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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 9, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ ♪ >> good morning, you are watching fox & friends first on this monday morning, i'm lisa boothe in for heather childers. >> brand new horrifying news lisa: live outside the ft. lauderdale courthouse, steve. >> first court appearance for 26-year-old shooter, he faces multiple federal charges including using a weapon in the airport. the 26-year-old could be looking at the death penalty. 26-year-old pulling out a pistol
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and shooting on friday and began firing. right now there's investigation of law enforcement officials how tmz obtained security footage. still a lot of questions around this case, five people dead, six wounded and two in critical condition. the motive still not clear. right now investigators are not ruling out any links to terrorism. the lead investigator on the case is fbi agent george pirro, same intelligent who was the sole interrogator of saddam hussein, more than ten thousand people really scrambled away in the panic after the shooting on friday afternoon. they still have 20,000 bags to return to people.
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a big task. >> heart-breaking, thank you so much. thank you for the report. battle lines are dropped. president-elect trump's cabinet picks. clayton: look at the list. a fierce faceoff brewing between democrats and republicans. good morning, rick. >> good morning, clayton and lisa. president-elect trump has selected nominees, now it's time for the united states senate to confirm or deny those choices. hearings begin tomorrow with the attorney general nominee jeff sessions, one of the most opposed by liberal groups. also tomorrow john kelly. wednesday betsy, elaine chao for transportation and rex tillerson for state and mark pompeo to run cia. james mattis for defense. senate republicans are rushing the confirmation process as
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director of federal office of government ethics says his team has yet to complete review of the president elect's nominees. the senate majority leader says the senate should quickly consider -- elect trump's nominees just as the senate quickly confirm president-elect trump obama's nominees in 2009. >> all of these little procedural complaints are related to the frustration of not having only lost the white house and the senate, i understand that, we need to grow up and get past that. >> democrats argue the senate needs more time, as many of them control billions as well as international business interests. lisa, clayton, back to you. lisa: i bet the democrats are kicking for the rules three years ago. clayton: carma, comes back around. lisa: biggest nights in hollywood setting tone for award
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season. clayton: got political as liberal celebs took the stage to bash president-elect trump. >> you have to pair with the right salts and vinegars. >> locker room talk if you are joining us right now. >> one of the few places left where america still honors the popular vote. a lot of of people wonder what would it be if king jafry have lived, well, we will find out. [laughter] >> disrespect, invites disrespect, violence incites violence. when the powerful use the position to bully others, we all lose. lisa: you would think it was a roast, one by one, stars making joke or taking direct aim at president elect, actress meryl streep to target mr. trump without even saying his name. clayton: as for what the night
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was about the awards, la la land was the biggest winner, nominating and making the most decorated in golden globe history. bitter cold blasting much of the country after a nasty winter weather. lisa: glaze of snow and ice causing hundreds of accidents across mutt approximately states. at least four people have sadly been killed. clayton: new danger out in the west, big storms bringing epic rain and snow. janice dean tracking the latest. janice, i saw that iconic tree toppled overnight because of the storm. janice: a huge story this week as we have big systems moving into the west bringing epic rain as you mentioned and in some cases they haven't seen rain
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like this new years as well as incredible amounts of snow. that's a big deal. much of the country every single state except florida has snow cover. pretty incredible, right? 37 in dallas. cold air is in place. that snow is going to remain. single digits and teens across the country. all right, we do have lake effect snow moving across the lakes. we have tropical connection that continues to bring incredible amounts of rain across the west, inbelievable amounts of snow in mountain and regions and this is ongoing through monday and tuesday and look at the next system that moves in on tuesday across the central california area up towards the northwest, 4
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to 6, maybe 8-inches plus of rainfall, let's put the snow pack on this. we have huge drought in this area and we are going to see a dent. flash flooding, mud slides and avalanche threat is ongoing throughout the region. the west is really taking precautions right now as they need to be. lisa and clayton back to you. lisa: thank you, janice, we hope everyone stays safe. clayton: isis clearly behind the deadly truck attack in jerusalem. all signs point to the terror group. the disgusting rampage caught on camera, we want to warn you the video may disturb you. you see the palestinian suspect mowing israeli soldiers, killing four and injuring 15 others, the driver shot and killed at the
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scene. lisa: new developments overnight of multimillion dollar kim kardashian robbery. arresting 16 people after finding dna on stolen jewelry. the armed thieves making off with $10 million worth of jewels including 10-karat diamond engagement ring. clayton: officers swarming a spirit airlines flight at chicago o'hare, 21-year-old malik niel, he ran past security and attacked officers and tsa agents. lisa: millions of americans are watching football and golden globes the fbi quietly released 300 page of hillary emails.
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clayton: now to fox business alert, before you leave the house, break. lisa: cheryl casone with the recall you need to know. cheryl: this is going to cover volkswagen and audi vehicles. 2009 sports wagon, gti and rabbit and many more. you will get a letter, the dealer will make a repair. it was a manufacturing issue. no injuries or accidents reported but better safe than sorry. lisa: absolutely. clayton: another company adding more jobs here at home, cheryl? cheryl: here we go another auto
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maker is going to add jobs here in the united states, a billion dollar investment from fiat chrysler, michigan and ohio benefactors of plant jobs, 2,000 jobs are going to be added. plants are going to be modernized. capable to make a truck there according to the company's website. right now they are manufacturing in méxico, i found that in toledo, ohio they are going to get new equipment. they were going to bring more jobs to the united states. this is really important if you were trying menu items in starbucks across the country. no more. they are going to end the evenings program. place of food, so much for that mac and cheese. that's going to be gone, sorry.
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what they're going to do -- ceo is reporting he's going to be leaving. those are high-end larger space starbucks. they want to make it an event, if you will. they want you to come in and do more things, shop more and selling high-end coffee as well and new menu items. they are going to line up italian back risks they brought the rights to bring them to the usa. clayton: no more beer and whine -- wine at starbucks? cheryl: no more beer and wine. clayton: millions of dollars meant to be spent on veterans wasted, where it went will leave you outraged.
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lisa: remember the cast hamilton. >> we are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. lisa: quite the opposite for hillary clinton. wait until you see the warm welcome that she receives. clayton: boycott and designers dressing first lady for the inauguration. hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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so we sent that sample i doff to ancestry. i was from ethnically. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at ♪ ♪ ♪ lisa: president-elect trump once again taking aim at the media over russian report. clayton: specifically blasting nbc news for cutting kellyanne
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conway's interview and obtaining classified reports. >> president-elect trump expressing concern of media getting information, the democrats, critically of leaks intelligence to the media and on sunday mr. trump tweeted again about the issue tweeting this, before i or anyone saw the classified and/or highly confidential hacking intelligence report it was leaked out to nbc news, so serious. mr. trump is also taking aim at the media once again. this time he's blasting nbc's meet the press for cutting part of its interview with incoming white house counselor kellyanne conway. kellyanne conway went to meet the press with an interview with chuck, dishonest media, cut out nine of interview. russia did not succeed and did not help mr. trump win the
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election. meanwhile on fox news sunday, incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus explains u.s. intelligence report and russia was behind hacking the presidential campaign. chris: does he accept that the russians were behind the hacking campaign, yes or no? >> well, sure, he's not denying that entities in russia were behind this particular hacking campaign. >> back and forth continues, later this morning, well, you don't know this but i'm telling you now, later this morning wikileaks will hold a press conference about all of this. they would be responding to the u.s. intelligence report on russia. of course, they will have their own take. lisa: thanks, a lot going on there. two performances on broadway for mike pence and hillary clinton. the clintons got a very warm
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welcome. [cheers and applause] lisa: as you can see the crowd giving them not one but three standing ovation before the color purple. the democratic nominee shaking hands and taking selfies, that's a big difference when vice president elect went to see hamilton. >> we are a diverse and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. lisa: mr. pence got a lectured from the cast and got booed by the audience. clayton: thank you, lisa. mariah carey saying she was foiled into new year's fiasco. foiled. maria sharing this audio message with fan on twitter, listen. >> they foiled me, thus, it
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turned into an opportunity to humiliate me and others who were excited. clayton: foiled. sabotaging the performance for ratings which they firmly denied. she's now taking a break from the media and social media. lisa: time is 5:19 on the east coast and president obama doubling down that race relations have gotten better. >> i'm absolutely convinced that race relations on the whole are actually better now. lisa: we want to know what you think. the comments were pouring on this one. clayton: highest in two decades. incentive to down play the violence. ♪ ♪
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clayton: welcome back, the horrific torture video of a white man by four black teens in the rise of black lives matter, some of the signs that racial tensions are running high in this country but president obama says race relations have improved since taking office eight years ago. >> i'm absolutely convinced that rake relations on the whole are actually better now than they were. yes, but we have greater awareness of where we are falling short than we used to. clayton: the president saying people seeing videos make it worse than it is.
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majority of viewers disagreeing with that assessment. william says, obama is dead wrong. sandra writes, he needs to remove his blindfold from his eyes and use whatever brain he has, ouch. only in his protected glass house have they gotten better. let us know what you think of this, lisa. lisa: out of control violence now plaguing the nation's third biggest city, but you wouldn't know it at the university of chicago. the windy city fresh off of one of the deadliest years with 762 murderers, up from last year, the university of chicago is trying to downplay the city's violent reputation. school officials are offering $500 to tour guys who can come up trying to get more students to enroll. taxpayer cash for mascot changes, will pay schools in the state to get rid of mascots like
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the redskins, chiefs, warriors and braves. clayton: somewhat for a boycott, designers now have to wear future first lady. lisa: all fighting for the former model melania trump to wear design. clayton: mark jacobs and sophie. all refused to work with her in the first place. all right. well -- lisa: you're fashion forward, you're doing great. clayton: 25 minutes after the hour. jenna bush messes up the name of pharel's new movie.
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liberals labeling her as a, quote, racist. lisa: blow to the new york giants, super bowl 2017 were crushed by green bay packers, highlights from week one of the playoffs are coming up.
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plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing start your used car search at do you think i'm gonna crack under pressure or conquer the field? defy expectations any day with always infinity. made with flexfoam. absorbs 10x its weight. rewrite the rules. always. lisa: fox news alert. mystery surrounds florida massacre as accused gunman is set to face judge for the first time. what we learned about his past and also a possible motive. clayton: preparing for battle, cabinet confirmation hearings begin for trump. it's going to be hot. the democrats are not giving up without a fight. >> all of the procedural complaints are related to frustration but we need to sort of grow up here and get past
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that. clayton: a lot of growing up to do in washington. we are live with the fierce faceoff. lisa: you don't say. >> a lot of locker room talk. >> what it would have been if king joffrey have lived, well we are going to find out. lisa: liberals using golden globe to make aim at president elect. mr. trump just responded. fox & friends first continues right now. ♪ ♪ clayton: good morning, everyone, from a frigid new york city. you're watching fox & friends first. lisa: it is very cold. 530 i'm on the east coast.
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we are back with fox news alert, brand-new horrifying video showing a madman murder rampage. clayton: the killer set to face the judge today and that's where we find steve outside of the ft. lauderdale house. good morning, steve. >> good morning, clayton. 26-year-old shooter will making appearance behind me. he faces a range of charges including violence in an apter using a weapon so he could be facing a possible death penalty. in the meantime an investigation is underway in how the website tmz obtained security video footage from the airport when the shooting began. i've got to warn some viewers, they may find the video disturbing. still uncertain now is the motive for the shooting which
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left five people dead, wounded six and two of those still in critical condition in the hospital. right now the fbi is not ruling out any links to terrorism, the lead investigator for the fbi agent was the sole interrogator of saddam hussein. while the airport is running, still major headache of luggage of people who fled during after math, returned 25,000 bags, back to you in new york. clayton: yeah. all right, thanks so much steve live for us from florida on that. confirmation hearings begin for president-elect trump's cabinet picks. lisa: fierce faceoff brewing already between democrats and republicans. rick, tell us what's going on. >> good morning, lisa and clayton, senate republicans are
2:33 am
quickly consider president-elect trump's nominees, senate democrats say republicans need to slow down. the hearings begin tomorrow with the attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions, trump pick most opposed by liberals and john kelly for secretary and wednesday betsy, elaine chao for transportation and rex tillerson for state and congressman mike pompeo to run the cia. thursday ben carson has hearing, wilbur ross for commerce and james mattis for defense. top democrats argue that republicans have set too aggressive confirmation schedule, it has yet to complete review of president elect-trump's nominees. the senate has all it needs to confirm or deny the president elect's choices. >> they have to get moving. i mean, they have to move faster and they have all of the information. in fact, there's no reason, it's the first week of january.
2:34 am
they have all the details they need. it's no different from any other new administration coming in and the american people demand it. change was voted for and change we will get. >> republicans point to the senate process eight years when the democrat controlled senate quickly confirmed president obama's team. many nominees controlled billions in international businesses and therefore they need more time and consideration to evaluate any conflicts of interest. clayton, lisa, thank you. lisa: thanks, rich, it's going to be an interesting week in washington. hollywood liberals are threw a fit at the golden globe awards last night. clayton: host jimmy fallon wasted to time getting political following by actress meryl streep. they didn't like that it last night. >> no surprise. a night intended to honor the
2:35 am
best and brightest in show business, but, of course, that didn't happen. it wound up feeling like a political rally, host jimmy fallon attacking the president elect only a few seconds during opening monologue. >> this is the golden globe, one of the few places where america still honor it is popular vote. a lot of people wonder what it would have been if king joffrey had listed, well, we are going find out. >> they felt flat with some folks on social media. seven tweets, no one cares. laura engram commented on last night's teleprompter issues. teleprompter fails and fallon struggles to fill, called donald trump for tips next time and less than impressed. please never let jimmy fallon on a stage ever again. [laughter] lisa: i think he could have been
2:36 am
stronger with that, don't you? clayton: also meryl streep, the lifetime achievement award and took sometime out of her speak -- she didn't mention him by name, right? lisa: turning her lifetime achievement award speech into a total antitrump rant. >> disrespect invites disrespects, violence incites violence. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> social media exploding with reaction. some calling the speech noble, other says it only created a deeper divide in america. kelly writing, meryl streep, don't you get it, there are people that make less than a year than celebrities spend on the night, check your privilege, talking down to american families, many whom are living paycheck to paycheck. a lot of people are wondering how the president elect would
2:37 am
react in an interview with "the new york times" mr. trump said he did not watch the golden globes but was not surprised he was attacked by, quote, liberal movie people. good response. lisa: probably a good thing he didn't watch then, right? jenna is facing some backlash and can you tell us about that? >> honest mistake or racist mix-up, combining movie title hidden figures and fences, both films starring african americans actors. >> you're nominated for hidden fences. >> actor took the same mistake in the #hidden fences. being accused racism. jenna bush asked about hidden senses, i guess all black movies look the same to her. clayton: come on, really? >> things got really political
2:38 am
and really serious when it should have been -- clayton: michael keaton made the same mistake. >> let's talk about the movies and the dresses, that certainly didn't happen last night. lisa: time is 5:38 on the east coast, why does a good relationship with russia have to be a bad thing? a fair and balance debate is coming your way next. clayton: taking the high road, the university that gave athlete it is right to light up. lisa: is now banned from the social media site. per roll
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clayton: welcome back, president-elect trump sparking outrage on the left calling for reset on russia. why are they so angry? here to weigh in american university of public affairs caprie, donald trump on twitter on saturday responding to these new reports the other day basically saying anybody would be a fool or a stupid person to not think that we should have a closer relationship with russia. a fool, stupid person? >> i don't think people that are a fool or stupid to try to engage russia, it certainly would be ideal for us to have a stronger alliance with russia to try to develop a friendship with them, to do things like combat terror, global terrorism, for example, create an alliance where we can actually deal with, for example, north korea.
2:43 am
now, that being said, it's easier said than done. while i think it's something we should strive towards, what we are dealing as an individual in vladimir putin who has shown that his number one priority is getting rid of sanctions. if we want to do that it and rebuild a relationship with russia, putin needs to come to the table and actually do things like deal with the territorial integrity of ukraine and some of the issues that precipitated us issuing sanctions against ukraine, including encroachment of crimea which is violation of 1995 treaty between russia and ukraine. clayton: this is something that the obama administration tried? >> sure, they're upset because they lost the election. plain and simple. i mean, it's astounding to me hypocrisy from the left. it was four years ago in front of 50 million people barack
2:44 am
obama shied at mitt romney for suggesting that russia could possibly be a foe, the 80's wants their policies back and hillary clinton did the reset button that was said wrong and tried to present it to russian diplomat and they laughed at her. clayton: although mitch mcconnell is not so optimistic about this, let's play this sound and get you both to respond to mitch mcconnell, watch. >> i don't think it's all that unusual for a in the president to want to get along with the russians. i remember george w. bush having the same hope, my suspicions is the hopes will be dashed pretty quickly. >> we do need to strive towards new relationship with russia but at the same time vladimir putin has proven in its track record that he's more interested in trying to improve his stature domestically within the russian
2:45 am
federation, he will flex his muscle in places like ukraine and that entire region. it is unfortunately likely ha hopes will be dashed and senator mcconnell is correct, but i certainly hope that the new administration will find a way to forge a stronger relationship with russia for the sake of everyone's national security. clayton: pete, where do you come down on mitch mcconnell's comments? >> it possibly could be. i don't trust putin more than i can throw him and i'm a college wrestler. i trust that donald trump will represent the united states better than barack obama. no one respected the united under barack obama and john kerry and hillary clinton's failed policies. clayton: we thank you for waking up early with us. >> thank you very much. lisa: good debate. let's check with steve doocy to see what's happening on fox &
2:46 am
friends. steve: kellyanne conway will join us. a lot of stuff to talk about. also mike huckabee. we will talk about the politics occurring right now capitol hill in advance of the inauguration. also tucker carlson starts a big news show tonight. actually same show, moving two hours to 9:00 p.m. eastern. there's a high school band that's going to be performing at donald trump's inaugural parade, but before they do that, they are going to perform for us. it's kind of a thank you to the many people who donated money from all across the country to raise $135,000. three hours kicks off about 13 and a half minutes from now in the channel you all trust for good morning news. lisa: thanks, steve. clayton: go grab some coffee.
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lisa: coming up next. we will see you soon.
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clayton: welcome back, congress getting another chance to lock up illegals for five years to try to sneak back in. kate's law reintroduced by the new 115th congress, kate stanley was killed by juan francisco lopez sánchez while walking on a san francisco peer with her father. the illegal had been deported five times, lisa. lisa: yet another scandal rocking the va, this time millions of dollars down the drain. a new report shows incentives given out to employees that were not always warranted, the va
2:51 am
inspector fining to recruit relocate or retain employees was not fully justified. human resources says they're working on corrective measures. va whistle blower will join fox and friends later to discuss what this means to the struggling va. clayton: congress gears up for a battle over obamacare, he's confident that it will survive even if under new name. >> if in fact, republicans make modifications, some which i was seeking previously but they wouldn't cooperate because they didn't want to make the system work and relabel it as trump care, i'm fine with that. clayton: he never liked the obamacare name anyway. cheaper system that ensures more people. lisa: one university is taking the high road when it comes to soon athletes smoking pot. punishment for marijuana use.
2:52 am
athletes who test positive for the first time will not be suspended. under the old policy they could have been suspended for up to two weeks. punishment for each additional failed test. clayton: offenses moving on in the next round. lisa: jared max is here with all of the highlights. jared. jared: we saved the best for last yesterday or so we thought, a weekend of blow-outs, packers-giants was supposed to be a tight one and it was for the first half. giants try today win closing seconds of the first half. packers up 7-6, aaron rogers for the hail mary, slips behind every defender and grabs the pass. second half, go pack go.
2:53 am
rogers, touchdown connection number three with randal cobb, packers win 38-13. earlier in pittsburgh, the miami dolphins swarmed by the black and gold version of the killer bees, ben, brown, bell, antonio brown catching touchdown. 14-0 steelers, seven minutes into the game. third quarter, untouched. eight-yard touchdown. steelers crushed the dolphins. 30-10. 167 rushing yards, 30 to 10. the average score, the wild card game this weekend was 30-11. a lot of blow-out. he left the stadium in a walking booth, hurt his ankle. saturday seahawks head to atlanta and face will falcons, you will see the game on fox.
2:54 am
sunday kansas city, chiefs and steelers. then the packers head to dallas to face the cowboys. that's going to be a lot of fun. green bay has won seven in a row and that game is on fox. lisa: reliving the moments. clayton: sitting by the fire. politics kellyanne conway. jared: odell beckham, jr., hillary clinton neither showed up in wisconsin. [laughter] jared: retweeted it and said the best tweet ever. lisa: pretty clever there. jared: odell beckham, jr. got undressed.
2:55 am
clayton: their moms are waving their fingers at them. lisa: time 5:54 on east coast. a cow stuck on thin ice, literally, historic or heroic rescue rather. clayton: what happened when famed magician almost died during one of his magic tricks?
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staples. make more happen. clayton: first the good, a cow finding itself literally on thin ice back on solid ground this morning. police in oregon tracking down its owner after lassoing the cow back to safety. lisa: instead the cup and bullet chattered striking him in the back of the throat. i was sure the bullet went right through my head and i was dead. that's why i don't do magic tricks. clayton: the pharmaceutical executive got booted off twitter for harassment. plus one to the inauguration, she called him out on twitter, called him out to twitter ceo
3:00 am
and not long after the account was suspended. she said she would have her -- lisa: probably not a good offer. clayton: fox & friends right now, see you. >> ready for a five-day workweek? everybody is back. i'm ainsley earhardt. look at all those faces. democrats need to stop wining and fall in line. >> we confirmed seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either but he won the election. ainsley: we are going to tell you what to expect. steve: the u.s. just keeps on winning, major auto maker vows to create thousands of jobs right here in the united states.


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