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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 12, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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"the five" ." >> bret: president-elect donald trump defiantly denies news reports that the russians have embarrassing information about him in a fiery press conference filled news. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening. i am bret baier. this is a two hour special edition of "special report." we are coming to live from daytona beach, florida. we are on the campus of embry riddle aeronautical university, the first stop of special report on the road this week. will explain more about this beautiful place later. we begin tonight with the long-awaited first news conference from president-elect donald trump since last summer.
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the president-elect went after one of his favorite targets, the news media, and some organizations coverage of an unsubstantiated report that trump had been shown documents by u.s. intelligence officials showing russia had compromising information about him. , sr., national correspondent john roberts is outside trump tower tonight with the latest. >> good evening to you. senior source inside the transition tells fox news that contrary to reports, the intelligence she's never handed donald trump a written summary of these unsubstantiated allegations that russia was compiling russia -- information on trump. allegedly given to him on friday when he was briefed on russian cyber spying. at his press conference today trump was on the warpath about those reports. to donald trump, it was merely another attempt by opponents to diminish his presidency. the release of a dossier of damaging and some cases
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salacious allegations that were completely unverified. >> disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake. that is something that germany would have done and did do. >> the allegations have been quietly circulating for months among politicos and reporters. senior transition source tells fox news it was "barely mentioned in passing by the intel chiefs on friday and that trump saw the substance of the allegations later." >> it is fake news, phony stuff. didn't happen, and it was gotten by opponents of ours, as you know, because he reported it, and so did many of the other people. it was a group of opponents i got together, sick people. >> as trump's team was searching for a way to battle back, trump was thrown a lifeline by vladimir putin whose spokesman said the kremlin never collected compromising information on trump, calling the document and under fabrication and nonsense. >> president putin and russia
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put out a statement today that this fake news was fake news. somebody would say of course he's going to say that. i respect the fact that he said that. >> trumps praise for putin had its limits. in a response to a question from fox news. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia. >> trump pledged the relationship with putin will be very different. >> he shouldn't be doing it. he won't be doing it. russia will have much greater respect for our country when i'm leaving it then when other people have led it. i want to be given a reset button like hillary. >> trumps attorneys announced he would place all of his assets into a trust but not a blind trust because that wouldn't work. >> president trump can't un-know
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he owns trump tower. >> trump will also resign his offices and turned control over the company to sons eric and donald, jr., and associate alan weitzel berg. they will not have to sell the post office hotel in washington despite a clause in the federally say no elected official may hold an ownership stake. the company argues mr. trump is exempt from the clause because he signed the lease before he ran for president. mr. trump promised that all payments derived from foreign governments would be donated to the u.s. treasury. trump waited on obamacare, revealing its his preference to tackle it all at once. >> it will be repealed and replaced. most likely be on the same day or same week but probably the same day. could be the same hour. >> trump also said he would wait until the monday after the
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inauguration to start signing many of the executive orders he plans to issue to undo a lot of what president obama did in his last four years. he said he's going to wait until monday because the weekend is taken up with inaugural festivities bread he also said he would appoint a justice or nominate a justice to fill the vacancy by the staff -- anson scalia within two weeks of taking office. >> thank you. president-elect trump has named his pick for veterans affair secretary, david shulkin, the va's top health official. he has worked in hospital management for more than two decades. he has expressed support for closer ties with the private sector. let's look at the russia story from the intelligent intelligef the coin. catherine herridge in washington with that story. >> the dossier was known to senior intelligence officials
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and the fbi was working to confirm or discredit the claims. last night, cnn was first on the air and busby went further posting the document from a former british spy who was paid by republicans and democrats for opposition research. "we have always aired on that side of publishing," buzzfeed said. there are serious reasons to doubt the allegations, as we noted. publishing this document was not an easy or simple call. people of goodwill may disagree with our choice. after the news conference, cnn released its statement. "our decision to publish carefully source reporting about the operations of our government is vastly different than busby's decision to publish unsubstantiated memos. the trump team knows this.
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hillary clinton's former campaign manager accuse the fbi director of a double standard. james, he was given information about trump exchanges with russia last year. no letter to congress and the voters. mr. trump said he concluded after a briefing that the leaks have come from the intelligence community. >> what happened is, i had my meeting. nobody knew, not even my executive assistant for years, she didn't know. i didn't tell her. nobody knew. the meeting was had. the meeting was over. they laughed. immediately the word got out that i had a meeting. >> no response from the head of the intelligence community this evening. separately the episode was described fox news as unfortunate because in private the relationship between mr. trump and the intelligence community leadership is respectful, even good. bret. >> bret: thank you. do you think the russia story will hurt president-elect trump in any way.
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what was your take on the news conference? let me know on twitter. @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport. let's get some perspective on the president-elect's news conference. , sr., political analyst brit hume is with us. a little southwest of here. good evening. your take. >> it was an interesting news conference. it was packed with news. what i sense may happen here is that people will be mesmerized by the force of his attack on the news media that published information about these scurrilous rumors that apparently were circulating during the campaign that nobody thought were worthy of publication until, you know, just yesterday by one news outlet referenced by other news outlets. it may distract attention from some of the things he did today. he took steps to try to eliminate conflicts of interest and in doing so, i think he won't satisfy everybody but i
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think we can infer from the reaction of the trump supporters to his refusal to release the tax returns that his -- doesn't care about this stuff. he'll be fine. the other thing is he was firm on russia. acknowledgment that putin's russia was behind the hacking of the democratic party emails was a first, basically. we sense from that, i think, bret, that the intelligence briefing he got, he took it seriously. i think it was probably impressed. >> bret: here's more from the president-elect on the relationship with russia. >> we have a horrible relationship with russia. russia can help us fight isis. if putin likes to donald trump -- likes donald trump, that's an asset, not a liability. i don't know that i'm going to get along with vladimir putin.
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i hope i do but there's a good chance i won't. and if i don't, do you honestly believe that hillary would be tougher on putin then me? does anybody in this room believe that? give me a break. >> what do you think about the tone, the tender, the delivery, what we can learn from today that may forecast into his time in the white house and interaction with the press. >> it's pretty clear he regards his potential relationship with vladimir putin as very much a work in progress. what he seemed to be telling us that it remains to be seen whether he will have a chummy relationship with vladimir putin. that attitude was very much reflected in the testimony on capitol hill today from his nominee to be, secretary of state rex tillerson. he was dubious that russia is any kind of friend to the united states prayed he put those two things together, and a lot of the hand handwringing ts been going on about what a great
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pal trump is going to try to be of putin's i think it's badly misplaced. >> bret: his supporters on social media seemed fired up. >> well, they respond to that kind of thing. when he takes on the news media, they like that. the question i would have about that is this. this story that bus feed published yesterday was the subject of widespread condemnation within the news media itself. the lurid details of things that are almost certainly false. they were not picked up widely at all. what is the effect of mr. trump, who had important information to communicate, the information of about what he's going to try to do to avoid conflicts of interest. the comments about the relationship with russia. the announcement of the va secretary. these things were important today. he sent his press secretary
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out of the beginning before he said a word did announce the news media on this. then the vice president, who spoke next, mentioned it. the president-elect himself mentioned it, there by calling attention to a matter that i think wasn't going very far and wasn't going to receive wide circulation and would have been forgotten in a matter of days. it may still be but it raises an interesting question of when you go out after something like that, you simply end up feeding the story. we'll see. >> bret: we will see. as always, thank you. >> thank you. >> bret: we believe the u.s. senate, as you look alive, will begin shortly a series of votes on the budget that will clear the way for them to pass legislation launching the repeal and replace process for obamacare. we've been talking about it for the past few days. it is being termed a vote -oram -orama.
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we are told it will start to form entirely. -- momentarily. they hope to send the bill to the house for a friday vote. the president-elect's pick to the top diplomats was very diplomatic today during his confirmation hearing. some of that questioning from his own party. much of that focused on rex tillerson's business and personal relationships with russia. >> it was a republican senator who asked the most piercing questions of the republican president-elect's secretary of state nominee. >> is vladimir putin a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. >> let me describe a situation in aleppo. >> it's his relationship with russia, its president and state owned oil company that has attracted the most criticism.
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under rex tillerson's leadership, he substantially expanded business with russia. rubio seized on the relationship to probe tillerson's belief on russia. >> you are not prepared to say that vladimir putin and his military have violated the rules of war and have conducted war crimes in aleppo. >> there's so -- those are very, very serious charges. >> do you believe that vladimir putin and his cronies are responsible for ordering the murder of countless dissidents, journalists, political opponents? >> i do not have sufficient information to make that claim. >> tillerson says the u.s. and russia are unlikely to be friends because of their different value system spread he calls the invasion of crimea legal, demanding a stronger response with u.s. provided intelligence, surveillance, and weapons of national security weapons endorsed it. >> there should've been a show of force, military response, a
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defensive posture. >> tillerson drew criticism from democrats and rubio by imposing mandatory sections on russia for interviewing on the u.s. election. tillerson says he supports granting the incoming administration the authority increase sanctions at its discretion. the senate top democrats as the response is tantamount to sweeping russia's flouting of international norms under the rug. democrats questioned whether tillerson will ever stop serving the country he worked for for more than 40 years prayed >> ask you, sir. if you would be willing to recuse yourself from any matter dealing with exxonmobil's economic interest. >> any matter that might involve exxonmobil or has the appearance that it could lead to some type of conflict, i will seek the guidance of the ethics counsel. >> this hearing ended 2 minutes ago. before it concluded, they moved
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beyond exxon and russia. tillerson says he does not see climate change as an imminent national security threats. he says he opposes fully lifting the embargo against cuba and says the united states needs to be more aggressive against china in the south china sea. >> bret: live on the hill, thank you. how did rex tillerson perform today? charles krauthammer joins us from washington with his reaction. your take. >> i thought he did very well. there were moments that were somewhat uncomfortable, like the one you showed with rubio, assa assad, and war crimes. the theme of what tillerson was saying was i'm not into making gestures or make pronouncements prayed we saw what he said about ukraine. his critique of obama was not that he was insufficiently demonstrative but that he didn't give defensive weapons or intelligence to actually help
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the ukrainians defend themselves. that's a pretty hardheaded approach. even though he wouldn't exceed to demand that he go around denouncing putin and assad for war crimes, he seemed to be saying we are going to be tough. as for the sanctions imposed for the interference with our elections, i think he is right. they are puny, insignificant party won't repeal them but he leaves it an open question as to whether, once they decide how to act, how putin reacts to the new administration. seems to be a reasonable position. >> bret: opportune we are talking about this, analyzing this hearing. seconds ago, the senate minority leader chuck schumer put out a statement and part saying this. "rex tillerson's testimony was incredibly troubling. first on the day when even
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president-elect trump admitted russia was actively working to undermine our elections, the nominee for secretary of state couldn't even bring himself to state that he supported the existing sanctions." i want to play more about rubio exchange with tillerson and get your reaction. >> you mentioned in your statement about the invasion by russia of crimea. does russia have, in your view, a legal claim to crimea? >> no, sir. that was a taking of territory that was not theirs. in that instance, i would've done something different. >> military force. >> a show of force at the board of the country that already had territory taken. >> a american military? >> ukrainian supported by the u.s. providing them with capable defensive weapons. >> bret: that wasn't the rubio
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exchange rate he had a number of exchanges today. charles, is there anything you see potentially hear that trips up the president-elect's state department nominee? >> i really don't think so. the schumer attack is what you would expect from democrats who were really rather quiet and obama didn't lift a finger basically when crimea was absorbed by russia. the real question is whether mccain and lindsey graham and rubio, the three hardliners in the senate, if you lose those three, you could lose a nominee. whether they might go against tillerson, i think not. >> bret: charles krauthammer live in d.c. thank you. this was day two of the confirmation hearing for the president-elect's pick of attorney general. alabama senator jeff sessions was confronted in an unprecedented instance by
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new jersey democrat cory booker. >> his record indicates we cannot count on him to support state and national efforts towards bringing justice to the justice system. people on both sides of the aisle who readily admit that the justice system as it stands now is biased against the poor, drug addicts, the mentally ill, and against people of color. >> bret: experts said sessions did well in day one and a two. we will have a report live from capitol hill in our next hour. up next, what did you think of president obama's farewell address and what is next for the outgoing president? some of our fox affiliates around the country. fox 45 in baltimore, the mayor's office says the city and the u.s. department of justice have reached an agreement requiring that city to perform its police department. negotiations are said to be done but the deal has not been
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signed. fox 10 in phoenix, a watchdog group says veterans are still dying while waiting for treatment at the va hospital. they are facing excessive wait times. more than a dozen veterans have been harmed or died because of delays. this is a live look at san francisco from fox 2. the big story there is the weather. a tornado touched down south of sacramento yesterday. heavy rains have caused widespread flooding and prompted evacuation. emergency crews have been called on to rescue trapped residents. the back-to-back storms have brought the heaviest rain in a decade to parts of northern california and nevada. that estimates live look outside the beltway from "special report." we are outside the beltway too. in daytona beach.
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>> bret: six top employees at volkswagen have been indicted by a grand jury over that company's admissions cheating scandal. vw has agreed to pay a $4.3 billion penalty, the largest levy ever against an automaker. on the market survey, stocks were up. the dow gained 99. s&p 500 finished ahead. president obama is back at at e white house tonight after last night's farewell address to the nation from chicago. it was, as expected, part pep rally, part warning, part defense of his presidency. kevin corke takes a look. >> what a difference eight years makes. >> we, in fact, all share
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citizenship. >> the farewell address took place last night a little over a mile away from where he gave his first speech after being elected. his remarks diverge dramatically. gone were the promises of hope and change, replaced by concern over growing threats to our democracy. the president warned that left unchecked rising income inequality, growing racial tensions, the fear of terrorism, and an increasingly fractured media could gradually erode our democratic institutions. people are democracies threatened whenever we take it for granted. >> that includes taking for granted that race relations will continue to improve. >> i've lived long enough to know that race relations are better than they were 10 or 20 or 30 years ago no matter what some folks say. >> while that may or may not be true, a recent abc news/"washington post" poll
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showed that americans surveyed thought race relations were bad, up from 22%. the president reserved some of his harshest criticism for social media, calling it one element feuding the great sorting of america. >> have become so secure in our bubbles that we start excepting only information whether it's true or not that fits our opinions. >> that comment was perceived by some to be a thinly veiled reference to president-elect donald trump whose embrace of social media has been the subject of much consternation among political and media elites. >> without a willingness to admit new information and that science and reason matter, we are going to keep talking past each other. >> paul ryan said, sincere as he was, president obama has steered our country in the wrong direction. here's the good news. things are about to change. >> indeed they are. also last night, the president
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called on all americans regardless of political affiliation or interest to help restore the sense of common purpose that is so badly needed right now in the country. a call that's gone largely unanswered over the past eight years. bret. >> bret: kevin corke live on the north lawn. thank you. let's get some analysis of the speech last night. john avalon is editor-in-chief of "the daily beast" and author of the new book "washington's farewell,." he joins us from new york. thanks for being here. i want to get your take on the speech broadly. >> it was a fascinating speech, a rally for the faithful but also a rejection of fear. he clearly laid out threats to our democracy, continuing the tradition of warnings in presidential farewell address is that you are familiar with. warning about the role of media, partisanship, polarization as well as global forces, whether it is radical islamic terrorism
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or the rise of a liberal democracy and some of those temptations. a lot of storm clouds on the horizon. president obama trying to put an optimistic face on the country and a fundamental belief that our independence is guaranteed by our interdependence. >> bret: he hearkens back to basically what you wrote about, washington's farewell address, the first farewell address. let's take a listen. >> in his own farewell address, george washington wrote that "self-government is the underpinning of our safety, prosperity, and liberty. but from different causes in different quarters, much pains will be taken to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth. that we should reject the first dawning of every attempt to alienate any portion of our country from the rest or two in
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feeble the sacred ties that make us one." >> bret: you talk about unity, john. i think there were some, especially trumpet supporters, who thought they were not so veiled messages directly to the president-elect and his incoming administration. >> there are deep differences, and a lot of the change that seemed to be coming away is counter to president obama's political beliefs but he took great care to route his progressive profession of faith in the founding fathers and fundamental american values. the quote from george washington was an interesting one very washington was warning about the forces he felt could destroy our republic. partisanship, excessive debt, foreign wars. folks who try to divide us, whether it be political reasons or pushing a foreign agenda. those of the people to watch out for.
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they are never working in america's greatest interest, trying to divide rather than unite us. >> bret: it was part pep rally rally. something about reviving his own party, wasn't there? what role do you see president obama, after he leaves, will play in the democratic party? >> i think it will be very different than a typical presidency. democrats don't have a deep bench. barack obama's approval ratings have been going up, somewhat unusual. he will still be the head of the democratic party. to remain as an ex- he's got to remain at least somewhat above politics. that's a difficult line to walk. eisenhower, you wrote the great book about, went to gettysburg. washington went to mount vernon. obama's gonna stay in washington until his daughter finishes high school and then is going to move to chicago. he's going to be called on to unite the dispatch party.
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>> bret: thank you. the book "washington's farewell." thanks for being here. why doesn't the u.s. have a detailed plan to fight in cyberspace? the latest from the pentagon on that issue when we come back.
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>> bret: one of the most disturbing things to come out of recent statements from a american military and intelligence officials is the lack of a basic plan to deal
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with cyber threats. more on this from jennifer griffin at the pentagon. good evening. >> good evening. president-elect donald trump has given his national security team 90 days to come up with a plan to defend the nation's infrastructure and secrets from hacking. >> we are hacked by everybody. the united states, our government, out of a list of 17 in terms of intel is the worst. it is number 17 in terms of protection. >> based on what i've been able to read and have been briefed, we do not have a cyber security policy. we do not have a comprehensive strategy around a rapidly emerging threats. >> trump acknowledged he believed russia was behind hacking of the dnc. it was the first time he had said so publicly. he also pointed out other nations have penetrated u.s. systems, blaming china, which is accused of stealing sensitive security records of 22 million
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americans. that cyber attack occurred in 2014. one of the most damaging government heists in u.s. history. later that year, the state department had to take down its entire unclassified email system due to foreign hacking. in 2015, a cyber hack into the office of the chairman of the joint chiefs affected more than 4,000 unclassified email accounts of the pentagon. those accounts were kept off-line for ten days. in other words, foreign hacking is not new. >> aware that the u.s. -- russian was hacking into the u.s. election. >> u.s. officials admit that the u.s. government does not currently have a well articulated cyber defense strategy. >> we have tried to up our game defensively. we have, you know, selectively responded.
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>> the american people are getting a picture on how big this is, how ubiquitous it is, how dangerous it is and that something has to be done about it. >> defense secretary leon panetta warned about a future cyber pearl harbor. >> bret: thank you, jennifer. let's talk more about cyber threats. former president and ceo of ibm. he joins us from new york. thanks for being here. we had you on the set in washington about the commission and the reports. i want to get your thoughts. we have that national intelligence folks on the hill answering questions. they seemed to not say they had a plan in place. it seems like it's been a long time to come up with a cyber attack plan. >> as you know, i spent a year going through and starting all elements of this.
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our focus really was not on national security by the direction of the executive order but more on the commercial, economic side. having been through all the work that was done, we had multiple hearings. i agree there is no conference of plan and it's a combination of policy, technology, research and development. and it's also a combination of international relations, trade agreements, acts of war. if you stand back. i spent a year looking at this. there really isn't an end end-d plan paired we came up with some recommendations but we are only focused on the commercial side of things, not the national security side. >> bret: after looking at it as closely as you did, where would you rate where the u.s. is as far as its ability to deal with this issue broadly? >> my opinion, i spent a lot of time on the national security side when i was working with the
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cyber command center as well as work i did with the council on foreign relations. good within that establishment. doesn't mean things aren't going to happen but if you had to rank the things in the u.s. as far as our ability to deal with cyber to protect our society and economy, honestly, national security, the intelligence agencies and the military are the best we have within government. from there it goes downhill very, very quickly. on the commercial side of government, the opm hack, those sorts of things, there's a significant amount of work that needs to be done to clean up the infrastructure of the support systems of the u.s. government paired we also need a lot to do to enhance the internet for the citizens. authentication, identification management, access points and the like. all that needs to be done. i talk about a conference of reports. like a lot of things in large organizations, it's fragmented. no one has to back. the president has never asked for a strategy.
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it's not just the past administration paired we went back to the clinton administration. nobody has asked or given a strategy that is dealing with this problem. not only national security not only commercial, economic, banking. an end-to-end strategy. and we need to have somebody in charge paired we have no one in charge. >> bret: are you encouraged by what you hear from president-elect donald trump about his plans, his administration's plans? >> in light of all the attention it's getting because of the russian hack on the election, the dnc, et cetera. we have a heightened awareness. somebody needs to do something, bret. i've been on this subject for almost ten years. someone needs to take action. i would suggest and we say in the report the president should appoint somebody who is in charge of a cyber strategy that
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if something occurs they can convene the meeting with the appropriate people. someone needs to be put in charge. it's that simple. then a lot of work has to occur. i would start with putting somebody in charge. there is no one, of today, in charge. >> bret: we talked last time about how extensive this is. it also includes the internet of things. anything essentially connected to the internet. there are some amazing stories out there about what hackers are getting access to and what they are seeing and what they are doing. >> you are absolutely correct. you had a speaker a couple nights ago who talked about the internet of things. all these devices today, even the home devices, are connected to the internet. basically, we call them access points. they are points of entry. a camera, sensor. whatever it happens to be.
1:43 am
those devices need to become more secure. we recommend a cyber star, like the energy efficiency star. you get a reading on its security on that device itself. secondarily another thing we need to educate people. if you are a high-profile person, if you have alexis or something in your home, you need to understand that as you interface with that device, it's building a pattern of your behavior in the cloud. it is creating your profile. somebody like you or somebody in a high position in the private sector or public sector, they need to understand. people used to say well, i deleted my email. delete never stood for erased until all these embarrassing situations occur. it's the same thing today. as you use these devices, there
1:44 am
is a profile being built. my point is that they are terrific devices and they are wonderful for personal convenience. the user needs to be educated to the associated implications as they interface with these kinds of technologies. >> bret: sam, it's scary stuff. we appreciate you coming on and we will follow this issue. it's big for the country. i may go to carrier pigeons. i'm not sure. thank you so much. next up, president-elect donald trump takes on the media over russia. he says he will either get along with vladimir putin or he won't. it gets fiery at times. we will get reaction from
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♪ >> i have no dealings with russia. i have no deals in russia. i have no deals that could happen in russia because we have stayed away. and i have no loans with russia. we could make deals in russia very easily if we want to do, i just don't want to because i think that will be a conflict. >> bret: donald trump, president-elect him his first news conference since july. he got fiery at times. he did with the media for reports unsubstantiated that russia had some details, personal information, financial information on him, that he pushed back hard on. he also went on to a number of different topics about the wall in mexico, his financial ties with his business, let's break down this news conference with our panel from washington. matt schlapp's is contributor h "the hill." susan page, from "usa today,"
1:49 am
and james rosen. all right, james, first, an overview about this news conference in your assessment. >> the hand-to-hand combat with selected conference of the news media whom mr. trump deemed especially dishonest or irresponsible in their reporting. there was a lot of news. we learn, for example, that the repeal and replace for obamacare will happen, as mr. trump said, essentially, simultaneously. we learned that we are expecting a major report on the hacking defenses within 90 days and that we should get a supreme court nominee within the first two weeks of the trump presidency. there was a lot to it, substantively, quite apart from the sort of raucous flavor of the thing. i think in all, it made good on his promise that he made when he visited the carrier plant in indiana and november. he said, if it is not presidential, that's okay. that's okay. i think he isefine what it means for us to have a presidential news conference. >> bret: i didn't invite you on here for the impression, added bonus.
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susan, the pushback from the president-elect from the transition team could not have been stronger to these reports. >> yes, absolutely. a lot of criticism today by journalists of the decision by buzz feed to publish salacious, unsubstantiated versions of that report. cnn, with their reports. in any case, the pushback i met could not have been dear sir, i. he used a four letter word in describing it as outrageous and at medical, democrats try to ask a question, he wouldn't let them ask a question because it criticizes organization. this was a situation, he was pretty perilous for any politician to have had a story like that come out, to be dealing with it in a few hours. he dealt with it with some real confidence and certainty. it doesn't mean that story is away. i thought he was pretty
1:51 am
effective in answering the questions about it, just the morning after the stories had surfaced. >> bret: 17 questions he took, matt. this is an indication, perhaps, of president trump interacting with the press. we have seen him on twitter go after different reports. this was confronting these things head on in person. >> yeah, and he likes to do this. i mean, his last press conference was quite a long time ago and he broke a lot of news in that press conference. i think some of his new handlers at the campaign cassette, hey, we have to stop this for a while. if it was up to donald trump, i think he would take -- i hate to say enemies in the press -- those who push them in the press, he likes to take them on. by the way, he was incredibly effective in knocking down what i really think is a outrageous story that came out of buzzfeed. i also think he was particularly effective in knocking back somehow russia has got the goods on him or somehow, they financed
1:52 am
his business career. i think he knocked back those answers very effectively. i agree with james. he made a lot of news. he is recasting what a presidential news conference is. >> bret: just to be clear, senior trump transition advisor are telling fox tonight that he didn't -- he wasn't given this two page document, that was the original cnn reports. they are telling us that that is not accurate, either, that it was kind of an aside, a mention. i want to play sound bite about the split in the finances and how that is going to play. >> i could actually run my business and when governments of the same time. i don't like the way that looks but i would be able to do it. these papers are all just a piece of the many, many companies that are being put into trust to be run by my two sons. i hope at the end of eight years, i'll come back and i'll say, oh, you did a good job.
1:53 am
otherwise, they do badge up, i'll i'll say, you're fired. >> bret: his sons, james, running the company. he is saying he's essentially pulling himself out. it is likely not going to satisfy all the critics about these ties in washington. >> if you are one of the trump sons, that would probably a daunting moment to be equated with the idea that you could be fired as a signoff sauna from r father. not from the business, you are fired as a son. there are, we have seen them in this town, some of them have been dining out in the purported trump conflicts of interest stories for three months now. professional givers of ethics flack and i doubt those people would have been satisfied by anything short of some kind of corporate harry carey to the trump organization. i think by most objective standards, by the standards of the people, this will look like he went pretty far along the way to do everything he needs to do, in fact, to avoid, even the appearance of conflict of interest. >> bret: susan, i mean, the
1:54 am
lawyer comes out, he steps inside, she lays out exactly what is going to happen. any money that goes to the properties that he will still own, he will donate, he says, much of the treasury. what about the appearances and the practicality of this? >> i think james is right. he took some steps. probably, at some cost to himself. may be some pain to himself. with his business empire that he has helped build. he didn't -- maybe it is not possible to deal with the appearance of conflict of interest that are likely to follow, as his sons from his empire, which is of course, called "trump." the second bit of surprise, dealing with the trump sons, their father is the president of the united states. this will be a continuing story. one point that donald trump made today was that when the question was about why don't you release your tax returns, he said, the only people to care about that our reporters. voters don't care about that. if that is the case, then even if there are questions about the appearance of terms, it doesn't
1:55 am
hurt him with the people who are behind him right now. >> bret: yet, matt, democrats on the hill will likely continue to bring that up as a big problem. is this going to somehow hinder his ability to make deals or get along with them, to get things across the finish line? >> look, i think that everything he decides, when he doesn't follow the normal order of things, it has to withstand public scrutiny. along the lines of the taxes, the american people have to think that, he is not doing anything improper. when it comes to how he handles his business empire, what i am shocked at is obama, head of the government ethics, taking trump on directly, saying, this is not a real plan. i listen to that press conference. we all did. it is a serious way to approach what we haven't seen before, a multibillion are becoming the president of the united states with these marquee assets cap that you really can't click liquidate.
1:56 am
it seems like a common sense plan. if the american voter and american people somehow think that he is profiting off the oval office, from everything i can see, a new way of doing it, he is passing the test of scrutiny. >> bret: yeah, james, quickly. it's not like he has to just get rid of some stock. i mean, he's a real estate developer. >> he is putting things into a trust. he is donating the proceeds from foreign governments when they state has hotels. one final point i want to make great if you listen care select all my carefully to mr. trump, the big star, so to speak, isn't the news media, it isn't john brennan at the cia, it appears to be big pharma. what he said was, we have to get our drug industry back, pharma has a lot of lobbies and lobbyists. he said, they are getting away with murder. if you are a lobbyist for big pharma i don't know if you should be raising or lowering right now.
1:57 am
>> bret: panel, thank you. that is it for the first hour of "special report." coming up after the break, a live report and the president-elect's news conference. stay with us. we are in daytona .e are in daytona . rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash
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on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit >> good morning, it's thursday january 12, 2007. over night brand-new information about the russian reports on donald trump as the president elect doubles down on fake news. >> give us a question.
1:59 am
>> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> we are live in washington. >> sarah palin back in the spotlight cheering our president elect as a fearless leader and big announcement that she's now promising. >> and hold the coffee, your morning joe about to cost a little bit more. "fox & friends" starts right now. clayton: dark and early here this morning in midtown manhattan. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends" on this thursday morning. i'm rob today for heather
2:00 am
childers. >> we do want to get straight to the top story this morning. president-elect trump blasting fake news and claiming success in first news conference. >> incoming commander in chief in a shouting match with cnn reporter. >> good morning, abby and rob. the transition team open with blistering response with a document containing unstabsuated claims relating trump ties with russia. a failing pile of garbage, cnn officials briefed president elect on that document, cnn was going out of its way to build up a story and then this exchange.


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