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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i hope you feel the same. thank you, for everything. i will see you again, soon. >> sean: we want all wish megyn kelly are best and we will miss her here at fox. but this is a alert right now, fbi conference. we go there right now to fort lauderdale. >> we have been working most of the day to make sure everybody was obviously safe and secure. once we received that word from our law enforcement partners, we've been in the process of either transporting those individuals, over to port everglades. what we anticipate will be somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10,000 folks over to fort
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everglades. broward county staff will be there to assist those passengers in either getting them to their destination, assisting with hotel accommodations, providing them food and shelter. through this evening, we are going to continue to work with our law enforcement partners here as we continue to try to get the airport back into an operational status. working with all our airlines, transportation security administration, and others to try to get the fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport back in operation tomorrow morning. the goal will be to have this operational at 0500, 5:00 in the morning. their travelers should check with their individual airlines, some may not be operating right away. this is because a lot of disruption obviously, not just in their schedules but in the country. we encourage everybody to
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contact their airlines. we will continue to provide information through social media and through twitter, through our web page, @fllflyer. that's all i have for the time being. >> good evening. as the sheriff mentioned, the fbi is working very, very closely with the broward county sheriff's office. in this investigation. we've begun the difficult task to investigate the crime scene. it will allow us to identify the deceased. and it sent out notification to these family members. with this type of investigation and this type of incident, it is a long-term, very difficult complex investigation. that requires us to pursue all leads and avenues. we are conducting an investigation not only here in
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south florida, but in several other states as we try to pursue the suspects activity leading up to today's horrific incident. the subject is in federal because this my custody. a along interview was conducted. by the fbi and the broward county sheriff's office. he will be charged federally and will most likely have his initial occurrence in broward county on monday. as i mentioned, with these types of incidents, as worse as they are, we are looking at all avenues. we have not ruled out terrorism, we will pursue every angle to determine the motive behind this attack. and any associates any connections, communication, anything that you can imagine. i assure you, we are pursuing every possible lead. thank you. >> reporter: the flight from anchorage to minneapolis and then to hear?
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>> yes, the individual flew from alaska to minneapolis to fort lauderdale on a delta airlines flight. >> why was he coming here? >> at this time, it is still too early in the investigation to truly know why he came to florida. so those are some of the things that we are looking at, his travel patterns. what brought him here. and his connections to south florida. >> reporter: were those fbi agents he talked to aware? >> yes, the individual did walk into our anchorage office in november. he came in and spoke with fbi agents at that time, he clearly stated he did not intend to harm anyone. however, his erratic behavior concerned fbi agents that were interviewing him.
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and they contacted local police and turned him over to the local police. taken into custody by the local police and transferred to a medical facility for mental health evaluation. we looked at his contacts, we looked at -- our inner agency checks and everything. at that point, we closed our session. >> reporter: did you guys know that he had firearms? >> that question i really don't have the answers for. again, it's very early in the investigation. we are working very closely with our anchorage field office. to determine his activities there. i can't really tell you about his weapons. >> reporter: he voluntarily walked up to the fbi office in anchorage? >> yes, he voluntarily did. and spoke to agents at the office.
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>> reporter: how long was he in the mental health facility? >> that information i don't have again. very early in the investigation. we will have to determine with our anchorage field office. he was turned over to local custody. it was a local custody that took him to the medical hospital for evaluation. report back are you guys looking into where he was housed in anchorage right now? >> we have determined he has either traveled to or has connections there. >> reporter: were there flights were he may have done this elsewhere? >> i am not aware of any type of incident like that. we are unaware of any activity on the flight or that plane.
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>> reporter: we know he mentioned some kind of voices in his head... >> again, it is very early in the investigation. we are not ruling out anything. we are looking at every angle, inch, including the terrorism angle. it will take some time to determine the motivation of the individual. i believe he is 26 years old. he was in the u.s. military, we are currently reviewing his military records. i can tell you he was in the military. i believe it was in the army but we have not confirmed exactly his service. >> reporter: what happened when shots were fired? >> it was a semiauto handgun. it's way too early in the device
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they gave in to tell you how many rounds were fired. >> no, he didn't try to take any hostages. the subject esteban santiago was shooting. contacted by a broward sheriff deputy, he was taken into custody without incident and was immediately interviewed by the fbi and the broward sheriff's office. one more question. >> reporter: did he make any statement while he was taken? >> not to my knowledge. we will be getting into touch and let you know when the next press release will be, when we are ready to release more information. right now, i just ask that the prayers of a nation be with the people and the families that lost loved ones in broward county tonight. thank you.
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>> sean: that is the news conference of the florida airport shooting from earlier today. they did not rule out terrorism up to this point. five were killed, eight others injured and as i just said, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them. my opening mall and ellen tonight on the russian hacking is coming up in just a minute. we go to jennifer griffin about jennifer, what you have? >> he had cooperated, the alleged suit shooter had cooperated and conducted along interview with him today. private first class esteban santiago louise was investigated a few times for various infractions by various law enforcement agencies. at least twice i am told by the criminal investigative division and the fbi. santiago visited the fbi anchorage office in november.
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that's what we just learned at the press conference and he told agents that u.s. intelligence had infiltrated his mind and were forcing him to watch isis propaganda videos. santiago appeared agitated and incoherent during that interview, indicating he was suffering from some kind of mental condition. he mentioned his deployment to iraq. from april 2010 to april 2011 as a combat engineer with the puerto rican national guard. we've confirmed that with the army. after returning to my he joined the army reserves and then the alaskan national guard. but last august, he was discharged for poor performance. in november, as the sp i've mentioned, they called local authorities who took him to a local hospital for a mental health welfare check. the fbi at that time opened an investigation, interviewed family members of santiago. conducted database checks andew.
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these sources tell fox that the fbi found no connections to any foreign terrorist organization at the time. investigators are now scouring santiago's electronic devices and digital history. or any recent communication. we expect to learn a lot more about these multiple investigations that have taken place in the past days. >> sean: thank you so much, as always. joining us now, the author of this very important new book, it's called iwar. bill gertz. dr. gorka, when you hear these issues of mental health, and then he went into the fbi and was incoherent, one has to always wonder was there follow-up in a case like that? if somebody is obviously that
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disturbed? >> absolutely, this is the first question, sean. it's clear from the reports that fox is already provided. this is an individual that repeatedly had issues. either with the military or with local law enforcement, or federal law enforcement. this is not the case where somebody was a completely normal upstanding citizen and then suddenly cracked and one day got violent. also, i would like to add one thing. there are already images confirmed images on the internet of this man wearing a middle eastern tight scar and making the classic g hottie hand signa. the raised one figure, the unities sign. you see this in all the isis videos, al-qaeda videos. the brothers of the boston bombing, posted pictures of
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themselves on the internet posting the same figures. so who knows, they are clearly, clearly science but this man had issues. was a potential threat and on top of that, it could be a g hottie defective act jihadist angle as well. >> sean: you talk about this in iwar. the state department, the department of defense, every department, everything has been hacked and this has gone on for all the years obama has been in office. wikileaks has been around for ten years. and yet, these politicians have done nothing. so who are we really to blame here? i've got this report in front of me, i read it completely. this whole intelligence report. and i read it, it's embarrassin embarrassing. they know the methods and they r comparing, reassessing.
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and my argument back is, why haven't they done more to stop this? >> absolutely, nothing has been done. we are faced with an information warfare assault. and i think this latest retort from the intelligence community confirms that. the clear -- this was not about politics, this was about undermining the democratic system in the united states. it was a russian led intelligence operation involving both cyber and leaks and influence operations. it was led and directed by vladimir putin who views the united states as the main enemy of russia. >> sean: i wish we had more time because this is so topic a in everybody's mind. what is the conclusion you come to us to mark because it's about the whole book is about. >> we are facing an information war because we are being disarmed in this battle, this war. we need to develop new methods, new institutions, new
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capabilities. we need clear thinking. clear strategy. and we need to counter attack. we need to go on the offensive against these enemy states that are waging information warfare against the united states. >> sean: dr. gorka, i assume you agree with that assessment. the fact that we haven't done that tells you what? >> sean, i want to make it very clear to the viewers out there. this isn't about cyber hacking, this isn't about podesta's password being password. bill is an old friend. this is influence operation, this is political warfare, this is a psychological operations. latimer putin is laughing that we have been completely unprotected, that he is accused the american electoral system as being somehow corruptible. when in fact, nothing happened in terms of stealing an election. but he is so -- the fact that
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rt, the russian television station is mentioned so much tells you everything you want to know. this is influence operation, sean. >> sean: the president even used state department funds to actually fund an effort inside of israel with his own political operatives on the ground and if israel to defeat prime minister benjamin netanyahu. for all the talk about what an outrage, our president did it. >> definitely. i've covered the obama administration since the earliest state. in the very early part of the obama administration when they were doing so-called russia reset. intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies were prohibited from saying anything critical about russia or putin. and that went on for years and years and years. one of the things that came out in the intelligence report earlier was this has been going on for more than ten years. and nothing has been done about
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it. hopefully we will get some action now. and take some steps to counteract these lies and disinformation. >> sean: because of reality, dr. gorka is russia and china and iran and north korea, friends and adversaries are all hacking us. and we are probably hacking them. and if we are not, we are making a big mistake. >> my friend here in d.c., the radio host, said if the left didn't have double standards. they would have any standards at all. the reality is, who is surprised? this is a kgb. did someone just wake up and smell the coffee grind? they are attacking us all day in all forms. china is eating our lunch in the cyber domain. so you are absolutely right. it is time to talk about the reality. hopefully january 20th is when
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the adults get back in control and it's not going to be double standards or fantasyland anymore. >> sean: unbelievable. i want to thank you both for your insight tonight. two very big stories that we continue to follow also tonight, the obama administration did release its intelligence report on election hacking. trump is calling out the charade for what it really is. a political witch hunt and that is tonight's opening monologue. >> sean: 's of the office of director of national intelligence released a declassified version of its report on election hacking and of course, russia's intentions. it concludes that vladimir putin ordered an effort to try to damage hillary clinton in an attempt to influence election. however, now this is key, the report found no evidence that actual votes were tampered with and it did not assess that there was an impact on the outcome of the election. president-elect trump got the classified report rlier today and afterwards he put out a
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statement saying that with his meeting with intel officials was constructed and he said the left dean acting back... unlike president obama, he will actually do something to fix this problem by appointing a team to come up with a plan to fight or to stop future cyber attacks. mike pence elaborated on this plan, this is earlier tonight. let's take a look. >> the president-elect is made it very clear that we are going to take aggressive action in the early days of our new administration. to combat a cyber attack and protect the security of the american people from this type of intrusion in the future. >> sean: also earlier today, he called out democrats for trying to undermine his presidency by telling "the new york times"...
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china hacked over 20 million names. how, come nobody talks about tt that? president obama has all but ignored cyber security threats. we are like the hacking capital of the world. president-elect trump, he is absolutely right. as we told you about this last night, the president, the democrats, they have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to cyber security. take a look at the countless major cyber security attacks on the federal government that is all happened since 2009 when obama became president. there is much more. the democrats are pumping out this entail report as a smoking gun that proves russian interference in the selection was a big reason why donald trump won.
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what the liberal media won't tell you about the report and what's in it, it contains evidence about russia trying to metal in u.s. elections going all the way back to 2008. and that's not all. nbc news is reporting that the classified version shows that russian hackers, they targeted the white house, the state department, the joint chiefs, chief of staff and american companies. why all of a sudden out of nowhere -- as has been going on the entire obama presidency is now such a pressing issue? this proves that the only reason president obama and the democrats care now about cybersecurity is because they need an excuse to explain why hillary clinton lost. the sore losers, snowflakes, and the mike liberals, they can only blame themselves. their gross negligence on cybersecurity for this election hacking. take a look at hillary clinton's campaign chairman. the reason his emails were accessed was because of a typo in a reply from a campaign i.t.
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staffer about a phishing email that podesta received. he gave them the information. wikileaks founder julian assange told me earlier this week that security from podesta's email was so laughably inadequate that a 14-year-old could have hacked into it. and then, hillary clinton. remember her private semi private email server? does that sound secure to you? clinton's set up was so careless that the fbi is 99% sure that up to five foreign intelligence agencies access to it. and then you have the dnc. remember? after the political party was hacked, they didn't give the fbi direct access to it server and its data. so the fbi was forced to rely on a third party to try to figure out what happened. and "the new york times" that reported that when the fbi first called dnc staffers to alert
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them of a possible cyber attack, they thought it was a prank call. they did nothing. and when the fbi kept calling and calling for weeks following, the d&c continued to fail to act and the problem. selective moral outrage here. if you would have just done your job and fixed the hacking problem that you knew about back in 2008 and 2009, right in front of your face for years, this never would have happened. here's reaction, rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, you deal with this issue on a daily basis. to me, this is a real clear and present danger that we have ignored for over ten years. am i wrong about that? >> absolutely right, sean. 13 years ago i began warning about hacking with my law firm. with my technology and software
7:24 pm
partners, blackberry. i have been involved for many years at trying to warn corporate officials, individual individuals, government agencies about the hacking that's been going on. and the reality is, you need both technological software solution like blackberry provides and others do. you need legal solutions and we haven't paid attention to it. and i've been blue in the face giving speeches over this. must have given at least 300 speeches over how american corporations in the american government is not paying attention to what is now ubiquitous hacking that is going on. not just by russia, china, north korea, by our friends and also for commercial purpose. also for ransom. there have been hospitals that have been hacked and have had to play money so that the whole hospital wasn't turned on.
7:25 pm
the amount of hacking that goes on it's incredible, at the fastest-growing form of crime and if we need anything else to wake us up, the danger to our grid is there. the head of homeland security would tell you that. >> sean: mr. mayor, since obama has been president, i mentioned the 2008 election which this report references. but they tried to influence at election. of course, obama tried to influence the israeli election. that makes him a hypocrite. putting that aside, lemme give you the list. then we have the pentagon's, nasa has been hacked, department of energy, federal election committee network, the white house has been hacked. the state department has been hacked. the department of defense, the irs, and in 2014, the office of
7:26 pm
personnel management. 22 million people had their personal information hacked and obama never said a word. didn't kick out any diplomats. no sanctions. not a peep. what does that tell you? >> what that tells us is gross negligence on the form of the government, a danger we should have known about going back to 2003, 2004. the hacking now is enormous. i believe it's the head of the fbi that said american corporations are in two categories. those that i have been hacked and those that have been hacked and don't know about yet. some of these hacking's, by the way, went on for a year or two or three years before they were caught. because the companies involved and the government agencies involved did not bring in the experts, the software experts, the analytical experts. at a fast enough pace.
7:27 pm
>> sean: the reason they didn't care about all the hacking all the years prior was because these emails of the d&c and john podesta showed racism, sexism, homophobia. anti-semitism. and then we have of course, the media colluding. then the corruption of the clinton's. all the money they made. then they totally rigged the dnc process in favor of hillary over bernie. so that seems to be what has garnered their attention here. >> that's really the point of this, sean. the point is this. that report shows the election was not hacked. no vote was changed. if, in fact, what the russians, if they did it, or whoever did it, if anyone else at had hackd information that was perfectly neutral and did not show some terrible acts, said some terrible things.
7:28 pm
suggested some terrible actions taken by people, there would be no problem here. it's their actions that caused whatever problem was caused and as far as we can tell, it really didn't have much of an impact on the boat. vote. they got caught saying what they were actually saying. >> sean: there is a high level of confidence in certain an intelligence agencies and only moderate at the nsa. their disagreement among themselves, i have to bring up mr. mayor, what you are warning here is so important. >> please, listen. i've been trying for 13 years. hacking american corporations is a big part of this. they don't do enough about it. >> sean: mr. mayor, you have been making this cry for years. thank you for warning us once again. >> we have to assume that a ran
7:29 pm
rand, we know our adversaries have been doing this for decades. coming up, we will have more reactions for the russian hacking report. the coming up next , >> mike huckabee, larry, theyl react to kellyanne conway's comments. up next on "hannity" " in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," so despite the left trying to use the russian hacking to explain away hillary clinton's embarrassing election loss and delegitimize trump's presidency, the facts tell a very different truth. take a look. it's because you've got very many people on tv trying to confuse the voters and their viewers by conflating any alleged russian hacking of the election result. vladimir putin did not tell hillary clinton to lose her morals in pennsylvania. >> that's just bogus. he won, fair and square. fairly and convincingly. russia didn't tell hillary not to go to wisconsin, they didn't put the server in her basement or on anthony weiner's laptop. he won the election fair and square convincingly. >> sean: here now with
7:33 pm
reaction is mike huckabee and larry elder. governor huckabee, i don't know if you are still in israel. i know you were there this week and our president tried to influence the election against prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> shawn, i'm waiting on the senate. on the way that we involve ourselves as a u.s. government and the israeli election. like they think something happened in russia. 350,000 tax dollars from the state department was sent to a group called one voice. it was used for voter list and databases and all of it was intended to get rid of benjamin netanyahu. then they helped to raise millions of dollars in 2015 in order to defeat benjamin netanyahu in a foreign election. i want to know where is the senate outrage about that? that's not allegations, that's
7:34 pm
not declassified. that is information. bipartisan committee had to accept. >> sean: larry, there is another component to that. taxpayer dollars were used there. $350,000. that doesn't sound like a lot but that's money from hard-working americans that this president used to influence on elections. against i might add, our closest allies. >> we also found out because democratic operatives were literally sending agitators to interfere with donald trump rallies and sending people to various states who could not vote there legally. there's a whole lot of ambushing that they are apparently not concerned about. the bottom line is donald trump stomped at them, they can't believe this vote. >> sean: he's watching. he's going to note that you called him a greg arian.
7:35 pm
they cannot believe that this man won. >> sean: governor huckabee is laughing. governor, i just will say this. all these instances that i went over with former mayor rudy giuliani, this has been out there, this has been happening. and we haven't heard a peep. and even worse than that, they've done nothing to fix it. this ought to be our national security issue in my opinion. >> it really should. i had dinner last night in israel, but i am back in the states now. with two israeli generals, to colonels, one of the generals was a major player in israeli cyber security. and it said, the united states doesn't take this as seriously as they need to. and it's one of the most important ways in which we are going to be fighting a war in the future. and we haven't made it a
7:36 pm
priority. i hope we do and i hope donald trump will. >> sean: last word, larry. >> regarding the content on the d&c emails, john podesta's emails, i'm hoping that the numbers show, candid camera. caught in the act of beating themselves. putin didn't write those emails, they were caught in the act of being themselves. >> sean: well said. all in the family was one of my favorite shows. good to see you guys, thank you. up next tonight on this busy newsnight here on "hannity." >> the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states for the full cost of such a wall. okay? >> sean: he promised he built a wall. now he's lashing out the mainstream media for trying to distort his plan. we will check in next.
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>> and illegal immigration act. fully fund the construction of a wall on our southern border. don't worry about it. remember, i suddenly mexico is is paying for the wall. with the full understanding that the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states cost of such a ball. if $58 billion a year come up the wall is going to cost $10 million. you tell me i can't make that deal? that's an easy deal. >> sean: not only promising to build a border wall with mexico but explaining how he would pay for it. they would pay for it. the alt left mainstream media was having a field day that donald trump was backtracking to make mexico paid the bill. the president like shot back
7:42 pm
with the tweets. he calls it the great wall. here with reaction, new york city democratic main candidate, fox news senior correspondent as well. geraldo, you know i did many town halls with donald trump. you don't expect mexico to write you a check to build a wall, do you? he said of course not. and he explained it just as he did today. and just as he did on the camping campaign time and time again, two of the different deals that will be moving forward, the media is dishonest and lying by characterizing the way they are. >> all that may be true but there is no doubt that the wall, they figure it's about ten bucks per mile?
7:43 pm
it's $20 billion to build the wall. it's of the united states and i have said this, i've not been a fan of the wall. i think it's an idea that will not work. but if you want to build a wall, if you want to spend infrastructure dollars, build it under this bill. 700 miles, the democrats can stop the whole process by saying we're going to shut down the government. >> the bill was approved back in 2006, there is legislation -- i do understand what resident trump is speaking about. they will eventually pay for the wall. >> how are they going to pay for it? >> i can answer that. they talked about reconfigure reading, hang on, look at the different companies. ford is pulling out their plan. he's now putting pressure on toyota to pull their plan out. that's more money that is coming
7:44 pm
back to the u.s. >> donald said they're not going to pay directly, but indirectly they are going to pay for the wall. >> what they were 15,000 automaker jobs south of the border that now are not going there because ford is keeping its plant here. gm is going to keep some of that production here. what are those 15,000 mexicans going to do? do you think they are going to stay there and stay hungry or are they going to try to sneak in? >> geraldo, geraldo, when i become mayor of new york city i need a wall once i throw them out to keep him out. okay? i need the wall to be built. for criminals who are illegally here. i have no problem with that. i've got no problem. i'm looking at the criminal element. i want them out of this city. >> i think i should wall is huge
7:45 pm
distraction. the shooting at the airport today, they are big fish to fry. that wall will be built. >> and it will be paid for by mexico. >> i've been there on horseback, helicopter, boat. i've been there when criminal criminals were arrested, gerald geraldo. we've got to build a wall. >> it having the auto plants in mexico for keeping most people in mexico, the wall will keep them out. >> you take away their jobs and you build a wall? >> with the wall as wow is a expression. there's technology we have to use. knocking out those tunnels that go for miles. whenever we have to do, we've
7:46 pm
got to do. >> there are some new people that are working, they would be out of work. on food stamps. maybe that's a good jobs program. >> i like that. building the wall. >> repairing broken down bridge bridges. why not highways? why not sidewalks? why not schools? >> face it, donald trump is our president. >> sean: i've got to go. you don't want ices cross and that one day. >> she put that in there. what the hell is the blackbeard about? >> sean: up next on "hannity," straight ahead. >> grow up, donald. grow up. >> sean: you've never had fun until you've had beers with
7:47 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." there are just two weeks until the obama administration. two weeks from today. by five. the democrats are not going away quietly. after a joint session, vice president crazy uncle joe biden. he can let the moment go by without a snide remark. it was caught on an open mic. listen to the end of this clip. >> dissolved.
7:52 pm
god save the queen. >> sean: god save the queen, really? during an interview with cbs, crazy uncle joe had this message for the president-elect. take a look. >> grow up, up. time to be an adult. your president. we've got to do something. show us what you have. you're going to propose legislation. we are getting in and get to the debate it. but the public decide. let's see what happens. >> sean: fox news contributor, you too with the beard? what's up with that today? you need a little twirl anything like geraldo. frank gets upset, like if i write a little nasty little text, you don't like it. you don't like the discourse in the country right now. >> no, i don't. that's the point.
7:53 pm
could you imagine ronald reagan telling a successor to grow up? could you imagine that coming from franklin roosevelt, dwight eisenhower? or even john f. kennedy? it is not -- -- >> sean: was his behavior with women befitting for the office? if you do it privately it's okay? >> no, it's not good publicly or privately. sean, let's not excuse it. if anyone says or does it, we all agree that we want our kids to inherit a nation that is safe for more secure, more civil. we want them to respect each other and treat each other with dignity. that's a good society and that is not what's happening right now when joe biden is contributing to it. i'm surprised he did it. >> sean: the low rated liberal morning show, he took a shot at
7:54 pm
me. i am not going to take that from that little twerp. i was not exactly civil. >> and it's okay because you can do what you want to do. >> sean: i don't get offended by what anybody says about me? >> the snowflake syndrome. they are still mad because they lost the election, the action from the left. it speaks volumes from the recount effort which failed to complaining about donald trump tweeting. >> sean: i don't get mad at anybody, anything they say about me. i have read your book and the things said about you. that made me angry. i get more angry about my friends and what people say about me. >> the left doesn't want our message to get out. our message is liberty and personal responsibility. the left is all about control.
7:55 pm
they can't control our conservative message. >> sean: frank, you've always said we don't like competitive e advertising. we really do like it, don't we? >> we like accountability. and we like -- we want russia to be more efficient and more accountable. and we want our politicians, one of the highest tested lines of all the debates was when donald trump said he was going to investigate hillary clinton. partisanship of aside -- >> sean: now you are going to use honest abe to tell a lie? our question of the day is next. . plus it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day women's in gummies and tablets.
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♪ >> sean: time for question of the day. what do you think about the russian hacking intelligence report? like, really come up for ten years, you did nothing. go to, @seanhannity undivided. i hope you have a great weekend. in two weeks, obama gone. have a great weekend. ♪ >> eric: eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let'snt get straight to our top story. the mass shooting at fort lauderdale international airport. five people confirmed dead, eight wounded. authorities say 26-year-old esteban santiago, an iraq war


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