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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 7, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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for the rest of my life. >> studio audience, we love you "watters world" is coming up next. >> welcome to waters world, i'm your host jesse watters. i'd like to make a major announcement, "watters world" is officially a weekly show. every. every saturday at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. we will be right here we will just give the people what they want. also whipping up in the world, donald trump, only 13 days until the inauguration. we spoke with incoming counsel to the president, kellyanne conway. >> welcome to "watters world". >> thank you. >> one of the things i like most about your boss is tweeting. the ratings are in.
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he supported kasich and hillary according to arnold schwarzenegger. >> he is making the point that without him there on the apprentice, it won't be the ratings bonanza top of the ranking blockbuster show that i was. >> i will set you about joe biden. he's been giving interviews pad we all love joe but he has a lot to say. listen to some of his advice here. >> grow up, donald, grow up. it's time to be an adult. you are president. you've got to to do something. show us what you have. >> this is the same guy that was dropping after bombs and running around with squirt guns and getting a little pansy there in the capital. does this just roll off your back. >> it does.
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he was also number two in our federal government and the democratic party has been completely decimated. they lost 68 house seats on his watch. two thirds of the republican congress was elected since 2010. that tells you something. what was to 2010? that was the first midterm election after the disaster that was obamacare. they've lost over 1000 state and legislative seats. the biden legacy, in terms of the electoral math and in terms of the political situation is not the best. >> i think he called it a big thing deal to the president. >> i don't think he knew what that meant. >> i agree. that's why donald trump ran successfully in repealing and replacing it and having mexico pay for it.
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stopping the advance of isis. >> and speaking of obama care, is the plan still repeal and replace? they he sent out a tweet the other day telling republicans to be careful because you don't want to take an act in amputate the thing in shoulder all the blame. it has to be a political move. is it still repeal and replace. >> it is. and i was with vice president pens this week when he was discussing this with many different leaders and then had a meeting with minority leader chuck schumer on the issue. look, there are very specific things that trump wants to do with respect to healthcare. he wants you to be able to buy health insurance across state lines just like you do with car insurance and other and services in our amazon prime life.
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it has your health insurance has your name on it and you control the spending. nobody ever goes to the car wash before they return a rental car. the health care is in your name and you control the spending. i think people will be much more savvy health consumers with better coverage. >> will you be prepared when the media and the democrats try to out these victims of the repeal and replace situation? you know they will have crying babies and mothers suffering by these mean mean donald trump or republicans. are you ready for that. >> were ready for that because we don't want to harm people. we understand there are a couple million people on the affordable care act like what they have. we don't want them to be uncovered, but they're also undercovered. there are so many people who are been harmed by this. they were happy with what they had before this turkey of a law was passed. jesse these are people saying wait a second, i thought this would help people who didn't have coverage. now i have higher premiums. in a place like arizona 116% increase. the numbers don't lie. people lie. people have fewer choices, less access, worst quality and higher prices. we are going to have stories of our own. i've actually asked members to
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report to us, what are you hearing from small business owners, what are you hearing from the single moms who thought the affordable care act. now she has two jobs that are 26, 27 hours because the employers have refused to give her the full-time job so she gets health benefits. now she has two jobs, no health coverage and less time with her kids. >> sounds like you are ready to go with that. now the transition. my believe, you rolled out a series of symbolic yet sensitive job announcements keeping jobs here in this country. also, a very diligent yet suspenseful rollout of some of these cabinet pics, and i think they are all great a people. now it seems like the democrats are wrestling this narrative away from the great transition, and now now all they talk about is russia. russia, russia, russia, hacking and everything like that. the democrats, they want to do
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lose the cold war for decades, and now now it looks like they want to restart it. is donald trump concerned about russian hacking? it doesn't sound like a top priority for him. >> let's be very clear, jesse, a couple of things. he's receiving he's receiving briefing, intelligence briefing on friday. he'll have received an intelligence briefing from the top officials. he'll take that seriously and he welcomes them to come do that. the democrats are so much tougher on russia in the past eight minutes while even say eight weeks since the election and they been in eight years. we've gone from saying knock it off to were going to expel them until we before we even have the report completed. i'll point out two things. president trump, we are against any foreign interference in our government, but a couple things came out about intelligence hearing on capitol hill earlier this week.
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one is that cyber security in this country is terrible. totally underserved. it's a very serious issue that we need to do better at. it's been ignored for largely the past eight years. if you go back and look at the full testimony, donald trump trump was proven right about a number of things. they said they are not tying it directly to election results, and that the dnc did not turn over the servers or make the information available. were talking about a couple operative e-mails here. >> i think the only hacking that affected the election was hillary's cough because i don't see any evidence of this thing getting vote tallies. the inauguration coming up, is it going to be a big league ball. >> big time. we will have some fun there. >> thank you very much. jesse: coming up next, donald trump trump begins to move into the white house.
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later we tracked down the man who harassed a vodka trururururu
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>> you want to work together on something? i don't see it and i haven't seen his outreach to offer any areas where we can work together. we are preparing to fight. we will fight from day one because we just don't have much room for error, and the the people we represent are far too vulnerable. jesse: president-elect trump have an even taken the oath of office and some african-americans are already fearing the worst. he feels they can set minorities back decades. some members of the black caucus this week introduce legislation, asking to consider slavery reparations.
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joining me now is pastor dale darrell scott from cleveland, ohio who is also a trump's reporter as well as fox news contributed mr. green. remember when the for republicans, they tried to wreak havoc on this ethics committee. isn't the congressional black caucus making slavery reparations just as ridiculous. >> that's not true. jesse: where am i going wrong? >> this bill has been introduced for decades and his focus, the focus focus of this bill is to first research what has happened to african-americans in this country starting with slavery, the impact impact of the jim crow era and then to figure out which specific remedies can be recommended. jesse: was this smart politics for him and january 2016. >> of a smart politics for him
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going back for many years. whether this is specific to donald trump or the specific in turmoil with race relations is not accurate. jesse: you know mr. trump personally. is he ever going to consider slavery reparations? is this going nowhere. >> president obama, in 2008, 2008, he opposed reparations publicly. he's done some social programs that could be implemented for ref reparations. during the time of slavery, only 1% of america's americans own slaves. it was not a nationwide commercial enterprise. should the free states have to pay an? how much is enough? there were 3500 free slaves that
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owned 10,000 slaves. slavery was not exclusive to the white race. there were blacks who participated. in fact one black, william allison, not only did he owned them but he branded slaves. there's a lot more to it than just cut checks for black people. >> we know that's dead on arrival for a number of reasons. people say they fear donald trump's presidency because because it's going to set minorities back decades. can you specifically point to something that you are fearful that president-elect donald trump is going to do to black america. >> i think it's absolutely justified for people to express their fears when you have a candidate who has focused his entire message on taking america back. is he saying go back to the 50s? back to the 60s? a back to when african-americans couldn't vote, go back to when the kkk was running wild in the south and lynching african-americans? what is it to go back to? what does he want to have happen again? spee6 are you referring
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to the slogan make america great again? because this was brought up on a sunday show. here we have a clip from a tape. >> the phrase make america great again, there is one word that if you are a person of color that you sort of sucks stumble over and it's again because you're talking about going back to a time that was not very comfortable for people of color. >> i think he says make america great again and he's talking about the 80s. >> i don't think he's talking about jim crow in the 19th century. you don't really believe again do you? >> it certainly hurts my heart to hear my fellow guests here talk about african-americans responsibility in our nations slave history, and to point blame and point fingers. >> but you can't play blame at all white people. >> known is doing that. >> for the entire country of america. >> this was a terrible time in our history.
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>> this is crazy. >> let me ask you one question. >> if trump is so bad for black america, why didn't black america's turn out and vote for hillary clinton. >> there certainly are a number of reasons why the election turned out the way it was and there are a lot of factors against hillary clinton that were above donald trump. [inaudible] >> she was pitching the woo woo. >> he was saying give me a shot. >> we have a lot to you. >> now we have others who didn't try out for hillary. they didn't vote for him, but they didn't vote against him. they are giving him a chance. they're giving him a chance, show him what you got. jesse: you have to be fair, i can't remember another republican candidate to reach
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out to the inner city like he did. >> how did he reach out. jesse: he went and said exactly what he wanted to do in these communities. >> no he was on the outskirts and he would talk badly. >> myself and michael dash. >> one time, on one hand how many times did he go to the inner-city. >> coming times did hillary go. >> she went many times. [inaudible] >> that is a lie. >> she insulted us. >> my wife is a black preacher. [inaudible] >> hillary is ahead of the curve with hot sauce. let's give her the credit.
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>> she may like caring hot sauce sauce -- >> there's a serious conversation that needs to happen about race relations. >> it didn't happen in the last eight years. jesse: i'm get a break this up guys, thank you very much. president obama claims he's orchestrating a smooth
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jesse: two days after the election president obama said this. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to facilitate a transition that
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ensures our president elect is successful. jesse: president barack obama has thrown up historic roadblocks for donald trump read more midnight regulations, oil exploration bands, teeming with congressional democrats over repealing replace, politicizing the the russian hacking allegation, knee capping israel, saying he would've beaten donald trump if he would've run for a third term and he awarded himself the medal for distinguished public service. here with me now is founder of avenue strategies corey lindow ski. him and ask you straight up, has president obama kept his word in offering president-elect donald trump a smooth transition that would result in success.
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>> it's such a small group of people who have had the privilege of serving as president of the united states. what i do know is when he met with president obama, they had a good conversation. they talked about the problems our country faces moving forward. driving is helpful that president obama is now doing things at the last minute that the administering will have to undo on the first day? it of course not but the great thing about executive orders is the first day that he is in office, those are gone. with the stroke of a pen he changes everything. what we see now is that donald trump and mike pence, the incoming vice president have a plan to repeal and replace obamacare and to build the wall, something that has been a hallmark of this campaign. that is something that won't they won't build a stop from moving forward. >> tm the released photos of a wall being erected outside president obama's new home in
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d.c. where he will live after he leaves d.c. i thought a wall was racist. why is president obama building a wall? what do that? >> maybe he wants to make sure that walls have good neighbors and that's what a good was for. maybe that's why were going to build one on the southern border to make sure we have good neighbors. this is a hypocrisy of our elected officials. they all say one thing and they go into something else. it's like the climate change expert. the left wing liberals who want to come and see donald trump but when they're asked did you take your private plane and they say yes we did it. it's the hypocrisy of elected officials and the liberal left. >> the carbon offsets always get them out of trouble. vp president biden is running his mouth trying to give trump a little advice.we have some tape, let's play it. >> what concerns me is they will
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make some judgment in the form policy area without having thought it through that may cause a lot of problems. if they follow through with the rhetoric by nonaction, it could have some serious diplomatic consequences. >> this amuses me specifically because i think it was biden and obama who pulled all the troops out of iraq and created a vacuum for isis to take over, and then making empty threats and not backing it up with action. that's what they did by drawing a redline in syria and doing nothing about it. >> these guys can't let go of their government service. he has been in public life for his entire career and for the first time he has to go find another job or retire. joe biden has literally been in public office for over 40 years. it's time he doesn't want to
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leave the spotlight. it used to be that the most dangerous place is between chuck schumer and the camera. now i think it's between biden and the camera. jesse: my new favorite line is schumer clowns. he used his branding expertise, the way he did with little marco and crick. hillary and has now dubbed schumer and his colleagues as schumer clowns. at first i thought they were playing footsie. now schumer comes out and says he wants to make america sick again and they're going back and forth. is this a bunch of posturing? is this going to work with chuck schumer or not. >> it's obstructionism. they should give him the opportunity to lay out his agenda which is what the american people voted for. not just in conservative states.
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you look at places that have not voted republican in literally a generation since 1984, the american people want change in chuck schumer, what he clearly doesn't understand, and what the liberals don't understand is that people are tired of politics as usual and being an obstructionist doesn't mean they're getting things done. they want a better economy, they they want safety, that's what donald trump is promising and chuck schumer should jump on board that train. >> you're saying he's got to get on the trump train. >> the trump train is big and it's left the station and run over hillary clinton. jesse: thank you very much. i will see you at the ball. next, the the far left is banging the drum for impeachment. and the derangement syndrome is affecting the democratic party. hate crime hysteria in the city of chicago. breaking information.
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reported. i'm julie banderas. now back to "watters world" ♪
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♪. jesse: welcome back. here's the latest from hollywood celebrities. >> he said trump pursues races, and tight immigrant, anti- environmental policy, anti- environment, we demand you vigorously oppose him. we demand you block nominees who threaten the rights of women. >> the lgbt community, people of color, the immigrants and the poor. >> we want you know we are with you. >> we won't remain silent. >> we won't remain silent. >> we will work harder to mobilize our votes in our communities, but, we need we need you and we expect you to have our back. >> not to be outdone, more radical talk on the o'reilly factor. >> we talk about fascism, when i
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just had talking about an isolated individual who is president. were were talking about a small man with a narcissistic possibility, tied to big business and slices of media that allows him to too often get away with -- >> people gave hitler a chance and we sell what that meant on humanity. look over talking about, muslim registry. while on the border with mexico. law and order which is code word for harsher penalty on black and latino people. >> donald trump is mentally unstable, they said, less than three weeks to stop him, america. whatever that means. and he suggesting impeachment after election. >> remember they're ready to start impeachment process on hillary clinton a one.
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the other side needs to be ready to roll, right now, to do whatever needs to be done to stop his appointments. >> is a right to do that. >> absolutely. you have to do that. >> here is someone who is not just hinting at it, he's gunning for it. donald trump is wildly unfit to be president and he will demonstrate that in ways that break the law and violate the constitution. there is only one constitutional way to remove a president and that is via impeachment. we invited him on the program. at first he agreed and then he changed his mind and said quote, fox is a scarless operation and i don't want to lend it credibility. don't worry we don't need anything from you. we asked a different huffington post journalist to join us. this is host of your voice radio bill mitchell.
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this can't be good for the democratic party brand. first it was the recount, then the writing, then the then the death threats against electors, now the russian stuff. now we have all this talk about impeachment. you can't really think impeachment is a good idea, can you? >> i can't speak to the democratic party's brand, but what i can say is that the donald trump will be violation of the clause on day one of his inauguration and there is a vested interest making sure that the executive branch of government is following the laws. jesse: what laws are you speaking about the civic lay. >> the clause that founded the united states constitution. it speaks to foreign governments and being able to have a curried favor with the federal government. jesse: so you mean like how the saudi's and other regimes in the middle east word donating tens of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. >> so the clinton foundation is not the federal government.
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>> but they were going through the state department and so -- >> can i speak. >> sure. >> hillary clinton was divested from the clinton foundation at the time that she was secretary of state, and if you want to get into an argument about that, she also, the clintons both said they would divest from the clinton foundation totally and stepped down from the board -- >> okay now the trump team has said donald trump is going to divest from all of his holdings. mitchell let me get you in here for a second. >> he has failed to show his tax or return so we don't know what's in there. >> mitchell let me ask you a question. the democratic party, i think, personally, does the republican party a service when there are these radical left-wing
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celebrities traveling out these ridiculous conspiracy theories and threats. i say let these guys roll because the more they talk, the more it looks, it makes donald trump look more presidential and mainstream. you agree. >> i agree completely. a new poll just came out saying that 73% of voters, including 57%, including 57% of democrats want donald trump to succeed as president. this whole impeachment thing is just another all hat and no cattle from the democrats because, i asked them, what is your endgame? you cannot possibly think that impeachment against donald trump will work. you need a simple majority in the house. you need two thirds in the senate to impeach the president. we control all of those. it's impossible. so why even start. >> where is this coming from. how are you going to impeach a guy -- >> for the record, i am not calling for him to be in
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impeached. i am calling for him to follow the laws and to live up to the standards that we set and we expect the executive branch to live up to. that's what i'm calling for. if he wants to be forthcoming with the american people about where he has investments, then i am ready to stand up on day one and say this is the president and we will stand behind him. it's very problematic to all americans. it's not radicalism, it's just the fact. jesse: do you wish president trump success, or do you want him to fail? yes or no. >> i absolutely wish him success, yes i do. if he becomes president and he's willing to do the right thing, then yes,. as it stands now i am disquieted disquieted --. jesse: we don't want you to be disquieted. that's the last thing we want you to do.
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bill let me get you in here. i don't think any of these crazy harebrained schemes are going to work. eventually the democrats are going to have to wake up politically and start working with president trump on a number of things like infrastructure or trade, or else they will be left out in the cold and that rustbelt is gone forever. >> absolutely. working in trump's advantage right now is the that 2018 looms. looms. there are a lot of democrats in red states that are going to be in serious trouble. what you will see as we go forward is there will be establishment types that might have resisted him otherwise but they will back him because they don't want to be primary too in 2018. you are democrats in red states that will cross the aisle and work with you because they don't want to lose their seats in 2018. if the democrats keep on with this obstructionist path that they are taking, we will look at a super majority after 2018.
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jesse: and if they're going to be a super majority, they will be very disquieted and we do not want that. guys, thank you very much. coming up next, the horrific black on white hate crime in chicago. we will play the tape. and remember when a vaca trump and her children where screamed out on a planenenenene
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the tape we are about to show you is deeply disturbing. a white man with cognitive disabilities is being beaten and taunted on facebook live. for despicable individuals were charged for a hate crime as well as various other felonies leap leap donald trump leap. [laughter] leap. jesse: mainstream media didn't
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roll the tape. >> i want to remind folks that we cannot sit here and ignore that for the past year on very public display the worst parts of america had been brought from the fringe into the mainstream. that expects affects people on both sides. we've talked about white nationalists and supremacists and the kkk but when this inflammatory rhetoric is out there, when someone is repeatedly telling you your community is the worst of the worst, it brings out the worst of the worst in people. jesse: unbelievable. joining me to discuss the story is defense attorney and cohost of the five and former district attorney kimberly. kimberly, the new information we have is the police has said this is not linked to black lives matter. that is what we are putting out there because that's what the police said. why did it take so long for them
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to bring up the hate crime thing? anybody who looks at the tape and here's that said hate crime, no questions asked ,-comma what were they doing the whole time before they were charging. >> they had to do the investigation, see if they could interview the suspect, they they were able to get the tape and review it, but for myself, when i prosecuted he crime cases, this is pretty clear-cut in terms of the evidence that you have. you have all the supporting facts right there. you don't even have to rely on witness statements because the crime was captured on tape. >> time are these people looking at. >> depending if they're convicted on all of them and if they run the charges consecutively, they're looking at significant time behind bars. kidnapping, that requires moving someone to a place of safety or a closet, that can be considered false imprisonment, aggravated battery, assault and then the hate crime allegation which could add time as well. jesse: they're going to be
11:47 pm
behind bars for a a while. >> they're gonna try and deal or something but for hate crime, has to be specified, a person with a disability or whatnot. jesse: it's big-time problem. she is linking trump to this crime. you can. [inaudible] >> this has nothing to do with donald trump and everything to do with the horrendous actions of these individuals. no one can defend that. no one should defend that. you can't blame anyone else except for the people who did it jesse: i'm glad you said that. president obama weighed in on this. he said it was despicable but he also said race relations have not deteriorated. i would argue, since i do this for a living, race relations are not at a good point right now in this country. do you agree with president obama that race relations are getting better? >> it all depends on your vantage point. depending on what you experience
11:48 pm
on a day-to-day basis. i don't know what obama experiences and i don't know what you experience, jesse. for me, i see a lot of division, especially around this campaign, and in stories like this, depending on which side of the spectrum you're on, one side said look at this, one side said look at this, this is evidence of something, the other side said they downplay it and vice versa. it happens print people use it as a political football, depending on what issue they want to promote. jesse: your right. it is used as a political football and often against the right but it is black on white and the media is bearing it. i think this has to do with the city of chicago. this is rotten to the core. whether it's the gang violence or something like this or corruption, what's going on in chicago. >> obviously it's a city under siege by crime and it's very challenging in these communities there's a crisis that this country should direct attention to and resident elect donald
11:49 pm
trump has highlighted that and called on the mayor that if he can't handle it he needs to call --dash. jesse: do think he's going to listen to trump and say come on in and help us fix the. >> probably not but i think he should listen and try and get help because if you care about lives being lost, it should matter and you should do whatever it takes to make sure that stops. jesse: president obama's' going to be there on tuesday. i will be there listening to the president talk about his legacy and may be going some of these neighborhoods where the crime was committed. stating to that. thank you so much. of next, justice is served to the man who harassed a vodka trump.
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the holiday season got off to a rocky start for the first family soon to be. man who verbally abused about the trump -- ivanka trump on a flight. the outrage sparked the petition calling for the professor to be removed from hunter college. "watters world" went to the school to talk to the students and also caught up with his husband dan, the mean culprit. >> the daughter of the president-elect was ceding in the middle of a jetblue flight out of with her husband and children. that's when he was accused of verbally accosting her. the professor was involved in
11:54 pm
harassing ivanka trump and her baby on the flight. >> that is not cool at all. >> what you think of his behavior. >> i think it was inappropriate. she's human and she deserves respect is anyone else. >> it's scary. >> there's a petition to remove this professor. you accept that. >> sure. i can accept harassment as a woman. >> do i think he should be removed? no. >> would it be okay of a professor harassed her chelsea clinton and her baby on a flight. >> i'm not really a chelsea clinton van either. >> there should be repercussions for his behavior. >> what kind of repercussions. >> he should be put on leave or something for some period of time. >> there's proof of all of that, i hope they did something about
11:55 pm
it. >> would you feel comfortable taking this professor's class? >> no, not at all. >> how are you doing this morning? >> i wanted to talk about your behavior on the flight, sir. do you regret verbally abusing of on the trump on the plane? >> you harassed a woman with a baby on a flight. are you proud of that? a real class act. are you afraid to show your face i'm giving you an opportunity to apologize, sir. nothing to say? joining me now to discuss.
11:56 pm
>> way to hold him accountable, jesse. finally this sore loser, cry believe that he is. he wouldn't turn around to face you or anything. jesse: what a coward. >> when you fly you expect turbulence in the air, not on a tour tarmac. this wasn't a dumb wacky comedy bit. this was serious. they harassed, stocked and accosted ivanka trump. they're lucky they didn't open a can of what pass on him. when they went low, ivanka went high. it was nice to see the class on her part. the lawyers, and others, they held them to the same regard as pimps and junkies and journalist, these people were despicable. jesse: absolutely does despicable and the clown couldn't show his face.
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