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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 11, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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good morning, peter, what can you tell us. >> ahead of the formal news conference since winning the election, the trump team is pushing back hard against reports contained based on a buzz feed documents that buzz feed admits contains unverified information that the russian government has black-mail material on the president elect. at real donald trump last night.
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fake news, totally witch hunt. incoming counselor to the incoming president, kellyanne conway. >> nothing has been confirmed. it's an american party. we should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked the press and won't go and tell the president elect and the president united states himself, mr. president obama, what the information is. they would rather go tell the press. >> it's about going to the president. >> it says they never briefed him on it. peter: to show how quickly news spread these days, the unconfirmed, unverified story was brought up at the confirmation hearing brought up for attorney general sessions. >> without divulging sensitive i was, do you know about this or know about what compromising, personal and financial information the russians claim
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to have? >> senator, allegations made about candidates all of the time and they've been made to president-elect trump, most of them have proven to be exaggerated and untrue. peter: president elect is expected to announce who he wants to be va secretary at press conference this morning. a busy day here in midtown. clayton: snow has melted. >> that's all you care about? in the hot seat today a secretary of state nominee rex tillerson who is the among top three among cabinet picks facing confirmation hear negotiation the senate. clayton: back for round two. senator jeff sessions, going head to head with fellow senator. >> this appears to be completely
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unprecedented. today senator corey booker will testify. it is the first time in history that a sitting senator will it have against a colleague. democratic accuse to have concerning record on civil rights and criminal justice reform and called his decision a call to conscious. the two senators have previously worked together, in fact. they partnered on legislation to award the civil rights marchers in selma, alabama. >> i feel honored in being the senate sponsors of this important award. >> yesterday confirmation hearings with sessions was repeatedly interrupted by protestors including some dressed as klansman, false charges against him, including suggestion that is he
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sympathized with the kkk. >> its hateful ideology. i understand the history of civil rights in our country and our impact that relentless and systematic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our african-american brothers and sisters. >> today a number of other confirmation hearings would be underway including elaine chao and rex tillerson, president- elect's pick. clayton: as senate gears up for another round of cabinet hear ings, rex tillerson may have a difficult road ahead of him. >> because the russia issue is still alive one, we now have new
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report that is the russians may have something on trump, tillerson is connected with putin and the danger for republican nominee for a trump nominee is that you lose three republican senators and if you do, you might be denied the nomination. clayton: tillerson has the biggest chance of getting denied but the rest of the nominees should be face. >> farewell to president obama, thanking americans for eight years in the front house in front of a packed house in chicago last night. >> my fellow americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you, america is a better, stronger place than it was when we started. we have takens out tens of thousands of terrorists, including bin laden, race relations were better 10 or 20 years ago. if anybody can put together a
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plan that's better than the improvements we have made the health care to the system to cover for less cost, i will publicly support it. i can't do that. >> very emotional as the president and the first family shed tears thanking americans for support. clayton: police upping reward of one hundred thousand dollars, the round-the-clock manhunt. accusing of gunning down an officer, police now turning their attention to anyone who may be helping lloyd, they received hundreds of tips so far. >> convicted killer dylan roof will pay for lives he stole by giving up his. it took jurors only three hours to sentence the 23-year-old to death, the massacre at the historically black church in
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charleston, south carolina in closing statement roof expressed no regret whatsoever. he felt that he had to do it. he's plan to go appeal conviction. that woman who plowed through a homecoming parade crowd will also spend the rest of her life in prison. plea deal for 2015 deadly crash ahead of oklahoma's football game. prosecutors says she drove through police barricades and sped up and ran over innocent people. chambers' family said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. clayton: former senator kicked off a flight. trying to fly from ft. lauderdale, before taking off the captain asked passengers to move back to distribute weight evenly on plane, they frustrated and getting more upset and try to rally others to walk out when
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he got the boot. >> stand up for what's right and walk out with me. clayton: standard procedure to remove someone causing conflict on board. >> and nascar car carl edwards expected to announce retirement effective later today starting immediately. edwards best known for back-flip, he's only 37. not sure why he is calling it quits right now. he's 28 career wins to his name. clayton: good friend of the show, by the way. julian, i know that you have been tracking the story. stars of hgtv flip or flop officially calling it quits. >> i'm thinking crystal candalie
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r. clayton: pair announcing split last month, multiple reports that cheating played a role but they deny any infidelity. >> the silver line is that they said the show will continue. clayton: as business partners. >> who cares, i'm still going to watch. clayton: they are over $70,000 over budget. >> you see when he car got stolen, that was a good one? remember staffer who got murdered, new questions as father speaks out for the first time. what really happened to him. clayton: president elect promised to build a wall and méxico right be ready to pay for it. >> is your fund delayed this year, why millions of families will have to wait to get their
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money. >> rumors are circulating that hillary clinton can run for mayor for new york billl. can run naked cowboy in down square. [laughter] voya.
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took the kids to soccer practice. you want me to jump that cactus? all right. aah! that lady's awesome. i don't see a possum! >> cross party clash on capitol hill, never, this time over controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs. clayton: picture has been taken down and hung up three times now. the unartful altercation. >> tug of war far from over. congressman lacey clay rehanging the picture after ripped down by
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california congressman dunkin hunter last week. that's when the real battle started. within three hours taken down and delivered to office, 15 minutes later was down again, shortly later bryan took it down again. a lot of back and forth. they delivered it back to clay's office. democrats refusing to see eye to eye on the picture. >> it's a side commentary on the democrat party that the one thing they're willing to stand up in this country is to portray police officers as pigs. >> it's pathetic that some republican members and alt-right media types that constantly refer themselves as constitutional conservatives don't think that that same document protect it is fundamental free speech rights
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of my 18-year-old constituent. >> it's an insult to all police officer who is are protecting the american people. >> some say clay is contradicting himself. he calls it offensive and says symbols matter. georgia congressman offering a solution, posters of police officers who died in the line of duty. clayton: thanks, jackie. >> sounds like a weekend at my house. a painting goes up, someone takes it down and someone puts it up. lisa boothe and fox news politics editor chris both say it's time to look at the bigger pictures. >> this is reprehensible and irresponsible for representative clay, the way that the artist is
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depicting ferguson is absolutely false. there's a false narrative that was driven by the left and the media and it is led to a lot of police deaths a cross the country and reprehensible for this member of country to pick this painting among many to represent both himself and the congressional district. >> what does this day about the national dialing, it says that it's broken, badly broken, people and the polling has been clear on this, it's unambiguous about what the electorate, the american people think. the american people side overwhelming and have be overwhelming numbers. >> one lawmaker says he's worried that they'll be a physical altercation and that's not good for anybody. clayton: no. navy seal is petitioning for his
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release. he wants the hillary treatment. sentenced to a year for taking unauthorized submarine. the fact that hillary clinton wasn't charged for mishandling information is plain disgusting. >> there's obviously a clear double standard, either you're connected to the corruption that's existing right now, what we are seeing what being exposed in our government or you're not and if you're an average america you're not held to the same standard as hillary clinton and her staff. >> set to be released in august. american base retailer boycotted because one person on the board supported president-elect trump. linda bean of ll bean gave 60,000 to trump super pac, stop shopping there, the money was bean's private and personal contribution and the company stays out of politics, julian. >> now over to fox business
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alert, a favorite household snack was recalled for contamination, cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here with everything you need to know about this. cheryl: well, good morning, guys, hostess recalling tweaky boxes for possible simonela. can your hart be hacked? this is the concern after st. jude medical and cardiac devices could be vulnerable from cyber criminals. monitor and control patient's heart functions to prevent heart attacks, there's a software patch to fix the issue but patients must plug in the transmitter and connect to the network to fix it. abbott spokesperson said have potential vulnerabilities. well, 40 million low-income
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americans may face delay receiving tax return this year. agency says it needs more time to fight identity theft and fraud. it will affect those who use additional tax credit. the refunds won't appear until late february at the earliest. and finally this monopoly may look very different soon. the first time in history it's leading the public decide if all the game pieces should replaced. website offered 64 suggestions some which are inspired by social media, hash tag and emoji. my favorite roller skates. it makes you faster and you can win quicker. >> i still want to be the dog. you can have the hat. clayton: top hat.
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thank you so much, cheryl, it's time --i don't even know, 19 minutes after the hour. mass confusion among women this morning. we will break down what you need to know. >> the secret to get a baby to stop crying. [crying] >> maybe it's the dallas cowboys. i don't know, that's what clayton told me. we will discuss it next. i'm worried i can't find a safe used car. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents.
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clayton: school congresseled again for thousands of high school kids after mysterious stomach bug spread like wild fire. the nora virus to blame for students and teachers getting
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sick on the very same day. a special bleached base solution is being use today scrub every single inch of the school. the high school expect today reopen tomorrow and it'll smell fantastic. >> middle school is rushed to the hospital after eating pot gumi bears on his school bus. mother of this 12-year-old in massachusetts is recorded the video of behavior saying her son was in translike state which tends to happen. he basically overdoes of marijuana and would sleep it off eventually but police trying to track down who brought the gummies in the first place. >> top doctor to break it all down. >> danish researchers found thousands of women in denmark for more than a decade and their data found one-third of
2:25 am
abnormalities may never cause life-threatening health problems. dr. lauren is the chief of breast surgery at hospital. >> what it's trying to tell us is that, in fact, we may be overdiagnosing the number of breast cancers that actually do require treatment. >> the study says one of the risks of regular mammograms is so-called overdiagnosis that could lead to unnecessary treatments, but dr. casel says while the finding may be true but doctors aren't at a point to say which women will develop life-threatening cancer and which one is not. >> we have gotten to the point to be able to distinguish which cancers do need treatment and which we can wait on or potentially ignore. we haven't caught up yet. >> an unlikely cure for crying is going viral this morning.
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clayton: unlikely is right. forget the kids shows like paw patrol there. 3 monday old rolla from texas chose to go turn off tiers only when her parents allow her to watch her favorite entertainment. the dallas cowboys. [crying] >> that is a juicy little baby. her mom first noticing this while trying to feed things to keep her happy as lola recovers from two heart surgeries. clayton: oh, my gosh. >> what happens when a terrorist is released from gitmo, one lawmakers says he just found out and it's exactly your worst fear. that brand-new report is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> good morning, everyone. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i'm clayton morris. >> and i'm julian turner. it's a historic morning in new york city. president-elect trump is holding his first as president elect. >> clayton: russia may have dirt on him. >> peter doozy with everything you need to know on how the president elect is firing back. good morning, peter. peter: president elect is now respond to go reports that the intelligence community briefed him using an unconfirmed document to make the case that russian government officials were gathering dirt, black-mail material on him, but buzz feed
2:31 am
which is the outlet that published this document admits that the document cannot be confirmed so the president elect tweeted this, fake news, a total political witch hunt and top adviser kellyanne conway dismissing the charges like this. we should be concerned that intelligent officials leaked the press and won't tell the president elect now himself, mr. obama, what the information is. they would rather tell the press -- >> it's about going to the president. >> it says they never briefed him on it. >> for their part response from the kremlin this morning, dismissing documents alleging as attempt to damage u.s.-russia relations. the documents are a fabric occasion, something likely to come up at the first formal news
2:32 am
conference since becoming president elect, also expected to answer questions about how he plans to remove himself from his business interest once he moves to the white house and expected to announce who his va secretary is. there have been a lot of names linked to this position and he said that it was one of the hardest ones -- his team said it's one of the hardest ones to pick but we do expect to get clarity on that about six hours from right now. back to you. >> thanks for that, peter. it's really important to get the nominee right, though. people have been encouraging the trump team to hurry up with the nominations, but who you have for va secretary is very important. i'm of the mind like let them take their time and make decision. clayton: well in the hot seat this morning rex tillerson facing confirmation hearings today. >> jeff sessions is back to round two. this one will go head to head in
2:33 am
historic battle with fellow senator. >> protestors interrupted and as alabama demonstrators started shouting and sessions charged back. >> hateful ideology, i deeply understand the history of civil rights in our country and the horrendous impact that relentless and systematic discrimination and denying of voting rights on
2:34 am
african-american brothers and sisters. senator corey booker will testify against sessions. a concerning record on civil rights and criminal justice reform and called his decision, quote, a call to conscious. it is worth pointing out, though, that just last year booker praised the senate colleague when they worked together on legislation to honor the civil rights marchs in alabama with a congressional gold medal and had this to say about sessions at the medal ceremony. >> i have blessed and and honored in being the senate sponsors of this important award. >> later today two more confirmation hearings are set for today, elaine chao to have a pretty good sailing to be secretary of transportation.
2:35 am
secretary rex tillerson to face tough questions from both democrats and republicans on connection to russia and russian president vladimir putin. >> thanks for that, i'm really looking forward rex tillerson confirmation hearing, it's going to be good for folks to hash out some of the foreign policy tkes crepe antsy that have come out over the course of the election. clayton: charles is agrees with you. the toughest one. >> charles always agree with me. father of dnc staffer killed doesn't believe his son was source, shot and killed in washington, d.c., and now wikileaks founder julian assange is sparking speculation is releasing information because he leaked emails. >> murdered two weeks ago. >> that was a robbery, wasn't it? >> no, there's no finding.
2:36 am
>> more likely killed in a robbery and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> a troubling intel report that free gitmo detainees are trying to return to battlefield to terrorism. this as president obama plans to free up 18 more before he leaves office. congressman ed royce now demanding that the president immediately halt all transfers, no comment though, from the white house. >> no release is destructive flooding and blizzard conditions in the west coast. clayton: forcing thousands to evacuate california's flood gate. >> visibility goes in and out.
2:37 am
maybe 20 feet. clayton: crews rescuing a family. janice dean in the weather center tracking the storm. janice: good morning, clayton and julian. next round of storms moving into the west bringing more rain and more mountain snow. good news is things will start to taper off later on this week, for now, still blizzard conditions in effect. the sierra including lake tahoe and winter storm warnings and watches and advisories continue across portions of the northern and central rockies. we are going to get upwards of 4 to 6-inches in the mountains, as we get into friday and weekend, the pattern will change and hopefully we will see drying out. we have a potential for big ice storm not only friday but saturday and sunday as we have the cold air to the north, warm air to the south and boundary here along the boundary, we are going to see the moisture fall through freezing layer of air and bring the threat for
2:38 am
freezing rain as well as accumulating ice again. that's friday and saturday for areas across the central u.s. and the south. that's going to be a big story. just want to show you incredible warm-up, look at new york city. 58-degrees, we might push 60. there's the boundary we are going to be watching that's set up for ice storm friday and saturday. clayton, julian, back to you. clayton: wow, 60-degrees. time is now 38 minutes after the hour. we know the president elect has promise today build a wall. >> who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay? i didn't hear you. who is going to pay? better believe it. clayton: rumor has it méxico might be ready to pay for the wall. >> and the president elect's pick for secretary of state is set to be grilled today, russian ties in the cross hairs, is that really such a bad thing? our next guest says absolutely not. clayton: celebrities can't get
2:39 am
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clayton: welcome back, another round of hearings today. this time secretary of state nominee rex tillerson is in the hot seat, what can the controversial pick bring to the table. brian, our old friend is here to weigh in on this. first of all, what does he bring to the table then we get to the controversial stuff. >> he's a very skilled manager, great negotiator, great international experience. there's a lot of things that suit him very well for the secretary of state role. he's going to have to play to those strengths today in the hearings. clayton: we have been playing sound this morning from charles, he thinks this could be the one
2:43 am
nominee that has the most trouble and could get denied. >> i agree with charles, connection with russia on the one hand can be asset because he knows the asset very well, on the other hand, the question is can he get tough with russia in situations like we are seeing right now with the cyber-attacks. that's request republicans and democrats are going to be grilling him on. clayton: what specific questions would be the denial point, what would come back to hunt him the most? >> what role did russia play in the cyber-attacks, what about the ukraine annexation, they are going to want to know where he stands on the issues and what he thinks the appropriate response will be. he's going to have to offer a nuance approach that appeals democrats and republicans that he understands the this is and he can ask. clayton: we are going to have business leaders in washington.
2:44 am
the last time was herbert hoover, they are pointed to him as business leader. is that an asset? >> a guy that has 75,000-employee company with operations on six continents around the globe, sat across the table from finance ministers, that's a great asset for this role. he brings outsiders' perspective and he can get things done. he's great at executing, this is a worthy choice for trump, the question is can he inform trump's policies views and shape them. that's what senators are going to be looking at the hearing. clayton: how do you think he's going handle this, rex, this is the first time he's sitting in front of senators and confirmation hearing, it's a different beast. >> i think he does, he has reputation for being very prepared, very poised under pressure. i expect him to show that today. clayton: how does he need to answer some of the russia >> he has to show that he understands the situation, he appreciates what his position
2:45 am
has meant in the past but he also appreciates the necessity to be tough if the circumstances dictate it so he has to show the issues and understands what the background bring to the table and he can negotiate that when and if the situation rises. it's going to be tough. he's going to be poised and show his medal and i think it'll get through. clayton: time now to check in to see what's coming up on "fox & friends", abbey huntsman. good morning, abby. >> senator jeff sessions getting grilled. it's 4:45 in the morning, people ready to eat breakfast. i'm here with dona, the manager of this place. she brought me out banana-sponsor french toast, what do we have here?
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>> one is our banana french toast, which we do make our french toast with egg battered sour-doough bread. >> we will be here all morning long here in mobile.
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>> violent riot and taking over a cell block of a maximum security prison.
2:50 am
it all started as a fistfight and escalated to 47 inmates who destroyed computers, fire extinguishers that they used as weapons. >> they armed themselves with knives, iron pipes and they were going to go after the co's. >> aron hernández is a member of this prison. it's unclear if he was involved. clayton: can méxico be finally be ready to pay for the wall? >> who is going pay for the wall? who? >> i am not going pay for this wall. [laughter] clayton: border battle raging for more than a year now, now the country's new foreign secretary says he's willing to discuss plans about building the wall.
2:51 am
he still says méxico won't pay calling that unacceptable but he also wants to start renegotiating nafta as soon as possible. in hope to go get more talent, the air force is loosening rules on tattoos, the air force will no longer enforce 25% coverage rule. airmen will have full or back pieces, tattoos on face, tongue are still prohibited. mike tyson would be out. airmen with tattoos will be grandfathered in. >> attacked his family during hearing on capitol hill. here is sessions introducing his family. >> her husband and they have
2:52 am
four children as you see before today. >> a self-proclaimed culture writer from mtv, sessions kindly return the asian baby to toys are us he stole her from. after major backlash madison caved and deleted the tweet. clayton: madonna says she's broken after the election telling harpers bizarre is like being dumped by a lover and being stuck in a nightmare. the world is a different place now. and the dixie chicks taking aim yet again months after mocking trump at a devil in concert. i'm ashamed that the president elect is the president every
2:53 am
single second of every single day. back in 2003 she was ashamed president bush was from texas. >> cd's? who has cd's anymore? clayton: this was 2003. >> got it. no one has cd's anymore. if you're a conservative, does it mean you're good looking? >> a new study from a study of journal of public economics says yes, conservatives are generally better looking than liberal counterparts and tend to impose policies of wealth distribution? >> i don't know about that. [laughter] >> europe, australia, link candidate's look to their party affiliation. the time is now 53 minutes past the hour and thousands of cars have been recalled over night. what you need to know before you hit the road this morning is coming up next. clayton: most bizarre robbery we
2:54 am
have before seen. [laughter] >> i don't understand why you're taking her side, by being my girlfriend, she's saying you're a weirdo too. >> i don't think that's what she's saying. >> and. >> that's exactly what she was saying. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. clayton: donald trump holding his first news conference as president elect, he's expected to name a va secretary today. well, confirmation hearings continue on capitol hill on the docket. senator jeff sessions will be back, rex tillerson will be there and elaine chao. honda adding vehicle to go recall. at least 16 people been killed
2:59 am
worldwide because of the air bags. huge discount, jet blue dropping rates on many flights to less than one hundred bucks round trip and wow airlines is offering flights from california to europe as low as $59. wow airlines. >> where should we go, clayton? [laughter] >> so now it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good, a good samaritan was rushed to choking driver as he pulled off in busy intersection and starts patting the man in the back. next the bad, if you think walking on ice is slippery, imagine doing it -- after a three-long hour or deal they got it back to the woods safely. finally we got the ugly which is
3:00 am
bandit, he got away with $3,000 of merchandise. clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ steve: good morning everybody, january 11th, 2017 and this is "fox & friends". >> marathon of hearings. first up senator jeff sessions. >> east a racist. >> it wasn't accurate. neil: dylan roof has been sentenced to death. >> this is a high schoolo -- hollow victory because my sister is still


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