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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  January 8, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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julian, or president obama and hillary clinton. we want to hear from you, go to hannity. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us.
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. >> we would like to befriends with the russians, putin did you not seem to be a guy that we can work with. >> congressman nunez pointed out how previous presidents including president obama have trailed and failed to win over putin, harris. harris: do we know how mr. trump plans to respond to the hacking if at all. >> he plans to order a full report on hacking campaign. so that this did you not happen again, as for actions against russia. rinse win indicated that
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mr. trump may decide to do that. 1 he
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>> fbi has interviewed around 175 people that includes a lot of estaban santiago family members, in new york, and new jersey and florida as well as, estaban santiago himself for
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yours, fbi said he was very cooperative and admits to do it all. harris: always place an they say. authorities say he started killing people, 4 hours to wait in an airport that is tall order. >> right now pieces come together for nation's to meet president-elect trump's nominees for his cabinet, hears are sell to begin mid week but not without controversy already. what is that about? >> and tonight's fox report, interview, senator jerry of kansas who is on influential committee capitol hill. talking about president obama's push to close guantanamo bay, could he do that before january 20? we're looking at siwe're look s. and millions of americans looking at paycheck shrink. we'll look at the balances an. we'll look at the balances an. i am harris faulkner, you
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harris: president-elect trump cacabinet nominees are studying ahead of the congressional this week, we're told that no nomines held more than 300 meetings with members of u.s. senate and participated in more than 30 practice sessions and mock hearings, withy me now, jerry moran, always good to see you thank you for joining us. >> harris thank you. harris: absolutely, so tell me, what happens in these meetings. what they entail. >> you are right, you describe the scene so far a number of nominees have been into my office and other senator's offices to make the pitch to introduce themselves to have a conversation to develop a level of comfort.
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i suppose that is helpful as they said in front of the committee and answer questions,. they will give an opening statement, describe themselves and my guess give us their qualifications what they wish to accomplish in office, and every member of senate committee will be able to ask them a question. republicans and democrats alike. i would expect in case of commerce commity this week with officially, secretary of transportation, and potential secretary of commerce, those would be very respectful keeps s of hearings in which members of both parties are cordial to those nominees, i think the goal is to make certain that every senator feels comfortable with the nominee. harris: is there a sense, that it is you again the democrats in all this. >> or a situation where you feel like nominations can get a fair shake on capitol hill? >> i have to tell you what i
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hope, i think that every nominee should get a fair shake and treated with respect. traditionally, historically and in 2009, president obama's first year, his nominees, they were confirmed. 7 of them on the day of his inauguration. and 5 more the following week. i think there is a historically, it continued through president obama's initial term in office that when a new president is elected, he or she al should be able to surround themselves with individuals they want to work with. there is a difference given by those of u.s. senate to those individuals particularly the time of beginning of a new administration, i do not see it as us versus them. i am disturbed that press reports indicate that democrats early on said they would drag this process out as long as possible. >> they did say that.
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>> they did say, that they didn't indicate the motivation was to make certain they had all of the information they needed. it just seemed more of a partisan statement, that is not what this should be about. harry reid was instrumental in changing rules of u.s. senate, it used to require the vote of 60 senators to confirm a nominee for cabinet level, those rule changes that occurred in democrat days require 51. harris: they will have to live with that. >> that has change -- they do have to live with decisions they made, but having saiding, i hope of that as we' p make sure that information is available. we should start out on a good foot. harris: i want to get to a couple more things, just one more on this. reports senator moran that trump transition team may not have made nomnies a-- nominees
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available to ethics committee members. >> i don't think, i have seen the press reports, i would not know whether this is true or not. i would indicate in the past often times we have hearing on a nominee, without necessary requirement, fbi investigation and report for example, by by the time they are cor confirmedy have that information. harris: i was going to ask, i know from experience, that often times you get that information about conflicts of interest, whether they exist or not at hearings. let's talk about guantanamo bay, you have a president now in president obama, who promised since day one of his first term he would close that island prison in cuba. now setting forth to let go some of the suspects, the risk of them in a rush to get it shut
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down, what is that risk? >> it is huge, i am a significant critic of president obama and his administration in their effort to release additional detainees from guantanamo bay. i visited guantanamo bay 6 months ago, i have seen the circumstances. i know what kind of people are held there. we know that director of national intelligence in a report last year, indicated that 30% of those who were released, during this administration. effort to down size and close guantanamo bay, 30% of those detainees return the to the battlefield of terror against the u.s. this is a dangerous proposition, one that ought not be taken likely. harris: can you stop the president. >> it will be very difficult to do so, i would use this moment to caution secretary of defense, ash carter, who might sign a documentation that it is safe, and appropriate for these individuals to be released.
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that needs be a sincere honest assessment not driven by politics of final days of obama administration. harris: i ask you that question, your home state is one of those who said not in my backyard when the government of the looking at putting one of those detainees, several in your area. quickly your last thought. >> well, first in that regard, it has been a bipartisan effort to make certain that detainees are not brought to u.s., president obama has been informed both by letter in writing and conversation, but through legislation, no money can be spent to do so. can be used to plan to provide a facility. we're very concerned in kansas and other states this is not the place, which is a military instillation where we train military in an education sense, this is not the place for detainees to be. it would diminish our
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opportunities to bring foreign military officer for their education. harris: senator moran of kansas, in "the fox report" interview, thank you, sir. >> harris, happy new year. >> we'll be right back. why are you checking your credit score? i think we could finally get a bigger place. yeah, let me check my score too. try credit karma. it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit. [he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit
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harris: you are watching "the fox report," senate will take its first step toward repealing obama by the end of this week, they will replace it, but would not ewel elaborate on that. this is amid warnings about what might happens to americans relying on obamacare now. elmore from washington. >> discussions over repealing
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and replacing the affordable care act is looming over the republicans in the house, a dawnlting task, different facts in chamber look for common ground, president-elect trump's incoming chief of staff reince priebus said getting repeal and replace act done as once is the goal, that is what lawmakers have planned. >> it would be ideal if we could do it in one big action, but it may take time to get all elements of replace in place. >> we want to close this chapter, start new with a fresh approach that is more focused on putting patients in charge of their decision, with doctors. than the government decide what your health care plan should look like. reporter: a growing plan are listening to constituent, senator rand paul, said that republicans must have that plan if repeal is proposed. internal groups such have done so it is now about getting
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caucuses to agree before figuring out a way to get democrats on board. president obama who made a rare visit too capito to capitol hila mission to save his law, said he thinks the law will stand. >> it may be called something else. i don't mind. if the republicans make some modifications and relabel it as trump care. i am fine with that. reporter: there is a lot of talk about republicans, ball will be in the democrat court. all while we were there are tens of millions enrolled in healthcare, harris. harris: thank you elizabeth. >> a big premier monday night on fox news channel, tucker carlson moving to a new time, 9 p.m. eastern. talked about covering the president-elect. >> some media critics react to this, saying your sympathetic to donald trump.
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fair or unfair. >> i am a skeptic of everything and everyone. if well is one lesson of in election, voters' deep skepticism on all concentrations of power. >> you think there is not enough. >> there is not enough of that at all. very much our team and their team. very partisan but i think there is a lot of throne sniffing in dc. harris: begins at a new time starting tomorrow 9 p.m. eastern monday, don't miss it. >> senate confirmation hearings begin this week, we've been talking about it for president-elect trump's cabinet pick, why the confirmation schedule has the ethics committee concerned. israeli soldiers run over in a gruesome attack. gruesome attack. how our closest middle east ally
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anybody got a pack... that needs leadin'? serving all your motorcycle insurance needs. now, that's progressive. harris: we're in a new week. we're going to look ahead atsom. eight of president-elect trump's nominees will appear on capitol hill. nomination hearings kickoff tuesday. wednesday, brings hearings for education secretary, transportation secretary, secretary of state as and cia
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director, republicans need, 51 votes for confirmation. it is unlikely we'll see any of the nominees blocked. also, this, mr. trump is planning a news conference on wednesday, his first since his win in november, brian is here with more on, ethic committee has said it is concerned it didn't get to look at conflicts of interest. senator moran said they will see that in hearings anyway. >> the office of government ethic is concerned that the confirmation schedule is too packed and too fast, they have not completed all necessary background checks. and ethics clearances that check for conflicts of interest that are done before the confirmation hearings. it is a great concern some nominees this week could have their hearings before the ethic
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process are complete, writing in a letter to chuck schumer and elielizabeth warren in said, has created undue pressure. to rush through the important reviews. has left some of the nominees with potentially unresolved ethics issues before their scheduled hearings. he said, they are working overtime to make sure they can meet the deadlines. but what makes this different, in the past, oge would preclear a president elect cabinet nominee before they were announced publicly. that did not happen here. in some cases. harris: i would push back with a thought, remember how long is took bill clinton to go through this process. they had more time to do that, because the nominees were not named as quickly. i would imagine, just a thought and a question, the other thing, this president-elect has come under fire for two things not
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moving fast enough, and now moving too fast. >> to your point mitch mcconnell has said took what matters is this information is out before the vote. and said on face the nation, they are not going to delay the-ings, and democrats are acting like sore losers. >> we confirm 7 cabinet appointment the day president obama of sworn in we did not like most of them either. but he won the election. so all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration, at having not only lost the white house but the senate. i understand that. but we need to sort of grow up here and get past that. and have president's national security team in place on day one. reporter: democratic national committee demands that hearings be delayed. some like corey booker said on
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face the nation, that ethic process is more important given trump's cabinet pick. >> these people that donald trump has put as appointment to his cabinet are not like president obama's people, these are billionaires with vast holdings and vast wealth, the american people have a right to know if they will be entering into this office with conflicts of interest. reporter: in 2009, mcconnell wrote a letter to harry reid at the time demanding this information be set before they set meetings before the hearings in senate. we've seen this before. harris: it is interesting this is going to roll along. president-elect was one that was fighting for transparency in ethics process even within his own party a week ago. i guess that is how much a week changes, brian thank you. you know what is interesting, a live shot of white house right now. i am going to walk over to the other side of sit.
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our nation's capital is about to ignite with fever over the inauguration. i thought it would be interesting to have a senior adviser to president-elect trump, director of communication for the committee talk with us a little bit about how big this job is. there are all sorts of thins that people have talked about, is it going to be the same or different. i can tell you, different is on-line present. >> we had such a great time, and overwhelming support from the country, we have more following on social media than president obama had in 09, we're still two weeks away. the american people, have reached out, and have responded in ways that we could not have expected, we're humbled. harris: what is the biggest challenge for you, i am reading that size of the crowds are going to be huge, they always on. we have no idea what the weather will be. reporter: i am tall i can see great.
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harris: th the biggest challeng. >> we have just a bit under two weeks to go. we are dotting our i's and crossing our particular's, you start, with the laying of wreath at arlington cemetery, you honor those. then the make america great celebration, celebrating and honors every corner of this beautiful country all about the american people. harris: you were telling me, that tickets are not out there yet, there are a lot of things that have to come together. we'll be popping up pictures of things, one is senator roy blunt of missouri holding a ticket. i know from your web site you can order them. >> you can order them, they have plan printed for the make america great celebration, and
10:37 pm
most important for swearing in the american people do not need tickets, they should come from near and far from every corner, come, celebrate with us, celebrate this weigh peaceful tr of power. and trump movement in washington d.c. on noon january 20. harris: i want to get into nitty-gritty of how this might be different, what traditions are you preserving and what differences you are making. >> traditions are the house, traditional coffee tea between the first family and incoming first family, that is a hallmark of peaceful transfer of power, then noon january 20, president-elect becomes president, and, now, some things will be different, historically parades have been longer. it was 4 hours for eisenhower in
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this case, it will be shorter, representative and diverse, because this president-elect, is all about getting to work, working for the american people, making sure people are safe, secure, and employed. then inaugural ball, in 2009 there were 10, president obama, this year there will be three, two official inaugural ball one isaluting the law enforcement ad this year, first responders. harris: will they be there? they will be some members of first responders and those military members invited to the ball? >> the ball specifically for those armed forces and first responders. harris: i get idea of wanting to get back to work but why just three. >> you look at how big of an events do you want, is it a celebration or a cor cronnation.
10:39 pm
>> there will be enough with the three balls, you know, president-elect directed this inauguration be about people, all about uniting america, and then, vitally, all about getting to work. harris: boris, i mentioned, tsentoroi blunt of missouri -- senator, roy blunt of missouri he, was asked about security, he said he had concerned because this is such a big target, i know, without going to too much detail, we're at a time in history, where i mean look at orlando. right, look at h what happened n florida. we have a situation where people are sometimes fearful in large groups, what are you doing? >> so, the prevental committee are working with joint task force, an organization that combines all agency and military. they have designated that event
10:40 pm
a national special security events. there will be more 15,000 between national guard and active duty troops around washington d.c., washington d.c. that week will be the safe of place in the universe. people should come, visit, unite and feel right at home. harris: before i let you go in talking with president-elect trump what is his focus on that day? i get the hat make america great gain, but aside from that. >> not just hat, it is not just a slogan it is a plan. that means unite america, put america back to work, make sure we're sitting on a hill. to your point look at florida and san bernardino, it is about making america safe. americans have to be safe in their home, jobs and world. hthat what what he will be talking about. a big part of the events, i am so proud to be on this team. harris: i can sense that.
10:41 pm
>> so proud to work for this president-elect, i cannot wait there are that moment noon january 20. harris: we have known ev each or for years, a big smile on your face, but boris. >> a big story on this weekend in israel, a horrifying attack, a truck driver plows through a crowd of soldiers, what officials are saying about that man. >> and american official followed and shot as he walked through a mall parking lot. latest on his condition. as officials capture the alleged gunman. stay with us. how are the taxes going? still trying to find a good site.
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harris: the man accused of shooting au consulate official in mexico is in custody that suspect is a u.s. citizen, footage shows the suspect following an american official and ambushing him in a parking lot. he is reportedly in stable condition. >> and at least 4 people are dead and more than a dozen others injured after a palestinian struck driver plowed through a crowd of israeli soldier, israel prime minister netanyahu said that the suspect is an isis supporters and suggested that the attack was inspired by similar attacks in europe, john huddy with more. reporter: this is first major
10:46 pm
terrorist attack in 2017 in israel, raising concerns if this is the beginning of another deadly wave of violent, a warning this video may be disturbing. surveillance video shows the moment a commercial truck ploys into a group of israeli arm cadets, mowing them down, driver throwing the truck in reverse crushing those already on the ground, 4 people were killed, 17 others injured, security fores shot and killed that driver, a 28-year-old palestinian man. police say he acted alone. >> he saw the opportunity, drove his vehicle, ramd vehicle to the group of soldiers, unfortunately the result is tragic, this is one of the worst terrorist attack over the last year in jerusalem. reporter: that is the truck that ran into the group of the soldiers here today, they are gathered on the grass, they have been pullingbs away, this happened what called the peace
10:47 pm
forest promenade this afternoon. i live right down the block. this is where i walk my dog every day. i have gone down, i was walking a path in the forest and was coming back up when this happened, i heard screams, i heard what sound like gunshots, israeli prime minister netanyahu said that truck's driver was a supporter of isis, it does not appear he had any connection to the terror group of he may have been inspired by similar terror attacks in france and germany. today's violence happened within a mile of u.s. consulate administrate of headquarters here. president-elect trump has promised to move u.s. embassy from tel tel aviv to jerusalem, possibly using consulate at a temporary embassy before a new one is built, palestinian leaders warned that moves the emtome jerusalem could insight more violence. harris: tu john thank you. >> we look at the battle for
10:48 pm
moatmosulin iraq, and a new wars episode. >> in chec exclusive footage obd by fox news, isis fighters caught in gunfire. engaged my peshmerga soldiers, this is literally trench warfare: suddenly another one lying in wait blows himself up, an all too common isis tactic. >> water? >> isis fights for every inch of ground. and kills anyone they can. as the peshmerga try to defeat them, and are defeated them. you need food? we have. >> people are running from mosul and running from isis, so had they come here, we try to give
10:49 pm
them any help we can, that is food, medicine, water, and pray. harris: war stores fighting isis, in battle for mosul airs right after the fox report, don't miss it. >> queen elizabeth is back in the public eye after weeks of downtown, because of a bad cold. she arrived for church service, her first public appearance in weeks. the 90-year-old british royal missed christmas day service for first time in decades. >> award season is kicking into gear, hollywood favorites are coming it right now for the golden globe, that is next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view,
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♪ harris: that is my own personal anthem. 74th annual golden globe awards are minutes away, it kicks off hollywood award season. i am typically only into red carpet, michael is in, he is all about the red carpet. we saw hidden figures and met the cast we're in love with it, we hope it is a golden night. reporter: you know it. the biggest party of the year in hollywood, everyone comes together to celebrate best in television and film. >> yea! reporter: host jimmy fallon helped roll out the red carpet. first major award show of season, puts focus on the year's
10:54 pm
top films, many of which are based on true stories. nominees, best actress, natalie portman for former first lady jacquelin kennedy in "jackie " >> i with another family. >> cast of lion, are garnering praise. as well as jonah hill, in war dogs. and octavia spence or in hidden figures. >> this is the dream. very, very exciting. reporter: 2 indy nominees are gaining box office momentum, "la la land" made more than $66 million. >> i can't be the guardian. reporter: manchester by the sea made 30 million. >> welcome to the golden globe awards. reporter: the stakes are high for nominees this award show is also known for the relaxed
10:55 pm
atmosphere, a roomful of a-listers enjoying an open bar. >> i wrote and direct on -- reporter: we know harris, who else is a fan. one of your big boxes, murdoch we caught up with him and his wife, a big night for our president-elec-- parentcompany. harris: that movie is pretty amazing about our american history in space, and role that women played, we'll see how our fox family does, michael, that velvet jacket is everything, i'm just saying. reporter: thank you just for you. harris: all right, we'll be oh, how was the open house? so good! did you apply? oh, i'll do it later today. your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? credit karma. it's free. that's great! um hm. just whip bam boom, it's done. that apartment is mine!
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credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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. harris: all right, i like to get excited about fixing things when they go wrong. constructing a production error, i put up the graphic. earlier we reported on the confirmation hearings coming up this week. we swapped the pictures, our graphics team did of mike pompeo and wilbur ross. this is how it should have looked, this is how it will look going forward. we apologize for the error and let's move on. i'll be back tomorrow at noon eastern with "outnumbered". have a fabulous week, and you know what's up next? war stories, fighting isis, the islamic savages of the isis group in the battle for mosul. it starts right now. have a great week.
11:00 pm
interesting. chris: i'm chris wallace, vladimir putin ordered a cyber-attack to interfere in our presidential election and help donald trump win. as tension rises between the president elect and the nation's spy chiefs. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i don't think that we've ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our election process. >> today incoming chief of staff reince priebus on mr. trump's rocky relationship with the intelligence community. and the president elect seems to have an ally in the founder of wikileaks. >> the notion that the elected


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