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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 9, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> heather: they are saying his company could make a lot of money off of relationships with china and other nations as a result of the real estate. how did they handle something like that? >> that is the real issue in politics today with the federal government, a $4 trillion enterprise that spends a lot of money and many trillions of dollars more with their policies, which is due the families of people in power benefit unfairly from the decisions they make and they are privy to? trump promises he will make clear when he holds his first press conference in july he will make clear how he and his family are going to separate themselves, divorce themselves from the possibility of these sort of conflicts of interest. that's a big task when you think about how entangled, how involved the businesses are. we will wait and see. >> heather: let's talk about the confirmation hearing this week, the democrats are bowing to delay these things, they don't have the votes to kill any of the nominees. they will make it tough for republicans. what is the end game here? >> make them hurt, make them bleed, catch somebody out.
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republicans hope to go fast, they want to go fast so the democrats can't bog anybody down and pick them apart. the way nominees fail is they don't get over on the first blast, instead they hang up for some reason, and there are questions and there are more questions and it drags on, there are those dreaded words in politics. we enjoy the fall conference of the president, which means they are about to get their box and leave. >> heather: do you see any major hang-ups that could derail one of these candidates? >> we don't know. to the end the democrats are not just spitting. >> heather: democrats have the majority, of course, and they have put in play the whole nuclear option, so if republicans don't all fall in line, they could be in trouble, but they will probably fall in line, don't you think? >> most of the time unless the
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democrats can pry republican votes away. with the vice presidency, they have to get two every time, a 51% majority. mike pence will break the 50/50 time, so they have to get two and they hope they can get something embarrassing or awkward. put the stink on them so if they do get in office, they are less effective and less able to govern. >> heather: we know the trump team is saying the government ethics paperwork is in further nominees, so far there is the fbi stuff, but that can take a lot of time to work itself out. we will talk again to you soon. the russian hacking blame game now continues, wikileaks responding publicly for the first time the cia report confirming russia hacked the dnc. we will tell you what they are claiming. plus one of the biggest winter storms to smash the west in years comes with a vengeance. plus, forcing evacuations and causing mudslides and even taking down an icon of
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>> heather: welcome back. wild weather rocking several western states over the weekend, heavy rain sparking flash flooding in nevada. look at this, hundreds of homes were evacuated near reno and mud slides stranded motorist in california. some areas seeing 15 inches of rain. and the massive storm wreaking havoc on the sequoa tunnel tree in the redwood forest that you know from the song. that was and it
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fell in the storm and shatter ared when it hit the ground. the wikileaks julian assange slams the report that vad is vad putt report that he trying to help donald trump win the election. julian assange is lashing out at the u.s. intelligence agency. what did he say. >> he said intelligence in america are under a fog and don't understand what happened in the last election. assange is a controversial figure. some think he is a truth teller and others think he is a trouble maker that hurt this nation with with the leaks he is saying that the nations got it all wrong.
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>> >> they are not standards of any government. they're not state parties. they do not come from the russian government. >> reporter: assange saying that the u.s. intelligence report saying that russian intelligence gave hacked e-mails to wikileaks is embarrassing in his words, heather. >> heather: republicans are warning the republican administration from being too cosy with putin. >> reporter: the member of the trump transition team is saying that while he believes that the democrats have been wrong by leaking out selectively information about the intelligence investigation, he said that the trump team should be wary of vladimar putin saying
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that he has been a bad actor, and the latest episodes are not the only time russia has tried to use cyber war against the u.s., watch. >> i publicly came out and said this was the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11 to understand putin's plans and intentions. we have known that russia is a bad actor in the cyber realm. many house members warned the obama administration about russia's continued cyber attacks on on this country and they did nothing. >> reporter: the broader point is that former president bush said they looked in vladimar putin's eye and saw in his soul. and then president obama and hillary clinton pushing the re- set button. devon nuniz said donald trump needs to be wary of vladimar putin in the days ahead.
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>> heather: the u.s. sending a message after iranian swarm boats get too close in the gulf. what can can our military do to calm the tensions? and what happens next? and a urgent manhunt on the way in florida. they are closing in on a man accused of killing a police officer, where that chase is headed right now. tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
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>> heather: welcome bavenlth growing tension in the high seas between the u.s. navy and iran.
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they fired warning shots to the iran attack boats. it is the latest acts of aggression that have taken place. last january, iran detaining ten american sailors. and in august, another u.s. ships firing warning shots to avoid coalition. in september iran's navy launched a ship with a sign on the side saying the persian gulf is our house. we talked about this earlier. this is another attempt to humiliate the united states. >> they will continue acts of provocation. they are targeting on our allies in the region. they want to demonstrate that iran is the dominant pour in the
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middle east and the united states is no longer the strongest regional power. that is in fact evidence to the case. i returned from the middle east and i can tell you, it is indisputable that our allies feel, believe that the united states let them down and they are truly look for much improved relationship with the new administration. and the iranians are very confident and self assured and wind fall of money as a result of the nuclear deal. they are flexing their muscle. the new administration will have to reset in the middle east and demonstrate that iranian aggression will not be tolerated. that's what the allies hope take place. >> heather: what do you tell the new administration to do about iran? >> iran is a threat to our
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national interest. they clearly want to dominant and control the middle east using proxy fighter and terrorist. they had success in lebanon, gaza and syria and iraq and now in yemen as a result of proxy fighter ares and terrorist achieving a measure of influence and control at the expense of our national interest. we have to get tough. >> heather: they have taken out u.s. service members in iran through the guard fighters. that is a frightening proposition. while you are here. a couple of other issues. we sent 3500 of our soldiers over to eastern european countrieses including germany to calm allied fears. russian is assembling 30000
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troops and now the new administration, now what? >> what is happening in europe with with russian provocation, the superiority in our military. best military and more money on defense countries, those are true statements, but what is also true, our super ariority is eroding and now we are adver'ses that challenge us. that's why we have a strong military. the allies in europe fear that. they are not doing their fair share. the new president-elect is right to criticize them with that. but we have to get serious in europe or the russians will continue to provoke and take advantage of what they believe
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is weak european and american leadership. and show china has well in the south china sea. u.s. marines sent back to afghanistan. helman province two years after the guys had to leave and now forced to go back and shore things up there. your thoughts on that? >> 15 years of this, and the reason is, this is sad commentary. i am telling you straight out, this war is not winnable given the current policies and framework that we have and troops operate under and the lack of resources that we are providing to the afghan national security forces. we have made one flawed decision after another you should the obama administration. we have gutted the army in
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particular and not left enough forces to help them. not talking about direct combat. and these are the policy decisions and manifestation of it. we'll will send senior people to provide training and assistance and prop up the afghan army that the taliban had their way. the taliban controls more territory in afghanistan as you and i speak here on national tv than any time since 2001, when we desupposed the regime. >> let's hope the u.s. marine corps can change that. the president-elect's picks head to the hill for confirmation process. two attorney general nominees, jeff sessions secretary of state nominee, rex tillerson expected
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>> heather: senator jeff sessions is first in the hot seat as confirmation hearings on the capitol. they will decide if he is the right person to lead the department of justice. his nomination comes with a bit of controversy as critics call his taerngz to a voting record. shannon bream is live with us in washington. great to see you. what are the specific accusations he will likely face? >> reporter: the critics are not sugar coating the attack and called him a racist. they point to a unful successful case in alabama. and that he sought to limit voting rights rather than to expand them. >> senator sessions has the
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trappings of respectability in his title and in his state practices. but in his testimony, proven by his record and words, he does not shared values of love, justice and mercy. >> reporter: bar ber called for him to withdraw and the senate to block him from getting a full vote. >> heather: they are meeting with the member and having served there, he knows everybody on the senate side. what are supporters saying. >> reporter: earlier president-elect trump said he is going to do great. he supported donald trump on the campaign trail and fighting illegal immigration. bishop harry jackson said
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session's record speaks for itself. >> he helped to desegregate schools in alabama. and not the he is eliminating racism and not perpetrating it on anyone. >> reporter: democrats are criticizing them. critics across the aisle previously praised sessions and things are different now that there is a cabinet post on the line. >> heather: look forward to seeing you. senator sessions for attorney general in for a fight and also rex tillerson for the secretary of state. joining me now for this more on this jessica tarlove, and
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a mercedes shra. we talk about senator jeff sessions and what is he in for? >> i think it will be a tough ride but i think he will be confirm ped. susan collins is producing him and a huge supporter of his. and two against obamacare. there was a cute antidote about chuck schumer of how he and jeff sessions ride the morning bikes he's been around a long time. that doesn't mean there are not problems on the issues and voting right and illegal immigration. he wants to limit legal immigration on top of that.
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aclu and sat in on his office. but in the end of the game it is a number's game. >> heather: you know the republicans on capitol hill. you see a problem with the numbers game and john mccain has concern about rex tillerson. >> let me start with senator sessions. he's part of the senate family. senator joe manchin, a democrat is supporting him. he's had a lot of bipartisan accomplishments and alongside did yourbin and kennedy. i think with rex tillerson. he doesn't come from a political background and it is an unknown. with with that being said, he's respected by high level republicans such as former secretary of state conde rice. and jim baker.
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he has heavy hitters willing to say that he understands diplomacy and he had's managed a multibillion dollar huge company and bureaucracy. but the questions will know raised about russia. >> heather: what kind of answer does he need to give to calm? democrats will have their issues, and not only republicans on his time. lindsay graham and marco rubio. >> he tweeted when the information came out. he needs to say he is a fan of sanctions and supports the u.s. intelligence over julian assange and vladimar putin and say the opposite of what donald trump is saying. not about meryl strep. >> heather: last word mercedes. >> he needs to address to be tough on putin and he
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understands how putin will play. he does have that experience with the exxon and russia. >> but he also said he was not supportive of sanctions and people said there is a little bit of puppeteering. >> heather: those questions will be asked and that hearing for mr. tillerson it starts wednesday. and jessica and mercedes, love to have you on. digital assistance from apple and google and do just about everything. the amount of data and information they store about users is raising privacy concern. casy stegal is live forinous dallas. >> reporter: good to see you, heather. millions of americans received digital personal assistants and amazon will not say how many
11:40 am
echoes were sold. they connect to your home's internet and you call out the wake word to give it a command. however, because they are on stand by, they are always listening and almost all voice activated equipment or software apps, record your voice and storing that information in the cloud to customize your experience. the gadgets contain so much information, authorities hope it will help to solve a murder cases. prosecutors in p bentonville asked amazon to release the voice recordings of echo found inside of a crime scene. >> they believe that it is possible that the events that took place in the night and early morning hours of the murder could be recorded in the
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amazon echo. >> reporter: ama zone said hey it would not release information from the servers until it is told to do so. this is like the apple and the feds unlocking a phone. it is unclear if if amazon will be taken to court and how far they will go to get the information from amazon servers. if you have one of these devices and you have privacy concerns. samsung and google, you name it, heather go to the manufacturer's website. >> i just don't want want to have them hear me yelling at our kid cans. brush your teeth. thank you so much. there is a manhunt underway in
11:42 am
florida at this hour. two women found dead in a popular tourist city of orlando. one of those women, a police officer. plus, the iraq war veteran who fat alleyly shot five and wounded eight others. what he told the judge.
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>> president-elect trump tapping his son-in-law jared kushner with with a white house position. that move could test a law that bans presidents from hiring family members. we'll speak to emily gooden. even if the pick is legal, it still looks bad especially considering kushner's business ties. we'll see you in 15 minutes. >> heather: there is a massive manhunt on the way for a police
11:46 am
killer claiming the life of a police officer outside of a walmart. trace, what happened? >> reporter: heather, the alleged cop killer has been on the run a month. he shot and killed his pregnant exgirlfriend and critically wounded her brother. his face is all over the orlando media and a shopper spotted markieth lloyd checking out of a walmart. she notified the officer in the parking lot and the master sergeant deborah clay walked to the store he fired and shot the officer three times. she was pronounced dead and
11:47 am
orange county deputies launched a manhunt. the suspect carjacked a car and went to an apartment complex. swat teams believe he is in the area but yet to make contact. and compounding the tragedy, during the manhunt and chase, an orange county motor deputy was killed when a car pulled in front of his motorcycle. here is the orlando police chief and florida governor. >> we'll bring the dirt bag to justice. >> it is cowardly and our state will not stand for it. >> reporter: markieth lloyd is a career criminal and he's been arrested ten times since 1994. a $60,000 reward is offered for information leading to his
11:48 am
arrest. 64 police officers in the united states were killed by gunfire. that is a 50 percent increase over 2015. >> let's hope we turn it around in 2017. our law enforcement officers need our support. and he said he heard voices in his head and accused in the deadly ft. lauderdale airport shooting making his first appearance in court. he could face the death penalty if convicted. five people were killed and others wounded when shots rang out in the baggage area on friday. phil? >> reporter: good afternoon, heather, the gunman had a 15 minutes in front of the judge. it was the first appearance for esteban santiago come canning three days after terror was
11:49 am
unleashed in the ft. lauderdale international airport. five people shot dead and others wounded and all of them getting their luggage in the baggage claim area. 40 people were injured. he was dressed in a red prison jumpsuit, the accused of shackled by wrist and ankles. the fbi said he admits to everything. tmz had the video recorded by air force surveillance cameras. the gunman was calmly walking and pulls out the gun and started firing aiming for heads. and passengers were terrified it was a shooter terrorist attack.
11:50 am
it shut down the airport for 15 hours. >> we'll be watching. phil keating, thank you. >> heather: two executives at volkswagon are under arrest in a critical autoshow in detroit. as far as we know, no outstanding warrants at least not for jeff. >> reporter: i don't know. that is one of the big unveils. heather there is focus on on the show as somebody who is not here and i don't mean the guys in irons. we'll be back in a moment and reveal who that someone is. for lower back pain sufferers,
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>> the north american
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international auto show on the way in detroit. chrysler is the latest law makers who has plans to invest up to a billion in american manufacturing. president-elect donald trump tweeted that chrysler is investing 1 billion in michigan autoplants. ford said they will expand in michigan and that the united states instead of building a billion dollar plant in mexico. and jeff, this is exciting that we are starting to build more cars in america. are the people there, asking where the cars are built? >> reporter: it is. this is the latest unveiling here and this is the chinese autocompany is exhibiting on the show floor. gac, the chinese autocompany. it is a factor on people's minds
11:55 am
and interesting to hear from the executives. and compared to what the overseas. and first mary barra. what about the tweeting and border tax. >> our primary strategy, i think there is room to make changes to make the position equitable across the globe and we'll do that in the way is comprehensive to the business. >> reporter: contrast that with toyota ceo. he pulled no punches, listen, you put a board tax out there, it will hurt the industry. >> you know, there are some industries benefit and the automotive industry does not. it will shrink the industry and lower did demand and cost jobs. >> u.s. automake ares are pretty
11:56 am
clear in not wanting to rile up the incoming president. other automakers said no one likes the tax and could raise vehicle prices and no one thinks that is a good idea. >> heather: maybe we ask the question, where was the car made? thank you. jeff. >> and the league's win or go home wild card weekend. and the suspected sore loser who is accused of punching a hole in this wall.
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>> nfl superstar wide receiver o'dell beckham jr. not too happy with his taste of the postseason. he punched a hole in the wall outside the locker room at lambeau field. he said he didn't do it. he was his usual self on the
12:00 pm
field. he had several dropped touchdowns, one that could have went for a touchdown. and the cost of raising a child is up 3%. it's now over $230,000 in the age 18. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 in d.c. where lawmakers are getting set to drill donald trump's cabinet picks. nine hearings in three days. republicans knocking back concerns from ethics watch dogs of missing paperwork from some nominees. man hunt for an accused cop killer. and another officer has died trying to help bring him to justice. ahead, the growing trail of bodies and the race to find the suspects. plus, more than a dozen people arrested in the kim kardshian robbery in paris. what about the missing millions in jewelry? let's get to it.


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