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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 6, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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bill o'reilly will be back on monday. the spin stops right here because we are looking out for you. . >> breaking tonight awaiting an shooting that unfolded in a u.s. airport. travelers were confronted by a deranged gunman. welcome to the "kelly file" i am megyn kelly. the panic lasted for hours. the 24-year-old suspect shot passenger in the baggage claim area of the airport. despite the suspect being quickly arrested. americans watched in horror as my colleague was interviewing one man on the scene and reports of a second shooting started to
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break. >> reporter: it was surreal. i looked over. when i saw blood just pooling underneath people, i realized it was real and people were being shot. it was oddly quiet after it happened. there wasn't screaming. people started realizing that it was safe. i think that was when people started sobbing and crying and it's an unbelievable feeling, the emotions and everything. i don't know what is happening. >> john, anything more you remember about this suspect? >> hmmm. [silence] >> john? >> they are saying shots were fired in the garage and they are
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locking us down again. they sent somebody to the garage. they just said that. they told everybody to get on the floor. michelle, get down! they told everyone to get down. oh, god. everybody is laying down on the floor. >> how are you and your wife? >> [audio breaking up]. this doesn't help. we thought the scene was secure. people are crying out. people are scared to death. >> megyn: wow! thankfully that second incident was a false aarm. with 5 killed and 8 more wounded at an airport that sees 75,000 travelers a day, it took hours before the tension calmed down. in moments phil keating has the story from horrified witnesses
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before we ask congressman peter king about the story. he is the chairman of the house subcommittee on counter terrorism. trace is live at the breaking news desk. >> early reports from florida official say the shooter flew to the u.s. from canada were inaccurate. he took a delta flight from anchorage, alaska and stopped in minneapolis and on to ft. lauderdale. the suspect arrived for his flight 4 hours early and checked only the case that carried his handgun. authorities say it's common to check weapons in alaska. it's a big hunting deftnition. when the gunman arrived in florida, he grabbed the gun case and loaded the weapon in the bathroom and began shooting. after reloading and firing two more times, the suspect gave up without police firing a shot. at the sound of the gun shots some passengers took cover. most fled to the front and rear
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of the airport into the streets and on to the tarmac. in coming flights were allowed to land, but the airport soon shutdown. 90 minutes after the shooting, just as the panic began to subvide, there were two more reports of shots fired. both were false. but there was video of what appeared to be another man being arrested. here's police. >> to my knowledge, no know who was taken into custody. people could have been secured in handcuffs until we found out who they were and how they were related or not related to this scenario. >> incoming passenger were escorted away. the alleged shooter was born in new jersey and grew up in puerto rico and served in the puerto rico national guard and the alaska national guard. after returning from a tour in iraq, his brother said he was changed. law enforcement sources tell fox news in november of last year, the suspect visited the fbi
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office in anchorage telling field agents that u.s. intelligence infiltrated his mind and were forcing him to watch isis propaganda videos. the fbi concluded the man had no connection to foreign terror organizations. investigators are scouring the gunman's electronic devices and digital foot print. it remains unclear if the shooter is cooperating. >> megyn: thank you. next up, we check in with someone who has been on scene all day talking with witnesses and gathering the latest information. phil keating is live in ft. lauderdale tonight. phil. >> after the initial 2 hours of terror and pandemonium at the airport, that's when authorities lockdown this airport down. no one was allowed to come into the airport property. nobody was allowed to leave.
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everybody was evacuated from terminal 1. everybody who had already gone through security in terminal 2 where the carnage went down, there was a 6-hour lock down. no one could go to the bathroom. no one could drink water. several planes were full of passenger coming into the airport. after the initial shooting in the baggage claim area, operations picked back up and flights were coming in and out. then there was the second false scare attack when people thought they heard gun shots in the garages and in terminal 1. the sheriff said they were not actual gun shots. according to witnesses, the gunman, after he shot and emptied his gun the first time, reloaded and shot some more. he stopped and then he was
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approached by law enforcement. they ordered him to surrender. he did. and he's been in custody ever since. the passengers are finally being allowed to leave the property. some were here in the early stages and they said it was sheer terror. >> we heard, pop, pop, pop. and a crowd of people came running around the corner. actually my daughter had her baby in a carrying thing like a backpack. she got trampled. my husband helped her get up and said run! both ran. there are 19 of us here. we are all in 3 different areas. >> they were terrified the families. >> here with kid? >> yes, the kid were definitely in their parents' arms. >> i thought i saw people about to hyperventilate they were so
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scared. >> some people looked like they were having an anxiety attack. >> ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport remains closed to operations. air traffic, nothing coming in or going out. it will be that way all night long. the first flights will be happening here tomorrow. everybody stranded here trying to get out of ft. lauderdale and go home, they are trying to make additional travel arrangements and find hotels for tonight. >> megyn: thank you. joining me the new york republican congressman peter king. chairman of the house subcommittee on counter-terrorism. the suspect is in custody. how will that go forward? >> my understanding is he is entitleed to a lawyer. i would hope the interrogation is followed. the large issue to me is he did
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turn himself in or walked in and said he was having voices telling him. >> megyn: november 26th he said he was hearing u.s. intel agents telling him to watch isis videos. >> right. i don't think we can just look upon these as crazy people. isis has found a way to communicate with these people on the fringes of society. the person in new york attackeded who players. there are others like this. this is almost part of the isis army. >> megyn: like how? >> they are skilled in use of the internet. their message more so than al-qaeda or other terrorists groups appeal to the people on the mental edge of society. it's a number of cases like that. it's not a trained terrorist. it may turnout he is trained, but the fact he is got
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psychiatric treatment and talking about joining isis. this is not just some crazy person. this is a person that isis has been able to appeal to. >> megyn: i don't know. we may be getting ahead of ourselves. >> no. >> megyn: we have one random statement. who knows what else he might have said? he developed mental issues when he came back from iraq 5 years ago. he was hospitalized for a mental illness. there is a distinction between random shooters and terrorists. these shooters are in their mid 20s and they have mental health issues. i am not trying to exonerate isis. >> no, i am saying that isis is appealing to more mentally
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unstable people. isis didn't even know this guy existed i am sure. whenever a person is linked to mental illness and isis, there should be more surveillance. >> megyn: he is obviously a mentally disturbed man. i don't know that they look at him and say he is a terrorist. this guy is crazy. do they have any obligation to have him committed or contact his family? >> i think they should. crazy and talking about isis and a prospect to carry out an act of violence. not because he is trained or any expert in terrorism. isis put the seeds in a number of people's heads. that's known. that should be an indicator. >> megyn: they will run it down tonight. it's not completely figured out. hopefully he is talking. if there was somebody else working with him, if this wasn't
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a lone actor, they will look into that. have you heard anything about that? any terrorism officials involved? >> i can assure you. the fbi and they are scrubbing everything to find any possible terror contact he could have. his computer and iphones to find any links he may have to terrorism. if there is anyone out there, the fbi is trying to get him. you assume there is a terrorist link and work your way back. definitely they are looking to see if anybody else is involved. if there are more involved than one individual. >> megyn: congress peter king, thanks for being here. within hours of the shooting experts warned about airports being scarier than ever. wait until you see the list of
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a decade about whether airport security needs an overall. we have tony shaffer and brad thor. first a report on what we found when we reviewed recent incidents. >> multiple studies have shown it's not the scale of the attack or the size of the bomb, it's the proximity to a vulnerable group of people. ft. lauderdale is a reminder that public areas in airports are attractive targets. in 2013 a gunman at international los angeles airport killed a tsa agent and wounding travels. last march in brussels 2 suicide bombers stuck 30 second apart. in june 3 terrorists armed with
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bombs and guns attacked the main airport in turkey killing 45 and injuring 230. those attacks happened in unsecured public areas. in recent months, u.s. homeland secretary johnson pushed to limit the number of entries into airport terminals and increase the number of officerses patrolling those entries. but because of funding shortages policies have not been adopted. there is talk of moving security to the doorways of airport terms but critics say it would push crowds into the sidewalks, streets and parking areas where they would still be targets. the consensus is focussed on improving security and ticketing procedures so large crowds of people are not grouped together waiting in line. the idea behind the latest airport technology is to help reduce people standing around because a moving target is much
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more difficult to hit. >> megyn: thanks. join cia trained tony shaffer and the best selling author brad thor. good to see you both. colonel, is there any of the measures that are being considered to tighten airport security that would have stopped this guy? >> this is a tough one. any time you have someone who has a legally checked weapon, it's tough to do. we have to look at how you would be able to spot and maybe prevent this from happening, maybe there should be a procedure for shopping this. there are crowds in a lot of places -- airports and train stations and public facilities. i did a walk through for a local major landmark that has a lot of people every day. this is a potential vector.
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that's why you create red teams to go through and think if i were a bad guy, how would i do that? i did that very thing for this local big building. >> megyn: with all due respect, brad, this is a free and open site. even if you banned guns from going through the checked baggage, some come in off the sidewalk. we want to believe that there is some way of preventing in this society a madman from getting us. but the truth is, it's not really possible. >> no. no place will ever be 100% safe. what tony was talking about with the red teaming, that's a human factor. you are bringing human beings in to play. the israelis do this better than anybody else. jay johnson may be pushing for
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more uniformed officers which is great but i have not seen when getting my bags up. we need to be able to walk up to people and ask them questions. trace said earlier. the only thing this guy checked was his case with his gun in it. that should have set off a bunch of red flag. he should have never been allowed to get on the airplane in alaska without a hell of a lot of secondary screening. i don't want to take his gun away if he is an average every day citizen. that's weird. all the way to florida with just a gun? >> megyn: why does the guy have the gun in the first place. if in november he walked into an fbi office and said i am hearing voices telling me to watch isis videos and he was hospitalized 5
9:22 pm
years earlier. he has mental health issues. travels with only the gun checked. i am not saying you could have predicted it, but there were a couple of red flag. >> he was on the radar and susceptible to suggestion. i am sure isis did not know about him, but this kid did it. your point was well taken. he had multiple intakes for mental issues and a military reservist. >> megyn: with the national guard. >> the national guard should have been tracking this kid. if there were issues and there was a pattern, there should have been something. as brad said, the kid is traveling with a weapon. link that together. i am not for big brother. but, there is an issue here when you do have multiple events, not just one and the kid is traveling with an unusual pattern with just a weapon.
9:23 pm
those two things should have come together. and just engage him. somebody should have said something. 9 times out of 10 there is an alerting behavior that says something is not right here. >> megyn: but it's resources. it costs many to have the people they have in israel? >> i am broken hearted because this will lead back to the va in alaska and people will say they didn't give him the care. a 26-year-old primed for a psychotic break. isis may not have directed him to do this, but isis just saw something that works. it will be open season on travellers. i hate this. this shows this kind of thing works. if we don't get our acts together quick, it will happen again and again. >> megyn: given that. there is always the danger of copycats. what are people supposed to do? you have to go through the system. you have to stand in a long line
9:24 pm
for security and to get your bag, going away for 2 weeks with a family of 5, you can't carry on luggage. >> go ahead, brad. you travel at the most off peak hours and get a known traveller number. show up with your own boarding pass and do carry on. >> they have a system of channelization so you don't have people standing in big areas. if something goes off, it's limited to a single area. your best defender is yourself. pick up and do what you can to keep looking around. your instincts, if you have that little hair on the back of your neck, that should tell you to do something. >> megyn: and the airports are gun-free jones. -- zones. nobody had a weapon there. they are considering changing
9:25 pm
that. most of the people he went up to were shot in the head. they were elderly. they were not in any position to defend themselves. >> we should be armed all the time federal officers because we are capable. >> megyn: any moment we expect to hear from the officials on what their investigation has produced thus far. when it begins, we will bring it to you. after weeks of speculation, we have the intelligence community report on what the russians did in the run up to your presidential election. that's next. election. mo elleithee is up next on we approach life... by simply enjoying it. boost® simply complete. it's intelligent nutrition made with only 9 ingredients, plus 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and look where life can take you! boost®. be up for it.™
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with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> megyn: we are waiting the fbi news conference at ft. lauderdale international after a gunman killed 5 and answerinj others. we are also tracking new reaction from president obama and president-elect donald trump after they received separate briefings on a u.s. intelligence report concluding that russian president vladimir putin, ordered his spy agent to enter in the 2016 election.
9:30 pm
here is president obama taking a hard line against his russian counterpart earlier today. >> i think what is true that the russians intended to meddle. >> we are on the same team. vladimir putin is not on our team. >> megyn: hours ago a declassified version of that intelligence report was released to the public. catherrine is here. >> this report is strongly worded. the conclusions are at the high confidence level. that's a grade of a. it means there is high quality intelligence from multiple sources to back up the findings. it doesn't guarantee the information is fact. it says the russian president vladimir putin ordered the campaign in 2016. it said that putin and the russian government developed a preference for donald trump. it does not say putin directed
9:31 pm
day-to-day leaks. the wikileaks president julian assange said russian was not their source of leaks but the report says otherwise. it says they chose wikileaks for their credibility. even the russians thought a clinton victory was assured. the russians focussed on undermining her future presidency. the report says the russians will do it again. >> megyn: thank you. a short time ago the associated press reported that president-elect trump learned a lot from the intel briefing but designed to say whether he accept's russian's role in our election. moments ago on this channel, a close trump advisor kellyanne conway suggested that the intel
9:32 pm
community has become polititized. pete hoekstra is an advisor to the trump transition team. this makes it clear. do you accept the conclusion of these 17 agencies that russian did interfere with our election and it came at the direction of vladimir putin? >> it wasn't all 17 agencies. this was only 3 of the agencies. dhs does not have its name on the report. the defense intelligence agency doesn't have its name on the report. this is a structarral problem with how the intelligence community does its analysis. tony shaffer talked about the
9:33 pm
red team. i think an intelligent analysis you should always have a red team that provides a dissenting point of view. that is missing in this report. thirdly, if the report is 5 pages. 1 page of that 5 pages talks about propaganda and it's based on the reporting of our rttelevision. that stands for russian television. it's hard to not understand it's propaganda. if you watched that programming, it's a joke. if that is a serious effort to influence our campaign, if that's the best russian can do with propaganda, they have a lot of improvement to do. >> megyn: to put a fine point on it. you don't believe them? >> no, i said -- >> megyn: everything you said was undermining the credibility of the report. do you believe it and accept it? >> i am giving you a red team
9:34 pm
analis. it is not compeling to me. as firmly as what this report points out that says i believe there are certain parts of this that are true. i think there is enough caveats here that you don't walk away and say, wow they nailed this and hit it out of the park. >> megyn: they said we nailed it. why were they so confident? >> they claim it's a -plus intelligence. i have not seen the classified data that says they really have it. they claim that. >> megyn: got it. pete hoekstra, thank you, sir. mark, founding executive direct are of georgetown institute of public service. the longest title ever. from georgetown and super smart.
9:35 pm
if this had been a democratic president, do you think he would have gone on why we need to doubt it? >> i love pete hoekstra. i won't go after pete hoekstra. what happens with a report like this, after the iraq wmd fiasco, the intelligence community added this level of there is high confidence, low confidence or mid level confidence and they add disenting views. that was in the classified report. if this is not dissent in the report, it's because no one dissented. the point that pete and the trump people should be making which is true, the issue here is not whether russian tried to influence our election. the report said they were trying to do it since they were the soviet union.
9:36 pm
the question is not did they try? the question is did they succeed? the answer is absolutely not. >> megyn: you don't think wikileaks had an effect on anybody. clinton did bad stuff but they exposed. >> if there was nothing to expose. >> megyn: do you think donald trump did nothing untoward? >> no, i don't think this was a tipping point in the election. most of these stories that hurt hillary clinton were not broken by russia. they were broken by the "new york times." >> megyn: doesn't this same intel report conclude that russia failed to influence the election. they realized they didn't make. >> there are two different issues. did they tamper with the actual
9:37 pm
election? there is nobody who says they did. nobody said they tampered with election machines. right? did they influence the election itself. i am not a democrat who believes what russia did is what hillary clinton lost. there are a lot of reasons hillary clinton lost. this is one of them. the dnc hack had nothing to do with hillary clinton's private server. the podesta hack had nothing to do with hillary clinton's private server. >> megyn: taking you back to the weeks before the liquor. -- election. she was looking pretty good. the letter came out saying weiner screwed things up and then she lost. >> that wasn't russia.
9:38 pm
>> megyn: that's my point >> for so long there was a steady drip of emails that were hacked and leaked through wikileaks. if donald trump said today they had no influence over the election. here's my question. didn't donald trump every day attack hillary clinton based on emails that were obtained from this russian hack? yes. if it wasn't influential he would not have used it. >> it wasn't just that. by the time the wikileaks emails came out americans concluded that hillary clinton was dissonest and corrupt. >> megyn: they confirmed a pre-existing news. >> this was not fake news. it was real news that democrats didn't want the american people to see. >> megyn: isn't it disturbing to have russia mess with our
9:39 pm
election? >> yes, and that's frustrating to me that the president-elect is not showing that same level of frustration. >> megyn: he is trying to get along with vladimir putin. >> democrats and republicans are saying this. where is the president-elect? this is about finding out what russia did. every republican would be on board with this. the democrats are trying to use this to discredit donald trump. >> megyn: they accepted he is the president. it is official now. great to see you both. our producer at the ft. lauderdale airport says the feds could come to the microphones any moment. they were a little late. they were going to have this within the last hour. vice-president biden today had to shout down members of his own party objected on donald trump's
9:40 pm
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>> megyn: breaking tonight our producer at the ft. lauderdale international airport is getting new details on when the fbi news conference is set to start. they are working hard to gather information. we will bring it to you when it happens. a battle is brewing on capitol hill after republicans announced they will try to remove all federal funding for planned parent hood. the move comes as part of a process they are using to repeal part of obamacare. >> planned parenthood would be in our bill. >> megyn: democrats, planned parenthood and allies signal a fight. >> what speaker ryan is trying to do here and what vice-president pence is trying to do is endaccess to everything
9:44 pm
that would prevent unintended pregnancy including family planning services. >> megyn: joining me dana loesch and richard fowler. great to see you both. richard, let me start with you. they get some fund. they say the funds don't go for abortion services. that's where the objection lies. do deprive them of money for anything and everything? is it you could no longer get contraception with the help of federal money? >> well, here's what happened. when they banned the funds, i read the law before i came. it would stop medicaid from playing planned parenthood for family planning and breast cancer and pap smears and std testing. that's funded by the federal
9:45 pm
comfortable. planned parenthood is not allowed to use federal money for abortions. there are 15 states that do. >> megyn: the argument is that money is spongeable. >> it's not spongeable. they would have to bill the federal government or medicaid. once you close down those clinics. in texas if you defund planned parenthood 20% of women in texas will be without the health services they need to survive. i think this is about women's health. >> yes, that's not accurate. the hyde amendment there is wiggle room for rape or intest.
9:46 pm
-- intest. planned parenthood was forced to settle by the department of justice because they over-billed texas medicaid. it was over $4 million. planned parenthood is a for-profit business. they make 127-million dollars. richards was forced to admit they make a lot of money off abortions. why are american taxpayers be forced to fund a for-profit business that gives 99% to the democrats? with the passage of obamacare, i thought we would all have health care and birth control would be thrown out like mardi-gra beads.
9:47 pm
>> [overlapping talking]. >> let me ask you this question. do you think president trump will accept this kind of roll back? when he was having trouble with the women during the election, he came out and said planned parenthood does a lot of good things. >> he did. >> megyn: what? but i hate them. but they do a lot of good things. but they are terrible. i don't know where he stands on it. do you think president trump will sign a bill for changes? >> well, i remember being on your show and talking about that sound bite. he said that he wants to make the hyde amendment permanent. i think that would be great to do. to richard's comment. community health centers outnumber planned parenthood in every state. >> it's where they are in the state. it's -- wait, wait, wait.
9:48 pm
>> [overlapping talking]. >> i want to make a point here. yes, there are more health clinics but not in the right places. the other point there are shaky republicans who might not vote for this reconciliation bill because of planned parenthood act. >> megyn: you could hear when ivanka was whispering in trump's ears, they do, do some good. new reaction tonight to the chaos dominating congress earlier today with democrats. a last ditch effort to derail donald trump's win. hello! chris stirewalt is next on hey, how's it going? um... who are you?
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>> from the world headquarters >> it's the "kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> megyn: well, they had to do it. they could not resist. in congress today confirming the electoral vote they mounted a last ditch way to repeal the vote. joe biden a democrat. >> donald trump. >> mr. president. the objection is signed by a member of the house but not secret yet by a member of the
9:53 pm
senate. >> it is over. >> it was signed -- the purpose of this joint session, having been concluded, the chair declares the joint session dissolved. >> [cheers and applause] >> megyn: [laughing] fox news political editor chris stirewalt is here on a fitting end to the 2016 election cycle. >> god save the queen. maybe chaos is the right way to end the most chaotic election we remember. maybe it's possible that we can handle some chaos. maybe america is still fresh enough and strong enough to deal with chaotic moments. donald trump changed the way
9:54 pm
people did politics. your jobs were too easy. since 1992 every election was the same bunch of canned corporate balogna. donald trump bought chaos and those democrats in the house today, those and others will try a little chaos of their own. things will get weird in america. we have to have enough confidence we can handle weirdness. >> megyn: we can handle weirdness. you proved that here night after night. >> [laughing] >> megyn: how long do you think donald trump can keep that up? do you think the chaos candidate as he was dubbed, will be a chaos president in the way we have seen? >> we have a tendency to mis-remember our own history and think the way america was for the end of the cold war and the period after is the way things will always be. this has been a
9:55 pm
chaotic, weird crazy country in a lot of ways. caveings on the senate floor and riots. and america has endured. what you saw from joe biden was a good example from the country. people, whatever happens, this will be okay. our institutions, our systems can handle this. the question for us at journalists and citizens and the people who participate in the process: can you raise your game to the next level to deal? when things become unpredictable can you handle it i think we can>> megyn: and joe biden with the line of the season: "it's over." and it's over for us to. may i say it's been a pleasure. >> you bet. >> megyn: we'll be right back.
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>> megyn: a final word before we go. night after night you welcomed us into your homes for some of the biggest moments in recent history. we have tried to live up to the honor of being there. i am sincerely grateful for your trust, patience and your good humor over the years. which is one of the reasons why saying good-bye is so hard. but the truth si am lucky to have been doing a job whose ending is bittersweet. i leave you knowing i am better for having been here.
10:00 pm
i hope you feel the same. thank you for everything. i will see you again soon. soon. >> sean: we wish megyn kelly all of our best. we will miss here's our forecast: at fox. the fbi holding a press conference on the florida shooting rampage. we go there right now. >> a number of individuals evacuated out of the terminal. we are working to make sure everybody was safe and secure. once we received that word from our law enforcement partners, we have been from the process of transporting those individuals over to terminal 4. we had dozens of buses transporting what we expect to be in the neighborhood of about 10,000 folks over


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