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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  January 11, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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talk about. >> tucker: interesting. always worth learning something. bret baier, thanks a lot. that is it for ♪ >> tom: welcome to "red eye" i am tom shillue. let's check in with tvs andy levy over at the "red eye" deck. >> coming up on the big show, white women attending the anti-trump inauguration demonstration told to check their privilege. plus a 9-year-old deer hunter is making news, and happily not for playing russian roulette. and finally, a florida restaurant has a special way for ladies to get out of a bad date, i believe it's telling him you're from florida. i've been to florida. ba tom. >> tom: thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests.
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she's appeared in "runner's world" magazine. hope it wasn't for running the lights. liz miele. author of "razzle-dazzle, the battle for broadway." michael riedel. republican campaign strategist, political analyst, and fox news contributor, tony sayegh. he likes half naked men touching each other, he also enjoys a pro wrestling. sam roberts. okay, let's start the show. ♪ hollywood celebrities have decided to come to washington for trump's inauguration. as protesters than participants.
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they will join the women's march that weekend to show their opposition to the incoming administer ration. organizers of the event are expecting 200,000 people, some of them not from hollywood. but for those attending, please, please plan on checking your privilege. "the new york times" reports a south carolina woman was looking forward to going with her daughters until she read a post on the events facebook page by a 27-year-old blogger from brooklyn. she wrote "now is the time for you to be listening more, talking less. you should be reading our books in understanding the roots of racism and whites of pharmacy, listening to our speeches, you should be drowning yourselves in poetry." the woman found the post off-putting. i'm not sure why. she told the times "how do you know that i'm not reading black poetry?" >> unbelievable.
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>> tom: she canceled her trip to washington because she's not able to check her privilege. liz, first because you are a woman. what do you think of this infighting, this woman is not sufficiently, i don't know, what is it? >> her full post was a little aggressive, she pretty much was basically saying you're not doing enough. and this woman was saying how dare you say i'm not doing enough, i'm not coming now. and part of me was like, as soon as she felt she was being criticized, she didn't want to be, if you don't think what i'm doing is good enough, i don't want to be there. part of me was like, that's kind of what she was talking about. fairweather rally people, if i don't get a pat on the back and people tell me i'm doing a great job, i don't want to go anymore. >> tom: i don't read any black poetry. >> i don't think you need to read black poetry. >> do you read any poetry? >> tom: no poetry.
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tony, what do you think about this? they're kind of eating each other, right? they can't come together, why can't they just get along? >> i have no complaints there, this is what liberals do best, they marginalize people, even themselves. she's artie assuming that this woman is not going to be a good participant because she is white. isn't that stereotyping? isn't stereotyping the weapon of racism and so all of a sudden this culturally sensitive person is a stereotyping someone who's supporting her because. all you're going to do is drive people away and relegate yourself to oblivion. >> i agree that she was combative but she proved her point because the girl said she wasn't coming because her feelings were hurt. >> this is left-wing identity politics run amok, and tony and i are on the right, we should sit back and watch them scratch and claw. someone's going to wind up with an ice pick in the head and we
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are going to keep winning elections. >> this is all on facebook, guy guys. this is all people safely from their home. >> tom: they feel like an ice pick to the head, sometimes. sometimes the words hurt, don't they, sam question work >> i think that's how the manson family started. >> there's this thing that goes on, though, where it feels more and more like to some people in some groups, in order to be white to you either to be racist or groveling, it's one or the other. you are either apologizing or you are admitting that you are racist. which is why i have two flat out say that i want to check my privilege and acknowledge that my ancestors stepped on the backs of immigrants are the reason why i'm here. >> tom: they stepped on their backs? speak out literally, were chiropractors.
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there stuck in this identity stuff, and i think that's why trump won the election. >> there's also this thing where when you're rallying like that, especially against trump, this is a rally against trump the day after he's president, you haven't even given him a chance, you've given him one day to be good. before you're already rallying against it, which if i were him, i would take the date to do the most pro-woman things that any president has ever done in a single day to try to take some of the steam out of the rally. what are you guys protesting? >> what is your idea of a pro woman thing to do the day of? >> talk about how great checks are. >> i love women, no one loves women more than i do. >> from the political point of view, the left, the obama coalition has been were going to put all of the minority groups together. and we will fashion a majority that will run the country.
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but what they don't realize is that there's going to be tension among those little clicks they put together and they're going to struggle and fight it out when we on the right are united. we sit back and watch them destroy each other. >> what he's done is he's divided people on the basis of class and race and political identity, and that's why you can't do it for more than eight years in exacting why hillary clinton didn't have the charisma to carry on the obama coalition legacy. you can only take that so far before people revolt back. you're not racist, if you support crops. you're not a bigot because you believe in legal immigration, not legal directly illegal immigration. that's what we've been told. by the way, she would not allow hillary at that marked because hillary represents female white privilege. >> tom: everybody's privilege.
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it trumps presidency is changing everything, even irish music. you to put a hold on their latest album following trumps victory. they told rolling stone the election happened and suddenly the world changed. we just went "hold on the second, we got to give ourselves a moment to think about this record and how it relates to what's going on in the world." most of it was written in the early part of 2016 and now as i think you agree, the world is a different place. adding that the delay is "just to make sure that it really was what we wanted to say." i'm not sure why they felt they had to change the album, we got a hold of the tracklist, let's take a look. i finally found what i'm looking for, a woman president. i'm with her or without you. pride in the name of love trumps
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hate, and where the streets have no names of dead white males. by the way it, that my producer is telling me that that's not the actual album, that's a comedy bit that we did. [laughter] >> that's the delayed laugh track. >> tom: sam u2, there's been a lot of change this year. >> remember when the edge was the silent type? i think they may be taking themselves a little too seriously on this one. >> tom: no, u2? >> i don't think anybody pulls out a history book to figure out where we were in time before they put on a pop album to figure out, not pop in the genre, u2's pop. exactly where we were in history to properly enjoy you u2.
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music doesn't last forever anymore, before they could put out a song that maybe would last 15 or 20 years of it was really great, now you put up the album, you stream it for two months and then you figure out what's next. just put the music out. >> tom: that's what i would think but tony, the world has changed, right? from supporters would agree that the world is a different place, so maybe they've got to find tune it a little bit. >> this is the band that said nothing changes on new year's day, but they had to stop their there album release. i'm not against popular culture reflecting political events that happen in time, it's always liberal because most of the people in entertainment are liberal, except for you, thanks buddy. but the reality -- bob hope and sylvester stallone. this looks like more hysteria from the left, as if they had
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banked in the 2016 that hillary quantum was going to win and now that she didn't when they don't know how to handle it, have to stop all the presses. it's kind of silly to me. >> tom: that's what i thought, when i read the headline i thought u2 was overreacting, as i read the whole thing, the edge really does talk a lot, he went on and on but he seemed to have his reasons. they are artists, they have a right to change, right? >> i don't know, i think only famous rich people have the right to decide not to go to work. nobody else can be like "things didn't turn out the way i wanted to, so i'm going to take a couple weeks off." >> tom: it's their privilege. >> they've got to check their famous u2 privilege. >> i'm in favor of censorship when people like that come out to talk. they ruined broadway with the worst musical in the history of
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the american theater, "spider-man, turn off the dark"" sent cast members in the hospital with injuries, and they are responsible for that. >> that's the last show i saw, by the way. >> i thought it was fine, but no one got hurt while i was watching. >> tom: he was jumping through the air, seems spectacular to me. >> it was terrible, and they wrote it. they had no idea it was bad because they couldn't even be bothered to be in new york when the show was falling apart because they were too busy touring new zealand australia when their lousy broadway show could have used some fine tuning. >> focus on the points that matter. >> tom: moving on, an , and onle piece says ryan gosling's golden globe speech about eva mendes wasn't cute, it was sexist. that headline captures what i think we were all thinking when the best actor winner thanked his partner eva mendes.
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>> i wasn't singing and dancing and playing piano and having one of the best experiences i've ever had, on a film, my lady it was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer. if she hadn't have taken all that on so i could have this experience, it would surely be someone else up here other than me today, so, sweetheart, thank you. >> it he looks like he's in the mickey mouse club. >> him and just and tender leg. >> >> tom: i can't help that but feel that mendes took one for the team for gosling to further his own career, which is kind of what he said. women are expected to stay home with children because they are
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taught to be selfless, and it perpetuates this as an ideal that women have to live up to and make sacrifices for. anyway, here's a fresh new meme i made. things like this are why people call me the meme master. liz, i'm going to go to you. look, ryan gosling. >> i'm pro ryan gosling. he can't carry a baby himself, i don't know what she expected of him. also, he thanked her, you don't know anything about their relationship. you just made an assumption that she didn't want to be there, that she didn't want to live her own -- i don't understand what she wanted him to say. >> tom: what if ryan gosling were ugly, would you say that? >> anybody that's nice to women, i'm pro nice to women. >> i don't believe it, it's because he's so good looking. >> it's important that he's good-looking, he's the best looking dude ever, he's cool and he can sing and he can dance,
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and quite frankly any woman would be privilege to bear that man's seed. i think the fact that she was gifted with it babies from ryan gosling, she should be at home taking care of them. she should be the one doing that, because he's out -- >> you guys are making it horrible. >> i suggested that she wrote it for him, this is what everybody wants their husband to publicly acknowledge, that they make sacrifices, as anyone in a normal relationship understands that two people have to basically give and take a little bit. she gave, he took, they both came out on top and she doesn't have a bad career ahead of her. >> it was a charming, heartfelt, human speech acknowledging that he could not have gotten here without a do like the support of
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a woman who loves him. i'm sure if she wanted a word she would say the same thing. there's nothing sexist about it, it is your left-wing identity politics. >> i agreed with you. when i agree with you i'm wrong, when i don't agree with you -- 's >> if they get divorced she s proof that she supported him and she can take all the money. >> tom: we do worship, we worship the idea of motherhood, we talk about the women who work and they balance their life, we never stop talking about the stuff, don't you think question >> she can walk around and say ryan gosling is the father of her kids. he doesn't sing all that well in the movie. he's no gene kelly.
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>> he's the greatest, he's the new leonardo dicaprio, who was the new jack nicholson, who was the man. >> that's a pretty high bar to set, gene kelly? >> tell me, i go to seat musical, i'd like to see fred astaire and gene kelly, people who can sing and dance. >> tom: wrap it up, tony. >> lib present a liberal company excluded, this is what liberals do, they attack and exclude you. do additional institutions, procreation, motherhood, homemaking, these are terrible things, that's what they think and this is why they're going to be losing for a long time. >> tom: a young hunter celebrated her first deer kill and he gets in trouble at school, her school gets in trouble with me. up next. ♪
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♪ >> good morning, live it from "america's news headquarters," i'm in new york. barack obama bids the nation a fond farewell, thunderous applause as he took the stage in his hometown of chicago last night it to deliver his last national address as president. transferring power to donald trump at just nine days from now. >> we have to make sure our government can help us meet the many challenges we still face. we have what we need to do so, we have everything we needed to meet those challenges. after all, we remain the wealthiest, most powerful, and most respected nation on earth. >> president-elect trump,
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meantime, is it scheduled to meet with reporters today. his first conference since winning the white house, he will likely be asked about unconfirmed reports that russia is compromising personal and financial information about him. so far he has only responded with this tweet. dylann roof will be back in a courtroom today. he is the first person to face federal execution for a hate crime. folks in san francisco are urged to seek higher ground, flood sirens were sound during as emergency crews.
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not everyone is willing to leave voluntarily. now back to red eye for all of your headlines, log on to ♪ >> tom: fat shaming, bad. hunter shaming, good. a 9-year-old shot her first deer, and she was so proud she put this picture on a sweatshirt. when she wore it to school, her teacher told her to take it off. she came home so upset, she threw the sweatshirt in the trash and said her teacher yelled at her and told her killing animals is not what we do. her parents asked for an apology, the school district admitted that the sweatshirt is not against any school dress code policy, but disputes of the incident was characterized by the family of hunters. several children expressed concern to their teacher over the image on a shirt warmed by a classmate, they said. the teacher took the student in
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the hallway and quietly asked her to take the shirt off. the student complied. yeah, that's bad, too. the issue is not the volume of that request, is that the school caters to some students feelings but not others based on what? political correctness. increasingly, there our two worlds, the real one that people live in and the fake one that academics and educators try to create. i live in the real world, every night. >> that's a triple, you got three bucks. that's a lot of whitetail. >> tom: always cheers when i get a buck. >> now i know why you play that game. >> tom: this is in ohio, this is deer at shooting country, it wasn't a bloodied year, she was holding up the antlers, it looked happy.
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[laughter] >> it was the right results but the wrong way to get there. the teacher shouldn't be dictating okay, i don't like the shirt, turn it inside out or whatever. but any kid, especially a 9-year-old that shows up to school with a photo of themselves on their shirt, for whatever reason, i don't care if it's hunting deer, i showed up, i was probably h so it wasn't as bad, a photo of me, i thought it was awesome so i wore it to school. i found out it's not awesome, and i got bullied and i didn't wear any shirts with my stupid face on it ever again. the problem is not the deer, the problem is that her stupid faces on the shirt that she's wearing. >> i gets okay, you did this because you learned. i think tony, what sam is saying, she should have just
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been bullied and learned from her peers instead of being sanctioned by the teachers. >> quickly, jimmy snuka is awesome. i pretended that i was him and not jumped off the dressers onto the bed and killed my little cousin. not literally, just figuratively. i kind of agree except i would not necessarily say that her face is stupid. i do think parental discretion would have been advised here for a lot of different reasons, because i let my son where jared goff jersey, and it now his friends in football are going to criticize him. parents should intervene a little bit. get a break dress code, apparently not, i didn't read the article. you have to as a parent help your kids understand a few things, and nine years old do
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you want to be bullied for shooting a deer? i don't know. >> tom: it is ohio. >> a family of hunters, they hunt. that girl is adorable, she's a budding annie oakley. if i was her, i'd kill bambi and bring his head into the teachers lounge. her second amendment's rights, right to hunt. nothing wrong with that. >> tom: i am a feminist so i want young girls to be able to kill animals? >> whether you care about hunting or you don't care about hunting, that's not the issue. i completely agree that it was, decca plage something else onto a t-shirt. this is a pinterest interest. the fact that she put it on a t-shirt and center to school school is the problem. whatever. but you know what i mean, what they do in their private time, that's their business and if you want to put that, it's the sharing of it. >> should we be ashamed because we're hunters?
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>> if you want anything, violence on tv or the internet, they have a warning. there's a warning to let people know, do you want to watch this? people had to look at her sweatshirt, people were uncomfortable with it. i kind of get the fact that if she wanted to show them a picture, somebody would have to say they wanted to see it. >> she goes to school with fidel castro on a t-shirt like that, that we like. you show up in school with ha guevera shirt. >> you should talk to your kids about hey, if you wear this there might be consequences, the fact that she literally -- >> fashion police, it's ridiculous. >> the broader argument that i agree with, i don't think you should have policy for everything, use common sense. >> exactly, that's what i'm
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saying. >> tom: we've got to go. liz distilled didn't answer about why she loves cuba so muc much. he's the laurel to my hearty, have time with andy levy next.
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♪ >> tom: welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tvs
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andy levy over on "red eye" news deck. >> is it me or did that facebook post, that sounded a lot like me talking to you every day. >> tom: it did, it brought back memories, i don't know why. >> drown in poetry. >> i was i would actually in fairness never tell anyone to read poetry. does it rhyme with something? liz, you said the fact of the white woman doesn't want to go to the march after being told to check her privilege proves the point of the other woman's facebook post? does it or is that people generally don't like being lectured? and don't want to be part of something where they feel if you're going to spend all day being lectured to. >> first of all, they weren't talking specifically to her, she decided to take that personally, if it didn't apply to you could just move on.
12:34 am
she decided to let it apply to her. >> i think she decided to let it apply to her because it sounded like it was aimed at all white women. >> you can just be like that's not my problem and move on. i get yelled out all the time, i just go with it. >> who would yell at you, is that it your love of cuba? [laughter] >> you said this is left-wing identity politics run amok, you're not totally wrong, this isn't even a question of running amok, this is identical back identity politics. you have to have a hierarchy. >> i'm fine where they end up on top of the heap just as long as they kill each other to get there. >>, liz, your little left wing cause. tom, are you still part of the show? tom was just looking out the
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window. [laughter] >> unlike people on the left, people on the right are united. are they, though? >> we had our issues with trump, but we galvanized by assigned our leader and we win. >> really? okay. u2 postpones new album after trump victory. always a good sign when you have to tell people that something was a comedy bit, tom. >> tom: they weren't laughing. >> to be fair, i think for legal reasons we had to explain that that wasn't a real album. >> tom: i thought it was great, that picture of hilary. they reminded me of the boy album. have you read that? >> sam, member when the edge was the mysterious silent type?
12:36 am
that is so true, i had forgotten about it. he never talked. >> bono used to be the guy who talked, that was his whole thing. >> i forgot about that. tony, you said it didn't u2 say nothing changes on new year's day? that song was with the polish solidarity movement. >> i'm saying that they're obviously scared of change and upset by change, if they would a song about change. that's all i'm saying. >> okay. >> that was supposed to be funny, too. was i supposed to mention that? to go no, it was funny. >> thank you. >> always go, explain the jokes. >> ryan gosling's golden globe acceptance speech is called sexist. liz, you said he can't carry the baby himself because science hasn't come up with a way for it. you think ever if there's a woman scientist to this will
12:37 am
change? >> if only she wasn't carrying so many navies. she could figure it out. >> it got really dark over here. >> tom: i like that, andy. it looks like charlie rose. >> either that or a celebrity video. sam, you said any woman should feel gifted to us bear gosling's seed. eva mendes is almost as pretty as he is. >> he isn't just a pretty, he's a great actor, he can dance, he's the man. >> i saw "la la land," i would argue that he can't sing. >> it was charming, it's not "in american in paris," it's not "singing in the rain." i should know, i know about musical theater.
12:38 am
>> the more i thought about it, the less i like it. i've now reached the point where i'm angry at it. >> it is a charming, lovely -- >> it's disgusting, it's got a horrible message. >> tony, you talked about the give-and-take of relationships, in all seriousness, this writer has absolutely no idea how gosling and mendez live their lives. >> the judgment that comes from the left, in this case -- >> it's people like liz. >> i actively excluded her from that particular point. you were fair about that. >> we've agreed on like everything. >> don't tell my publicist. >> girl gets in trouble for the deer killed teacher, tony you said parental's discretion should have been advised here,
12:39 am
then you said you let your son where eight jared goff shirt, i'd call child services on you. >> you weren't the only one, i said i was not an authority because i did this. >> two nights out of context moment, can we roll that question are >> and killed my little cousin. [laughter] >> did you call about that, too? >> liz, you agreed with tony that she shouldn't have worn the shirt because it made people uncomfortable. do you think the school was right to make her off? >> i don't know, kind of. yeah. a part of me thinks it's something that kind of created a little but of violence, it wasn't just, i don't know. i don't for get that big of a deal, she's a kid and shall grow up and she'll learn that you can't always get your way, why does every buddy so upset that she had a bad day at school? i've had a million bad days at
12:40 am
school. >> because it make kids and comfortable, i think parents should just know better. >> i agree. >> she learned a lesson, why are we so upset that she learned a lesson? >> in the end, this is just another argument for school uniforms. >> yes, i agree. >> absolute, i'm in. >> direct >> tom: coming up, more stories. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea.
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just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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♪ >> good morning, live from "america's news headquarters," confirmation hearings resumed today for the president-elect's cabinet picks. former exxon ceo goes before congress, he's nominated to be secretary of state. lawmakers from both parties are expected to expressed concern about his ties with vladimir putin. not because of laws, but becauf our work. this painting commissioned by the congressional depicts police
12:45 am
officers as pigs. a back-and-forth war has started, g.o.p. members taking it down and democrats putting it back up. a lower court had ruled 28 districts were gerrymandered and ordered the districts be redrawn and special elections to be held in the fall. the taliban claiming responsibility for the bombings in afghanistan. right now, about 300 american marines are getting ready to deploy their there to help fige taliban. more job cuts coming to walmart, the retailer loop planning to cut about a thousand jobs in human resources and office support. the cuts coming in addition to thousands of jobs cut last year in accounting and invoicing. and the forces with los angeles, "star wars" creator george lucas
12:46 am
and his team have chosen l.a. as the site of a future museum to showcase the work and his film history collection of more than 40,000 items. that's pretty cool. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines log onto fox have a great morning. ♪ >> tom: 99% of tender dates and in marriage, but what about the dates that don't turn out well? if you're a woman and you want to escape and comfortable situation, a restaurant in florida can help. the iberian rooster in st. petersburg posted the sign in the ladies room explaining "if you're date is not who you they said they were on your profile, do you feel unsafe or even just a tad bit weird? just go to the bar and order an angel shot. nich, your bartender will escort you to your vehicle. with eyes, your bartender will call a huber or lift for you.
12:47 am
with lime, your bartender will call the police. wow. it liz? look, it seems kind of comp located, you have to learn the order. but we want, i think it's a good idea for women -- >> something with wings, a red bull. >> have you, does this seem like a good idea? >> i like the concept, i absolutely liked it. nobody likes the r word but when it comes to rape and all those other things, they're saying why don't you prevent it? now they're saying if you see signs we want to help you before sending bad happens. they're giving women options earlier on. it's thoughtful and why not try it, it stems from what did they say, they were doing this from some bars in london. what do you think, tony? do we need this in our bars? >> the problem for me here is
12:48 am
that they basically take safety which is a very legitimate motivation and kind of put them together with this its other as that they're just not having fun on their data. date. >> nowhere do they say they're not having fun, they say do you feel uncomfortable? >> whatsit second line, there's one of them that clearly suggests not their safety, it's just that they don't want to be there anymore. >> if they are not having a good time, what's wrong with getting the bartender to walk you out to your car? >> i'm not saying it's bad, but do you need this codeword to stop? >> men are so sensitive that i can't tell you how any time that had to fake having a boyfriend boyfriend -- [laughter] >> a woman's best friend of her hand, if a guy is a pig at the bar, slap them across the face, throw the drink at him and walked out the door. >> tom: that kind of thing
12:49 am
works with you, michael, doesn't it? if you you neck if she slap you across the face, some of these guys in florida, they don't take the message. >> break the bottle over his head, maybe that'll get the message. i agree with tony, it's all this coddling. >> it's not coddling, it's safety. you've never been in a -- >> my point is why does it have to be coded? >> they did tell the bartender. >> i wanted an angel shot? >> tom: i want to ask sam, do you think it's weird, what do you think of the fact that the angel shot is 180 proof, is that weird? [laughter] >> it's not that bad of an idea, there's a voice mail that went viral of a woman who was getting hit by her husband who couldn't get out of the situation, she couldn't call 911 because she
12:50 am
was afraid that it would get worse, she called 911 and ordered a pizza and the 911 operator caught wind of what was going on. she was able to get help. >> too much pepperoni. so much sausage. >> i like the idea, i just incorporated they're going to get it mixed up. they should have one drinks, i don't like the additives. the football game that everyone is talking about i don't know.
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♪ >> tom: coming up on the next "red eye" ." ♪ i didn't get a chance to watch last nights college football national championship, was it a good game? >> okay. >> tom: but i did watch some of the festivities from tampa earlier in the day. joey gets one shot. for 25 yards for an opportunity to win a cool million dollars. a nonprofit organization and aa
12:55 am
partner. hi, joey. come on down. your foot cannot go over this spot. no pressure, joey. go to try. >> tom: keeps his cool, though though. joey just missed hitting the target and winning a million dollars. i believe we have another camera angle from when the ball went into the stands. >> hey, you guys. >> tom: michael, your member that moment, don't you? >> i certainly do. >> tom: do you think they should have broken their date? >> by the way, next time you're in the bar and somebody hits on you, take a football and throw it in his face. >> that's great.
12:56 am
>> tom: lives, what do you think? should this guy, he's doesn't have a great arm. >> i don't know what drink i get, is it with the lime? >> this is actually a promo for "dodgeball." >> he keeps his cool, he hit some port check in the face and walks away. >> tom: i think he won a consolation prize. he won a thousand dollars or something. you're right, it is much less than $1 million. it didn't look like even practice, it looked like he was throwing his opposite arm, that's the way i throw with my left hand. >> watching that, that's the way i look at every man that's in one of those hobby football leagues or something. couldn't let it go after high school, you were never good, that's not enough to just
12:57 am
go home and watch. >> playing on a video game. >> tom: i've got to go, very special thanks to my entire family, or going to say good-bye. i'm tom shillue. >> i was going to say your names but i didn't. good night. s tonight.
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9:00 p.m., we will be back tomorrow. sean hannity is next. don't miss it. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." the obama nightmare is finally coming to an end. he just finished giving his farewell address in his hometown of chicago and he is already attempting to rewrite the history books about his failed presidency. we will explain what president obama does not want you to know about the last eight years and how president-elect trump now has the opportunity to fix the mess he is inheriting. that is tonight's opening monologue. we were just watching president obama, boasting about the economy.


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