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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 7, 2017 8:30am-9:01am PST

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>> it can be volatile. david: there is volatility. that's it for forbes on fox. thanks for watching. keep it here the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashin' in. > >> look out lawmakers, president-elect donald trump will hold everyone's feet to the fire. and trump tweeted this, with all that congress has to work on do they have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watch dog, as unfair as it may be, their number one priority. how about taxes and health care of of far greater importance. and republicans reversed course. is this a good thing for america? hi, everyone, welcome to cashin' in. including mercedes, rachel. jessica, welcome, everybody. seems that trump is holding
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both sides of the aisle accountable, mercedes. it's what we need? >> it's a healthy new political dynamic that we're watching. obviously, donald trump is leading the charge, is ensuring that he pushes forward his economic growth agenda and the republican leadership needs to follow through. on the first day the republicans pushed forward ethics reform made no sense. there are bigger fish to fry, eric. i have to tell you, i like it, it's refreshing. about trump, he's not about being the republicans' president, he's the people's president. he is focusing on building the economy, tax reform not ethics reform in congress. >> i think a lot of liberals are scratching their heads on some of what he's doing. it's a good thing. i think it's refreshing, you? >> it is refreshing. there's going to be a republican party, a democrat party and a trump party. and listen, i was in the room
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on wednesday, i was at the house conference when vice-president pence came in. there is palpable excitement in the house of representatives for a trump administration, but i will issue this warning. they are a co-equal branch of government. they're very tired of being kicked around by the executive branch and he needs them to pass their agenda, the president does or president-elect trump does. so i would warn him to work with them, not to pick fights with them because the democrats are never going to be his friends and he could be-- find himself very lonely in the white house without anyone to pass his agenda. >> i'm chuckling because rachel campos portion of the name-- you think i'm biased. >> husband one of those congressmen. lisa, who in their right mind thought that gutting an ethics committee for the first order of business was a good idea? >> optics weren't good here and i think it's a little bit of president-elect trump sort
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of asserting his power because that's not in line with his narrative of draining the swamp. i think we will have interesting dynamics in place over the course of the next couple of years at least until 2018 because, look, donald trump did not run as an ideolog. he ran on a deal maker and getting things done. his cabinet with some conservative cabinet choices which i am very happy to see, but i could just as easily see president-elect trump cutting deals with the democratic party on things like infrastructure, but i do think more often than not he's going to work with the republican party. so we're going to have some interesting dynamics, not to mention the fact that there are 10 democrats running in states that president-elect trump won, five in which states that donald trump won by double digits. so we're going to see interesting dynamics here the next couple of years. >> and the old saying, a moving target is hard-- i'm sorry, jessica, the moving target is hard to hit. donald trump seems to be a moving target.
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you can't pin him to a republican talking point conservative. >> no. >> he is and lisa points out, the infrastructure, this ethics committee, stopping the gutting of the ethics committee, these are things i would think that liberals would be okay with. >> we have to remember donald trump pointed out the time was bad not the action itself. i'm not sure how he'd feel about it a few months down the road, but i'm all for spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure. he can work with chuck schumer, the head clown, i think he called him this week in a tweet, to try to get that done, but there are places for compromise. i've been excited about the chance for criminal justice reform, something that donald trump has spoke been, a lot of leading republicans like rand paul, tim scott and obviously, it's a huge democrat issue, there's room for compromise and i've said for a long time that donald trump ran as a third party in the republican party. and thank you again for that, right now we're not doing as well--
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ments you need it now. >> you guys-- >> and the party is not going bankrupt. >> to be fair, paul ryan, kevin mccarthy, my husband included, a lot of people were against that bill and were going to vote against it long before donald trump weighed in on it so let's be fair about that. >> can i do this with you-- >> it was a bad move. >> i think most of the audience doesn't realize what this committee is. once you understand it, maybe you're in favor of gutting this committee. here is what it is, if a house member says i have a grief with another house member, he showed up somewhere, he shouldn't be there and you do this anonymously. it's an anonymous accusation and then you're both on a stage somewhere and you can go to that member and say, did you ever get called on this, before they're accused of it or written up for it, just a letter sent to them. he has to say yes. and it looks like he's guilty. so, look, the committee needs some tweaking, right? >> it looks terrible.
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>> it needs some tweaking and the bill was bad. i would say, what donald trump said and what paul ryan said, the timing was bad. this was not the right bill to put forward opening day of congress. so, the committee has problems, there's no question about it and some things are very unfair to the congressman as they can be accused of things and look guilty when they're not. >> right, right. >> so it needs to be reformed, but it was the wrong time. >> what do you think, marcy? i know it's a little bit in the weeds on this, but this committee itself, i'm all for whistle blowing and for transparency, but the problem with this, you can make some accusations, you don't have to substantiate them. >> true. >> and you can make the other person you're accusing look guilty. >> there is a need for ethics reform and the question is when. this impacts personally the congressman, for the american people, they could care less, eric. they doesn't want to worry about that. they're worried how they're going to pay their bills and
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worried about the skyrocketing premiums. let's be real. so i think that the fact they brought this up the first day is a mistake. this is something you do down the line when you have these discussions and focus on the top priority of donald trump's agenda. >> i would also add that i think that corruption in government is a huge issue to the american people. this was the drain the swamp philosophy that donald trump ran on that lisa mentioned. and his cabinet looks swampy to me. 86% thinks that congressmen and women don't represent their interests. >> we are going to leave it there. do you think socialism is dead after the election? think again. how a new plan for free college is proving it's eye life, socialism alive and well in 2017.
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8:41 am a big tax company needs that $50 way more than me. >> the election is over, but america may still be feeling the burn of socialism. the government of new york getting a ringing endorsement from senator bernie sanders for free college in the state. and it seems like socialism is alive and kicking in america even with donald trump on the way. >> the fact that the democratic party is now in the minority. it's only going to emboldened the extreme voices on the left like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the problem is the fact that the more the government gets involved, the higher the prices are. we've seen this with the federal reserve bank in new york, every new dollar of spending direct subsidized loans to college, they raise
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college tuition 55 cents. we know there's a direct correlation of, you know, the higher the student loan debt in this country the higher the colleges raise tuition. so we can't afford this and it's a big problem. eric: so, jesse, yay, free tuition, is this great? >> no, but families who earn, up to $125,000, these are low income families certainly by new york standards. eric: time out, time out. this isn't the no spin zone, but it's the same studio. 100 brand is a low income family. >> to support an entire family. eric: 80% of our audience is saying, are you serious? >> i can take it, i'm giving you the facts. and another fact according to evaluations at this point, it will cost $163 million per year and that could go up obviously, but those a pretty low price tag when you think about it. eric: who pays?
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>> the taxpayer pays. eric: oh, okay. >> i'm not going to lie. eric: unless you're the taxpay taxpayer, go ahead, rachel. >> if you think that college education is expensive, wait until it's free. look, i think that liberals refuse to look the a what's the driving cost of it. i think that they're not focusing on books and research and great teachers. they're focusing on the amenities. i've taken my kids, my oldest daughter already to visit a few colleges and they're showing them, you know, it looks like a country club. there's all of these racquetball courts and big pools and you know, i think that's what we need, we need to be better consumers so that, you know, they're focusing on what they need to focus on. by the way, can i say this, too, jessica, i think that the free tuition should come with a free study abroad in venezuela so they can see where the roads of socialism leads, or denmark or sweden or any of those other countries as well.
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eric: or cuba, why not cuba? marcy, what incentive is it for a university to keep costs down and tuitions down when they know the government is going to pay for it and continue to pay for it? >> for them, it's like their security blanket. they have safe zones and now the security blanket will be the government paying for tuitions. we know in new york, they have the lowest rates in terms of colleges. i'm concerned sort of the broader cultural message, that of teaching young students that you've got to work hard, that, yes, you might have to pay loans, there are pell grants, there are scholarships, there are opportunities, but this idea that government has to be your, like, baby blanket, your security blanket to take care of you from cradle to grave is it a big mistake. it's unsustainable. you're going to keep taxes, as much as you can, the communities in your state and i just think that at the end of the day, it does not work. it's not functional. the socialism reaches to a point where it is unamerican. it is not part of what we want
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to teach future generations and worries me, quite frankly, that we're moving in that direction. >> where is the money going? where is the money going? where is the money going? we get the government-- the government gives-- >> i want jess to clean the segment up. knock yourself out. >> i'll clean this up. >> and listen, i think that having loans is hugely important. i think you should have a responsibility for that and i was very lucky and didn't have massive loans when i came out and i want to far too much school on top of that, but i think it's important and i think that we should have a shoutout for vocational programs and apprenticeships, and not everyone has to go to four-year college. i know, this is for two-year and four-year college and bring it back it's not for all new yorkers, it's for families who earn a certain wage, high by national standards, but reasonable and lower end in new york. eric: and jess, quickly, what percentage of the people in
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new york would qualify for this loan? >> i don't know, isn't the segment over? >> a vast majority. the segment is over. guys, i know this is a hot topic. a major fashion designer scolded for saying thank you to melania trump for wearing one of their dresses and wait until you hear who internet trolls are comparing our first lady to. for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands.
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>> hi, this is a fox news alert from america's news headquarters in washington d.c. morning, i'm elizabeth.
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new information on the shooting at the fort lauderdale airport. there are federal charges, and they'll release specific charges later on today and learning that six victims remain in the hospital. three are in intensive care. as for a possible motive, the fbi says everything is on the table. >> we have not ruled out anything. we continue to look at all avenues and all motives for this horrific attack and at this point we are continuing to look at the terrorism angle. >> about 175 witnesses have been interviewed so far. i'm elizabeth prann. thank you for watching. i'm join you at the top of the hour with leland vittert. now back to cashin' in. eric: fashion designers feeling the fury for ink thatting the future first lady. haters blasting dolce & gabbana for saying how
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d at a new year's eve party. and one compared dressing melania to dressing hitler's wife. rachel, hitler's wife, really? >> it's so outrageous, it's crazy. of course, dolce & gabbana is going to be excited melania is wearing their dress. she's the most fashionable first lady since jackie o. it should be about celebrating women, all women. marc jacobs and tom ford who said they're going to boycott dressing the first lady when it should be an honor to dress any first lady, it's an insult to women and it's an insult to 50% of the women in this country, many of whom voted for donald trump. eric: right, marcy, weigh in. >> let me tell you, melania could wear a dress from k-mart and she'd look stunning. what i find annoying, fashi
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fashionis fashionistas thinking their opinion mattered. what we know in history, the fact-- normally first ladies, you don't attack the first lady, it's ridiculous. eric: sure, lisa, your thoughts? >> haters are going to hate. i'll one-up mercedes, she could wear a brown paper bag and she'd look beautiful. what happens for the designers who happens to dress her, we'll look at their sales, there'll be a revenue bump. >> leave it to melania to look at an estrogen panel. i can focus on her instead of him. and it's fantastic. eric: so, let me ask you this, would they do this to hillary clinton had she been the president? not talking about bill, i'm talking about hillary herself.
8:53 am
>> never. >> and this wasn't dolce & gabbana, and tom ford, said it was too expensive. it's not expensive for the trumps. and everyone should be excited about that, we will have a jackie o era in style here. >> final will. eric: and rachel, final thoughts. >> exactly, i hope some young, smart, savvy entrepreneurial fashion designer that we've never heard of comes forward to dress the first lady. eric: amen to that. >> and make a lot of money. eric: likes people, not celebrities. coming up, a huge wakeup call for the windy city. what my hometown of chicago needs to do to stop the bloodshed. so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. >> i want to say thanks to our cashin' in crew for a great week. time to wake up, america. chicago, windy city,
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chicagoland, second city. what is happening to my hometown? last week chicago had the distinction of being the deadliest city in america, exceeding new york and los angeles combined. sadly, the second city is second to none when it comes to violent crime. what gives? why is violent crime skyrocketing there, but not in other big cities? and what can chicago do to stop the carnage. first, the why? gang violence is rampant and shows no signs of slowing down. law enforcement to up to their eyeballs in crime. the dirty secret nobody wants to address, the culture of crime has become the norm in chicago, much like in l.a. in the 1980's. those are the hard truths chicago needs to admit to. now, donald trump tweeted this, chicago murder rate is record setting 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do it, he must ask for federal help, exclamation point. i agree, but think we need to
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go further. the second amendment was created for the protection of the citizenship. chicago's harsh gun laws are a big part of the problem. it's high time to allow chicagoans to carry a weapon to protect themselves against the millions of illegally obtained firearms the bad guys are packing and also, i think a well-funded and massively increased and size empowered gang task force should be a priority. remember what finally broke the crime wave in l.a. 30 years ago, the gang task force assisted by gang bangers, assisted by cops and hired from the neighborhoods where violent crimes were committed that finally turned that city around. they know what sets off violent episodes and only they can cool the tensions before they turn violent for god's sake, mayor rahm emanuel you're a failed mayor, your liberal cop doctrines are hanging law enforcement out to dry. cops need to know their mayor is behind them 100% if they walk into the deadly
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neighborhoods of chicago's south and west side. it's multi-pronged and cost a bundle, but there is no other way out. i hate my friends are calling my hometown chi-raq. and it's a beautiful city. and wake up mayor rahm emanuel and governor ronner. it's a matter of life and death. today marks my fourth year anniversary at the helm of cashin' in. a pleasure to think this to you. i've never missed hosting an episode going on 200 consecutive shows and this segment, wake up america, has become a social media phenomenon. our hard-hitting commentary is clipped far and wide on social media sometimes racking up more than 5 million views. the wake up america view seven times as a new york best
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seller. thanks to you, my awesome view crew and thank you for being so engaged in making america great. have a great weekend, everybody. >> brand new details on the attack in florida. why investigators believe the incident was planned and targeted fort lauderdale's airport. authorities say the suspect is cooperating with investigators. we'll have fox team coverage. >> plus, millions of americans dealing with major snow and ice across the south this january weekend. officials telling people to stay home and off the road to avoid wrecks just like these. >> the major effort underway to repeal obamacare. we're look at repealing and replacing president obama's signature legislation and


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