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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 10, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PST

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television goes horribly wrong. >> no pressure, joe. oh! good try, joey. >> directly into the crowd, poor guy. clayton: and we throw it to you "fox & friends". ainsley: good morning, this is "fox & friends". >> city man hunt for accused cop killer. bret: this time in the deaths of two police officers. >> we are bringing this dirt-bag to justice. >> president-elect trump just selected son-in-law eric kushner >> full lot -- throttle
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opposition is a mistake. >> i think they will all pass. they are all at the highest level. >> this is a story that's going to bring head licenses throughout the workweek. janice: another slug of moisture. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. >> she clearly was delivering a thoughtful, considerable message. >> if you kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the art. >> the last thing in the world i expect is an uppity 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic and love mixed martial arts. >> charged with federal offenses now. >> red jump suit, arms and legs shackled. >> watch this. touchdown!
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new kings of college football. >> up until the last second of this game, only god can do this. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it was awesome. i stayed till the very end. i thought we were going to lose and then right at the end we won. 35-31. it was great. >> down 14 nothing early. unbelievable. ainsley: i'm temperaturing him in the middle of the night. he's so excited. great guy giving credit to god. he's just an incredible guy, he we love them. really cool. south carolina, i went to the rival school. i never really cheered for clemson as much as i did last night. basically all my high school went to that college so it's
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really exciting. steve: congratulations. brian: that's all these two want to do is talk about sports. [laughter] brian: big confirmation meetings kicking off today. jeff sessions and general john kelly. there you see donald trump and jeff sessions. tomorrow rex tillerson, mark pompeo and elaine chao. he was accompany -- >> they are going great, confirmation is going great. i think they'll all pass. every nomination -- they're all at the highest level. jack was even saying, they are the absolute highest level. i think they are going to do very well.
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>> there's concern about jeff sessions -- >> no, i think he's going to do great. high-quality man. ainsley: not worried at all. one person in particular corey booker. steve: historic. never in history before has a sitting senator testified against a sitting senator. brien: why does corey booker know senator jeff sessions. steve: why he's unfit to be attorney general. >> breaking a pretty long senate tradition by being a sitting senator testifying tomorrow against another sitting senator so please understand, i think these are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures. >> you'll be testifying against your former colleague jeff
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sessions tomorrow in that hearing? >> i'll be testifying against my current colleague either tomorrow or wednesday. >> right. and what provoked you to do that, given the fact that that is a violation of what had been a long-standing tradition? >> he has a posture and positioning that represents real danger to our country. there's a whole spectrum of things in jeff sessions own words that represent threat to vulnerable populations in this country and it's something that i feel necessary to do everything i can to speak out against. steve: wow. that's going to be incredible to see him do that and switch sides and grab the microphone on the other table. he's got a long track record and i thought a lot of respect within the senate amongst his colleagues before he got this nomination, among the people who have said -- steve: jeff sessions? brian: senator tim scott and so do many others in the senate.
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steve: sure, one of the things about jeff sessions, he has said the voting rights act is intrusive, so does the majority of the supreme court. don't be surprised if you hear from a fellow of gerald herbert, he was a department of justice attorney, i read about him in fox editorial written today by victoria and tells a story about how he came in the 80's, i have personal knowledge that jeff sessions that did stuff that was not kosir. back in the 80's is jeff sessions a racist, he says, no he's not. in november after trump nominated him, he was asked, do you think jeff sessions is a racist and he said, yes, he is. so anyway, a guy who has changed the story a number of times in different testimonies and he's one -- ainsley: before hillary clinton, you might wonder why
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would a senator speak out against another senator. they're supposed to be friends or at least work together, do you remember before hillary clinton decided she was going to run for office, run for president, many people were talking about cory booker is he going to run for president. steve: the answer is yes. ainsley: is this an opportunity for him to get his name out there and have a national profile. brien: he's been very quite. governor cuomo too, the pace is too quick. get the paperwork done, i think three or four nominees, don't have all the paperwork including ben carson, they have to get it done. i'm curious to see how rex tillerson does, i want to see everyone whether you're republican or democrat, for trump or against trump, this is time for america to evaluate who these people are. bill richardson was supposed to be commerce secretary, he had problems in his background check, he says, listen, i'm
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going to withdraw my name because there's conflicts. let's see what happens. steve: everybody will have the paperwork by the time it's time to do the voting. we have told you a number of times out in the great state of missouri they had an art contest and william lacey clay displayed this, he's a congressman, he's a democrat from missouri, he displayed the winning piece of art and here it is right here. it depicting ferguson a couple of years ago and as you can see on the left, that's a police officer depicted as a pig. brien: go ahead. steve: outcry, you can't put that up in congress and people have said, clay, take it down. well, just in the last couple of days congressman dunkin hunter took matters into his own hands and took it off the wall and took it to clay's office. ainsley: republicans are saying why is this hanging on the capitol, this is offensive. steve: it is offensive, two cops. brian: not about all cops but
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those cops. he's a high school student. yesterday lacey met with cops to try to get hunter arrested or press charges on him. that's where the painting was held. he took it off the wall and basically capitol -- the police officer don't know what to do about this. ainsley: they called the cops, the cops said, what do we do. brien: they used the term befuddled. ainsley: i think he said that he'll rip it off again. we will ask him today. steve: because they say -- there he is right there. they say that clay put this up. it's a form of expression but then again is so congressman hunter taking down -- ainsley: antipolice form of expression and then they call the cops when they needed the police officers to step in. steve: hunter's top aid says we are less than zero percent worried about this whatsoever unless they are going to put it back on the wall later today with congressman clay.
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we will keep you posted on that. 6:10 in new york. 22-degrees. ainsley: yes, very cold outside. two police officers are dead, desperate manhunt for cop killer intensifies this morning. watch this. >> we are bringing this dirt-bag to justice and he's going to jail. ainsley: police now looking all over the orlando area for markeith lloyd, gunning down master sergeant debra clayton outside a wal-mart and a second police officer lewis was killed in a motorcycle crash trying to find that career criminal. we will keep you posted as the story develops. a terrifying new bombshell reports revealing the carnage at ft. lauderdale airport. the shooting rampage suspect esteban santiago originally set his sights on new york citi' celebrations before he switched
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tickets to florida at the last minute. public defender entering a nonguilty plea during santiago's first court appearing yesterday. he's facing the death penalty. five people have died in that attack. and senate democrats kicking off a last-ditch effort to stop the reveal of obamacare after holding a late-night protest that went past midnight and viewing to give up the fight. >> if republicans wants to destroy health care in america, i will fight them every step of the way. ainsley: democrats accusing republicans of trying to repeal and then run, republicans saying that obamacare will replace with a system that costs a whole lot less and works a whole lot better. celebrating today the tigers with upset over alabama, check this out. >> watch this.
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touchdown. >> winning touchdown with one second left, the tigers bench their loss to alabama. first national title since 1981. congratulations to that team, well done and those are your headlines. brian: that's why you have a championship game. steve: thank you very much. straight ahead on this tuesday, celebrities slobbered all over the president's legacy as he's ready to leave office. are you watching? >> climate change is the most important issue facing not only this generation but all future generations. it was inspiring -- steve steve thanks, leo. could president-elect trump take a chain saw to all those obama policies. lisa boothe brings it down. she's over at the chalk board. brian: we just talked about
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steve: president obama is said to pat himself on the back for
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his great eight years in his farewell address tonight live from chicago. but while president obama does his victory lap, president-elect donald trump, he's already getting ready to undo a lot of obama's policies once he takes office. here to break down what could be on the chopping block fox news contributor and contributor for for the washington examine lisa boothe. one we hear about is the paris climate agreement. trump can do something about that? lisa: trump spent a lot of time talking about regulations and that's what really president obama binded us to and what president try to unravel it and
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get it of it. steve: the green people, the greenies, people who are proenvironment, they love this. lisa: so much. i have a suspicion that trump is not as worried about those guys. steve: next card. immigration executive action. the dreamers and others. >> and others. this was executive action from president obama. this got a lot of blow-back as well. something that president obama has vowed to take action on immigration within first hundred days. this is something that he see him reverse or at least blocked by the supreme court court as well. steve: iran nuclear deal. lisa: donald trump has been -- president-elect trump has been critical of the iran nuke deal as well. but there are some people like senator who bob corker that we
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should strengthen as oppose to trying to get out of it. one way that iran breached the deal, impose new sanctions against iran. a couple of out that is he can take. we will see what he has to do with that. steve: nuke deal from the nuclear option, the nuclear option was use today pass obamacare, there he is famously signing back in the day. there are all sorts of things they can undo with this. lisa: not much that president obama has done with congress. this was done on a partisan basis. republicans are talking about repealing obamacare and replacing. this is something that we will see on capitol hill this week. expecting a lot of action on obamacare here in the coming weeks and months. it's going to go away. steve: on his first day barack obama said he was going to close gitmo. it's still open. what could donald trump do? lisa: president obama has not closed guantanamo bay, but he
3:20 am
has off loaded a lot of the criminals. recidivism is 30% if not higher. donald trump vowed to keep it open and he is going to fill it with, quote, bad dudes. steve: what's his legacy. >> a lot of what he could get done because a lot of it wasn't in correlation with congress could be reversed. it's going to be interesting. steve: stay tune. iran nuke deal was supposed to prevent them from getting nukes, why are we letting them get a huge shipment of uranium from our friends in russia? we told you about this tough kid going to work after a serious car accident, after the story went viral, he made a heart-warming pledge, his update coming up next.
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>> there are no jobs, thousands of obama loyalists struggling find jobs according to politico. no longer 4,000 appointed jobs in just ten days. hollywood stars plan to go protest the day after the inauguration including america ferrera, amy schumer, scarlet johanssen and cher, no last name.
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all at once, singing and dancing. ainsley: you are so funny, brian. picture of hard work last month. we introduced you to the if i -- chick-fil-a employee, still ricking up customers despite being injured in a crash in a selfless effort to raise money to help the homeless. >> are you going to do half to homeless or half to college, what do you think? >> all the money right now is going to the homeless, i'm going to be buying food, clothing and visiting throughout multiple times countously to help them and feed them. ainsley: same worker is here again with the update that will inspire you even more. good morning to you, great to see you again. >> good morning, and thank you. ainsley: you're welcome. the last time we talk today you we got word that this customer was in chick-fil-a and you had to fling around your arm and neck in a brace and you had gone
3:26 am
through the horrible accident but you decided to go to work instead, why did you decide to do that? >> to feed the homeless. ainsley: all the money you make you -- don't you have bills to pay? >> yes. i have bills to pay like a phone bill but most of the money that i was getting ready for -- well, working for was to feed the homeless. ainsley: that's so nice of you. our viewers are incredible, they we wanted to help you out and went on gofundme page and donated a lot of money. how old are you, by the way? >> i'm 18. ainsley: what are you going to do with this money now? >> right now, i'm going to use it for the homeless, use it for the foundation that i'm going to build but i haven't touched any of the money, the only money is me paying tithes and my parents
3:27 am
put another account in my name so i can start helping the homeless. ainsley: what are your parents like, did they teach you to tithe your money or give to people that are less fortunate? >> yes, since i was really around young age they kept me in church and showed me principles of tithing, giving back to the less fortunate, hoping the less fortunate. ainsley: it's really incredible. what are your friends saying and what is your message to other teenagers? >> my friends are goofy, oh, my gosh, you're like famous, but they are proud of me and the message that i have to send is to help everyone because we all deal with certain things and we struggle each day through something, so just to care for one another and to help anyone that's in need. ainsley: what are your plans as far as education is concerned? >> i'm looking at some colleges right now. after the college -- after the college i get accepted to i want
3:28 am
to become a worldwide evangelist and study communications. ainsley: we wish you all the best, keep us posted, okay. thank you. we have linked gofund-me page. fox and we really appreciate what he's doing. what a great model to teenagers. don't go away, rudy giuliani will join us in the couch and george carl, now out of the league and breaking silence about potential cheating and drug use. what's really going on behind the scenes? he is here live. there he is. first birthday to rob stewart, he's forever young. from the first moment you met
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the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday. >> you shot over the morning. >> vice president-elect heading to dc with his family. >> mike pence tweeting these pictures from the plane sitting with his wife's karen, pat oreo, their rabbit marlon brando. favor telling me when he first
3:33 am
went to washington they had family night called pet night. and they are the only ones, famous pets. and hamsters and cats and dogs. >> louis gary was the anchor here. let's have a christmas party, a great impression. it is toys for tots. next the steel, this isn't toys for tots. and -- >> how did we go to that? >> it is a misinterpretation.
3:34 am
>> from one extreme to the next. heavy rain leaving california and nevada underwater. historic flooding forced millions in those areas to evacuate. >> a mudslide buried this tv truck and took out power lines and this daring rescue of three people clinging to cars surrounding by rushing water, floodwaters continue to rise. our own machine. >> a big story, epic rainfall and big time snow. over a foot of rain in the mountainous regions, this should be a great news story and it is. too much of a good thing is causing problems, mudslides, rockslides, debris flows and avalanche danger.
3:35 am
the next system coming onshore from the pacific bringing upwards of 48, another foot of rainfall and sees, 10 feet of snow across the mountains, blizzard warnings in parts of the sierra including lake tahoe through wednesday and you see the flooding already occurring across the west with a foot of rainfall, eight to ten inches on top of that and some of that energy across the upper midwest in the midwest where we see a mix of snow, rain and ice, friday into saturday an ice storm in the central us, we are tracking a lot of wicked weather in the extreme weather center. congratulations on your win last night, what a game. ainslie brought great like last night. ainsley: it is great for south carolina. brian: it is cold outside, thank you very much. it is 25 minutes before the top
3:36 am
of the hour this tuesday. ainsley: to heather, were you watching the game? >> i didn't watch the game at all. ainsley: you were watching the bachelor. >> good morning to all of you. a couple headlines starting overseas. here is a scary thought. iran about to get major delivery that could kickstart its nuclear program. russia shipping to the iranians in exchange for giving up tons of reactor coolant. one expert telling the associated press that is enough to create 10 atomic bombs. the un security council expected to approve this deal. the shipment doesn't filing the controversial nuclear deal with the united states. in wake of the discussing fort lauderdale massacre two republican lawmakers are fighting for guns in airports. florida is one of six states where it is and.
3:37 am
representative j rayburn introducing bills allowing permit holders to conceal carry at baggage claim and other places that don't have police protection. a hearing is scheduled for later this month. simply terrifying, a stranger grabs and 8-year-old boy and tries to walk away from him. he picked up a child and a wrestling tournament in oklahoma city, put down the child when he began to kick and scream, reportedly 1000 children at that event. the man in the photo on the loose. heart stopping video after a bus driver jumped into action, engulfed in flames. the driver in tennessee said he heard a pop and a small fire in the wheel well, he pulled over, all 29 off of the bus before it turned into an inferno.
3:38 am
>> it started -- >> reporter: the driver acted so quickly the kids never realized they were in danger. those are your headlines. brian: the most respected controversial figures in the nba, 1700 victories, pulls no punches in his style, what goes on in the nba. and the biggest stars he is honest about how he viewed them. it is called curious george. and welcome. you are not sure of any controversy. did you realize you would drum up this controversy? >> in the same sentence two
3:39 am
years ago, the co-author with me, talk about basketball and chicken wings, going back to lunch after a tough loss, for me it was a way of releasing my anger of what is going on in the league. in general it is a celebration. brian: a guy with all those victories, one thing you talked about, the nba, talking about steroids and so on, how are some guys going to get thinner and thinner and recovering from injuries so fast that you see the size of these guys in different ways of working out? >> don't think it is a problem.
3:40 am
a lot of people doing it, some things i have been told by cancer doctors and how it can help your body and you read this stuff in russia and the crazy stuff like that, there are people that always, this is a multimillion dollar contract and people want to stay in the business and keep bodies healthier, guys didn't have any -- in the locker room. we didn't have that, they are ashamed, their body is a machine that produces money. brian: taking -- >> and -- being honest. brian: your gut tells you does the league want to see jordan and barkley, the league wanted a berkeley jordan final end in the part of the game decided by the
3:41 am
refs we got killed for the cds we committed with 12 technical fouls, and 130. your team against the sons. that is charles barkley and you think it is towards him. >> i'm a conspiracy. things happen, i have a wow effect. i don't think -- the best in the world. and how the game is refereed, you go wow. that is one of those games. >> number one pick overall, approaching them, you were critical of him as a player. in what way? >> i don't think i was critical,
3:42 am
said something poorly, that is what ticked him off. my father, my mentor, going to north carolina. i know i said it poorly. i apologize to that part, stirring up the situation. the mothers of athletes today, great stories, one of the superstar mothers of the nba. brian: he came back, so much unhappy, miserable, terrible person, no wonder he has been fired every place he coached. you created a stir but you wrote the book, inside the locker room with 99% of us will never be and we will see you again on the sidelines. >> on defense. the book is more for the fans to
3:43 am
get on that mentality of what is going on in the game of basketball. brian: hillary clinton's email scandal, senator jeff sessions confirmation hearing could coming up, judge andrew napolitano says it will, he will explain what this means for his confirmation. is exercise overrated? when i wanted to lose weight i eat pizza and steak. we will show you how that works.
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told my doctor. he said movantik may help me go more often. don't take movantik if you have or had a bowel blockage. serious side effects include opioid withdrawal, severe stomach pain, severe diarrhea, and stomach or intestinal tears. tell your doctor about side effects and medicines you take. movantik may interact with them causing side effects. have your movantik moment. talk to your doctor about opioid-induced constipation. ainsley: jeff sessions begin confirmation hearings for the top spot in donald trump's cabinet. brian: this just after raising hundreds of new emails in the
3:47 am
hillary clinton investigation. >> there is a possibility those could impact hearings. we are joined by judge andrew napolitano. explain how these releases by the fbi emails could impact jeff sessions. judge napolitano: during the giants/crackers game the fbi posted 301 emails for mrs. clinton. we have seen them before but they post saying these were emails sent to blank, they didn't say who but they know who, most likely sidney blumenthal and we can say for certain that he was hacked meaning foreign intelligence services, too hostile to the united states, one to the united states received secret and confidential information because mrs. clinton regularly, consistently, systematically in
3:48 am
several times a day basis emaileded sidney blumenthal. >> how does that affect what happens today? judge napolitano: a new case of the prosecution of mrs. clinton that will place this on the desk of the new attorney general and most probably new attorney general jeff sessions gives his confirmation hearings today. will you reopen the case? are you aware of what donald trump said during the campaign that secrets are in the hands of enemies and rogue fbi agents said during the campaign, disagreed with their boss in his decision not to seek a prosecution but they were right all along and the fbi admits it is the middle of a giant packers game two days before sessions's confirmation hearing. ainsley: the packers giants game. brian: a quick thing on this. i can respect greatness, not on the giants part but i will say
3:49 am
this. you could easily do something like this, you could say i have no idea. i will think about it. judge napolitano: he has to say i haven't seen the report, so much material is not yet public. will you look at it? if he says no the case is closed, the person that doesn't want her prosecuted, if he says i have a duty to look at whatever the fbi brings me. brian: he doesn't bring it up. jason chafe it will continue to look into it. judge napolitano: a new case for her prosecution because she argued and democrat argued she was sloppy and nobody was harmed by this. we now know secret information cut in the hands of those who wish us well, the israelis and those who wish us ill, the
3:50 am
russians. brian: how do they get it? who took -- who hacked sidney blumenthal? three separate entities, all three got the copies. judge napolitano: three separate entities, he didn't know about it and she continued to send this to him. the argument trump made in october and was laughed at. >> he said i don't know what we are going to do. thank you very much. we will be watching. judge napolitano: all three hours. brian: more on senator sessions's confirmation hearing, his senate colleague, cory booker, is taking to disrupt his path. rudy giuliani weighs in on that at the top of the hour ten minutes from now. ainsley: how would you like to eat pizza and burritos for the next two weeks and still lose
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cabinet picks for confirmation, democrats already taking unprecedented steps to disrupt everything. ainsley: breaking down the report coming up next. tic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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♪ ainsley: well good morning. today is tuesday, it is january 10th, it is 2017. this is "fox & friends." >> i have a massive city-wide manhunt for accused cop killer. brian: another murder suspect this time in the deaths of two police officers. >> president-elect donald trump just elected his son-in-law, jared kushner to serve as senior advisor in his white house. >> raising number of questions whether under federal law trump can make the appointment. >> i think they will all pass. every nomination they're at highest level. >> for a president who staked his ground made so many
4:01 am
decisions in the name of legacy. >> this could be reversed. this story will bring headlines throughout the work week. >> never seen that before. lived out here in 18 years. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. >> she was clearly delivering a thoughtful, carefully-considered message. >> kick them all out you will have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts. >> last thing in the world i expect is an uppity 80-year-old lady to be in our demographic to love mixed martial arts. >> making first appearance in a red jumpsuit. his arms and legs were shackled. >> watson. touchdown! tigers new kings of college football. >> clemson had a chance to win national championship against the best team in the country, up until the last second of this game. only god can do this. ♪
4:02 am
steve: clemson went big last night. live from studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan, "fox & friends," hour two. rudy giuliani may be a little groggy. you stayed up until the last second. >> that had to be one of the best national championships ever. down to the last second. how can you go down to the last second. one second left. ainsley: imagine the greenville spartanburg airport when the team goes back. it will be flooded with fans. >> clemson fans are amazing. >> alabama had their chance. they won. spread the love. brian: being a yankee fan, used to winning every year. >> 'bama is used to winning every year. steve: talk about confirmmation hearings. he appeared at trump tower. he says he thinks the his people will sail through. jeff sessions and john kelly,
4:03 am
department of homeland security. jeff sessions, there is trump down at mara lag go, jeff sessions is somebody a lot of democrats are gunning for. >> big mistake. i know jeff since 1981, i was associate attorney general. i was his boss. he used to introduce me when we did rallies for donald trump together. i know his work in detail. he was a very, very good u.s. attorney. probably one of the best in the reagan justice department. steve: what about allegations that he was a racist? >> he prosecute ad a klan, one life sentence, one death sentence. this is a guy who brought desegregation cases for rural districts. this is ridiculous. he has been in the senate all these years. and, everyone of those senators knows he is not a racist. they're playing a game. the ones who come up there and do that are really being intellectually dishonest. brian: a lot of people, senator
4:04 am
jeff sessions spearheaded effort to award the congressional medal to rosa parks in alabama. >> yes. brian: they're saying donald trump is pushing this too quickly, too many, some of them are going in front of committees where there is dual responsibility, where you have to run the judiciary committee, will miss the hearing for rex tillerson. >> first reality is, you think on the day of his inauguration, seven of president up pa's people were confirmed and ready to go. which means they were, if you want to call it rushed through, rushed through. you have only certain number of days. this is no different than what happened with barack obama or except the shoe is on the other foot. secondly plenty of time over the last two months to vet each one of these people. i was part of some of the vetting. so i know details in which they termed vetting this about as high level of a cabinet as i've seen, i don't know, since ronald reagan. we have many so of the most
4:05 am
important business leaders in america. some of the most accomplished political figures in america. and some of the best generals we've had in our army. i can't think of a cabinet quite as good as this. maybe, reagan alumni like this, maybe even a little better than reagan. ainsley: why is cory booker, why will he testify against jeff sessions? >> he doesn't any better. he doesn't know jeff sessions. i know jeff sessions for 30 years. this man is completely honest prosecutor. and this is going to be wonderful for the justice department. i spent 15 years of my life in the justice department. i loved the justice department. i'm disgusted what happened to it. he will straighten it out on day one. steve: becoming political. >> my opinion, best attorney general for last 20 years, michael mukasey will testify for him. one of the best choices for attorney general. that is enough for me. brian: cory booker said, people donald trump put up are not like
4:06 am
president obama's. they're billionaires and vast holdings. american people have a right to know if they're they have conflicts interest. >> jeff sessions is not a billionaire. cory, you're wrong about that one. second, what is wrong about people being successful. we had eight years of you know what. let's try successful people. who will no better how to run a massive, gigantic enterprise like the defense department or the state department or any of these departments but someone who has run large enterprises. people who do that in the private sector get paid a lot of money for it. steve: look at our current president of the united states, he never ran anything. >> see with rollout of obamacare. it was a complete fiasco, man or woman who had been a ceo, would run a company would never roll out obamacare in that incompetent way. ainsley: for folks who aren't sure, what does the attorney general do? >> main thing he does is
4:07 am
prosecute federal law. he is in charge of the fbi, the drug enforcement administration, bureau of prisons, and he runs all of the 93 united states attorneys which are the federal prosecutors which is what he was. he actually knows the job that he is supervising. steve: sure. >> which is fantastic. this is the guy like the mechanic in in store and now he is in charge. steve: he is indeed. what about jared kushner who is donald trump's son-in-law. one of four top advisors, ivanka, don, jr., and eric trump. sounds like high-ranking advisor to the president of the united states. some are suggesting there is nepotism problem. does that apply here? >> it doesn't apply. steve: he has vast business holdings. >> which he is divests himself of. doing all the legal things he has to divest himself. how about having somebody there as successful as he is.
4:08 am
not a bad idea. i worked with jared very, very closely. one of the brightest, one of the smartest, one of the most balanced people i know. he will be a great asset to president trump which means he is a great asset to the country. i saw him helped negotiate the meeting with the president of the mexico, which people thought never could be done. i was part of that with him. he has terrific negotiating skills. and has been enormously successful at a young age. brian: i was not cognizant at time, nor when i was born, when bobby kennedy working with jfk -- >> he was attorney general. brian: there was uproar on capitol hill. there were adjustments made. do you believe there should have been some uproar then? do you believe there is some justified uproar now? >> first of all i think bobby kennedy turned out from everybody's point of view, including mine, a very good attorney general. he started the effort against the mafia. i remember when i brought the case against the teamsters to
4:09 am
get rid of the mob i said this all began with bobby kennedy. number two, i think the president should be entitled to the best possible people he can get. he is doing everything he can to divest himself of private interests. that law does not apply to the white house for the reason that the president has to get the people he can rely on. brian: sure. >> we want him around him people he can rely on. brian: right. what does kushner, you've seen it, what does kushner bring to trump nobody else does? you've seen interaction. >> first of all, it's a team. reince, steve bannon, kellyanne, jared, they're really a team, they operate as a team. what does jared bring to that team? very, very good judgment. very, very willing to review something second time or third time. steve: 35 years old? >> excellent judgment. he is a 35-year-old going on 60 in terms of experience.
4:10 am
maybe why he has to much money he has to divest himself of. ainsley: as former mayor of new york city, what do you think of hillary clinton possibly running for mayor? >> you've got to be kidding. no, not again, not that story again. i don't know, i guess, all the investigations get revived again. brian: biggest obstacle to being a successful mayor? >> her biggest obstacle? i don't know that she, at the state department, she never ran. she traveled all the time. look at discan sasster she was at state. i can't think of the worst secretary of state as hillary clinton. i was unsuccessful as secretary of state. i want to be mayor. steve: there was art contest for high school student in the great state of missouri, william lacy clay, put up on the wall of the
4:11 am
u.s. capitol, that painting. it depicted ferguson, on the lower left, that character is actually a police officer, that is a pig. well a lot of people said you got to take that down. he never did. yesterday, duncan hunter, congressman, he took it down. now sounds like congressman clay's office is meeting with the police to have him charged with stealing the picture, even though he put it up in congressman clay's office. >> i volunteer to represent him. i volunteer to represent him the congressman. i think he did exactly the right thing, what do you mean in the congress having a police officer depicted as a pig. steve: putting it up again today. >> lost two police officers overnight. realize something like that should not disgrace the united states congress. brian: tonight in chicago president gives his farewell address. eight years, historic figure whether you think he is the best or worst, doesn't matter, he is
4:12 am
historic figure. what do you think? >> he is historic figure, broke through a barrier important one for us to break through, for that he will always be remembered in history. i think his domestic policies and foreign policies along with 60 to 70% of the american people think having this country moving in wrong direction. tells me was unsuccessful president. at height, his popularity, 65% of the people in this country think this is country is moving in the wrong direction. when i left new york city,5% of the people in new york city thought it was moving in the right direction. you can say to yourself, i might have done something right. if more than majority of people, almost 2/3 think it is going in the wrong direction -- brian: at 55% of approval rating. >> they like him and think he is moving country in wrong direction. they like him as person, think he is not doing a very good job. steve: what is his leg sy? >> obamacare and terrible disasters in the middle east.
4:13 am
bringing isis back in, actually, helping to create the ground work on which isis -- >> inadvertently. i don't think he will mention these things tonight. >> those are his legacies. when he came in there was no isis. now there is isis. when he came in, there no obamacare, now there is obamacare. a recovery that was tepid. only president that i know of didn't have 2% growth at any one time in any one year he was president. hard to find a real accomplish ment that, maybe that is why 65% of the american people think the country is moving in the wrong direction. ainsley: being first african-american president. >> i said that. i think that is a great accomplishment. for that he will always be remembered. you have to be honest about his presidency and this country rejected has presidency. brian: for a guy who got very little sleep, you did great. ainsley: stick around. chik-fil-a is on the way,
4:14 am
celebrating south. president trump predicted it on the campaign trail. >> we will win so much, you may even get tired of winning, you will say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. ainsley: is it happening now? well stuart varney with all the wins coming up. ♪
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
4:18 am
♪ >> we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning. and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. mr. president, it's too much, and i'll say no, it isn't. we have to keep winning. we have to win more! steve: we love winning. the president-elect appearing to make good on the promise of winning a more businesses vow to create jobs and keep jobs here in the united states. ainsley: so are democrats trying to distract america from all of this winning? here to weigh in on this is host of "varney & company" on fbn, stu varney. >> answer to your question is yes. there is a huge distraction mode going on here, democrats, media, celebrities joining in anything to divert attention from what donald trump already achieved. think about it what he has already done is to reverse the flow of manufacturing jobs out of the country and start to bring them back into this country and support more
4:19 am
investment in manufacturing plant in this country. he is already started to do that. steve: right. >> that is part of his success. ainsley: you bring up a good point. >> you wouldn't know it looking at media. ainsley: in i two months will anyone know who the attorney general is, no offense? people know who alibaba and ford and fiat. we're putting food on the table. at christmastime they were celebrating. >> you will assume the media will go along and trumpet what mr. trump was doing. steve: stuart, it was hard for the media not to pay attention to the carrier deal so they reported that. ford, trump appeared with jack ma, who runs alibaba the chinese e-commerce company, he announced they would like to bring one million jobs to america. this on heels of ford bringing bronco. brian: to the midwest. >> let me go through the whole list. fiat will invest a billion dollars in michigan, ohio. create 2,000 jobs.
4:20 am
investing 10 approximately dollars in five years. apple is thinking about opening a plant in mesa. >> they announced a $2 billion plant in arizona, announced that in may of last year. after pressure from mr. trump, there is speculation they will in fact the $2 billion plant in arizona. steve: this is great. >> toyota as you said, $10 billion over next five years invested in america. they have already eight, 10 plants in eight states. not adding more jobs but adding to the investment in the plants they have already got. brian: benefiting those states that turned red for donald trump. and they're going to be paying attention. unions are paying attention. if you clamp down on illegal immigrants and bring manufacturing jobs back, tough for them to vote democrat. >> pay attention to the trend which donald trump established. that is he is reversing trend of jobs overseas, pulling them back. he has started that job. steve: winning.
4:21 am
>> so far he is. i love it. thank you, stuart. brian: we'll watch you from 9:00 to noon. when we come back how will president obama be remembered on the heels or precipice of his fairwell address tonight? >> legacy time. y sweet dreams? y sweet dreams? thanks to tena, not tonight! only tena overnight underwear ...with its secure barrier system gives you.... ...triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you
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ainsley: welcome back to "fox & friends," 24 minutes after the hour. intense manhunt for a cop killer intensifying at this hour. >> we're bringing this dirt bag to justice and he is going to jail. >> police looking ault over the orlando, florida, area, for markeith loyd, wanted for killing his pregnant girlfriend. he is also accused of gunning down police officer debra
4:25 am
clayton as he was walking out after walmart store and and another deputy was killed searching for the criminal. abc news now reporting that the shooting rampage suspect, esteban santiago, had originally set his sights on new york city's new year's eve celebrations before he switched his airline ticket to florida at the very last minute. a public defender not entering a plea during santiago's first court appearance yesterday. he is facing the death penalty. time five people were killed during the attack. heather? ainsley: president obama returns home for his farewell speech. steve: here is what he will say about race relations since he took office seven years ago. >> i am convinced race relations are better than they were when i took office. >> better now? >> yes. ainsley: that view is not shared
4:26 am
by african-americans. 49% say race relations is good. down from 61% who said so in 2008. steve: our next guest says differently. she joins us from dallas. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so barack obama says race relations are bert now than when he came into office. you completely disagree. where do you want to start? >> yeah, well let's start with the fact that look at economics side of it with jobs. like you said, 49% of african-americans believe that race relations are good versus in 2008 when it they said that 61% believe race relations between blacks and whites were good. and then just looking at economy, labor participation rates have gone down and really until may 2015, african-americans unemployment rate was in the double digits. still today compared to the rest of america they're still substantially higher.
4:27 am
just to look at that alone, we see that we're not faring well. definitely not in the likelihood or the likeness of what he has been talking about and touting as if part of that is his legacy. definitely not a good part at all. ainsley: tim scott, a senator from south carolina. he said he wants to work with donald trump to improve race relations in our country. what can they do together to improve the problem here. >> yeah. you know, shortly after trump was elected, tim scott bravely talked to, you know, people on, in the news to tell them that he was willing to go on a listening tour, go to ohio, go to these inner-city, frankly democratic-controlled cities where african-americans are hurting, and they want change. and i think part of that is that they just want someone to listen to them and tell them that you know, they're going to be heard and they're going to have their,
4:28 am
their problems addressed. really they're just like any other americans. they want to put food on the table. they want a better future for their kids and their family, just like any other white or latina person. that is why i think the trump presidency is going to do very well, he is not going to be divisive in fact he wants all of america to do better. that includes blacks and african-americans and includes white and asian, latino, what have you. that is an important thing here. steve: trump is talking about lower taxes which helps everybody in the black community. school choice which helps the black community. >> yes. steve: the other thing, for the last eight years if you're a person who does not agree with president barack obama's policies, you've been called a racist. well you don't like it because you're a racist. going forward that is not going to happen, but you personally have gotten, i understand you have lost some friends over your positions. explain that to us. >> oh, yeah.
4:29 am
as a black conservative, really anybody who is not a radical liberal leftist to be honest, someone who will go, who goes against the grain and says, you know what? these policies that barack obama has touted and has, championed, really policies not good for african-americans and not really good for the country. i've seen it. i used to be a democrat until 2012, i voted for president obama. and i realized shortly after that i was going to economy, going to graduate college and going to economy really abysmal despite what the media was telling me, what obama was telling me. a lot of african-americans are starting to see that but unfortunately a lot of people on the left continue to put the narrative out there, if you disagree with president obama, you are, you are detriment to your own race. you don't care about your own people, you're sexist,
4:30 am
misogynist and that is disappointing and sad, because it is really holding people back from what the truth is. ainsley: people did not want to admit for voting for donald trump. that is why he won. >> exactly. i agree. thank you. ainsley: thank you. democrats vowing a tough fight for president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks as senate hearings are starting today. one of those democrats joins us live next. ♪ ♪ i checked, everything's there... wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico.
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4:34 am
the tigers are the national champions! clemson beating alabama in absolutely thrilling title game. deshaun watson throughing the game-winning touchdown. dab bow swing any -- dabo lifts trophy. he was fill-in coach until they could find replacement. he was one of the assistant coaches. in fact coached my husband when he played football for clemson. gave him the head shot he did so well. kept him all these years. everyone loves him. now he is taking home the big trophy. brian: we have a lot of alabama viewers too. steve: it was great game. alabama was head before the last
4:35 am
second. confirm hearings start in earnest for particularly importance the next attorney general of the united states. brian: general john kelly also for homeland security. steve: joining us from capitol hill a u.s. senator, a democrat dem from the great state of delaware. he is on the senate judiciary committee. good morning. >> food morning, ainsley. ainsley: tell tim scott. give him a big hug when you see him. brian: we thought a lot of senators calling in to sick to their peers. ainsley: lindsey graham. steve: jeff sessions hopes to be victorious getting confirmmation. what is your main concern about him? >> well i know senator sessions well. we have served together over six years. we managed to partner together on two different bills. i have been able to work with him on issues that matter to both of us. my main concerns as you dug into the his record researching for the long hearing, some of his
4:36 am
previous statements, actions and positions on issues broadly bipartisan give you one example. there is criminal justice reform effort being championed by conservative republicans and liberal democrats. senators like john cornyn and thom tillis and mike lee joined with a number of democrats to move a bill forward to address some of the overincarceration in the united states. that is something that senator sessions staunchly and fervently opposed. so i will have some questions for him today in the hearing about his views on prison treatment, prison conditions, incarceration, and how we should move forward in criminal justice matters in the united states. brian: you're on the judiciary committee. as democrat, people listening on the radio. you will have questions, and there should be direct questions. that was built off the clinton crime bill. so the sense in the '90s is not maybe the sense in 2016. you're open to his answers not making conclusions about his record. let me ask you, does the jeff
4:37 am
sessions you know have any concerns for senator coons when it comes to race? >> i have concerns about the impact of legislation that he opposed or that he sponsored. i have some concerns about his record. i do think that we're going to examine in great detail today and tomorrow. we have three different panels of witnesses. things that happened a long "time" ago and things that happened more recently. i will focus on issues may not be brought up by some other folks. i mentioned prison conditions and prison reform issues. i have concerns about things he did around free speech, around torture, and some of his positions on the role of the attorney general, both when he was state attorney general in alabama and the role he would take if confirmed to attorney general. i'm also on foreign relations we have confirmation hearing tomorrow for rex tillerson. so it is going to be a very busy week for several of hours have multiple committees. steve: just to be clear though, those are all great questions you have, but you have known senator sessions for a while.
4:38 am
is he a racist? >> you know it is hard to know what is in someone's heart. steve: jeff sessions you know have you ever seen evidence to suggest -- >> no. >> no. >> to be clear i haven't seen or heard anything from him directly in six years. he has been amiable, good friend to chat with about football and family in the gym. what i'm concerned about the impact of policies and positions, the legislation he either blocked or advanced. that is what i'm going to focus on my questions for him in the hearing. ainsley: what will you focus on when you have to question rex tillerson? >> well i had a very constructive hour 1/2 long private meeting with mr. tillerson last week. my principle of his views of vladmir putin and russia. russia's aggression in the ukraine and russia's aggression in syria. their involvement in massacre of innocents in aleppo. i was encouraged by his responses on sanctions, the importance of nato, the importance of defending our
4:39 am
baltic allies and importance of holding russia accountable for its actions of the as i said at end of our conversation, the challenge there is some real gap between what i heard from him and what we heard from president-elect trump on the campaign trail. i do think we're going to have a full hearing with mr. tillerson. i will explore some of those issues more thoroughly with him. brian: senator coons, when it coombs to rex tillerson, some of the people questioning him are even senator john mccain. there are republicans that might not be on board. have you had a chance to talk to others on the committee, are their concerns similar to yours? he got endorsements from people like bob gates. when you think he will face a tough time? >> he will face a lot of questions. senator rubio, senator mccain, senator paul, have some direct questions for him about his views on foreign policy yes, he is being supported and endorsed
4:40 am
by a number of very senior, significant figures in previous republican administrations. the challenge here is that we don't really have as well-defined of a view of president-elect trump's policies with regard to russia as we'd like. given on going issues about russia's aggression against democracy in western europe and the united states, i would like to see us come out of this hearing with a unified position on how we're going to face russia. there is a bill be introduced, a bipartisan bill, to strengthen sanctions against russia for their engagement in cyberattack on the united states and our democracy, and i'm hopeful that mr. tillerson shows the kind of clear-eyed view of vladmir putin in his hearing that i heard from him when we met last week. steve: you will be very busy this week. senator chris coons, thanks very much for joining us live from the russell rotunda. thank you, sir. >> thank you. ainsley: let's head to heather with headlines for us. >> i certainly do. what a terrific interview about what we could see had the
4:41 am
hearings later this week. tracking terrorism. german chancellor proposing a new law about killers before they strike. electronic monitoring bracelets even if they have not committed a crime. that proposal coming weeks after a terrorist drove through a berlin christmas market killing 12 people. that suspect in the case was deem ad a possible threat before that attack. shot down by the supreme court. jesse ventura, losing his appeal to reintate a $1.8 million award in defamation case against "american sniper" chris kyle and his family and estate. the former minnesota governor claimed that kyle made up a story about punching him at a bar in his autobiography, even though kyle never mentioned jesse ventura by name. lower court threw out grand jurors that gave ventura in 2014. the case could return to minnesota for a new trial. you may not want to heat
4:42 am
your car in the driveway this morning because it could get you a ticket. a michigan driver slapped with $128 fine for leaving his car running unattended with keys in the ignition. police say it was safety issue since someone could have stolen the car. how about that. leave your car running to warm it up. steve: remote start good thing to have or engine block heater in temperatures like that. >> engine block heater. brian: like alaska. >> you plug it right no. ainsley: if you do remote thing in your kitchen, do it to your car out in the driveway could still get a ticket. >> steve: keys were in the car. brian: i hired a butler, you go out there and start it up. [buzz irsound] steve: what did you get mr. french for christmas. buffy! brian: what is coming up next -- ainsley: you liked it too apparently.
4:43 am
brian: serious note, iran nuclear deal was supposed to prevent them getting nukes, remember that? why are we letting them get a huge amount of uranium used for rockets and bombs. the man who killed bin laden, rob o'neill, is next. steve: we're live at the detroit auto show with a car that can gozero to 60 in four seconds. >> does that have auto start thing? steve: one of the cars gives you a massage at the same time just like brian's butler. ♪ ♪ ♪ after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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4:46 am
liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. steve: the russians have enough uranium to make 10 nuclear bombs. they have got more than that. and now, that amount is being shipped to iran and the obama administration approved all of that under the deal. is that a good idea after the
4:47 am
iranians confronted one of our ships. the fox news contributor, man who killed bin laden, rob o'neill joins us now. the headline russia is giving iran more stuff to build 10 bombs but the administration there is surveillance. we can trust them. do you? >> not at all. russia proven time and time again they lie to us. they're getting 116 metric tons of natural uranium, they have pretty much exhausted everything they have in the country. exchange for so-called heavy water they give the russians to cool down their nuclear stuff. it is natural. can be used for some good purposes to the point to make 10 bombs, 130-pound. steve: we trust iran. that was part of the deal. the administration trusts them as well. here is the things the administration says our surveillance is so strict, if they do something funny we will know all about it. that is not true. >> there is a little bit surveillance. there is some we know but so much more we don't know about.
4:48 am
in addition to iran we gave them technology for long-range missiles. you don't need long-range missiles to defend themself. steve: go back. >> we gave them technology to have long-range missiles in 10 or 15 years. steve: why are we doing that. >> we're making bad decisions. the only democracy in the middle east is israel. they said over and over we will destroy israel. i don't know how many times they tell you we'll kill you before you start believing them. the missiles they would launch to reach israel before they can reach the united states. steve: plan is very clear. they want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. >> they're the little sate tan. we're the big satan. steve: what about iran menaces ships. >> they're rattling their sabres. steve: explain what they did. >> elite revolutionary guard, there is nothing elite about them. they're punks with boats.
4:49 am
they are taking the boats i want to say 900 meters, 800 meters after destroyer around manning their guns. the navy has been escalating deterrents. they will drop snoke and pop flares. >> why don't they blow them up? >> act of war thing. they are attacking a destroyer. we don't call destroyers ran out of words. like it was dart vader they were on a ship they would be on a destroyer. they control entire battle group. if they wanted to they would wipe all the boats out. steve: former navy seal with confirmation starting today what is your headline? >> general kelly, four-star marine corps general will be a pretty good hearing, he is a four-star. he has got medals for valor. he has been in combat. he will tighten the borders. he would be the kind of guy strict bringing in migrants. does stuff left wouldn't like. steve: homeland security. mike pompeo at.
4:50 am
you like that idea? >> i love the deal. he was against the uranium giving to iran. pompeo is against it. kelly is against it. mr. trump is against it. they will make front burner issue, relationship with israel although kind of bad because we totally turned our backs on them. steve: latest -- >> never a dull moment. steve: rob o'neill thank you very much. >> steve, appreciate it. steve: do you need a new car? >> can i get one? steve: watch right now. we're coming up live at the detroit auto show with a car that goes zero to 60 in four seconds around gives you a massage at same time. ♪ i've been on my feel all day.
4:51 am
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♪ brian: gentlemen and lady, start your engines. ainsley: all eyes on detroit for the north american international auto show. it's underway right now. steve: it is. auto expert mike caught dell is live. good morning, mike. >> good morning, guys. i identified the volkswagen bus for ainsley. but for brian i wanted to get something fast and dirty. this is it right here. this lemm mans car. i want to peek you guys, that is the production version, that is the ford gt. 500 units to be sold. you have to be invited by for the motor company to buy it t has sticker price, yes, $400,000. just a few pennies out of piggybank. talk about sexiness. i will identify the toyota camera sexier for 2018. this is the best-selling car. this is the new global architecture.
4:55 am
big flagship for them, right? 10ish touch-screen. you want leather in vehicle like that. toyota doing great things with the camry. it will come with the hybrid and packed with safety features. lexus, wait until you see this. this is 2018 lexus ls 500. new design combines a beautiful coupe-like silhouette. super aggressive. now they're in their fifth generation. what does that mean? reliability in the marketplace. not to mention 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds this is just -- look at the leather. this leather is so refined. it is slowing in detroit. you want all-wheel drive. subaru, wrx, svi, this is what makes the new sti aggressive. ricaro seats, inside and supercool performance enhancements and iced gearbox that allows to you race the
4:56 am
vehicle. nissan, 2.0 concept vehicle. this is their new design. beautiful concept vehicle. has autonomous vehicles, which is called pro-pilot, allows humans to interact with the autonomous feature. i cut in really fast, guys i want to talk about this talk about you will at big things here at the show. we talk about the little things at the show. this is the urbi. this is urban electric vehicle. this is more of a scooter, not a bicycle. in new york, take it inside of a store. put your bass inside of it. steve: it will get stolen. >> 8.99 delivered to the show. i make sure i bring three of these to the studio. i want to see brian and steve doing doughnuts. got to go. love it, guys. brian: thanks so much. take that to the train. ainsley: in summer time. brian: wear a helmet. >> fish on a treadmill.
4:57 am
you paid for it. brian: we'll find out if dinosaurs can sing. part of the waste watch. we're watching your waste. ♪
4:58 am
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5:00 am
ainsley: good morning. today is tuesday, january 10th, 2017. this is fox and friends. >> i have a massive citywide manhunt for an accused cop killer. >> an intense manhunt underway this time for the deaths of two police officers. >> we're bringing this dirt bag to justice. >> president-elect donald trump has just elected his son-in-law jarod kushner to serve as senior adviser in the white house. >> questions under federal law trump can actually make the appointment. >> i think they will all pass. i think every nomination. they're all at the highest level. >> i'm breaking a long tradition by actually being a
5:01 am
sitting senator testing against another sitting senator. >> i've known jeff since 1981. it's rickles. he's been in the senate all of these years. the ones that will do that are being intellectually dishonest. >> this will bring headlines throughout the workweek. >> i've lived out here for 18 years. >> so hollywood is with outsiders and foreigners. >> she was living a thoughtful and careful message. >> if you kick us out, you'll have nothing to watch but mixed martial arts and football. >> making his first appearance in a red jumpsuit appeared to talk to himself and clinching his jaw. >> watch this. touchdown. the tigers new kings of college football. >> have a chance to win a national championship against
5:02 am
the best team in the country up until the last second of this game. only guys can do this. steve: what a game. last second clemson now our national champions and at the conclusion of the program yesterday, ainsley's husband played for clemson and because of the family connection, we all went with clemson. ainsley: that's right. everybody went for the giants game. tonight's the national championship game. who are we all pulling for? and i forgot everybody said, oh, that is tonight. and because we're loyal here at fox news, everyone is on my team, and i appreciate that. we have lots of viewers. we love you too, alabama. but this is clemson time. brian: right and let's hope the winning streak for alabama
5:03 am
begins today if you're senator sessions. ainsley: right. brian: hoping for confirmation and many appointing the democrat said we can't stop all of donald trump's picks. in fact, you can stop none of them really if republicans vote on party lines because of harry reid's decision to make it a simple majority than a 60 vote confirmation hearing. so having said that, senator sessions has is one they're targeting. and they're looking deep into his background. and why he wasn't giving a judicial spot years ago. steve: you know, and there are all sorts of stories about what happened back in the '80s and one thing that circuited people said, well, he's a racist, and he said racist things. there's one story that i was reading about rich allowry from the national review was talking about how this department of justice trial lawyer was explaining that when sessions was going after somebody in the kkk murder
5:04 am
case, this guy said, you know, it's hard to nail down what they're doing in the house because they smoke a lot of pot and their memories are fuzzy. and then sessions said, well, he used to support the clan until he learned that they smoked pot. that was a joke and yet it stuck to him. eventually some other witnesses who testified recanted their story. rudy giuliani who actually knew him and knew him, he was here earlier, he said there's not a racist bone in the man's body. >> i've known jeff since 1981 when i was a associated attorney general, i was his boss. he introduced me as his boss when we did rallies for donald trump together. so i know his work in detail. he was a very, very good u.s. attorney. it's ridiculous. he's been in the senate all of these years and every one of the senators know he's not a racist, and they're playing a game. the ones who come up there and do that are really being
5:05 am
intellectually dishonest. ainsley: also interviewing coons on the judicial committee. he's going to be asking sessions these questions. and, steve, you asked him. you held him to the fire about whether or not he's racist. steve: it's that simple. here's what he said. you've known senator sessions for a while. is he a racist? >> you know, it's hard to know what's in someone's heart. steve: but you know. have you ever seen evidence. >> no. steve: that simple. brian: so he's a pick for donald trump, and is he going to try to stop him? unless something comes up that we don't know. it looks like we're going to get some turbulence, but probably get some confirmation. ainsley: all of these democrats are saying it's been pushed through too fast. y'all, the inauguration is next week. brian: right. ainsley: he's going to become president next week. he has to have a team. steve: sure. absolutely and cory booker who
5:06 am
is the senator -- u.s. senator from my state of new jersey, he's going to take the unprecedented act first time in history a sitting u.s. senator is going to testify against another sitting senator for a cabinet poster in the inauguration. ainsley: why do you think he's going to do that? steve: he's going to be georun for the president of the united states. he will be join by john luis and senator ric richmond. awesome testifying against him. one of the things that jeff said was that the rights act was intrusive. and when you look at it, a majority of the supreme court feels exactly the same way. so they're in line with jeff sessions. brian: back sessions didn't get his confirmation to the post. he said this. my vote for sessions was a mistake because i have since found that senator sessions is an egotarian is a great guy. we'll see how that goes. i tell you what. if donald trump wants a loyalist, he's the definition of a loyalist.
5:07 am
he was there first. the first sitting member of congress to say donald trump is the guy before anybody outside the trump felony thought he was the guy. and speaking of the trump family, it looks like it's going to be all in the family when it comes to the white house. jarod kushner is going to be the special adviser to the president of the united states. he's 35 years old. he is the son-in-law, and he's spending a lot of his time investing himself. ainsley: married to ivanka, they're looking at possible houses, she is -- her baby now is that hotel down there. former post office; right? steve: they still sell stamps. ainsley: she is saying she's not going to be working in the white house but jarod is. and the left is really upset about this. steve: well, they are and some of them are saying he has these vast financial holdings, they could constitute a
5:08 am
conflict of interest. and nepotism thing. and bobby kennedy was kennedy's attorney general. fast-forward to bill clinton who ran clinton care. ainsley: and he's not taking a salary. so is it nepotism? steve: well, you know, everybody says -- that's not going to apply here. we asked rudy giuliani who has known kushner, a new yorker for a long time. here's what he said about him. listen. >> i work with jarod very, very closely. he's one of the brightest, one of the smartest, one of the most balanced people i know, and he will be a great asset to president trump, which means he'll be a great asset to the country. i saw him help negotiate the meeting with the president of mexico which people thought could never be done. i was part of that with him. he has terrific negotiating skills and has been enormously successful at a young age. brian: i thought it was going to be controversial, there
5:09 am
were rules put in place after bobby kennedy got the job. let's see if there's going to be push back because they've had trump lawyers looking at this for a month. if it was that way, they would have come out with a in one day. but you start with jarod kushner. ainsley: well, donald trump remember he said you're going to be tired of winning. if you forgot, listen. >> we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say please. please. it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. mr. president, it's too much. and i'll say, no, it isn't. we have to keep winning. we have to win more. steve: and we're winning a lot. take a look at these job announcements where jobs are going to be created. just from this week. yesterday it was announced that the e-commerce company from china, alibaba would create one million jobs in the united states in the next five years. ainsley: all right. and then
5:10 am
also ford is bringing back the bronco. do you remember that? oj. brian: the wagon year. ainsley: the wagoneer is coming back too? those are awesome. those are classic. they go for a lot of money now. that's a big one. ford. you also have fiat. steve: 20,000 jobs. ainsley: what's the one billion? steve: $1 billion worth of investments. brian: apple as well as you have toyota also coming in trying to build more here. the question is is this -- these conversations that donald trump is having, is he strong arming or saying look at the new tax plan that i'm putting together. look at the tax plan that's in the works. you're going to want to keep it here. ainsley: don't you think that's what america is caring about right now? democrat or republican that's great for everybody. putting food on the table. steve: i want to buy american. brian: when he tweets out against ford, he's, like,
5:11 am
we're getting a huge negative feeling from the customer. steve: absolutely. if you're buying a car, andakese things in mexico whereas chevy builds them in the united states, which one are you going to go for? ainsley: they're going to buy chevy. steve: i think the headline in addition to creating a million jobs with alibaba, which is big, is the fact that apple. remember, tim cobbling across the from donald trump where trump was talking about his plan with technology and stuff like that and tim cook as i said maybe we should do something. now it looks like they're going to build apple products in mesa, arizona instead of china. that's great. brian: and, by the way, i got confirmation. the paneling used on wago wagoneers, it was real wood paneling. steve: in the olden days, it was called the woody. brian: that's right. i never got comfortable calling it that. [laughter] ainsley: i think they changed the name of that on purpose.
5:12 am
>> it's still the woody. it's still the woody. i love that car. great car. we're back on a fox news alert, that desperate manhunt for a cop killer is intensifying at this hour. >> we are bringing this dirt bag to justice, and he's going to jail. >> police looking all over orlando, florida for this man. mark keith lloyd. take a close look at him. he is wanted for killing his pregnant girlfriend and then gunning down an officer outside a walmart store. and then a second officer was then killed in a motorcycle crash as he was trying to find that career criminal. a terrifying new bombshell report revealing the carnage that took place at ft. lauderdale airport could have happened somewhere else. esteban santiago had originally set his sights on new york city's new year's eve celebration before he switched his plane ticket to florida at
5:13 am
the very last minute. a public defender during santiago's first court offender yesterday. he's facing the death penalty. five people were killed in that attack. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: thank you. well, this video is heart stopping. a school bus packed with kids exploding into a fireball. the quick-thinking driver that came to the rescue. that's coming up. steve: you're going to want to hear that. and coming up as well, that is a fish on a treadmill. how much did it cost? a lot. you paid for it. there's a lot of crazy waste down in washington d.c. senator is going to talk about that coming up next. ainsley: he is huffing and puffing, isn't he? tech: don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there.
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5:17 am
steve: do you ever how long it takes for a fish to rejuvenate from exercising on a treadmill? so do i. there's a new game in town so hopefully we'll put it out,
5:18 am
and it will close. senator p. it's waste book full of examples how the government is squandering your hard-earned cash. let's begin with fish on a treadmill. how does this help and what does it cost? >> well, this is a 1.5 million-dollar study. it's part of a treadmill studies we had monkeys on a treadmill last year, we've had shrimp on a treadmill before and obviously some people want to know what happens when these fish get on a treadmill. but don't we have better things to spend money on is i think the question most americans have. steve: yeah, like, for example, how to introduce yourself to frat life. for example, we know what frats were supposed to be like. >> right. this is a $5 million study to find out what fraternities and sororities actually drink a lot and when they do, they
5:19 am
tend to sleep appreciate that day. they're spending millions of dollars to study, and you think why? steve: and of course john belushi could have told us that with his animal house in the 1980s. do you remember this from jurassic park? let's listen. well, let's find out again if one thing we did not find out for jurassic park is if those dinosaurs can actually sing. >> right. we just spent $450,000 on a study to find out if dinosaurs could actually sing. and guess what? the record is a little bit fuzzy there. it's tough to see the vocal cords because they're not really skeletal. so didn't conclude much, but they're spending a lot of money to determine whether or not dinosaurs can sing. they did conclude they probably did make noises like that.
5:20 am
brian: it's funny but tragic. you also said we should study if a gingerbread house would be earthquake proof, that cost us $100,000. what did it conclude? do you know? >> well, this is a study that's both sweet and smart. sweet, possibly. i'm not sure about smart. but was looking at the engineering, i guess, with gingerbread houses whether they could withstand an earthquake. i think it's just a big waste of money. and i think most americans do too. and a lot of these studies, they just continue to go on. even after the earmarking era, the agencies continue to spend money like this. so when they say that we're out of money, and we can't have a cut back, we know better. brian: yeah, and senator flake, now it's time for you guys to get it done. if this is such a big waste. senator, thank you so much. >> thank you. appreciate it. brian: all right. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, the democrats up in arms after president-elect trump picks his son-in-law to be one of his top advisers.
5:21 am
but is there really anything wrong with that? ed henry is here live from washington. he'll answer. and the flu is taking the country by storm so how can you prevent it from getting your whole family? he'll give you a shot. verbally. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya.
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we'll put the power in your hands, so you can see how x1 is changing the way you experience tv with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. steve: first five. that's how long senate democrats prophet against repealing obamacare. five hours, that is to say. that sitin overnight going past midnight vowing torch give up their fight. all right. meanwhile 1.2 billion. >> what kind of genius loses a billion dollars? steve: well, that would actually be you, mrs. clinton.
5:25 am
recent numbers showing that hillary's campaign and supporters blew that amount of cash through her failed bid to be president of the united states. and finally, $233,000, that's how much it now costs to raise a child. a quarter of a million dollars. the department of agriculture narcotics things like housing, child care, education, to come up with that number. including pop tarts. it's expensive. ainsley: all right. well, the flu season, so many kids around here have been sick lately, taking the country by storm showing up in every state around the country. what can you do to make yourself feel better? i'm looking at the map. my state is red. taking on the flu is doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: can you explain something to me? so many people are talking about the flu. i know people who got the flu shot but still got the flu. >> the flu shot's not a perfect solution. it's a good solution.
5:26 am
every year, it ranges a little bit. the estimate is about 60% of the time it will prevent the flu from happening. but that still leaves 40%. and if you get the flu, it's very likely that you'll get a less severe form of flu. steve: oh, okay. that's a plus. ainsley: i'm a huge advocate for it. i don't want to put anything in my body that i don't have to. and then three years ago i got it. i have not gotten the flu since. i have not gotten it this year. is it too late? because i need to get. >> it's not. ainsley: when is it too late? >> so we haven't hit the peak season of the flu yet. ainsley: okay. >> there was certainly a big up tick in the cases in september. but certainly you can get the flu vaccine for the rest of january i would say and february, you're starting to get a little bit on the other side. steve: i'll walk you over to walgreens. they have it right now. meanwhile you've got an easy plan to combat the plan. it's as simple as a, b, c. first of all, the a is attack. what does that mean? >> it has nothing to do with the election. it has everything to do with the vaccine.
5:27 am
the best defense is a good offense. so as i said, it's not too late to get the vaccine yet. in addition, if you do have flu symptoms, let your doctor know. if they know within the first 48 hours, there are several antiviral medications that they can start you on that not only decreases the duration of the disease, but also decrease the severity of it. ainsley: what's the b? barricade. what does that mean? >> stay home. we want to go to work and do something. we're risking contaminating all of our neighborhoods and coworkers, et cetera. so the best advice really is stay home. awful word, but it's effective. steve: okay. so attack, barricade, the c in abc is clean. because we're in a city of 15 million people. people look healthy, they might have the flu, and i just shook hands with them. >> exactly. so you just want to make sure that you're doing a regular job of cleaning your house, your car, your workplace,
5:28 am
et cetera. you don't know what is being around you at that time, and we are spending a lot more time indoors, especially in the northeast. steve: sure. ainsley: thank you, doctor. steve: a, b, c. get the flu shot. ainsley: i will. promise. steve: meanwhile, it's despicable painting depicting cops as pigs hanging in our nation's capitol. so congressman hunter ripped it down and now democrats want him charged with a theft. the accused criminal -- i'm kidding about that. and congressman hunter joins us next live. ainsley: and a super slow police chase making headlines overnight. and just when it started to get weird, believe it or not it got even weirder. >> did you just hear lapd say that it was pants that were thrown out the window? >> was it?
5:29 am
5:30 am
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steve: politics one hour from right now up on capitol hill, the senate is going to start confirmation hearings for jeff sessions, who many on the left don't think should be the next attorney general of the united states. brian: yeah, i guess some on the left, a lot of people do have a level head about it and realize that's not going to be a problem because he has a long track record. i would like to bring in, ainsley earhardt, do you have a problem with it? ainsley: no, i guess we can go to him right now. steve: so, ed, tell us about the latest sit in. >> well, look, you have folks who are trying to stop jeff sessions, they're upset about what happened decades ago when he was up for a federal judgeship under president ronald reagan. remember, that nomination was blocked before he then recovered politically and ran for the senate. and they're upset about things
5:33 am
he said, actions he took way back when on civil rights. so you're going to continue to see this from the left. they're going to go after sessions. it's something that played them a long time ago. he believes that his record as a senator has shown that he has a much different record than things said decades ago. but what you're really seeing is the left trying to bloody, trying to beat up somebody who's very close and loyal to donald trump. and in the end, the trump team believes that they'll have the votes to get jeff sessions and everyone else confirms. brian: unless something happens that we don't know about and a lot of people were expecting bill richardson to have problems and. we knew that jarod kushner was extremely valuable to donald trump during the campaign. and we knew that he wanted him somehow involved in the white house. >> yeah. brian: now we know he's going to be a senior adviser. >> yes. brian: we believe -- is the trump campaign okay. is the trump team going to be okay with this? >> yes. and here's why.
5:34 am
because kushner is divesting all of these businesses. if he said i'm going to have a government job and make $150 and still keep all of my business interest, millions and millions and dollars on the outside, valleyed huge problem. but since he's divesting since in the last 24 hours we're seeing all kinds of movement on that, it appears like kushner is doing the right thing and there are a line of democratic -- i stress democratic experts like former lawyers for the obama campaign who are saying what he's doing is just fine. so you'll hear noise from the left about this but jarod kushner is going to be just fine in this role. i think you're right when you use the word surprised. nobody was surprised when kushner would have a senior role. i think the surprise comes that it's an official role inside the white house. everybody thought he would be this wise man on the outside. i mean, rudy giuliani said it
5:35 am
well when he said this is somebody who is 35 but has the judgment of a 60-year-old. wise beyond his years, and it's clear the president-elect trusts kushner very much. ainsley: it's like every girl's dream. you want your husband to be close to your dad, and they're extremely close. he went to harvard, he's an investor, real estate investor and also an inventor, a developer, he's very smart, and i've heard nothing but good things about him. anything else you can tell us about him? >> well, the fact he's a media mogul as well and now pulling out of the new york observer. he's something behind the scenes what i've been told by trump people that's fascinating i think that this was someone at the lowest points of the trump campaign, they were shuffling campaign managers in and out. you had the clinton campaign telling us in private they don't have the right data. they're not raising enough money. this campaign is ridiculous. they have no ground game. you heard all of those attacks. it was jarod kushner who was in the bunker with his
5:36 am
father-in-law calmly, coolly saying we're going to get this done because he reached out to people on facebook and elsewhere how to use social media, how to use online fundraising and calmly and coolly got the job done and that's what any president needs. brian: he has his own analytics guy that said these guys are vulnerable. and when they hit minnesota, they realized they were so close in minnesota. >> they might have had that as well. brian: thank you. ainsley: good job, ed. take care. steve: it is now 24 minutes before the top of the hour. time for some news with weather and we start out west. >> we start in california and that's where an armed suspect is leading police on a armed slow speed chase for hours and hours. and just when police thought it couldn't get any weird we are,, well, it did. >> i just heard lapd say it was pants that was thrown out the window. >> it was pants, steve. well, how about that?
5:37 am
cops in los angeles carefully following that suspect, wanted for shooting his sister-in-law. that man acting irraddicly. he taunted police officers and eventually they were able to send him spinning off the road, and they got their guy and locked him up. well, overseas now iran about to get a major delivery that could kick start its nuclear plan. russia is shipping 130 tons of you are anium to iran in exchange photons of reactant coolant. this is enough you ar uranium to make ten atomic bombs. >> the only democrat in the middle east is israel, and they said over and over we will destroy israel. i don't know how many times tells you they're going to kill you before you start believing them. and that's the worst part of the world. if they get a nuclear weapon, the first place they're going to launch all of them would be
5:38 am
to israel until they reach the united states. >> wow, well, the un security capitol is expected to approve that deal. heart-stopping video after a driver jumps to save a school bus in flames. the driver in tennessee said that he heard a small pop and then finds a fire in the wheel well of that bus. he pulled over, rushing all 29 children off the bus before the whole thing turned into an inferno. >> number 47 advising the fire started in the tire well. >> police say that that driver adding so quickly, the kids never realized they were in danger. what a hero. and if you throw punches prepared, you get hit back. that's what actor meryl streep is now saying after getting criticized at the golden globes. >> hollywood is full of outsiders and foreigners and if you kick them out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial
5:39 am
arts with the r naught. >> doesn't sound so bad. i'm surprised she didn't say fox news too. those comments not sitting well with ufc president dana white. this is what told tmz. >> not going to be everybody's thing and the last thing i expect in the world is an uppedy 80-year-old lady to be in mixed martial arts. >> dana white a he not a she obviously. steve: so we don't have masterpiece theater. big deal. >> i'm okay with that. i like that. steve: a lot of people were. steve: i have a feeling meryl streep probably takes exception to the 80-year-old part. ainsley: yeah. >> is she? steve: 67. brian: i actually thought she was 80. i always thought dana white told the truth. i have to talk to him. steve: janice dean joins us. it's very cold outside, and
5:40 am
it's very rainy out west. >> i have some good news. maybe bad news, i'm not sure. 69 days until spring. is that good news or bad news. steve: tell us in 68 days because right now it's winter. >> that's going to be the big story today. we have had over a foot of rain in the mountains of california, and it's on going. today we've got another slug of moisture moving in, flood warnings are in effect stretching from california up towards oregon and into nevada where we have seen, you know, in some cases so much rain that they haven't seen in decades. and feet of snow, in some cases eight to ten feet of snow in the mountains. and that's going to cause mud slides and rock slides and even though it's a good news thing, it's going to be potentially dangerous for the next couple of days. and then we have this system across the great lakes and the midwest we're going to watch for a wintry mix and perhaps an ice storm. so it's busy at the fox news media center, and it's time for me to come inside where it's warm.
5:41 am
>> when you walk in the door, there is hot chocolate and coffee. >> i'm there. right now. steve: all right. brian: all right. 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. it was disgusting painting depicting cops as pigs hanging in our nation's capitol so congressman hunter ripped it down. now diagrams want him charged with a crime. before he's arrested, he's going to come by and see us. not yet in cuffs. ainsley: also singer and tv host nicholas shay is here. there he is there in the greenroom. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow!
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5:44 am
brian: the altercation continues on capitol hill just days after republican congressman dunkin hunter removed an offensive painting depictings police officers seen screened left in the blue as pigs. democratic congressman from missouri is demanding criminal charges against dunkin
5:45 am
hunter. brian: for reaction for taking down the painting is congressman hunter of california. congressman, there's this sense after capitol police met with some of the other side that they might be coming after you with cuffs today. what is your sense? >> yeah. the capitol police aren't going to arrest me for taking down a picture that portrays them as pigs, so that's the news that we got from them, and it blows my mind how democrats think it's okay to portray cops as pigs. i mean, it's actually something here in congress that i don't understand. it's something that i haven't seen before in my eight years here. it's really strange. and it's a sad commentary on the democrat party that the one thing that they're willing to stand up for in this country is to portray police officers as pigs. really strange. ainsley: well, congressman, if they do hang it back up, what are you going to do then? >> we're going to have to ask paul ryan. no artwork that depicts police
5:46 am
as pigs or congressmen as prostitutes, so paul has to do something about this. i can't keep taking it down over and over. that becomes kind of a tit for tat thing. this art work like this needs to not be up. in fact, all police officers in the entire country are behind me on this. and the democrats need to step up and tell their own party member lacey clay, hey, this is not acceptable. democrats don't stand for portraying cops as pigs, unless, in fact, democrats do and in that case, paul ryan is going to have to do it. steve: well, congressman clay is from missouri. that is all about ferguson, missouri in that picture. but i think -- and there's an image of him right there, i believe. he's made his point. i just don't get why they want to put it back up again and inflame police officers, you know, again. >> yeah, it doesn't make sense. and there's other ways to portray ferguson and get that point across with other types
5:47 am
of artwork. you don't have to look into this painting and have an art degree to understand that they're portraying that cop on the left-hand side as a pig. that doesn't take -- it doesn't take any genius to see what's in the picture there. there's other ways to talk about ferguson through art and what happened there than putting this in the u.s. capitol. so if they put it up, we're going to probably keep taking it down. but i have colleagues on my side now that have been embolden by my action, ande proe steps too. steve: well, the caucus is not backing down, and they're saying this kid won a contest and that's the winner of the contest of 450 entries and that was part of the contest. >> yeah. but, you know, once again, really strange that the congressional black caucus now stands for portraying cops as pigs in the u.s. capitol. that does not make sense to me. there's no place for this in the u.s. capitol. and it's just strange and a
5:48 am
very sad commentary again on democrats that this is what they want to stand for. ainsley: it's interesting we do so many stories right out of christmas taking down the cross, taking down the christmas trees. everybody wants to be politically correct. but they want to put this back up. >> yeah. true. i'm with you. blows my mind. steve: and you're not worried about getting arrested today. >> no. not by the capitol police who don't want to be portrayed as pigs. steve: yeah, we got that. all right. congressman, in you for joining us live and telling your side of the story, sir. thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up next singer and tv host nicholas shay is going to join us here. steve: but let's take a look at a guy who is also multifaceted can sing, dance, but chooses to do the news. >> tell nick hello. he's a good cincinnati man. say hello for me. ainsley: cincinnati guy. >> he wants to know why you refuse to do the show. >> i absolutely don't refuse.
5:49 am
>> good morning, guys. in a moment, this is the biggest week yet for the incoming trump administration. senator jeff sessions will make his case to be the attorney general. live coverage of this all important hearing begins in america's newsroom. senator is live. and his analysis on what makes a successful attorney general. also, jarod kushner turns 36 today and donald trump has tapped his son-in-law to be a senior adviser. another clue into how a trump white house will operate. martha and i will see you 11 minutes away on this substantial day for the next white house. we'll see you then.
5:50 am
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ainsley: we know him well. we know him as the former front man of 89 degrees and a reality tv star joining us now is the singer and tv host nicholas shay and bar owner. >> and bar owner. proud bar owner. ainsley: how is that going? it's in miami. >> we just celebrated our two-year anniversary. steve: when is ladies night? >> every night is ladies night. steve: when you see video like that back in the day, and, you know, you're doing that stuff, do you still have the -- >> well, it's all in the points. steve: show us how to do it. >> you do a little bit of this and then a little bit of that. ainsley: try it, steve. >> we were the nondancing boy band. it was all about the points. steve: so you could never be manudo. >> we were not n sync or back street, we were the harmony
5:54 am
boy band of the era. steve: now let's move from vocal harmony to potato chips. >> yeah. we're kicking off the 2016 lays do it the flavor contest starting today. where people all over the country can submit their ideas for a new potato chips flavor and the winner gets $1 million. steve: well, this is the classic. >> that's classic. >> this was our last winter, haley from minneapolis won summer and biscuits and gravy. anything goes. submit any flavor you want. ainsley: what do you have, ryan? steve: is this the winner? it should have been. >> that actually is not a winner. it was a second place entry, but it was so popular, they kept it on the shelves. steve: that's all the important food groups. >> go on, pitch your favorite flavor and the winner gets a million bucks.
5:55 am
>> now, are you allowed to win? >> i'm not even allowed to enter. but i have some pretty good ideas for a small consultant fee i'll share with people, you know? ainsley: that's really good. share them with heather. >> is this spicy potato chips? steve: now, what about because potatoes. >> biscuits and gravy. steve: they're something a lot of people don't eat, but they feel guilty sometimes. >> not at all. steve: i'm going to eat the whole thing. what about taco salad potato chips? >> anything goes. make your pitch at you could win a million dollars. it's really good. that's why it was the winner two years ago. ainsley: what would be yours. yours would be turkey burger or something; right? >> i'm trying to pitch a skyline chilly. >> or ice cream into it. ainsley: beer.
5:56 am
blue moon. steve: i think the best thing lays ever did was have you advertise it. in connection with this guy can eat lays and still look great, i can have it too, honey. >> my diet consists lays for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ainsley: what is your favorite thing to dip lays in? >> i'm not a big dipper. i'm it's all about the chip. ainsley: you're a little dipper. >> true story when i'm in the recording booth, lays potato chips help soothe the throat. steve: you know what audio engineers love? is when you do this in the -- someone has a great idea. how can they enter? >> they enter starting today. brian: more fox and friends in just a moment. ainsley: send us out, nick. ♪ ♪ dale! oh, hey, rob. what's with the minivan? it's not mine. i don't --
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6:00 am
the one million dollar winner. >> can we be part of it, too? split with us? >> sure. >> if they don't get their million dollars it will be bret baier, chris christie, breakfast with friends in mobile, alabama. >> bill: so it begins, a marathon week of hearings that shape the next cabinet for the trump white house. first up only minutes away is senator jeff sessions, the nominee to be the next attorney general of the united states of america. it's a big week on this tuesday starting today. i'm bill hemmer, welcome live at "america's newsroom." >> martha: good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. this is the first of two big confirmation hearings we'll watch today. alabama senator jeff sessions the pick for attorney general. he will go before the judiciary committee about a half hour from now and then you have the homeland security nominee john kelly on the hill this afternoon. >>


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