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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 9, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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see you back here in an hour. >> jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert, the inauguration just 11 days away, the republican-controlled senate is in a race to fill the presidential cabinet. this is "outnumbered," i am meghan mccain, harris faulkner, republican strategist and fox news contributor, lisa boothe. and we welcome back judge andrew napolitano. judge, you are "outnumbered" ." >> andrew: i am happy to be outnumbered. where were you? am i allowed to say. >> meghan: i was someplace very fancy with my boyfriend. >> andrew: about 2000 miles away. >> meghan: i am very happy to have one lucky guy on my day back. center senate republicans were - want to move fast. he can have his team in place on
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day one, but democrats are accusing republicans of trying to ram the nominees through without the proper to enact ethics betting. they argue that mr. trump deserves scrutiny involving sample nominees. a senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is telling democrats to grow up. cory booker is telling them that it should not be about party politics. >> the democrats are really frustrated that they lost the election, i was in senator schumer's position eight years ago, what do we do? we confirmed seven cabinet appointments that day that president obama was sworn in. we did not like most of them either. but he won the election. >> we literally have a ethics act that puts the requirements on transparency. this is about national security and knowing the conflicts of people that have to deal with other countries and negotiate with them. >> meghan: judgment galway
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joins us from capitol hill. hello, doug. >> hello, and tomorrow will largely regard lead as the high theater gets underway with the first of those confirmation hearings. the first of nine for the week ahead, first up is going to be jeff sessions of alabama. he was the pick for attorney general, and of course he promises to be one of the more controversial figures, but democrats are not waiting for the hearings to get underway before they try to disrupt the republican agenda. chuck schumer and senate democrats will hold the senate floor until late, late into the night. they are going to be broadcasting this all live on facebook live tonight. republicans vowed not to be intimidated by what democrats are calling the plan to make america sick again. >> it is not about renaming something, it is about replacing it, it is about really moms and dads on main street that have had higher premiums, who have lost their coverage or doctor. it is incumbent on us to not
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only repeal, but replace. >> democrats are also posting -- protesting the fact that the committees have not received the ethics forms that the nominees must fill out. republicans as you heard said this is really not all that unusual. they reminded them that they confirmed seven of mr. obama's nominees back in 2008 on inauguration day. >> meghan: we are trying to get our cabinet appointees are confirmed. we deserve that respect, and the president-elect deserves that swift action because the majority leader is right, that's on day one, inauguration day 2009, eight years ago the senate confirmed seven. >> the most contingent will be rex tillerson, the secretary of state, that in large part because of his close ties to russia and opposition to sanctions against russia. there are definitely a couple of
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republicans in the senate who are raising large questions about tillerson, that could potentially threaten his nomination. but this is all forecasting at this point. one of the great things about these hearings, it was described as a high wire act, though republicans are hoping that the high wire gets to the other side, but there are lots of potential missteps along the way. we will be watching very closely, high theater and high drama. >> meghan: we are all looking forward to seeing what happens. i'm going to start with you, judge. the confirmation hearings, is there any sort of credence to democrats saying there are too many people if you're going to go through these hearings? do you think there are too many people? >> andrew: no, i do not think there are too many people. they did this to the republicans when they were in a reverse situation, and they had confirmation. donald trump has a lot on his plate. he cannot get it done until he gets a government in place. this is why these seven nominees are arguably the most important people to get in place
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immediately, and the democrats have a duty to cooperate. a very interesting developments came out during the giants-packers game, the outcome still made me sick. >> harris: right there with you, judge. a lot of money on that. >> andrew: the lovable chiefs. released by the fbi, clintons emails, why are they releasing it now? it proves indisputably that the person that she emailed the most was hacked by hostile intelligence forces. this vindicates what donald trump said during the campaign. it vindicates what rogue fbi agent said when jim comey said we are not going to prosecute her. it elevates the case to prosecute her. and to get back where we started, it will be front and center in senator sessions' confirmation hearing. will you look at this new evidence and reopen the case against her? the case has now been proven.
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>> meghan: i think those controversial picks, rex tillerson, betsy devos. do you think there will be high drama as was said? >> kennedy: i think that they will try to create some drama with betsy devos. i have some fill philosophical situations with her. i think she is deftly fighting the good fight. really excited to see someone like that confirmed at the department of education. rex tillerson is interesting, because i think you might find some agreement here. i would hope that senators placed a much more powerful microscope on jeff sessions and his record. and what he would do without much power concentrated in the attorney general's office, particularly when it comes to some of the state of marijuana laws that have been passed down. it is now in the territory. i find some of what he talked about to be some problematic. rex tillerson, he has no bipartisan issue, because he has democrats and republicans who are very worried about his ties
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to russia. i think if he does a good job of clarifying what he has done as the head of exxon and what he sees the united states role going forward with rush i am really makes a solid case. i think he can. >> andrew: it i can just supplement kennedy for a minute. usually the secretary of state has a well-known record of opinions. have you ever heard rex tillerson's voice to even know what it sounds like? >> harris: to hear from them, i know that senator jerry moran was arm with us on fox report last night, he will be in the hearings for transportation and commerce. he is going to be part of that this week. i asked him the question, you know, democrats have said that they are going to make it difficult, may be stalled, maybe slow things down for these nominees. he said, they can do all of that or they can dial up their better angels and we will hear exactly why he says that it probably will not go the way that democrats want. watch. >> harry reid, the former
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majority winner was instrumental in changing the rules. it used to require the vote of 60, united senators to confirm the nominee for the cabinet level position. of those rule changes that occurred in the democratic days only require 51. so they will have to live with it. and the decisions they made. >> harris: sure. >> having said that, i hope it's republicans we want to make sure that the information is ember of the united states senate. >> harris: he feels confident that to the conflict of interest or anything we have questions about will actually be part of the hearings and there should be no concern about that. i thought it was really interesting that democrats are going to have to be graceful through their disappointment. [laughter] can they do it, because 51 votes is a different threshold? >> andrew: schumer is going to be graceful? >> lisa: republicans just need a simple majority, it does put an emphasis on rex tillerson, because the republican party needs to pick off republicans to
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potentially try to block out. that's probably the only one that they could potentially pregnant but a lot of this from the left is just politics as usual. because schumer, the majority leader says that they want to slow the process. so no wonder that mitch mcconnell wants to stack the deck to get this done. as was pointed out earlier in the senate, both by the judge as well, republicans eight years ago confirmed seven obama appointees on the first day. five that week, 13 were done by a voice vote without any opposition. it's disingenuous by the left as well. >> kennedy: you heard senator mcconnell say, we did not like them. we did the job of dealing with them. >> lisa: i don't think they need more time, i think they need to ask better questions. spend a lot less time in front of cameras, and figure out how to get to the heart of the issue that have nothing to do with parties and everything to do with actually serving the american people. can i get an amen on that one? >> meghan: president-elect's
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-- says that united intelligence essay that russia intended to interfere with the election. but now president obama and some top republicans warning about ever trusting vladimir putin. plus actress meryl streep at to lessen its golden globes, she was not the only one. the hollywood elite really should be lecturing ordinary americans? that debate next. after the show, you can join the live chat by going to or and of course, you can tweet us. see you there. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um.
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♪ >> harris: president-elect arnold term's incoming chief of staff says the president-elect accepts that russia tried to meddle in the united states election. the report detailed the hack, finding president vladimir putin directing them to help mr. trump. previous who was in the room with my search as the findings were selected, so some of that should fall on the dnc. watch. >> i think he accepts the findings, chris. but here's the thing that i think people need to understand.
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this has been something going on in our elections for many, many years. both the russians, the chinese, the iranians, it happens. every election period. it just so happened that the dnc had nearly no defenses on their system. and when they were warned multiple times by the fbi, they did not respond. >> harris: mr. trump has so far declined saying whether he understands the assertion that russia worked on his behalf. they are calling for a close relationship between the two countries. tweeting on saturday, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools with think it was bad but we have enough problems around the world without another one. by president obama warned thinking president putin would ever be a friend to the u.s. >> we have to remind ourselves that we are on the same thing team. vladimir putin is not on our team. if we get to a point where
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people in this country feel more affinity with a leader who is an adversary and use the united states and our way of life as a threat to him, then we are going to have bigger problems than just cyber hacking. >> harris: the kremlin is now weighing in on the reports. echoing mr. trump's assertion that the hacking investigation is a witch hunt. okay, so i seem to remember a current president obama whispering in a russians air, wait until after the election of things being a little bit more admit a bowl. am i misremembering? >> andrew: know, if you are, we all are. we have seen the tape of that. i don't know what is in barack obama's mind at the moment except that the pain and anguish of a failed a legacy, he is about to experience. but let me put it in a word for donald terms attitude.
9:17 am
this may disagree with your dad's. i remember when richard nixon came up with what was thought to be the insane idea of selling washing machines, stereos, and blue jeans to the russians. it made them westernized. it began détente, and eventually began what we experienced under george h bush, the fall of the berlin wall, and the freeing of eastern europe. trump may be onto something. we need to give him a little bit of time. >> harris: so, this is not breaking news how he feels towards the idea of communicating with the russians. when you look at how he was swept into office. he was actually elected, may be some people agree with you who went to the ballot box. >> lisa: it is very interesting, because i see this. i see a lot of people on the left saying, well, the reason that vladimir putin wanted to interfere with the election was so that donald trump would get elected because he would be a
9:18 am
much more malleable president that who thinks a toy with. well, it is the exact same rationale that hillary clinton had for wanting donald trump to be the republican nominee. that is the person, a lot of people in her inner circle made no secret of that. that was the person she wanted to take on because she felt he was most beatable. it was his unpredictability and his ability to actually communicate with people who matter the most i made the difference. i will be curious to see if we will have the same mechanisms in strategy with russia. >> harris: you bring up an interesting point, it is not the fact that he has said that he would be amenable, soft, he is just going to have a discussion. >> lisa: i think we are seeing how disingenuous the media is nobody blinked and i went hillary clinton was holding a reset button that said overload instead of reset. no one blinked an eye they the. i think to judge point media tan
9:19 am
narrative as truth without question. >> meghan: it's a lot to unpack on all of this, and i could talk about this for literally the entire show. the first thing i want to start with is your comment about selling stereos and washing machines to russia. also funding terrorism, and the word genocide that we have seen. the idea that we are just going to have this okay relationship with a country that is permitting terrorism right now is something that we should take a second look at. the other thing is, i hate that this is been so politicized. i think that this -- hate that this is turning into a democrat-republican. issue. the democrats could not have cared less when putin was in the invasion of syria, everything that has happened in the last eight years that has only made him become stronger and a larger leader on a gold global scale. emily met romney brought out this point he was laughed at by the president. so do not give me the democrats, that now you care about putin. quite frankly the only people
9:20 am
who have cared our hawkish republicans like me. >> kennedy: what the judge was talking about was a very important cultural shift, for us who had family members living under communist rule, the fact that western culture was brought. i'm not quite done. the fact that we were able to overthrow communism in eastern europe is a fantastic thing. what we have here is something vastly different. we have to have conversations about free trade and economic liberty, and is this really happening in places like russia and china? >> meghan: but there are differences between now and then. >> andrew: will republicans in the senate to feel as you do oppose rex tillerson because they do not think he will be tough enough on vladimir putin? >> meghan: i am open to curing rex tillerson out, i think it is only fair. we were talking about this and the last segment. i do not know where he stands on many issues. he does not make public speeches. >> harris: this brings up what
9:21 am
we were talking about, kennedy, i think you ask this verse. asking the right questions. we have to lean on those people who are in the room of these hearings to do their job. hopefully they will be able to put their politics aside, particularly democrats, who want to make this difficult. they need to show some grace through disappointment. but also do the job that best serves the american public. i will say this though, you brought this up as we open the show. and it has just come up again, talk to us about why it is important to know about what happened with hillary clinton's email server? a lot of people talk about what is the meaning today? >> andrew: president obama does not pardon her, pardon the people around her. jeff sessions is going to have on his desk and an enormous report supplemented by what was released during the giants-packers game last night. and he is going to have to decide whether she should be prosecuted for the failure to safeguard state secrets, which we now know as a fact made their
9:22 am
way into foreign intelligence services. on this we are in the same page. countries that do not wish us well. also countries like israel that do wish us well. >> meghan: will this make a difference? because her turf is not interested in prosecuting her anymore. >> andrew: i think he will allow senator sessions to make that decision. he has more material to examine as of what came out tomorrow night. >> harris: do you think president obama will pardon? >> andrew: i cannot get into his head. we do not know. >> meghan: if that happens, there will be an outrage. if he does that, i mean, there is going to be hell around. if he pardons hillary clinton after that, i cannot fathom what will happen. >> harris: he says he wants to close guantanamo bay. >> kennedy: he will further divide and pull. >> meghan: if you go back in time after fbi director announced his decision not to recommend charges or an
9:23 am
indictment, there was associated press poll that showed 92% of americans believe that she either did something wrong or broke the law, so back to the point about outrage, if he were to pardon hillary clinton given the fact that you have such a monumental amount of people that think that she does something wrong, and rarely throughout the entirety of the election thought that she did something wrong. i think you will have outrage. >> andrew: somebody who will be happy, donald trump. he will not have to make it official what to do with her. >> harris: this news continue to unfold over the weekend, the suspected gunman in the deadly airport shooting is appearing in federal courts for the first time today, the new details as he stands before a judge. also, democratic leaders are planning a late night fights on capitol hill, the push back against the republican plan to repeal obamacare. what they have in store, and can it work?
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♪ >> harris: this fox news alert now, the man suspected of opening fire and killing five people, injuring six is making his appearance in federal court today. esteban santiago is charged with three federal offenses now, all of which carried the death penalty, potentially. this is surveillance video capturing those terrifying moments as things were unfolding. the clip obtained by, santiago at the bottom left corner of your screen pulling a gun from his waist and firing multiple shots at passengers in the baggage area. it is chilling. steve harrigan is live outside the federal courthouse in fort lauderdale. steve, bring us up to speed. >> harris, a very different santiago making his appearance. he was in a red jumpsuit, his arms and legs were shackled. he appeared to be talking to
9:29 am
himself during much of the proceedings. occasionally and clenching his jaw. the 26-year-old could be facing life imprisonment or even the death penalty on a range of federal charges. you mention the tmz video, there is no audio on that. it is not clear how they got it. there is an investigation by law enforcement, but we should warn viewers that they might find this video disturbing. the shooter fired 15 different shots. with those 15 shots from a single handgun, he was able to kill five and wound six. eyewitnesses described him as a methodical killer. a very efficient killer as well. still the mystery in this case, the motivation. while here in florida? why did he carry out the attack, and law enforcement officials refused to rule out any deal with terrorism. >> harris: thank you very much, this alert is
9:30 am
president-elect trump speaking live at trump tower, let's watch live together. >> it is very simple. >> reporter: can you talk about the role that you expect them to have in your administration? >> we will talk about that late later. you know that, right? they all of this country. >> reporter: will he be involved? did you deliver a package, mr. president trump? >> we are going to do some wonderful things in this countr country. >> reporter: such as? are you expanding lv mh here at all? >> [inaudible]
9:31 am
>> reporter: what do you make of that? >> we are involved in some of those products here. and we are going to expand because of the products. and we are going to bring them to the sector. >> reporter: some republicans say that there is no replacement plan in place, are you worried? >> not even a little bit. that will all work out. thank you very much. we are going to be talking about it on wednesday. >> reporter: is there a plan now? or just a plan on wednesday? >> harris: all right, so we are watching this together now. this is trump tower in new york city, president-elect donald trump excited to answer a few brief press questions from the pool. it just a couple of notes,
9:32 am
arnold barnard is the man that you saw. hard to hear his audio there. he runs a fashion conglomerate. he is on the list of people who are meeting at trump tower today. i wanted you to know who that was paid it was hard to hear him. you also heard the president-elect they are being asked questions by the media who gathered outside. there is always media there now. he is there. he refused to talk about russia, we are told from our pool saying that he would say that for wednesday's new conference and expects all the cabinet nominees to be approved. we will talk about this a little bit, one of the things that the criticism had been was that he had been tweeting more recently than taking questions from reporters. he steps off the elevators, and he is ready to do that, kennedy. >> kennedy: it is interesting, because he was talking about mark jacobs housed under that fashion umbrella. he is not going to address the first lady. if i was president-elect term, i would tell mark jacobs to work
9:33 am
it out. >> andrew: do you really think they were talking about fashion? >> harris: one would hope that they are talking about the most important things in the world, freedom and fashion. we wanted to bring in that as i was breaking live. as other things pop up from trump tower, you will see it here first on fox. >> kennedy: democrats are ramping up the efforts to stop the repeal of obamacare. president-elect touching on that a little bit in that impromptu precedent. they are planning to hold the senate floor late into this evening. well into the night, facebook live, how forward thinking, to denounce the republican plan. it will create chaos into that americans can lose affordable care. this comes as president obama says that he is fine with the signature legislature undergoing some changes. >> is obamacare going to survive? >> i think it will. or it may be called something else. as i said, i don't mind.
9:34 am
if, in fact, the republicans make some modifications, some of which i may have been seeking previously, but they would not cooperate because they did not want to make the system work. and they might relabel it as trumpcare. i am fine with that. >> kennedy: however it happens, republicans will undo the law. >> i would tell you that it would be ideal if we can do it in all one big action. it may take time to get all of the elements in place, you may have to use reconciliation for part of that, a 50 vote majority. but our intent is to make it happen as quickly as possible. we want to make it happen as fast as we can. >> kennedy: let's talk about this, republicans do have ideas. there is absolutely nothing in place, but some of the key elements really rest on the free
9:35 am
market. and that is opening up insurance policies to interstates in some sort of back and forth between states, and also blocking medicaid. >> andrew: i wish that some of these things could happen. i'm not sure how quickly they won't happen. i would not mark chuck schumer's late-night session. all he needs to do is pick off a few republicans. some of who are sympathetic for the concept. you cannot give somebody a benefit and then take it away. others who are sympathetic to the concept, we cannot add to the national debt. the money has to come to from somewhere. here is the constitutional problem. once the benefit has been given, 30,000 people on obamacare. they get it either because they earn a certain amount of money that allows them to get it for free. basically medicare. or medicaid. or they get a tax credit on it. if that is essentially the government paying it. once you give that somebody kind of a benefit, you cannot take it
9:36 am
away. speak to the issue is you don't necessary take it away, they are not dismantling medicaid and medicare. >> andrew: that's where the republicans need to speak with one mind or they may have difficulty changing this thing. because some will say, we have to keep finding these 30 million, others will say it is not in the constitution. it is not a job for the federal government. some will say, what we make the whole thing free market, the cost of insurance will go down. >> harris: what about senator rand paul? he likes those things that you mention to stay in place, we know that he has at least reportedly talked with the president-elect donald trump about his plan going forth. what about the availability of that? >> andrew: senator paul, many of his instincts are shared by kennedy and main, the view that if we turned off obamacare tomorrow that would increase the national debt. the federal government would
9:37 am
have to keep borrowing money to fund these 30 million people. he is against that. he wants to find some mechanism so that when it is turned off, it does not cost the taxpayer more than it already costs. >> kennedy: you have to look at the payor and the insurance companies. they are forced to give everyone's the same kind of plans. covering things like maternity and mental health care when some people just need a catastrophic policy. >> andrew: it is an insidious moment of this, giving a benefit that cannot be taken away. republicans have to figure out how to give another benefit based on the free market. >> kennedy: it was completed complexly, cannot be done on easy. a hollywood hissy fit last night at the golden globe, some top celebrities slamming donald trump. now should hollywood's elite stick to acting and spare us the political lectures? >> meghan: is that of trick question?
9:38 am
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>> meghan: just days before they the another frustration, how they wed turning the golden globe ceremony into a roast on president-elect donald trump, jimmy fallon taking some shots on term. after hugh laurie also mocking the president-elect, and meryl streep launching into an anti-trump tirade while accepting her lifetime achievement award, here are some clips. >> this is the golden globes, one of the few places left where america still honors the popular vote. >> thank you, possible to the foreign press association. for this amazing honor.
9:43 am
more amazing by the fact that i will say that i won the last ever golden globes. i don't mean to be blooming, but it has hollywood foreigner press in the title. i just don't know what will happen. >> there was one performance that stunned me. it sank its hooks into my heart, not because it was good. there was nothing good about it. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. someone that he out ranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. >> meghan: mr. trump firing back on twitter today, saying meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood does not know me. she attacked last night at the golden globe. she is a hillary flunky that lost big. for the hundredth time, i never mocked a disabled reporter. simply showed him groveling when he changed a 16-year-old story
9:44 am
that he had written in order to make me look bad. just more dishonest media. kennedy, i will go to you. i have every the list comedian on twitter going after me because i thought it was completely inappropriate last night. i thought the poor actors, poor hollywood. the lecturing of celebrities helped elect donald trump it if you do not take a look, you will usher him and really quick. all of the snowflake liberals are having a meltdown on twitter about ity: here is what i took away from meryl streep. i am a huge fan of hers, i think her range is extraordinary. i think when they showed all of her films leading up to it. i had tears in my eyes and goosebumps. she is so terminally -- tremendously talented. what an incredible role model for our children. if someone who is able to focus that ability, but you get one lifetime achievement award. you get one, and she completely squandered it talking about someone that she has a political
9:45 am
disagreement with. instead of soaking in the moment and basking in it. being almost a patron saint for other people to hold up as a model for their own lives. she completely blew what could've been a cementing moment in her legacy. and for that, i was tremendously, personally, disappointed and hurt. i tweeted out. i am more proud of my daughter's second-place gymnastics trophy, because she worked harder and has more joy in her life than the sanctimonious nut jobs who peppered the stage last night. >> meghan: who cares what these people think? these are the same voices that were rejected this election. hillary clinton had everyone from the hollywood elite on her side with the exception of a couple of people. but i think americans are so tired of being preached to by people that are making millions of dollars simply to act when they are struggling struggling to pay the bills. they are struggling to pay their
9:46 am
electricity bills. their health care and premiums have been increased. hundred% if you are in places like carolina. it is so elitist for these guys that spend the entire time last night lecturing to america, who cares, what basis do they have to be telling us how we should vote and what we should think? why should we listen to them in the first place? >> andrew: meryl streep is a tremendous actress. i think that president trump was right to go for her jugular. they had a place, he has explained this as he said 100 times. and when he comes out with a very, very pointed of twitter like that, he bypasses the mainstream media. he speaks to his face and moves on. >> harris: hollywood is having a misinterpretation of their power, clearly. they live on a sycophant planets. they are not used to the blowback of when people don't agree with them. their own voices are not the biggest in the room. they are uncomfortable with
9:47 am
that. especially as that list that you look at last night. meryl streep, she is used to sucking all the oxygen out of the room. and maybe in those circles, she should. she is so talented. but if you talked about this on twitter, you talked about it on the show. there is now a deafness that is washing across these people who have been sycophants with other liberals and other like-minded people. they are going to have to open their ears. there is a reason why we have two of those and one mouth. they are going to have to listen. they have to take and what is happening. otherwise the roles will not even recognize -- resignation. >> andrew: did meryl streep respond to your tweets? >> meghan: no, but i like football and the mma, whatever she went after last night. i am not a meryl streep fan, i never was. president obama is planning to give his farewell speech tomorrow night, and expected to refute president trump during that address. whether it is the time or place for that.
9:48 am
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♪ >> meghan: president obama is giving his farewell speech tonight looming tomorrow night. this week and we got a preview of what mr. obama is likely to say. >> remember that america is a story told over a long time. it is in starts and punctuated by hardship, but ultimately rated my citizens who have worked together without fanfare to form a more perfect union. we have made america a better, stronger place for the generation that follows ours. >> lisa: meantime, a new national poll shows president obama falling short as our nation's leader. 40% says that the country is better off. 33% say it is worth soft. 23% say no difference.
9:53 am
and 27% of americans think president obama has been successful in uniting the country. 28% there has been no change at all. judge, if you see some of those numbers. at the fact that fewer an end a half americans think they are better off, i saw a poll that says a 77% of americans, a record high see the country as divided. do you think president obama takes time to take shots at donald trump? do you think that's why we are divided? >> andrew: i think that very well could be. i would like to see him once and for all, he has not done this in the 18 years, wrapped his arms around the american people. i am afraid that is not his style. i could not disagree more with what he said in that clip, less freedom, less safety, less prosperity than we did eight years ago because of these utopian experiments and unrealistic foreign policy that he has presided over. >> lisa: we are about to start a new congress, if this is a
9:54 am
type of tone, what president does that sets for anything getting done in this congress? >> harris: to answer your question, i want to know who the 25% that believes we are not divided our? where are they living? >> andrew: they are in hollywood. >> harris: another planet. when the planet t-shirts come out, let's roll those. so i guess those will be the people who were listening to the president's every word and that is fine. it would be so appealing and helpful if the president did what he said the rest of us should do and that was dial up the better angels. right? didn't he put a spin on that? he says that the arc of history, do you remember this quote? if you would roll out some of those, they are not cliches, platitudes of motivation. that would be so helpful. >> lisa: do you think you will heed his own advice?
9:55 am
opposite of george and laura bush. never attacking him while he was in office. he is doing it already paid he cannot help himself. he cannot help that donald trump is a bigger celebrity. i think he will be on every late-night show. i think you will be at the golden globes next year making another speech. i think it is going to be this. >> lisa: you are going to get more negative tweets. >> meghan: there is nothing else for him to do. what is he going to do? his legacy has been a complete and total failure. hope and change was a con, and he ushered in the area of trump. >> kennedy: on that note, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. for lower back pain sufferers,
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>> some exciting changes to our prime primetime lineup to tell you about. "tucker carlson tonight" is moving to 9:00 p.m. eastern starting tonight, don't miss his tough questions and upfront style. every weeknight right here on the fox news channel, fnc for the cool kids bear they give a lot to the judge who never naps when he is on. [laughter] >> very good, very sweet. >> i love the love. you're going to stick around for over time with suite 29 peer we have it cooking,, click the overtime tab, now "happening now." >> jenna: fox news alert, the man accused of killing nine
10:00 am
worshipers in charleston not fighting hard to save his home life. >> jon: prosecutors rest their case against dylan reeve who did not call witnesses or cross-examine any of those the government called. now the federal death penalty case goes to the jury peer we are covering all of the news happening now. >> the first step will be taken in the senate by the end of this week. >> the plan to repeal obamacare moving full steam ahead, but what will take its place? >> if, in fact, the republicans make some modifications and relabel it as trumpcare, i am fine with that. >> plus...


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