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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  January 8, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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does credit karma do taxes now? yeah, and they're totally free, so they'll never take any of your refund. file your taxes for free with credit karma tax. congress is telling the electoral college but. >> electro-college vote of the state of georgia donald j. trump received 16 votes for president and michael pence received 16 votes for vice president. i object for the certificate on the grounds the electoral vote vote. >> there is no debate and it is not signed by a senator at the objection cannot be maintained. >> mr. president the objection is signed by member of the house but not yet by member of the senate. >> it is over. [applause]
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greg: thanks, joe. that's the smart es[music] [cheering] all right. it's been very bad.hethe us intel report released on friday directly accuse russian president vladimir putin of ordering a campaign to influence the election. they told us on thursdayand we could've skipped listening to this. >> first , we cannot say they did notchange any vote tallies or anything of that sort . we had no way of gauging the impact that the intelligence community can't gauge the impact that had on choices they made.>> what is with this guy? [laughter] it's like you just saw one of my nudes on snapchat. this is serious stuff. [laughter] it's on t.v..
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anyway, as an electronic met with the experts to discuss the findings. what did russia do?for one, they hacked john's email how did they do it? what was one of his passwords password . >> this might be the greatest achievement and espionage history. i stole his gym shorts. i am wearing them now. is it written on the back of the card with the words, pin number for my debit card? does he hide the apartment key under his welcome mat? is it under aflower pot near the front door? maybe it's under a fake rock . do if it's the only rock on
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your porch and there are no otherrocks around we know it's not a rock . the russian did other things too. they got him to click on a link in a phishing email. that's why never order viagra from a doctor who only goes by boris hard penis. the conclusion is that the ructions hacked and somehow it got to the asad. remember juhim? >> he is pro-trump, blonde why isn't he on odd-numbered? it's confusing to see him hang and now wanting to hang with them.
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the cold war to a hot romance it's so confusing to me it's like coming home and finding out that dad left mom for her brother. it is what worries gme. forget hacking that is nothing. we have no deterrence against those who might want to destroy do we make sure that no one triesto attack our power grid? it shuts down all electricity, food supply, hospitals, bank accounts. youiecould be broke , stick sic and starving. america returned to the lord of the flies or charlotte's web . [laughter] a cyber attack is the first affected balm killing all of us but leavingeverything standing. worry about fishing now it's like september 10, 2001 . about legroom on airliners. you will miss the big picture here. treat attacks like military ones. that way maybe the triggers never pulled. americans to announce new global offenses.
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hit the power grid or the banking system and we nuke you. that's the new mutually assured destruction. prevention through fear. cold war russia understood. they knew them and we knew us. it's mayhem. it's just like marriage. [laughter] yes, i know. it was good. >> let's welcome today's guest. he is so tough. he cracks walnuts with h his eyelids. the army special forces kerry sheppard. [laughter] thank you for dressing up. >> she is so sharp. her thoughts could pierced on lennon's earlobe. julia turner. former national security member [applause] where he is from usdeliverance is a romantic comedy. first-time guest is juan hart.
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[cheering] like tom brady football it's always deflated. fox news contributor fought catherine tim. >>. [cheering] it's been a while. have you been here since the election?>> right after you brought me on the globe because icalled you a month before. >> you are heone of the few. you said trouble will win and win big . >> is this a huge victory? it's to avert the traditional stuff. >> happy new year. congratulations to bring them on. i had a really nice turtleneck and you said to wear this out there. >> to the point you said this before hacking and talking here's the thing nothing matters unless you have a chain mail behind avit to back it up. it's what's going on with the
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hacking and who did what it kind of doesn't matter. what matters is if you mess with us you have to know. you have to feel it. a psalms putin i don't believe in elthe government anymore either. i heard them say earlier [applause] >> you would rather believe a former kgb dude? >> i don't believe themeither. it doesn't matter. >> believe no one or nothing. we will never knknow. it's all rigged. >> you've been watching too much x file reruns. >> i've been doing toomuch thinking independently . >> stop doing that. this is my show and i want you to agree with me. >> that would be interesting television carrie, you answered no questions. >> by the way what a victory for him and what chaos he is selling. >> he is . what you make about my prescription? the idea that we should nuke peoplewho mess with the power grid . isn't it just like bombing a country?
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not to be too serious but it's what i do. that's why you pay me so much money. >> anyway the whole conversation is very about the american government. it's awful. it makes me really sad. people will say that i am an elitist because i worked at the white house. fine say that if you want but there is nothing glamorous about being a civil servant. making 35,000 per year and working 24 hours a day. but i will say is that some of the best and brightest minds that we have are in the united states government and the intelligencecommunity.
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some of these people put their lives on the line every day. >> what she is saying is you get the sense that people who aren't risking their lives for intelligence are being smeared or inbadmouth. >> do you find that? >> there is 17 agencies now. 50,000 people have a security clearance. post 9/11 everyone is scared. no one knows what they do. washington posted a tremendous piece on how big it is. how much redundancy it is. i would encourage you to read it. it isfrightening. we don't even know what they do. >> that's exactly. i don't even know what's on the bottle. >> do you think it's a big deal? >> i wonder what thegovernment has that were stealing . you show biden early on and it
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literally was reversed. >> he was a great guy.they broke into watergate and stole things from the democrats. it was a simpler time. that's when they had something worth stealing. i'm not sure what they getthe gmail account i don't know if there's much value there. >> you have the greatest recipe. remember that # you have wikileaks threatening to go after everyone with a verified account on twitter. did you see that #how does it make youfeel? being the tofirst to defend ho wonderful all this is. >> aren't you glad you are not verified . >> i am. family, friends i offer a lot aboutmy life on's just willingly . >> it doesn't really bother me. >> what bothers you? every thing bothers me a little. it medoesn't bother memore than that. subject matter that
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we are focused on what bothers you? >> that does not bother me at all. i think k the government is snowed in and it's people that you actually absolutely hate. there was no one to be held accountable. the american people and congress. >> it's an oppressive regime. wikileakswill target . tmz, access hollywood wikileaks it's dead in america. along with these guys. >> nato julian's point the retired special forces guy with into keeping me alive or could get me killed. we also find out that there is an apparatus in many cases and it's cooking the books and not telling the right thing of what was going on all for political
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reasons i shoot and do stuff. if i'm notgetting the right information, i don't believe in it anymore. >> i am a ground guy. >> that's what you get. i care about attacking us and cutting out the power. it's not visually scary to people. you can picture planes flying into buildings but when you it's on a made-for-tv movie. nobody really cares and what happens. i think we have to educate them. this is an opportunity for president trump to be a hawk o
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this. to be a hawk and go after the stuff . >> youknow what , greg . >> i do want to defend it but the thing is the governments job eris to protect the rights and they can't do that by violating the rights because the same problem in order to have rights you have to protect the country first. >> do you want the nsa in your bedroom sleeping under your bed? >> why not the more the merrier. >> you are giving up a certain amount of freedom which is what makes thiscountry so great. there has to be limits ts. if they want to change it and change theconstitution it's not me talking. >> that was you talking. >> coming up a shocking hate crime . we will discuss this disgusting hate crime, next.
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we are one week into 2017. we may have found the most disturbing video. kidnapped, tied up and tortured and he is mentally handicapped. chicago police filed hate crime and aggravated battery charges against four black suspects who held the white man at knifepoint and told him to
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curse the president-elect. even just as troubling, suspects could be heard on the video saying they wanted to go viral. it's a horrible crime made worse that the fact that the themes posted on facebook. assuming that torturing disabled people is a perfect behavior. maybe, as of now, we don't know anyone who called the cops. it's absolute disgusting! [cheering] good to see you. you are about to go russell, i assume? >> i am at the paper view but i had to leave to talk aboutthe story that so important. .. thank you for giving me the time.>> go for it. >> first and foremost this is 100 percent a hate crime. there is no allegedly. this is a hate crime. on so many levels take the race thing out and the fact
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that a special needs man that didn't know what was going on and was being brutally attacked and it was disgusting. watching it i couldn't help but get choked up. i say a lot of things in this world and it was difficult to watch. another thing in america as a whole was that no one on facebook live that was watching did anything about it. i think those people are just as responsible. another thing is if somebody puts up a questionable picture it's taken down in minutes. there has to be some kind of safety zone for facebook to look at to stop thesethings from happening. the biggest thing is , the fake news stories and the hoaxes. they push all these fake attacks well, congratulations here are the fruits of your labor. it's for using this leverage. when they were attacking him donald trump and suddenly it was justified because the other side is doing it to them. that's not anargument and it's disgusting. they take no credit for it . even the news coverage was
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disgusting. finally, the real e justice is not for me and it won't be in court. it's when those for get into the general population. prisoners are funny about those who attack special needs. enjoy. i hope it happens to you. >> thank you. [applause] cat? you have something to say that's probablygoing to shock us ?>> don't set the bar so high. such atypical talking point to say come on the other side it wasn't covered this way but you look at headlines of if it was an incident that involved the name of trump and how was covered versus this incident in the "washington post" when it was someone verbally assaulting someone in the name of trump. it mentioned trump by name and this mentioned it not at all. covington posted the same and they mentionedtrump name and supposedly it's an attack in the name of trump. even when there's not evidence like facebook live .
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it's not just this talking point. it's really true. it almost encourages it. you want to ignore the fact that there are people who are anti-trump area they are this upset . it should be about this not happening rather than agenda. it's beat severely but it's not about your agenda. let's show what's really happening . the truth is important.they look at what the criminal is thinking rather than the emotional aspect. it's the whole idea of a hate crime. it's just a crime.
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it was racial and it was hate but it was a crime. hammer them for that. i hit ink hate crime and i could hear it's a double edged blade and it could comeand do something that's not hateful because at that time in society they don't like it.>> it amazed me. there were people there were afraidof how to categorize it . rather than talk about it on cable news they just had a debate about that and you have thesepeople who say , maybe it' not a big deal becausethey knew each other . >> they dance around it. >> in chicago they had one before. he makes a big proclamation and sanctuary city. 800 people shot. we are good let's take our chances here and see what works all
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try to get that worked out. >> jillian people will blame background and broken families. what about the millions of people who have broken families who don't do this? >> that too. while i was listening to everyone talk it mirrors the argument and the dialogue and debate u about when we label something that's happened for terrorism versus not. people are very human nature. it makes people eager to be able to classify or categorize the towable things that happened in the world. it's fine that's how it should be. because what happens is you put a label on something and it makes us believe that we get it. we can probably figure out how to respond to this if we is.erstand what it in a little sense, i pushed back just a little bit and say i don't even know what a hate crime means i couldn't even tell you. >> are all crimes hate crimes?
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>> you punish the acts. don't punish the thoughts. what hate crime does is blend the hotwo and you see, for example, you do in your head already. you read about it and it's a 25 guy that month and 85-year-old woman. you say that i gushould be frie but if he mugged a 30-year-old man you see it as a mugging. in your own why way you categorize crimes. judges should just throw the book at everyone. >> the criminal justice system mirrors that. court irbattles spend time tryi to figure out motive. that distinguishesthere is premeditation or first-degree from capital . >> to give them a platform that they want to get the message across. i don't think we should do that. >> it's so juicy you will need to wear a big. he can't stop tweeting and we
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can't stop talking. it's so good. [cheering]
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this is a fox news alert. they arrested the man wanted for shooting and wounding a state department official. surveillance video shows the gunmen following the american official and ambushing him as
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he drove out of a parking garage. the motive is unclear. the fbi put up a $20,000 reward for information on the attacker >> the pentagon will send 300 marines to train and advise government forces in afghanistan. deployment takes place in the spring and last nine months. they formally in the combat mission in afghanistan at the end of 2014. thousands of troops remain there advising the forces and carrying out anti- terrorism operations. we will see you atthe top of the hour alongside greg jared. >> t. [music] can no one beat the power of the tree? the new year started with charles schumer. however that is he said this . >> making america great again it requires more than 140 characters per issue. with all due respect, america
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cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> can't afford you go away. go away. we aretired . trump says challenge expect trump said challenge accepted. threatening toyota with a maxim massive tax not for that but he did it.threatening gm with maximum maximum taxes if they keep on making the chevy cruze in mexico check. calling out china for not helping with north korea, check. so bad that they cut the ethics office? check. bonus points for taking glory from housedemocrats who wanted to be the one to shame . how much the apprentice regulations are, just for kicks , against arnold. check. >> calling ted schumer the head clown. check.finally saying he is
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the greatest show ever. >> he did not really say that. it is official. the next president tweets more than obama golfs. here is the thing. we might have the most transparent president ever because he tweets his brain . i don't know if we want all of this >> it's almost too much information. >> maybe you willstill get in less trouble if he is treating without his head. it's like therapy . i like and a halfglass full guy. schumer could drown. >> i wasn't going to do another
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short joe. >> i won't doit. >> you are a weirdo ask you are . >> i will just be diverted because i've no attention span. i hate the fact is so effective. he even says we can't 240. you just tweeted that. in front of congress it means no one gives a crap and no one watches.i agree with you i feel like trump has a great chance to do great things sometimes i just don't want to hear it. >> you have to take the good with the bad. what if they come up with a fake twitteraccount ? like a fake blackberry. it just goes into this twitter vault where they live and i don't think he reads the tweett. >> i don't think he does either. >> i mean he doesn't go back to twitter to see how many likes it gets you don't need retreats in your president. >> theywill probably give him a weekly summary. here's how you get on twitter . >> katy perry has more.
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>> sean spicer is the new white house soon to be press secretary to the journal . it will change k once it's president. that's interesting.>> that's good. >> most transparent president ever. china said, we don't like you tweeting and i think that will make him to more. it was like reverse psychology on china's part. >> it's a brave new world. it's different. it's a 70-year-old man. they can hack it to. the commissioner got hacked on his twitter account. the city was dead. of course we knowit wasn't dead because they had a three-game
2:34 pm
suspension . that's what they would've had to was dangerous. in 2020 who knows. it will be kanye versus carrot top. who knows. >> it could be good. >> he should get snapchat and then he doesn't have to keep it 240 characters. >> it's better that he has to do that. trump is the first orange haired president. carrot top it's like he opened the door. >> this is all very you don't even end the sentences anymore. >> this will be very tough for trump, all this backlash. i know he loves tweeting. he also really values the opinion thof china and amy schumer's uncle when deciding how ngto run the administration. this doesn't matter. i think trump should calm down
2:35 pm
on the tweeting. i should calm down on the tweeting. i would love to treat at china and get them mad. that gives me a buzz to think about it. >> i most certainly do understandnd. >> she is like 25. >> she can't help it. i am sorry >> she is 40 years old. >> i would ratherr have my yout then. [indiscernable] china phillips is. >> have you ever seen the movie captain phillips? it's his daughter. >> that's not true>> he was the guy who landed the plane on the water.>> by the way no it's not. >> this is the news >> no, this is not the news. >> we cut back on tweeting. remember when you got caught smoking cigarettes and your mom and dad made you smoke a whole pack and you never smoked again until you became an adult.
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each week your heart out a thousand tweets in a row just get it out and you will be good. >> you will never be done. itdoesn't matter what anyone says. keep telling him that. he will keep on going. >>. [music] that's the weirdest thing i've ever heard. coming up theinauguration . i would like to see males. he died in 1999 andyou can't have everything, can you ? if you'd like to be at the studio audience email at caps daily... ...with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! phillips. be good to your gut.
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not me i sprained my ankle. also, the donkey stick. [laughter] so far it seems that the mormon tackle will be there. they are the favorite tabernacle choir. jackie, the 16-year-old singer and former contestant on america's got talent has a record increase that trump didn't let go. the album sales have skyrocketed after announcing the inauguration performance. some people just don't understand the movement. >> i do that's why i'm addicted to ex-lax.the rockets will be there. many of the dancers. they refused at first. madison square garden met with them and stressed that performing any inauguration is anhonor . he showed off his full kid friend at his white house among the guests were beyonci,
2:42 pm
jay-z, bruce springsteen, paul mccartney and you remember him from wings. >> osher and eddie vedder. here he is preparing for thegig . [music] [laughter] he really is an american. >> that wasgreat . >> a long time ago we did a segment . they should have high school marching bands. they should reverse this whole celebrity thing andmake it anti-celebrity. america must be the star. america! >> is this a big thing? we are young lads. >> i don't even remember that
2:43 pm
being a thing. >> not that roy clark. just another one. >> didn't janet jackson had a stars and stripes that year. >> super bowl. >> get it right. this is a little bit of a super bowl. is that the one with the football? yes, it is. let's stick to the topic.all these people are showing up for obama's final saying it's a convulsion of the cool kids. we still matter because they couldnot affect the election. now they say we don't care . >> it's almost like a mccarthyism.>> jenny mccarthy. >> that is new year's eve.
2:44 pm
all of them will move to canada or europe. they change their mind and they realize they won't learn the metric system. they hate trump. the metric system is pretty difficult. >> it is. that's why it never caught on here. it just made me sound fat . >> is that a question?what am i supposed to do with that #ácustomá you are supposed to do what you always dothat's really interesting greg but . >> try this say exactly, greg. it makes me feel very thought. >> on top of what you just said is there any who really cares who performs at the inauguration? is there anyone who really cares at the rockets say they won't do it . fine, don't do it who cares ? i'm pretty sure people have managed to be the president without some kicking ladies
2:45 pm
help them get started. i'm sure he can do it again. they are desperate for influence. it's like when you are a kid and the babysitter gets there and you start screaming. these are the kids that continue to scream when the mom is already halfway down the street no one can hear you. it doesn't matter get over it. >> the rockets want to be part of obama's legacy . [laughter] >> all right. the story is so unbelievable you will think pinocchio wrote examine their masculinity manchester or manhattan i am drunk! [laughter] [cheering]
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craig: the university of
2:50 pm
wisconsin is home of the mighty spinsters is offering a program that aims to quote explore masculinity and the definitions of it. we don't know what that means. does the men's project the name of my favor bar downtown program apparently encouraged them to reflect on how their manliness impacts others. explain to organize his quote that dialogue among men a sense of security and vulnerability throughout the program. in other words, there goes their sex lives. think we have a tape of the first group of men going through the program. ♪ ♪ ♪ greg: i hope i'm doing that when i'm 70. what do you make of that complex
2:51 pm
necessary? and we had a big issue in atlanta where they got in the fetal position.a emory is a school that cost a lot of money. i don't trust any college that doesn't have a football team. >> this will reelect donald trump. these courses continue it will go even further in the direction of screw you, weirdos.>> i think i will see all my time on this question back to you, greg. you are so manly. >> i thank you >> did you hear that, terry? >> she was doing that to be nice. >> by the way carrie by the way. that was touche. well played it's a girls name and it bothered me.>> that's why you became the green beret.
2:52 pm
>> i have a different take on that. the guys who are signing up for this i'm not sure they are good boys. i think they are predators too. they are like the men who walk around in brooklyn with i am a senator t-shirt. they are doing that to be i am so sensitive anddate women naked. >> the whole idea of empowering was for a guy to get women into bed . >> i examine my masculinity. it's not about anything but the sensitive one. go home with me i am a good guy. >> it's the best way that you could tell that he's not a good guy if he tells you he's a good guy. >> no one says that. >> hi, i am steve i am a normal guy.>> that is sad and strange. >> i don't know where to go with that. >> masculinity they actually
2:53 pm
had chapters or segments where they went over the men who died building things like the campuses they are at they are mainly construction workers who are men. some of them dare injury and some of them died building bridges. >> by the way you know your society has arrived whenthis is what you are worried about >> you can't get any better than this. >> i can't get any better than this. >> men are supposed to be gross. that's true. it's the only way . >> final thoughts are coming up next. [cheering] [applause]
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moves to monday night. also saturday january 28, join me for an event called short stories by short people. that's the warner theatre in washington d.c. you can get your tickets at we are almost out of time. >> if you wanted to say all show but didn't have a chance to say it, here's your chance, right now. >> you know how ron and i met? i actually accused him of stealing one of my jokes, a joke he came up with first. >> thank you for being the big man. >> i told him i was going to bring that up. >> america, give trump a chance. i know he looks like a lookout from a parlor from staten island and you hate them, but he's gonna shake things up. here's the alien air who made his daughter fly jetblue coach. i think that's a good thing. i look forward to it. i right humor so it's gonna be a
2:59 pm
good couple years. >> i just want to wish my cousin brendan who's like my brother, get well soon. i love you more than anything pretty the best. >> very well. i hope he's doing okay. >> he is doing very well. jillian how are you doing. >> i'm good. >> how are you. >> i didn't even have a chance to get checked in with you. >> i try to avoid you at all cost. >> who is this tucker carlson. >> he just showed up like out of nowhere. >> did you want to plug anything, is there anything interesting you want to say. >> i just want to go home. >> how honest can you get. oh my goodness. cat. >> okay so, i like the way men look in skinny jeans, but i don't like don't like the kind of man that wears skinny gins. so i like the pants on the man but i don't like the man in the pants, and i'm i'm wondering if this is a pants person dichotomy that's going to keep me single
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for the rest of my life. >> studio audience, we love you . >> reporter: back to 100% of


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