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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 9, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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[laughter] >> very good, very sweet. >> i love the love. you're going to stick around for over time with suite 29 peer we have it cooking,, click the overtime tab, now "happening now." >> jenna: fox news alert, the man accused of killing nine worshipers in charleston not fighting hard to save his home life. >> jon: prosecutors rest their case against dylan reeve who did not call witnesses or cross-examine any of those the government called. now the federal death penalty case goes to the jury peer we are covering all of the news happening now. >> the first step will be taken in the senate by the end of this week. >> the plan to repeal obamacare moving full steam ahead, but what will take its place? >> if, in fact, the republicans make some modifications and relabel it as trumpcare, i am fine with that. >> plus...
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the suspect in the fort lauderdale airport shooting going before a judge as investigators searched for the motive. and... >> what was on the calendar today? >> new technology brings new privacy concerns. why amazon's echo is under fire. it is all "happening now." >> jon: we begin with this fox news alert, reports that jared kushner will be named senior advisor to the president when he takes office. very close to the president, he is also his son-in-law. it was notable that on the first trip that donald trump made to the white house in the days immediately after the election, he was there and meeting with president obama chief of staff. jared kushner said to be named chief advisor or senior advisor to the president. and it has been a big week for president-elect trump's cabinet nominees. the senate is about to kick off
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a flurry of confirmation hearings. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> jenna: i am jenna lee. news continued to roll and as the senate wants to move fast so mr. trump can have his close advisors in place and ready to work on day one. that day one is not far away. some democrats suggesting the road will not be a smooth one. >> jon: chief congressional correspondent live on capitol hill with an update. >> good afternoon. president-elect trump told reporters a short time ago that he expects all his nominees will get confirmed and republicans have to vote if g.o.p. senators stick together and support the nominees. eight of his nominees have hearings in the senate this week, his choices for secretary of state, attorney general, secretary of defense and cia director among them. five hearings are expected on wednesday alone. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell spoke earlier in new york city about confirming a new president team. >> everybody will be properly
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vetted as they have been in the past, and i'm hopeful we will get up to six or seven, particularly national security, and place on day one. >> two of them to watch, the pick for attorney general jeff sessions and rex tillerson the choice for secretary of state. they make it closer scrutiny for democrats, some key posts in a new cabinet. democrats are promising careful questioning at these upcoming hearings. >> i affirm some of the things mitch mcconnell said, not that i'm going to vote for rex tillerson, but the president elected should have his team but the american public make sure there are no serious conflict of interest to undermine us overall, in those will come out in the hearing. >> they have been questions about whether the necessary paperwork has gotten in for these nominees. sean spicer, key transition official and will be the next press secretary told us they while ago that all nominees that have hearings this week have gotten their vetting paperwork in and our various steps in the
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process of being confirmed by the ethics folks. bottom line, the nominees say they are ready. they have gone through a lot of practice in soon, we will find out. back to you. >> jon: fascinating couple of weeks ahead. mike emanuel, thank you. >> jenna: meantime, russia responding to the intelligence report accusing moscow of trying to influence the russian election -- the american election in favor of the donald trump here they are calling it a witch hunt and saying there is no evidence to show russian officials were involved. our chief national correspondent is out in washington with more on this. >> good to see you. in fact, the kremlin also said today that after the inauguration of donald trump, they would like to set up a meeting between vladimir putin and the incoming american president but said they have to carefully plan out the details because of all of the recent tension between moscow and washington. mr. trump, though, making no bones about the fact he agrees with the kremlin on the idea that this intelligence report was way off the market, tweeting
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out over the weekend "gross negligence by the democratic national committee allowed hacking take place, the republican national committee had a strong defense." his incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus was also on fox news sunday saying much of the same, watch. >> no one thinks that assange is a great guy, i can assure you of that, but i think the issue here is that yes, bad foreign actors, but it is also the dnc that has allowed itself to be hacked by about anyone in the world, and that is one of the reasons why this wasn't such a big deal. i've nothing anyone is talking about it. >> republicans, though, very senior ones like devon nunez who is the chair of the house intelligence committee and a chump transition member as well who said that mr. trump needs to be careful about getting too close to putin because the last two american presidents, a democrat and republican, have
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also tried to reset things with putin, it has not worked out. watch. >> i've cautioned administration to be careful with putin because i do think he is a bad actor. though it remains to the fact of the matter is we would like to be friends with the russians, i just don't know if it is possible. >> that is what the incoming trump administration has been talking about, the idea if they can forge a new relationship with putin, they could in fact make progress in areas like syria where the obama admin's ration has struggled so much. >> jenna: continued to follow the story, thank you. >> jon: one of the other big issues for congress is obamacare as the g.o.p.-controlled senate moves toward a repeal. democrats seem willing to work with them on fixes to the massive healthcare law as president obama weighs in on what could happen to his signature piece of legislation. >> do not undo things just because i did them. i don't have pride of ownership. i said today in a forum on
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healthcare, if the republicans could come up with a system that ensures more people, cheaper, better, i will be the first one -- >> you don't think they can do it. >> i am skeptical they can do it mainly because for seven years now, including when we first try to pass healthcare, i said to them, if this does not work, tell me one that does. >> jon: joining us now, joe trippi, former howard dean campaign manager in a fox news contribute or in jimmy weinstein, a contributor and thank you both for being here. it is my understanding the democrats have said they are open to tweaking obamacare as long as it results in more obamacare. they want more generous government subsidies, that kind of thing. that is not going to fly with this senate, is it? >> i don't think so. they have made the offer. i think part of the problem of the republicans have right now is repeal and replace is an easy thing to say.
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the repeal part will still be very easy, they have the votes. the replace part is a problem. they still have not been able to come to any agreement within the republican party about what the six or seven different ways they could try to do it, but they cannot agree on how to do it. it will be interesting. they do have democrats, i think, who would be willing to work with them to fix some of the problems because they are clearly problems. i don't think there are democrats there for the repeal. >> is this a case of being careful what you wish for for republicans on capitol hill? they have the chambers now, the levers of power, but now they have to come up with a plan and sell it to the american people. >> absolutely. this is in some ways what republicans have been begging for, six years after obamacare passed, they are now in the position to finally repeal and replace it with something else. it is also peerless for the reasons you mention which is
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while most americans still oppose the law according to polls, there are still 40-45% who say they support it. if you don't come up with a replacement, or if you come up with a replacement that disrupts insurance for those people who do support it, it is going to cause the same problem that it caused president obama, you have people very upset with the g.o.p. for taking away their healthcare or modifying it in a way they don't like. so now they are in a position to do what they've always wanted to do, they just have to be very careful in what they that they do not get in the same position president obama got with his bill. >> jon: it does not seem that piling on more obamacare on top of the obamacare that already exists is going to suit the mood of this congress, or maybe the american people. >> the problem with talking about this is we are not just talking about the 25-30 million americans who are on obamacare now. provisions in their -- for instance, the ban on
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pre-existing conditions. that affects everybody on healthcare in this country. you cannot -- the insurance company cannot deny you right now because of a pre-existing condition. if that goes out when you repeal it, how do you guarantee and how do you pay for it because again, people with these pre-existing conditions, those diseases and illnesses that need to get medical attention and should be insured. these are the kinds of complications that reach far beyond just the people who are actually on obamacare. there could be changes that are going -- any changes going to impact everybody in the system. that is a big problem for the republicans that they have to solve. currently, the democrats have paid a price for obamacare, no doubt about it, but once the republicans repeal it, they will own what comes next. they should be very careful about how that works out. >> jon: especially for conservative republicans who
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like the idea of a balanced budget, jamie, the idea of paying for healthcare, repealing it but still finding a way to pay for it for people, that is obamacare, that is a pretty tall order. >> no question paired you have to remember there are different factions within the republican caucus. you have the tuesday group which is a more liberal faction within the republican caucus who probably does not want to do such a radical reform of obamacare. then you have the house freedom caucus which is very conservative and according to fox news reporting, they want to see something that you could put in a 10-year budget that would not increase the debt, and that is hard to do just not with obamacare but when you have a president-elect who wants to add, increased defense spending, wants a big infrastructure bill, so it is hard to see how you put all of this together and get no increase in the budget over ten years, so it is not an easy task that republicans have in the senate and the house.
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to their credit into their good fortune, i would say, the person that president-elect trump attacked to handle this is that press secretary, former doctor that is well respected and has dealt with these issues for a long time, but it is not an easy task, there is no question that this has a lot of perils. >> jon: we will continue to watch and let viewers know how the repeal and replace efforts are going. jamie weinstein, joe trippi, thank you both. >> jenna: another big story today, the wheels of justice turning for the suspect in the fort lauderdale airport shooting. charges he faces, as he makes his first court appearance today. plus, new tension on the high seas between the u.s. navy and iran, what force in american destroy to take quick action in the face of danger. next. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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>> jon: the suspect in the deadly florida airport shooting making his first appearance in federal court today. 26-year-old esteban santiago telling investigators he planned the attack that left five people dead. he is facing three federal charges, all of which could carry the death penalty. phil keating, live from fort lauderdale with more. >> a very quick 25 minute long first appearance in court at the federal courthouse behind me in downtown fort lauderdale for the accused fort lauderdale hollywood international airport shooter. inside the courtroom, he did not say much. 26-year-old esteban santiago chuckled at the wrists and ankles in his jail jumpsuit appeared very timid and was increasingly jittery during the hearing.
10:17 am
either talking to himself or clenching his jaw. outside a very heavy and beefed up security presence, police dogs, horses, bike racks impeding access, disturbing video of the beginning of the airport rampage was acquired by "tmz" over the weekend that shows the gunman slowly walking and calmly taking the gun out of his pants then unleashing two magazines from a 9mm handgun. five people died on friday, six were wounded. investigators say santiago admits to it it, planning to fly on a one-way ticket he bought from anchorage to fort lauderdale to retrieve his gun from the baggage claim area from his checked luggage, and then to cause carnage. thousands and thousands of travelers fled in and around the airport and terror on friday, not knowing how many shooters there were or if it was in fact a terrorist attack. santiago served in the puerto rican national guard over in iraq for one year, but he was discharged from the alaska
10:18 am
national guard four months ago and two months ago, he walked into the fbi field office in anchorage, alaska, where he has been leaving, disjointed, agitated and according to the fbi, claiming u.s. intelligence was using mind control on him to force them to watch isis propaganda videos. santiago will be back here at the courthouse next tuesday for his bond hearing. >> jon: what a story, thank you. >> jenna: on the other side of the country, meryl streep making a highly politicized speech at the golden globes last night, what she said about president-elect donald trump without even mentioning his name. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick them all out, you have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts. when a cold calls...
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>> jenna: talking a lot about cybersecurity these days and there is a virtual weapon of mass destruction threatening our way of life with just the click of a mouse or something else, according to an energy department report, the u.s. electric grid is an "imminent danger" of cyber attack. he points at the devastating impact including digital danger putting lives in danger, not to mention a major hit on the u.s. economy. it also makes dozens and dozens of recommendations on how we can protect ourselves, the price tag going into the half trillion dollar mark. let's talk about this with morgan, a cybersecurity analyst and senior fellow at the center for digital government. a lot here to unpack. to talk about this in the dead of winter, though, it is timely because one thing for the electric grid to to go down whn the weather is nice, but imagine when it goes down now. what do you think is the biggest vulnerability in the system? >> if you think about this, almost a year to the day come
10:23 am
you and i talked about the black energy attack, first successful one in the ukraine. it is almost a year to the day we talked about this, happened to summer 23rd. it is one of those things, is it the wrong time to have been? absolutely, but any time is the wrong time, and why it took us to this point to be worried about this, we should have been married ten years ago. >> jenna: what happened in the ukraine? that has been referenced a lot with this report. we honestly don't live there. what happened in ukraine that was so dangerous and so scary quite frankly? >> this was one power station with two substations, attackers came in they had already been using a package called black energy, malware that was present and found on the vermont laptop, the utility company up there. what they were able to do, they court needed a campaign to shut down the main power station, substations and even the backup power to the substation. they took over the complete infrastructure and shut off power to probably 700,000 people
10:24 am
about a quarter of a million homes during one of the coldest part of winter. >> jenna: how do we make sure that does not happen here? >> i was on "the o'reilly factor" last thursday and we were talking about how much money donald trump talks about spending, a billion dollars, we should be spending 10,000,000,002 improve our i.t. infrastructure, and we talk about the office of personnel management hacks, 20 mullion records appear that infrastructure was sold and could not be protected, same with the energy grid paired one thing mentioned in missing is the technology, the main thing this has happened is that people who do this, these phishing emails, we have to invest in people to create awareness just as much as we invest in blotting out the technology. >> jenna: one of the things in the report, just another simple email with some malware could cause electricity to just completely go down for millions of people potentially. >> right, what happened in ukraine was that spearfishing email made to look like it came
10:25 am
from the ukrainian parliament, they open up an excel file that asks if you want to enable macros, so if you get an email like that, delete it to get it off your system. that one email allowed them to circumvent all of the protections they had in place and actually penetrate the system, take over and shut down all of those homes. >> jenna: what about the backup? we know there is human error, we are capable of it but we can have backups to make sure it does not get so bad, how do we do that? >> backups are not great when you have ran somewhere attack like the hollywood press or something like that, but in this case, what they took control of work life operational systems and then they were locked out of the backups because the attackers got in and changed all of the passwords and the machines so they lock them out when the employees went to log back in, they were locked out of their own machines. they have to have better safeguards in place for the system. systems that are segmented between what they called the
10:26 am
militarized zones in really operate these things insecure enclaves that the problem is everything is tied together, so if you can get into the one pod come you can get into everything. >> jenna: scary every time we talk about it, morgan. going through my mind, what do i depend on electricity for? everything, computer monitor, phone, refrigerator, every single thing. what is your advice to viewers watching today about how to protect themselves? >> i boil it down to basically my fundamentals. you can get someone a helmet and shoulder pads but that does not mean they are qualified to be in the nfl, you still need training. it's about encrypting all of your data come used very strong passwords. but that on your facebook one time, that free course, that is very important here use a virtual private network and whatever you do, backup your data so if anything happens. if we do fundamentals and do not click on emails that you do not know where they are coming from or claiming to give you something or a link that comes in social media or your email that says to enable macros or open this document and you don't know who it came from, you have
10:27 am
to quit doing it. quit clicking on things, i promise you, world will not and if you don't answer that message in facebook or that email. >> jenna: or if it is from you, have to make sure that it is authentic morgan right. thank you very much, great advice and a scary topic, thank you. >> jon: and other publication on the high seas by iran sparking action by the u.s. navy and a vital waterway. we are live with the pentagon reaction next.
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it really is worth a call to find out if a reverse mortgage can help you too. call one reverse mortgage now and ask for your free information kit. >> jenna: fox news alert, closing arguments expected tomorrow then the jury will determine the fate of dylan roof, prosecutors rested their case in the face of the murder trial, he rested his case earlier without calling any witnesses in his own defense, he faces life in prison or execution for shooting and killing nine black parishioners at a historic black church. prosecutors finishing up four days of testimony this morning, calling 25 witnesses to the stand in total, many of them relatives of the nine victims. >> jon: fox news confirms that
10:32 am
a u.s. navy destroyer fired warning shots at four iranian ships come according to a pentagon official, the revolutionary guard ships were closing in fast on the americans in the strait of hormuz, one of the most strategically important waterways in the world. national security correspondent jeff is at the pentagon now. >> here is what we know, at 8:00 a.m. local time sunday morning, four iranian fast boats traveling at high speed came within 900 yards of the uss ship, that is when they were forced to fire three warning shots at the approaching iranian boat. they fired 50 50 .50-caliber b, the u.s. guided destroyer was guiding two warships into the strait of hormuz, a marine amphibious landing strip with 1,000 marines on board and eight navy oil tanker. the u.s. destroyer demanded the iranian boat halt, blaring its
10:33 am
siren then firing off three warning shots. in the past few days, iran's revolutionary guard corps navy has been conducting an annual exercise in the strait of hormuz come assimilating maneuvers needed to shut down the entrance to the gulf where much of the world's oil passes each day for that exercise i am told is ongoing. right now, there is no u.s. aircraft carrier in the middle east, we were among the first to report on what the navy calls a carrier gap, visiting the uss george h.w. bush late last year as it prepared to leave norfolk, virginia, for the middle east, it has not arrived yet. the bush was delayed in the shipyards by six months due to budget cuts, and senator mark warner, a democrat from virginia wrote to the navy late last week demanding answers. "the absence of an aircraft carrier not only harms our forced to deck capabilities and limits some of our military select ability to quickly respond to any number of unforeseen events that may arise." the number of dangerous iranian
10:34 am
interactions doubled in the first half of 2016 from the year before. u.s. defense officials say the provocative incidents had nearly stopped, the last a similar incident was in august. >> jon: we were member what happened when the small boats got too close. jennifer griffin, thank you. speaking about the brave men and women who served in the u.s. military, we have a programming note that should interest you. the award-winning series "war stories with oliver north" now being released on podcast. four episodes including a new one regarding isis, ready to be downloaded right now, be sure to check them out. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me. it sank its hooks in my heart, not because it was good, there was nothing good about it, but it was effective and it did its job. it made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth.
10:35 am
it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. disrespect invites disrespect. violence insights violence. when the powerful use there position to bully others, we all lose. >> jenna: meryl streep taking the stage last night at the golden globes, using her acceptance speech to slam president-elect trump although she did not mention him by name, we should say. the reaction from the crowd mostly positive, reaction on social media, mixed. piers morgan, a long-time tv personality wrote a piece criticizing and flattering her. "i have not heard so much elite snobbery since fully recanted and branded trump supporters a basket of deplorables." is this the take two of that? we will bring it leslie. is it deplorable take 2.0?
10:36 am
>> no, i actually thought when the president-elect mocked that disabled reporter, that was deplorable because whoever is the president of the united states, even running for president, is to be the leader and commander-in-chief of all people which includes the disabled. jenna, you and i are parents, have an 8-year-old and 9-year-old, i would not accept or tolerate that behavior of my children, and i still would love to see in apology from the president-elect not only for the disabled community but so those of us like meryl streep who were horrified by that can have an easier time forgiving and may be moving forward toward unity. >> jenna: this is what the president-elect had to say on twitter. "meryl streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in hollywood, doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunky who lost big. for the 100th time, i never "mocked" a disabled reporter -- would never do that -- but simply showed him "groveling" when he totally changed a 16-year-old story that he had written in order to make me look bad. just more very dishonest media."
10:37 am
brad, your thoughts on that. >> looked, meryl streep has a hard time separating fact from fiction. politics from entertainment and classic from crass, she talks about the abuse of power and position but that is exactly what she did. she abused her power and position to hijack an awards show. people did not come there to hear her political ranting, they came there to give awards out. by the way, who the hill is meryl streep to talk about an entire class of entertainment industry which she claims to have represented? there are a lot of people in that audience who did not agree with what she said. it was not the proper place. she did the exact same thing she is accusing others of. she should be ashamed of herself. and if anybody should apologize, it is her. >> jenna: is there a double standard? let me read more about what morgan had to say in his piece. he is following what brad is saying. "you would be hard pushed to find an industry that encourages
10:38 am
more disrespect and violence than hollywood, a place where rich, powerful people make billions of dollars by regularly pandering to the lowest common denominators of sexism, racism, homophobia and misogyny. they happily exploit every more hideous graphic violence to make a fast, easy bucks." is there a double standard here? >> wow, i think we are not talking about apples and oranges but apples and cucumbers are maybe not even the same food group. with regards to what piers morgan said. meryl streep was talking about the person who is going to be the leader of the free world, our president, commander-in-chief of the strongest and best nation in the world, and not showing his best. brad, ward shows are constantly used for politics. people talk about climate change -- >> that is what is wrong with hollywood. >> why is that wrong? we have a first amendment stronger than any country in the
10:39 am
world that you can say whatever you want, like you are unhappy with the president. >> she can write an op-ed, she chose not to appear she can take out an ad in "the new york times," she did not do that. she could hold a press conference, she didn't not do that, why? no one would listen to her. she used her power in position to make a political statement at an awards show that has no place for the fact this is becoming commonplace is exactly why people don't like hollywood. they are not going to be told how to think politically by actors. >> jenna: we do have a president-elect who is going to be assuming that position in just a few days. less than two weeks away now from that. u think it is appropriate he responded, your point is fully taken about whether this is the right time or place for meryl streep to make this kind of pronouncement, but do you think it was right for donald trump to respond in the way that he responded, do you think that only adds fuel to the fire? >> donald trump, if you know anything about donald trump, he's not going to be taken advantage of or disparaged. he is going to give it back exactly the way it is given to him. that is why people like impute
10:40 am
he is not the typical politician, and he is not going to be taken advantage of, especially by people and hollywood. that is the number one target for donald trump, and people seem to like it. >> jenna: let me ask you something about where we go from here because the conversation tends to be looking back, we are looking back at a situation donald trump did in 2015, he says he was not making fun of the reporter, others think he was. if you take a look at the math of what happened in the election, this is one of the conversations that continues to come up about whether or not we have these people and power, and these people in general means hollywood or those in power as elitist and positions of power on either side of the coast trying to lecture people in the middle of the country and thinking that the folks that supported donald trump are 100% supporters of everything he said and not voters that were anti-hillary clinton or anti-barack obama because there was a comment in there by meryl streep about those that were "showing their teeth" that he was making them show their
10:41 am
teeth, and that was generalizing obviously a wide swath of the country. what does that tell us about where the country is going forward into the future instead of backward? >> a lot of great points they are, jenna. when somebody falls down, slips on a banana peel, there are two things that happen. there are groups of people that laughing and groups of people that help that person up. not that everyone that voted for donald trump would be the one laughing at the mocking of the reporter, but i think it is terrible that there are some amongst us that have done that, and i think that those who voted for donald trump for the economy, to bring jobs back need to be more vocal. i think we need to have conversations in order to go forward, but i think strong leaders lead by example. i, for one, would respect our president-elect more if he stood up and said, owned it, i mocked that man, and that was wrong. i was forgetting that i was not on a reality show, i'm going to be president of the country for all disabled as well, please forgive me, let's move forward
10:42 am
and unite. i would respect him more for that then pretending that the video that we have all seen did not happen. >> jenna: final thought from you, brad. >> hollywood is a town of hypocrites, they talk about global warming then fly around and private jets. they don't like walls, but they have the highest walls to prevent people from even looking at their property appeared they hate guns but they are cemented by gun toting people. it is a town of hypocrites come in they are being called out for it in the american people are not going to stand for it. >> jenna: interesting, donald trump had a meeting with the head of a big company that owns also some brands like dior, louis vuitton, marc jacobs in the like, and a lot and hollywood do not want to support donald trump. it will be interesting to see after -- this is the owner of alibaba, different company, but it will be interesting to see what happens in hollywood and wonder of the actors and actresses are not going to wear
10:43 am
those designer brands anymore. what would happen? that would be complete chaos. leslie, brad, great to have you both, thank you very much. >> jon: a starling to us to tell you about in that shooting of a u.s. state department officials south of the border. mexican authorities arrest a suspect in that brazen attack, and he may be extradited to face trial north of the border. plus, a law named for the person shot to death in san francisco, allegedly by an illegal immigrant who had been deported many times. that law did not pass last time, now congress might get another crack at cates law. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> jenna: and american is not in custody in mexico after the brazen shooting of a u.s. consular officer there. the fbi releasing surveillance photos, we are seeing video of the shooter. you can see it running away appeared the suspect is now awaiting deportation to the
10:47 am
united states. basic and prosecutors say the victim was shot and his car on friday. he has now hospitalized and in stable condition, we certainly wish him a speedy recovery. jon? >> jon: congress is getting another chance to pass kate's law, named for kate steinle, the young woman shot in a so-called century city of san francisco. prosecutors charged sanchez with firing the fatal shot, he had been deported multiple times but returned to the u.s. now kate's law is looking to crack down on those who return to the u.s. after deportation by imposing a minimum five year prison sentence on them. joining us now, gregg jarrett, fox news anger and attorney as well. i was astounded that if you are deported from the u.s., come back and get caught again, there is no punishment for you right now. >> there is no penalty. the steinle law, kate's law, would offer up a very serious
10:48 am
deterrent, right now you get caught, they take you down to the border come have a nice day, don't come back. the next day, people come back because there is no penalty. this would be an automatic five year mandatory minimum in federal hard lock up. that is a serious deterrent. >> jon: but those who do not like this law suggest you don't have enough prison space for that many people. >> the is one of the arguments. according to the u.s. sentencing commission, it would add 57,000 people do federal prisons at a cost of $2 billion per year, annual budget is 7-$8 billion, so there is the cause. there is another argument it does not serve as a real deterrent to cause, recidivism lord reduce crime itself. i think that misses the point. when someone stays in another country because they don't want to do hard time here, they are not going to be committing crimes here. >> jon: the last session of congress, kate's law passed at the house but democrats blocked it in the senate. >> that is right, republicans were five votes short of the 60
10:49 am
needed to defeat the filibuster. this time around, the political dynamic has changed. president trump is a strong supporter, he can apply pressure on congress paired second of all, the dynamic has changed in the u.s. senate now. you have a whole bunch of democrats up for reelection, ten of which are in purple and red states, they may decide to take a strong law and order stance on immigration to curry favor with their voters. >> jon: what about the whole idea of stationary cities? that is still controversial. >> there was a bill also defeated last summer by democrats in a filibuster if that would have defunded and punished sanctuary cities like san francisco, depriving them of the federal grant funds, first emphasis go, a billion dollars. that could be up for reconsideration as well. you know what? according to the department of justice, they issued a ruling saying you do not need congress. president trump could do it all on his own, moreover, he could
10:50 am
have his department of justice enforce a federal law that makes it a felony for anybody to shield someone here illegally. he could start tossing behind bars mayors and police chiefs and sheriffs. that might change the way that cities approach this. >> jon: let's hope for kate steinle's family that there is a positive resolution and all of this. thank you. >> jenna: one of the most popular new gadgets now sparking privacy concerns, why some are saying amazon echo and devices like it are getting a little too smart. " "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know that. tell me something i don't know. (vo) linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation,
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and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. >> the president elects pigs head to capitol hill to begin nomination battles, which ones are in for the toughest fight? and a u.s. navy destroyer firing
10:54 am
warning shots at four iranian fast attack vessels rapidly approaching what it now means for military strategy. plus, the kremlin fires back at accusations from the u.s. intelligence community about hacking related to the election. we will see you at the top of the hour on "america's newsroom hq." >> jenna: "happening now," investigation raising concerns about privacy rights in arkansas. police confiscating a virtual assistant belonging to a murder suspect, the device has the ability to have a voice recordings and a trove of other information to better assist whoever owns it. investigators are now hoping the device can lead them to digital clues. acc go with more on this. >> good to see you. remember the flap between apple and law enforcement over unlocking the iphone of that san bernardino shooter? apple stood its ground on that, you remember, citing privacy rules, and another possible legal battle now brewing in
10:55 am
arkansas, authorities in bentonville have asked amazon to access information on its servers after they recovered an amazon echo digital assistant from the scene of a murder. because the device records when you talk to it, even saving some of that audio in the cloud, cops want to know if they gadget may have caught and recorded a fight or any other piece of evidence. >> it is good at isolating the person who is speaking, but it still doesn't manage to pick up everything else. >> meaning everything in its environment. amazon says it will not release customer information from their servers unless they are legally told to do so. it is not clear whether arkansas prosecutors will take it that far, but it does reaffirm what internet security experts have warned for some time, convenience versus privacy. millions of these products are now an american household, and by no means is this limited to
10:56 am
just amazon. apple siri, google, microsoft, samsung, anything with voice recognition software that allows you to do something from across the room, that means it is always on, always listening to be summoned, and that is where these privacy concerns come in. >> jenna: very interesting, casey, thank you. >> jon: heavy snow keeping one university swim team stuck in their hotel room, but that is not stopping them from practicing their strokes. "the final 30" next. ♪ ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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