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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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♪ >> sean: time for question of the day. what do you think about the russian hacking intelligence report? like, really come up for ten years, you did nothing. go to, @seanhannity undivided. i hope you have a great weekend. in two weeks, obama gone. have a great weekend. ♪ >> eric: eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let'snt get straight to our top story. the mass shooting at fort lauderdale international airport. five people confirmed dead, eight wounded. authorities say 26-year-old esteban santiago, an iraq war veteran discharged by the national guard last summer, opened fire in the airport
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baggage claim area this afternoon. >> everybody outside, let's go. let's go! [alarm sounding] >> flying all around us. >> the accused shooter is in custody and being questioned by federal authorities and this evening, his brother tells us he had been receiving psychological treatment. joining us now from washington, fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin. all day long, we've been hearing reports of this man's mentals instability. what's the latest?ed what are you hearing? >> eric, what i'm hearing fromcc senior law enforcement this
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evening, in fact, this private first class was in the alaska d national army guard, was being investigated on multiple occasions by, not only the fbi, but also the cid, criminal investigative division. it's not clear what the army was investigating him for before hen was let go. he was discharged last year. in august 2016 for poor performance out in alaska. then we just learned that the fbi has confirmed that, in fact, he did seek -- come to them and their field office in anchorage, alaska, back in november, and say that he believed that the intelligence agencies, u.s. intelligence agencies, had gotten a hold of his brain and were trying to convince him to join isis by making him watch isis videos. so they immediately took him to local authorities. they took him to a mental hospital for some psychologicalm
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workups. at that point, sources here in washington tell me that the fbi opened an interagency investigation. they did not find any connection to foreign terrorism, but right now, we know that the fbi is through this electronic devices trying to see if there's any connection to any foreign terrorist organizations. but as of yet, there was never any evidence of that in the past. the fbi did speak to his family in the past, they did take this seriously when he came in back in november. >> eric: so he approaches the fbi office. g he says he thinks that the u.s. intelligence or someone is telling him to watch these videos. does he at that point, get put on a no-fly list? >> that is really the question. not only a no-fly list, but why -- we're going to need and want to know a lot more details about how he got a weapon because, again, he was separated from the national guard back in august of last
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year. they had been investigating him, an interagency investigation. they had checked his name against databases, i'm told, for terrorists. again, they just didn't have enough evidence at that point in time to do anything more. but it is a question, i think the kinds of issues that are going to be raised in the coming days certainly. >> eric: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. joining us now with analysis. jim, we'll start with you. this thing just jumps out at mee that he had visited the fbi field office in alaska saying, "hey, someone's telling me to watch isis propaganda videos," why aren't red flags going off all over the place? p why didn't ween follow? there was only two months ago. >> i don't know why we have put up with the counterterrorism malfeasance at the obama administration has been doing for the past eight years.
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they've handcuffed law enforcement and stopped them from doing even the basic things they need to keep us safe. there's something i would like to point out. the picture that you guys have, he's wearing the kathia. he's also holding up the one-finger salute that is the isis gang sign essentially. those two things lead me to believe that he has already affiliated himself in some way, shape, or form to them. so i think those need to be taken into account. whether he's crazy or not, isis told everyone to commit these acts. he then committed an act. >> eric: fox can't independently confirm that is his picture. wewe think it is him. jim, talk to us a little bit. the law enforcement sent him for evaluation and they come back and they find out what? >> we don't know. that's just it.ti
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we don't know what their determination was and why they didn't put him, as you mentioned, on a no-fly list, on some sort of surveillance. why they didn't follow up and find out what his intentions were after he walks in and said "i'm being told to join isis." obviously, isis is in the business of killing innocents create this guy essentially offered himself up and they turned him hawn again. >> eric: one of the other things, in order to bring a firearm on an airplane, you have to have a military i.d. at some point, if he's that unstable, maybe you pull his i.d., some sort of designation saying, no firearms for this gu guy. >> my sole belief in terms of breakdown in the system, there's no question the guy was crazy. obviously he was unstable. i'm with jim.
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you know, he could've had some type of aberration in his head where he felt he was getting images of isis placed intod his head and he had to go commit terrorist acts. whatever the case may be, my contention is that the realal failure here was, when are we going to start looking at the airports as a total security package and not just the planes in the air? we can't allow any areas in the airport to not be completely sterile because we only feel safe in the plane, again, theer goal of the terrorist is psychological. if we're not going to go through the airports because were worried about getting shot in the baggage claim, or the unsterile area before you go intoe check in, that's my concern. earlier i heard the former deputy of the securityt administration, safety administration, talking about how everything was great today. look, law enforcement was outstanding. the response was excellent. it was fast, it was on point. they took this guy without shooting him or killing him, fine. but security isn't about response. it's about prevention. could you imagine, had this been an ak-47 assault rifle, fully
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automatic with a suicide vest on like we just saw in turkey? >> i'm the one who asked, mr. blank, i believe, was his name, that j question. what about hardening the airport? he said that's something we have to consider, but there's 450 airports. my question is, look what happened in turkey. the same thing happened when a terrorist walking to the terminal, before they hit the security checkpoint, they just started mowing down people. is it time to look at what it's going to cost to lock down and harden everything will airport in america? >> eric, am i the only one in this country who has been to the airport in tel aviv? security there is behaviorally-based, it is psychologically-based. there's undercover operatives crawling through that airport. the 450 airports, the thousands of flights a day, undercover law
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enforcement officers with pocket police caps that fold up so they can do the real security work. keep this in their pocket and avoid friendly fire. the ll agents are the ones we need to take -- t >> eric: if you do some of the things, jim, you're called a racist or you're calledhe islamophobic because you're targeting and you're profiling and the left believes that that's >> how many more people have to die before we face the indisputable fact that it is radical islam that is inspiring these people and we start targeting that?? now, it's not all muslims, let'a be clear. we need the help of muslims who don't agree with this to catch these guys before it happens. we need to go ahead and make that a priority, allow our law enforcement to do their job. >> eric: guys, i don't have a
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lot of time. he wasn't muslim as far as i know. it didn't lookus like, or didn't sound like -- by the sound of his name, i guess i shouldn't generalize that, but he didn't necessarily show up on a profile. >> the attack, intention, the way he carried out the attack would have been prevented had you had just a couple of uniformed police officers in the baggage claim area. that would've been your deterrence layer. your second layer would've been your detection layer, which is the undercover guy, again looking for those red looking for somebody running off to a bathroom. here's another thing, listen, i'm all for transporting your firearms. again, eric, i'm just trying to focus on individual nuggets to try to reduce type of attack this from happening again. i'm all for guns traveling all over the country.e there are thousands of law-abiding citizens who can transport a firearm legally. the fact is that if you're going to check that gun onto the plane, it might be time to get a
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little more like jfk and laguardia, cross-screening those weapons and to make sure the intent isn't there with anything else toit travel. >> eric: next on the rundown, more in the deadly shooting of fort lauderdale airport where there was sheer pandemonium. is law enforcement prepared enough to deal with acts like this? that's up ahead. hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. legal help is here. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep
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>> eric: continuing on with our top story. a shooting rampage at fort lauderdale international airport. it was pure chaos after the shooting began and they baggage claim area. passengers running from a terminal areas onto the tarmac and surrounding highway. >> eric: continuing with our top story. a shooting rampage at florida's fort lauderdale international airport. it was pure chaos after the shooting began in the baggage claim area. passengers running from terminal areas onto the tarmac and hisurrounding highway. about an hour later, a false report of another shooting, panic ensued. tonight's events highlight how vulnerable soft targets outside of security checkpoints can be.
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joining us now from chicago, jerry mccarthy, the former superintendent of the police department in chicago. mr. mccarthy, let's begin with the pandemonium. there are a lot ofof law enforcement there, there were a lot of panic. what did they do right, what do they do wrong today? >> the first thing they did right was isolate, contain, identify the target, and take him into custody relatively quickly without further incident. there is obviously a lot of damage that was done. i think there were some holes in the system. as the two gentlemen were speaking about before me. i've been to the airport in tel aviv, i was escorted by the israeli police in and out, and i still felt the security all over me all the time. although i was being whisked through the security. we do have to look at airports outside of those checkpoints in the same vein. i can tell you here in chicago, two things, first of all, i suspect that this young man walked into an fbi office and said that he was hearing voices,
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isis was affecting his brain and so on and so forth. it's entirely possible, and i believe that it's even likely.. here's a man with some mental issues will eventually become subject to isis rhetoric. they have a very powerful propaganda machine. i suspect he may have been watching some of those videos online. he has some mental issues in his past, he is now being subject to this propaganda, perhaps he acts on it. can't tell at this point. the fact is, the joint terrorism task forces are not going to run that investigation from a-z. they're going to take it a, b, c, and perhaps a man with mental issues and not as a terrorist. >> eric: a, b, c, this was in november. a guy walked into the fbie offie two months ago.
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to me, it feels like someone let him go, dropped the ball, didn't follow him. should we be following guys like this? >> that's where i was going to go. it's probably not up to the jttf to follow this guy. i'm going to give credit to our former director of organized crime. we came up with a system where when the jttt determines they're not going to follow it, they're going to keep it. our intel division took it and ran out the rest of it. we are finding some gaps in there that perhaps we are closing and stopping some things from happening and that's the type of system that we need across the country. >> eric: very quickly, i only have about a minute or so, you mentioned making the airport security safe once you enter until you leave. that's a lot of money.w >> it sure is. and we have officersrs trained
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with heavy weapons at o'hare and midway. you will see a s.w.a.t. officers at o'hare and midway on a regular basis when they're on patrol. sometimes it got a couple that we can assign there. some people feel good when that happens at the same time, it provides a separate level of safety that perhaps you people don't see all the time. >> eric: mr. mccarthy, thank you very much. next, a intelligence report finding vladimir putin was behind last year's hacking attacks. kellyanne conway enters the "no spin zone."
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>> eric: and the impact to segment tonight, russian hacking in the u.s. election. today a long-awaited d classifying intelligent report was released. it blames russian president vladimir putin for heading the >> eric: in the impact segment tonight, russian hacking and the u.s. election. today a long-awaited
8:21 pm
declassified intelligence report was released. it blames russian president vladimir putin for heading the election. a short time ago, i spoke with kellyanne conway about the report and donald trump's classified briefing today on the subject. but first, we address today's events in fort lauderdale. okay, kellyanne, can we get your response, your reaction, to the fort lauderdale shooting earlier today? >> it is a tragedy, and the president-elect has been speaking to the governor of florida.a. he has been monitoring the situation and expressed his condolences and his support g fr those who have lost loved ones and those who are injured certainly. it's a very sad day whenever this happens. >> eric: we can point out the president-elect did contactsi rick scott minutes or an hour or so after the suspect was apprehended, meanwhile, remember back to the orlando shooting, the nightclub shooting, governor scott complained the following day that he had not yet heard from president obama. >> i do recall that slightly, and i do think it's important for the president of the united
8:22 pm
states, in this case, it will be donald trump soon, to be sure we are always in touch with the first responders, the elected and that is in fact with the -- officials in the given state, and that is in fact what the president-elect did today in calling governor scott. we know that security is porous at some of these common areas but that aside, i think we all just join together in moments like this. this is the time that theet president-elect was about to have his security briefing, his intelligence but he took the time to call governor scott and to make that connection to offer support and prayers. t >> eric: let's talk a little bit about that briefing now. there's a classified document that became declassified earlier today. i'm reading through it. it looks like the heads of intel squarely put the blame on russia and they're saying that russia was attempting to influence our elections.
8:23 pm
>> we learned two things today. one is that the dnc ignored the fbi's request to turned their server to give themd information. they failed to have the defenses in place that would prevent this from happening. the russians also tried to hack into the rnc but the rnc had a much better system in large part because the republican presidential nominee donald j. trump insisted that they do. that was impenetrable. we also see that the russian hacking, they were trying to hack, the question is, did this influence the outcome of the elections? data one-vote move move because of this? there is no clear evidence of that. >> eric: can i read, kellyanne, little bit of that? it says, russia's goals were to undermine democratic faith in
8:24 pm
the process, denigrate secretary clinton, harm her electability and potential presidency,o and we have a high confidence in these judgments" " it certainly sounds like it is political to me. am i wrong? >> we feel that way as well. we certainly don't want intelligence to interfere with politics and we don't want politics to interfere with intelligence. when the president said earlier today to "the new york times" it feels like a political witch hunt. the presence of the united states basically didn't say much about it. hillary clinton mentioned it atg a debate, but you didn't see the $1.2 billion the campaign spent going towards ads warning everybody that this was going to affect the outcome of the election.. why? they thought she was going to win. it was only after she did not
8:25 pm
win that they got frothed about this. there is no foreign government interfering in our nation. that is very clear. at the same time, let's not draw an axis where one does not exist between attempts and actual results. if anybody can tell me that hillary clinton lost for any other reason that she had, she was a terrible messenger, i still don't know what her message was, please help me out. her message was, i'm not donald trump. it was not enough. donald trump's message was, i'm going to be a tougher chief. >> eric: if the heads of the intel departments are drying what you call a nexus and there for may be playing politics, will donald trump, president donald trump, make sweeping changes to the leadership? >> well, the one thing that donald trump said today as president-elect, i think it's very important his statement, eric, is that he will convene his own panel. in 90 days, perhaps, he will take action. he wants to talk to his own advisors about what makes sense moving forward. a lot of people are just looking
8:26 pm
back to this election. i'm so struck by the number of people who talk about how the following things happen. russia hacked and hillary clinton lost. pretending to not making a nexus when in fact, they it's been talked about on fox news how the dnc was hacked, the pentagon was hacked, the white house was hacked. why wasn't anyone in this uproar when 21 million records were hacked and our office and personnel management basically p government? conventional records of americans, what was the punishment then? who was up in arms? let me repeat, we are against any interference, but at the same time, people try to over politicize this in a way. you can't get them excited to talk about hate crimes against a disabled white boy in chicago, you can't get them excited to talk about the fact that
8:27 pm
minority leader chuck schumer hast promised to obstruct every supreme court justice would put in front of them and a slow walk are cabinet nominees even though president obama had seven confirmed on inauguration day. 13 the following week by voice vote. that should really get thisam country up in arms about interfering with democracy. let's be frank, you know who interfered with the election, the mainstream media by telling us all that hillary clinton was a shoe-in. >> eric: let me ask you that. you mentioned james clapper, take a listen to what he said yesterday. some of his testimony on capitol hill. >> this is a multifaceted campaign, so the hacking was only one part of it. it also entailed classical propaganda, disinformation, fake news. >> eric: kellyanne, he blamed
8:28 pm
fake news on some of the attacks on the election. very quickly, we only have a little bit ofe time. we're going to bring you back after the break. does president-elect donald trump, president trump have confidence in clapper? >> well, the president has faith in the intelligence community. he's also putting together his own intelligence team for many reasons. mr. clapper came out in october and said something. the response from barack obamaa about vladimir putin was "knock it off." boy, that's really going to scare somebody.y. "knock it off." none of that rings true. the other thing that he had made clear yesterday, he had to clarify that it did not influence the votes. the senator from arkansas also made the point that donald trump -- certainly through explaining our
8:29 pm
defense budget, eric, he will put america in a stronger position that you can argue is against russia's, moscow's political and economic interest. >> eric: i'd like to bring you back right after the break. >> okay, thank you. >> eric: i have more with kellyanne in a moment. including joe biden taking a verbal shot at her boss. don't go away. who brought us delicious gyros. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean.
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>> eric: we continue now with our conversation with donald trump counselor kellyanne conway. a short time ago, we spoke about the escalating fight to repeal obamacare along with a shot over the bow of her boss from vice president joe biden. >> eric: we continue now with our conversation with donald trump counselor kellyanne conway. a short time ago, we spoke about the escalating fight to repealal obamacare along with a shot over the bow of her boss from vice president joe biden. we're back with kellyanne conway. take a listen to joe biden. always the entertaining guy to listen to what he has something to say about donald trump. take a listen. >> grow up, donald, grow up. time to be an adult, you're president.
8:33 pm
you've gotta do something. show us what you have. >> eric: all right, kellyanne, the reaction from the guy who has threatened to take donald trump out behind the school yard or something to that effect. >> it's really disappointing to hear the vice president speak that not surprising. to what is he referring? the fact that his democratic party under his watch, he's been the number two guy in a country and a democratic party, they lost over 1,000 state legislative seats, theyfo lost over a dozen government ships, they lost 68 house seatse they lost the election in 2010, 2014, 2016. in large part because of the policies that he supported like the unaffordable, unacceptable care act, obamacare. like all these bad trade deals and never benefited our american workers, and it is donald trump who came in, without joe biden and barack obama, there may have never been president trump.
8:34 pm
i'd like to tell the vice president, thanks for the nonadvice.ic we very much appreciate all the failed policies that allowed us to usher in a new era of hopefulness and buoyancy, fresh blood and excitement in this aadministration. you're going to see president donald trump very quickly, eric, deliver and perform and be accountable to results as he has always done in his wildly successful business. it's a new tone, and content in washington. >> eric: one of the things that donald trump is promising to repeal and replace obamacare. president obama weighing in on his signature legislation. listen to this. it's pretty surprising. >> now is the time when republicans, i think, have to go ahead and show their if, in fact, they have a program that would genuinely work better, and they want to call it whatever they want -- they can
8:35 pm
call it trump care, they can call it mcconnell care or ryan care. if it actually works, i will be the first one to say, "great." you should have told me that back in 2009. i asked. >> eric: okay. well, i think the republicans were trying to help in 2009. they were completely shut out. they couldn't vote for obamacare. how is this? trump care?as >> he is just being sarcastic. i don't know why. it's not very becoming. the main topic of conversation, repealing and replacing obamacare. having a very serious conversation about how to do that, knowing that millions of people rely upon it, knowing that pre-existing condition coverage is popular. but, eric, we did try to help in 2009. we were rebuffed. nailed to the ground in 2010
8:36 pm
because obamacare was the first major entitlement passed in this country without a single vote from one of the two political parties. it passed without a single republican vote, his partyu' ows it. and it will not be a great part of his legacy because you have millions of americans who are paying higher premiums, 116% in arizona, by way of example. you've got people with fewerr choices, lower quality, less access, and more frustration. the biggest lie and biggestm piece of fake news i've heard in the last ten years, if you likea your doctor, you can keep your doctor.. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. big allies that had real consequences for americans. donald trump and mike pence are going to allow you to buy your health insurance across state lines. they're going to allow you to have a health savings account where you control more of your spending, your health care spending. they're going to permit individual pools. i mean, there are so many
8:37 pm
positive free-market reforms in health care that are more patient-centricth. look, the republicans won in 2010, '14, '16 in large part because of obamacare. >> eric: kelly, i only have about half a is there a way to get the democrats to play ball and work with trump? chuck schumer has already said, we are not going to work with him. nancy pelosi said forget it, we are not working with him. >> chuck schumer represents new york and she represents san francisco. not exactly the rest of the country where people are suffering under obamacare. i believe that the states where trump won in double digits, will play ball. i think they will play a ball on a tax relief package. they know what their constituents want. if they are honest to those they represent, they will be honest to those and not to petty partisan politics. thank you, eric. >> eric: coming up next, how
8:38 pm
should the incoming trump administration respond to russia after today's intel report? we'll take a hard look at that right after this.
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stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. >> eric: thanks for staying with us. i'm in for bill o'reilly. and the factor following segment tonight, president obama weighing in tonight. the president >> eric: thanks for staying with us. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the "factor" follow-uphe segment tonight, president obama weighing in tonight. the president says it's clear the russians meddled and hadnt some words for anyone who
8:42 pm
doubts it. >> one of the things i am concerned about is the degree to which we've seen a lot of commentary lately where the republicans or pedants or cable commentators who seem to have more confidence in vladimir putin then fellow americans because those fellow americans are democrats. that cannot be. >> does that include the president-elect? >> well, what i will say is that -- and i said this right after the election. we have to remind ourselves we're on the same team. vladimir putin is not on our >> eric: joining us now from houston to analyze, national security analyst and a former cia operations officer who worked in the former soviet union for two years. you're the right guy at the right time. i'm reading this report. i'm looking for the smoking gun.
8:43 pm
i can't find the gun and it ain't smoking. >> if you read the report carefully, you'll find it. >> eric: i didn't read it carefully enough, that's what you're saying. i did, but go on. >> one thing they teach in law school is critical reading and i'm very glad i went to law school. t >> eric: touche. >> when you read it critically and carefully -- when you have a theory, you have to test the theory and you have to prove the theory, i'm looking for the proof part of this theory. >> there is a difference there between intelligence and evidence. we're talking about an intelligence report. the nsa, the fbi, and the cia the nsa, the fbi, and the cia through the office of the director of national intelligence came out with thiso report. this is a declassified reversion of a much more detailed anda classified version of your report that says three things. a, there is an organized effort by high level officials
8:44 pm
including president vladimir putin trying to influence our election. b, they took part in this hack. and c, to make sure that going forward we have the necessary tools in place to prevent this from happening in our country. >> eric: i'll give you a, b, c. scott, these are again theories and hypotheses without any evidence to prove it. >> i've seen the report and it certainly -- put it this way.y most of the things i've seen in this report, these conditions existed at least ten years ago. this administration has never indicated an interest in russian operations against this country until it seems to have hurt the democratic party. now suddenly, they have become aware of the russian threat a day late and a dollar short at the 11th hour. >> eric: arash, what's new in this report? m there are a lot of countries doing this. we know at least four or five who are actively trying to do the exact same thing. >> you know, scott and myself,
8:45 pm
you lived and worked in the ex-soviet union, we worked in lithuania, we're familiar with russian efforts to try to undermine the fair and free elections in thoseis countries. except belarus because there is no fair and free elections and belarus. in ukraine and soviet countries, it is very intimately similar. if you remember, scott just said president obama had no interest in helping anti-russian forces in the u.s. and around the world. look what we did in the ukraine. >> eric: arash, you're down ine the rabbit hole, go ahead, scott, tell me what's new in this report.t. >> the thing that's new is, for once -- the russians have been trying to do this for many years and they have not been effective at it. the reason they were perhaps more effective at it, if we area
8:46 pm
to believe this report, is because hillary clinton provided them an ideal target. w she compromised herself totally, and it says here that the russians worked to undermine her credibility. she undermined her own credibility and it was merely the russians that -- the russians or the democrats are never claimed that the russians manufacture this material. it's all genuine democratic emails. >> eric: arash, like you a lot. i like you a lot. >> that is very sad and not true. >> eric: i've gotta go. arash, scott, thank you very much. great debate, you guys. up next, donald trump doubling down on his vow to make mexico reimburse the united states. i said it, reimburse united states for a new border wall. and mexico's former president is doubling down on his refusal to do it. we'll be right back with that.
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8:49 pm
>> in the end result of this
8:50 pm
final segment tonight, who will pay for a new border wall with mexico? president-elect donald trump is planning to have congress pay for its destruction. she is going to make mexico reimburse united states and is that something he's said before? >> i said mexico is paying for the >> eric: who will pay for a new border wall with mexico? president-elect donald trump is planning to have congress pay for its construction. he says the media got itt wrong again. he is going to make mexico reimburse united states and that's something he's said before. >> i said mexico is paying for the wall. with the full understanding that the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states for the full cost of such a wall.or okay? >> well, vicente fox, one of donald trump's fiercest critics said today... he used the whole word in the tweet.
8:51 pm
joining us now to analyze, from washington, and then hereei in studio, democratic strategists. first, he is not going to pay for that effing wall. >> this is something that president-elect trump has been saying from the beginning. the wall being built was never contingent upon the mexican government making a one-time payment, eric. back in march 2016, the campaign released a two-page document showing you exactly how mexico would be paying for the wall. of course, they're given the option to make a payment. but then donald trump outlined several ways that mexico will pay for it. whether it is provisions in the patriot act to withhold remittances on wire transfers going into mexico to increasing visa fees, tariffs. there is a number of ways that a president administration under
8:52 pm
trump would be able to recoup that money.. >> mainstream media, "i told you he was going to backtrack on the wall." this is something he said, that sound bite was from october 22nd. prior to the election. nothing is inconsistent. >> there are always inconsistencies in trump world, but he has always said we would have it. i get it. but what also hasn't been consistent here is that the american public doesn't want this wall. 58% are against it, 59% don't think mexico will be paying for that on top of it.hi when you look at republicans, over 70% of republicans are against this. >> do you think voters want the wall? >> what i say is that trump voters and trump diehards are different. >> it's the foundation to donald trump's immigration policy. wefo understand that it's not jt about immigration. it's about trafficking, sex
8:53 pm
trafficking, and donald trump won. i think this is something many americans want, but i do also believe that the dishonest media and the left have really been putting out misinformation about this wall to begin with. and that's going to be up to the trump administration to get out there and sell why this is so important without that filter. it's important that donald trump maintain his twitter account to continue -- >> but, katrina, i think donald trump uncensored is a hugely entertaining thing. i don't follow him on twitter though. maybe when he becomes president i will. i just told you that 50% of americans don't want the border wall. when you say many americans, these are trump diehards. these are also people who like to say, lock her up. these are people who also want a muslim ban. these are not going to happen in a donald trump presidency. >> are you saying there is not going to be a wall? >> i am saying there is not going to be a wall. if there is a wall, i will go
8:54 pm
through that golden door. it's going to be huge. >> they chanted as the dnc cannot lock here up. this isn't just diehard trump supporters. at the end of the day, 70% of americans did not want obamacare, and guess what? we have it. >> >> eric: thank you very much. when we return, the latest developments on today's mass shooting in fort lauderdale, we will be right back. if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere.
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>> you are looking at a live picture of the ft. lauderdale international airport. we are waiting for an update from the fbi on the mass shooting that left 5 dead and 8 injured. the airport is still closeed to departing and arriving flights. passenger with personal vehicles are allowed to leave the airport. those without cars are being bussed to another location to get a right. mike baker, we talked about this at the beginning of the show.
8:57 pm
people are thinking, seeing those people on that tarmac, i pray i am never in that situation. how do we avoid that? >> how does the government react? this has been a long debate. this is not something new. we talk about where does the security perimeter lie in the airport? if you push it out into the public areas and you are pushing out the problem. >> are you, though? >> yes. >> when you are in the building, you are in a close space. these airports are busy. you are crammed in with people. once you get out the door it dissipates and it's a far softer target, right? >> not really. all you are doing is pushing that gathering out further. you still have to get through security. what i am saying this is not a new issue, they have been agonizing over this for
8:58 pm
sometime. not just us but our allies overseas. the other part: what can you do as an individual? the reality is we will never reduce these sorts of incidents down to zero. it won't happen. what can you do? you can't always be in a high state of alert. even when you are professionals. when you go into a situation where you are standing in a crowd, you are in a public event or a transportation facility like an airport. >> let me give you an example. you go to a football game. you walk in the stadium, before you are in the seats you are metal detected and they are going through your bags. you are not nearing the playing field. in the airport you can walk through the terminal and go shopping before you are checked through security. >> i don't mean standing there with a bunch of people. entering a large crowded
8:59 pm
facility, a shopping mall or whatever. this is not rocket science. you have to be more aware of your surroundings. you will never be way up here all the time. pick and choose. figure out when to be more aware of what is going on around you. it's unsatisfying, but your options are limited. if something touches off, get away or hide. if those are not options, you have to fight. that's tough to do. people lock up from the shock. >> very quickly. profiling, is it time to reopen that debate? >> we should always be looking at profiling in a professional manner. some people lose their minds when you talk about profiling. if done in a proper manner, it works. this is not necessarily a ter r terrorism related shooting. >> i have to go.
9:00 pm
bill o'reilly will be back on monday. the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. . >> breaking tonight awaiting an shooting that unfolded in a u.s. airport. travelers were confronted by a deranged gunman. welcome to the "kelly file" i am megyn kelly. the panic lasted for hours. the 24-year-old suspect shot passenger in the baggage claim area of the airport. despite the suspect being quickly arrested. americans watched in horror as my colleague was interviewing one man on the scene


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