget. this is in a compromise with democrats. were going to vote for a budget. this is a republican product, why should it not be a vision of conservative budget, a fiscal conservatism russian mark why is it a budget that adds so much debt? >> tucker: that's a good question. you also said it could eventually lead for a tax to insurance companies. you wrote that. i understand that reasoning too.
4:26 pm
republicans promised that if there ever to achieve power, both chambers and to the presidency, to repeal obamacare right away. why haven't they thought this through? >> [laughs] good point. we should vote for replacement on the same day as a repeal. we should expand health savings accounts so people can save to buy insurance. we should let them buy anything. we should let them pay for their insurance premiums and their health savings account, we should be able to pay for a diet plan, you should be able to pay for a an exercise plan, you scribble to pay for vitamins. you should be able to pay for a vast variety. >> tucker: why haven't they come up with an alternative? the speaker of the house said we are going to have her placement pen within a year yesterday. really? we've been waiting for six years. do not have a replacement plan in order? why haven't they done that? >> i don't know. i'm putting forth a plan.
4:27 pm
i'm putting a replacement plan together and it will be next week. i will replace replacement plan. it will be expanding hsa's, going across state lines, buying any kind of insurance and insurance companies want to sell, and will also involve something very important with sludge be expanding corporations you should be allowed to associate. if we do those things, the cost of insurance comes down, and get rid of the pre-existing -- spewing republicans haven't told the entire congress for a while. you just got elected to her second term, you're hardly the most senior guy in the senate. why haven't they agreed on a replacement plan until now? >> here's the thing. there are 50 plate replacement bills out there. i met with congress when tom price who's been appointed to the cabinet, i'm supportive of him, i'm supportive of many of
4:28 pm
his ideas. many of the ideas which are in bill form are his. you have all these bills, put together a replacement bill and vote on the monday one, but if you don't, the secondly repeal it, we're going to be rude blamed for all the unraveling of obamacare. and mark my words, it's going to unravel and unravel even quicker and we are going to be blamed for the bankruptcy of the insurance companies that may come as a result. skin on my obvious question is, don't you think promises like this made by republican candidates seeking office that they knew they could never really make good on as part of the reason republicans voted for trump in the first place? we didn't believe any republicans who were already in office. >> we could repeal obamacare and we could vote for replacement the same day. next week i will reap release . i can guarantee it will be
4:29 pm
accepted, i'm telling everybody in my caucus and i'm trying to tell everybody, we need to have replacement the same day we repeal obamacare. >> tucker: good luck. senator rand paul, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: up next, temperatures are deftly rising on campus. a meteorologist says she's quitting her job because you can't take the pc atmosphere anymore. she joins us next. nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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>> tucker: and climate scientists at georgia tech is quitting because she can't take it anymore. she doesn't deny the climate is changing, but she says the university has come so politicized on the topic, she can no longer handle what she calls the "craziness" of it all. thank you for coming on tonight. >> it's a pleasure. >> tucker: is a pleasure for me. you've said that research money only goes to researchers pursuing only use lines of inquiry and they're all the same and that prevents good science from happening. my understanding correctly? >> not really, but what you're seeing is this dominant theme of human cause climate change which is where all of the research and focuses being directed and it's
4:34 pm
going to understanding. gun is not the key debate, not whether temperatures are changing, because they have, but why. >> it's been warming for several hundred years. the question is how much of the recent warming say for the last 50 years is caused by humans. my interpretation of the evidence is that we really can't tell and i don't see a clearer signal that is caused by humans predominantly. >> tucker: for your position, you said we really can't tell. you're sort of open-minded it sounds like. if you believe you are penalized for that view? >> i've been vilified by some of my colleagues who are activists
4:35 pm
and don't like anybody challenging their big story. i walk around with knives sticking out of my back. in the university environment if alec is beating my head against the wall and not being effective >> tucker: people disagree and have strong ideologies. that's the opposite of what i understood science to be is that you are led by inquiry and evidence to conclusions. >> university should be places of research, freedom of investigation, honest and open debate, diverse perspectives et cetera. in certain fields that are politically relevant, you're definitely not seeing that. >> tucker: this is one that has relevance for all of us.
4:36 pm
the research you're doing, or your colleagues as activists are doing, will affect everyone on the planet. this takes really high, no? >> the stakes are really high. i think i could have more of an impact outside of the universit university. in the private sector, sort of free market, academic freedom. >> tucker: it let me ask you this, when you hear people that ask the question that you just asked, to what extent is climate change being driven by human activity? people who ask that are derided as climate deniers. what is your response to that? >> my response is that really don't know. humans are contributing something, we don't know how much. from the evidence that i've seen, i don't think that it's the dominant cause.
4:37 pm
>> tucker: your not listing tv. because 90% of science is globalists really believe one thing. you must be in the 2%, right? >> ironically, the way the question is framed by the consensus is that yes, it's warming, yes, humans contribute to it. everyone agrees with that, i'm in the 90%. it's when you get down to the details that there is genuine disagreements that is really glossed over in the media. >> tucker: we need to do them multiview show on this. i hope you'll come back for that. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: straightahead, will donald trump's affection for political rivals provide the chill and their relations? that is a head next.
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>> tucker: here's a something new. a local news report about amazon's spend happy voice assistant, alexa, has sparked a bigger shopping spree. alexa confused a 6-year-olds chatter for an actual order. one san diego news station said that their echo devices tried it to order dollhouses. apparently they really were listening to television. the new world has no choice but to obey alexa if she wants you to buy products on amazon. time now for "the friend zone." we have one of our friends from fox here on the show. tonight we are joined by someone we literally could not like
4:43 pm
more, janice dean, cohost of fox and friends. >> fox and friends, who wrote that? >> tucker: we just upgraded you. i have a couple questions for you, i have to start with the weather. what is going on? >> that's what everybody is talking about. we have cold temperatures that has sunk as far south as the gulf coast. we have a raging snowstorm that is happening across the south. we're talking about minus 20's, minus 30s, single digits, teens across the south. the stage is set paired we've got cold air in place and a storm system coming out of the gulf, tucker, that is bringing snow and ice to areas that don't typically see wintry weather. people are freaked out, rightfully so, a couple of years in atlanta, georgia, we have people on the highways for days that couldn't move. they have taken precautions there. they know they have a big storm on the way.
4:44 pm
the west, on the way, also getting pounded by rain and snow in the next couple of days. really the most they've seen in years it could put a dent in the drought. a good thing, but too much of a good thing could bring flash flooding. this is a big deal it's happening across the south as we speak. ice and snow and areas like louisiana, mississippi, the carolinas. in some cases, tucker, we could see more of the snow and the carolinas that we have seen in new york city all season. this is a big deal and people are taken precautions. the good thing is it's happening on a weekend. it's happening when people don't have to go to work, they have told go anywhere with their kids. >> tucker: at one of those years where anything can happen. we sent our -- until our reporters return with their forensic background report they did on you, i didn't know that you were a comedian professionally at one point.
4:45 pm
>> noel, noel, noel. i was never a comedian. they have these things in new york city. you have thetape? is it the comic strip here and new york city, i won first prize, tucker can you believe i it? >> tucker: you're such a modest person. how did you prepare for this? how did you go from being on tv to being a winner of a stand-up comedy competition? >> i have always loved comedians and what they do i just wanted to give it a shot. i just want to make people laugh. on "fox & friends," loved to make the audience laugh as well. this is a big challenge. i will say it's one of the most rewarding things i have done, because i was so nervous about this and to stand up there and just be raw and just try to make you laugh, i will say, it really was the most challenging thing. what i did, was i took my experience.
4:46 pm
i talked what i do with the weather person. when i was pregnant, i got an email that said janice dean when you having that baby because you're blocking mississippi and i need to see my hometown! i had some fun with coworkers as well. i think you have a clip of that. >> tucker: here we go. >> i've been doing this for a long time, been doing this for ten years. speaking of being on television, the hair and makeup and things, it takes a lot. it takes a village. you've got to get the hair tease, the hair color, the highlights, the spray tan, the botox, the makeup, the jewelry, and that's just eric bolling. [laughter] >> tucker: i've seen him and end out of makeup. >> it's a tossup between geraldo
4:47 pm
and eric bolling. please know i kid because i lov love. it was a challenging thing and it to make people laugh, i understand the rush performers get, comedians get. working with comedians, they'll say one night you have a great routine and the next night you do the same routine and you won't get any laughs. hats off to people who do that. i don't think i'll be doing it again, but i'm glad i have the trophy in my office. >> tucker: i wish i'd been there. janice dean, peeling back layers of the onion. it gets sweeter as you get closer to the core. >> by the way, congratulations to 9:00. i'm so proud of you. >> tucker: i hope you're up late enough to be on. all right, i'm next, we got an update on the fort lauderdale airport shooting. we value information on that, details coming up. stay tuned quit smoking.
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>> tucker: a fox news alert. the investigation into the mass shooting, that horrible shooting at fort lauderdale. the investigation is ongoing tonight we are going to fox correspondent bill keating. >> the airport will remain closed throughout tonight. no flights in or out until sometime tomorrow. we don't know exactly what hour of the morning that may be. this is been one trying day for thousands and thousands of
4:52 pm
travelers. the airport when i'm locked down around 2:00 p.m., after a second shooting which ended up not to be related. or was not an additional shooting. the fort lauderdale hollywood airport. disunited jet behind me, just pulled up, this is one of several large bodied aircraft that had landed here at the airport when suddenly, it was put on security lockdown. they could not get to a jetway. nobody was allowed to leave the airport property, nobody was allowed to gain access to the airport property, this was all around 2:00 in the afternoon, so presumably, there are a lot of people on that plane club and stuck out on the tarmac for the past six hours because they couldn't get to a jetway to
4:53 pm
debark the plane. here comes another one of these planes full of passengers. you know their miserable. at the people inside the terminals are now finally being allowed to leave the airport now that for the most part, the airport has been checked square inch after square inch for any further threat that did not materialize. hundreds and hundreds of people are now leaving terminals one, three, and four. if you have a car in the garage is, you're allowed to go get your car and drive off the property. a lot of the people are returning from cruises, the plane got canceled, they're not being allowed to leave the airport, they're sending people to the port of everglades or you can on cruise ships. they can at least get some food and figure out where they're going to stay for tonight and rebook their travel plans and return home. absolutely a miserable day, but not nearly as horrible as the
4:54 pm
families of these 13 shooting victims. back to you, tucker. >> tucker: thanks, bill for the update. coming up next, yet he has decided to build a big fat wall anyway. it's not next to the border, it's in d.c. there not sending their best. details ahead [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid.
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4:59 pm
who sent us on twitter. she wants to know more about the wall. president obama's wall. here's the story. after president obama vacates the white house and about two weeks, he'll be moving to an upscale neighborhood. the neighborhood of the people, very rich people. what are they doing to prepare for his family's arrival there? they're building a wall, of course. they're constructing a wall to help keep out unwanted people, poor people, off the property. they may confine the human spirit, but he wants one around his house. monday, our segment "news abuse" is back. send your evidence @tuckercarlson, or email us . that's it for us tonight. our last show at 7:00. next week we are at 9:00, the show that his sworn enemy of
5:00 pm
lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. the great bill o'reilly up next. ♪ >> i'm in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us night. the mass shooting at fort lauderdale airport. authorities say 26-year-old esteban santiago and iraq war veteran, discharged by the national guard last summer open fired in the airport baggage claim area this afternoon.


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