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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 11, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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speech. for a sitting senator to testify against a colleague. corey booker about jeff sessions, that might be the first presidential speech of 2012. >> interesting. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> melissa: oh, boy, it is a big day for the president-elect. i am heather nought and we have hearings taking place for attorney general and also secretary of state. those are ongoing on the hill right now. we are looking live at those. senator corey booker and congressman john lewiswrapping up their comments about alabama senator jeff sessions and the rex tillerson as top state department pick. that will regime and we'll bring it for you you as well. we heard from donald trump himself. it was his first new's
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conference since winning the election. he had a lively back and forthwith the members of the press and a unsubstanteated report about a russia blackmail against him. >> russia will have a much greater respect for my country when i am leading it than other people leading it. you will see that. russia will respect our country war. >> his two oldest sons will go on to run the company and will not discuss the dealings with their father. he's completely isolating himself from the business interest and hire an ethic's advisor to vet all potential business deals. mr. trump should not be expected to destroy the hotel he built and donate profits to the u.s.
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treasury. john joins us. boy, john, what a busy day? >> reporter: i tell you. they have it here in new york and down in washington d.c. and as always, heather, never a dull moment with the trump campaign. 250 journalist and cameras jammed in the lobby of trump tower closed down for the first press conference since he was elected. donald trump pushing back hard in the allegations in the unsubstantated report that russia was reporting a blackmail doszier. and he said it was not worth the paper that it was written on. and calling out "buzz feed" and saying it was a pile of garbage and pointing members of the intelligence committee and saying none of it is true.
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here's what trump said. >> it is all fake new and phony stuff and didn't happen and it was gotten by opponents of ours, as you know as you report ared and so did many other people. a grouch opponents that got together. sick people and put that crap together. >> reporter: the reason why it got new legs, when donald trump got the intelligence briefing, he was handed a two page summary of what the doszier looked like. he acknowledged to yes, that vladimar putin did order the hack of the dnc service and attempted hack of the rnc. and pledged when he becomes president relations with russia will be different than they are now. >> he shouldn't have done it and i don't believe be it is more.
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there is no reset button. we'll either get along or not. i hope we'll get along but if we don't that's possible, too. >> reporter: back to the russian dossier, when he travels to russia, he's aware of cameras in the strangest places. he warn withed underling and colleagues and said one particular incident that is detailed in the report could not have happened, because i, donald trump said, am a germa phobe. he talked about obamacare and how to repeal and replace. and how he would name the replacement for the late justice anton scalia and how he will sign executive orders on monday,
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the 23rd and also talking about how he is going to separate himself from the vast business empire and put everything in a trust and resigning as officers from the company. he would take profits from foreign payments like hotel room and give that to a treasury and will maintain an ownership stake in the old post office in washington. >> john, thank you. president-elect donald trump going toe to toe. and at one point refusing to take a question from a cnn reporter. >> since you are attacking our new's organization can you give us a chance. you are attacking our new's question. >> quiet. quiet. >> mr. president-elect. can you give us a. you are attacking. give us a question. >> i upon not going to give you a question.
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you are fake news. >> sir, can you say categorically. mr. president-elect that is not appropriate. >> cnn one of the handful of new's organization reporting those allegations. and we'll bring in chris stierwalt. how did he do today? >> it was a mr. toad's wild ride. that was something else. i think there was big news in the press conference overall barring what happened with cnn. the biggest news, he laid down an enormous marker. he said republicans will replace obamacare as they repeal it. that is huge and enormous. and said when they would announce the supreme court pick, there was a veteran's
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administration head. that all gets loss, because we are talking about kinky stuff and shouting with reporters and talking about the wild stuff. here we go. >> are you going to shame me a little bit? i want to make it clear, information and correct me if i am wrong. information is a, unverified and new's organizations such as ours and some folks knew about it for a long time. we were not able to vet the allegations come canning in and we did not report on it. buzz feed and cnn did. >> now wait, we want to be fair to the competition. >> okay. >> what you have here is cnn and the essentially the new york times, and the new york times piece is standing the test of fire didn't say anything about the specific allegations against trump, the things that made him
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upset that were salassous in nature. the new york times said he was briefed on efforts by the russians. and he was informed of potential or alleged efforts by russians. it is interesting. and buzz feed said this is a good excuse to publish for the world to see unsubstanteated allegations which is a wild and editor of the website wrote the anguished note, oh, my gosh, we struggled with this and in the end. >> it is not journalism not to vet something and then put it out there is not journalism. and as we understand it, the president-elect received that intelligence briefing, hey, sir, you need ton this is out there and you will be asked about it. let me ask you. the guy who did this vetting, he
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was paid by a republican member to do research and later hired by hillary clinton. >> not hillary clinton. >> or somebody connected with her. >> democrats and republicans first hired him and then democrat. >> does this guy have credibility as a result of that? >> ultimately it doesn't matter. again, and the agency say they would run them down. the report said they tried to check them and still work the angle and see what they can find out and nothing comes back about. the point is, until buzz feed went there and it was not about that. it was donald trump's relationship with russia and vladimar putin's effort to affect the outcome can of the election. donald trump is no villian and donald trump didn't take the deal and was not coopted and buzz feed jumps in and takes the
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story. >> trump probably understands that the folklore will be included in the joke and people who taunt and tease him. he know its is out there forever and upsetting for him and why it is damaging what buzz feed chose to do. >> we could talk to you for a whole hour and we have a lot to do. busy day. >> you bet. >> a dramatic and unprecedented scene as democrat senator corey booker testifies against colleague jeff sessions. and in another part of the senate. secretary of state nominee rex tillerson is facing tough questions on what some consider his russian ties. tillerson vowing to contront our adversaries. and rich is covering day two of the session here. and there are concerns over
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tillerson's business history as we talk about his potential for secretary of state. tell us about about that. >> reporter: good again, heather. if the united states senate confirms rex tillerson as secretary of state, it will be the first job he held outside of exxon mobile since 1975. he was the chief executive officer and the republicans say the experience of negotiating deals around the world is an asset to bring to the united states government. and the demupon dems question if he can truly working for the american people. >> you would be willing to recuse yourself for the duration as secretary of state from any matter dealing with exxon economic interest, any matter that might involve exxon mobile or has the appearance that it being lead to a conflict, i will
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seek the guidance of the ethic's council. >> reporter: tillerson said he will fully end his relationship with the private sector as he transition to the secretary department, heather. >> questions on russia dominate the session and they talked about china and iran as well? >> reporter: they did. they mentioned a whole host of the issues particularly on russia. this is something that rex tillerson was going to have to answer because of the way exxon expanded the operations with the russian oil company and russian government. he does say to it russia that we are not likely to be friends because of our different value system and some of the toughest questions he got was from senator marco rubio. rubio asked if he is impose mandatory standards in response
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to the intelligence hacking and tillerson said he is against that. look, the truadministration sho have the authority. senate minority leader chuck schumer said that answer to refuse to commit is sweeping russia's enorms and said go ahead, interfere in our lecs. we are on a quick break. >> one sitting senator testified against his own colleague and why senator booker will not support senator sessions to be the next attorney general. that's next. >> if confirmed senate sessions will be required to pursue justice for women and his
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>> heather: welcome back. it is 17 minutes after the hour. we look live at capitol at the senate foreign relations hearing and that's where the nominee to be secretary of state, rex tillerson is undergoing hearings today. questions about russia and former ties to russia and how he would handle sanctions and it is a full plate there and we'll keep an eye on that and bring you that as news develops. in the meantime there is another important hearing going o. new jersey senator corey booker breaking with tradition, testifying against the
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nomination of colleague senator jeff sessions who is up for attorney general. >> senator sessions has not committed a requirement of the job to aggressively pursue congressional man date of civil rights and equal right and justice for all of our citizens. in numerous times in his career he demonstrated a hostility toward the convictions. we can't count on him to support state and national efforts toward bringing justice to the justice system. >> heather: we'll bring in chris plant syndicated talk show host and jamie green a clinton advisor and fox news contributor, chris, that listen to that talk. impassioned on capitol hill from corey booker and a short while ago, some of these folks are painting him practically as a racist with their focus on
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this. what is your take? >> i would delete practically. the effort to paint him as a racist and republicans defend him and call everybody a racist and i have seen this and that is standard protocol from the playbook. jeff sessions if he were a democrat would have a stellar record and if there was a d behind his name he prosecuted the son of the kkk in alabama and shut down through a sieveit suit shut down the kkk statewide. he fought against school segregation in alabama and every person he was fighting against was a democrat. and start with that. if there were a d after his name the democrats would sing his praises because of his great civil right's record. but he is unfortunately for him
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a white republican from alabama. >> southener in theory makes him a easier target. how do you think it is going? what is your take on this? >> to the conversation with chris. i think it is clear in 1986, he was deemed too racist to be a federal judge and that is just a fact. when you look at statements that he is on record saying and i know we are talking about the voting rights act. >> heather: hold on, hold on. the civil right's legislation is here in front of him. >> for me as a woman, grabbing a woman by her genittals is not sexual assault. that is beyond the pal of someone who is the supposedly the top law enforcement officer and supposed to be trusted to uphold the law.
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ask any parent out there. if their child gets grabbed bite againittals. >> heather: may i ask you a question, please. is there anything he has done in 30 years that is redeemable for you. >> the man is a human being and not say it is the devil. but the position he was nominated for. president-elect donald trump nominated a dog to be a dog catcher. he can do a lot of things. but the top law enforcement official he has to have a stand hard'reard that his record 30 years doesn't rise to. >> heather: i hope the dilog is something that is more positive, talking about dogs and race, this, we have to have a better conversation about this. >> thank you. these are the tillerson hearings
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>> heather: welcome back. we take a live look at capitol and that is where the state department nominee rex tillerson is under going questioning. >> to send a message that it stops here. it stops here and sanctions, in my view taken after the fact, were not going to be adequate to deter that. that is my opinion. we'll never know. >> right, you put yourself in a defensive posture, if you pull a gun you should should be prepareed to use it.
11:26 am
that could escalate in a conflict and you will make discussions of committing a military or american troops and it would have to come from someplace else. that seems to be you are advocating for greater use of u.s. military power and engagement and conflicts like what you saw in ukraine. >> i am advocating for responses that deter and prevent a further expansion of a bad actor's behavior. i would not want anybody be to take away the thought that i recommend that that is the first action. in any decision to it respond with with a show of force, the national security council would be fully informed including the department of defense and
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intelligence agencies first can it be executed upon? can it be effective? and looking at other options. i am not dismissive. >> you characterizes the obama administration's as weakness. >> in that instance i would have done something. >> a show of force at the board that had had already had taken from them. >> american military. >> ukrainian and supported by the u.s. if that is not seen it is not a show of force. >> switching gears now. is it an american value transparency in government, correct. >> yes. and accountability of government? >> yes. >> i have a concern, allow it right now. as a leader of a private company
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you were first and foremost accountable to share holders and employees. but as secretary of state you are accountable to the american public and expected to keep the media informed of general activities. i know when my staff did a rough estimatation of calculations with the press. clinton had 3000. and kerry 3000. when you were with exxon mobile it was a smaller number. you believe in the importance of transparency and engaging with the public and engaging in the questions with the media. >> i stated that was part of the engaging the public's trust. >> you will bring press corps
11:29 am
and regular interactions with the press. >> if confirmed, i would look into what is appropriate to take. i have not gotten that far in my thinking. >> so you haven't thought through about issues was accountsability and transparency. >> i have thought about that. your question was the size of the press corps. >> no, it was not. it was the media and public with the secretary of state. >>y we ensure if confirmed that the secretary of state and state department is fully transparent with the comment. that is part of my comment of being truthful and holding ourselves accountable and others accountable. >> switching gears and i will get back in the next round of questions. this is a new line of questioning that i have.
11:30 am
>> just as a matter of sharing some information. the supplying of defense lethal defense of support to ukraine in a time when we were only sending night vision goggles and mre's was strongly supported in a bipartisan way on this chairman under chairman men endez leadership. i didn't you view the response to be necessarily in any way outside of the norms of what this committee overwhelmingly supported. i am just saying that for information and i am more to talk more fully about that. we'll start the second round. they are seven minute rounds and in the same order that we began. if senator rich are, i would like to be able to give him time
11:31 am
and since he was around earlier. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, in response to senator men endez question about p the lobbying of the iran sanction. i would ask to put in the record the form from exxon that lobbying was spent on their act. put that in the record mr. chairman. >> no objection. >> i wanted to be chairman. putting information in the record. >> i understand you became chairman while i was talking. >> you always have to watch out, bob. >> without objection.
11:32 am
>> and second thing. mr. tillerson, we talk about in the office and come up several times and that is you keep referring to the fact of your concern in regards to the ukrainian sanctions that were posed against russia for their actions in ukraine, that you were concerned that american companies could be at a disadvantage because of europe treated differently and the grandfather's clause et cetera and then we talk about leadership, and it was very true on iran senator men endez took the leadership on. this if not for the leadership other countries would not act. if we go to the lowest common denominator nothing would be done. it requires us to go the extra
11:33 am
amount and one last point on this and i agree with senator corker. we have never had any administration believe that congress takes away their discretion. whether there is democrat or republican, they just soon do away with with cash, we get understand that and get it. you assume the advantage we have in america with the separation of the branches of government and it is helpful to you if you are confirmed as our principle negotiator to have clear directions from congress that you must impose sanctions, must impose sanctions unless you get progress to the issues toward which those sanctions will be imposed. take advantage and work with with us so you can can have those strong tools to help
11:34 am
america's intchlt >> i would take most of my time on this round. i will not take a the lot of time on tax return and we'll save that for a different time. it involves a internal fate here than the nominee. but as a result, i had sent to you 20 questions that are related to the tax issues and we didn't have the tax returns. and before the close of business, we are asking questions, i will propose questions related to tax issues in order to better understand that we need information on. we are concerned about the fact, i am concerned. and i think members of the committee are concerned that you have private intchlt you have a farm and charitable foundation
11:35 am
and real estate partnership. we need to know how that operates from the person who is secretary of state. and you have trusts that are set up and how those payments are paid out over time. we need to have better understanding of how that operates in your term and confirmed as secretary of state. that type of information is useful to us. and i am still trying to figure out how this trust that you are taking restricted stock and if confirmed, selling it, they are putting cash in rather than the restrictive stock but able to withdraw the funds in the same schedule as restrict you have stock that would be actionable and as a result of that, you are putting contingencies on our
11:36 am
vice-presidents and you defer taxes for a significant period of time. these are issues that we need more transpariency on. they are pig dollars. one consequences of 70 million and they are not types of tools that can be used by average americans. we need to know more on those types was issue and we have concerns about all of your employees properly documented and taxes paid. that is a standard issue that is raised in confirmation. and senator corker and i may not think it is relevant to the, i shouldn't say relevant. but determinative to the final confirmation, but it is relevant. and so mr. tillerson, i will and you to answer these questions for the record and i hope we'll
11:37 am
get cooperation in a timely way so that the committee will have it before bee are called upon to act on your nomination. >> i am happy to answer the dwrars of concern and i indicated that in the questionnaire that it is my objective to address it is concerns you have. i am also mindful of privacy issues that are afforded to every american and the privacy issues of tax return and i will do my best to answer the questions and i hope you respect the privacy of myself and my family and long-standing of the individual's tax return. >> i assure you that will be
11:38 am
observed. much of the information is not reviewed by members. but i respect what you are saying and fully maintain your legislate rights of privacy. i look forward to following up on that and i thank you for your reply. >> thank you just for the edification of the committee. i think that it is true over the last four years, i have worked as the lead republican on foreign relations to ensure we move candidates out quickly as possible. in every nomination's meeting that has been stated and what i shared with the ranking member. we have a tradition that we are following. this is not a committee that asked for tax returns. it's asked for a desclosure form
11:39 am
and just because we were overwhelmingly helpful with a democratic nominee's doesn't mean we will be unhelpful under a republican nominee. i have tried to keep things exactly the same. exactly the same. disclosures are the same. and you you know, as far as getting into if there is a substantial issue to look at that afshth senator tillerson. you don't want to be do demoted to that. nominee tillerson's role, i am glad to look and if we need someone to do it. but to get in to silly questions, that's not what we have done. and i hope we will not turn the
11:40 am
process in the one that turns qualified people away from wanting to serve. if there is a substantive issue to pirpursue and have someone from a account being firm that really matters and i am willing to look at it. and asking questions, that you know, are not in any way determinative in that matter and belittling the committee and a huge change in the protocol and the respect which we have dealt with with nominee. and i thank you. >> if you will just yield for one moment and i thank you for that. and the disagreement on supplying tax returns is nothing to do with mr. tillerson's discussion and delayed any of our operations and i fully
11:41 am
expect that i will continue to use whatever means to change our committee practices so our nominee and as many other committees require to file tax returns. that is not unique. small business. >> and very quickly. the second point, the ability of members to ask questions for the record and ask questions of the nominee is respected. i would hope that that would not be deminnished and we have the ability to ask questions for the witnesses in regards to areas that we think is important. >> no one is trying to diminish that. you and i have agreed on a series of questions that come from the committee itself and mr. tillerson as i understand it will answer those. and i would think that the arrangement that he has with exxon is something that is
11:42 am
should be fully vetted and everyone understands that is going to happen and he will and has actually. and i would just say, again, we may wish to change our standards four years from now. our most recent secretary of state has a couple was worth over a billion dollars. and had all kinds of far- ranging investmentes. and as a committee, we never tried to force a tax return issue. they filled out disclosures and we as a committee asked them questioning. and same thing with secretary clinton. >> that hearing going on in capitol and that is the foreign relations chairman asking
11:43 am
questions of rex tillerson former ceo of exxon mobile going in the fifth hour or so. one of the members of the committee. colorado senator corey garden stepped out to speak with us. thank you for are joining us. i want to ask you how you think it is going. some folks expressed concern about mr. tillerson's former ties to russia and president-elect donald trump kind comments he made about vladimar putin. are those concerns being eased by mr. tillerson's comments. >> you mentioned the hearing has gone on five hours and a great deal talking about russia and relationships with donald trump and mr. tillerson and whether or not friendships exist. there is greater amount of clarity coming out in the fifth
11:44 am
hour as was coming in today. a lot of people talking about if the president delivers a tweet what does that mean and mr. tillerson writing that. and a rough exchange with senator rubio and clarified by a comment with corker and talking about vladimar putin. >> heather: he was asked about p whether or not vladimar putin is considered a war criminal. >> is vladimar putin a war criminal will. >> i would not use the term. >> let me describe the reason of aleppo. >> i am sure there is a body of record and in order to deal with a serious question like this. i would want to be fully informed before advising the president. >> there is so much information out there and it would not be
11:45 am
hard to say vladimar putin committed war crimes in aleppo. >> it was a tough exchange and you can't just put that in context. and it was clarified by chairman corker. if you verify and independent knowledge that these actions occurred and was informed he just received his classified clearance last night and if he independently verifies this it would fit the label of war crime. that is the response mr. tillerson. >> if that is our standard that we verify ourselves. will we determine that and if so how does the u.s. respond. >> a number of intels are inplace. mr. coat and mr. pompey and others part of the national
11:46 am
security response team. and i am sure they will come back to that conversation and he would continue sanctions in place as they determine it is the right thing to continue. and he wouldn't be afraid to do that if that indeed is the right thing to do. this will go on tonight and tomorrow. there is more questions to be asked. i look forward to ask questions on the south china sea. and iranian deal. this is an important position that provides a great deal of u.s. leadership. what is important to come out of the hearing, recognition of the weakened u.s. poster is emboldened enemies. >> heather: he highlighted that again and again. and senator chris coons said in a private conversation there was
11:47 am
a lot of space between mr. tillerson's position and president-elect donald trump with with russia. how do we square this? are we to believe mr. tillerson as he talks about a clear- eyed view of russia or believe mr. trump, seems to be looking at russia through rose- colored glasses. >> i think as donald trump's administration come cans together. we have to take his word. he condemned their actions in crimia and understands the damage in syria and a lack of u.s. leadership is responsible for the opening that vladimar putin went through when it came to crimia and syria. time will tell how trump are trump will treat the issue. and you are hearing a nominee who puts a best foot forward.
11:48 am
>> you think he will have the votes to get him through? >> the 11 republican and ten democrats, i anticipate it to be a close vote and we'll see how the next few hours go. >> and senator from colorado, thank you. and we'll go back where senator marco rubio additional questions. >> i am not going to rely solely on what i read in newspapers. i will go to facts on the ground. i am sure good information available. >> one of the sources of the campaign is the president of turkey who brags about the people who is shot who he determined are drug dealers without any trial. he continues to brag about it. is that information you would look at and what is happening in the philippines is not an intelligence issue and openly
11:49 am
reported and the president-elect spoke about it. and the president of the philippines brags about it. in your opinion an appropriate way and should it influence our relationship with the philippines. >> if the facts are supportive of the number and actions, i don't think any of us would accept that as a possible way to deal with offenders. >> i am sure you are also aware of the lack of religious freedom and lack of women's in saudi arabia. in your opinion is saudi arabia a human right's violator. >> saudi arabia has not shared the american values for sometime. what is the pace of progress that is expected for the kingdom of saudi arabia to advance
11:50 am
rights to women and others in the country. >> as it kushlt urcurrently stands. what do you need. >> i would need more information, senator. >> you are not familiar with the state of affairs license for women. they can't drive and people jailed and lashed. you are familiar with that. >> i am familiar with all of that. >> so what more information would you need? >> in terms when you designate or label someone, the question is that the mostective way to have progress made in saudi arabia or any other country. our interests are not different, senator. there seems to be a misunderstanding that i see is the world through a different lens. i share the same values that you share and want the same thing for people in terms of freedom.
11:51 am
i am clear eyed and realistic in dealing with cultures. they are century's long cultures. it doesn't mean we can't affect them to change. the pace is slower than any of us wish. there is a change underway in the kingdom of saudi arabia. how and if they arrive to the same value system we have, i can't predict that. but i believe it is moving in the direction that we want it to move. i wouldn't want to take a action that causes the leadership to interrupt that. i would like them to be continue to make progress. >> thank you. >> senator men endez. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. tillerson, i know that you are knew to this and the chairman is trying to help you out on the question of lobbyying and sanctions.
11:52 am
neither you or exxon lobbied against sanctions and that you were merely seeking information. i have four different lobbying reports as required by the lobbying disclosure that listsex onlobbying spectaculars on four authorizing sanctions including the iran, investment act of 2010 and 2014 in russia aggression. and the ukraine act. i know you are knew to this. my understanding when you employ lobbyist who submit them under the law you are taking a position. >> if the form clearly indicates, i haven't seen the form in your hand. were we lobbying for or against the sanctions.
11:53 am
>> i know you were not lobbying for the sanctions. >> if the form there. >> it says specifically for example here. specific russian aggression of 20 fwraen provisions for energy. you were not lobbying for sanctions on energy. >> that is a description of the subject. and i haven't seen the form, senator. >> let me edify for the future. you don't need a lobbying disclosure form to seek information and clarification about the bill. that's not lobbying. lobbying specifically is to promote a view and position. i am asking to have them included in the record. there was lobbying here had. and senator booker asked you about usa. but exxon is listed and the whole purpose and while exxon is
11:54 am
a huge cooperation like the state department you may not know everything that is going on. but you are giving direction as to whether or not you want to be lobbying on certain issues and taking positions or not. you told me p in the world conversation with president-elect you didn't discuss russia. it is difficult to believe that you didn't know exxon was lobbying. >> my understanding they are required wherewhether you are lobby for or agains you are required to report. >> you believe you were paying to money to lobby. >> i don't know. all i know. >> can can you imagine your share holders to lobby for sanctions to bottom line. >> it would depend on the circumstance. >> let me turn to mexico. a little different part of the
11:55 am
world. some of us care about the western hemisphere. last week, the president-elect said the money spent on building a wall will be paid for it. that has been a hallmark chant in trump rallies and now the president-elect said the american people will pay for are it and the mexicans will reimburse it. the last time a country tried to wall itself from a neighbor was in berlin. and that was constructed by communist east germany. steamem trump may ask whomever he wants neither myself or mexico are going to pay for his racist monument. and as you are aware, the
11:56 am
president-elect refered to mexican citizens who come to the united states they are sending "people with lots of problems. they are bringing drug and crime and some i assume are good people. ". mr. tillerson do you think that mexicans are drug dealer and rapist. >> i would not characterize any population of people. >> and do you think that helps our relationship with mexico our third largest trading partner with goods and services including our second largest export market. >> mexico is a long-standing friend and neighbor. >> that doesn't help your job as secretary of state if you are to achieve nomination? >> we are going to engage with mexico because of their importance to us in this hemisphere andy we have many
11:57 am
common issues and areas of concern. >> let me to turn, senator rubio took care of. when you and i met, you indicate canned you needed more time on cuba to come to a concan clusion about your opinion on u.s./cubbia and obama administration, this is shared not me, but amnesty intrchlt despite open diplomatic relations and restrictions on movement continues. thousands of cases was harrassment of government critic and arbitrary arrests were reported. the cub an commission for national reconcilation that works in cuba documented more at 8600 politically motivated detentions of government opponent and activist in the year. a group of women who march with
11:58 am
gladdias and they are beaten savagely because of their pieceful protest. if our engagement is still going to allow that to take place, something is wrong with our engagement and something felt short. do you think that as a condition of establishing diplomatic relations with cuba, we should have insisted of the return of fugitive and cop killers like new jersey cop killer are joanne chesmoore and other american fugitives of justice habored by the castro regime. >> i do, senator. >> thank you. would you commit yourself if you are confirmed as secretary of state to work with with others, have cop killers in cuba, to make that conditioning of any future transaction. >> if confirmed.
11:59 am
i look forward to working with you and senator rubio who have a great depth of knowledge on cuba to ensure that we are not relaxes the pressure on cuba and their repressive regime. in my opening remarks. can cub an leadership got a lot out on of the recent deal and we need to understand the flow of funds in cub a. the cuban people got almost nothing. president-elect is has been clear onlooking at the cuba. >> i don't think he has wished to leave that i give him an opportunity to change that. thank you. >> and with that senator?
12:00 pm
senator risch thank you for being here. you have a ten minutes. >> thank you, i will not take that full ten minutes. mr. tillerson thank you for your willingness for doing this. it is a difficult time with u.s. relationships. it spiralled out of control from time to time and we are not in a good place in many parts of the world primarily because of u.s. policy. and it is going to be rethought and redeveloped and i thank you you for willingness to take that on. i was struck when you were named that this is something that has been off of the radar screen of most americans and that is the importance of the work that the state department does in dealing with our companies and commerce in foreign


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