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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. greg gutfeld is next. see you next week, same time, same place. congress is telling the electoral college but. >> electro-college vote of the state of georgia donald j. trump received 16 votes for president and michael pence received 16 votes for vice president. i object for the certificate on the grounds the electoral vote vote. >> there is no debate and it is not signed by a senator at the objection cannot be maintained. >> mr. president the objection is signed by member of the house but not yet by member of the senate. >> it is over. [applause] greg: thanks, joe.
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that's the smartest thing you have said in eight years. [applause] [applause] greg: all right, the u.s. intel report released friday directly accuse russian president vladimir putin of ordering a campaign to influence the election. i wish they told us this thursday we could have skipped listening to this. >> first we cannot say they did not change in the vote tallies or anything of that sort. we have no way of gauging the impact that certainly the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on choices the electorate made. greg: what is with this guy over here? it's like he just saw one of my nudes on snapchat. [laughter] this is serious.
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and it's on tv. friday president-elect trump met with experts to discuss the findings. what does russia really to? for one, they had to john podesta's e-mail. how did they do it? first they found one of his passwords. what was one of his passwords? password. [laughter] this may be the greatest achievement in espionage history. right behind the time i pilfered lou dobbs locker combination. i stole this gym shorts. i am wearing that now. but it makes you wonder how secure podesta's other sensitive material is. where does he keep the pin number of his debit card? is written on the back of the card with the words pin number for my debit card? does he hide his apartment keys under his welcome mat or is it under flowerpot near the front door or maybe get this, it's inside a fake rock. dude, if it's the only rock on your porch and there are no
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other rocks around we know it's not a rock. anyway the russians did other things too. did john podesta click on a fake link? the conclusion, the russians hack is somehow got to julien assange great remember him? ♪ greg: assange kamikaze pro-trump and he is blonde. why isn't he outnumbered? [laughter] assange once hated by the right is now hugged by them. i've got to tell you is confusing to see writing who wanted to see assange hanks wanting to hang with him. the shift from a cold war to a
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hot romance is so confusing to me it's like coming home and finding out that dad left mom for her brother. but this is what worries me. forget hacking. that's nothing great right now we have no deterrence against those who might want to destroy us. how do we make sure that no one tries to attack our power grid which would shut down all electricity and he could be broke, sick and starving in days. america would turn into lord of the flies or worse, "charlotte's web". a cyber attack is the first effective neutron bomb killing all of us but leaving everything standing. to worry about fishing now about fishing out psych on september 10, 2001 fretting about legroom on airliners. you miss the big picture here. to stop such attacks we need a real deterrent. my solution? treat such attacks likeville terry once. that way the trigger is never pulled. america needs to announce a recall new cabal offensive.
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simply put the hit our fire -- power grid or our banking system we nuke you. prevention through fear. during the cold war rush understood they nuke us, we nuke them. was mutually-assured mayhem, just like marriage! [applause] >> yes, i know, i know. let's welcome tonight's guests. he walnuts with his eyelids. he s recently retired u.s. army special forces terry shop burn. thanks for dressing up. [applause] her thoughts could pierce don lemon and gear or earlobes rather. julia turner former national security councilmember is here. [applause] and where he is from deliverance is a romantic comedy.
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up next at collins and ron hart and like tom brady's football he's always deflated. "fox news" contributor catherine. [applause] terry, it's been a while. have you been here since the election? >> right after you brought me on i call the month before. greg: you are one of the few that said trump was going to introduce is a victory for putin? is a school to subvert the traditional american stuff? duty when? >> and i had a really nice turtleneck and you told me to wear this. you have said this before. hacking, here's the thing nothing matters unless you have a -- to back it up. what is going on with the hacking comic kind of doesn't matter. what matters is you have got to
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know and you got feel it. assange, putin and by the way i don't believe in government anymore. i just don't believe them. >> here, here. [applause] greg: you would rather believe a former kgb dude? >> i don't believe in either. >> leave nothing, everything is meaningless and truthfully who will ever know? greg: you have been watching too much x-files. >> i've been doing too much thinking independently. greg: stop doing that. this is my show and i want you to re-with me. >> that would be interesting television. greg: terry you have answered no questions. >> it is a victory for him. greg: what do you make about my prescription, the idea that we should nuke people that mess with our power grid?
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isn't a power grid just like owning a country? >> the question is worded or would it not affect netflix? to me that's what breaks down to. but i want to pull out a thread of what terry mentioned because this whole conversation and not to be a bummer. greg: is what you do. >> is why you pay me so much money. nothing come but anyway the whole conversation lately is a tone of the american conversation about the american government. it's awful and it makes me really sad because people will say i'm an elitist because i was part of the government. i worked at the white house. fine come you can say that if you want but there's nothing glamorous about being a civil servant and working for the national security council and making $35,000 a year and working 24 hours a day. what i will say it is some of the best and brightest minds that we have got in this country are in the united states government in our intelligence community and some of these
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people put their lives on the line every single day. greg: what you are saying is basically you get the sense that people that are risking their lives for intelligence are being badmouth. you find that? >> their 17 agencies now and 50,000 people getting security clearance now. gotten too big. post-9/11 everybody is scared. the "washington post" is a tremendous piece on how big it is and how unaccountable it is and how much redundancy there is. i would encourage you to read this. who are they responsible to? we don't even know if they'd do. greg: i don't even read what's on the bottle. >> i would add a ransom note. greg: do you think this is a big deal? >> i wonder what the government has, you look at biden. i love biden. i bought a reverse mortgage from him. [laughter]
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greg: it literally was rehearsed. >> is a great guy but the republicans during nixon's day broke into watergate and that was a simpler time when democrats were stealing that i'm not sure what you get podesta's gmail account. i'm not sure there's much value there. greg: you have the greatest recipe for risotto. you have got big elites threatening to go after everybody with a verified account on twitter. did you see that today? how does that make you feel but feel free to defend how wonderful the solace. >> are you glad you were not verified? >> i am verified. family, friends i offer a lot about my life on twitter just willingly. too much just willingly but that doesn't really bother me. greg: what bothers you then? >> everything bothers me a little but it doesn't bother me more than the fact --
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greg: in the subject matter we are focused on, what bothers you? >> that does not bother me at all. the government without wikileaks and snowden and assange, they would have absolutely nobody to be held accountable to. nobody else is doing it. greg: the american people. wikileaks was supposed to target target. >> they started firing on us. >> tmz "access hollywood" wikileaks. journalism is dead in america so long with these guys. >> julia's point special forces guy in tuck kept me alive and we also find out that you know the military and the intelligence apparatus in many cases the middle east was cooking the books and not telling the right thing of what was going on all for political reasons.
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i'm a ground guy. i shoot and i do stuff. i'm not getting the right information i don't believe it anymore. >> i'm a ground guy too. >> you are about this tall. [applause] greg: that's what you get for setting me up. it's going to be all night. >> let me close in the second. i don't care about the hacking and the fishing. i care about a rogue nation attacking us. what if they cut our power? we are done and you are going to see rights and stuff but the big problem is it's not visually scary to people. you could picture planes flying into buildings in terror attacks and bodies and carnage but when you bring up like a cyber attack ajor tv movie. nobody really cares until it happens. we have to educate them and this is an opportunity for president trump to be a hawk on this, to
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be a hawk and go after the stuff. you just don't want to defend it >> i do want to defend it but the thing is the government, their job is to protect the rights but they can't do that by violating our rights. it's the same problem. >> and order have rights you have to protect the country first. >> do you want the nsa in your bedroom sitting under your bed? you would be safer i guess. you were giving up a certain amount of basic freedom which is what makes this country so great. there have to be limits and if they want to change it back to change the constitution. it's not me talking, change the constitution. greg: a shocking hate crime streamed on facebook. credit karma? why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you? the doctor said it's not contagious. [coughing] credit karma, huh?
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tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. greg: we are are weakened at 2017 and we may have found the years most disturbing video mentally challenged man kidnapped, tied up and tortured for hours. part of it was streamed on facebook live. on thursday chicago police filed hate crime and aggravated battery charges against four black suspects who are one point held a white man at my point and
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told him to curse to present like. perhaps even just as troubling the suspect could be heard on the video saying they wanted to go viral. a horrible crime made worse by the fact that the teens posted on facebook apparently thinking that torturing disabled people is perfectly acceptable behavior. we don't know anybody that call the cops after watching it. absolutely disgusting. [applause] it's good to see you. you are about to go on russell i assume. >> i had to leave to talk about the story because it's so important to me. thank you for giving me the time. first of all first and foremost this is 100% a hate crime so there is no allegedly if this is a hate crime on so many levels. the fact of the special-needs man didn't understand was going on and was being brutally
10:19 pm
attacked was to meet disgusting. watching it i got choked up watching it and i've seen a lot of things in this world. it was difficult to watch for. noticing that was tough for me is america as a whole, nobody on facebook i was watching did anything about it. think those people are just as response of all. another thing if somebody puts up a questionable picture on facebook take it down within minutes of there has to be something for facebook to look at to stop these things from happening. the bigger picture, the fake news stories, the hoaxes and the liberal media pushing all the fake attacks. congratulation guys come here are the fruits of your labor. using this for leverage when they were attacking them because they dropped an expletive about donald trump's suddenly their behavior was justified because suddenly the other side is doing it to them. it's disgusting. they are taking any credit for it and even the news coverage was disgusting.
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finally the real justice not for me is not going to be in court is when those forget into -- prisoners are funny about pedophiles and people who attack special needs so enjoy what went down because i hope it happens to you. greg: thank you. [applause] you had something to say that is probably going to shock us. >> don't set the bar so high. his right is such a typical talking point to say on the other side wasn't covered this way but if you look at the headlines if it was an incident that involved in the name of trump tower was covered verses this incident. in the "washington post" when somebody was for bali assaulting someone in the name of trump, mentioning trump by name and this one mention that not all. "huffington post" mentions trump by name when supposedly it's attacking the name of trump even when there's not evidence like facebook live. when "the huffington post" heard
10:21 pm
this there was nothing in the headlines and it didn't mention the trump is mentioned are they anti-trump thing was mentioned until the fourth paragraph or it's not just this talking point. he really is true and it almost in courage is it's too an extent you don't -- you want to ignore the fact that there are people who are anti-trump and it should be about this not happening rather than about an agenda. we are seeing a mentally a disabled person being beaten severely. thought about an agenda. let's show what's really happening because the truth is important. greg: nobody looks at crimes anymore. they look at what the criminals speaking. >> the emotional aspect of that i worry about the whole idea of a hate crime. it's just a crime. when you start getting into the hate crime stuff you start getting into the emotional
10:22 pm
interpretation of it. who is deciding if it's hate? you have for idiots and it was racial and it was hate but it was a crime so hammer them for that. what i think of this hate crime stuff that could be a double aged blade -- a double-edged blade. greg: there were people that were afraid of how to categorize it rather than talk about on cable news. all the debate was about that and then you have these people say what maybe it's not that big of a deal because they knew each other. >> they hung out. >> rome emanuel makes a big proclamation, sanctuary city. 4000 people shot and they bring people in from aleppo and people in syria are like, we are good. you all try to get that worked
10:23 pm
out and they will come. greg: what about the millions of people who have broken families who don't do this stuff? >> it's that too but i was just thinking while i was hosting to everyone talk it a little bit mirrors the argument, not the argument that the dialogue and debate about when you label something terrorism verses not. people are very, human nature it makes people very eager to deal the classifier categorize these horrible things that happen in the world which is fine. that's as it should be but because i think what happens is once you put a label on something it makes us erroneously believe that we get it. it's like ocoee can probably figure out how to respond to this if we understand first what it is so in a little sense i push back a tiny dent in the sense that and i don't even know what a hate crime means. i couldn't tell you that. >> aren't all crimes hate crimes?
10:24 pm
>> you punish acts come you don't punish thoughts. what crime does is whence the two. for example you do it in your head already. for example if you are reading the near post and you read about a 25-year-old guy who mugs and 85 euros woman you got that guy should be fried by the theme of the 30-year-old man you see it as a mugging so in your own way you've categorize crimes differently but that's what we do pay judges should just throw the book at everybody. seeing that the criminal justice system mirrors that in the sense that the court battles epic amounts of time trying to figure out a motive that will distinguish like if there is premeditation that takes it from first agree to capital. >> it's a platform that they want sometimes to get a message across. greg: up next comic you will need tour did. he can't stop tweeting and we can't stop talking about the tweeting. so good.
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greg gutfeld show" fry your headlines log onto greg: can no one beat the power of his tweets? the new year started with senate democratic leader charles schumer whoever that is, saying this. >> making america great again requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america
10:30 pm
cannot afford a twitter presidency. gregwe can't affor go away, go away, retire. dropping plans to build a -- threatening gm with massive taxes if they can't make a chevy greece and mexico, check. calling out china about helping north korea check. shaming house republicans are badly they cut their plan, check. bonus points for taking the lorry from house democrats who wanted to be the ones to shame republicans just for kicks finding out how much better his apprentice ratings were compared to arnold's. valasco and then calling chuck schumer the head clown, check. finally saying greatld show is t
10:31 pm
show ever. [applause] [applause] are right, he did really say that. it is official. an ex-president tweets more than obama golf's. here's the thi here's the thing, kerry. we may have the most transparent president ever just because he is tweeting is trained -- i don't know if we want all of this. maybe it's good this may be you will get in less trouble if these constantly tweeting what's in his head. like therapy. >> i'm like the glasses full kind of guy. you are a weirdo. schumer, i think they hate the fact that he is so if. he then says we can't have 140
10:32 pm
character president. he basically tweeted that. i agree with you, trump has such a great chance to do such great things. greg: you have to take the good with the bad, julie what if they come up with the fake twitter account like a fake blackberry account? he goes into this twitter falls where they all live. i don't think he actually reads. >> he proofreads them. greg: he doesn't go back to twitter to see how many legs he gets big as he is president. you don't need to read tweets when your president. that they'll probably give him a weekly summary like here's how you did on twitter. nobody cares about his follower accounts.
10:33 pm
greg: katy perry has more. >> today sean spicer is the new white house soon-to-be press secretary confirmed to "the wall street journal." didn't get to see those tweets before he sends them and he doesn't think that's going to change when he is president. >> that's interesting. greg: that's good. the thing is china said to him we don't like your tweeting. that's going to make them tweet more. i think it's reverse psychology. >> it's a brave new world. fdr had the fireside chats. he's a 7-year-old man. greg: that's the weirdest thing. >> they can hack into and get back to the original story. nfl, goodell hacked to the twitter account and said he was dead.
10:34 pm
we knew he wasn't dead because they would have a three-game suspension for whoever killed him. it is a new world and 2020, who knows it may be kanye versus carrot top perhaps. greg: carrot top has some good ideas. >> you should get snapchat and then he does now to keep it to 140 characters. greg: i'm thinking about carrot top. trump is the first orange haired president. top like he has opened the door for carrot top. >> this is all very -- greg: you don't even enter statements anymore. >> this is going to be very tough for trump, all this backlash because i know he loves tweeting but he also values the pinions of china and amy schumer's uncle when deciding how to run his administration. it doesn't matter. think trump should come down on the tweeting but i should come
10:35 pm
down the tweeting. i love to be able to tweet china and get them all mad. that gives me a little was just a think about it. i don't know who that is but i most certainly understand why. >> she is like 25 pitch he can help it. >> i would rather have my youth. greg: have you seen the movie with captain phillip's? it's his daughter. >> it's true. greg: captain phillips was the guy he landed the plane on the water. >> no, that's silly. greg: no it's not. this is not the news. we should all cut back on tweeting. you know when he got caught smoking cigarettes and your mom and dad -- he never smoked again until you became an adult. he tweet your heart out, thousand weeks in a row and get
10:36 pm
it out and you would be done. >> you will never be done. keep telling him not to these going to keep on going. greg: i think you are talking about yourself. >> i am. >> that's the weirdest thing i've ever heard. >> there was a bugs bunny cartoon. greg: coming up the inauguration is two weeks away. who is performing? personally i would like to see mel torme but he died in 1999 and we can't have everything, can we? [applause]
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greg: inaccurate and baseless than two weeks away. the big question remains who
10:41 pm
will be performing? not me, spring the ankle and also -- so far it seems the mormon tabernacle choir will be there. they are my favorite tabernacle choir. [laughter] also jackie o. banco a 16-year-old singer and former contestant on "america's got talent." record sales have increased since the announcement which trump didn't let go and that's tweeting again sales have skyrocketed after announcing her a digression performance. some people just don't understand the movement. i do, that's why i'm a addicted to ex-lax. finally the rockets will be there. many of the dancers who i know refused at first but madison square garden executive chairman james dolan note demonstrates performing at any presidential migration is an honor. meanwhile president obama showed off is cool kid friends at his white house dash cam is fine when pittman to guests at the
10:42 pm
event for beyoncé, jay-z, bruce springsteen, paul mccartney your member him from wings. osher and eddie vedder. here is that the better preparing for the gig. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he really is an american talent. my suggestion is a long time ago we did a segment on the super bowl halftime saying they should have high school marching bands. they should reverse this whole celebrity thing and make it anti-celebrity. america must be the star, america. >> i couldn't agree more gray, we were young lets the 70s and 80s. he was performing at the not ration?
10:43 pm
's. greg: i think jimmy carter had roy clark. and not that were clark just another roy clark. >> didn't janice jackson have a super bowl paste they came off? >> super bowl. greg: it right. >> i mentioned the super bowl. [applause] greg: okay kids, let's stick -- stick to the topic here. all these showing up a psychic convulsion of the cool kids. we couldn't affect the election so now they're going to have a big party and say we don't care that nobody listen to us. >> it's a thing in hollywood. so most mccarthyism. greg: james macarthur you as a my college. >> that's new year's eve.
10:44 pm
>> all of them were going to move to canada or europe or something like that. they change their mind. they don't want to learn the metric system to be honest with you. they hate trump that the metric system is pretty difficult. greg: that's why never caught on over here. >> is out of question? what am i supposed to do with that? greg: you are supposed to do what you always do, that's really interesting greg but. that's what everyone does on fox. say exactly greg. >> exactly great, it makes me feel very. building on top of what you just said it is anybody really cares who performs at the inauguration and is there anybody that they really cares that some of these rockettes are like i'm not going to do it. then fine, don't do it, who cares. i'm pretty sure people have been managing to be the person without about a bunch of kicking
10:45 pm
ladies helping them along the way to get started and i'm sure he can do it again. he is desperate for influence. when you're a kid in the babysitter gets their and you start screaming, they are the kids that are continuing to scream when the mom is happily down the street. no one can hear you come it doesn't matter, get over it. greg: maybe the rockets wanted to be part of obama's legacy. [laughter] up next the story so unbelievable you could think --
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craig: the university of
10:50 pm
wisconsin is home of the mighty spinsters is offering a program that aims to quote explore masculinity and the definitions of it. we don't know what that means. does the men's project the name of my favor bar downtown program apparently encouraged them to reflect on how their manliness impacts others. explain to organize his quote that dialogue among men a sense of security and vulnerability throughout the program. in other words, there goes their sex lives. think we have a tape of the first group of men going through the program. ♪ ♪ ♪ greg: i hope i'm doing that when i'm 70. what do you make of that complex
10:51 pm
necessary? >> that's the problem, things like that. emory had a big issue in atlanta amorese a liberal school and cost a lot of money. i don't trust the college of their football team. greg: julia if these courses continue the country will go even further in that direction of screw you, where does. >> i think i'm going to cede all my time on this question back to you, greg. you are so manly. greg: why thank you. did you hear that? by the way carrie, a guys name. by the way first of all when i was a kid i did get called, that's a girl's name and it really bothered me. >> i have a different take on
10:52 pm
this. the guys who were signing up for this i'm not so sure it's a good little boy. they're like the men who walk around brooklyn with the t-shirt. they're not doing that for women. they are doing it to be sensitive and get women. pat: the whole idea of empowering is to get women into bed. >> i have examined my masculinity, so you know. it's not about anything but trying to be like i'm the sensitive one so go home with me. i'm a good guy. the best way to tell a guys that good guy is if he says i'm a good guy. that's how you know. greg: what if a guy comes up to you and says i'm a bad guy? >> nobody says that. greg: people do that. >> do you want a drink, that's a normal guy. greg: wow that's strange. i don't know where to go with that.
10:53 pm
>> masculinity if they had chapters or segments where they went over the number of men who died building things like the campuses that they are at or mainly construction workers who are men. some of them were injured in some of them died building bridges and if you look at the brooklyn bridge to see him and people died building that. >> you know your society has arrived when this is what you are worried about. we can't get any better than this. greg: and i can't get any better than this. >> men are supposed to be gross. greg: that's true. final thoughts, coming up next. why are you checking your credit score? i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score.
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moves to monday night. also saturday january 28, join me for an event called short stories by short people. that's the warner theatre in washington d.c. you can get your tickets at we are almost out of time. >> if you wanted to say all show but didn't have a chance to say it, here's your chance, right now. >> you know how ron and i met? i actually accused him of stealing one of my jokes, a joke he came up with first. >> thank you for being the big man. >> i told him i was going to bring that up. >> america, give trump a chance. i know he looks like a lookout from a parlor from staten island and you hate them, but he's gonna shake things up. here's the alien air who made his daughter fly jetblue coach. i think that's a good thing. i look forward to it. i right humor so it's gonna be a
10:59 pm
good couple years. >> i just want to wish my cousin brendan who's like my brother, get well soon. i love you more than anything pretty the best. >> very well. i hope he's doing okay. >> he is doing very well. jillian how are you doing. >> i'm good. >> how are you. >> i didn't even have a chance to get checked in with you. >> i try to avoid you at all cost. >> who is this tucker carlson. >> he just showed up like out of nowhere. >> did you want to plug anything, is there anything interesting you want to say. >> i just want to go home. >> how honest can you get. oh my goodness. cat. >> okay so, i like the way men look in skinny jeans, but i don't like don't like the kind of man that wears skinny gins. so i like the pants on the man but i don't like the man in the pants, and i'm i'm wondering if this is a pants person dichotomy that's going to keep me single
11:00 pm
for the rest of my life. >> studio audience, we love you "watters world" is coming up next. >> welcome to waters world, i'm your host jesse watters. i'd like to make a major announcement, "watters world" is officially a weekly show. every. every saturday at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. we will be right here we will just give the people what they want. also whipping up in the world, donald trump, only 13 days until the inauguration. we spoke with incoming counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. >> welcome to "watters world". >> thank you. >> one of the things i like most about your boss is tweeting. the ratings arin


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