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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 7, 2017 3:00am-7:01am PST

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abby: good morning, it is saturday january 7th. 2017. we begin with a fox news alert. he unleashed terror at an airport. five people are dead and police are still searching for a motive. was the gunman mentally disturbed or radicalized? we are live at the scene with the very latest. pete: debate cheater donna brazile caught in another lie but who is counting. >> next time don't bring me emails unless have you cleaned your system. don't bring nothing corrupt into me. pete: stick with us. new evidence about pesky emails.
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clayton: he promised to build a big beautiful wall and make mexico pay for it. >> i'm not going to pay for this [bleep] wall. let him pay for it. clayton: this morning the former mexican president ups the stakes again. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ clayton: good morning on this saturday morning. we've got a lot of news to get to this morning. thanks for spending your morning with us. abby: we have a loot of news. we want to start with what happened yesterday to that fox news alert and horror in florida. fbi now piecing together why this suspect esteban opened fire in to a packed terminal yesterday leaving five people dead before surrounding the police. >> paramedic. lower level inside. we have a subject with gunshot to the head. >> one shooter possibly
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detained at this time but multiple victims. pete: doug mckelway is live from outside the fort lauderdale airport with what we need to know and what we know at this moment. doug? >> we are expecting another fbi press conference at 10:00 this morning at which point we should learn about the suspect, the perpetrator esteban and what was his motive in this case. the fort lauderdale international airport reopened to passenger traffic it reopened at 5:00 a.m. this morning after a very, long, confusing night. one exception to that is terminal 2 behind me which remains an active crime scene. there are still hundreds of pieces of luggage strewn around the inside of that terminal. owners unable to reconnect with them as that crime scene and the investigation continues. cell phone video that was shot in the immediate aftermath of the shooting reveals the absolute chaos inside with stunned passengers milling about. others huddled over the
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prone bodies of the wounded and the dead. others fleeing for cover. esteban santiago. others massive injuries as they fled a scene of total chaos. we now know in november of 2016, stig santiago and confided that his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence and it was telling him to listen and to watch isis recruitment videos. they described him at the time as agitated, incoherent, making disjointed statements. these are all classic signs of schizophrenia, although we have not heard that diagnosis yet from anybody. the fbi apparently contacted local authorities who referred him to hospital. we believe that he was hospitalized for as long as two weeks although it is unclear whether that hospitalization came in the aftermath of this fbi
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interview. yet, yesterday, he was able to board that flight in anchorage carrying only one piece of checked luggage, a hand gun, along with ammunition. he went to saint paul, minneapolis, where he boarded the delta flight here to fort lauderdale at which point he got out, he retrieved the baggage, went into the bathroom, loaded the gun and commits his carnage. aside from the pain and suffering of the direct victims here, the disruptions to fort lauderdale have been absolutely immense. there were hundreds if not thousands of people stranded here until the we hours of the night last night. you could see people milling about on the streets of fort lauderdale, far from the airport, pulling their luggage behind them apparently looking for places to stay, for things to eat, places to go to the bathroom. for some this tragedy has exposed failures at several levels. the failure of the family to inform family of his problems. failure of the fbi to recognize it failure of the local police department in
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anchorage. failure of local mental health practitioners to keep him for longer and identify it failure to keep a gun from him. and most importantly, failure to connect all of these dots which has so often been the case in the kind of terror attacks we have seen so often in the past. we will be attending that 10:00 a.m. fbi press conference and be back with you before then. clayton: thanks for breaking that down. so much we don't know about this guy. he turns himself into the fbi and says "i'm feeling compelled to watch videos online about isis." pete: the government is controlling my mind and telling me to watch isis videos. clayton: he still is allowed to have a gun. we had mental health issues before with people getting access to firearms and, yet, he is turning himself in to the fbi and they are assessing his mental health here. pete: that's the challenge. the fbi looks into it interviews him, checks into his background. has a general discharge from military. not an honorable discharge
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because he was basically a poll for a awol. only got out as a private first class which means his conduct was not exceptional. all of that said, just because someone is suffering from mental health doesn't necessarily mean they lose their second amendment right in every case. it's a difficult balance. in this case he checked the gun legally, showed up at airport. had altercation on the flight: clayton: yelling on the plane. abby: we will have governor rick scott on the show 9:15 this morning and certainly have a lot of questions to ask him. there is still so much speculation and anything like this when we see these things happen, there are warning signs and you say how did this get this far? there were a lot of question marks. why did the family not speak up. obviously he had some challenges. that we need to look a little bit deeper into. if any of you watched this happening yesterday, you could not take your eyes away from the tv because it was so shocking. it was so maddening. it was so sad to watch the
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families that people go through. this most importantly our thoughts are with everyone that has been impacted by. this take a very long time to recover. the next question is how did this happen, clayton? how did we not see this until now? clayton: you bring up a great point. the family were saying over the past month he just snapped. he just went -- he just snapped. why is he flying from anchorage to minneapolis and decides to stay on. here is a new mugshot of the suspect there. he was born in new jersey. sort of scattered around like a stick in the wind it seemed. and he had a son in the fall of this year and his family said look, he was really happy that he had this son in september of this year. he has a newborn at home and he goes and does this. abby: reports that he strangled his girlfriend. so many things that came out about him at just 26 years old. i guess he had a meeting last november with the fbi. they then gave it to local authorities to handle it. who knows what happened from there. we will figure more out as the day depose on.
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as we have been saying, pete, this is so many question marks. pete: there is photo of him also holding up one finger and holding up traditional arab garb which means he may have had some inclinations toward raddism. there is the photo. scarf worn in palestinian affiliation. finger islam and one god. we don't know. can't speculate but a lot of different variables. abby: he told the fbi that that in his mind telling him to join isis. clayton: watch isis video. everyone had been telling them to put forth the evidence they had on the alleged russian hacking. for two hours, yesterday, the senior intelligence officials met with both president-elect donald trump and president obama and laid out this intelligence report and basically saying they had high confidence. they haven't used that term in years. pete: that's a strong term. clayton: very careful not to
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use the term high confidence since the wmd disaster in iraq. they said we have high confidence that the russian government intended to undermine the u.s. election and specifically hillary clinton. i think one thing that the daily caller reporter which i think needs to be reported is it doesn't necessarily talk about donald trump. in fact, it really had nothing to do with him at all. really was about undermining hillary clinton. pete: that's exactly right. you go back in history, there is a reason why vladimir putin has beef with hillary clinton, whether it was his contested election in 2011 where he perceived her as making comments about his election not being legitimate. they preferred dmitry medvedev and the reset. at times he felt spurned by that so there is evidence that they did want to hurt hillary clinton but then donald trump eventually emerged maybe as a preference. doesn't make it any better. abby: if you remember, pete, this goes back to june of 2015. they didn't even know who the nominee was ultimately going to be at that point. there are two things going on here. one, did it impact the
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election or not? i think everyone has agreed that this report says this did not impact who ultimately won the electric. that we can put aside. clayton: we don't get into politics. we are not analyzing this how it actually unfolded in the election. abby: to say donald trump is going to be the next president-elect. let's move on and accept that for what it is. let's talk about what is really important here and that is that they did successfully hack into the dnc. clayton: right. abby: that is something beyond politics. as a country, if we care about america and our future, we have got to get this right. we have got to figure out how this happened because they said it was on a scale that was unpress kented, like we have never seen before. we have to make sure this is going to fall on mr. trump and figure out how we move forward and get this right. pete: one thing we do know inside that leak is the documents are real. there was speculation by donna brazile and others maybe some of it was forged. some of the emails were not true. intel report makes it very clear that these are not permission
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forgeries. clayton: his password was the word password. here somewhat report pete was talking about what donna brazile was saying. all these emails. on with sean hannity and bret baier, these emails, i have seen them, they are coming at me at 2:00 in the morning. i clearly didn't send them. forgedz emails. they said there is no evidence of any forgeries. abby: a lot came out yesterday. at did not impact the results of the electric. the hillary clintoning was real and it did exist. clayton: really important. whether you are republican or democrat or independent. the fact that the russian government, regardless of whether you like hillary clinton or not, made it their mission to on their own state television, you know, run campaigns.
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pete: look at that report. half of it is about russian tv. you are exactly right. it was concerted effort and unfortunately it had a little bit of impact. abby: all right. we do have other headlines to get to this morning. we start with this one. president-elect donald trump giving all of president obama's ambassadors around the world the boot. his transition team ordering them to pack their bags and return home by january 20th. that's inauguration day at the latest. no exceptions. when the past diplomats have been given what's called a grace period when a new administration steps in. however, president obama did not give president bush's appointees a grace period and it appears president trump will also follow suit. meanwhile, on capitol hill, democrats tried giving it one last shot denying president-elect trump the white house. but let's just say it didn't go so well. >> if they are not signed by a senator the objection cannot be intand. >> mr. president, the objection is signed by a member of the house but not yet by a member of the senate. >> it is over.
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[laughter] [ applause ] >> it is -- abby: the vice president shutting down three other attempts to close down that vote in the joint session. hollywood flocking to the white house for one final hurrah with president obama. couple most e. hosting a party with celebrities and major donors to drink and dance sorrow away as the new administration takes over. dave -- tom hanks chris letterman. once said he would like to punch mr. trump in the face. pete: he did not get invite, shockingly. must have got lost in the mail. can we believe anything the government agencies tell us. lieutenant tony shaffer is here to weigh in on that. clayton: here he is. new threat from president-elect's nemesis poke hun nasa.
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>> i the president-elect has made it very clear that we're going to take aggressive action in the early days of our new administration to combat cyber attacks and protect the security of the american people from this type of intrusion in the future. pete: hours after a briefing from the intelligence community team trump promising aggressive action on recent cyber attacks. this comes as he formally nominates just recently former indiana senator dan coats to be the next directional of national intelligence. what steps should this include? perfect by to ask the senior fellow with the policy research retired lieutenant colonel tony shaffer.
3:18 am
>> thanks for having me. pete: what are appropriate steps. >> first, diagnose the problem. this someone thing this administration has ignored. pete, let me be clear on this. this so-called briefing on the russian half laying out intelligence, it lays out one of the most massive intelligence failures we've ever seen if you accept what they are saying. think about it. this is the intelligence community telling us. look at the mistakes they say they made. they didn't see this come apparently. they just ignored it first thing you do is get a dose of reality. figure out what the real threats are. pete, you and i probably were together on suffering through this opm hack the chinese did. so, you have got to get a handle on that. secondly, i figure out, once you identify the total scope, put together a team that could actually leverage the full scope of every resource in the government to go after it aggressively to include cyber warfare, information operations, everything else. did this very well in the 80's and somehow we have lost the bubble on this. those are the two things they
3:19 am
have got to do immediately. pete: colonel, where was the outrage on previous attacks? >> right, where was it. pete: you mentioned the opm attack in june of 2015. 21 million social security numbers stolen likely from china they didn't say necessarily. we have two pages we could show. >> right. pete: why did this choose in this instance to expel diplomats and say now it's time to fight back in other instances presumably things that went on behind the scenes but it didn't seem to be as urgent? >> well, you know, pete, just so you know we have talked about this off set before. look, there is a lot of things going on, there is a war going on. this administration has completely ignored it the public is not aware of every hacked. i was briefed a while back one of the severe hacks into the chicago mercantile. the american public doesn't know everything that's going on. they are not necessarily fully aware. this is the first time the government said something, pete, because they saw -- the democrats saw the benefit of trying to use it to undermine the trump presidency. that's the bottom line here. pete: absolutely. >> that's why they finally said something.
3:20 am
democrats didn't care until now. we have got to get a handle on the fact that the mainstream media has ignored this and not acted in the best interest of the american people. pete: do you think the president-elect underunderstands the scope of the cyber attack across the globe and be prepared to unleash our agencies? >> the answer is i don't think he was before he was elected. mike flynn and others have been able to give him a good education what exists, what's going to be expected and what's necessary to achieve it. i have read their plan, president trump's comment yesterday saying they are going to do a 90 day review and come up with a plan of action. that's what needs to be done. pete, let me be very clear on this. this so-called influence campaign, president obama did the same thing to other countries. him showing up in england saying he was against brexit was doing the same thing as putin did here. we have got to be clear that is it a hack? is it influence? what is it? pete: sure. >> what do we do to come up with a plan to counter it and that's what we have got to do now. pete: colonel shaffer, we have to leave it there i appreciate your expertise. would fewer guns mean fewer
3:21 am
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clayton: welcome back with headlines now. a judge denying bail for the four black suspects who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man for days. chicago attackers all charged with hate crimes. the teens taunting the 18-year-old man while streaming it live on facebook. and tim cook taking a smaller slice of the apple as the company suffers it first annual loss in 15 years. the tech ceo and other company leaders seeing their pay cut by as much as 15% after apple failed to meet sales and
3:25 am
profit goals. don't feel too bad for cook he still took home $8 million. pete: fox news alert police investigating what caused a gunman to open fire in a crowded airport yesterday killing five and injuring 8. abby: gunman checking a gun in his luggage and loading it in the bathroom fort lauderdale. firing multiple shots. the attack prompting many to ask if stricter gun law could say have prevented this strategy. clayton: debbie wasserman schultz writing in a statement sadly i feel like we very witnessed a disturbing moment in our nation's ceaseless struggle with gun violence. joining us to weigh in milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. gun violence here and the critics, sheriff, are saying look how did he who turned himself into the fbi a few years ago because of what he was going through manage to get a gun, get on a plane and unleash this carnage? what do you say to that? >> first of all, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the other people who were terrorized by this incident. this horrific incident.
3:26 am
but, you know, the research is on the side of law abiding gun owners here. you know, the left automatic default is to go to gun control whenever there is some horrific tragedy in the united states. they pull out their political agenda and see what they can check off. let's see islamophobia? no, that won't work. racism? no one won't work. gun control, that one won't work. they go on that crusade. the fact is that the average law abiding gun owner would never engage in behavior like that. this is an anomaly, fortunately. still under investigation. a loot to be learned. but the worse thing that we can do right now is overreact and cause some law abundant unintended consequences to kick in. as an individual, because the second amendment is an individual right. i know 50's being picked up at the airport by somebody, i would want for them to be able to be armed to at least intercede in an incident like this and maybe save some lives. pete: sure. sheriff, there is something about the airport because of
3:27 am
the attacks we have seen and vulnerability of it i have checked a gun lawfully and traveled with it you may have as well. is there other -- are there extra measures, you know, baggage claim, waiting in line that we have taken or should take in light of this gun related or otherwise? >> i think it's too early to determine that. that's why i said it might be dangerous to overreact at this point. however, and i want to let this investigation play itself out. but, again, this is an individual right. and it should be left up to the individual in most cases. i'm not talking about everybody being armed on the plane but i'm talking about on some of these vulnerable areas. we know that airports are one of those. and these individuals also know, these targets are chosen because they know it's going to be very few, if any, law abiding people with a firearm that can defend other people in a horrific incident like this. abby: sheriff, i do also want to get your thoughts on what happened when chicago this past week. the hate crime, the video uploaded to facebook this video makes everyone feel so sick. did you have president obama
3:28 am
come out calling it a hate crime calling it despicable but at the same time he said that the race reels are getting better. they have gotten better over his time in the eight years. here is what he said about that. >> i promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better. but, i think what we have seen over the last several years, when it comes to tensions between police and communities, the internet, horrific hate crimes to the ones we have seen. >> what is your reaction to that facebook video? >> it's terrible. abby: numbers are staggering. murders in chicago, you look 2012, 504. 2016, 762 murders. you hear what the president just said and the relate. there seems to be a real disconnect. >> the president is delusional about this. the "new york times" thinks this president could do no wrong came out with a survey not too long ago that showed that nearly 70% of people that
3:29 am
were surveyed thought the race reels werrelations were worse ur 3078. is he living in a dream world. pull out his agenda, police. he brings up police and some of these other things. at this incident, where this guy was terrorized had nothing to do with the police. but, here is some other questions that i havasked after looking through and sifting through the information that's come out on this. you know, who raised these mimisdegree --many american ghes the country. including chicago, baltimore, new york, milwaukee, my hometown. this is one of these instances where some of these behaviors, you know, the risk factors that lead to this sort of stuff, not causal factors, risk factors. things like parents or, you know, kids being born into single family homes. not all of them but a lot of them because we know when there is no father engaged in the raising and development of a young boy, oftentimes that
3:30 am
young boy will grow up to be an unmanageable misfit. that's what we have here even though there are a couple of girls involved. >> the left tries to tell us don't be judge mental about some of these cultural aspect as if they are culturally redeem oing to be embraced. these behaviors like school failure, drug and alcohol abuse, gang involvement, those are culturally stunting. those should be stunned and ridiculed. and until the political class in these democrat-run cities do something about entrenched poverty, school failure, the fact that people can't find meaningful employment and put people back to work and the dysfunctional families and the environments that these kids grow up in because this is a learned behavior this violence is going to continue, unfortunately. >> thanks for getting up early with us. we appreciate your analysis. >> good to see you this morning. >> my pleasure. abby: coming up, the florida airport shooter legally
3:31 am
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>> the individual did walk
3:35 am
into our anchorage office in november. at that time he clearly stated that he did not intend to harm anyone; however, heir -- his heir radiculopathy behavior concerned fbi agents. taken in custody by the local police and transported to a local facility for mental health evaluation. we have not ruled out all avenues and term terrorism. we will be pursuing every angle to determine the motive behind this attack. abby: you have been listening there, the fbi confirming that the fort lauderdale shooter did come to them for help after he claimed he heard voices in his head, telling him to fight for isis. still wastihl was able to board that flight with a checked gun in his light. pete: here with more is ceo paul. we will start brass tacks.
3:36 am
what is the procedure? what is allows and did anything go awry in this process. >> did he what he was supposed to. he filled out the paperwork and checked the firearm the way he is supposed to. we know that the problem is that we will have to examine is that we know that florida is one of the airports you are not allowed to have a firearm in the general terminal. it there are those that you are allowed to. there you are not. did he leave from alaska? did he leave from canada before he went on to florida? whoever was in charge of immigration moving at that point, those are the ones who are going to need to talk to about how that firearm got on. clayton: he landed in minneapolis and continued on to fort lauderdale. when is he in fort lauderdale, what's the procedure then if he is not allowed to have that gun in the terminal? does someone escort him out somehow? what does that look like? >> that's a good question. think about what we can actually do about this. if, in fact, the realistic picture, clayton, if in fact we were to change policy what would we do? create a staging area for those to legally permitted to
3:37 am
have arm in checked baggage and tsa personnel. do we arm tsa? and if we do? who is going to pay for it and train them. that creates a whole another issue. let's say we do. if we do, once they are checked, do we escort them off the property? and is f. so how far? if we did and in this case right here, does that really prevent them from coming back on the property? clayton: stepping right back in. >> no question about it. abby: area he was in area where people getting luggage in the airport that's a very soft target. you don't have to go through security in that area. have you people outside picking you up. begs the question slippery slope how much you can protect and how much security you can put in place in those areas. >> you are absolutely correct. think back to 9/11 when the incident took place and i remember this. we backed up the perimeter to the outer perimeter of the airport. we were screening vehicles, under carriages. we did that for a while and then we stopped. we said we don't perceive the threat to be as blatant as it
3:38 am
was and, two, we just can't afford this, right? we pushed the perimeter in. to your point, if somebody, talk about a soft target, if somebody wants to bring firearm on airport property and do something like, this they just drive up to baggage claim. pete: absolutely. in this process he checked it legal. firearm unloaded in checked baggage. i have done it familiar procedure. they do it a lot. he picked it up off the carousel and spending time in airports. i have spent a lot of time in airports. much more heavily armed presence now. >> no question. pete: some way the procedures are what they are. you have a deranged individual who decided to exploit a loophole. >> at the end of the day, forensics, when we look at this. and you know this especially with your military experience. how quick does it take for you to activate that firearm by putting a clip in there? abby: a few seconds. >> exactly. what's going to have to happen is we will have to look at the mental health issue. you and i talked about this before. we will have to look at this. somebody is going to be responsible. a group of people are going to be responsible because of the fact that this guy didn't become this way overnight. it was incremental change and
3:39 am
the mental health signs were the things that we should be concerned about, not the fact of just the firearm in a checked bag. abby: because of it too many lives were lost. >> no question. >> good to see you this morning. >> good to see you. abby: other headlines now. elizabeth warren threatening donald trump saying she will run for re-election just so she can stick around for his entire presidency. the liberal senator could face curt schilling, the former boston red sox pitcher. he says he is ready to run for the senate next year if his wife approves. i like that. seattle's mayor setting aside taxpayer money to protect illegal immigrants. mayor ed murray announcing part of his $250,000 plan to help children from immigrant and refugee families after mr. trump takes office. the city will spend some of the money on counseling and pier support groups and make sure that teens can easily report hate speech and violence. and the story that won't go away. jill stein rescuing american democracy. the former green party candidate launching a new
3:40 am
election integrity campaign called "count my vote." she is using $2 million refund from the three states where she financed failed recount attempts after getting just 1% of the vote there. all right. and a republican lawmaker taking matters into his own hands, ripping down a painting depicting police officers as pigs. you can see right there california congressman duncan hunter unscrewing the painting himself from the capitol building wall and then delivering it to the office of missouri congressman lacy clay who chose the piece to begin with. more than 27,000 law enforcement professionals had been protesting this picture. congressman hunter will join us later on this morning to tell us more about his bold move. look at that. good for him. he actually physically took it down himself. pete: so outrageous he walked out there with a screwdriver and took it down. we will ask him about it. i love it. republicans vowing to repeal and replace obama care with a better plan. but what -- but are there key
3:41 am
parts worth keeping? dr. marc siegel breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly of obama h owe of obama ca. ♪ i'm having such a good time. i'm having a ball. ♪ don't stop me now ♪ if you want to have a good time ♪ just give me a call ♪ don't stop me now. over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby. let's go. here comes tom #5! nothing, stops us from doing right by our customers. ally. do it right. whoo! look out.
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feel moisturized without feeling your moisturizer with lubriderm. absorbs in seconds. moisturizes for hours. lubriderm. every body care. clayton: welcome back. quick headlines for you. new orleans is getting ready to let the good times roll. party goers beginning of mardi gras season begins on the day the three wise men reached the baby jesus and ends on fat tuesday which falls on february 28th. and she's back. kim kardashian makes triumphant return to social media thanks goodness, sharing these family pictures and a
3:45 am
sentimental video. ♪ it gets better ♪ better ♪ better pete: it's a way of letting her followers know she is okay after dramatic paris robbery and reported mental breakdown of her husband kanye west. ♪ >> end illegal immigration act fully funds the construction of a wall on our southern border. don't worry about it. remember, i said mexico is paying for the wall. [cheers] with the full understanding that the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states for the full cost of such a wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico of $58 billion a year. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. you tell me i can't make that deal? that's an easy deal. pete: president-elect trump
3:46 am
firing back at critics yesterday over reports that he isn't going to make mexico foot the bill for border wall after all. tweeting the dishonest media does not report any money spent on building the great wall for the sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. abby: this is consistent with what mr. trump has said in the past. now he may use bush era laws to make it all happen. how will all of this work? joining us now with his reaction this morning. daniel halper washington bureau chief at the "new york post" and author. good to see you. >> good to see you. good morning. abby: bush era law was passed pd in 2006. help break this down. >> the law is already legal. it is on the books. the question is money. how do you build the wall. there are tricks that the president will be able to do and to get the wall started immediately if he so cheeses. in order to get the bulk of the money to build the wall, the trump transition teams looking at ways to have
3:47 am
congress fund the wall and later go to mexico to get reimbursed for the wall. how that exactly works we don't know because the details haven't been laid out. but that appears to be the metto be themethod that the trup presidency is going. pete: we saw his speech they will refund us if we pay for it upfront. using the law and going to congress. what are the options that president-elect trump would have to recoup those funds from mexico? >> it could be as simple as a border tax. every time you cross a border you are paying a certain tax. that, of course, wouldn't necessarily be all mexico pay are for the call. that would be some americans as well. or talking about the trade tariff. you know, you can put some tariffs on traded goods between mexico that every time you trade a car or whatever it is, a hat, between united states and mexico, you are paying an extra 5% or something and that's going to the wall to fund it. we don't know, actually, because the trump team hasn't
3:48 am
explicitly laid out how they want to do it. they claim it's a bargaining chip that this is the end result that they are trying to achieve and how it works out in negotiations i don't think they want to tip their hand. an an vicente fox has been outspoken in this in the last 24 hours. here is one of his tweets. trump when will you understand i'm not paying for that [bleep]ing wall. taxpayers will pay for it how do you see this playing out the relationship between those two? because obviously they have to work together. >> they don't. fox isn't president. is he expresident. it's funny he is getting his 15 seconds of fame. he is out there making fun of trump. is he getting a lot of retweets, a lot of cheering on the left. he doesn't actually have any say in how things negotiate. look, trump's relationship with mexico and with mexican president, the current president will be very important. and going forward. we don't know how exactly it's going to be. him going to mexico in the campaign i think was a pivotal moment in the campaign. it really made him look serious. certainfully retrospect it
3:49 am
helped him become president of the united states. that's the relationship that matters. fox can spout off whatever he wants whatever he wants it doesn't mean that much. pete: absolutely. leave it right there. daniel halper washington bureau chief of the great "new york post." great to see you. >> great to see you too. pete: electoral college results joe biden tells them to object. >> i object on the certificate of the state of georgia. >> there is no debate. no debates. pete: it's over. governor huckabee here to react at the top of the hour. abby: republicans vowing to repeal and replace obama care with a better plan. are there any plans or parts of that plan worth keeping obama care? ♪ i got a bad case of loving you ♪
3:50 am
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♪ clayton: welcome back. the g.o.p. agenda going full speed ahead as the new congress sets in and resets its sights on obama care. >> the law isn't working. it is failing. it is nothing but a string of broken promises. we have to provide relief. we have to step in front of this chaos and provide relief for people. that is why we're moving to fix this problem. our goal here is to improve people's lives. >> our legislating on obama care, our repeal and replacing and transitioning, the legislation will occur this year.
3:54 am
clayton: so what will replace it. here to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of the affordable medical care act is marc siegel. you accept obama care from your patients. let's talk about the good. as you point out, parents want something iwant -- patients want something in place. >> absolutely, clayton. i gave example 60-year-old patient who is carpenter who didn't know he had diabetes until obama care came. in i saw him for the first time because he had the new insurance. found out he had diabetes. got him treated. but i wasn't able to give him the medication i really wanted because it wasn't covered and wasn't able to use the specialist i wanted to didn't take obamacare. we struggled along and he got better but not as better as he would have gotten there is the preexisting conditions. it's covered but you may not get the care you want because of preexisting conditions. clayton: preexisting conditions is good.
3:55 am
>> 25-year-old had a bad cough got treated because he had bronchitis. if he hadn't been covered under his parent's policy he might not have come to the doctor at all. young people are notorious for saying eh, i hope that cough goes away. if is he 26 on his own he may resent that policy he has to buy into now under the current obamacare situation which has too many bells and whistles, not catastrophic which is very, very expensive. clayton: that's what president trump said he would like to keep those kids under the parent's plan. >> absolutely. clayton: let's go to the bad. reform area and put these up on the screen here. what do you see in the bad that needs to be reformed. inefficient medicaid expansion. >> the cost of it is $6,000 per person this year. that's a headline that's been buried. medicaid is spiraling out of control. in ohio, and indiana, interestingly enough, indiana where governor pence was involved with this, in indiana it's cheaper because there is efficiency model.
3:56 am
up to 30% of doctors not seeing new medicaid patients. we need nurse practitioners involved and physician assistants involved and business managers involved. it can't be the way it is now. medicaid has to be managed by the states with block grants but let's keep the expansion. clayton: let's get to the ugly. you want these ripped out of here individual mandate causing people to buy things they don't need. >> under obama care everybody gets charged the same price. why shouldn't young people have catastrophic insurance available to them. that would help everything. that's number one. these edges changes are bloated. and they are way too highly regulated. clayton, you will love this. in a "star trekian" future, your kind of future there is going to be a pill for you and a pill for me and it's going to be different pills. insurance and obama care kind of insurance that says everybody needs the same thing will not cover it it's becoming obsolete now. we need to scale it back. but, you know what? two years of transition to get rid of the exchanges it's not going to be the way the democrats are saying, scaring
3:57 am
everybody there is going to be no coverage. president-elect trump has said something is going to be in place. it's not about repeal only. it's about having something ready to go. clayton: dr. segal great to see you. we have governor huckabee coming up next on the show. stay right here.
3:58 am
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abby: good morning. it is saturday, january 7th. i'm abby huntsman, we do begin with a fox news alert. he heard voices telling him to kill in the name of identifies. now he iidentifies ---isis. now he is under arrest in florida. was he disturbed or was there a radical element. we are live at the scene with the latest. pete: intelligence officials release long awaited report on how the russians stole the election. what's in it and what's not? governor mike huckabee is here to react soon. clayton: and sometimes the truth hurts like this. >> the objection is signed by member of the house but not yet by a member of the senate. >> well, it is over.
4:01 am
[laughter] [cheers and applause] >> it's over. clayton: it's over. stop grasping the straws. joe biden tells them to knock it off. it's over. cut it out. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ abby: happy saturday, everybody. boy it was a brutal news day yesterday. clayton: fridays. i don't know what's been happening the last two years. fridays. don't get to have as much fun here because we are dealing with all tragedies. abby: all last summer every friday it seemed like something terrible happened. we want to start with fox news alert and horror that took place yesterday in florida where fbi agents are trying to piece together why this suspect you can see him there esteban santiago opened fire inside a fort lauderdale terminal. five people are dead and 8 more are hospitalized. agents said the iraq war
4:02 am
veteran told agents two month ago that his mind had been infiltrated by the cia who was forcing him to watch isis videos. that's before being admitted to a want who. santiago surrendered to police after running out of bullets. terrorism is being investigated as the cause. we will keep you updated on those. clayton: bring in the former assistant director of the fbi and legal defense fund. ron, good to see you this morning. one of the big headlines this morning as you know this guy esteban turned himself over to the fbi saying that he was hearing voices and that he was feeling compelled in some way to join isis or fight with isis. we don't know all the details of that yet. and undergo a psych evaluation. what do you make of that? >> well, having served as an agent for many of my years in the fbi. i can tell you personally that it was common when people would call our offices or come in to the offices claiming they were hearing voices. claiming they were being guided by us, asking us to
4:03 am
take devices out of their head. i go back to just a few years ago, just a few miles from me aaron alexis over at the washington, d.c. navy yard was, in his mind, being guided by electromagnetic pulse. and so go ahead. pete: ron, what triggers then further investigation or maybe no fly lists? at what point do you say okay this guy is hearing isis. watching videos. does somebody get evaluated and cleared? do they get put on a list? what are the possibility. >> the fbi's choices here are actually very limited. the fbi is limited by guidelines that our attorney general approved guidelines that limit what the fbi can do. to start a case, to really start an investigation on someone, you basically need two things. one, you need a lawful purpose. so they can't start an investigation because they don't like their neighbor or had a road rage accident on the way in this morning.
4:04 am
you need an authorized purpose. secondly, you need pred predication. facts federal law has been violated or conspiracy to violate federal law. here, if you look at somebody who is, perhaps, on their face mentally i will and if you come in to my office and are telling me that i'm being forced to watch isis videos by the intelligence community, by
4:05 am
4:06 am
4:07 am
of the shooter which i think we can put on the screen. is he wearing traditional middle eastern scarf. holding up a symbol of, in my parts of the world islam or islamism. >> would you take a photo like that and say we need to look into him even more as a result? >> you know, that's -- i think that would be subject to debate first. you know, i have been overseas myself in afghanistan. as have all of whom, you know, when you are serving in the middle east are going to throw on a scarf just like that. so, to me, that is common, that is hardly momentous. the hand signal maybe raise another question. i don't know, i can't see the entire picture there i think the head scarf, anything of that nature look at any pictures of any special forces guys serving in the middle east and you will see them all wrapped in the same way that doesn't equate to a case. >> quickly, authorities say they have not ruled out
4:08 am
terror at this point. what would they be look to now? and what did they have to find to say this was an act of terror? >> right. this is a question of putting together all the pieces. so he came in to the fbi office and made these comments. i would like to see the exact details of those comments. the fbi ♪ going to totally disregard that they are going to want want to talk to family members and see if on his social media, see on his browsing history is there some connection? was he actually listening or hearing an isis message. a realize sis message and motivated or somehow inspired by that? is there a combination of effects here? some of it mental illness. some of it the actual messaging from isis to see what is really the driver behind his activities? clayton: or was it simply a mental illness. you are right though. that is what is the story. we have had these a number of times now with folks who are mentally i will. the question is then at what
4:09 am
point are we able to step in? is there some law that needs to be on the books that keeps these people from getting access to weapons? that's the other question. >> that is a great question. i think that exists here. how did this gentleman first get a conceal carry card or the right to carry this weapon to bring it on the plane? is there -- was there some trigger that goes back to local authorities that pulls that authority away and pulls that weapon away? is that the role and responsibility of family members? what did the national guard see? why did they dismiss him? what's the psych history of this person. pete: thanks for expertise and service as well. a.b. a.b. thank -- abby: thank you. pete: some say he wasn't diagnosed with protest traumatic stress. do you take a second amendment away from a guy who has served because is he dealing with post-traumatic stress? there are a lot of lines there youd need to make a
4:10 am
decision. abby: we will need to answer this question in years to come as more come back. clayton: other headlines. abby: a judge denying bail for the four black suspects who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man for days. the chicago attackers all charged now with hate crimes. the teens taunts the 18-year-old man while streaming the whole thing live on facebook. a judge asking where their decency is and calling them a threat to society. prosecutors say one of the suspects even demanded money from the victim's mother. horrible story. also developing overnight. fox news learning that president-elect trump has nominated former indiana senator dan coats as his director of national intelligenceen in the past coyotes has been even ranking up. ban list at one point. official announcement is expected to come soon.
4:11 am
president obama troubled healthcare law now pointing finger at the bernie folks saying they helped ramp up prize legislation. the affordable care act isn't broken it's just not liberal enough for sanders' supporters who want a single pair system. he says that's why it ultimately failed. pete: failed because it wasn't enough government control. please. clayton: long awaited report on how the russians stole the elections. what's in it and what's not? pete: plus, john kerry is taking on the president-elect. he says mexico won't pay for mr. trump's wall. >> they're not going to voluntarily pony up and pay for something that they disagree with. pete: i'm looking at my watch. is it 14 more days? okay. that's not all. what kerry had to say about trump's tweets just ahead. ♪ dreamer
4:12 am
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>> governor mike huckabee: we don't want to waste any time. we want to get to the big document dump yesterday and the meeting with the senior intelligence officials with president-elect trump and president obama. and from this intelligence report said that, quote, we assess russian president vladimir putin ordered influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the u.s. presidential election. russia's goals were undermine public faith in the u.s. democrat process. denigrate secretary clinton and harm her electability and potential presidency. democrats have said this delegitimizes trump. but really i think the
4:16 am
assessment also shows it had nothing to do with trump. it was all about hillary clinton. what do you make of this? >> well, first of all, to say that it was vladimir putin who somehow delegitimized the election and that he was out there to help trump, look, it was not so much what putin did, it's what hillary did. we have said this over and over. but, i think it's absurd for people to continually try to say that somehow he had the impact of the election. it was her lack of a message. her lack of a strategy. the insults she made to voters by calling them basket of deplorables and irredeemable. it was the fact that she didn't campaign in certain places. and that people were sick of the establishment of this country and people who were paid and bought by foreign governments like hillary was through the clinton foundation. that's why she lost. get over it. abby: hacking started in 2015 before they even knew hot nominee was going to be for republicans. mr. trump is already up this morning tweeting about, this
4:17 am
government. intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. voting machines not touched. only reason the hacking of the poorly defended dnc is discussed is that the loss by the dems was so big that they are totally embarrassed. my question to you is advice that you would give to president-elect trump. because this falls on his lap. he met with officials yesterday has a much bigger understanding of everything that happened and what we now face when it comes to hacking. how would you advise him to handle this going forward? >> i would say ignore it. you know, the american people aren't stupid. they understand that ultimately people went and they voted. the electoral college system worked. and, you know, the can offer a gazillion excuses. joe biden gave donald trump some advice yesterday. you know, it was pretty embarrassing and i thought disgusting, grow up, donald. well, honestly i would say to the democrats. grow up. get over it snowflakes. your snow has melted. we had an election.
4:18 am
clayton: you are not saying have him ignore this assessment. because they used intelligence officials said what happened with russia. an. abby: be a how does he handle that? >> i don't mean to ignore the assessment and the russians and the chinese and iranians or anybody else who can. my gosh, i can guarantee you that the people, you know, malaysia are going to be hacking into american computers if they can. the question is where the heck is our cyber security? where the heck is the focus? we are supposed to be the smarteddest nation on earth. well, by gosh, let's act like it. and let's recruit. so best and finest and make sure if we have to get them from all over the world what we do is put up not just a wall at mexico's border, we put up a wall at our cyber border and build a great wall. and we will make the rest of the country pay for it. pete: or the world. governor, you mentioned a bunch of other countries. some have said is this a bit selective in that this one -- what russia has done while impactful obviously at
4:19 am
some level is not the first time or certainly not even close to the first time. we have a list of all the hacks or attempted breaches that have gone on over the years from the office of management and budget last year or year and a half ago chinese looks like they stole 21 million social security numbers. yet, we don't know what the gravity of the response was. this is not a new phenomenon as bad as it is. i think there are some who feel there is a political layer to it because it happened to hillary clinton. because it happened on the election, which makes it very important. but when are we going to get our ducks in a row and really take cyber security seriously? >> it's a very good point. the other night i was in israel and had dinner with two colonels, two generals, and one masad officer from the israelis. and one of them with their primary specialist in cyber security. he was the first to say that, you know, they put such a high premium on cyber war, cyber security. they understand that it is
4:20 am
probably the front of every battlefield anymore. and i don't know that we have done that now, we have got some really good people in our government and i don't want to denigrate them. but, i don't blame the technicians. i blame the top strategic leadership. this has been going on a long time. and we have not dedicated the resources and the manpower to it that we should have. democrats didn't say this before the election because they thought they were going to win. abby: that's a great point. >> only started talking about this after the election. the timing says a lot about this. clayton: the president says he will put together a panel and take a look at this. abby: thanks for being here. >> thank you, guys. abby: you seen this horrific video people charged with hate crimes. streaming it all live on facebook. president obama says race relations are better than ever. our panel is here to discuss next. be. clayton: she ♪ finished yet. hillary's friends making an offer that might get her out
4:21 am
of the woods. we will tell what you it is. abby: nice tease, clayton. ♪ so, no, no, honey i'm good ♪ie i could have another i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo
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clayton: welcome back. quick head lions for you. congress looking for cash to fund one of president-elect trump's biggest campaign promises. >> we're going to build the wall. okay? believe me. we're going to build the wall. we will build a great wall. clayton: mr. trump is expected to ask law firms for the initial funding which is expected to cost between 12 and $38 billion. he says the american people will get that money back, a reimbursement from the mexican government later on. and democrats are practically begging hillary clinton to run for the mayor of new york city. several activists telling the "new york post" they want to see her run against
4:25 am
current democratic mayor bill de blasio. clinton would have a good chance of winning. she captured 79% of the new york city vote during her failed presidential run. imagine that. pete? pete: my informal focus group here made it sound like it's not a good idea [laughter] four suspects charged with hate crime after torture ago white man with special needs and streaming it live on facebook. yet, the president is still defending his record on race relations. >> i promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better. but i think what we have seen over the last several years when it comes to tensions between police and communities, the internet, horrific hate crimes of the sort that we appear to have seen. >> on facebook, yeah, what is your reaction to that, actually, to that facebook video? >> it's terrible. pete: joining to us act is pastor.
4:26 am
deneen enter. >> i will start with you pastor, at the end of the table there what do you say about the president's assertion that race relations have improved? >> i mean, me and my friends have been praying all night, first of all, about the victim and that something like this could happen. i mean, the fact that i'm sitting in this seat, african-american and latino and young does show, you know, that race relations are getting better. it's being talked about. but, you know, this situation that's happened in chicago, all throughout the year, 4,000 people shot. i have been there, down on father's day. while i was there i met with young boy who was paralyzed, ministering to his family. i'm just hoping that people will look at this. this is far bigger to me than just a race issue. it's a national crisis what's going on in chicago. pete: deneen, is this things have improved generally in race relations or can barack obama take credit for that? >> yeah, listen, only on planet obama is obamacare a
4:27 am
success? he could have beat donald trump, and race relations are just swell. over 70% of americans believe race relations have gotten worse in our country. the bottom line here is the propaganda that is coming from the left, from president obama on down. and this propaganda is now turned into a dangerous element. look at what is requesting requesting -- going on in inner cities especially in chicago. propaganda, pitting our cities against the police department. these are the messages that are really permating in these communities and now they are acting out on it. pete: you mentioned chicago. we will put the number of murders in chicago up on the screen. it's absolutely staggering. and it's something that the president-elect has talked a lot about. what do you -- what do you make of those numbers and what they tell you about race relations? >> the numbers tell us there is a failure in leadership at the top. police department superintendent. i do want to go what president obama did. he has done it cleverly and done it before.
4:28 am
he is trying to turn what happened in chicago which is a kidnapping by three 18-year-olds and 24-year-old of a white man based on the black lives matter movement and race narrative into a race relations debate which can never be proven in either side. the fact is this is about an incident in which race narrative, not necessarily race relation plays a very important role. he has brought in the mothers of movement, the democratic party. that ray tweets out and deletes. i don't see anything wrong with the chicago video. so the president tries to mix it in. we can't fall into the wrong argument. we have an incident spurred on by a race narrative that has been enabled by this administration and now we have a man being kidnapped by four adults. pete: absolutely, that's what it is. pastor, how do you deescalate that? how does president trump improve race relations in
4:29 am
chicago and elsewhere. >> what is exciting what said duane being shot and killed. he has a great opportunity to go there. he has the clergy that is standing with him, you know, for the most part. and, you know, i think more and more i pray more and more clergy launch in there, will get there on the ground there is a great group there called pray chicago that i'm involved with. and, you know, i think with us going there doing pastoral drive byes instead of bullet drive byes can make a huge difference in chicago. and trump can really help with that. >> important point he just made about the church and its role in the community. the problem is the church is now split in the black community. you have the trawl left and some of those i have dealt with in rallies and you have those that want to actually do the work and actually help the community and the community members live better lives. pete: what's the biggest thing he can do on day one? >> i think he is already starting it because he brought inner cities on his campaign trail.
4:30 am
is he talking about jobs and lower crime and getting individuals economically empowered. pete: talking about it is the way to start. so faith and police officers and things like that empowering them is a big part of it thank you all very much. >> thank you. pete: here is to the future and hoping it is brighter. he promised to build a big beautiful wall and make mexico pay for it. >> i am not going to pay for this [bleep] wall. let him pay for it. pete: men who don't minutes minutes -- mince words. ♪ so put me on a highway ♪ and show me a sign ♪ and take it to the limit ♪ one more time ♪ ake it! ake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8.
4:31 am
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>> i got 1, 2, 3, 4 -- 4 -- one outside supposedly. >> looks like we have at least 5 or 6 victims. clayton: we're back with a fox news alert. the investigation underwray in fort lauderdale after a gunman opens fire in baggage claim area of the airport killing five people and injuring eight. pete: many seen hiding in terminals and fleeing the airport during the attack. what's the best situation if you are caught in a situation like this. abby: form everywhere counter terrorism expert drew. >> good morning, thanks for having me. abby: unfortunate circumstances. we played that video.
4:35 am
this is heart wrenching. sitting ducks there. going about their daily lives. many trying to catch a cruise to spend a week with their family. what can you do if you are in that situation. >> you are absolutely right. it's happening far too often and terrifying thing. first thing we have to collectively do all together is change our minds and be more alert and understand hey this happens now. this is the new america that we're living in, unfortunately. hopefully we can reduce it. but thinking ahead and kind of knowing hey, things can happen in places that didn't use to. pete: you are in that moment right there shots fired what do you do? >> all the training we have had scenario based. i'm sure you have had a lot of it as well, pete. sometimes it's just a bad day and you have got to live to fight another day. we recommend, you you know, you are running and getting out thereof. obviously circumstances where that doesn't fit and that's not perfect. abby: this guy was obviously trained shooting people in the head. abby: if you go running you are in a bad situation. >> you are right. but i think your best chance to survive particularly when
4:36 am
there is someone who is trained like this. little different than some of the ones we have seen because he did have that military trach. -- training. pete: hunker. >> exactly. hunkering down. we saw footage on fox news of people running. that's the answer. you are immediately putting time and distance between that place of violence where the threat is, going to give you a better chance of survival instead of hunkering down. pete: number two on the list you say consider what are soft targets. sadly, we don't have the manpower across this country to have what armed personnel in every soft target a mall is a soft target. abby: nor do we that necessarily. pete: baggage claim is a soft target. >> check-in, baggage. very little in terms of restrictions or security at airport. those are points of vulnerability. mall, grocery store. all areas that you have got to think about. and it's sad but it's just the way the kind of things have gone a little bit. i think in terms of this airport. you are at a check-in or
4:37 am
baggage in this case. the benefit is you have got a lot of spaces. usually big facilities. you can put time and distance if you are running. pete: let's say you have got a chance to go at this guy, when would did you go at a shooter. abby: that's what he would do. pete: you would have people there saying hey i have got to do something about this. >> absolutely. first of all, it's a decision i talked about that last time. that's a decision have you got to have made up in your mind like before. if you are someone like yourself. i know talking to our colleagues yesterday, hey this guy is making a mag change, we're going to end this situation right away. but not everyone is trained to do that. not everyone has got that, you know, that mind set. so you have got to know and what we encourage most people to do is get off, run, use time and distance to get away from the threat and understand that x and that threat can move. if you leave baggage, you know, don't settle down. don't start walking -- keep away. abby: you said so many soft targets.
4:38 am
look around, if something is suspicious, say something about it? >> absolutely. clayton: thanks so much. >> thank you. clayton: we should mention florida governor rick scott is coming up at 9:00 a.m. to tell us the latest on the investigation there in florida. abby: we do have other headlines to tell you about now. president obama teaming up with former rival rand paul to take down obamacare. kentucky senator said. this i just talked to donald trump and he fully supports my plan to replace obamacare the same day repeal it. the time to act is now. giving tucker carlson his plan. >> expand hhas, expanding across state lines. it would involve something very important. that is involving expanding healthcare associations. abby: senator paul goes on to say if congress fails to vote on replacement at the same time as repeal, republicans will be blamed for the unraveling of obamacare.
4:39 am
and president-elect donald trump standing firm in his plan to build a border wall. >> we're going to build a wall. don't worry. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay? i didn't hear you. who is going to pay. >> mexico. >> you better believe it. we will build the wall. [cheers] >> we will build a great wall and we will stop illegal immigration for once and for all. abby: mr. trump says mexico will pay for the wall former mexican president vicente fox says they will not. he has called out the president-elect on twitter he says trump, when will you understand i'm not paying for that blanking wall. be clear as taxpayers you will pay for it thousands of new jobs are coming to america. the associated press is mourning the loss of jobs in mexico. a.p. releasing article sharing stories of mexicos upset with ford and carrier of pulling out of plans to build new plants in mexico
4:40 am
and instead building them right here at home. other high profile media outlets like the "new york times," "the washington post" and business insider all running that story. as well. and a winter wonderland, more like a death zone in china. government officials in beijing are warning citizens to use protection if they need to go outside during this weekend's storm. you can see some images there. specifically an umbrella because the snow is so dirty and could make them sick. experts say particles in the smog have mixed over the sky beijing to create some sort of a toxic snow. i have lived in beijing. i will tell you this is nothing new. i'm glad they are actually admitting it's as bad as it is. you wake up and before you open your eyes you feel the smog. clayton: our own rick reichmuth tracking weather. kids go out in the midwest and eat snow balls. abby: dirty snow balls in new york. rick: a clot leaner here than it is over there for sure. you don't need umbrella to keep it off of you. there is snow for a lot of
4:41 am
people and people who don't generally get snow. that's causing major problems down south. take a look at the maps and and i will show you what it. wind chilling. actual air temperatures. 20 degrees in san antonio. get the idea how far south it has traveled. we do have winter storm warnings in effect still across parts of alabama, north georgia and then through the carolinas, up towards virginia, into new jersey and then up across coastal areas of southern new england. and you see that red. those are blizzard warnings. right now in norfolk, virginia. blizzard warnings out across cape cod and the islands. here is the storm it is going to continue to pull off toward the northeast. most of alabama and georgia this has really wound down a bit. now we will see this take aim across parts of the carolinas and see it move to the northeast. some areas will see 8 to 10 inches of snow. right across the coast along new england. that is not going to be a factor. snow not going anywhere at least for a few days.
4:42 am
abby: going to be snuggling up today. thanks, rick. rick: you bet. abby: president trump vows to drain the swamp. ted cruz wants to help him. teaming up with ron desan desantis. new term limit bill. pete: plus, big show on tap. chris stirewalt, geraldo rivera will be here to join us live. ♪ anywhere you go ♪ i will follow you ♪ any place but those i know by heart ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something
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4:46 am
>> i will push for a constitutional limit to impose term limits on all members of congress. decades of failure in washington and decades of special interest dealing must and will come to an end. abby: that was president-elect trump vowing to drain the swamp starting with hill. is he getting help with unlikely sources as former rival tim cruz. teaming one ron desatis. good morning, good to have you here. >> good morning. abby: term limits something i am in favor of as well. walk us through your proposal and why you think it's a good thing ultimately? >> it would limit the number of terms members could serve in the house to three two year terms and then two six year terms in the senate. it's exactly the same
4:47 am
proposal that donald trump called for when he gave that drain the swamp speech that you played. and basically, what it would do is it would independent independent -- end the careerism in washington. it would return the government more to a citizen government and i think it would allow more new blood into the system. i think it would give reformers a leg up in actually changing washington. what happens is the inertia from some of the people who have been there 30 or 40 years grind a lot of good reform ideas to a halt. abby: the problem that people who would vote on this are those who want to stay in there for their life. how does this get passed? >> i would support passing it so that everyone who served actually would get kicked out of office. i know that makes it more difficult to pass. so, i'm willing to work with it to make sure that those who joined under different rules could have their service accounted for in ways that wouldn't necessarily penalize them. here's the thing that's different now. donald trump, if he wants to push for, this and i think
4:48 am
he will, all he has got to do is go on twitter and tell people we want to vote on this and members of congress are not going to be able to run and hide. because term limits are supported by the vast majority of the american people. abby: yeah. republicans now run the house. they run the senate. you have mr. trump in charge who we just played earlier has campaigned on this issue from day one. something he is passionate now. if it can't be done now, can it ever? >> this is the best chance we have had in a quarter century to do term limits. i think we are poised to have a pretty good debate in the congress about it. i think that's a win for the american people. abby: yeah, when we talk about draining the swamp this is exactly what that is at the end of the day. >> it's not sufficient to do it but it is necessary component of draining the swamp. there's no doubt about it. abby: all the luck with this. we will see how it plays out. good to have you here. >> thank you. abby: have a good day. debate cheater donna brazile caught in another lie but who's counting? >> next time don't bring me
4:49 am
no emails unless have you cleaned your system. knock don't bring corruption to me. abby: new evidence about pesky emails. rallying cry that led the giants to their last super bowl win. >> speaker talked about all in. and today, you know, you could just tell the giants were all in. abby: the man behind that message is ready for another playoff run. the team chaplain joins us live. that's next. come on in ♪ are walking down ♪ upon this sand ♪ oh chariot. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi.
4:50 am
well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay.
4:51 am
4:52 am
pete: well, it was the rallying cry that helped carry the new york giants to
4:53 am
their last super bowl championship. >> we were in chapel last night and the speaker talked about all in. today you could tell the giants were all in. regardless of what circumstance happened or, you know, whatever happened, it just seemed like regardless of what was going to happen we was going to be all-in. that's how you have to play this game. pete: our next guest is the man behind that message back working with the team as they gear up to playoff game tomorrow. clayton: big one new york packers. team chaplain john paul. abby: good morning. clayton: big game tomorrow. what is the message as you head out to green bay and this snow storm. >> they have carried it out the whole season. they have shown amazing resiliency and perseverance. it's just encouraging them. first and foremost i feel my role is encouraging them as men even before what happens on the field. my job is to make them realize just the potential they have as men, impacting their families.
4:54 am
let the field take care of itself. was. abby: walk us through your journey. >> it was amazing course of events. the first place. being recognized by the chaplain at the time george mcgovern and him finding me at that point in time. i was doing ministry in jail, helping juvenile detention center students be able to find their way back with hope. and then from there they contacted me before training camp this year and the next thing i know i'm traveling with the team for every home and away game and getting to hopefully help them out any way i can. pete: very cool. that all-in message from 2011. is it going to be the same message tomorrow? are you going to preview it for us? how do you prepare? abby: give us the same speech. we need the motivation this morning. >> i will let you know if it works after sunday. how about that? pete: we will all know whether it works. that all-in message is that spur of the moment? something you talk about a lot? >> you know, in the past couple of years since then i have had a lot of opportunities to share the message both nationally and also doing it in places like
4:55 am
beijing, hong kong and even manila in the philippines. really i feel it applies to everything. it's really that challenge you are going to have an opportunity do you go half way or give everything you you have? i feel as individuals we have been blessed by some opportunities by god we do disservice when we choose to play it safe. clayton: we talked about that here for new year's resolution. if you are going to sit down with your children be all. in don't be half distracted on the phone or other things. spend that intentional time with your family and loved ones. >> that's the power of total engagement. i say to the guys a lot. our schedules are so filled and so busy. if you only have five minutes you are all there for five minutes. may not get to spend as much time as we want to in larger quantities, but it's that power of just being totally focused. putting away the phone. turning off the tv even if you just get to talk to your wife 10 or 15 minutes. being all there. abby: that's why i love your message. so much more than just the game and what what happens on te field. personal lives. these players take it home with them and make them
4:56 am
better individuals. that's what it's all about. clayton: giants, patriot super bowl what do you think? >> i hope. so i like our record against them. pete: record against the packers pretty good in the playoffs. your feeling for tonight? >> it will be a great game. i would love to say eli will go up there and the rest of the team will play gait. seattle, atlanta or dallas. clayton: tomorrow night on fox 4:30 is the big game green bay, giants. abby: if they win we will give you the credit. secret message. pete: thanks a lot. new threat from our president's number one nemesis that's pocahontas. he is not going to like it. abby: he made headlines when he said god intervened to help trump win the election. franklin graham is joining us next hour. ♪ i'm proud to say ♪ that we're all-american ♪ in god we trust ♪ living the dream ♪ and never giving up
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abby: good morning. it is saturday, january 7th. i'm abby huntsman. we begin with a fox news alert. he heard voices telling him to kill in the name of isis. now he is under arrest for the murders of five people at a florida airport. was the gunman mentally disturbed or was there a radical element. we are live in fort lauderdale. pete: intelligence officials release long awaited report how the russians stole the election. what's in it and what's not? was this all about politics? we'll check it out. clayton: democrats throwing a last ditch effort in a hillary effort for the white house. >> objection is signed by a member of the house but not yet by a member of the senate. >> well, it is over. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> unlike aaron rogers joe biden playing the referee saying it's over.
5:01 am
they couldn't play it out. hour three of "fox & friends" which starts right now. ♪ ♪ pete: right to a fox news alert. horror in florida. five people are dead and eight others are wounded after a shooter goes on a rampage inside a packed fort lauderdale terminal. >> shots fired. >> i need paramedics. lower level inside. we have a subject with gunshot to the head. >> one shooter possibly detained at this time but multiple victims. clayton: ton of angles to this story who better to cover it for us than doug mckelway outside the fort lauderdale airport. good morning, doug. >> good morning, guys. you know, this airport is getting back to normal operations. flight operations resumed at 5:00 a.m. this morning. that is where the shooting occurred. there is still tremendous disruption because of that active crime scene.
5:02 am
investigation which is still ongoing right there. i just wandered down there a little while ago and spoke to an elderly couple, man and wife planning on going to a carnival cruise line at 4:00 this afternoon. their luggage is still inside there and they are pleading with authorities to let them in to get their luggage to go on this cruise. they are not letting them do that. that is the case for hundreds of people. now for the shooting. cell phone video reveals what a terribly chaotic panicky situation it was there in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. people standing there stunned. unable to communicate. others hovering over the prone bodies of those who were wounded or those who were dead. others fleeing in salute sloot panic. steg he shot into luggage, shot into people's computers. ultimately he killed five people and wounded 8 others. dozens of others suffered minor injuries as they fled in panic. we now know in november of
5:03 am
2016, santiago walked into the field office in anchorage alaska and said according to official fbi statement quote his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence forcing him to watch isis videos, among other things. here's the field office head here in south, florida, george pirro of the fbi. >> the individual did walk into our anchorage office in november. at that time he clearly stated that he did not intend to harm anyone; however, his erratic behavior concerned fbi agents that were interviewing him. he was taken into custody by the local police and transported to a medical facility. >> hearing those voices in his head coupled with agitation, incoherence and disjointed thinking all classic signs of schizophrenia i can't. we know that -- schizophrenia. there are some reports that he was hospitalized for as long as two weeks. we have been unable to
5:04 am
confirm that ourselves. we don't know what the diagnosis was whether it was schizophrenia or what kind of medications he was on. we do know, despite all of that he was able to board a flight in anchorage yesterday. he was able to carry only one item of luggage, checked luggage. that was his gun, along with the ammunition. and when he got here to fort lauderdale, he went into the bathroom, after having retrieved that luggage, loaded the gun, came back out and began his shooting spree. and aside from all the pain and suffering we've seen here and the death we have seen here, the disruptions to fort lauderdale have been immense. there were thousands of passengers last night who were unable to get out of here. if you didn't have a car parked in one of the parking lots here you were basically stuck because they were not allowing public transportation to come in here. we saw hundreds of passengers last night in the streets of fort lauderdale carrying their luggage behind them looking for places to stay, looking for things to eat, looking for places to go to the bathroom. that is hopefully getting resumed today as the airport has reopened but the
5:05 am
lingering effects of this will last a long, long time. back to you in new york. clayton: doug mckelway at the fort lauderdale airport. governor rick scott is going to be here to speak. abby: still questions. a lot of signs along the way for this guy and question marks why he was not more on the radar up to this pointed. pete: were there signs missed? does his military background have anything to do with it? when he is telling you that the government is controlling his mind and forcing him to watch isis videos. some mental health aspects to that too. abby: yesterday was a huge day of news. i mean, if it weren't for the shooting that happened because that ultimately dominated everything. but there were some other things that came out that are incredibly important including this document dump that everyone has been waiting on coming out from what russia did or didn't do. what we can say is that there was no impact on the ultimate results of the election. that came through in this
5:06 am
report. but the big take away is that there was hacking that took place at an unprecedented level that we had never seen before. clayton: right, senior intelligence officials meeting with president-elect trump yesterday for two hours and also president obama in releasing this report. and using that term which they haven't used for a long time since the wake of the wmd scandal in iraq which is. pete: high confidence. clayton: high confidence. when the intelligence community uses high confidence that vladimir putin tried to order an undermining of the american election, that's concerning. and it had really nothing -- if you look at the report, it had nothing to do with donald trump. it was a concerted effort to undermine hillary clinton. abby: it started back in 2015 before we even knew that mr. trump was the nominee. pete: speaking to undermine vladimir putin. who hillary clinton has had a beef with to undermine the integrity of our system. kind of the top line assessment of the report it says: we assess russian president vladimir putin
5:07 am
ordered and influenced campaign of the 2016 aimed at the u.s. presidential election. russia's goals were to undermine public faith in u.s. democratic processes. denigrate secretary hillary clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. so the top line aspect as you said, be ay, it's -- abby. it's important. donald trump became advantageous to them ultimately it did not effect the vote count which donald trump has been pointing out. abby: very important part to come out. mr. trump has been up tweeting about this. he said intelligence stated very strongly there was absolutely no evidence that hacking affected the election results. no voting machines touched. the loss by the dems so big they are totally -- i do think he make an interesting point there. clayton: he makes a good point. in this has been going back to 2011 and 2012. where was the outrage on the democrats as it was unfolding on their watch over the last number of
5:08 am
years. this was their problem it as well? we look back at some of the other hacking and cyber events that happened over the last couple of years. just the first one right there in june of 2015. omb. 21.5 million social security numbers stolen likely by the chinese. there was probably retribution at some level. certainly not the intraspeculation and investigation we have seen here. it has been happening for
5:09 am
years. front and center. clayton: september of 2014 trying to figure out where all the packages went. it goes back years under democratic obama administration. abby: where was the outrage at that point? it goes back to the argument that democrats have nothing left now to delegitimize the fact that mr. trump is now the next president. they did say ultimately vice president biden had to say cut it out. it's over. this is done. what's also interesting to come out of the report yesterday was that there was no forging that went on. everything in the documents that were leaked out that was all straight from the dnc and actual emails. not like we heard from donna brazile, for example. clayton: here is what they said. disclosures from wikileaks did not contain any evident forgeries. if you remember donna brazile this is what she said about emails coming out of her accounts. she said these are all forged. i have seen a lot of these.
5:10 am
watch. >> i have seen so many doctored emails. i have seen things that come from me at 2:00 in the morning that i don't even send. i will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false. and no, boo boo, next time don't bring me emails unless have you cleaned your system. don't bring nothing corrupt into me: given donald trump used this information ways to also sow division, i was very disappointed in his repeated usage of some of the stolen information. he used it as if he received daily talking points. the election was tainted by this intrusion. pete: that's the talking point they want is that it was tainted, therefore, donald trump is delegitimized. so the report yesterday which was thin on specifics because it was unclassified version of a classified version. but it was definitively say the russians have been trying to influence it but it didn't undermine the election. that's important bifurcation.
5:11 am
clayton: donald trump is also tied into this. it's donald trump's nature when someone is attacking his ego wait a second when someone is trying to delegitimize my presidency. he can rise above that and say, look, we have got to turn the page on this and face our cyber security. abby: no. i think the politics there were two big things that came out of yesterday, right? he ultimately won the election fair and square. that everyone can agree on. but, two, we are doing with something very serious when it comes to hacking. so serious that all politics need to be put aside and come together and figure out how to handle this. clayton: he doesn't need to swing at pitches in the dirt anymore. he is the president-elect. turn the page. we would build our cyber security better than ever before. pete: he will be able to do that by smacking the russians back. abby: judge denying bail for the four black suspects who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man for days. the chicago attackers all charged now with hate crimes. the teens taunting the
5:12 am
18-year-old man while streaming live on facebook. a judge asking where their decency was and calling them a threat to society. prosecutors say one of the suspects even demanded money from the victim's mother. just a horrible story. and china keeping a close eye as taiwan's president hits the u.s. on her way to central america. it's rumored she could make contact president-elect trump. passes through the leader is on her way to houston now and be in san francisco next weekend. her trip likely to be scrutinized by china who remains angry over her congratulatory phone call to mr. trump following the election. and meanwhile on capitol hill, democrats try giving it one last shot denying president-elect trump the white house. but let's just say it did not go so well. >> if there's not signed by a senator, the objection cannot be entertained. >> mr. president, the objection is signed by a member of the house but not yet by a member of the senate. >> well, it is over.
5:13 am
[laughter] [cheers and applause] abby: speaker ryan's faces it all. vice president striking down three other attempts to object. ultimately closing the joint session. pete: when uncle joe says it's over. it is over. she is not finished yet. hillary's friends making her an offer that might finally get her out of those woods. charlie hurt on deck to react. clayton: and he promised to build a big beautiful wall and make mexico pay for it. >> i am not going to pay for this [bleep] wall. let him pay for it. abby: oof. clayton: this morning the former mexican president ups the stakes once again ♪ i'm hot blooded ♪ check it and see ♪ i've got a fever of 103 ♪ come on, baby ♪ you can do more than dance ♪ i'm hot blooded ♪ i'm hot blooded
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> even with the malfunction of 87 voting machines. [gavel] >> is it signed by a senator. >> not as of yet, mr. senator. >> in that case the objection cannot be entertained. >> not yet by a member of the united states. >> in that case the objection cannot be entertained. >> is it signed by united states senator. >> we are seeking a united states senator. >> the objection is cannot be entertained. >> join me in this letter of rejection. [boos] >> there is no debate. the objection is not be received. >> the objection is signed by a member of the house but not yet by a member of the senate. >> well, it is over. >> it is over. democrats not backing down during an electoral college "roll call" yesterday as they made their final attempts as-to-reject president-elect trump's bid
5:18 am
to the white house. pete: here to react is fox news contributor charlie hurt. this is not signed by u.s. senator either but we're going to keep going forward anyway. you were chuckling listening to that sound bite. what do you make of the last ditch attempts. >> well, i think it reveals a desperation on the part of house democrats and it revealed a pettiness and, you know, the rules are very simple about this. in order to make -- to form an objection to the vote count from a state, you have to have a letter signed by a house member and a senator. and for all of these, i think there were 11 times that vice president biden was interrupted and there were objections lodged. not a single one of them was signed by a senator. it's very simple. but i think what it reveals is going forward we're going to see, you know, democrats in the house are going to do this petulant, you know, crying over spilled milk
5:19 am
stuff. you know, for foreseeable future. pete: turning the page now because that's over. hillary clinton, we have seen her in the woods. we have seen her not really do much publicly lately. but there are reports that folks want her to run for mayor of new york city against democrat bill de blasio. do you think this is going to happen? do you think she would actually do this? >> i would say no except you know, people said -- everyone thought she wouldn't run for the senate and she ran for the senate. there was a lot of speculation that she wouldn't run for president and she runs for president. so who knows? i do think the fact that you have some of the clinton supporters. clinton friends, aides out there clearing spreading this rumor, what it means is that the clinton foundation is desperate to have any influence because, of course, the whole thing, the entire foundation is predicated on the idea that she was going to be the next president and that they would have all this influence to peddle.
5:20 am
if they have lowered their sights well at least she is going to run for city hall in new york city my goodness how far the mighty have fallible. pete: we will find out if new york city is going to be with her soon. election is 9 months out. charlie hurt joining us this morning. >> you bet. pete: he made headlines when he said god intervened to help trump win the election. reverend franklin graham says he still needs god's help. he joins us next. clayton: president-elect trump's nemesis. elizabeth warren. he might not like the new threat ♪ going down the only road i've ever known ♪ like a drifter i was born to walk alone ♪ c with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback.
5:21 am
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♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. we have quick headlines. your tax dollars now being used to fund sex change operation for a convicted murderer. yes you heard that correctly. california the first state to pay for inmate's gender reassignment surgery. officials say it may cost california taxpayers up to $100,000. wow. and want to hop on the expressway in virginia? be ready to pay up. tolls surging to more than $30 rush hour ahead of a major snow storm. officials say toll prices have no limits and fluctuate based on traffic demands. abby: we want to take you right now to a fox news alert. we have been following the breaking details out of fort lauderdale, florida. the governor of florida rick scott about to come to the mike any moment now. pete: that's right. we have been waiting for update on the situation at the fort lauderdale airport and the governor of florida who is going to join us later on in the program as
5:25 am
well vowed to come out and give the latest on the investigation. you see him walking up to the podium right now. abby: let's take it. >> so, good morning. i'm here with the commissioner of the law enforcement rick swearington. yesterday we experienced absolute evil attack on state. people trying to enjoy the weekend senselessly murdered. it was absolutely horrific day. the person responsible for this act will be brought to justice to the fullest extent of the law. when hurt one of us, you hurt all of us. i arrived in fort lauderdale yesterday afternoon probably less than two hours after the attack -- the shooting happened. i spent the rest of the day getting briefed by law enforcement by the state, federal and local levels. they're all working together to get answers. i saw the same thing after the attack where state, federal and local together.
5:26 am
law enforcement worked together. i know we all want answers and i know law enforcement is working hard to understand exactly what happened. we do know individuals have been killed and some are fighting for their lives right here at hospitals in broward county. last night i went to broward health medical center to visit some of the victims and their families. some of the victims were still in surgery fighting for their life. you know, it's just such senseless acts. and one couple i talked to they just came down here to go on a cruise and the wife was shot and they are not even going to go on their cruise. they are going to take their time and go home. another one, her husband was shot and just bleeding profusely in the arm and she was so worried about him. he was in surgery at the time. i have remained in constant
5:27 am
contact. communication with gail. sheriff israel. the sheriff -- state is going to continue whatever resources are needed whether it's the county, airport, anyone that needs any services. i think about this as i think about i'm a dad and i'm a granddad. i just can't imagine this happening to my family or any family. but the state stands ready to assist anyone who needs anything. last night i stayed in contact with airlines to make sure they were able to help displaced travelers to see if they had any unmet needs there are many people i should know throughout the night were sent over to the port terminal. i think they are down to just a few people over there now. but we're going to do everything we can to help passengers, you know, get as comfortable as they can. it has to be really hard on them. we have got a lot of cruise ships coming in today and airlines are working to make sure as the passengers come in they work with them to the extent the flights
5:28 am
coming out of fort lauderdale that they would redirect them to another airport. visit florida has -- their website tell people where there is available rooms. air hub has activated urgent accommodation. we have a lot of tourists coming through our airports and into our state every day. we have over 110 million tourists this year in our state, we're going to do everything we can to accommodate them. we love our tourists. we want them to continue to come here. and the state is ready to help them. our national guard continues to be ready to respond to local law enforcement in providing support at our airports. our state emergency operation center was open all last night and it's going to remain open to ensure we are able to respond to any unmet needs whether it's, again, the county, the airport, anyone who has any unmet needs. last night i directed the florida department of health to dispatch their grief
5:29 am
counselors to the family assistance centers to provide support that's right here by the airport. broward county has also activated a call center to provide help to any travelers that have been displaced. we also have at the state level you can go to florida disaster dotted organ/info for any information to help any displaced travelers. we are a blessed state. we are a safe state. we are 45 year low on crime rate. we're going to use every resource to keep every visitor in our state safe and citizen in our state safe. the number one priority in our state is safety. we love the fact that people feel safe living in our state and visiting our state. we're a strongly resilient state. we're not going to let attacks lake this tear us apart. we're going to pray for the victims. we're going to mourn for all their families. we're going to hope and pray that everybody that is still injured is -- fully recovers. i know we don't have an answer and i don't know if
5:30 am
we will ever have an answer to an evil attack like this. in my case, i always rely on my faith and i will pray for answers. so we're going to continue to provide updates as this goes along. but i can tell you at the state level we're going to continue to do everything we can to provide information and help anybody we can. >> governor, this was not a failure of imagination. we knew a lot about this guy. so many red lights. why was this guy not on a a no-fly list? >> we're right in the middle of trying to understand exactly what happened. there is information that will come out. we will know exactly what happened. then we will be able to figure out what to do. you know, if it's tied to mental illness, i have a brother that suffers were mental illness, it's very hard to deal with some of these issues. and i know every family has a family member that deals with mental illness, really struggles with. this i think as a society, after we understand what happened, we will have an
5:31 am
opportunity to have a conversation. >> trying to deal with the situation, is there evolution required now? >> you know, we'll get more information. you know i know what we have done at the state level -- we are trying to -- the dollars that we spend with regard to mental illness we are trying to allocate those dollars around. we have a project going on in broward county and a few counties. so we're trying to figure these things out. but i'm just telling you we're going to learn more and i can just telling from you dealing with a brother that deals with mental illness, it's a very difficult -- it's a very difficult issue to deal with. [[inaudible] question] >> law enforcement as they will get more information they will put information out. >> do you know anything more about the condition of the victims that are in the hospital right now? >> i mean i talked to some of the victims last night.
5:32 am
the one lady that was shot in the arm, she is planning -- she thinks she is going to be discharged today. the others i talked to, they don't have -- they don't know yet. i know some are severely injured. i'm going it pray for them. we're blessed. we have very good healthcare here. i can tell you everybody that i talked to at broward health last night, they are very appreciative of the nurses and the doctors and everybody was taking care of them. >> when do you expect it to reopen? >> my understanding we just had the upstairs reopened. the down stairs is not. they are going through an active investigation. my understanding is they are just right now opening up the top level. >> governor, multiple passengers flying with him on board. they said they watched what was happening, yet were able to go back [inaudible] and
5:33 am
go through that date. why wasn't the entire airport shut down? >> well, the airport director and law enforcement have to answer that i can just tell you one thing -- the first thing you do is keep everybody safe. the most important priority, think about it, the most -- think about your own family. the first thing you do you want everybody to be safe. take precaution. look, my heart goes out to everybody that was displaced yesterday. i mean, some people were coming down here to enjoy vacation, to go on a cruise, to enjoy our weather. and it's tragic that they were displaced. but, the goal is always to keep everybody safe. that's the primary goal. >> governor, based on what's happened rumor or less likely to expand open carry laws. youallow open carry in an airport terminal? >> right now, we're dealing with -- we're going to find out exactly what happened here. law enforcement is going to give us answers as we go through this. we're going to have time to have an opportunity to have
5:34 am
a conversation about how do we improve our society. look, all of us want to live in a safe society. i have got kids. i have got grand kids. i want them to live in a safe society. we all do. as we go through this process and we learn what happened. we can always have a conversation about is there something we should change. >> governor, non-secured areas of airports have come under attack before. does the security need changed? >> again, we're going to have -- look, one thing that's great about our society is when something happens, the right thing to do is let's find out really what happened and then let's see how can we make it better? i think that's what always happens with these things. >> governor, one more thing. >> [inaudible] >> look, i can tell you we were blessed -- look, i don't want ever anything to happen. after pulse, i was down in orlando for quite a while, i talked to the families.
5:35 am
i cried with them pause they lost their loved ones. i heard their stories about their loved ones. you can't imagine. you don't want this to happen to your family. the other side of it is, i know our law enforcement is working hard. we're at a 45 year low on our crime rate. 367,000 people moved to our state last year. we'll have over 110 million tourists. people are coming to our state because they know we are safe. when something like this happens, you know our law enforcement community is going to do a good job. >> we will take one more. >> sorry. governor, does it make -- check unloaded weapon in one bag and check ammunition in another on same flight? does it make sense to carry both the ammunition and the gun? >> i think the right thing to do is let's find out exactly what happened here. and then there will be a time -- our legislative session starts in florida in march. there will be a time to have a conversation about if
5:36 am
there are things we can do to improve our society. all this -- thinking about when we talk especially like we are thinking about how do we make sure -- we are all thinking about what about my family? what about your family? i want my family to be safe. in my case as governor i want every family in this state safe. i want every tourist in this state safe. i want people to say i want to live here. we are 47, 48 year low in our crime rate. thank you for being here. >> thank you. clayton: that's governor rick scott there in fort lauderdale at the airport answering some questions. we didn't really get any new information. the only information we got from the governor is the condition of some the victims on this. and some of them injured severely. some with flesh wounds and should be released today. no further information about airport security. how this guy managed to get on this plane or the shooter himself. pete: no detail just recognition people are still fighting for their life. attack on that group is an attack on floridians and
5:37 am
others. a lot of boilerplate stuff there. abby: took time to thank state and local officials. very tough situation. we want to bring in ken hogan, the president of the c met crisis and emergency management and former commander and officer at jfk and laguardia airport. the big question this morning, sir, as we are all thinking about this is safety at airports. could there have been anything done to have prevented what happened yesterday? >> well, you need to remember that as we've concentrated on securing aircraft and preventing them from using aircraft as weapons. we have now pushed the security barriers back. but we have created relatively soft areas the ticket counters, the baggage claim areas. and, in fact, outside of the airports at bus terminals and train stations. any place where large numbers of people gather. one of the things that we need to do is improve our security posture by having uniformed and not uniformed law enforcement officers in all of these areas so they
5:38 am
can take immediate action if something should happen or as uniformed officers to act as deterrent. pete: you can run security at some of the most prominent airports in the world jfk and laguardia. i feel like i see those armed guards quite a bit now and probably non-uniformed. do you anticipate when you were there a scenario like, this someone getting a checked bag with a firearm on it and then using it on the spot or is this really an anomaly. >> we always practiced with our partners, not only the port authority police but also with the federal law enforcement officers that are there, the people from customs and border protection, the fbi, secret service, the tsa federal air marshalls who pass through the airport. we work together to be able to react to an active shooter. there has been a lot of emphasis played on the fact that he got his weapon, in this particular case, from the bag that he had checked. the reality is he could have gotten out of a taxicab and walked in the doors. the baggage claim areas in airports are not secured.
5:39 am
they are open for public. you not only have passengers in there. you have people who are coming to pick up passengers there. pete: sure. >> you also have people who are there for nefarious purposes. clayton: 10 seconds left, ken. do you think we will move in perimeter back in the wake of this shooting. do you think the tsa have to move it further back from the curb and beyond. >> i think they will increase security. you will see more law enforcement officers. tsa and security officers out at the perimeter to give people the feeling of security. israelis have their security a mile out. their airport is in the middle of a desert. our airports by and large in this area are a block away from commercial and residential areas. clayton: great point. abby: they did beef up security here at the airport. clayton: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. happy new year. abby: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren threatening president-elect donald trump
5:40 am
saying she will run for re-election just so she can stick around for his entire presidency. >> it's pocahontas, elizabeth warren. [crowd booing] >> she is probably the senator that's doing just about the least in the united states senate. she is a total failure. abby: the liberal senator could face curt schilling, the former boston red sox pitch his or her says he is ready to run for the senate next year if his wife approves: i love it republican lawmaker taking matters into his own hands ripping down a painting depicting police officers as pigs. california congressman duncan hunter unscrewing himself the painting from that president-elect donald
5:41 am
trump standing firm in his plan to build a border wall. >> don't worry. whos's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> i didn't hear you. who's going to pay? >> mexico. >> you better believe it we will build the wall. we will build a great wall and we will stop illegal immigration for once and for all. abby: while mr. trump says mexico will pay for the wall. former mexican president vicente fox insisting they won't. he directly calls out the president-elect on twitter writing this: trump, when will you understand that i'm not paying for that blanking wall. be clear with u.s. taxpayers, they will pay for it your reactions are pouring in on this one. frank emailing us this, vicente fox is not the president of mexico anymore so who cares what he has to say? and jill says this we send mexico millions of foreign aid every year. just use that money to build the wall.
5:42 am
a lot of money. clayton: we will see. all right. you just saw his press conference here live on our show. governor rick scott of florida. is he going to be joining us along with geraldo rivera next hour. pete: joe biden also sending a strong message to the president-elect trump. >> donald, grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. pete: smiling joe. is he right? we will debate that next. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ why can't we be friends? why can't we be friends? why can't we be friends? ♪ as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision,
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5:45 am
pete: vice president joe biden sent a strong message to the president-elect. >> grow up, donald. grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you got to do something. show us what you have. you're going to propose
5:46 am
legislation. we're going to get to debate it let the public decide. let them vote in congress. let's see what happens. it's going to be much clearer what he is for and against and what we're for and against. now that it's going to get down to actually discussing in detail these issues that affect people's levees. pete: he says let the public decide. so is he right? here to debate is executive in residence at american university school of public affairs capri cafaro and former advisor to president george w. bush brad blakeman. >> good morning. >> good morning. pete: is joe biden right? >> i think he is on to something. at the end of the day, people do, i think, expect the president of the united states to have a moniker of decorum. so, in that regard, when president-elect trump says things like, you know, leader schumer is a clown, that is not necessarily something that would be
5:47 am
evocative of presidential decorum. things are changing frankly and twitter and the twitter verse is really changing the dialogue and tone and tenure -- tenor of politics. maybe the american public will decide that maybe the way that presidents are perceived as being presidential will ultimately evolve. so i guess we will see what happens. pete: brad, capri is talking about tone. you have the vice president telling the president-elect to grow up. >> what you have here is you have a vice president who is tone deaf. and his administration has been a failure. donald trump speaks the way the american people think. the american people already spoke, mr. vice president. and they rejected not only hillary clinton but the record of the obama administration. so, donald trump is speaking the way the american people want him to. he is addressing issues. he is not even the president yet, and he has created jobs
5:48 am
with carrier and ford. and look what he has done with relationships already with russia. russia didn't do tit-for-tat when they were sanctioned biobomb that. they said you know what? we're going to wait for the next with the. donald trump is exactly right. he is speak the way the american people want him to and the results speak for themselves already. pete: capri, what is it about tweeting that isn't grown up. using a way to speak to the american people that hasn't been done before. >> absolutely. that's what i was saying before about the evolution of what it means to be presidential. certainly twitter and social media have involved in a way and have impacted the way that politicians can communicate directly to the public and the electorate. that being said, again, sometimes the tone and tenor of how president-elect trump utilizes twitter may not necessarily be perceived as presidential, may be perceived by some as petty or personal and not necessarily focused on issues. but i don't think that he is
5:49 am
going to avoid twitter any time soon. and i hope that the american public will continue to listen and be engaged in social media as part of the course. pete: capri and brad, unfortunately we will have to leave it there. in the spirit of tweet your final answer. >> i like it. pete: you got it. thank you both. you all have heard of sanctuary cities, right? there is a new trend sweeping the nation. sanctuary restaurants? what's that all about? plus, there are more than 5 million jobs open in the u.s. and many of them don't require a diploma. cheryl casone with government hiring skilled workers live on our plaza ♪ i got bills ♪ i got to pay ♪ so i'm going to work, work, work ♪ every day ♪ i got
5:50 am
hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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clayton: welcome back. the department of labor reporting that there are 5.5 million job openings right now. majority of these openings don't require diploma but rather a skill. abby: what companies are hiring these skilled workers? fox business network cheryl casone joins us now from a job fair happening right out on our plaza where it's nice and warm out there, cheryl. >> it's nice and toasty out here this morning. good morning to all of you. even big companies like google and amazon are getting into the home services whether it's for the electric or building of the home, doing the kitchen. they know those are the jobs and expansion is one of the companies i have for you today is puro clean mark davis ceo of puro clean. we have the rovers behind us learn how to use. >> excellent. puro clean leading franchise company. clean up homes and businesses after fires and
5:54 am
floods. >> how many jobs do you have open right now? >> in 2017 we will add at least 500 new jobs. >> you say you are the paramedics of the home? >> paramedics of property damage. we are factors of disaster. we fix your home or business and get you back in business. >> i learned how to use the rover. i have a future with myself. that's what you use to clean the house. i love that. >> let's move over. this is jason lankford. you are with trend transformation. it's all about the kitchen, right? >> kitchen, bathroom, residential and commercial remodeling, yeah. >> how many jobs are you offering right now? >> in 2017 we project anywhere from 200 to 350. >> you have sales, customer service installations. and it looks like you are around the world. this company didn't even start in the united states. >> we started in perth, australia? 1996 and we are a franchise company. >> these are the different types of things people can get from homes and bathroom. i like that one that's a pearl color. >> hand made glass mosaic. >> that's beautiful.
5:55 am
those are the kind of things you can have if you get your kitchen redone. grounds keeping. this is important because i had no idea to you who use anything that relates to a plant. this is the president of the grounds guys. by april you are saying at least 300 jobs across the country. >> we are premier landscape provider franchise. 1500 locations across north marker. what we do is repair, enhance and maintain customers' landscapes. as we get into the growing season we will be adding 300 to 500 jobs. >> you need people that actually it's grounds keeping and maintenance and all of that. >> it is. >> this is great for young kids, isn't it? >> well, it's great for younger people that like to get out and drive equipment and things like here jim, our franchise owner garden city here. >> hi, jim, good morning. >> it's great for people who like to get out and work with heir hands it. >> those move, right? >> okay. >> do you want to come with me or are you all going to stay there? so our last company today, this is mr. electric, and that is a very bright "fox & friends" sign.
5:56 am
electric power guy behind me. >> that's right. >> this is joe worthington, you are the president. you have 300 jobs across the country right now. >> that's right. we are looking for electricians primarily and also customer service representatives. >> okay. you have got about 300 positions across the u.s. and canada right now? >> that's right, yes. >> now, you have got to have certain skills and training to go into electricity work. >> that's right. >> because of the dangers of it. >> right? >> yes. the trades are in much needs of trades men and very much need of electricians. we service throughout the u.s., canada and internationally as well. >> all right. so all kinds of jobs, skills based jobs. with college, guys, it's so expensive right now. the skills economy is really growing. like i said big companies are really into it. this is where the jobs are going to be for 2017. >> puro clean was very good to give me socks. abby: he already has them on. come on in it's cold out there. >> all right. abby: partying with president obama before he leaves office. chuck woolery has a message for his holiday friends.
5:57 am
is he hollywood friends. is he joining us live next hour. clayton: geraldo rivera is here to weigh in on whether mexico will pay for the border wall. good morning. ♪ lso prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery
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until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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6:00 am
"fox news alert" good morning, i'm abby huntsman we begin with a fox news alert. he her voices telling him to kill in the name of isis. now he's under arrest for the murder of five people. was he mentally disturbed oregon a radical element. >> it's official, they are certain that put you tip played a role. mr. this disgusting painting depicting cops as pigs, until it was ripped town by a u.s. marine. his name is duncan hunter.
6:01 am
he took matters into his own hands. it is the fourth hour of fox exfriends. from welcome in on this saturday morning. a busy news story, we just came on the heels after press conference, with rick scott, and, ger ral doe joins us live here. what unfolded down there yesterday. >> i think that people are talking around the real issue, in my view. let's just review what happened. here you had a g. i am who came back from iraq and claimed he had voices in his head, turns himself into the f. about e. is interviewed by the f.b.i. finds him delusional.
6:02 am
after he gets demoted, and so he's disoriented, and, he's charged with domestic violence, and still he has a licensed weapon. he's allowed to take a weapon in checked luggage, what the hell is going on heir? at what point does he lose the right to carry his gun. >> we had former f.b.i. he said that's the question we knee to be having right now. we have seen a number of these stories. mental illness. how is he able to go on a plane, if the p. about r b.i. had looked at him, is there some sort of list. >> i would have a region jess tri, now, you have a check box.
6:03 am
make it a computer program. violence, his wife. drummed out of the service. hearing voices. how does that happen? at what point does the cop or f.b.i. say, mr. -- santiago please turn in your weapon. >> due process, and you say drummed out of the service. general. >> honorable conditions, he never diagnosed with ptsd, and he did talk about hearing voices so, if you are not checking formal boxes there's a lot -- i want to come forward. that could be one example. i want to come forward, but i don't want to be stripped of my second amendment right. because he's confronting
6:04 am
something you should strip away his ability. q.i understand you exyou are talking about the second amendment. >> what point are we just reasonable citizens? should this man have had a licensed gun? it's as simple as anybody listening want beat up the mo of his baby many. >> mental health. but at some point in you're crazy you shouldn't have a second amendment. >> have the gun on your own but then the moment he goes through the airplane, exscreened by the tsa. >> the f.b.i. agents called the cops and said take him to the mental health facility. here's a guy hearing isis. but are you, you say to the guy,
6:05 am
now you have a glock, don't you think we should keep that, and do something about it. >> how do you make that the case, there's a lot of people you can ask to get check examined they don't. we also look at the fact that this was a soft target. anyone could drive up. whether or not they have a license to hold a gun and do what this man did. this is much bigger. >> you're so right. but when you consider the fact. let's say 1% of the population is crazy. there's 400 million guns. at some point, is not that these incidents. orlando and that they happen so infrequently given the fact that you have so many potential nut jobs, exso many weapons, you
6:06 am
can't protect. it's a baggage claim. it could be times square. sandy hook. pick your place. the only thing that can save you is a cop with a gun who happens to be there. there or a law abiding citizen with a gun. >> i'm going back to my crazy people. i would rather it be a security guard a cop or all people like you, former federal agent, if you were, people who served honorably then you should have guns everywhere. that's okay with me. but we have to, mental health has to be addressed. i think this fell between the cracks the and to talk about isis exterrorism. >> the family shouldn't be afraid to speaking out. if you -- yeah. >> you can talk about falling
6:07 am
through the what we saw from the intelligence community, and, getting together with president-elect trump and president barak obama, and what happened, with the russians, hah they in fact led a campaign to undermine hillary clinton and our election. the daily caller said they weren't trying to bolster donald trump. a lot of people are saying this is politics. why not? this report. what do you make of this? >> i think two things. i think rer important to separate them. one is donald trump is the elected 45th president of the united states. we cheer him on. we hope for the best. we want him to be a great president. p separate exapart from that we
6:08 am
can't avoid the fact that the russians, have been messing with the election. that should distress everybody. right, left, red, blue, this is a major attack on us, by the russian intelligence, who is now the president of russia. we have to understand that this is the cyber war is going to threaten everybody that has a computer. on the electric grid. a dam in their neighborhood. this is the next frontier. it's not about north korea's missiles many it's about russia. >> how do we get to that point? >> this is so i don't know politics. but it has become so political. you think about the democrats, blaming this on the election
6:09 am
results. we have experienced hacking, and, heavily for the past eight years, where were they then? >> it feels politicized. >> when i started, i gave my preample about we accept the 45th president. do just what i just did. >> donald trump is the president, of all america. we all root him on. and now let's deal with cybersecurity. if they separated those two things, to say, legitimacy, and that, it is unfortunate. >> another thing is the border wall. >> get through one morning. [laughter] >> so back-and-forth, some in the mean stream media says he's
6:10 am
backing. the former president of mexico has been on a crusade and he tweeted. trump may ask whomp he wants, not going to pay for his racist monument. when you understand that i'm not paying for your bleeping wall, be clear with the taxpayers. >> s wondering how you were going to handle that. [laughter] >> the u.s. taxpayers are going to be footing the bill. >> because of 2006 bill that was passed they do have authorization. so if they want, the republicans can attach, to the big spending bill, that must pass at the end of the april. they can fight to put it in there. but they do risk the democrats shutting down the whole
6:11 am
government. so, my point is that if the republicans want to make a live or die issue on this, they can. listen, i -- i have been opposed to the wall because i know the border so well. i snuck across the border for stories. the border is porous, and they come and go, and you can build a wall, and, it's not going to stop the drug smugglers. if they want to build a wall. as opposed to building bridges and tunnels and schools, and all the other things. >> he is going to build it many. >> how are you going to do that? i -- from i hear him. >> taxes coming across the -- >> do we want that kind of relationship with our neighbor?
6:12 am
i think there's a better way. in the nafta notion you can strengthen border security than a $20 billion infrastructure, that probably won't achieve the desired result. >> creative, and he says, we're going to enforce the border many from enforcing the border she and a physical barrier are different things. he stopped ford from relocating, ex, gm, about taking that cruise vehicle. and you are taking these jobs -- >> are they finally. q.whatever. he is keeping those jobs, what happens to the 15,000 mexicans who were going to work in those car plants? >> what do you think. >> but my point is, how big is that wall going to be in.
6:13 am
>> may have gotten ten-feet high. keep increasing many. >> are you keeping the beard? >> we need a poll. >> i have a very divided family. >> my 11-year-old, likes it. and, my 24-year-old says that makes you look old and scragly will. >> with you on the ocean. yes. >> that commercial, the most intriguing guy. >> thanks, good to see you. >> all right, we have a lot more coming coming up, more, a search for a motive, continues, florida governor rick scott joins us with an update. hillary's friends that might get her out of the woods. >> it starts with a farewell, the party, chuck has a message for his hollywood friends
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
6:17 am
>> "fox news alert" he heard voices telling him to kill in the name of isis. now he's under arrest for the murder of five persons. was he mentally disturbed or a radical element. joining us is rick scott. we just watch he your press conference, at the airport, it doesn't seem to be any real updates on the suspect. what's the rer latest on that? >> well, here's what we know, horrible evil act, we know that five individuals that were just leading normal lives, lost their lives. i was at the hospital, we have
6:18 am
individuals at the hospital. we don't, there's still a lot of unanswered questions. law enforcement is working hard to identify the individuals. reach out and provide information much but there's still a lot of unanswered questions. it's horrible. we're holding him accountable. it's just a horrible act. >> some of the unanswered questions. the suspect. when you are talking to authorities, had he been awk to go authorities what a motive behind this shooting might be? >> well, the sheriff's department and f.b.i. said they have been interviewing the individual. as they're able to release the information, i know they will. what's important to me we keep be safe, and living here, we're
6:19 am
a safe state. getting the information out as quickly as we can. >> have you heard from president barak obama. any conversation there? >> president barak obama called me just before 7:00 and told me he was praying for us, expresident-elect trump called me at 2:20 in the afternoon, and asked me to give them updates. and they also offered any support they could provide. i'm appreciative of all three calling. it's always face to know, that they are there to help us. >> they are working well together. >> the folks that were impacted yesterday. it was just a horrible day for florida. we're thinking about the families. you met with some of the victims. some of whom were fighting for their lives. what did they tell you?
6:20 am
>> well their scared to death. they just, you can't imagine taking, coming to go on a vacation or going on a cruise. one couple was going to go on a cruise and the wife was shot in the arm. she's going to be fine. and they'll pass on their cruise and go back home. will another come on, the father and husband was in surgery. he had got shot in the arm and was pled pretty bad. >> we appreciate you taking some timeout. thanks for taking some timeout. >> thanks for your prayers. >> all right. remember this painting. depicting cops as pigs. it's gone now thanks to congressman duncan hunter. he is he it made him angry and
6:21 am
he joins us live, next
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
>> welcome back, time for some quick look at your headline. developing overnight fox news learning that trump has nol mem nateed dan coats, and he served during the bush administration. >> we told you so. cashing in on her and she's launching a new campaign called count my vote. democrats are practically
6:25 am
begging hillary clinton, run for the mayor. they want to see her run against bill de blasio. a good chance to blasio. >> well, an update on that painting that sparked outrage for depicting police officers as pigs, and not any more. and, one congressman removed the artwork himself. joining us now is duncan hunter. getting up early for us. thank you very much. up front. people have been talking about it. but nothing has changed. you decided i'm done with this. >> tell me how it went down. >> sometimes you just got to get things done. from good morning. we were walking by, and we were having this big republican meeting, on how to get rid of the health care problem and we
6:26 am
talked about this painting. you have a couple of policemen, and they were talking about how offensive it was, and we walk by it everyday. ex, kids groups walk by it, and, kids come, to dc, walk by it everyday. exjust decided, enough is enough. i was going to take it down. sometimes you just got to do it. from that's why can i'm in congress. is to get things done. what did you do with it? did you take it over to the congressman. >> lacy's office is right around the corner from mine. he has ferguson, and he's a friend of mine and said this is offending a whole lot of people. and keep it in your office. >> how did he respond. >> he wasn't there, i talked to the staff. he hasn't called me. >> when you're in the capital
6:27 am
with a screwdriver, are people watching? are there consequences for this? or the wild west? this is the wild west. in the capital, this is the people's house and i can do what i want. i didn't need a screwdriver, they got out those crew west loops, and unscrew it and carry it back. we've had thousands of phonecalls from police officers and their families and i have had this is one of those things, it is outrageous, you have seen the painting, and, police officers there, and, it's just one of those things. it is not at modern art museum. we have to have respect for
6:28 am
everybody. and we should try to have a peaceful resolution. especially here with the police shootings. >> what do you think he want he to put this paymenting up to begin with? >> he has ferguson, missourition and, they have an art competition, and he said this one portrayed what was going on, in his district in the last couple of years. but the u.s. capitol is not the place for 9. we have school kids and they should not being seeing policemen portrayed as pigs. in their entire lives. it's not the right place for it. >> i normally make jokes about marines, but they get things done. >> afghanistan veteran, and, you took action when other people would not.
6:29 am
thanks. >> thank you. >> good to see you this morning. coming up, a convicted murderer sentenced to life, now demanding a sex change on the taxpayer's dime and how he just got his 100,000 wish. >> when c. list celebrities, lash out. >> anti immigrant. >> anti environment many. we demand that you oppose him. >> chuck has a message for his hollywood friends and he's ready to go for it.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
6:33 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> don't adjust your set. does this look blurry to you. it's the first viral optical illusion of 2017. or is that how ham looks? i think it looks blurry. >> is it themly slice he. i thought it was ham. >> it is just like a piece.
6:34 am
>> is it a shaved ham. >> is it like bacon. >> like a honey backed ham. >> look at that. is that light especiallying up the internet. these are the stories that keep america up. >> the blue versus the gold. >> now,. >> not peace a wrap. >> new york city and the pizza slice. >> which we see pretty much in the city. >> do you let us know is it blurry? >> i think it's blurry will. >> china keeping a close eye, as one president heads to the u.s., rumored that she could make contact with president-elect
6:35 am
trump, she's on her way to houston she and will be in there, she remains angry to her phonecall. >> massachusetts sen mat tor threatening president-elect trump saying she will run for reelection. >> it's pocahon it is a, she is probably the senator that's doing just about the least in the united states senate. she's a total failure. >> and could face curt schilling, he says he's ready to run for the senate next year if his wife approves. your tax dollars now being used to fund a sex fund operation. quinn, shot and killed a man before stealing his car and a
6:36 am
drug and alcohol rampage. it could cost us to 100,000. she'll be moved to a woman's prison. a bombshell report. dating back to dick clark's, host ryan sea crest speaking out of a mariah carey and he's throwing mariah carey under the bus. >> all right, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good to see you. >> he had addressed it, on his radio show after mariah carey's camp accused them. >> i know, i know these guys for a year. i knew dick clark very, very well. this is a team that wants to do everything they can to accommodate.
6:37 am
and, she hasn't spoken to ryan since the botched performance. >> should have an update on this tore. >> dedicated to the new year's eve fallout. thanks p. >> we need to get their hot take on this is the host of blunt force and game host chuck woolerry. >> you know, mariah carey is such a great singer. i'm so sad that this happen to her. i don't care. >> i like that. >> i really like her. i think she's a wonderful artist many. >> she'll be weighing in. >> christmas is you. >> it's fabulous. >> she'll be weighing in on president-elect's trump president deny. >> they put out this psa.
6:38 am
and it was a pro-hillary group. and i want to get your take on this. >> we demand that you vigorously oppose him. we expect you to have our backs. >> to obstructer. to obstrublght. defeat. anything. anything. anything. that violates our core values as diverse americans. >> the majority, the majority, the majority of the american people. the majority. what do you make of that. >> well, they still don't believe in the electoral college. and the other is a democratic system. >> we're a republic. why would people want to take advice from a group of people, who pretend to be other people for a living many. why did the people, think that other people care?
6:39 am
>> because it's delusional. they live in. you could not find a group of people outside of an insane place who just are more out of touch with reality than an actor. i hate to put that in perspective. but i think the middle of the country, and both coasts think, what are they talking about. this is like four times. there's another aspect. they are trying to give chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and the democrats, a little bit of a boost, from obstructing everything. but, they don't have to work that hard at it. i'm sure they have their own agenda, in mine, the next thing is, he has john mccain, lindsay
6:40 am
graham, and, susan collins, that's going to be a problem for him, too. because he beat republicans as well, as democrats and he is not well liked by a lot of these senators. >> what is the excuse, the big dump came out and it is now revealed, there was a hacking but the election was not impacted. democrats have been using this as a excuse that you won the election. what will they use now? what can they now say. >> there's not much left. they have tried every angle they can. this whole thing was very interesting. i sent out a tweet, they said, we have been hacked. and can he said how long has this been going on. >> for years. and your point is? i mean it's interesting that they only talk about it. they thought hillary clinton was
6:41 am
going to win will. >> so now it's about the russians hacking, and they have tried every angle in the book. >> on your podcast, and we know that you're a student of history, do you think america is entering a weak period. are we taking them serious enough. >> what does he have to do to put up that strong wall. >> the interesting thing is that he is not an i.t. guy. so for him to take them seriously, he does. he's deflecting from this whole idea that they were responsible for him winning the election. but as far as taking our cybersecurity seriously, i'm sure he takes it very seriously, but the people who are in f.b.i., and c.i.a.
6:42 am
they have to take it seriously. we'll leave it there. >> you know hollywood and politics. and you love mariah carey. >> yes. >> great to see you. thank you. >> well president-elect trump making his pick for the next director of national intelligence, this for aggressive action against cyber-attacks. >> there's a new trend that is sweeping the nation. sanctuary restaurants. >> what's the soup of the day
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 15 minutes at the top of the hour now to extreme weather and freezing rain
6:46 am
wreaking havoc on the coast. officials asking people to stay home this morning. >> good morning, pete. yeah, good timing on this storm. generally you get these storms, and we had that in the south a couple of years ago during a weekday during the week hour, the work hours. not the case with this storm. the cold air certainly in place and going to stay in place. so the snow that we have across the roads, across parts of the south, that is going to stick with us all the way into monday. so be very careful. even into monday as you're going back to work. but we have these winter warnings across the south, mostly alabama and georgia. but then we have it moving into the mid-atlantic and blizzard warnings across coastal areas of virginia as well as up across areas of cape cod and the island. so get ready. this is the storm. you see mostly over parts decapitate south. but now heavy falling across virginia and north carolina. moving to the northeast. we'll see a couple of inches
6:47 am
right along the coastline but then when we get in toward boston, we'll see some spots maybe with the snow very windy conditions. so big snow for us this weekend. >> yeah. the snow is getting on top of your bowl out there. thanks, rick. >> coming up in a moment. but first this. hours after the briefing intelligence community, team trump promising aggressive action on recent cyber attacks. watch. >> president-elect has made it very clear that we're going to take aggressive action in the early days of our new administration to combat cyber attacks and protect the security of the american people from this type of intrusion in the future. >> so what steps should this include? here to react is former cia operative and cofounder, mike baker. nice to see you, mike. >> thank you. >> so if we turn the pages on the political side of this
6:48 am
stuff and really look at these attacks in the future of cyber warfare in this country, what does president-elect trump need to do? because there's a long history of these attacks. as we put them up on the screen here, dating back to 2011. what does president-elect have to do? >> you're exactly right. and the first step, which is probably not going to happen, frankly. which is to set aside the politics of all of this. because the importance of what we've been really talking about. the importance of the fact that russia -- which is really the number two perpetrator of cyber attacks around the world and economic espionage and other shenanigans, china being the number one perpetrator in this space. but the importance of that and the threat to u.s. national security interest, economic interest, that was all sort of lost in the wash over sort of the storm over the tweets and the idea that there was this battle with u.s. intel community. i think trump's host intel briefing statement shows the intel, the classified information, and the public's
6:49 am
only seen the declassified information, all they've seen is declassified redacted information. but the information that was presented to donald trump and in his post intel briefing statement, i think he saw the seriousness of this. he took it very seriously. and this is important because going forward, as you point out we need an aggressive, focused response. and we haven't -- i mean, some agencies, the fbi in particular, cia have been doing some very good work in this space. but we're still playing catchup in regards to the aggressiveness of the daily attacks against our public and private infrastructure. so the incoming administration needs to focus on this. >> and, mike, we talk about the bureaucracy here and the layers of complexity within these organizations. and that's something donald trump has talked about. that's something that others have talked about. does bureaucracy get in the way of gathering intelligence and getting our administrations the best possible information that they need to protect us? >> yes. two things get in the
6:50 am
way. bureaucracy. layers of bureaucracy and also politics. and they play out in different ways. so you're absolutely right in pointing this out. and also lost in the wash of the whole twitter storm over the past few days were some things coming out of the incoming administration. the trump administration that are very smart. one is looking at dni. looking at do we need to assess and revamp maybe dismantle the dni, which was put together i would argue and rather a knee-jerk is probably too strong of word but fashion after 9/11. trying to create a more efficient system. but in reality, adding a very large layer of bureaucracy. the other is looking at things such as the cia. we need to put more resources into human collection. >> right. >> and that's a cyclical thing. we've done that in the past. looking at the bureaucracy, doing serious assessments going forward, that's the thing the trump administration is talking about. >> mike baker, always great to see you. happy new year. >> sure. happy new year. >> abbey is grabbing the bull
6:51 am
by the horns literally on the plaza. what in the world is going on? it's fox and friends. you know. ♪ ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ i'm 51 years old.m. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days,
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you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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peter: we are back with some quick headlines cowboy edition. see that's mayor setting aside money to protect illegal immigrants. part of his $250,000 plan to help immigrant families. and now there are familiar restaurants. minneapolis is one of several restaurants joining the sanctuary restaurant movement. the group offers resources for immigrants and safe places for muslims and lgbt members.
6:55 am
safe cities now safe restaurants. well -- go ahead. sorry, clayton. cut you off. >> it's been called merkel's original extreme sport and this weekend the bull riders launch their professional season right here in new york city. jeff flock and steve baldwin with me in the snow. >> yeah. good to be here. but we're glad to be here in new york. >> we're glad to have abby on this bull too. you're going to teach her how to ride. >> this guy is going to have to teach her how to ride. >> you're a bull retired which means you distract them and you fall off them. probably pretty darn good at it. >> yes, sir. >> and we stopped here madison square guarden our 2017 tour, call it the celebrate america tour and proud to be here in new york entertain crowds here. >> so proper technique. what sort of things does she need to know when she got started here? can we fire it up? can you walk me through? just tell me what she needs to do here.
6:56 am
>> the basic you need to squeeze with your whole legs, sit up as much as possible and put one arm in there. >> lean into which way? >> whatever keeps you in the middle. one hand in there. >> that's very great advice. >> there we go. >> and that's how it's done. >> very good. i think we're going to need to amp that up a little bit. >> when she starts to get cocky and waiving her wrist, that's when she's going to fall off; right? >> oh, there we go. >> you called it; right? >> and that's where shorty comes in. >> that's where you come in; right? >> yeah. that's where we come inspect. these guys ride them for eight seconds. they're scored on the difficulty of the bull and how well they ride them and then we come in and distract him and try to keep the bull away. >> what do you expect in the show? >> you know, it's entertainment for all ages and all generations of the crowd. we have great music.
6:57 am
and it's a fun, exciting show. not your typical every day event.e >> more fox and friends in two minutes. thank you i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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7:00 am
. >> the professional bull riders start their 2017 season today at madison square guarden. how is it looking, pete? >> fired up. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> everybody outside. let's go. dagen: an evil act at one of america's busiest airports, and it comes on the heels for one of the busiest years for air travel ever. will this have fliers thinking twice? hi, everybody i'm dagen mcdowell, this is bulls and bears. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, john lay field, along with has hadly heath manning. john, should fliers be worried? >> no, and i don't think they will be. there's no way to quantify the loss of life and the horrific things that happen. but when y


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