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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  January 7, 2017 7:30am-8:01am PST

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20% in a year. dagen: john, you look like you have a man cave. do you like it? >> i do have a man cave, but i need a tv with a translator to understand what in the heck jonas just said. dagen: thanks, everybody. continues. >> look at the tax and the regulatory reforms that he's been talking about. that gives us a lot of confidence. and this is a vote of confidence that he can deliver on those things. neil: well, whatever it is, ford issuing gears on building a plant in mexico and instead growing a plant in michigan. the ceo says the president-elect pro growth plan are helping fuel the decision, to add more than 700 jobs and that was before the latest jobs report. let's just say the obama administration is keeping tally. >> it won't surprise you to hear that the president is present over an economy that has created nearly 900,000 manufacturing jobs, is pleased to hear when another 700
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manufacturing jobs have been saved. neil: someone is a little insight. anyway talk about a back-handed compliment. it's not about the 700 or the 730 or the 200 or so of dow chemical or 10,000 of steel companies, 50,000 that the president-elect says were promised from soft bank. that's really not too shabby for someone who has yet to take office. no matter what the folks say working for the guy currently in office. hello, everyone, and welcome i'm neil cavuto. with me this week, charles payne, charlie gasparino, gerri willis. kennedy is off this week. but a shout out to her for filling in for me in my absence. charles, this week and this prickly white house response to this pretty good jobs news, donald trump news. >> right. well, donald trump plugging the sound that ross warned us about when nafta was negotiated and signed.
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plugging that hole is a big fill. jeff: so give them credit. they were dismissing it. >> of course they were dismissing it, but of course you have to give them credit. it wouldn't happen without donald trump's pressure. it was played out in plane sight right in front of us. it's an amazing thing and, by the way, i'm going to predict that the reason trump picked on the chevy cruisee of all things is because supposed to furlough 1,200 workers. these companies know they should play ball because they don't only have to worry about the president but the americans behind them. people aren't going to buy your product if they know you're shipping jobs away. neil: so just the threat of doing something does it? >> yeah. listen, some of these jobs are going to stay anyway. the soft bank example i think is wrong. soft bank. that's wrong. neil: it's going to be a
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$50 billion commitment and all of these companies -- >> here's where donald trump has been very effective, and i think he should be applauded. in the past the notion of the corporate investments and mergers and investments, the whole company was -- the immediate impulse was to move jobs overseas. ain't happening now. the impulses won't. if we move jobs overseas, we're going to get hammered by this guy's twitter account and that's bad for pr. let me make this point. so now the thinking is how do we keep jobs here? that is a very good thing. >> a huge turn around. no doubt about it. but mark told us also in this situation where he's trying to ramp up electric car production. he needs a lot of people with background on making cars, can learn quick on the job, he's going to do that right here in the usa where workers can make that happen. neil: do you think gary can go too far, though? that obviously you want to protect and nurture american jobs.
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but that the way that donald trump is going about it might be considered strong arming? >> well, it is strong arming and the way you have to be careful about is what if there's one or two companies that say we're still moving? who's going to pass legislation that says we have to pay a 35% tax if we do move to these places? but let me just -- neil: that is unless you never do it. just the threat is good enough. >> yeah, and, look, but, for me, the psyche of businesses change. you know, companies like ford are not making these decisions lightly. and if we can just continue this going forward, remember it's how businesses feel that mean everything going forward. and if we get this virtuous cycle, our businesses will continue to rock, and it gets better and better, and then we'll really start to see some serious growth. neil: you know, i was listening to josh earnest on snarky, you know, white house response to this, and it instantly made me want to go to you on --
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>> i knew where you were going, neil. neil: yeah, i set you up for that. but do you think that response was appropriate just dismiss it out of hand? >> well, that's what people in politics do. so sure, it was appropriate. i mean, he didn't say anything inaccurate in this 900,000 jobs figure. and, by the way, i think fields didn't say anything inaccurate or untoward in saying that trump appears to be creating a better regulatory environment. neil: so he's actually bragging about what is far from 900,000 but a little more than 800,000 that they can crow about manufacturing jobs. a tenth of that, donald trump has secured, and he's still not even in office. that's me being steady back to you. >> yeah. and, neil, i'm trying my best not to be because, you know, i cover the business world, and i'm not in politics. i think if -- i think everything you said is true
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and accurate, and i would just say you ask gary is the president-elect in danger of strong arming tactics? yes. i think these tactics are down right un-american. you don't tell a company gee, i'm going to do that and i will punish you. >> that's a slipper slope. you're right? >> that's my point. thank you. slippery slope. remember what the ford guy said. neil: why is that called fascism? >> well, when government starts directing businesses what to do. >> i didn't use that word. neil: i did. >> when government plays a heavy hand in directing the economy, that's a form of fascism. neil: soprano preference. >> sorry. it's called mafia. neil: there you go. >> but my point is the ford guy said, you know, he said we're staying because of donald trump and his policies. you know, the obama administration, the liberals don't want to accept that. i mean, donald's policies, taxes and regulation is why --
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neil: you're going to have to start going the president-elect policies. >> i'm sorry. i keep doing that. but donald elect. neil: close. [laughter] the. >> the new twitter has been effective so far. neil: but you think it's going to wear out. >> well, donald has to make it more of a attractive place to stay. neil: but hasn't he been -- >> because he's going to have to do that and he's going to need the republicans to work with them. it has got to become -- mexico has so many more advantages over america with respect to some of the stuff. a ton of them. and the only way. >> we have a better workforce. we have smarter workers that can make the kind of technologically advanced products that american manufacturers want to make now. neil: but an argument that a lot of those companies are paid through the nose of the workers, as much as they might value those. >> there's a tipping point where the cost forces them to leave. i mean, that's just the way it is. >> well, i think that's part of the decision that was also that he wanted to have these
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people close to detroit where his engineers are on these new electric cars, so they could have these advanced workers able to make these products. that's part of the -- >> but 1.6 billion that they decided not to spend in mexico. that's two different things. >> let's not forget something important here. you've got to remember. the rules and regulations and taxes and the mandates and fees have been so onerous that it killed the coal industry. destroyed it. other industries heading south. it's not going to take that much of a change here to really get things going. all you have to do is get the heck out of the way, big government out of the way and let countries do their thing. >> so i think president obama tried and failed. he said he wanted to have regulatory reform, and he failed. he failed at that. so i think the new administration could do some good work. but if the american people are sort of two-faced on this subject. they say they want american jobs, but they don't want to pay higher prices. they shop at walmart.
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we'll see what happens. if the prices go up on things like cars. >> but he got the kind of regulatory reform we didn't want. that's what happened to the coal industry. neil: think about that. what jerry said i think is a very important point here. if donald trump had to rev up and mean what he says and do what he says and slap tariffs, of course governments don't do that, people do. will people out of the sake of american pride suck that up, pay more for these items or look elsewhere in the face of them? >> well, there are people who pay more to buy american. it does happen. neil: i think that's a genuine concern. >> neil, one of the concerns in the market right now is exactly that. there are people talking, there are competing factions. there's the testify i have and trade war. those are conflicting, and we'll see where those come out in january. we don't know where he's
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going. neil: and then the video of the vicious attack streaming live on facebook. it's hard enough to watch for one minute. so how in the heck that facebook let it run for 30? >> all right. this is a fox news alert, the fbi and other law enforcement are now giving an update on the ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport shooting. you can see authorities are approaching the microphones now. you can see there florida governor rick scott will be attending the press conference. we also know that we will be initially hearing from george piro, fbi special agent in charge. let's listen in live now. >> good morning, everyone. my name is george piro, i'm the special agent in charge at the fbi miami field office. i will provide you a brief update of our investigative efforts.
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but i want to reiterate that this is an ongoing active investigation and to preserve our investigative efforts. not only here in south florida, but really throughout the country. i will not be able to share a lot of the investigative information that we currently have. last night, we began to process the crime scene at terminal 2. that process has concluded at approximately 7:30 this morning, we returned the terminal back to the local airport authorities. we have positively identified the five deceased victims, and we are in the process of notifying their family members and loved ones. we have concluded the interview of the suspect. the suspect remains in custody and is currently held at the broward county jail on federal charges. we are working very, very closely with the u.s. attorney's office. and this afternoon, the united
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states attorney's office will issue a press release in regards to the charges that the suspect will be facing. we are conducting interviews and investigative leads in numerous locations. not only here in south florida but really throughout several other locations in the united states. we've conducted roughly 175 witness interviews, we've recovered video, physical evidence, and we continue to pursue every investigative lead. we have not ruled out anything. we continue to look at all avenues and all motivates for this horrific attack. and at this point, we are continuing to look at the terrorism angle in regards to the potential motivation behind this attack. at this point, i would like to introduce the director of the airport. >> thank you, george. good morning, everybody, my
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name is mark, i'm the airport director for the ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. and once again, i want to start by expressing our condolences and sympathies for those who lost their lives here in the horrific event yesterday. family and friends and their loved ones, please keep involved in your thoughts and prayers. i want to give you a brief update on the status of the airport as was mentioned. the airport worked through the evening to get our airport terminal facilities back in shape. we resumed operations at midnight on cargo. but did not resume for passenger service until 0500 this morning. 5:00 a.m. this morning in terminals 1, 3, and 4. terminal 2 was still closed this morning. it remains closed right now, and it is our intention that we're going to open that up later this afternoon or early this evening when we get it
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ready. yesterday's operation, one of the questions was how many cancellations we took? we ran about a little less than 50% of our normal operation yesterday. today we hope to run approximately 85% of our operation. we are experiencing some delays and some cancellations, partly due to this incident, partly due to weather and some other issues around the country. one of the big issues that has come up that we've received many questions on and that is the issue of connecting the passengers with some of the belongings that they left inside the terminal facilities when they evacuated. overnight, the airport collected over 20,000 items, luggage, cell phones, laptops, various personal items. we are in the process of cataloging all those items, protecting it, and securing it, so that we can get it back
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to its rightful owner as soon as we possibly can. to that end, we're asking our passengers if they call this 800 number, it's an take a break center where they'll be able to provide information on what they missing, and then we'll do our best to get them hooked up with that personal item as quickly as we can. that number is 18664359355. again, (866)435-9355. we ask for their patience and please understand that it's going to take some time to process that large number of items. but we really feel like we need to take those steps to ensure that that personal property gets back into the hands of the rightful owner. so at this time, i would like to bring up sheriff for some remarks.
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>> i'm broward sheriff scott israel. i want to provide a status update and a point of clarification. we have six gunshot wound victims at the hospital. yesterday we released there were eight. there are actually only six. three of them remain in good condition. three of the victims remain in icu as of this press conference. we will not be releasing the identity of any of the six. from a point of clarification, i've been asked repeatedly why was the airport closed yesterday? when we originally arrived and had the crime scene in the downstairs portion by baggage of terminal 2, if there were any plans to close the airport. however, when we received information that there was a possible active shooter and shots had possibly been fired, although the last thing we wanted to do was
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impede the progress and travel plans of our residents and citizens in the hierarchy of responsibility, preserving the crime scene became second and also keeping broward county citizens safety became first. so i closed the airport until i was sure that people in the airport and in and about the airport were safe. you're going to hear from our governor now. governor scott, he'll be followed by congressman schultz, and then we'll take some questions. >> i want to thank state, local, and federal law enforcement for all their hard work. this is a horrendous act. i ask the state highway safety to help a lot of these passengers. if you talk to them, they don't have id. they don't have their passports, so we have highway safety coming here. and the port for the cruise ship to help them get their id. we know they can do it and see.
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also generals to see if they can come and the passports. we also reached out to the cruise lines and make sure they understood some of the passengers not having clothes, not having id, and what we can do in that regard. we reached out to the red cross to see they did a great job over helping the passengers to see if they can help passengers with luggage, clothing and things like that. right now we're asking state, level. we don't know any right now. now we have congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. >> i'm congresswoman, 23rd federal district, can i have the privilege of representing, obviously a horrific tragedy, and we are devastated that this happened in our hometown, in our corner of paradise. and it's my role as a member of congress to assist the
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governor and sheriff and entire team with any federal jurisdictional issues, the question of if someone doesn't have their id, how they can travel without it, and we're in communication with the department of homeland security, tsa, and federal officials in washington. additionally while we are teaching to reach out to all of them, they are closed, it's a saturday. so we're working with the department of state to deal with the many dozens and dozens of foreign travelers who need to be able to communicate with their home countries through their consulates and try to logistically figure out if we can make exceptions so that we can get people on their way. and i want to commend the sheriff, all the law enforcement officers, the fbi, the governor, as well as the airport director and all their personnel. this is a tragic and difficult
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and challenging situation. we have a united front here, and we want to extend our appreciation for everyone for their patience and understanding from what i've been told the passengers while obviously and it's been incredible everyone dealing with this horrific situation. . >> so do we know why he came to south florida? we're looking at that. the early indications is that there was no specific reason why he chose ft. lauderdale international airport. but we're still pursuing that why he came here.
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>> we're looking at that. we're going through the videos to determine exactly what he brought with him and things like that. i'm not willing to share that information because it allows us to follow up. we have some investigative leads we want to pursue, and we don't want to compromise some of those investigative leads. so what type of gun did he use and did he follow tsa procedures? as i briefed last night, he used a semi auto handgun. it was a 9-millimeter. we're not ready to release the make of the handgun. and every indication is that he did follow tsa procedures in checking in the weapon. >> is the suspect cooperating? >> the suspect did cooperate
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with the interview team, which was a joint combined fbi broward sheriff's office. the interview went over several hours and concluded some time this morning, at which point he was then transported to the broward county jail and booked on federal charges. we're looking at not only all the places that he has resided but all the places he has recently traveled. we have other locations, but we're not really ready to release those because, again, as i mentioned earlier, they provide very valuable investigative leads, and we don't want to compromise those.
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>> are we prepared to say that he came here specifically to carry out the attack? indications are that he came here to carry out this horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. but, again, it's very early in the investigation. and we're pursuing all angles and what prompted him to carry out such a horrific attack. so why have we not ruled out terrorism? i will tell you because it's way too early in investigation. we have interviewed all of his family members that we've been able to identify so far, and we will continue to do that. we have interviewed him.
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we're looking over all of his social media, things like that. it's giving us a picture of the individual. but it's way too early for us to really rule out anything. and that's why i said earlier we're looking at everything, including potentially terrorism-related. >> again, it's too early in the investigation for me to really divulge any of the evidence or intelligence that we've collected because we do want to pursue several investigative leads that are really critical to give us a better understanding of not only the individual but the motivate. so to make any comment now would really hamper our investigative efforts.
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>> was our behavioral analysis folks involved in the contact with him at our anchorage office? it is very normal for citizens to walk into the fbi field offices throughout the country. the office, our fbi offices are open to the general public, and we welcome citizens to come forward and provide us information and assistance. so it is available and open to our community. so he walked in as anyone has the right to do so. it was during that contact that the agents themselves noticed the erratic behavior that concerned them and motivated them to call the local authorities to have him taken into custody and evaluated at a medical facility for his mental health. >> you know, i -- i'm not in a position to answer that. again, it's really too early
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in the investigation to determine any of those. >> you have been listening live to a press conference at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport. you can see george there of the fbi. what he did say as of right now, they're not ruling anything out including terrorism. for the moment now, we're going to take a break. we will be after the break um... who are you? i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. see? we're putting away acorns to show the importance of being organized. that's smart. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? oh you know, gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. tennis racket for a squirrel? he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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>> stocks guys like so much, they're buying with their own bucks. >> and i think it goes to at least $100. >> wow, adam. what are you doing? >> vanguard mid cap index, etf, neil, it's a big multinational and hit by rising dollar and these get hit less. >> interesting a mid cap away from a small cap. gary. >> master card, consistently strong earnings and expect another strong 2017 and it's breaking out of range here. >> and milt into that expectations the consumer is still going to be buying? >> in a very good way, especially when taxes come down and people recognize it.
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>> we'll watch closely. i want to thank you all. cost of freedom continues with david asman on the place for business, fox. >> . >> well, he won the election and he's almost sworn in as president, but the fight to stop donald trump's agenda rages on. president obama this week on capitol hill rallying democrats to protect obamacare from trump's election promise to repeal it. some here are saying the unprecedented visit and other last minute road blocks could delay reforms and our economic rebound, but are they right? hi, everybody, i'm david asman, welcome to forbes on fox and focus, with steve forbes, rich, mike ozanian, elizabeth macdonald and bruce. steve, it looks like president obama is trying to under mine the change americans voted for, no?


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